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**INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT** Ripple/XRP Will Explode In The Midst Of The Storm

Other countries don’t like this and so to the extent that they can move away from the dollar. We’Re going to replace. You know the dollar, when the dollar collapses: they’re not going to go to the euro they’re not going to go to the yen they’re, not going to go to the indy they’re going to go back to gold. If you love your country, you should have golden reserves.

So if you have a crisis of being intact, the paper money goes down in tremendous value. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, this is the varible bull here, and I got this aggressively average content for you today with an extremely important message to anyone holding XRP or any other crypto in general. Ladies and gentlemen, in my previous article I said that this article might just save you millions of dollars, and I can’t say it enough: you must have an offline hardware wallet.

You can purchase an offline hardware. Wallet off the ledger. Website got a ledger: NATO s, a ledger, blue, a ledger nano X, whatever the update is, ladies and gentlemen. The reason I’m pointing this out to you is because of this because of the potential of what they’re about to do from Kevin cage. This is such a lame excuse for a black out war. Internet pause. We talked about this coming people. Let’S read this narrative escalate quickly from CNN u.

S. Internet and wireless networks are coming under immense pressure to deliver reliable connectivity as schools and businesses shift day-to-day operations into homes because of the novel Black Swan event according to industry, analysis and government officials. Ladies and gentlemen, this was pre-planned. This is them getting ready to pause, turn off the Internet and God’s the more I see this narrative play out on the mainstream.

The more I believe things like this. It states they’re giving a timeline for one the gold standard to return on March 30th. Ladies and gentlemen, whether or not it returns on that date, I’d know that the gold standard is coming back. We just have to stay tuned and pay attention, but what’s very interesting about this post is that it says On February 12th we will start to see social media be significantly disrupted for other things, playing out globally and geopolitically.

All I’m saying is guys. I’Ve been seeing a lot of truths play out from these type of posts. All I’m asking you to do is pay attention. All I’m asking you to do is get your offline hardware wallets and let me refer you to another article. I made titled Trump and Lagarde, given april/may xrp adoption timeline and we are on schedule. Ladies and gentlemen, in that article I cover this article titled New York, regulators, send letters to coinbase ripple Square, requesting Black Swan preparedness plan, and this is the reason I’m going to cover it, because there is the potential for these exchanges to steal your crypto and blame.

It on a blackout blame it on a glitch, blame it on whatever they want to blame it on. You don’t believe me, let’s get into it. Ladies and gentlemen, first I’m going to read you this article and then I’m going to tell you a factual story that occurred during the 2017. Bull run, coinbase triple circle, Robin Hood, Gemini Genesis, global trading bid, pay and square are among 18 registered crypto related businesses that received a request from the New York State Department of Financial Services to submit their Black Swan Paradis plans in july 2019.

The regulator opened a new department focused on licensing and regulating crypto related businesses in the state of New York overseeing crypto services such as buying selling, storing sending and receiving digital assets on behalf of New York residents. According to the letter issued on Tuesday, the DFS is asking crypto firms under his jurisdiction to provide assurance relating to operational and financial risks.

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to this, it is critical that each regulated entity established plans to address how it will manage the effects of this Black Swan and assess disruptions and other risks to its services in operations. Firms must submit a response within 30 days of the notice outlining how they plan to manage the risk of disruption to their services and operations. Each company is expected to submit a detailed strategy describing how it will respond to the impact of this Black Swan in stages.

Ladies and gentlemen, so that the efforts can be appropriately scaled consistent would be effects of a particular stage of this Black Swan firms are also asked to map out an assessment of the potential increased risk of cyber attacks and fraud. The Department of Financial Services would underscore, in particular, the risk of virtual currency, business of increased instances of hacking, cybersecurity threats and similar events as bad actors attempt to take advantage of this black swan and a possible resulting need for heightened security measures such as enhanced triggers Fraudulent trading or withdraw behaviors.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me point this out to you right now. They are prepping to potentially clear out all these exchanges of your money of your crypto. Remember on CNN they’re, talking about a potential and Net Wireless and network black out there. They didn’t say that yet, of course they can’t, because then people go into a panic, but that’s where it’s leading and, ladies and gentlemen, and the same breath.

We have these crypto exchanges talking about hackings. Now, let me tell you this story about what coinbase actually did during the 2017 bull run when Bitcoin cash was born. If you had any Bitcoin on coinbase, you were supposed to have the equal amount of Bitcoin cash. However, what coinbase did they claimed that if you had Bitcoin on their exchange that they did not support the new big coin cash update, ladies and gentlemen, would that factually meant is that they stole that Bitcoin cash and were pretending to not have it? They were pretending to not give it to its clients, and the only reason they gave it back is because they were getting lawsuits from left and right of people who understood exactly what they were doing of people that understood that what they were doing was stealing so Eventually, about a month or two later, people got some Bitcoin cash into their accounts, but it wasn’t without a fight, and this is what I want to point out to you.

These exchanges are not your friends. These exchanges are in it for the money and if you have your money on these exchanges, you are quote-unquote susceptible to a hack from bad actors. Quote-On-Quote I’ve seen the way coinbase operates, and I do not trust them one bit. I don’t care if they’re regulatory compliant these people don’t want you to get rich. The only people that want you to get rich. Are you? Maybe your family and your friends that they aren’t spiteful.

That’S it get a ledger, get an offline Hardware wallet, because if a day comes when I saw RP is these astronomical values? And these exchanges happen to get hacked no one’s going to care. You will get left behind. You will have your money stolen and you could have prevented it by just paint about $ 100 for an offline Hardware wallet again and again, I’m going to keep saying it. Get an offline hardware wallet protect yourself for what’s to come, you see the most volatile time in human history before your very eyes, both financially and geopolitically, and it would be a shame if you were correctly positioned financially to profit exponentially and you’ve lost it, because you Got robbed because you didn’t take the necessary precautions.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a variable boy here, thanks for tuning in prepare for them to shut off the internet temporarily, as well as social media, for what’s to come and I’ll be back tomorrow with another article. This was the beginning of the greatest transformation of wealth the world has ever fucking seen since World War. Two see, I know what he was going to do. I knew what he and I know what he’s going to do now and he hasn’t even got started now.

What are you, what are you going to tell your kids and your grandkids 25 years from now when they say gee dad AG grandpa? What were you doing other than having your thumb up your fucking ass during the greatest transformation of wealth and the history of the world? What were you fucking doing? Fuck all nothing, that’s what most of you will tell them, your grandchildren and your children. It’S never going to get any better than this kids.

This is the eyes I said on YouTube the eye of the perfect motherfucking store. This is it I never thought I’d live to see it again. This is going to make the 80s look like a nursery rhyme.

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