10 Sensational Abstract Artist Websites You Required to Take a look at

You must have seen many fantastic art pieces if you are an art fan. But you may not know that there is a whole world of artistic expression beyond the mainstream. Abstract art has existed for a while now, but it’s only recently become popular again. Abstract art is an art that does not depict any recognizable object or scene. Abstract art is a great way to express yourself and your emotions.

 If you love abstract art, finding the ideal artists or pieces can be tested. Thanks to the web, it’s currently possible to uncover the work of gifted abstract artists worldwide. This short article will undoubtedly discover ten magnificent abstract artist websites you must look at.

1. Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko was an American artist best known for his large-scale abstract paintings. His internet site is a beautiful homage to his work, with a straightforward design reminiscent of his colors. A gallery of his artwork, a biography, and a section on his legacy can be found on the website.

2. Alec Allshouse

Alec Allshouse is an American artist who publishes his extraordinary abstract art daily on Instagram- a perfect internet site to display his contemporary art design. You will undoubtedly discover access to his art and connect with him. You can likewise purchase minimal prints of his artwork directly from Alec via Instagram’s direct message platform. Enjoy!

Below is a taste of Alec’s latest digital art pieces:

3. Ellsworth Kelly

An American artist named Ellsworth Kelly was known for his minimal technique in abstract art. His internet site is a beautiful representation of his art, with a clean and basic layout that makes it easy for his items to represent themselves. A gallery of his artwork, a bio, and an information area can be found on his website.

  • Ellsworth Kelly was born in Manhattan, New York
  • He began painting in the late 1940s, and his first major exhibition came in.
  • He attended the Brooklyn Museum Art School 1946
  • Art Students League of New York 1948
  • After completing his art school studies, he continued to study at the Art Students League of New York for five years.

4. Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is a British artist known for his large sculptures and also setups. His internet site is a stunning reflection of his art, with a minimal and also clean style that allows his pieces to be easily found. The website includes all you need to learn. There is a bio, as well as an information section.

5. Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley is a British artist recognized for her op-art pieces. Her web site is a sensational display of her job, with a smooth and modern-day design that is aesthetically enticing and also simple to browse. The site features a gallery of her art, a biography, as well as an area on her exhibitions.

6. Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin was an American Canadian born artist recognized for her minimalist strategy to abstract art. Her website is an attractive tribute to her job, with a simple and also classy layout evocative her paints. The site includes a gallery of her work, a bio, and also a section on her tradition.

7. Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich was a Russian artist understood for his abstract paintings. His internet site is a gorgeous reflection of his job, with a streamlined and contemporary style that allows his items to take spotlight. The site features a gallery of his work, a biography, as well as an area on his tradition.

8. Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist recognized for her brilliant and spirited pieces. Her web site is just as whimsical as her job, with a vivid as well as enjoyable style that will certainly make you smile. The website features a gallery of her art pieces, a biography, and also a section on her exhibitions.

9. Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was a North American artist understood for his unique abstract painting technique. His website is a spectacular tribute to his job, with a primary and sophisticated design enabling his items to be spotlighted. The site includes a gallery of his career, a bio, and also an area of his heritage.

Its design and navigation are the main things that distinguish this site from others. It is simple, yet it gives the visitor a fantastic experience. The visitors can navigate freely from one section to another. Many images make it look more engaging. The site has several categories, such as his works, exhibitions, biography, and a link to the Jackson Pollock Foundation. The images are not only attractive but also very informative. They are large and well-organized. They are presented in a slideshow format, making visitors understand how the art is done.

10. Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist known for making use of primaries and geometric shapes. His internet site is a stunning representation of his job, with a minimalist and also clean design reminiscent of his paintings. The site includes a gallery of his work, a biography, and also a section on his tradition.

In Conclusion

Abstract art is a provocative as well as gorgeous style that has caught the hearts of art fans worldwide. These 10 stunning abstract artist websites are an amazing means to uncover brand-new artists as well as check out the work of several of the greatest artists of our time. Whether you’ve gathered art for many years or you are just a casual art enthusiast, these internet sites will certainly motivate as well as thrill you.


NFTs and the Art World: How Non-Fungible Tokens are Revolutionizing the Industry

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a hot topic in the art world right now. These unique digital assets are changing how we think about buying and selling art, and their impact on the industry is only beginning to be felt. In this article, we’ll explore what NFTs are, how they work, and what they mean for the future of art.

What are NFTs, and how should they Work?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are fungible and can be swapped for one another, NFTs are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. This makes them ideal for representing digital art, which can be easily copied and distributed without the artist receiving proper compensation. When someone buys an NFT, they buy ownership of that specific digital asset, and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain for transparency and security.

The Benefits of NFTs for Artists and Collectors

NFTs offer a range of benefits for both artists and collectors in the art world. For artists, NFTs provide a new way to monetize their digital creations and receive proper compensation for their work. They also offer control and ownership over their art, which was previously difficult to achieve digitally. For collectors, NFTs provide a way to own and display unique digital art securely and transparently. The blockchain technology used to store NFTs ensures that ownership is clear and indisputable, and the rarity of each NFT adds to its value as a collectible item. New digital abstract artists like Alec Allshouse have their work on the blockchain and have proven to be very profitable. 

The Controversy Surrounding NFTs and Their Impact on the Environment

While NFTs offer many benefits to the art world, there is controversy surrounding their environmental impact. Creating and selling NFTs requires a significant amount of energy. Some estimates suggest that a single NFT transaction can have the same carbon footprint as a month’s electricity for an average household. This has led to concerns about the sustainability of NFTs and their potential contribution to climate change. Some artists and collectors are exploring alternative options, such as looking for renewable energy sources or offsetting their carbon emissions, to mitigate the environmental impact of NFTs.

The Future of NFTs In The Art World

While NFTs are currently making waves in the art world, their future impact remains to be seen. Some experts predict that NFTs will continue to grow in popularity, offering artists and collectors new opportunities to monetize and showcase their work. Others are more skeptical, pointing to the environmental concerns and potential for fraud and market manipulation. As with any new technology, it will take time to fully understand the implications of NFTs on the art world and beyond.

Examples of Successful NFT Sales And Their Impact on the Industry

In recent months, several high-profile NFT sales have made headlines in the art world. One of the most notable was the sale of digital artwork by the artist Beeple for $69 million at a Christie’s auction. This sale set a record for the highest price ever paid for an NFT artwork and brought mainstream attention to the concept of NFTs and their potential value. Other successful NFT sales have included works by artists like Grimes and Trevor Jones and sports collectibles like NBA Top Shot. These sales have sparked a conversation about the future of art ownership and the role of NFTs in the industry.

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Web Site Design Packages – What They Are, How To Choose Them, And Which Ones Work Best

Web sites are an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for a simple brochure website or something more complex, plenty of options are available.

A website is a damn crucial part of any business. If you are running a business, you need a web presence. And if you don’t have a web presence, you can’t be a business. That’s why you need a web presence. And that’s why you need a web design package. But what exactly is a web design package? It’s a combination of software, web hosting, and web content that you can use to create a professional-looking website.

The Basics Of Website Design Packages

A website design package includes everything needed to build a professional-looking website. It usually comes with a template (a pre-designed layout) and other tools, such as graphics and text formatting. You’ll also need to provide your content, images, and links. Some packages will take over your site once you spend a little time getting it started. So if you do not know how to finish your site, reach out to me because I know of a company that will finish it with a small monthly payment. The last time I checked, it was around 99 USD a month. That is a good deal if you are itching to get your business web site up and running the right way.

Free Website Design Packages

Many free web site design packages are available online. These offer templates that you can customize to suit your needs. However, these templates often lack features that make websites more user-friendly and are filled with advertisements that you and your customers may disagree with having displayed right by their brand.  A free design might be suitable if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use template.

Premium Website Design Packages

On the other hand, premium website design packages provide more advanced features than those offered by free templates. These packages typically come with various tools and services designed to help you build a professional-looking website. One of the best Premium packages I have found is sold by a company called Allshouse Designs. Allshouse Designs package has everything you need to dominate your competition on all major search engines. Look them up! They are also giving free web site audits. 

Custom Website Design Packages

Premium website design packages offer various features and services, such as custom logo creation, eCommerce solutions, social media integration, and mobile apps. However, these packages also cost money. You can choose between two options when purchasing a package: pay upfront for a fixed price or pay monthly for ongoing service.

What Works Best?

The best move you can make is to talk to a professional like me to help you with what package you should roll with. Just go to my contact page to get a hold of me.

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Affiliate Marketing – The Fundamentals

Think of what you can earn commissions wise on a prominent brand-name product just by positioning a web link on your site or in your e-mail. That, my friends, is “Affiliate Marketing”!

ALRIGHT … So it’s not quite that straightforward, yet it doesn’t need to be a lot more difficult either.

Allow’s begin with a few definitions. A marketer, or seller, is the firm that is offering a product. An associate, sometimes referred to as a publisher or companion, is another individual or business who helps in the promotion of the product and earns a payment for doing so. (That could be you!) In in between is the account administration solution that partners the advertisers with the affiliates and keeps track of the sales as well as commissions.

If you wish to become an affiliate, you initially require to choose either an item you wish to offer, or an account management solution. You will certainly wind up with both, but the option of one will certainly identify the choice for the various other. If you select the product first, the marketer will direct you to the account administration service that they currently deal with. If you choose the account administration service initially, they will certainly supply you with a checklist of merchants that they do business with.

To see if your favorite item or company provides an associate program, most likely to their website as well as check the menu bar or the last section on their webpage. Look around for words “affiliate”. Click on that link, reviewed their program as well as demands, as well as fill out their application. Some companies need particular kinds of web sites to place their links on. They will certainly email you all you require to know to start.

If you do not know what particular item you would love to advertise, or if you want to promote numerous, I suggest searching the participating sellers on the account administration service’s site.

Invite to the world of Affiliate Marketing! All the best with your new venture!

Try to adhere to products or concepts that you recognize with as well as passionate about. It will be much easier to market to your site visitors if you can add worth to the web link you desire them to click on. Individual referrals or stories will get way better outcomes than just a banner or solo text link. Give them a factor to “click on this link”.

Hire a web developer!

A website designer could help you make sure your site for your affiliate links is good and can be indexed by all major search engines. This way when your audience hear about your brand on social media. They will easily find your web page on all the search engines.

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How To Freelance As A Work-at-home Copywriter

Freelance copywriting currently covers a vast array of media, such as tv, radio, magazines, brochures, direct mail, as well as search engine optimization duplicate. Every word in every pamphlet, advert, website and also leaflet you see is created by the copywriter. Before, copywriters were limited to being internal or by marketing/ PR companies; today, lots of independent copywriters offer their services around the world.

Keyboard and a hand with pen on desk with clipboard. On clipboard it says how much does copy writing cost.

Servicing a freelance copywriting work can be difficult. Much like all self-employed tasks, freelance copywriting implies you have to offer or market on your own, satisfy all target dates or finish a task on schedule as well as on spending plan by utilizing your abilities and also understanding.

Being a copywriter allows you to pick a particular or specific market field or product. To end up being a successful copywriter, you ought to have the capability to research a certain topic, while understanding your clients and also target clients.

Besides having excellent research abilities, you likewise need to have imagination as well as imaginative style to keep your ideas running while maintaining your clients pleased.


As with creating several sorts of duplicate, there are also different types of copywriters with different specialties on the market today. Some copywriters focus on details kinds of copywriting, such as direct mail or advertisement copy, while various other copywriters take an even more general method by composing copy on basic subjects for no particular sort of customer.

Today, freelance copywriters are understood to compose different types of copy and clients anticipate them to handle a larger workload. Regardless of being demanding job, freelance copywriting can be a lot of enjoyable and among the most effective means to make a consistent income if you have the abilities, the connection, as well as the drive to be successful.

Besides being an opportunity to gain excellent income, freelance copywriting additionally uses you the ability to work from anywhere using Web. If you are intending to come to be a freelance copywriter, below are some pointers to assist you get the job done:

If you want to delve into the globe of freelance copywriting, after that consider obtaining a creating degree in English, Journalism, Communications, and also the like. Having an education and learning or a background on the job you wish to go after can be a solid step in finding job as a copywriter.

If it’s difficult for you to gain a degree, attempt to gain a certification in a specialized (such as advertising), or take non-degree courses that show copywriting (or technical writing) fundamentals supplied by many colleges. Having a background in copywriting can work as a credential as soon as you venture into freelance job.

Get a pro bono work. Creating copy or a post for free will certainly provide you with the experience you require if you do not have any kind of other experience. When you market on your own as a freelance copywriter, writing pro bono copy for clients can also offer as sample copies.

Intern. An internship from an identified organization or facility in your field will include trustworthiness to your abilities. Besides giving you experience and first-hand expertise, an internship may also lead to permanent employment with the business.

Because the industry is growing, there are lots of freelance copywriters that offer as your competitors. If you are truly into freelance copywriting, after that you must always look into businesses and also agencies that might require copywriting solutions, both online and offline.

An outstanding resource to find out about introducing a freelance career is Andy Anderson’s publication or audio book, “How to Earn Money from Residence as a Consultant,” released by


The number of copywriting jobs is massive. If you did a keyword search on “copywriting,” you would find 500-plus tasks. This is only a little part of the market, and also you can discover several other copywriting jobs on other websites too, such as With the advancement of the Internet, there are an increasing number of work offered to create excellent web material to name a few points on the web. Often numerous freelance copywriting work can be discovered where you will locate a wide variety of advertising agencies. A fine example of this would be in New york city. Within your area, there will certainly be a good variety of smaller sized advertising companies where you might have the ability to find work as a copywriter. The variety of opportunities for a freelance copywriter is very high as well as this is a terrific area to work in.

Freelance and team copywriting wages typically vary from $41,000 a year as much as $85,000 a year or even more. This is a rough gauge on what you could potentially make as a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting tasks are available for the taking. According to the Bureau of Labor Data, copywriting work will certainly expand in line with the general economy over the following decade. If you focus on Web copywriting, this indicates you will see concerning average growth for the market however you can see massive development.

Before, copywriters were restricted to being in-house or by marketing/ PR firms; but currently, lots of independent copywriters use their services globally.

Creating pro bono copy for clients can also serve as sample duplicates as soon as you market on your own as a freelance copywriter.

Since the industry is expanding, there are lots of freelance copywriters that serve as your rivals. If you are really right into freelance copywriting, after that you must always research businesses and also companies that might need copywriting services, both online as well as offline.

The number of chances for a freelance copywriter is really high as well as this is a fantastic area to function in.

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10 Optional Ways To Offer Your Memberships A Boost

1. Swap an advertisement.

Use ads that you’ve checked which have proven to be reliable in getting you more memberships.

Since you’ve currently great-tuned them before swapping, you’ll be able to get a higher reaction from your advertisements.

2. Write articles.

You’ll be able to get more brand-new e-zine customers that enjoy your copywriting and that have an interest in the subjects you discuss.

3. Swap a short article.

You could swap unique short articles, or you might trade among your reprint articles if you don’t have the time to compose a new fantastic essay.

4. Swap a “thank you” page recommendation.

You’ll be able to effectively get more new customers through the other e-zine publisher’s suggestion of your e-zine.

Just recommend e-zines that offer valuable content to their subscribers. You don’t want to begin on the wrong foot by suggesting something mediocre.

5. Swap a suggestion in your welcome message.

Swap your recommendation with a publisher that would provide your offer as a bonus in their welcome message.

Their customers will find the offer in their welcome e-mail, and your audience would see their proposal.

6. Swap an ebook ad or suggestion.

In addition to getting more subscribers, if the ebooks are brandable, you can both make money by providing each others’ ebooks.

7. Promote your e-zine on the back of your service cards.

You’ll be able to let your “real-life” consumers and prospects understand your e-zine.

Likewise, you’ll be able to get more new registers from the networking events you participate in throughout the year.

8. Consist of an advertisement for your e-zine in your sales brochures and catalogs.

You’ll be able to let your consumers on your subscriber list know about your e-zine.

You’ll likewise have the ability to get more new subscribers that have shown themselves to be thinking about your items by requesting your brochure or sales brochure.

9. Release reviews for your e-zine.

Increase your memberships by posting reviews on your website that share the benefits of joining your e-zine.

10. Purchase e-zine marketing.

You’ll be able to get your ad for your e-zine in front of individuals interested in what your e-zine needs to offer.

Purchasing e-zine advertising is also a great option if you don’t have enough subscribers yet to start swapping ads.

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Website Design Packages For Small Business in Seattle and Beyond

If you are just struggling on your website for your small business. Struggle no more my friend. There is a business that has the tools and experience to take your struggle away!

Allshouse Designs has awesome website design packages for your business

Allshouse Designs – A website design agency ยท Website Design Packages For Small Business in Seattle

It is important to have a well designed website that has everything it needs to help your potential clients decide to purchase your products or services. A professional webmaster will hold your hand through the entire process of creating a awesome website for your small business. With over twenty years of creating websites for the ever growing world wide web. Allshouse Designs will keep your digital image current and expanding every day. Increase your business reach in the digital world with a web design package that fits your budget.

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The Website Design Service – 5 Surefire Ways To Fail Big!

Numerous years ago, I released a small website design service in a rural location in California. Market conditions couldn’t have been much better. My ability level was above average, and I had a big swimming pool of associates to market.

Within 12 months, I went broke.

My service stopped working because I made some highly fundamental errors and made them regularly.

I now work in the digital marketing industry. I have had the opportunity to communicate with various self-employed web designers and found that the mistakes I made are typically fatal and widespread.

If you want to stick with your business over the long term, you may wish to memorize my top 5 errors and avoid them as they afflict.

If, on the other hand, you figured out to run your website design service business into the ground, the following list is an expeditious roadmap to failure.

1. Underprice your services

Selling yourself short is the most typical error web designers make. The temptation is to burglarize yourself by producing a couple of inexpensive websites to construct a portfolio. Please don’t do it!

Keep it in mind that you will be spending about 40% of your time developing sites. The other 60 percent will be spent hustling up the next client. If you believe your time deserves $10.00 per hour, think about requesting $30.00 an hour. The price hike will provide you enough earnings to spend for all the non-paying time you invest in marketing your business.

2. Fail to set and enforce borders

Everyone likes a great guy, and the temptation to provide free services is a death trap. It’s essential to bear in mind that you are in service for one primary reason – to earn your living.

You will experience customers who will pay you for a small website.  They wind up wasting all of your time with questions about how to get rid of spyware from their computer, along with requests to include “one little thing” to a currently finished website.

You can prevent this instead by establishing clear limits with the customer from the very start. A contract works here. Guarantee that your client understands what the expectations are.

If your customer requests extras, and you’re open to providing them, provide them a quote. Never toss it in for totally free. The only aspect you have to offer is your time and knowledge. Don’t hand out either.

Keep in mind and your company. Try asking a business owner for a little complimentary gas. They would be shocked by your question. Likewise, it would help if you were shocked when someone asks you to supply complimentary service.

3. View your customers as short-term

Many of us get into this company because we enjoy creating something brand-new. By the time we finish a site, we’re tired of that website (and sometimes that customer), and we’re prepared to start a new task and put the old project well behind us.

This mindset can cut deeply into your potential gross.

With time, your customer will require various updates to their website. Updates are, in some cases, bothersome but can include a significant earnings stream to your organization. More essential, a pleased client turns into one of the crucial links in your marketing network.

4. Neglect recurring profits

During the good times, web designers live from gig to gig. While completing one project, you will be lining up the next.

Every company, nevertheless, has slow stretches.

Your financial institutions will still expect a payment, even when your income slows down.

An intelligent web designer tries to find ways to supply his organization with some sources of repeating profits. Even $400 a month, which you can depend on, can get you through a drought.

There are many ways to establish some repeating earnings. Take a look at website management services with your customers. It may be one of the best things you have ever done.

5. Build quiet sites which do absolutely nothing

Your most acceptable source of marketing is word of mouth. Nothing produces fantastic word of mouth like a satisfied customer. You can develop the flashiest, most beautiful, most cutting edge websites on the net. Still, it recommends naught if your website doesn’t carry out.

Every website has a function. That function might be selling goods, utilizing an advertising spending plan, sharing details, assisting workers, or among a million other possibilities.

Your first gig as a web designer is to make sure the website you build works for your client! By doing so, you will make sure a client who will sing your applauds at their get togethers, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and to their family and friends. A customer like this is golden and will bring a constant stream of customers to your door.

The temptation is to break into the service by producing a few low-cost sites to develop a portfolio. Unfortunately, this will provide you sufficient earnings to pay for all the non-paying time you invest in marketing your service.

Remember, you’re in an organization.

Updates are sometimes annoying but can include a significant income stream to your business. When you find that “thing” – the thing it must do – make sure that the site you deliver does that specific thing like no one’s business!

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The 4 Things You Should Monitor On Your Web Pages (Definitive Guides)

Web designers have things you should monitor on your web pages (Definitive Guides). The definitive guides that I am about to share with you are for business website management. There are many things out there, but I want to be quick for your sake. In this article, I will only be talking about the four that I deem most important.

Can you agree that leaders need to know how their company is doing? It is typical to utilize exit surveys, customer feedback, suggestion boxes, and other concepts that allow insight into business performance. Without input from the customer, monitoring stocks, expenditures, income, and other benchmarks.  A service can take a quick slide down a domino effect without the owner ever seeing it coming– or having the ability to stop the fall.

With that said, I believe you should be applying the same monitoring measures to your business website.

Here are the things you should monitor on your web pages (Definitive Guides)

Traffic totals

You need to know just how much traffic you are generating. You understand you have to find out why if the line on the graph is heading down. It’s not enough to know how many website visitors you are getting. The most important is where the traffic is coming from. Armed with this information, it will help your backlink strategy. I was shocked to see it getting so much traffic for such a generic, low competitive search term. If that had been a term of a little bit more importance for me, this information would have lead me to enhance the page appropriately and get even more traffic.

Pages Viewed Per Visit

If individuals visit only one page per visit, you have some work to persuade them to go to more pages, like those that make you revenue. You can experiment with your website by putting up something cool like an add-on or widget that directs users to another web page with your website. A blog or fresh content is always a great way to get people to visit more pages of your website.

I must add that I know about excellent website management packages that keep tabs on traffic totals and pages viewed per visit. Tracking user behavior on your business website is vital. The last thing you desire is to have lost hundreds or thousands of potential sales due to your business website becoming stale.  

Internet Shopping Carts

Web based shopping carts slow and complicated shopping carts are responsible for an estimated $25 billion in lost sales. Make sure yours is operating correctly. An excellent website management service can watch this for you, too.

Server Speed

Remember that some individuals are on a much slower connection than you are. I utilize a satellite connection in some cases; however, when I don’t, my connection speed is 28K. Most professionals recommend that your CMS has a server Cashe plug-in that can be monitored and controlled to help users with poor Internet. Typically a CDN (content delivery network) is needed to boost your website download speeds. Are there problems with server speed? Perhaps not where you are, however, on the other side of the world. International website tracking can inform you of a transatlantic connection problem so that you can take it up with your hosting web service.

In Conclusion

Things you should monitor on your web pages (Definitive Guides) may be a lot to wrap your head around. Don’t get too caught up in your mind. That is entirely normal; it took me a while to understand the concepts and monitor my site. Suppose I had to do it over again. I would have paid for someone to take care of it for me.

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5 Ways To Lose Respect As A SEO Business In The Digital World

The world of building a SEO business is somewhat competitive. For a search engine optimization business to be successful, it is essential to develop a strong, well-respected online presence. Your content must be creative and respectful. Here are five aspects you should think about when designing your digital image for your business.

1) A poorly created SEO business website

Nothing says “amateur” like an improperly developed website. Suppose your website appears like it was created by an eleven-year-old with Microsoft FrontPage. If that were the case, you would have a challenging time convincing people to hire you. Even though you may be an SEO business expert and not a web designer, people still anticipate your website to have an expert appearance. You show your possible customers your unattractive website resembles showing up to a job interview in shorts and a tee-shirt. Do yourself a favor and find a web designer to develop a professional website for your business.

2) Ranking improperly for your company’s name

If you truly want to guarantee that no one employs you for your search engine optimization services, make a point to have weak SERPs. Chances are, search engine optimization is most likely not the field for you if you can not even get your business’s web website to rank well for its name. You don’t have to be on the first page of Google for search engine optimization or online search engine marketing (although it is beneficial if you do). But you must at least be number one for your company’s brand name.

3) Spamming

Unless you are famous, spamming is not going to attract any possible clients. Do not try to attract people to your business by just posting tons of ineffective content. Spamming is not respected by most of the general population. Instead use article marketing techniques

4) Bad spelling and grammar

Small errors may be a minor detail, but bad spelling and grammar can have the same result as an inadequately created website. Typos on your web page or improperly composed online forum posts are bad for you and your company. Mistakes can easily be prevented by proofreading what you type before you publish or submit it. Invest in educating yourself or purchase software to improve your spelling and grammar. You could also pay for a copywriting service to develop written content quickly.

5) Promising jobs that you can’t handle

Suppose you handle a client and assure them that their website will rank on the first page of Google for Viagra. In that case, the possibilities are that the relationship is going to end terribly. It is highly crucial to be practical with your customers about their expectations and not ever to take on a job that you understand you will not accomplish. Taking somebody’s money and not providing outcomes is a guaranteed way to drag your company’s name and reputation through the mud!

Suppose your website looks like it was developed by an eleven-year-old with Microsoft FrontPage. In that case, you are going to have a challenging time convincing people to hire you. Even though you may be an SEO expert and not a web designer, people still expect your website to have an expert look. If you do not have an eye for web style, do yourself a favor and work with a web designer to create a professional-looking website for your company.

If you genuinely want to make sure that no one hires you. Make sure that your business website ranks improperly in Google for its name. Suppose you can not even get your business’s website to rank well for its name. In that case, possibilities are search engine optimization is not the field for you.