About Us

The Internet Marketing Business Blog is managed by Allshouse Designs. Allshouse Designs starting serving small businesses in 2011. The mission for Allshouse Designs is to design a strong on-line presence for small business. There are many tools and concepts to choose from to build and maintain a strong digital image for business. From designing websites to creating advertising campaigns. Allshouse Designs does it all.

Here is a little history:
Allshouse Designs started out has just a website design company. After a few years into designing websites for small business. Alec’s past of promoting musicians started to come out and the company started to build tools and learn how to promote business on the internet. In 2017, Matt McPherson joined in to help expand Allshouse Designs presence on social media. You can see Matt and Alec giving useful digital marketing tips on YouTube.


The dynamic duo behind Allshouse Designs:

Alec Allshouse

Alec Allshouse
Chief Executive Office

Alec started playing around with the internet during college around 1999. The first project that he helped launched was an online Compact Disc distribution company called, “Green Fridge Records” Green Fridge Records’ mission was to distribute CDs from independent musicians from around the globe. The launch was successful, however his business partner ran into family issues and the business was closed shortly after it was launched. Alec then quickly switched gears and launched a music webzine called “Blank Face Records”. Blank Face Records show cased musicians, but mainly Seattle musicians. Alec then used the business to promote and book band’s events and shows in the Seattle area till mid 2000s. Blank Face Records also released a compilation album full of the artists that Alec worked with. With much success, Alec decided to move on with other goals until he created Allshouse Designs.

Matt McPherson

Matt McPherson
Chief Creative Officer

He has been with Allshouse Designs for a little over a year and has brought some great aspects to the company. Specifically with design and creativity thus making him the Chief Creative Officer.
He started out at a very young age with computers. At the age of only eight, his family got their first home computer and very quickly started teaching his parents how to do different tasks on the computer. This sparked a future that would lead to him ultimately going to ITT-Tech right out of high school. He graduated in 2009 with his associates in computer and electronic science. While still in tech-school, he began repairing ultrasound machines for Philips. After spending the next 9 years helping save lives all while fixing these advanced machines, he started working at the University of Washington. Still to this day, he is an electronic technician at the university all while helping Allshouse Designs bring intuitive ways of doing business and bringing a smile a long at every turn.

We bring awareness to your brand by managing and designing websites, creating content and building great advertising campaigns for your business.