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⭐ How to do a keyword research with Searchmetrics

You can do that keyword, research analysis. So let’s keep up with some examples based on Samsung and let’s say that we are looking for 4 inch. Smart TV, so that we can get an overview of how this keyword is performing and here search metrics. We will tell us the search volume which is 19,000, so it’s quite high volume in the US market or as well.

Here we can see the volume spread and, of course November you can be related to Black Friday. That’s why it’s termed that it’s looked more, but here do you really want to compete for the 99 % all of your company? Your business is a big assumption. Then you’re the one driving to aim for high competitive keywords. Here you can see the cost per click. If you are also looking for a search engine advertisement plan here, you will have similar keywords.

You can try also ranking for, for example, an idea for a blog post will be 10. Sheep 40 inch smart TVs that you can buy here you can, you would have to be creative and try to keep looking for which keywords have enough or a good search volume, because if you are aiming for, I don’t know, let’s see these prices four inch. Smart TV prices, which it could be related with some other important keywords, but this doesn’t have search volume and the course portlet is quite high.

So it’s not really a good keyword to be ranking for the keywords that I usually recommend or try to aim for. Are the ones who have a search volume bigger than for 500 knee up or whatever 400 can be really somehow good? Here you can keep looking best for each party article 2014, the year you can update it and it will be easier to run for, but I was going to say say: the search volume is not quite relevant, trying to keep up with peer numbers here in search Volume, so we can see also the competition.

Let’s look for cheap full inch mark DB. Competition is quite high as well. If you really click on the term that you want, I want to show you as well here you will get which websites are the main positions which one are under 11 for second page. So if your competiting against companies like Walmart Best Buy Amazon Target which are high an important domains with really high domain Authority, let’s keep looking in comparing some just to show some our examples.

Past 40 inch Smart TV with Wi-Fi again, competition is high-tech, rather best by which are the ones in which these are keywords that are aiming to sell. Let’s look also keep looking for this cover. You know one to show you another example. We can try how to same and believable people are still looking for it here. You can see that 7000 search volumes per month, mainly here on me, but it’s actually a lower competition so another – I don’t know if you are also supplying for companies or giving advices of Technology how to use the most simple thing.

Well, for most of us to send an email where you can write a blog, also how to send an email, if you want to keep it up on longtail keywords: how to send it on Gmail through a phone and so on. So this is the keyword, research tool of search, metrics search, metrics essentials with this article. I finish up my lists. I hope that you liked these articles and we can keep in contact, don’t forget to leave a comment or if you have more questions about how to be better or run better on search engine optimizations, we can try and keep up working together.



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