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I Tried To Be Twitter Famous in One Day 2018… *emotional

No one gives a sh*t f**king hate, twitter, (, Fire Music Plays ), Ok good morning, guys umm woke up 4:30 and decided that I want to be Twitter famous. Ok, So I’m not sure how I came up with this. I just don’t really understand Twitter, like I don’t even have.

How do you Twitter, like I don’t know, Welcome to my blog. My name is Jade. If you’re new Hi, I usually do Instagram growth articles, but I was trying to give you guys some variety Hey guys. So I’m at the gym – It’s currently like 8 a.M.. And I’ve got a meeting today. So I’m going to take you guys along I’m, going to try to do the first tweet this morning and I’ll. Do it lunch and then do an afternoon and see how many followers I get so, let’s just start with the workout and I’m just trying to get inspired, I’m going to listen to some Gary Vee get the brain flow going, so I could think about cool tweets.

Oh, what do you even do on Twitter? Let’s get into it. We just finished the workout hardcore on these weights. I’m just trying to think about my first tweet Honestly guys when I think about Twitter, I think about memes and high-schoolers subtweeting. I don’t really know how to use it like. My first instinct is to post like motivational shit like Gary Vee, But I feel like no one relate the main reason why I don’t use Twitter is because it’s just filled with people from school.

It’s not like. That’s a bad thing. It’s just like. I can’t tweet anything. That’s relatable! If you guys would help me out and like help me be myself and just follow me on Twitter, So I have an audience to share my thoughts and values. I mean I’ll be linked right here and below I’m going to think about a meme just because I want to see if I can come up with a good, meme post it right now, It’s the morning, so we’ll just see what I come up with.

I want to get some fresh air to think about my meme. It’s really hard to come up with stuff without like, depending on a trend like the tide, pods trend like I can totally make something Out of that. But, like I understand why people get Twitter famous, it’s fu**ing hard to be creative. I mean Twitter’s the only platform where people would post their sh*t on their timeline. In addition to Facebook, But Facebook is like, I guess, older demographic, so I feel like no one will understand my memes, But I’m just trying to think so.

I decided that I was willing to search up the Twitter algorithm Just to get a better understanding. You can see it’s just use appropriate hashtags use topics that are trending. I can’t come up with anything creative. This is draining. This is hard. I’m looking at the trending tweets and one of them is 14 years of Wings Club, Which is one of my favorite shows when I was younger everything that’s good is taken.

I swear every single idea. I have is just done and I don’t I just want to be: okay Yeah. You got it so. Basically, wings club is like an old show and something That’s old too. Is my nintendo ds. Mom. Look! Oh yeah. Did you know what this is yeah your ds game? Do you remember the show I think I used to read when I was a child? Oh yeah, the wings. I wonder if it turns on ( GAAASSSPPPP ) Nooooooooo, Okay, so I’m going to take some photos of it with just my iphone just taking a photo of it, Then I’m going to put on the meme.

So I’m going to compare it to something and I’ll show. You guys that the final tweet, so here it is I’ll pop the tweet right here, And I think it’s just really funny. If you don’t get it you’re not going to get it, It’s just like it’s only like if you were like 5 or 7 years old, Like you, would understand this tweet, because it was just the best like TV show. Ever someone just commented: lol yikes, Don’t even give a shit.

Okay, alright, So post it on my Instagram story and all I got ta do is just wait. Til I get a million more followers on Twitter. Help me out guys I’ll put the link below. If you can follow me and tweet my tweets and comment on my tweet turtle, emoji And then I’ll know, you came from the YouTube article. No one gives a sh*t Hate Twitter, I’m just kidding, I’m not going to give up, I’m actually getting ready, because your girl anotherrrr Busy day, I always say I have a busy day, but it’s not actually always like this.

Ah today is just like really packed. I coach people how to grow their social media and their online business, and then I actually have a tea date with the subscriber. That’s pretty cool. Oh, I can’t wait to meet some of you guys today. Only dilemma is like I have to work to like 8 p.M. Every hour. Maybe I should think about like spreading out my time and not concentrating all on one day But uh we’re all just update you all the tweet thing, but I said it’s just kind of a busy day.

So we’ll see how it goes. I actually have a coaching call right now: ( Fire Music Kicks in ). Most of their audience are the people that you want to work with, because, if they’re in the make up niche they’ll, also like your Products or your services as well, I wrapped up my coaching call. I just looked up Twitter growth and you can buy real Twitter followers. How expensive Is that… Haha just kidding ( Horn Sound Plays ) *womp womp womp wooommmp, Ok, listen! I did my research when I say the research.

I was reading a few YouTube articles. I’m trying to learn Twitter man. What I’ve heard is like even the CEO Jack Dorsey was It’s like. He sent out a tweet I’ll have to like insert it here October, he’s like we’ve, been working so hard to reengage everyone. It’s been two years and it’s hard like he basically just restated that Twitter is dead. I just read this article also by Inc and was saying why Twitter might be the new entrepreneurs best friend Or it’s just like the only person that spends money on Twitter ads or like political sh*t, And you know what I mean like.

No one’s really spending money on Twitter ads for e-commerce And there’s a reason. Why? Because, like none of the attention, is there Twitter decrease from 70 million users to 68 million users? That’s not good at all. I don’t know I’m not even offended yo, I’m killing the Instagram, I’m just going to double down on Instagram and youtube. I was feeling bad about myself that I wasn’t doing Twitter. Sorry Twitter’s just not relevant right now.

You guys might like Twitter. I just don’t think it’s going to be sustainable just because they’re out their an algorithm is really really weird. It’s I think, what’s happening is, if you tweet a lot, You won’t get engagement and, like usually most platforms, encourage a lot of posts, but Twitter is like the opposite. Also, If you want to show up on someone’s timeline, it’s not it’s like not always Chronological and the fact that Twitter is not like a article and audio Platform.

The reason why it’s declining just because everyone’s so accustomed to visuals and subtag – but I know you can do tags on Twitter, But you know it’s not really meant for that, But I’m not even offended. So maybe I shouldn’t try to be Twitter famous, because Twitter is dead, confirmed, I’m just kidding I’ll try it. I keep trying. I think I’m going to tweet Twitter is dead. I’m not Twitter girl, Okay, so we’re just going to do that for a second tweet of the day I might have lunch and I have another coaching Call so I’ll give you guys any progress.

I’m just like I realize I shouldn’t be offended if no one’s seeing my posts Just because I’m not really made for Twitter like purposes, I just don’t understand, okay, so I’m going to pop this second tweet. I think it’s just a good space for political news and updates, but for like content creators, It’s actually very weird, just not a fun area to get engagement. Um, I think YouTube is where it’s at to be honest, but I just cuz.

I love you guys so much so: ( Fire, Music, ), ( Fire, Music, ) Tie that with your music and run yourself as a media company, instead of just an artist you’re going to be so much stronger, ( fire, Music, ) And create like a like a freakn’ like Machine yeah. I just closed a deal with a student for a month program. So Honestly, I should just give up on Twitter. I had lunch. Then I made some bulletproof coffee.

You guys check out my coffee, vlog I’ll, just link it right here. My really high class recipe Hope you guys enjoy it. I have a meeting right now with a girl named, pin, ( Music, Bumps ). You need to try it man, You got ta, try to be an entrepreneur, But you know it’s not working for you, because if you can’t take rejection And if you can’t take the risk like you just you just it’s a feeling, I think it’s more of like A great podcast with James I’ll put his socials below So James interviewed me for his podcast, and it was great so, but now I got another phone call with Lex another artist, I’m working with hey.

This is Jade, hey how you doin Hey welcome to car chats with Jade And Mom. This article is a fail. I was sad, but now I’m not even offended, because the platform itself is dead, hashtag, not even blaming the platform. I feel like a lot. People have traffic on Twitter because it’s a great place to repost and send stuff to peoples timelines, But like coach, I lot of music of people in the music industry and she’s like yeah.

I get a lot of traffic on Twitter like a lot of retweets, But I’m like. Are they loyal like do they come back for your regular music and then just like? No, so I realize, like I think, is a huge space for people to transfer their Twitter traffic to their Instagram or their YouTube, because the moment you don’t cross-platform, the social media itself will eat you alive. Although I’ve failed all my challenge And it didn’t become Twitter famous, at least I have you guys so at least this makes a good title, alright, guys so other than today’s meeting, and then I have another call at 5:00 and another one at 6:00, another one at 7:00, another one at 8:00, so Nice to meet you hi, Hey guys, I’m here with Jenny, so we were talking about her blog life And I love connecting with you guys since this Twitter Thing’s going to fail anyways.

I thought I’d leave you guys with the more motivation which is, I think, my source of energy, and I get this question a lot. Ah, it’s just like. I think i’m just honestly grateful And I have so much to be thankful for and that’s why I just have so much energy to keep going. Let’s just check our results from today’s Twitter Fame. It’s not that much. I normally get anywhere um Two retweets to three likes and we’re just going to see how it is so we got One retweet and five hearts cool for my other post.

We got six hearts. Alright, we’ r, cooking, (, YAAAAYYY, Sound clip Plays ), Can’t believe Twitter’s. A fail, no offense Jack Dorsey, but you really need to step up your algorithm. I could make this article again and have successful results, but you guys are the best on YouTube. So I’m not even complaining. I love you guys so much. Congratulations to the comment winner! ( SONG ) Shout out to the comment winner Comment on this post to be featured in the next episooooooode ( SONG ENDS ).

If you want to be the next comment, winner Comment below your thoughts on Twitter, Do you use it Alright, catch you guys in the next one goodbye? What’s up guys? Thank you. So much for reading hold up. If you could do me, a huge favor give this article a like and hit that subscribe button to turn on my post notifications. That would mean the world to me and I’d really appreciate it.

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