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How to get instagram followers and likes fast 2018🔥 | Instagram followers hack😱

You know how to grow. Your Instagram account. Okay, now there’s a lot of things. If I turn to this, but I’m going to cover a few things today, some of the most important things – okay, so hashtags, ok hashtags, is very important to automate your business now a lot of people. You know they may not tell you that, but hashtags is a lot of the reasons why people are actually you know getting the results that they’re getting on Instagram.

Ok, so if you go to you know top hashtags, you know calm, you gives you the top 100 hashtags. Okay, now most of the time when you put in the hash tag, people are searching for those hashtags. So, just to give you an example, let’s say I put in hash tag make money. Alright people are actually searching for certain hashtags because they’re looking for certain things or it. So let’s say someone was just looking for a money picture or a lifestyle picture, so they you know typed in this and then they saw and they could actually you know, take these and use them on for their self.

Or if you know you see something that you like, you could actually contact these people and have them poster stuff if they have a big enough page and I’ll. Show you how to do that here in a second but hashtags when people are searching things like the lifestyle or Explorer okay, you see how many post it gets a day. You know people are posting, you know lifestyle things like that, and some people are actually coming in here and finding the people that they want to follow and then they’ll go and follow them.

What they also have automated software as it does that, and this is how a lot of people gain. You know a big following by using the hashtags okay. So let me go ahead and show you guys here. So all of these is what you know: I’ve been using alright and, as you can see, I use things like food porn is a big hashtag food food, photography, foodgasm entrepreneur, life, rich men or mindset, lady, and then you know just certain one, certain things you know This is me and my wife here uh, you know, wealth rich explorer goes travel, millionaire, love, babe, money, cash, happy lifestyle engage marry.

You know I mean look at the likes on it. Okay, people you’re just automatically going to start getting random likes on your post, because people are just going to be searching for all of these hashtags, so you can go through here and this hashtag list. Okay and then you could actually, you know, use some of these. Alright, these are like top hashtags that everybody searching for okay, so you guys definitely want to make sure that you do a lengthy amount of hashtags.

Now, there’s some people. They say you know um. Well, I didn’t do it on them and I’ll show you on this article I just posted yesterday and by the way articles is great too, and I’ll teach you guys about that. You see these three dots. Okay, you always want to be able to. You know put your caption okay, then you know, add three small little periods and then put your hashtags or most people will say, don’t put your hashtags up here.

Put them in the comments I mean it were either way works. I mean there’s no right or wrong way to do it. They say that cuz people see your hashtags, but it doesn’t even matter. At the same I mean you’re going to get likes and stuff regardless. Okay, now another important thing is you want to make sure this? You know is appealing. Okay, I put you know young self-made entrepreneur, CEO of team, ride, we’re tired in our twenties mentor and success.

Coach. Okay, you can put you know emojis, and things like that. Make your profile stand out, make sure you have a nice picture. You guys already know that kind of stuff, but make sure you put your link here. This is the most important thing. So when you make captions you and you can say the link, it check the link in the bio. Okay. That way, people can click on your opportunity or whatever it is okay, this one here you can see.

You know the 5,000 views all these hashtags. I doubled up my hashtags on this one. I put them in the up the comment section, and then I also put them up here and then of you want to continue to get more and more likes after they dies down. Okay, after your post dies down, you could go in. Take those hashtags out and put a new site people will continue to start liking it coming on all that good stuff.

Alright, another website is hashtag for likes Co. They actually break down. You know the categories I say most popular hashtags on Instagram, of course, and then they can break it down to your more targeted niche. So if you know photography, you know artwork things like that. These will be good for you. You know, and it goes down the list and all you have to do – is click copy and you can go ahead and paste them and your uh, your pictures or whatever, okay, so mine.

I usually come down here to other and then I’ll come down here to you know. Sometimes some quotes quotes ago. Really, you know really good on Instagram. You know success quotes and things like that and you can come to work for people who may be looking for work or job. You know I’m in to make money online, and so I’m looking for those people who are actually typing in these hashtags and things like that and then I’ll go down here to money use.

Some of these. You know money cash, green’s, Benjamin’s, payday, hundreds stuff like that, you guys, okay, so you can come through here and you know pick out your niche or whatever, and you can make some. You know built Instagram account. Now now I’m going to show you guys how you can make money on Instagram now it depend on what niche okay that you’re in, because you know you can start a work from home niche.

If you like work from home mom’s, they got. They got a lot of different pages, okay, um, and what you could do is, let’s see what this one is. This is a girl by the name of Taylor. Okay, see she has our link and stuff like that, but I wanted I wanted to see. If I could find the work from home, mom um, let me see yeah there. It is work from home, mom, hashtag, okay and see these are people who are you know, building pages around this kind of stuff? Okay, now I don’t know the exact page, but these are people who build.

You know, pages running this kind of stuff see okay, now, just just. Let me give you an example, so become an entrepreneur, as you can see, everything he has on here is about money. People are love money, they are attracted to it, they wanted they wanted. You know I mean they they’re going to want it, they’re going to be interested and all these pictures are from, like Google and all that kind of stuff.

Well, you can tell because I saw these pictures a few times, but they’re building a page around it, and then they have this. Because if you come to this page, and you see all this money, you enjoy, what the heck is, this and users going to be curious and click the link, and if you like, what you see on the other side, you’re going to buy okay, so people specifically Build pages around this kind of stuff all right, so you can do it with cars.

If you type in the hashtag cars, there will be a there’ll, be a page full of cars, all right, and so what I’m getting at is it if you want to make good money like a lot of people, go to clickbank right and then they’ll um? So let me go to clickbank just to show you guys what I mean all right. You can go to clickbank or you know, warrior plus or whatever, but mostly Clickbank is. I usually have these kind of things here and they also have like this is an affiliate site.

That’s absolutely free! You could sign up and start making money with it for free, but you can find you know um. You know work from home surveys for for moms and things like that and you can make a complete Instagram page based on you know, survey moms or whatever the business that you picked. Okay, you can make an Instagram on that. Then you will put your affiliate link inside of this description.

Okay, you’ll put your affiliate link there, I’m trying to click on this page and see if they have an affiliate link on their page. Oh I’m already on it. Okay, see they don’t have them. Okay, so they’re, probably building theirs up and then later on. But do you see what I’m saying people using the cars and things like their um? Also, if you want to make your account a business page, I would suggest that you do that.

That way, people can actually contact you by email or phone. It doesn’t show here on mine, but it shows on my phone. The people have my email and then phone okay. So people are able to contact me that way, all right and then uh. So what you would do is you would find out. You know if you did help them fit in this Instagram. You could just post nothing but health and fitness you can come in here. Get one of these products.

You would just copy and paste the link. Okay and once you do that, you can go ahead and paste that link, see it’ll, show you kind of things that you did. You will get. You know 30 days high school body, things like that. So if you did a lot of health and fitness Instagram account, you could build multiple accounts, okay, and so you would go ahead and get your affiliate link for that post it in post.

Your link right here shorten it, of course, with bitly or Google shortener, shorten your link and then go ahead and just do nothing PO, nothing but post up. You know health, fitness and the Wellness things like that. People are going to click that link and then once they buy, you made money, okay and we’re using those hashtags people going to come across your page all day, long. Okay, you guys. I just started this Instagram, like probably when did I start this? I don’t know if that’s the date on here October, the 17th and I haven’t even been on it.

I posted this one time cuz. This is my new Instagram, so I posted these. You know wait for word, four to six: seven, eight post, nine. 10. 11. 12. 13 14 about 14 post – and I already got this many followers. Okay, so just imagine the damage that I’m going to do. You know with this account here in the next probably two months, trying to grow it to like 10 to 15 K. So that’s pretty much. The basis of Instagram hashtags are so important.

I mean you, don’t have to really. You know get too into details, but I do have another way. Another way that you guys can crush it, that’s in the paid training. So if you want that make sure you click the description below and you’ll be able to see how you can do that. But last thing is going to influencers pages and let’s just say I did you know hashtag millionaire or something like that. Let’s say I did this here if I could find somebody who’s actually getting good results, let’s try this way, okay, so just for an example, if you had any type of product or service dealing with real estate or dealing with something like this or anything, if those Make money online or something you can actually, you know see they have a nice amount of followers.

You can actually contact them most people when they have a lot of followers. They build a price list. I’ve done it before just to see what people’s prices work. You can contact them and say hey how much you know what it cost for me to do. A you know, a post on your wall and they’ll, give you their price list normally cost. You know for the most part around for anywhere from 250 below okay. I haven’t really found anybody, that’s above 250, so smaller pages like this probably know 20 25 bucks or something like that.

Okay and then you know when they get a lot of engagement. People click on your link and then you can actually swap links out for that email period of time, but they may cost you a little extra okay, and so you can make a lot of money doing that, and so, as you can see, Instagram is really powerful. Okay, you can use it to your advantage. You guys, hopefully that helps you if that did help give you a thumbs up.

If you have any other questions, contact me and go start killer. Instagram today, man make sure you post a lot of pictures posting a lot of good content. If you have a good camera phone, take pictures try to take some of the best pictures that you can. You got interesting pictures make your profile an interesting line. It’s going to get a whole lot more interesting, really soon, I’m just actually playing around with it.

I did this article as well and got a few signups off of this one, which is a my YouTube page. You know posters just having fun living life. You know with some friends and then showing that I was getting paid while I was on vacation and having a good time so stuff like that. Guys just show you so having fun enjoying your life. Look at other influential people see what they’re doing and just copy and paste and that’s it copy successful people and you and you’re bound to be there one day.

Okay, so if this helps you definitely give it a thumbs up, give it a like, and then, if you guys want the pea training, you can click on the link below some really really good stuff. You know some of the top secret stuff that I don’t really tell anybody about haha, but you got ta, buy the training to get back. So if that’s something you want to do, go ahead and do that other than that I’ll be making more articles.

So contact me email me, whatever: alright peace,


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