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Direct Response Email Marketing!

If you restart, what would you do this? A lot of them said this okay, so so this is super super valuable for you, most of you guys are beginners, and why not do what someone who’s successful says they would do if they restart or be in your position as a beginner.

So listen up direct response. Marketing is something on people, don’t even know the word or the phrase. Oh. So, if you’re reading this good for you, the right response, marketing is basically you owning traffic, basically marketing the people where you’re going to get a exam, get a direct response from them, yes or no, or a certain action directly from them. What I’m talking about here is actually email.

Yes, you use part of the things like send email to people, physical, tangible mayor mail, but I’m talking about email for this, okay building an email list and marketing to them forever. Okay, guys want to talk about so visit. The strategy traffic time traffic tons of free stuff we’re just and then an opt-in page up, redirect redirect to offers hosting offers Ultron the funnel for you, if you’re new here alright funnels offers, as in multiple offers.

Alright – and am I missing anything here – you need an autoresponder sequence, so sequence. This is what I would do and they need email blast blast in the past yeah you got ta read list. This is like straight up their strategy and I’m going to show you the numbers and you’re like oh, my gosh. How can you even make money if you’re doing email marketing does that even work anymore, I’ll take what works is owning traffic, and this is just like the go-to thing to own traffic? Yes, you could do messenger, but is that going to be around forever? We know that email is the back brace for the whole internet and keeps it all glued together.

Basically, it’s the glooms internet. Everything you signed up for is under your email. Okay, email is the core okay to get to people in a core thing, so yeah, when the internet was even created, having an email was like the first thing, just a way for people to communicate and then other things pop up and you created it. Okay and then email silly all right and let me try it fun. Let’s try over here, you see it we’re driving traffic sorty is for traffic, we’re sending it to our opt-in, page opt-in.

We redirect them to our main offer. We can either own this offer or we could promote a mid ticket commission offer relevant to whatever needs were in that make sense, so you’re sending traffic by the way, my course I teach extensions of this whole funnel you can make six to seven figures or more. Okay, this business model is like the go to best business model, but then there’s secrets inside of it that you don’t even know about.

Then I teach inside my course so check that out. You’ll love it okay, I can add in bonuses. Okay, so you click the opt-in, you get the email. Alright, and you run your email sequence in your autoresponder could be a lab. Bird could be get response, it could be market hero, aka Alex Becker’s business. Those three are great and then there’s other ones, but I use Aweber and GetResponse. I can’t really decide between the two, so you just decided when you want.

I don’t have a link for that, but clickfunnels is we’re going to need to build your actual landing page. So that is in the description you can get your free trial, very special link for you there and you can email blasts to any offer that comes out in your niche. You can block students, and this is how you make an average of $ 1 per month. So basically, one dollar per month is like the key here um you are earning money for his opt-ins for the free stuff.

You may think coming else are not even earning anything, I’m just getting these emails and who knows what they’re ever going to make me money? Well, guess what it’s a numbers game in collecting about your email addresses so for every person idea – molest, you should be earning one cent to $ 1 to $ 10 per month – depends how how many offers you promote them? Monthly, okay – and this is not cleaning the email sequence.

This is including the email blasts, so you send out email blasts. Your wholeness of new offers new ways to monetize them all. You many things and even your own products, free image, and this is how I’m making thousands per day this my top income sources. I hope this YouTube blog becomes one of my top and then I hope that my site, businesses, that I want to build big companies out of one regarding influencers, is one of my big ideas, hopefully be making a million a month.

That’s down the road. It’s getting bailed it’ll take a while, but that’s and then other big ideas that I have I’m just an idea machine at Kim’s not digest. I don’t say that to brag or anything, but it’s kind of curse, and I know I think I saw something I must have said that he comes up ideas. It’s just like a weird thing like we might not stop his ideas. I got a huge stack of business ideas only do in my life, so this is like direct response marketing in the strategy that I would do if I to restart, because it’s the one best working for me right now.

It’s pretty good, lit okay you’re getting people into recurring right here, and they want to opt in because they’re getting a ton of stuff. Okay, you’d, like a bullet list of all the value giving them for the email they’re going to do. If it’s one thing, you have lower opt-in rates, but if it’s a no-brainer for them just to get their email and get the thing you give it to them and you get to them through the email redirects to the page and that’s easy news: clip phones.

So in high drive traffic do free traffic um. For starters, if you don’t have much money in your total beginner and you have no money do that. But if you have money you can freaking make a great bar align with the strategy. It’s the best drug to go to strategy for anyone. Okay, this is how big companies you can blow up their company very fast. That’s so now you just invest in any paid traffic source.

You want to do you. Do Facebook, that’s a great one. You could do Instagram. Anthony D is a huge influencer. You could do YouTube, you can do search ads. You do anything, so I hope you guys like this article. This is like a very valuable article. I believe, and if you believe that you can share your opinion by just doing thumbs up or you’re, going to comment down below, leave questions down below.

If you have any um check out that affiliate marketing course, you’re going to killing get a great are live from your investment of learning, learning, a new skill or more information that you never do about so check that out and other new stuff. In the description, I will see you in the next article peace


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Online Marketing for Beginners [2019]

Yes, I want to come in and talk to you guys about three ways that you can market your business. I’r not going to tell you no bullshit like sortable old or you know, creepy new girl either. Even if you start a blog, are you crazy to new? You still need to find a way to market an advertiser, so let’s get into it.

Huh first things. First, you need to make sure that you are creating content to push whatever you’re doing right. This is number one create a blog, a website, a thing this is, you already have that set up so on Instagram, dropping tips and tricks on you to drop in tips and tricks. Your contest should be constantly pointing people back to whatever it is you’re doing. For example, when I do my challenges on my fitness, blog makes, you guys are following: go gym, fit, make sure to check our go-to because icon whatever you do.

I do things like, for example, okay, when I do my challenges, I start talking about things like do. Weight, loss, challenges, work. Okay, how will weight loss challenge can benefit your life. You know three tips to lose weight and everything. I do at that point to create content. Its circle derail go sign up for my challenge right now. Okay, so I’m create a constant right, so I make a article three ways to lose weight fast and make sure you guys are going to check out my weight loss challenge boom.

I create that on you on YouTube. I create that on Instagram I create that through a blog post. I create that through. I create that through an email, but if you guys notice, I’m creating content, that’s pushing people to go to sign up for my challenge. That’s why I told you guys here are pretty chicks in this: we don’t start selling, okay, we’ll start advertisement or start creating content until you have something to sell all right, stop stop just putting out content.

You have nothing to sell now, I’m not saying this, but I’ll start selling. That’s not what I’m saying I’m saying if you’re going to launch your business, make sure three months from now you’re going to you already have the thing that you’re going to be selling say you’re an author dang bull, you just wrote a notebook, don’t self-help book. I need you to start creating content, but you’re talking about it and you’re letting people know check out my book.

Okay, it’s coming. It’s dropping! Okay, stop! Stop, making stuff, stop cream console without having a product to push. Okay, that’s number one! You need to make sure that you’re creating content around whatever you’re selling. Okay number: two, you need to collab and I said collab like your girl. Go with your besties know, collab with people who are one, not competition, two that are going to push your item or the thing you have to sell.

For example, I do fitness my best friend does, I didn’t say much for Becky, but they’re less. Your besties does. Whatever, but I’m saying, link up with somebody that will push your stuff – that’s not competition, for example, my best friend she does relationships. I do Fitness, okay. She came on my platform before to talk about how you know getting something right in your relationship can be helpful towards your fitness.

Then she talked about her her book right boom. Then I turned around. I went on her platform and I talked about how you need to be fit and snatched soda bars and living a healthy lifestyle. So you can find a boot. Then I talked about one of my meal plans. You get it did you just get what we did? Okay, we collapse we’re not in competition she’s a relationship I’m in fitness, but I found a way to go to her platform, give her people value right in Ukraine, constant you collabing, you’re, providing value to these people.

Then she turned around provided value to my people and talked about her thing, so we had a win-win okay, so collapse. Collab with people were not your competition, but have an audience that you can tap into right. She has a lot of people over there that I wouldn’t reach, because she is in a relationship, relationship sector. I have a lot of people that she wouldn’t reach because I’m in the fitness sector, but since we collabs, we were able to cross pollinate with content and audiences and sealed okay, so collaborate find somebody to collab with okay.

Then this catapults me to the next thing by advertisements: okay, solicit influencers: it’s going to cost you some money, okay! Yes, I know on his blog that other blogs you’ll find that people are going to tell you all. You can do all these things for free. Well guess what food is business? Okay, an influencer or an ad costs money? Okay! So when you do Instagram and Facebook as they cost money? Okay, so if you’re going to be doing an ad, I suggest you get somebody that knows what they’re doing, because you can spend your Facebook ad money, real, quick, you don’t know what you’re doing and you will lose money versus gain money, okay, but you need to Make sure you are getting ads, for example, you can get you an ad as a popular on Instagram on certain days right Fridays and Mondays Mondays.

People are more motivated, just start something new or buy something new, okay and on Fridays, because that’s what people usually get paid all right, they’re willing to buy more on those days. For those reasons, okay and then with the influencer – that’s still advertising, but you want to find an influencer that matches with your brand. Okay, that is affordable. That actually will will send more people to you or, like I talked about, is if you’re beginning you brand-new.

Today, a lot of times when you’re spending money on ads or influencers, it’s not really going to be that you’re going to you’re going to sell or you’re not going to sell with it. But at that point, you’re doing it for awareness, so people can start seeing who you are if they see your ad on their timeline two three times and click this. We check this out right now, they’re aware of you right now, you’re in their ecosystem right and then, if they see you again, let me check out what else this person has and then, by that time you can potentially turn a person into somebody who just got Aware of you now, they’re they’re, a client or they’re, a buyer okay, so you want to get influenced or their lines up with your brand, that’s affordable for you, okay, and that will actually bring people to you see a lot of times.

You just get influencers because I have a lot of likes. Here’s something about marketing and it’s not a secret, no more like views. Okay, it says: do not sell products right, don’t ever think, because this person has a million followers, and I got a hundred thousand likes on on this bet that that’s going to be quite sales. That’s not all how it always happens. Okay, I’m right here with my measly less than four hundred subs on this blog right, less than four hundred and guess what I still make money off of this blog boom.

So I’m saying that the safe subs likes! No, that does not equate some money. So you want to at least if you’re going to get influenced or be aware that it’s were awareness it’s more than likely and it may not turn into money. But now you have people that are pushing you now. People are aware of you, so the three things you can do online marketing right now, pull date right now. Okay, is create content that pushes people back to your product.

Okay, stop stop stop making content without pushing people to your product. Now don’t be so easy everything you make, you don’t need to talk about a product. Okay, every single thing you make you don’t have to talk about a product, but majority of what you’re talking about majority of what your content you put up should be about you. Getting people to your product? Okay, so if you’re a life coach – and you tell the people – you know, here’s the five ways to change your life boom.

The next thing you need to talk about is either a book that can help them or a one-on-one consulting session. With them boom, if you are a baker, okay, honey and you sell cookies, okay, you giving them three ways how to make the most delicious cookies in the world. You need to be up so pushing them through your book to your course to your plan. Okay, I’m just giving me off some examples. Are you trying to push off? Okay, remember to collab with somebody cross pollinate audiences? Okay, because you can share something with their audience.

They can share something with their audience. You guys can bring you back, bring each other value. Okay, the third thing is: get you so and and get you some influencers and here’s one thing I didn’t say with influencers. Another thing that you can do that’s just okay is, if you have the opportunity to provide samples of your idols to imposters, please do something. Okay, because Sam you see the influence or a shirt five months from now, this is who is to wear shirt, shirt and now people are coming to your website because you sent the influence or something free, okay and all you’re doing is you know, thanking them and Telling them hey, I wanted to see you something you know if you can wear this next time, you make a article or if you can wear this next time, you want women to an event.

I would appreciate you because you’re sending them something right now, don’t be mad at them. Foster does not wear your stuff. Okay, because we got to be realistic. Now we’re in this age, where everybody is go, keep doing that right, not everybody, but everybody. The reason why I said not, everybody is because, if you got to this part of the article, I want you to know this start your business. It’s hard your skills into dollar bills, because a lot of us, because we’re on internet, because we’re on social media we’re under the impression that everybody’s doing this and the truth of the matter is everybody – is not investment.

Ok, everybody’s, not on Instagram everybody’s, on YouTube, everybody’s, not on Twitter. That’s the truth! Ok, everybody is not so if you’re not starting your business, because you think that everybody’s doing it you’re cycling yourself, because the truth is everybody’s not doing it think about it. In a room of about 10 people, you can sit and just be like hey. You got Instagram, there might be half of people in the in your group.

That may be like. No, I don’t have this friend right or us. People or people still be surprised when they be like. Oh, you got a new blog I’d be like. Oh me. I got like the ring, but and I’m not saying that to be braggadocious, I’m saying in a way weird lying on him. People up there’s fun alone, Awards people to actually do have the things that you think that everybody has it’s like. No everybody doesn’t people got it YouTube account, but everybody’s not out here on YouTube.

Ok, everybody you to Street okay, so I’m sitting to say you should collab on the last but not least, I’m the collab and influencers okay influencers and ads okay. So you guys, I hope this was helpful. I’ll talk to you guys later bye, you


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$10K A month Email Marketing Secrets For Shopify Part 1 – The Strategy

So for those of you that don’t know what email marketing is basically is when you collected email and start marketing products to it, that’s essentially the the basics of it and it accounts for about 30 %, maybe even 35 % on on the higher months of my Business sales, so, if you’re not taking advantage of this, you definitely should be taking advantage of it, and I’m going to show you how right now, if you haven’t already go ahead and hit that subscribe button, because we’re about to drop some dope content that you guys Are going to get tons of value out of and if you’re not subscribed, you’re going to start missing out on the you know the articles we do in the future.

So definitely do that and yeah, let’s jump in so email marketing, there’s, basically three different types of email, marketing that I can kind of or that I use at least there are other types like subcategories of these, but these are the three main ones that I use. So the first one is called abandoned, cart, so I’m sure tons of you guys have heard about abandoned cart, emails and email series, there’s bunches of different softwares that send them out automate automatically we’ll go over how to set all these up in a future article, and You know one of the next parts, but abandoned cart is essentially when somebody adds something to their cart, but they don’t actually purchase it, but you still have their email, so you can start emailing them later.

Okay, so we’ll go over the strategy here. The next one is newsletter: okay, newsletter are people that sign up to your newsletter or sign up for a discount or something like that. They are basically your general base level subscribers that haven’t shown necessarily any interest in purchasing, but they are at least interested enough to start receiving marketing emails from you, so these would be considered cold leads, these would be considered warm leads and then I’ll show you another One, the other category, which is considered a hot lead, which means that they’re very likely to purchase – and that is your customer list.

Okay, so these are the three different types of email that you can go into and there’s a little bit different strategy that you should approach when it comes to these different different groups of people. So, like I said this, one is definitely the brings me the most profit and the most income is the new customer list, a customer list in general, then next to that, would probably be this one, and then this one so and the only reason is because these People have bought some things, so they’re more likely to buy stuff.

You know in the future because they’ve already purchased. So that being said, let’s go into the strategy on how you should actually go about doing these. So if we’re abandoned cart, I basically set up for emails. So I’ll just do one two three and four: hopefully you can see all these. I think you can so yeah so for you now some people will do three. I just like doing four. I think it makes kind of more sense, but you know you can do whatever, but the first email is.

It’s just going to be a reminder: email, okay, so you’re, basically just going to remind the person, the customer that they have something in their car that they can go check out, just making sure that they didn’t get distracted. Maybe they had to take the dog out. You know whatever it is just send them a reminder that there’s still stuff in their cart that they can go purchase, and I usually send this after about four hours.

Four hours, okay, usually send that about after four hours, I’ve tested with two hours tested with 60 minutes tested with six hours. For me, this one works the best, but you know I would recommend testing it out and seeing okay number two is going to be a reminder: email, okay, but we’re going to add urgency. So what I mean by this is that you’re going to remind the customer, hey, you got something in your cart but we’re going to add urgency by saying: hey, listen, you know this deal or we’re only going to save your cart for the next 12 hours in The next 24 hours, whatever you want to make it.

So if you you know, if you wait longer than that, then your cart will expire and you won’t get the deal which usually, when I’m running you know different. Usually, when I’m at running advertisements to things I run deals so I’ll do like a 25 % off 50 % off whatever it is, so people understand that they’re getting a deal. So if I say that you know your car’s going to expire, you might lose the deal then they might be more likely to buy okay.

So I usually do this after a whole day, then the third email is going to be a coupon of some sort and it could be a coupon incentive. Maybe buy one get one free whatever you want to make it to get people to to be more incentivize to purchase. You can do whatever you want here, but the reason I don’t do it on the second or first email is because I don’t want to just like come out swinging and give people money off.

That probably would have purchased anyways with these two emails here. I would rather go through these to have everybody buy from these. That was going to and then come in with the coupon later say yeah. So the coupon, like I said, could be anything then the last one is a coupon plus urgency. Okay, oh wait! I didn’t put okay, so the coupon. I usually do after day two and then this one I do after day three.

So it’s just like you know. One day in between, but the coupon flex urgency. Essentially what that is. Is you know you give them the coupon, so say it’s 50 % off you give them that coupon. But you say hey. It only lasts for the next 12 hours so go ahead and purchase. Now so you can redeem the coupon something like that, because this will make people more incentivized to go actually make the purchase.

So these are the four emails that I use. I will I actually do have sort of templates that I use that you can build off of, or you can use for yourself that I’ve linked down in the description below. So, if you do want to check those out, you can check them out. I probably will make templates for all these different ones that you can go ahead and check out if you so desire. But that being said go ahead and screenshot this, because I’m about to erase it so three two one.

So that was abandoned. Cart now we’re going to go into newsletter and customer emails which are kind of similar. I treat them sort of similar, but there are a few key differences that I’ll talk about. So I like to think of it as a time line. So I’m just going to draw out a will time line here so well and you could do it for any amount of time. I usually do it for two weeks. You could do it for three weeks.

You could do it for a month. You could do it for six months, like some people have six month. Email list doesn’t really matter in the beginning. Just get something going so I’d recommend like the two weeks. It would probably be good. So let’s say this is day zero. So this is the day that they signed up. We consider that day, zero in day 14, so this after two weeks of them being on your email list and the entire goal here, if they’re on the newsletter, is obviously to get them to buy something if they’re a new customer.

Obviously, you know keep retaining them as a customer and buy more stuff so day 0 we’re going to do okay, so Daisy our we’re going to do the welcome and incentive. So what do I mean by this if you’re on a newsletter? Basically, we’re going to say welcome to the newsletter here’s what you can expect, here’s, how often we email you. You know what kind of information that you can get you want. You want to establish right out the gate.

What kind of value they’re going to be getting from being on your newsletter, but most importantly, is if they’re on your newsletter is you have to give them the incentive that they signed up for so most the time when you have a newsletter, people are signing up For either a coupon, maybe a free ebook, maybe some sort of free item giveaway percentage off whatever it might be, that you’re giving them to sign up to your newsletter.

You want to make sure that you give them that incentive right off the bat, because that’s why they signed up in the first place right so for the newsletter definitely makes sure that that’s the case for the new customers you’re going to welcome to them. Tell them how long shipping time takes how they can contact you when I was how they can track their package stuff like that, and I’m also in the new customer email going to give them another incentive, which would be maybe like 20 % off your next purchase.

Something like that and honestly guys like I said this is my most profitable by far campaign, so many people buy from that new customer email that I give them like 20 % off. So definitely a good thing to do, and I leave a that link. I’ll have a template, email for that weather. You can check out so welcome inside then after I went to wait a day so day. Two. Let me actually spread this out a little bit so okay day, two, I’m going to give them some sort of value.

Okay, so what do I mean by that? So, let’s say we’re in like with fishing niche. What kind of value would those people be looking for? What kind of information would they be searching for? I think they might be interested in, like you know, top 10 fishing, lures or catfishing, or maybe something like the best new fishing boat or the best time to catch. A certain kind of you know the best techniques to use things like that.

You want to include either blog articles to other blogs, or preferably you’d like to send them back to your website, so you can actually start a blog on your own website and just do like top 10 tips top seven tips. Those are like really really good, both for quick thing and, for you know, people like list of things, so I would give them value they’re also on day four. I would give them value now. I’r going to show you guys how to set all this up in future articles.

So we can yeah, you know so don’t worry, but so two values in a row. Then we’re going to do this, we’re going to on day six we’re going to do a pitch. Let me write that so 100 me back pitch, basically you’re going to sell them, something that is some people call it a tripwire. Some people call it like a bait product, but essentially what you’re going to do is is pitch something. That’s sort of low cost so like seven to fifteen dollars, preferably under ten, actually does best.

In my experience, but you know something: that’s a little bit cheaper that somebody can be like out of seven bucks, all right, I’ll drop, seven bucks like no big deal and then, if you haven’t already seen the upsell article I’ll link it somewhere on here. So you can go ahead and check out the you know how to actually upsell people and make money off of that. So if you haven’t checked that out, definitely read it so we’re going to pitch them they’re on some sort of trip wire product and then on day seven.

So I’m not going to wait a day here, I’m just going to go straight to day seven we’re going to do a pitch we’re going to do a pitch plus urgency. So, just like with the abandoned cart emails, we’re going to say, hey this offer only last. You know the 50 % offer the you know. Usually I like to make this some sort of some sort of deal, but the pitch or the offer only lasts for the next 12 hours, the next 24 hours, whatever you want to make it so we’re going to add urgency and hopefully get people to buy if They don’t that’s fine.

We still have more. You know things that are in our newsletter, so I’ll wait another day we’ll go day, nine we’re going to give them more value. Okay, so another value piece preferably make it on your own blog, maybe funny meme, something like that. You know because the reason why is because we just pitched them twice right, so we want to make sure that we’re not constantly pitching we’re actually providing value in this email list as well, so we’re going to give them value there, then, on day 11, we’re again Going to give them value on day 11, then day 13 we’re going to do another pitch.

So it’s going to be a different product. You could either do something a little bit higher tier, maybe in the 20 to 30 dollar range, or you could stick with something in this tier. It really just depends on what you want to do. It’s you know, you might get better results with the the smaller price, but you know you can try out both do whatever you want, we’re going to pitch and that day 14 again we’re going to continue here and we’re going to do pitch plus urgency.

So this is actually how I would set up a two week, new customer or newsletter type of feel, and obviously you can just continue on with the process. You can switch it up a little bit if you want to. You know do whatever works best for you, but this is kind of the layout that I used myself and, like I said it accounts for about 30 % of of the revenue that I actually made from my store. So hopefully, this article was valuable for you guys if it was go ahead and hit that like button and also hit the subscribe, let me know that you liked it and you appreciate it and want me to continue doing it on a daily basis.

Like I said, I’m going to provide some templates that you can go off of for these emails if you like, and in the next article, because this is a series in the next article we’re going to be talking about how to actually set this stuff up. In the real world on the computer so stay stoked, because it’s going to be awesome midnight, oh, don’t mind a little up in the air, but not this side.


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None of these ideas – I’m going to be sharing, require a college degree and they don’t require a lot of money to get started. You can launch them in a matter of weeks or even days and, most importantly, you do not have to quit or compromise your day job. To start any of these. This is millennial money in business.

We share the tools to help. You escape your nine-to-five with confidence. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so do me a favor hit like and subscribe. It tells the algorithm to show our article to more people, and it gets us that much closer to our goal of becoming the first woman read business blog with more than 1 million subscribers. I’r Coco: I want building businesses more than anything like how some people enjoy doing their makeup.

All the time shopping all the time I love making money, but what I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey is not all businesses or side hustles are created. What is going on? I’r just curious, so what’s up with this art back here my vision board, all businesses require sacrificing time after work and on weekends, but they don’t obey the same. I don’t know guys so I created this list of 8, most profitable businesses to start in 2020.

So you don’t waste any of your precious time and I’ve added a bonus tip that I know will fast-track your success in any one of these businesses number one start: a drop shipping store if you aren’t familiar drop. Shipping is a business model where you just basically act as the middleman between a product, manufacturer or distributor, and the customer, and your only job is marketing. The thing that makes this a super dope option is the fact that you don’t have to stock up on inventory.

You don’t have to deal with the manufacturing or fulfillment process. You literally just pick a product that someone is willing to drop ship for you, you mark it and advertise the product and when you get a sale, you contact your drop shipper and they ship it directly to your customer for you. If the process is working right, you don’t even physically touch or see the product at all, everything happens seamlessly.

Can we drop it two times for drop shipping, though now this is literally one of my favorite business models, because, as long as you have the order fulfillment process automated, which is way easier than it sounds, this model is totally scalable number two most profitable business. That literally, anyone can start in 2020 start a service business if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the work starting a business where you provide a manual service in real life.

That’s another great option. Our house cleaner, makes over a hundred dollars an hour what yup, while you over there. Judging because they’re focused on that bag and not worried about that judgment, they’re making more cleaning houses, then most people are getting paid using their degrees. Then babysitters out here are making sixteen twenty on average per hour plus transportation. What did you say? You spent on your babysitter on a night out ketchup, two hundred and fifty a single night.

You can be doing that. Okay, ecommerce is a great way to make money, but, as these examples have shown, it’s not the only way now the next few ideas I love, especially because they’re all about leveraging the business of you and your personal and professional experience so number three most profitable business. That literally, anyone can start in 2020 become a freelancer if you’re thinking. Well, I don’t have ask o to leverage you’re wrong.

Do you speak English? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? You can become a spokesperson like any of the people. You see here on your screen advertising their services on Fiverr. What do you like to do? Do you like to read or write, because someone out there that doesn’t feel is confident in those areas? Will pay you for your help? Do you like clothes? Are you willing to take the time to create some digital flat, lids and post them on your IG, so people can reach out to you to style them? Do you know how to get and keep a man? Do you have hardware, and are you willing to guide your girls to the altar? We as women don’t give ourselves enough credit, there’s value in every single story, especially yours, even if you’re still in college.

The fact that you made it there is something you can sell to parents and students trying to get there too, and this is starting to blend into the number four most profitable business to start in 2020, becoming a coach way way way way way way way. I don’t mean sport ball coach. I mean a professional guide, you’re, probably familiar with the idea of business coaches, but there are also birthing coaches, fitness, coaches, style, coaches, you two coaches, healthy eating, coaches.

I can literally pick any word put in front of coach. I bet there’s someone out there using their experience to get paid to help someone else reach that destination. Now as a business coach, full disclosure – I charge at least you ready for this. I charge you at least $ 1,000 per hour for one-on-one with me and people pay for it. You excited about becoming a coach, yet yeah, no did I subscribe, say hi in the comments number five most profitable business to start in 2020, launched an online course, which I actually prefer over one-on-one business coaching why it does require a lot more time upfront to create The course, but once you do the work it is done and as long as you’re marketing the course it’s basically passive income.

I have two courses both have links in the description. The first course I launched the green business masterclass that made over $ 12,000 in 12 hours and my hair extensions business masterclass course it’s in pre-launch and it’s already making money totally passively. I literally just get a notification on my phone saying. I just made another thousand dollars and that’s that number six most profitable business to start in 2020 launch a private community.

Now this was my first business venture that made over six figures in less than half a year off memberships alone, I charged $ 40 per month. Once inside the group, members gain access to information only shared amongst group members and they all shared a sense of community and camaraderie inside now. To do this, you got to choose a niche that you know. People are interested in and provide real, tangible value for members, and you have to be willing to invest your time into fostering a sense of community inside now.

You guys have heard me mention our private community, CEO Society, it’s only $ 5 to join and the value we offer inside your ability to connect with like-minded hustlers and share ideas and create friendships, plus monthly, live stream business coaching with yours. Truly that would otherwise cost you $ 1000. All of that value definitely outweighs the cost of joining. So it’s like a it’s like a no-brainer and that’s what you have to do for yours.

If you’re planning on monetizing a private community got ta pack that value in there number 7 most profitable business to start in 2020, he picks just playing what maybe, maybe maybe I was joking about this, but but look how it rolls in watt ride with me a Second, number seven is to start a print-on-demand store, but I guess if what you’re printing on t-shirts and mugs is feet? Pictures and people I know, went off the deep end, yep okay, so this is kind of similar to drop shipping and that you don’t have to hold any inventory or handle fulfillment.

All you have to do is design an item on a website like a spring or print a full market it and cash in when it sells you don’t even have to handle fulfillment. This can be especially profitable if you can make merch. That speaks to a specific and underserved niche number, eight start a digital agency. I know you’re thinking Coco, you said I wouldn’t need any special training or a ton of money for these ideas.

You don’t sis simmer down with the combination of outsourcing and strategic positioning. This is something anyone can do. I’ve done it before and it was way easier than I expected I’m going to walk you through the process step by step in one of my next articles, so make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell. So you don’t miss it, but in the meantime, the hack that will fast track your success in any one of these businesses, starting a YouTube blog and talking about what you’re.

Building on that blog. In my last article, I talked about how YouTube can amplify your brand’s presence and help you believe fraud. The competition check it out here. If you missed it now, this could mean the difference between you making a few hundred dollars when you get started and making a few hundred thousand dollars, and that’s not an exaggeration. So in my next article, I’m going to show you how to start a successful YouTube.

Blog in 2020 would just a cellphone and zero dollars invested as long as you already have cellphones know. If you want to dive even deeper on this subject or any other business matters. Of course, I have more YouTube content coming, but we also have the CEO Society. Facebook group that I just plugged – oh my gosh full circle, so link in the description and, as you know, growing this blog to 1 million subs.

It is the only New Year’s resolution, business goal and focus. My team has for 2020 because representation there are no female business blogs with more than a million subs. All you have of these guys growing it up talking about cars and sports. I don’t care, I don’t care about that. There are way too many of us out there in our bags. Look at me looking queue and Aiden. Pretty that’s us. We exist. We deserve representation, so we’re building our blogs through a million subs this year, and we would appreciate the support just hit subscribe, we’re about to build a YouTube blog in the next article, see you there bye


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ASMR Affiliate Marketing Strategy With Youtube & Instagram ($100 a Day)

This is Benjamin Fairborn here and in this article I’m going to talk about ASMR, Plus affiliate marketing, Plus YouTube Plus Instagram strategy. Alright, and if you are interested in that strategy, stay tuned, because this is a big opportunity. There’s a lot of money to be made here and you’re going to love this okay, you can make a full-time living doing this.

Okay, let’s just say you can make a hundred bucks a day, alright! So, what’s a giddy okay, so I typed in ASMR into Amazon, and I found a bunch of stuff here: okay, people will buy this stuff right and you can be an affiliate. Obviously, if you didn’t know you can be an affiliate for Amazon and promote anything okay. You just get a text link here, put in your youtube description or or on your website what you link to and from many different areas like your Instagram or whatever we’re doing Instagram Plus YouTube for this one, mainly article content.

Okay, obviously right – and this is ASMR so we’re linking to books – articles music, audio, something I don’t know much about ASMR honestly, I just know it’s big, okay, ASMR, okay, right here, I’m using keywords everywhere. I can see the data about each keyword right. We’ve got a some our sleep ASMR eating in some our zombie, that’s very low. Who cares about that? One right, ASMR, darling, ASMR, slime and some are sounds – is more food.

Asmr tingles is some are tapping. Alright, the biggest ones is Amara, obviously, and then the extensional ones, a smart sleep and slime are the best. So let’s just do a s’more and look it up you sort by the view camp and get some ideas at the top articles. Okay, this is the top article. It’s three hours long, don’t make a three hour long article doing ASMR. It looks very hard to do to be honest with you, but if this is an example of the opportunity, do it you’re passionate about, but this is an example of a strategy and you can go implement the strategy on your own.

You can make kill okay, especially in she’s, outside of wealth, okay, outside of marketing business and wealth, and entrepreneurship. Okay, if smart, huge and as you can see here – 70 million – is the top viewed article Wow right. If we scroll down here, let’s uh filter by this month, to see the top working things – okay right here, it’s a great one right: here’s, a wonderful, okay and how I know that is I’m using vid IQ and basically how you know what does well is less Subscribers than how many views they got, they got nine point.

Five million views this month, okay, that was four weeks ago, and then they have very few subscribers compared to that amount same with this one, and not this one, not this one, not this one, not this one well kind of this one, because it’s equal. So if it’s basically equal to the amount of subscribers, then you know that’s a good working article topic I did and you want to make it better and even better than that, you want to kind of combine ideas with other ones.

Okay, this is very huge and we’re doing this to come up with content ideas, understanding the market and the keywords. Now you just type in the generic keyword of whatever niche you’re in into Google and you’ve got the keywords everywhere tool you can go into. Google Adwords and literally type in your keyword and look a Google Keyword planner and see a bunch of keywords there. This is way easier. I love this tool.

Alright is some, are sleep? Is a big one? Okay and it looks like the trend could be dying. So, let’s type in trend trend, alright a smart shines, let’s see if it’s actually going down, I’m not sure. I think it’s still good, there’s a lot of there’s a big market for it and I’m pretty sure they’ve got money. Okay, let’s see over the past twelve months, it’s been steady, that’s good! Over the past five years.

Let’s see it’s starting to go up. It went up for a while there. It went down again, but it’s still massive. So that is good for you to know of. Oh yeah and breakout keywords: this is a big secret okay and I love giving value to everyone. So when you go to Google Trends and you type in your generic keyword, you’re going to get breakout keywords and if you’re doing YouTube go to youtube search yeah.

This is about search enquiries here, so a smart slime is a breakout right now. Okay, it’s a breakout right now, abre, actually over the past five years. It was so let’s do for the past 30 days for the past 30 days. This one is do this. Do this? Well, these aren’t breakouts, but when there is a breakout, do a breakout, it’ll say breakout. If it’s a very go, this just means the search volume went up a deeper state hundred percent, that’s pretty good, but what I also like to do is what I was showing the top top top stuff for the whole niche over the period of time.

This is what the market loves. Okay, this is what the market wants. Ok, massage ears, sleep, eating, slime, okay, talking, etc. It’s it’s a big market and that’s what I wanted to cover it. Alright, how do you monetize guys? That’s talked about that you monetize with this. You monetize with merch you monetize by having ads you are allowed to have ads on your articles after 4,000 hours of read time and over 1000 subscribers, alright and then you’re, monetized and you’re ready to go so yeah.

And then you can be an affiliate if there’s on Clickbank, if you know what Clickbank is it’s just for info products, affiliate marketing, if there’s an ASMR offer there, you can promote that also, you can figure out what other interests and some our people have, which is Very very secret kind of marketing strategy, but it just lets you open up another area. Okay, if you know what your market likes – okay, very huge, it’s kind of like cross, promoting upsells cross / cross selling, basically, okay, so things that are similar to the initial offers.

Okay or the niche itself, so the riches are in the niches, alright guys. I want you to know that so pick one niche and make articles only about that niche. You could also use Instagram. Let’s go to end to go into alright. Here we are on Instagram. Go follow me alright and there ASMR boom. If it’s going to die. Alright, yes, oh, I think it starts out there we go hey! Mr! Let’s see some of the top ones here I open up in new tabs boom boom.

Oh and what you want to do? You don’t need to make specific articles for instagram just like repurpose them. Okay, and here we go this one’s got 4,000 they’re just free up loading. I think it’s tomorrow, I’m not going to look at them, but okay next is and YouTube’s way better than Instagram. But it’s just another medium you can use and link to your website or or whatever you want to do, and there’s free website builders you can use okay also clickfunnels would obviously be the best if you have your own products and stuff, but you can use Google Sites no joke! If you go to Google Drive and you create a Google site for free.

If you want to do links dot, ooo, that’s a good one or links tree. You can put a bunch of links in one URL and it’s very powerful. It’s free! Okay! Right and if you just can start, you want to use free methods, that’s that’s good, for you. Just use free methods until you’re ready to invest, and you know what Instagram is kind of like an email list. So you don’t even need to build email list. Yeah.

Okay, you can wait if you want to build an email, let’s do it, but it’s just another way to get people and to talk to you guys right now is literally Instagram YouTube and Google leverage those three you’re set for life. Okay, that’s where all the traffic is okay, obviously, in other places, there’s traffic, but the most traffic is mainly YouTube. Google and Instagram Facebook Facebook’s own Facebook owns Instagram.

Facebook, I think, is starting to die. I think, because older people, you can’t teach dog new tricks right, older people used Facebook when they first started. They don’t really understand Instagram, but the new generations going up into Instagram. So Instagram is there for the future of social media and the something notes comes out. They’re going to get bought out by by Facebook also I’m going to be coming out with my developer in the future social media platforms, believe it or not.

In guys I have big aspirations. Okay, I’ve got just at any other, some random guy. Okay, I got big plans so anyway, that is literally the strategy. Okay – and I’m just going to summarize it real quick for you so sign up for affiliate programs that you believe will have offers all and especially Amazon, and you make a website with the free method or paid method builder. And then you put all you all you all of your links in there.

Okay, you start making content once you have everything set up to monetize, don’t link too much in your description. Guys, that’s huge! Do not link too much away from YouTube but start making content that you believe will do well focus on trends you’re going to get views. This is uh. This is a niche outside of smaller niches. Okay, its massive niche pick a massive niche in your set. Okay, even if it’s fortnight literally, if it’s fortnight go ahead, do everything with just the fortnight term: okay, research, your keywords right and start making article ideas and then make those articles be consistent on YouTube.

Don’t give up make articles consistently for, let’s just say a hundred days or 90 days, whatever you want to do make articles consistently. You could even do that without linking from YouTube in just to other articles and YouTube will like that way more and promote you way. More and then you can start linking away from YouTube. Okay, that’s literally how it works. Youtube, doesn’t trust you yet okay, but anyways.

Just do your best make great content and I’ll all comes down to content. Ultimately, do clickbait sensational content content that people are wanting to see also trends and then, if you want to make a site, you can start ranking and putting your articles into the side and articles about the article. So it ranks and people find you there. You do that and also link to your stuff and make a whole business about one niche that you’re doing you can make a big living out of this.

You can also have brands come to you in spawn for you too, so it’s just powerful guys, and then you have this basically like an email list, you’re building, then in the future. If you want to start giving people linking to an email list to opt-in and give something for free, do that too anyways guys? That’s the strategy check out new stuff in the description. Binge read all the other articles for more value, and I will see you in them: pizza,

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Drop Servicing Business: 7 Best Niches For Beginners To Make Money In 2020

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches to get into if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020, hey what’s up, it’s Shawn Anthony and if you want to learn how to level up your business, your skills and your Income make sure you go down below right now, hit that subscribe button and I’m going to be posting articles just like this, every Tuesday and Thursday every week.

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and beyond, if you’re starting a drop servicing business now all of these services, they are easy to find fulfillment providers for us so that you’re not doing all The work yourself they are high ROI. They get a high return on investment for clients, because of the way that these services are structured and they also have three keys in common right in these creeks these three keys.

Then it doesn’t matter what service or what niche that you pick to deliver. You want to make sure that they have these three keys number one is it’s directly tied to the growth or the revenue or money-making ability of the client or of the business owner? Right now, why do we want this? Well, if you, if you have a service that can help a business owner, make more money or grow their business, that’s what every business owner wants.

So if you have a service that can help them do that, then it’s a no-brainer for them right number: two is recurring revenue. So if you have a service now that clients pay you over and over and over for because they need that service over and over and over then you are. Your life is going to be so much easier because you don’t have to get new clients every single month right. We have clients that have been with us for nearly two years now and who are paying us four figures per month for the same service because they need it over and over and over again.

So you want to make sure that you pick a service that has a recurring revenue. Opportunity number three is product. Aiza Bowl, I know that’s a mouthful, but what does that mean? It basically means that you have a service where every client that you onboard gets the same core service right. You don’t want to be offering twenty different services for all this custom work where we’re flying it comes on, get something completely different than client being clients see right, so you want to have a product.

I service, where every client that you bring on, gets basically the same course service in the same system that you offered to all your other clients, okay, so those are three things and we’re going to jump in right now to these seven and best niches, these best Services to deliver if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020. So let’s hop right in already so we’re in my Google Doc, my computer here and I’m going to walk you through the seven best drop servicing niches for 2020.

If you’re just getting started in this business right now, if you need help with ideas, if you don’t want to pick anything on this list – and you want more ideas – go to Klutch co. This is a it’s kind of like a marketplace for different types of agencies and different types of services – digital services right. So if you’re going to clutch that Co, you can see here on the right hand, side you can you can click down the services and solutions.

You can see different categories of services, you can click into these and you can. You can do some research right if you want to see what types of services and how much people are charging there’s $ 100,000. I’r not saying you’re going to charge that, but you can. You can do competitor research and you can look at what people are paying for and buying and what they’re charging for it right. So there’s a great place to do to get ideas.

Do some research on competitors and see how to position your drop servicing business? Your drop servicing agency when you’re getting started okay, so that’s clutch scope. Now, let’s jump back into here and let’s get right into it. Now all these niches they’re not in any particular order. These are just seven, pretty solid niches that fit all these three keys here. That I would recommend – or I would get into if I was starting from scratch – okay, so let’s jump into it right now, number one is Facebook advertising, so purchasing ads on Facebook to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now, if you’re here reading this article, you probably know what Facebook advertising is right, you’re targeting the unpaid things on like interest and demographics and job titles and income level. Your target on things like that to generate leads customers and brand awareness for business owners. Right now beat top local comm. I’r going to show you examples of each of these be top logo comm. I no the founder of this Nick Robbins he’s a friend of mine and they focused the reason I like their Facebook advertising agency is because they focus on a specific vertical or industry.

So you can see here they focus on pain, management and stem-cell therapy. Doctors and Clinics right, so what that does is it strengthens your message. It makes it easier to get clients, because your focus on that specific vertical and that industry right and they also developed a system – a predictable system, specifically for pain, doctors right Facebook, advertising system for pain, doctors. This is going to help you get clients a lot easier when you’re tailored specifically to a certain vertical or industry, because you’re going to be able to speak their language and you’re going to have a system tailored to them.

Okay, so that’s why I like be top local. They do multi millions in revenue every single year with just one service, a Facebook advertising service and a system, and I highly recommend, if you’re, going to create any one of these services. Actually, you focus on a vertical or industry to make your life a lot easier and more profitable. Okay. So that’s number one: Facebook advertising number two: Google PPC, Google pay-per-click.

This is a little different than Facebook you’re, not targeting based on interest levels you’re targeting more by bidding on keywords. So, instead of targeting a certain interest you’re targeting on things like stem cell therapy, Seattle stem cell therapy Florida when people type these these words into the Google search engine they’re going to come on to your clients, websites right. So this is bidding on keywords in Google to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now this is a website that I found a service that I found called kudu IO and they do Google PPC and they have product sized offerings packages for different levels or different ad spend right. So I can go here. Let me go back to their homepage. Real quick: this is what a Google PPC ad. If you don’t know what that is, that’s what this is, if you type in roofers or roofers in Seattle, or something like that, it shows up right here, an ad like that.

So that’s! So that’s what you’d be offering as a service is to help business owners get more leads and customers by setting up these little ads here right go to pricing, you can see they’re different packages. They have three different packages for different ad spins right up to five thousand up to ten thousand, so you can offer this as a service for a specific, vertical or industry and offer from packages here that are productized by limiting the ad spend budget here right.

So there’s so many different ways you can package this up this stuff up and I’m going to create more articles on down on productizing things, but this is just a article to give you an idea of the seven best niches and services to offer right. So this is Google PPC here. Number three is LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn lead generation. So this is what my agency growth response is based on, which is connecting and using direct outreach and content to generate leads clients and brand awareness.

Now, when we first started, we modeled after this company here lead cookie calm and our service is pretty similar to this. We, you can see their process right here. We optimized our clients profiles, we send outbound connection requests, we send a drip messaging sequence to anyone who accepts that and our goal is to help our clients generate more leads and more sales appointments and more phone calls with whoever their target audience is whoever their ideal Client is okay, so we help them do that through LinkedIn, connecting and sending messages and growing their network and posting content.

Okay, so you can see here, you can do some research, what they offer their pricing, let’s see so a thousand dollars or 950 a month and here’s the deliverables. We have a very similar service to this. We have two different packages as well. You can see what’s being offered here, okay, so this is LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn, lead generation, number four SEO search engine, optimization pretty much. Everyone knows what SEO is right, but it’s optimized.

If you don’t know what this is its optimizing person’s website and their keywords or their social media profiles to drive organic traffic leads and customers to their business right now again, you’re going to see the key for a lot of these things is focusing on a vertical. So you can see ranking see, oh here they have an SEO service, an SEO agency. They focus specifically on personal injury law firms right so they’re, not just saying I offer SEO to every single industry out there.

They focus specifically on personal injury law firms and I think they do around five million a year in revenue because they’re so focused on a specific, specific, vertical and industry. So that’s the power of really focusing in on a vertical is your message? Is stronger you’ll? Make more money or more profitable, because you’re focused on creating your entire business around a certain industry and speaking directly to them and helping them right in creating a them around that? Okay.

So this is rankings not IO again the juice SEO for law firms in the personal injury space and they do multi millions a year in revenue, because that number, five social media management, creating scheduling, analyzing and managing content across multiple and various social media platforms to drive Brand awareness, traffic leads and customers. This is social, vantage comm and you can see the different packages that they offer here, the only difference or the only change.

I guess I would do for him for them and I don’t know what their revenue levels are or whatever is you see how they’re they’re pretty generic right? It’s the seamless social media hire for small businesses and teams, I might say, maybe social, media management for restaurants, social media management for software companies, social media management, for I don’t know home home-based businesses, our home contractors, or something like that right.

So you want to tailor it to a vertical and your your message is going to be so much stronger and you’re going to have better case studies because it’s going to be all from a specific industry. But you can see here: they’re different packages, they’re different deliverables, they’re posting to platforms like Facebook and Twitter and curating content and creating some content and growing the different social media profiles by posting content on them consistently.

Okay, so there’s a highly valuable, highly profitable service, because you can outsource it for pretty cheap, but it’s very valuable to a lot of small business owners because they want help managing their social media. They don’t know how to create content. They don’t know how to post content. They don’t know how, how and when to do it right. So if you can help them with this you’re going to help them get more leads and brand awareness for their business and they’re happy to pay for this okay.

So that’s social media management number six Instagram advertising Instagram marketing, so this is using paid advertising or organic growth strategies to grow, someone’s Instagram presence and their profile to generate more brand awareness. Traffic leads and customers. Okay. So this is an example. Here am fluence calm. You can see they’re different packages here, 129 dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars a month.

They help you get more organic followers. They help you to engage with your audience right. It’s a cert, it’s a done-for-you type of service where they help you to grow. Your Instagram grow your business on the platform. Okay, so that’s instagram, marketing, instagram growth. I guess instagram advertising is very similar to facebook. Advertising you’re. Just posting your your purchasing ads, based on things like interests on instagram, to generate more leads and customers and you’re paying for that as a service right.

So that’s the difference between an instagram advertising and instagram marketing. If I kind of like be organic types of things to start with, because it’s more profitable and I can still get them an amazing result right. So that’s up to you what you want to pick it’s easy to find white label providers to do either of these things here. Okay. Lastly, content creation and content marketing in the last few years, like creating content and content marketing has blown up because it’s it’s proven hugely valuable.

It takes some time to get traction with it, but it’s so important that you have a content strategy in place for basically for any business and any personal brand. It’s so important to have a content strategy in place. So this consecration and content marketing is creating a marketing content to attract and convert leads and customers and brand awareness for businesses, and this is an example here audience ups.

Com. They do done-for-you email list content and also lead magnet and blog article content right. So their message: better content, better customers, they grow your audience, your email lists and customer base with done for your content right, so there’s an amazingly, profitable and also amazingly valuable service for any business, any personal brand, any individual who’s trying who has a business and wants To make more money online content is such a key part of that okay, so you can see they’re different packages here, standard lights and light plus, and you can see what they offer here – lead magnets research and planning draft you’re drafting their articles new articles.

Every two weeks they edit it they get your your images for it, content upgrades email, newsletters, 10 sócio posts, so they handle a lot of your content. They do a lot of the heavy lifting for you through an all-in-one service here. Okay, again, you can outsource this. A lot of you are probably looking at this like. I have no idea how to outsource this. Well, there’s a lot of white label providers that will do this as a service for you and you just collect the difference from whatever you charge, the client for okay.

So that’s that’s! The goal of drop servicing is to find services that you can outsource so that you don’t have to spend all of your time and energy doing and learning how to do the service yourself. You all you have to do is start the business up. You get a client, you outsource the work to people who are specialists and highly skilled and delivering any of these niches or these services, and you just focus on managing the client, getting more clients and growing the business right.

So I hope this is helpful again. I just went over the seven different niches. Let me go over them. One more time here: number one: Facebook, advertising number two: Google PPC, Google, pay-per-click number three LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn lead generation. Number four is SEO number five is social media management? Number six is Instagram advertising or marketing, or growth services and number seven content creation content marketing.

These are the seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and eon. If you want to start a drop servicing business from scratch – and you want have the best possible chance at success in getting clients easily and growing your profits and growing your business okay, so I hope this was. How will for you guys, remember these seven niches, go back and read it again if you need to make sure that you’re abiding by these three keys here, if you’re not going to pick any one of these services and if you need inspiration and ideas and help Go to pledge code to do some research on ideas and other digital services being offered by other agencies in the niches that you want to get into okay.

So again, I hope this was helpful if you guys, like this, make sure you like down below and hit that subscribe button. So you see more articles just like this and if you have any questions, leave me a comment. I’r going to answer every single comment and if you have a question about anything in this article or what you want to see next comment below and let me know but anyway, I hope this is helpful for you guys and I’m going to see you in the Next, article take care


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How To Make $200+ Each Day Email Marketing | Email Marketing Done Right

Yes, guys in 2018, going to 2019, you can still make money with email marketing. The thing is, most people, don’t do it right, they’ll send out a mailer list all randomly this day that day no order, no order whatsoever and they’ll ask for sales, so so hated by this by that right.

That is absolutely the wrong way to do. Email marketing, when you want an email market, I recommend highly recommend an email autoresponder, for example. For me, I use get response. Get response centrally, but you can do is create emails in a sequence, whatever you want. So when someone signs up for your list, you can send them emails on specific days specific times, even if you want and they go through that cycle, so that you can send me most every other day every day, five times day, whatever you wanted, you every Saturday, Whatever you want to do is up to you completely, but I recommend having a schedule and send those emails consistently.

So your customers or your people on your list have a set schedule that they can expect to get an email from you. That’s number one number two them, which is the most important part guys is when your email marketing, when you do these consistent email marketing technique right. What you want to do is it’s got something that garyvee you guys are familiar, has been preaching and had. What he teaches is that Jab Jab Jab right hook so essentially three jabs and their right hook.

The jabs are value you’re, giving people value value value so you’re, giving them emails that are valuable. They can actually take the information, go implement it. It’s something for free, right, you’re, not asking for anything from that right, you’re, saying: here’s what I have to show you! Here’s what you can do, here’s how you can make money bubble, wah, whatever your area Nisha, is right and give it to them, and that’s it then, on that fourth day, for example, of whatever sequence, whatever you’re doing right for email marketing, then you can ask for A sell in a sense where you know this product is going to help you or this service you consider buying it.

Here’s my affiliate link that appreciate, if you do buy for me, if you do buy the product of love whatever it right, those people right, you’re, giving them value each day and then that, third day, fourth day, you have more of a connection with them. So they feel more confident to then now go buy from you because they know you’re, providing the value right you’re, showing them how to do something, or you know, you’re, giving them insight right and then now when they want to go, buy something you’re recommending something they’re Going to think that is, got ta be good, because you’re recommending it you’re a legitimate person, you’ve been helping them.

Okay, that’s kind of they can return the favor in a sense right now. We’re I’ve recommend guys as long as you give them valuable products that are not. You know yes and are not like a scam. This is great like this is a great technique, and what you do now is, however, you’re generating leads right. How are your entering leads for your email, marketing business? What you want to do is send them through this autoresponder, and you can have this go on for days months.

Whatever you want to do even years right, you could have this, as continuously did a cycle right. Jab Jab Jab right hook, so your value value value and then hey check this product out sale right, you can, you can even do two values and then a sale. You can even do five and then what you can mess around with that yourself. But the idea is provide the value first, get the trust, gain the trust of the person on your list, potential buyer and then, when you do ask for a sale, when you do say, check this out, they’re more willing to go.

Buy that because they trust you right, so that’s pretty much it guys. I don’t want to waste your time that is essentially email marketing in a nutshell, and if you master that and you’re mastering the connection and the trust that you can build with your potential buyers, you guys will skyrocket your sales earnings. I affiliate marketing local nuts so guys if you found this article helpful at all, please consider subscribing to the blog for more articles.

Just like this in the future, I teach you guys about how to make money online, affiliate, marketing, dropshipping, Facebook, Ads all-out type of great stuff guys. I cover all those articles and if you want a specific article, please don’t feel please feel free to leave me a comment below I’m willing to accept pretty much anything, and I will you know, take those into consideration when making my next articles guys.

So if you guys thought this was helpful, give it a like to and I will catch you in the next article peace


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How to Use Email Marketing with Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Now, if you’re not already using email, you’re making a huge mistake, and in this very article I’m going to walk you through all of the basics as to how you can implement it and why it’s so important to have it implement it onto your store.

So with that being said, be sure to go ahead and stick through this entire article, because it’s going to be value, packed with a ton of content and walking you, through literally every single step on how to successfully set up email marketing for your store and making More money from your customers and also increasing longevity of your brand and the value of your customers over longer periods of time.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started right now, alright, guys, first and foremost, I want to walk you through a few of the principles as to why and how email is so important and how it should be incorporated into your store to align With your brand and ensure that you’re doing things at the right way and not diluting your email list, killing your conversions and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your ad spend now just like many of the drop shippers, all of us are going out There and spending a good amount of money on advertising to go ahead and get traffic to our stores.

Now, if you’re not utilizing automated email on the back end for all that traffic, that comes through your store, then quite frankly, you’re wasting a ton of money on what you went ahead and acquired now. Yes, you have all that data from your advertising, but, quite frankly, you also have these emails, whether it’s through abandoned carts or purchases, that you can leverage to increase your sales on your store with absolute ease.

So with that being said, I’m going to walk you guys through the principles as to how all of this works and the basic automated funnels that you can go ahead and set up to make sure that you’re not doing this day in and day out and breaking Your back trying to make sure that your emails are up to point when all this could very well be automated a lot of people, overcomplicate, email marketing. Quite frankly, it’s one of the biggest mistakes to go ahead and look away from it.

Just because you think it’s complicated because in this article I’m going to even give you my free email templates that you can plug and play to make sure that you’re doing this all properly. So before we get started into post, purchase, email and those kinds of email processes make sure you go ahead and drop an insightful comment below to be eligible for a free 30-minute consultation call I’ll, be revealing the winner in the next article.

That is going to be coming out next week. Now, the winner of that free consultation call. There will be one lucky winner that will be announced in next week’s article and once they go ahead and get announced, I will go ahead and contact them and then we’ll book that 30-minute consultation goal to go over and review any part of your shopify drop shipping Business so with that being said, let’s go ahead and move forward into post purchase processes, and now what I want to talk about right here is the importance of setting up emails after a customer purchases, an item from your store now, whether they had a purchase of You know five dollars or all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

You want to make them feel welcomed and build that connection now. Email marketing is one of the most important touch points that you should be incorporating into your business, because there are a lot of things that you can go ahead and do through the post purchase process. You do things such as educate them on the product that they just purchased, give them some sort of tutorial on how to use it and build up that perceives value and excite them to actually receive their order.

Second, you can also reduce their buyer’s remorse. I know that there’s a lot of people reading this article right now or I’ve done it myself, I’ll confess to it. There have been plenty of times where I’ve purchased something online and then a few days later, I’m wondering did I really need this or should I have really purchased this, and what you can do here is send those post purchase emails to begin to inform them and Let them know rest assured that their products on the way and that’s what they should be excited for it or even offer them a discount or welcome to your community by giving them some sort of education or value to your actual business.

Now this can be any sort of medium of content, maybe a article, a blog post, a tutorial on how to use your products and so on so forth to make sure that they actually feel welcomed and that they’re actually building a connection with your brand. Now. This is going to allow you to go ahead and build the longevity of your brand and gain a higher LTV out of your customers, which is a lifetime value of your customers, meaning that there’s a higher chance that they’ll come back and purchase more products from your Store, rather than just that, simple one-time sale and that’s one of the big advantages that we have over people that are selling on Amazon is that you could simply go ahead and find one customer that could purchase from you over and over again.

Whereas Amazon, you don’t get to build that relationship in connection with your customers and build a brand that is to last a long time. You can only live off of one-off sales for so long and supplementing your sales with repeat. Customers is one of the most valuable things that you can do to build a real sustainable business online. So, second, we’re going to talk about abandoned cart emails, which is how you can go ahead and regain lost sales if you’re, just letting your abandoned, cart, sit there or you’re.

Sending basic Shopify generated, abandoned, cart, emails you’re, simply not doing enough and not trying enough to actually regain that sale. Now, some people maybe didn’t want to pay shipping, or they got distracted and didn’t get to complete their order whatever it may be. You want to make sure that that is a personalized email, making sure that they are ready to go ahead and close that sale and the best and easiest way possible.

So in this article, once we go ahead and jump into my computer, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to set up a successful, abandoned, cart funnel, which is going to be super super important for people that are losing sales on the checkout page. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now. We’re also going to be diving, some other fundamentals, in addition to the stuff that we just talked about, such as sending flash broadcast emails to make sure that you’re spiking up your sales on times that are potentially down for your ads and also how to go ahead.

And set up dynamic, high converting emails, rather than generic emails that you may send every other day and stuff that might break your back because, quite frankly, all of this should be automated. You shouldn’t be going into your Shopify dashboard, pulling out your customers and sending them emails through your personal email account every day, because it’s just stupid and it’s wasting your time and money.

This should be automated stuff that is literally plug-and-play, so that once customers go through your funnels and go through your store that you have everything set up to maximize the value of every single store visitor with your business. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, so I could walk you through setting all this up right now so before we dive into my computer, don’t forget to drop that insightful comment to be eligible for a 30 minute.

Free consultation call and also there’s a bunch of free tools and resources in the description below that you should 100 % referred to it’s going to be super helpful for you guys and your businesses. So let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, all right guys! As you can see, we are now inside of my computer, and this is the dashboard of mail funnels. The automated email funnel app for Shopify all right.

So me and my team went ahead and made this application for the sole purpose of making email marketing easy and also since I’m presenting it to you today, I wanted to give you guys access to a 14-day, a trial which you can get down in the description Below and you can go ahead and give us a world go ahead and give it a test drive and if it works for your business, I guarantee it’ll pay for itself and more.

And if you don’t like it, you can literally cancel within the first 14 days of signing up for that free trial without ever being billed a single penny. So let me walk you guys through this entire platform, real quick and let you know exactly how to use it: how to set up these automated set-and-forget email funnels. So, as you can see, if you’re on the dashboard right now – and this is just a dummy account that I’m going to be walking you through so over here, you can see our weekly report, everything that’s going on with the app and we’re going to go ahead And start building out automated email funnels.

So let’s go to our funnel builder here to get started, and let me show you exactly what we’re going to be building our funnels around so over here we could just name this. You know test funnel one and then just give it a random description wherever you want, but most importantly, we want to focus on the triggers. So this is what starts an email sequence for your customers, based on the actions that you’re taking within your store.

So we have product purchase, we have product refund and also cart abandonment. These are the three primary ones that we have right now and also in the coming week. We’re going to be able to go ahead and send emails and create new triggers based on newsletters and also the minimum amount of money that certain customers have spent on your store or the LTV of your customers. So, for example, if someone has spent over a hundred dollars on your store and the entire duration of them being an existing customer, then they’re going to be put into a unique email series themselves.

And, of course, you could go ahead and customize that amount to set up to whatever you want to be able to be essentially a value threshold that will go ahead and send these customers an email based on what they’re doing, and you can go ahead and mark It to them accordingly, so for this example, we’re going to go ahead and just do a basic cart, abandonment, email and you could go ahead and even move forward with actually segmenting that specific, funnel with the specific products that you want, the funnel to be built for, But in this case we’re going to go ahead and do any product and we’re going to create a new email list so that we know every one that goes out and abandons cart is going to be on their own email list in our store.

So with that being said, we have that set up now we want to go ahead and build an email for that funnel. So let’s go ahead and build our drag-and-drop email with mail funnel. So this going to be our AC number one round description. You forgot this for the subject and then we’re going to go ahead and move forward with actually building this actual template now believe it or not. This is super easy for you to go ahead and do because we have all these pre-built content templates for you to actually work off of if you’ve never built good, looking emails or emails in general before so with that you can go ahead and check out our Dump for you email templates, we have a abandoned, cart, template right here, a post purchase and also a refund template, and that’s for, like all of our three basic triggers, and also in addition to that.

You have all these other categories that you can go ahead and check out to build the emails you desire, but, most importantly, one of my favorite ones that we have is the dynamic cart. So when we go ahead and plug this into our actual email template. This is going to adhere to whatever your customers are engaging with, so whatever products were in your customers. Cart, it’s literally going to pull the first three items that were in their cart and then plug them into this email, with the specific variance, the quantity that they had selected and more and then also at the bottom of this email.

It has a dynamic button over here and then also in this sub headline here that will direct them back to their actual checkout page with all of their shipping information all of the products in their cart and the variance already fulfilled in there, rather than bringing them Back to the actual website, or back to the cart page and everything is already pre fulfilled, reducing the hoops to jump through for your customers and also increasing your conversion rate on these emails into actual sales for your store.

So this placeholder right here is actually going to pull the first product image listed and Shopify for your product, so they’ll be reminded of exactly what’s in their cart: it’ll pull the product name, the variant, the color and the quantity or whatever options that you have for That specific product and actually go ahead and give them that button so, rather than leaving guys with just this template and all these placeholders, I want to show you guys how this actually looks in real life action.

So I’m going to go ahead and send a test email to myself here and you guys can do this if you have an account as well so literally just go to this little drop down menu and you do send test email. So you can go ahead and see what your emails look like before you start sending them to your customers. So we simply just go ahead and select any random product on our store and then we’re going to go ahead and send it to ourself.

So we’re going to send it to mail funnels at gmail.Com. This is just a junk email. Don’t send any emails here. Our real email address, if you wan na contact us, is support at fungals. Calm so be sure to go ahead and do that rather than spam. This email address cuz, you won’t get a response so over here we have this email that just came in and it says you forgot this for the subject and then right there.

We have our actual template here for the email address. So this is our dynamic. Cart. Template and both this link right here and the button at the bottom of the screen, will take them back to their checkout page. Alright. So with that, that is exactly what our dynamic cart template looks like, and if you wanted to go ahead and enhance it or add stuff around it, you could literally drag and drop whatever you desire below or above it or even within it.

So let’s say you wanted to go ahead and add an extra image somewhere, for example, and maybe show an entire collection. You could go ahead and add that at the bottom of your email, so that’s just a simple example of how to go ahead and build an email on mail funnels and then you can go ahead and simply plug it into your funnels here. So, let’s go ahead into our abandoned, cart, funnel and we’re going to add our first action to our email sequence.

So we’ll simply just label this, you know follow up number one, and then we select our email template, which is our EC one, that we just created and we’re going to go ahead and send this 10 minutes after someone abandons cart and we simply connect the nodes Right here and press save – and next thing you know people are able to go ahead and get this email on complete auto-pilot without you ever having to dive into your store and send some generic email that doesn’t convert or really adhere to what your customers been doing.

In their activity on your store, so with that being said, this is literally just a simple one: email sequence for your abandoned, cart. Funnel. Of course, you can add a bunch more after this literally, you could build out a seven or ten or 14-day sequence after this very first email and make sure that you’re doing your best to regain sales without being too spammy and making sure that you’re actually engaging With your customers – and you can do this with post-purchase emails, abandon cart, emails or refunds, and then soon to be in our next update in the coming week, is going to be newsletters and value-based triggers for your email funnel.

So all of this is extremely powerful for you to go ahead and move forward with, and actually once you sign up for mail funnels, you get our complete email templates for every single sequence that we offer on the platform so that you can go ahead and start Building your funnels, let me copy and paste our actual ad copy into your templates to make sure that you have everything set up in a matter of minutes.

So with that being said guys, it’s super easy to go ahead and get started with this platform. So if you’re, not utilizing email, you’re, simply just making a huge mistake and leaving all of this extra money and sales on the table and with mail funnels, we want to make things as easy to use as possible and also super affordable. Other platforms go out there and charge a significant amount for their services.

Meanwhile, this is going to cover all of your basic needs and it’s super super affordable and we even give you that free trial to get started so moving forward with all of these different types of funnels that you can go and create. Of course, we have our post purchase, email sequences and our wind back campaigns for refunds, so with post purchase sequences, we would want to go ahead and build out stuff that is going to increase.

Customer loyalty get them back to your store to spend more money, and also, if you wanted to, you, could offer them incentives to come back such as discounts. So this is a great way to really build out the longevity of your email list and if you wanted to go ahead and send them updates at any given time with mail funnels, you can go ahead and send a broadcast to any list that you desire. So let’s say you don’t have any emails on your store, nothing that’s gone through your funnels! Then.

If you wanted to go ahead, you can literally just export your leads from Shopify by pressing Shopify customers and you could add all of your emails from Shopify right into mail funnels with a literal single click of a button. And if you don’t want to do that, you could literally go ahead and import a list of leads through a CSV which is an Excel or numbers file and import. Those leads right here through our CSV importer, and if you wanted to take your leads out of mail funnels, you can export it through the CSV exporter.

So with that being said, super-easy, if you have an existing email list, this is your gokû way to increase your sales instantly. So let’s say on Tuesdays: your ads don’t perform as well, and you want to go ahead and send out an email blast to all your existing subscribers to keep your sales up. You can do that by literally importing your leads and sending them a flash sale or some sort of broadcast, depending on what kind of promotion you would want to do.

Maybe you want to do 30 % off site-wide or give them a coupon code to go ahead and do something or a buy one get one promo whatever you want to do. You can literally adhere to whatever you want, build an email within five minutes or less with our drag-and-drop builder and send it out through our broadcasting capabilities with Mal funnels, because we don’t limit your email sending here. So with that being said guys, it’s you easy to go ahead and build out broadcast and then also you get all of your analytics for every broadcast, such as the amount of people that clicked opened and received your actual emails, and we even give you in-depth analytics After you send them for those of you that are sending those bigger broadcasts, so with that being said, guys be sure to go ahead and try out mail funnels for 14 days for a hundred percent free.

All you have to do is go down to the description below and you can sign up for your free trial or will instantly send you your free email, templates, the plug and play and start building out your funnels and also you’ll start making money on your store. That you wouldn’t have had before, if you didn’t, have these built out the generic emails that Shopify sends out with your abandoned cart. Emails are really not good and don’t convert very well in comparison to something that’s personalized and completely dynamic, based on what your customers are doing and you can add whatever content below or above it, and fully build out that email.

How you want it to look so with that being said guys, it is super easy to get started and also you could start rolling out these funnels for your win back campaigns and if you want those free email templates, so you don’t have to go through the Process of trying to think what to put into your emails, you can literally follow our hand, guided templates once you go ahead and sign up, it’s the first thing that we send you in that very welcome email with your login credentials.

So if you do enjoy mail phones and it’s something that you’re interested in or you simply enjoyed this article be sure to drop it. An insightful comment down below give me some feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking we’ve made some massive changes to this platform in the past few months and pretty much revamp everything from the inside out by way of our team and infrastructure, to make sure that our emails are sending better than ever and also our Services are more reliable than ever and brand-new support staff to go ahead and make sure that you guys have all of your needs covered at any given time.

Also, if you guys want to see more of the intricate details of the actual emails being put together step-by-step or you want to go ahead and see more email, marketing information just like this go ahead and drop a comment down below, and let me know what you Guys want to see next out of the blog, and, if you enjoyed this article, do not forget to go ahead and smash that, like button, we have a ton of free resources in the description below, for you guys to access at any given moment, such as our Free course, our free accelerator program application, that’s still open for a very limited amount of time and then also our mail funnels free trial, where you get 14 days of free email sending and those done for you, email templates, so without any further ado, Anthony Matt Sloan.

Here signing off on this article, let me know what you guys want to see next on the blog drop a comment down, and let me know what you guys want to see. Also you’ll automatically be qualified for the free consultation called giveaway, so I’ll be seeing you guys in the next article


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Email Marketing: How To Grow Your Email List From 0-1000+ Subscribers (GROW 3 ASSETS AT SAME TIME!)

In the morning, you grab your computer, your laptop your iPad Pro your surface pearl. Whatever you use to do your daily work on you type out a quick 200 to 500 word email. You send that out to your list and within minutes you start to see sales rolling in for your products and your services right, and that is the beauty of having an email list, is it’s kind of like being able to write yourself a check every single day Or whenever you want, whenever you hit the send button? Okay, so an email list, it’s one of your most powerful acids and I don’t care how many people say: it’s dead or email is dying.

It’s not dying, it is like the it’s like your identity on the internet. Everybody has an email that they check pretty much on the daily. So I want to show you in this article one of the most important aspects about having an email list and that is being able to build and grow that list. So, as you see on the screen here, this is active campaign. This is the email service provider that we use. We have.

We just started growing this list at the end of February of this year, February, 2020. So near the end of the month. We started growing this list and we have three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. After just a few months, it’s it’s July, ok, so Ron, you know four and a half months, or so we were able to grow it to three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. Now this is a pretty small list right.

This is relatively. If you ask anyone like an internet marketing or digital marketing bill, they’ll say this is a small list and it is but it’s a it doesn’t need to be huge for you to rake in big-time profits. If you have like an engaged list – and you have good products and services, so I’m going to show you here. This is our stripe account. In the month of June, we generated twenty two thousand five hundred and nine dollars and sixty cents – and we just launched this this business in at the end of February as well, when we launched this this email list, and this isn’t including PayPal.

So we have another. Seven thousand dollars, or so in PayPal from the month of June, so this is closer. The amount that we’ve generated in June was closer to thirty thousand dollars, just under thirty thousand dollars from a three thousand four hundred and twenty person list. Okay, so that’s around almost ten ten dollars per subscriber on our list right. This is an insanely, powerful tool that you have more acid that you have now.

What I’m going to show you that’s different in this article is the way that I personally am growing my list and works especially well. If you are a content creator or info publisher or you create any kind of content and you’re you’re you’re, putting a price tag on and you’re selling info products or courses or ebooks or whatever it is, this is going to work, especially well for you, okay. So what I have here is a strategy for, if you don’t have any email list, yet we’re going to help you change that and show you how to go from zero to a thousand subscribers on your email list.

If you already have a thousand subscribers, I’m going to tell you how to go from a thousand to ten thousand. If you want right using the strategy that I’m using right now day in and day out to grow my list. Okay and it’s very simple: there’s it starts with a traffic source. I personally love YouTube, because once you create a article, it can be viewed for years and you don’t really have to touch it just get to put into the algorithm the search engines on YouTube and people can view it every single day for years and years and Years to come, okay, so you create it once and it’s kind of like this acid that continues to live over time and generate you more views and traffic and leads over time.

So my traffic source, my favorite one, is YouTube. You can use whatever you want we’re going to drive them to a niche specific Facebook group. I want to show you what that looks like and I’m going to show you why that’s so powerful and then from the Facebook group going to drive them to our email list. Okay, now the reason I do it this way is it’s helping me grow three different assets all at once, right, it’s kind of like killing three birds with one stone, I’m growing my youtube blog, I’m growing my facebook group and then I’m growing my email list, all At the same time, or that, so I love this strategy here that I’m using so I’m going to show you what this looks like.

This is a YouTube article July 8th. This is I’m actually filming this in July 8th. I just posted this article today and, as you can see in the description, there’s a link to join my free Facebook group on starting a six-figure online service business. Okay, now that’s! This is a completely different conversation: how to start a Facebook group. But if you want to start a Facebook group, a quick tip is make sure that you have a very specific outcome or a reason to join the group right.

So if someone wants to start a six-figure online service, business they’re going to join this group right and that’s what this group is for, I also have here in the comments I pinned comment on every article that says like this article. I do live trainings like this into my free face for a group join here, and they just click on this and what happens is they’re going to see a page that says join this group, we’re going to click join and it’s going to show them here.

Different questions that they need to fill out to join the group. Ok, so these are the three questions that I asked upon joining the first one is a segmentation, a qualification question, so it asked what’s up what type of a business do you run and who do you serve, and this helps me get a feel of the person In their background, if they have any business experience, they’ll say here: why are you running a successful agency or I run a successful consultancy whatever they run and they’ll talk about the niche that they work with? Ok, so this is kind of a segmentation qualification question to help me know who exactly is joining the group.

The second thing is, is my lead magnet, so is that it says, enter your email only if you want or five-step winning formula that took us from 0 to 7 clients in 30 days, it’s a cheat sheet, so they put in their email address and I’m going To show you why this is awesome, just a second and the last question is: how did you find this so it could be. I have different sources of traffic LinkedIn. I have Facebook search.

I have my youtube blog. I have my email list from four previous subscribers right, so I want to know where they’re coming from most people. Eighty percent of people will come from my youtube articles. So that’s how I’m focusing extra hard on creating those YouTube articles. So we have the qualification question here. We have the question that gets them. It gives them the lead, magnet if they’re interested and grabs their email address, and then it asks them where they came from.

How did they find this? So I know the referral source? Okay, so why is this so awesome? Well, first, off I’m making one article per week, one or two articles per week that that grows my YouTube blog right. I have nine thousand nine point, five, four subscribers right now and it drives them to my it grows. My blog, of course, but it drives them to my Facebook group right they join my facebook group.

I think we have how many people do. We have two thousand eight hundred eleven members right now and it also grabs their email address right. You just saw it ask them for their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, so I grabbed their email address from there. They get put into this sequence here. This is an automated campaign where they often you can see here s FD s, Facebook group lead magnet optin, they get tagged for this, lead, magnet opt-in and they get put into an email nurturing sequence, a welcome sequence right.

So first they get their cheat sheet and then they get a series of different emails. That’s designed to sell my products, I have a front end offer that’s an e-book called six-figure drop servicing and I sell that e-book through these emails right. So I have seven different emails that go out that pitches them or offers them my ebook. I think it’s, oh, it’s eight different emails that goes out, okay or actually nine here so see, as you can see quite a few emails that go out and nurtures them and and introduces them to myself and my brand and who I am and what I do And of course, it’s trying to get the sale for my e-book getting them to become a go from being a prospect to a customer okay.

So what is going on here? Why is this so powerful, especially if you’re an info publisher, you’re selling, any kind of ebooks or courses or you’re selling services as well? This could work very well for services, I’m actually rolling this out for for my agency, email marketing services. So what’s happening again, we have the YouTube blog source of traffic right. I just post a article every week and it has links to join my facebook group in the description and the comments they join.

My facebook group they give me their email address. They tell me who they are. I get to see exactly who’s joining my group and be unable to segment them based on their experience level from there they get put into my email list. Here they get put into a sequence. That’s automatically designed to turn them from a prospect into a paying customer on my front end offer and from there my email list grows.

I have around 20 people that join my email list every single day from this automated campaign, okay, so gross every single day. Around 20 people join my email list from this little sequence here: right: YouTube: article niche Facebook group email us at growth bar around 17 to 20 people every single day. Now the other powerful thing, the reason I’m able to generate so many sales is, as you can see here every day I am posting, I’m posting, let’s see if we can jump in here, I’m posting an email right, so seven, seven eight, which is today, I posted One I missed yesterday because L is on the road, but basically every single day, I’m posting an email right.

I’r writing up a very short. You know these are not very long. Emails I’ll show you this one real, quick, okay, this is less. I think this one was around 150 words or self K, so you can see very short, not long emails. They don’t need to be very long. I like to keep it within 200 to 500 words, and I send this out, try to send it out every single day. Bren! That’s! This is what generates you sales so, as you saw earlier 3400.

Oh, I just got a subscriber just now: 3421 subscribers on my email list was generating 30,000 dollars per month around nine to ten dollars per email subscriber okay. So if you can actually implement this right, have a traffic source again, I like YouTube. I recommend YouTube if you’re comfortable with growing your blog, and it helps in so many different ways other than just growing your email. Let’s try to build your brand, your authority.

It of course, helps you to get sales if you’re, offering good products and services, but you’re also able to use it to siphon traffic into your Facebook group and your email list as well and grow all these three platforms and these three assets all at once. Okay, so if you’re looking to get your first 0 to 1000 email list, subscribers try to strategy out. Okay, have a traffic source again, I recommend YouTube, but if you want to use LinkedIn and to a lead, magnet or just go straight to your Facebook group, that’s fine as well, but this is the strategy that I’m using here to grow all three of these platforms.

All at once YouTube to niche specific Facebook group to an email list and from there I’m emailing daily different offers and different products and services that I have ok. So I hope this was helpful for you guys if it was giving me a like. If you have any questions comment below this is only about growing your email list. I will have more articles in the future about writing the actual emails and setting up automations and setting up sequences.

But yes, this is a very powerful strategy. If you actually implement it, it’s not a get-rich-quick overnight thing I never post get-rich-quick overnight stuff, but it’s very, very powerful, as you saw that I showed you in this article so grow all these try to sell yo you’ll grow 3 different assets all at once. If you copy it exactly how I’m doing it here and future articles I’ll show you more on actually writing the emails than sending up automations and setting up sequences okay.

So that’s it for this article I’ll see you guys on the next one.


Online Marketing

How to Start Blogging for Profits Online

Com. I in this article wanted to talk to you about blogging for profits, and you know what it takes to basically make money with your blog and you know, profit from my blog online. You know the information is very simple. It doesn’t take much for you to understand exactly how you can block for profits, how you can make money from a blog now.

The key here to success will be on how consistent you want to be with the work. You know how consists in your art, with everything that you need to get done and how much a massive action you take. You know how much right action you know I should say, because you could take all of the action you want, but if you’re not taking the right action, then you might not get the results that you want. So you want to take the right action.

You want to do it consistently. You want to be very patient with the process. I understand that you are not going to get results overnight unless you put a tremendous amount of hard work, you are not going to. You know, make money overnight with blogging. I’r not saying that it can’t happen. You know more. A lot of people has has built blogs in a month and start making money from them in a month or two three months.

I you know, but that is because they took a lot of massive action. They did all of the right things, they did everything right and they worked on their blogs daily. You know, and they basically knew how to organize themselves. They know how to put everything together the right way. Well, you know doing they understood how important how important it is to be productive with everything that you do online.

You know, because a lot of people come to the internet, we know when they work on online and they click around they. You know stay on Facebook, a lot, they just check emails and they just click around you know and they don’t get anything anything productive by the end of the day. So that is one thing that you need to understand: that you need to be as productive as possible with the work that you put in for your blog, so that is one of the keys to blogging for profits.

You know if you want to eventually make money with the block that you are building right now, then you need to understand how important it is for you to be productive and focus on the things that you know. Put you one step closer to your goal. You know so you need to understand this very well alright. So let me show you really quick the simple things that you need to follow when you are building a blog online.

You know I’m going to share with you very important information and that I have learned you know over the years of blogging and you know I have invested a lot of money in trainings and stuff like that. So I’m going to share with you some valuable tips for you to get started blogging online, and so you can start blogging for profits. You know in as little as three months, if you really put all of the hard work and you follow everything right.

So you know one of the keys to to block for profits to make money. Blogging will be to share solutions to your marketplace. You know share solutions, I blog about things that people really are looking for. You know blog about solutions to people’s problems and in whatever niche that you are, you could be writing about weight loss, you know, or about relationship tips or whatever. So, in order for you to start profiting from the content that you put out, you will need to solve people’s problems.

You know you need to solve somebody else’s problems and you need to make sure that whenever you create a solution to a problem, you need to make sure that you present that solution to the people. That is having those problems you know. So this is where targeting your market in targeting your traffic plays a huge factor in the success of your blog. So you need to learn how to target the people that comes to your blog.

That comes in read your stuff. You know, because there’s no point on on solving a problem and then showing that solution to somebody that doesn’t even have that problem, so it doesn’t make sense. You know what I mean, so you need to make sure that you target your audience. You target the people that you promote the content to so that is very important when you, when you are building a blog online, all right so right now, I’m working on this blog post.

You know, and I want to make sure that I pack my you know my blog post without as much value as I can. Of course you know, I want to also make sure that I have more ideas and more information to make future post. So sometimes you know it when I say put it all on on the blog post. I don’t really mean to share everything that you know for every solution. You know for every problem in one blog post. You know you need to organize yourself and you know, no, you know just be really a specific with what are you going to solve with a blog post? You know every time you publish new content on your blog, make sure that that content has a goal and it solves a specific problem.

And of course you don’t want to. You know, make it the longest blog post ever. But if that’s what it takes to solve the problem, then do it. You know, but also keep in mind that you want to be blogging. You know very often so keep some information for future post. You know don’t go all out but uh, but when it comes to solving the problem you know just do whatever you can to solve a problem with every post that you have all right.

I hope I make sense here so anyway, so that is a key factor here. If you want to blow for profits, you want to solve people’s problems, and one way to do that is to just you know: surf online, basically just go online and you know look for people’s problems. You know just you can go to yahoo answers, so you can go to forums and then see what what is people asking about. You know what what kind of problems do they have? You know you should go to a forum that is relevant in your niche.

You know if you are blogging about weight loss and then go to a forum that is about weight loss, and then you can kind of ask people. Okay. What are you mane? You know questions about weight loss, so you can actually, you know, go through the forum and and see what people is talking about see what people is having problem problems with. You know, there’s a lot. You can research on the internet, so you can’t say that you, you cannot find.

You know, content for your blog or you. You don’t know what to write about, or you don’t know how to make a profitable blog site online, and I’m telling you right now the best way to make to build a blog to make money with is by solving problems with your content and by targeting who Is reading your content, you know that that is very important for you to to understand. So what you could do is you know to find problems, and i’m going to show you how I find you know problems that people is having blogging right.

So my niche is blogging, so what I do is I go to forums right. I have bookmarked all of my forums. You know I make sure that I’m organized so every time I come to work here. You know I have everything ready. So, as you can see, I have everything very organized, so this is the same thing that I want you to do. You know get organized, because this is your business. This is what you’re going to do as a full-time job.

Eventually right so you want to get organized, and so, whatever your blogging about get organized with all of the things, the links and all of the things that you need to do, you know to work on your blog on a specific niche. Alright, so my niche is internet, marketing and blogging, and you know everything related to that. So that is my niche. So what I do is I go to forums and there’s there’s one that I really like is the digital digital point forum.

So did I come here and then I just you know I I browse around. You know, I’m active, you know I I help people. I share my knowledge with people. I solve people’s problems. You know I promote my blogging here, but I also get ideas from this forum. You know because over here there’s a lot of people that you know it’s new to blogging. They have a lot of questions, there’s a lot of problems, new problems that I see you know every week that come up and I could write about you know.

So this is a very good, very good source of you know, ideas, you know so do the same thing go to forums. Do Google, you know you can go to other blogs and see what are they talking about? You know see what they’re talking about what kind of problems they are solving, and you should also you know, solve the same problem on your own words. You know, do your own research, you know. Basically, what you want to do with the blog is make it a source of solutions.

You know you want people to love your blog because they get something out of it. So the best way to approach this when you are trying to build the block and block for profits is to make sure you you are building a source of people. You got me of solutions, you know what I mean build a source of solutions where people can come in and solve a specific problem thanks to the information that is on the website on the blog.

So when people find that and they like it, they love it. You know you have solved their problems, then they are going to bookmark your site. They are going to. You know, follow you subscribe to do to your to your blog, subscribe to you. Whatever you’re doing you know, if you’re doing article marketing, you know subscribe to your blog and to your YouTube blog, follow you on social networks, so people are is going to trust your website because it has a lot of value.

So that is what you want to aim for. That’s what you want to build. So keep that in mind that you want to build a sore of solutions. You know, there’s no point mean, of course you could make money blogging about anything you want, but that is one what you know. You could do that once you have a lot of traffic coming into your site, you know, but at the beginning there’s no point. I’r blogging about just anything: if there’s no one coming in it’s like you know, throwing up it’s like throwing a party at your store when nobody is is even coming in.

You know, there’s no customers coming in on a daily basis and you’re. You are over here already, you know, setting up a party for the customers when you have none. So there’s no point on. You know just blogging about anything and being comfortable with just having a blog and the fact that you’re just writing on a daily basis. You need to have a purpose. You need to have a goal, you need to understand a lot of things and you need to build the right content.

You need to do the right marketing. You need to put everything together the right way. If you want to start blogging for profits all right, so I’m giving you some good tips right here, free for you to get started. So you know, like I told you just go to forums, go to social network. You know, and you can actually ask your friends or people that is following you in the social networks and ask them you know: what are you problems on this? A specific subject, you know find out what people is what people want.

Basically, you want to find out what people want and then give it to them. You know is the basic concept of supply and demand. You know, if you understand that, then you should understand how to build a blog. That will make you money is the same concept. Alright, so you know this is what I do to find problems in the blogging community. You know so or in the internet marketing community. So, as you can see, you know, there’s a lot of things that people talk about.

You know and look this there’s a question right here from somebody. How do I become a successful blogger? So you know what I could do is just go in there and just you know, give them some advice, and you know I have a signature in the the in this forum, so you now have a link back to my blog. So this is a good way to promote yourself and also find you know the topics that you could be talking about in your blog.

So imagine that you know you see all of this and then you write content to answer most of the questions that you see here. So imagine you do that and then you reply to all of them right. You give them a good piece of advice. You know you give them good advice and let’s say that some of them will click on yours on my signature, that takes them to my blog and since I took the time to, you know, write a blog post for each one of these questions and then answer Them don’t you think that they will find that valuable and they probably will you know, share that content and then just help me get traffic.

You know what I mean because they really liked the content. So you know your content is key when you are trying to make money blogging online. So I hope that made that very clear and now so you know put everything together: the marketing, the the content creation. You know build your following: make sure you have a fan page. You know brand yourself that there are a lot of things to talk about, but I wanted to just talk to you straight up about the simple concept of blogging for profits.

You know of how can you build a blog to make you money on the internet? You know and like I said before, you know it’s all about supplying the demand. You know if you can give something to the internet user that they are looking for. Then you can, you know, start taking advantage of that traffic. You know of that concept of you know. People want something you learn, what is it that they want, and then you give it to them.

You know it’s that simple. All you got to do, though, is learn the right information mark it as much as you want, because marketing traffic is a very, very important thing here so, and I know a lot of people a struggle with traffic out that this is why I have this blog In internet marketing blog 101, where I teach everything about traffic, you know: how can you get traffic? How can you build the blog online and make money with it you can you can find everything here so make sure you take advantage of the information and you take as much action as possible because there’s no point I’m doing all of this.

If you don’t take very consistent action and I’m talking about a lot of action at the beginning, all right, because once you start getting a lot of traffic, you can, you know chill out a little bit, you can just you know, relax a little bit more and Not do as much work, but at the beginning, if you are somebody brand new to the internet, then you need to understand that you have to put it put in the work at the beginning and you need to do the right work, and this is where I’m Going to teach you everything that you need to know, I so pay close attention, take notes and and apply what I teach you here.

Alright. So that’s all I got ta say for the article guys and – and I hope you have learned how to blow for profits. You know the simple concept of making money with a blog, alright, so take massive action. You can do it, you know it. So that’s it guys. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, and I hope you have a great day. I talk to you. The next article you

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