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How To Get Instagram Followers To Convert Into Sales On Autopilot (3 Fastest Ways To Do It)

These three strategies are for you. Welcome to this article, I’m very excited you made it here. My name is Vince Reed and in this article I’m going to be sharing with you how to get Instagram followers to convert into sales on complete autopilot, I’m going to be sharing with you the three fastest ways to do it.

If you implement these three methods, you will get results, you will get followers who essentially will convert into leads and enter sales. Now, for those of you who are really ambitious and you want to get results ten times faster, I have a special bonus for you that I’m going to share with you at the end, which is going to teach you how to supercharge the three strategies that I’m Going to be teaching you in this article now for those of you who have no idea who I am my name is Vince Reed, I’m the founder of several marketing companies.

My company Internet traffic factory, consists of my digital advertising agency set up my ads. My marketing company, I leaders, which hosts all of my marketing courses and products and my live event – company Internet traffic live. We have an annual event each and every year where people come from all over the world to learn the latest lead generation and marketing strategies. I’m also the author of the book internet traffic and leads so make sure you get your copy on Amazon.

Now, for those of you who are basically here, you want to know how to get Instagram followers and you want to know how to convert those followers into sales on autopilot. I’m going to be sharing that with you in this article, but I want you to understand why I decided to make this article. You see, I see so many people they get caught up in pretty much the hype of social media and they want to get quote-unquote instagram famous right now.

I know a lot of people that have literally hundreds of thousands of followers and they’re, not making any money. So if all you care about is just getting famous on, Instagram then keep doing what you’re doing, but if you want to make money on Instagram, this is definitely the article for you. I want to make sure you stay focused and you don’t fall victim to the trap that I see a lot of my students who come to me after basically failing on Instagram saying: oh, I don’t have all these followers.

They don’t like my content. They don’t become leads and they never buy my products. Why is that happening? So that’s why I’m making this article so make sure you take lots of notes all right, so let’s go ahead and dive right into it now. The first thing you want to do is you want to run ads on social media on all platforms. You know, to be honest, you want to be running ads, but specifically on Instagram.

You want to be running ads and I like to run article ads because one you can make your article ads one minute long and it captures the attention of your followers. Now I actually made a article that teaches you how to run article ads on Instagram. So I’m going to put up a little link that you can click on to basically read that article that goes and more depth specifically on article ads, but I want you to do article ads because one it’s a minute long.

You can capture and engage your audience and obviously you know there’s no other distractions on Instagram. So, for example, if someone’s reading your content on, let’s say Facebook or another platform, typically other things are popping up and there’s a lot of distractions where it’s on Instagram. The only place they can see your content is through the Instagram app. Most people aren’t reading it on a desktop computer, so you can gather the information a lot better and essentially the attention of the end user, which is your follower.

The second thing you want to start doing is running stories and story ads on Instagram, so I also did a article that teaches you how to actually do stories on Instagram and run ads inside of stories. Okay. This is another way to basically be in front of people on Instagram, specifically your followers and get them to become basically a follower and then obviously a lead and then obviously, at that point, convert them into a buyer and into a sale.

So you want to be running article ads that are a minute long and then you want to be running story ads that are essentially 15 seconds. Long and again, I have a article that I’m going to link right now that you could click on that, teaches you how to actually run ads inside of stories now, the third part and probably the most important aspect of the entire training. I’m sharing with you right now is to understand that you want to be targeting your engaged followers, alright, so the third step, in terms of when you’re reading the ads, what most people do is they focus basically solely on targeting cold traffic and cold traffic? Are people who have no idea who you are the people that have the best success of the people that are targeting their followers? So, for example, okay, you’re, probably on you, know, YouTube and different social media sites looking for ways to get more followers right, so you’re, using all these strategies, you’re doing all these things to get more followers just to get more followers or what’s the purpose of the Follower to get them to become a leader in an opposite about your products, all right, so what you want to be doing is with your article ads and with your story ads.

You want to be targeting those individuals who are already following your page, because you’re doing so much work to basically get them as a follower in the first place. So the question is: how do you actually do it well, the way you do it is by setting up custom audiences now again in both articles clips that I made basically teaching you how to do article ads and how to do story is I teach you how To basically do that, but one thing I did not show you how to do is to create custom audiences and that’s what I want to teach you to do now.

Now, what is a custom audience a custom audience is basically you being able to gather information of anybody. That’s engaged with your page on Instagram or any of your articles and then advertise to those individuals again. So essentially, if you’ve ever clicked on an ad or read the article before, and then you keep seeing that person everywhere, that you go okay, that person is retargeting, you they’re remarketing, you and they’re doing it by setting up custom audiences now custom audiences are set up Inside of actually Facebook ads that are run on Instagram or actually created inside of Facebook, Facebook owns Instagram.

So the way that you do it is you create a custom audience and you do that by setting it up inside of your ads manager, so you’re going to click on ads manager, then you’re going to click on the audience, tab you’re going to see a tab. It looks just like this and you’re simply going to click on the custom audience button. Alright. Now, when you come to the custom audience button, you’re going to come to a page that looks like this, it’s going to give you several options: customer fire website, traffic, app activity, offline activity and you’re going to see a little tab that says engagement and, as you Can see, it says, create a list of people who engage with your content on Facebook or Instagram alright, and this is where we’re going to live.

This is how we’re going to get those individuals who are connecting with us on Instagram to basically become a lead and then obviously to buy your products and services. So when you click on that button, it’s going to take you to this page where it says. Basically, you know: what do you want to do to basic with the audience you want to set up a article audience, a lead form, a full screen, experience Facebook page and you can see down there.

It says Instagram business profile, so this is where you’re going to live you’re going to click on this button, as you can see, underneath that it says critter list of people who have interacted with your Instagram business profile right. So when you click on that it’ll take you to this page now. What you’re going to do is you’re going to select your Instagram handles, you can see. Mine is venturi, live so again.

If you’re reading this make sure you follow me on Instagram. As you can see below, you have the ability to create an audience in a variety of different ways, so you can set up an audience of anyone. Who’s visited your business profile, people who have engaged with any post or add people who sent a message to your business profile and people who saved any post or ad. As you can see on the top everyone who’s engaged with your business, so they don’t basically be taking everything, that’s happened and putting it into one audience and allowing you to continue to advertise to those individuals again and again and again, all right now.

What you’re doing is you’re setting this up so now you’re marketing, to what I like to say: warm traffic, a warm audience, people that already know who you are alright. So this is how you set up the audience. So once you set up this audience, it’ll be a saved audience. So then, when you go to setup your ad, which, by the way, if you readed my article and teaching you how to run ads on Instagram, okay, you basically will use this custom audience.

As a group in which you’re targeting for your next or your future ads, if that makes sense alright, so you basically would be targeting individuals who are actually engaging with your page. So now all of the strategies you’re using to gain followers and to get people to connect with you on Instagram. Now you can go back in and market specifically to those individuals, and this is why it is important to build a big follower list on on social media, but it’s even more important for you to be advertising directly to them.

Alright. So if you’re getting value, do me a favor, be sure to LIKE comment and if you’re reading this on youtube be sure to subscribe to this page release all types of content. Just like this, I’m going to be going to a special bonus, because I want to teach you how to supercharge everything that I’m sharing with you right now. Now here’s the deal in the comment area comment. Let me know if you got valuing more importantly comment.

Let me know if you have any questions or any other topics on marketing or advertising, and I definitely take those notes down and I make future articles. So if you have a question any type of marketing tactic or strategy, that’s where you can basically comment below I’ll check that out and make sure to make a future article for you there alright now in terms of converting your followers into leads it into sales.

You want to give away something of value for free all right, so free giveaways are way for you to basically convert people who are following you into leads all right and what you want to do. You want to run again those ads targeting your followers. You want to give away something for free, so let me give you some tips to 10x. Your results all right, it’s all about the pre frame, all right. So, for example, what I highly encourage you to do is go back and read all of my articles that I’ve made about Instagram.

It will basically bring all of this together together, so the pre frame is basically when you’re putting out content. What is the kind of content that you’re putting out on your Instagram page? It should be pre framing the additional offer that you’re going to offer them. So, for example, you know what I like to do is just provide content like you’re. Looking at right now give you value, and then I can mark it a different free giveaway that allows you to get more information on a specific topic, so let’s say you’re basically doing something in the jewelry space like you make jewelry and you sell it on Amazon.

Alright, so what you’d want to do is maybe make make several articles of like where you get the material, and you know you know how you do it right and how you actually make the jewelry. Those would be the pre frame article, so that would be the kind of content I’ll be basically shooting pictures of the jewelry and I’d be putting it out on Instagram right. So then turn that would be how I’m pre framing my audience.

Alright. So what I want to do is I want to make sure my giveaway as immediate value, so the ad that I would run when I’m targeting my engaged audience would be basically showing them how I basically make this jewelry and turning it into a business, and I’m Going to give you my ten point checklist of turning it into a business, so, for example, the pre frame would be images and pictures and content about the jewelry or what it is that I’m doing, and then the giveaway could be how I turn this jewelry or How I make it and turn it into a business? Here’s my ten point checklist all right.

So that’s how I can turn those followers who are following my page into actual subscribers, and this is how it would be immediate value now. What you want to always do is over deliver. I see a lot of people, they just want to get someone’s email address and they give very little information or value in return. You have to understand your email address or someone giving you their email address. Is them giving you you know their personal information and if you don’t believe me, just go outside and walk up to a stranger and ask them for their email address? Okay, it’s definitely something personal.

So, if you’re going to ask someone for their email address, make sure you’re giving them a ton of value in return. The last thing I would tell you this is a tip is to speak to one person, especially if you’re remarketing to your engaged audience and what I mean by that is try not to speak generalities if you notice, I’m speaking directly to you right, I’m talking to One person and that’s whoever is reading this article.

Okay, I see some people they go. You know they make it as if they’re talking they’re thousands of people and it doesn’t feel personal so when – and this is specifically on the advertising side. So, for example, let’s say that I was giving you a free giveaway on the whole jewelry thing and how to turn your jewelry, what you’re making in terms of jewelry into a business, I would say, hey what’s going on first, I want to commend you on.

You know engaging with my page and reading all of my content in terms of the jewelry that I make and that’s why I wanted to make this free free offer for you and share with you how I actually turn my jewelry into a business all right. So again, thank you so much for taking action and reading my stuff, but if you want to go ahead and click on the link in the description or visit http://www.Howtouseashoppingcart.

Com/kickstart FACA saan. So if you want all of my courses and basically want me to mentor, you definitely check the link in the description and if you want more free bonus content, I’m sure there’s links on this article or in the links in the description of this article as well. To go dive deeper into Instagram and other social media platforms. I hope you got a ton of value, be sure to LIKE comment and share and I’ll see you on the next article.

Take care


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