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Meet Jimmy Dagger!

Having the last name Dagger has made my life very unusual. The name brings on great conversation, that I enjoying having with my friends and family. I really want to change my name to Jimmy That Dagger. Which would make me smile and I am sure you would get a chuckle every time you hear it. The Dagger Family has been around forever and I really don’t want to get into the history of it in this post.

I Love Daggers!

I would say I say that I have an addiction in collecting daggers. They are really the perfect weapon for close combat. I have been teaching myself defensive and offensive techniques. I will be posting about daggers and other stuff.

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Who is Jimmy Dagger?

Jimmy Dagger
This is Jimmy Dagger

Now on to the meat of this bio. Who am I? Well I am a sales guy and that’s that. If you have been in sales. It really takes a certain kind of person. The reality is that my job is to tell you your problem then talk you into my solution. It’s that simple. The guys and gals that are great at sales. Can see your problems before you can. However, when your in the digital world it is very difficult to read someone that you cannot see, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a sell. The cool thing about the internet is that I found. Sales are so much easier.

Selling a solution

Selling a solution is so much easier online then in person because you can state the problem, solution and outcomes in one shot. Also the up front cost is so much cheaper. However, there is one issue that is rarely discussed is trust. The most difficult obstacle in selling with in the digital world is trust. Because the internet is full of false information. You have no idea if I am real or just a robot. You don’t know what to really expect from me or anybody else. Unless you have evidence of others trusting me.

How to create trust in the digital world.

Do you ever wonder how Google ranks websites? Do know how much resources go into Google’s search engine? I mean really, think about it. How many times would you use Google if it consistently gave you bad information? You wouldn’t go back, I know I wouldn’t. So there it is, trust is created by small consistent actions. There are several ways to create a consistent action on the internet. The number one and really the best one is to have bloggers and social media users share your website.

How much trust do you need?

Well, like I mentioned above. To be successful, you must have trust that is put in front of the masses consistently. So really, the entire time you are selling a product. There is no end to this solution because you are always trying to win the trust of the public and each of your clients.

Why the Blog?

I purchased this blog from one of my clients. “Allshouse Designs” They have owned it for years and have built it up to point that they can no longer sustain it and came to me with a offer. I love to write and to build trust, so it was a no brained for me to take it over. The site will be going through an over haul. I have lot to write about and share with you.