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How I Design my Shopify Website for FREE| EP 4 Starting a business with $500

So let’s go ahead and get right into this article, so if you guys are new to my blog or new to the series, I want to challenge myself and start a alias business, so that basically means I did not use my face.

I did not use my followers. I did not use my likeness to create a business and I created the business on a five hundred dollar budget. So with that being said, I had to basically create this website for, under thirty to forty dollars, using free apps from Shopify, using the templates on Shopify, using the photos that I got from the vendor. So let’s go ahead and get into choosing a theme. So when you log into your Shopify you’re, going to go click on online store when you click on online store, you’re going to then choose your theme.

Shopify already has a default theme that you can choose from. But if you go to the theme store, there’s there’s a whole bunch of themes that you can choose from. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. There are themes with a lot more features, but because this is on a $ 500 budget, lien got the brush for that. So I’m going to go ahead and search through the free themes. There are about eight free themes that you can choose from and when you’re first starting out the free themes are more than enough and they actually have a lot of cool features.

Even for me, in the past, when I had profitable drop shipping companies or EECOM companies, I still stuck to free themes because they gave me exactly what I needed and the good thing about. Choosing from any one of these eight themes is, they do have color presets. So you can go on one theme like Brooklyn or minimal, and you can see that they have multiple color presets for each theme. So if you’re, the type of person who isn’t really tech savvy or you don’t have the time or energy to go ahead and change the font in the color format, you can go ahead and choose a color theme.

That’s going to be great for you or you can browse through all the other themes that you like. Choose the template that you like and then go in in the backend and change the colors, which I will show you later in the article and what I’ve learned through my analytics in Shopify is that 80 percent, or more of my customers actually view my site from A mobile view, because I do a lot of social media marketing.

So it’s really important that when I’m looking through the demos, I’m looking at them in mobile view, so that I can see exactly what my customer is seeing. It’s also good to keep in mind that whatever photos or whatever content, you’re thinking about putting on your website, you look at it through mobile view to make sure that it size correctly. So the theme that I’m going to go with is a Brooklyn.

I really like this theme, because I really like the way that the photos are laid out so after I’ve chosen a theme. I really like to go in depth in looking at the demo, so I’m going to go to the product pages to see exactly how the products look. I really like the way the photos are laid out. I like the way the different sizes and variants are laid out. I even let the bottom. This brand is going to be more of a colorful girly brand, something that I I’m going to do basically the opposite of what I would do from my personal brand.

Just to explore my creativity and just to do something different, so I do really like the bright colors that this theme already has integrated into the site. The font is something that I could change, but I could actually change that in the backend. This is probably the most complete template where I really have to make minimal changes. After I put in my content – and as I mentioned when you are finalizing a template, you always want to look at it in mobile view as well, because 80 % or more of your customers, depending on your demographic, are probably going to be looking for a mobile View so now that I’ve chosen a theme next, I’m going to start and start adding content to the page.

If you guys are following along in the series, you know that in article 2, when I actually shop in the store, I spoke to the manufacturer and I asked them if they could send me content to use for my website and they approved it. So all of these pictures that I’m getting of the models are actually coming from the manufacturer at zero cost, and you happen to have pictures of models. We do have pictures on the models and are we allowed to use that for the store? Yes, you are.

Okay. Is it possible if we can see the boat sure, so I did not spend money on models. I did not spend money on any type of photographer a makeup artist. I here a hair, stylist or anything like that, so that is a complete free cost. So the first thing that I’m going to do is add a cover photo. This cover photo is something that I made in a quick and easy free way. I’r actually going to show you guys in depth all of the marketing Flyers, some of the stuff that I use to curate a fee.

Some of the stuff that I use to make the website, I’m going to show you all of those in article Stix. So stay tuned for that and subscribe so that you get notified when I upload that article I like to make anywhere from four to six slides so that I can alternate them on my website and the cool thing about this is each slide can have its own Text and its own link, so what you do is when you choose the photo and you add the photo in you can go down and you can actually put a text over it.

So if you want to put a clue or you want to put sex or t-shirts or things like that, you can put that and then this link tab allows whatever link that you put whether it’s a product, page, a collection, page, an information page. Whatever page you choose or a specific product that you choose it, when a customer clicks the link on this slide, it will take them directly to that page and if you are part of that percentage, that does not like the color of the theme.

But you like the format of it, you can always change the colors of the buttons Shopify’s template makes it quick and easy to just add things in the place and in the sections. So on the side here are the different sections that are in this template. So you can move the sections up say you want the slideshow to be lower or you want the content to be higher or you want a collection to be featured, or things like that.

You can also delete the sections. If you don’t have enough content to fill it or if you want more of a minimal page, the theme comes with preset sections, but you can delete them if you don’t want them when I started any type of new business or any new venture. For me, the biggest thing is staying in the mindset of obtaining that goal and being successful. So I always find it really helpful when I listen to different people who were or are on the same path or journey that I am in that endeavor.

The audio book that I’ve been listening to recently is a ready fire aim, which is all about outsourcing and getting a team so that you can actually grow and expand your brand telling you to fire yourself and make yourself free of the things that are making you A slave to the small things, basically taking your time and energy away from marketing your company or growing your brand to get more revenue in the end, and this article is in partnership with audible.

You can start listening with a 30-day audible trial, choose one audiobook and two audible originals for free by going to http://www.Redcross.Org, or you can showcase all of your pink items as one or your purple items as one or your shorts or your shirts, or whatever collection or Bundle that you want to create, but in order to create a collection, you need to go ahead and go out of the online store and you need to go into the products tab after you go to the product tabs you’re going to collect collection.

After you, click collection, you’re, going to have to name the collection and then choose a cover photo for the collection. The cover photo basically serves as when you have a lot of different collections. You can put a tab on the menu that says collections and it’ll show all the collections. So some people like to short search through websites that have 200 or 500 items and they like to search through all of the shirts or maybe they want to search through all of the winter collection or all of the new items or maybe all of the pink Things or purple things or or even some sites have collections where you can search through vacation, wear or formal, wear, or things like that, so the cover photo basically is just kind of a preview of what that collection has and a way to keep everything organized.

Yes, this is a small business. We don’t have. A lot of products is a $ 500 budget, but I like to organize my new website, just as I would organize my brand that I’ve had for two years. That is much more lucrative, the more organized that I was in the only translated to better communication with me and my staff, as well as a more organized back in on Shopify. For my customers to search through and to add products to your collections, you can either do it manually or when you’re, adding the product into the store, and you have the collection already made.

You can integrate the product when you’re putting all the product information into a specific collection. This is a way that you can display your items on your homepage in an organized way to show specific collections. The next thing that I really like to get into is the font Shopify recently or I don’t know over the years. Shopify has added so many different fonts that you can choose from, and I personally think font is a big deal because I feel like it’s a big part of branding.

You can also choose how big the font is, what color the font is, and you can change the header font from the body font to the link font and things like that, and when I edit my site, I really like to go through every single tab. Every single page and see how I can improve every page and make sure that it’s branded and because this brand is really cute and really girly and really colorful. I can just go on google and search for some images to insert on certain pages so for the checkout page or the cart page.

I thought this pink cloud look would be cute. You can also add your logo to the checkout page and I’m going to go ahead and show you guys exactly how I did the logo for free in article 6 as well, when I was first starting out and I didn’t have the resources or the money to Outsource for me, a big part of my branding was using my free resources as tools to develop my brand. The attention to detail on a start-up brand is so big, so I really like to take advantage of every little aspect of me being able to integrate my brand into a free template.

So at this point I literally go through the different changes. I might change the font again. I might change the color again. I like to make a whole bunch of changes and then kind of see how it works and go through the different pages and see how everything is related and connected. Make sure that it flows make sure that the colors are great. I feel like using certain pinks and certain purples can look really cheap, so I always kind of opt out for just using black white or gray, depending on the background.

I just go ahead and take my time and look through the website and make the necessary changes. Another thing that is super important is the menu tab. The menu tab can be a place where you add different collections, or you can add some of your legal things like shipping or exchanges, which is something that I’m going to do so in order to change the menu tab and make it more expansive. You just go ahead and click this link here and it’s going to take you to the menu, and this is where I’m going to add the shop, Nell tab and then choose the all collections link.

Then the shipping tag which shows the link to the shipping policy and then the exchange tab, which is going to have a link directly to the exchange policy. After I put all the names on the menu I go ahead and press save and then it will update on my home page. So at this point everything seems like it’s good to go. I played around with the fonts I played around with the colors. The biggest thing here, which was a homerun for me, is getting the high quality content, a photo shoots models, hair, stylists, makeup, artists or even buying a camera.

Yourself is a lot of money. So when you go to your manufacturer and you are buying things wholesale ask to use their stock photos that they have for their models nine times out of ten, they will say yes, so this made this website very cheap and very easy to use the next part Of this article I’m going to go ahead and get into the apps that I use to leverage the Baron get more brand credibility, social proof and things like that.

So now, let’s get into these a free, Shopify, apps, so app number one is product review. This is self-explanatory. Product reviews are great because it allows customers to communicate and give you feedback as well. It also lets you know if the items are running too big, too small, if the colors are true, and things like that, I personally as consumer always like to read product reviews, especially as a woman.

Sometimes things don’t fit the way that they’re supposed to sometimes the colors are often things like that and as a business owner, it allows you to see what your customers are wanting there and eating. If the products are good, you know to keep buying with a specific vendor that the sizing is off. You know to make some changes. The second app that I like to use is the shipping bar by hexam. This is really cool because it’s kind of like a piggy bank method where it says that you’re 20 dollars away from free shipping or ten dollars away for free shipping.

So in this demo you can see that I’ve added a shirt to the cart and then at the top it says your dollars away from free shipping and when you’ve exceeded or hit the 100 dollar mark, it will tell the customer that they have qualify for free Shipping and in this app, you can go ahead and change the rule of the shipping. So I’m going to I’m going to go ahead and change mine to $ 50 and I’m also going to change the overall message as well and customize the colors.

The text and the background and things like that, the next app that I like to use, which is free, is the insta feed app. This shows your Instagram feed on your website, which is really good, because this allows website viewers to see your customers, and it can also lead to getting more followers on your Instagram feeds. If I see different customers different people using the product or service, it just adds a more social proof to me, so I personally always like adding in sofy, because it allows my potential customers to see how my existing customers are using the products.

What it looks like in different lighting without being in the studio, how they’re using the product, how they’re using the service – and it also gives their feedback the next and the very last app that I like to use, is privy, which is an email marketing app. And I’m sure you’ve seen some of these features that this that this app actually has on some of the websites that you’ve shops. So if you ever tried to exit out of a site and then you get a pop-up like hey, don’t leave here’s tip percent off on your next order or if you are going to leave and you see a wheel pop up and you spin the wheel for A percentage off or things like that by putting your email in this app is probably pretty so things like this basically allow you to capture the email which then allows you to do email marketing.

Sometimes these things ask for the customers phone number and it allows you to text the customer offers as well and if their cookies are torrent, turned on and they’re logged into their email or their Facebook or their Instagram. It allows you to then at some point in time have direct facebook ads re target, the audience that have already gone on your site, and that is for a different article with all that being said.

That concludes today’s article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I did all of this under $ 30 in one month, because my Shopify subscription is $ 29 and all of these apps are free, with the features that I am currently using and don’t forget, if you guys, are interested, if you guys get a 30-day audible child And choose one audiobook and two audible virginals for free when you go ahead and go to http://www.Hsn guru: 500 500, if you guys have any questions, go ahead and put them down in the comments below this is a 11 article series so go ahead and subscribe.

If you are liking the series so that you can be notified when the next article is posted, thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you in the next upload Bisou


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Etiquette Middle East

It is equally important to have a good understanding of the country and culture you’re, hoping to make your home while you are teaching below. We look at some important aspects of etiquette in different countries in the Middle East.

The Middle East is an area with a reputation of modest conservatism, and while this differs in degree from country to country, visitors are generally expected to behave in ways respectful to the Islamic faith of the region, Saudi Arabia, manners and behavior. It is polite to bring a gift to someone’s house if you’re invited when eating only use the right hand, as the left hand, is seen as being unclean.

It is also polite to try everything that you’re offered during a meal. If you’re, given a gift, it is usual to open it later communication men greet each other with a handshake. If there are good friends they might kiss on each cheek, also, women, usually hug and kiss close friends. Members of the opposite sex do not greet each other. If they are not related, show respect for elders by greeting them before others, United Arab Emirates, manners and behavior do not cross your legs when sitting and avoid showing the soles of your feet.

The left hand is considered dirty and should not be used when eating modesty and behavior and dress is expected from locals and visitors alike. It is common to take off your shoes before entering a building, but you should look to what your host does or asks you to do. Communication men greet each other with handshakes or a kiss on each cheek if they know each other well, the thumbs up. Gesture can be considered offensive, Bahrain, manners and behavior people are expected to be punctual.

If you’re invited to a person’s home, you can give them a small gift. Gifts are given with two hands and are not open when given communication, greeting is usually done with enthusiasm and pleasure. It is important to smile and maintain eye contact, expect a certain amount of small talk when greeting each other. It is important to use a person’s title with their first name, and you should not use their first name only unless you have been invited to do so.

Jordan manners and behavior avoid discussing Islam into king of Jordan also avoid public shows of affection. As with many non-western countries, the left hand should not be used for eating communication, shake hands with people when meeting them, but be aware that some women may not want to shake hands with a man. Women from Western countries may shake hands with anyone, but again Jordanian men might find this inappropriate.


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Soundcloud Premium Free Download How to Get Soundcloud++ for free Android&iOS✅

Sound Cloud Premium for iOS and Android devices and this method doesn’t require any type of Jailbreak or root, so you can see right there. I have Sound Cloud Plus Plus on my iPhone Before you can start injection. You need to Make sure you have turn on the background apps refresh on your devices here is the Tutorial for both devices, IOS and Android For IOS devices Just Follow this tutorial For Android devices.

Just Follow this tutorial After you turn on background apps refresh What you need to do is go ahead and go to your internet browser if you using iPhone Like me, go ahead to Safari and if you using Android, just go-ahead to the internet, browser And type website link called inject VIP dot pro After the website loaded, you just scroll to Find Sound Cloud plus plus and click on it. Let it load up and then you just click on The inject button to continue At this moment you can relax and wait while The tool processes, your request After the tool finished you’ll, be asked to Do some verification step it’s very important step because the system got a lot of traffic Every day, so they need to verify you’re human, not a robot, and you need to download and Try two apps for 30 seconds, which is very easy and fun to do And sometime you need to complete one of the Offers Please Note: Human Verification is different.

Depending on your country, So let me do this and show it to you After you completed the Human Verification, Step you can delete this 2 apps and restart your device to check Sound Cloud plus plus Application on your device again! Congratulations! Now you got the Sound Cloud plus plus on your Device enjoy to listen ton of music with Premium feature Thanks for reading my article, please, like And subscribe, my blog to get more articles update by clicking the bell to turn on notification.

So that you won’t miss the most important articles from my blog Have fun guys, and I hope you really enjoy


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Ladies and gentlemen, silent Mike another Q & A back to my roots. This is where it started raw loose, quickfire, silent mic with two K’s on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to get involved, we’re twitching as much as we can live stream, we built a dope community to be able to chat with you guys live link in the description, momma’s boys’, podcast weekly episodes, if not twice a week, iTunes, stitcher SoundCloud, soon-to-be Spotify on The voice podcast comm check it all out below.

Let’s get to your questions, ladies and gentlemen, how do you warm up before a benching? For me, the most of my warm-ups are pretty specific, so I take the barbell, for you know 1 to 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps, and then I slowly add weight building up to my working weight. I also do like to do some kind of band pull apart warm up my back my rotary cups as well as some kind of a school. If I’m feeling real cold or something feels a little iffy, then I’ll do a little extra warm-up.

Some push up something of that nature, but that’s typically it Mike another warm up question Mike. How many sets do you do before getting in your working weight? So that’s almost impossible to say my man, because if my working weight on bench is 275, I may only do 3 or 4 sets to get there. But if I’m warming up to 650 pounds for doubles on deadlift, I may take 8 sets to get there. So it all depends on how strong you are.

Typically, you know five, maybe 10 % jumps for the couple beginning jumps and then 5 % jumps leading onto the working weight. It’s a good general general guideline. How come I don’t need to adjust my one rep max for a 10 week program? What are the percentage no longer represent my true 1 rep max, or does it not matter great fuckin question so when you’re running a you know, 8 12. 16 week program? Do you need to update your one rep max, because perhaps you got stronger in that program? It all depends on the program.

It all depends on the goal and it all depends on the individual. I know you hate that answer, because that’s the truth and everybody hates the truth. So, for multiple reasons I would say: no, you don’t have to update it, but it kind of depends if you’re a beginner, a true beginner you’ll, be able to PR and your 1 rep max will go up every single week. How so Mike? Because you’re, a D trained and your body is so willing to adapt to the new stimulus and the new skill acquisition that you’re getting you’re getting better at the bench.

Press weekly plus your muscles, are getting stronger, repairing quicker because you’re not actually handling the type of loads that you body’s actually ready to handle, so you’ll be able to progress very rapidly from there. It might be every two weeks, every four weeks that you can PR in the lift. This obviously depend on age, genetics and some other things. This is talking about pure beginners. As you get more advanced, that’s pretty much.

The defining factor between a beginner and intermediate is how long in between it takes for you to PR or hit a new personal record. Eventually, you know the best in the world are hoping for a small five pound, ten pound PR, every 12, 16 or even 20 weeks. And that’s why I says it depends now, if you are not a pure beginner and you can’t PR every week or every other week, I still don’t think you should update your 1 rep max again, based on the program, let’s just blanket statement say we’re going for A 12-week peak program so we’re going to test our 1 rep max at the end, the chances or the percent that you got stronger throughout the entire program won’t really affect the program that much until you test anyways at the end, because you, depending on the program You’re not going to make a 150 percent gain in your 1 rep max.

You know if it’s 5 or 10 % that will all show itself at the end when you test anyways, and then you can repeat the program with those updated when we’re programming. I mentioned this in the last Q & A as long as you’re kind of hitting a range on that day. That’s why our Pease become so popular and it is very effective because you just kind of have to hit this right. This target, you don’t have to hit the bullseye every day of the weight to get the proper stimulus to progress as long as you’re kind of in that range that we’re aiming for that certain stimulus, depending on the program depending on the day and the intent of That workout you’ll make progress and be just fine, so I wouldn’t overthink it don’t over stress.

It follow the program test at the end and then we run a program with the new updated maxes. Will I ever go back to conjugate training um, probably not not, while I’m competitive power loop, you know, I think the frequency is enough for me the variations, I don’t think they work the best for the majority of raw power. Lifters. I’ve done a many articles on this. I think, if your raw powerlifting, you need more competition lifts than typical conjugate does.

I know I could make it my own and these things, but I prefer the style of training. I do I believe in it. I think it’s time tested, I think it’s it’s proven through many other coaches and systems, but it’s proven through myself as a lifter and as a coach with everyone. I’ve worked with. So I think I’m going to stick with that. If you know I totally wrap up and just don’t power lift per se anymore yeah, I can mess around with some cons.

You get taking up variations. We got a decent lifting question here for WordPress or floor press as a very simple bench press which one do you prefer and why I’d say if I had to choose, one would probably be the floor press personally and from experience with other athletes and being in The gym a board press is an awesome movement, but for a lot of lifters, they’re so uncomfortable with that bench on or excuse me, the board on their stomach that they’ll miss groove and all untighten their back more often than not that their bench form will just Go to the window and they’re just worried about touching that board.

So I would say what I would throw in. There is. Maybe a Spoto pressed we’re kind of pausing at different heights. You know true, which is off the chest, just a little pause it and come back up just controlling it yourself. I think this moreso reinforces a tight back and control the barbell and then I’d say the floor plus for the same reason, if you’re going to use a variation, let’s go outside of the box a little bit and, let’s really you know kind of pause, our triceps On the ground, before we explode back up, and I think you’ll find it good groove and a good carryover from the floor person stuff what to do in the gym after a meet or a peak kind of you know, if all is healthy and you’re feeling good.

It might be another time to have some fun and try something a little different. It’s also a good time to just chill, maybe do some dumbbell work, maybe take it completely off. It kind of depends on your mental state and what will get you motivated to continue on the gym? So maybe just another one rep max, maybe just do some dumbbell work, have some fun or maybe take it completely off and then get back into things.

In a couple weeks, what tip you would give all lifters where they’re, beginners or experienced that’s a good question tip. I would give anybody – and this is lifting life business – is have some patience, have some patience. Things always take longer than you think they will and if you have patience and stick to the plan or stick towards your goal, or at least have that goal in your mind. Daily you’ll get there and that’s not to be some motivational, bullshit guru, because you all know I hate some motivational bullshit gurus.

But truth is this: if you have patience and you stick to a plan you’re going to get a lot closer that goal, then you ever would without those two things and those are literally the only two things. Two things you need. You need a little bit of patience, maybe a lot of patience, more patience than you think you need, you need it and some type of plan to get there and that’s all you need. You welcome that’ll, be $ 8,000, send it to my pickup.

What are your thoughts on? Only dead lifting singles, I thought so only dead, lifts and singles is, is probably not optimal. Now there are some instances that you might be able to get away with something of that nature. We’re only dead lifting singles once a week at a higher intensity and catching some volume on a variation like a block, poor stiff leg or something of that nature. But I think the majority of time all lifts are going to be similar to some extent where, if we want to get better at that lift we’re going to have to slowly build volume and frequency over time.

So if you want to get better at the deadlift, we’re going to have to get some deadlift in muscles and the way to get deadlift in muscles is to build them with some reps – maybe some variation, but definitely some reps. Some volumes for frequencies so deadlift singles. Can you lift a lot of weight that way sure I’m sure somebody has and their comments are going to be blasted below, like some so deadlift at 900 pounds by only doing singles proud of that guy and proud of you for knowing that random ass fact that No one cares about, but I think for the majority of people you’re going to have to do some volume we’re going to have to do some work.

If you had to pick three exercises besides the squad deadlift and the bench to build a routine around, what would they be Chinna love me. Some chin-ups overhead press build them delts, and I don’t know if this counts, but I hope it counts. We’ll do the front squat and if that doesn’t count, will do the Bulgarian split squat there you go shove it in your pipe smoke on that one Mike. What is your best and/or favorite point guard in the NBA right now.

Y’All know I love some basketball comment below your favorite point guard or favorite player and all professional sports right now type it in hit enter tag. A friend tell them say: hey you’re, your player, sucks my players and that’s my favorite point guards. So I can’t make any decisions in my life right now. Steph Curry might be one of probably the best point guard in the league right now. It’s pretty hard to argue against my favorite point guard in the league.

Right now is a tie with my man. Isiah Thomas, I know he’s been injured, but he’s still a boy and the one and only Russell Westbrook, that boys is stud. I love reading Russell Westbrook. If I couldn’t make me somebody I’d make me some Russell Westbrook from the style to the big dunks like this. Coming down the lane, Russell Westbrook’s, a man, I’m a big fan, but there’s a lot of good point guards: Kyrie Irving’s a stud, although we left my calves, I’m not that mad about it.

I mean I’m mad about it, but I’m not that mad about it. It’s healthy eating beat training for my man, dankey meme, well, dankey. Let me tell you a thing or two: the healthy eating. Now, I’m going to say that depends on the goals. I think the combination of everything you’re talking along jet, it longevity of life healthy living. Having a long, healthy, happy life, happy wife, whatever these people say, he’s married folks or be able perform performance athlete my mama said it’s the UM doula I’m got ta.

That makes him upset. Sorry that was a bad quote. I had half the quote. I was trying to my honor, you know his name Bobby Boucher, mom I’ll knock, her boobies, hey. She showed me her boobies it uh. I liked them too back to the question. Think you mean what she say. I like Becky. If she liked me too, she showed me her boobies and I liked them too. Oh my mama says about a devil. That’s all I got Conner.

Sorry, bro no handshakes in the article we’re on one the dailies and Joe. My too many rock stars does healthy-eating beat training, dinky, memes, dank memes. If you’re just going for a longevity of a life, I think it has to be almost combination of both if you’re going for pure performance, I think lifting is going to take priority. If you’re going for pure looks or losing weight, I think diet is going to take priority.

Hopefully that breaks it down for you. Obviously, I think optimally for a longevity of life performance and looks combination of both, but I’m just saying if you have to just choose one, you know, and I just want to live a long time. That’s a hard question. A living. A long time is a hard one to say, cuz, I think such combo of both performance. I definitely think that training is priority and losing weight gaining weight.

Obviously, I think priority nutrition, but obviously the combo is going to matter bro. Mr. Bokun that hard school it both eat. Decent, listen weights, eat, decent, listen weights, more type of leg exercises. Excuse me, what type of Lake exercises did you do while dealing with my back injury? So when I didn’t squat down lift, I took six to eight weeks off to chill to work. Give my back a break. If I had the option which I didn’t because I was traveling to places, I would do a belt squat.

That’s what I did last time. I tweaked my back. The belt squat is a lifesaver this time around. I didn’t have access to that. So what I did is, I did some Bulgarian split squats with holding a weight on my up on the opposite of my up foot on the Bulgarian to add some balance and some coal work. You know that’s right, put it where eat that salad, no dessert and then lunges just focused on staying, even and still working.

Some of my legs plus I was doing some high intensity, endeavor, ball, training, mmm kit and I was doing some assault bike sprints. How to build a bigger bench? My man’s, I can’t say how many articles I’ve done on building a bigger bench, eat some foods being a calorie surplus focus on your technique, focus on a solid program that has you benching a couple times a week. Do it for a long time, rinse and repeat bench bow! Oh guys, appreciate you I’ll see you on twitch I’ll, see you in the next article we’re dropping articles Tuesday, Thursday Saturday Sunday subscribe.

China notifications, I preach you, solemn Mike head down chin up me. Do me we out of here


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WooCommerce Checkout Settings – Tutorial PayPal, Cash on Delivery – eCommerce Payment Options

Whatever is count they want, so they can get that find some. If you want that – or you can enable this thing and in this lectures itself we’ll see both these checkout options and coupon options now here is the checkout process.

If you want to enable the guest checkout make sure it is enabled – and I highly recommend this – which this is very important – and now we have – you – have to really just recheck whether everything is fine, cart, page should be selected to cut checkout page should be checkout Terms and conditions, if you want you, can create a page. You know terms and conditions right right, just type in your terms and conditions which you have, and you can link your page from you if you want not not necessary the not necessary, but if you want you can do that and after you’re done all this changes.

Just click on Save Changes now before proceeding to different checkout options. Now, let’s first see the coupon code, so just click on coupon from here. Ok now we have to add a coupon, because we don’t have any coupon codes right now so right at top. As you can see this in button, it says at coupon just click on that. Now you have to put in the coupon code right up here. For example, suppose you want to offer 25 % off then you can select.

You know 25 of this kind of coupon code you can make and in description you can write the description about this coupon code get 25 % off on the total amount. Okay. Now here we have to do some settings discount type percentage, discount or fixed card discount, what kind of discount it is. So this is percentage discount because we are giving 25 % off now the coupon amount you have to select the coupon amount.

Okay, so we are selecting 25 %, allow free shipping – if you want, you can check this, and you can also set an expiry date. For example, 31st of this month we can set that expiry date, usage restriction, minimum speed, maximums minimum spend maximum spend, but the minimum. How much amount should be there there so that the user can get that 25 percent off so suppose I say minimum you have to purchase for $ 100 only then he is eligible for that 25 percent off and maximum thousand dollars so that a maximum only up To $ 1,000, he can get 25 percent off.

Okay, individual use only check this box if the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons, and this is highly recommended, because we don’t want a user to use 25 percent coupon and then again we have another coupon code which gives third year 30 percent coupon. Then what happens is he he ultimately will get 55 percent off on the product which may incur some loss for you so make sure this is selected so that he can, you know, just use any one of these.

Coupon codes exclude sale items, yes make sure it is that why? Because you know, sometimes you are offering products on sale, 10 %, 20 %, 30 % – and on top of that, if someone uses a coupon code, then again the same thing happens: 30 percent sales plus 30 percent coupon code. He gets a 60 percent off for the product. Now you can select products. Suppose you want only this coupon code eligible only for some specific product, then you can type in the name of the product and that product will appear over here and you can see that product.

But because we haven’t created any product, then we won’t get any option or you can exclude some products. For example, suppose you are, you know dealing in jewelry or some kind of product some expensive products. Then obviously you will be a super fool to give 25 % off on those kind of products, so you can exclude those products just type in the name of the product that product will appear or you and you have to select that product.

You can select the categories for which you want to offer the this coupon code this discount, and you can exclude some categories also, and you can exclude some emails, also, no restriction or email restriction. Whatever you want usage limit usage limit per coupon, you can set to 1 means our user can use this coupon code only once ok, now it says, use your limit usage 2x items. How many items can this coupon code be used on so suppose you said 2 items then if he purchases 2 items, then he can get that discount limit use limit usage limit per users.

Obviously it should be one that is only one time that coupon code here could be used by a single user. So once you you are done with all the settings, you can just click on publish okay. Now, when we come to the cart page in the demo website here this is the option for coupon code and now, when the user puts in B that coupon code, 25 % of and click on the apply coupon, the rate will decrease or your okay.

So this is also very important. You know it helps you in marketing your product in marketing your website. So this is very important according to me now again coming back to the checkout options, so under WooCommerce select settings and under settings select checkout. Now suppose you want to accept bank account transfer, then you can select this options be ACS. This is obviously not preferable by me.

I don’t recommend this because when will the user, our transfer account amount in your bank account and when will you come to know? But still, if you want this option, you can just click on L and just put in your bank account in account number bank name. Ifs C code in this kind of stuff – I don’t recommend this one, but if you still want this, you can enable this. Then you have check payments again.

This is not recommended cash on delivery. If you want to enable cash on delivery, then you can just enable cash on delivery. Okay, just click on Save Changes. Ok, now the final option: the PayPal option, just click on PayPal; first click on enable PayPal standard. Then you can select the title PayPal. Then there is a description pay via PayPal. You can also change this title and description. Paypal, email make sure this is very, very important.

You know this is your paypal email, the email address on which the PayPal account is activated. So, whenever some user purchases some product and transfers that money, then that money will come to this email address, ok leave these options. These are not important. Receiver, email address make sure the email address is correct. Very very important now is other three options which are very important.

Okay. Now, let me tell you: where will you get all this API username, password and signature for that open PayPal in a new tab log in to your PayPal, account scroll down and at the left side you’ll see seller preferences in under selling tools, just click on seller Preferences, a new page will pop up and you’ll get so many different options, as you can see right up here here, it is an option called API access.

Okay, here it is API access and beside that there is all buttons. So, besides the API access this and update button, just click on that now here there are two options: first, one is to add or edit API permission and the second one is to you know view the API signature. Now what you have to do is click on view, API signature. Now here you have to confirm that you’re, the PayPal account owner. So you have two options: whether you want to receive an email address or an automated phone call on your registered mobile number.

So I am selecting the receive. An email address, select the mobile number. This is the mobile number. Now click on continue! Oh, yes! So once you confirm your account number, you will get three options right of your API, username, password and signature. You can just click on show. You will get your username just copy it from your go back to your dashboard paste it similarly copy and paste your password and signature over here.

Okay, so click on partial password copied place to do your signature copy and pasted over here. Now, click on Save Changes. So with this we have completed the checkout option and in the next lecture we’ll be creating new products. I’ll show you how to create different car products, simple product variable, perhaps sale, product and different other products, so see you guys in the next lecture.


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Is This SoundCloud Promoter Real? | TEST 2

This is the second artist that I tested again that song is Brenda again by sama, and if you check this out, you can see pretty simple. There are some more comments right, there’s some more views if you read that first article, but let me break down I’m going to get straight into the facts, alright, so the first time around.

If you see the change in results, well, let’s just go to the blue columns. I got an additional 359 streams. 34 likes 48 repost and 12 comments. Now after this second test, I had 171 streams, 15 likes 26 repost and 6 comments. That might seem disappointing. Alright, I understand him when I seem like a smaller number and I was kind of you know thrown off at first, but then I had to think – and I remember alright one remember the difference between test 1 and test 2.

The primary thing was one I targeted any genre when creating a campaign and test 2. I targeted a specific genre but Ozio who might have missed that and for some reason, are just reading this article before the other article review, which all reviews of repost exchange will be in the link in description. So you can understand all the processes, all the learnings, that I’ve I’ve gone through all the testing, so you can use it well, the first time alright um and you don’t make any mistakes.

No! No! I don’t want to do this with credits where the campaign start a new campaign just to make it clear again, I’m just going to click this Ram step, I’m song. What is it doing so I’ll go back to Brenda again. So when you see this the first time, I clicked any genre second time, I click specifically the track genre, so these results don’t see necessarily appeasing, but I had to remember: I had to even the playing field, the first time when I got these results right here That row, that was with 1500 credits and this these results are from 500 credits.

So when you even it out that any genre campaign was 116 streams, the song specific genre campaign was 170, one stream. So what I did was divide the campaign results that came from 1500 credits by 3, so I could now have it even out, with 500 credit campaign, so per 500 credits. When I targeted song genre, the results actually did improve right. You see that by targeting just a genre of type of people who listened to your song, which seems to make sense right, you will get better results.

The reason I decided to do any genre with the first campaign in this case was just because it seemed like it was a little bit more abstract that it wasn’t necessarily a deep house thing, but you know I’m not a huge, a Thor’ti of John Roos anyway. So looks like I was wrong. That’s an important thing to note, though, about repost exchange, because this is showing that this targeting has some effect.

It has legitimate effect and it makes sense with natural logic you targeting random genres, you’re, not necessarily going to get the same results as people who already love and listen to the genre, especially if you don’t have a more pop type song. So that’s one thing, but there’s more! Oh and don’t forget people when I say 500 credits that is half of $ 30 half of $ 29.99, like 1449, is basically what people are paying.

When I say 500 credits. That’s that’s nothing! Alright! To give these results. So I know these numbers are small, but I’m testing right, I’m testing, so you guys don’t have to test as much in test as long so keep those things all in mine. But again I’ve ran multiple campaigns at this point and it’s showing to be. You know really relative to the song, and it makes sense to me that Brenda again, although I love the song and I have an affinity for the song, it has a lower rating than the other songs.

Alright cuz honestly, when I first heard it and my homie made it were younger, like of course I had low mixing, but you know when you’re in different spaces of your career, you don’t have as high as a taste for certain types of technical aspects of music. You don’t need the mix to be perfect, you don’t need certain things and I also knew and understood the background. The story, all those things made me love it in that time and I still love it, but I can’t expect everybody else to have that same perspective.

So I understand that this is the lowest rating song and if you understand how reposts exchange works, we have to remember these songs are getting reposted. We always talk about this stuff. If something is getting a repost, it I’m going to work it. Something is advertised which is essentially what a reposting is. What a Spotify playlist thing is what, if you’re targeting somebody on a YouTube, that is it’s that beginning of the song, is extremely important to capture their attention immediately and that’s something that this song doesn’t do, because it doesn’t start until 40 seconds right.

This is something that I would suggest people have as a album track right or you shorten diversion if you’re going to advertise it, but as an album track. When people are already fans of you, then it’s a great thing to do, but all these results that I’ve gotten from repost exchange are pretty much in line with any other real marketing platform that I’ve used, which makes me a fan of repost exchange and I’m going To continue to use it until I see something that I think needs to change or makes me think otherwise and the same thing with Facebook ads right same thing with YouTube ads.

I always try to update you guys when something major more significant is happening or as prices are rising or just something isn’t irrelevant, but you can still use a platform in a different way. I’ll treat this no different. But I’m a huge proponent of this and I say: hey, look, click the link in the description below check it out. This platform is really dope and they have completely free tiers.

So it doesn’t make sense to at least not sign up to check it out right, but the platform is pretty dope and supple. I mean one thing: well know I’ll, save that for a whole nother article. But let’s, let’s just keep this in mind, though, so you don’t make this mistake. This is the action item. If you decide to run a campaign all right, the paid campaigns which, like I say I do I’m a marketer – I don’t have time to just like do hand to hand with every single thing all the time, I’m more so hey.

Let’s get these really quality results in a fast period of time. Let’s get you to 200,000, let’s get you to 1 million, but it be quality versus going the longest of long ways, so in each genre does not do good as good as song genre. There’s some other things that I want to break down. Campaign wise will platform wise explaining some rules, but I do that in a completely separate article, but yeah I mean that’s it, it’s just another test with another artist.

These aren’t even the two tests that I’m showing aren’t even the best results, I’ve gotten from the artist as of yet as well, there’s one artist that I did, but I’m not going to talk about it, because it’s a current client that you know I just don’t Really have permission to talk about. The results will crazy, some very, very, very good results. So I’m excited to continue to use this platform and that’s it, and you know anybody got some feedback, positive or negative.

Put it in the comment section below other than that, as always, if you like this article, go hit the like button, if you liked it, you might as well share it if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do. Heat death subscribe.


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How To Get A Stronger Grip and Hand Strength

Yo Elliot alright. Well, today, we’ve got a couple questions about grip strength. There are text questions, namely wondering how to eliminate the grip weakness as a limiting factor in pulling exercises. Like death, now before I get started with how they improve your grip strength, two quick, very interesting things, one.

I recently read a Gallup study that was published in the New York Times and I’ll link it up. If I can find it where they describe people who have stronger grips or hand strength as healthier and living longer, and they associated all types of reasons why stronger hands leads to longevity and good health? So if you got old people that you care about, tell them sorry dead, lifting or doing dead hangs, maybe they’ll live longer.

The other cool thing is that, by increasing your grip strength, you’re triggering something – that’s called irritation, essentially, where, when you grip your hand tight, you can’t your nervous system can’t help, but to start activating all the muscles that are associated with closing our hand tight. You know this is one of our most superficial functions that happens way outside the centre of my body.

When I say superficial I mean out here, this is proximal distal superficial internal, probably not the right word, probably more like central, but anyway so by having stronger hands. You’ll, ultimately be able to do you’ll be stronger in your chest and your shoulders and your back if you’ve ever readed, some of the bench press deadlifts articles by Dave, Tate, I think there’s some of them on his youtube blog.

He talks about improving your benchpress by squeezing the bar tighter, that’s irritation and its finest. So by increasing your grip strength, you’re not only going to be able to hold things with your hands better per se, but you’ll also be able to have produced better function. In your back in your chest and your shoulders, everything as it makes its way to the center of your body. So you long story short.

You want to have a pretty strong grip for multiple reasons. Besides heavy frickin deadlifts now couples tips for you for increasing your deadlift strength and just answer one of the specific questions in your your questions that you guys asked, I would say if somebody wanted to know if they should use straps straps are cool they’re good, but Don’t become reliant on them, I’ve used them before in order to build up my deadlift strength, but I sure only use it if it’s, you know, as it has a tool or an accessory to regular deadlifting, which is with without straps now.

The very first exercise that I would add to your regimen in order to improve your grip strength would be to do dead holds so. Basically, we get a barbell you’d load it up with weight that you could probably do about 10 to 12 repetitions on for, like a deadlift or event of a row, hold it with supinated grip. That means your hands up. Supinated. You remember that by saying like you can hold a bowl of soup in your hands: pronated supinated, supinated grip, grab the bar drop, your shoulders back and just hold the bar reading a clock and basically beat your time from week to week.

Reason why I ask you to do them supinated because might as well kill two birds with one stone when you supinate in that hold. You also build up the strength of your upper back, which is going to be critical for your deadlift strength, then being a strong son of a bitch as well supinated dead, hold every week. Try to beat your time. You can hold per minute, then hold it for two minutes now the way you another thing that I would do, and I’d probably get on this as soon as possible – is to do that with two with a 2-inch bar soul or with bat grips and bat grips.

Are basically these little tubular type things that you can add to your bar so that you have a fatter bar to hold on to that’s really going to force you to work a lot harder? I give you penny and go to back grips calm to find these things. Yours put them on your bar. You hold on as long as you can, with the data that 2-inch hold. That’s going to be really helpful for you then, and add that at the end of your workout, don’t do that and then go.

Try to deadlift then also add a couple accessories strength, grip, strength, exercises to your program, including wrist rollers. I’ve got the Iron Mountain wrist. Roller here I like that uh dumbbell hex holds, but I don’t have a dumbbell here, but essentially Hey so you’ll hex holes. Look like this. You hold the dumbbell like that. Bang you guys and see that and you do it for time. Bang! It’s really to build! Your finger strength, the other thing is grab plates I’ll, be right back.

You take ten pound plates like this and just hold on to it. Bang. As long as you can, those are too cool exercises, don’t take special equipment and then finally, another really cool one is just dead, hangs, grab a chin-up bar and hang as long as you can like you do with the woman with the deadlift holds. You tie yourself. This week beat it next week. That’s it add those to your program, keep increasing your grip strength.

Men you’re, the keepers of the house. You’ve got to have strong hands to be a strong man thanks. Your article questions, oh, send me more article questions. Thanks for your questions, I’m Elliott Hulse talk to you next time: yo Elliott, member


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Set up payments in GoCentral Online Appointments | GoDaddy

You can change how you accept payments at Any point by clicking Settings in the top menu bar and then choosing Appointment Payments. You have the option to collect full or partial Payment at the time of booking or to accept payment in person You can set how much of a deposit you require.

If you accept partial payments, If you choose to require any payment up front, You ’ ll need to connect your Square account. Click on the green “ connect, ” button and You ’ ll, be prompted to enter your Square username and password. If you choose to collect in person, you can Keep track of payments by viewing the appointment on your calendar or from the profile of the Customer who booked your services


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SoundCloud Makes a Power Move: Monetize Your Music!

Now, those of you who don’t know who I am. I am a digital marketing that specialize in helping artists, like you, guys get their songs hired through platforms like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and bunch of others. Now what I want to talk to you guys about today is a recent Power Move that the streaming platform SoundCloud has made.

I want to get you guys to start to take advantage of this power move, what exactly it is and how I think it will affect you guys as artists in the near future. So with that being said, let’s get right into it. So what exactly is this power move that SoundCloud has made? If you keep up with SoundCloud in any way, shape or form, then you’ve probably heard that they now allowed monetization of the music on their platforms, meaning that you can now make some money because of SoundCloud before the only way to just stuff will get monetize from Them was if you were invited to their SoundCloud premier program or if you knew someone like your distributor, who can help you get your stuff monetize through whatever other means that they may have so like.

I was saying before SoundCloud premier program used to be invite-only, meaning that some flower pretty much had to ask you to come, try it out. That was the only way that you can make money through SoundCloud through them. But now the SoundCloud premier program is open to all creators who use the platform as long as you meet their basic bare minimum requirements. So what exactly does this mean for you guys? It pretty much means that now you have another way to put some money back into your pockets now before.

One of the main arguments that I used to hear against SoundCloud is that you were literally giving your music away for free, and why would you do that? Now I know technically on platforms like Spotify and like title you’re, not charging your fans for your music, but at least those platforms were attempting to pay you guys for your streams. I always thought it was kind of weird that, with SoundCloud the main source of traffic, which is you guys, was not being compensated for the amount of work that they put in unless SoundCloud deemed you worthy to be so.

To be honest with you guys, I think the SoundCloud opening up its premiere program is an attempt for them to keep their core consumer base happy, which is music artists. You guys, I think that SoundCloud has finally realized that they have been driving you all the way to their competitors, to Spotify, to Apple music, to title to Pandora, all of their competing services, and they aren’t you guys back.

I think they want you all to at least seriously consider SoundCloud as a platform that you need to really work and drive traffic to, and they knew that. The best way to do so was to finally start paying you guys for the work that you’ve been putting in and finally the part of the article that I’m sure you guys have been waiting for. How can you join SoundCloud premiere program so that you can start to monetize your music and make some money well, like I was saying earlier in the article, you must first meet their basic criteria, which are pretty much as follows.

First, you have to have at least a SoundCloud Pro or SoundCloud Pro and limited account, meaning that you can’t monetize your music. If you only use their free account, you also can only monetize original music, meaning no remixes, no cover songs. None of that guys. You also can’t have any copyright claims against your account. So if you ever uploaded something that didn’t belong to you and you got a claim against it, this may be something that causes you a little trouble.

I would definitely look more deeply into it if this applies to you and lastly, you must have at least 5,000 strings within the last month from countries that SoundCloud Dean’s eligible I’ll make sure to leave the article about that in the description below, so that you can Dig a little bit more deeply into it. There’s always guys if you feel, like you learned anything today, please like and share this article hit those post notifications as well as I wouldn’t want you guys to miss anything once again.

My name is Corey and I’ll see. Y’All next time,


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Janice Hall: Farmers Market Operating Guidelines During COVID-19 Outbreak

These are based on the Potential risks associated with COVID-19 also Known as the coronavirus and its impact on the Health and the economic well-being of our farmers, The next few segments will Provide refresher practices and give you some enhanced best practices to have in place to protect You and your customers Now, let’s look at some Ways that you can protect yourself and your customers, Farmers, vendors and Market staff should wear food-grade, gloves and Change them frequently as soon as they become Soiled or contaminated Make sure that you are washing your hands before putting on a new pair of gloves.

Next, you should increase the number of hand-washing stations. For customers and vendors, and also remember to post Signs reminding everyone to wash their hands The picture on this slide. Shows you an example of a hand-washing station that You can make yourself at home if you don’t have access to one. Each farmer should have Soap, paper towels and hand wipes such as Wet Ones and hand sanitizers for their booth.

Now there is a difference between hand, wipes and disinfectant wipes. Please note that disinfectant wipes such as Clorox or Lysol Wipes should not be used on your hands or any surface that will come in contact with the food. Please read the label to make sure that you’re following instructions for proper and safe use. You want to make sure that You limit the customers from handling the produce. One good way to do this is to have all of your foods pre-packaged To slow down the spread of This virus and other bacteria limit the customers from Touching the product, All foods should be pre-packaged to eliminate potential Contamination at the market Examples would be pre-packing.

Breads and baked goods Pre-packing all foods, Will help in this effort Now how your booth is Stocked and positioned can make a big difference. In you doing your part to keep things safe, Let’s take a look at your Farmers market booth is yours, ready Institute six to 10 feet of space between vendor booths, where possible. Now, if you’re unsure about How much space this is, you can simply stretch Your arms side to side like an airplane or you Can do six to 10 paces or footsteps toe to toe The virus? Has minimum Ability to spread in the air It goes into the air and it Settles onto the surfaces You can also separate, but Don’t cross-contaminate Separate the duties at your booth, which means the person handling the money should be separate from the Person handling the produce.

You want to try to segregate the duties behind the market table so that the virus does not spread through currency. It is a good idea to Designate one individual to handle the money, tokens and coupons while others are handling The produce being sold Again, wear food-grade, gloves and change those gloves frequently So we’ve been hearing about practice social distancing with the coronavirus, but how does that apply? To a farmers market: Well, we need to limit bare hand, contact no shaking hands and no hugs Handshakes, hugs and close distancing, while talking to each other Is a part of our culture, however, to prevent the Spread of this virus, we will have to practice Social distancing So limit your handshakes and hugs, because if someone carrying the virus has virus particles on their hands, they can transfer that to Your hands by direct contact, So please, let’s show those appreciation gestures at a distance, A nice warm smile can go a long way.

It is critical that health and wellness is practiced at all costs, so protect your health and others by following these guidelines, Farmers and vendors, who are ill or showing signs of Illness should stay home. Incubation of this virus is up to 14 days, so it is quite possible. That you may have it spread it without, even knowing it Send a replacement to sell if you’re sick. If anyone within the farm business has been confirmed with COVID-19, notify the manager and remain home, Farmers should be readful.

Also of signs of ill customers, removing all products, They may have touched from their sales table. Do not remove them with your bare hands. It is important to postpone Those yummy samples, Like I mentioned, doing, This will reduce the risk of the virus particles transferring from one surface and person to another And lastly, as usual, no dogs Are allowed at the market? No dogs are allowed at the farmers market unless they are service.

Dogs, as defined as follows: Under the ADA, a service Dog is defined as a dog that will have that has Been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability, The task or tasks performed by the dog must be directly related. To the person’s disability, Emotional support dogs do not qualify. So to sum this up best Practices is the key to healthy food and healthy customers For more information on the farmers market operating guidelines during The COVID-19 outbreak you can visit the Farmers Market Authority At www.

Fma.Alabama.Gov or the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at http://www.Aces.Edu. Thank you.