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Artist Marketing How To Make MONEY Fast On Soundcloud

What’s up yours, Devin Malik back going to make another quick load article. It might not be people fuckin with the SoundCloud articles. You know, like they’re, doing good. Thank you for the feedback. One thing I must say the people posting links, stop doing it ain’t. Nobody really going to check out your link. I feel, like I’d, be taking the time to read this market in the article.

You should be at the point where you you need to understand that posting a random link in the comment section on a YouTube article. It’s not going to get you a lot of traffic. You wasting your time. Most people won’t click it and if they do click it. The fact that they’re going to go through your playlist and follow you or you know, become a fan, it’s kind of almost throw that in there real, quick but back to the topic, so niggas fuckin with the SoundCloud article.

So I’m going to keep talking about it. This one is about how to make money on soundcloud how to make money using SoundCloud how anybody on soundcloud could make some money. If you a high school, you got a little part-time job. You don’t got a job. You need some extra bread. This is pretty much a good article for you, I’m 19. Now I’ve been using SoundCloud for about two years. When I was 17, I started uploading beats and things like that got real consistent, uploaded a bunch of be tapes, instrumental albums a few wraps here and there.

Now I’m focusing more on that doing music articles and shows you know things like that, but around 12th grade year I was putting out, beat tapes and I was like damn. I need money on you money like what am I doing like you know. It’s a certain point where you know it is your hustle and you got to treat like a hustlin. You got to get compensated for it. So the number one thing is: you got to get to a point where you’re not scared to ask for compensation.

You’re not scared to ask for money, because at the end of day you are given a service or you are bringing some sort of value and that you provided or people fuck with your music. They might be willing to throw you some sort of donation or some sort of payment because association, you know they’ve messing with you, you messing with them and it’s just a good vibe all together. So don’t be scared. I asked for money: if you’re not selling things, how are you going to make money if you’re not putting up a beat and saying? Oh, you can lease it if you’re not putting on a tape and saying oh, it’s for so here you’re not going to make any money a lot of people.

How are you going to act? Oh I’m not making money, I’m not making money. What am I supposed to do? You’re, not even selling shit. You want people to just come and just give you bread like that. Doesn’t make sense. That’s not how life works. You feel me. So, basically, you got to start selling shit. If you want to make money, it’s not the monies, it’s not going to come to you. You got to create these opportunities.

People always talk about this law of attraction and speaking things to existence, but they forget the radical action part where you got ta actually like makes you happy. You know I’m saying and niggas be forgetting that’s just a little T, IME for y’all niggas right there moving on how you going to make the money right, yo I’ll, be held at gigs, making these articles, but I’m just turned. I love giving you all these information and the feedback y’all be giving me that shit’s time.

So I’m looking out my window because it’s like somebody parked like up in front of the crib right now, just looking weird. So I keep kind of like zone enough, but back to the topic more for pretty much um talk about ways to get paid on a soundcloud. Really, if you are a producer, if you are a rapper, there’s two different, you know that’s pretty much. How people are they either they either do that or they do the other if you’re a producer.

The number one thing I can say is: if you’re not putting on instrument of albums or be tapes whatever you want to call them. You should start doing that because a lot of people put out if you’re a producer, I’m going to beat every day, I’m going to be every four days. Every week you got all this material. You can organize it as a tape. Put it out as one full project and get paid off of that bank and got it down just off youtube.

People will hit you up like just all type of Runaways. My name is Dan cam. You can find my my shit on there. I got like over 10 tapes right now, maybe 15 of just like good as music and a vibe to chill pretty much, and it’s actually weird because a lot of people don’t know the opportunities on soundcloud. You know a lot of people, take it as a joke, but once you start creating it and using it more as a business, then you get more business opportunities from it.

So I do suggest even right now, if you got a photo with 10 B, 10 and 15 beats, it could be a EP. I’ve taken four beats. Five beats put it out as a project people like when you have an organized project. It looks better than just random singles, or just like, oh he’s, just a producer with all these 100 beats at 50 beats like that. Don’t do that organize it, promote it and drop that shit, because you get to a point where you get into a rhythm and people start paying you for it.

You can set small prices, you don’t have to have a huge, a huge payout, but things like Bank can’t know that they will take a percentage out of each cell. You know so just know that I calculate all that in there, but you’ll make making a dollar. It’s better than making, no you don’t say no money at all. So don’t be stingy, don’t be like. Oh I’m not going to do this and only make a few bucks cuz yeah it’s going to start small.

It just depends on your work ethic and how hard you going to work at it, cause it going to start small, but it’s going to get bigger yeah. You might make a dollar off this tape. The next tape, god damn make $ 2 thanks. Take me $ 3 makes a make $ 4. You don’t saying you do that all over again, you got eight goddamn. You got eight bucks right there right, you get two more dollars. You got you a G, but I’m going to keep going then so yeah be tapes.

That’s not one thing number two is beat leases. If you make hip hop, instrumentals trap beats or whatever. If you make shit that people are willing to rap one man, please start selling your beats leases exclusive. Whatever you sign up with track, train set them up on, beat stars, put them on YouTube everywhere. Don’t I’m talking about SoundCloud but put them on everywhere. You know you SoundCloud as a hub connect with people and then spread it out, and then all these other things send them to SoundCloud and I’ll just be like your main source right there, but yeah it’d be Lisa’s things like that.

You make more money off of being least, you can augment I’ve sold a beat package for what $ 200 $ 300 and that’s way more money than as many as beat tapes. I would have to say you know, I’m saying like that. Just comes into the quality of beats that you are providing and if people are actually going to want to wrap one, you know goddamn realtor, I’m really excited for this shit yeah. I haven’t made a article in a while.

I’ve been lacking your it’s might be a lot more consistent content. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m just so busy right now. I got so much shit going on and I’m just trying to process it online like from family life. They get so goddamn. Fucking work career to this tonight today, so I’m just trying to make all this shit work and operate and just keep it. You know just keep it to I’m appreciating the feedback yoga, it’s crazy, so many people are into my inbox hit me up on Twitter Instagram, asking me for advice asking me for this.

Like that’s one thing, I really do appreciate like the fact that y’all are listening and understand what I’m saying. Another thing is: don’t think I know everything cuz, I don’t know shit. You feel me so if y’all got some advice, anything like that give it to me cuz, I’m always willing to soak up some G AME real talk so hit me with that and I’ma hit y’all something back and we going to be good. Moving on forward beat Lisa’s is really simple on the way I like to do it, even if you make a folder of 10-15 beat street like a beat tape or a sermon, I get 10 15 beats and just put them out every day every other day.

For a certain amount of money, pretty much and then once you get to a point me to have a thousand photos: 2005 three thousand four: it becomes automatic. There’s always somebody that wants to buy and see what you provided me. You know so you just got ta stay consistent with that. If you a rapper, you wan na make money, it’s even easier for you, because people will buy your tape quicker than you know, just by like their instrument, it’s easier for them to make a lease.

But if you’re a rapper, if you’re artists, you should really work on putting off some sort of project, even if you, if you really get to a grind on, get them tangible, get some CDs. But I ain’t up that played out. You know I’m saying if you about your hustle, you going to make the bread and just do that and then it’s all going to come together for you, I’m trying to think about other ways to make money off.

Soundcloud um! You can sign up. You need to monetize your SoundCloud wait, honey. You actually need a monetize, your SoundCloud, because I’m at the point now it’s not a lot of money, but even if I’m getting $ 10 $ 15 $ 20 a month just off a couple thousand plays here like them. Saying like it’s good, because once the more music you put out port per month and the more people that are playing them in a lawyer, listening to your songs, the more amount of money they’ll seen you monetize it.

So you should search that up. There’s a lot of free, monetization programs. That’ll get you right, you know get you feeling just why you need a fill hold on. It’s still. It’s still, I’m going to treat these articles more organic you’re, like I’m trying. I was trying to be hella weird and my hella professional and have a list of shit to talk about. I can’t do all that. You feel me crime, it’s just easier when I just treat it like a regular conversation.

I’r just talking, like you know, they’re trying. I was trying to be too robotic with some of these shits. You don’t, but then some of my warning I was like you know. Those are the ones that are working. You know like the SoundCloud one I should, but it’s really tons of ways you can make money off SoundCloud you can. You can promote other people’s music. Like people get, you know, people will be sending niggas PayPal money to repost their song on soundcloud.

That’s crazy! You know like there’s tons away so between be tapes, instrumental releases be tapes, instrumental leases. You are, if you’re artists put out a full project or put out an EP monetize it monetize it. A SoundCloud is really not that much and a lot of them are free. You can find a free program for it. Um promote outside external projects like make a drunk it, make a sound pack make a article like this.

You know promote outside things that that people will pay for in sin that I think back to SoundCloud. That goes to like marketing shit. Let me let me know if you are down to like give more like music marketing articles instead of like. I know I’ve kind of been touching on it here and there, but if you want more, like social media marketing how to actually get it to larger a larger amount of people in a quick amount of time, let me know let me feel, like anything, any questions.

Any articles don’t want me to cover hill, that’s how I can make articles quickly if somebody’s in the comments like you’ll, make a article about this I’ll go ahead and not get out. You know and just keep it like that among I’m going to also start doing. My live stream shit like that and um. That’s pretty much it! I’r rambling at this point they just treated professionally, have some sort of schedule on Soundcloud.

You know because once you start getting a following, people will expect something from you. So if they followed you because you’re putting on a song every week every other week, you got to keep doing that. You can’t disappear for two three months. That’s what happens with a lot of people. They they lose their momentum. You know that’s not what you wan na, be, thankfully sound clouds through here I don’t know chance of pulling strings or what, but I think is going nowhere.

It’s too much money behind there’s too much people making money behind it, much more money to climb. So that’s pretty much that I can’t I feel like as soon as I stop the article I’m going to think of another way like. Oh, I make money this way, so yeah do all that stuff. You just hit me up my comment, sections open. My inbox is okay, make it right now,


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The Best Sales And Marketing On YouTube

Yeah 1 million things they notice. That works. Trust me, I’m good! This is good. This is good primal branding! Okay, like I don’t do you know yeah you should for the beginners now it might because but um yeah, my traffic sources, the Facebook Ads emails Instagram in YouTube through traffic. Second blog, which is entertainment, blog, is very funny.

Add thousands views every day and upwards of millions of views every single month and sent up to my building offers, and do me this month, my earnings every single day shall we do guys? How do we and we kill, we can own it, and I want to cap it out and raise my pick. Is the goal and you don’t work out and it’s powerful if you guys just get it to high ticket and do like a front end so like have something I dip it in the back in yeah and literally you people and that’s working for anyone.

There’s a lot details, persuasion, a copywriter! Oh sorry, there’s are technical things too. You have to learn, but DNA do this right in a very powerful you’re capable of this okay. Oh, can I start right now and okay, you know more about the magic Langer might be. Probably advertorial a victorious cover like wildfire. Basically, Oh well, this blog subscription tree today I press, bears use Idol in past working jobs.

I hated jobs and Lily over six hours per day. Okay, people thought I was crazy and fairly crazy. Actually, it’s kind of like over many many years and they’re also really good. Now, I’m giving you guys exactly access inside of courses whatever time the secrets and you can get the bed go straight up crazy, powerful and um yeah over time. I figured it out and it was because I’m sure can be proven money good.

You freedo, don’t have a job. It’s amazing. I think it’s just the currency for trade in the market. I use triple art offers that’s a good question now. That’s what I do dad because guess maybe you saw that new article or something the tree, trimmers rock, because if you do the two-step order form off with models. So basically they give you their name, an email and then their email list and the follow peak was going and dance with by after that on the two-step chord form.

So sometimes I would go through funnel it, but I cover that courses really powerful, but the coolest thing about it is for whatever it is, even if you like, a digital product, obviously digital products, if you, if you go to drop shipping or whatever I don’t like To overhead drop shipping, I don’t like the fulfillment of everything, but Manna Dey becomes a huge industry. I found it yeah, you know.

Follow sequences are very well you’re, going to get tons of people up the end. Yeah they’re, not people just personally, okay, yeah purchased. Those will give you a right there and then you can run really offers and then you like link to different platforms to be juice for a long term. Like I said, I got the YouTube blog, I think people there from the evilest and traffic there and just as cycling everywhere, and I think it’s a description of the YouTube articles over Q, a bunch of different freakin funnels at have an eye.

That’s a really great price. I give bones forces inside that are worth 900 because that’s what every charges, and so I’m basically a tenth of the price and my courses are exceedingly valuable, captive information of the extra secrets for you guys in our time to dedicate to you guys and it’s not Over pressure, anything or alone, so you guys are going to get into this membership, and I hope you, whatever you wan na, do, is to sit up to you what will actually work, and so before a year.

Okay, it’s the price, plus bonuses, it’s the quality itself. What is the product was the niche? What is the topic? What problem for all that matters? You know the story behind offer increases it’s good to announce, big big things. Just books message me about books, you, like yeah, you guys later peace out subscribe, but if any of you guys are interested very motivated yeah, you learn very powerful stuff straight for me that you can get.

It might become millionaire littered through different marketing campaigns and everything. Yeah I’m doing this for ten years and basically be launching a one-year membership and then a ten year membership. It’s your choice, we’re going to choose! This is look at the time because I’m not doing this anymore. Okay, I’m not going to do any more mentorships. Only for this month, you have time to get into this big big surprise at the end of this month, for something very, very also where, basically, you guys are going to just get to be a part of like an exclusive group where I do weekly live calls.

You talked with really really successful people you’re going to talk with me, one-on-one, whatever you want, you get to chat with me whenever you want and you get exclusive content you get to chose everything.

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Comment Marketing- Make Money On YouTube Making Comments!

Okay, you didn’t know here we go like and subscribe to. The blog leave a comment on how you market to market you to affiliate marketing T to internet marketing online marketing social media marketing. What do you do? Leave a comment. Tell me what you do, how you do it? Okay. This is a method that I that I know it’s. Some people call a black hat.

It’s not on the level. It’s kind of little sneaky a little sneaky business, but it’s wait if you, if you know, if you, if you don’t have money and you need to get traffic okay, this is a way to do it. Alright. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to in your niche whatever your niche is, you are going to go and find the big guys in your niche, okay, that the ones that have millions of followers? Okay, hundreds of thousands of followers, okay and what you do is you’re going to follow them.

Okay, you know you’re going to follow them and you’re going to subscribe to them. I should say so: you’re going to subscribe to their blogs you’re going to subscribe to their blogs and you’re, going to hit the bell icon right. So you’re going to hit the bell icon up here and you’re going to get notifications of when they put out articles. Okay, so you’re going to be a comment jacking. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to try and get to be the first comment or on the article so as soon as they make the article and it gets released, you jump on that and and you you make a comment you and not just That any comments got to be a good comment, got ta, be you just got to be a little bit of an ass.

Kick kissing comment, little brown, those going on where you know you praise the article praise them. You know what they do, that you follow them, that you, like them: okay, I’ll, give you an example in in the make money online niche. Okay, I have a bunch of guys friended, okay, I’ll expect there is one and he just posted 27 minutes ago. So if I would have caught that right away and made a comment on that now, obviously you make a comment.

Some of you guys are probably saying you know, listen we’re not stupid. You know, if you put it put a link into somebody’s comment on YouTube. It doesn’t get approved as an approved comment. Nobody sees it goes into, you know, expand, folders or whatever, and that’s very true. Okay, so you comment you make you’re not going to put a link into it. Your affiliate link doesn’t go in the comment at the beginning.

Okay, so you make a comment and you kiss ass and you don’t mention your affiliate link and you don’t mention any such thing about marketing or any kind of offer or anything you do you just make a a high praise. A high praise, um post comments say this is John Chris Donnie, okay, John Chris Donnie. I caught him right away. I was the first commenter hey. I love reading your articles, I’m trying to follow you and do what you do keep inspiring me and he replied thanks.

Okay, so because he replied, then I was the first commenter, I’m the first post on the article, so just go to the article. Ok, this is the article all right, I’m going to move over here now, alright. So this is the article him with a pile of money. It’s great stuff. Alright, let’s go down. Show me more there’s my comment right so there’s my comment on the number one comment. Alright and then he commented thanks.

So what you do is this is 23 hours ago, so you wait a period of time so that he approved it. He saw it. He approved it okay, so this is a day ago now, John first, on e, this article has 570 views right now. Okay, he gets thousands and thousands of views so because I’m the first comment people are going to be seeing this comment a lot. Okay, it’s people going to be reading. This comic people scroll down to the comment.

You know every time they read a article. I don’t know if you do, but I know I do it so you come over here and we got it to article so now you can’t put your link in it at first, but you can now so you do that you erase that. Okay, now I have something here already pre-done and do you want to know free traffic sources? Do you need to know where to get free traffic? For me? Do you have no money for traffic? You need traffic.

Everybody needs traffic click. The link in the description for my seven best free traffic sources with a bonus traffic source, okay check it out now did like I subscribe. Okay got my ad copy here. What now so we are going to copy that I shouldn’t have closed it. I’r going to paste that there alright, but now that my links not there, so I’m going to go back go into here. I have links somewhere there’s my builder roll link.

So I’m going to go here. I’r going to use the seven day free trial link is always a good one. People love seven day free trials, my free trials in general and post my link right now save it. No, not only is my comment number one and it’s talking about my business, but Jarvis Thani said thanks: okay, tough! So there you go you not only did you get your blink put in now, if you wanted to make this shorter, so is that your link shows up, but there’s my link right, there’s my link top of the top post and there you go okay, so I Mean obviously, that’s going to drive you some traffic? Alright, so you know, but the only other suggestion is you would want.

Maybe the link to be above here, so I might move the link on slightly. Let’s. Let’s do this, let’s add in it, let’s cut and paste this. Let’s take this on here, cut that now the next Gold Rush and we’ll put the link right there. Okay, so build a real business. 2019 marketing online is the next Gold Rush 7 day free trial. Be the man with the tools of the trade and they will beg to be a prod. They would beg to buy your products who made the money in the gold rush, the miners.

No, it was the guy who was selling shovels, okay and then I’m going to say, sell, shovels alright and we save it alright. So there’s my link above the fold as you will. Alright people everybody’s going to see it now. Turn course Donnie said thanks. Ok, you can’t beat that alright, so subscribe to the blog tricks like that or finding them I’m going to make articles. You know free traffic. This is a number one excellent way to get free traffic cost you nothing and that’s going to be quality traffic now find the big guys in your niche and do the same thing.

Ok, so what we do we file big guys in the niche we subscribe to? Their blogs, ok, we subscribe to the blogs. We wait. We hit notification education as soon as alright. Soon as they’ve put out a article, you get a notification. You jump on that article be the first commenter now, if you’re, the second third, fourth or fifth commenter. That’s pretty good, too. Okay, you want to be the first, but as long as you’re up in the top couple, all right now.

The other thing is you make a really good comment and the person makes it makes a reply to it. It might get posted up higher, okay, it might get pinned to the top. Sometimes that happens. Okay, so you know you make a quality comment. Make a quality comment. Get your comment ranked at the top. Okay, maybe even pinned you know, kiss a little s kiss a little s. You know, I can’t say it any penny. More than that.

All right leave a comment. You know, I know some of you. People are going to say, you know, that’s screwed up, but you did and it’s not right and it’s not fair and and it’s it’s black hat and it’s you know, you’re going to have all kinds of going to call you all kinds of names. But you know whose it really hurt and whose it really hurt. Okay come on. It’s not hurting anybody. Okay, it’s not hurting anybody all right so, like I subscribe to, the blog have a good day.

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LinkedIn Marketing: 3 Ways To Get Clients With LinkedIn FAST [2020]

It’s an absolute goldmine if you know how to use it. So in this article I’m going to talk about three ways: to use LinkedIn to get clients fast, hey, what’s up, it’s Sean Anthony and I talk about the best tools, tips and strategies to level up your business, your skills and your income. So that sounds interesting to you make sure you go down below right now and hit that subscribe button.

Alright. So in this article we’re going to talk about LinkedIn, why it’s such a goldmine and how to use it three specific ways to use it to get clients fast for your business. So let’s hop into my computer right now already so on the screen. Here I have my LinkedIn profile and I’m just going to go and walk through the three main things that you want to do to be marketing on LinkedIn and growing your business and getting more clients using the platform.

Okay. So I’m going to walk through each of these three things, I’m going to show you some examples of each and just keep in mind, there’s hundreds of different tips and tactics and strategies and cool little hacks. You can do on LinkedIn. These are the three main core things that you want to do as part of your client acquisition strategy. If you want to use LinkedIn to do that and to get clients and grow your business okay, so just keep that in mind.

There’s a lot of different things that I could cover. I might cover in later articles, but pay attention to these main three, because this is the main thing that you want to do as part of your strategy. Okay, so number one. Is you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for your ideal client right, and the way you want to think about your profile? Is a lot of people treat it like a resume or like a showcase or a place to just show off right, show off about their awards and what they’ve done? Maybe they’ve written a book or whatever you don’t want to do that.

You want to treat your LinkedIn profile if you want to use it to get clients, you want to treat it kind of like a mini sales, page or mini landing page right, and the goal of your LinkedIn profile is to attract and convert your ideal clients. So to do that, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile to do that. To get your ideal clients to come to your profile, see what you do and say. Oh that sounds like that.

Guy can help me right. So let’s just take a look at the main. There’s three main areas on the profile that you want to optimize number: one is just your image, your file image and your cover photo. Okay, don’t overcomplicate this! Your profile photo should just be something simple: if you like, looking professional, smiling, not like you just rolled out of bed or came out of a bar, it should be a clear picture to make sure it’s not like pixelated or you can’t see your face.

Just make sure it’s a picture of a of you, that’s clear and looks somewhat professional. Okay, your cover photo is the same thing for me. I just put a few photos. You can make this in canva. I put a few photos that show me speaking and with other entrepreneurs like this is Jesse at slur. He owns the Atlanta Hawks. This is Trey Llewellyn who’s, big in the e-commerce space. You can use something like this.

That shows your authority or you can link with a call to action to your website or whatever you want people to do. Okay, so just make sure these two areas, it’s not like the default, make sure that you optimize it to make you look good and position. You as an authority all right now. The second place you want to optimize is your headline most people. What they do here is they just put their job title right.

They might say: oh I’m, a CEO, whose company this is what I do well, you want to make sure that when your prospect reads your headline, they can answer the question. What’s in it for me right, and does this person help me so this is for growth response right growth responses are b2b, lead generation or drop servicing agency. We provide LinkedIn and cold email, lead generation for b2b technology, startups, SAS companies and agencies right.

So I want to make sure if this is my company and that’s who I target right: b2b, startups and agencies. I want to make sure that my top my headline on LinkedIn speaks to that right. So it’s the same exact thing here: helping startups helping the niche, who are your niches and agencies to get result? What’s the result, get more sales meetings with their ideal customers right and then you can even I couldn’t fit everything in here.

So I just put you know: founder high growth response done for you up on prospecting. Some keyword, SAS lead generation, LinkedIn marketing, cold email, copy sales, funnels okay, so you can put some keywords in here: a little hack. I don’t know if this still works, but if you edit on your phone, if you download the LinkedIn mobile app and you edit on your phone, you edit this headline, I think they, let you add, a bit more characters right.

I don’t think I could add this on on the desktop version. I think it’s a little trick if it still works, if it doesn’t oh well you’re too late, but try try downloading the mobile app and seeing if, if you could add more keywords into your headline here right. But the lesson here is: make sure that you can answer who do you help? How do you help them and what result do you get right? So helping startups and agencies get sales meetings with their ideal customers? That’s what I do and then I linked to growth response, which is the actual company that I’m talking about right.

So that’s area number two, now area number one, your photo! Your cover photo area. Number two is your headline area number three that you want to optimize is your about or your summary section. Okay – and this is where people go so wrong, like they’ll, just put like, for example, they’ll speak about themselves in third person, so they might say something like Shawn has worn won three awards. He started five companies he’s made like ten million dollars.

Shaun has is a TEDx speaker. He has this book in that book and he’s done this he’s such a badass right, like just talking about themselves in third person, which first of all, is just it’s kind of strange. It’s kind of creepy right who actually talks about themselves in third person and, second of all, you look like a narcissist when you do that, so make sure that your your profile summary talks about your prospect and how you can help them right again.

If you want to use it to get more clients and grow your business right, so let’s take a look at my example: I’m not going to read through all of this, but let’s take a look at what I’m doing here right. So the very first line. I don’t say anything about me or, like my background or anything, I talk exactly to the value proposition right. We help technology startups and digital agencies fill their pipeline with high-value, leads that turn into customers.

You get an expert team dedicated to prospecting and customer acquisition for half the cost of an in-house team. Now by reading that very first sentence, you know exactly who I helped exactly the result I get and how like why it’s relevant to them right. So half the cost of an in-house team right these SAS companies, these SAS founders, they’re so used to hiring like three to four sales reps at like four to five thousand dollars a month each and they still have to train them and buy them tools and all That stuff right so we’ll cut that cost in more than half and we’ll get.

We have a proven system that already works and we can get them exactly what they want, which is more customers right. So the the sentence should be a value proposition about you and what you do and how you help that market right. Then I kind of dive deep into the problems and pain points, so you’re going to have to do some research into this right. It’s not going to be the same thing. You want to make sure that you’re speaking in the language of your niche, so for our niche for b2b technology companies when we are talking to founders they’re, always like I don’t know where my next deals coming from, like we don’t know which source is coming from.

We don’t know if it’s from a webinar or LinkedIn or cold email or Facebook advertising. We don’t know where our next deal is going to come from and we don’t have a predictable system right. So we tie that into the pain points here right is your team wasting hours of valuable selling time when researching and instead of closing deals, do you wish you had a proven system right? So these are specific pain points that come up when we talk to our market right Ben.

You can read this, you can I’m not going to read all this, but it talks a little bit about our background. Why we created this service? What problem does it solve and we even kind of qualify people here right so we say hold up, must be but afford at least $ 1,000 a month, and this filters out people from booking a call with us if they’re, just like tire, kickers and just information Seekers right that aren’t actually going to become clients.

So take a look at the profile summary summary here again: it should speak directly to your ideal client and your ideal prospect and talk about how you can help them solve a problem that they want to solve right. In this case, it’s it’s lead generation and getting more getting more customers for their SAS business right. They should not be talking about yourself in third person or your awards or anything like that.

Nobody cares right. So that’s the number one area is is optimizing your profile. We talked about your profile photo your cover photo your headline and also your profile summary right. So that’s number one optimize your profile for your ideal client now number two: is you want to connect and engage with your ideal clients right, so you can use sales navigator options set up a separate article, doing a tutorial of sales navigator and how we use it In depth, but let’s just say that we’re going to use it again, b2b staffs founders, because that’s who we target for for growth response if I want to find SAS calendars, all I got to do here is type in.

Let’s see founder, okay and I’ll show you some examples of messages that we’ve sent I’ll go to all filters here and I can go to computer software. I can go to let’s say if I want to find people in my city of Seattle I’ll do that. I can type in their title here. I might do falender right and then what I can do is click apply now. What does this? Do? It gives me a list of 2509 founders in seattle of software companies and what sales navigator you can get even more grant and granular with like the size of the companies like how many employees they have more specific industries, more specific titles and seniority levels.

But I’m just showing you a quick example here, and this shows me two thousand plus founders people who fit my ideal client profile. So what do I want to do? I want to connect with these people. Let’s just say Dan here I might connect with him I’ll. Send him a connection requests, hey Dan saw your founder in the Seattle area of a SAS company. Would love to connect and share insights with you. Something super simple like that: right once they connect, you can send them a message and just see if they’re interested in having a quick conversation with you to learn more about what you do as what you deliver at your service right and how you can help them To provide value to their lives right, so let’s take a look at an example here right, so one of our clients here is Lynn.

I know she is in here she’s one of my favorite clients, because they have an awesome SAS product. Oh my gosh, I can get this typed out and then you can see here when we first started talking, so you can see here, here’s the connection message right. So I connected with there. I engage with there I enjoy connecting with founders, who I share. Mutual connections with love the opportunity to connect and share insights thanks for sharing, thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn promise to keep this value an interesting blah, blah blah, and then I go into a little mini pitch right.

Are you interested in using LinkedIn to generate 10 to 20 high value sales appointments a month at Condotti? If not, or are you currently using that? If not, I created this free guide detailing how to do that right, so I’m providing her value, I’m giving her a value. So I had this little article here on LinkedIn tactics and I sent it over her way and this is what she said would like to chat more on your approach.

Let me know when’s a good time this week or next. So then we hopped on a phone. We set up a time to chat. We helped in the phone she became a client of ours. She’s been a client of ours for over a year now and she’s on boarded. You know multiple people within her company onto our service right, so LinkedIn outreach. It works. You know you have to just make sure you’re connecting with the right people with your ideal client you’re, providing value up front you’re, showing them that you care about them and and that you can help them get a result that they actually want.

And that’s what we’ve done here and this is exactly what we do for our service right, our LinkedIn service. What we’re doing is we’re connecting with people, we optimize your profile and then we start connecting with people and engaging with them to get you more appointments so that you can get more customers more clients right. So that’s number two is connecting and engaging with your ideal clients and trying to get them.

You know interested in what you have to offer yeah so number three, the third way to grow your business and get more clients if LinkedIn is content, write content and what you want to do here, there’s two types of content: this is the way that I break It down type one content is content that shows who you are as a person right. So talk, you’re, going to be telling stories about yourself, your business, your personal life, things that happen, things that are good things that are bad.

It shows people that you’re human and who you are as a person – I mean, of course you’re human, but it shows your personality a bit right, so you can look at my posts on here. I’r not going to go through all of them here, because I have I’ve made a lot of posts, but type 1 content is showing who you are as a person and letting people know that your hue and you’re, not just some robot on linkedin, trying to just Spam and get business all the time right.

Number two is what I call type 2 content real original right, but it’s content that positions you as the authority. So it answers the question. Why should I work with you to solve X problem? So someone might say why should I work with you to help me generate more leads on LinkedIn, so I actually provide a lot of content here on LinkedIn for free through my status updates right. You can see these get engaged with a lot.

50 likes 12 comments of 54 and 19. Comments have 17,000 views on this 147 likes and 49 comments. So this gets people interested in what you have to offer and they’ll see your posts. They’ll reach out to you through your messaging here and they’ll, want to set up a time with you to chat right. So content is a very powerful way if you combine it with an outreach strategy right. So if you optimize your profile number one, you optimize it for your ideal client number: two! You connect and engage with your ideal clients, your ideal prospects and you grow your network on LinkedIn right.

You start connecting with people they get accepted into your network. You send them a mess. I’ve seen if you can help them or provide value, that’s connect and engage and then number three you’re constantly putting content out there. Maybe one or two times a week even and you’re, constantly putting content in value out there and you’re helping your market out through your content, you’re going to get clients, people are going to reach out to you they’re going to want to work with you, because your Profit you’re putting goodwill and value out into the market right, so those are the three things number one optimize your profile for your ideal client right, your your your profile photo your cover photo your headline and your profile summary.

You should all be geared towards your ideal prospect. Your ideal client should be it shouldn’t, be talking or bragging about yourself. Okay, number two is a the connected engaged, so you want to connect with your ideal client and you want to provide some value. Maybe you found an article, that’s useful to them. That’s relevant to your service that you provide and also number three is to post content right type, 1 and type 2 content person, personality content and authority content right.

You want to get people interested in what you have to offer and stay top of mind so that when they are ready to move forward with LinkedIn lead generation or whatever you provide, you are going to be the first person they think about. Okay. So I hope this is helpful for you guys, if you guys like this, like this article subscribe comment below. Let me know what you want to see next, let me know if you want, if you have any questions around what I covered here today, I’ll be doing a lot more articles on LinkedIn and using it to grow your business, but I hope this is helpful for You guys take care and I’ll see you in the next article

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How I Design my Shopify Website for FREE| EP 4 Starting a business with $500

So let’s go ahead and get right into this article, so if you guys are new to my blog or new to the series, I want to challenge myself and start a alias business, so that basically means I did not use my face.

I did not use my followers. I did not use my likeness to create a business and I created the business on a five hundred dollar budget. So with that being said, I had to basically create this website for, under thirty to forty dollars, using free apps from Shopify, using the templates on Shopify, using the photos that I got from the vendor. So let’s go ahead and get into choosing a theme. So when you log into your Shopify you’re, going to go click on online store when you click on online store, you’re going to then choose your theme.

Shopify already has a default theme that you can choose from. But if you go to the theme store, there’s there’s a whole bunch of themes that you can choose from. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. There are themes with a lot more features, but because this is on a $ 500 budget, lien got the brush for that. So I’m going to go ahead and search through the free themes. There are about eight free themes that you can choose from and when you’re first starting out the free themes are more than enough and they actually have a lot of cool features.

Even for me, in the past, when I had profitable drop shipping companies or EECOM companies, I still stuck to free themes because they gave me exactly what I needed and the good thing about. Choosing from any one of these eight themes is, they do have color presets. So you can go on one theme like Brooklyn or minimal, and you can see that they have multiple color presets for each theme. So if you’re, the type of person who isn’t really tech savvy or you don’t have the time or energy to go ahead and change the font in the color format, you can go ahead and choose a color theme.

That’s going to be great for you or you can browse through all the other themes that you like. Choose the template that you like and then go in in the backend and change the colors, which I will show you later in the article and what I’ve learned through my analytics in Shopify is that 80 percent, or more of my customers actually view my site from A mobile view, because I do a lot of social media marketing.

So it’s really important that when I’m looking through the demos, I’m looking at them in mobile view, so that I can see exactly what my customer is seeing. It’s also good to keep in mind that whatever photos or whatever content, you’re thinking about putting on your website, you look at it through mobile view to make sure that it size correctly. So the theme that I’m going to go with is a Brooklyn.

I really like this theme, because I really like the way that the photos are laid out so after I’ve chosen a theme. I really like to go in depth in looking at the demo, so I’m going to go to the product pages to see exactly how the products look. I really like the way the photos are laid out. I like the way the different sizes and variants are laid out. I even let the bottom. This brand is going to be more of a colorful girly brand, something that I I’m going to do basically the opposite of what I would do from my personal brand.

Just to explore my creativity and just to do something different, so I do really like the bright colors that this theme already has integrated into the site. The font is something that I could change, but I could actually change that in the backend. This is probably the most complete template where I really have to make minimal changes. After I put in my content – and as I mentioned when you are finalizing a template, you always want to look at it in mobile view as well, because 80 % or more of your customers, depending on your demographic, are probably going to be looking for a mobile View so now that I’ve chosen a theme next, I’m going to start and start adding content to the page.

If you guys are following along in the series, you know that in article 2, when I actually shop in the store, I spoke to the manufacturer and I asked them if they could send me content to use for my website and they approved it. So all of these pictures that I’m getting of the models are actually coming from the manufacturer at zero cost, and you happen to have pictures of models. We do have pictures on the models and are we allowed to use that for the store? Yes, you are.

Okay. Is it possible if we can see the boat sure, so I did not spend money on models. I did not spend money on any type of photographer a makeup artist. I here a hair, stylist or anything like that, so that is a complete free cost. So the first thing that I’m going to do is add a cover photo. This cover photo is something that I made in a quick and easy free way. I’r actually going to show you guys in depth all of the marketing Flyers, some of the stuff that I use to curate a fee.

Some of the stuff that I use to make the website, I’m going to show you all of those in article Stix. So stay tuned for that and subscribe so that you get notified when I upload that article I like to make anywhere from four to six slides so that I can alternate them on my website and the cool thing about this is each slide can have its own Text and its own link, so what you do is when you choose the photo and you add the photo in you can go down and you can actually put a text over it.

So if you want to put a clue or you want to put sex or t-shirts or things like that, you can put that and then this link tab allows whatever link that you put whether it’s a product, page, a collection, page, an information page. Whatever page you choose or a specific product that you choose it, when a customer clicks the link on this slide, it will take them directly to that page and if you are part of that percentage, that does not like the color of the theme.

But you like the format of it, you can always change the colors of the buttons Shopify’s template makes it quick and easy to just add things in the place and in the sections. So on the side here are the different sections that are in this template. So you can move the sections up say you want the slideshow to be lower or you want the content to be higher or you want a collection to be featured, or things like that.

You can also delete the sections. If you don’t have enough content to fill it or if you want more of a minimal page, the theme comes with preset sections, but you can delete them if you don’t want them when I started any type of new business or any new venture. For me, the biggest thing is staying in the mindset of obtaining that goal and being successful. So I always find it really helpful when I listen to different people who were or are on the same path or journey that I am in that endeavor.

The audio book that I’ve been listening to recently is a ready fire aim, which is all about outsourcing and getting a team so that you can actually grow and expand your brand telling you to fire yourself and make yourself free of the things that are making you A slave to the small things, basically taking your time and energy away from marketing your company or growing your brand to get more revenue in the end, and this article is in partnership with audible.

You can start listening with a 30-day audible trial, choose one audiobook and two audible originals for free by going to http://www.Redcross.Org, or you can showcase all of your pink items as one or your purple items as one or your shorts or your shirts, or whatever collection or Bundle that you want to create, but in order to create a collection, you need to go ahead and go out of the online store and you need to go into the products tab after you go to the product tabs you’re going to collect collection.

After you, click collection, you’re, going to have to name the collection and then choose a cover photo for the collection. The cover photo basically serves as when you have a lot of different collections. You can put a tab on the menu that says collections and it’ll show all the collections. So some people like to short search through websites that have 200 or 500 items and they like to search through all of the shirts or maybe they want to search through all of the winter collection or all of the new items or maybe all of the pink Things or purple things or or even some sites have collections where you can search through vacation, wear or formal, wear, or things like that, so the cover photo basically is just kind of a preview of what that collection has and a way to keep everything organized.

Yes, this is a small business. We don’t have. A lot of products is a $ 500 budget, but I like to organize my new website, just as I would organize my brand that I’ve had for two years. That is much more lucrative, the more organized that I was in the only translated to better communication with me and my staff, as well as a more organized back in on Shopify. For my customers to search through and to add products to your collections, you can either do it manually or when you’re, adding the product into the store, and you have the collection already made.

You can integrate the product when you’re putting all the product information into a specific collection. This is a way that you can display your items on your homepage in an organized way to show specific collections. The next thing that I really like to get into is the font Shopify recently or I don’t know over the years. Shopify has added so many different fonts that you can choose from, and I personally think font is a big deal because I feel like it’s a big part of branding.

You can also choose how big the font is, what color the font is, and you can change the header font from the body font to the link font and things like that, and when I edit my site, I really like to go through every single tab. Every single page and see how I can improve every page and make sure that it’s branded and because this brand is really cute and really girly and really colorful. I can just go on google and search for some images to insert on certain pages so for the checkout page or the cart page.

I thought this pink cloud look would be cute. You can also add your logo to the checkout page and I’m going to go ahead and show you guys exactly how I did the logo for free in article 6 as well, when I was first starting out and I didn’t have the resources or the money to Outsource for me, a big part of my branding was using my free resources as tools to develop my brand. The attention to detail on a start-up brand is so big, so I really like to take advantage of every little aspect of me being able to integrate my brand into a free template.

So at this point I literally go through the different changes. I might change the font again. I might change the color again. I like to make a whole bunch of changes and then kind of see how it works and go through the different pages and see how everything is related and connected. Make sure that it flows make sure that the colors are great. I feel like using certain pinks and certain purples can look really cheap, so I always kind of opt out for just using black white or gray, depending on the background.

I just go ahead and take my time and look through the website and make the necessary changes. Another thing that is super important is the menu tab. The menu tab can be a place where you add different collections, or you can add some of your legal things like shipping or exchanges, which is something that I’m going to do so in order to change the menu tab and make it more expansive. You just go ahead and click this link here and it’s going to take you to the menu, and this is where I’m going to add the shop, Nell tab and then choose the all collections link.

Then the shipping tag which shows the link to the shipping policy and then the exchange tab, which is going to have a link directly to the exchange policy. After I put all the names on the menu I go ahead and press save and then it will update on my home page. So at this point everything seems like it’s good to go. I played around with the fonts I played around with the colors. The biggest thing here, which was a homerun for me, is getting the high quality content, a photo shoots models, hair, stylists, makeup, artists or even buying a camera.

Yourself is a lot of money. So when you go to your manufacturer and you are buying things wholesale ask to use their stock photos that they have for their models nine times out of ten, they will say yes, so this made this website very cheap and very easy to use the next part Of this article I’m going to go ahead and get into the apps that I use to leverage the Baron get more brand credibility, social proof and things like that.

So now, let’s get into these a free, Shopify, apps, so app number one is product review. This is self-explanatory. Product reviews are great because it allows customers to communicate and give you feedback as well. It also lets you know if the items are running too big, too small, if the colors are true, and things like that, I personally as consumer always like to read product reviews, especially as a woman.

Sometimes things don’t fit the way that they’re supposed to sometimes the colors are often things like that and as a business owner, it allows you to see what your customers are wanting there and eating. If the products are good, you know to keep buying with a specific vendor that the sizing is off. You know to make some changes. The second app that I like to use is the shipping bar by hexam. This is really cool because it’s kind of like a piggy bank method where it says that you’re 20 dollars away from free shipping or ten dollars away for free shipping.

So in this demo you can see that I’ve added a shirt to the cart and then at the top it says your dollars away from free shipping and when you’ve exceeded or hit the 100 dollar mark, it will tell the customer that they have qualify for free Shipping and in this app, you can go ahead and change the rule of the shipping. So I’m going to I’m going to go ahead and change mine to $ 50 and I’m also going to change the overall message as well and customize the colors.

The text and the background and things like that, the next app that I like to use, which is free, is the insta feed app. This shows your Instagram feed on your website, which is really good, because this allows website viewers to see your customers, and it can also lead to getting more followers on your Instagram feeds. If I see different customers different people using the product or service, it just adds a more social proof to me, so I personally always like adding in sofy, because it allows my potential customers to see how my existing customers are using the products.

What it looks like in different lighting without being in the studio, how they’re using the product, how they’re using the service – and it also gives their feedback the next and the very last app that I like to use, is privy, which is an email marketing app. And I’m sure you’ve seen some of these features that this that this app actually has on some of the websites that you’ve shops. So if you ever tried to exit out of a site and then you get a pop-up like hey, don’t leave here’s tip percent off on your next order or if you are going to leave and you see a wheel pop up and you spin the wheel for A percentage off or things like that by putting your email in this app is probably pretty so things like this basically allow you to capture the email which then allows you to do email marketing.

Sometimes these things ask for the customers phone number and it allows you to text the customer offers as well and if their cookies are torrent, turned on and they’re logged into their email or their Facebook or their Instagram. It allows you to then at some point in time have direct facebook ads re target, the audience that have already gone on your site, and that is for a different article with all that being said.

That concludes today’s article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I did all of this under $ 30 in one month, because my Shopify subscription is $ 29 and all of these apps are free, with the features that I am currently using and don’t forget, if you guys, are interested, if you guys get a 30-day audible child And choose one audiobook and two audible virginals for free when you go ahead and go to http://www.Hsn guru: 500 500, if you guys have any questions, go ahead and put them down in the comments below this is a 11 article series so go ahead and subscribe.

If you are liking the series so that you can be notified when the next article is posted, thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you in the next upload Bisou


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What is a Sales Funnel/How To Create One that Makes Money!

Welcome to my blog in my blog aitutaki bal amazon fbi in andere, leden motorfiets set a great way to make money online now and trace. Article specifically al die takken rebel, zelfs van ons en hel week in beide fit your business norbury hier go was eigenlijk introduced to add software kon klik van ons, in mainly to it founder brussel bransen in reliëf door, het, vallende, meer, pieken sector te, zien, hun oude Sleek and many facebook uit in really just a few months after an excellent and did you? How would this webinar in after their eyes, I know, started looking like the information die.

Kap van dat, webinar educatie die over chu manier oliver toen aegon, which was en weg helpt my business tremendously witches selling projector nemen ze die persoon. I use zelfs van ons zo cel in proxxon amazon, icreate facebook instagram en en graphics van de plafonds onto my amazon store, journaal onder dwang rely on amazon traffic hallo msc my journey was zelfs van ons starten gary yourofsky dan wie early of van ons die created Were very bad en vaak bij, danny van try and I in iedere kamer in the cells limburg, just in a bunch of wisten de mannen, wier quick-step people came true in al mijn instagram en mijn facebook uit harvard shirley after and was able to reverse engineer similar Foto’s inzoomen op, simylar, ah sellers doing simply de semi jack, been en online er was capillair van ons in de koran.

My personal plus 2 en er is hij, was able to accomplish succesvolle stokje bal was zelfs van ons of zelfs van ons arts and play wow voor your perspectief customer to be taking from one step to another following een, simpel fire, and if you need a method Of an explanation and actually sales bouwen die really make you feel like international cel en is transitioning amino your customers van long beach, een ander.

We dat henry feeling. I know when you absolutely potion en sell-out: zinnen, i’m so nu persen, sherbet, om ons, al uw, idee, heb controle, sam soorten van funnel kilo in de pestkop, loic, koopmans, midden van de kop. Loriers media was een, heel, commercial, voor, sam pepper, simpel, munt online or maybe some time, but am I do some time war hapro rakhine, like this kamer de j sashimi florina met een groep die purchase online actually en en city monetaire cadeau en hello light die huxley.

Solisten gramm was een en eigenlijk tonen het soort michu een landing page er net typical. I will you get what you take your customers all into force, be with really de hol. Hoi of all this is getting the e-mailadres. Is that will you can retargeting wat ieder e-mails of age of both, and that is why do my business chauffeurs die woont, er wonen en en for lower price or service you for providing en of andere was makkelijk om met when they go on showen escola landing Page simply wanted you landing pages, barry, simpel, very clean way to the point.

Aanpassing winter insert per email, adres en neem een exchange for something for free sola, say you would be offering them. I do nou wat, zeg, je op selling and christmas present er, something like that. Your finger and simple guide for free workshop aan guyot weer e-mailadres en empathischer many big ass, heb control, chamrousse aan de landing, page of zelfs van een, where you were promised you a downloadable e-book in dit kader fairway of giving you something in exchange for your e-mail.

Zoals ypres your email nou, we hebben nam, ik een riet, argue with facebook en instagram en kilo. Other google place mens in onze bossen borne e-mails en deze zaak mori onze. Would you for your business software en een, fundering? Hmm, oh en toe eens, elspeet waar! You catch a method for selling a life online service. With light, hier was erbarmelijk rematch en article that should be true, aanbieden.

Ah hell buscar is use the nam in van meer. You take them to age. Hol waarna de cel space bar en check ptfe actually make the option to purchase nou olie wapens rvs look like park of de service en de apple. I wanted by edgar en en typically saturday van aperture. You want to take them to this cold ieder een, absoluut ounce, lp aan. Typically, my piloot wi-fi go to amsterdamse op een, wat cebeco toe en upsell page of demo, eigen lichaam purchase wie en misha lover, zoals, een konijn, but with light alles, absoluut zo, een, ander appcessory room, which also happens.

Een pagina was een ja, oh ze, hendel, te onderzoeken, selfie, stick van aquino voor ik heb cambodja onze, wat aan. However, my head de client to mind hem een project, witjes wie, light en zelf ouder ben dan toe en downs, lp, typically het iedereen super brother of super wtb voor de project, wat say if you’re gopro selling service voor kors, maybe we ever epifenomeen dit kan het Project for a discount price for something that as much I know, maybe you sell in de koorts en is er af en je met mentorship veranda en andere service is medio, forgive de koers myself or just something.

Als dit simplify the cover voor een, super prijs. After what happens, if you want to take your customers to thank you recover my page, which is where I know you play the memorize weer order. Weet dit purchase, innovator, het justice incubate many times ajax in onze, soms, zelfs van ons, werd, ik christophers. You and page word: ik jullie, aan, glam links to other services that they all files for a similar services, which I find it nabij de slide cover butterflies de confirmation, slaaf fan page de rosso, wbe aan, zal links toe similar projects like medische camera’s, voor, medische, mike’s, Recordable usp mike’s of I do whatever els werd even tiger voor een youtuber.

Someone would be interested in this life would also be interested in the nose zo, typically pagerank pics, or it be just simply your confirmation, vgp figuur customer tabel, hoe het cbs packing may be checked. Er e-mail, vecino you’ll be receiving a confirmation, e-mail aan, sam. My thing you purchase en surplusjes versie, pretty much medici van feedback, medisch service page in een, liken lengte, scheurde facebook, instagram en waarmee be checked in twee youtube blog one ever really dicussie te scannen voor elk ippon selling, your customer isolatie families en amazon, zal er super Clean your ideal for not sell out of remedies for free of the same project for this kennen prijs isolatie van sellingen met folie die de media glam en upsell of humor voor die, vijf, dagen, sorry, staat, dat voetballers en het weet, doel, bij, mediq, apotheek ben joy, Een cel b2 ram of random iedere de mijn product voor de zee en persona verdween die persoon af of liever een simpele pride die, onze, cel, dit, zijn loze, which I know my blog attend our partner zo trunks dan ik en ik heb al dauer, zag, zo, Led-Kranen hou zelfde pages or nou business weavers article in my blog about zelfs van ons, een, specifieke link clip van onze en our own words to be updating.

The guys dus is en nieuw topic for my hebben. Doen is voor bel, sigma, snel empire ami dronk, grey dit succes en eigenlijk spend my business using zelfs van ons slide-in finalisten. Just you guys. Dus zo is wel vanavond bier, hosting more articles, uitbouwt klik van ons in sales van ons in general, and when your future nou dit was een of vd lee hooper snoei use it sales funnel senior business do and enjoyed reading your answer in de comment, section below Fluffy noviteit stil arnoud en de via della mino waar, je donja en of youtube als op mijn bureau, hms weather for your business, onze reis in de comment, section below and 10 others and eating for any topic.

I guess what needs to make in my blog er geen zwarte zee in my child in the future en sluit vandaag vier found this article and trace denk fisher en kinderen, subscribing als oké dus article een thumbs up in alle serieus en experi op superman shirt tuning In a great day, [ Muziek ], he


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How I Make Money As A Social Media Influencer | Making Money Online

So just about two years ago, I put out a article titled “, How to be a style, blogger.”, Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re interested in getting Into this kind of thing, So I rereaded it before doing this article and think that the advice two years later still holds up really well Now, in that article, I talk about the need for defining a reason for Wanting to do what you do And one of the many reasons That I list is to make money, so I don’t take any kind of stance on whether that’s good or bad.

In fact, I think I say that no reason is more or less noble than the other. So two years later, though, I’m going to take a little Bit different, look at it come at it from a little Bit different perspective To me the opportunity to make money doing something like this is a benefit. It’s a benefit of all the work we put in. It’s a benefit of all of the Thought that we put into it It’s a benefit that speaks to the fact that over the last seven years, we’ve created something that people have found lasting Value in that has a purpose and something that has Had a measurable impact on peoples’ lives, The coin of the realm in This space is authenticity And you cannot create a Community around something and I’m talking about a dedicated, lasting and genuinely engaged community, if you’re only doing Something to make money, People will see right through that they’ll see you for who you are And it’s a charade.

That’s Honestly impossible to keep up for any length of time, So that’s my take on it as someone who’s being doing. This for quite a while and who’s seen a lot of Things change over time And the people who have Quote unquote: “ survived” and are thriving. Are the ones who really do have something to say have something to offer? And have something of value to contribute to the conversation So little bit of a tangent Little bit of a rant And for me a necessary prelude, To the topic of this article, which is how He Spoke Style, makes money, So He Spoke Style has four Different revenue, streams, brand partnerships, advertising affiliate and the HSS Shop, And what I’m going to do next is walk you through each One and how it works Brand partnerships, So brand partnerships are Where a specific brand or a brand through Their agency reaches out to collaborate to produce content.

It could be for a specific Campaign they have going on, It could be for general awareness. In every case, though, It is a way for a brand to get in front of an Audience that you have built – and that is specific to you Different brands – look For different things and have different KPIs or Key performance indicators based on whatever their goal is So some are looking for reach. Some are looking for impressions.

Some want engagement, Some want conversion Or it could be a combination. Of all of those things, So the amount you can make On a brand partnership depends on a few things. It depends on the budget. The brand has to work with for marketing. It depends largely on the Size of your audience and, to some extent, a demonstrated history of producing impact and Results for brands in the past. So if a brand paid you X amount of dollars to do a project that was Focused on conversion and you didn’t sell a Single unit for them chances are that they’re not going to work with you in the future.

The most important part About partnering with a brand is to make sure that the Partnership makes sense for you and that it makes sense for your brand. So it’s important that you Have a specific point of view and a sense of what it Is that you stand, for, We are very selective at He Spoke Style about the kinds of Brands that we work with, For example, over the last few years, we’ve had long-term Partnerships with some fantastic read brands, including A.

Lange & Söhne, Vacheron, Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Some read brands, though let’s call them fashion. Read brands have reached out to partner with us and we have always politely Passed on those opportunities because they don’t make sense for us, It’s not something that I would personally use It’s not the level of product I’m comfortable promoting And there’s been a lot of money. We said no to in that space, But it’s more important.

To only work with brands that we truly believe In because, once again, authenticity is the coin of the realm, How on earth could you Take someone seriously that in one sponsored post or article says IWC is the best read brand ever and then in the very next Sponsored post or article says, MVMT or Daniel Wellington or NOVE is the best read brand ever That’s a rhetorical question. My point is that saying no to things may, in the short term, keep You from making a few dollars, but to me you will have much more success if you build something Around a set of values and play a longer game in that sense, Brand partnerships are currently the largest single source of Income for He Spoke Style, which is why I spent so Much time talking about it And also they are the most Creatively, satisfying way that we make money Next advertising, So He Spoke Style – makes money through ads that you see on the website as well as ads that you see here on the YouTube blog, We don’t sell the space on the website directly to advertisers ourselves.

We work with an ad management company that fills that inventory for us And then with YouTube. We just enable the Articles for monetization and Google takes care of the rest. I am not an expert in how Revenue is calculated, Though there is something Called CPM or cost per mille, that is a metric that advertisers use And then with YouTube. I believe it’s a combination, Of number of views, as well as total, read time, So we make a decent amount on ads, not as much as we do.

With brand partnerships, but it’s a really nice source of passive income that we have – And this is one of the Reasons that when I talk about building a business in this Space that I say it’s important to have a variety of options: In your portfolio out there, If you’re putting all of Your eggs in one basket you’re potentially missing Out on a revenue stream that you wouldn’t otherwise have That’s.

Why, although a Website isn’t super sexy to a brand partner. At this point, most brands are interested Mostly in YouTube or Instagram, The fact that we built and Still maintain a website that a lot of people read Opens up this opportunity that we would completely miss Out on, if we didn’t do that, Third way He Spoke Style makes money is through affiliate. Marketing Affiliate marketing is When you promote a product or give a link to a Product and when someone buys that product or clicks on The link and buys a product you get a small commission on that sale.

This can be done directly with a brand. For example, we work with Dapper Woodworks this way we work with Stubbs and Wootton this way, Or there are several services That sort of centralize everything like rewardStyle ShopStyle, so you’re not having to deal with each individual advertiser yourself. This is a smaller revenue. Stream for He Spoke Style, but again like ads. It does create this sort of passive income that continues to build On itself over time, It is more time consuming to Do to put the links together and search for everything, but I view it as a small way.

That I’m able to get a little something back for the Effort that I put into it. Finally, we have the He Spoke Style Shop, So we launched this Just over two years ago – And it was something that we wanted to do – to create a world around What we were doing and to be able to offer our readers fans, followers and viewers direct Access to some of the things that we really loved and That we really believed in E-commerce is a really tough business with the small staff that we have here, It’s been basically impossible to scale up beyond where we have it now, but again it is a nice source of income.

That we have coming in Now there are some really exciting things that are going to be happening. In the shop very soon We are going to be partnering With Michael Andrews to offer an exclusive Made to measure service and other things as well. It’s pretty awesome. It’s been years in the making and we’re very excited for the potential that it presents to us to grow. And to scale our business, So that’s it! That’s how He Spoke Style makes money Brand partnerships, advertising Affiliate marketing and the He Spoke Style Shop.

If you have questions leave Them down in the comments, I’m happy to answer them. If you liked this article Please give it a thumbs up. Let me know if you would like to see more of this type of article Focused on the business side of this whole thing Don’t forget to subscribe to The blog and hit the bell, so you get notified every Time we release a new article And until next, thanks for Reading and stay tailored, [ Staff, ] Money, money, money, Money money, ( laughing ) At this point, nearly seven

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Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Business – Day 2 Training

Again, we are going over the very basics of what you need. I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. There are so much information, so many directions that you can go, that it can get overwhelming and a lot of people end up quitting, and I don’t want that to happen to you so today. What we’re going to talk about is, who are we going to self to and what are we going to sell now, you’re, probably sitting there saying? Well, I have no idea what I’m going to sell cuz, I don’t know what’s out there and that’s what I’m going to show you today, you’re going to have to take some time to research and find out what people are looking for and we’re going to stick With the health and fitness industry right now at first and then even do a little bit of The Wealth industry just to give you an idea of the choices that you have when you’re looking for a product to sell Clickbank.

This is the I brought it up here on the screen. It’s called WWE, Clickbank comm. You can see the URL right there. They have affiliate products that people can come in pick a product. They want to sell sign up with the person who is the vendor, and then you get a commission for selling their product. Now. Products and Clickbank are typically, I would say, around 10 to 30 % of commission, typically you’re, going to make 30 to 50 %.

When you sell digital products, which basically are training products, and that’s why you see a lot of people, selling training online they’ve created their own course and they’re selling it for like a thousand dollars, and then they might offer it for people like you and me who Are affiliates to sell it for them and a lot of times they offer you 50 % now you’re, probably thinking well, that’s what I want to do.

Those are good to do. I think when you’re first starting, it might be good to start with Clickbank, because you’re getting a feel for what you’re doing and typically in the beginning, you’ll have success. Think about it! The higher the item is priced, the less items you’re going to sell the lower its price, the more you’re going to sell, and I think in the beginning. You really need that feeling of.

Oh, I sold stuff and it’s exciting. You don’t even care if it’s a dollar in the beginning, because you’re just so excited to see that the system work and then you can build up from there. It’s up to you, but that’s what I have found when people start with something really high. They tend to have to wait longer to sell it and it can again be discouraging. It definitely is not a get-rich-quick system.

You have to learn the skills, learn the system, and then you just keep getting better at it. Just like anything else. So, let’s look at Clickbank, that’s a place that you go to get products and that’s what it looks like when you get in there. Another one we’re going to go over today is called JV zoo and they are a digital affiliate market place where they sell training that other people might have or digital products.

Okay, so we’re going to look at those two things I have my tabs opened up. So we don’t have to wait, but I went ahead and logged in to Clickbank. And this is what it looks like when you get in there and I’m going to look over on the side. See here where it’s in red and where it says health and fitness and let’s see what they’re selling, what the vendors are – selling ok, health and fitness – and these are great – the prices $ 38.

It’s a health and fitness. It’s called the flat belly fix. Now you want to go in there and find out exactly what that is you when you hit all the links to this and we’re not going to do it today, but you can just showing you a place to go for you to do your research, but you Can go in and hit these links. This is an affiliate page they’re, going to give you all of the banners and different ads and things that you can use to promote their product, or you can create your own a lot of times.

They give you things to use which is really nice, especially when you’re starting out they said. The average percent of the sale is 75 % and people that come back the average is 1 %. I don’t know what this is now. I’m going to tell you this, though I have another site that when you’re in Clickbank, I want you to write this down, I’m going to go to it. Real quick, save right here word has a gravity score.

Two hundred and forty eight point: seventy three, the higher the gravity score, the better the product is as far as the market for the product that people are buying it I’m going to go to this other site. It’s called a CB engine, Clickbank engine komm go ahead and write that down, but you can also go in here and there’s flat belly fix and they have the gravity score at 242. But it’s letting you know if that product is definitely selling and what that gravity score is now look at it compared to other products.

It’s doing really really. Well again, I’ve not used it. I don’t know, but it looks like it would be, a good one to look at now. The dumped his score is just telling you it’s kind of like reading the stock market or the sales going up or down. I have looked at flat belly fixed before when I was doing it. I was doing a article on for my blog showing people these two sites and that felt lat belly fixed, was on there before and that negative point.

95 is no big deal. The gravity score has actually gone up. It was sitting around 206 last time. I saw it again. I don’t sell the product, but I like to look at it and you said as an example, if you’re in the health and wellness industry here is an example. Remember at last week or the last training, I told you that you want to find your niche and your niche, basically is health, wellness or health wealth were relationships.

Well, this and then from there you want to get you want to narrow it down. That’s what we talked about. Well, let’s say you want to be in health, but look here, diabetes remedies so maybe within health you’re. Not maybe you don’t want to go into weight loss. Maybe you don’t want to go into fitness, but maybe you could start looking at. Maybe diabetes so see how the industry of health can be so broad or you can narrow it down, and that’s what I mean when you start looking for a product, it’s going to help you to start figuring out.

Hmm, what’s my niche, how can I tighten that up? How can I make it narrow? How can I make it smaller? Because, honestly, if you try to sell to everybody, you’ll end up selling to nobody – and you know yourself, like many of us – need to lose weight but we’re all. We all feel connected with different programs or different people. When we go to buy a program to lose weight doesn’t mean one programs better than another.

I could name ten different programs where people have been successful but for some reason they connect it with that program and that’s why they were successful because it depends on them as well, but even think of yourself when you go to buy a car or if you Had to go buy furniture have you ever walked away from a place because you didn’t like the salesperson. I’ve done that my husband. I’ve walked out of McDonald’s because the the salesperson, or maybe the manager they weren’t on their game.

That day, and maybe we felt like you know what we’ll go someplace else, so that’s what sales is about. It’s well. People will connect with you and that’s why you want to find that audience or that target audience. That’s going to connect with you again a diabetes. You might say that you want to go into the niche to help people with diabetes and maybe children. Maybe you want to help children with diabetes or women between a certain age.

So that’s what we mean it. You’d want to just narrow down who you’re targeting who you want to sell to, and it may not be clear at first again, I’m telling you these things, but a lot of this. If you write it down and know that these are things that I need to. Eventually, really be concise about, but in the beginning you may not be, and that’s okay, don’t feel like you’re a failure, because you can’t come up with your.

Why or you can’t be, come up with your target, but start thinking about it and exploring some other things in the health and fitness here’s another product product. It’s called it’s green juice, it’s called organ and if II it’s a juice system, I guess $ 75. So you might have people that, like to juice to lose weight down here. This is more unlock your hip flexors. So it looks like it’s a little exercise program, which definitely is something to look at.

These are really good actually as I’m looking at them, but you want to dig in and figure out which one you want to sell now something I would look at and I’m going to talk to you about this in a minute but notice these prices are all Different some are lower. Some are higher. Okay, so keep that in mind, because we’re going to talk about that in a moment all right, let’s go to jvzoo – and this is where digital products are.

Digital products are usually things like software or some type of a course, or some kind of a training. Now over here to the left. I have the featured products, they had a little tab and it said these are some of the featured products, so these may be new products or products that may be doing well. It looks like they were. They just came out a new cuz. It said it was featured on May 28th, okay and right here.

If you were in the wealth industry, here’s a training program, start growing your following 24/7 and send traffic to your site for free. So somebody that’s new okay, you you’re a new affiliate, so this may even be something you might buy, because you want to learn how to send traffic, how to get people to come to your site. We’re going to talk about that in a minute, but there’s a training on it. So you may find that you’re going to go out and start looking at different areas of this business specifically and start looking at training to help you to dig in deeper because, like I said what I’m giving, you is a broad overview to help you get started.

But eventually you’re going to want to dig in deeper. There was another one down here. I thought okay call-to-action bots-bots-botswana, where, when the person replies, they can go to write to mini chat, which is a facebook messenger bot and you can set that up and it answers questions for you. It’s crazy that the different things that there are out there, but then again that might be a training that you want to offer to people who are trying to set up their affiliate program.

I mean I could promote that myself right because we’re talking about affiliates again, I don’t have that. I tend to find my courses in training based on courses and training that I have accomplished myself and then I have found that I really like, or I like the trainer and I’ll say wow. I really want to be an affiliate for them, because their training is valuable. It has lots of value and that’s kind of how I have become affiliates for different courses they’re based on courses that I’ve taken.

You don’t have to do it that way, but I just naturally did that here’s products you can hit this and it says marketplace actually already had that open and here’s one. I went ahead and typed in health and fitness, but this is a health and fitness training. If you want to learn how to get into the industry, so let’s look at another one for marketing. Let’s see what comes up there should be a lot of different ones in here and yeah.

You’ve got several pages social media, a passive profits workshop. So you know for $ 37, and this is really nice, because the prices are good. Prices to start with people are more apt to chance. Take a chance on something: that’s lower in price. Now, once a person when they create their own courses, then they can start selling them higher higher because they have kind of created themselves as a sense of authority on the subject.

If that makes sense, so once you’ve done sales and you’re a little bit more popular and people trust you, you can start selling more expensive things and we’re going to talk about that right now, all right, let’s so that is the what you have to decide. What area you want to sell in and then what products and start looking at them now you’re, probably I’m going to go over this a little bit with you, and I want you again to take notes.

This is the who, like who are you going to sell to you’re going to find your people to sell to buy, like I told you you’re going to pick like a male or female or maybe by certain age or things like that. But how are you going? Let’s talk about how as well not just to what let’s talk about, how how are you going to sell and again this is a brief right now. What I’m doing now is not I’m going to go into more detail in the next trainings, but I want to give you a brief overview of what’s coming up.

So let’s say: you’ve picked your product and one of the things that you do when you go to sell your product. Is you find a source and that’s what these are traffic sources, you’re going to pick a platform, a social media platform that you want to build up and start selling your product? On that platform? You need to decide and again you’re going to have to look for detailed training in all these areas on how people sell on these platforms.

That would be like six different trainings right there, but take the platform that you’re comfortable with okay. You might want to start with Facebook or Instagram instagrams been very popular lately Pinterest. All of these are good. To be honest, they all work, but you need to pick the platform that you want to build up and sell from, and I use the word self from, but that’s exactly what you’re doing so.

Let’s say we picked YouTube. Let’s go with Facebook because you probably saying YouTube: what do you mean YouTube? I don’t even know what to do alright. So, let’s pick Facebook, what you’re going to do is drive traffic from your Facebook posts onto a landing page and in our v training day. I’m going to talk about the landing page and where you can build it and how to build it, but what you’re doing is driving people to a landing page where you collect their email address and their name, that’s all the landing pages and to get them there.

You offer them something for free, like a lead, magnet and we’ll talk about that in another training as well. But my point is: when you offer that free item to somebody they’re going to say: yes, I want that and then they come in and they’ll give you their email address and their name and you will send them that free item and again I’ll show you how. But then you send them an email says. Thank you now, you’re thinking.

Well, why do I want their email address because actually notice? I didn’t offer to sell anything here directly from Facebook. I didn’t offer to sell anything. I just offered to give them something for free and in exchange they gave me their email address, the selling the actual selling happens in emails, believe it or not, it doesn’t happen instantly like that. A lot of people get excited and they think oh I’m going to promote this product and people are going to love it, because I this wonderful Facebook post and they need it.

People don’t buy because they need things they buy it because they want things, and most of us are leery in the beginning. Think of yourself, but if somebody offers you something for free and it’s something of value, then you’re more than happy to give them your email address. So that’s what we’re doing in the affiliate marketing part of your job is to collect as many emails as you can. Now I’m going to explain another reason why let’s say you build up an audience: Facebook you’re really good at this, and you have like 4,000 people on your Facebook page and you even have a business page and you have like 10,000 people, our Facebook groups.

I mean you really start building and you’ve got this great audience and then all of a sudden Facebook shuts down you just lost your entire business. However, if you collected, email addresses and you’ve collected 5,000 Facebook shuts down, but you still have those 5,000 names. That’s where your business is, it has nothing to do with what you’re selling it has to do with your traffic. So the most important thing you can do to build your business and affiliate marketing is to build that email list, and you know what.

If they get on your email list and within 2 days, they buy something great. But if they don’t that’s because you’re going to keep on, let me show you what happens next you’re going to create this email list and you’re going to send them emails and provide value to them. I have a book that I highly highly highly recommend you get for free, it’s called dot-com secrets and in that book there’s a whole chapter about how to set up an email sequence and write that down.

You need to have an autoresponder which I’ll give you a link to a web or com. It’s it’s one of them ones that are out there, there’s lots of different ones, but that one’s pretty reasonable. It’s good for somebody starting out the autoresponder is a platform that will collect your emails for you. So let’s say that you set up Aweber you’ve collected some emails and then what you do in the autoresponder you have pre-written emails that you’ve written out.

It’s called a sequence, and here I have seven, I think, on one of my sequences. I have like 17 to start out and then after a person goes through those once a week or twice a week, I send out what I call a broadcast. These are my current emails where I’ll share things like. If I’m doing a article on my blog, that has to do with a really neat organizer that I found, I might write to my email list or my customers and tell them about it and say: hey, go check out my article and check out this new organizer.

That I found and I just keep giving them value, but every once in a while, I might say, hey. I found this a new product that you might be interested in. You know we’re talking about health and fitness, and you know you can tell them all about it. Maybe how you tried it or some references of other people that have tried it and then you put a call to action in there and that’s where you sell now. Do you sell every single email? Absolutely not I’m that wicked old and people will unsubscribe but you’re providing value warming them up, getting to know them and they’re getting to trust you and that’s where the selling happens.

So, like I said, I’m going to provide you a link below daaamn secrets is free. You just pay the shipping and I believe the shipping is like $ 7, so I highly recommend now after you read that chapter on how to do the email sequence, what I did at first, I was like. Oh my gosh, I’m not a writer. I can’t think of anything what I did is I followed the instructions in that book and then I wrote my email sequence out on a word doc like I just did one letter after the other and he tells you how to make them flow and that, for Me was so much easier than opening up all these links in a weber and trying to type on their template.

I typed in a word document and I felt like I was kind of writing in a journal. So that’s just a tip for me to add to that book. I’ll also put the link for Aweber below or you can go out and look for other autoresponders, but think of them as the mailman. The person the place where you’re putting your emails and storing your email lists, so you have to have a platform to put them on and they will go to that platform all right.

One more thing. I want to show you now to make this all connect. Remember I was telling you that you want to come up with different products. This is called a value ladder to get people to come into your email list. You give away something for free as you’re warming them up. You might offer them a product that is about around $ 37. Something like that. Remember I told you to go to clickbank and look for something on a lower level of price and then up we were in clickbank.

I saw things that ran about is $ 78. Then, after a person buys that product for 37 down the road, you might start warming them up to buy the product for 78. So what I want you to be thinking about the reason I’m showing you this is not to make you go crazy and be all over the place, but as you’re putting your thoughts together, you’re thinking about who your shot your selling to what you’re selling that to Them as you’re looking for products in health and fitness or in wealth, I want you to think about what can I give them for free right and what leads up to the next product? So let’s do the flat belly fix, you’re, talking about their weight loss and then maybe in those products you found something that continued to talk about weight loss, and maybe it was a you know another product at $ 78.

Again, you have to go in and research it. My point is showing you this is. I want you to connect the items. You cannot go down here and say: I’m going to give a free item on how to cut out sugar and then I’m going to go up here and give them something about how to lift weights. Do you see how they’re not connected? Yes, it’s all health, but they’re not connected just because I want to eat right doesn’t mean I want to exercise now later.

Maybe you can start bringing all that together, but in the beginning here you want to really keep these items connected, so they make sense and you’re just bringing that person up to the next product that you have. I hope this was helpful. That’s the end of our day to training and there will be a day 3 coming out next again, if you need to go through this again or stop your training and take some time to research I’ll, do a on day 3 we’re going to start talking about How to set up the affiliate link and where find it, and things like that, so we’ll dig in a little deeper and I’ll show you what to do with that link.

Okay, alright enjoy do some research and have fun, don’t get overwhelmed, there’s a lot out there, but just find the things that kind of sparks your passion a little bit and again when you’re in Clickbank. Yes, you want to be excited about it, but you also want to find things that pee people are looking for and what they’re buying, because you could get excited about something like how to feed hummingbirds, but maybe there’s not a huge market out there for it.

So you want to make money and you want to help people there’s there’s a balance there so find the product that people want. Alright, see you on the next training.


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How to Take Your Home Based Business Online

What’s up Justin What up How’s it going Living the dream, Yeah. So first thing that comes to mind and I get asked this. A lot is: where do you start when It comes to just technology, Or you know,,’cause. You say online.

What comes first Website or domain Well you’re, currently offline right as a home-based business Yeah You got ta get online and The first way to do that is with a domain name and a website. That’s your online real estate and it’s how people find you online. That’s like godaddy.Com, Or coffeeandkickflips.Com It’s how people get to you. It’s like street address right And after that you need hosting essentially think of that, as like online storage for your website, and then you need something.

To build the website Now many people aren’t web designers and they don’t want to Spend a lot of their time building a website, so there Are tons of tools out there that just help you build websites or there’s WordPress if you’re a little bit more Technically inclined, but Not me, You don’t have to go overboard. Just have a homepage Have a little bit about what you do. Maybe the services you provide Or if you’re online shop like if you’re on a Farmer’s Market – and you really wan na, bring that to life and sell your products online, then you can have a little online shop.

That’s pretty easy to Use and a contact page Yeah, so speaking of Farmer’s Market, let’s say I’m out there. You know selling some plant-based soap, Okay Or hot sauces, or both I’m in (, Emma laughs ). So once I get a domain That makes a ton of sense’cause we’re going from offline to online Then what’s next. Well, probably the next step is social and that’s kinda, where you’re the expert. Now you want to be on Your favorite platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You also wan na – be on Business directory sites, like Yelp Google pages, Oh absolutely And claim your your listings.

Yes, Don’t let it just be open to the masses. That’s your baby right! It’s your business! Make sure you control it. Okay, so once you’re On the social media, I know that’s a big step, but it’s not where the majority Of your time is going to go, The majority of your time goes into actually creating content, so you connect with your customers right [, Justin ] Right. So can you elaborate on that The importance of engagement and connecting with potential customers Right so we’ll take the Kinda, the Farmer’s Market example that you have there.

So if I’m, what were you selling Hot sauce and what Plant-based soaps, of course Great combination. So if I — You use them after You use the hot sauce (, both laugh ), If I’m selling hot sauce and Soap at the Farmer’s Market, — Yeah – I wan na – take it online and I really wan na take it. Into social media presence, What I don’t wan na do is just Start listing off my products and saying “: Hey this Is all the cool stuff “ you can buy from me.

”? What I wan na do is basically Start opening people up to my world, the hot sauce And all natural soaps there Interesting world ( laughs ), So you do that by basically Showing what you do Like the Instagram Stories is A great way to do that, Just pop up cool I’m making a soap or I’m makin’, a hot sauce Ooh behind the scenes, Try not to get those mixed,’cause! You don’t wan na like be scrubbing with the hot sauce soap, But open up your world Talk about what you do as a Business and be relatable People buy from people, They don’t buy from companies right, [, Emma ] Yeah, And if you start to really open up who you are as a business.

Owner your day-to-day the struggles you go through, maybe just some of the cool stuff you do beyond your business itself. It really helps people connect with you and then they’re more Apt to buy it from you tell their friends about you And get a hashtag, Yes About your soap or the hot sauce. Well, my soap and my hot sauce brand # Hotsoap So that way, yeah ( laughs ). So that way, when customers Are using my products, they can use the hashtag and then –.

Yes, I can re-share that Or reTweet it right Right, over and over — And over And over And that’s helping you Create just more content, That’s called user-generated content And I know you’re an expert at this. It’s making people create posts and having your hashtag in there, and that gives you more content to post Yeah. I’m curious email Does that matter: Email marketing, Still a big thing! Should businesses do that if They’re trying to go online with their home-based business, Yes, email is super underrated and a lot of people think Of email marketing as spam, And it shouldn’t be spam, It is spam if go the same.

Approach of like saying, hey, here’s all my products, Buy buy buy, buy, buy, But you wan na really Engage the conversation Bye, bye, bye, (, Justin, laughs, ), Engage that conversation And help your people out, If you maybe say you’re Doin’, the hot sauce and all natural soap – maybe you send out recipes Of your all natural soap, Maybe try this at home with Your family or your kids Try to get different ideas and be creative about The content you give out and even if people don’t Open your actual message: that’s okay! They still see your brand each and every time they go in their inbox and that’s brand recognition Stay top of mind And it’s saying top of mind Yeah.

So with your website a great think to do to start collecting those emails. You can’t just say: hey: Sign-Up for my newsletter, Nobody cares about a newsletter. You create a lead. Generator and what that is, is just something free, That you can give them in exchange for their email address. So if I’m a hot sauce and all Natural soap, maybe I’d, say, cool sign up, enter your email. I’ll, send you 20 % discount Or enter email.

You’ll get five Recipes to do this yourself, Things like that Cool And it’s kind of an Even exchange and then because then you build that List build that list, — You’re, giving me some really good ideas. I check my email when I wake up. I check it throughout the day. I check it in the evening, So it’s — It’s with me forever Yeah. It’s still very much a blog that consumers are using And checking frequently Yes, So it’s another avenue if you will to reach that next customer or, like you said with your regulars, just stay top of mind Right, you wan na, be Where your audience is and your audience lives on social and they live in their emails All right, so that’s a Wrap on today’s episode, I wan na give a huge shout out: To my co-host, Justin Nealey ( crowd cheering ) The expert ( Justin laughing ).

I hope he helped your Home-Based business get online If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you Go ahead and share below and in the meantime, Subscribe to our blog, See ya.

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How To Make Passive Income Around Your Full Time Job

If you’re reading this article, it’s for you know probably you’re interested in creating a passive income if you’ve been following me from for a while, you know I’m just your regular guy, I’m still working my regular job, but what I’m doing is I’m hustling on the side.

Creating a passive income, so I can leave that job in a matter of months and you know work on what I really want to work on full-time. A lot of people run into that in into this problem, and people have been asking the questions. How do you find the time to do it? How long does it take, and I would just want it to take a quick second and really just come at you with with my experience on and what I’ve been doing to create a more passive income lifestyle around? My regular job, so the first thing is, you need to want it number one is you need to want it? This is going to be hard.

Creating a passive income is not an easy sitting on the beach money coming in type of thing. It’s it’s it’s work. It’s it’s actually going to be more work than whatever your regular job is going to be because you don’t have a boss who’s. Looking over your shoulder, saying, hey get to work, get up you you know, keep going. This is something you have to be self-motivated for so you have to want it. You have to want it deep inside.

You know there are. There are many times where I could you know I’m working on my computer. That’s probably the worst thing that you can be doing, because the computer is the gateway to the internet, it’s the Gateway to Facebook, YouTube and I’ve caught myself multiple times where I’m you know I was like alright. Let me just take a quick break in or read a article in like half an hour an hour. Sometimes more has goodbye and I’ve just been reading YouTube articles or whatever the case is, and I’m not talking about educational articles.

I’m talking about you know, car articles or whatever it is so you have to want it. You have to be self-disciplined, but you, you really have to have a drive. You know to go after this because it’s it’s going to be an uphill battle for most of the time number two is you have to think long term, so, ii think long term. This is not happening overnight, not happening. This might happen in six months. It might take 12 months, it may take two years.

Whatever the the timeline is going to be, is you have to accept and think it’s going to be? This is a long-term project. This is a long-term commitment, or this is a long-term thing that I’m committed to. No matter how long it’s going to take, if it takes you five years to create a passive income that allows you to travel, to give you the freedom to do what you want to no longer have to work for somebody else.

What’s five years of your life, when you have the rest of your life to do whatever you want, so you have to think long term. This the third thing, a kind of current ties into that number one is you have to accept the long hours that you’re going to be doing? You know the other night Friday night I was up till 2:00 a.M. Not partying or drinking or doing any of those fun things. I was up until 2:00 a.

M. Just working on the business on. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but you know I was working on things that, whether it’s editing articles or just you know getting of the things writing on the back end. I was up. I was working yeah I was I you know. I was tired, but I was also excited that I wasn’t able to sleep because I was so excited about working in the business, but bottom line is you know when you’re working, if you’re working like a nine-to-five or or whatever it is you’re going to come home And you know, if you don’t have a family right now and you’re a little younger it.

You can come home and you get straight to it right. There are no really distractions other than maybe your friends. But for me you know, I finish, work and the wife comes home with the baby and the you know: we’ve both now we’ve been working all day. We we haven’t seen any other. I haven’t seen a baby, you know so I know I don’t wan na as much as I want to get to work on the business right away. Yeah.

I need to spend time with them. They deserve it. They come first. So you know I got to do that. We got to get dinner prepared and spend time time with my daughter and and all of that when do I get time for the business it’s a little in-between times, but then it’s also it’s the time when they’ve gone to bed and it’s 9:00, it’s 10 o’clock! It’s 11 o’clock and I stay up for 2 3 4 hours working and getting the things I need done.

You know it’s the weekends. I literally do not have a weekend and I had a conversation with Marianna a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago, when she asked me hey what do you want to do this weekend and I looked at her I’m like what do you mean she’s, like I don’t know what do you? What do you want to do? I’m like it’s. I don’t have a weekend. I literally have no weekends until I’ve left my job, that’s the mentality.

We have to think, and you know I was just telling her. I was like right. It’s yeah, I can take the weekend. You know we would go to the mall occasionally for an hour or two for it with the baby or you know. Yesterday we went to the park for a little bit, but there are no big weekend plans until I’ve hit. My goal of leaving my job – that’s it so you have to you, have to commit to these long grueling hours, because that’s the only way you’re going to get this done right, having an income where you know it essentially, you know, makes money.

Well, you see, I don’t like saying that cause it sounds stupid and cliche, but you know having a passive income. That’s working for you is not something that comes easy. It’s going to require ton of work, a ton of dedication and a ton of sacrifices, and I guess that’s what I’m kind of mean coming coming in. In fact, that’s my number four number four point here is: you have to learn to say no now, so you can say little yes later say no now, so you can say it yes later and that’s what I’ve.

I think I’ve really become great at over the last few months is just saying no to these short-term things, because I know it’s not aligning with what I want a long term. You know right now, I’m just finishing some things up: I’ve, it’s it’s Sunday and I’ve been working literally from the moment. I got up to now it’s sometime on Sunday evening and you know everyone else where’s everyone else right now, they’re at a family, carne asada Mexican barbecue they’re in a barbecue right now – and you know I’m going to be heading there and like hopefully in the next Hour or so, but why am I not there right now because it’s just a barbecue, because the amount of work I’ve got done over the last few hours is going to bring me so much closer to my goal of leaving my job in a few months.

Do I miss the barbecue and yeah? It’s it’s gorgeous outside right now, it’s sun shining, it’s like thirty, odd degrees out and they’re having their their Coronas and their beers and barbecue. Obviously I want to be there but priorities. I had to say no for that. Right now, so I can say yes to traveling the world later so yeah. I can say yes to all of the other goals that we want to do later, so just becoming disciplined is what I’m trying to get across.

You have to become disciplined realize that there are things that are going to either bring you closer to your goal or they’re going to bring you further away from your goal. The fifth thing is surround yourself with others doing what you’re doing listen. You know i-i’ve never been wanted to go along the grain, I’m always the the the the person Cohen against the grain so to speak, and I know how important it is to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals and really that’s why I I produce these articles and And you know I connect with you guys, because this can be a lonely journey.

You know, honestly, you think about my parents, for example. I don’t even know if they, they probably don’t, even know what I do or understand what I do or know what a passive income really is. You know it’s. I was seeing a post in one of my Facebook groups, and I was this 20-some 20 year old kid and talking about his parents, think that Kindle publishing is a stupid idea. Well, of course, they think it’s a stupid idea when they were 20.

The internet didn’t even exist right 20 years ago. The internet didn’t really exist. Of course, I think making money online is going to be a stupid idea. They don’t get it right, they don’t get it. I was explaining to my mum today. You know it’s like she’s, like how how’s that business that you’re doing I’m, like you, mean how’s, the blog going mum houses, of course, creating going mum. I mean I was kind of explaining to her it’s like yeah.

I have these goals that I want to hit and yeah. You know she’s like okay, I was like. Don’t worry, you’ll understand it eventually. So what I do is I surround myself with people who know what I’m doing who understand it, who get it because then I can feed off of their energy alright going back. It can be lonely a time. So I make sure I’m talking to those people who are doing what I’m doing so. I can bounce ideas off them.

If I’m feeling, like I’ve, been the only one working, you know 12, 14, 16 18 hour days. I can connect with another guy and you you know, and you know he was telling me he’s like yeah. When did he say it? He says I can’t remember when he said, but it was the number of years ago he’s like. I was doing exactly what doing hustling away and now he makes $ 500,000 a year through through you know, publishing and different online online ventures, but that’s exciting, knowing that you know I’m on the right track.

So, just to reiterate, for you guys number one is you need to want it? You need to want this. You need to want to creating a passive income above anything else, because it’s going to bring you the lifestyle and and the things that you truly want in life number two. Is you got to think long term? This is not going to happen overnight. This is going to be six months, 12 months, 24 months 36 months. It’s going to take, however long it needs to take.

You have to accept that number 3 is accept the long hours right, don’t feel bad about working late into the night. Don’t feel bad about working through your through the weekends, when your friends are out doing whatever they’re doing right. Take care of you go after your goals. Number 4 is to learn to say no now so you can say yes later. No now, so you can say. Yes later that one is so key for so many different reasons and number 5 is surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who are doing what you’re doing you know.

I only take advice. There’s a bonus one. I only take advice from people. I would switch spots with if I wouldn’t take their life in an instant. I don’t want their advice because it’s not in tuned with my goals, so anyways guys. Hopefully those five tips gave you a bit of value there, and you know how this maybe shift. Your thinking on what not let let me know please, let me know in the comments which, which tip did you like best, leave a little note in the comments, so maybe I can elaborate on it or something like that.

If you liked the article, as always, please give it a thumbs up, appreciate that and hey, if you’re new to the blog nice to meet you, how you do and reach out to me and please, if you like this article, please consider subscribing as well from a Great more great content like this, and it was guys I’ll, see you tomorrow with another great article and I’m off for my BBQ, see you guys later

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