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CASE STUDY: 0 To 15K On Facebook Ads (Full Ads Manager)

Okay, let’s get right into it. So what you can expect from this article, this article is a bit long, so I don’t waste anybody’s time. I want you to like learn something about like potentially gain some value from it right number one there’ll be no hype, so we’re going to show you actual stats.

You know Facebook business manager and see some of the things that we did, that you could potentially be using in your own business as well. Okay, number two would be we’re not going to waste anybody’s time. So if you are a business owner, for example, you’re not committed or you’re not interested in scaling your business, then you can hop off this article as well. Okay, number: three: we’re going to provide you actionable steps on what you could do using the strategies that we’ve kind of be teaching in this article as well.

So if you want to stick notes yeah, you can just go ahead. Okay, so this is a client that we ran for their base in Singapore, so in terms of like market size and market saturation, it’s very difficult to run profitable campaigns in Singapore, but then again using this method, it’s able to do anywhere. We were able to achieve around 18 row s which basically return on adspend, which is basically spend one dollar and get eighteen back right.

So, for example, you scale up that ad set. You spend a thousand dollars in ad, spend right. You get $ 18,000 back yourself. Facebook Ads what it’s like, it’s like magic right, you get something it works and that’s working well and you just scale the ad set out so for a lot of my international audiences right here. If, for example, your base of Singapore, you can expect even better returns than this, because there’s a lot of market data, there’s a lot of people using Facebook, so ability to scale is much much much more aggressive, much better, much faster yeah.

Okay. So, just to give you a background like digital marketing and Facebook and Instagram currently what’s going to happen in the next five years we see is when Google Voice comes out, Alexa me and yeah, Alexa, Siri, etc, etc. Internet usage is going to go. Eighty percent to mobile usage right and when the everybody’s going to win the economy, tanks right basically everybody’s going to pour their money into Facebook and Instagram advertising the CPM, which is basically a cost per impression right.

How much do you spend to actually go and get in front of a thousand people right, so the CPMs are going to go to a roof right. The cost of advertising to a customer cost of acquisition is going to go up. So anybody who is not running digital right now beat what platform it is right. Google, PPC Facebook, Instagram Display Network, etc, etc, you’re really losing out, because in the future it’s not going to be as cheap as it is right now: okay, okay, so what businesses usually do now for Facebook and Instagram? It’s that number one.

What I see commonly is like they spray and pray right. They just put something out there and they pray that works right. That’s no qualified leads right, they go just read a YouTube article showing you how to set up an ad and then they know what they think. They know all the runs, Facebook ads and stuff right. That’s number one number two is that there are inconsistent customers right. Some people don’t even want to do marketing right, for example, they they put on right.

They think that they’re getting customers, they think we are getting my $ 4 $ 6 leads right. Are they actually qualified leads, not right? There’s no pixel on their website, meaning a pixels BC, a line of code on your website such that they able to track customer behavior over and over again right. People are just spending money and pouring money down the drain by doing and spending money on Facebook ads and stuff.

But then, if they have no pixel install, then there’s no ability to recapture those customers. They are potentially already interested in your brand. But I have not really expressed right. There are pre-qualified leads right that not become leads yet okay, so and then, after all this happens. Usually, what I can see is that I think I really really frustrated they don’t all run ads profitably and then they say Facebook Ads just don’t work, part Facebook, it’s a forty billion dollar company and so yeah.

They actually do what yeah okay. So let me just give you an example of like what I was scrolling. True right so like this is just my own personal Instagram and I’ll scrolling through, and I saw this ad and this is like the prime example of what a bad ad is right. So I blood are everything so no problem, so I show you like what is about it right. This is about it. It’s not engaging right. What is the product right when I actually read the ad copy and stuff, and I saw the photo – I still don’t know what they are selling right.

Number three there’s no call to action right, I’m learning more, like that’s a CTA, that’s a standard one that our Facebook gifts, but why am I learning more about? I don’t even want what the product is. Okay, now at number four would be there’s a bad copyright. So it starts with imagine this what if you could and then it’s just some things that just error error appears right. So how can you explain your audience to convert on something that you can put out, but the audience doesn’t even understand what you’re putting out right? I do I don’t know what the product is.

I don’t know what you’re selling okay. The next thing is that this is like one of my first few times seeing right is seeing it seeing this ad, so I know they’re targeting cold traffic. However, they’re not in the position to build rapport with me, so how am I supposed to convert on this when there’s no rapport being built right? I don’t expect to to like connect with the messaging the context, as well as to their copy itself right.

So it’s basically a business owners they’re putting our ads then literally just throwing money away right. An impression is something you pay for, and this is a wasted impression. Okay, so I give it the analogy where advertising is like dating right. So how do you expect someone to marry you on the first date right? If you come up someone to someone on the street and then you just say, please give me $ 1,000 right.

There makes no sense right. How can you expect I want to give you money, let me buy it your brain when you haven’t built any relationship right, that’s what I see a lot. People are doing with these type of ads. They just throw things out there and they expect it to stick right. That’s not going to work! That’s not how even like advertising in the digital space, it’s just like dating okay. So, like the current sales process, that is broken right, that a lot of people and business owners and like potential clients that I meet with do is that okay, they’re good they’re going digital they’re going Facebook Instagram the vine PPC they’re, putting on content right, some of Them, okay, then elites delete that they generate right.

Then they bring them into the sales process right. So, for example, there really catches the lead right, I’ll brought them to a web page and stuff right. So it’s basically saying they are mr. Customer here, okay, so we brought you this web page. Are you interested right? They come to the page, they see see, look, look and then they just leave the page. Okay, when that happens, move on to part 3. This becomes a very unreliable customer acquisition face because what happens is just all these people come to the page.

They leave, they don’t convert and that’s about it right. It’s like cut. It’s like window shopping right. You go to someone’s store, you look at someone’s hand back and stuff, and then you look at it and then you kind of say it’s nice, but I won’t buy any you just walk away and that that store owner is never able to recapture those customers again. You’re never able to build rapport with your brand and you’re, not able to sell product right you’re, not able to move and convert ok.

So likewise it previously. It’s an unreliable customer acquisition method and the ad span is unreliable: you’re, not profitable. So if you have no cashflow, you cannot scale your business right. Ok, so basically, the maximum profit like system right is that you have a great ok. This is like just minimum right on your ad copy itself. Your audience segmentation, you ad copy itself. Your offer is enticing as well as you’re testing your rapidly rapidly and aggressively a split testing everything to see what works right scale up your winning ad sets as well as kill, kill your ad sets they’re unprofitable.

Ok, when that happens, you put that, together with the power of the pixel tracking right, so you’re able to really follow these customers or potential customers of yours and you’re, able to retarget them all over the Internet. Ok, what this really happens right is you’re able to really lower your costs of CPMs. So, like I said previously, the cost for 1,000 impressions you’re able to really recapture people who already have pre-qualified interests of you right.

So then, you’re able to build rapport of them and then you’re able to drastically lower the cost of advertising because they already know you you’re able to build a relationship of them. It’s not cold traffic. Ok, so what that means also is is a definite sale right. The ability for me to track you on every single action that you input or don’t input right literally reading a article like to a certain amount of length later I’ll show.

You is literally giving pre-qualified interests to a product that I may potentially sell right. So every potential lead right that shows pre-qualified interests will not become. They will definitely become a customer one day because of the systems that we have put in place. Ok, so a lot of the common problems, they’ve seen just a summary, just the list down number one. Would be like just the most basic things: people don’t even have that pixel install right, lysate, pixels, a line of code that tricks customer behavior you’re unable to recapture all these people.

They already come onto your website. I’ve done something your brain interacted with your brain and all this data is so so powerful. They are really that’s where the money is. The money is in the follow-up. Okay. The second thing is spray-and-pray right, so people just put out one Facebook ad right, one Facebook and they expect it to just turn magic like just make money right. It doesn’t work like that.

You need to split test right. You need to put up multiple at copies test aggressively test every single placement right. What we usually do is for every single type of placement. We put a different optimized media change: the ratio change the copy, a bit right, change, the creative, the placement and really really envision. What your ideal customer persona is such that you’re able to really target the customer and speak their message.

Okay, I’m a treat, like I said, no follow-up, right people who have already indicated to you that they are interested in your product. For example, you run an e-commerce store, you’re ready. Someone is at backup right. You ready track the ad cut. Why don’t you retarget to those people saying something like? Did you forget something in install right? So there’s something like personal messaging that is very, very effective and will really really improve your conversion right.

A lot of people are leaving money on the table. They have already data, but they can’t do anything with that data. Okay, so last thing would be code. Traffic right lie set previously. People are just targeting the code. Traffic read one YouTube. Article says I know the run Facebook ads and then it’s been a bunch of money off a spreads and nothing works. Okay, so that’s not how it works. You don’t always run the code traffic.

If you have an email list, for example, you can upload that I’ll show you that, in the view, the next few slides last thing will be there’s simply no time right. A Facebook that’s like incredibly, they have an incredibly steep learning curve like the business manager seems simple. That UI seems simple, but actually the algorithms change all the time right and people don’t have time to copy right right.

These business owners. You are busy with the things that you need to do like fulfillment sales like things that, like meta, employee, HR, their allah-allah other things so like Facebook is constantly changing. So these are things that people just simply do not have time to bother with okay. So what I mean by like retargeting and stuff right so Facebook is actually an incredibly powerful tool. You can come into the business manager and I didn’t under the audience’s tab.

As you can see here, you can create custom audiences, so people who have visited your website people have gone to your app right offline activity. I won’t touch on it. So much engagement, people who have reading a article 50 % 90 %, engage with your Instagram business profile. All these data points that Facebook collects right. They we collect an incredible massive amount of data. You can all use all this data to really retarget people that are already expressed interest in these data points.

Okay, so like, as previously said, engagement as you can see here – engagement, for example, people who have already readed a article of yours, put in a lead form visit that your own Facebook page your own business profile, attended and even of yours right. Then afterwards you can create and custom audience right here. So after you create this custom audience, the Facebook will immediately populate these audiences for you, such that you’re able to really run ads specific personal messaging to these audiences, make it incredibly profitable.

Okay, so the process is actually very, very simple right. For example, if you just install your pixel on your website, you have absolutely no data really try and get as much data as possible right every time to call traffic, get your low CPM and then prequalify your audiences once you’re doing that you’re really refining audiences. So when you’re refunding audiences right using your custom audiences to really build up different things right so for someone 95 percent of your article 3,000 people have locked on and seen 95 percent of my article.

So we constantly what we do is create look-alike audiences. From these custom audiences, such that your audience’s, that you’re targeting become much more refined, even if you have little data to start with okay, so refine and engage so engage create, like obviously engaging at creative right things that people actually want to see. Right like this. At just now we are showing it doesn’t, engage anybody, it doesn’t talk to anybody, so the article would be a cheaper to run nowadays.

However, if you have just a photo, just has something that speaks to your branding and it should be fine. It works well for us as well. Okay, so afterwards, refine and gauge cell repeat this process and you’ll see tremendous amount of profits. You will see the real power of Facebook ads okay, so because your process driven right, you understand what you’re doing you are constantly refining and refining audience you’re able to crush your competition, because your competition is all running on code traffic right now, then I’ve been running On specified a segment audience segmentation, so what you’re doing is really lowering your CPMs and really increasing your report.

Your customers, okay, you’ll, be able to potentially see these conversions over like, for example, two to three months. If you constantly repeat this process right people, don’t do this they’ll, let you say no, I don’t want an additional, I would say like minimum 10k in revenue per month right, I’m not interested in growing my business. It’s really dumb funding to see why people are not doing this.

Okay, so basically how to really dominate your competition right. You’ve got these audiences you’re using the system, refining audiences. How do you dominate a competition? Okay, what we call in the marketing sphere, it’s called top of mind awareness, basically you’re able to completely dominate the online space and your customers will only think of you right. I log onto Facebook right, so I am scrolling through something I see an air.

I see any I readed ninety five percent of my article, for example, I’m the customer okay. Now I’m them you’re doing your advertising for your company and now I’m going to retarget that person on on Facebook again on Instagram again on Google Ads the Display Network on YouTube. I am everywhere on the Internet right. I may not be able to purchase your product at this point in time, mister customer, but in the future, when I do actually want to like purchase this product, I definitely know you are there.

I definitely know you are the number one option that I’m going to go to, because I see you all the time yeah. So that’s basically top of mind awareness and if people don’t believe top of mind awareness works, you can see it in numbers right if you’re always like on the top of someone’s mind right, people are not willing to buy now, but they’re willing to buy in the Future that money is always in the follow-up okay, so that’s basically how to dominate your competition in the online space.

So I’ll. Just summarize, my points consistently be in front of your customers right. Even people who have purchased from you already consistently be in front of them, because these and people who have already bought from you are more likely to buy from you again is cheaper right. It’s cheaper to target these people again because you have already built a rapport and they trust you. Okay, number, two top of mind awareness sit before and I’m a tree you just basically, oh the internet right between Facebook and Google, they basically own the entire Internet.

All the real estate that you can see is basically owned by these two companies. Okay, so the case study that we’re going to be going through today, I’ll give you some context right. We are selling a front and offer of around fifty five dollars per product, so after these two weeks trial this fifty five dollars right, the customer will be up so and then we will retarget them using yeah, of course, retargeting yeah, then they’ll be wolf.

At least around four hundred dollars to a fifteen hundred dollar package, so of course like the barrier of entry, the friction to the purchase is tremendous because I wouldn’t say it’s a high ticket product, but it’s quite high ticket right four hundred dollars on an e-commerce store Is a bit high ticket? Okay, so that’s basically it we generated around 10k. It’s a small amount with Facebook ads, but the reason why I’m showing you as a case study is because I think the raw s is very good right.

Ecommerce is usually like to the tree row s what we’re seeing, but we managed to achieve 1800s right. Ritter is quite unheard of. I’ve never seen anything so tremendous before yeah, and the best thing is that it’s a fresh attack on right. So we’ve never even run ads before we’ve never had a pixel install until our agency to over and install the pixel. So like these numbers, I just littering the beginning of what is possible right, we’re you were hoping they’re scale.

This add up to probably a 30 40 K and in Singapore market, it’s quite saturated, but if, for example, your overseas international, you are definitely able to achieve just massive numbers. Okay. So now we just head over to our facebook business manager and we’ll show you a few stats so right now, I’m in the business manager and I’m just going to show you a few of the statistics that we’ve gotten so far from this campaign.

So let me just refresh this page: okay yeah. So during the time from December 16, all the way to around January 22nd so give or take around four and a half weeks or so, and so these are the types of numbers that we were getting through. This campaign right, so we spent around 500 around $ 600 right here and we’ve gotten back around around 15k in return. So getting us a row s of about 25 right, which is like absolutely insane for this type of numbers, and so a row.

Sbc just means. If you put $ 1 into Facebook ad you’re getting 25 back so Facebook Ads work at scale, meaning if you put in a thousand dollars for example, then you just get back twenty five thousand dollars right. The algorithm just works like that. It’s yeah generally, it’s quite stable in a sense, but you have to optimize as you go along okay. So let me just show you some of the statistics. It’s not very crazy numbers if you really think about it, because imagine if you can make so much more right, so actually give you a bit of context for this client.

This client there’s a friend and offer the 55 dollar mark so around 20. As you can see here, I think we got around 90. Let me see around 90 for purchases right, so around 80 % of those who are on the front end offer, and some people actually just went for the back end offer immediately. So what I’m really excited about is honestly, when, like 70 of these, people actually buy the 400 to $ 1500 product in the next two weeks or so so in the next two weeks the $ 55 package will expire and then we can upsell them on the More expensive high ticket items 400 to $ 1500 products, which is potentially it could be around 60,000 to around 90,000 on facebook ads alone right.

So, as you can see like this words is a very, very scalable platform. If you really know what you’re doing right so in terms of people who reach around 18,000 people – and I guess what I’m really happy about – is like cost per purchase right so imagine you’re selling people at write $ 55 products to around for like $ 400 products. Right and if you’re getting around six to five dollars per purchase, which means the profit margins are just insane right.

Not only that like, if there are 93 people who purchased this product, that’s just 94 people yeah right. It just means that these 17,000 people already know our brand and our kilometer with us, because we have riri target them, targeted them very, very aggressively. I mean we’ve got them around like for frequency right, so we’ve shown the ad to the each person around four times and we’re definitely going to like scaled it up so that it’s becoming more profitable.

But then again I we’ve only spend this amount because I mean every client has different budgets. So the fact that we can produce this our result and it really gives us leverage to really ask for a bigger budget as well yeah. So, as you can see here, I mean people really care about. What’s your cost per click, I was your click-through rate right. It really doesn’t matter. As you can see, my our stats were very, very average in terms of what really performed.

Well, let me just show you and get into the ED sets. Okay, so I mean I split into two different campaigns, because there were two different audiences, so they I know who I’m targeting. Okay. So, in terms of the ads wise, what I really like to do, or what my agency prefers, is that we do very, very segmented targeting right, so meaning, as you can see here, we segmented two different placements. We don’t just lump all the placements into one ad set because we feel that, like the media is not optimized, if you have like a phone screen or whatever it’s different from Facebook via Instagram story, so we realize the media, so the user and the customer has The best user experience yeah, so you can see in general, Facebook is more profitable for us than Instagram, but then again, Instagram we’re targeting in general people who are younger.

So the spending power is a bit different as well, but then again like the ROE s still stays the same and yeah. So we’re quite happy about that. So you can see here right now. We are running till the end. Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds that were active. However, the Facebook suggested fee. We turned it off after a while, even though it collected sales over the time period and around 66, which is a bit insane right.

But then the thing is that the first few days or so when we were testing instead of Facebook, suggests that it was not so profitable. So that’s kind of the thought process of how we we went about things yeah. Okay, let me just show you okay, so let me just go into one of these: are the Facebook feeds right in terms of like split testing and stuff? We do very, very aggressive, be testing for clients, meaning we have to really pump up a lot, a different types of creative, different types of ads to see.

What’s working, because that’s how Facebook ads were right. If you just find one way at skill that that you, then you become very, very profitable, so that’s really what happened in here! You just have to test and see what the market lights right really allow the data to speak to you. Instead of making the decisions based on guessing games – okay, so, as you can see here, I really didn’t know what would happen, but we launched on 1 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7 ad sets throughout this trial displacement on Facebook feet, and then we tried different things different targeting and then you can see. Our relevant scores were around 9 to 10 right, it’s on a scale of 1 to 10, meaning how relevant is your ad to the customer that you’re portraying to right? So, if you’re getting like 9th and 10th actually getting tens at one point, we’re really hitting our messaging right on the dot right.

So, instead of like keep trying to push in a sell, sell, sell. What we really focus on is giving value to our audience and creating and building a relationship which I think, which is why I think we perform so well or no ads. That’s right. So the fact that my, even though we were running, if I remember correctly at $ 22 days, spending $ 22 per day, which is a very very little compared to other companies and stuff, we are still out ranking and out bidding that, because our creative and our Visuals as well as our messaging well just one point where we really understand the customer persona: yeah.

Ok, so, as you can see here so as you can see, the first ad here is definitely the most profitable and the rest of them have subsequent sales and stuff. So really find your winner and then just write that wave and then scale that and punch it up. Okay, I guess another tip that can share view is that I really yeah the ads. Basically, I really like Facebook’s budget optimization feature, so they recently introduced it.

I think in 2018 can f, you set a budget, and then you just allow Facebook to optimize wherever your project goes into instead of, like manually, are mainly changing the different types of ad sets that you want to put into your campaign. Okay, so let me just show you as well what we did on the Instagram side of things. Okay, let me just show you give me a second okay, so an Instagram feed. We didn’t want a spit test photos at all.

Okay, we want so aggressive because we had one article created and then we tried different things, but we found that in general, my agency likes to just use articles for Instagram, because I’m a millionaire as well – and I can understand from the Instagram experience that people don’t Like use a life photos wouldn’t captivate you I feel like for somebody we scroll on your feet right, you don’t really stop to see a photo and unless it’s like a super super amazing photo.

So that’s why we only use article for Instagram feed, and I mean it worked very well. You can see CPM so very good, averaging $ 5 CPMs and then, let’s see yep, so it was the 24 OS here for the Instagram side of things, okay, yeah. So that’s the one of the budgets for one of our look like audiences and, as you can see yeah we split us into different placements and I guess the last thing can show you from this campaign is like we target right.

So these are weary, targeted people who came to our website so really segment our audience into very, very different pixel events, so like the 25 % 50, 50 % amount of time span, etc, etc, and then we lump them into this retarget audience right here. So just now is a look-alike audience, and in this case I mean very different, because the audience size is very, very small, so in terms of your CPM, so CBS will definitely be higher in terms of what is how much you’re spending to get back these audiences, Because this is so small, it’s very very hyper target that so Facebook generally charges more for that.

So, as you can see over the time period, we saw that I mean these stuff, it’s at least our placements one working so well, so definitely just turned it off and kill. The unprofitable add sets. But then we just let this Facebook feed run throughout and you can see like five dollars per purchase and then we, let’s see what statistics so yeah. It’s a really not bad return on investment here at 2000s, so in general, like as you can see the campaign.

This is how we can structure our campaigns and yeah. We’re really happy about this campaign because we spent a little money, but we got very good returns right. Anything is, as the time goes by, and we understand that also. There is more of the data that’s coming into the pixel, and since this was a first pick, so this is literally only the start of what we can do. So if we’re able to spend like upwards of a thousand dollars every single month – and I mean do multiple thousands there – it was really really profitable as well.

Okay, so you can just imagine what the power of Facebook Ads is really hoping to scale. This is counter probably like a hundred K or something so so what is next? Okay, so number one. You kind of have two options. You can figure these things out of your own and you can potentially waste a lot of company resources and advertising a budget right or number two. You can allow us to help you. We can really tend them with you, such that you’re, ready to ability to achieve your revenue goals as well as I really get the results that you desire right.

Ultimately, a businesses are for profit. You want a conversion coming in. You want to see numbers coming in right. We live in the business manager, so we understand the algorithm and stuff and we are really really able to help you, okay, so but things to note before okay, we are G media, my agency, we only work with people who are committed business owners right if you’re, Not committed, if you don’t want to scale your business like we don’t help you as well, we’d want to help people who do want to help themselves right.

So if we actually take you on as a client promise, we will give our hundred percent view yeah, and we expect you to do the same. Okay number. Two. We want to help okay. So what that means kind of is like if your pixel doesn’t have enough data right. For example, we understand brand awareness right traffic is important, but ultimately we focus on conversion and building an automated system for you to generate traffic and results in the long term.

Right. We’re thinking long term for you, but with you we do want a short term, a relationship and Sasha. It breaks a pot and that doesn’t make sense for us right. We want to provide you results that you really desire desire. Okay, so number three would be without magicians as well. Okay, so, for example, if your pixel literally from day one you have no data as well all right we can. We will communicate that it’s an extreme challenge to really really get the results that you want and we address the expectations as well.

Well, however, if you have some data to work with – and we see that in like there’s a lot a lot of potential to get a lot of lost revenue coming back, then we definitely communicate there as well. Okay, so we work in tandem with you to very really maximize profit on your end, okay, this is also our promise to you. If we feel like we can deliver the results that you want, we will not like what with you right, there’s no point for our agency to take on us a client as a monthly retainer, for you two to end the relationship in three months or so and Be unhappy with us right: we don’t want that.

We want to what a long term you want to build and scale your business. So let me say again: if you feel we cannot deliver your results, we will not work with you as well. Okay, so that just brings me to my last slide, which is basically the mission of our agency, which is basically to help willing and committed business owners, navigate and dominate the online space to scale their businesses through digital marketing.

We really really believe in this mission statement, and now we know you can dominate the online space because nobody else does top of mind awareness like that. Okay, nobody is as aggressive in the retargeting in the follow up in and just just be engaged with. Your that’s just staying in front of your customers is so underrated. People keep trying to get new customers, but why not just treat your your current customers they’re already showing you interest the right way right capture those lost sales and really maximize profit, so I really hope you’ve enjoyed that case study article of ours.

I know it’s a bit long, but at least you spend time at least getting some value from it. Right really try to implement some of these strategies into your business as well. Okay, if you are really interested in working with us, we’ve attached a button below at the below this article, it goes straight to an equity scheduling call. Basically, you just choose your time slot as well as answer a short questionnaire, so it already allows us to understand some pop your business before we hop onto a call so to prevent any time, wastage at all, okay, yeah, and if we see that you’re a good Fit for us and that we potentially could really really help you get the results that you desire.

Then we hop on a call and let’s get going then like, let’s get going, that’s let’s start growing your business yep. So I thank you so much for a time and I’ll see you soon.

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