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Writing Motivation: After You Start

I ’ m Mason from the OWL. If you are like most people and fall into The second group, then you ’ re in luck. This is the second article in our series on Writing When You ’ d, Rather Not Write In this article, I will offer strategies And words of encouragement that will hopefully get you if not fully pumped up at least On track for starting your writing assignment The first strategy, when you ’ re facing that Awful blank page is to break your writing task into manageable parts.

Do you think that I go into the gym and do All 50 of my 300-pound bench presses in one go. You may be surprised to learn that I actually Do not do that. Instead, I break my workout into smaller tasks. Similarly, thinking that you need to complete Your entire 20-page document right now will make starting seem much more daunting than it really Is I usually set myself small goals for each session and space my work over multiple days? This way I take my writing bit by bit So which manageable chunk.

Should you begin With I suggest, choosing any part of the text that You know you can write right now and starting there, It doesn. ’ t need to be the introduction. Either I recently started a paper by making the Works. Cited page, which might seem weird, but as I was working on it, I was struck with an Important idea about how I wanted to write the rest of my paper. Of course, it probably won’t work well to write a conclusion before you’ve written any other part of a paper, But still starting anywhere.

Is much better than not starting Here is another suggestion. Try a prewriting Technique There are a lot of prewriting techniques. And a good one is called a “ freewrite, ” which you can think of as stretching for writing. Just begin writing about your topic without Being critical of what you write, Don, ’ t worry about grammar and don. ’ t worry, If it sounds stupid or if you will even use any of the free write, Just write whatever comes to your mind, This may help loosen you up clarify your Thoughts and allow you to start your paper in a less intimidating way.

You may even get some useable content out. Of the orewrite, Lastly, remember that even the best writers Make terrible first drafts Thinking that the first version of a composition Will be good enough to use for a final draft is like thinking that without any training, You can run a four-minute mile In reality becoming a great runner or writer. Involves much more failure than that. So if your first draft is terrible, not only Is that okay, but it ’ s great! At that point, you ’ ve, taken the first difficult Step toward making something that could become excellent, So why are you still staring at a blank Word? Document It ’ s, time to get off the couch put on your Pink headband and go win a gold medal.

I mean it ’ s time to start writing! Good luck with your assignment and thanks For reading the article

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Varunkumar Nagarajan – Web components and the future of web development

Varun is a software engineer and a blogger and he’s going to be talking about. How do you actually do web development today in 2013? How do you use components? How do you use modular development to develop much more quickly than you can so? Okay, so my audible, audibility back? Ok, ok, let’s get started so today I am going to be talking about the web components and so what we have in future for developing components on the web, so my name is Varun as I will introduced.

So this is my twitter handle and I actually use google plus. You know me on SAS. Well, ok, so once upon a time waivers of just a platform for creating interactive and navigable contents, so it was just a static contents and people. So people were using HTML to define static text and images, and so we were using the JavaScript to put up some animations or some interactions on that page and CSS was just used to this just show some basic.

So it was a presentation layer thing which we were using. The capabilities on the browser were very much limited and we need to depend on back-end servers for accomplishing most of the user tasks. So there are lots of heavy lifting was still but done by the the backend servers. Things have changed a lot, and so, if you look at today’s web, so we have this powerful combo of html5, css3 and JavaScript browsers are becoming more and more powerful.

So we can do lots of stuff on the suburb publications of today or almost as powerful as the native applications. So we can do lots of stuff on the web platform itself, so we can do. For example, we can do. We can build application which can work offline, so you don’t need internet, it’ll, download all this stuff locally and you can build applications with that nature and sew applique. The your web applications can have access to your camera and it can access the devices and we can even have databases and a complete file system on the web platform.

So we can even do a real-time communication and lots of so web has web. As a platform has I mean we have gone so far in the platform, so with great power actually comes great responsibility, so as a front end engineer as more as web applications are getting complex as we start building more and more, as we start putting more and More features in the web applications, so there is a need that we should follow better or engineering practices.

So we should so back-end engineers have been have been organizing, the complexity have been modular racing stuff, and so they have been enjoying lots of facilities on the backend servers, but as a friend end engineer, so so it is a need. So we also should start building code that is maintainable. So as a front-end engineer, so we should also start writing code, which is maintainable and to achieve that the code should be modular and it should be encapsulated, and so it should be reusable.

So, basically, what it means is, we should start building reusable components which anyone can just plug into your page, and so they can use it. So some examples of this reusable components are so, for example, even this google+ like button + button and facebook like button. So all these things are components. So what do you take? So what you do is you take these components and you put it on your page.

Okay. So, as I said back-end engineers, so they have been achieving some of these things using the object, oriented language. So any language will inherently support will help us get there, but how do we get there on the web platform so before that? So, let’s see what’s actually missing on the web platform today, so let’s say so I’ll. Go back to the same example of the facebook. Like button and the google plus + button, so let’s say after that, if you are so if they are providing some sort of commenting capabilities, ok, so so they’ll show some text box or some way to actually share your the current page.

Ok, and so there is a chance that it could lead to some sort of name collision. So whenever you have both these components, you have two components: one from facebook and one from google plus. So there is a very good chance that these guys can collide, and so a command button within a command text box within Facebook component can interact with actually a google plus component. So there is no way of Dom we can.

We can’t do any sort of Dom encapsulation today, and so that could lead to problems like coalition of Dom contents. So you could, it could lead to some same ID collisions and things like that and it could potentially lead to broken styles. Let’s say if Facebook is trying to apply some sort of style for its its text box that might get applied to Google Plus also, of course, there are ways of overcoming this, so we use some conventions so, like all Facebook will have some prefix or we use Some suffix or some other conventions to overcome these problems, but inherently a web as a platform, doesn’t provide any sort of capabilities to overcome these.

So that’s what we are going to look at today, so I mean, as web applications get complex. So there is a set of frameworks which are becoming popular, so we call it as MVC frameworks or in general we can put it as my star frameworks, so these helpers to some extent so so they’ll help us to organize the complexity in our application. So so we can separate out the contents on the presentation layer to some extent with if you use any of these MVC frameworks, so we will be able to separate out the contents and the presentation layer.

So I mean there are so many yemisi frameworks available. So I’m not going to get into any of the v-star frameworks, but I will just talk about how, in general any any of these frameworks work. For example, every if I mean, if you take any of MVC framework for example, so it will be, it will provide you an option to define views. Views are a template, so that is how you’re you that’s, that sort of like the presentation layer and then so.

You will be associating a model with your view, so you’ll be creating a model, object and you’ll. Associate that with a view and then so will have to provide a way for monitoring the changes. So all these libraries provide some sort of mechanism for data binding. So, whenever the model object changes, so it should reflect immediately on the views and whenever the views changes, it should reflect on the model object.

So that’s the principle with which any of these MVC frameworks work. So, let’s see how these guys are able to achieve that. In today’s web, so this is so first, let’s look at how templates are there today, so there are various mechanisms in which you can create a template, but one of the still commonly used method is creating a Dom which is off screen, so you can create a And you can either hide it or you can put set its display to none.

So this is how we do it, so we generally create a development or something so which has all the all it’s. So it’s like an abstraction it brought it I mean. So it’s composed of all its comp parts and then you’ll hide it initially and whenever you want to show it on the screen, so you will change its visibility, but then it has its own problem. So one of the obvious advantage with this is see. We are working directly on Dom elements, so say it’s a declarative, so you don’t have to use JavaScript to achieve any of these things.

It’s declarative, but then so some of the obvious problems are so as we create this template. So, whatever resources you are trying to load between that page, so those all the resources are pre-loaded. So it’s not so whenever so the moment you create this template. So at that time itself the images and everything will be loaded. So it doesn’t wait for you to actually start consuming that template.

So that is one problem and it doesn’t solve any of the problem with encapsulation, which I talked about like whenever the same name is being used somewhere else, so it doesn’t solve any of those problems. So that’s the first method, so in the second method, what we do is yeah yeah. So on the previous slide, you had hidden as a value there as an attribute yeah. Is it valid? Yes, so it actually works if we simply say hidden in the Dom yeah insurgency.

Essence: yeah. Okay, that’s new! I didn’t know about that. Okay, so it the only difference between that and display. None less. So this will still occupy the space. So it will occupy said I’d, say if your device off with some 100 pixels, so it will still occupy that space. So that’s the difference between hidden and display now, so this effectively does equivalent of visibility, colon hidden, yes on the second way of second method of creating templates today, so so we can either use strings.

So whatever the contents, which we want to put it up in the template, so we can have a string content or the other commonly used technique is putting that content within a script tag when are overloading the behavior of scripts. So you can set some type something other than JavaScript so that the browser’s doesn’t load that so so here the problem is, we are sort of getting into parsing this string parsing, and this could lead to other cross-site scripting attacks, and things like that.

So this this opens up a new set of problems, so we have two methods. Today I mean so we can roughly classify the techniques into these two buckets, but both of both of these techniques have its own a problem. So, let’s look at so this is templates of today and now, let’s see how models are what is there in JavaScript space, so in JavaScript things are little more better, so we can organize the complexity to a better extent because of its module pattern.

So generally, when we create some model or model object or something on JavaScript, so we and we actually tend to create a mod. We use model patterns or a JavaScript object constructor to achieve that. So if you look at any of the implementations of any MVC frameworks like backbone or something else, so what they do is they’ll provide you with one base class for your model, and so you will have to extend that model to create your model class.

So the reason for that is so so whenever you are trying to change any of the property of your model, so they need to know the changes. So there are so inherently there is no way for you to monitor changes in an object. So the that’s. I’r talking about present day today’s web, so things are going to change in the future, but in today’s web, so there is no easy way for you to monitor for any new property changes of an object.

So how these libraries achieve is so they’ll provide you a rapper object, so you will be using the accessors of those rapper object, and so once you use that object, so they’ll set they’ll, get to know that you’re trying to modify this property, and so that’s how It is handled today this is for the model changes now coming for the other side of binding, so for whenever the view changes, how do we map it to the model? So, for that we use, we can use either Dom mutation or some of the event handlers, but so these are not very efficient, so I so I have a later slide, which will talk about the mean: what are the better approaches so, but so in today’s web.

So, even though we are trying to organize the complexity through the amidst our frameworks, so there are some still inherent. There are some problems which still exists today, so let’s see how we can achieve encapsulation today, so this is actually a fundamental concept of object-oriented programming, so it is. This helps us to separate the code which we write from the presentation layer and then so in web.

Also, we have this to some extent, so we can achieve this with the help of iframes. So I frames help us to abstract stuff to some. So it’s it help us to make things very secure, but then so it has its own problem, for example. So it doesn’t fit well so whenever so, it doesn’t resize depending on the contents. Let’s say: if your content is a big, I mean it doesn’t resize to fit the contents. So that’s a problem with that.

So there is a new spec which is coming up, which called seamless iframe, so it’s actually not attribute which you set on the iframe, which will help to solve some of these problems. It’s still very much new, it’s not available in all the browsers, but so that’s something you can read out for so what we have seen so far is so we have seen what is the principle behind any MVC framework. So what are all the different components of it and then so how these things, how we are achieving all these things using today’s web? So there are, of course there are a lots of problems so in this, so whatever stuff which we have discussed so in today’s web.

So there are inherent problems in the web platform. So how are we going to solve all this web platforms? Is the solution to all these problems? So it’s actually a set of it’s not a single API, so it is a set of a PA which is going to provide you some of the some of the functionalities. So let’s look at all those things. Ok, some of the key players of web components are template, so this is a native HTML native way of defined, defining a template, so you can define any inner chunk of cloneable DOM, and so you can use it later.

So the I will talk about in detail about each of these things and then also using web components. It will provide your mechanism to create custom elements. So let’s say if you want to extend so currently there is nothing called so we have divs behave spans paragraphs and stuff stuff like that. But if you want to create a tub tub container natively in HTML, so currently there is no way for it. So we use some sort of JavaScript library or some library to get there, but so using this custom elements, so you will be able to create some tab container element.

I mean any element for that matter, and so later you will be able to declaratively use it, and the next one is shadow Dom so share atom is actually the building block of encapsulation. That will help you to abstract some of the implementation details to the consumer. So we will see all these stuff in detail and some of the supporting things are so we have something called style encapsulation so which will help you to specify a style to a particular scope.

So we’ll we’ll see all these things will start with templates. So, as I said so, this is something which is not available in browsers today, but you can expect it so this this package, so that is a respective ailable for this and browser vendors are working on it. So we can soon expect this in different browsers. So how it works is so we can define, we can use this template element and also we can give an ID for this template and you can define whatever the Dom elements which goes inside that.

So again, we are where we are talking about declarative way of defining the component yeah. A quick question see if you say scripts, don’t run in your template yeah what happens with browsers that don’t understand the template. Oh there’s a very compactly. Currently, there is a render it as in line yeah okay, so basically that means that you now need a way to also preserve browser compatibility in something that is supposed to be inert yeah.

I covering that. I hope you are oh no I actually. I am NOT cutting that, but i’ll see i’ll try to see if I can link it to somewhere so uh. So today, yep to Jason’s point right. I think the way they will maintain backward compatibility will be exactly like they were. They did for the new html5 elements. Is that they’ll put div tags inside we’ll have to handle all the backward tips that will hopefully have styles that will hide and then we’ll have to scrape will have to script it to an extent so that we don’t end up with things being visible right in Old browsers, so the you know you can just put a display, none on template and hide it by default in old browsers.

But what do you do with scripts? How do you tell the browser to not run scripts display? None isn’t the only problem. It will still create all the image resources. It will do. A whole bunch of issues will arise when this happens yeah. So the advantage here is again. We are directly working on Dom, so it’s a declarative way of for doing things and then so the other advantages. So the contents are not parsed and so they’re not rendered so you want so whenever if you have any images or anything within your template, so those things so one get loaded.

So this is how you have to use it, so you can just select that template. Whatever you have defined and then so you should t dot, so the template, dot content content will give you the document fragment. So whatever you have defined within that template, so you will get hold of that contents and you can clone it and attach it anywhere. So wherever you want to use that template, so all you have to do is so you just have to clone that content and you just have to include it up and it to the place where you want to insert okay.

So so this solves all the problem which we discuss, so we are not doing any string parsing, so the scripts are not loaded, of course. So there is this back up backward compatibility issue, but other than that, so it solves all the problems natively on html5 itself. Okay, so next, let’s see what is shadow Dom shadow DOM is currently available in Chrome Canary, so I’m not sure whether it has landed in Google Chrome, but it has already available in Chrome, Canary I’m using Chrome Canary.

So the concept itself is so it’s actually a separate topic in itself, I’m going to cover some of the basics of it, and so how we can define insertion points in that and different aspects of it so looks like this is not something new. So some of the Dom company Dom elements which we already are aware of, so those are doing that to some extent. So, for example. So if you look at any article tag or if you are looking at any of the special in the day, time or time, input elements, so if you see here so it’s all so it’s composed of some complex set of controls.

So it’s not a single control. It’s so you have a slider here, I mean a timeline here and then so you have the control to pass play. So these are all different components, but when you actually inspect this things, you will actually let me go there. So what you are actually seeing here is its you have a drop down and there is a spinner. So there is a whole set of complex, Dom objects. There Dom elements there, but when you actually look at when you inspect for that element, so all you are seeing is just an single input.

So essentially, what browsers are doing this? It’s hiding some of the Dom nodes within certain other Dom nodes. So this has been there for in browsers for some time, but just that it’s not exposed to the end users. So shadow DOM is a specification. It’s a it’s, an APA which will help you to see. We can also define. We can also hide certain Dom nodes within other downloads, okay, so this is how it works.

So let’s say you have the initial Dom component, something like this so Dom tree. Something like this. You have a host and you have some certain children, and so let’s say if you want to attach some, if you want to abstract this host node and if you want to install whatever children it is being rendered. If you want to render this contents. So what you just jump to the example? So so, whatever you sing on the top, so I am defining the development, and so it has a host and within that I have certain other elements, so it has a hitch one.

She chose my name and my place and some other div contents. So that’s the original content, which is there in the Dom tree. So now I define our a shadow host, so this is how I created. Currently, you have to use the event that prefix to get there, so what do you do? Is I get the so there is. I there is a method called create shadow host, so I pick I actually select the host and for that host I am getting the shadow root.

So once I get the shadow root, I can add any elements. So here I am just putting some h2 and I am just putting some other deep contents, so when it’s actually rendered on the browser, so instead of seeing the original contents, you will be seeing the shadow content. So this sir demo. Actually so, let’s say, let’s see what we are seeing on the so this is, she said visible at the back. Ok, I will just controller.

So that’s what i’m trying listen to you, okay! I will just read out: what’s there, so what you are seeing in the inspector is still the original dom dom contents. So it’s still showing the ID eid host and within that I am seeing the h1 element and the h2, which shows the name of the place and things like that. But what it actually rendered is something different. So you have a shadow host, so you have a host and which has some certain children initially.

But so you have, you have created a shadow root and you have added some content to that. So when you attach it it actually it gets replaced. So whatever contents you initially had in your host, so that will be replaced by this new content so to sew up this in developer, chrome, developer tools, so there is a way you can actually see what is being rendered. So to do that. So that is so. There is an option called it shows, shadow Dom so once you enable this option, so, instead of the original content, you will be still able to see the shadow Dom.

Also, along with that, you will be seeing this on the shadow Dom also so for that we need to close and open it. So now, if I inspect, I think I’ll again read out so so now, apart from just seeing the original contents of that host, so you are seeing the the shadow Dom whatever contents we it got replaced. So that’s the that’s how it works. So you have to enable the show shadow Dom when your dev tools, I have a question.

Okay, is there a way to define the shadow Dom decoratively? Oh so we are declaring so so once you get that object, shadow Dom object know rather than doing it. In Java, so can I do it in HTML s 0 so that you can do it in so if you have custom elements, I will be talking about that custom elements. So once you define that so everything you put in within that custom element, it’s actually a shadow Dom only just quickly run through so now coming to the style and capsulation part.

So whatever contents you actually put so so initially we are at the sketch to undo so now. Let’s say if I am adding a style tag within this shadow shadow Dom, so it will so that style will be applicable only to my shadow Dom. So it’s it’s encapsulated within that scope, so I have the setting h2 color red. So if, as you see, it’s only applicable to the the inner contents, it’s not reflecting on the my host.

So to do that we can show. There are properties which, using which we can change, that behavior okay. So this is an important point point. So we have seen how to define how to set a color. So let’s say how to style your dumb shadow, Dom okay. So now, in practice, what we’ll be doing is so instead of V, defining the color or something so we’ll be providing. So when you want to build a theming capability to your shadow, Dom.

So what we’ll be doing this? So that’s where our CSS variables helpin. So we can so instead of putting the actual color itself, so we can use this where hyphen some variable, so whenever the consumer, who ever is consuming this shadow Dom so they can actually use that variable, so, whatever the property they set down that variable, so that Will be reflected that will be used within that shadow Dom, so you can actually use shadow Dom in conjunction with CSS variables, and so the other thing is so showed you.

We had some initial contents and we added some shadow Dom, so it it entirely got replaced. So, instead of that, so there is something called insertion points. So if you don’t want the complete contents to be replaced, if you want only certain parts of your original Dom to be used here, so you can use this content element, so you can show on it. Has a select attribute, so in the select a tribute you can specify any CSS selector.

So here what I am so this is the original my host. So in the host. I have something called first name, last name and all so here. So when I use it so I can use this content and content select first name, so it will use. The chase is selected to select that element from the original host. So this is how it will be used in practice where so we can specify. So this is more like a way of specifying ap ice into your shadow, Dom now, let’s look at observers, so we have also currently what we have is mutation events, so whenever you change a Dom, so whenever you modify a Dom, you add something to your Dom Tree so you will get you will get notified as events, so I have told in the earlier slide that it’s not very efficient, so there is something called.

I mean mutation observers, so this is some sort of similar to events, but then so, instead of getting notified for each and every event, so whenever a bunch of dorms are getting modified, you will get it in a single call back. So there will be a single call back in which you will get all the mutations, so then, so it is very efficient when compared to the mutation events, so we will see that with an example.

Okay, so I built a small example today team india’s taking on australia, so this is the 15-member squad, and so this is simple thing which will actually sort and give you the top 11. So so initially, I am going to use dumb mutation events. So let’s say if I am clicking on rotate, so it’s actually trying to adjust all these 15 players and it it may need, rearrange those players so in that process, so we have got two thousand events fired.

So we have. We are trying to do some person rotations and in that process we have done some Dom manipulations some 2,000 times, and so it has triggered the call back two thousand times so now, let’s see how it will be done in the case of mutation observers. So let’s say the same same use case if I use mutation observers, so I will be getting two thousand on mutations, but i’ll be getting all these changes in a one call back.

So that’s how it is efficient, so also it doesn’t do a whole propagation. He doesn’t the event needs doesn’t need, since it’s not an event, so it doesn’t need to propagate the alway so, but so you will get all the mutations in a single call back. So the another interesting thing which is coming up is so object observer. This is similar to mutation observer, but it’s for objects. So let’s say you have a java javascript object and if you want to monitor for some changes so now it’s possible.

I think it’s already available in Chrome Canary. So this is how you have to use it to. You have to use object that observe and you have to give a observer function, a call back and so the object which are actually observing. So whenever you add any new properties or you change some property, so it will get notified. So again, the important thing to note here is so it’s not triggered for each and every change.

So let’s say if you are doing you’re setting name and if you are setting Peter handle on a particular object, so the browser the JavaScript engine decides when to call so it will club certain operations and it will call the callback in a single go. So so now we have seen how to create templates natively and with the help of shadow, Dom will be able to encapsulate stuff, and so with observers will be able to bind the model and the view.

So now that we have got all these things. So how do we create a custom element? So let’s say if you want to create something called X tabs, so there is something called element touch. This is still not available, so what you can do is so I will come back to your question. See you are asking see if we can declaratively define a shadow Dom right, so whatever contents you put in within that template.

So that’s that’s actually like a shadow Dom so when you consume it using that X tabs when you are consuming it. So at that moment you will not be seeing any of the implementation whatever so, for example, so there you are seeing content select h1 first list. So that is an insertion point and you are declaratively setting it so once you do that, so when you consume it, so you can declaratively say that h1 title, so it will get replaced there, and so, apart from the actual templates and the shadow Dom, you can Also put in some scripts, so we’re in you can specify some API.

So whenever somebody wants to instantiate the component using javascript, so they can still do it, so you so whatever constructor, which we specify here. So that will go on global scope, so you can instantiate it from anywhere so for getting this features you need to enable, so I am so. These are all the things you have to follow to use some of these features. Okay, so this is a doodle. I of build something back, so this is actually your it’s not image or it’s not it’s completely CSS and HTML.

So there is no images used here. So all these animations, our CSS beast, and for just for the most following, so I have used the JavaScript library. So now what I have done is: I have made this into a company, so there are lots of okay again so so today, browsers are not supporting any of these. So many of these standards it supports shadow, DOM and the observers are available, but not all these things which we have discussed are available today, but you can still use it using some of the polyfills.

But there are some. There is one of firefox library called X tags, and so there is so one more polyfill. There is a model view. There is a MVM mdv framework. I think it’s from google, so so using some of these things, you can you can just play with these functionalities. Today itself, so this is something I have built, and so, if you look at the actual Dom so how I use it is so it’s a. I use the element X, hyphen doodle and there is a small open condom star again.

If I want to instantiate one more instance of this component, all I have to do is so: let’s see how we can add it to body. So I got the string. I ordered a string instead of the element, so so it got us one condoms. So so now this so I can anywhere wherever I want to use this component. I can just use this custom element so today. Also, you can enable yourself by using some of the polyfills, so I’m hoping that all browsers vendors will soon be providing these functionalities, and so that will help us to organize our code better.

And so we can natively achieve things which some of the MVC frameworks have been achieving so far, so these are some of the references. That’s it from my side, any questions. What is the performance impact of these components? Oh, as opposed to, I haven’t really done anything. I haven’t actually lived into the performance aspect of it. This is very it. This is very new. Actually so not all browsers are supporting it, so only shadow, DOM and style encapsulation features are available on that took, chrome can realign, and so there is one more.

There is an excellent library from Firefox. It’s called X tax, so you can use that to use some of these standards, but I haven’t really done any performance analysis on that hi here yeah. Is there any limitation of the the code what we are using, because here it seems like we have to encapsulate the JavaScript, HTML and CSS all together, so is that limited to one single file or something you know? So there is nothing like that, so you eat.

So I mean it’s it all mandates. Is you need to follow that structure, but have you include that it can be spread across multiple files or so there is no mandate on? Have you organized your source code? So all it needs is so it specifies certain format. You need to create a element, a custom element tag and within that you can put your shadow DOM, and so that’s all it mandates, but it doesn’t mandate you to keep it in a single file or you can keep it in a different file.

Also, okay, so basically it is the same as like how we are currently doing like. First, when you’re loading a page, you have to load all the supporting files and everything, but your way of creation of the Dom our creation of the object will be the different yeah exactly so. If I want to select say if I I so we have this component, so let’s say: if somebody else want to you consume it, so I will be providing a single file and so the all the other guy needs to do is so he needs to include That as a link link relative components, and so once that is done so he’ll be able to shop yo.

This is this is the this is how the consumer needs to use it. He needs to add a link tag with the HTML, so this is where the original definition of the the custom element was there, and so once you have that, so all you need is just that the definition so after that you can start consuming it. Any other questions, Oh yo, so there is a very good when Google+ page, where lots of talks and information about the specification are posted.

So you can follow that or you can follow eric beetle month. So actually I this presentation itself was inspired by his talk, and so there is a very nice article about shadow Dom on html5 rocks. It’s called shadow, Dom one, not one so so. This article talks about the basics of HM in shadow DOM, and so these things are about mutation, observers and yeah. So do you see people using this instead of templating as we do it right now? I don’t.

I haven’t seen anybody using it in production, or it’s not even close to that, but I mean, as the spec gets more standardized and as more grossest windows browser vendors start using it. So probably this will be the future all right. So you know it seems like a very neat way of essentially taking a single replicating a component. It’s often repeated yeah and inserting it in multiple places without changing the code yeah.

Now, when you do, that, can you make each of them slightly different in their behavior? Is so that’s what we have this API is for. So apart from declaratively, defining your the the actual component, so you can even write some JavaScript so that will that will help you to change the behavior. So let’s say so: that’s a mean hours. Sorry, it’s a it’s the same tub controller component, but now I am adding were constructed to it and I can define certain methods within here.

So so, when you create, when you instantiate the tub controller, you can actually set certain attribute or certain things, and you can change the behavior okay, so you can actually run a scratch custom. Every time you use a component okay and did I just notice a style tag in the section there in the previous slide, the slide you were at just now, so you got a slight a style tag then, which is not in the head: yeah, oh no! This is so this actually uh.

So basically I define I element, so this is the so the whole HTML will contain only this element declaration and within that I will put a put up a style, so this style will be scope only to this element. Right so does restyle encapsulation. So if I want to sorry what exactly does it inherit the parent it doesn’t it doesn’t? So that is what I was saying. So if you want to overwrite that behavior, so there is something called reset style inheritance or let me go back to that slide yeah.

It’s called reset style inheritance. So, by default in any style which you put in within a dom shadow, Dom it doesn’t inherit anything from the parent and also whenever you put some whatever you, whatever styles you put put in here, so that doesn’t go back to the the consumed work. So if you want to overwrite that behavior, so there are two properties, reset style, inheritance and apply author style.

So once you so the first one indicates that so, if you set it to true, it will inherit these tiles from the container page and the second one. What it says is the other direction, so if you set it to true by default, it’s false. So let’s say here I have changed h2, and this is this tile encapsulation title that is also h2. Currently, that’s not getting reflected, even though I have set the content.

So I will show you the okay, so this is how I am doing, because shadow DOM is something already available. So I know this default. Behavior is only scope, it scoped. It is limited to that shadow Dom. So, even though I have said this h2, so it’s getting applied only to this, so this is the shadow Dom which is rendered and it’s getting applied only to this guy and not to something else which I have on the page.

So, for example, this is the title of the page so which again is a h2 element, but it’s not getting reflected. I think I can show you it doesn’t support like waiting. That’s pretty cool thanks, however, in one more question: okay, yeah yeah, so that style tag right. I believe it. It was in line there, but can it be external call as well? Is it can be external as well, then, when so you said that it doesn’t parse.

It right when, on page loop that template your does it also does it get downloaded on page load or does it get downloaded when it’s in it? Okay, i’ll, have to check i’ll check and get back to you on items? Okay, okay! So we’re going to take another break now, for those who still have questions one is going to be around. Others will see you at four fifteen. Ok,


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Western Ganga Dynasty

Western Ganga was an important ruling dynasty of ancient can attack in India, which lasted from about 350 to 1000 seee. They are known as West and gangers to distinguish them from the east and gangers who, in later centuries, ruled over Kalinga, not know disha.

The general belief is that the Western gangers began their rule during a time won. Multiple native clans asserted their freedom due to the weakening of the pallava empire in south india. A geopolitical event sometimes attributed to the southern conquests of Samudra Gupta. The Western Ganga sovereignty lasted from about 350 to 550 seee, initially ruling from kohler and later moving their capital to telecard on the banks of the kaveri river in modern mysore district.

After the rise of the Imperial shallow keys of barred army, the gang has accepted chalukya oval ship and fought for the cause of their overlords against the palaces of Kanchi. The challengers were placed by the rashtrakutas of manioc heta in 753 C, as the dominant power in the Deccan. After a century of struggle for autonomy, the Western Ganga’s finally accepted rashtrakuta oval ship and successfully fought alongside them against their foes.

The chola dynasty of dan Java in the late 10th century north of Tungabhadra River, the rashtrakutas, were replaced by the emerging western chalukya empire and the chola dynasty or renewed power south of the kaveri river. The defeat of the western gangers by Cholas around 1,000 resulted in the end of the ganga influence over the region. Though territorially a small Kingdom, the western Ganga contribution to polity culture and literature of the modern south can attack a region is considered important.

The western Ganga Kings showed benevolent tolerance to all faiths, but a most famous for their patronage toward Jainism, resulting in the construction of monuments in places such as shravanabelagola and Cambodia. Holi. The kings of this dynasty encouraged the fine arts due to which literature in Kandor dance and squid flourished. Shavon de reyes writing chavin Daria piranha of 978 ze is an important work in can’t doubt a prose.

Many classics were written on various subjects ranging from religion to elephant management, part-1 history. Multiple theories have been proposed regarding the ancestry of the founders of the western ganga dynasty prior to the 4th century. Some mythical accounts point to a northern origin, while theories based on epigraphy suggest. A southern origin. Historians who proposed the southern origin have further debated whether the early petty chieftains of the clan prior to their rise to power were natives of the southern districts of modern.

Can attacker the kong region in modern tamil nadu or of the southern districts of modern andhra pradesh? These regions encompass an area of the southern Deccan, where the three modern states merged geographically. It is theorized that the Ganga’s may have taken advantage of the confusion caused by the invasion of southern India by the northern kings. Another group prior to 350 and carved out a kingdom for themselves.

The area they controlled was called Ganga, Vardy and included regions of the modern districts of Mysore as Sam chamaraja Naga Tonka, Kola, manda and Bangalore in kinetic estate. At times, they also controlled some areas in modern Tamil Nadu Kong, the region’s starting from the sixth century rule of King have Anita and under Pradesh and are no regions starting from the middle of the fifth century. The founding king of the dynasty was kong, gana varma Matt Harvey, who made Cola his capital around 350 and ruled for about 20 years.

By the time of her arrival in 390, the Ganga’s had consolidated their Kingdom with telecare as their capital, then moved from the early capital. Kolja may have been a strategic one with the intention of containing the growing Kadamba power by 430. They had consolidated their eastern territories comprising modern Bangalore, Kohler and dunker districts and by 470 they had gained control over kong region in modern tamil nadu center akka, modern Chequamegon, LaRue and wheeler pun, Arta and panned out of regions comprising modern Haggard.

A Devaney coat and nanjiang mood in modern can attacker in 529 Kingdom Anita ascended, the throne. After waging a war with his younger brother, who was favored by his father King, a Vinita. Some accounts suggest that in this power struggle, the Pallavas of kaanchi supported a vennett. Has choice of air and the bard army shaloo kicking vijay a d2 supported his father-in-law der Vinita from the inscriptions.

It is known that these battles were fought in tondet, mandala meant kong regions, northern tamil nadu, prompting historians to suggest that d’oeuvre anita fought the Pallavas successfully considered the most successful of the ganga king’s d’oeuvre anita was well versed in art, such as music dance, a evident Taming wild elephants, some inscriptions, sing paeans to him by comparing him to yudhisthira and manu figures from Hindu mythology, known for their wisdom and fairness.

Politically, the Ganga’s were theater Tories and close allies who also shared matrimonial relations with the shallow Keys. This is attested by inscriptions which describe their joint campaigns against their arch enemy, the Pallavas of Kanchi. From the year 725 onwards, the Ganga Vardi territories came to be called as the Ganga Vardy 96,000 Shan avati Sahasra vishaya, comprising the eastern and western provinces of modern south ken attacker King Street parasha fought the pallava king nanda Vaman Pallavi Mela successfully bringing Pen Kula cotton North archit, under his control temporarily, for which he earned the title berman rd a contest with the pand s of Madurai.

Over control of kong region ended in a ganga defeat, but a natterer mony between a ganga princess and rajasam happened. Yes, son brought peace, helping the gangers retained control over the contested region in 753, when the rashtrakutas replaced the bard army shall acquiesce as the dominant force in the Deccan. The gangers offered stiff systems for about a century King Shiva Mara. The second is mostly known for his walls with the rashtrakuta druvan Arivaca, his subsequent defeat and imprisonment, his release from prison and eventually his death on the battlefield, the ganga resistance continued through the reign of rashtrakuta Gove into the second I earned by 819.

A ganga resurgence gained them partial control over ganga Vardy under King Raja Mela, seeing the futility of waging war with the western Ganga rashtrakuta a mocha Varsha. I gave his daughter Chandra Ballabh in marriage to ganga, prince beautiful, a son of King Aragon, Juanita Marga. The gangers thereafter became staunch allies of the rashtrakutas, a position they maintained till the end of the rashtrakuta dynasty of Manea Quetta after an uneventful period, Butyrka ii ascended to the throne in 938, with the help of rashtrakuta Amogh hvar ii.

I, whose daughter he married he helped the rashtrakutas win decisive victories in tamii Lechem in the Battle of taco Lam against a turlet dynasty. With this victory, the rashtrakutas took control of modern northern Tamil Nadu in return for their valor. The Ganga’s were awarded extensive territories in the Tungabhadra River Valley, King Morrison, her ii, who came to power in 963, eight at the rashtrakutas in victories against the Gege operetta, harking lana and the param maha kings of malware in central india, chavin de raya, a minister in The western ganga court was a valiant commander, able administrator and an accomplished poet in kandar dance and scrit.

He served King Boris Simha ii and his successors Abele and helped King Raja mal in the fourth suppress a civil war in 975 towards the end of the tenth century, the rashtrakutas had been supplanted by the western chalukya empire in Mannie ketta in the south. The chola dynasty, who was seeing a resurgence of power under raja, raja chola, I conquered ganga Vardi around the Year 1000, bringing the western ganga dynasty to an end.

There are two large areas of South can attack. A region came under Euler control for about a century. Part-2 administration, the western ganga administration, was influenced by principles stated in the ancient text. Arthashastra the prague governors mentioned in the ganga records held responsibilities similar to those of the village elders graeme of rider has mentioned by court. Elia succession to the throne was hereditary, but there were instances when this was overlooked.

The kingdom was divided into rashtra district and further into Vysya, consisting of possibly 1,000 villages and disa from the 8th century. The Sanskrit term Vysya was replaced by the candidate erm Nardo. Examples of this change is sin to nod to 8,000 and ponder do 6000, with scholars differing about the significance of the numerical suffix. They opined that it was either the revenue yield of the division computed in cash terms or the number of fighting men in the division or the number of revenue paying Hamlet’s in the division or the number of villages included in that territory.

Inscriptions have revealed several important administrative designations, such as Prime Minister Savard, Hikari, treasurer shrew Bhandari Foreign Minister, send high vigraha and chief minister mohammad hanate. All of these positions came with an additional title of commander Dandan aryaka. Other designations were Royal steward, now navigate master of ropes, Mel had pasaje eater, commander of elephant Corps, Ganges, Suhani, commander of cavalry Siragusa, Hani, etc in the royal house in the you gives oversaw palace administration, royal clothing and jewelry, etc.

The paddy era were responsible for court ceremonies, including or keeping and protocol officials at the local level worthy Brigade, NAT of over knowledge, Amiga, Prabhu and Govinda. The puller gates were superintendents from all social classes such as artisans, Goldsmith’s, blacksmiths, etc. The puller gates dealing with the royal household were called manipulate, house superintendent and those who collected tolls were called Sankofa gates.

The narrative bovis were accountants and tax collectors at the Nardo level and sometimes function describes. The knowledge amigas were officers who organized and maintained defense. At the Nardo level, the prabho constituted a group of elite people drawn together to witness land grants and demarcation of land boundaries. The governors who appear most often in inscriptions were the backbone of medieval polity of the southern karnataka region.

They were landlords and local elite whom the state utilized their services to collect taxes, maintain records of land ownership, bear witness to grants and transactions, and even raise militia were required. Inscriptions that specify land grants, rights and ownership were descriptive of the boundaries of demarcation using natural features such as rivers, streams, water blogs, hillocks, large boulders, layout of the village location of forts coat if any in the proximity, irrigation, canals, temples, tanks and even shrubs and large Trees also included, was the type of soil.

The crops meant to be grown and tanks or wells to be excavated for irrigation inscriptions mentioned wetland, cultivable land, forests and wasteland. There are numerous references to Hamlet’s Palli belonging to the Hunter communities who resided in them bidet Poli from the sixth century onwards. The inscriptions refer to feudal lords by the title Arase the OSIS were either Brahmins or from tribal background who controlled hereditary territories, paying periodic tribute to the king, the Ville of Valley, who will loyal bodyguards of the royalty, were fierce warriors under oath ville.

They moved with the royal family and were expected to fight for the master and be willing to lay down their lives in the process. If the king died, the valley valley were required to self-immolate on the funeral pyre of the master part three economy. The Ganga Vardy region consisted of the MAL nad region, the plains by lucy-mae and the semi mal Nant, with lower elevation and rolling hills. The main crops of the mal nad region were paddy betel leaves cardamom and pepper, and the semi mal nad region, with its lower altitude produced rice.

Millet such as rocky and corn pulses oil seats, and it was also the base for cattle farming. The plains to the east, where the flat lands fed by Kaveri, Tungabhadra and vetiver tea rivers were cultivations of sugarcane. Paddy coconut are egg, not a decker. Tata betel leaves plantain and flowers vara Ravenna, where common sources of irrigation were excavated tanks, wells, natural ponds and water bodies.

In the catchment area of dams, katha inscriptions attesting to irrigation of previously uncultivated lands seemed to indicate an expanding agrarian community. Soil types mentioned in records of black soil, Hiromi Nia in the Sint 8000 territory and two red soil care. Bhaiya manu cultivated land was of three types: wetland dry, land and, to a lesser extent, garden land with paddy being the dominant crop of the region.

Wetlands were called Kalani gold near Manu or near Ponyo, and was specifically used to denote patio land requiring standing water. The fact that pasture all economies were spread throughout Ganga Vardi region comes from references to cowards. In many inscriptions, the terms go: Sahasra a thousand cows gasps, Sara owner of cows, go saucy. Donor of cows, go deep coward s, go sosser protector of cows.

A test to this inscriptions indicates. Ownership of cows may have been as important as cultivable land and that the may have existed a social hierarchy based on this inscriptions mentioned cattle raids attesting to the importance of the pastoral economy, destructive raids, assaults on women, pen, derrida, ankle abduction of women by Baris and To drives all of which indicated the existing militarism of the age lands that were exempt from taxes were called manye and sometimes consisted of several villages.

They were granted by local chieftains without any reference to the overlord indicating a decentralized economy. These lands, often given two heroes, who perished in the line of duty, were called by Lori T or Khalid. When such a grant was made for the maintenance of temples at the time of consecration, it was called till ret. Some types of taxes on income were carrot or and Takara internal taxes, but Kota gifts due to the king.

Here any cash payments and suleka tolls and duties on imported items. Taxes were collected from those who held the right to cultivate land, even if the land was not actually cultivated. Sit higher was a local tax levied on agriculture and PHA. Tandy was a tax levied on merchandised by the local feudal ruler, based on context pot on D. Also meant one-tenth, a de la vie meant 1/5 and a la la vie meant 1/7 nanda.

Dere literally meant land tax and was levied together with shepherds tax karrimba dear payable to the chief of shepherds, barga meant a portion or share of the produce from land. All the land area itself, minor taxes such as curtir, due to the landlords and SAAM a third ear raised by the army offices. All samantha are mentioned in addition to taxes for maintenance of the local offices. Retinue villages were obligated to feed armies on the march to and from battles devata or near Avari.

Taxes comprised usually have a percentage of the produce and was collected for constructing irrigation tanks. Part four culture part four culture chapter, one religion, the Western Ganga’s gave patronage to all the major religions of the time Jainism and the Hindu sects of shaivism Vedic brahminism innovation of ISM. However, scholars have argued that not all Ganga’s kings may have given equal priority to all the faiths.

Some historians believe that the gangers were ardent genes. However, inscriptions contradict this by providing references to colonic, has stone shaver, ascetics, passive Peters and loci haters followers of past petha doctrine who flourished in Ganga Vardy, indicating that I’ve ism was also popular King, Madhav and Hariyama were devoted to Chara’s and Brahmans king Vishnu Gopal was A devout evasion, alpha mat, harver ii, I s and a Vanitas inscriptions described lavish endowments to join orders and temples and king Dervin ii to performed vedic sacrifices, prompting historians to claim he was a hindu Jainism became popular in the dynasty in the eighth century when the Ruler, King Shiva Mara, I constructed numerous Jain bath Sardis King Butyrka ii and ministers.

Chavin daria were staunch Jains, which is evident from the construction of the gummitch war. A monolith Jane’s worshipped there 24 tilt hang cars Jonah’s whose images were consecrated in their temples. The worship of the footprint of spiritual leaders, such as those if bad robber, who in shravanabelagola from the tenth century, has considered a parallel to Buddhism. Some Brahminical influences a scene in the consecration of the go nuts war, a monolith which is the statue of Bahubali.

The son of tert hanker add another just as hindus worshipped the sons of shiva the worship of subordinate deities such as yaksa and yak, see earlier considered as mere attendants of the turret hang. Cars were seen from the seventh century to the 12th century. Vedic brahminism was popular in the 6th and 7th centuries when inscriptions refer to grants made to schrott area brahmins. These inscriptions also describe the Kotra lineage affiliation, two royal families and their adherents of such vedic rituals as ass were met.

Her horse sacrifice and he Rani a gardener, Brahmins and kings enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. Rituals performed by the Brahmins gave a legitimacy to kings and the land grants made by kings to Brahmins, elevated them in society to the level of wealthy landowners. Evasion of ism, however, maintained a low profile and not many inscriptions describe grunts towards its cause. Some Vaishnavi temples were built by the Ganga, such as the Narayana Swamy temples at Nanjing, lute satyr and hang gala in modern Mysore district.

The deity Vishnu was depicted with four arms holding a conch Sanga discus carrot, mace Garda and Lotus Padma from the beginning of the eighth century, patronage to Shive ISM increased in every section of the society, the landed elite, landlords, Assemblies, Sameach, schools of learning, Agri, tourism and Mine ruling families such as the Banat Nolan banjaluka clans, the shaver temples contained shiva linga phallus in the sanctum sanctorum, along with images of the mother, goddess tsuya, Sun, God and Nandi a bull and attendant of Shiva, which was normally an shrined in a separate pavilion facing The sanctum the Linga, was man-made and, in some cases, had edgings of garni party son of Shiva and Parvati consort and wife of Shiva on it.

Due to the vigorous efforts of priests and ascetics shave, a monastic orders flourished in many places, such as Nandi Hills, Avani and her bata in modern cola. District part four culture chapter to society, the Western Ganga Society in many ways reflected the emerging religious, political and cultural developments. Of those times, women became active in local administration because Ganga Kings distributed territorial responsibility to their queens, such as the feudal queen para abaya, RRC of Conda and the queens of King Street pro-russia, Butyrka ii and feudal king panade ii.

Inheritance of fiscal and administrative responsibilities. By the son-in-law, the wife or by the daughter is evident. The position of Prime Minister of King era, ganga ii and position of nell govinda local land Lord bestowed upon Jackie ape the wife of a fallen hero were examples when Jackie a buck to a certain season. Her daughter inherited the position the David D’Arcy system, Suhel or court has on in temples, was prevalent and was modeled after the structures in the royal palace contemporaneous literature’s such a Vardar retain makes a mention of the chief queen Durrani Maha Devi, accompanied by lower ranking queens Arase yodel and courtesans of the women’s Royal quarter, Pandarus sada sulla Huggle, some of the courtesans and concubines employed in the harem of the kings and chieftains were well respected.

Examples being nand of at whose instance, a local chief Maitland, grant to a giant temple education in the royal family, was closely supervised and included such subjects as political science, elephant and horse riding archery, medicine, poetry, grammar drama, literature, dance, singing and juice of musical instruments. Brahmins enjoyed an influential position in society and were exempt from certain taxes and customs do on land.

In turn, they managed public affairs such as teaching local judiciary function, as trustees and bankers, managed schools, temples, irrigation tanks, rest houses, collected taxes due from villages and raised money from public subscriptions by virtue of a Hindu belief that killing of a Brahmin from a hate you Was a sinned capital punishment was not applicable to them. Upper caste kshatriyas sat Kshatriya were also exempt from capital punishment due to their higher position in the caste system, severe crimes committed were punishable by a severing of a foot draw hand.

Contemporary literary sources reveal up to 10 castes in the Hindu caste system 3 among Kshatriya 3 among Brahmin 2 among Vaishya and 2 among Shudras family laws, permitted a wife or daughter or surviving relatives of a deceased person to claim properties such as his home land, grained Money, etc, if there were no male heirs, if no claimants to the property existed, the state took possession of these properties as Dharma dear charitable asset into cased, marriage, child marriage, marriage of a boy to maternal uncle’s, daughter, swayamvara, marriage, where the bride Garland’s her choice of A groom from among many aspirants Wirral in vogue, memorials containing hero’s stones vehicle were erected for fallen heroes and the concerned family received monetary aid for maintenance of the memorial.

The presence of numerous malice articles or mastico hero stones for a woman who accepted ritual death upon the demise of her husband indicates the popularity of Sarty among royalty ritual death by Sal Khanna and by Julis Ahmadi, drowning in water, were also practiced. Popular clothing among men was the use of two unrestricted garments at her tea as a lower garment and a plain cloth as up a garment.

While women wore series with stitched, petticoats turbans were popular with men of higher standing and people used, umbrellas made with bamboo or EADS ornaments were popular among men and women, and even elephants and horses were decorated. Men wore finger rings, necklaces on is Sara and Onagawa Sara bracelets cardigan and wristlets caft kina women wore Ono’s, jewel, bata nose, ring muga, tea, bangles bail or can kana and various types of necklaces on Nagant.

Sarah and katie sutra during leisure men amused themselves with horse riding reading wrestling bouts, cock fights and rama fights. There existed a large and well organized network of schools for imparting higher education and fees. Schools were known by various names such as Agra’s, rheticus, brahma, puri or mother inscriptions mentioned schools of higher education at Salo to G Bala Garvey to lagoon de I whole a Rasik here and other places, part four culture: chapter three literature, the Western Ganga roll was a Period of brisk literary activity in Sanskrit and Cam Dada, though many of the writings are now considered extinct and known only from references made to them.

Chavin de reyes, writing, chavin, Daria, piranha or Trish Tillich. Animal a piranha of 978 C II is an early existing work in prose style in Kent Dada and contains a summary of the Sanskrit writings, a de piranha and ATAR piranha, which were written a century earlier by Jinnah Cena and going to be harder during the rule Of rashtrakuta mo Guevara, I, the prose composed in a lucid can Dada was mainly meant for the common man and avoided any reference to complicated elements of Jain doctrines and philosophy.

His writings seemed to be influenced by the writings of his predecessor, adi-kavaye Pampa and contemporary Ranna. The work narrates, the legends of a total of 63 giant proponents, including 24 Jain, told hanker 12, Chakravarti, 9 bali-ba, hydrous, 9 narayana, Xand, 9 pratt and Ariana’s. The earliest postulated can’t doubt a writer from this dynasty is King Dervin eater of the 6th century. Cavalry Jamaica of 850 C II refers to a der Vinita as an early writer of can’t doubt a prose around 900 C II going to Varma I offered the canned outta works, shudder, akka and arrived, I’m sure his writings are considered extinct, but references to these writings Are found in later years he is known to have been patronized by King Aragon, Juanita Marga ii in shudder akka.

He has favorably compared his patron to King shudder akka of ancient times. The great can doubt a poet Ranna was patronized by shavod aria in his early literary days, Ranas classic Perisher Amish write is considered a eulogy of his patron who held such titles as Samara, Parasurama Naga Varma. I a Brahman scholar who came from vendian modern Andhra Pradesh late 10th century was also patronized by shavon Daria.

He wrote Chandan booty ocean of prosody addressed to his wife. This is considered the earliest available, can’t doubt arriving in prosody. He also wrote one of the earliest available romance classics in Kent daughter called Karnataka kadambari in sweet and flowing shampoo, mixed verse and prose style. It is based on an earlier romantic work in Sanskrit by poet banner and is popular among critics gadget talker hundred verses on elephants, a rare can doubt a work on elephant management was written by King, Shiva Mara, the second around 800 see.

But this work is now considered extinct. Other writers, such as Mona Sita and Chandra Pajaro, were known to be popular in the tenth century. In an age of classical Sanskrit literature, matt harvey the second brother of King Vishnu, go /, wrote a treatise darkus sutra vritti, which was based on an earlier work on erotics by a writer called dar talker, a Sanskrit version of vadik aether, a commentary on PA fire.

Fest grammar called sabda Vitara and a commentary on the fifteenth chapter of a sanskrit work called karat. Our janilla by poet, / avi, who was in der Veen at escort, are ascribed to der Vinita kingship amare ii is known to have written gadge, amar kalpana, henna sina. Also known as vidyadhara Anan Jaya, authored rag out of a panda via a narration of the stories of Rama and the Pandavas simultaneously through puns guy, our kintamani and Chaitra Shah Domini, which were based on poet, baños work, kadambari were written by Hennis and a scoop of A deep are similar in prose style and shave and are a wrote, traitorous era, part four culture chapter four architecture: the Western Ganga style of architecture, was influenced by the pallava and badami chalukyas architectural features in addition to indigenous jain features the Ganga pillars with a conventional Lion at the base and a circular shaft of the pillar on its head, the stepped vimana of the shrine, with horizontal moldings and square pillars, were features inherited from the pelvis.

These features are also found in structures built by their subordinates, the banners and no lambis the monolith of gomad shuara, commissioned by shavon daria, is considered to the high point of the ganga sculptural contribution in ancient ken attacker carved from fine grained white granite. The image stands on a lotus: it has no support up to the thighs and is 60 feet. 18 metres tall, with the face measuring 6.

5 feet: 2.0 meters, with the serene expression on the face of the image it’s curled hair with graceful locks. It’s proportional Anatomy, the monolith size and the combination of its artistry and craftsmanship have led it to be called the mightiest achievement in sculptural art in medieval Karnataka. It is the largest monolithic statue in the world. Their freestanding pill is called mohist hampered or promised hampered are also considered a unique examples of which are the brahmadev, a pillar and tire guard brahmadev, a pillar at the top of the pillar, whose shaft, cylindrical or octagonal is decorated with creepers and other floral motifs is The seated Brahma and the base of the pillar normally has engravings of important joint personalities and inscriptions.

Other important contributions are the Jain bath sadhus, whose towers have gradually receding stories, talus ornamented, with small models of temples. These tiny shrines have in the main, graving zuv. Tert. Hang cars giant, Saints, semi, circular windows connect, the shrines and decorative kurta maka demon faces are used at the top. The shaven darayya basilar D, built in the 10th or 11th century Chandragupta basmati built in the 6th century and the monolithic of Kermit’s war of 982 are the most important monuments at shravanabelagola.

Some features were added to the Chandragupta base, rd by famous Hoysala sculpted, a soldier in the 12th century, the decorative door, jambs and perforated screen windows which depict scenes from the life of king Chandragupta. Maurya are known to be his creation. The Panch are kuta baths odd. Yet cambered a Hali five towered Jen temple of about 900 with a brahmadeva pillar, is an excellent example of Dravidian art.

The role niches here are surrounded by tor anna lintel, with carvings of floral motifs flying divine creatures, gand harver and imaginary monsters. Mark ARA written by Y axis attendance of sense, while villages are occupied by images of tert, hang cars themselves. The gang has built many Hindu temples with impressive Dravidian gam puris, containing stucco figures from the Hindu Pantheon decorated, pierced screen windows which are featured in the man tapa a Hall along with SAP tamerica carvings, seven heavenly mothers.

Some well known examples are the Eric vara temple at hole. Ella Kapil swore a temple at man, temple at color range, vara temple, it’s NARAS, a Mangala nageshwara temple at Beger and the Caryl soiree temple at a real ago. At elekid they built the morals vara temple. The Arak vara temple and the petals vara Temple, unlike the jain temples, where floral frees decoration, is common. Hindu temples were distinguished by freezes, slab of stone with decorative sculptures, illustrating episodes from the epics and pureness.

Another unique legacy of the gangers are the number of vehicle hero stones. They have left behind memorials containing sculptural details in relief of war scenes Hindu, deities sapped, America’s giant hurt, hang cars and ritual death, such as the da dum de heroes, stone part four culture, chapter five language, the Western Ganga’s used can’t dance and scrit extensively as their Language of administration, some of their inscriptions, are also bilingual in these languages in bilingual inscription.

As the formulaic passages stating origin myths, genealogies titles of kings and benedictions tended to be in Sanskrit, while the actual terms of the grants, such as information on the land or village, granted its boundaries, the participation of local authorities, rights and obligations of the grantee taxes and Dues and other local concerns were in the local language. The usage of these two languages showed important changes over the centuries during the first phase, 350 to 725 Sanskrit copper plates dominated indicating the initial a sentence II of the local language as a language of administration and the fact that majority of the records from this phase Were brahma dia grants grants to Brahmin temples in the second phase, seven to five 100 lithic inscriptions in kandata, outnumbered and scrit copper plates consistent with the patronage canned data received from rich and illiterate Jane’s, who used canned daughter as their medium to spread the joint faith.

Recent excavations at tombola, near Mysore, have revealed a set of early copper plate. Bilingual inscriptions dated 444, the genealogy of the kings of the dynasty, as described in Sanskrit, while kandata was used to describe the boundary of the village. An interesting inscription discovered at Bengaluru near modern Bangalore that deserves mention is the epigraph dated 890 that refers to a Bengaluru War.

This is in hail, Canada old can Dada language and is the earliest mention of the name of Bangalore City. The western Ganga’s minted coins with candida and Nagari legends the most common feature on their coins, the image of an elephant on the obverse and floral petal symbols on the reverse, the can’t doubt a legend but a royal umbrella or a conch. Shell appeared on top of the elephant image. The denominations are the pagoda weighing 52 grains, the phanom waiting, one tenth or one half of the pagoda and the quarter films, part five timeline.

The template below shows the timeline of Ken attacker. Note the extent of time around seven hundred years, the Ganga kingdom flourished this recording as a derivative work from Wikipedia for more information. Please visit


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11 social media marketing tips for musicians

For what you should be doing and what you should be focusing on when trying to Get fans to your shows, pound-for-pound email is still the best online marketing Platform for promoting bands, and their shows, a good mailing list – is crucial for Building a fanbase who will buy your concert? Tickets, your merchandise, Patronize venues and buy beer when age-appropriate.

Well, this the fans Cultivated for your band newsletter is more dependable than fans on social Network follows and likes on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter, one method for getting people to sign up for your email list could be a Sweepstakes, you can give away tickets to future, shows merchandise or downloads of Music and articles, while you’re building out your email list do the same with Your SMS text list and use it don’t be as aggressive as with your email.

Marketing, though, perhaps send out a text before your next event, maybe a week Before and then maybe a day before and be sure you segment your SMS text list, By area codes and use that appropriately so you’re, not spamming fans in Kansas, About your next show in Kentucky in some large metro areas, there shows all over The city on any given day or night, don’t price yourself out of that market during The last South by Southwest Conference in Austin live nation labs reveal that They have commissioned studies which concluded that the ticket price and the Associated fees and taxes is the number one reason why fans decide on attending Live shows or not you’re, building an audience here and many folks in Attendance are taking a risk on a band that they’ve never heard of before make It worth their while you might have to take a hit early on.

While you build your Brand, but if they like you, they might buy your seat. Or other merchandise after the show plenty of your fans will say: they’re Coming to your show, but those who have pre purchased a ticket definitely will And even if they don’t you’ve already earned the revenue from the unused Ticket look for ways to encourage fans to buy tickets sooner if you’re needing To drive sales in a more predictable manner, one technique may be to offer the First, 50 ticket buyers a chance to go to the venue early on the day of the show.

And meet the band for autographs during sound check, don’t reveal who the first 50 are until you sold the first 150 250 or 500 tickets, or not a particular date. And time another technique would be to bundle the tickets with free downloads, Of your latest release, but only award the free downloads to the first 500 Ticket buyers, I think you get the point here. Just get creative and check with a Lawyer within the contest that you run because you can get yourself into Trouble fast with the FTC and not even know it assume the people you’re Promoting to have never heard of your band before when you’re writing your Description about your gig be accurate and current and better yet send a link.

To a article photos, reviews or EPK with tracks that they can sample, don’t be Afraid to find your audience from Twitter YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Accounts of similar bands talk directly to the fans of the music that is similar To yours and be responsible for being the one who starts a relationship, you Can also connect with fans in the comments sections of online music blogs. And magazines, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You already have your love of music In common and fans, absolutely love connecting with artists post your events and invite people no More than two weeks before the show date on Facebook too early, then people Completely forget repost new info about the event a week out three days out and On the morning of your event, find fans on Instagram and Twitter and ask them to Repost and retweet your posts using a hashtag with the name of your band Trending Twitter hashtags can make the front page of Google so mastering Twitter and contemporarily boost your organic SEO, which can in turn have a Permanent positive impact on your search rankings, while most of your Facebook Work should be done well in advance.

Twitter and Instagram are best use. Just A couple of days before the show and definitely the night before in the day, Of the show also make sure the venues you’re playing are promoting the show on Their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook YouTube tik-tok, snapchat blog tumblr, AOL Compuserve Friendster myspace geo cities and probably their dog store pages as Well, let’s be honest: Facebook has at best flatlined and at worst and most Likely it’s on its way out, but it’s still too big to ignore.

There are Several companies who can create a customized Facebook page for your band, I’ve used page modo and wildfire with great success in the past. If you like to Get your hands dirty and code yourself. You can build your own solution, though. Just start at the Facebook developer site: let’s get old-school now for a second, a Few weeks before your local show notify magazines and music pop culture.

Sites about your concert, these should be editorial sites like the Dallas Observer Nashville scene, the Free Press in LA and the Houston press, as well as websites Devoted to local event listings like guide, live bands in town and eventful Send them a very brief, well-written description of the show, a list of Notable shows that you’ve played in the past links to positive reviews. Impressive web traffic numbers that the band has had on their own website in on Social media accounts and a web ready search engine optimized image of the Band only submit the websites that list shows that are similar to the genre of Music, that you’re being plays, there’s no point in wasting your time.

If you know You’re not going to get listed on the site now. None of this is hard, but there Are no quick solutions either you ever heard of elbow grease, get it out because You’re going to need it everything that I’ve mentioned in this List is based upon organic online marketing techniques. It’s all online Marketing one on one to anyone who is savvy to SEO social media or other kinds. Of internet marketing with that said, it only works when you stick to it.

Build Your audience and cultivate your relationships with your fans. If you Don’t believe me look at the fans who have followed East Texas, indie rockers Eisley around the world on and offline, you can also ask decades-old members of The KISS Army, gene and Paul realized how important steady organic growth of their Fan base was to building a career in music long before the internet was Around approached local radio and TV stations about doing spots on the air The day of your shows approached local newspapers and offer interviews of the Band to be printed the day before the show they’re going to be told.

No thank You 999 times out of a thousand, but there’s nothing equal to getting local Coverage in a market that not only opens you up to thousands of potential fans, But it gives your bands brand instant credibility, assuming that the interview Goes well now, I want to know what you think, so I can create the kind of Content that you want to see leave a comment for me or let me know what Questions you have, I check them every day and I’ll be quick to get you a Response, I honestly appreciate you reading and I’ll see you in the next article


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How to increase Instagram followers in 2020 | Grow Instagram | Ronak blog

Today’s article is really special for me today. Also I’m going to share my screen with you, because already by the title, you have idea that what I am going to talk about, it’s all about Instagram. Most of the people, they say that you have to do this kind of stuff. You have to do these things. Then you will win at Instagram. You will have a huge number of follow ups, but do you seriously thinks that do they things matter for you? Have you tested them? I mean I’m running Instagram my since last year, I am, I have been growing over 10,000 followers or the over the last six months.

Only if I can do that, then anyone can do that. It’s not a big thing, but I have tested a lot of things as you are my audience that I have tested many things on you, whether it’s my stories, whether it’s my podcast, whether it is different type of tweets or whether it’s different type of quantity, post Or whether it’s my personal pink thing that everything that was a tasting point of view to understand how actually Instagram was so right now at this stage, I have got a clear idea that at least I have clear data that how you should look at the sternum Or what type of matrix you should look at the Instagram, because lot of articles are available there? They will tell you that you have to do this thing.

Go. Do this thing have a higher rate of engagement and you will have get everything you want. You will grow your follower or Knight, but this is not something that really matters. There are some metrics that you have to lose. There are different types of content you have to put. You have to test a lot of things type personally, for my all, the international clients I work specifically, there are some clients they wanted to grow their Instagram, so I consult them.

I help them to grow their their Instagram, so I’ve been testing a lot of things. So today’s article is all about the Instagram. How I have been doing everything that Lyndell passed a 6 month, the the actual metrics you should look at, then you can decide when you have to post or the venue how to put a different type of content. So you will get a clear idea about it. So we are not going to waste any more of time.

It’s just like summarization of whatever I did in the last over the year. So you will get an idea that basic idea that what matter you should look at how you should should be posting. How often should be posting, how you trigger that emotion, all these things, some a turn like whether it’s psychology, obviously I also play with the psychology of people, psychology or cycle objects larger of the audience actually.

So, ultimately, unless we trigger that emotion, we cannot get them to your profiles or get them to follow them, get them to follow you. So when you have to do it, you have to look at the matrix whether how much were account reach as to the audience people. So ultimately, what happens when you post something it shows to the five to ten percent of your audience if they like on the engage on their post, then that it goes to their explore, plays explore place to the story places then they’re, showing to start showing to Your hashtag and different I come so I’m not going into deep into it.

Obviously I have but deep knowledge about it. That’s why I work with the international clients and I have been getting a good result for it, so I’m going to show you a basic matrix that you should look at if that, no one, no one, maybe you will see this all type of content. The first time – but I really want to share this because I have seen like whether it’s my books around France or book reader friends, they have been struggling a lot of to get ultimately follows base or growing their blog.

So this is what I’m going to share it, so we are not going to waste any more time, will directly go into the my screen and have a look at it from that. I am really talking we are talking about so I have created some like. I have out of that 200 L. 200 post. I have selected this much for this only post, because I cannot make the article more longer. Even I don’t want to make it more longer more than 20 20 minutes.

So I had chosen some of the examples that I tested and I wanted to show you that the results – that’s pretty horrible, so let let me just start so. This is the first image where I posted about to myself in the few few weeks. Back about the I went on a trade, can I post on this image? You can see that the like, where around 500 likes. So this is what I really wanted to talk about, so the interaction where only 10 when the profile visit our spend the disk or is quite less because that was not that that was a good pic, but that won’t like that’s what is not something that will Went viral so even out of that 27 people we’re not for wearing following me, but you can see that even if the vh is 500, I got that out of nine zero zero and I converted 22 into follows like if you, if you have a business account, You can have all the metrics, you can look at it see.

The impression is 1000 around you in the from home from hash tag every step. This is pretty normal post. It’s not something that big or huge enough, but this is just a basic where I posted about myself and when I was talking about myself. The second, because this I posted about the podcast they’re like we’re fairly low, because obviously forecast is not something that big enough. So I don’t think that most of the people will understand it, but the matrix, even the matrix, is really really low.

You can see that 22 profile receives when the one website click out of that pose to eat you to quite beginner climb into 1000 peoples. Out of that 30 percent, where in following me, but out of that I converted into two followers now you can see the different type of content. What works? What not! But here the hashtag rage is good, very good, see next one. This is the trending post like if you have see you have seen this post a lot of time about the LinkedIn Facebook Instagram tinder, so the even the like is quite good enough, but this is what I wanted to show see that profile visit.

I got out of this from the hashtag or the film is 19, the post, which around 1000 people out of that 47 people weren’t following me, but see this number 10 followers I caught out of this 10 followers, and the reach is quite good. Impression is quite good, but I got 10 followers. I mean this is how I able to scale my everything like when I, when I test two different types of graphics when I tried to test trending post.

So this is what I look at. I got out of it only 10 followers, so it’s a good either post, trending top, which is always to go with the trend, and you can get a lot of followers. This is the latest post. I mean you have seen the books. You should read in the the fairly good likes, but see this. There were only system interaction ports to reach a very low, even the it out of that 8 % where in following, because most of the people have saved this post.

Out of my, like my followers, but seek this number out of that, I got like this. Screenshot is within the one or two are after posted. I pick so after that, even like in less than 24 hours. This is something I want to talk about. Like I got all those 27, I mean that’s a good number to look at it out of when I post something. So this is another post where I posted a caption, really really good caption.

If you have not seen that caption go and read that caption, so you will understand so fairly good likes got it. The post went good and out of this like from the hashtag, it was 500, but I got 19 follows 90, follows 21 profile visit and out of that 22 website collects I mean that’s a good. If you are converting a product, if you’re selling something, then you should type your own picture, or you should talk about your something that is more important for the audience by this.

You will get a lot of following this. This something like will straight a long back. Something I came across funny because I wanted to test how a maim or how a humour posed to works on the Instagram, and this works really good. I mean this is my first trial when I did at that time. So at that time I fellow follower count was very low. I guess I I was around only five to six thousand photos. I guess if I’m not wrong, but the follows out of that likes.

I get value, but look at these numbers. This poll – I I took this screen sorter at that time, so I can see you I can you can see the results you created it quite low, also but out of the 32 percent where in following but see look at the followers I got out of that Because everyone shared that post that went viral like ultimately that post went viral for me and I’ll this is the desert. I got out of that only post.

If I go into insights, I caught profile visit 1700. Around put, I got follows out of that. Converted. 172. I mean if you make something shareable content. If you make something that people love, if you make something that people can relate to, then you get a huge number, here’s something or dear future. This is something I returned a long time back. I don’t know my second or third year of my college, about talking about the few, how I look at my future wife.

So this is also went viral. You can see that the likes are pretty high, see these numbers, I mean literally. I got shocked up to show up for this thing this this supposed to after this post. I deceived around 7,000 profile visits. I mean if you write something good. If you write something relatable ten, you get a lot of things like see this number. I got two values: it’s seven thousand and that’s a pretty huge as compared to all the things and out of that I converted 72, the obviously it’s not dyed, but this is how I able to grow my icon.

So this is the latest post about the book review, so I am targeting every other factor like how book review post works, how were humor post walls, so we are talking about everything. This is a book review where I post Raider inside of the book everything you want to know about the book and why this book is important, see this. This is a quite low. After, like less than three hours I took this picture.

I just took the screenshot so profile visited, I got only 19th, but the followers I got converted into two and reach, and you can say the impression I mean you can go with the your own post also. So this is something I really wanted to talk about when you look at this matrix. This is the real matrix. You should take consideration when you are doing something posting now. You have a better idea that what kind of post you should do I mean now.

You have a clear idea what you can do with this: what type of content you should post on Instagram? How you should you can target your audience so hope you find this helpful, because this is the real matrix I see when I am growing the profile. Obviously, the other matrix are how many sales are there. How many shares are there how many hashtag is used and all other things? I will talk about that later.

If you want that topic, put comment in the description that you wanted. You want more details about that. How I look at it? How I, how I see so it’s not only about Instagram, I destroyed LinkedIn, I tested Facebook. I tested everything. Even I tested run running ads also, so this is something I came across that I have shared only like four. I insist it post on you, but I do have a lot of case studies that I can go on and on on and on, but you’ll get bored.

So I don’t want it. So this is some of the metrics that you should look when you’re making something. So that’s all for I guess today’s article, you hope you have enjoyed this


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3 Quick Tips For Your Insurance Website

I’ve been working with clients all day today on their websites and their marketing and I’ve been noticing some consistent themes that I’ve been helping. My clients through, and I want to just share those with you. So I want to shoot a quick article. It’s really simple! I’r going to give you three quick tips for your insurance website. Okay, so the first tip I want to focus in on is speed.

Alright, so that first important part is speed. Now we’re going to throw up a link on the screen, and it’s also in the description of this article, where you can go. Do Google speed tests all right on your website? All you do is go to that link you put in your URL and it’ll. Give you sort of a rating of one to a hundred on your mobile version and your desktop version. Okay, your website speed is incredibly important.

Okay, there’s a couple reasons: why one it’s going to drastically increase your costs on your marketing efforts if you’re driving website traffic tooth to the page, your Google, if you’re doing, search engine optimization, it’s going to hurt your SEO if you’re doing paid ads, it’s going to Hurt your cost per conversion because people are going to balance instead of actually convert. It’s a very costly mistake, and typically it’s not that hard to fix some people just don’t know that they have a slow website.

So if you go to this link, you type in your URL it’ll give you a rating out of 100 10. If you are looking at that number and it’s red or yellow it’s time for you to make some changes on on that site, speed and do what you can to increase that site, speed right. One of the things that I also want to go through and from a second-place is to make sure that your website is secure. Okay, now this is there’s a lot of you know things that secure could mean, but there’s one specific version that I want to kind of make sure that you’re aware of right.

So if you go to Google Chrome and you type in your URL and you go to your website on the top left, it’ll say not secure if it’s not secure, so if you put in your Google URL, it says not secure. That is a problem. That’s your SSL certification. You need to get that fixed, because Google is starting to highly highly reward secure websites over non secure websites. Also, it hurts all of your paid advertising, etc.

So if you know some people, don’t really know what that is or what that means. But if you see that little not secure before your URL in the search bar of Google, Chrome, you’re you’re in deep trouble, you need to do what you can to fix that. If you need help, we would love to help you out with that. It’s not rocket science to fix, but you could reach out to us and we can kind of talk through it all right.

So that’s the main thing I want to talk about unsecure. The third thing I want to go through is mobile friendly. This is where I’m going to spend a little bit of time on this article, all right, mobile friendly now everybody knows their website needs to be mobile friendly, but is your website mobile, friendly, okay? So we’re going to put a link in the description? That’s Google’s mobile-friendly test and what you need to do is go to that URL put in your website and it’ll give you different versions of different windows to determine.

If your website is mobile-friendly it’ll, give you a rating, etc. Mobile-Friendly is super important. Okay. The reason it’s important is, I just want to walk you through one of my clients, visuals on their Google Analytics to show you what I’m talking about. Okay. So in this, in this image that you’re looking at you’re, what you’re looking at is a 30-day view of one of my clients, websites, obviously not going to share who it is, but they happen to be doing Medicare and Medicare submariners etcetera.

So you would typically think that that’s an older demographic, so these numbers may shock you. It is still a highly a majority of their traffic is mobile as opposed to desktop. So if you look at this in the last 30 days, they’ve had 566 people actually go to their website and check out their services and look at their plans, etc. This is a Medicare, client, okay and they still had a majority 52 % of their website.

Traffic was a mobile, friendly, 40 % was desktop and then tablets was was, let’s see, 8 percent now tablets obviously are like iPads and Chromebooks, etc. Okay, now, what I want to do also is walk through these other columns that you’re that you’re looking at okay. So the next column over is new users. So what you want to look at is you want to make sure that those users are new, because that’s what we’re doing with our marketing efforts? You want new people on our website, not just the exact same people going in over and over / right, but what I want to focus in on is the next column over past sessions, where it says bounce rate on the behavior section.

Okay, if you look at their average bounce rate, it’s 56 percent for these last 30 days, I will tell you that the bounce rate range of being safe is anywhere from forty to sixty percent. I would consider forty percent in a + and sixty percent C. Okay. It’s hard to influence the bounce rate it takes time, but really all the bounce rate means is, is how many individuals came to our website landing page and then bounced out without going through further pages.

So if you’ll notice, the mobile traffic and the desktop traffic have different bounce rates, okay, so the mobile bounce rate was 63 percent, while the desktop bounce rate was 48 percent. What that means is, is that always tells us that when people are looking for googling and googling terms and shopping on their phone, they are very interested in quick responses on their phone, because they’re just going to close out the app or whatever the web browser and Go to something else or back out or whatever so your site, speed and being mobile-friendly is incredibly important and here’s numbers that prove it, and this is actually a very large local medicare agency in the southeast of the country.

Right, you’ll also notice that the average session duration on the far right is vastly different between desktop and mobile right. You’ve got one minute on average of this client that I’m sorry this website is the average duration of the session is one minute on mobile versus three minutes on desktop. So this is telling us that this client really needs to work on their site, speed and their mobile version of their website big time, because clients are going to their website on their desktop and they’re.

Not spending or they’re spending way more time with a desktop than they are on their mobile. These are some red flags we can start working on. This is some of the things that we need to start working on together to improve our overall website engagement rate along with lead flow on this particular client. What was you know, frustrated with the amount of lead that they’re getting from their website, and so we just went to some of these places I showed him comment was going on and now we have an action plan to do that right.

So the main thing I want you guys to really follow through with is those things right: speed, security and mobile friendly. Alright, I hope this article was able to help you guys out. If you get stuck in any of these issues that you don’t really know what to do, you know reach out to us. The courage of marketing is built to help you with these things we do consulting. We do web development, everything and also just for a word of encouragement.

Typically in the industry, people are redesigning their website every four to five to six years, anyways. So a lot of times. These issues can be solved just by redesigning a website, because it’s just time to do so. Your website should be a living breathing thing that you want to reinvest in constantly and it is very standard to be redesigned an entire new website every five to six years. So thanks for your time guys, I appreciate your attention and I hope this helps you guys be successful in your passive lead flow through your website.


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Does Email Marketing Work? – How YOU Can Make Money With Email Marketing in 2018

I know a lot of people bash on email, marketing, sex and there are some things that suck about it.

When it’s just boring, you know people, I tend to gloss over emails all the time. Unless I get somebody who I’ve like looked at their stuff before – and I know it’s going to be valuable – I tend to just scroll right by and maybe you’re in the same boat. But if we’re in affiliate marketing, we want people to open that email. We want people to click the offers that we have in those emails, so it’s important that we make sure to do this alright.

So how can we do that right? Well, that’s what we’re going to do in this article! So, looking over my notes here and one of the most important things that you can do with affiliate marketing and email marketing – and I just on Google here we’re going to we’re going to Google email marketing we’re going to we’re going to figure this out right now. Okay, it’s going to be a ten hour, article ten hour course email marketing.

I hope you guys brought your popcorn we’re just going to go right into it. I’r just messing with you guys we’re actually going to abandon this. I just open Google just for fun. So what we’re going to do here is I’ve got you know what does this get response open here and I blanked this out just because you know whatever privacy and I wanted to show you guys this one is really cool. I know if you’re using MailChimp, you don’t get this if you’re using Aweber, you don’t necessarily get this.

This is very powerful. I like get response for this reason. You can create sequences and automation, automation, sequences and you can also create flows. So it’s very good. It’s very useful, I’m a visual person, so I like being able to see everything. So it’s super important now the key is to look at this from a big scale right. You look at something like this. Your your your user, your buyer, whoever’s on your list, looks at this and they go I’m bored right and that’s totally fine, totally understandable in this day and age, we’re very visual.

We need, we need stimulus. We need something right in words. Just they don’t do you? Justice sometimes so the first thing number one step number one rule number one don’t talk about rule number one, but the first rule is going to be. We want to diversify the content in the emails and what I mean is essentially we don’t want to just send text emails cuz that gets boring they’re, going to see your name they’re, going to see our email and they’re going to be like yeah, yeah nah.

Don’t care and then your stuff doesn’t get read. You know the first one. The gas is like a huge opening, writes and then it just steadily declines because people get bored and that’s fine. So here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to diversify the content and what that means is pretty much we’re going to switch it up. We’re going to have some. You know the Welcome, that’s just text sure and then, let’s see number two.

Let’s say you know: email number, two, whatever. Maybe we waited a switch it up by day two. Maybe we do let’s say a article. We linked out to a article on YouTube. We go ahead, you know stoked to have you learn whatever you trying to think. Let’s get specific, let’s get specific on a niche. Okay, let’s say we’re doing. You know birthday party supplies right like house, you know that was a terrible niche.

I can’t even think of anything. Oh man, okay, let’s say we go into loan advice like like. Oh you great to have you, you know, checking out loan. Alright, I’m going to quit, be asking you guys, I’m I I do have some in law of attraction. So I’m just going to talk about what I know. I think this will work better for all of us here, so a lot of attraction. For example. What I do is you know the first one that welcome, and then I lead them with a little bit of bait at the bottom, and I go, you know so excited to have you.

You know start your journey. You know be on the lookout for for the upcoming emails for our upcoming. You know, updates on tips or whatever. It is just kind of something something to get them to consider the possibility that we’re going to send them more emails. So that opens the door you want to have the door open, because if you shut the door on that first email and you go – you know great to have you here thanks for signing up, but you don’t do anything with it.

They’re like okay – and they forget about you, but if you, oh hey, you know be on the lookout for our upcoming emails or we’re going to be sending you even more tips this week and they’ll. Don’t know to expect you and that’s very important so make sure they keep that in mind. Now, with the variety let’s say, we send them to a article. We go. We go hey on on your journey on your journey to self-discovery, and your journey of you know, starting to attract more things into your life, more positive things into your life.

I found this article that I wanted to share with you that has to do with the law of attraction. Let’s say, and then they you know it’s it, one it’s relevant and two we make it sound exciting. We go. You know a lot of a lot of our a lot of our friends, a lot of a lot of my clients. A lot of my customers have been raving about this article and and how it totally shifted their perspective. You know change their lives like we kind of want to.

You know up up the up the excitement up the the enthusiasm a little bit, because we want these people to be excited to read our emails and to click our links and, if we’re just boring, why would they click your link? Why would they Hey click this article? It’s really cool, you know have a great day like garbage. We we want top tier. If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it right if we’re going to spend the time to do the emails, we got to do them right.

So it’s very important that we won’t switch it up. Do it do a article amp it up, get it get the person excited to click on the article? Why should they click on it? Give them a reason to now step number three. We can link them out to articles and as a as a two tier kind of thing, we can link them to articles that may be on your website. Let’s say you have a very specific niche website and you have an article and then at the bottom of the article.

Let’s say you have a link, you know click here to learn more and let’s say that link goes to your affiliate sales page or something like that. You know the article page even better. We want these things to link together and become very cohesive, so where everything is just running correctly, so we can do articles, we get new articles, we can do images, we can just do like. What do you call those like an imager, imager, folder kind of thing? You know hey check out these really cool, inspiring images or check out the images that we that we added to our Facebook page.

That’s what I do you know go, give them a reason to interact with different parts of your brand. Even if it’s not your actual brand, if it’s like your Shopify brand or if it’s you’re, sorry, if it’s your affiliate marketing brand, you know – and you have a Facebook page for them – send them to that Facebook page but make it clear what the context is so Make sure that you’re saying, oh, be sure to check out our Facebook page where we just add: it’s really awesome images, you know and then give them a reason to click but switch it up.

That’s what I’m saying the whole thing is just to really give some some variety. So let’s say you send one two three right, and maybe you wait a day and then maybe you go here and and and on this one you’ll you’ll pitch them. You know your! You do value value and then let’s say let’s say we throw them a picture right and we go hey. You know. I hope you like the article from yesterday on like today today.

I wanted to share this really awesome program with you. It’s how it’s changed. It’s changed the game for so many of my clients, and you know so many clients thanked me for sharing this with them like. Have you ever felt like there’s something you’re missing out on her? You know if you’re doing a tool you can be like you ever feel. Like you just can’t figure, you know, email marketing out, you ever feel like you can’t figure out how to grow your Instagram account.

You ever feel like you’re, just missing out on on a hidden secret. Well, you’re, not alone data data, dot it up, and you you just you entice them. You make it so they want to click that link that they, by the end of the thing that they’re just like I got ta click this link. I can’t I can’t afford not to so you you, the goal here, you guys, don’t notice. Is you get better at it? As you start getting used to a niche, you get better understanding what that person on the other side wants, and that’s super key.

So you know that’s going to be the overall first tip, and I know that was super extensive and hopefully you got some notes taking on that one, because there were some nuggets in there if you didn’t, if you didn’t catch them. So I’m looking over my notes here now. The second thing, I’m going to say we’re going to say, step number: two: is you guys you guys don’t want to nuke your list and what I mean by that is, I know a lot of people who get somebody on a list and they’re like.

Oh, I didn’t sell them the first time so day, 0 welcome sure here’s your opted day, 1 pitch day 2 pitch day 3 pitch today for pitch day 5 pitch pitch pitch pitch to the point where the person that you know has his email account has either One already unsubscribed or two they’re, just not even going to bother opening your emails, are going directly to spam. So it’s very, very important that you don’t nuke your list, it’s in the pitch after pitch after pitch, because that is going to get you nowhere.

It’s going to absolutely nuke destroy, make your list or thoughts. Don’t do this or do but heat my warning, because that’s what’s going to happen now, step 3. What we’re going to go with is just a little there’s going to be a short bit you’re going to want to leave what I call little interest sprinkles at the end of each email and what I mean by that is you’re going to want to lure them. In to the next email you’re going to want to wrap up that email and be like you know, for example, if you’re doing something like meditation or just the whole law of attraction, thing you’ll end it with something like PS.

If you, if you’ve ever been one wanting to start meditating you’re, going to want to see our neck you’re going to want to check you’re going to want to be on the lookout for our next email because we’re including a surprise gift for you, you know something Like that something that gets an idea like like, oh like what could it be, you know and and then they’re going to see your email, oh the gift, you know and they it’ll it’ll kind of tie, everything together and then at the very end you know you Can be like, like Oh heads up, you know tomorrow tomorrow, going to be sharing with you this article with a really cool secret that you may not have known about blank that you may not have known about.

You know attracting wealth that you may not have known about growing your account that you may not have known about um. You know getting banned on Instagram whatever it is. You know you just figure out what that curiosity sprinkle is with that interest sprinkle and add it to the bottom, so it ties it in and they’re like you know, it’s like when you read a good show and they end on a cliffhanger and you’re, just like You’re reading you’re reading you’re reading and then it’s almost over and you’re like huh and then something happens and you’re just you’re on the edge of your seat and then all of a sudden.

It’s just credits in your sleep, no they’re really going to end it like that. Damn you know and you get all excited because you’re like dude, I got ta catch. The next episode. Like I’m, I’m invested. You know I’m curious as to what the heck they’re going to do in the next episode and you’re just you’re ready because you’re like dude. I can’t wait for this to come out. You know after after Wednesday’s episode like what’s going to happen, you know, and you you want your emails to kind of be like that.

Actually, in this book called calm secrets, Russell Brunson talks about that. You know he talks about it kind of like the the email, soap opera series or the daily Seinfeld series, I think, is what it’s called. You know it’s right here in like secret: six to eight, the or sorry seven, eight, the soap opera sequence in the daily Seinfeld sequence. Is it’s very much showing up and and the soap opera sequences is kind of like the show, and you connect your emails a bit by bit.

So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that, I highly recommend, if you’re doing marketing check out this book very very valuable, like you won’t get everything out of the first read you’re going to want to read this and have it with you. It’s like a Bible. It’s really good, so highly recommend that if you guys haven’t tried clickfunnels I’ll leave I’ll leave a trial in the description below and you guys can go check it out if you want to but yeah guys.

This is we’re going to leave this off so overall switch. It up have some variety in your emails step. Two is going to be: don’t nuke your list step. Three is going to be, have some some interest or some curiosity sprinkles at the bottom of every email. So it keeps it leading in and you’ll keep your list engaged and that’s what’s super important, so you guys got some value out of this be sure to subscribe it that red button, if you have already subscribed you talking to you you’re awesome, and I appreciate you And you can just smash that like button and both of you guys can go ahead and leave comments below and let me know what you guys want to see more of because we are taking the affiliate marketing world by storm.

We are growing, I’m doing coaching and we are killing it so be sure to join the group below also because that’s growing at a pretty fast pace. So on that note guys, you guys definitely got some value out of this and it’s been awesome and it’s been real and I will see you guys on the next one. You


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Asia Pacific Master Blogging Challenge

I have spent my entire adult life in universities on four continents. I might add that that is only a very, very small consolation with that confession. I’ve got to say that in all of my years in universities, I have never seen this morning all of these together. I have never seen anything to tell you the truth quite like what we are about to do.

It promises to be a unique, innovative, challenging spectacular. We’ve never done before we’re not quite sure. What’s going to happen, I encourage you to break out the laptop or your phones or follow along pay attention and that we’re going to try and put on a show that we are calling the asian-pacific master blogging challenge 2011. This is a first for us for the a new camera, but I think it’s probably actually at first to stop.

This is something that nobody has really tried before and we’re going to do our best to make it work and we’re delighted that all of you can join us for this challenge. So this is the first time and I’ve got to say. I’r absolutely delighted that we have four master bloggers here with us who will be struggling for. I understand for that, and any of the Australians in the audience will know that that lives, map probe a delicious Kristensen and he’s joined here by George Boleyn, Paris and the other guy, who are the three posts of Australia’s most popular television show.

And for the past couple of years, this show MasterChef has taken Australia by storm every winter, and it is, I guess, with that, show in mind’s, drawing on its potency, its popularity that we came up with this idea of a master blogging challenge millions of Australia tune In to read MasterChef it’s on pretty much every night of the week, and I should note that occasionally I can be counted among their number, so I know that the most popular part of MasterChef is something called the Mystery Box challenge.

And today, as you all saw, we we had the privilege of our Dean, professor Andrew McIntyre, unveiling our master chef and its ingredients are laid out there on the table in front of us. We have just to remind you, a map of the world in Burmese, a Southeast Asian specialist, the Ken tongs wickets, our swords with extra pineapple, some photocopy data from the deans library and, in particular, issue to know that that data is from a cool title: braising, China, Global challenges and opportunities: we have a 1985 edition of culture shock the Philippines.

We have a royal wedding, Camilla BT tower for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we, of course have an a staff of the year, so our master bloggers, drawing on that this mystery box will be encouraged to draw inspiration from at least three of those ingredients. When they’re coming up with their blogs but realizes all have to make use of the facade being part of that, there are no rules. This is no-holds-barred blog.

They are encouraged to use their creativity. Are they to really challenge themselves and challenge us with the best blogs that they can come with? So I should get down to introducing our master belong challenges fresh from the hallowed halls of Columbia University. In the United States we have East Asia forum blog wizard, dr. Shiro, Armstrong Shiro is a research fellow. We have college with expertise in economics and international finance, as well as the politics of the asia-pacific region.

He is also the co-founder of the Eastern Bloc. He brings years of lobbying experience to the table, then in the red corner we have Cynthia Stanton, whose baby diplomatic editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and a community is she’s. A veteran journalist she’s, currently completing a PhD in our College. Cynthia warns me that she has never written a blog, not so, ladies and gentlemen and Cynthia. Let’s see what she’s got we have Brando Bell.

He writes the camera column for the interpreter, which is the blog of the law institute for international policy based in Sydney. Grain was the ABC Southeast Asia. Radio correspondent in Singapore has done several stints as the camera based Foreign Affairs and defense. Correspondent for radio Australia he’s been all over the place in his very long and distinguished journalistic career, discovered the Falklands War cruising the beach in Thailand and the Philippines banking after the pro-democracy movement, and also the return of Hong Kong, China.

He blogs pretty much every week of the year, so Cynthia and Shiro read out Walker, who is the associate dean of the college of agent in the Pacific for the past ten years, he’s worked on a wide swing of issues surrounding rural development, resource management and modernization. In northern Thailand, andrew is the co-founder of the a New Zealand dollar blog and logs pretty much every day. I was down a lot of a betting shop this morning word on the street and not hoping to heat to my depression.

Is that dr., Andrew Walker? Is the favorite so again, let’s see what he’s got if you would like to follow along with us, there are plenty different ways: you can do it at this particular moment in time you can get onto the blog site a specific week. Slash challenge should do the trick. You can also get to us through the longer URL or you can load us up through Twitter, etc, etc. I’r going to be moving around the room once our master bloggers get down to business.

I’ll have a mine. I very much encourage you to ask questions, get involved, make comments. All of this is going to be happening up on with this screen. What happens other screen up here? Where there’ll be other things flicking through? You should prove to be really quite exciting, as I said to start, we’ve never done this before nobody’s ever done this before. So, let’s just see how we go master bloggers, we had a 40 minute clock.

You have your mystery box. There are a range of ingredients for you to choose from, you need to choose at least three and everybody has to use the Asahi beer. Those are the only rules. The 2011 Asian Pacific master bottle challenge starts now. Nicholson is a comment already on the blog. There is Andrew there are two comments: okay, we’ll get to the commenting they’re just about to get our started with what is going to be 40 minutes of blogging, we’re going to pull everything up on the screen here so that we can see what is going on On each of their own screens – and I should say in front of everyone that Glen LeBaron serves a special menopause, fathers weren’t getting his setup his feet of mighty wizard, and I reckon two balls.

Yes, I do. You know how really good Christians come on. Okay, it is hot and inherently tu-95ms anyone that is this. Like a desert, it doesn’t have a license, get a quick update from our four masts models. You can see what they getting out to be on the screen, the toggle, through the illustration that yeah rock words have about ushiro binary yeah, pretty good on reading its weight about. I can thank you special right hand.

You will see it as always with these things. This is actually another computer. That’s interested and I’ll bring it in time, it’s all in the way that you’ve constructed and so you’re sitting here, incredibly Remington and as I always do, and I brought over all the the cabin every and when I finished my scene, it’s a paper off to that Big blood like that Cynthia’s like okay, alright, wonderful! We look forward to to what you’re coming up with.

I see already that you’re you’re playing around with the metaphors from the mystery by where’d you get paid when you can pay by the way with you actually produce the woman’s when you get paid by the word between, I suppose now, you’re allowed to do Mexican waves. No, we need a bit of cheering my work. You’ve got to be you’ve got to get into this sort of raaaaah change. Events hey come on to the Sydney Cricket Ground, okay with the one and the four pick all the back, get to chat chickens.

Okay, so we’re kicking along we’ve got the timer set. Now it’s counting down thirty minutes to go. I’r asked the bloggers power button and think of it as a specific guidance on uploading photos with this particular blogging platform, not every blogging platforms the same. This is fine too, because there’s nothing that takes all day or a great deal of resources or extra. It can be something that can be almost done in your spare time.

Any other memories we’ve got one. I won’t give him he’s going to have something to put into the me just the city, everyone from the audience. Okay, I think the Asahi should be the top prize. Put some. So do you just have any publishers? I don’t need to do okay, so we have a question: what is flaming full and you can okay repeat help with the help of the spelling side screen we have so he has promised his old school type either side.

The side of this way ended up. There is used to be banging out short paragraphs and then up for the world to decide what you hold out short paragraphs in the whatever you’d like to do to participate in this. I think one of the nice things about Maurice that conversation Shiro has a feel the heavy wooden behind the audience is one. Oh hang on 20 minutes I’d tell him to shut up 23 minutes on the clock now, just over 22 minutes on the clock so time for our bloggers to be pulling things together.

I know that sure kicking things off his list of things, mystery box ingredients most emotional, that he gets his freedom from the mystery box, and then you also need to speak aside and be in these challenges all about stop. This was certainly not easy when you’re doing a private, a wide audience hey what was booked on. I think, what’s going on, read these people. I just want the back of the two now table of massive waters, just like Peter and Cynthia’s work Mississippi.

The first ever walk and head where Cynthia was invited to be involved in the challenge. She insisted she never done before, and I said, is he here at least wonderful news? Someone who’s ever before? I think shows that this is something which you can do do quickly. You can do for the very first time like this. How do I fight it at least one great in Healthways myself as I’ve written? When I get a lot, I find that people eat a lot of a lot of America.

He bites I do now. This is my first day of law what you know, what do I want it to be about and, and then I said well, my favorite blogs in the world around the world. The one question that I really like to our sins. He is what angry, when you’ve got this amazing choice out there for the internet, whole world or service website and new sites and writers. You know what the best riders screaming and I really listened to you know to to find out.

There were also at least of all masteries, without showing all very different. I go to together online and this holy company owned by traditional. We drove over you guys and – and you know, five seconds – kitchens are what really jakey boy. I researched japan-china translations for this song. Don’t for that absolutely marry me: okay, so she’s going to the music bit of Google, but I think is cording the blogging world so steps in the algorithm, hopefully driving towards this water, sweep its art through recycling and use the same picture and link to the post.

Well, yeah, okay. Secondly, let’s see other comments from the further down the line. Right now have you finally, arts, enhancement, okay, good, alright, so great frames will be very relaxed. We have some comments that have we have. We have the guy who seems right about new powers for back masters. When you read, what have you do they think that see second forum have to get updated, you want people coming back and being age and just one you guys probably checked out the webpage or seen a few magazines flooding them.

We do try to write from research and link back to the research. Most of that was they will go through a peer review and editorial process we’ve. Quite often they they need to do research, and the idea is to try to communicate in these 30 page three separate pages in the Sun of policymakers over. You know everyone for next year and what about you grade? How often do you think you need to blog on the interpreter to keep people interested? I will see it as a set.

My mental frame is actually it’s a it’s a tough life, so it’s whether on whenever I run a role of a bit of carbon paper. Now I think the beauty of this of the web is that when there are when, whenever you every minute is a deadline, there’s actually no bit so your father, you feel, like I mean that’s the great freedom. I find it much more, liberating I the decades. I actually had to to deal with this man is wearing a half-hour TV for that had to be filled in an alley.

Radio button this stuff is great because if every month a deadline, then there’s nothing. Ok, great thanks! Thanks great, I think those are some really insightful inside there and based on a very long and distinguished career and the surrounding journals. Looking not change the rules and everything’s better every minute. Would you like to shout out in the side? Can we gone to Tom? We have a back seat.

We’ve got some on the screen here. Some instant and immediate commentary on the Twitter thing, Andrew constant and consistent blogging indicator. I suppose as much as this mustard water challenge is somewhat artificial. In our show there are so many replies that happens. Journalists and others – and they are engaged with much much wider audiences – that we can register in from election years, talk to students in seminars or writing academic papers or books, and that’s one of the challenges into something that we run and really we used to have meetings.

Saying this way and we selling each other and talking to my own law two years ago, I didn’t talk to any pockets in my high school, so I don’t mean most of all kinds. Today, yeah actually doing the bank blocks from a message that what you are whatever you want, you both show your packages in and oh no, no, sir or not you choose to do this to final score in the same block of you prefer kind of personal as A trivia question we have some devices saying, I think it’s a different sort of approach and I think that that moni’s we’ve seen personal stuff need to anybody other than a trained for.

I think thanks Andrew I just might us. She refers Weaver’s walls Network when he said you for not really. No, we keep that it’s a little dry in that sense, but I’m a strategy – and you know we have a good picture sometimes but intelligent. You know from the national revolution and the other, but you know I have ideas or funny restaurants here in there thanks for that, your leave the audience wondering whether you yourself had a personal blog, perhaps Bobby, may help you achieve back and forward.

We have variable on the top now. If there are any final comments from vendors, we just might wait for customers to wrap things up. They have screenings here. My first tennis lesson and I just entered Wimbledon. It is a headline provocative headline: we’ve got the Great Hall which seems to be emerging quickly. I know that he has changed his headline, yeah any thoughts on the headline ground. It’s just such a great headline.

I think it’ll be there for days when you, when you hit it the first time you don’t know asia-pacific master blogging challenge, as you would all by now appreciate, has been something of that experiment and before all the sins of how it all played out what I Might have to do is just to take a minute just all that deep breath and then we’re going to ask each of our master waters to talk through what they meant to do over the past week is for them as some of these successes, but they contribute To their work, but also a highlight in the issue is where they they ran into obstacles or perhaps where these didn’t go quite according to plan so help bloggers, but basically all got themselves set up and I think everybody’s blog posts down up on the website.

So those of you with a laptop or phone in front of yourself will be able to log in and have a look at. All of them do feel free to share your screen if that proves it easier than looking through things, but what we will do now. What’s that double up on both of the be screening, by the same time, who might start with in the mortise lock, which is happens right now, thanks to Ed wills when that begins in colleges decision its entrance block bloody academics, they’re going to be footnotes as well? Are we using the Harvard system and I’ll do something they have exchanged animations, which is okay? Thank you.

We’ll come back to you, those if you concentrated, run independent Rangers log in full, despite our sepia and weights, and hanging favorite experience of blogging for the very first time I usually have like very she that I really want to provide that and when you’re you know, Sort of a face under pressure and and having to you know, make things something that you haven’t really. You know time to finish our somewhere else, to sort of follow your and think you know what else is really bad.

It’s it’s very hard to do so. Cool credit, any people all the time, it’s easy and I would stretches up ever. I tried yet thanks again, those of you with screen in front of you can read through Cynthia’s, very first blog post. We just filed my first tennis lesson and I’ve just entered Wimbledon to scrutinize and digest that one, I’m sure I can t go okay. I don’t think the same. It’s hard to just blog with the timeline.

As we are, I mean when I want something. I do right around an issue that I want to write about. Maybe I’ll just read a paper or something I’ve written about before is in the news topic books, and I take it seriously. You know the data like this hard alien Shores on average. Probably the penny long time right so doing this in 40 minutes of pre Rises. I think I covered most of the elements flow more than half of the pineapple in there.

At the end I got this. You see that sexy picture from the BBC and to live with the ology, that’s about it! Thank you. I can’t thank you your own for those of you. You should be able to make that out there and still a somewhat busty silhouette against the Chinese flags. The BBC’s icon for that particular news story, and I was in fairly too great. I think I think she only curious about to to moderate some he’s learnt the first law blog, what section and Engram, and how did you find your your belonging today? Fine, I suppose I see I’ve spent many decades doing.

Radio and radio is proof positive of the line that ignorance is never any very and he talks through what you actually hit with with your approach to ignorance in journalism today, well when in doubt illiterate. So I started with a bit of an iteration and McKean: okay, wonderful, wonderful, all right! Well! That gives you all a bit of a flavor for how our different maths blogs done. We have some tweets up on the screen kudos to the Masters impressive, given agency, long johns, that’s as big as a question I want to come to that in about creating four or five at this time.

We just get some reactions from the audience, because I see people told the master of the publicity about what we’d never hear us is as stressful as anything. I don’t have a hundred and something people reading me the situation where we actually have our screen. They put up a screening for a hundred other people’s that are really good. That’s really quite confronting situation so kudos to everyone as someone who doesn’t follow many intent, watts or anything I wan na say congratulations to the organizers and the vlog is because you definitely excited me to kind of go out there and look it up because it seems To be really exciting thing, so thank you being involved in this.

To me, my mind, objective is just to save you, you can do it. You can involve something that difficult and my experience my friend to the students do is that a little bit tied up and Ryan block and they don’t work a short ball past? What about there see what comes back and all that gets people’s ideas down? Just just the responses you get, so I’m really really encouraging devices as an academic or as a student just making how the normal growing person funny get it doesn’t have to produce yeah as well researchers.

We probably know that if you publish a paper in a journal, you know it doesn’t be. The main reader may not read it five degrees. If you take the main points of findings, put it on a blog or online or link to too much beautiful on whether the mornings, you know you automatically get a thousand people having. So I think it’s definitely a good idea. It should be part of your outreach research. It’s a no-brainer thanks, you’re right yeah.

I think I’d agree with that. I think one of the stories that I like – and it reflects back, I suppose, on mine. While I think about writing – is about Remington’s. I love it, but people who think about typewriters as that process. One of my great favorite colonists, he’s gone by was a guy called James resident, who wrote for the New York Times and Reston was not writing his column for a month, because the New York Times was on strike and friend bumped into him in monuments.

Looking so absolutely the rift and lost and rest – and I thought came up with a classic journalist wine, which was how do I know where I feel until I see what I write and I think that’s what this is a woman thanks Ryan, we have actually usually This you only spend for everything I will inspired to come, but as any one of the lecturer well, then I said quite well, but I didn’t know how to do it and I see something with my body.

You see New Year’s and from there I don’t know, and I brightly and I’m who seem to be related whatever, and we were asked me in reading to my view. I live with him and boy. I see pieces like that, but really decide that we need private Morgan has again is another exercise, that is people rock among the admissible, and I mean, and now all these are can be other inside. Okay, any very final comments from the audience.

So it’s now is one of them. We have one over here. Yes, thank you, sons for Thursday, we’re making for lunch at 12:30 and in the meantime, we will have an opportunity to decide on the asia-pacific mascot of 2011 and will come to hell and his chest. So how do you know about putting ball ideas, my wire people, to do? I do right. Thank you. Something I think is some likely to be some interesting responses to that.

That will need to be briefed Andrew. I think the best insurance is to have IDC journals. Do you think that our academic shooting cautious about getting their ideas out colloquialism personally experience of recently taken that where you know you spend much higher than what your research and it means so much to you, you know what spoilers we share a lot of people and Aramis involved, okay, sure yeah, I’m also worried about people stealing my ears or anything anymore.

I mean the benefit of fire – is a cost. I think of getting your ideas out there quickly before anyone else, especially you know, starting a Malaysian city for something very possible that you’re working on or if you have a finding in science and then, if you put that up there, its first data, you know someone Copies sort of what about you great? Do you think that there are real risks here for academics, sort of the opportunities at my house yeah? I suppose there’s a when you’re talking about two different things I until you’re talking about research and you’re.

Talking about what you’d call publishing I mean, I think you’re, probably talking it to different parts of the field, and I I can. I think I can theoretically understand what you’re saying about the importance of the research. I suppose I come from a game where um you know one. One incident anecdote and two incidences are statistical evidence. So now it’s yet the the research side of what journalists do is sometimes not quite as rigorous as what you guys do, but the beauty I think of this sort of stuff is that you can actually publish as you go and actually make more plant, lay more Claim to the field as you’re going through it, and I would have thought from dealing with academic certainties of that issue.

Publishing in some ways might be a little less than it once was. You know you don’t necessarily have to do everything through peer review. You can actually put some stuff out there and it’s always amazing what you get back, that a real fun part I find is the starting point is what you put out there, but often the really interesting stuff is what you get back great thanks great. I think that’s a very nice note of which we will end our conversation with and waters, and there seem to be a range of twins that also come in here profound wisdom for brain.

What I think until I write and, of course this question that firing in our cities today who the game is that we know, is an opportunity to actually determine by both the agency master logger mm and the way that this works is that you can buy. That ring the number in question from or you can send an SMS with the to file. So that’s 96, the Cynthia 97 0 98 growing air through to the number on the screen.

I think this is Rick from Australia with both hands. You don’t believe the six month the lines add an additional while we’re doing that come on yeah yeah. So this is actually a tie. Election hang on where’s my invite we’re doing it to tie rules have showered themselves in. I think this is somewhat about which approach take affirmative to find impossible this, but if we all say, is an absolutely stellar effort by alcohol, master, martyrs and taking time out of their very busy schedules to be with us here today, and I think they all deserve A round of applause with their tiaras.

Thank you very much. The you guys thanks! Graham thank you. Thank you very much. They write names check that resonates. If Ignacio chela give me a wonderful voice, thank you for taking this seriously six people’s. I hope you enjoyed my animals.

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Ultimate Web Design: ClickFunnels demo with Brian McFarlane

I’ve got Brian McFarland, brian is part of the pro group and he’s been using this quite a bit recently. So brian has very kindly agreed to give us a bit of a whistle-stop tour, so we’re going to be looking at what it does and input.

More importantly, where and when you might use this okay, so Brian thank thank you again for taking the time to show us around good afternoon been hi, so I’m just what I wanted to do. First. Do is just wait to give you an overview of why why I chose click models and why I think it’s the best choice for for what we do. Obviously, for the business that I’m in, I have to produce a lot of landing pages for clients.

I’r not particularly I’m marketing savvy, but i’m not particularly a good programmer. So that’s not really in my skill set, so I started to look for solutions out there. That would allow me to quickly put up professional landing pages without having to do any heavy programming, and that wasn’t necessarily the case with applications like unbalanced and landing pages. And you know when you want to be able to adjust an element on the page and with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor.

Most of these applications did had limitations on what you could do with them and didn’t allow for an intuitive interface that you could easily just create things. So with that being said on, what I wanted to do is take you through a live sample of a real client that I have right now that we have created a simple two-step landing page for so with that said, this is the interface for a click funnels.

The main dashboard, where all your accounts would be held for this particular account. I believe they currently sell it for ninety seven dollars a month as as of this date, you’ll have up to ten thousand visits with the accounts. You can create up to 40 pages and you can create up to 10 funnels with this particular account. Okay, so that’s one likes a maximum of 40 pages, 10 fun or 10 funnels right.

Ten thousand visits a month exactly, and I think they obviously have a tiered stressing model that you can obviously go to the click funnels com website and and obviously, at the end of this session Ben, can give you a link to that and that will you know, Take you there to get information on on the pricing structure if you’re, if you’re interested in pursuing this later yeah. So with that being said, so, let’s just have a quick look at one of the existing funnels that I’ve set up.

Just to give you an overview of the capabilities, so this is a simple opt-in with a Thank You page, follow up and in this interface you can see quickly below that. You have the overall and obviously, this campaign just started on october. Third, and actually we’re not even it’s not officially started, we’ve got the landing page setup we’re in the approval stage with the client and as soon as the client signs off on this particular landing page that i’m showing you then we’ll be able to activate the adwords Campaign for it and obviously do some split testing so, as you can see, we’re just testing it right now and we’ve already got an eight point: three percent conversion rate showing up and you can set up split testing with this.

So I haven’t really created one, but you can hear you’ve got an email component here, so you can set up your email marketing and you can connect it to applications like MailChimp plan fusion soft many, many of the the applications that use to having integration away and The major bonus for me is the ability to post the to WordPress to be able to take my landing pages and once you click here, it’s going to create an iframe, and then you just simply take this iframe and copy and paste it into your text.

Tab landing page and that will automatically create it. Obviously I’ll tell you guys a little bit later on in this article. The process that I use to get around a workaround that click funnels has in place where you have to create a custom white page to support your I frame, which I find again as it’s a technical difficulty that some people will encounter. That may cause some grief that I’ve found to work around.

So so that’s it I mean that’s and then now if we want to start editing this actual page, normally what we would do is we from the start. We would just simply create a funnel and would give us a standard design and then what i’ve done here is i’ve gone in and added in a specific elements. So I put in the logo of the client, which is here it’s just a question of just going into the editor and uploading the image just as simple as this upload image of, and once you up click on upload.

The image you’ll see that you’ll have a list of images here and then you just add the image to to the the page, and it will show up in the background here or sorry. The local show up here and then go so. The other element that I put in for this particular campaign was provided by service called call rail, which is a trackable whole number. The beauty of this is call rail, gives you up to 10 local call numbers.

You can also get a 1-800 number with their service. It works in both Canada and the United States um. I know that that for Ben is me being in the UK. I’r not sure if call rail provides service, but there are some web services available in the UK if you’re in the UK, but essentially the beauty of this car rail allows you to create an embeddable tracking ode in the settings of your website. That will enable you to track this in Google Analytics if you set up goals for phone calls, and we also will set up a goal for tracking the the thank you page.

That is part of this form. So that’s the beauty of that on all these. Every single field – that’s here, is editable, so if you go into other applications like leadpages, some areas are very fixed. You can’t adjust anything. You can’t change the color of a background. You can’t change an icon. It has very granular detail if you’re not happy with this. If I want to change this specific color of the button to my particular branded of color, I can do so in this case um for the client.

They wanted the headboard, which is in the background here they wanted to be the same color as the text. So what did I do? I just took a sampling of that color and couldn’t adjusted the the aesthetic so that it it matched up with the brand aesthetic. Oh, that’s, actually a really good design. Point barn. You know too there’s something that I’ll very often do is actually start with a photo. If I’m trying to pick a color scheme for my scene, if I want to customize it, if I’ve got the photo, then I will first look at that at that main cover photo to try and pick out a few colors and if you’ve got photoshop, you can Pixelh8 your image in photoshop and it’ll actually reduce it to a certain number of squares.

That’s a really nice neat little trick yeah and what are the issues that I ran into, which was a little bit of a technical glitch with this particular platform was example: i’m editing this button and see this area here where it says scroll option. I wanted to see it’s got a drop-down menu of the actions that you want, so I wanted this particular this particular button. Instead of going through to the form or the pop-up, I decided that I just wanted to scroll to the opt-in area, which is further up on the page.

So I saved it and then, if I go into preview here – and I loaded up my page, if I scroll down to where this is – let me just go out so you can see. This is how the page would actually look to the viewers. So if I go down i’ll just click on this and you can see, the scrolling effect is not happening. It’s not when I click on this. It should just simply scroll up to this position and allow me to fill in the form.

So there are a few little bugs. Obviously, on the software is not absolutely perfect, but it’s getting really close and those those little bugs um, you know just put in a ticket for them and they seem to get resolved they’re pretty good. At responding on. I put in a ticket this morning and they already you know they. They responded and I expect to get an answer tomorrow on resolving that unless you and obviously you know if I was a programmer, I could go in and probably fix that little that little issue um pretty easily, but I’m not.

But I was just thinking won’t link to be patient yeah. If one thing you might try is literally just just put in a pound sign on its own, as as the link that may that may work, you’d have to do that in the editor basic. It’s really interested in this editor because there’s there’s a kind of general rule that the more control and flexibility you have, the more complexity. You you, you know it comes along with it and therefore the bigger the learning curve.

Now, what we’re finding is that the very best products or platforms or editors that we’re finding now they don’t seem to suffer as much as you know, some of the other ones who user interfaces are so well designed that it really doesn’t feel like. There’s any learning curve at all. I’ve certainly found that, because I haven’t used this one, but I’ve used thrive. Content builder recently, which – and you know very, very much a fan of and in oblique, but what’s interesting about clickfunnels, I think compared to particularly leadpages, is, I think you alluded to earlier on league pitchers.

Doesn’t let you insert your own stuff, your own content in there? It gives you a template and you can edit the content, but you can’t add new stuff in there so well. This is it like, if you want to add visual elements, if you want to change the background color of something, if you want to brand it or make it your own leadpages makes it that process more difficult, because they only give you a certain level of flexibility.

Unbound gives you flexibility, but requires YouTube to have at least a strong knowledge in HTML and CSS, and to enable YouTube to do customization the difference with clickfunnels is it gives the user the layman, the person who is just just new to this. This, like myself, of working with these kind of applications, a very easy intuitive way to build a professional in landing page without you know, without bleeding about it, and the other aspect here is it give someone like yourself and who has 25 years experience the ability to Um to do very micro changes yeah and be able to if you do things that yeah yeah, if you want it, I mean I, when I I completely redid the whole web design from scratch theme the other weekend and that literally has 20 lines of CSS.

That’s the only custom CSS that I’ve done so the bottom line is that, even if you do have the skills – and you are capable of doing this detailed customization, do you even need to yeah? I have those skills and I really don’t tend to use those skills. If I can avoid using it, so yeah very, very impressive on this, so what are we looking at now, so we wanted to talk briefly about integration with third-party software um.

In this case, what we’re trying to do is obviously um part of our process. If we were going back to the methodology that we are that you’re teaching been about circle review and about modern mantra, monitoring and iteration, we really want to understand and be able to track all of what we’re doing here. So google, google code, 44 tracking, this particular outcome – is that we want to do two things we want to set up a UTM code within Google Analytics it’ll enable us to track this, and we need to embed that tracking code directly in our Thank You page.

So that’s what I’ve done here! I’ve just simply copied and pasted this UTM code directly from my my Earl builder in Google Analytics, and I just simply copy and paste it in here and now I’m able to go into my google analytics and set up a trackable goal in there for the thank You page, and also for our call real account where we’re tracking the phone numbers the benefit to the user is that we can now create split testing where we can put two phone numbers up against each other.

Maybe um change up a particular headline or a particular statement that we’re making as a call to action and just test them against each other to see which one performs the other, but the beauty of that is you know if we, if we’re getting 15 calls from One end, and only two from the other: well maybe that adds outperforming the other one and we should we should not be spending as much money on those keywords for the poorly performing phone call add.

So so that’s the benefit of that and, as I said before, um if we were to look at email integration you can see here. I haven’t set up the thank you page to have an email integration because it’s not really the form. So, in order for me to do that, um, like example, if this was a form all I would have is I just go down to where my MailChimp account is – is previously set up here – click male chip list.

I want to add this list to my set to my list and I want to get in touch with list from Colin and now you can see I’m connected. So now it’s already connected to my mail chimp API. This took me to second, like you know, five seconds to do on the cliq funnel side and it the first time I did it in MailChimp. It took me about five minutes to get it set up with no experience at all and the next time I did.

It took me about two minutes to do. Yeah. I’ve done a similar thing recently, also with MailChimp and the the the integration. The ease of integration with these leading platforms is is really very easy nowadays, yeah there’s. No. You know like one of the things that I and this is even as much as maybe six months ago, you had to do all these special integrations. You had to build yet to be building and managing all these paid tools.

Outside of you know, you had to have a leadpages account. You had to have a MailChimp account. You had to have all these paid accounts, and now click funnels is giving you that ability to have a one-stop shop for all of your leadpages and the benefit. Here too, is you don’t even need a website anymore? You could run you could set up um here I’ll. Take you out to on. Let me just go back out here, okay, so it’s like that this was a lucky so short funnel just it was a squeeze page with a form and a sign up, but you’re, also tracking telephone conversions, which is really really important exactly so.

It it’ll support some much kind of longer or more complex types of funnels here, yeah and, and the big thing that people have to be aware of is that I think it’s close to sixty percent of all transactions or or related purchases of services or products are Now being done from mobile devices, so you just can’t ignore that market anymore. One of the and one of the caveats here is that they haven’t overcomplicated this I no and leadpages leadpages has a lot of choices right now and it’s it’s adding a layer of complexity to an application that doesn’t need to be complicated, and I think that’s the Big benefit of clip funnel, since they did really they really dumb down the process simplified.

How to set up your sales funnels right from the get-go and they’ve. Given you in there in this particular package that, given you an opt-in, lead funnel sales funnel a webinar funnel auto webinar, funnel membership funnel a launch funnel and a cut of the custom funnel now, if I’m, I think you have to upgrade to get access to the Custom cut off – i’m not mistaken, but let’s just look at at. Obviously, the process for something like you’re doing been where, where you’re getting people to become members of your of your tribe, there’s a simple registration signup form here that can be tied into stripe, account or paypal, and you have your membership area, so you can actually create A membership area from this is up this tool.

It’s it’s that it’s that straightforward and that can be done not in days or weeks, but in in an afternoon yeah. So it’s really yeah yeah. So it’s real! It’s really compress the amount of time and as if you’re a consultant, I mean as an example. I did this to page opt-in sales funnel for this client in Toronto and, let’s just say I mean I’m not going to give you the exact number I build. But what’s just saying you’d give him a number of you charge him five hundred dollars to build a landing page click funnels a cost to me is ninety seven dollars, and so I’m able to profit four hundred dollars for one hour of work.

That’s a pretty good return for me, yeah, I thought otherwise might have taken me two days yeah. If I had to home hand code that I’d be losing money, I would have to charge the client three times as much to to make to make that four hundred dollars back. So so a lot of benefits, very quick, simple, easy to use um. I can’t say enough positive things about it. The other positive thing and that’s something I should also raise is some.

If we switch over to the wordpress account, this is what you’re, seeing in the backend of WordPress. Obviously, um Ben has had previous articles on on on a theme and content builder that he is critical seems to be crazy about, and I can admit that I’m crazy about thrive themes, which the reason why I use this tool also is that that it has a Wysiwyg editor, but it also simplifies the process of integrating iframes into WordPress.

The problem with WordPress currently is when you import a an iframe into into the standard editing page of WordPress, you have to put it in this text box. You have to copy and paste your code in here and when you update it, it’s going to create a box within your page. That is looks more like a frame with a slider on it. So it really doesn’t look that pleasing to the eye. So when you look at uh, when you go into the content builder of thrive themes, you see a similar editor to what you have in clickfunnels, but the benefit here is, I can just put in a custom HTML code, which is here which will give me my.

I frame, and all I do is I just simply go into the iframe itself and add in more pixels to the height to adjust for that. This frame will fit properly and then I preview, the page and – and it looks great – you know it’s – it’s simple. It’s nice and clean, and it gives me all the elements are clearly defined and it and it works. So, as you can see, I mean I’m just doing a little test here, just to show you how nice this is working, I guess it will.

Let you specify where the fields are required, not – and you know, customers your error, messages and stuff like that. So there’s my thank you page right, mm-hm and and then everything is tracks. So if I go over to my MailChimp account and here’s my MailChimp account – and here is the subscriber Brian McFarlane who just came in from Tufts right, yeah yeah I’ll, just whisk as it’s meant it just works fluidly.

So so that’s it in a nutshell! And the nice thing about this is all you have to do is just go into your MailChimp account uh. You know maybe once a week and make sure that you know that things are coming in, as they are make sure that those emails are all forwarding to your clients or according to you and follow up with those leads and and said you know, and this client Is going to be selling a lot of real estate, fantastic, so yeah? Thank you so much for that Brian.

I think just to just to put this in some context, then, if you need a a funnel building, a squeeze funnel or not in fun or whatever I I would say this is a rip, a powerful, quite heavy weight tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to Use it looks very easy to integrate the visual editor. I love, I think its superior to leadpages visual editor by by a long way. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

It makes leadpages look like you’re kind of a quick, quick version of this, but I’m certainly very very impressed so and then you know under one hundred dollars a month each to use to set up. You know multiple funnels. I think this should be a should be a no-brainer for for many marketers you’re just got to just got to make sure you use it yeah and – and I just find like I do local pay-per-click advertising for small businesses and they all need a landing page so And they don’t have they don’t have a you know, a three thousand of five thousand dollar budget to build a website yeah, so they might just need to have an initial sales funnel for their business to get them started once you get them income coming in then They’re more likely to upgrade with you than to go somewhere else like to build they’ll, come back to me and say: okay, Brian you know are averaging really well we’re Jim we’re, making a reasonable amount of money.

We want to reinvest now. We want to upgrade we’d like to purchase a website from you, we’d like to purchase other services from you and as a consultant, it just makes my life a lot easier to be able to offer those things to people and, and that goes out to the tribe. That’s here, and also to the people who are business owners themselves, there’s only so many hours in the day and if you’re a business owner who works 12 to 14 hours a day on your business, you don’t want to be spending three days on building a landing Page, so if you have a spare hour at lunch, you can create a landing page for your business.

With this talk yeah, even if you’ve got the skills, maybe you don’t need them, you know they make some redundant and here’s what’s interesting. I mean you describe yourself as a a local pay-per-click specialist. You know so really what’s happening. It now is that we’re all becoming marketers and our job is to deliver marketing campaigns. You’ll hear this again and again: we’re delivering marketing campaigns, not websites website is just one piece and what what you’ve done here in minutes can replace a website.

You know a few years ago, people would have charged thousands literally thousands of dollars for what you’ve been able to do for under a hundred bucks in a couple of hours right, so yeah, garrick great tool definitely want to keep an eye on Brian. Thank you. So much again for your time, it’s been a really really enlightening. Thanks Teresa take care, everyone cheers bye, bye for now.


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GDL Italia – Google Compute Engine overview

We’ve been working for three Years on the virtualization technology and Compute Engine, So it’s not a copy of what you Can find in other places It’s really unique to Google So from the bottom up, You know what [ INAUDIBLE ] was Explaining that, because of our scale, we had to Build our product, We have to design our server, We have to build our Network layers And our machines are the same. So the operating system – we – what we find the best we Strip it and then we customize it because this Is our own hardware, So at all the layers this is Google-Only technology, We don’t use Apache, We don’t –, maybe for Internal stuff, But for the project we have Rebuilt web servers file system, as you can see, really From the bottom up, So that’s why this Virtualization layer is completely optimized for our Platform, our servers And what we see and I hope That you will try Compute Engine is that we managed to Have a very low footprint, Which means between the physical Performance and the virtual performance there is Always a little loss because there is a virtualization layer.

Running on the machines Here, the footprint of this loss – Is very, very, very thin because we’ve been Optimizing that So you almost have the Physical machine’s performance And what is also important, is That we’ve been working a lot that was in the early Specifications on the we call the noisy, neighbors problem. The noisy neighbors is that with Virtualization technology you have on public cloud Usually you have a virtual instance running on a Physical machine, But you are not alone – Of course, You have neighbors, so other Customers that are running their own virtual instance on The same physical machine And, let’s assume there is a bit Of overbooking, when your neighbors — so co-locating on this Physical machine — are hitting hard, So maybe they have A peak of load, You will see your own Performance dropping That’s something we want to Avoid with Compute Engine We’ve been working hard on that To do live migration of machines when a physical machine Becomes noisy so you have your performance from Day, one to the end, And you have constant Performance over time You don’t have performance.

[ risks ] The boot time and the Availability time as well is really important. You will see in the demo. You have your machine in 20. Seconds more or less so 20 seconds from the time you click New Machine to the time you can SSH the machine, So it’s not 5 or 10 minutes, It’s 20 seconds And the boot time. Is really fast, Like it’s less than 20 seconds, Because there is a staging provisioning, Time before Our objective is always To have zero but it’s impossible, But we’re trying to go.

Below one second, So we are working really really Hard on Compute Engine, There is a lot of unknowns at Google I/O that we made Like we are providing now load Balancing so level 3, We are providing advanced Routine, We are providing automation, So there are a lot of features. Coming on the project, So a few slides And then demo, What are the use cases again? About Compute Engine, So the first one, hence the Name, Compute Engine was compute.

The idea of you can Launch any number of virtual machines using Linux, So today we support Debian Centos and we have a core OS, which is GCL — Google Compute Engine Linux –, which is like Ubuntu Let’s say And we’re going to support More operating systems over time, I can’t disclose in a public Audience what we’re going to support, but in the following Months, we’re going to support more operating systems; That you all know The idea is that it’s not Only the machines, It’s really about again, as Always on a cloud platform, the network, The machine-to-machine networks, Are incredible In less than one millisecond You can transfer terabytes at a terabyte per second.

Of course you have The physical limit of the hard drive, What I’m saying is that there Are almost no limits from the network perspective, The storage –? So there are two new Storage mechanisms – We’ve been talking about cloud Storage, but you will still have the local storage On the machine That will live with the machine, Meaning that when you create the machine, you Have this disk, It’s usually hundreds Of gigabytes, It depends on how many cores You want on your machine And I will show you after Doing the demo, But you have also something I Mentioned earlier, which is a persistent disk, which is a Shared storage like a SAN, if you want across machines And there’s a lot of tuning, As always, you can use The web REST API to create your machine.

You can use the command line. So gcutil, similar to the gsutil I showed earlier Or you can from the UI Create the machine And that’s something: I will do as well, Because I need something: Quite visual for you, I have talked about All of this — scale performance value. So that’s the overview. What you Get with Compute Engine So of course you get What’s right here, so the virtual machines, But you get a private network.

Within Google And you can do sub-networks as Many as you want set your firewall rules, And I hope you all understand. That you are root on this machine, so this is your machine. Running in Google infrastructure, That’s really the idea, So you do whatever you want And they are of course connected. To the internet, so you can host an. I don’t know. Website on Tomcat, if that’s what you want to do, Maybe you can’t read: Very well So this one was persistent.

Disk This one was local disk And this one is cloud storage. So there’s three main storage. Mechanisms we provide And there’s three access types. So the command line, the web UI and from the code So the API itself, so either the REST, HTTP API or using A client implementation — again Java,.NET PHP You name it So what we call the project. Is where all the machines will be linked? It’s not physical stuff.

It’s really a way to organize. Your different applications, So in one project you have All your machines, You can go to another project, If you want to separate And within this project you Have your own persistent disk, local disk that comes with the Machine network et cetera And each project has an ID So the machine –. So, as I said, Root access. There are stock images you can use. The idea is that you could Build your own images, We are running a modem Processor, of course, so this is Intel Sandy Bridge.

These are the virtual cores that You can have from one Then, even now we have Launched at I/O new, very small modems Like if you do dev, we call Them small and micro, I will show them, But basically you have from One to eight virtual cores And per CPU: that’s The RAM you get And we have various profiles, So we have what we call the Standard, which is this ratio? We have high memory, so you Have more memory per core And we have high CPU, So you Have less memory per core, I don’t know what happened Next MALE SPEAKER, [, INAUDIBLE, ], BASTIEN LEGRAS, Not yet no! The question was: can I create A custom machine from the API specifying the number of CPUs You have to go into the types I will show on the demo.

What Types of machines we provide MALE SPEAKER, [, INAUDIBLE, ], BASTIEN LEGRAS. That’s the High memory profile, So I will show you All the profiles, I think you will see that We are trying to address the main use cases. It’s high memory profile. What You’re talking about So let me finish with this slide. So I can show you that, right after So external IPs, of course, you Can choose to add your own IPs, which are external IPs For this machine to listen on internet, We are doing, of course, one-to-one NATing and firewall.

I will so everything On the console, This is the persistent disk. So of course there are zones I forgot to mention, but when You create your machine, you choose if you want to deploy it. In US, East US, Central or West Europe, where we bring more Availability zones, of course, like in APAC Because we are — today, GC is not deployed. In all the data centers that we have So it’s only the first ones, We are bringing more zones.

So you can deploy your application closest To your customers And everything is encrypted in Time of storage at rest and even machine-to-machine Transfers are encrypted, which gives you another idea. Of the performance We are not even slowed. By the encryption, So the ephemeral disk, so the Local disk, if you want lives and dies with the instance, That’s the idea. You create your instance. If you’re in a compute scenario, You don’t care, what’s on the machine, You just create it, Then maybe you want to set up A launch script that will configure the machine And the machine will do Some computation, If you remember the use case, Earlier with mobile and back-end and VM engine From App Engine, That’s typical, [, INAUDIBLE ].

You create the machine, he’s Going to do his job and then you destroy the machine. And you don’t care what’s on the machine So for that kind of use case. You can use the local disk because it will die. With the machine, If, however, you need to persist, The data generated by the machine, then you want to Use the persistent disk And you can boot a machine From the persistent disk, That’s really key because you Want to minimize your cost! So when you don’t need the Machine anymore, you will destroy it As it takes 10 to 20 seconds.

To get the machine again, there is no need to let It slide the light When you go out of the room. You switch off your light. That’s really the idea. Of open engine, You don’t want to spend money. For a machine that is doing nothing of course, So that’s why you need to manage Your data, of course, And the cloud storage we just Talked about cloud storage, That’s of course integrated. With Compute Engine Again easy to store terabytes Of data or petabytes of data from Compute Engine – And that was the case in the big Migration use case I was showing before And the three access doors that You have — so UI command line and from the API.

I won’t go into too Much detail here: We’ve covered that More or less So Compute Engine is In most of our big architecture diagrams, So you see it here: it’s a Hadoop MapReduce use case Here it was the thing Of this morning I was presenting when you want To do batch processing for your mobile app on demand. Et cetera, et cetera, This is an analytic pipeline. So you have a lot of data coming in You use App Engine for Mapreduce and then you want maybe to also use Hadoop To analyze this data Compute Engine is everywhere, I mean everyone needs virtual Machines at one point, It’s very, very rare that you Don’t need it in your project And before going into the demo, So we already have, of course, an ecosystem Right Scale is one of The first partners, So they know very well Compute Engine They have their own image.

Because that’s the idea, You can start from a cannot Machine so a stock image, then you can customize it And then you can take a snapshot. Of course You put it on cloud, storage and Then you will reuse it to reboot a new machine, So you have your own machines. In your project So Right Scale, they are Providing their own image And they added onto the image A connector that connects to their central console The idea is to have elasticity So scalability up and down at the infrastructure, Level We provide that with App Engine, As you know, it scales Up and down You don’t have to worry about How many machines you need to run in your app When you are at the Infrastructure level you have to manage that So do I need to put More machines behind my load, balancer.

So do I need to remove some Machines, because now I don’t have the demand for All these machines, So Right Scale, is doing That for you, You just configure You say I don’t know you Define some threshold, You say at above 70 % of usage, I want you to add five more machines And the rest of the inverse Rule so when you go below 50 %, you remove three Machines, You define your own rules and Right Scale will manage the scalability so from The console directly on Compute Engine – And they do also a lot of Monitoring and stuff, These are other partners.

Technical partners, MapR, is a commercial Hadoop. Implementation, I have a project with them. I was mentioning [, INAUDIBLE, ], Earlier They are using MapR for a Hadoop Project to analyze the traffic on the website, And improve their conversion ratio, So it works very well. We broke the [ teraflop ] record. It was one minute something With Compute Engine It’s now less It’s like 56 seconds. So it’s to give you an idea.

Of the pure performance of Compute Engine, I won’t go into that. It’s the big data landscape. Let’s go on the demo for The last 15 minutes, So I have to sit down again Sorry And then I will take of Course questions, So let me clean that up, So you start from here. Why is that there? I hope you see. So this is the console home Page for a project, The console: let’s go, So you can understand really how it works.

You go on here With your Gmail account. You Activate the services you want to use and then you create Your project – And here I am logged with My co-op account Google, So we see we have some projects. Internally, that are shared with me, And I have access to this one Which is our demo creator Here? You see the services That are activated for this project. The project is like a team. You can share the project with Other people in your team, like you, are sharing a doc in Google Docs and give specific access to everyone So App Engine, so this means That on this project, I guess people are using some App Engine instances Compute Engine and we Will go into that Cloud? Storage, Big Query! Some APIs [, INAUDIBLE ], There you see which services Are being used So, let’s focus on Compute Engine and then let’s do a quick tour of the Administration.

Console Here you can see a basic Monitoring graph, That’s just showing nothing. Is happening, It’s a demo environment. There is no external user And we will give it some loads. During the next demo, You can see the network traffic As well that we are monitoring and disk traffic, You will see here –. Let me zoom –, that’s a sample machine. So that’s the name! Of the machine, The machine is running, You see the profile of the Machine — one CPU 3.

8 gigabytes of memory. Where is the machine? So it’s in US Central This one, How many persistent disks are Attached to this machine, What is its external Ip address And on which network? So that’s a default network. But you can create other networks with other rules on Which the machine is deployed And the images that the Machine is using Here, you see, there are Some Ubuntu GCEL, So that’s a few machines.

We’ve Got on the project Machine doing fractal Stuff, which is the point of the demo after You see there are some Write images, so I guess it’s Right Scale And you see all your machines And which state they are et cetera. So now, let’s focus On a machine so that one for example, You can put some tags on your Machine, if you want to organize your machine, That way, Again, as I said, you see the Zone external IP internal, IP disks that are attached, To the machine, So this one is mode One 10 gigabytes, It has read and write access, You can add metadata, which is Useful going to want to use a launch script et cetera, With the API And then you will see the Permissions, the machine has with all the services, And you can [ recognize ] storage test use, Big Query.

So that’s why I said we have Integrated the projects to each other, So let’s create one machine. Right now, so you can see how it works: Test Bastien, One and Description tags metadata, so you add whatever You want here There you define where you Want the machine to be So, you see I can deploy in Europe or in US Central Today, more zones Are coming in So let’s go in Europe West B, And back to your question the types of the machines, so you Can see you have the new machines which are micro and Small, so very small, if you don’t need power, I don’t know.

It’s like a machine that is doing some networking stuff. You have the high CPU profile, Where you see the number of CPUs and the low memory Best [ view ], But if you need a lot of memory, Here you can see high mem profile, –, two CPUs, 13 gigs or even Eight CPUs 52 gigs, That’s the types of machines. You cannot yet define your own Type like I want a three CPU or four CPU and 50 gigabytes. You have to choose the Closest today MALE SPEAKER So with the Restful API: is it only possible to specify If [ INAUDIBLE, ], BASTIEN, LEGRAS Yeah exactly And from the API, you can list Which are the templates? Because we are adding New templates, So you can release the templates Dynamically and say: OK now I will take that One because it’s closest to my requirements, So that’s a dynamic List actually – And you have other machines with What we call a scratch disk or ephemeral disk That was in my slide that local storage – I can show them by the way.

So when there is the –, so you See the machine and it’s local disk. So let’s take I don’t Know anything — high memory profile. Then you can boot from an Existing persistent disk, As I said earlier, if you need To work on data, you have persisted earlier or you can Just take the scratch disk or a new disk that comes With the image, So let’s do that, Then you have the list of the Stock images we’ve got So we build them frequently.

So You can see here we have –. This is the US, so it’s 7th of May 9th of May for Debian, CentOS and GCEL here Or you can also save –. Sorry, I hope you can see If you can’t see Raise your hand Or you can save your Own images So other guys in my team. They Chose to create a Tomcat 6 type of server, So it will have Tomcat already Pre-Installed, Because when we did the Snapshot we had already installed and configured Tomcat So let’s take a standard Machine And then you can add Other disks, If the machine has to work, we Shared data – you can add other disks that you have Already created, We got in a network, So you will define in which Network you want the machine to belong, So let’s keep the default And then external IP.

If the Machine has to have an external IP And here the access. So what it means is that if you Want the machine to have access to storage, read and Write or no access or to test use, we will pre-prog This kind of access, So in your bigger projects, if You’re using App Engine in test use – and you want this Machine to work with test use, then you will give it Access right now, Let’s create the machine.

So that’s where everyone Cross, your fingers, But basically so It’s loading It’s going to the stage the Machine into Europe West, which is 20 milliseconds, From here I think, And then we will see it Directly in the list, I have an error, but it’s Not the same page, It’s not my concern. Don’t worry. It’s still creating The machine It’s another — and that’s the demo. I will do By the way, right after hoping, this one will work In this demo, we’re going to Create one – and here we’re going to create 16, so 17 Machines altogether using –, this is an App Engine app And it’s going to use the Rest API, of course, to create the machines, While it’s still creating There, the machine, I think in a few seconds, the Machine should be there Here, it is It’s being created, So I guess it’s alphabetical Here.

It is coming in In Europe West B, The machine is there OK, quite fast. Finally, I didn’t measure, I think it was 20 seconds. Something like that And the machine is available And if you want to connect to The machine right away, you have the REST snipped or you Have the SSH command line you can directly use in Your terminal, So gcutil is the equivalent Of gsutil, but for Compute Engine, Let’s clear that I just passed the command line: Gcutil last version: That’s the project; — Google Platform, Demo SSH In that zone, the machine I just created Normally, what would Happen it would ask for a login password, But no because we have Integrated everything, So this is using OAuth.

It’s not visible. I’r going to zoom like This, maybe MALE SPEAKER No, but You can just — BASTIEN LEGRAS, Ah sorry MALE SPEAKER, So you can Enlarge your fonts Yeah BASTIEN LEGRAS! That’s! Ok! Now, Sorry MALE SPEAKER, [, INAUDIBLE, ], BASTIEN, LEGRAS, Good idea, Good idea, [ Fredo ], So I copied the GS2 Command to SSH And, as I said, I didn’t have to Enter login password, which is ultra-painful by the way Because what I’ve done is that the first time you run gcutil It will send you to a URL.

You go to that. Url In your browser, This URL will ask you to Authenticate against Google And if you authenticate Successfully, it will give you the OAuth key that you copy Paste back in gcutil, Which means that I have Authenticated gcutil to cloud platform on behalf of me So now this gcutil installation On my computer has access to the machines To which I am authorized in the project, You understand that It’s very convenient because no Need to log in to remember password or whatever, And it’s even more safe.

So we are on the machine. So usually the demo stops there. Of course, because I don’t have much things – To show here I don’t know, Let’s check if the memory Is the right one? So we have our 26 gigabytes. What about the CPU? I need to –. I have a hard time: — OK. CPU info. So here you can See it’s really big. My CPU numbers zero. One two three: So there are four CPUs As we asked And you see Intel Xeon CPU, You see the technical Detail of the CPU, So the machine is there I am root.

I can do whatever I want. On the machine, So let me do another demo before We finish and take some questions. The demo is nice and visual I hope it’s going to work. Ok, I don’t want to mess up Sorry. So this is an App Engine And this is a demo that has been I think showcased at I/O. This is App Engine And the idea of this demo — This is a very technological demo. The idea is to start Vms using the API, That’s what I’m going! To do right now And I need to show In parallel, Sorry, It’s for the demo to Be nice to see Sorry, I will have to do Something like this, So I want you to See that list And then the idea is To start the VMs, As you can see, it’s Coming blue here So on the right we have a Cluster and on the left, a single instance And here on my poor console Because I have [ INAUDIBLE ], we should see as soon as it’s Going to be refreshed, Sorry, I’m going to [ force ] refresh.

Normally it’s refreshed. Ok, we’re going to see The fractal cluster –, which is the one I’r creating — that is being started. Ok, this is this one And on the right, the machine Once they are green, the idea is that the machines Are ready to SSH The program — so App Engine Still App Engine is going onto the machines provision, a Little program that will run some fractal imagery, So it’s pure scientific computer, Calculation, so it’s using a lot of CPU And then we will display — if it works, because I am waiting also for the single instance — and display some fractal Imagery And one is a distributed: Calculation, The other is single, So we see how fast the machines Work together because that’s the type of use Case that requires a lot of network also, So the machines are there.

That just got created, I hope I can show So I don’t know why dimension On the left, the single instance failed, But the idea is that the machine On the right, as you can see here, zooming out have Been able to create their own fractal And then it will mark on the Right the render time And it will calculate As long as –, when I zoom here with my two Fingers it’s calculating the next layer of the fractal.

So sorry half of the demo Here is not working The idea –. Imagine that on the left you Have exactly the same thing, but only one machine is Trying to do the job Here we have eight machines, Doing the same job, So what we see on the left? Usually, is that the average render time is much bigger. Because it’s only one core And you can zoom You can zoom, it will calculate calculate So as soon as I zoom.

It’s Recalculated the fractal and rendered that in a distributed Calculation, Because all the machines are Doing the calculations – And it’s really pretty – You can see the [ colors ]. So that’s the idea. On how fast, So how long did it take? I don’t know 30 seconds And I could say three eight. I Don’t know 128 machines, it would be the same Because it’s done in parallel. We do that every Day at Google We have millions, We don’t say exactly how much But are in the millions range in terms of size of cores And then you just stop and the Machine will be destroyed on the left, So App Engine is asking –.

Ok, they are dying right now. It’s asking for the –, I don’t know where they are, They should go. Maybe they already disappeared. Because they are already red, They already disappeared. But usually you see It live also Here you see the — OK here they are. You see It’s spinning right there. They are dying right there. One after one And now they have disappeared. I hope you caught it, But it has destroyed the Machine and then it’s ready back for another demo.

Ok, I’m done for the [ pres — ]. I can take some questions if You have before we go into the coffee break. Yes, We’ll try to pass the mic [. We have ] one mic Thanks MALE SPEAKER, Ciao Bastien, It’s more a pricing question. If I have some data some files, Terabytes on the Cloud Storage and I launch 10 virtual Machines which share the data on the cloud storage, Do I pay for this internal exchange, BASTIEN LEGRAS, So Good question: So we don’t charge for cloud Platform service to cloud platform service network Exchange, So what it means is that you can Do any traffic between App Engine and Cloud Storage and Compute Engine between Compute Engine machines between Compute Engine zones inter-network between Compute Engine and of course, Cloud Storage, It won’t cost you anything.

In terms of network, What you will only pay Is your 10 terabytes MALE SPEAKER, The storage BASTIEN LEGRAS, So one terabyte Is $ 50, so you’re going to pay? Maybe $ 500, I think I can show the pricing [ slide ] And then you will pay For your machines, Maybe you want to have a look Because the pricing question, I think, is interesting: For all of you, It’s fully public. We have nothing to hide. We are transparent, So cloud.

Google.Com, as you Understand is the site to go. This is everything From there. You can Find everything — the project, the project Explanation: data sheet the website to developers where You can see all the API documentation And, of course, there Is the pricing and pricing by project So App Engine pricing? Is the Most complex because we want to be really fair to really Price only what you use As you can see, you will Be priced by what you are using exactly If you are using front-end Instances dynamic et cetera: you have the price per hour, Datastore API, we price Every 100k operations We have a very [ fine, ] rate For that kind of pricing For storage, it’s very Easier to understand There is always a free tier So you can try for free, You have a free tier Five gigabytes of storage et cetera, So you can try and Use storage: We have two types of storage, So the most replicated and what We call durable reduced availability, less replicated, Which is, of course cheaper? We do pricing in Euros if you Want to pay in Euros with a contract, et cetera, And we price, of course, Depending on how much you need, So, if you are in the 100 Terabytes range we will price by gigabyte.

This is a gigabyte per month. Price that one! So if you had 10 terabytes You can see it’s 54 — so $ 540 per month And for the network, as we say, Everything that goes into the network is free. Of course, we charge for the Network so egress network from Google to the internet, To your users And that’s the type of price, But there is no Service-To-Service cost So internal Google transfers Are free and then some operation costs, But every 1,000 application Operations is $ 0.

01, So basically you won’t see it And Compute Engine very key. So that’s really important, That’s something we announced At I/O, So if you use the machine six minutes, we’re going To charge 10 minutes, If you use the machine 10 Minutes we charge 10 minutes If you use it 11 minutes. We charge 11 minutes, You see, so there is a minimum Set of 10 minutes and then we charge by the minute And then for all the machine.

Types you have seen earlier when I was creating a machine You have a price depending if the machine is in Europe. Or the US And you have a price which is Per hour, so you can divide by 60 to have the by Minute price And you have a price for each Type of machine, of course, So whether you need or not a Local disk on the machine, so that’s the size of The local disk, The high memory profile so You see two cores 13 gigabytes.

Instead, Of two cores, So it’s twice of it almost Up to 52 gigabytes, So here is everything [, INAUDIBLE ], And here it’s a ratio, CPU or Memory, whether that is bigger, so less memory, Per CPU, If it’s an [, HPC ] use case, you may want To use that – And you have the very new ones – Which are the small ones, the micro and the small, So we are at $ 0.021, It’s very small about $ 0.2 an hour And again network pricing, Between our services or in the same zone is free.

We charge only external Network And then we reduce depending On the amount of network, I’m not the commercial but as Kristoff said earlier, if you’re interested in a Professional contract with support you can see, there are Several support packages, which is there So we do up to Platinum with Dedicated account manager for you et cetera, But we have the free one. So you Can, of course, access to the [ INAUDIBLE ] to the Stack Overflow et cetera, There’s silver, so you Can do ticket You can call call in, And Gold — and Gold is like.

You have a Committed response time And you have all the various Commitments here at the pricing detail And if you are interested in That type of support, if you are in production, you have Customers, you need to make sure it’s going to be up. It’s Not just test and development, then you just contact Us right there That will arrive on Kristoff’s table So very simple: Everything is there And on the articles, everything Is if you search for Google I/O sessions, you will Find them right here And you can choose your track.

And, of course, my track is Cloud Platform. Ok, I think we’re good. Maybe you want to have your Coffee break now: [ APPLAUSE, ], BASTIEN LEGRAS. Thank You very much