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How To Make $200+ Each Day Email Marketing | Email Marketing Done Right

Yes, guys in 2018, going to 2019, you can still make money with email marketing. The thing is, most people, don’t do it right, they’ll send out a mailer list all randomly this day that day no order, no order whatsoever and they’ll ask for sales, so so hated by this by that right.

That is absolutely the wrong way to do. Email marketing, when you want an email market, I recommend highly recommend an email autoresponder, for example. For me, I use get response. Get response centrally, but you can do is create emails in a sequence, whatever you want. So when someone signs up for your list, you can send them emails on specific days specific times, even if you want and they go through that cycle, so that you can send me most every other day every day, five times day, whatever you wanted, you every Saturday, Whatever you want to do is up to you completely, but I recommend having a schedule and send those emails consistently.

So your customers or your people on your list have a set schedule that they can expect to get an email from you. That’s number one number two them, which is the most important part guys is when your email marketing, when you do these consistent email marketing technique right. What you want to do is it’s got something that garyvee you guys are familiar, has been preaching and had. What he teaches is that Jab Jab Jab right hook so essentially three jabs and their right hook.

The jabs are value you’re, giving people value value value so you’re, giving them emails that are valuable. They can actually take the information, go implement it. It’s something for free, right, you’re, not asking for anything from that right, you’re, saying: here’s what I have to show you! Here’s what you can do, here’s how you can make money bubble, wah, whatever your area Nisha, is right and give it to them, and that’s it then, on that fourth day, for example, of whatever sequence, whatever you’re doing right for email marketing, then you can ask for A sell in a sense where you know this product is going to help you or this service you consider buying it.

Here’s my affiliate link that appreciate, if you do buy for me, if you do buy the product of love whatever it right, those people right, you’re, giving them value each day and then that, third day, fourth day, you have more of a connection with them. So they feel more confident to then now go buy from you because they know you’re, providing the value right you’re, showing them how to do something, or you know, you’re, giving them insight right and then now when they want to go, buy something you’re recommending something they’re Going to think that is, got ta be good, because you’re recommending it you’re a legitimate person, you’ve been helping them.

Okay, that’s kind of they can return the favor in a sense right now. We’re I’ve recommend guys as long as you give them valuable products that are not. You know yes and are not like a scam. This is great like this is a great technique, and what you do now is, however, you’re generating leads right. How are your entering leads for your email, marketing business? What you want to do is send them through this autoresponder, and you can have this go on for days months.

Whatever you want to do even years right, you could have this, as continuously did a cycle right. Jab Jab Jab right hook, so your value value value and then hey check this product out sale right, you can, you can even do two values and then a sale. You can even do five and then what you can mess around with that yourself. But the idea is provide the value first, get the trust, gain the trust of the person on your list, potential buyer and then, when you do ask for a sale, when you do say, check this out, they’re more willing to go.

Buy that because they trust you right, so that’s pretty much it guys. I don’t want to waste your time that is essentially email marketing in a nutshell, and if you master that and you’re mastering the connection and the trust that you can build with your potential buyers, you guys will skyrocket your sales earnings. I affiliate marketing local nuts so guys if you found this article helpful at all, please consider subscribing to the blog for more articles.

Just like this in the future, I teach you guys about how to make money online, affiliate, marketing, dropshipping, Facebook, Ads all-out type of great stuff guys. I cover all those articles and if you want a specific article, please don’t feel please feel free to leave me a comment below I’m willing to accept pretty much anything, and I will you know, take those into consideration when making my next articles guys.

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