The Race Car!

We are Sponsoring a Race Car!

Allshouse Designs will be taking on a huge project for 2018. We will be part sponsoring a race car.

Here at Allshouse Designs (Matt and I) will be taking on a huge project for 2018. We will be part sponsoring a race car. That is correct, Matt and I have been gear heads for most of our lives. From rebuilding motors to switching out brakes. We have done it all. Our Good friend Jon has purchased a race car that needs a little bit of work. From suspension to fixing up the body. The car will be entered into the Mini Stock Division at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. With seven racing seasons under his belt. It should be an interesting year.

Jon Roberts started racing Quarter Midgets at 10 yrs old. Now at the age of 34. He has been the owner/driver of 4 different cars. With-in the seven racing seasons, Jon has won 24 main events. The plan is to have the car ready by March 3rd which is the first available dates for open track practice. We anticipate that the car will need 120-man hours put into it to be ready for March 3rd.

As far as the next steps in making the car race ready. We will be focusing on going through the suspension and converting the car to a coil over type suspension. The car will also be getting a fresh engine. Along with replacing a few panels to be able to give the ca a fresh coat of paint.

The cam gears on a 2.0 ford mottor
This is the current motor in the race car. We will be pulling it and replacing it with something a little bigger and brand spanking new.

We are very excited to create blog posts and videos to keep our friends, family and our community updated with the progress of this project. Racing, modify and repairing cars has been a long-time hobby for Matt and I. We hope that everyone will enjoy being apart of the experience in fixing up the car and being with us during the 2018 racing season in the Mini Stock Division.

Jon Robert says it best, “Man and machine working together as one, there isn’t anything else like it. Races and championships are won at home in the garage. They say the separation is in the preparation and the sport of stock Car racing was built on ingenuity and out engineering your competitors. It’s all about the time you put in during the weeks between races, driving the car is just a small part of it.”

Check out our first Epsiode of the series we call, “The Race Car

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6 replies on “We are Sponsoring a Race Car!”

Cant wait to see my brother from another mother back in the seat. I have nothing but love and respect for you brother. You have been away too long! Its no easy task to win races let alone back to back mini stock championships. This made my day! Congratulations on your return to doing what you love to do in 2018!

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I’ve read through your posts about the racecar. Sounds like fun and a lot of work. I’m a retired mechanic and body person myself. I’ve done it all, from building car’s from the ground up to buffing them out. It’s a lot more fun doing that when it’s your own thing that your working on.
Have fun guys with it and i hope you win a few. I look forward to reading more about your adventures with the racecar. ❤️✌️



Thanks for hitting us up! A lot has happened since we have posted anything about the car. We missed a race due to the last race we ran. It wasn’t pretty… Didn’t even make it to the first corner when we were bumped off the track. It caused a bit of damaged making it impossible to make it to the last scheduled race. The good news is that we are ready for the next race! Check out how Jon was bumped off the track here . You can see it @ minute 9 in the video.


Well, we just finished up the latest race and the car held together, but the motor that we were planning to replace has finally showed its age. It basically threw out a crank bearing and the cooling fan gave it’s last hurrah. We placed 11th in the race and now we are going to take some time off from the season to make repairs.


Sorry to hear that but at least she gave her all and got you into the top 12 finishers, as they say ” that’s racing “, hope you get her gone again soon good luck. ❤️✌️



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