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$10K A month Email Marketing Secrets For Shopify Part 1 – The Strategy

So for those of you that don’t know what email marketing is basically is when you collected email and start marketing products to it, that’s essentially the the basics of it and it accounts for about 30 %, maybe even 35 % on on the higher months of my Business sales, so, if you’re not taking advantage of this, you definitely should be taking advantage of it, and I’m going to show you how right now, if you haven’t already go ahead and hit that subscribe button, because we’re about to drop some dope content that you guys Are going to get tons of value out of and if you’re not subscribed, you’re going to start missing out on the you know the articles we do in the future.

So definitely do that and yeah, let’s jump in so email marketing, there’s, basically three different types of email, marketing that I can kind of or that I use at least there are other types like subcategories of these, but these are the three main ones that I use. So the first one is called abandoned, cart, so I’m sure tons of you guys have heard about abandoned cart, emails and email series, there’s bunches of different softwares that send them out automate automatically we’ll go over how to set all these up in a future article, and You know one of the next parts, but abandoned cart is essentially when somebody adds something to their cart, but they don’t actually purchase it, but you still have their email, so you can start emailing them later.

Okay, so we’ll go over the strategy here. The next one is newsletter: okay, newsletter are people that sign up to your newsletter or sign up for a discount or something like that. They are basically your general base level subscribers that haven’t shown necessarily any interest in purchasing, but they are at least interested enough to start receiving marketing emails from you, so these would be considered cold leads, these would be considered warm leads and then I’ll show you another One, the other category, which is considered a hot lead, which means that they’re very likely to purchase – and that is your customer list.

Okay, so these are the three different types of email that you can go into and there’s a little bit different strategy that you should approach when it comes to these different different groups of people. So, like I said this, one is definitely the brings me the most profit and the most income is the new customer list, a customer list in general, then next to that, would probably be this one, and then this one so and the only reason is because these People have bought some things, so they’re more likely to buy stuff.

You know in the future because they’ve already purchased. So that being said, let’s go into the strategy on how you should actually go about doing these. So if we’re abandoned cart, I basically set up for emails. So I’ll just do one two three and four: hopefully you can see all these. I think you can so yeah so for you now some people will do three. I just like doing four. I think it makes kind of more sense, but you know you can do whatever, but the first email is.

It’s just going to be a reminder: email, okay, so you’re, basically just going to remind the person, the customer that they have something in their car that they can go check out, just making sure that they didn’t get distracted. Maybe they had to take the dog out. You know whatever it is just send them a reminder that there’s still stuff in their cart that they can go purchase, and I usually send this after about four hours.

Four hours, okay, usually send that about after four hours, I’ve tested with two hours tested with 60 minutes tested with six hours. For me, this one works the best, but you know I would recommend testing it out and seeing okay number two is going to be a reminder: email, okay, but we’re going to add urgency. So what I mean by this is that you’re going to remind the customer, hey, you got something in your cart but we’re going to add urgency by saying: hey, listen, you know this deal or we’re only going to save your cart for the next 12 hours in The next 24 hours, whatever you want to make it.

So if you you know, if you wait longer than that, then your cart will expire and you won’t get the deal which usually, when I’m running you know different. Usually, when I’m at running advertisements to things I run deals so I’ll do like a 25 % off 50 % off whatever it is, so people understand that they’re getting a deal. So if I say that you know your car’s going to expire, you might lose the deal then they might be more likely to buy okay.

So I usually do this after a whole day, then the third email is going to be a coupon of some sort and it could be a coupon incentive. Maybe buy one get one free whatever you want to make it to get people to to be more incentivize to purchase. You can do whatever you want here, but the reason I don’t do it on the second or first email is because I don’t want to just like come out swinging and give people money off.

That probably would have purchased anyways with these two emails here. I would rather go through these to have everybody buy from these. That was going to and then come in with the coupon later say yeah. So the coupon, like I said, could be anything then the last one is a coupon plus urgency. Okay, oh wait! I didn’t put okay, so the coupon. I usually do after day two and then this one I do after day three.

So it’s just like you know. One day in between, but the coupon flex urgency. Essentially what that is. Is you know you give them the coupon, so say it’s 50 % off you give them that coupon. But you say hey. It only lasts for the next 12 hours so go ahead and purchase. Now so you can redeem the coupon something like that, because this will make people more incentivized to go actually make the purchase.

So these are the four emails that I use. I will I actually do have sort of templates that I use that you can build off of, or you can use for yourself that I’ve linked down in the description below. So, if you do want to check those out, you can check them out. I probably will make templates for all these different ones that you can go ahead and check out if you so desire. But that being said go ahead and screenshot this, because I’m about to erase it so three two one.

So that was abandoned. Cart now we’re going to go into newsletter and customer emails which are kind of similar. I treat them sort of similar, but there are a few key differences that I’ll talk about. So I like to think of it as a time line. So I’m just going to draw out a will time line here so well and you could do it for any amount of time. I usually do it for two weeks. You could do it for three weeks.

You could do it for a month. You could do it for six months, like some people have six month. Email list doesn’t really matter in the beginning. Just get something going so I’d recommend like the two weeks. It would probably be good. So let’s say this is day zero. So this is the day that they signed up. We consider that day, zero in day 14, so this after two weeks of them being on your email list and the entire goal here, if they’re on the newsletter, is obviously to get them to buy something if they’re a new customer.

Obviously, you know keep retaining them as a customer and buy more stuff so day 0 we’re going to do okay, so Daisy our we’re going to do the welcome and incentive. So what do I mean by this if you’re on a newsletter? Basically, we’re going to say welcome to the newsletter here’s what you can expect, here’s, how often we email you. You know what kind of information that you can get you want. You want to establish right out the gate.

What kind of value they’re going to be getting from being on your newsletter, but most importantly, is if they’re on your newsletter is you have to give them the incentive that they signed up for so most the time when you have a newsletter, people are signing up For either a coupon, maybe a free ebook, maybe some sort of free item giveaway percentage off whatever it might be, that you’re giving them to sign up to your newsletter.

You want to make sure that you give them that incentive right off the bat, because that’s why they signed up in the first place right so for the newsletter definitely makes sure that that’s the case for the new customers you’re going to welcome to them. Tell them how long shipping time takes how they can contact you when I was how they can track their package stuff like that, and I’m also in the new customer email going to give them another incentive, which would be maybe like 20 % off your next purchase.

Something like that and honestly guys like I said this is my most profitable by far campaign, so many people buy from that new customer email that I give them like 20 % off. So definitely a good thing to do, and I leave a that link. I’ll have a template, email for that weather. You can check out so welcome inside then after I went to wait a day so day. Two. Let me actually spread this out a little bit so okay day, two, I’m going to give them some sort of value.

Okay, so what do I mean by that? So, let’s say we’re in like with fishing niche. What kind of value would those people be looking for? What kind of information would they be searching for? I think they might be interested in, like you know, top 10 fishing, lures or catfishing, or maybe something like the best new fishing boat or the best time to catch. A certain kind of you know the best techniques to use things like that.

You want to include either blog articles to other blogs, or preferably you’d like to send them back to your website, so you can actually start a blog on your own website and just do like top 10 tips top seven tips. Those are like really really good, both for quick thing and, for you know, people like list of things, so I would give them value they’re also on day four. I would give them value now. I’r going to show you guys how to set all this up in future articles.

So we can yeah, you know so don’t worry, but so two values in a row. Then we’re going to do this, we’re going to on day six we’re going to do a pitch. Let me write that so 100 me back pitch, basically you’re going to sell them, something that is some people call it a tripwire. Some people call it like a bait product, but essentially what you’re going to do is is pitch something. That’s sort of low cost so like seven to fifteen dollars, preferably under ten, actually does best.

In my experience, but you know something: that’s a little bit cheaper that somebody can be like out of seven bucks, all right, I’ll drop, seven bucks like no big deal and then, if you haven’t already seen the upsell article I’ll link it somewhere on here. So you can go ahead and check out the you know how to actually upsell people and make money off of that. So if you haven’t checked that out, definitely read it so we’re going to pitch them they’re on some sort of trip wire product and then on day seven.

So I’m not going to wait a day here, I’m just going to go straight to day seven we’re going to do a pitch we’re going to do a pitch plus urgency. So, just like with the abandoned cart emails, we’re going to say, hey this offer only last. You know the 50 % offer the you know. Usually I like to make this some sort of some sort of deal, but the pitch or the offer only lasts for the next 12 hours, the next 24 hours, whatever you want to make it so we’re going to add urgency and hopefully get people to buy if They don’t that’s fine.

We still have more. You know things that are in our newsletter, so I’ll wait another day we’ll go day, nine we’re going to give them more value. Okay, so another value piece preferably make it on your own blog, maybe funny meme, something like that. You know because the reason why is because we just pitched them twice right, so we want to make sure that we’re not constantly pitching we’re actually providing value in this email list as well, so we’re going to give them value there, then, on day 11, we’re again Going to give them value on day 11, then day 13 we’re going to do another pitch.

So it’s going to be a different product. You could either do something a little bit higher tier, maybe in the 20 to 30 dollar range, or you could stick with something in this tier. It really just depends on what you want to do. It’s you know, you might get better results with the the smaller price, but you know you can try out both do whatever you want, we’re going to pitch and that day 14 again we’re going to continue here and we’re going to do pitch plus urgency.

So this is actually how I would set up a two week, new customer or newsletter type of feel, and obviously you can just continue on with the process. You can switch it up a little bit if you want to. You know do whatever works best for you, but this is kind of the layout that I used myself and, like I said it accounts for about 30 % of of the revenue that I actually made from my store. So hopefully, this article was valuable for you guys if it was go ahead and hit that like button and also hit the subscribe, let me know that you liked it and you appreciate it and want me to continue doing it on a daily basis.

Like I said, I’m going to provide some templates that you can go off of for these emails if you like, and in the next article, because this is a series in the next article we’re going to be talking about how to actually set this stuff up. In the real world on the computer so stay stoked, because it’s going to be awesome midnight, oh, don’t mind a little up in the air, but not this side.