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I am Jimmy, dagger lover and a digital agent who loves to promote products and services.

Welcome to my corner of the digital world or what others know as the internet. Let’s get right to the point. I basically surf YouTube to find what works for business and stuff that I like. Then create a blog post about it. The world of YouTube will help you make better decisions. With that said, This blog is dedicated to all the YouTubers who create great content and educate you. You are important and thank you for stopping by. I truly appreciate you and what you bring to the world. Please have fun and be kind and don’t forget about the ones you love.

Who is Jimmy Dagger?

I am a freelance contractor that works for several businesses that help businesses expand their digital footprint. I have awesome resources that any business should utilize for their website, social media accounts, and online video ads.

Expand Your Reach!

I have been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade and know what works! I have found some awesome companies that are geared to expand your reach with in the world wide web. Check out all the services below that my network can get started for you!


  • Blogger Outreach
  • Niche Edits
  • Infographic Outreach
  • Content Syndication
  • Multilingual Outreach
  • Media Placements


  • Keyword Research
  • Press Distribution
  • Local Citation Building


  • Blog Writing
  • Website Copywriting
  • Article Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Product Descriptions


  • Explainer Video
  • Blog 2 Video
  • Video Ads
  • Infographic Design

Example of an Explainer Video

My Favorite Pumpkin Seeds

Spunks! The Best Pumpkin Seed Snack!

Now I don’t recommend stuff everyday…Well, yes, I do. If you didn’t watch the video above yet. Watch it to learn about the guys behind Spunks. Pumpkin seeds with a kick! Did you know pumpkin seeds are full of great stuff for your body? If you didn’t check out what the nutritional value is for Spunks. You should check out what the nutrient value is right now. They are packed with protein and a whole bunch of good stuff. I love this product and highly recommend it to everyone. 👍👍

Here is my latest find from YouTube.

My Favorite Quote

It is real once a village thinks it is real.

Jimmy Dagger
Jimmy’s group of marketing believers
The village has spoken

Our Digital World

The majority of the digital world is a construct of billions of web pages. So how do we make sense of these web pages? Search Engines are the freeways in the digital world. Without them, it would be challenging to make sense of the internet. So if a search engine is a highway, then web pages are real estate placed along the freeway.

I am a Digital Marketing Agent

Do you know what a digital agent is? Well, it is a person that create’s digital real estate that is easily found on Google freeway. If you are looking to increase your search rankings on Google. You need a digital agent, and I am the agent you need.

Digital Marketing Agent Jimmy Dagger
Jimmy Dagger Your Digital Agent

Business people and fans at a music concert
Music is creates so much. I love it!

SoundCloud is one of the best music platforms on the internet!

I have an awesome resource to promote your SoundCloud account and tracks!

Best free seo tools
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