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You could just be spending money. You know without knowing what’s even happening. Yes, like you’re, just guessing yes, exactly. Okay, I’m going to share my screen here that we have as an example and and okay. So this is the yeah okay. This is the actual the local wizard on it. Okay, for the are you going to show the rank tracker report, or are you just going to go? This one was the one that I specifically wanted to talk about.

I can pull up the report if you’d like me to Ryan. No, no, no! I can only go ahead. I just didn’t know that we’re looking at the local wizard, okay got it yeah. So this one, you know they still tell you some top keywords that you want to rank for and it’ll show you where your ranking compared to your competition. Okay, so yeah! This is the local, the local wizard report. So this is okay. This is not the rain tracker report so yeah, but the the real problem that you’re solving with this is is not just you know like it.

Does you how your you know how you’re ranking but – and you know, but the other thing is that it shows you how you can. Actually, you know the actions that you can take. Specifically it really, if you don’t have a report like this, then you’re not going to know what to do in order to positively affect your your rankings. For these particular keywords, that’s the that’s the takeaway message. Yep, that’s the real problem that you’re going to be fixing with this type of a report.

Okay got it! So yes, because Google, my business insights can only go so far. It just talks about your business specifically and if you want to know how everyone else is doing or your competition is doing in order to stay ahead of that competition and be that go-to business in your niche, something like this is is valuable. Absolutely it’s a this. You know that, as opposed to the rank tracker report, which tells you you know how you’re ranking it gives you a over time, identification – and you know individual snapshot in on particular days, but it gives you an overtime view of love.

How you’re improving your rankings for a bit for up to 99 keywords? This report you know visit this is going to tell you very very precisely what to you know to your point. Yes, Google be Google. My business insights report doesn’t tell you Google’s not going to tell you hey you really, you know they give you some hint at what you can do, but it all really just stems from things that you can do and it really just like they really just identify Things that you can do with the Google my business listing itself, where this report is more all-inclusive.

It’s saying: okay, yeah, you can go and change your categories on your Google, my business page and that’s good and you can add photos to your Google, my business page, which you know this is that’s some of the suggestions that it’s going to give here, but also It’s looking at other things, external factors like you know, your the the other directories that you’ve claimed or having claimed that are for your particular niche, the the linking domains, in other words, how many other domains that are out there or actually you know how many other Websites or domains are linking back to your website.

The overall, majestic C flow, which you know that that encompasses a bunch of other parameters, and you can see it’s the link related score provided by Majestics. You know SEO is calculated based on the volume of inbound links, that the site has more length, equals higher C flow. So basically, the bottom line is the more inbound links which is the off page, optimization that I’ve been talking about the higher this C flow ranking is going to be, and the more and the better rankings you’re going to get for your for the keyword that you Want to target which, for this one we’re specifically targeting the word interior design, San, Diego, okay and then the website Authority.

You know if you just go back one there. Okay, you know the authority score is similar to the PageRank. This score is met. Is a measure of the rank ability of a website which considers over 150 different SEO signals? So there’s your you know it’s taking into consideration a bunch of other factors, the higher the authorities score. Obviously the the higher the potential ranking for the website and then the other factors are, you know just flat out, like you know, links which is to back.

You know if you look at the links, this is just the backlink data that’s gathered by SEO Moz. So it’s just a different, a different organization. That’s actually again you’re noticing a common thread here. It’s you know, there’s links, links, inbound links are very, very important. The other thing is, is it looked at the total number of citations and also the top citation? So if you go to the top, this is how many top citations of business has.

So you can find that you know. In other words, you you want the citations, though the directories that’s another word for directory citations records are equal, the same thing, trees, a lot, yeah and or citations, but they what you want is you want those top directories to be linked bacteria. You want to have a established presence on the on the top one, so it just makes sense, but then the one before that is overall number of citations, not just top, but you know bottom middle.

You know etc. The one just behind that crystal to the left. Citations right there yeah so yep and then and then you can see you know if you go all the way over to the right to the review count, you can see that you know. Obviously the number of reviews is very, very important. We want to get as many reviews as possible and then the star rating is is another factor that does play into your overall rankings and then the number of photos.

Absolutely you want to have the more photos, the better we always talk about that again. These are that those are specific things that that that you can affect just on the Google, my business page itself and then categories again, you want you want to make sure that your that you are, you are categorized for the you know, for the your in the Written that you’re in the right category, where else your it’s going to significantly hinder your ability to rank.

So your keywords now I would you know, obviously, if your main keywords, interior designer or interior design, then you that’s the category that you want to be falling under and that’s that has a big big impact on your ability to rank and the search results for that Particular keyword, so I you know – and I want I want people to also see that this particular report is not we we, you can actually look at up to five different keywords: yeah and there’s the interior design yeah.

The category is that in case anyone is wondering yeah, it’s right there, it’s like front and center I mean it’s. It’s it’s like right there at the top of your your listing and then yeah crystal. If you want to go back to report, you can see this to see T at the top they’re the main cat. So this word says summary: you can see: it’s got, there’s five different tabs there, so we can actually look and dissect you and your competition and the number of, if you’re, by the way that verified column right there, that verified column is letting you know.

Is your Google, my business page verified and that’s a huge factor in whether or not you’re going to rank or not so the great thing is this: this shows you, you know she’s number nine and you got you know number one, two, three, four, five, six. Seven! You know you’ve got all the different other competitors there and you can see how you stack up. Very simply, you know to the competition. So obviously you know what we’d like to see is you know you know what what can she effect here? What what can she really you know do better in order to rank, you know rank higher okay, so a number of citations got that covered top citations.

You know, 56 % of them looks pretty darn good number of links. Total looks solid. It’s a good, solid. High number they’re linking domains really good, I mean we I’d like to see a little bit more their website authority. That is something that we’ve got to work on that the on site. You know we’ve got to really just work on that website Authority for her website. On itself, which would be more on page, optimization type, stuff, majestic see flow, you know.

Obviously we could work on a little bit and get some more reviews. Her star rating is great. Just continue to add photos again, the you know, just because you do all these things doesn’t mean that you there are there’s, there’s some more factors that have to do with. You know whether or not you’re going to rank for for a particular keyword, but you know and you’re not going to rank for every single keyword in the first position.

You know this is just giving you a general idea of some of the top things that you can at least pay attention to and effect by getting you know by going and getting creative like we talked about and getting more backlinks and reaching out to strategic partners. Creating a blog post about their business and on your website and then telling them about it and saying hey would want you want to link back to this.

Those are really creative ways for you to get more links, get more Majestics. You know higher, majestic steep low. Ultimately, a higher website Authority and and increase the number of linking domains. You know right there all that all four of those columns right in the middle you could affect by by doing the by implementing those type of strategies. Those are things that not a lot of people are doing.

You know you can go and and reach out to like we’ve talked about in other articles. You know you can reach out to local businesses, or you know from what was the other, the like? Not a company but an organization that is like a philanthropy if there’s philanthropies in the area and they’re doing there’s having an event or they’re hosting an event, and you can sponsor it. I’m not saying go and spend a gazillion dollars on it, but you know, look and see you know the make sure.

Okay, the other thing is make sure that that they will link back to your website and give you a direct link to your website. If you become a sponsor, so maybe go back to previous year’s sponsors pages that they’ve created and look to see if there’s an actual direct link to that company, that was a sponsor, because that’s what you want to look for! You don’t want to look to you. You don’t want them to just have a picture of your company with no link to your website or link to what else will be seen there like indirect links, they’re not links directly to your site and they’re, also not using a really good alt tags or brought Sorry anchor text so, in other words, you would want the anchor text to be, for example, if we’re trying to rank for this keyword, you want it to be interior-design San, Diego and if you really are targeting, you know that particular you know keyword and you wanted To rank for that particular keyword, so anyway, right here Ryan, correct anchor text, no, no so yeah.

So the anchor text is just basically so if, if, if you see a link, okay, a hyperlink on somebody’s website in a blog post, whatever the words are that are encompassing that link – that is the anchor text. That’s the text, that’s that is so. In other words, if in a sentence, the per use – the word okay interior-design in the sentence – and it’s like they are great interior designers in San Diego at because of XYZ – and it’s a run-on – you know because the sentence continues to go on.

But you just you just add the link to the to the words that our interior designer of San Diego, that is your anchor text. If you, if you, if you made the link the entire sentence, then that entire sentence would be your anchor text that makes sense. But you don’t want to do that. You just want to highlight and focus your your link on the words that you’re specifically trying to rank for that’s that’s what your anchor text is, that make sense, yep that makes sense, yeah, yeah and so anyway.

So that is just a little bit of you know what I mean the bottom line again is: is that if you don’t know what changes to make you’re going to be running blind and you’re going to be spending money? That, ultimately, is just going to be going out the window, and it’s really great to know what your competition is doing and what they’re not doing, and this type of a report gives you about as good of an idea as any of what to do.

What to effect, if I were really trying to affect her rankings, I would absolutely reach out to you know local softball teams, things like that to try to sponsor their teams or a local philanthropy, a ball or gala, and try to sponsor it and get a get. A backlink that way, and also just really great grassroots type stuff if she’s got strategic partner. This is already working with just create a great blog post about them and how you love working with them, and why and then send that to them they’re going to want to create a link back from their from their website directly to your site.

And that’s that’s a really fast way to get those to pick up those links so anyway, um yeah. You guys want to reach out what do you? What do you think crystal anything else, [ Laughter, ], then listen message at MDOT me forward: slash, accelerate marketing or, if you go to our website, you can talk to us directly from our website on our homepage, which is really cool, so check it out. Yeah, it’s art: what’s one of the things that we implement for our you know through our customers, we’ve actually I’ll just say.

Right now I mean we’ve: we’ve increased the we’ve doubled the number of leads that we’re getting because we’ve implemented a chat functionality on our website and that chat not only connects. It connects us to people that actually visit our site more frequently than a landing page or anything else, but the other great thing about it is the tool that we use. It’s awesome because we are able to start conversations from emails that we send out as well, which is really great, so we sent out an email anybody from our team one.

You know we we believe in communicating with people one one-on-one and so we’ll send an individual email out and what happens is when that person clicks on the link or engages on our website after they open the email up, then the person that sent the email gets Notified that that person’s on the website so that we can start a chat like you can see crystal doing right there, where the chat just pops up and and instantly I get notified on my smartphone that you’re.

You know that you’re on the site and the youth that you started the chat and you you have questions, etc. So I you’re going to get direct access to either myself or crystal whoever’s available, and we pride ourselves on responding within five minutes of anybody going through our site or and engaging with us on chat there or on even on messenger as well, which was the first. The first link that should that crystal gave us or gave you so yeah, we use those interchangeably because you know we we like to you, know to capitalize on the the opportunities of you know, people being on our site and also connecting people from email to a Conversation we like to start more conversations with people.

That’s the bottom line we want to. We want to answer your questions and and be as engaged as possible with the people that that need our help. Yep yep so send us a message this week we’re going to continue talking about my business, we’ll stay on the track of insights and reporting and auditing and how you can stay ahead of your competition and learn the things that the strategies that we know on on.

How to do that and then next week is going to be online reviews and your online reputation and the week after that will be local SEO so see you tomorrow. Awesome thanks for


By Jimmy Dagger

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