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Artist Marketing How To Make MONEY Fast On Soundcloud

What’s up yours, Devin Malik back going to make another quick load article. It might not be people fuckin with the SoundCloud articles. You know, like they’re, doing good. Thank you for the feedback. One thing I must say the people posting links, stop doing it ain’t. Nobody really going to check out your link. I feel, like I’d, be taking the time to read this market in the article.

You should be at the point where you you need to understand that posting a random link in the comment section on a YouTube article. It’s not going to get you a lot of traffic. You wasting your time. Most people won’t click it and if they do click it. The fact that they’re going to go through your playlist and follow you or you know, become a fan, it’s kind of almost throw that in there real, quick but back to the topic, so niggas fuckin with the SoundCloud article.

So I’m going to keep talking about it. This one is about how to make money on soundcloud how to make money using SoundCloud how anybody on soundcloud could make some money. If you a high school, you got a little part-time job. You don’t got a job. You need some extra bread. This is pretty much a good article for you, I’m 19. Now I’ve been using SoundCloud for about two years. When I was 17, I started uploading beats and things like that got real consistent, uploaded a bunch of be tapes, instrumental albums a few wraps here and there.

Now I’m focusing more on that doing music articles and shows you know things like that, but around 12th grade year I was putting out, beat tapes and I was like damn. I need money on you money like what am I doing like you know. It’s a certain point where you know it is your hustle and you got to treat like a hustlin. You got to get compensated for it. So the number one thing is: you got to get to a point where you’re not scared to ask for compensation.

You’re not scared to ask for money, because at the end of day you are given a service or you are bringing some sort of value and that you provided or people fuck with your music. They might be willing to throw you some sort of donation or some sort of payment because association, you know they’ve messing with you, you messing with them and it’s just a good vibe all together. So don’t be scared. I asked for money: if you’re not selling things, how are you going to make money if you’re not putting up a beat and saying? Oh, you can lease it if you’re not putting on a tape and saying oh, it’s for so here you’re not going to make any money a lot of people.

How are you going to act? Oh I’m not making money, I’m not making money. What am I supposed to do? You’re, not even selling shit. You want people to just come and just give you bread like that. Doesn’t make sense. That’s not how life works. You feel me. So, basically, you got to start selling shit. If you want to make money, it’s not the monies, it’s not going to come to you. You got to create these opportunities.

People always talk about this law of attraction and speaking things to existence, but they forget the radical action part where you got ta actually like makes you happy. You know I’m saying and niggas be forgetting that’s just a little T, IME for y’all niggas right there moving on how you going to make the money right, yo I’ll, be held at gigs, making these articles, but I’m just turned. I love giving you all these information and the feedback y’all be giving me that shit’s time.

So I’m looking out my window because it’s like somebody parked like up in front of the crib right now, just looking weird. So I keep kind of like zone enough, but back to the topic more for pretty much um talk about ways to get paid on a soundcloud. Really, if you are a producer, if you are a rapper, there’s two different, you know that’s pretty much. How people are they either they either do that or they do the other if you’re a producer.

The number one thing I can say is: if you’re not putting on instrument of albums or be tapes whatever you want to call them. You should start doing that because a lot of people put out if you’re a producer, I’m going to beat every day, I’m going to be every four days. Every week you got all this material. You can organize it as a tape. Put it out as one full project and get paid off of that bank and got it down just off youtube.

People will hit you up like just all type of Runaways. My name is Dan cam. You can find my my shit on there. I got like over 10 tapes right now, maybe 15 of just like good as music and a vibe to chill pretty much, and it’s actually weird because a lot of people don’t know the opportunities on soundcloud. You know a lot of people, take it as a joke, but once you start creating it and using it more as a business, then you get more business opportunities from it.

So I do suggest even right now, if you got a photo with 10 B, 10 and 15 beats, it could be a EP. I’ve taken four beats. Five beats put it out as a project people like when you have an organized project. It looks better than just random singles, or just like, oh he’s, just a producer with all these 100 beats at 50 beats like that. Don’t do that organize it, promote it and drop that shit, because you get to a point where you get into a rhythm and people start paying you for it.

You can set small prices, you don’t have to have a huge, a huge payout, but things like Bank can’t know that they will take a percentage out of each cell. You know so just know that I calculate all that in there, but you’ll make making a dollar. It’s better than making, no you don’t say no money at all. So don’t be stingy, don’t be like. Oh I’m not going to do this and only make a few bucks cuz yeah it’s going to start small.

It just depends on your work ethic and how hard you going to work at it, cause it going to start small, but it’s going to get bigger yeah. You might make a dollar off this tape. The next tape, god damn make $ 2 thanks. Take me $ 3 makes a make $ 4. You don’t saying you do that all over again, you got eight goddamn. You got eight bucks right there right, you get two more dollars. You got you a G, but I’m going to keep going then so yeah be tapes.

That’s not one thing number two is beat leases. If you make hip hop, instrumentals trap beats or whatever. If you make shit that people are willing to rap one man, please start selling your beats leases exclusive. Whatever you sign up with track, train set them up on, beat stars, put them on YouTube everywhere. Don’t I’m talking about SoundCloud but put them on everywhere. You know you SoundCloud as a hub connect with people and then spread it out, and then all these other things send them to SoundCloud and I’ll just be like your main source right there, but yeah it’d be Lisa’s things like that.

You make more money off of being least, you can augment I’ve sold a beat package for what $ 200 $ 300 and that’s way more money than as many as beat tapes. I would have to say you know, I’m saying like that. Just comes into the quality of beats that you are providing and if people are actually going to want to wrap one, you know goddamn realtor, I’m really excited for this shit yeah. I haven’t made a article in a while.

I’ve been lacking your it’s might be a lot more consistent content. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m just so busy right now. I got so much shit going on and I’m just trying to process it online like from family life. They get so goddamn. Fucking work career to this tonight today, so I’m just trying to make all this shit work and operate and just keep it. You know just keep it to I’m appreciating the feedback yoga, it’s crazy, so many people are into my inbox hit me up on Twitter Instagram, asking me for advice asking me for this.

Like that’s one thing, I really do appreciate like the fact that y’all are listening and understand what I’m saying. Another thing is: don’t think I know everything cuz, I don’t know shit. You feel me so if y’all got some advice, anything like that give it to me cuz, I’m always willing to soak up some G AME real talk so hit me with that and I’ma hit y’all something back and we going to be good. Moving on forward beat Lisa’s is really simple on the way I like to do it, even if you make a folder of 10-15 beat street like a beat tape or a sermon, I get 10 15 beats and just put them out every day every other day.

For a certain amount of money, pretty much and then once you get to a point me to have a thousand photos: 2005 three thousand four: it becomes automatic. There’s always somebody that wants to buy and see what you provided me. You know so you just got ta stay consistent with that. If you a rapper, you wan na make money, it’s even easier for you, because people will buy your tape quicker than you know, just by like their instrument, it’s easier for them to make a lease.

But if you’re a rapper, if you’re artists, you should really work on putting off some sort of project, even if you, if you really get to a grind on, get them tangible, get some CDs. But I ain’t up that played out. You know I’m saying if you about your hustle, you going to make the bread and just do that and then it’s all going to come together for you, I’m trying to think about other ways to make money off.

Soundcloud um! You can sign up. You need to monetize your SoundCloud wait, honey. You actually need a monetize, your SoundCloud, because I’m at the point now it’s not a lot of money, but even if I’m getting $ 10 $ 15 $ 20 a month just off a couple thousand plays here like them. Saying like it’s good, because once the more music you put out port per month and the more people that are playing them in a lawyer, listening to your songs, the more amount of money they’ll seen you monetize it.

So you should search that up. There’s a lot of free, monetization programs. That’ll get you right, you know get you feeling just why you need a fill hold on. It’s still. It’s still, I’m going to treat these articles more organic you’re, like I’m trying. I was trying to be hella weird and my hella professional and have a list of shit to talk about. I can’t do all that. You feel me crime, it’s just easier when I just treat it like a regular conversation.

I’r just talking, like you know, they’re trying. I was trying to be too robotic with some of these shits. You don’t, but then some of my warning I was like you know. Those are the ones that are working. You know like the SoundCloud one I should, but it’s really tons of ways you can make money off SoundCloud you can. You can promote other people’s music. Like people get, you know, people will be sending niggas PayPal money to repost their song on soundcloud.

That’s crazy! You know like there’s tons away so between be tapes, instrumental releases be tapes, instrumental leases. You are, if you’re artists put out a full project or put out an EP monetize it monetize it. A SoundCloud is really not that much and a lot of them are free. You can find a free program for it. Um promote outside external projects like make a drunk it, make a sound pack make a article like this.

You know promote outside things that that people will pay for in sin that I think back to SoundCloud. That goes to like marketing shit. Let me let me know if you are down to like give more like music marketing articles instead of like. I know I’ve kind of been touching on it here and there, but if you want more, like social media marketing how to actually get it to larger a larger amount of people in a quick amount of time, let me know let me feel, like anything, any questions.

Any articles don’t want me to cover hill, that’s how I can make articles quickly if somebody’s in the comments like you’ll, make a article about this I’ll go ahead and not get out. You know and just keep it like that among I’m going to also start doing. My live stream shit like that and um. That’s pretty much it! I’r rambling at this point they just treated professionally, have some sort of schedule on Soundcloud.

You know because once you start getting a following, people will expect something from you. So if they followed you because you’re putting on a song every week every other week, you got to keep doing that. You can’t disappear for two three months. That’s what happens with a lot of people. They they lose their momentum. You know that’s not what you wan na, be, thankfully sound clouds through here I don’t know chance of pulling strings or what, but I think is going nowhere.

It’s too much money behind there’s too much people making money behind it, much more money to climb. So that’s pretty much that I can’t I feel like as soon as I stop the article I’m going to think of another way like. Oh, I make money this way, so yeah do all that stuff. You just hit me up my comment, sections open. My inbox is okay, make it right now,


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The Best Sales And Marketing On YouTube

Yeah 1 million things they notice. That works. Trust me, I’m good! This is good. This is good primal branding! Okay, like I don’t do you know yeah you should for the beginners now it might because but um yeah, my traffic sources, the Facebook Ads emails Instagram in YouTube through traffic. Second blog, which is entertainment, blog, is very funny.

Add thousands views every day and upwards of millions of views every single month and sent up to my building offers, and do me this month, my earnings every single day shall we do guys? How do we and we kill, we can own it, and I want to cap it out and raise my pick. Is the goal and you don’t work out and it’s powerful if you guys just get it to high ticket and do like a front end so like have something I dip it in the back in yeah and literally you people and that’s working for anyone.

There’s a lot details, persuasion, a copywriter! Oh sorry, there’s are technical things too. You have to learn, but DNA do this right in a very powerful you’re capable of this okay. Oh, can I start right now and okay, you know more about the magic Langer might be. Probably advertorial a victorious cover like wildfire. Basically, Oh well, this blog subscription tree today I press, bears use Idol in past working jobs.

I hated jobs and Lily over six hours per day. Okay, people thought I was crazy and fairly crazy. Actually, it’s kind of like over many many years and they’re also really good. Now, I’m giving you guys exactly access inside of courses whatever time the secrets and you can get the bed go straight up crazy, powerful and um yeah over time. I figured it out and it was because I’m sure can be proven money good.

You freedo, don’t have a job. It’s amazing. I think it’s just the currency for trade in the market. I use triple art offers that’s a good question now. That’s what I do dad because guess maybe you saw that new article or something the tree, trimmers rock, because if you do the two-step order form off with models. So basically they give you their name, an email and then their email list and the follow peak was going and dance with by after that on the two-step chord form.

So sometimes I would go through funnel it, but I cover that courses really powerful, but the coolest thing about it is for whatever it is, even if you like, a digital product, obviously digital products, if you, if you go to drop shipping or whatever I don’t like To overhead drop shipping, I don’t like the fulfillment of everything, but Manna Dey becomes a huge industry. I found it yeah, you know.

Follow sequences are very well you’re, going to get tons of people up the end. Yeah they’re, not people just personally, okay, yeah purchased. Those will give you a right there and then you can run really offers and then you like link to different platforms to be juice for a long term. Like I said, I got the YouTube blog, I think people there from the evilest and traffic there and just as cycling everywhere, and I think it’s a description of the YouTube articles over Q, a bunch of different freakin funnels at have an eye.

That’s a really great price. I give bones forces inside that are worth 900 because that’s what every charges, and so I’m basically a tenth of the price and my courses are exceedingly valuable, captive information of the extra secrets for you guys in our time to dedicate to you guys and it’s not Over pressure, anything or alone, so you guys are going to get into this membership, and I hope you, whatever you wan na, do, is to sit up to you what will actually work, and so before a year.

Okay, it’s the price, plus bonuses, it’s the quality itself. What is the product was the niche? What is the topic? What problem for all that matters? You know the story behind offer increases it’s good to announce, big big things. Just books message me about books, you, like yeah, you guys later peace out subscribe, but if any of you guys are interested very motivated yeah, you learn very powerful stuff straight for me that you can get.

It might become millionaire littered through different marketing campaigns and everything. Yeah I’m doing this for ten years and basically be launching a one-year membership and then a ten year membership. It’s your choice, we’re going to choose! This is look at the time because I’m not doing this anymore. Okay, I’m not going to do any more mentorships. Only for this month, you have time to get into this big big surprise at the end of this month, for something very, very also where, basically, you guys are going to just get to be a part of like an exclusive group where I do weekly live calls.

You talked with really really successful people you’re going to talk with me, one-on-one, whatever you want, you get to chat with me whenever you want and you get exclusive content you get to chose everything.

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Hootsuite vs Buffer (Social Media Management)

These are both scheduling platforms, where you can schedule your posts ahead of time, maybe do all of them in one day for the month for the week, however, you want to do it and then not have to worry about posting. You still want to go back and check for engagement, but you don’t have to worry about coming up with all these ideas constantly.

You could take one day really plan it out, post them, schedule them and then move on and not have to keep thinking about it. I think in online businesses the affiliate marketing online marketing digital marketing, all these different things – that’s one of the hardest things to do is to schedule your time and not feel like you’re all over the place. So there’s lots of tools out there to help you, and these are definitely two really good tools.

Yesterday I talked about five six different schedulers and in the end I told you that today I would compare HootSuite with buffer, because these two are pretty affordable. They’re really good for beginners and I’m going to give credit to Ben Beck. I did Google and found his article where he compared ten key factors, but today I’m only going to compare five. I tried to take the five factors that you might be looking at.

As a beginner, every platform gets more complicated and starts looking at things and sometimes as a beginner. All those things become daunting. So I wanted to just look at the five that you probably would be most interested in as a beginner. So let’s go ahead and get started. The first thing I want to do is give a quick overview. This is what the platform looks like on. Hootsuite HootSuite according to Ben, has a platform that is clunky.

It feels old compared to some of the new tools that are coming out. You know how Apple always has all the cool apps and just that real, clean, modern look. This one HootSuite still has more of a Microsoft. Look if that makes sense. So, even though it still has great features the functionality and all that the look of it is not as modern, if you, I guess, is the best way to say it. So this one also runs $ 29.

99 per month. It does have a free feature. You can so, I think, sign up for 30 days free and then you can still use it for free. If you don’t want some of the features, I did not get into that. What features you get at what price I just compared. Some of the five different features that I have listed here today, here’s buffer buffer. As you can see, it has a very first impression, really quick. It’s very clean, very easy to use interface kind of like a um easy to do for dummies right, but it just lacks some of the luster and the robust tools that HootSuite has and we’ll go into that in a moment.

So you have to be careful just because something looks easy and is easy it you have to look at what are the tools that I’m looking for it and does it do what I need things like HootSuite when I talk about the robust features, HootSuite out ways: Buffer with its scheduling, content, recommendation and reporting – and it has analytics so all those things are not with buffer. So if you look at an analytics and really trying to dig deep, then you will pay more and you will have those features with HootSuite.

Alright, let’s go ahead and start breaking them down. I had five different features and the first one was who has the widest coverage on social media accounts buffer? As you can see, you can post on five different accounts. As of the time of my comparison here, it may do more, obviously, depending on when you look at this, but Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, app.Net and Google, I’m sure you’re, probably most concerned with the top three now look at who’s suite.

Not only do you have those, but you, if you’re a blogger and you’d like to use WordPress Foursquare. Those are definitely things that you want to use for HootSuite. It also goes into tumblr, blogger, Instagram, Google+, so objects more. There were others that it listed and I just stopped listing them, but HootSuite definitely allows you to post on more platforms so think about the platforms that you’re, using or even the ones you’re going to use in the future.

I try to even as a new marketer, sometimes in the beginning, when I first started, I was always going for okay, which one’s easier, but then I found myself switching to another platform when I started doing more in wanting more and that can be a pain. So now my philosophy is, if I’m in this and I’m going to make you know this a career out of this and make this my job. Then I want to have the best tools in the get-go and that way I don’t have to keep changing around.

That’s just my philosophy, so again, both of them will allow you to start for free. They have free programs, but you have to look and see what that entails. All right. Let’s look at another feature which one is easier to use buffer is simple with a cleaner. Looking layout, okay HootSuite is easy to use. It just doesn’t have the same look, so it really is a preference of. Do you like Apple or Microsoft, is kind of what I get from this buffers more of your Apple product.

Hootsuite is more of your Microsoft product. All right, let’s look at the next one scheduled posting. Obviously, if you’re looking at these different tools, which one’s going to post my or schedule my post more conveniently buffer, you can schedule your posts, but it is again not as robust as HootSuite the person that wrote. This article gave a score to these different things and HootSuite. By far it was raved about it has very powerful scheduling functionality.

Definitely hands-down wins in this area. So if posting is important to you, then you definitely want to go with HootSuite and and, like you just saw on the previous slide. Hootsuite also had more platforms that you could schedule, and so, if that’s the main reason you’re using this, that might be the one that you might choose ad hoc posting now. What is that ad hoc posting is when, let’s say, you’ve got everything scheduled for a month and then all of a sudden you decide.

I want to schedule something today, even though I’ve scheduled out for a month, that’s called ad-hoc posting. Were you kind of on the go posting? Is that a better way of saying it, but both of them use a chrome plug-in that helps you do that? But buffer is super super easy. You use the plug-in and buffer will even say: hey here’s a great place to put that and it kinda puts it there for you. If you use HootSuite, you have to go in and say here’s where I want to add it in now.

If you don’t do a lot of that, a lot of on the go posting then HootSuite is your go-to platform. But if you find yourself constantly posting on the go, then you might want to stick with buffer. Alright, let’s look at one more feature: what about content library buffer does not allow you to keep that much content on their platform. It’s not as large, doesn’t give you as much space as HootSuite. So if you’re, a small company you’re, just starting out buffer, will be great for you.

If you are planning on getting big or you already are medium-sized to large, then you probably want to go with HootSuite now. Another thing that HootSuite will do. It will allow you to tag your content, so if you want to search it and sort it you can do it and it also lets you view usage statistics where buffer does not so again, how involved do you want to get with your posting? You may be doing this not for a business, but just because you like to post and you’d like to engage with friends and community, or maybe you’re just posting, to encourage a group of people and it’s not that important buffer, probably would be the best platform for You so you just got to compare the pros and cons of each and figure out, which is best for you.

Now I’m going to go over verbally if you’re, looking HootSuite in these five areas was better with supporting more networks, we showed you that you can use more platforms with HootSuite. Hootsuite is also better for scheduling functionality, and it also has a larger storage platform. So, if you’re, really looking at running scheduling a lot of things on lots of different platforms, it sounds like HootSuite would be, for you.

Buffer is very easy to use. If you’re looking for simplicity and if you’d like to schedule on-the-go that one is better. So I kind of divided the five features that way you can go back and see which each of them does but figure it out. You know which platforms best for you, according to Ben in his article, both of them were good platforms, but you have to decide which one is best for you just give me if you don’t mind giving me a thumbs up.

If this was helpful, give me some feedback, if there’s more things like this, that you’re looking for I’d be more than happy to review it and make a article for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and check out my links below if you’re looking at affiliate marketing. That is what I do. I do have some links below. There is definitely an affiliate marketing bootcamp below that is free, that you can check it out and see.

If that’s for you, alright, thanks for reading today and again, I hope this was helpful. Give me a thumbs up if it was

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Comment Marketing- Make Money On YouTube Making Comments!

Okay, you didn’t know here we go like and subscribe to. The blog leave a comment on how you market to market you to affiliate marketing T to internet marketing online marketing social media marketing. What do you do? Leave a comment. Tell me what you do, how you do it? Okay. This is a method that I that I know it’s. Some people call a black hat.

It’s not on the level. It’s kind of little sneaky a little sneaky business, but it’s wait if you, if you know, if you, if you don’t have money and you need to get traffic okay, this is a way to do it. Alright. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to in your niche whatever your niche is, you are going to go and find the big guys in your niche, okay, that the ones that have millions of followers? Okay, hundreds of thousands of followers, okay and what you do is you’re going to follow them.

Okay, you know you’re going to follow them and you’re going to subscribe to them. I should say so: you’re going to subscribe to their blogs you’re going to subscribe to their blogs and you’re, going to hit the bell icon right. So you’re going to hit the bell icon up here and you’re going to get notifications of when they put out articles. Okay, so you’re going to be a comment jacking. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to try and get to be the first comment or on the article so as soon as they make the article and it gets released, you jump on that and and you you make a comment you and not just That any comments got to be a good comment, got ta, be you just got to be a little bit of an ass.

Kick kissing comment, little brown, those going on where you know you praise the article praise them. You know what they do, that you follow them, that you, like them: okay, I’ll, give you an example in in the make money online niche. Okay, I have a bunch of guys friended, okay, I’ll expect there is one and he just posted 27 minutes ago. So if I would have caught that right away and made a comment on that now, obviously you make a comment.

Some of you guys are probably saying you know, listen we’re not stupid. You know, if you put it put a link into somebody’s comment on YouTube. It doesn’t get approved as an approved comment. Nobody sees it goes into, you know, expand, folders or whatever, and that’s very true. Okay, so you comment you make you’re not going to put a link into it. Your affiliate link doesn’t go in the comment at the beginning.

Okay, so you make a comment and you kiss ass and you don’t mention your affiliate link and you don’t mention any such thing about marketing or any kind of offer or anything you do you just make a a high praise. A high praise, um post comments say this is John Chris Donnie, okay, John Chris Donnie. I caught him right away. I was the first commenter hey. I love reading your articles, I’m trying to follow you and do what you do keep inspiring me and he replied thanks.

Okay, so because he replied, then I was the first commenter, I’m the first post on the article, so just go to the article. Ok, this is the article all right, I’m going to move over here now, alright. So this is the article him with a pile of money. It’s great stuff. Alright, let’s go down. Show me more there’s my comment right so there’s my comment on the number one comment. Alright and then he commented thanks.

So what you do is this is 23 hours ago, so you wait a period of time so that he approved it. He saw it. He approved it okay, so this is a day ago now, John first, on e, this article has 570 views right now. Okay, he gets thousands and thousands of views so because I’m the first comment people are going to be seeing this comment a lot. Okay, it’s people going to be reading. This comic people scroll down to the comment.

You know every time they read a article. I don’t know if you do, but I know I do it so you come over here and we got it to article so now you can’t put your link in it at first, but you can now so you do that you erase that. Okay, now I have something here already pre-done and do you want to know free traffic sources? Do you need to know where to get free traffic? For me? Do you have no money for traffic? You need traffic.

Everybody needs traffic click. The link in the description for my seven best free traffic sources with a bonus traffic source, okay check it out now did like I subscribe. Okay got my ad copy here. What now so we are going to copy that I shouldn’t have closed it. I’r going to paste that there alright, but now that my links not there, so I’m going to go back go into here. I have links somewhere there’s my builder roll link.

So I’m going to go here. I’r going to use the seven day free trial link is always a good one. People love seven day free trials, my free trials in general and post my link right now save it. No, not only is my comment number one and it’s talking about my business, but Jarvis Thani said thanks: okay, tough! So there you go you not only did you get your blink put in now, if you wanted to make this shorter, so is that your link shows up, but there’s my link right, there’s my link top of the top post and there you go okay, so I Mean obviously, that’s going to drive you some traffic? Alright, so you know, but the only other suggestion is you would want.

Maybe the link to be above here, so I might move the link on slightly. Let’s. Let’s do this, let’s add in it, let’s cut and paste this. Let’s take this on here, cut that now the next Gold Rush and we’ll put the link right there. Okay, so build a real business. 2019 marketing online is the next Gold Rush 7 day free trial. Be the man with the tools of the trade and they will beg to be a prod. They would beg to buy your products who made the money in the gold rush, the miners.

No, it was the guy who was selling shovels, okay and then I’m going to say, sell, shovels alright and we save it alright. So there’s my link above the fold as you will. Alright people everybody’s going to see it now. Turn course Donnie said thanks. Ok, you can’t beat that alright, so subscribe to the blog tricks like that or finding them I’m going to make articles. You know free traffic. This is a number one excellent way to get free traffic cost you nothing and that’s going to be quality traffic now find the big guys in your niche and do the same thing.

Ok, so what we do we file big guys in the niche we subscribe to? Their blogs, ok, we subscribe to the blogs. We wait. We hit notification education as soon as alright. Soon as they’ve put out a article, you get a notification. You jump on that article be the first commenter now, if you’re, the second third, fourth or fifth commenter. That’s pretty good, too. Okay, you want to be the first, but as long as you’re up in the top couple, all right now.

The other thing is you make a really good comment and the person makes it makes a reply to it. It might get posted up higher, okay, it might get pinned to the top. Sometimes that happens. Okay, so you know you make a quality comment. Make a quality comment. Get your comment ranked at the top. Okay, maybe even pinned you know, kiss a little s kiss a little s. You know, I can’t say it any penny. More than that.

All right leave a comment. You know, I know some of you. People are going to say, you know, that’s screwed up, but you did and it’s not right and it’s not fair and and it’s it’s black hat and it’s you know, you’re going to have all kinds of going to call you all kinds of names. But you know whose it really hurt and whose it really hurt. Okay come on. It’s not hurting anybody. Okay, it’s not hurting anybody all right so, like I subscribe to, the blog have a good day.

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Youtube Google Display Ads + CPA Marketing Method

Google display ads while CPA, affiliate marketing offers method. You guys can make 20,000 per day with this strategy. Let’s get it alright, so I’m in Google ads and if you didn’t know, Google ads owns Gmail, YouTube, etc and Google, and so we’re going to build a campaign and I’m going to show you the whole funnel with funnel it Ixia we’re going to draw it up And you’re going to love it.

So this strategy is very, very much so not talked about, and the power of being able to use a computer, your debit card or credit card and be able to reach the whole world with a marketing message of some sort to sell something or anything you want To do is so powerful and I highly suggest you guys go into traffic networks, self-serve traffic networks like Facebook, Google, etc and just figure out all the details and things you can do is stop reading tutorials, 100 percent all the time, but actually take action.

Try to figure it out on your own, but I’m going to show you this strategy right now, so you’re going to create a campaign without any prior goal. Okay, so you can just select because they get rid of privileges that you would have before. If you select one of these before now we’re going to go to article and we’re going to go to, where is it? This might take me a minute, alright guys. So here we are, we cook display it’s on display, not article and here’s what you do link to your website.

Okay, google.Com! Is your website. Alright, typically wan na do sales funnel you want to be able to spend the most to acquire conversions right, very, very important. So have a lot of offers and a high ticket back-end, but once you have that in place, we’re ready to drive traffic alright and don’t overthink it too much guys try to take action. But if you just want to sell one thing, just know: if you don’t have an upsell or more monetization method, you won’t make as much as you could all right very important.

Also if you you want to promote something. That’s recurring: oh geez, you’re set okay, just so you know. So. Let’s talk about the strategy. I can picture a lot of you guys getting crazy results. If you want to learn even crazier strategies. This is one I’m releasing right. Now: okay, it’s very powerful, I’m giving it for free on YouTube, but if you want to learn crazy, crazy strategies, just like this one and this top-secret freaking stuff check out my course and then I have multiple other courses that teach specific strategies and stuff that can Help you out, but the main course has a lot of stuff in it that just geez man, I’m telling you but moving on, so we’re making sure we’re doing display right boom.

Also, just so, you know if you do YouTube ads and you do in-stream ads dude and you do it right. Oh geez, you can make killing grow a campaign name, doesn’t matter really just do whatever you want. Whatever you’re doing United States is obviously more expensive, but that’s what the money is all right. You can set locations risk into US for now to show you how this works languages – typically, English, yes, high-quality traffic, yes, not just impressions.

We want traffic manually set bids sure if you want automatics good but you’re, going to set a manual bid and no one’s going to tell you this. If you’re going to set a manual bid, set it like really high, because it’s an auction system and YouTube’s going to or whatever network to use for innocence to AdWords AdWords is going to literally send you traffic over your competitors targeting the same people all right.

I’r going to spend per day you want to spend a thousand great you’re going to make a killing all right, even spent a thousand per day move a down name that way if you want alright now this is what I was suggesting like you can look at This and you could based off search. You can base it off phrase or URLs. You can get ideas right here, just random stuff right, but just search up whatever niche you’re in and you can do that.

But that’s not the method, we’re talking about we’re talking about something even more interesting. Also, if you already know what demographics converting you can do that, but I suggest leave a broad I’ll show you why, in a minute we’re going to go down here – and this is what we’re doing content targeting. But I’m going to show you this other stuff. Just for fun weekly estimate off more reach. I suggested this one.

You keep it regular. Okay, now your cost-per-click bid for the ad group. You have to set it okay, you’re doing manual, and if we went up here and we did a option for automatic to do automatic, but sometimes networks – don’t let you do automatic. So we have to set our bid and the way actually Google works is. You can set your bid, but don’t go too low, okay and it’s almost better to set it even higher.

Okay. So we’re going to three bucks per click. Look it’s going to show you actually how much you’re going to spend so over here we’ve got your weekly estimate. Here’s! How much clicks you’re going to end up getting with a thousand bucks per day. Your cost per click is going to be thirty, eight cents to seventy five cents. Okay, just so you know, this is cost per click. You’re doing display ads on it could be the network it could be on websites or it could be on YouTube articles, and this is the strategy.

I’r teaching YouTube articles display ads. I kid you not it’s insane. Okay, this is such a powerful strategy. I’r sharing with you right now. Okay, I hope you understand that so whatever country you want to do, if you’re in CPA marketing dude, oh my gosh get ready, I’m about to blow your mind if you’re doing sweepstakes. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I wish I could just share with you guys, but you have to have the right of passage of content, locking like there’s so much stuff that I could talk about.

That is just insane for this, but you just have to get in the force. I guess – and it’s so worth it so anyway, that’s how much you’re going to end up spending. Alright, if you want to do 0.5, I mean less than 30 cents, so say: 25 cents. So look they’re going to give you less quality traffic and you’ll get more clicks, but it’s less quality. Okay, you want to be competitive and that’s why I said it as high as it is.

If you don’t set it as a dollar, that’s pretty good! So there’s a buck. You won’t get typically charged a buck per click, but yeah if you’re in other countries, obviously cheaper, but you better have a good CPA offer for that country. Okay, now, let’s get into needy greedy man, all right content targeting okay, you can target keywords: okay, so all across the whole web. You could target topics so webpages, apps and articles about a certain subject or you can do placements and we’re going to do placements.

Look specific websites, specific websites, specific articles, alright or apps; okay power, ful bro; alright, we’re going to click placement, so we’re going to do exact, YouTube articles or exact blogs, but I highly suggest, with this method, you’re going to target exact freaking articles. Okay, now, whatever cpa marketing network you’re with great find your offer and you’re ready to go, if you want to a cost per sale, offer great we’re going to cover the funnel actually in just a sec.

We should probably cover it now and we’re going to no we’re just going to do the article now. So if you want to do with golf offer we’re just going to do golf, you find um. Typically, you want to go to youtube first, so youtube youtube. You want to go to youtube and you’re going to want to type in whatever any sharing. Now you want to have a you want to have several tools, you don’t have keywords everywhere, the Chrome extension and then you want to have vid IQ.

The Chrome extension right. Alright, let’s go: go we’re going to want to see the ones at the top views, okay, that are getting a lot of views and that we would want that. Would that we would think is relevant to the offer were promoting okay, super powerful and do Google display? You can literally create an ad that has like text on it and has like it says what the offer is. It grabs attention and it’s 100 % relevant to the viewers right.

This is very powerful. Okay, so find like a couple articles. You don’t want to have just over one article, but you could just find one article, but this is super crazy. Okay, I’m talking about you make your ad. You could run a split test of two ads if you want or more okay of different ones and see which one does better you’ve run your ad, you figure out. Okay, are women, doing the clicking more than men or what ages and what demographics and you can break it down and then run that and it just gets better optimize: okay, you’re running traffic, the whole time.

So you just pick your articles to show up on. You click it here and you start and you were going to want to have a quite a bit. Okay, because YouTube articles only get a couple views after their first spike over time. So you’re going to want to pick quite a few articles, but the power is especially if a new creator, like a YouTube creator, launches a brand new article and you’re like okay target their blog, then boom you’re, going to have your ads show up on their blog, Especially nice blogs guys this works great for news blogs.

Super super powerful. Okay, we’re going to go over here. Traffic is AdWords, specifically YouTube. Okay, we’re going here we’re going to make the landing page art so you’ve got your ad right and they’re on YouTube. They’re going to click through to your opt-in, you want to give something for free, or so we’re going to do two different things here: you’re going to have a sales page. Okay, your sales page sells something right off the bat, so you actually in qualified buyers when they come here and buy right here you giving some for free, so you can follow up with them with what you sell forever.

Either way works the higher click-through rates going to be this one. This ones are all right to don’t sell something super high ticket. I’r telling you right now you will regret it um and then here’s what we’re going to do and we’re doing affiliate offers right. So this is, if you have your own offer, okay or if you do pre sale here, okay boom right there. So this is. If, if you have your own offer, you can do some upsells you’re using click funnels.

Of course you have your own upsells in the back end you’re going to offer like affiliate offer. Okay. So let’s draw that out real quick episode. Boom boom boom boom upsells. There you go so and then you have an affiliate offer at the end to see. So just a thank you page and then to your affiliate offer you want to do just so. You can monetize more. That’s the power of that then right here, you’re going to have a pre-sale page, so you have a sales page could have a article sales letter.

If you want all right here, you’re going to have the purchase okay – and you just do one offer right here, but you have an email address right, so we’re going to do that to do here. It is you my friend have an email over here. You can follow up and sell stuff forever, and you know it’s a buyers list and if they bought from you want you’re going to buy from you again, it’s just outwards alright and boom right here you got emails, you can follow up forever.

Send them here send them to other offers, etc. Okay, that is super duper. Duper duper ooper, powerful. Okay, I want you to know that, so that’s the funnel you can pick whichever one you want to do. This one will make more money. This one will get results too. You can also put an opt-in right before this, too, just to get higher click-through rates and more emails. If you want to do that, okay and that’s how you get crazy click there right, like I’m, not even giving all the value here, I’m trying to just give you the strategy which is so powerful, but in the paid information.

Obviously, there’s freaking crazy, freaking freaking brilliant powerful strategies there, but alright, let’s see what else we going to talk about alright guys. So you have everything set up right. You find a ton of articles that are going to be relative to the offer you find so step by step in order. What are we going to cover here, and this is what we have to do – we have to pick a niche, then we have to be on two networks.

We have to pick a bunch of offers that we think are good. Then we have clickfunnels. Of course, you have to use quick funnels for this click. Phones is the best check out link in the description for it and sign up and then what you’re going to do dude. This is so powerful. I love talking about this because I don’t really talk about the crazy strategies, so you pick your niece. You pick a bunch of offers.

You stand up your sales funnel you connect with your autoresponder, could be Aweber or get response to your market here or whatever you wan na do like I prefer Aweber. I will have an affiliate link for that. Eventually, I should sign up for it right now. After this, but anyway you do that and then you pick a bunch of articles you want to show up on, for you, debt selected, eesh, okay, and even if you want you could show up on specific websites you want to do is so all right.

You set your budget, you set your cost per click. I told you about how to do that. You create your ad alright and you run traffic and dude, I’m Tony right now. This is powerful and I’ll. See you in the next article binge read. The other articles check out links in the description and go take action. Peace out

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Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Business – Day 2 Training

Again, we are going over the very basics of what you need. I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. There are so much information, so many directions that you can go, that it can get overwhelming and a lot of people end up quitting, and I don’t want that to happen to you so today. What we’re going to talk about is, who are we going to self to and what are we going to sell now, you’re, probably sitting there saying? Well, I have no idea what I’m going to sell cuz, I don’t know what’s out there and that’s what I’m going to show you today, you’re going to have to take some time to research and find out what people are looking for and we’re going to stick With the health and fitness industry right now at first and then even do a little bit of The Wealth industry just to give you an idea of the choices that you have when you’re looking for a product to sell Clickbank.

This is the I brought it up here on the screen. It’s called WWE, Clickbank comm. You can see the URL right there. They have affiliate products that people can come in pick a product. They want to sell sign up with the person who is the vendor, and then you get a commission for selling their product. Now. Products and Clickbank are typically, I would say, around 10 to 30 % of commission, typically you’re, going to make 30 to 50 %.

When you sell digital products, which basically are training products, and that’s why you see a lot of people, selling training online they’ve created their own course and they’re selling it for like a thousand dollars, and then they might offer it for people like you and me who Are affiliates to sell it for them and a lot of times they offer you 50 % now you’re, probably thinking well, that’s what I want to do.

Those are good to do. I think when you’re first starting, it might be good to start with Clickbank, because you’re getting a feel for what you’re doing and typically in the beginning, you’ll have success. Think about it! The higher the item is priced, the less items you’re going to sell the lower its price, the more you’re going to sell, and I think in the beginning. You really need that feeling of.

Oh, I sold stuff and it’s exciting. You don’t even care if it’s a dollar in the beginning, because you’re just so excited to see that the system work and then you can build up from there. It’s up to you, but that’s what I have found when people start with something really high. They tend to have to wait longer to sell it and it can again be discouraging. It definitely is not a get-rich-quick system.

You have to learn the skills, learn the system, and then you just keep getting better at it. Just like anything else. So, let’s look at Clickbank, that’s a place that you go to get products and that’s what it looks like when you get in there. Another one we’re going to go over today is called JV zoo and they are a digital affiliate market place where they sell training that other people might have or digital products.

Okay, so we’re going to look at those two things I have my tabs opened up. So we don’t have to wait, but I went ahead and logged in to Clickbank. And this is what it looks like when you get in there and I’m going to look over on the side. See here where it’s in red and where it says health and fitness and let’s see what they’re selling, what the vendors are – selling ok, health and fitness – and these are great – the prices $ 38.

It’s a health and fitness. It’s called the flat belly fix. Now you want to go in there and find out exactly what that is you when you hit all the links to this and we’re not going to do it today, but you can just showing you a place to go for you to do your research, but you Can go in and hit these links. This is an affiliate page they’re, going to give you all of the banners and different ads and things that you can use to promote their product, or you can create your own a lot of times.

They give you things to use which is really nice, especially when you’re starting out they said. The average percent of the sale is 75 % and people that come back the average is 1 %. I don’t know what this is now. I’m going to tell you this, though I have another site that when you’re in Clickbank, I want you to write this down, I’m going to go to it. Real quick, save right here word has a gravity score.

Two hundred and forty eight point: seventy three, the higher the gravity score, the better the product is as far as the market for the product that people are buying it I’m going to go to this other site. It’s called a CB engine, Clickbank engine komm go ahead and write that down, but you can also go in here and there’s flat belly fix and they have the gravity score at 242. But it’s letting you know if that product is definitely selling and what that gravity score is now look at it compared to other products.

It’s doing really really. Well again, I’ve not used it. I don’t know, but it looks like it would be, a good one to look at now. The dumped his score is just telling you it’s kind of like reading the stock market or the sales going up or down. I have looked at flat belly fixed before when I was doing it. I was doing a article on for my blog showing people these two sites and that felt lat belly fixed, was on there before and that negative point.

95 is no big deal. The gravity score has actually gone up. It was sitting around 206 last time. I saw it again. I don’t sell the product, but I like to look at it and you said as an example, if you’re in the health and wellness industry here is an example. Remember at last week or the last training, I told you that you want to find your niche and your niche, basically is health, wellness or health wealth were relationships.

Well, this and then from there you want to get you want to narrow it down. That’s what we talked about. Well, let’s say you want to be in health, but look here, diabetes remedies so maybe within health you’re. Not maybe you don’t want to go into weight loss. Maybe you don’t want to go into fitness, but maybe you could start looking at. Maybe diabetes so see how the industry of health can be so broad or you can narrow it down, and that’s what I mean when you start looking for a product, it’s going to help you to start figuring out.

Hmm, what’s my niche, how can I tighten that up? How can I make it narrow? How can I make it smaller? Because, honestly, if you try to sell to everybody, you’ll end up selling to nobody – and you know yourself, like many of us – need to lose weight but we’re all. We all feel connected with different programs or different people. When we go to buy a program to lose weight doesn’t mean one programs better than another.

I could name ten different programs where people have been successful but for some reason they connect it with that program and that’s why they were successful because it depends on them as well, but even think of yourself when you go to buy a car or if you Had to go buy furniture have you ever walked away from a place because you didn’t like the salesperson. I’ve done that my husband. I’ve walked out of McDonald’s because the the salesperson, or maybe the manager they weren’t on their game.

That day, and maybe we felt like you know what we’ll go someplace else, so that’s what sales is about. It’s well. People will connect with you and that’s why you want to find that audience or that target audience. That’s going to connect with you again a diabetes. You might say that you want to go into the niche to help people with diabetes and maybe children. Maybe you want to help children with diabetes or women between a certain age.

So that’s what we mean it. You’d want to just narrow down who you’re targeting who you want to sell to, and it may not be clear at first again, I’m telling you these things, but a lot of this. If you write it down and know that these are things that I need to. Eventually, really be concise about, but in the beginning you may not be, and that’s okay, don’t feel like you’re a failure, because you can’t come up with your.

Why or you can’t be, come up with your target, but start thinking about it and exploring some other things in the health and fitness here’s another product product. It’s called it’s green juice, it’s called organ and if II it’s a juice system, I guess $ 75. So you might have people that, like to juice to lose weight down here. This is more unlock your hip flexors. So it looks like it’s a little exercise program, which definitely is something to look at.

These are really good actually as I’m looking at them, but you want to dig in and figure out which one you want to sell now something I would look at and I’m going to talk to you about this in a minute but notice these prices are all Different some are lower. Some are higher. Okay, so keep that in mind, because we’re going to talk about that in a moment all right, let’s go to jvzoo – and this is where digital products are.

Digital products are usually things like software or some type of a course, or some kind of a training. Now over here to the left. I have the featured products, they had a little tab and it said these are some of the featured products, so these may be new products or products that may be doing well. It looks like they were. They just came out a new cuz. It said it was featured on May 28th, okay and right here.

If you were in the wealth industry, here’s a training program, start growing your following 24/7 and send traffic to your site for free. So somebody that’s new okay, you you’re a new affiliate, so this may even be something you might buy, because you want to learn how to send traffic, how to get people to come to your site. We’re going to talk about that in a minute, but there’s a training on it. So you may find that you’re going to go out and start looking at different areas of this business specifically and start looking at training to help you to dig in deeper because, like I said what I’m giving, you is a broad overview to help you get started.

But eventually you’re going to want to dig in deeper. There was another one down here. I thought okay call-to-action bots-bots-botswana, where, when the person replies, they can go to write to mini chat, which is a facebook messenger bot and you can set that up and it answers questions for you. It’s crazy that the different things that there are out there, but then again that might be a training that you want to offer to people who are trying to set up their affiliate program.

I mean I could promote that myself right because we’re talking about affiliates again, I don’t have that. I tend to find my courses in training based on courses and training that I have accomplished myself and then I have found that I really like, or I like the trainer and I’ll say wow. I really want to be an affiliate for them, because their training is valuable. It has lots of value and that’s kind of how I have become affiliates for different courses they’re based on courses that I’ve taken.

You don’t have to do it that way, but I just naturally did that here’s products you can hit this and it says marketplace actually already had that open and here’s one. I went ahead and typed in health and fitness, but this is a health and fitness training. If you want to learn how to get into the industry, so let’s look at another one for marketing. Let’s see what comes up there should be a lot of different ones in here and yeah.

You’ve got several pages social media, a passive profits workshop. So you know for $ 37, and this is really nice, because the prices are good. Prices to start with people are more apt to chance. Take a chance on something: that’s lower in price. Now, once a person when they create their own courses, then they can start selling them higher higher because they have kind of created themselves as a sense of authority on the subject.

If that makes sense, so once you’ve done sales and you’re a little bit more popular and people trust you, you can start selling more expensive things and we’re going to talk about that right now, all right, let’s so that is the what you have to decide. What area you want to sell in and then what products and start looking at them now you’re, probably I’m going to go over this a little bit with you, and I want you again to take notes.

This is the who, like who are you going to sell to you’re going to find your people to sell to buy, like I told you you’re going to pick like a male or female or maybe by certain age or things like that. But how are you going? Let’s talk about how as well not just to what let’s talk about, how how are you going to sell and again this is a brief right now. What I’m doing now is not I’m going to go into more detail in the next trainings, but I want to give you a brief overview of what’s coming up.

So let’s say: you’ve picked your product and one of the things that you do when you go to sell your product. Is you find a source and that’s what these are traffic sources, you’re going to pick a platform, a social media platform that you want to build up and start selling your product? On that platform? You need to decide and again you’re going to have to look for detailed training in all these areas on how people sell on these platforms.

That would be like six different trainings right there, but take the platform that you’re comfortable with okay. You might want to start with Facebook or Instagram instagrams been very popular lately Pinterest. All of these are good. To be honest, they all work, but you need to pick the platform that you want to build up and sell from, and I use the word self from, but that’s exactly what you’re doing so.

Let’s say we picked YouTube. Let’s go with Facebook because you probably saying YouTube: what do you mean YouTube? I don’t even know what to do alright. So, let’s pick Facebook, what you’re going to do is drive traffic from your Facebook posts onto a landing page and in our v training day. I’m going to talk about the landing page and where you can build it and how to build it, but what you’re doing is driving people to a landing page where you collect their email address and their name, that’s all the landing pages and to get them there.

You offer them something for free, like a lead, magnet and we’ll talk about that in another training as well. But my point is: when you offer that free item to somebody they’re going to say: yes, I want that and then they come in and they’ll give you their email address and their name and you will send them that free item and again I’ll show you how. But then you send them an email says. Thank you now, you’re thinking.

Well, why do I want their email address because actually notice? I didn’t offer to sell anything here directly from Facebook. I didn’t offer to sell anything. I just offered to give them something for free and in exchange they gave me their email address, the selling the actual selling happens in emails, believe it or not, it doesn’t happen instantly like that. A lot of people get excited and they think oh I’m going to promote this product and people are going to love it, because I this wonderful Facebook post and they need it.

People don’t buy because they need things they buy it because they want things, and most of us are leery in the beginning. Think of yourself, but if somebody offers you something for free and it’s something of value, then you’re more than happy to give them your email address. So that’s what we’re doing in the affiliate marketing part of your job is to collect as many emails as you can. Now I’m going to explain another reason why let’s say you build up an audience: Facebook you’re really good at this, and you have like 4,000 people on your Facebook page and you even have a business page and you have like 10,000 people, our Facebook groups.

I mean you really start building and you’ve got this great audience and then all of a sudden Facebook shuts down you just lost your entire business. However, if you collected, email addresses and you’ve collected 5,000 Facebook shuts down, but you still have those 5,000 names. That’s where your business is, it has nothing to do with what you’re selling it has to do with your traffic. So the most important thing you can do to build your business and affiliate marketing is to build that email list, and you know what.

If they get on your email list and within 2 days, they buy something great. But if they don’t that’s because you’re going to keep on, let me show you what happens next you’re going to create this email list and you’re going to send them emails and provide value to them. I have a book that I highly highly highly recommend you get for free, it’s called dot-com secrets and in that book there’s a whole chapter about how to set up an email sequence and write that down.

You need to have an autoresponder which I’ll give you a link to a web or com. It’s it’s one of them ones that are out there, there’s lots of different ones, but that one’s pretty reasonable. It’s good for somebody starting out the autoresponder is a platform that will collect your emails for you. So let’s say that you set up Aweber you’ve collected some emails and then what you do in the autoresponder you have pre-written emails that you’ve written out.

It’s called a sequence, and here I have seven, I think, on one of my sequences. I have like 17 to start out and then after a person goes through those once a week or twice a week, I send out what I call a broadcast. These are my current emails where I’ll share things like. If I’m doing a article on my blog, that has to do with a really neat organizer that I found, I might write to my email list or my customers and tell them about it and say: hey, go check out my article and check out this new organizer.

That I found and I just keep giving them value, but every once in a while, I might say, hey. I found this a new product that you might be interested in. You know we’re talking about health and fitness, and you know you can tell them all about it. Maybe how you tried it or some references of other people that have tried it and then you put a call to action in there and that’s where you sell now. Do you sell every single email? Absolutely not I’m that wicked old and people will unsubscribe but you’re providing value warming them up, getting to know them and they’re getting to trust you and that’s where the selling happens.

So, like I said, I’m going to provide you a link below daaamn secrets is free. You just pay the shipping and I believe the shipping is like $ 7, so I highly recommend now after you read that chapter on how to do the email sequence, what I did at first, I was like. Oh my gosh, I’m not a writer. I can’t think of anything what I did is I followed the instructions in that book and then I wrote my email sequence out on a word doc like I just did one letter after the other and he tells you how to make them flow and that, for Me was so much easier than opening up all these links in a weber and trying to type on their template.

I typed in a word document and I felt like I was kind of writing in a journal. So that’s just a tip for me to add to that book. I’ll also put the link for Aweber below or you can go out and look for other autoresponders, but think of them as the mailman. The person the place where you’re putting your emails and storing your email lists, so you have to have a platform to put them on and they will go to that platform all right.

One more thing. I want to show you now to make this all connect. Remember I was telling you that you want to come up with different products. This is called a value ladder to get people to come into your email list. You give away something for free as you’re warming them up. You might offer them a product that is about around $ 37. Something like that. Remember I told you to go to clickbank and look for something on a lower level of price and then up we were in clickbank.

I saw things that ran about is $ 78. Then, after a person buys that product for 37 down the road, you might start warming them up to buy the product for 78. So what I want you to be thinking about the reason I’m showing you this is not to make you go crazy and be all over the place, but as you’re putting your thoughts together, you’re thinking about who your shot your selling to what you’re selling that to Them as you’re looking for products in health and fitness or in wealth, I want you to think about what can I give them for free right and what leads up to the next product? So let’s do the flat belly fix, you’re, talking about their weight loss and then maybe in those products you found something that continued to talk about weight loss, and maybe it was a you know another product at $ 78.

Again, you have to go in and research it. My point is showing you this is. I want you to connect the items. You cannot go down here and say: I’m going to give a free item on how to cut out sugar and then I’m going to go up here and give them something about how to lift weights. Do you see how they’re not connected? Yes, it’s all health, but they’re not connected just because I want to eat right doesn’t mean I want to exercise now later.

Maybe you can start bringing all that together, but in the beginning here you want to really keep these items connected, so they make sense and you’re just bringing that person up to the next product that you have. I hope this was helpful. That’s the end of our day to training and there will be a day 3 coming out next again, if you need to go through this again or stop your training and take some time to research I’ll, do a on day 3 we’re going to start talking about How to set up the affiliate link and where find it, and things like that, so we’ll dig in a little deeper and I’ll show you what to do with that link.

Okay, alright enjoy do some research and have fun, don’t get overwhelmed, there’s a lot out there, but just find the things that kind of sparks your passion a little bit and again when you’re in Clickbank. Yes, you want to be excited about it, but you also want to find things that pee people are looking for and what they’re buying, because you could get excited about something like how to feed hummingbirds, but maybe there’s not a huge market out there for it.

So you want to make money and you want to help people there’s there’s a balance there so find the product that people want. Alright, see you on the next training.


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*Affiliate Marketing For Noobz*

So you know everything about it for a beginner to hopefully advance by the end of this article or at least moderate, and then you can check out my other articles and become advanced because most of my other articles are advanced tactics.

So, let’s get it so here we’ve got I just typed in what is it foot marketing so yeah, something to look at here or something I’m just talking to a blank screen, but affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an External website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals, so basically what it is, it’s basically sales, but over online. So let’s look at some images here right here.

You’ve got an image. That’s great! I’ve seen this image a lot. Basically, where does it start? Um looks like affiliate, probably right here, you show an ad or link for your. Let’s see where do you sign up? Does it say I guess it just starts here you show an ad or link for your store or your website to blog or social network. Customer clicks the ad or link customer are sent to the store with a tracking link.

So it’s basically your link, that’s a tracker and then customer makes a purchase on this store through your link. Affiliate network, which is what you’re signed up for, would record that purchase and the details of the transaction, and then the purchase is confirmed and it’s validated and then in the transaction is credited to you and then you get paid a commission voila. You made some money. Okay, okay, guys now, let’s go to Amazon.

Amazon Associates man. This is the best affiliate program because you can sell anything to everyone. Alright, you can sell anything. That’s on Amazon and I’ll. Show you how it works. So basically, you go here and it’s at the bottom of Amazon. You just click on be an affiliate or whatever at the bottom of the site. When you go to Amazon – or you can just go to this link right here – that I have right here – alright, but after you’ve done that you signed up it’s easy, it’s free here right now, let’s go to Amazon themselves! Alright – and here you can see that I have a site stripe up here, if you’re not signed up you’re, going to know that this this is different right so because I have an account with Amazon.

Basically, I have this site stripe and anywhere I go on Amazon. I can be an affiliate, I’m getting affiliate link, okay, so here’s my affiliate link for this homepage. Alright, okay, guys and if you want to know how much Amazon actually pays people I’m here you go so basically for the luxury and beauty and Amazon coins. You get 10 %, that’s very good. Most people don’t really buy that stuff, but most people buy in between so your average on Amazon is going to be around 5 % okay.

So I suggest you just find something in that range right here. Beauty’s great, you see a lot of influencers who are in the beauty and health space and if they just have an Amazon affiliate link somewhere in whatever they do just to monetize the following dude. They could just put it there and make some great income monthly. Just from Amazon and by the way anything that’s purchased or Amazon. If you didn’t know within 24 hours, you actually get paid for Commission okay off of everything they buy.

Also there’s this site down here. This is a great. I did I’ll show this real, quick um. It’s called this is why I’m broke calm these guys, making like a million a month with Amazon Associates. Alright, I’m showing it to you right here right now. These are the most popular things, basically they’re an affiliate for Amazon and affiliate, for you know startup companies. So, what’s it called? What’s that startups, I called I kind of forgot, but Kickstarter yeah, so their affiliate for Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and stuff like that, and they just find really neat products in their affiliate form.

Then they have a site very simple site, and actually I built a site like this from scratch. Once I needed to drive traffic, I need to be consistent, but because I was lazy I gave up, which was done because I invested a ton of time coding it from scratch. So at least I can start it up again and be just like them, but I’d rather somebody purchase this site as an asset. Oh that’s funny. Look Pano’s yeah! This is a they’re making.

If you don’t see how much I love this tool to go. Similarweb they’re getting 2.5 million monthly visits all right. It looks pretty consistent to me all right, very flat, so imagine how many people are actually buying through here, eventually from all those people. It’s probably like. I don’t know: 50 % of people over time are going to buy it they’re going to buy something through this site because there’s so many cool things and they come here to shop and look around.

Also, let’s see where the traffic’s coming from it’s going from direct. So basically, they built up a massive following of people who come back loyally and they also search okay, they’re big on social, that’s probably how they started. They also do have email like funnel hacked them and everything and figure out their business, but yeah. It’s not something. They’re doing up let some now transition to how you can get traffic to your offers and then I’ll introduce another network after that.

Okay guys. So here we are at YouTube: let’s type in real, quick, let’s type in tech reviews, tech, previews, okay, boom, let’s go to blogs. This is crazy, and this is how you guys can make some pretty good money. If I can find them, there’s a lot of blogs that do this first, I got ta find a jingle. Where are they? Maybe these are some? I don’t know I’ll go by view. Account sort by blog and view count.

Let’s see, there’s one there’s personal bring 11. Let’s just do those for now we might come across the ones, I’m looking for. Basically, it’s article compilations, okay, article compilations of basically tech, like top 10 camping gear, article and you’re not going to get copyrighted because they want you to do that. These companies do they want you to actually promote whatever it is they’re doing so.

This dude does personal brand and talks about like actual tech, tech, and he is an affiliate, 100 %, and I could show you that as proof and he’s making a killing he’s by far the biggest making a ton of money. I’m telling you right now just from Amazon, so if we scroll down here he’s got Philly links, he’s got also merch where says a Philly right here. Okay, so if I click this we’re going to go over and see, this is basically a shop.

He said if she set up with this gear, very, very cool – and I bet he’s making a great monthly income from this, because if you look over here another tool, a museum, vid IQ, the toll views monthly – is eight hundred thousand views actually every day. And then every 30 days is 24 million, so let’s say 1 % buy through and spend an average of something, but the Commission he earns is like two bucks. That is quite a bit of money right, so he’s deadly, making over a million a month with everything’s doing even Adsense to from his blog that’s insane um, but he started and very engaged when YouTube was smaller and he was he just caught the trend.

Man. So good for him, but let’s see if we go to his blog here to the home page and then we’ll see the side blogs right here. Um unbox therapy is another personal brand. One anyways I’m trying to find the compilation ones. Oh wow, whatever I’ll find him eventually, but that’s just one strategy you guys can do just create content. Also, if you just create your own content, not use other people’s content for the long run, that’s going to be way way beneficial for you guys.

So just so, you know that ya just create content. Put your fill it links in the description. Whatever you want to link to doesn’t matter. Actually, don’t you need to do reviews, but reviews are great, especially make them exciting, like top 10 tech gadgets of the year and stuff like that, that does well also, you can take ideas right from here and read what this says stuff like that or take content From here find a article about it, pull that content and here’s a tool you can actually use right here.

This is savefrom.Net and basically it downloads youtube articles for you and yeah. You just put the URL in here and then you download a article. Okay, here’s another tool right here: rapid tags, rapid tags; basically you type in whatever it is so tech, and then you get a bunch of keywords instantly for your district for your. You could do description, it’s not very um! So it’s not a good idea to do.

It’s not the best practice, but it’s great for tags. This is what it’s meant for it’s bad, to put like your tags into this scription unis have an actual description in your description. Also, when you guys do any description, link to other YouTube articles. It’s a good idea to do that. Okay, let’s keep looking into here just for fun. He’s got a lot of products. He promotes he’s, probably optimized this damn to the T of what people actually are buying.

There is a link, so those are all things people buy. So very powerful guys you can make a lot of money there, let’s get into the next network. Okay, that would be Clickbank. Okay, and these are free traffic methods, cuz you’re, a beginner. If you do paid traffic methods, I’m telling you check my other articles. I talked about very advanced tactics of massive funnels where you can monetize it crazy.

Like I’m in the health niche, I promote products from Amazon from Clickbank from CPA marketing networks, which are other affiliate networks which pay cost per lead. Okay – and I also do sweepstakes offers, have you ever seen like win a free, iPhone kind of thing. I promote those kind of offers and I’m making a killing there. So just so you know there you go, and this is Clickbank and I’ve heard of it in your beginner.

This is Clickbank and they basically are info products and Amazon is physical products. So you can pick any category here and if you go to affiliate marketplace and you scroll down and signing up for this one super easy and free saying what that Amazon just I know you can get into any niche once again guys, okay, so what I want To say real, quick, the whole strategy and I’ll probably pull up that real, quick, okay guys.

So here is the funnel okay and then we’ll get back into Clickbank, okay um. This is the funnel for beginners for free traffic, and I’m going to tell you right now: it’s YouTube YouTube or you could do a blog, that’s more long-term. You can get instant results with YouTube, even especially, if you’re doing like trendy trending topics. Okay, so you could be an affiliate with Amazon, okay and you find a trend and I’ll show you that real quick, because YouTube’s algorithm literally will push articles that are for the current trends and news and stuff like that.

Also, if you go to Twitter trends, those are the major major trends that are getting a lot of traction for a longer duration of just one day. But if you do like one of the top transy catch it early for the day, you can get a ton of use row make your own content, don’t pull or take content. I’m telling you right now: you can get views. Okay, so basically can do that or create your own content or reviews or whatever you want to do for the long term, and you just keep making content content content on YouTube all right and then you can push to Instagram and Facebook and all these things and There you go what else snapchat or build an email list.

Ultimately, an email list is the best thinking you can build for this sort of thing, all right, so you’re just creating content here and you could push later to other blogs. Okay, you want to be able to reach people easier, eventually, okay, so next you push them to your links, and this is where you make money and whatever they buy through Amazon. You get paid and also YouTube’s awesome because you can get paid through Adsense, which is super lit.

Okay, so you’re monetizing, multiple ways. You also promote click funnel I mean now well, click funnels is great great affiliate program, but click make Clickbank offers and irrelevance whatever. It is you’re doing even if it’s relevant to whatever um trend. It is so today National Ice Cream day right, you find something related to ice cream and you put it you just type in ice cream in Amazon. You find some offers right.

So let me show you ice cream boom. You got ice cream, stop and you just send them here. It doesn’t matter anything they buy. If they go to today’s deals, which is actually a great one to send people to, because people love deals, people will buy. Hopefully anything they buy, you get money and most people are an Amazon Prime member. Okay, so people buy an Amazon regardless, so just send them. There bro also get an email list.

You can send your traffic to Amazon anytime, you want, but I’m going to tell you a super-secret tip. Real quick Amazon doesn’t like email lists, shout outs with the filler link, but you can send people to like an ad that you made like a post. Basically, on Facebook drive your chalk to Facebook and then from Facebook they go to Amazon through your post. Whatever you do want a fan page, I’m telling you right now, that’s a super powerful right there and it works, and it works extremely well and you can make a killing okay and that’s do that.

This is very simple. Okay, if I could do like a circle – maybe I can like this. Oh maybe I can’t oh my gosh, oh my goodness, oh wow, that was horrible attempt. I was trying to a circle of like saying, recycle, keep, making content, content, content and eventually more content. You have it’s like a bunch of army men out there, making you money or whatever a bunch of yeah yeah. I don’t know what I was going there, but this is like a great great strategy as you make money.

So let’s go on to Clickbank here and let’s show you how you can get links, let’s say your health and fitness nice very simple. You just click also policy to top offers. You just click to the search. Okay, you can see the top offers instantly, but first you have to be. Oh, we probably have to go back so before you click on a category. If you want to see the top offers which we’re going to have to just press, where is it? Let’s have to press right here and go back quick, quick, you just click search, and these are all the top offers.

Okay, oh wow, so he was there. Okay! Well, this one’s a new one right here, very cool: let’s see how this one’s doing it! It looks new to me yeah, I’m going to promote this okay, so three hundred thousand just went up it’s a new launch guys. This is a new offer very, very good offer and it looks like they’re doing it. Alright fat-bellied fixes a big one: Oh yep, Ted’s Woodworking. So basically there you go ton of offers that do really well.

You earn like, instead of I’m like 5 % average Commission’s on Amazon, you can earn like 70 % Commission’s with Clickbank, which is extremely awesome. So there you go, how you do this press promote, yeah and then you’re going to well. You have to be signed in, but basically say generate hop links and you just copy to copy your link whatever they give you and you just promote it and anything people buy through guys you get paid alright, so extremely powerful, extremely awesome.

Why did I talk about YouTube because YouTube literally, is where the future is going by the articles or where it’s at not blogs? Maybe in the past it was blogs. Now it’s article okay and if you already or have a big influence or whatever um you can do, you can leverage that just promote anytime. You want, and also taking into account like May web of, pushing your audience onto other platforms and also being omnipresent on other platforms and create an email list.

We could promote to them at any time on-demand, printing on demand. Okay. So this is how you make some money online. Just let me tell you that so, basically, that’s all those strategy guys. I hope you enjoyed this article. This is affiliate marketing for beginners, with free traffic, and everything like that – and I tried to give you some valuable tips in here now: go take action and read some other articles subscribe to the blog.

If you’re new, I post, consistently and peace out learning machines. Why


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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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The #1 Way To Make Money Blogging

I’m ogle T V, so stay tuned. Alright! Welcome back! So I am sticking with the theme about blogging because it’s an amazing tool. It’s amazing content, marketing strategy and it’ll get you a lot of results. If you know how to do it right, there’s actually a particular way that you format your blog posts in order to get the most amount of traffic that turns into prospects.

That turns into leads that turns into sales, but right now I want to talk about how do you actually make money with your blog? Well, first of all, when I say blog, I mean website nowadays they’re interchangeable. Back in the day, a blog was just a one-page journal that people just talked about what was on their mind. Nowadays, it’s a full-blown website that has a home page. It has an about me page that talks about you, because it’s branded to you.

It has a contact me page, it has products and service page and of course it has your blog page. So when I say blog, I mean website for some reason. I want to sing that when I say blog so anyways, so I just wanted to make that distinction when you’re branding you it’s not just the one blog role that you just have all of your blog’s. It’s that fully-blown designed by you or in my business. I help people Brandon and design their blogs their websites, but it’s branded to you.

That’s the whole idea. It makes you the authority in your niche alright. So how do you make money with your blog? Well, there’s all kinds of ways, but the main ways that I’m going to talk about. First, that you don’t really want to do. That’s using little Google Adsense ads on your blogs on your websites and I’m sure, you’ve seen them before they. Sometimes they pop up and you can’t X out of them or they they’re kind of ugly, and you can tell that they don’t fit with the within the theme of your blog.

Those kind of ads don’t work as much as they used to back in the day. The fact of the matter is, you need to have a lot, and I mean a lot of traffic to really make any money with those kinds of ads. Why? Because, usually it’s just a couple of cents to a couple of dollars per click. You might be sometimes you’ve got a pay-per-click, it’s just not as effective as it once was. The better way is using affiliate marketing products, affiliate marketing products, jvzoo clickbank.

Those are some of the standard industry standards out there on when it comes to online marketing. You want to pick products that fit with the your brand, with your blog theme, what is it that you’re selling? Are you health and wellness? Well, there’s all kinds of affiliate products for health and wellness. Sometimes it’s better to have a well. Let me just say your company products: if it’s health and wellness, you can use your company products to sell on your website, but affiliate products are really really really really work and a lot of times you can get affiliate products where you’re making from thirty to fifty Percent Commission’s on what you sell so stay away from the ads the Google Adsense or whatever.

Sometimes you have to create an account when you’re doing keyword, research and you need to have access to the Google Keyword planner, but that’s as far as it should go. I wouldn’t put those things on your website: they really don’t. They really don’t do anything to make you any kind of real money. Even like amazon has affiliate programs where you can sell Amazon products. You can do that. But, like I said, affiliate products is the way to go now.

If you want to know what I use, I use up affiliate products that offer a hundred percent commission. So I can make a hundred percent of the dollar value of the product. So I use a marketing system for all of that for not just building my websites but getting all the training I need and making some extra affiliate money. If you want to find out about that, go ahead and click the link below it’ll tell you all about it, and so that’s it.

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you got a little information if you liked this article, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube blog and say a little something nice on bumm it box below all right. Thanks again for joining me I’ll, see you next time bye for now.

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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$700 Daily In The Zombie Niche Affiliate Marketing, Youtube & Blogging Strategy

Yes, you can make a living doing literally any thing in today’s world. Okay, you can monetize anything you’re, passionate about any weird thing that you like or any cool thing doesn’t matter, because it’s cool to you.

If you like to do zombies – and here you go – and I’m just showing this as an example, whole strategy – you can do and make good money, because our world is so much more different than the past okay. So let’s get started we’re going to build out of kind of a whole business plan strategy and obviously not build it out in one article, but I’m going to show you like the whole strategy and everything in this article.

So that’s good okay, so I typed in zombie and if you just do space right here, zombie mask a zombie dies. Zombie strike, nerf, gun toys, monster truck survival, kit pack and survival guide. Okay. So when you are an affiliate, you can set up an affiliate like store an affiliate page in your affiliate account. Okay, easy to do. You can figure that out, but why that’s good is you won’t have to make a website? You just link 1 link in your YouTube and we’re going to be using YouTube and blogging if you want to have a website.

Anyways have one link to this. One thing: if you have your own merch, do that too? That’s another monetization method for this in each each. If you’re teaching something link also to your info products, right, don’t have too many links in your description when you start out, okay, typically, you should do it all free and then we target people who view your blog and market to them they’re way way powerful, advanced Stuff right there, but anyways, if you want to make big money, learn the advanced stuff.

If you want to make a living you can. You can learn the basic stuff, okay, but anyway tons of offers here if we scroll down very scary zombie, stuff yeah. So a lot of books, you can definitely link to books, but the thing is most well. Don’t do this? What I’m about to teach you, because they don’t know how? Okay I’m going to teach you how all right we’re going to type in zombie. Okay! Here we got a bunch of things: zombie, bad Wolf’s, zombie, cranberry, zombie, song, zombie apocalypse on the game, zombie movie, zombie, nation, zombie movies and zombie cover okay, those are big, big searches right, it’s a huge niche and you’ve got.

You need to validate this with keywords everywhere or go into keywords: planner on Google AdWords, but get keywords everywhere and you can see. I’ve got the numbers here and you can see how big keywords are, and these are great keywords. I’m also going to show you another way. We can find a bunch of keywords for the whole niche. You just want to know your whole keywords, write it down on a big paper and then combine them together to make different article ideas and that’s what I do actually a lot of the time to create article ideas and I’ve got hundreds, I’m kind of overwhelmed.

I got to make them all but anyways, when you type in zombie here you’re going to get ya, typically music, because people. This is a big secret and I don’t know if people already are aware of this. But if you figure out a generic word and you make a song about it – YouTube is big on music articles, so you will rank for that generic massive keyword, crazy right. So just so, you know, if you’re a music artist there you go, make a song and you’ll get views for a generic keyword and has to be a good song but yeah, as you can see.

Michael Jackson, Wow six hundred million okay anyways, you just kind of find article ideas like we could just instead of doing all time, but that helps with you coming up with article ideas. You can make your own songs and stuff and link, but this month so topic top articles for this month for the keyword zombie, you can get a ton of ideas also what’s trending and if you look at blogs that have less subscribers than the views they got.

Go make a similar article. Look at this, for example, zombie apocalypse cool stickman in Minecraft there you go, make something similar that you’re going to get similar results because look they blew up 4.9 million mm, I’m using cute, I’m using vid IQ right here and it’ll. Give you information very, very cool tool, youtubes, where it’s at guys, I’m not even talking about Instagram for this strategy at all.

You can also have people linking to your Instagram, so you’re more on me, present and also Instagram is almost like building an email list. Just so, you guys know but anyways moving on from that and people having people on other platforms. It’s just like having a big email list. Okay email list is obviously the most powerful, but you can it’s kind of the same thing, though, on other platforms. So that’s powerful just so you know here, no not that one but look you can just do the skits and stuff for zombies.

So basically, what I’m doing here is I’m just coming up with a bunch of ideas: okay, combining what works together and yeah. So that’s that and then, if we go over here is zombie we typed in zombie. Okay, zombie apocalypse is the biggest the cranberry zombie. I don’t know what that is zombie lyrics. That must be a song zombie movie. You can make your own zombie movie, or there is a zombie movie, but that’s a keyword right there.

You can leverage our zombies real, just like this is what people are searching for, combined things together and you can and then like take ideas from like top youtubers and how they do things. You do make up suddenly random, like a zombie challenge or zombie prank, and I’m telling you you can what I’m telling you right now. You can make us serious, killing crazy living off of this okay. So you start making articles you build.

You YouTube blog. You make content your own content and you monetize, with Adsense, with Amazon’s affiliate program with info products with merch, and I think that’s about it and you can make a killing and you’re financially free and you’re doing what you love. If you like zombies, if you like basketball, if you, if you like racecars RC cars or even toys, or if you like you, know cars or anything literally, okay, even knitting, you can make a blog and there’s so much money here.

Let’s look at this tool. I love called similarweb. As you can see. I have a lot of Chrome extensions, a lot of bookmarks but anyways 24 billion, okay monthly visitors, the average view duration is 21 minutes. That’s an average of people. Reading, like 1 2, 1, 2, 3 articles or more that’s powerful, ok and you can take advantage of that and every article is going to get views. Regardless of what happens.

That’s what’s so cool you upload a article and YouTube will promote it to test and see how it does it will give it impressions. Ok, click. The rates huge having good content for high walks time is greatly important. Capitalizing off trends is greatly important. Like I taught you here this one’s a great one for this, for example the one we were looking at this the stickman thing and then like skits and just funny funny stuff, even music and gaming, just all sorts of things you create content for it and you Build a massive brand, hopefully you build a personal brand or or just make content just make content and get views.

You could do that, but there you go come up with unique article ideas and link to those nomination methods and there you go and that’s the strategy guys. I hope you liked it leave a comment down below of a question. You have think of something and, like the article and I’ll see you in the next articles, guys binge-read check out new stuff in the description of course, I’ll see you in the next article peace out,

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