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Now we are super strong advocates that traditional website rankings on the first page of Google are a bit outdated and you need to try to apply new strategies now.

The best way to rank on the first page of Google is by using YouTube articles. Why is that? Well, it’s pretty simple: Google considers YouTube its youngest brother and it’s always going to favor articles over any other website. Now, in the next minutes, I’m going to show you how you can rank articles on the first page of Google without even creating one single article, but more about that just a bit later.

Now let me just tell you a quick story about myself about 10 years ago, I created a website for my father he’s. Actually a plumber here in Romania and business was booming. He got a lot of calls until, like a few months ago, a few months ago, his website rocked in rankings on the first page of Google and he simply started to get fewer and fewer calls sometimes day by day, with absolutely no calls.

So I decided to record this article as a case study, where I’m going to help him rank articles and live events on the first page of Google and actually bringing more clients and more calls now don’t worry. This is going to work for everything. In this example, I’m using a local plumber right, but it’s going to work for EECOM, affiliate marketing, Clickbank, you name it it’s going to work for absolutely everything all right.

So, let’s start, as I told you, my dad is a plumber, and the first thing that you need to do is go on google and type in the main keyword that you are targeting now. If it’s a plumber, you type in the plumber and the city are trying to rank for if it’s an econ product, you write in the econ product and so on. So I just wrote right here a plumber in Timisoara and I’m also going to search for it and, as you can see, plumber Tina shuara and these are the websites that are ranking right now.

My dad’s website is somewhere right here yep here it is all right. So, as you can see, it’s now no longer amongst the first results, we a lot of ads right here, but it’s pretty at the bottom of the first page. So what you need to do is write the main keyword, press the space and then copy the keywords that Google suggests to you, because these are keywords that people actually search for. So in this case, I’m going to copy plumber, Timisoara Emergencies, plumber, Timisoara, non-stop and plumber Timisoara prices all right now.

As I said, it’s super important to target areas near your city or in the city if you’re living in big cities like New York, for example. So I already wrote the keywords in a notepad file and I recommend for you to do the same. So I wrote a plumber Timisoara non-stop plumber, technician emergencies and the area’s dump revita is an area near Tim Hashanah. So I wrote plumber area name, emergency plumber, professional error name so try to combine the areas, the plumber.

So that’s the job and keywords that are like emergency plumber, non-stop professional experience, so try to make a lot of combinations and you are going to create articles for all these keywords and try to rank them on the first page of Google all right now. You remember that I told you that you won’t even need to create a article. Well, that’s what we are going to do right now we are going to create a new YouTube, live stream, a new live event.

Now what this is? It’s a placeholder for a future article that will be streamed or on the stream. It doesn’t it’s not important and in our case we will never stream a article. We are simply going to write rain with the live event, so what you need to do is go on youtube.Com, I’m going to go right now and right here. You will need to click on the plus sign right here, and the camera and click on go live after the page loads simply go to stream, that’s currently in beta mode, but probably it won’t be for much longer now, in case you don’t see the plus sign.

Simply type in this URL in your browser, youtube.Com, slash, live-streaming, slash stream and right here you need to write the title, the description and set the scheduled date for the event that you on the first page of Google. It’s that simple. You won’t even need a article, as I said now, what’s very important when writing the title is to include the main keyword at least twice so in this case I am going to write plumber Timisoara non-stop, perfect, I’m going to add a dash and then I’m going To write, are you looking for plumbers in Timisoara non-stop? So, as you can see, it’s not identical to the main keyword, but it’s very similar.

So that’s the pattern that you need to take for all your events and articles. Now, of course, if you want – and you have enough characters, you can add like the phone number of the local business or even a website, although I really recommend to enter the website only in the description of the article now I already wrote my description, so we Don’t waste too much time here it is, and here is what you need to do on the first three lines.

These are the visible lines when somebody clicks your live event, so, on the first two lines make sure you enter the phone number, if it’s a local business, make sure to enter the website, the sales page, the squeeze page wherever you want, the final visitor to click And go on your website or to make the call next enter a phrase that is super related to the main keywords that you are targeting and make sure you include the main keyword in that phrase.

Next, I recommend to enter about 200 characters, maybe 300 characters of sentences related to the product that you are promoting or the local business, and always make sure to include the main keyword at least four times in the description right. It doesn’t need to be identical, but variations of the main keyword need to be included in the description, so I am simply going to copy the description.

I’m going to paste it right here and now you select the scheduled date, I’m going to set later and simply pick a date like one year from now, so I’m going to go with April of 30 right 30 of April now, as I said, we are never Going to swim a article, we’re simply going to rank the live event and get clicks from the live event without any articles. All that you have to do now is click on create stream, and that’s it.

Our stream was just created you hit done, and now all that you have to do is simply repeat this process for absolutely all the keywords that you just gathered right so for all this words simply start creating a unique title. A unique description and publish live events. So that’s what I’m going to do right now, I’m going to pause the article and come back to you and see what rankings that we got all right.

I’m back to check the rankings about one hour passed since I published all the live events and as you can see, I’m in a private tab in Firefox, and I really recommend always when checking rankings to open a private tab or an incognito window in your browser And now, let’s take the keywords that we uploaded events for and see if we rent all right so first one here, it is amazing two minutes ago. So this was the last article that I uploaded two minutes ago and it’s ranking on the first page.

So this is incredible: that’s the first keyword. Let’s take the second one second keyword here. It is so it’s again on the first page ranking in less than like 30 minutes. Let’s take the other keywords and check them all and see how many rankings that we got again the third keyword we got rankings on the first page of Google in a matter of minutes, so this really works and actually I’m blown away by the results, because I Didn’t expect all keywords to rank? Oh, my god.

Just take a look here: plumber, dome revita! So that’s the area, mutiny shuara emergencies, it’s the first result. So right under the three-pack, we have our article ranking over all the other websites, including my father’s website. So here is my father’s website and like the first position for this keyword, it’s this article amazing amazing, amazing. Alright, let’s check the other keywords again: professional plumber in Doom revita first result right, isn’t this incredible? I mean wow.

I can’t believe that absolutely all the keywords are ranking just take a look here. Non-Stop plumber in Doom Babita first result. So this is the event all these events that we were just uploaded so far. We got all them ranking on the first page, amazing. The same thing for another area from Timisoara plumber, emergency G Rock – and here it is the second position ranking right here. Alright, let’s check this one, I think you get idea all right so amazing.

I really psyched about this because all the keywords that we just targeted, we didn’t create any articles. We simply write a good title, like I, like I explained to you, write. A good description include the keyword four times in the description and, as you can see, you can obtain insane results, and this is going to work, as I said, for any niche for any city for any country. This example is from Romania, but you can apply it in Poland in us, in Russia, in India, wherever you want, and you are going to get rankings right, amazing, alright, so I really hope my dad would get a lot new calls from these rankings and actually I’m Going to record another article in a few days and report to you the results that my dad get.

So I’m going to ask him the number, of course that he got in the past days and I’m going to let you know how his business is going right. Now, alright, guys now, if you like this article, if you like the results that we got so far, please give us a like and on the light box that you see right under this article and also make sure to subscribe to the second article. You find a subscribe form right under this article and enter your email right now because, as I said in a few days, you aren’t going to get the result now.

If you really get a lot of likes for this article, I promise you are going to make new case studies in the future. Now, until the next article take care.


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