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It automates it and I live life on their own terms and one of the most irrelevant things that people just dwell on for we know days weeks months on end is the name of their social media agency, and this is sort of that I struggled with as Well, I did not want to do JD, media or jdg me, the ojg media.

Anything like that. I wanted to sort a unique name and because I had this vision of me being the owner of it and having all kinds of employees – and I did – I didn’t think it was professional to have people waiting for Joshua, Daniel media or anything like that. So I spent a very very long time thinking of the name brand pannier. You know it took me a very long time. I asked my notes with like: what’s the call like the web, where you start with a shop in the middle that that was digital marks and they had like all these little things coming outside.

You know, out of it saying like Joshua, Daniel Meade yeah. Like anything, I could think of, I just threw on a piece of paper and then, after I think, was about a week. I finally saw that connexes brands and entrepreneurs together to create brand paneer, which at the time I thought, was very clever and now they I don’t really even look at the name anymore. I’M just used to it, but this is shown that a lot of people struggle with and a lot of people spend so much time on.

You know with rather than finding clients for the agency to stalk trying to think of the Pathak name, the path, a global terrific website. So in this article I wan na quickly show you how he can instantly get a name field: social media agency, literally in five minutes flat you’ll have an ad agency and then guys from the just register domain and do not look back okay. It’S not that important and a lot of the times like the clients, won’t even ask for the name of your agency, to name your business.

They do not care all they care about is what results you can get them. Okay. So without further ado, let me quickly go to the page and I should have a pasted there. We go so it’s http://www.Gfi.Com/webmonitor, you don’t even need to type it. You just need to click on it and then from here. Basically, this is just like a business name. Generator for e-commerce stores mainly, but we can also use this to find the name for our social media agency and guys, I said just pick a name and then move on start focusing on getting clients.

And let me just quickly fullscreen this and I should see it ends aware that you want your business name to include so: let’s just do social media, not social media marketing and then, as you can see, a guy started. We just got a complete list of names that we can potentially choose from everything from amplify social media to social media, cast social media trend, effective social media. What else can we do? You can do this so mark them? Did some math and cave digital marketing poster one wheel, this market and college system marketing and, as you see guys, you know it’s, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to think of a name just pick, one pick, one that you like and windmill did some works And they saw Martin web and I see their enigma digital Martin.

What else can we do? Media agency see what else group snapshot media spark me. The crystal media trust me, the big red media outsource. I would do outsource Steve media media agency, chimp, wolf media major NC scale when I was going to do social just type in social skill comes up the zoom social, generous social process, social, social player, social share in gateway, social thrive, social. Ask me social legacy social guys, as you can see so many different combinations you can do so.

I just quickly wanted to show you this guys and then, if you want to know, if the domain is available going to do it go to godaddy.Com make sure it’s in English, which it is normally. When I go to GoDaddy it was. Nothing goes to the Dutch version, and then all these do, for me is type in your. You know the name of the domain you want to register see what’s available if it’s not move on to the next one until you actually find one that is available.

Example, if you, let’s do brand they’re brand new social, for example, see if it’s available. Yes, it is, and it only cost me eighty eight pence to register now guys. Let’S see, that is how easy it is to pick a name, try and get one in 30 minutes. You know like spend no longer than 15 minutes on picking the name once you have the name registered it and then don’t look back start focusing on getting clients.

Your social media agency, okay, likes article they’ve, got some outfit if you are know more about how to start your social media agency, how to get clients how to onboard the clients how to get results of the clients. I have a free training on this. The link the description box down below subscribe, the blog for more and see you guys,


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So far, got my passport renewed and about two meetings a day scheduled. One is in seven minutes and then one later on today. Just need to confirm the time, because a lot of tim difference, it’s a claim from Australia, and this one is Confirmed in seven minutes. So I’ll probably try and record that.

You know lot of like back-end stuff, for the business trying to keep that structure in place other than that before. You know what? Let’S just do like an old-school, vlog type of article, we’re just basically just show you guys like, what’s going on in my day, you know like behind the scenes. Were even got the ring light setup again, which I haven’t done in a while here. So you know it’s it. When the ring lights settle in, like I said just trying to show you guys like what goes on got quite a few questions about people saying they’ve got a quite a few people requests and like the old school vlogs again, they say like as much as they Enjoy and appreciate the informational articles, the sort of logs of vlogs it just makes it entertaining to Washington.

It’S just interesting to see how people get up to you know anything to do, and especially because now I own a business, but I still run it from my. My own house, you know my bedroom, you know people just want to know what. How is the house away? How does it go or basically all I do? I can’t actually show my screen just now, because product is strategy for the client setup. That’S like confidential.

They were basically I wake from my laptop or my iMac. You know whatever’s easiest when I’m downstairs or when I’m traveling I use my laptop and otherwise use my dad’s, I’m actually my dad’s, iMac and and that’s water way like. I don’t do as much concentration in what we’re used to concentration. I used to do all my Edison on the iMac as well. Now I mainly focus on my facebook ads and social media management and even the management path like we now have a team in place or don’t actually do the the graphic.

I think that myself, we’ve got a team that are much better, much more qualified to do it than I am so they do. The graphics and all I do is basically focus on likes. The structured business focus on scalability sustainability and I basically also stay in contact with the clients and come up with like new ideas or fresh ideas to stay like a head of the cable actors. New developments, in terms like Facebook, ads orbs, there’s new developments in the whole lifestyle marketing sphere.

Then it’s my job to get on top of that see how we can use that leverage that to get new clients or get better results for the existing clients. Anyway, I’m just going to take five minutes just to go over, like all the notes that I’ve got for this meeting and it’s not going to be very high to client low to the clients and bought it’s a client. That’S I’m going to actually find it’s a Dutch Dutch company, but I’m not actually sure if the clients thought or English binary, because it’s a Dutch company, no, it’s all squads, have tough concrete’s on the portfolio because I am in the Netherlands and so whether it’s you Know I’m going to offer them my lowest package, which will be a between 600 and 800 among four just management’s, going to obviously aimed to upsell on ball.

You know I will take I’ll, take this clients on hour-long ticket package, basically yeah, but even though, as you mentioned 24 to 50 for me, like we can still work within there. That’S fine, at least at least bye-bye. You mentioned that if we’ve got shorts and an idea of who to focus on and what I also noticed is that your website has not got a Facebook pixel did you know what that is? Okay, so, basically, okay, so what we can? What we can do is we can focus on the as part and the growth bar so really focus on the Facebook ads, and then we can sorta have like a source like collaboration going in terms the management show you keep ownership as well.

Okay, I’ll! What’S up you might email address as well, just in case you’ve got any more questions in the meantime, you can semi them and I’ll be able to answer them, and you know I’ll get that proposal strategy Center or as soon as possible. Okay have a nice day. Hi guys how’s the meeting done. I I can’t believe I said it and I don’t know why I said it, but while you’re in the conversation I said, geometer sends you a proposal and it’s just the easiest way to sort of like get a no, because when you give them a proposal, they’ve Sort of got the power in their hands they’ve got they can decide.

We don’t want to take this or not and like when to close a client. It’S easiest to close the client on the call you know. The best way to get a client on board is to get like the payment is sorted in and then get all the passwords. You know also like that doodle on the call, because that is when they’re most eager, and that is when the I wouldn’t say vulnerable, but that is that is the like when the when they are emotionally involved and obviously after the call you know when they’ve had Time to think about it, you know they might think you know not sure about this or Wendy, see like the numbers or when you see the rates like on paper, and you have a good time think out there then there’s a bigger chance that I’m saying no.

I was like we all got our heart rate or anything like I said I was going to offer the lower package because um I have shorts, looked into the business and they won’t be able to afford like an extremely high rate, and it’s just a small gin Distillery a bug I said it was like. Oh, why did I say that I had or anyway you know, there’s no, it’s not like lost anything like that. You need to send a proposal.

I send our rates. What I can do for them just like what resource they can expect from us and then we from there but again, no, I, like the direct clothes at all like incentive proposals, ask the phone call, because I know you know that that is worthy for a more Often than not, anyway, I’m going to just like to start working on that proposal. Now I’ve got who told them so wait. My proposal got another call late still, I said not really sure what time in that, just away from where me laptop might get a little weird constantly.

They probably won’t film that probably keep this more like business could have notion that be talked quite a lot. So I think that this article will be long enough when I was there and there yeah I’ll check in with you guys in a bit yeah like we just kind of just kept around with our current clients and that’s how we focused on for like a good Month, yeah, sometimes you need ones like that. Just know.

Get amazing results on then take a breather there from there. You can start smashing them so much money baklava, which is good. I know some other people who are doing like real estate and then they take a percentage of the Commission on top of like a four thousand dollar retainer. So I just got off the phone with fellow digital marketer Quentin child from Canada and basically we’re just like every so often.

We just call you know like capture upon, like whatever we’re doing, but also I give it to the tips and advice on like how to handle certain situations. It’S just good, so I think with like-minded people, you know bounce ideas off each other to see like you know, what would you do in this situation and then you know from there you get you don’t little idea and then no yeah you go from there. Also being walking up a flight to run so just to see if we can actually like organize with a little meth, of course, obviously it came too long last time, so that’s going to be happening soon as well.

Bye, bye guys have. I ever actually giving you like a salt I prune to office or give it now just quickly. Knowledge. Look for a meeting. Now is the power of habit by Charles Duhigg recommended by Brandon, see if you come over, you come bed and then you’ve got the office space desk. Here, that’s where the magic happens. Ring lights have want to record anything to-do list right every morning. So I know what to from a girl read: no, this will get most my read and don’t even sit near me room and that’s it.

I got back from the gym all sorts of eath and just booked a flight to Rome as well for next Monday. So actually yeah, when this article goes, I will actually be in Rome and Rome, Italy in general. It’S always been a goal of mine to go. I’Ve never been to Italy, and so I’ve always wanted to go. What’S always going to expensive and stuff like that. So really glad glad to finally be able to go to Rome go to Italy and, like I said it’s just the goal, and I’m just like grateful that I can do this.

You know Wow like waving because like if somebody might be thinking how do you balance like traveling and weights like that? Well, I’m just wait for my laptop. So, whenever I’m in the world I just know all I need is Wi-Fi and a laptop and I’m so that home, where her way and actually aim when he the while abroad, so that won’t be a problem that will be an issue. So ya know just really grateful that I’ve got the opportunity to do this and you know.

Obviously a lot of hardware goes on behind the scene like prior to being able to do all this. So I’m just like grateful for that, and just it’s just a good feeling to be able to do stuff like this and actually like book like two different flights on the same day like to complete different destinations without their like what I’ll being able pull out having To think about the money, if you know what I mean like what I’ll have to think, I just know that’s going to cost so much, and so like that I would just be able to book it because I want to go there.

You know what I mean anyway, guys I’m just going to do a just a lot of like random way, just finish off from bits before relaxing, like you know, finishing off yesterday, relax um! So I’m just going to wrap up this article here like this article, if you liked the vlog type article and yeah, and you want me to do more often or you know, let me know comments down below. If you want me to stick to the informational article, you know whatever you know like you’re, the subscribers know it’s the blog based on like what you want.

I think I said in a previous article as well. Like you know, it’s all based on your needs. It’S your blog as much as mine. Let me know what you want to see and I will try under liver anyway like share comment, subscribe, I’ll, see you guys next one got ta, do what I got. Ta do


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3 Key Concepts In Insurance Digital Marketing

2019… What a year for the Insurance marketing world. Digital marketing shook up the industry for sure.

It was a crazy, a lot of my Medicare clients have had hundreds and hundreds of apps that were created. I know one office of seven people that had two thousand AP Medicare apps go in just during 2019. My other clients are doing something that, if you’re not doing you’re setting yourselves up to fail.

Okay, so we have a lot of clients across the country that do Medicare final expense, various types of insurance and there’s really three things that I want to kind of break down for you today. One is, I want to kind of share with you what we learned during this AEP and and there’s a couple key components: ok, 2019 annual enrollment period was absolutely totally different than 2018. There was hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that went into digital marketing.

That did not go into digital marketing in 2018. Even what I mean is I’m talking to major carriers, they’re, giving us $ 100,000 projects that are only you know being spent in one particular area of the country, and that was one twelfth of their budget. They spread that out between you, know, multiple different projects and multiple different. You know organizations because the co-op dollars will return from the carrier that they just wanted them to do for digital.

So we had this huge. You know we had these huge projects that were coming across and that business just wasn’t there. In 2018 there was not carriers giving co-op dollars to IMO’s to promote their products digitally. So we had to go through a massive shift of compliance and getting all these articles approved through Aetna and Humana Mutual Omaha and all this other stuff, but I’m telling you guys there’s big money coming in the digital marketing space.

Now, what does that mean? That means it’s all going to get more competitive. That means that in 2020, if you’re not trying to play ball in the digital space, you’re going to get left behind, there is lots of money there is, you have got to know what’s going on and want to make sure that you’re above you know above the Surface of what’s happening, so you know I can tell you right now that the digital marketing space of the insurance marketing world is growing growing growing, and that brings it to my second point.

I know a lot of you guys have made a lot of money and built a business on Direct Mail leads, and I’m not ever going to say that Direct Mail is dead or bad or anything. But I can tell you for a fact. I hear every single week in every single month how the direct mail isn’t pulling like use to the quality elite, isn’t like it used to they’re not getting as much Lisa. These an area and most of the organizations that are living on Direct Mail are using some other form of supplemental lead source to get them in front of the people, so that supplemental lead source is typically one of two things right.

The first thing that they’re going to do is digital marketing leads you, you know just internet leads whatever. That is the second thing that a lot of people do is what’s called live, transfers from from call centers now a lot. Some of these call centers are being built overseas, but any of the big IMO’s and big clients that we work with are winding down their Direct Mail, spins and winding up their Live, transfer.

Telesales leads and winding up their digital leads to fill in the gaps as well, and this is absolutely a trend they need to be a part of. There is no way around it. If you’re living on Direct Mail, only you’ve got to figure out how to get outside of only direct mail and diversify your lead source. Now that does mean that the marketing the digital marketing world is very competitive. I sat down in the conference room of one of the largest insurance company, that’s privately held in the country and I talked to their lead call centre, guy that had a killer, AEP and, I said, hey well where to get most most of your leaves.

You know he told me he said good domains, that’s all he said, and I said well that was pretty cryptic and he’s like. Well, I’m not going to give our secret sauce, but I’m telling you right now even large carriers, who are typically sometimes behind the curve on innovation and adapting to new sort of strategies that guy who runs the call center of the largest privately held insurance company. In the world told me you know two words good domains, I’m telling you guys there’s a massive shift coming if you guys are not getting on board with this in 2020, towards the digital way trying to diversify your lead source.

You you’ve got to get on that board right. So when it comes to tell us telesales or teller leads, one of the things that I found is that a lot of people are doing a lot of tell elites as well. One of the reasons that I feel like telesales live transfers tella leads are working is because I feel like there is such a boom in digital marketing. Overall, that’s fueling. Some of these large call centers that they have huge databases of these aged, leads that they developed on themselves through digital and they’re, really being able to work back past leads then have to buy aged leads from anybody, because they’re developing their own and they’re working through These these leads constantly and they’re able to because of the advent of digital marketing.

You know you’re able to do a marketing campaign with 48 states. If you went drive all those leads that cost per lead could be as low as two three dollars. Whatever that ends up being get into your system, dial it and then what what’s happening is. Is he and the telesales side they’re, typically opening with openers that are taking those leads? And just you know, working through those leads getting through the qualifying questions, the health questions or you wheelchair-bound? You have cancer, you know Alzheimer’s, all all the big ones are in nursing home age, qualify, health, qualify and bank account qualify and once they check the main boxes, they’re then transferred over to the closer’s.

So what I see most big large telesales operations doing successfully is not just dropping leads into closers laps, but dropping leads into openers laps and what they call like marketers or whatever qualifying that kicking it over to the closer on the field sales side. What I see is the same thing you essentially except with appointment, centers, so a lot of times the high high-volume guys that I see that are doing big time volume.

You know fifteen thousand dollars a week of premium. You know whatever that number ends up being. They all have one thing in common and that’s they have an appointment setter that the person drives. The leads into the appointment setter qualifies the lead, sets the appointment and then they’re also implementing other digital marketing tactics that allow that user to then Auto book, an appointment as well, and so that person that’s the actual closer that has the talent of the understanding the Products and can work with the person in the home or whatever that looks like it was actually not doing the dialing and setting it’s more so the appointment center.

That’S doing that for them, so those three things are really really crucial in 2020, if you’re, not if you’re telesales, you’re, not working with openers and live transfers, you’re not doing what the Kings are doing. If you are in fuel sales and you’re, trying to dial your own leads to save money on appointment Center, you’re not doing what the big producers are doing. If you’re trying to work your own Direct Mail leads, you are not absolutely not doing what the the big dogs are doing.

Even the small dogs have kind of moved past that a little bit now. Every time I talk about Direct Mail, I try not to be negative about Direct Mail. It’S it’s still a viable marketing method, there’s still people that live and eat and breathe off that, and I’m not ever going to say that that shouldn’t be the case, but they are all supplementing their Direct Mail with some sort of other system, whether it’s telemarket leads Or you know digital as well, but those are the three kings.

You know you got Direct Mail. I have a client that has that’s a 40 million dollar a year organization and what they do is they actually have a field sales force and an actual telemarketing source. As well, in fact, several new clients that I work with the major insurance carrier that I worked with that I sat down with this week is the same thing. They got field sales and telesales, and I’m telling you guys right now, they’re all using either live transfers.

Digital leads or Direct Mail leads, and for the first time in 2019, Direct Mail is like a clear loser when it comes to tell elites or digital for sure. So whenever you look at the actual premium book with digital Direct Mail and tell elites tell leads, are very high up they’re digital aids are very high up there and Direct Mail is lagging and continuing to lag every single month. Direct Mail is losing market share.

So I I don’t want to scare anybody. That’S actually a good thing for your budget, because Direct Mail is expensive and you don’t need to pay, especially if you’re going to door knock your door. Knocking digital leads are perfect, because these people are opting in. You can get a lead card that looks exactly like what a Direct Mail is, and you can you know you can. You can buy, leads into leads today and get leads.

You know in two days from now visually with Direct Mail you’re three weeks now, there’s a little flexibility. There’S no guarantees it’s it’s very much a risk, but if you’re those are some key key components and shifts that I saw in 20:19 that if you’re not on board with 2020 you’re going to get left behind. So I hope you guys found some value in this. In this content today, we spend millions of dollars of marketing insurance only typically its lead development search engine, optimization website development, getting people in front of people, because we all know that if you can’t get in front of people as insurance agents, you will never sell you’ll.

Never become one of the producers that you that you want to be, so thank you for joining us for this little article. I hope you found some value in this, and this is more of like a big-picture article, but I’m telling you we spend millions of dollars of marketing budget just in the insurance industry, and these are those are the three things that I see absolutely taking you into The future for sure, if you enjoyed that article then check on this article right here, it’s 5 insurance marketing tips that are working right now, it’s guaranteed to help you would be a better insurance.

Marketer I want to do – is break down 5 important tips. The reason I picked these 5 is because, no matter how large or small, how new or old most people that I talk to are missing one of these five tips. Typically


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What is digital marketing | digital marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial

You googled something today or checked your facebook. Did you see something funny? Maybe that article, which went viral yesterday, or did you read the tweet by that famous Cricketer. If you did, then you are a part of the digital world, along with 3 Billion other people, which is 40 percent of the world’s population wow, that’s a Large number, and wherever there a huge number of people, there is huge marketing.

Opportunity, which is what digital marketing is all about at the end of This article, you will be able to understand what digital marketing is. It Scope, the blogs identify the need to go digital, why companies have to include Digital marketing, as part of their overall marketing strategy and, of course, The basic objectives are digital marketing. What it’s used for, as I mentioned before, there are three Billion people who are online today, which is close to 40 % of the world’s Population, who are these people, what are they doing? How are they doing? It we’ll take a look at that: 62 % of these people are browsing.

The Internet through their computers or desktops, 31 %, which is again a huge Number are doing school through mobile devices through their mobile phones. The Smartphone revolution has made this possible and 7 % do so through tablets. You will be surprised to know that off the total time spent on media on Electronic media, or otherwise 54 % of the time, is spent on online media to 4 % that people spend on online media 28 % the social marketing, which is in most cases, Facebook, 13 %, is micro, Blogging, which again is about Twitter and the rest of the activities, are a mix Of updating blogs, reading news, reading TV or online and other activities What is this translate when people are spending so much time on media? There is Huge opportunity for you to reach out to them during that time.

And this is a result. If you will see this graph, you will notice that budgets For paid search advertising and display advertising, both of which are Fundamentals of digital marketing have been increasing over the years this year. It is estimated that there will be a spend of 126 billion dollars. The Increase in digital spend is almost three times increase in the total ad Expenditure for marketing when we spoke about search advertising.

Where is this Money being spent, this again, is related to. Where is the time being spent this Graph shows you that the Google search engine has a largest chunk, followed by Baidu and Yahoo and Bing when people invest on search advertising. They put up ads on the search Network. I’Ll show you what I’m talking about. This is a Google search engine results page for a query office box for women. You will notice that, apart from the organic stuff that you see on the page, Actually, which is way down the page, the ads dominate the page These are sponsored results and you will see a slightly yellowish orange tag.

Indicating that they are ads what happens if I have found a website that I Want to go to and then I leave the search engine page. This is what happens. In this case, I was looking for sites about cakes and baking and I came to This website, but there’s an opportunity for me to see an ad here as well, so There you go how’s this for intention, a as you saw in a previous slide: 28 Percent of your time is spent on social media, which in most cases is Predominantly Facebook, but Facebook has space for ads too.

In this example, you Can see ads or furniture for child wear and for sunglasses email marketing is Another important branch have you ever: got emails about luhan’s or construction. Of you houses, or about eBay or Amazon in a new office, if you have you know what I’M talking about, why are three billion people online? What Is this thing about digital media that is attracting everyone? Let’S see that in Detail or a user, the digital media offers Multiple blogs and devices to do what they want to do.

They have a wide range Of sites the social media to connect with to maintain relationships, this Cross device integration, you can start on a desktop, go through a mobile and end On your tab, there’s also better decision-making. This Huge number of choices wan na buy a bag there. Ten sites that’ll offer you one With five sites, probably offering you better discounts than what you can get At the store – and of course they are easy to buy and Return you’re going to come home and deliver to you and if you want to return It in most cases they going to pick it up as well and, of course, with one it’s Another payment gateways buying online is easier than ever before for a Marketer, there are loads of reasons, relevance.

I will compare this aspect to Traditional advertising, if you are driving down a road and you see a Hoarding about, let’s say jewelry you may or may not be wanting to buy jewelry at That point, you may not have the money for it or may not be in a mode for it. But if you are looking online and say want to buy your rings online, I want to Buy jewelry online and you see ads that are relevant to you from a jewelry store.

That has an extremely high degree of relevance as compared to the hoarding That you see on the road personalization Cases, Google and Facebook and other sites that you use collect a lot of Information about you, which is legal, but they can use this information to create A better advertising experience for you, you can even see emails where your name Is highlighted, for example, I see emails that read hello Jasmine.

Would you like a Loan today or you could see ads that could be based on your previous browsing. History, if you have been shopping for diapers for your kid, you could see ads. That say, maybe you should buy a new diaper back again. Effectiveness is a big driver for Digital marketing, traditional media over time has become super expensive, placing An ad in the newspaper or buying a holding for a month is a large outlay of Money, whereas digital marketing can probably started off with one tenth of That investment, the digital media, is also an extremely measurable medium.

Going back to the example of the road and hoarding you may not have an exact Count of how many people actually saw the ad on the touring, you will not know How many people went into your store because of that wording, and you will Never know how many people bought that particular item because of what they saw. On that particular Road, unless of course that was the only marketing media that You were using at that point of time, but digital media.

You can track this to the Very last click. You will know how many people came to your site from where they Came what they saw on your site and what they bought? What was the value of that Purchase and will they come back again, you can track that as well. Digital campaigns are extremely scalable campaigns. If I create a campaign for the Us today I can easily replicate it for India tomorrow there is no permissions.

Involved, there’s no time involved. It’S all done within a few clicks. How engaged Can you be with the holding on the road? Can you talk to it and you change it? You Can’T but you can be super engaged with an interactive ad that you see on a Website we will see examples later where you can actually make the ad work for You you can make characters in the ads. Do different things by clicking a mouse.

Around that is engagement. What do I mean by a level playing field? If I were a Small little business, obviously I will not have the monies involved to compete. With a large player a national player, but you can do so in digital marketing, you can actually decide where your ads Will show to how many people they will show and if your ads are of high quality You might actually end up paying lesser, then the bigger players in your market And, of course, there is the ability to go viral How many of your friends ever passed down a paper cutting to you and said wow Look at this ad not likely, but a lot of them must have shared a wonderful ad on Their Facebook profiles and that multiplies that is free advertising.

Let’S look at the objectives of digital marketing: Driving sales and leads: this is direct response marketing, where your campaigns Will get people to buy something from your website? In some cases they may not Want to buy something but probably convert to a lead where they will sign. Up or a coat or sign up for a subscription if you’re, a small brand That nobody knows about or if a huge plan but introducing a new Product a new addition to your product line and you want to increase brand Awareness digital marketing is the answer for businesses that are not Really selling a product and don’t need sales or leads or not, advertising a Product, but just want people to come to this site could be a new site, could be a Blog about cooking could be something about the environment that you want to.

Talk about basically you’re driving people to your site, and this can be done. To digital marketing user behavior is an important factor in advertising. There is A difference between how it is treated in traditional media and digital media Let’S look at a few factors that matter in digital marketing, page of results. There’S a funny quote: That I read the other day that the best place to bury somebody is on the second Page of results, because they’re never going to be found if you are not in the First page of a search engines results: nobody is ever going to click in and see Your ads, so it’s important to be in the midst of action, which is on the first Page first fold is that part of the website That you see without scrolling down again most people are not involved.

Enough to scroll down and therefore, if you want your message to be heard, it’s Important to be in the first fold, we need a right mix of text and images. Too much text will make it look like a newspaper too bookish too much images. Will look like clutter in fact, there’s a term called banner blindness where the Brain is attuned to tuning out stuff, which looks like too much of ads. So you Need to have the right mix of text and images, clarity of content, somebody who Comes to your website needs to understand what your website is.

All About he shouldn’t have to be clicking through five or six links to get a gist. Or what your site is about, it needs to be there upfront, clear and easy to Understand a call to action is a signal to the user about what he has to do. What Do you want people to do when they come to your site? Do you want them to buy Something do you want them to sign up somewhere? Do you want them to give them Your email id: what do you want them to do unless you tell them clearly they are Not going to be able to understand quick and easy navigation is very important.

Fact have you ever been to websites, but you try hitting the back button and you Come back out of the site, if you have that’s terrible, is it it? A user needs to Understand how he can move from one page on the site to another A prominent back button a home button. All this will help security security is a major concern. Because there’s lots of commercial transactions happening on the web, you Put in your credit card details, you don’t want to be fished, but you don’t Want to end up spending a lot of money unintentionally, the security is Important in US resources in creating a secure atmosphere for your users, Responsiveness in this world of social media, but people expect you to talk back To them brands have a very important responsibility of responding back to the User, if somebody posts on a brand’s page that I didn’t get this product or it was Bad, it becomes important for the brand to respond back and say we’re sorry.

We Will look into it if you don’t, that leaves a very bitter taste in the users. Mouth so read out for responsiveness. That brings us to the end of this model. Let’S take a look at what we learned, we learned that exponential growth and Digital highway or the digital world is a huge opportunity for marketers users. Can be reached in various blogs search display social media email, Marketing and more the benefits of digital marketing are Numerous of your important ones are relevance, measure ability and Scalability the main objectives, additional marketing and driving sales And leads clicks to your site or increasing brand awareness and finally We learned about how user behavior in the digital world is different from the Traditional world and what this sets expectations for, what factors are Important when you look at a digital marketing campaign, Thank you.


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4 uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI)in Digital Marketing

Let’S quickly look at some of the typical problems faced by digital marketers. If you are a digital marketer, you will agree that when you launch a campaign across digital media, you have a very little idea about who reades your ads or clicks on them.

So if you have a click-through rate of 1 %, it also means that 99 % of the remaining audience has decided not to click on your ads, for reasons known only to them. This leads to high cost per acquisition and subsequently huge amounts of marketing losses for brands, for example, the other day I posted one of my properties for sale on a website that aggregates real estate properties and from that day onwards the same site started.

Displaying me ads on Facebook for buying my own property, poor quality leads is the greatest cause of rift between the sales and marketing teams. You may be launching a digital campaign to reach out to adult working females, but may end up getting leads from students. If there’s anything that annoys people more than seeing 50 display ads per day from one company, it is seeing the same ads after they have made a purchase.

Maybe somewhere else most of the consumers are fed up with irrelevant content. I see foreign language ads on Facebook when I travel and get ads for categories that I don’t shop. In recently when I was surfing for some old hindi songs, I was shown an ad for a food supplement that is used only for women. So friends, there are numerous other marketing problems that you may be dealing with. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, you think of overcoming those problems and increasing the productivity of your marketing Spence.

The first use of AI in marketing is in improving your targeting using machine learning. You can reach out to the right audience at the right time and location today. Ai systems such as IBM’s Watson and Microsoft, Azure can comb through vast reams of data such as email, clicks, interests, age, location, web sites, visited shopping habits and comments, and conversations on social media customized algorithms are created, which automatically gives close to this audience and then suggests The most relevant audience for displaying your ads.

These insights can be used to create incredibly accurate, 360-degree profiles of existing and future customers. Ensuring that you only target consumers who already have the propensity to buy from you chat BOTS can be used for a variety of purposes. In marketing it can be used to get excellent quality leads chat, BOTS are hosted, live on web sites and powered by a virtual agent engine. Natural language, processing or NLP, which can be lumped in with artificial intelligence, allows a chat, bot application to understand human speech or text messages, including discerning intent.

The chat bot is programmed to understand and respond to online queries and requests. Chat. Bots can also collect pre-sales documents from prospects and gather hot leads in the simplest application. A sentiment analyzer will tell you. If the opinion exists by people about your brand or product is positive, negative or neutral. Did you know that you can customize a chat bot conversation to help the chat? Bots respond to a user sentiment? This technique delivers a smarter and more human-like artificial intelligence which can respond as per the emotions.

People show in a written chat, conversation UX experts and developers can also use this tool and find out what products and features are missing, the mark by analyzing negative emotions and product reviews, depending upon which machine learning model one uses. The efficiency of the analysis varies from 90 to 95 %, for example. Deep forest decision tree model based on neural networks is the latest machine learning model and claims to have the highest accuracy in sentiment analysis.

The fourth use of AI is in predictive analytics. The basic principle on which it works is that a customized system is set up which collects and cleans data, identifies different patterns and predicts the occurrences of unknown future events. During campaigns, you can improve the quality of your leads through predictive analytics with predictive lead scoring. An algorithm is created, considering different information such as lead field and behavioral data, social information, demographics, etc.

From there, the lead scoring algorithm then comes up with a formula that will automatically bucket your leads so that you can easily identify the most qualified ones. This will help you get much higher conversion rates and reduce your cost of client acquisition. Predictive analytics is also used for customer segmentation and sending customized messages to each segment as per their behavioral traits.

So friends, if you found this information useful, do share this short article on for users of AI in digital marketing, with your friends in the marketing fraternity. Thanks a lot for reading


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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That WORK in 2020 & Beyond | Start A Restaurant Food Business

Today we’re going to be talking about the Top 10 marketing strategies for your food and beverage restaurant. So then that way, You can have lineups out the doors. People begging to give you money because of how much They want to have your restaurant and your offerings A lot of times. We are spending thousands Of dollars getting people to be able to do our Instagram. Write captions for us and create content for us. Actually, you know what? Check out this article! We’re talking about how do you create a month of content, all in one day. By yourself, without paying thousands of dollars for these different Agencies that we’re talking about.

Anyways today we’re going to be talking about these top 10 strategies that are going to be timeless, for you We’re not talking about something, that’s been Working in the past, We’re not talking about something. That’S working, In 2017,,’18,’19, whatever the case may be, We’re talking about strategies, that’s going! To be timeless that you can be able to use for years to come So make sure you guys buckle up and start Taking notes because we’re going to be diving right in The number one marketing strategy are review.

Sites review sites like Yelp and Google, Because when we are deciding where to eat, There are three places that we look at First of all, is the word of mouth. Second, is through that restaurant’s social Media platform And thirdly, it is through review sites According to a very, very prestigious study. More than 35 % of the people that are deciding where to eat they go on and review sites. Before they make that decision, And what that means is that a lot of the times If you do not pay attention with how intentional you put up your content, if you do not pay Attention to engage with your feedback and with your reviews, then you’re missing out A lot of customers and potential people that are going to be able to enjoy your food and Beverage establishment In today’s world review sites play such a Crucial role in people’s decision-making process, So just think about the last time you chose Where to eat, You probably went on your mobile, You probably searched up the restaurant and The first thing that probably popped up would be the review site.

You read it And if it’s no good, then the review site Would be reviewing similar restaurants around the area And in turn you are so unforgiving. You would just click on that. Competitor’S Restaurant And when you click into it and you see a 4.5 star or you see a 3.5 star And you read some of the comments and you’re Like “, Hey, you know what They actually have really cool offerings. But their service is not that great, But hey, you know what Their owner is actually replying to it and They have a legitimate reason of why it is at 3.

5 stars.” And in turn, you’re going to be able to actually Make that decision right there and then This is the power of review sites Like it or not. This is what people rely on When they have a decision to make whether they come and consume at your restaurant or Your competitor’s restaurant, So if you have a bad review on your site, Make sure you guys reply to that If you have a good review, make sure you reply? To that as well, So how do you reply to bad reviews You’re, like “, You know what I can actually acknowledge when people say My stuff is good, but how do I reply to a bad review?”? Well, if the bad review is warranted, make Sure you guys acknowledge that and provide a solution to fix that, For example, if someone came into your restaurant Waited for 45 minutes and told you that they had a bad experience.

That’S the reason why They gave a two-star, then! Yes, you can own up to that and say “! Sorry about your experience! Sorry about this Because of the fact that our chef got into An accident he didn’t come in on time and that’s why we were super short-staffed that Day In the future, we’ll make sure that we let Our customers know so that way they can manage their expectation a little bit better.”.

That itself is a legitimate response and people Are much more forgiving if it’s authentic to actually what’s happening and people are Actually owning up to their mistakes, On the other hand, if this bad review was A troll, if that all they’re saying, is giving you a one-star saying they disliked their Customer service – and they didn’t really say too much, then you know what Feel free to troll back in the reviews.

Tell them “ Hey! You know what, If you want to try out our competitors here, Is the address of our competitor.”, Something along the lines to show the character? Of your business to show the other people that you’re not scared and you’re, confident In your food, offering That’s how you’re going to be able to take Care and take your review sites and intentionally provide that experience for your customers, So in turn giving them a much better decision-making.

Process So now that we know the importance review, Sites make for a customer’s decision-making. We need to have much more reviews. Okay And a lot of times how you get more reviews is by incentivizing Your customers, Whether if, for example, they write your view, Then they get an appetizer right, an honest review And when you’re able to incentivize your customers, To get something in return for them to write; something; that’s honest about your food and Beverage establishment a lot of times, they’re going to write their reviews.

Ask your customer to write your review And when you ask them to write your review. They’Re much more prone to be able to write for it. When you ask you shall receive okay, If asking doesn’t work, incentivize them with An appy with a free drink with a dessert, whatever the case may be. This itself is a really really underrated. Marketing strategy that not a lot of people use So make sure when you guys go out there to Market for your food and beverage establishment to always incentivize people to write reviews, For your site, Because when it comes down to it, would you Choose someone that has a four-star review with only two feedback, or would you be able To choose some restaurant with a 3.

5 star, but has 4,000 reviews That itself is much much more authentic when There’S more reviews for your food and beverage establishment, The second marketing strategy for your food And beverage is to have amazing, beautiful photographs, And what I mean by that is so many restaurants. Actually skip out on this fact: They actually just take their iPhones. They Just go around their shop and just take the pictures of their food, their restaurants, And they just post it online.

This itself does not work in today’s age. A lot of our customers once again, the decision-making Process really comes back down to how pleasantly they interact with your food and beverage. Establishment on their phones – Okay, That’s because when we are always outside We’Re trying to figure out where to eat with our friends with our loved ones. We re on our phone trying to figure that Out And if the pictures does not do the real thing, Justice, then, how are people going to be able to actually know and want to or be tempted? To come and try out your place at all, They won’t be tempted, So make sure you invest in a professionally Done shot Because at the end of the day, if you already Invested tens of thousands of dollars on renovating your shop in marketing in equipments in Hiring staff: what is another few hundred bucks for professional shots of your menu? Of your interior of your staffing, This itself goes a long wait.

So do not oversight! And underrate the importance of professionally-made photographs And having a beautifully set of pictures does Go a long way Because, for example, if I want to be able To wine and dine my significant other, and if I’m able to see that the core of how the Place looks like, and then I’m going to be able to see whether this is fitting for that Occasion And if it is, then it allows me to have more Information to be able to make a decision, which is the reason why it’s so important, For you to be able to invest in a professionally-shot set of pictures not only of your food but Also of your interior, And, of course, when you have all these professionally-shots Done, not only can you put it on your website review sites, but also your social media.

Also any of your marketing campaigns And that’s exactly what we do at 720 Sweets Every single time we take professionally-made Shots when we have new flavors when we have new promotions And we are able to recycle all these photos, And repurpose them for different outlets and repurpose them. So then that way people can And are able to see how amazing our food looks And, in turn, that itself draws in a lot more Customers, because of appealing pictures So once again do not ever cheap out on professionally-done Pictures, The third marketing strategy – that’s going To work for your food and beverage shop is your website and your SEO And what I mean by that is website needs to Always be up to date, When you are thinking about “, Hey, you know, What It’s fine, I’m just going to do my website! By myself And guys it can be outdated or whatever the Case may be, it doesn’t have to be professionally made.

”. I strongly suggest you to think otherwise, And the reason for that is because, when like I was saying when people are doing research on where to eat, they’re going to go on the Review site they’re going to go on your social media and they’re, going to go onto your website And when they come through your website and They see pictures are out of date. They see friction They’re, trying to figure out where your location Is and they can’t find your location They’re, trying to check out what you have To offer – and it’s completely out of date, they’re not going to have a pleasant experience And when they don’t have a pleasant experience.

They’Re going to check out something else, This is your opportunity to impress your customers And, at the end of the day, you spent tens Of thousands of dollars renovating the interior of your food and beverage establishment. What is another $ 1,000 $ 2,000 for your website. A lot of times, websites are not up to date. For restaurants And when they’re not up to date, your customers Will go to your competitor’s website and they’re going to be able to have much more pleasant, Experience And when they do they’re going to choose To eat at your competitor’s over yours And key thing to note is that your website, Needs to be compatible with mobile nowadays In today’s world.

Many many people I would Say majority of the people are on their phones, scrolling and trying to figure out where to Eat And when they go on your website, it needs To be compatible with your phone, not just the desktop Okay, So this is something that you must note down And when you’re thinking about what to include Into your website always include directions to your website always include your menu.

And always include your contact information in case they want to call you for any questions. Or to make a reservation? Okay, These are the three key elements for your Website Now, when we’re talking about website we’re Talking about SEO as well, What is SEO SEO is search engine optimization. What that means is that if someone goes online, On Google and they search for best ice cream in Vancouver 720 Sweets would pop up because We are able to actually put those keywords into our website And in turn, when Google searches the most Relevant website of best ice cream in Vancouver, then 720 Sweets pops up.

If you’re confused about. How do you do SEO? Find a professional to help you get the foundational elements embedded on your website. So, for example, when people search for your Restaurant name, you would pop up When they search for your specific cuisine. Your website will pop up And if they search for anything, that’s relevant To you and your restaurant, your website will pop up as well. This is what we mean by SEO and this itself Would allow you to show up a lot more in front of your customers And the more people that are able to go and Land on your site and the more people that have a pleasant experience with your website, They are going to make sure they’re going to convert into your customers, So make sure do not oversee the importance.

Of having a properly done website with proper SEO for your food and beverage establishment, The fourth marketing strategy for your food And beverage establishment is social media. Like I was saying earlier, this is the top Area and platform that people use to decide where to eat. So, for example, when me and my wife decide Where to eat, we’re always on social media, We’re on their platform scrolling through Where we should eat, because this act as a digital menu for us to decide and a lot of Times we save all these different pictures of amazing-looking food And every time when we’re thinking about For example, a brunch place, then we open up our saved archive and then we click on The Benedict that we really enjoyed because it looks so visually stimulating, We click on it.

We see that it’s from a certain restaurant In Vancouver and then we go to that restaurant because of the picture. So what that means is the importance of social Media is that it really dictates how we shop nowadays So make sure that we are actually spending Quality time and nurturing our customers by posting out beautifully appealing pictures Of your food, Okay Or you can post pictures of how people feel When consuming your food offerings right, So this is all stuff that you can actually Post on your social media to engage with your customers, If you have trouble finding about what I’m Talking about finding content to write about or finding content to, post check out my article Right here We talk about how do you create 30 days of Content in just one day, Nowadays, people use social media to decide.

Where to eat so do not ever neglect this platform at all, So for the more advanced users on Instagram Okay, instead of posting pictures, you can actually post articles of how you prepare your Food or how you shop for your food and something that is a little bit more engaging aside from Appealing pictures And other very, very important and effective Tool to use is IG stories. Instagram stories. You can actually show how you actually go.

And purchase ingredients, You can show how the chef prepares the food Before the service, So then that way, it’s much more behind the Scenes much more exclusive and much more insider feel A lot of times. You can actually use more Interactive features of Instagram as well such as stickers and ask them “, Hey, know: What What do you think about the plating of this Food today?” Start a poll, so then that way people can Actually engage and when they are able to engage, they feel much more connected with Your place and they feel like that they are able to make a change in your restaurant, offering As well, Try reposting your customers’ posts.

Your Customers’ journey, because that allows you to show much more, that you have people who Love your product, Okay, And this itself adds to that social proof. Element to your food and beverage establishment At the end of the day make this whole process. Fun and make it engaging because that’s how your customers would be able to connect with You and your restaurant And in turn, they’re going to be able to decide To choose you over your competitors, because you much more engaged with them.

The fifth marketing strategy that you should Definitely, focus on is word of mouth By far, this is the most important strategy. Out there And a lot of times what other people say: About your restaurant has much more weight and strength than what you say about your Establishment, which is the reason why you need to be super intentful when creating this Whole customer journey, So every single touchpoints you should be Intentful with that, And what I mean by touchpoint, is how people Interact with your brand, What is that experience like from the moment? That they hear about your brand to the moment that they do research on your brand online.

How does that look? How does your review sites look? How does your social media look? How does your website look? These are all different touchpoints, which Allows people to have a certain experience and a certain feeling for your food and beverage. Establishment, so whenever there are any conflict or any resistant and friction that can happen So, for example, if people are trying to walk By and look for your restaurant, but the signages are not there and it doesn’t look good or That people have difficulty finding your signage.

That itself is something that you can improve. On That itself is a touchpoint which you can Improve on and in turn, when you improve on all these different touchpoints that itself Allows your customers to really praise how well and how good of an experience they had. With your food and beverage establishment, So that itself allows you to be able to constantly Improve in delivering a better experience for your customer And in turn this becomes a fly wheel cycle, Better experience that you serve the better Than word of mouth is The better the word of mouth, the more customer Comes to you And that itself is an amazing marketing strategy.

For your food and beverage shop, The sixth marketing strategy is to host events. At your food and beverage shop If, for example, your restaurant has down Times then, make sure that you fill those down times with events, Try reaching out to other establishments or Other talent or other suppliers or small business talent that can actually come in and provide A certain service So, for example, for us we invite and collaborate With calligraphy artists to make sure that they come to our spot and host an event And for them it would become a free rent.

Event and they love it because hey know what they have: an establishment which they Can actually host an event at In turn they bring in their own customers. And when their own customers come, then we can actually provide them with our service We’re able to expose our brand to their customers. And in turn, we’re able to cross promote And because of the fact that our place we Are offering events during the slower times we’re going to have this space regardless We’re going to have the sunk cost of paying For rent regardless, Why not promote and use this opportunity to Market to a different new set of customers as well, That’s the importance of hosting events is To stay relevant within different industries and within different timeframe, Super important to be able to host events.

Because it’s almost a zero cost to you. Okay, That’s the importance and effect of running A proper event all the time for your restaurant. So now that you know the importance of hosting Events at your food and beverage place it’s important to find people who want to host The event And how do you find these people Go on and meetup.Com Meetup.Com allows you to find events that Are happening locally around your area And you can actually reach out to these people.

Who are hosting events and offer your place either for free or at a fee or offer them An arrangement where every attendee that attends they charge them a drink or dessert or a appy Or whatever the case may be, So then that way, you can actually compensate Part of your cost, Okay, So aside from meetup.Com, sometimes we utilize Facebook groups, Facebook marketplace or we go on to Instagram and find different small Business people who actually need a place to host events So, for example, calligraphy classes, art, centers, Floral classes, a lot of these different talent need a place to be able to host events and That’S how we’re going to be able to grow and cross promote within their customers and Our customers, The seventh marketing strategy that worked Wonders for us is PR.

Okay, What I mean by PR is having a very prestigious Outlet featuring your food and beverage establishment, Why do we even want PR PR gives you social credibility? It gives you credibility because someone A publication media outlet that is well-known within your city is featuring you and that Has a lot of weight when it comes to how people perceive your food and beverage establishment For us, we got publication from one of the Biggest publication within our first two months of opening and in turn we were able to generate A lot of buzz because we were featured by this really well-known publication.

So, in turn, aside from this social credibility, You can actually use this piece as a marketing blog for you, a marketing campaign. You can actually run ads with it. You can put it on your social media outlet. And it’s itself really: it compounds the effect of getting PR. Now I know you must be thinking. “, Hey, know, What but Wilson I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars looking for a PR agency,.

” Good news, for you is that a lot actually All our PR is free PR. How do you get free PR? You may be wondering like “ Hey, you know, What How can you get so many publications featuring Your food and beverage establishment?” And I’m going to be telling you how you do That, First of all, have a wow element, an element That allows people to talk about you, Because if you do not have something that Is a talking point, something that is different, something that is out of the world, then why Are people even talking about you So make sure you’re not vanilla, Have some polarity So for us we were having smoke coming out.

Of ice cream Conventional ice cream in a cone does not Have smoke And if you combine something that is visually Pleasing and visually stimulating with a product that is boring, which is just ice cream, that Itself is a huge talking point back five 10 years ago. That’S the reason why we were super super Successful After you have a wow element, then you need To script and compile your own press release And after that you’re going to have your Outreach to the different publication and send it all to them and then you’re going To have this compounding effect, the FOMO effect that we’re talking about, If you guys want to learn more about how to Craft, your free PR booklet.

So then that way you can have prestigious and well-known publications. Featuring your food and beverage establishment make sure you check out in the link below. I put this all in the ultimate course below So check it out below, if you want to know how to craft your free PR, But nonetheless, really really important. Thing is to not neglect the importance of PR, because it is super helpful. It gives you compounding effect for your food And beverage establishment The eighth way of marketing your food and Beverage establishment is working with big vendors And what I mean by that is working with vendors To cater your service and your offering Whether you’d be offering ice cream bubble, Tea food, pasta, sandwiches, whatever the case may be, there’s always a need for your Product and your offering So, for example, for us at 720 Sweets, we catered To a lot of different weddings because we’re offering them a little tiny treat and people Love having our ice cream sandwiches at their wedding, because not only does it look, nice Does it taste good, but also it adds an element of some supporting local, which is the reason And angle that we’re approaching to all these different wedding planners And in turn, we’re able to land a lot of wedding.

Catering deals So within your industry and within your offering Reach out to different people and suppliers and offer them a catering service That itself allows you to diversify in terms Of having not just people dine into your place, but also having a revenue stream that you Can actually count on that is a separate revenue stream, Whether you have people coming into your restaurant Or not, you still have this catering revenue stream all the time and in turn it gives You a certain padding as well for your bottom line.

The ninth marketing strategy is collaboration. This is a marketing strategy that I absolutely Love and as you can see, on 720’s Instagram, we have collaborations all the time, And why do we want to do that? It is because of leverage. What is leverage Leverage is using and actually getting benefit. From your collaboration’s list, your collaboration’s customers, And by you, collaborating with each other You’Re able to be able to expose your brand to this brand’s customers and in turn, you’re Going to be able to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people much more faster than If you were to go out there to look for customers yourself, which is the reason why we always Promote collaborations, To give you an example, we collaborated with An artisan marshmallow company and we created a special ice cream flavor for them and they Had more than 10,000 followers in their Instagram account Because we collaborated our Instagram account.

Grew by 2,000 subscribers. Just because we collaborated and in turn people and their Customers were able to be exposed to our brand that didn’t know about us and they came and Experienced our joint venture of a collaboration of our product and in turn and fell in love. With us, and now they became our friend, which is the reason why I highly highly recommend You to do collaborations with any other type of people or vendors or other establishments.

Who have similar client, avatar and client profile, Then that way you can cross pollinate and Leverage off other people’s customer list, The tenth marketing strategy that I’m sharing With you today is running ads, This is actually one of my least favorite When it comes to marketing strategy, because so many people are running ads, just because Your competitors are running it just because other people are doing it And in turn they don’t have the fundamentals.

Right and if they don’t have the fundamentals right, then the ads are basically just burning. Money. Okay, So that’s the reason why I highly highly Recommend you to make sure your foundations are set understand why you’re running the Ads and understand that running ads is basically trading dimes for quarters, And what that means is you may be spending Thousands of dollars running ads and in turn you may be benefiting what about 10 $ 20,000 But if you’re not aware of the foundations and the structure of how do you structure Your ads and the intent behind it and the objectives of why you’re structuring these Ads then, it becomes very, very difficult and it really really really becomes a pitfall.

Very very soon, But nonetheless, nowadays, on the flip side, It is super cheap to be able to run ads, especially on Facebook and on Instagram and on Google Ads, if you know what you’re doing because of the fact that we can actually hyper-target People, And what does that mean? It is because we can actually target people That live within five kilometer radius of us, that loves Japanese food and that traveled To Japan recently We can actually target people to that specific Of a degree and show them that you know what we are: an authentic, Japanese restaurant.

Do you miss Japan, Come and try out our latest, offering We can actually market and target these people. Nowadays And that’s the importance And that’s why, in today’s world, it’s so Important to be able to actually know how you’re able to run your ads before running Your ads right! So if you want to learn more about running Ads make sure you guys actually learn more about it before you actually spend the money.

Running ads, So there you go The top 10 restaurant marketing strategies, That I’ve shared with you These are the timeless strategies. The platforms might change, but the principle Remains the same So if, in the future, the platforms have changed, Instagram is no longer the thing no longer the king, no one is on Instagram the new Platform, You can utilize the same principle and that’s The beauty of this whole thing that I’m sharing with you, If you guys, find value in this, I’m sure you’re Going to find value in the link below, because I talk about how do you build your restaurant From A to Z, We’re talking about how do you find your customer Demo, how do you find your winning matrix, how do you negotiate free rent and how do You choose a perfect location to much more marketing strategies, Everything that I’ve learnt in the last 10 Years, I’ve put it down in the ultimate course down in the link below.

If you guys want to learn more check it out. Down below Otherwise, I really hope you enjoyed this Article Subscribe along the journey for much more Valuable articles Otherwise smash the like button and I’ll See you guys in the next article


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How To Automate Your Social Media Marketing Agency (HUGE)

I got car money, fresh start money. So what’s up guys, my name is Iman. I’M the owner of a digital marketing agency, based here in London, we’re currently just in my home office, sitting down, and I was doing some work and the idea of automation came to mind.

One of my coaching students two, three days ago: Look if you are trying to build your social media marketing agency. If you’re trying to build your digital marketing agency, you really have to pick and choose where you allocate your time and where your time is spent. So I mean not only a favor marketing agency, no matter what you’re doing in life, you want to automate things. You want to keep things as streamlined as possible.

That way, your limited willpower and whatnot that can be spent on the most important stuff. And what is the most important stuff for a marketing agency owner? Well, I’ll go into that in detail in another article, but really its sales and delivering results. So, firstly, it’s we get clients then make money. Number two, it’s okay. We had these clients now, let’s deliver results so that they stay for a year rather than a month, because trust me, it is a lot easier.

Keeping clients than trying to get new ones. So back in the day when I first started my marketing agency, I would have all my clients assets whether I created them. So basically, assets are photo article graphics, so I’d have them all stacked up, and I would have my schedule my plan for the month when I’m posting. What and every single day I would go on my phone. I never posted manually and fuck-me.

He did take a really long time, so really I was only able to take my agency to another level once I started using tools like sprout social now, there’s other ones out there like buffer and HootSuite. I think, but for me sprout social is like by far the best we’ll go into that later, so yeah. It was really only once I had time freed up that I was able to work on acquiring new customers or delivering results, which has nothing to do with.

Actually distributing content, that’s all for brand awareness, so yeah. I tried out sprout socials 30 day free trial. I also tried out buffer and, as I said, HootSuite I used that for a bit, so I tried all of them out and sprout social. It came out on top for me and it was just a game changer, as I said not only a time where I actually have to physically, like post stuff, but also just the mental energy of knowing that it was taking care of that day.

Now these days I take automation to another level and one of the people that actually works. For me. He he schedules all of my clients content a month in advance, but sprout social. You can post on LinkedIn, you can post on Facebook Twitter. The only platform that won’t actually post on your behalf is Instagram, so you get a post notification and you just put that to it’s super simple. But once again he actually manages that for me – and he writes all of my clients, social media captions to really automation like I’ve got that down now, but look most of you guys will be exactly like I used to be.

I couldn’t afford someone to do that. For me, luckily now I can, as my agency has grown, so you got to fixate on automation and making this thing as streamlined as possible. So that is why you need to focus on automation so, as I said how to do it, if you can’t afford to pay someone a monthly retainer like I do to handle this stuff for me, then use a service like buffer, HootSuite, sprout social, now I’ll, actually Kind of be reviewing sprout social today, what I like about it, no sprout social, actually represents everything that I stand for.

My agency stands for, which is like new, fresh, innovative dope-ass branding, really cool visuals, so sprout social provides that and I’m just going to throw up some articles and whatnot see. So you can see the sprout social interface, what it looks like inside and what not also grab some clips online of that for you so yeah and sprout social. You can pretty much do everything you can schedule your posts.

It even has a feature. Will auto post it at the time that gets the best engagement for your clients? You’Ll actually track all the data, and I hate end-of-the-month marketing reports, but it’s so easy with a sprout social literally rather than spending hours that I actually used to do. Just writing out reports pulling in different information from different places literally and sprout social. It’S got a reporting tool like I just print it off, stick their logo on and that’s it you can track Facebook ads in their track.

Leads conversions like bunch of bunch of cool stuff. This is a bunch of cool analytics and, as I said, just the amount of time that it saved me has been incredible whether that be on actually posting this stuff, myself reporting checking different stats. Optimizing like it’s been a lifesaver personally and really the best part. Is they offer 30 day free trial? So that’s an entire month where you can test it out, see whether you like it or not, and as I said, I tried buffer sprout social and HootSuite.

So I tried all of them. I tried the free trial for all of them and by far sprout social favorite, so there’s actually a link to get that down in the description and it’ll. Take you straight to the promotional 30-day free trial so go ahead and click that link, because I’m not really sure how much longer they’re going to keep it up for and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So in this article we spoke about why it’s important to automate.

We talked about how to do it and, lastly, I want to ask you: why do you get into entrepreneurship? Why do you get into marketing is because you want a time, freedom, location, freedom and, as I said, without automating, you might as well be working a nine-to-five, because we want to be able to have all these systems in place so that you can take the day Off, if you want, you can go on a holiday if you want, because you know all these systems are working smoothly, you’ve put in all these automation processes and truly you’re self-employed anyways guys, that’s all from me today.

If you are not subscribed to this blog go ahead and click Subscribe and then right next to it, there’s a little Bell, click that so you get a notification next time. I upload articles there’s new articles on this blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. My name is Vinny man and I’ll catch. You guys in the next one


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If you do it right, it can also be one of the most profitable investments ever and that's why, in this post, I'm going to be breaking down an Instagram marketing strategy that will not only work today but will serve you for years to come. Let's get to it: This marketing idea is not some cheap sleazy idea, that's going to allow you to buy followers or just fake your way to success.

Instagram marketing logo

So, if that's what you're looking for you're going to be sorely disappointed by this article, but on the other hand, if you want to build a real Business, develop a loyal following and learn skills that will serve you for years to come. Well then, this is for you and you're going to want to stick around because that's what this article is all about: a strategy that is so simple and yet so hard that even the most battle-seasoned social media marketers fear the challenge.

I am a pilot

I'm talking about mastering the six pillars of Instagram marketing, but before we dive in. First a story to tie this all together. Years ago, I used to be a Business jet pilot and when you're a pilot, the sole goal or the sole way that you build experience and essentially ascend the ranks of the pilot hood. Is to build hours. They're called hours because they're the number of hours that you spend flying a plane more hours equals more experience which tends to equal more dollars.

Are you looking for an experienced WordPress management company?

This is great in theory, and the goal of every new pilot is to build up as many hours as quickly as possible, but there does come a problem if and when you decide that you want to leave the aviation industry and start a business or even get a different job. A job that is outside of aviation, nobody cares about your hours. Like literally nobody. I don't think anybody has ever asked me how many hours I've flown. That's, because hours are non-transferable and they're really only relevant to the aviation industry.

Now, that's not to say that everything I did in aviation is non-transferable after. I learn some incredibly valuable skills that really set me up for success when it came to starting my own business and building up a number of different, very successful agencies for one. I learned that I had to be a hundred percent accountable and that's what I now demand from my marketing, ensuring that it's a hundred percent accountable to what I want it to do.

Operating procedures are valuable

I also learned the importance of following systems setting up procedures and standard operating procedures or SOPs and their value in running a Business. I'm also now able to beat pretty much anybody at flight simulator yeah, I'm kidding on that one, I'm pretty much terrible at the flight simulator. There's basically, no transference from flying a real plane to flying flight simulator turns out real planes, and games are very different how they fly and that's why, in this post, I don't want to equip you with non-transferable skills, skills that are only going to last.

Instagram Platform

The Instagram Platform

You inside the Instagram platform – rather I want to give you a number of different skills that you're going to be able to take across all of your marketing across all of your Business and across any new social media network. Whatever comes up again. But it's not just about the future. It's also about the present and that's why, when you learn and when you master when you deploy the skills that I'm about to share with you now. Your Instagram marketing results have nowhere to go, but up so with all that said, let's dive right in.

Marketing videos with Instagram 

The first Instagram marketing pillar, that you need to learn how to create a video. You need to love these videos and master them. Probably no surprise that people love video, whether we're talking about it in the feed, whether we're talking about in Instagram stories, whether we're talking about it with lives which we're going to cover later. People just like consuming video. This is why, if you want your Instagram to grow, if you want to attract more people to your Business, if you want to build up an authority brand or anything like that, you're going to need to create more and ideally better, video content as often and as much as possible. I appreciate it is a little overwhelming to start, especially if you've never done video content, but fortunately it doesn't have to be overly produced.

Hollywood style, cinematic productions or anything like that. You can literally just grab your phone hit record and start there. Seriously, we've seen a huge change and a really positive trend away from hyper polished in just amazingly beautiful video and towards more raw and authentic and real videos. So don't let technology or your lack of editing or your lack of a really expensive camera or any of that stuff? Stop you from again just grabbing your phone hit and record telling your story.



Post audio content

Alright, the next pillar is a little bit weird, because Instagram isn't necessarily known for this, but I'm talking about audio and audio content. We're already starting to see this trend on other social media blogs, whether we're talking about YouTube or even face people are reading articles, but they're not really reading they're, just listening to the audio stuff. This is why learning to use and to leverage, audio content inside Instagram and, of course, on other platforms later as well, is a really valuable skill to have now.

microphone for audio content

I can already hear some of the kickback I mean, after all, Instagram isn't a podcast. It's not really an audio blog, it's pretty visual. Well, fortunately, there are companies that allow you to take audio clips and create audiograms, or essentially those things that you might see in your feed, sometimes which are really just kind of squiggly lines showing off sound waves with maybe a simple picture, or maybe even a web address in the background, or if even that sounds too complicated, you could just make a post and then really focus in on the audio and on the content and on the words or the music or whatever. The message is that people are going to hear with their ears instead of with their eyes. I guess you don't hear things with your eyes anyway.

Text within your posts

Let's move on to the next pillar, which is all about text, probably no secret here, but the text is one of the greatest skills that you could ever hope to master when it comes to marketing because it's been around forever. I guess. That's totally not true something around forever. It's been around for thousands and thousands of years and the written word well. That's certainly been around since the Gutenberg press really made it available to everybody, but let's not make this a history lesson.

Rather, let's just focus in on the importance of text and its value in Instagram and, of course, on other platforms as well. I'm talking about the captions that you write with your posts, I'm talking about any of the titles or the captions that you put on your stories anytime, that you're using words the written word or the typed word. I guess! Well, that's all text-based marketing and it's so really effective and really easy to do. Of course it's harder to master and that's why you want to spend some time practicing really honing your craft, trying to write captions that are more descriptive and more enthralling and more interesting and get people to take a certain action. And the same can be said when we're talking about stories trying to write more compelling titles or compelling the smaller captions and really trying to say a whole lot more in a whole lot less just because you don't have that much space.

High-quality photos are a must 

Okay, let's move on to the fourth pillar, which is what Instagram is known for and that's all about really high-quality images. When it comes to Instagram. There is no shortage of different ideas and inspiration that you can get from what kind of images are going to work best for you and for your Business. We can use things like quote cards. We can use stock photos, ideally not, but you could use them.

You can take your own shots, you can get professional shots done, you can have graphics made. You can have pretty much anything that you can think of made up into an image or into a graphic for posting. This gives you a huge amount of creativity and the ability to really test all sorts of different stuff to find out what style resonates best with you and with your market and with your Business and with your feet in general.

Just remember that one of the most important things that you could ever hope to do with your images is to really grab someone's attention to catch their eye and to pull them in, so that they'll eventually read your caption, where you can do the rest of your convincing and your persuading and your influencing that's huge, like important. The point of your image should be to stop the scroll.

Stop somebody from just mindlessly whipping, through their feed, get their attention, get them to read your caption, so you can do your influencing and your persuading they're now just like. There are thousands of different styles and ideas that you could use and draw inspiration from. Well, there's an equal amount of tools and software and ways to design these from free tools like found on Google to paid tools like Photoshop. You really just have to pick whichever is going to work best for you, your budget and your Business.

Instagram Live

All right. Let's talk about the next pillar, which is one of the most frightening of all for people, and that is IG, live or Instagram live. Essentially, the ability to hit live and then go live to the whole world, or at least to your following. This is one of the greatest tools that you could use when it comes to building up your brand and building up your self-confidence, because, especially when you're first getting started, hitting that live button is terrifying.

I remember the first time I ever went live on. Periscope, which rested soul is now gone. I remember hitting that live button and feeling immediate fear, immediate dread and my mouth going dry as a cotton ball. It was not my proudest moment, but I recovered had a sip of water and carried on through, even though I think, like three people maybe showed up to it. The point is, is that it started to build up a habit and a routine, and it started to allow me to realize that this wasn't so scary and it was actually kind of cool really fun.

It's also amazing practice for thinking on your toes and developing the ability to answer questions on the fly and really to engage in risk with your community and with your followers. If you ever have any desire any intention to get into something like public speaking or putting on workshops well, this is a great way to practice in a pretty low risk and safe environment because follows fills, you can just turn it off.

Hey, where'd, Adam! Go all right: let's talk about the next pillar, which is DMS or direct messages. Now Instagram has one of the best DM platforms available today and it's really growing in popularity, especially as we're reading organic reach, meaning the stuff that you put out there, just not seeing the same amount of people well as that sort of declines. The importance of building up connection and community and having those conversations in the DMS is growing in importance.

The important thing that I want you to take away when it comes to using direct messages when it comes to DMS is that this is a very valid feature to have real, genuine conversations with real people. This is not a great place to automate and throw in BOTS and throw in all sorts of fake marketing materials, rather to allocate as much time as is reasonable to have conversations with your tribe, with your following with your audience and with your customers.

A lot of business can and will continue to go down in the DM. So if that's part of your strategy make sure to spend some time there. Alright, the next thing you're going to want to do is to check out the article. I have linked up right here on Instagram marketing for small business, which is going to give you even more strategies so check that out now and I'll see you in the next episode. Consistency: clarity and congruence consistency means that you're applying a regular schedule, meaning you're posting regularly you're checking

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Dear Everyone Who Has Failed at Internet Marketing

We listen to the same podcasts. Everyone wants to show off their big fancy mansion or their fast, expensive cars. They want you to believe that success is going to come to you. It doesn't work that way. If you want success, you have to go after it. So now, let me walk you through the steps to break free from this cycle of lies that you've experienced. That way, you can take control of your career, your income, and your life.

internet marketing

The first lie about Internet marketing

We see this all the time. You spend a lot of time searching, but you don't stick around long enough actually to make something happen and the reason that you do this. It isn't because you're lazy. It's because they told you it was going to be simple, and you made the mistake of believing them. The danger in that is when success doesn't come easy, as you expect it. Should you give up because you think you've failed, you haven't failed. You just haven't put in enough time, enough effort yet to find success. Honestly, I'm almost sure I would be in that same boat. If I hadn't seen the possible outcome and if I hadn't seen what it takes to get there. He found some little successes early on before he even knew what was going on, but because he found that success and knew what was possible.

He stuck with it, and he put in the years of hard work, and because of that, I knew for myself that it could happen, and I build site after a successful website because I know what it takes to get to success. If you're doing internet marketing the way we do it, here's what it takes, you're going to need to spend about an hour a day for a couple of months, writing about 30 blog posts.

The Second Lie

The second lie that they told you that this would come quickly. They told you you could get organic Google traffic in just four weeks. So what happens after eight weeks? And you haven't earned any money, yet you give up, you think you failed. That's just not true. The most reliable successes are the ones that take the longest because they're the successes that most people aren't willing to wait. If you care the most, if you can be the most patient, you can have the secure progress that lasts for months and years To come, you can have traffic that will last for way longer than you ever expected because you took the time to write, good content and didn't try to shortcut the process.

The Third Lie

The third and potentially most dangerous lie. Are they telling you that you can build a successful business by ripping off your customers? Now they don't blatantly tell you this. They don't blatantly tell you most of these lies, but they do tell you this. Let me share a quote from one of our Project: 24 members who sent this to us just the other day. Here's what he said. I have been an SEO consultant for six years and used to be a web designer.

So a lot of this is second nature. To me – and I can do things quickly, but the difference is with my projects. In the past, I focused on low-value content and massive backlinks. That's now flipped on its head, and I'm enjoying it way more than how I used to work between 2013 and 2017. Things have been working as an SEO consultant since I stopped gathering a high quantity of low rated backlinks. I can't believe I fell for their lies. 

The way that most people tell you to do them forget about the content. It doesn't matter how bad it is. As long as you can build enough links, you'll rank on Google; we tell you the exact opposite focus on helping your readers. It doesn't matter if you can get a ranking real, quick. You won't get significant Google traffic to your website for a sustained period. If you don't take the time to help your customers, you will not win Google traffic, and you will not achieve success because you started thinking about yourself first instead of your customers.

You get the traffic over time. You get the monetization, you will be rewarded for this substantially, but first, you have to create value for a customer. Don't cheat the people who are earning you money by giving them garbage, so here's the tip instead of spending time trying to build links. How about you spend a little bit of extra time researching a good article, making an overly helpful post for your readers make a resource that just blows them out of the water, which do you think your customers will value most? You can extract value in any business if, first, you can create value, and link building just doesn't create value.

The Last Lie

Will I create good content? The last lie is you tell yourself someday I'm going to do this. That is the biggest lie of all. If you're not willing to do it today, chances are you're not going to be ready to do it tomorrow or even a year from now, and so that's it. I want you to start soon, and I don't mean figuratively. I mean right now, there's nothing more important for what you could do for your career, for your life, then to get after it.  Go for your goals to make things happen, break out of the cycle of lies.

Don't let the lies stop you, don't let anything be the thing that stops you! Break out of this cycle of lies and get after it! Make something happen for yourself, don't believe it when they say it's easy, don't think so It when they say it's fast and don't think so yourself when you tell yourself, I'll, do it later. 

Start now by writing 30 useful blog posts. Get yourself up one hour earlier every day for two months, and you'll be on your way to success. You'll have done enough to be able to start reaching your market. However, be patient with yourself. Now the question is: do you have the courage to get started today to make this happen for yourself? 


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If you guys are new to my blog, you should definitely hit that subscribe button, I post articles about working jobs, lifestyle, stuff, wellness, stuff, just a ton of different things.

You guys should definitely stick around. Today’s article is one that I’ve wanted to write for a very long time, that is a QA on working in social media marketing. I get so many questions from people asking me about my job about how to get into this industry what it’s actually like skills to have so many DMS from you guys specifically on these things it so I wanted to do a whole article. Just answering your questions.

So we have a lot of different brands that we work with and then we help them with influencers. This is just my experience from being at the job for about five to six months now.

I do work with an agency and it is more of a startup. We are about like 40 to 50 employees now, and so it’s not technically really a startup, but that doesn’t mean that my day-to-day tasks are very different. I have like a set to-do list every day that I know are things that I necessarily like have to get done.

However, I don’t come in and, like every day, looks the same, which can be really good for some people and really bad for some people. It depends on who you are personally for me. I, like things, switching up, it’s good for me. I feel, like I learned more working on a smaller company. You also get to do different tasks. It’S not like a big corporate job where you upset tasks that you have to get done, it’s kind of like where you’re needed.

That’S what you work on and it’s a lot of fun. If you guys are starting out. I think it’s great to work at a smaller company. For that reason, basically everything has its drawbacks, but I really like it the marketing industry, I feel, like people don’t work earlier in the morning. I typically get in around 9:00, but lately it’s been more like 8:30 8:45 and then I leave work around like 6:00 6:30, but a lot of times.

I do work at night as well just because an influencer marketing you’re working with people who don’t work normal 9:00 to 5:00. These are influencers, who you know, respond to emails, really late or really early, and so it is kind of the kind of job where you’re working around the clock and because it is client work. You are working for the client, which means working outside of set like normal hours.

So that’s a really important thing to note that you need to make sure your lifestyle kind of aligns with that. What are some skills and employers look for specifically for social media marketing? I think the biggest thing that I didn’t necessarily know going into, but was something that I wanted to learn a lot about, was data, and I think that’s something that I actually got a question, something that was like.

What do you do? Just like post pictures on Instagram all day and I think that’s kind of the assumption, but it is a lot of data science. It’S a lot of taking posts and analyzing them and seeing trends and at the end of the day it is like a sales job. You are working like a sales job like you are trying to create campaigns and work on campaigns that sell product like that is what marketing is and so or analyzing data.

You are seeing what works, what doesn’t and applying that in a creative way, and I think it’s really really interesting. Seeing that side of things. I think that’s the part that I like the most about it is analyzing the data in Excel and that’s something that I’m learning a lot and I think, as you get higher, you kind of do more and more and you kind of analyze those trends and create Campaigns around them, the entry-level position, you’re kinda, lies in putting the data to what works.

What doesn’t it’s just really interesting, so I think being able to look at set data and analyze it. It’S also the kind of job where you have to be very particular about every little thing and every little thing has to add up, and you have to be very type, a very meticulous which is personally my personality type. I’Ve always been like that. A little bit too much who the Drive myself crazy, but because you can’t analyze data everything, isn’t inputted and formatted correctly.

Obviously, the creative skills are really important too. If you want to bring together campaign, especially for influencer marketing, you have to kind of have that creative eye. I think that’s something that I’m actually a little bit weaker and I think sometimes you’ll get influencers and you think that they’d be really good at that, because they do create content. But I’m definitely more of a numbers person versus like a creative person and then at the end of the day, just being a people person, especially if you’re working on the client side working with clients who might have you know things happen where you have to really Work quickly and you have to work in an organized manner and be really excited about it and being good with people and having good communication skills is always important, but I think that’s for any job vice to get a job in the industry.

I got a lot of questions from people asking like if you have to have a certain degree or if you have to study something in college, have a certain liner. I personally do not think if you want to work in social media marketing, you have to have a certain major. I think it would be helpful to have internships. I honestly don’t even think my college helps me get this job. I think the reason why I understood the industry – and I knew it was because I was in it as an influencer and now I’m learning the back side of things and it’s so interesting.

I definitely don’t think you need to like be a marketing major in college. You can learn anything at the job, just being able to show that you have a creative eye that and analyze data that you are very particular and you have good communication skills. I think that you can make it happen. Meet people networking is such a better option compared to just going on LinkedIn and applying for the day. I got my job by literally emailing the contact email on the website.

Greta is a small company. I think just doing things that are a little bit outside of the box and not necessarily just going the easy route line. Do a hundred different jobs on LinkedIn. It’S like everyone’s going to do that and you have to find a way to kind of set yourself apart. Do you ever think social media is too superficial of a career? How do you manage that? I have this internal struggle a lot and I think the conclusion that I’ve come to is that a lot of times.

We think that our work has to be fulfilling and it has to be something that is doing like this greater good and I’m all. I think any job has elements like that. I don’t think your job necessarily has to be your total fulfillment. It’S like you can find that through your family, through volunteering, through just being as a person and impacting other people’s lives because you’re not necessarily working for a non-profit or you know, a charity like that, doesn’t mean that your job is it’s a filling and you aren’t Touching people’s lives by like being a nice person to work with and working hard, and especially while working like an entry-level job you’re, not necessarily going to have the freedom to do something that super fulfilling.

It’S like. You do just need a job at the end of the day, and you can work your way up to do something that might be a little bit more fulfilling. But I think there is beauty and just doing the simple, ordinary things and being really good at those ordinary things and touching people that way. Yeah social media marketing may seem really superficial in some days. It definitely feels like that, but other days it doesn’t actually run an article recently on this that I think, is really helpful for kind of processing.

These things I’ll have a link down below. If you want to check it out, can I get a job in the industry with a completely different degree? How I definitely think you could. I know people who are hired in marketing positions who were like litical majors or something it’s like. You can make anything happen. It’S all about how you formulate the answers to your interview, questions so that you can sell something.

Show that you know. People’S buying habits show that have a creative eye in some way. Like just show your skills through things that you’ve done throughout your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like. Oh, I took this class in college on this subject. Is there any specific software you need to know how to use in your job? I honestly wouldn’t worry about this. I think knowing Excel Microsoft. Word, Google.

She, like simple things like that, I feel like it’s like obvious, that you should know those, but I don’t think there are specific programs that you know you have to know. It might be good to be like certified in Adwords or something, but I don’t think that there are these set programs that you should know how to do, because at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that you can learn. I think it’s the soft skills that are more innate, like your people, skills your communication skills.

How self-motivated you are like those are, the things that you can’t necessarily teach yourself that you should already know how to be good on. You interact a lot with your co-workers on projects or more individual. My work is very collaborative. I work on teams because we are doing client work and I’m all at different accounts, there’s like different teams for each account. So it is a lot of teamwork, but it also is a lot of individual work to within your specific role that you do have specific duties that you have to do, but it’s definitely a good mix of both, which is good.

For me. I’M always used to working by myself, so it’s been good to learn how to work with the team. You know how to take responsibility and develop those communication skills, and so do you think jobs like this will be around long term. If not, how do you plan for that? I get this question and I think people ask these kind of questions all the time and it’s, like all jobs, are not necessarily going to be here for the long term, just sitting and like planning on how you’re going to like pivot, especially about social media and Just like personally from my own opinion, I don’t think it’s going anywhere things migrate into new platforms, for example like tic toc, it’s becoming like one of the fastest-growing app.

It’S like important to learn how to go onto those platforms and market there, but that’s all about just being like an adaptable person and just knowing that you do have skills that can go from thing to thing, but yeah, I’m not like worried about it. I don’t think it’s going anywhere and if it does, it’s like you have skills that you can just put towards something else. It’S not necessarily like it’s not like.

I only know how to do social, media marketing, and that’s it I mean it’s like. Like I said before, you have communication skills. You know how to analyze data. It’S like these things can be used for other jobs, I’m not necessarily like worried about being jobless. Do you do more writing or strategy or data work? I say it’s a lot of all those. I don’t really do a lot of writing besides doing a lot of females and then doing like reports, but even that it’s not anything like writing an essay in college.

I don’t do a lot of like writing coffee unless it’s like helping people for math or Instagram captions or like seeing what talking points work better. I don’t really work on a lot of the strategy stuff. I help put together the data to formulate it, but that’s definitely something that someone who is a higher level will do strategy more than I do. Do you think it would be easy for someone to switch into the marketing space from sales? I definitely think so, because marketing very much is sales, and just especially for influencer marketing, just getting people to be on board to be a part of campaigns.

It is kind of like selling a brand. It is like selling this to the influencer. Why is this a good campaign? At the end of the day, marketing and sales like you, are trying to drive purchases from a customer, and that is so important and I feel like having those persuasion skills from sales having those people skills is really important. I feel like that would be such an easy transition. Do you think you would have ended up in this industry? Even if you weren’t on YouTube right, definitely think I wouldn’t have.

I would not be interested in this industry at all. The only real reason why I applied to this job was because I didn’t know about social media, and I knew about the space and it’s so interesting, working on the behind the scenes of it and kind of seeing why brands make the choices that they make. And you know what makes a campaign successful and like, and it’s really easy just to look at it and be like you’re, just like helping people post Instagram photos which, at the end of the day it’s like.

That is a big part of it. But it is so much more like seeing the overarching goal of like on one’s whole year plan of like what they put on social media. It’S just so interesting to see it come about and what makes it successful. What makes it not successful, I feel, like, I know a lot about this face because I’ve already been on it and I wouldn’t have picked it if I didn’t kind of already have that interest.

How do you stay focused on your individual work in an open floor plan environment? So at my work I think you guys see this in my week in my life articles occasionally, but and it’s like an open floor plan, it’s like there’s just like long desks. It’S not like you have your own desk that you sit at. It really isn’t hard. I’Ve always been someone who’s, pretty self-motivated. I just kind of work on my own stuff and I don’t necessarily need someone to like stay on me to tell me to do things.

I feel like I am that person for myself a little bit too much. Sometimes I think, that’s actually a really good skill to have is being self-motivated, because when you manage yourself it means someone else doesn’t have to manage you as much, which puts work off of them, which makes them really happy to be a part of your team. So yeah, it’s honestly really fun. I feel like I’ve gotten better at multitasking and talking and doing work while also getting my stuff done.

I really like it. I think it’s great. Have you ever felt burnout, tired of social media since you’re on it for work, YouTube and private use a million times, and I feel like this has been the hardest part about doing both, and you know they say like if you really like something make it your Job and then you’re going to hate it, which I don’t think is necessarily completely true, but it is hard it’s a lot of like being on Instagram and being on YouTube and looking at you know, analytics for a brand, but then also looking at it.

For myself – and it can be really overwhelming – and I’ve gotten to a point where I feel like I do need to find time to just do like a whole day of no social media. I’M thinking about doing this on Saturdays, it’s something that I really want to. Try to do because it is really important and at the end of the day it is social media, and it’s like there are a lot of negative things that can come from it if you’re on it all the time, and it’s really easy to get caught up On it, but yet again I see my own social media use, for you know YouTube and Instagram.

I was a way for me to connect with my followers, which is such a meaningful thing for me that I don’t necessarily I don’t really do it and I’m like. Oh, my gosh, I’m just scrolling through Instagram, it’s like oh, my gosh, I’m connecting with these people and I’m meeting them and like that makes me really happy. And so it’s something I’m excited to do at the end of the day, but yeah whenever you work all day on social media and then you come home and you do it more, it can’t be hard like that would be hard for anyone.

Those are all the questions I’m going to answer feel free to ask any more questions that I may have not addressed down below. Let me know your thoughts. What industry you want to go into if you’re interested in working in marketing and why I’d love to just make this an open dialog per usual? I love you guys so much, and I’m still thing all that you read this article again, don’t forget to subscribe.

If you want to stick around it’ll, be guys so much and I’ll see you my next article bye, guys

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