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Easiest Way to Earn Passive Income in 2019| Passive Income Online Tips and Idea

I talked about the stock market, personal finance, entrepreneurship, things like that. So here’s that kind of stuff here or not yet subscribed definitely consider subscribing but other than that getting into it. So, like I said I’ll, be talking about passive income and specifically I’ll be talking about what passive income actually is.

Some misconceptions about passive income, then how I make it and how you might be able to as well so one of the best investors of all time, the one of the goats Warren Buffett says: if you don’t make money, while you sleep, you will never become rich And I definitely definitely agree with this now, when I’m talking about passive income, I’m not talking about starting some, like amazon, FBA or some Shopify store, or some like that, I’m talking about actual passive income.

So looking at passive income in its purest forms – and I think there are a lot of different forms of passive income in different ways – it can be like associated with different incomes, but either way. The purest forms of passive income is just simply investing in the stock market in one way or the other or investing in real estate, so why? Those are the two purest forms of passive income? Well, if we look at what passive income actually means, it basically means putting X amount of money into something and then having that just simply generate you more money and that’s really what passive income in is at its purest form.

So, relating this to the stock market, you put X amount into the stock market, whether it’s an you know, it could be in stocks, individual stocks ETFs different kinds of funds, bonds, whatever it might be, and then having that money grow over time and maybe make you Make money through capital gains or through dividends, and then, when looking at real estate, it could be investing in REITs or literally investing in physical, real estate like apartments or houses.

Duplexes offices different things like that, then getting money again through capital gains dividends as well as perhaps some sort of rent. Now those are the two purest forms of passive income, and I think it is actually important to have you know one or both of those in your kind of like arsenal of income, because those of course are the, in my opinion, some of the best ways that You can make money over the long term and specifically I invest in the stock market.

I really do enjoy investing it’s really smart to do it. You know whatever age rap, it doesn’t really matter, but either way getting back to the passive income aspect of it. In order to actually make some sort of income that you could live off of or get you to quit your 9 to 5 or maybe get you to stop working a little bit less, you need a significant amount invested into the stock market and it would be Upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars now I don’t think if you’re reading this article I’m going to have to assume – and I know I don’t myself – just simply – have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to invest and the stock market.

That’s why in 2019, I actually think there are some smarter ways to get passive income online and it’s kind of exactly what I’m doing right now. So, basically, I think the easiest way to create passive income online is basically to create a mini online business through a bunch of different ways, and it basically is what I’m doing right now. So I think the easiest way to actually create just overall income and even to start off of business, which I would consider somewhat passive in nature, because it’s not going to be your full-time job.

Just yet, it’s simply by creating contact online. Whether or not it’s through YouTube or Twitter or Instagram, it doesn’t really matter, but I think the smartest way by far to make an online business that could create passive income, for you is just simply by creating content online. Now, obviously, there’s a ton of different ways to create content, and I think personally, the smartest way to do it is actually to go.

Follow Gary v’s, like content structure, you could just Google like Gary Vee content. I think it’s like slide on slide shares or something like that. It’s this beautiful way to do it, but I’m not going to break down the entire thing, maybe in a different article, but either way. Basically, what you have to do is do exactly what I’m doing so, pretty much figure out something you enjoy talking about or writing about, or making pictures about doesn’t really matter.

They could be anything from the stock market. To you know, entrepreneurship, to astronomy, Harry Potter. You know NFL, it doesn’t really matter if you’re interested in it, there’s probably other people who are interested in it as well. The next thing you got to figure out is where how are you going to actually make this content online, so this is going to be through article audio picture, written form.

It doesn’t really matter now. Obviously, if you’re doing article, I think there’s some the easiest way to do is just simply through YouTube. It’s super easy to use. It’s convenient it’s free, then, if you’re using audio, I actually think a podcast is a great way to go as well, but this could be a little bit different if you’re, like an artist or something that obviously you need to use SoundCloud or some medium like that.

But I actually think podcasts are super easy. I personally use anchor for my own podcast, which I don’t post on as much as I should. But anchors are free to use one that pretty much allows you to post on every platform that you could possibly listen to a podcast on and then, if you’re going. Some sort of visual – that’s not article like perhaps if you’re trying to do some sort of pictures, of course, there’s always Instagram Pinterest.

I mean there’s literally so many social media networks out there that you probably use yourself. Well, you know Facebook, even you throw that in there as well, that you could post do, but I personally like YouTube and think it’s the best to start off on. If you are a beginner, but either way once you figure out how you’re actually going to produce that medium, of course, the next part you’re going to want to do is actually just simply start creating so a lot of people.

I know they asked me because I have like a reasonably: I have a pretty decent following on YouTube right now and on social media online in general, a lot of people asked me how I got my following and how I started: making money off youtube and honestly, The simplest way is just to simply start posting content, so when you actually start making content and actually start putting it out there, if you just go back and look at some of my earliest articles, my articles were really really bad and when I first started making Articles on YouTube is literally me just simply screen recording my phone.

It wasn’t even me sitting in front of a camera. So when you first start off posting your content, you know whether it’s on YouTube or not. It’s probably not going to get millions of views or likes or retweets, whatever it’s probably going to get none and probably the only people retweeting it’s going to be like your boyfriend or girlfriend or mom or dad. Whoever might you know you told what you’re doing, but either way you have to start off somewhere.

I think it is smart. Jesus simply start creating content, not necessarily worrying about if it’s the best thing ever, but just start getting it out, because your first article your first picture, your first podcast is going to be a whole lot worse than your hundreth one, and I could definitely agree with That, with more than ever and then speaking about actually how you start making money and actually start making income off of these, there are so many different ways.

Personally, how I make money from my youtube blog is one. The biggest revenue source for me is just simply through Google Ads. So that’s one thing that I really like about YouTube as well. Is that it kind of does a lot of monetization stuff for you. So when you I’d just simply upload articles and I’ve reached actual monetization requirements on YouTube, YouTube literally pays me just simply for uploading articles that are monetized and getting monetized views now, of course, not all websites and social media sites are like this, but there’s so many Different ways: another way to make money is through referral marketing.

So basically, I use m1 finance and acorns referral marketing links, so those links are in the description and when you sign up using those links and fund your account, you get either five or ten dollars, and then I also get five or ten dollars. When you do that as well and then similar to that, there’s also affiliate marketing, which I know a lot of people out there make a ton of money off of. But I personally don’t because it just doesn’t relate to my blog.

But I talk about as much but in the description to see as well there’s an Amazon affiliate link and basically, if you click that link and buy something on Amazon, I get a small commission from that. That’s usually under like four percent, and really I don’t make pretty much any money from that at all. I only make like 20 bucks a month off of that if I’m lucky, but obviously, if you’re making something that’s more product oriented if you’re reviewing or unboxing things, you probably make a whole lot more money off of that and, of course, you could also just simply Try to sell stuff, that’s associated with what you’re talking about which I actually think is like one of the easiest ways to make money.

So there’s a bunch of different things you could sell, you could sell physical products. So if you want to go out there and make a soccer Instagram page, maybe perhaps you can make a little site income off selling soccer, jerseys or soccer balls, and then you can also sell things that aren’t physical, like ebooks, like just literally selling your own work Online, so if you’re like an artist or something like that, then also you could sell things like courses and like free article chatting live streaming with you or something like that, and there’s youtubers out there in my field that make money from literally doing client calls with People like they’ll charge from 20 bucks for a half-hour or something like that, there’s so many different ways out there.

You could make money that it is absolutely crazy and I think if you are, you know complaining about your nine-to-five job or if you really want to create some sort of passive income online. I really do think this is the easiest way out there. Just do it by far and other than that, just speaking on behalf of my actual passive income and what I do with my youtube blog so right now, I’m making a little over a thousand bucks a month from just my youtube blog, and I really don’t post Too often on any other social media – and this is really the only YouTube blog – I have that generates any money.

So in the future. What I actually plan to do is obviously continue to grow and work on this YouTube blog, but also expand this blog out on different social media networks. So I do have an Instagram. I do have a Twitter, but don’t really post too much on them. I want to post more on Instagram more on Facebook, which I also have more on Twitter and then also branch out onto other social media platforms like LinkedIn and even other newer ones like tick-tock and then also.

Lastly, one other thing I’ll do to continue to branch out this kind of passive income stream, for myself is just to simply try not necessarily to you know, keep the revenue going with this specific YouTube blog, but also start off different YouTube blogs that might be associated With this one like, I want to definitely start like some sort of like YouTube social media, how to because I’m actually pretty good at that YouTube type blog.

And then I also have a gaming blog, which I’m doing a tech blog which I’m doing, which obviously you haven’t or fu. I don’t know if you check them out or not, but have not grown nearly as much as this one have. Yet. But again I don’t post on those nearly as much as I do on this blog. So that’s my pretty much passive income goals for the next year or so then also what I’m doing right now, and I hope this really helped you guys but other than that guys it’s really air for this article.

So definitely let me know in the comments section what you think of this. I personally think this is just simply the easiest way to make income in 2019 and I think it is passive in nature because a lot of times when you’re doing this stuff, it’s a lot of initial work at once, but then once you kind of get, it Start rolling you get into a routine of things, it’s a whole lot easier and personally. For me, it is pretty passive in nature, but other that guys, like I said before, if you knew the blog definitely subscribing talk about the stock burger personal finance entrepreneurship.

Things like that to me interests that kind of stuff and you’re not subscribed, definitely consider, subscribing and also feel free to check out my social media. I have those affiliate referral links in the description as well, if you’re interested in any of that stuff, but other than that guys. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed

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