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How Do I Know If My Website Is Working?!

How do I even know if it’s working do I you know, I’m not getting. You know tons of leads from it, but I don’t really know how to gauge and that’s what what I want to do for the next.

Several minutes is kind of break down and really answer the question. How do you know if your insurance website is working first off? I want to define what is working well, working would be. Is it providing you a passively flow? Are you getting people that are reaching out to you through your website? Are you providing your prospects with enough information and credibility to educate them to trust you enough to pick up the phone and call you and let them call you to potentially become one of your policyholders right? That is the goal of a website.

What we’re trying to do with the website is educate. You know pay for people to come to our website or whatever. We need to do to get them there and educate those prospects once they get there and then use that information to convert them into a prospect to try and get a meeting for us to sell to get a policy. It’s that simple, okay. So what I want to do is just walk you through. We know how to how to know if it’s working or not, okay, you’d, be surprised.

How many people don’t know what to do they’re just flustered. They built a website. They thought it was field of dreams. They thought, if I build it, they will come and all of a sudden, no one comes out of the cornrows right. So here’s what I want to do. I want to educate you on this, so the first thing you got to do is you got to make sure that you have Google Analytics on your website? Google Analytics is the industry standard, there’s other analytics tools, but I would just recommend Google Analytics when you build a website, it doesn’t automatically come with.

Google Analytics you’ve got to actually put the Google Analytics onto your website and you know make sure it’s the set up. The correct way it’s not super easy, but it’s also not rocket science. If you don’t have analytics on your website and your web developer didn’t help put it on there and you need help. We can help you with that, but it doesn’t matter who helps you with the analytics or you do it yourself or read the tutorial.

I don’t really care just get analytics on your website. That’s the key! Okay! So once you have Google Analytics installed, there’s a couple. You know analytics can be overwhelming, sometimes, especially if you don’t know like what you’re looking at there’s so many different views, there’s so much data. What do I know is good. You know, even if I’m looking at the data, what’s the industry standard without doing ten hours of Education on Google Analytics, I want to try and teach you guys some basics of some screens that I go to every single time.

I’r looking at a website with one of my clients for us to kind of check the vitals. So what I try to do is I try to kind of give a visual of when you go into a doctor’s appointment and you don’t know what’s wrong with you. You’re just saying doctor, I’m sick, I don’t know what to do right. Well, the doctor does certain things he gets his stethoscope out. He checks her ears whatever he does, you know he’s going to do the same thing over and over to start diagnosing the issues.

So I don’t want to walk you through is the quick screens that I feel like give us the best picture at a quick glance if our website is or isn’t working right. So the first thing that we do is we go to the audience overview? Page? Okay, the audience overview page is a general view of all the people that have been to your website in the top right of analytics. You can look at a date range, so you pick the date range that you want to work at work and look under you.

Can also compare and contrast, different periods of time you can compare quarter-on-quarter year or year a month a month. The best thing I like to do is compare a year over here, just because it gives you apples to apples comparisons right. So the first thing that I look at on the audience overview page is that top left number of users and sessions – okay, so 566. You know users and 543 sessions, I’m sorry 703 sessions and then 543 of those 566 or brand-new users.

That means these are people finding my clients website on Google or using paid or whatever they’re doing it’s, not. Just repeat people come to the website over and over right. So I try to pay attention to those over that top line. Number. That number is kind of like the biggest number that we’re going to look at, and I try to look at that as the first number that I compare a month over month. We cover week whatever and I start to see big gains on that number I’ll go.

Try and figure out why or big losses I’ll go, try and figure out why, as well number of page of sessions per user isn’t super important pageviews isn’t super important because actually just a multiplet number of the users and sessions along with pages per session. I would consider that a decently important number, if you can get your pages per session over to that’s the gold standard you want to be more than that.

If you can, but is, is fine, I wouldn’t say it’s a gold standard, but the bar that you want to set to try and get over is about two pages per session: the average session duration. This gives you a summary of how long individuals are staying on your website anything over a minute. Thirty, two, two minute. Thirty is kind of the range that you want to see on average, it also depends on traffic and if you have articles or whatever, but in general I try to see over two minutes now.

The bounce rate is probably the most important thing on this page. Aside from the users and sessions, this tells us how many people went to our website and then bounced away without engaging into our further content. Finding a article, a testimonial and reaching out to us they just came to our website, didn’t like what they saw and bounced an acceptable bounce rate is anywhere from forty to sixty percent.

So your talk whenever you say percent, what I mean is is if you have a 40 percent bounce rate, and that means four out of ten people went to my website and bounced that without further engaging they’ll lower the bounce rate, the better right, that’s important! Okay, you can manipulate and control that bounce rate by having better website pages, more interactive content, better content, etc. Each of your different website pages will have different bounce rates, which gives you a good understanding of you know what page is being more engaged with over others.

Right, the next screen that I go to really quickly is just a geography you know footprint of where my traffic’s coming from. Typically, it’s a a good view, but it kind of gives us understanding of where our traffic’s coming from. Obviously, the bigger darker circles are the the center of our overall traffic and then the lighter smaller circles are are the smaller chunks of traffic. I like looking at that as well.

Most clients do as well the next page that I think is probably one of the most important pages that tells us the most. Is the acquisition overview page? Okay? So if you can find that you go find the date range you want to look at and there’s got a couple of different things that I want to walk through. Okay, what this does is this tells us the overall sources of traffic that equaled our total ethic.

For the month, okay, so what the total traffic number is is saying all of your website traffic came from all of your sources equaled this number. What acquisition overview tells us is okay. You may have had 600 people to your website this month, but here’s the five blogs that they came from and here’s how they interacted independent from one another. So this audience overview page. It gives us a really good understanding of where this traffic’s coming from all right.

So obviously, you have social organic search, direct paid, search, referral, so organic search, obviously is just someone going to Google and go into your website. Social would be social media them going from paid social to your website. Other I’m sorry direct would be. Someone goes into the the search bar of the like the URL and types in your exact URL and go straight to your website without a search engine, that’s direct.

That number is usually manipulated by the like branding that you have, or maybe you know you did an event where you called out your URL and people went to it. Maybe got TV, commercial, running or radio commercial come running and they have your URL on that page. So that’s how that works on the acquisition column. The next column is the behavior column back column is a really awesome bit of information that tells us the bounce rate of the individual traffic, so there’s different traffic sources have different bounce rates.

You always want to expect your paid traffic to have a higher bounce rate than your organic traffic in general. That’s usually an expectation that needs to be set now on the far right column. You have conversions now this is where it gets a little more advanced. You probably aren’t going to be able to figure out how to do your own conversion set up, but what this does is there’s different ways to set up your conversion tracking within Google Analytics, so that when, when your website, users take a specific action that counts as A conversion what I mean by that is, you know that would be like a lead or a phone call or a download a piece of gated content or whatever that looks like most people, honestly, don’t have conversion setup unless they’re working with digital marketing professionals.

But this is one of the main ways that you can tell if my website is working. If I’m getting conversions, let me explain what I mean with the next screen, so this next screen is showing our actual conversions for this particular client. If you’ll notice on May 31st, I think we just started tracking conversion, as of May obviously before that the client didn’t have their conversion tracking setup. So in this particular case, in the last 30 days, they’ve had 30 goal.

Completions go through. These are conversions. These are individuals that did what we wanted them to do on our website. That leads us to a goal: conversion rate, a four and a half percent goal. Conversion rate is just fine, it depends on the traffic. It depends on how many goals we have set up anywhere from four to fifteen percent is typically the range that I see on a conversion rate if you’re below that you need to kind of do some work to manipulate those numbers, because you don’t have enough goal.

Conversion points for them to convert on or you’re, not educating enough to actually get them to the point of conversion right, so you can also break down of the thirty goal. Completions I can label and set up what goal completions. They are because not all goal completions are created equal. So if we have a gated content guide that says your top ten reasons to you know apply for Medicare this year, because here’s the things that are changing or whatever I just pulled – that out of the air, but some type of piece of content, where someone has To give you their information to get their information to get the piece of gated information, then that would be considered a lead, but that’s not as hot as a lead as someone that contacts you through their website or your website.

That says, I want to talk more about your Medicare plan right. Obviously, one is hot versus others, not as hot, but there’s still goal. Completions won’t attract them individually. All right. The last view is just you know. One of the I just wanted to show you kind of how you’re able to work with the client work with the company as a professional to help manipulate and get their their website traffic.

You know raised and more increasing from a top-line level and also increasing from a conversion perspective as well. So before I started working with this client, they had no idea if their website was working or not, they didn’t even know. They just only had a website and they had some stuff going on it. They just had no really what they were doing. They they would make changes, they didn’t know if it was working or not right.

So what we did is, I tried I tracked analytics and what we’re doing on this screen is we’re looking at the year-over-year comparisons of track website traffic, so this particular client is doing google adwords along with some social and then also search engine optimized so year every Year, they’re up a hundred percent, their goal completions, we don’t know exactly how much they’re up, because they didn’t have goal completions installed before I started work with them, but over time we’ll start to be able to develop that benchmark of success.

So this may have been a little advanced for some, maybe not maybe not advanced enough for others. That’s the beauty about digital marketing is that it’s an ocean and there’s always the next level to get to so it’s secure agent marketing. We exist to help the insurance industry, understand this stuff, console and coach along the way to make sure that you can answer the question. How is my website working contact us to our website and we would love to take a specific consultative approach to your specific need and talk about what your potential goals should be and help you set them up and start tracking and start getting to that return on Investment with the website dollars,


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Es lo que nos ayuda, a mantener un contacto frecuente, con los clientes ya, que si ellos pertenecen a nuestra base de datos, a un simple clic de distancia podemos decirles que hay un nuevo producto que hay una nueva promoci√≥n posibilidad para nosotros entrar en contacto con ellos. Para generar ingresos simplemente avis√°ndoles de alg√ļn tipo de promoci√≥n y marketing, requiere de ciertos pasos para que funcione de una manera eficiente es mantener un balance, entre brindar valor y vender, no se trata s√≥lo de mandar, correos diciendo, compren, esto, compre, el otro, para muchas tiendas en L√≠nea negocios de dropshipping, a veces enfocan simplemente, a generar esa venta inicial y est√° bien se puede generar esas, ventas iniciales donde las personas llegan y compran en nuestra p√°gina web tal, vez simplemente compran alg√ļn, curso, compran, alg√ļn, producto de terceros afiliados.

Lo que sea que estamos vendiendo pero no van a comprar otra vez ni tres ni un nuevo producto pues que no tuvimos ese contacto con ellos y, no podemos depender de instagram, no podemos depender de youtube de facebook y las redes sociales en general. Para que siempre tengamos contacto con ellos puesto que el engagement, la participación que se tiene con los clientes, no siempre va a ser la máxima puede disminuirse podemos perder esos clientes si no los mantenemos al tanto entonces es muy importante capturar siempre correos de nuestros, mejores clientes Y clientes potenciales que están interesados en lo que ya: estamos hablando ya les expliqué en ese vídeo anterior nuevamente, nada, más, se los dejo acá, o en en la descripción y pueden verlo.

Pero nos vamos, a enfocar, a c√≥mo capturar esos correos vamos, a crear una p√°gina de captura un landing page b√°sicamente que es donde las personas entran su informaci√≥n su nombre y su correo y suficiente, a veces se puede pedir m√°s informaci√≥n dependiendo del estilo de negocio que Queramos crear informaci√≥n que necesitamos de ellos la teor√≠a es la siguiente tenemos que ofrecer algo que ellos les interese de manera gratuita puede ser un ebook un ebook con informaci√≥n independientemente del nicho siempre hay algo que podemos, dar gratis informaci√≥n b√°sica informaci√≥n gratuita ellos van a querer Obtener el ebook y van, a descargarlo entonces entran su correo y su nombre y podemos brindarles a√ļn m√°s informaci√≥n por medio de correos de manera, autom√°tica sent√≠amos, los correos para que se env√≠en cada cierto tiempo cada d√≠a, o cada dos o tres d√≠as, no es necesario es Para mear no traten de mandar correos, a cada rato es simplemente un flujo constante de correos, con buena informaci√≥n y cada cierto tiempo, va a dar un correo con links, a productos con promociones, a esos productos con productos de terceros y nos vamos, a ganar una comisi√≥n, Por medio de eso de manera autom√°tica les recuerdo aqu√≠ siempre estamos hablando de estos negocios en l√≠nea rating inversiones maneras de generar ingresos por internet que existen tantas hoy en d√≠a entonces pueden suscribirse d√°ndole, a la campana me dejan lights, o dislike sus comentarios y todo eso Abajo es una comunidad, donde todos podemos participar ahora s√≠, veamos c√≥mo se te har√° y c√≥mo configurar una p√°gina una p√°gina de captura, para cualquier, estilo de negocio, existen muchas p√°ginas, que nos permiten, crear, landing pages y poder, manejar toda nuestra base de datos de suscriptores y Todo esto y capturarlos por medio de p√°ginas de captura, hacer muchas opciones de campa√Īas, automatizadas etc√©tera mails y me parece buena porque es primero que nada gratis hasta dos mil suscriptores despu√©s empieza, a pagar y me parece que el precio que se paga despu√©s de 2000 que Es alrededor de 30 d√≥lares me parece bastante competitivo y en igual de igual manera si uno desea moverse, a otro servicio puede hacerlo simplemente exporta la lista contactos y pues en que se tiran las campa√Īas de nuevo y todo eso, entonces la opci√≥n de sign and for Free la utilizamos y obviamente, colocamos nuestro correo de toda, esa informaci√≥n una vez que tienen la cuenta de mail sin lista y hicieron todos los pasos que obviamente que poniendo toda la informaci√≥n de la empresa del negocio de lo que se quiera crear y lo que estamos Creando le dan continuar, let’s go y ven que pues todav√≠a estamos iniciando podemos b√°sicamente ver que hay un mont√≥n de opciones arriba campaigns en campa√Īas vamos a tener lo que es la los correos simples, los automatizados y las landing pages.

Para iniciar lo que queremos hacer realmente es crear un landing page para empezar, a capturar correos y eso, lo hacemos en la opci√≥n de create c√≥mo ves al email, blanding, page post para buscar sign up ford en este caso vamos, a utilizar landing page landing page va A ser el nombre del producto como ven inmediatamente crea una lista, con el nombre del negocio y lo que queremos es crearlo espec√≠ficamente para cada producto, si es bueno y les recomiendo pensar de antemano si van a vender varios productos diferentes y si est√°n vendiendo por ejemplo Diferentes nichos qu√© s√© yo si tienen productos de nichos de no solo de cierto tipo de bons√°is como en este caso sino que est√°n vendiendo diferentes cosas algo de m√ļsica algo relacionada negocio es algo relacionado, a un deporte algo relacionado.

Lo que sea o diferentes productos zapatos camisas cursos lo que sea puedes crear listas diferentes si lo que quieren es una √ļnica lista en este caso va a funcionar bastante bien si lo que quieren es crear muchas listas diferentes venimos, a la opci√≥n de listas y como Ven est√° la lista general que se acaba de crear que es la lista general del negocio donde est√°n todos todos, los contactos pero si desean crear listas aparte pueden hacerlo ac√° y simplemente lean crear, lista y le ponen el nombre, los tags b√°sicamente.

Lo que nos permite es dividir, a las personas en listas entonces si queremos utilizar tags podemos en vez de crear, listas diferentes, nada, más, le ponemos un tag, o sea una etiqueta, a los suscriptores de cada lista puede ser la misma, lista general, con diferentes tags, pero Por ahorita no nos vamos, a complicar mucho simplemente vamos, a crear el landing page pero es para que sepan cómo es que funciona básicamente el landing page va a ser por ejemplo si es para: un producto específico producto una landing, page y le damos iniciar.

M√°ximo nos va, a ofrecer un mont√≥n de templates y les recomiendo utilizarlos al inicio, no hace falta, crear toda una p√°gina de captura, personalizada complicada podemos verlas en este caso ofrece una imagen, ya, relacionada, un √°rbol, o en este caso un cactus pero tiene, un mont√≥n de Formaci√≥n abajo que yo aqu√≠ no necesito y les recomiendo mantenerlo simple y sencillo sin complicar mucho el dise√Īo, no vamos a crear todo un fondo, o un landing page tan extenso contando informaci√≥n pero en el caso que ustedes ya, tengan muchos productos tienen, un mont√≥n de informaci√≥n Tienen testimonios de clientes y todo eso este ser√≠a un excelente template para ustedes porque pueden colocar, los templos, los testimonios de los clientes que ustedes ya tienen que les han dejado en redes sociales pueden colocarlos ac√° si no tienen nada de eso, pueden ir con un template M√°s sencillo en este caso por ejemplo este que es un templo bastante b√°sico y vamos, a utilizarlo como ejemplo para lo que ser√≠a crear el de nosotros como ven aqu√≠ simplemente colocamos.

Lo que es el logo en este caso colocamos ac√° el logo, buscando el logo de la empresa, aqu√≠ vamos, a colocar informaci√≥n que es texto m√°s informaci√≥n y managers y el bot√≥n de subscribirse voy, a hacer esto de manera r√°pida para que vean c√≥mo va a quedar El ejemplo pero todo esto ustedes tienen que b√°sicamente pensar que es lo que van a ofrecer puede ser un concurso pueden ser promociones pueden ser un ebook puede ser un ebook gratuito algo gratis para que las personas quieran unirse, a esa lista de contactos algo muy importante Antes de ponernos, a agregar toda la informaci√≥n, el logo y el background es que queremos tambi√©n tener el primer, nombre, o al menos, el nombre, completo de la persona que se va a unir, a la lista como ven solo aparece, la opci√≥n de email address, queremos tener La opci√≥n de nombre tambi√©n solo le damos clic, a este bloque como √©ste est√° divide en diferentes bloques y en este √ļltimo bloque que es donde las personas van, a poner esa informaci√≥n seleccionamos la opci√≥n de tambi√©n, first name: aqu√≠ las personas van, a colocar su primer, Nombre pero pueden colocar todo su nombre completo si queremos tener m√°s informaciones separadas podemos pedir nombre y √ļltimo y el apellido y podemos pedir hasta el n√ļmero de tel√©fono, pero estas cosas las personas, no suelen llenarlo, todo, entre, m√°s, simple es mejor yo, deja, nuestra, manera, correo, Electr√≥nico y nombre y obviamente le damos salvar todo esto lo vamos, a poder estilizar vamos, a poder leer un mont√≥n de opciones distintas podemos colocar una imagen, [ M√ļsica, ], como, ven, coloque logo, coloca informaci√≥n y lo que quise fue utilizar una imagen de fondo ahorita.

No sabe puesto que de fondo no hay imagen, no se entiende el texto pero una vez se coloc√≥ la imagen de fondo, ven de una manera sencilla se puede leer, el resto, ustedes pueden, dise√Īar, esto, como, gusten, pueden, dedicarle, el tiempo que ustedes quieran dedicarle traten de Mantener un estilo similar al resto de la marca y como, ven est√© simplemente en algunos casos no hay que complicarse mucho la vida, pueden cambiar el color de los botones pero lo m√°s importante es a veces tomar acci√≥n las personas, no est√°n necesariamente juzgando un landing page Cuando realmente quieren unirse, a algo en este caso, este negocio les est√° ofreciendo, a las personas un mont√≥n de tutoriales relacionados, a bons√°is que ellos ya, est√°n interesados en crecer en sus propios √°rboles bons√°i y aprender, a mantenerlos y tambi√©n quieren recibir de vez en cuando pues Productos relacionados a onzas y tal vez merchandising camisas todo esto semillas para un sai, todas estas cosas, entonces las personas, se van a unir en este caso debido, a esto ustedes pueden ofrecer ebooks pueden ofrecer cursos pueden, ofrecer, alg√ļn, concurso y las personas las que est√°n interesadas Van a poner su nombre y su correo y van, a darle suscribe le damos, a la opci√≥n de save and publish y esto, va a quedar listo ya.

Para para que est√© funcionando una vez que est√° publicado podemos ver el landing, page funcionando en esta secci√≥n en la secci√≥n de campa√Īas, ya, est√° listo, este landing, page ya, est√° funcionando y la persona que est√° utilizando la ya, est√°, ao, captura, ya, est√°, capturando, correos, simplemente, Publicando la en historias de instagram inmediatamente se obtienen correos de las personas interesadas lo √ļnico que tienen que hacer es utilizar este link en el link, se les presenta al final de que termina en el landing page pero, siempre, pueden, obtenerlo, cada una vez que ya est√°n Obteniendo suscribes una vez que ya quieren estar en contacto con ellos simplemente vienen, a la opci√≥n de crear campa√Īa y esta vez vamos, a crear un email, podemos crear un correo electr√≥nico donde le vamos, a decir, a ellos de ofertas que tengamos de productos para que puedan Comprar directamente en la p√°gina, ya, sean shop y fire y hacen en wordpress utilizando, google, commerce, pero realmente la mejor, manera es hacerlo de una, manera automatizada y eso, se crea simplemente de la misma, manera creando, aqu√≠ una campa√Īa de iu.

No y escogemos que sea auto mail y les recomiendo que lo primero que hagan es enviar un correo de bienvenida con informaci√≥n valiosa esa informaci√≥n valiosa b√°sicamente va a ser un correo del nicho que ustedes ya conozcan como ven ac√° pueden agregar m√°s y m√°s, correos yo Recomiendo que sea una serie de varios correos tal vez unos cinco, a diez correos donde cada tres correos son informaci√≥n valiosa y un correo cuarto, o s√©ptimo es una venta espec√≠fica de un producto se puede mezclar con m√°s es bueno tener un balance, entre valor y ventas Y estos correos simplemente se dise√Īan ac√° como ven lo que tenemos que hacer es un d√≠a despu√©s de que el suscriptor ya, se uni√≥ a nuestra lista de contactos y como ya, landing page ya, est√° funcionando y las personas se est√°n uniendo, a esa, a esa lista Simplemente tenemos que crear una serie de varios correos obviamente dependiendo de cada nicho ustedes van a tener que verificar qu√© es la informaci√≥n importante que las personas necesitan aqu√≠ nada, m√°s, queremos verificar que una vez que las personas un suscriptor juniors list, al primer, d√≠a despu√©s les Vamos, a enviar un correo de bienvenida eso, est√° listo aqu√≠ tambi√©n vamos, a seleccionar de la opci√≥n de trigger wind subscribers, art import, significa que cuando, los suscriptores son importados una lista nuestra base de datos, los importamos manualmente igual van a recibir este primer, correo entonces es Bueno seleccionar esa opci√≥n y luego, el resto es simplemente el sap, jim line y toda, esta informaci√≥n si venimos a la opci√≥n de design, email, aqu√≠, podemos colocar el nombre del correo es este, nombre simplemente, para nosotros, el soft decline.

Si tiene que ser algo atractivo las personas que están interesadas realmente en bonsai si se unieron stalin; a esta lista de contactos ya, están interesadas en tutoriales ya, están interesadas en información relacionada, a bonsáis entonces ellos claramente van a querer recibir este estilo de información sobre algo Relevante, a bonsáis y más y les estamos diciendo. You need to know this ellos van a querer saber eso y podemos agregar texto que aparezca en un color diferente después del sap decline, no es obligatorio simplemente es una opción más en el front name.

Es el nombre que va a recibir la persona en este caso el nombre de la marca, o si quiere utilizar un nombre de ustedes como un s√≠, o como un encargado de la compa√Ī√≠a y le dan, a la opci√≥n de next y van, a ver un mont√≥n De opciones diferentes para redactar correos pueden utilizar la que, ustedes deseen, para tomar, las im√°genes, donde, ustedes, deseen, pueden, utilizar, dise√Īos simples que sean puro texto realmente queda, a decisi√≥n de cada uno de ustedes, pueden colocar, inclusive aqu√≠, el logo, algunos productos, im√°genes y todo, eso los Links obviamente son importantes, porque son los que redirigen el tr√°fico, ya, sea otras, redes sociales, a la p√°gina web, a los productos que se quieran vender y todo esto y una vez que ya tienen redactado el correo, quedar√° listo, para siempre y se va a estar enviando Constantemente, a la lista de correos que se han suscrito entonces esto es algo muy subjetivo, no existe la manera correcta dependiendo del nicho es bueno ver como el nicho de ustedes trabaja qu√© dise√Īos utilizan, ellos y ustedes, replicar ese, formato vamos, a la opci√≥n de save continue.

Como ese correo ya, qued√≥, listo, ahora se va a enviar un d√≠a despu√©s de que esa persona se une a nuestra lista y simplemente tenemos que hacer lo mismo con todos estos s√≠ les recomiendo, no bombardear a su lista de contactos del en un descanso se env√≠a Un correo y tiene unos tres, o cuatro d√≠as antes de que se env√≠e el siguiente y luego, con el siguiente correo tambi√©n le dan una cierta cantidad de d√≠as para que se env√≠e el siguiente y as√≠ constantemente toda la serie de correos, en la opci√≥n de edit Flow settings: aqu√≠ simplemente vamos, a poder editar un mont√≥n de informaci√≥n de la campa√Īa en general automatizada que ya estamos creando esto es general el nombre que van a recibir las personas y la informaci√≥n del tracking que queremos nosotros obtener, o sea tracking la cantidad de estad√≠sticas Que vamos a recibir por parte de mails en nuestro correo pueden seleccionar las opciones que ustedes deseen algunas son de pago, claramente pero si es muy importante dejar la opci√≥n de track, open si trae clics para ir viendo cu√°ntas, personas van d√°ndole click, a los correos y Cu√°ntas pues le dan click, a los links, adentro de los correos eventualmente viendo, los n√ļmeros podemos mejorar, los correos y hacerlos m√°s eficientes y vemos que tiene muy pocos muy pocos clics es por algo, tal, vez la redacci√≥n, no es la mejor, se puede redactar de una Mejor manera que genere m√°s clics solo le damos, a la opci√≥n de next y una vez que los correos ya est√°n listos dise√Īados con el texto que queremos con los links que deseamos le damos start sending y todas las personas que se encuentran adentro de la campa√Īa Van a estar recibiendo estos correos autom√°ticamente cada vez que se suscriban los d√≠as que ya hemos dejado espec√≠ficos y esto nos va, a traer un tr√°fico constante de personas en nuestro negocio viendo nuestro contenido y comprando nuestros productos una vez que ya est√° creado el landing page Tenemos que promocionarlo existen muchas maneras, podemos hacerlo de manera, pagada por medio de facebook cats, google apps lo que tenemos que enfocarnos es a promocionar el ebook gratis esa informaci√≥n gratis ese concurso tal vez y las personas, se van a unir, a nuestra lista de contactos por, Esa informaci√≥n gratuita promocionamos y pagamos para que a la gente se una tal vez, no estamos obteniendo ganancias inmediatamente probablemente, si van a haber algunas ventas porque las personas, si van a querer ir a la p√°gina web o comprar el producto pero lo ideal aqu√≠ es verlo.

A un mediano plazo porque esa lista de contactos se va a monetizar eventualmente entre m√°s contactos m√°s ventas y podemos inclusive en algunos casos ponerle una una cifra espec√≠fica, a la cantidad de contactos, muchas personas dicen que a veces cada contacto equivale un d√≥lar pero dependiendo del Nicho puede valer hasta diez, quince d√≥lares, cada, contacto, entonces vean las posibilidades de esto, tambi√©n podemos promocionar el landing, page de manera, org√°nica por historias de instagram, no nos cuesta, nada, por, v√≠deos de youtube, tampoco cuesta, nada en grupos de facebook, enfocados, a ese nicho en foros Simplemente brindamos informaci√≥n recordar que el paso n√ļmero uno es brindar informaci√≥n de calidad; si a√ļn no han creado sus negocios y a√ļn est√°n empezando y no tiene ni idea de c√≥mo crear el negocio c√≥mo crear el dise√Īo, c√≥mo iniciar en las redes, sociales configurar esto de manera.

√ďptima yo les voy, a dejar mi ebook gratuito que est√° aqu√≠ abajo nada m√°s le dan clic y van a poder descargarlo y a√ļn as√≠ les recomiendo que lo hagan para que obtengan esta informaci√≥n gratis tambi√©n y para que se unan a mi lista de contactos y Vean c√≥mo funciona el sistema es importante, analizar esto, no solo, para que vean c√≥mo son los pasos c√≥mo se deben enviar, los correos c√≥mo colocar, los links que necesitamos sino que tambi√©n busquen en sus nichos en el que sea el negocio ustedes el nicho espec√≠fico √ļnanse a Listas de contactos y vean de las personas que ya lo est√°n haciendo que est√°n teniendo una empresa, un negocio ya, exitoso vean como ellos hacen funcionar su sistema de email, marketing y replicarlo, no exactamente igual pero ver m√°s, o menos con qu√© frecuencia en enviar, los correos Qu√© productos utilizan qu√© t√≠tulos y softline se utilizan entonces se pueden analizar eso, nuevamente les dejo mi bus gratuito para que aprendan c√≥mo generar ingresos por internet en 6 simples pasos, desde, dise√Īo logo y redes, sociales hasta diferentes estilos de monetizaci√≥n, entonces se los dejo ah√≠ en Un v√≠deo m√°s adelante vamos a enfocarnos, a c√≥mo generar tr√°fico, a landing page ya sea de manera org√°nica de manera pagada pero recuerden esto es base de cualquier negocio cualquier negocio en l√≠nea para que se mantenga funcionando y no tengamos que siempre estar gastando un mont√≥n de Esfuerzo y dinero en solo estar, consiguiendo ventas, podemos, tambi√©n mandar las a nuestro backend o sea, a la parte trasera del sistema que se mantiene funcionando por s√≠ solo, por medio de email, marketing entonces si les gust√≥ este v√≠deo me dejan un, like se suscriben d√°ndole, a La campana para que les lleguen las notificaciones de los nuevos v√≠deos y nos vemos en un v√≠deo m√°s adelante ya, amigos, [, M√ļsica, ],


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web2py: “Web Development Should be Easy” – Massimo Di Pierro – PyConAr 2012

I will try to explain what that means and more or less why we started building web 2 pi and first of all, I want to thank the organizers and this wonderful conference and the food is excellent and also want to congratulate Mariano, who is a new member Of the Python Software Foundation, ok, so let me first ask a question that some people ask: should everybody learn to program now? First of all, what do I mean by this? Should my mom learn to program? That’s not exactly what I mean.

What I mean by this question is not, and also I don’t mean, should everybody actually be a programmer? The question should people know what the program is, how you build the programs, and so the question is: should people learn how to do it? Is there a value in that? More specifically, we can ask, should every child learn to program and to this question I definitely would answer yes, I think the new generation should learn how to program.

So, let’s see my reasons for that. First of all, there are studies that show that if you know two programs, you improve your cognitive skills. Well, people have shown that if you it’s not sufficient to learn the syntax, it’s important to apply programming to solving problems. But you learn many things. If you do that, you improve your cognitive skills. Also, there are reasons related to job opportunities, because people project that the next 10 years there will be twice as many jobs created in software development than in other areas.

So the job sense of tooth development will grow twice as fast as in other areas, but also, I think we want our kids and the future generation to understand technology, not just being consumers of technology, which is, I think, it’s a big problem today. We all use a lot of technology, but most people don’t understand how it works, and that creates problems so understanding science technology is essential for the progress of society and in particular, computing technologies is what has given us unprecedented means to communicate and build different types of Social relationships that people were not building before now, we are able to meet people who are far away, and we can do that thanks to technology – and I think programming plays an important role.

People who are programmers interact with people who are far away more than people are not programmers. People are not. Programmers tend to only interact with local people, and also it’s important. So this technology can be is for good, but it’s also used sometimes in ways that we don’t like like to take away our rights like we buy a digital book and it’s not clear who owns it. So when I die, can I pass it to my child? I don’t know and stuff that we put on a cloud who owns that.

So I think there’s also an added value in having people learning to program and building an economy based on building software as opposed to building physical things. So we have this capitalistic model which I’ve nothing against it mean it works some extent and makes a distinction between people who invest, for example, in a company by paying for the means of production in the workers who actually build a product and they both a profit.

Well, software is a little different in that, because the means of productions is your education and is your laptop. So you are kind of an investor of yourself. You can start your own company without necessarily having somebody investing in you, that’s kind of a different model and it allows more for less your are keep of society. It allows people to dream about having a better position in society.

That’s to me a very important reason to get into software development, also, the kind of product we make, which is software as economic value as social value, but also it’s something we can easily replicate on our cost and we can discard without polluting the environment. So it’s a important part of the economy. It’s an important part of the economy, which is growing and there’s lots of benefits, so the production production of digital content is specifically.

Software is something that will continue to be important, and I think we should welcome that. We should have more of that. We should value software and more in our society, more digital content. So what kind of society do we want? Why is this important again like today, we start seeing on the market machines. Like 3d printers, we can buy a 3d printer for like two thousand dollars for a small one, and we already see that people are starting to approach that.

It’s not ok that you will start things account, because that undermines our current economic model in which the companies that’s supposed to make things and they own the rights and time. So we have to make a decision which kind of society we want. We want a society which we restrict, what people can do in terms of building intellectual content, software, business content or whether society in which things are shared, and it’s much easier to make things yourself.

Even physical objects and physical object will be made from digital content, which is something relatively new that is going to change our society even more so I don’t know how we go about that. The only thing I know is, I think we need to teach more people out of program. So my next question is: do we teach programming well to our children? Do it teach it in school? Well, I am I’m a professor. I teach in a university and I see a lot of them.

Ok, a students coming is never programmed before and is confronted with public class in the world. The public static void, main string. Args sees out print line in the world. Ok, so we’re trying to teach them that we can tell the computer to print something, and we are a lot of additional structure there. That scares people away, and so we put a lot of obstacles in the way of new programmers and the obstacles are of various nature.

The first obstacle is, they have to use some kind of shell type commands. Well, they don’t have the concept yet that you give commands the computer. So the moment you present a shell, they get a little confused. Also, there are lots of shells that is the Linux bash shell. There is the Windows shell, there is the Python shell and when I see students were master students who cannot tell one from the other, the tape pack, we type Python comments in the bash shell.

The type bash comments into the Python shell and 50 % of the students come to a university in America and they don’t know that Windows is a shell, they don’t know where to type the commands that I give them. So that’s a problem and I think, is IDs now IDs are useful. If you are a good programmer, then a lot of features like auto completion, but they also have a lot of buttons that scare people away myself.

When I try to use the Microsoft IDs and thanks get confused, I don’t know what the different buttons students will also focus, often on languages, syntax and not semantics. So we have to understand what the semicolon mean and things like that and, most importantly, I think we use examples. They do not leverage on. What’s the student knowledge, so students today and every level even the elementary level they go to school and they already know to interact with computers.

They know how to use YouTube. They know you use Facebook. We making this 7 is addicted to YouTube right. So we don’t leverage that we go there and we say: ok now type the Fibonacci sequence code, the Fibonacci sequence called complex numbers, they don’t know what that is. They don’t care, I mean some. Do people will become engineers, they are interested in that, but not everybody. Also. We don’t provide motivation.

Those examples that people use in intro classes are not interesting to the majority of people. It takes a long time in our computer science degree before the students get productive and can build something which they consider to be useful, and we have a lot of classes which are for non computer science majors in which we never teach them to do something. Useful and that’s a big mistake, I think we all set this bottom-up approach is opposed to a top-down approach.

So we start from the very basic concepts which historically are the foundations of programming, which are the for-loop the if statement, and then we go into funk. Some calls, and eventually after years we get into building a web application, and I think we should reverse that. I think they don’t know why you need the for-loop people, don’t know what in the if statement. So first we should start to teach them how to build complex things using complex blocks, and then we should take a more scientific approach and explain them.

How did this block work? These blocks are made of smaller parts which are made of smaller parts and eventually the if statement and the for loop and the function call are the smallest parts. So one thing we can do better. I think here everybody agrees, is you know we can just get rid all the fluff around there and leave only print the Lord, so we can use Python for into classes. So what I teach would start this is that with a lot success, our intro classes in computer science now use Python as intercourse, and then they take advanced programming courses.

But you know what I find very strange is that we were able to do this for computer scientists, but not for all the other majors for the other major sixteen using job, and I think we need to do a better job at convincing people. That Python is a better language for the introductory computer science. Well, can we do even better than this? Well, I think we need to provide motivation. So from the beginning, we should teach students how to build not simply print a long word but to build web applications.

So print L award post it on the web for other people to see. I think that’s the big change that we should do, and I don’t see this done everywhere. Every anyway, people still program these very simple examples that don’t give a motivation, so students already familiar with the web, and we will give a lot of motivation by teaching demo to program web applications and again we as a kid was not addicted to YouTube right.

Okay, so this is my job. This is why I’m giving this talk – and this is why I build the things I build. I want to make web development easier, more accessible to people and my main audience is not necessarily Python programmers but bring people from outside and less error-prone building web applications is it’s complicated today there are security issues. It’s complicated issue, security issues. You can make errors that, because security will never build this, so my interest is: how can we make web development easier, more accessible at the same time enable people to build programs with a lower chance that they make a security mistake and more module? Now I don’t claim that I have any success in this.

I mean I will show you what I’ve been working on, but I don’t claim in success. I’r just saying that I’m trying to do this. This is my goal. My goal is not to make the fastest web application. My goal is not to make the most pythonic web application. My goal is to make the easiest one to use so 2007. I was teaching courses on web development. I was using other frameworks and I had all these problems, the students I could not get them out to speed after four weeks.

They still were confused about basic things, so I’ve started making web 2 pi and what’s web 2 pi, which pi is drop. One file, which is a zip file: you can get the binary version, source version and so on or for Mac or Windows, and includes basically, these three things that includes the web server, the database SQLite and the database abstraction layer. So it works on top of SQLite. But you can replace it, it does my gracious in the sense that you never talk direct to the SQL engine, not even to other tables.

Does that, for you includes a web-based ID. So when you unzip wait to file you just unzip, it click on it. It starts even the opens a browser for you, you don’t have to open the browser, you just that for you and you get the whole idea in the browser and it’s a very simple idea to use for new students and there have no configuration files. It’s not that you don’t need to do the configuration just.

There is no configuration file. It’s supposed to work anywhere. Python runs and we’re packages with it all kind of libraries that we think are important for web development, like libraries to handle to generate HTML, XML, JSON, RSS, ICS, PDF, RTF and all various protocols like similar procedures, an RPC, so different application methods like LDAP, generate Dropbox. Google cast open I’d, be of one and two x.

509 certificate. It’s all built thing, so you don’t have to worry about going fish for the right library, third-party library, which may or may not work with your version. Libraries for generating widgets, like mark me in a Mac down and libraries, to talk to Google Wallet, authorized or net stripe, dot-com payment systems, memcache Redis, Twitter and it’s based on Twitter bootstrap. But you can change that.

Also, one more requirement of way to pi we made in 2007, we required always to be backward compatible, so we never brought backward compatibility since 2007, except for one security issue. So if there is a security issue, we would break backward compatibility. It only happened once like three years ago now wait. Why has a lot of contributors? I’ve listed some here? One of the main contributors is Mariana vengas, which is one of the organizers of this conference.

So thank you to all the contributors. We’ve been doing relatively well. We got two kind of important Awards: 2011. We got the boss award and Justin twelve gauntlet acknowledge the Year award from the same source, both of them. So this is how it looks like you unzip what file you started. You get this ID and this ID basically, on the left hand side, it lists the applications that you have and you can have many applications the same time and the same with my instance, and you can do various things with these applications on the right hand, side You can add more applications, you can create a new one, you can update where to PI and you can up install application locally or remotely and what shows you there with the iPhone.

It shows you that this web ID is also available for mobile devices. Then you click on one application and what you get to get internal structure. So it’s a MVC framework, so internal structure consists of models, controllers and views. Mostly, there are other folders now one important. The two things important here to stress first is the web ID. It’s useful for new users. It’s convenient if you are doing some work remotely, but you don’t have to use.

It is not a central part of what to buy, which buys a bunch of libraries like flask or or Django. You can do everything from the shell. You can edit all your files from the shell, but the ID itself is an application runs on top of those libraries which you can even uninstall completely and everything works. The second thing is the folder structure that you see everything that the web interface shows.

You corresponds to just files and folder in the file system, so here we see we are into the application on webcam. This means that there is a folder called welcome and inside there are models, controllers, views and so on and those are just subfolders and inside there are files and those are the files in the system. There are no other files other than those that you see in the web interface. You can edit a file on the web interface.

You can edit using Emacs from the shell. It’s the same thing, there’s no metadata anywhere. The only thing that the web interface does for you first, it groups them in a way that kind of makes sense in a logical sense. It allows you to edit those files. It also parses those files and finds what’s in there like it, finds that in the controllers that may be some actions defined. So it shows you links, so you can just click on the link and run it same thing with the models.

It shows you which models you have defined and which tables you have, and things like that. So now you had you click on a controller and you get just a web-based editor. Something like this, where you just type in their death index return in the world, finds that there is a function in the X terms in the world and on top there one stays exposed it’s going to list. There is a function index you click on.

It is going to run it you’re going to get the webpage you’re looking we have web-based the bugger, which was created by Mariana, which I think I broke in the latest release and I’m fully responsible for that. So we’ll fix that soon. Also, every application that you run on the web to PI has its own database administrative interface, which is kind of the poor man’s version of the jungle. Min.I serves the same purpose, but it’s a major difference.

The jungle mean is designed to be exposed to users and customized. The word papaya tween is para plication and is designed for the administrator, but the controls, the tar in that mean, can then be embedded into your own applications and I’ll show you that even a more sophisticated controls of those used in there. So when you make a new application in word to buy, it already comes with some tables which you can delete.

If you don’t need so you have authentication table for role based access control, so you have a user group membership permission an event event our login event. Logout event and failed access events, we’re a table called old class every application, which PI is a central dedication, service, client and provider. So you can install to application. You can ask one that the other one will do authentication for it.

You can delegate it wealth of scheduler tables because it comes with a built-in master workers scheduler. So you can start many workers and you can schedule new tasks by entry, new rykor. Do you want those tables programmatically or using the interface, and it will run the tasks in background and the workers available? We pick up the tasks, we’ll type, an internet transition page so anywhere in the code.

You have a string. You want that translating and different, which you just put that in front of the string, and then you you click on the button that corresponds to your language and you get a page in which you just translate those strings in the other language. It’s yellow. If it’s not translated already it’s white, if it was translated already and then you just translate through this interface also, we have a pluralization system.

So what pi understands the rules of many languages? For example, understand Slovenian has four types of plural, depending if it’s zero objects. One object to object or more than two objects. Okay, it understands that and depending on the language you are translating you can specify which words needs to be pluralized, so you may have a print statement you have X. Emails X can be 0 X, can be 1 X can be 2 X can be more than two okay, so what you want to do is you want to say X, is a variable? Email needs to be polarized based on the value of that variable, and this is how you polarize it you go to the web interface.

You type the word email, you type, the plural without there as many plurals as you need in the language that you’re translating we’re a built in ticketing system and again, this is really useful for many purposes. Think about so most most web frameworks have a distinction between development mode and production mode. Well, you want development. If there is a bug in your application, you get some kind of trace back.

Ok, you see what was wrong in your application. You can explore the variables you can go through the stack trace when you are into production mode. That information may be lost. Some frameworks allow you to connect to a tracking system. What eventually gets recorded this is built in into web to buy, and we don’t make a distinction between production, mode and development mode if there is any budget application and any user encounters this bug, what PI takes the entire stack trace, stores it into a ticket and Gives the user a ticket number if the user is an administrator, the user can click on the ticket number and can see the stack trace if the user is not an administrator, can email them in straight and say I have this problem.

This is my code. This might take a number and the administrator can go through. The web interface also looks at all the tickets that have the same error groups them together, so you can see which are always more happens more often, and you can just look at one of them as opposed to look at a lot of errors that basically it May have different variables but they’re exactly the same problem. Another thing we have with some eye level controls, for example, one is the Greek.

So that’s a you have a table and you say I want to greet based on this table and agreed this a widget that allows you to add. The new record list records the pagination search records. Add new records, updated delete and it’s customizable. So you can say I want the record to be represented in this way. I want this field to be representing this way. I want to disable the feature of adding. I want to set permissions so that only these people can edit this record.

So there are kind of things like that you can customize so now let me step back and again, let’s talk about the syntax over to by now I just talked about the web ID. So let’s talk about the syntax a little bit now. Let’s remember this distinction between the Java, syntax and the Python syntax and let’s keep new programmers in mind, not experience Python programmers. So this is how you do a load word in bottle.

What is my favorite micro framework afterwards by, and so this is how it works. You from bottle you import everything you need, and then you write Def index with on a low Ward. That makes it just defines a function, and then you say you want to turn that into a web page, so you say at get slash index. So that means, if you, if you do a get request for the page, slash index, that function should be called, then that fact that your application may need to understand.

We need to serve images, so you need to tell bottle that you want to handle static files. So they would be under slash, static, slash filename, and you need an action that can do that and at the end you start the web server. Okay, all we want to do is write. A load word same thing with flask, so in flask, from flask import flask and up equals. Flask underscore underscore name now, explain that to kids just learning to program, but that’s my issue.

They all have other things in common, like uproot slash index. So you are mapping a URL into function, same thing with tornado tornado, you are grouping the routes in one place and you need the classes that do a function to handle the requests and then your class can call the function. This is the pyramid example. It’s even more complicated, but it’s always same again, so we made which pipe, because we wanted to be able to do that.

We want to be able to say you just type the name of an app slash, the name of a file, slash index. It should call the function index in that file. That’s what we wanted to do and there was the basic idea from which the old thing started, and we wanted to do that through the ID, and that should give me a page which says a lot world. So as simple as that now people are very confused by that say what is everything else and that’s a good question.

So this is how things work inside, and this is the main difference between web pie and every other Python framework. Every other part of framework. You start from the user application and you import the libraries of the framework, and then you start the web server. They all work like that and in what PI? We do the opposite. You start the framework, even if you don’t have an application and that executes the user application and because it executes the user application, you can have more than one and each of them is its own environment.

So if you look at the right, this is more or less the logic in a way which is more, very simplified, but not exactly that, but so a request arrives. First of all, the request is parsed, so we we validate the URL other others. We established a session we, the term in which language has been requested. We look for the proper translation. 5. We do all kind of things that the user may or may not mean, but we still want to expose them to the user.

Then we build an environment based on this request, so we know what the client is telling the server and we build this environment, which is a bunch of symbols, a bunch of variables. Then we find the application which has been requested from the path info and that’s basically a folder which contains a controller file, and then we execute the controller file into that environment. Ok, so that that file already see is certain variables.

The variable C’s are very well documented. It’s always the same. It’s not that many and there’s not much change there. If you read the documentation, that’s pretty straightforward. So there are two different approaches here. In the left hand, side so most frameworks prefer to follow the Python motto which explicit is better than implicit and that’s perfectly fine. For me, I prefer to follow, don’t repeat yourself, because I want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for new users and also we follow a convention over configuration and so in some sense we are close to Rails than we are to jungle.

Everything is a default like if I make my action index and I call index dot HTML, I get a default HTML representation. If I call dot XML. I got next time error presentation. If I got called dot JSON, I get a JSON representation of the data without doing any coding. Now I may not like what I get so I can change it, but I have a default like I can create an action and I don’t need to define routes like you’re doing you are at stop py like you’re doing jungle.

You don’t need to create views. You get the default one and then you go and change it. If you don’t like it, you should change different approaches of different pros and cons. So the import approach is faster specifically for simple apps. It sometimes is faster for more complex app, mostly because the Sun code, which is executed only once when you import it, and then it’s not executed any more, give a little bit more flexibility and in some sense there is no magic there.

In our approach, we have less code, so it I believe it’s faster to develop with our approach. It certainly is lower for simple applications, because there are certain things we do, even if you don’t want so you kill us in a lowered type of benchmark like we create a session, even if it’s not used, we determine which language is the proper translation. Even if you don’t use it okay, so that that kills you in in certain benchmarks, it does not affect you very much in real-world application, so we don’t mind we’re working and we are making some things lazy.

So eventually we will improve on that. We can go out swap a code, so it doesn’t matter which web server you are using. You can use a production web server like Apache or nginx. You can. While the server is running you can replace any file. You can install a new application. You can delete an application and nothing gets affected. You can have multiple applications at the same time. What I call in application is what jungle calls a project.

So if you have jungle, you have one jungle, installation. Typically, you have all your files share one settings and that contains the connection database. In our case, we can have multiple applications under the same instance of the framework. Each of them can have one or more database connections or 0 and they can share data base connection, but by default they are separate and and they’re completely different.

They don’t have any configuration file, but they’re completely isolated one from the other. They can even come with their own vital modules separately. They all see more or less the same environment, but there is some magic involved. So eventually you need to read the comment age to understand some things. Another thing that makes again here I’m making way to by examples, but some of the site concepts are more general and other things that scares new users in particular when they go to build web applications, is that you have layers of code.

You like embed SQL into Python. Ok, you something like execute and then you will select your SQL statement into Python code or any other language. Now, that’s conceptually complicated to understand is the cause of many problems like SQL injection. So what’s the solutions? Well, some framework, seven ORM, some frameworks like with five wave, a database, abstraction layer, and I will show you some examples of that.

Another thing is: sometimes you have HTML inside code, you have piece of Python code is to generate HTML and you end up doing string combinations again, that’s the source of errors, it’s logically complicated, so you still need to understand it to some extent, but you act by. We provide helpers and l person worked by have the same names as the HTML tags. So deep is called deep, which one’s called h1, and so you never do string concatenation.

You just use the helpers. Sometimes you need code into HTML. So that’s what you do in the templates and well, the MVC model obsolete a bit because you minimize the logic that you put into the HTML, but you still need to do it. So what we don’t have a solution for that problem. But what we can do is we say that we use pure Python in to Daisy Emma you just forget: indentation, a block starts with Colin and ends with pass, which is a Python keyword and it gets rained out internally automatically.

So you don’t need to worry about that, but you don’t need to learn another language. It’s exactly the same anything you would write in Python. You can put into an a template. Another thing is JSON into HTML that again scares people because some more libraries in another language. Well again, sometimes you cannot really avoid that. But we have something called the load function which allows you to load one action into a template via Ajax and let’s say that action contains a form which is self submitting and so on.

The other thing is automatically done for you here Ajax and I’m going to show you an example of that this really makes certain kind of JavaScript functionality easier. So let me talk again about the word to pie database abstraction layer which, for most people is and the nicest thing in what to buy, and in fact, if I were to the right way to buy, I would rewrite a lot of stuff today, different than the Way I did it years ago, but I would keep this so yes, first of all, we support really a lot of databases out of the box.

We actually should put more, but some are not really well tested. Those ones are, that’s it we’re automatic migration. So you can add the field you can delete the field, it talks a little base, that’s alter table. We can support multiple database connections for every application connection, pooling round-robin redundancy. So if you have a master slave, that master master slave database with many database slaves – and you may want to try to connect to one of them are random, and if it fails, you want to try to connect to next one.

You will do that. It has distributed transactions cross database. You may have a connection to PostgreSQL one two or a call, and you want to distribute transaction, does that support joins left, joins aggregates nested, selects the castle selects and you can merge them. The idea is, is not a no around. We are not trying to map SQL into Python. I don’t think that can be done reliably. It can be done, but you have limitations to do that.

So what we try to do is we try to have a Python syntax that correspond exactly to the SQL. We just make it in a direct independent way, so you write once and then you can swap the database engine and will rewrite it for you. So here’s an example: the beak will dial SQLite, so it makes a connection to SQLite and you can replace that with Oracle Postgres or whatever, and they will say the final tabled person with a field name.

The final table thing with a field name in the field owner, which is a person and the beating insert name Mac, so there’s a new thing, which is a Mac which is owned by the paper to insert max so max on the Mac. Now you say whether something says ownership equal so in creating our relation ownership. Equal is a relation between a person ID and a thing owner. So a thing owner is person ID and then I say things like variable that says the beating at the count so count the IDS of things at this point I’m not talking to the base.

Yet there is no database interaction and then I say rows equal. The B ownership so from this ownership relation that defines a set of Records, select the person name and the number of things ordered by the person ID group by the person ID. So that’s giving a joint for me and is doing an aggregate and then following rows, bring the row pursue name in the row number of things and I get a list of persons no mean things.

They are and that’s how we write almost every every query and what you see is that insert maps into SQL insert select Muppets into SQL select, will sub, delete and update similar syntax. There is no other keyword. Everything else is done with operator overloading. What is an another thing we are working on right now. I can try, show you so I’m going to this is for interactively, so I’m going to see okay.

So this is my some interface I login. This is what people see you have an application, my app, which I made I’m going to uninstall it. Yes, I’m sure. Now I want to make another one, and I call it my up again, so I just made a new up. I could see things in there. I can make, for example, a new table and I go and call it and made it so go back to the Edit Page to the base administration. I have a table, I can already insert stuff in it and look at them and I’m going to go back to the design page I get to log, I can see the table was created for me.

I can go in after it, so I can go and I can edit this table and I can say I’m going to add another field, which is description and this thing is text, and then I save it go back to edit that the base administration, if I, If I, the new record, I see that this is here and actually let me do one more thing here. That means I have another field which is created on which is a date time again same thing added.

If I look at this, I already get the pop-up and where pop-ups for various types of fields, date date and time time Pickers things like that and again, if I look at the skewer log, he did the outer table for me at the two other tables. I added the description and I had the timestamp, so I really very rarely you need to talk to the base ever so well. What can we do? Programmatically? Let me delete a few things starting here.

Let me put the deaf index return and award, so I’m going to save it and I can click it. I say hello world. Let me return dictionary which I have like rose, which is database, the big thing select as list. So again we can look at this and I get the rose and we want them in XML with adjacent first okay. So what doesn’t work? Xml is missing the top line. That’s a bug in my version in principle, you can do things that, like added RSS, just that there is no RSS type of data in there.

So it’s not email SAS. But if there were events with start time and end time, it would make the RSS you can do ICS from the Google map the same way. Let me make, let me make two more things. Maybe make a form for the big thing. Let me return. The form select sorry process. Okay. So if I do this, I get an entry form, so it’s a widget, I can add everywhere. Let me make a more complicated form. Let me make a great thing and let me require login so, okay now it says you have to login.

So I register all this stuff is out of the box for every application. Okay, so this is the widget that just embedded, so I can create a new record and I can view it you can edit it and so on and delete it. They can search them. I can build queries, name contains C, and things like that. I can export them in different formats and I can customize this with. I can register callbacks and do various things with this.

Okay. This is still this. One final thing: I want to show you, which is compact here, I’m going to rename this thing, I’m going to call it manage and I’m going to return just the widget. So if I call manage should do something, if I call manage, I just get the HTML, I don’t get the frame now, I’m going to turn sandy called out wiki and so there’s a new feature that we have. So if I now call index this exposing our all wiki, so I can create a new page index from not and plate from this lag.

So the page is my own page and you reckon and bad things like I can target with PyCon, Argentina and so on. I can go. I can edit this page, so there’s a wiki syntax to to do things like. I want your like lists. Let’s do one thing we go to youtube will have me search for some article. It doesn’t work, yeah, that’s what okay, so here’s a article, so I think I’ll just cut and paste the link here and I can do a preview but then just going to submit so it talks to use the embed protocol talks to YouTube embeds the article.

It understands of kind of embed server protocols, but now what I can do is I can use the wiki. I can I create many pages through the wiki I can edit the menu. Let me make a manual here. There are no things like this, so here I just added the menu, so I can build my own applications, a wiki and in particular, if I go to my March pages, my own page edit down page, I can also embed components. So the thing I built, which is default, manage the manage things, so my form is now embedded into my application and when I submit a new thing like a table, this is submitted via Ajax is not a fresh.

Little page is only the fresh in the component. Two minutes: okay, so well! This is what we just built. This is the total code that we just wrote and that’s a lot of things. So it shows you the same thing. It just showed you. So what is my conclusions? Well, my conclusions is that there’s some elitist approach to programming only people who can do should do it. The other people should not even try.

I think that lead us to the wrong path. I think there is not one solution. Different people are trying to teach programming in different ways, and also there is not one web framework. Different web frameworks are different strengths and weaknesses and target different kind of audiences, and what we need to do is, I think we need to learn from each other. I think we learned a lot from other frameworks.

I really owe a lot to Django, in particular, is the one I was using a lot before. I think I learned almost everything I learned this jungle. We took some ideas from flask like from flask. We took the idea of the thread-local context, which I did not show, but we use it internally. I think we need to build a better society where technology is controlled by people and not by large corporations, and the way to do it is to get more people to program.

And that’s why I’m doing this and we need to build tools that are easy to use for users and more effective that allow people to use the web in a more meaningful way in which, if they have data, they can expose the data they can expose. Your opinion, they can automate processes and this really empowered people. I think it’s really important. We do it ha tenemos paranthas see. I will shoot up report roses, you know Kiran, do you need religion? Why there’s? No so many ISP that supports a per 2 pi as default because he said that is such a good framework, but the most the ISP doesn’t know hosting, doesn’t support it with question.

Well, normal normal austin services that have a regular virtual machine with a file system. If they support jungle, they support what pi, because it’s wsgi application. They may not say, but this exactly the same thing. So if they support any other Python framework which by works, the exception is some places like a Roku, for example, which they don’t have a writable file system. What 2 pi uses the file system it needs to write it like when you upload an application.

You are. Writing in the file system, so that’s the main problem we have, I mean we could deploy on a Roku if we were to package an application and give the application to them as any other frame of desert. But the our distinction is that people can go through the web interface and can change the code and they don’t allow that. So we don’t have a solution for that. We we could. One solution could be.

We could store the applications and substance database. I don’t think it’s a good idea because of performance we could cash it we create. We would have to create a lot of new structure for that, so any virtual private server any shared web hosting. That is a writable file system. If jungle works with by works and the instructions are exactly the same, you started calling the Django angular, you call the web 2 pi, WS GIM same thing Oroku and a few other things like that.

We’re working it open, open shipped. We work another shift. In fact, this one thing I didn’t show, which is if I go to the list of interface here there is you – can deploy in the Google App Engine from the interface. You can deploy an open shift to directly from here. So it takes your applications that push them to open shift. You need to configure it. This is one thing you need to configure it a little bit like in the case of Google App Engine.

You have to tell it where it’s your app CFG configuration file which applications you want to deploy. I want to deploy this one and throw this one, and then your Google password and then we’ll deploy on Google


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Marquis De Condorcet

Much 1794 known as Nicolas de condorcet was a French philosopher mathematician and early political scientist, whose Condorcet method in voting tally selects the candidate who would beat each of the other candidates in a runoff election.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, he advocated a liberal economy, free and equal public instruction, constitutionalism and equal rights for women and people of all races. His ideas and writings were said to embody the ideals of the Age of Enlightenment and rationalism and remain influential to this day. He died a mysterious death in prison after a period of flight from French revolutionary authorities, Part 1 early years.

Kahn Dorset was born in Rivermont in present-day AC and descended from the ancient family of carrot at who took their title from the town of Khan Dorset. Endorphine of which they were longtime residents, fatherless at a young age, he was raised by his devoutly religious mother. He was educated at the Jesuit college in Reims and at the College de Navarre in Paris, where he quickly showed his intellectual ability and gained his first public distinctions in mathematics when he was 16.

His analytical abilities gained the praise of Jean wanted alembert and alexis Claire out soon, Khan Dorsett would study and until ambit from 1765 to 1774. He focused on science. In 1765, he published his first work on mathematics entitled s Erlik alkyl, integral, which was well-received launching his career as a mathematician. He would go on to publish more papers and on the 25th of February 1769 he was elected to the académie Royale de Sciences, French Royal Academy of Sciences.

In 1772. He published another paper on integral calculus soon after he met Jack, Turgut, a French economist and the two became friends. Turgut was to be an administrator under King Louis, the 15th in 1772, and became Controller General of Finance under Louis X. The sixth in 1774 Khan Dorset worked with Leonhardt Euler and Benjamin Franklin. He soon became an honorary member of many foreign academies and philosophic societies, including the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1785 for an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1792, and also in Prussia and Russia.

His political ideas, however, many of them in continuity with tur goats, were criticized heavily in the english-speaking world, most notably by John Adams, who wrote two of his principal works of political philosophy. Two opposed her God and conduct Jets, unicameral legislature and radical democracy. Part two early political career in 1774 Condorcet was appointed inspector general of the paris mint by tergat.

From this point on, Condorcet shifted his focus from the purely mathematical to philosophy and political matters. In the following years, he took up the defense of human rights in general and of women’s and blacks rights, in particular an abolitionist he became active in the Society of the Friends of the blacks in the 1780s. He supported the ideals embodied by the newly formed United States and proposed projects of political, administrative and economic reforms intended to transform France in 1776.

Turgut was dismissed as Controller General. Consequently, Condorcet submitted his resignation as Inspector General of the mone II, but the request was refused and he continued serving in this post until 1791. Condorcet later wrote, Phi DM turgut 1786, a biography which spoke fondly of turgut and advocated turgut’s economic theories. Condorcet continued to receive prestigious appointments. In 1777 he became permanent secretary of the acad√©mie des Sciences holding the post until the abolition of the academia in 1793 and in 1782 circuitry of the Academie Francaise part, three condo jets paradox and the Condorcet method.

In 1785, Conn Dorsett wrote an essay on the application of analysis of the probability of decisions made on a majority vote, one of his most important works. This work described several now-famous results, including condo jets, jury theorem, which states that if each member of a voting group is more likely than not to make a correct decision, the probability that the highest vote of the group is the correct decision increases.

As the number of members of the group increases and condo jets paradox, which shows that majority preferences can become intransitive with three or more options, it is possible for a certain electorate to express a preference for over B, a preference for B over C and the preference For C over a all from the same set of ballots, the paper also outlines of generic Condorcet method designed to simulate pairwise elections between all candidates in an election.

He disagreed strongly with the alternative method of aggregating preferences. Put forth by Gene shall Deeb order based on some dranking zuv alternatives. Kahn Dorset was one of the first to systematically apply mathematics in the social sciences, part for other works. In 1781, Kahn Dorset wrote a pamphlet reflections on migros slavery, in which he denounced slavery. In 1786, Kahn Dorset worked on ideas for the differential and integral calculus, giving a new treatment of infinite resource, a work which was never printed.

In 1789 he published vide D Voltaire 1789, which agreed with Voltaire in his opposition to the church in 1791 Condorcet, along with Sophie D, Grucci Thomas Paine, Etienne Dumont, jacques pierre Brigitte and Achilles da chaste, let published a brief journal titled the Republic Ain its main goal. Being the promotion of republicanism and the rejection of establishing a constitutional monarchy, the theme being that any sort of monarchy is a threat to freedom, no matter who is leading, which emphasized that Liberty as freedom from domination in 1795 Condorcet had a book published called sketch for A historical picture of the progress of the human mind it dealt with theoretical thought on perfecting the human mind and analyzing intellectual history based around social arithmetic.

Thomas Malthus wrote an essay on the principle of population 1798, partly in response to condole Chet’s views on the perfectibility of society. Part 5. French Revolution part five: French Revolution chapter, one deputy Condorcet took a leading role when the French Revolution swept France in 1789, hoping for a rationalist reconstruction of society and championed many liberal causes. As a result, in 1791 he was elected as a Paris representative in the Legislative Assembly and then became the Secretary of the Assembly.

In April 1792, Condorcet presented a project for the reformation of the education system, aiming to create a hierarchical system under the authority of experts who would work as the guardians of the Enlightenment and who independent of power would be the guarantors of public liberties. The project was judged to be contrary to the Republican and egalitarian virtues, giving the education of the nation over to an aristocracy of Savitz.

The institution adopted conduct jets designed for the state education system, and he drafted a proposed bourbon Constitution for the new France. He advocated women’s suffrage for the new government. Writing an article for journal de la Sol, siete D 1789 and by publishing deal admission des femmes. Odroid d cite in 1790 in terms of political party. Condorcet was quite independent, but still counted many friends among the Girondins.

However, he distanced himself from them during the National Convention because he disliked their factionalism at the trial of Louis X. The 6th Kahn Dorsett, who opposed the death penalty but still supported to the trial itself, spoke out against the execution of the king during the public vote. At the convention he proposed to send the King to the galleys Kahn Dorsett was on the Constitution committee and was the main author of the gerund in constitutional project.

The Constitution was not put to vote. When the Montagnard gained control of the convention. They wrote their owned. The French constitution of 1793 Khanh Dorsett criticized the new work and, as a result, he was branded a traitor on the 3rd of October 1793, a warrant was issued for condo, Chen’s arrest, part 5, French Revolution, chapter 2 arrest and death. The warrant forced Condorcet into hiding.

He hid for five or eight months in the house of Vernet on rusev and oniy in Paris. It was there that he wrote a squid and to blow historic des progress, deal Esprit who mean sketch for a historical picture of the progress of the human spirit which was published posthumously in 1795 and is considered one of the major texts of the Enlightenment and of Historical thought it narrates the history of civilization, as one of progress in the sciences shows the intimate connection between scientific progress and the development of human rights and justice and outlines the features of a future rational society entirely shaped by scientific knowledge.

On the 25th of March 1794, Condorcet convinced he was no longer safe, left his hideout and attempted to flee Paris. He went to seek refuge at the house of jean-baptiste su art, a friend of his whom he resided with in 1772, but they refused him on the basis that one of their current residents might betray his presence. Two days later, he was arrested in climate and imprisoned in Bourg la reine or, as it was known during the revolution borg illegally, a quality borough rather than Queensboro two days after that, he was found dead in his cell.

The most widely accepted theory is that his friend Pierre, Jean Georges cabarrus, gave him a poison which he eventually used. However, some historians believe that he may have been murdered, perhaps because he was too loved and respected to be executed. Jean Pierre brand caught in his work lair light la mort de la revolucion claims that Condorcet was killed with a mixture of datura stramonium and opium.

Condorcet was symbolically interred in the pantheon in 1989, in honor of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution and conduct Jeff’s role. As a central figure in the nth, lightin meant, however, his coffin was empty interred in the Commons cemetery of bort Lorraine. His remains were lost during the 19th century part six family in 1786, Condorcet married sophie d Grucci, who was more than twenty years.

His junior, his wife reckoned one of the most beautiful women of the day, became an accomplished salon, hostesses Midland econ Dorsett, and also an accomplished translator of Thomas Paine and Adam Smith. She was intelligent and well-educated fluent in both English and Italian. The marriage was a strong one and Sofie visited her husband regularly, while he remained in hiding. Although she began proceedings for divorce in January 1794, it was at the insistence of Condorcet and caba√Īas who wished to protect their property from expropriation and to provide financially for Sophie and their young daughter.

Louise Eliza Alexandrine Khan Dorset was survived by his widow and their four-year-old daughter, Eliza Sophie died in 1822, never having remarried and having published all her husband’s works between 1801 and 1804. Her work was carried on by their daughter, Eliza Khan Dorsett O’Conner, wife of former United Irishmen Arthur O’Conner. The Condorcet IKONOS brought out a revised edition between 1847 and 18-49 part seven, gender equality, Kondo Jettas work was mainly focused on a quest for a more egalitarian society.

This path led him to think and write about gender equality in the revolutionary context. In 1790, he published delight mission des femmes Odroid D site on the admission of women to the rights of citizenship in which he strongly advocated for women’s suffrage in the New Republic, as well as the enlargement of basic political and social rights to include women. One of the most famous enlightenment thinkers at the time he was one of the first to make such a radical proposal a visionary.

He identified gender as a social construction based on perceived differences in sex and rejected biological determinism as being able to explain gender relations in society. He denounced patriarchal norms of oppression present at every institutional level and continuously subjugating and marginalizing. Women, like fellow Enlightenment, think jean-jacques Rousseau in his book. Amie luteal, education, 1762 Khan Dorsett, identified education as crucial to the emancipation of individuals.

He stated if I believe that all other differences between men and women are simply the result of educ a tion. He saw it as the only solution for women to deconstruct gender roles and promotes another kind of masculinity not based on violence, virility and the subjugation of women, but rather on shared attributes such as reason and intelligence. In his book, essays in the philosophy of humanism Oaks calls this new concept: feminine masculinity, Fenny, w models of SEL, FASS, er tion that do not require the construction of an enemies other, be it a woman or the symbolic feminine for them to define themselves AG AI Ns teef condor jets, hopefully for gender equality as founded on the recognition that the attribution of rights and authority comes from the false assumption that men possess reason and women do know.

This is, according to Nall an obvious example of an individual practicing and advocating this feminist masculinity, as such, women should enjoy the same fundamental natural right scholars often disagree on the true impact that conduct Jets. Work had on pre-modern feminist thinking. His detractors point out that when he was eventually given some responsibilities in the constitutional drafting process, his convictions did not translate into concrete political action and made limited efforts to push these issues on the agenda.

Some scholars, on the other hand, believed that this lack of action is not due to the weakness of his commitment, but rather to the political atmosphere at the time and the absence of political appetite for gender equality on the part of decision-makers. Kondo Jeff’s work for gender equality as even more visionary that it has to be considered in a context where the inclusion of women in the public sphere was feared by many revolutionaries.

Along with authors such as Mary Wellstone draft Lambert, aural emptied gouges, Condorcet made a lasting contribution to the pre feminist debate, his advocacy for the empowerment of women in politics inspired new feminists, who eventually fulfilled his vision in the 19th century part eight, the idea of progress, Condo jets, sketch for a historical picture of the progress of the human spirit, 1795 was perhaps the most influential formulation of the idea of progress ever written.

It made the idea of progress. A central concern of enlightenment thought he argued that expanding knowledge in the natural and Social Sciences would lead to an ever more just world of individual freedom, material affluence and moral compassion. He argued for three general propositions that the past revealed an order that could be understood in terms of the progressive development of human capabilities showing that humanity’s present state and those through which it has passed, are a necessary Constitution of the moral composition of humankind that the Progress of the Natural Sciences must be followed by progress in the moral and political sciences, no less certain, no less secure from political revolutions.

That social evils are the result of ignorance and there are rather and an inevitable consequence of human nature. Kondou Jeff’s writings were a key contribution to the French enlightenment, particularly his work on the idea of progress. Condorcet believed that, through the use of our senses and communication with others, knowledge could be compared and contrasted as a way of analyzing our systems of belief and understanding.

None of kondal Chet’s writings refer to a belief in a religion or a God who intervenes in human affairs. Condorcet instead frequently had written of his faith in humanity itself and its ability to progress with the help of philosophers such as Aristotle. Through this accumulation and sharing of knowledge, he believed it was possible for any man to comprehend all the known facts of the natural world.

The N lightin menteur the natural world, spurred the desire for enlightenment, of the social and political world Khan Dorsett believed that there was no definition of the perfect human existence and vers believed that the progression of the human race would inevitably continue throughout the course of our Existence he envisioned man as continually progressing toward a perfectly utopian society. He believed when the great potential towards growth of the demand possessed.

However, con dorset’s stressed that for this to be a possibility, man must unify regardless of race, religion, culture or gender. To this end, he became a member of the French sociate, a pessimist, desn’t Wars, Society of the Friends of the blacks. He wrote a set of rules for the Society of the Friends of the blacks, which detailed the reasoning and goals behind the organization, along with describing the injustice of slavery and put in a statement calling for the abolition of slave trade.

As the first step to true abolition, Condorcet was also a strong proponent of women’s civil rights. He claimed that women are equal to men in nearly every aspect and asked. Why, then, should they be debarred from their fundamental civil rights? The few differences that do exist are due to the fact that women are limited by their lack of rights. Khan Dorsett even mentioned several women who were more capable then average men’s, such as Queen Elizabeth and Maria Theresa part 9 civic duty for condo jets.

Republicanism, the nation needed enlightened citizens and education needed democracy to become truly public. Democracy implied free citizens and ignorance was the source of servitude. Citizens had to be provided with the necessary knowledge to exercise their freedom and understand the rights and laws that guaranteed their enjoyment. Although education could not eliminate disparities in talent, all citizens, including women, had the right to free education in opposition to those who relied on revolutionary enthusiasm to form the new Citizens.

Kahn Dorset maintained that the Revolution was not made to last and that revolutionary institutions were not intended to prolong the revolutionary experience, but to establish political rules and legal mechanisms that would ensure future changes without revolution. In a democratic City, there would be no Bastille to be seized, public education, red form, free and responsible citizens, not revolutionaries part 10 evaluation.

Rothschild 2001 argues that Condorcet has been seen since the 1790s as the embodiment of the cold, rational enlightenment. However, she suggests his writings on economic policy voting and public instruction indicate different views both of Condorcet and of the Enlightenment. Condorcet was concerned with individual diversity. He was opposed to pro to utilitarian theories. He considered individual independence, which he described as the characteristic liberty of the moderns, to be of central political importance, and he opposed the imposition of universal and eternal principles.

His efforts to reconcile the universality of some values when the diversity of individual opinions are of continuing interest. He emphasizes the institutions of civilized or constitutional conflict, recognizes conflicts or inconsistency within individuals and sees Moral Sentiments as the foundation of universal values. His difficulties call into question some familiar distinctions, for example between French, German and English, Scottish thought and between the Enlightenment and the counter and lightened.

There was substantial continuity between conduct, Jeff’s criticism of the economic ideas of the 1760s and the liberal thought of the early 19th century. The Lycee Condorcet in the rue du √§r and the 9th arrondissement of paris is named in his honor as a streets. In many French cities, special characters in this article was substituted with audio cues. They were denoted as follows, and beginning and ending single or double quotations and left and right for emphasis.

This recording as a derivative work from Wikipedia for more information to Commission recordings like this and to support the developer. Please visit http://www.Potterybarn.Com for


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Digital Marketing Tips With Emmanuel Obuya

So this the topic right now is about digital marketing, and I have the main man himself he’s been here before, but before I introduce him readful for blog on Twitter. Right, therefore underscore blog on Instagram and right.

If F on Facebook is the way to interact with us, don’t forget: we have something special in conjunction with Panera for Easter and the question was simple: what would you have in your Easter basket and why this is a basket that you’re going to give somebody special In your life during Easter, what would you have in there and why – and this will give you a chance to win a double ticket or a ticket for you and your other person that you want to take out so keep them coming, we’ll announce the winners towards The end of the show, so the main man himself is here with us: the digital marketing guru guru, Sam, yes, good – to see you good to see you again, don’t forget to give your camera is number four.

Maybe you can reintroduce yourself? Okay, my name is Emanuel Ax, my digital marketing strategist, and I also a student yeah, so students at KCA School of Business, studying vit all right and you’re a digital marketing guru. Yes, so you have your own company. Yes, I have my own company, where blogs, so we basically do digital marketing and also social media management, digital marketing and social media management.

This is something you had a passion for way back since ice cream yeah, you just turned 20 by the way. Yeah, it’s a digital marketing is your phone, but before we get into that craft of digital marketing and why the need for digital marketing in 2019 – the brief history about booyah, so people can get inside, whom I study so way back in from to in high school. At passion for social media, you know cz to call your Facebook, you are enthusiastic, you a little care, so you could compete likes and all that and follow us.

So I realized that we have opportunities online because right now many people they are trying to venture in towards the in thing now and that is their social media and stuff like that. So when I complete school in 2017, so I decided to do words, my passion, so that is online stuff, also yeah. So last year I realized that we have opportunities online. So I get I got support for my family and now I it turned your business.

Your business, your social media, what type of support did you get from you? You know for our business, you have capital, capital is number yes number, and so that is the key thing. This spirit, determination and also hard work, all right, yeah so cap. So you got from your parents yeah. What did you spend on your capital? Oh, so I did my branding. You know you need to get a website. You need to do your branding like the local stuff like that yeah.

So that is basically what I do with my captors and also you know you have to register the business. So it’s a registered company yeah, so you’re a blogger as well. Uranium touch them. What is your topic of conversation in your blog, so I’m trying to okay in my blog, I’m trying to like get the business. You know right now, I’m trying to tell that story that the impact of social media for business. You know right now, everybody’s many businesses.

They open daily, but they don’t know how they don’t know how to vent into social media. So I’m trying to teach them how that is done through social media and also my part of my target is the youth you know many of them is use social media. It’s not about the likes and the followers, but you can convert it to some social medias. You can earn from social media. So that is the story that I’m trying to tell that.

Is it sure, you’re trying to tear on your blogs how to read some of your wife? Oh you can just log on to weblog calm. Also, social media handles are to be a blog, of course, yeah across every social media. Thank you very much. Mister we’re. So our topics today not too complex for somebody like you, we don’t adverse experience like this I’d like to start on the branding tip. What is the importance of branding and what is branding mean to you for business for Neiman who’s? Reading, okay, you know branding is like your CV for a business so for digital branding.

You have to understand what you want to venture into like your audience. You know, if you, let me say, you’re an equal casual like company. You cannot target entertainment. Also, you have to understand your audience and also you have to create the content that it’s inline in the audience. So the understanding your audience is very key and also the type of content that you create for your audience is very key people say also, you know, branding not about the logo having the logo.

Maybe you print t-shirts, so you have to venture into your audience and also the content that you give yeah. The brand needs to be understood goes past. The t-shirt goes past, the cups, the guards – and I can’t say everything branding – goes past – that yeah the people need to understand the brand yeah. So this, how do the people get to answer so? I have business, say: buddy muscles technologies. I have my logo there.

It’s on facebook, my facebook cover wall, my twitter, it’s everywhere some caps it on its own t-shirts. What is the next step for me for this branding? Traveling? Okay, for you you after getting that you must know how to engage with your audience. You know you! You have to engage your audience, you cannot have a dialogue ian’s. So after creating that content, you you can use tools. You know there are various tools that you can use to understand your audience and also engage with them in that line, and also would you I taught you on to achieve.

You know yeah all right so they’re questions that you ask yourself what what you want to achieve with a brand. Maybe what you you want to right now, event campaign, what you want to achieve for the event and all right, yeah, all right. So you need this down and you tabulate. You come up with a strategy with a strategy. Well now you’re going to get here. These are some of the services you offer as you do, your blog’s yeah, wonderful.

So when it comes to marketing, I like to approach it in a three-dimensional way. So where we have the we have the strategy, we have what you want to achieve and analysis here, hmm all right to coming up with the strategy. Some people will ask all right: how do I go with the strategy? I just have an event. Okay, I just I just want to sell clothes yeah I just want to sell suits. How do I come up with a strategy? Okay, your strategy will depend in in very many ways like I’d, say what you want to achieve like for running an event.

You understand your target, you know your niche after that also you’ll walk in there. If you want to run a campaign, you do budget. You know we have various like the online tools that you can use to do that yeah. So the tools are the next step, all right. So how do you pick the right tool for the right thing? Because we have so many tools we have from? What’s up to YouTube yeah as platforms, so with that for picking the right tools, you like, let me say for for right now, you we are trying to to getting into the trends what is trending yeah, so you can also use that like commands the way you Pick into here, because so you can, you can check into that and also because people may get use into it, and they relate that in into your your strategy.

Oh yeah, so what’s training is one of the ways you can and paper. What is the other way? You can use to pick a tool, see a tool that matches your brand. Okay. Also, you can use the influence of marketing. You can use storytelling yeah. All right, you can also use to italic yeah influencer marketing is familiar with me. What is this reach enemy? Okay? So this very telling thing you are trying to engage your audience.

You still, as you tell a story when you open up in Damn Channel, so you tell a story in relation to what you you intend to run yeah all right. So after you come up with the strategy, you come up where you pick the specific tools that you want. There comes the big task now of getting your data and analyzing this data and getting to understand the impact on what you’ve done, and maybe you can use this in what you’re going to do this, what you’re going to do next? How do you do this? That is very important, so we have tools like you know.

You have to to know how you are you’re performing, so we have various social media tools that you can use to analyze your data on Twitter. We have Chris desk, you can use you incorporate there. Let me say the application article, you, a social media platform, so you you will be able to gather starts and you know starts – are very important because you’ll know where you and what you intend to achieve.

Yes, and also you really improve on where you go wrong and all that, so we can use to desk on social media. You can also use some all. So there are various tools you can use yeah alright. So that is very important. You make sure every campaign that you have you have for myself in my business, I used the data to do my report for my clients, we, like, after certain period of time I have to do a report where I my and what I intend to achieve at The end of maybe a week or a month right, yeah, wonderful – that is, that is amazing in theory, but so we deep are reading us right now and say that they’re doing their own things online.

Some of them are actors. Some of them of some of them are tech, guys somebody creating an app somewhere and some of them, some of them. I have been cabdrivers, some of them are providing. I really mean had lessons makeup artists, so this is somebody will see thousands of followers and they want to take it to the next step, convert this to a business into a business. Yes, what are some of the tools you tell them? Ok, I’ll! Stick to your content, your content, you know, if you let me see if you post a picture, it has to be quality.

Content like it will make me maybe to comment or something or to like it. So yes, yes, your caption is very important because that is what drives me to your post yeah. So maybe, if you are doing marketing, so I love to check that so your content is very key. Yeah yeah, a lot of beauty. You even knew you know yourself like nowadays. Instagram is very that it has very that so like if you check on your content, it’s very key yeah yeah, so you will untie this dirty content, yeah you’re against it you’re against it.

All right, probably publicist will say. There’s nothing like that: publicity yeah for business yeah so never goes bad or good content. Oh what people will presume or receive, but yeah it doesn’t really matter. Publicists will say: publicity is publicity. You you have anything against this. That is cheap publicity. According to you, yeah, you need to go for the expensive good. It won’t be desperate, shows desperation, anything all right, wonderful, so back to your company now so the services you offer yeah so far.

If I was to tell you give me a list or a brief bio of the substance you offer as a company, so people can get to understand what a digital marketing company okay! So it’s a digital marketing agency, so we are blog. So I basically do digital marketing and also more social media. So I manage the social media platforms on your behalf for your business. You know, let me say, like a Safaricom, you know we are various guys that do they they things at the back end.

People respond to us and now they are very like they try to engage you the audience. What I was talking about, like you, let me say, like somebody answers you replies with you, a more that’s laughs, and even people like that, so you manage such people. Social media planners – and you know it so – yeah yeah content creation want education, yeah all right so, which leads to my next question. Yeah say: I’m a brand yeah and another company is managing my social media.

Don’t you feel like there’s a mess between me and the people? I should be connected with they’ll. Be a mess. They’ll miss something yeah somehow, but you can do do everything yourself you, you must have a team to work with, gets to a point where you can do it. Yes, of course, and also like somebody who understand what it takes. Because, let me say you you. Sometimes you are not able to do that, so you get the right people to do it right as a digital marketing company.

What are some of the steps you take to make it as as possible as possible, even though it’s not by talking to the fans? Okay, he like that talking about also some of those that I’m trying to be unique. Yeah most you trying to be unique, yeah, wonderful man just give them your social media and also you can follow me across it. So we are blogs, and also log on to be a blog, that Yeah right uh-huh. So here is what we speculate and predict the future.

What is how the future trends you have seen in in digital marketing, digital marketing? You should be prepared for, like some skills that are ok. You are not going to be happen in 2020, just leave the villain, ok, so Facebook has become a marketplace and every business they are running into Facebook. They are doing promotions. So very many we put the check and Facebook and also what’s up, is rising at all so soon we’ll get marketing.

Also, even you know, what’s up statuses, so yeah so yeah yeah. So let me say: if you have 500 contacts, make good use of the contacts you can do marketing on, so only your words upset us. Let me say you have an event you can share and be sure one or two people may turn up. So don’t think that we can separate us wonderful, so what’s up is something to read out for what’s up here, Facebook is going to be a market.

If actually it is a market, it’s already a market yeah. What do you mean when you say marketplace? People are buying and selling goods what I mean by marketplace everybody’s on Facebook event, my show she’s on Facebook, so even the mom imboca are today as she’s able to log in and check so maybe if she sees something, maybe because she can decide to buy something On Facebook, so that is what I mean all right yeah, so she can see something really here, so it doesn’t be narrow down.

Yeah everybody very useful on Facebook. Here this is what you mean yeah. So it’s something to look out for yeah Facebook, if you’re not on Facebook and if you’re not doing your business will face me meat, basically business, basically business what’s up is a that is going to be your hands man. I think you mentioned Instagram or say I don’t know Instagram so has Instagram also Instagram stories yeah.

That is also some other things that are rising Instagram stories, some of things, and it is the best platform to engage with you with your audience. Your followers yeah yeah. Thank you very much, mr. Bullocks, as we wrap this up, I know you guys from business school unite and your conversation with boots. Okay, so I’ll not quit anything baby so like to my fellow youth, just be, you know, be consistent in what you do and also hard work.

I need termination, that’s all hard work and determination. That’s all thanks! So much mr. Booth, yes, we’ve come to the end of this particular segment, so I hope you brought some inside. If you have any questions for us. 25 for centers are white, 5, 4 and description on Instagram invites my phone Facebook, don’t forget the hashtag entrepreneurship, Tuesday or Y, and the morning Hilda with it, is coming up next with one of my best photographers in the country.

Right now it goes by the name. Beth Royce or Frost to graph on Instagram. You don’t want to miss this. Don’t take that down!


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Does that for you here we have a large document with different font, colors and even images locate the select button on the editing sections down on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

We have four different options: we’re going to go through all of them. First, we’ll click on select all as you can see what this option, that is, that select your whole document from beginning to end. So let’s change the phone color of our whole document to black. Now all the tanks had the same black font color. Let’s now check out a select objects featured. If I try to select my text with this feature on it.

Won’t, let me see, will only select objects such as these two images to make everything selectable again, we go back to select and click on, select objects to disable. This function, let’s now place ourselves somewhere in the title of this document to show the third select function. We go to select and click select text with similar formatting and you can see the title has been highlighted, but as we scroll down, we see that all the text with the same formatting has been selected for us as well.

If you say very practical features, if, for example, you wanted to put a special theme, font size or color to all of the stuff heading in order for all of them to be the same with just that one step. And lastly, the selection pane feature shows you a list with the image files. There are in your document when you click in a different page. The list shows you the objects in it. Now that we have the list of our image is handy.

We can even rename them by double-clicking one of them and even a new name. If I subscribe to our Channel and even light to this article, so now you know the for practical select pictures of words, the select all option select all the documents, including text and images, select objects, will always select. The images sound in your document select text with similar formatting will select all the similar format sound for you select pain will show all the objects being the document, such as images pictures and shape.


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Which landing pages are making the most sales Analytics

So what you want to do? First of all, I North analyzes, you want to go to Google Analytics and you want to go to the left of the content tab into the landing pages.

If you see right here, content tab landing pages, okay and if you click on either, if you have gold set up or e-commerce in this case, will show you ecommerce want to click on it, and here you’ll have all of your top landing pages are currently sorted By the visits but but a what you can do is you can sort by e-commerce conversion rate and filter, and you can basically see it all this data so right now, I’m going to sort my revenue, for example, okay, and you can see that the swiss army Read bands page is the one that converts the best okay, it converts at a three-point, twenty five percent.

So what that actually means is it gives us data to actually figure out. You know what are we doing? Well, what are we not? Maybe we can take a look at something like this page, which also has barely a lot of users or a lot of visits, but its conversion rates very low. So we want to look at that page and diagnose and figure out how we can improve it in order to further our efforts and one more tip or one more idea before we finish this article about why we actually want to use landing pages as one of Our metrics to figure out what’s going on is that now it’s 2013 and Google almost has given us a hundred percent of non provided or not provided a keyword, data for organic for PPC, it’s a different story but or organic.

So now we have to kind of use workarounds to get that data and because we know fairly, which keywords were targeting for each page. That’s why we want to use landing pages so hope you enjoy this article and let me know if you have any questions thanks. You


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The Mailchimp email campaign layout that gets the best results

Com.Au and I amber Mailchimp partner Today, I’m going to cover a very effective email campaign design, that’s simple, to create and converts First just to show that other major organizations use the same layout. Let me show you some examples. First off: let’s look at Disney. This is a recent Disney email campaign that I received I’ll just go through very quickly. What I’m seeing So I’m seeing the logo an image text button.

So typically our email doesn’t contain the full story. We give people a teaser. A few lines of text and we then have a button or a call to action that they go somewhere else, And this is what we would call a newsletter, because it’s more than one story For many organizations, just one article or one story on an email is Sufficient but let’s go back again So we’ve got here and please notice that it’s not full width either.

This email, So logo image text, button, image, text, button, image, text, button, Okay, and this is Disney a very big organization. Let’s look at Toyota, So this is Toyota. Australia sent me this this email There’s quite a bit going on, but but I’ll just show you how it’s very similar to that Disney one that we looked at in layout. So we’ve got logo and I’ll ignore this bit. So logo heading text, button image, They’ve, dropped the image down below and in the separate article I’ll cover.

Why they’ve done this and it’s a great idea? So logo header text button image and then they’ve got more than one story, so they continue with header text button image and it carries on and on and on So they just repeat what they’re doing Now: single-column it’s not even full width, but this is very typical. So the more you look at them, whether they’re, those Uber emails or whatever you receive you’ll notice, this exact layout, where it is logo, heading text, button image, But the image can be up or down, But let’s go into Mailchimp and I’ll.

Show you how to create this very quickly: You’ll notice that I’m in the campaign section or the campaign builder section of Mailchimp, So I’m going to click “, create campaign” to create an email campaign, I’m creating an email campaign, I’m creating a “, regular, campaign” and I’ll. Just name it I could call this anything. I want to and I’ll click “ begin”, I’m not going to use a template. What I’ll actually do is create this using a Mailchimp layout which works really well and then in the future.

I can just copy the campaign and it’ll retain my layout and so on. So I would of course start at the top and work my way down, but for this demo I’m going to click “, design, email” And again, I’m not going to use a saved template. I’r going to use this basic one column template So I’ve clicked on that. I’r in the email campaign builder. I would add my logo at the top. So let me build the blocks Mailchimp’s included in the layout some default blocks, but for now I’ll just show you that I can I’ll just delete the social blocks and there’s actually another horizontal line there, which I’ll just click delete to delete that So those ones we Looked at Disney Toyota logo and then typically, they had an image So logo, image text, Sorry, logo, image, heading text and then we’ll just drag and drop the button across here and there we go Now.

If we had more than one story, we would just copy that that will replicate them and that and honestly that’s the same as the Disney we saw. It really is again logo image text button, but we’ve added a header in there, which is a good idea as well So again in the future. What we can do is we would create our email email campaign, send that and in the future, we’ll just replicate it copy it, and it already has our logo.

It already has the layout and so on Nice and simple, and it’s what the organizations that are getting great results with email marketing are doing. Thank you for joining me.


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XAML Islands

I’r your host Robert Green Joining me today is Adam Braden, Hey Adam >, >, Hello, Robert > >, Welcome back in the show > >. Thank you. Thank You for having me > >. We did a two-parter on modernizing existing Windows desktop apps, Then the second part which aired last week we talked about XAML Islands, A little bit briefly Today, we decided that You’d come back and do a bit more of a deep dive.

Into XAML Islands to get a little bit more Into some of the use cases and show how it works, We felt like we skimmed over It a little bit last episode, Let’s dive into it, a little more > > Yeah. In the previous episode, I showed some of the easy drag and drop experiences provided by the Windows Community Toolkit, which provides wrapper controls. For the media, player and web view and InkCanvas And things like that, I hinted at using the XAML Host Control to load any or I did show using the XAML Host Control.

To load any control, dynamically >, > Right, > >, What I didn’t really get into Showing was actually building a UWP UserControl to get that full dynamic, UWP XAML Experience and how to load that into your Win forms: And WPF applications > >. The idea is that, as You’re, building a UWP app this bunch of XAML that you Have that takes care of the UI? Yes, it’s pretty simple to use. A control from UWP in WPF app! What, if you have a bunch of XAML That you basically want to reuse > > As well as maybe you want To do some more in-depth, the XAML fluent design Like the transparency, the animations, that sort of thing, So what I wanted to do, Today was actually show you both how to do the hard way through the XAML Host Control and all your WPF code and you’d have To code, all that up yourself as well as doing it in easier way, By building a UWP control, > >, Okay cool, We should Mention that you’re, using the soon-to-be-here Visual Studio, 2019 for this demo, which at this point is soon > >, Yes, > >, It will launch on April, 2nd, I believe it is > >, Yes, > >, So just to level-set > > Cool.

So what I have here on my desktop right now is The XAML Controls Gallery, I showed a little bit of This in our previous episode and just wanted to highlight Some things that I’ll be showing One of the examples is The animation interop With animation oftentimes It draws the user’s focus to an activity or something You want them to accomplish Whether it’s a transition, From one flow to another on the form or really drive the importance of something by exporting it in View and then drop it back down As the example here in the controls gallery is Just a simple blowup of a button I’ll show you how we Can do that as well? There’s a little bit Of code to create this spring animation effect, Is what it’s called There’s another one further Low or further down on here where we’ve got connected, animations Between multiple controls and you can spring All of them together What I have essentially Done is taken the code from this sample and poured it into a WPF application.

Using the XAML Host > >, Okay, > >, So let’s take a look at that. So the first thing with My application here this is just a simple WPF app. If I go to the designer you’ll see, I’ve got a couple of Wpf buttons and textboxes, as well as this wonderful XAML Host Windows – XAML Host >, >, Okay, > >, What I’ve done here – is- > >, Just to refresh our memory? How do you get that From data reference or do Something a NuGet package, > > Generally you’ll manage Your NuGet packages, If you add a reference to The Microsoft toolkit here, the Microsoft Toolkit WPF > >, Got it > > That’ll give you that XAML Host, where you can load Any content into the form, I also have a reference to Win UI and the SDK contracts, So you can program Against the Windows APIs This example we’re not focusing On those parts as much > > Right, > >, But one of the main things Or the primary thing with using the XAML Host, is you set the Initial type name of the control Any set that to the UWP type That you want to load So I’m going to host a stack panel, Then with encode.

I Can dynamically load a whole bunch of controls? Into that stack panel right, > >, Okay, > >, Once the XAML Host is ready for you to start manipulating Those controls it fires, the child, changed event. So if I go back to My control, or my code you’ll, see here at the top that I’ve declared a number of controls. Uwp-Based controls that I’ll Be manipulating in my code Down here in the child changed event is where I start Initializing those controls First thing: I typically do Is get the sender tells me which for the Host Control and then I’ll get the child Which is the stack panel, Then I’m doing a cool effect.

Here the acrylic brush. Are you familiar with Acrylic in the background, > >, No > >. Well, let me switch back to the controls gallery. Real quick and we’ll show you a quick example of that, So acrylic is That transparency effect a little hard to see. On the board here, But you can see as I move around you can see some transparency Of both the background of my desktop and this orange thing, different things behind it: > >, Okay, > >, I’ve amped up the transparency to be able to show That a little bit better here, So I’m going to apply this background to the Everything in the stack panel, So ideally everything of that Windows XAML Host – should have A transparent or acrylic feel The next thing I’m doing here is I’m building up The additional controls – This is the hard or the leg work.

Of initializing, all of them, I have a couple of text boxes. Then I have a couple of buttons: The buttons I initialized To various sizes and hook up those spring Animations to them, Lastly, I just add them to The stack panel and go So we can take a look at that code, But first, let’s take a look. And run and see what happens: > > The test and the WPF text in The main window is obviously WPF > >, Yeah, >, > And inside that are UWP controls.

> > Correct. You can see it on the big screen here. Too but as I move around the transparency effect, Has applied to the entire XAML Host and even There are buttons there, > >, Nice, Okay, > >, You can see. I get the animation Effect on these buttons as well driving my focus and My interaction to those I also wanted to highlight A couple of things about the UWP intrinsic controls that we’ve made improvements: To compare to the WPF, You may want to actually Pull those into your applications as needed.

One example is the infamous typos Caps lock on, But if I do, I have a misspelling here. In the Word, spell-check WPF doesn’t help me do Anything like that > >, Right, > >. Another example is emojis > >. I just saw that They want emoji 12. I’r thinking to myself did I miss one through 11; It sure that means > >. I think I missed a few In the way there too, but Windows 10 has a great built-in Support for emojis Some of that does fall three with UTF-8 support for the WPF textbox, But one thing: you’ll notice here: WPF, it’s only black and white > > Right, > >, All right Now.

I Created a text box down here in the XAML Island, With a UWP control, > >, Look you get Squiggles with words, So it has a dictionary, > >, Nice > >. If I right click, I get a whole intrinsics, [, inaudible, ], > >. Is it the same dictionary That Word uses by the way. Is it a single Dictionary, do you know > >, There’s a dictionary That’s supported by XAML I’ll have to double-check and Follow up where it hooks into > > Yeah, Okay, > >, But you can fix that up If it knows some words, it’ll actually auto-correct for them.

So I misspelled goodbye and it auto corrected to goodbye >, > Cool > >, The last kind of cool little Tidbit I’ll show you is emojis and you have color support. Inside the emojis > > Very nice, and you eventually Get support for Emoji 12 > >. Whenever that comes out, > >, I don’t know, What number WPF support, but I’m pretty sure it’s not 12 > >. So this was an example. Of just showing you that yeah, I can create More complex controls build them up in my WPF code.

And essentially take all that code, that’s in the XAML’s Control gallery or Out there on the web free VPN, I can code against it in my WPF app > > Cool, > >. Let me go ahead and close This We’ve finished that Taking a look at The initialize animations is the same exact code that was In the XAML controls gallery, > >, Okay, > >, But this is really not the way. We encourage you to do this, > >. So let me ask a question: Are you using a XAML Island Because I haven’t seen Any XAML, yet necessarily I have seen you do code > > Well in WPF in the Designer you can’t mix UWP, XAML and WPF XAML.

You can’t copy and paste It. Just won’t parse right, >, >, Okay, > >! You could, if you had UWP XAML in a file or some other or Even copy pasted into code, you could use UWP XAML parser and then you could load That content into this control, > > But XAML Island – is the Technology that enables you to use the controls from Uwp inside a WPF, app > >, Correct, >, >; Okay, because they Are both XAML-based, even though you can of course create controls and code > > Right, > >, So I just wanted to make Sure that part was clear: XAML Island is the underlying Technology that lets you do that > >, It’s the host.

It’s The inter-app layer between an H, Wind and the UWP Core Window hosting technology, > > Got it: Okay, > > Yeah; those UWP controls, Are created in code, I could not assign those to The WPF window elements That would fail. I’ve got to assign Them to the XAML host control, > > Right, Okay, > >, But as you noticed, I had to write a whole bunch of Code to initialize, just my UI and that’s not a very WPF Or XAMLy thing to do So, what I want to show you next Is the approach we’re working the approach that we want you developers to be able To use going forward and how to mix more complex, XAML, UI With their existing applications, > > Right, > >.

So in my second example here, I’ve got the user control that I’ve built inside of UWP right, >, >, Yeah, > >. I can view the XAML there as well. So here I can do All the rich XAML copy and paste and build A UserControl just like that > > Right, > >. I can build an object models So that people can code against This UserControl, of course, > > Yeah > >. What I do in My WPF App is now I can go through and in My XAML host control – I can set the initial type name: To that user control, So it’s pretty straightforward! Once you build that There are a couple of Things you need to do in order to hook it up.

Into the project system, Let me show you the project. System right now, Ideally, I’ve got this ItemGroup Commented out right now, Ideally, we want a project. Reference to just work There’s a couple of bugs We’re still working through with.NET Core 3 in The project system, So you have to directly reference The output of the DLL today Then, to get XAML to work. You also have to Out-Reference the XPF file, But that’s some temporary hacks.

By the time we get to Release.NET Core 3 we’ll have worked Through these solutions, > >, Okay, cool > > – So that’s some tweaks To do the project You’ll notice, I’m actually using A NET Core 3 project here, > > Yeah. Okay – Does it have to be > >? The answer is, it depends > >, Okay, > >. So if you remember last time, I mentioned that with XAML Islands, there are some challenges: mixing different types of NET Core or.

NET. You can’t bix.NET Framework to Consume a.NET Core component and so a Managed.NET Core component. So if I was writing, A native control, a C++, UWP control, then, yes, I could use it easily in my.NET Framework, apps or my.NET Core apps. If I’m writing a Managed, UWP control, those will only work. In.Net Core apps > >, So you have an existing WPF app Written full-blown Framework- > > In C-sharp, >, > C-sharp.

You have A UWP app written to the version of.NET That is part of UWP You’re, saying that you can’t create that user control and use it in the WPF app unless the WPF app Is migrated to.NET Core 3 > >? Let me clarify > >, Okay, > >, The UWP control, if it is written in C-sharp, can only work on.NET Core 3 applications: > >, Okay, > >. If the UWP control is Written in C++ Native it can work in.NET Framework And.

NET Core apps > >; Okay, That’s important to know > >! So if you are building a lot of components that you want to Reuse in these scenarios, you’ll probably want to use C++. If your customers are.NET Framework, > >, Assuming you know, C++ >, >, Yeah, All of Windows, Ui is written in C++, >, >, Sure, > >, So there’s some gaps to Close in the end-to-end story, but we want windows, UI To be usable through XAML, Island and.

NET Framework, Apps and.NET Core apps > >, Okay, > >, But a lot of effort’s being put into.NET Core and Carrying things forward and so for right now we were worked, focusing UWP to interlock With.NET Core > >, Okay, Good to know > >. So that’s what I have here: As a.NET Core 3 application, along with the managed 1Rt user control. The other thing I have to mention Here is the manifest file Right now, I’m An unpackaged application and XAML Islands has A check in it that says I can only work on Certain builds of Windows and the way you tell that in an unpackaged application is set, the max version tested In that manifest, If I took this out, I Would get an error? I could comment that out and we could save and we’ll see what kind Of error we get at runtime After letter, we build Here for a second But XAML Islands, usually pops Up a dialogue that says: “ Yeah”, The new version: 18226 Or higher all right, > > Got it > >.

So let’s stop and go Back to our manifest uncomment out that code save and rerun it, Maybe I need to rebuild all > >. Where did you specify > >? I think there’s something cached > >, Okay, > >, But the version I specified is 295 > >. Okay, Then, of course, if somebody tries to run this app On a version less than that they’ll get an error: > > Yeah, the app manifesto will fail to load or Force it to not to load > >, You probably put a check In your code to check before you get that far like on the startup of the app or something > > Well, this isn’t the app manifest, So the OS will actually typically Fail at to load all right, > >, All right, > >! So it’s a similar application.

You can see that I added the acrylic Effect with the XAML Islands going dark and light depending On the background there as well In this example, I just had A pop-up menu or fly out here and I’ve got this similar The textbox here > >, Apparently we need to put Spell-Checking on button texts, > >, Very good, Good catch, >, >, Cool >, > Yeah. So what I’ve Shown you there is the hard way of adding A whole bunch of contacts to your existing Wpf applications or a simpler way by building a UWP control and adding That to your phone >, > Yeah, that seems a Good place to start You’ve built some UI in Uwp app that you want to be able to reuse in your WPF app, It could be login screen.

It could be a particular Functionality, because you have Multiple versions of the app You just want to be able to Have that UI in the WPF app You just create a user control. Out of it and use it, Then you need to be A little bit careful about using some of these Animation effects because it’s going to be in parts Of the app but not others, You don’t want to have A form where the buttons on the top don’t do anything but The buttons on the bottom do The bottom half of the form Has the visual effect, but the top half doesn’t So.

This is some design carefulness you need to do not make It awkward [, inaudible, ], > >, Because obviously some Reusable components as you architect, your app and you can Pick and choose which ones to replace and get some more depth. To your application, more interaction, more focus, To the close of the app, Maybe for simpler forms, replace the whole UI With the music control > > Yeah, you ultimately Decide that you just want the whole UI to be rewritten as a UWP and then just reuse, the code.

Let me get to the point where That’s asked W or demanded W. > > Yeah > > Yeah Cool > >. I did have One more surprise for you: > > Sweet. I love surprises > > Last time. Actually in The first toolbox session we imported an app to.NET Core And then I was showing you, the packaging project work On.NET Core, But when I hit F5 It failed to build and I wasn’t able to truly show it actually.NET Core app Running as a package > >, Okay, > >, I’ve built that here in This solution fixed the problem, It was actually a UX issue and I misinterpreted the error message.

And so we just skipped past it, but I’ve got it up and running now: > >, All right. Let’s see > > What we’ve done! Here in the code is- > > Should, I add a note to That first episode that lets people know towards this episode, or is that like breaking into jail and highlighting the fact That we messed up, I want to think about that > >. That could be We’ll see if they notice and then we can point them.

That, like it, does work here, > > Viewers have noticed mistakes before ourselves. We Give them credit > >, But what I’ve done? Here is, just simply add a packaging projects. To this solution, and if you remember, there’s the application note, it points to my WPF Core 3 application. So if I set this as my startup, it’s going to have to Rebuild that application and then it’s going to Package that application and then it’s going to deploy That application to the windows and that’s going to launch it In debug that application, So this pipeline takes a second but cross your fingers, if I have Set up everything correctly, we will get an application launched, > > There.

It is > > Magic, So you can see from the icon down below That it’s packaged this kit time because I don’t have the right: visual assets, hooked up, >, >, Cool, > >. We have a.NET Core 3, application with XAML Islands running in a package > >, Nice > >, So I could submit This to the store or pass around the MSIX package for side-loading in My enterprise or whatnot > >, Fantastic, All right, cool, >, >, Okay, >, > Cool stuff.

All right, I hope you enjoyed this part. Three of our two-parter Modernizing your Existing Desktop Apps Any questions. You know, Where to reach us – and we will see you next time – On Visual Studio Toolbox, [, MUSIC, ]


Online Marketing

Covering Global Issues – Ideas, Style and Smart Living with Summit Magazine

I am your host Ryan Salter, I’m an energy attorney, clean energy advocate and community outreach specialist, i’m also the principal attorney of imagined power. Llc got some exciting stuff. Today, we always say here on the show that it’s important to engage all stakeholders in the energy conversation, including those who may not be traditionally engaged in energy policy.

I think this prominently includes our communicators reporters and storytellers as it they you keep the public informed, engaged and educated about arts, culture, news and current events. So it’s not often these days that you come across a print magazine that just blows you away with its beauty, style and content, but that is what happens to me when I came across this month. Edition of summit magazine summit is Hawaii’s global magazine with in-depth coverage.

Art design style, business, civics and literature in the Hawaiian who’s beer summit connects Islanders and global travelers to the very best perspective, purveyors and products of the archipelago. I has between here today, akaike Hussey, the publisher and editor of summit magazine with us here in the studio today, so it kind of resides in co-ed and as a longtime leader in the community in a wide variety of areas he’s on the board of the domestic Violence, Action Center and the Hawaii Alliance for progressive action, just innings, you akaike, is a teacher author and thought leader with in his word.

The common goal of strengthening our Island home akaike earned a master’s degree in political science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is currently studying economics via the university of london and the London School of Economics. So, with all of that said, welcome ipega. Thank you. Riah so summit magazine, I think, is just it’s just gorgeous. I just you know I hadn’t come across it before and I was just so blown away by the 50 intriguing content, the the beautiful pictures, fashion style and yet still this really deeply intellectually engaging approach.

Global approach, so I’m just so excited to have you here to talk a bit about the magazine. Thank you, but first before we do, maybe you could tell me a little bit about yourself and your background and how you came to become a magazine, publisher sure. Well, I came to media from pro very unconventional path. I I came to it as as a person who had to offer up and talk to the media about things that are happening in the grassroots community, and so I come out of sort of an organizer community activism background fantastic.

What kind of wood that McGee renew a lot of our engaging with the news with what type of stuff for you? After a lot of things in the native blind community self-determination, sovereignty, demilitarization, land rights convention right things? And it was often by my job within our various hui tou to be the person who would go and talk to the press. I would read the press releases. I prayed the flyers and do that kind of thing, and what I realized was our press.

Our our media have an incredibly important responsibility and a lot of power and and it could be used, it could be used for incredibly wonderful things. My concern is, you know when I first started comin in the Hawaii independent was: was that oftentimes Native Hawaiians retreated sort of the problem? You know the wireless guys by those Hawaiian protesting, and the fact that we were protesting was was the problem, as opposed to the issue that we were protesting about being the problem.

So I wanted to flip the lens a little bit and to speak from speak about the world from a Hawaiian perspective instead of having media that just covers Hawaiian. So I want to tell a big different kind of story and then what was available in the in the media of the time wow that is so interesting sort of whatever you say. So the problem was speaking out. You know if only they would be quiet and not talk about these things, and so you were like let’s go ahead and and talk about these things.

Authentically is what I’m hearing right: ships, who’s speaking and shift a speaking and so a couple years ago. I was thinking about a lot about how do we how to create something? That’s really powerful and wonderful. Coming on Hawaii, I wanted to speak to a more global audience from a whole trigger a distinctly hawaii and hawaiian point of view, and it’s always been rattling around. In my my mind, this is quote from queen kapiolani, who was the spouse of David Clarke.

All of the last king of Hawaii – and it was during a time when Hawaii was very much a global place. It was much more cosmopolitan and had a very kind of modernist perspective and orientation, much more so than it than it did in the 20th century and her model. Kapila news model was coolio canoe, which means drive for the summit and try to achieve the very best that we can as an island community. And I think that the neat idea, and so what my goal with this particular publication, is to to try to elevate expectations.

For what Hawaii can be in this 21st century, to showcase the amazing people who are doing great things and media, like my pink tech or in fashion or in culinary arts, and a show that we really have a lot to offer the world? And so that’s about. Sixty seventy percent of the magazine and the other thirty forty percent is kind of straight up: international politics and business. So we cover big ideas that are driving the world right now, like the idea of universal basic basic income, which there comes from about later so, which is which is so interesting yeah.

I hope you know I well. I think it’s interesting, I think folks, reading low as well. So how does I’m curious? So how did you go from? You know the you know, writing the press releases. The sort of you know having this. You know international. You know magazine. Well, you know. Thankfully, we live in a time when a lot of the effort that it you should take to create on publication has been. It was blocked, easier, wordpress and Amazon Web Services and all of the a kind of readily available technology that the Internet has offered to us.

I started doing websites when I was like 17 or 18 years old in high school, and it was very much for him tinkering around and creating a pretty really simple website, so I launched an online news website called the whole independent in 09. Okay, I can remember just because my daughter was born right as I launched it, and I have this crazy habit of starting differences when carried I so you know it was relatively easy to get that off the ground just because with technology you know you must have Good enough to print and hire a truck to deliver yeah physical newspapers that make sense that yet at the same time, I think it must have also been you know your works at the knowledge and roots in the community.

You must have known a lot of artists because you can have all the trucks to drive and fancy print things in the world and not have sort of photographs of of the beauty that you have, and you know the richness of content so well. Some of the degrees, an art and a science summit really is a team effort. I play a. I would be a pretty minimal role in the actual creation of this. This thing that you have in your hands on the table.

We have an excellent art director and excellent in a managing editor, who really make them anything happen and copy editors and writers. Who, who put you, know wonderful thought into their words. I just help with, like. I literally drive amazing around people and try to set up the revenue so that it can keep going well, I’m always in a very important function, the audience for something who’s the audience.

So we have our core demo it’s sort of 35 to 45 year old. So, like you know me it dollars users when you create something for someone that you you know well, I happen to be right in the middle of that that demo ravi speaking mr. Department of mass affluent. So not quite though one percent – but you know, people who are professionals their business owners, they’re, deeply engaged in the life and our civic life.

They they made themselves have significant assets. We and we certainly have a lot of readers with with poor, very affluent, like I want to be in this integr attic me too, and so that that’s probably the age and income distribution and then geographically, we’re writing for an audience. That’s here, but also an international audience, so we have readers in Japan, their readers. We have read adult route: north america – I have a subscriber in slovenia that I need to send a get into, and you know so that’s where it it’s ironic now that i’m printing of physical magazine to get them with the deal the logistics of moving this.

You know 200 pages mmm paper around the globe while trying to trying, as best we can to mitigate the carbon impact, which we should talk about. Of course. But and that’s you know, that’s sort of a always an issue in hawaii shipping and you know absolutely and wanting to you know whole pages and local things and try to somehow still meeting to I’d like to say in carbon impact. Nava standing. But you know come things coming from this direction to the mainland, I mean that we want to increase that.

I think, especially cultural and intellectual part of our our orientation is that that this is our main lab like this is this is the center of our world, and so from this this particular locus. Oh, we can then speak about what’s happening in Asia and North America. South America, from Vermont prospectus you’re in my way, and it’s a very different way of thinking about the world. On the other hand, I can, from a lot of media, that’s produced, for instance in New York City, and I’m always struck by how writers in New York City assume that everyone knows York City.

They talk about the geography New York City edge of is that the daily commute of everyone in a spot. Of course. No, of course it’s not, so I don’t feel bad about interesting that our point of view should be from Hawaii but and at the least, it’s a very interesting way of a female world, it’s different, which is what you’re creating a product. Nowadays, it’s all about being different but creates, have been differentiated from everything else is out there.

Well, I I would agree that sounds like good advice in chronic Creator, so why don’t we go ahead and talk a little bit about how the magazines structured and when why? So you know I know they’re. There may be some variation, but I know this: we have lifestyle, arts, industry, common teaching for tomorrow, so you know how you sort of put this together. I’r sure you know that illuminates those perspectives.

So why did you decide to sort of place the magazine up in this way? Well, so the the first section is called annoy doing and honor a new england’s rainbow in Hawaiian, and so our magazine does not have a Hawaiian name right its summit. So I thought we have one section in the magazine has a Hawaiian in that would be okay and I figure on balance. People around the world probably have seen the word on Lulu at some point.

If it comes to Hawaii, they probably seen other people or sports fans know that that’s supposed to be our our sports team at university. So that’s our life attention and we think of it as the place where you go for information about where to eat. Where to what to make with your alcohol collection at home? Oh you know we’re about take break okay and then, when we come back, we’ll talk more about the structure of the magazine start digging into some of the content, so we’ll be right back with each Idaho’s.

Be talking about some at 90 day and in just a bit Aloha. This is kayley giacchino with the weekly a hanukkah co. Let’s work together program on the state, a kawaii broadcast network mondays at two o’clock p.M. Movers and shakers and great ideas join us. We’ll see you then Aloha Aloha, I’m Callie, Lucas coast of Hawaii – is my mainland here on think too kawaii every friday at 3pm. We address issues and importance for those of us who live here on the most isolated landmass on the planet.

Please come join me fridays. At 3pm Mahalo Aloha, my name is John ye and I actually had a small part to do with what’s happening today, served actually in public office. But if you don’t already know that is the chance to learn more about what’s happening in our state. By joining me. For talk story with John, why he every other Monday, thank you, and I look forward to your seeing us in the future hi and welcome back to power of Hawaii, where Hawaii comes together to talk about a clean, renewable and just energy future.

We’re here with I. I caca who see of some publisher of summit magazine, and we were just talking about the different sections with a magazine and actually they can reach the magazine at wwe.Com correct. So let’s go ahead and continue our discussion about magazines, okay, so real briefly, the protection of Unknowing you language is the lifestyle. The second section is originals, which is art, artists, primarily musicians, and it’s bouquet features on folks will create culture.

Industry is the third section. I hope I’m get in order right. That’s like business features. Commons is the fourth section, and that is essentially international politics, politics and social issues and in letters it’s the final section and that’s. I think it is a sort of our new yorker moment where we get to do poetry and prose, and then we also have a summit shop where we work with producers here makers who are creating wonderful products and we help it sell their product Ellis.

Well, that’s that’s fantastic! I just again, I think it’s really important to talk to folks who are purveyors of perspectives and cultures, because if energy policy folks don’t sort of engage with the you know the thought, leaders and let us, but you guys know that what you do is important to Us then you know: how can we expect you to come to us and talk about how what you do is you know about? We do can be important to you, of course you know and why everyone knows.

You’ve got a hundred percent renewable energy goal and I know there’s a great piece this month that folks might be interested in about on solar, hot water heaters and the need to sort of think of them as being cooler and sexier. Then we may usually think about them, because they are a real solution and something that can be an answer and in a way also for low to moderate income folks to participate in energy.

So thank you for covering measure, and I should mention that it’s a piece that we did on shipping energy, that in partnership with yes with energy failure, which it’s on a great work. Yet in really pushing the you know pushing innovation Ford, which we desperately need. Yes, absolutely um, so I’d also like to talk about a couple of the other articles that I found to be just so fascinating, so one of them is called mana for the people and it sort of it’s a historical book back at the Polynesian Panther movement.

Could you talk a little bit about that? First of all, sort of how did you come across this topic and why did you decide the you know to go ahead and bring that forth and some it sure? So it’s a story that was processed by one of our contributing writers based on Australia, and you know I’m as a student myself of a social lumen. Lava has been fascinated with how social moods are adapted and kind of spread all throughout the world.

So one of those obviously people Black Panther movement and so what we. What we found in healing is is a very local, New Zealand, Mallory and tan Polynesian. An effort to take some of the energy and language and sort of intellectualism of the Black Panther movement and turn it into a Polynesian movement in in on table of New Zealand, and I should mention too that there’s you know they’re also similar things happening here in Hawaii, during the same time, period where you know folks were following what was going on all around the world and and building social movements that that copied either the effects of things like the Black Panther movement and also a lot of the substance.

A lot of the honor, the thinking behind you know what what was going on in, like Oakland, for instance. Why do you think that that particular is black, American and Caribbean cultural message resonated amongst folks in the it’s a good question? I think you can make an argument and I’ll just say I’ll, make the argument that the black culture in North America and the Caribbean has has really been a the most creative Wellspring of culture.

For for, like our modern age. And if you look at all of the cool stuff, that’s come out of come out of the United States, rated if jazz the blue, it’s hip-hop, it’s rap. You know all the things that have come out of out of black culture and that’s me I find it very inspiring because it’s really about a group of people who you know history should have could have written him off. You know and that group of people taking things that were forced on them and then turning it into the the tools of their own liberation.

It’s really a beautiful I’m sort of getting emotional. It’s a very beautiful. You know his historical trend. That happened. That’s very beautiful thing and is the siege of that sort of wealth, framing it it’s as culture and also the social movements and the social activism and the stories of oppression. I guess helped create this diaspora of of resistance right. I don’t know what to call it, but there’s something that was it music.

Was it the afros something resonated you know and for heiping perhaps still resonates today, something you know if you know when you look at the pictures and I’m sorry I don’t have them to share you know it’s sort of a it seemed like such a natural overlay. You know you hear about this person, you know in New Zealand, picking up, you know, Huey Newton’s work and you know you know, wearing a beret and putting on a jacket, and it just sort of you know that the overlay is almost kind of seamless and what They decided to do in terms of helping young people with homework, and you know having at you working with after school, like was also very similar to seeing kind of scene.

We are trying to get it. What kind of I think part of? What’s going on in that particular in a particular episode they were describing is: is that we all you know everyone in for the english-speaking modern world. We also to live in one culture right and it’s a culture that is broadcast out through Hollywood and and and so everyone sort of share in what’s happening to this math English language, culture and as a result of that, the cultural minorities, even you know, in Hawaii Native Hawaiians are our minority of sorts in all table of New Zealand, even though there are some large percentage of the population under the exact number, but Maori are still treated as a minority in that community in that in that country.

What you have, then, is this situation where you have this kind of monolithic, English, language, culture and within that model of the culture black culture is it’s sort of the other, but it’s a very powerful other. It’s just an incredibly vibrant and and powerful and creative space. Where r alliteration can take place, and so I think when that culture touches places like New Zealand or Hawaii, it becomes a place for all the folks who don’t get to be.

You know the white man at the table we all get to play with in the black culture, because it’s so accepting and we can all find a void. There, take a look at in Hawaii. You have like the the movement – I think of God, like John John Prante, know, who’s leading the 808. The 808 girls furminator way. Excuse me, the Irving, a delayed group and they’re working with kids, who are using sort of the visual language of hip-hop, the visual language of street art of aerosol art to to tell their own story, because that is an available medium.

You know they can’t find a space in the light dominating culture, for the black culture is actually a an accepting place. I still interesting in the and the article talks about how did you know in this Polynesian, Panther movie movement in the seventies it began to become a app and polynesian pan-pacific. You know sort of diaspora sort of a movement to unify the Diaspora and reached out to you know, movements in South Africa, and so yes, I mean and that we are all applicant and one regarder another.

Originally, that’s that and I was going to ask – and you know I know so you this is in the current issue. So what isn’t? How do you think you know this topic is important today? Well, just pop my head, we live in incredibly interesting time. Right yeah. We do I’ll be there. It’s sort of amazing unbelievable that it’s been a month barely a month since the newly Trump aaron has taken place. But it’s a time where so many social limits are in communication, with each other able to find more and love and solidarity with each other code access pipeline 17.

Well back when we got ya, you know look at things like the the women’s for women’s bar yeah yeah on Inauguration Day. What was amazing about that for me was just how incredibly rich and multi multi everything those margins were so much more than like. The official inaugural events and the sort of kind of monoculture that you see in those in the Trump phenomenon you know what’s happening with the people is the people are getting together, and we need to celebrate that all these moon, all these people, that that coalescing is An incredibly powerful historical trend that I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

You know it’s in some ways: it’s an unraveling of of the way in which people have been divided last 500 years. Okay, it’s so interesting, I feel like we could have a whole show about that. In terms of what’s coming together and what some of the some of the challenges and the fissures some for very reason – and you talk about energy wave yeah well, I like that. What I wanted to get to I could talk about that.

We don’t have a lot of time, that’s what I really wanted to get to. Is this interesting article or you interviewed and economist who has an idea? This is the name of the actual name of the owner, described as universal basic, universal, debut accountant. So, basically, this concept that there can be a situation where everyone gets a taste income-based income and what that? What that means, in terms of you know in terms of fighting economic development and particularly for the poor, so tell us a little bit about why about this and why you chose protocol it your local bakery in communist.

Oh, thank you, be. I felt like yeah something you get. You don’t want to talk about yeah, but so the idea that we’re moving to an economy with less enough people where you don’t actually need people to do to the logical appropriation, ization yeah right. So the edges, you create a tax regime that would that would take all of the benefits of this in credit increase in the cumulus economy and then share that benefit with the people, so that people can still get some still get some value from that later.

With drug and gosh I, this is my fault for lingering, but we’re not going to have as much time to dig into that fascinating Barry, as I had hoped I would, but is how can people find summat magazine so summit, is on learn about 400 stores across United cason at most barnes nobles, you can find a copy of summit. You can also find a bit before seasons or or the lotus honolulu to find us at whole foods all throughout the states and department, with your own wan na, have the copy and maybe at a doctor’s office or a lawyer’s office to you know we’re all over The place or you go to summon team comm service, alright, well, fantastic.

Thank you so very much for sharing about this magazine and some of your fascinating perspective. Thank you so much for that baby and that wraps up another issue or another edition of power of Hawaii. I’r why assaulter energy attorney and clean energy advocates community outreach specialist. Thank you so much Mahalo and aloha. You