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How to Boost Soundcloud Plays On CSM?

Let me start by asking you: are you not getting enough plays on your soundcloud songs? If, yes, let me show you how you can get 1 million plays click. The SoundCloud plays boost to start. Once you hear click boost first, you will be required to provide your SoundCloud link, make sure you copy and paste it here. I already have my SoundCloud ready now. I will copy the link and paste it to the required section to copy the SoundCloud link address.

Go to the Uniform Resource locator or what we call the URL highlight and right-click your mouse to copy go back to CSM and paste the link address after pasting click. Next to go and select the number of plays. You need here, click the plus sign to expand. Now choose: how many plays you want in your song? You can choose half a million 1 million or 2 million. I will choose 1 million when you done submit as usual.

The CS music website is compatible with both devices, a mobile and desktop. Are you an independent artist, tired of managing everything yourself? Why don’t you join the visible artist program as an artist we’ll help you get your music ready for your fans by distributing your music to 100 of digital stores, build a web page plus email, submitter radios, and also manage to a social media account for a price Of 790 rams a year to join, read the article on how to register the visible artists program find the link below.

For now. I Lily signing out, see you in the next tutorial.


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The Name Game | Business Etiquette, Personal Impact.

The way you introduce yourself can go a long way in establishing rapport. So if I was introducing myself, I would make eye contact. I would smile and I would introduce myself saying something like hello. My name is Kimberly law. If I was responding to an introduction from somebody else, I would say something like hello, Mary, it’s nice to meet you it’s very important to listen to people’s names when they introduce themselves to you.

A name is what distinguishes one person from another and since most of us have been using the name that we were given at birth. It kind of makes sense that we’ve become a little bit attached to our name. So it’s really important that if you do not know how to pronounce the name or a unique clarification to ask for clarification and if you’re making an introduction to someone else – and you accidentally say somebody’s name wrong, always apologize and then say their name correctly in Western Culture, the most formal way to address a man or woman would be with their title or honorific, and their last name, for example, mr.

Smith or ms jones, in business. The correct title for a woman would always be ms, regardless of their marital status. So, for example, it would be ms jones, rather than miss jones or mrs. Jones, as you would normally call a married woman in a social setting. Even though we may seem very casual in the way that we address people, the highest ranking person or the person with the highest title would be the one to determine if first names are used.

If they use first names, then both parties can use them an example of that might be if your doctor introduced himself or herself with his first, his or her first and last name and then also used your first name in the introduction. That would be giving you permission to use his first name as well. So, for example, if my doctor’s name was dr. Paul cam and he introduced himself by saying hello Kimberly, I’m Paul cam.

That would be giving me permission to call him Paul his first name when people introduce themselves, it’s really important to listen to the name that they’ve used in the introduction and to use that name. I know some people like to automatic the short names or use nicknames, but some people may be offended by that. So, to give you an example, my late husband, his name, was robbed in business. He would always be called either well actually either Rob or Robert his friends always called him rob and his mother always called him Robert me myself.

The only time I would ever call him Robert was when I was really mad at him, but you’d be surprised. How often in both social and business settings, people would automatically after he introduced themselves himself as Rob would automatically call him Bob now, for those of you who don’t know, bob is a nickname for Robert and some men with the given name of Robert actually do use The term Bob, but my husband Rob never went under the name of Bob, so for him it was really insulting when people would take the initiative and call him Bob.

Another example is my name Kimberly. My name is Kimberly. I have gone through different phases in my life, where I being called Kimberly and kim, and I kind of switched back and forth over the years. At this point, my life, I don’t really mind whether I’m called Kim or Kimberly, but I have had situations where people and even in business settings people have automatically called me Kimmy now. I know that they may think it’s a term of endearment.

But for me I just I don’t like it at all. You can probably tell by the expression on my face, so for me it’s very insulting. When people call me Kimmy, and especially in the situation where you know, I can’t tell them not to call me that. So if you are somebody that my point is, if you are somebody that does like two short names or does like to use nicknames or terms of endearment like honey and sweetie, and things like that, always make sure that you ask permission before taking initiative to do That and if you’re not sure, always make sure that you use the name that the person has given you in there an introduction.


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How To Set Up A New Stripe Account To Accept Credit Card Payments Fast

So stick around. It’s coming right now, yo. What is up Zachary bad pass here. Former drug addict spent over five years of my life in prison turned underdog entrepreneur and the proven wrong prodigy and iTunes Top 200 podcast host. What is up welcome back to the blog? This is your first time here and you want the best tips on how to turbocharge your business with lead generation and customer acquisition, the subscribe button and tap the bell notifications.

That way, you don’t miss anything with that out the way we’re getting right dive into easily. How to easily set up a new stripe account so that you can accept credit card payments, whether you’re selling a product online or you’re selling a course uh even a program, a coaching program. It doesn’t matter you can easily accept payments online, so you don’t have to worry about all that. You don’t have to necessarily get you a merchant account.

You don’t have to just use PayPal, you can dress it up. Nice and this works really well and click funnels. As well so with that with that being said, let’s head to the computer, let me show you how to do this. I just set up straight we’re going to go to stripe comm. Obviously, once we get here, then we’re going to select create account. A lot of this is self-explanatory. We’re going to use my gmail account because that’s where I sign up the things that I don’t really need right boom create a password select.

I am NOT a robot and we are good to go so we’re going to click, click, create stripe account and then that’s going to load up, and then it’s going to bring us to this page. Alright. Now, once you create your account, you’re going to be you’re going to come into here and you’re going to need to activate your account so they’re going to send you a verification email which I have over here, we’re just going to verify all right confirm: email boom.

Anybody set the enter password again, not a robot, and we are verified. Now we can set up our bank account payments and all that good stuff. So now that we’re verified, let’s set up our way to accept payments, so we’re going to click on payments boom. Then we’re going to go down to settings once we’re here in settings, we’re going to click activate and we are activated, then what you’ll want to do after you get here, you get to click, activate it underneath settings, then you’re going to want to fill out all This information, I’m not going to actually sit here and do it because it would just be a big time, waster you’re, going to put in obviously what they ask here in these forms, your social security number or your employer identification number that’s optional, your business website and So on and so on, and you just fill this out correctly and then you enter in your bank.

What I would do is enter in the routing number of your bank and your in your bank information in here, which is a routing number, the account number and then confirm the account number. And then you submit the application, and once you do that, once you submit the application, it comes back and you’re good. Then you are good to take payments. It’s as simple as that. I hope this article was very helpful and now you can hook this up to your clickfunnels and start accepting payments directly through click bonus and make life a whole heck of a lot easier for you and start building up that bank account all right.

Was that helpful? If so, let me know in the comments below if it was really easy to implement if this tutorial suck. I definitely let me know in the comments below and tell me why it sucks. So I know I can get better in the future, so I don’t keep putting on sucky articles because nobody wants to put out sucky stuff and if you enjoyed this article, if it was helpful, give it a thumbs up. If it wasn’t give me a thumbs down that feedback is greatly appreciated.

Lets me know how I can improve in the future and yeah. If you want to check out a baller playlist, this stripe works really well and clickfunnels. It’s easy to integrate once you set it up. Just like I showed you it’s easy in a great in clickfunnels matter of fact, you can check out the playlist it’s like somewhere. I think it’s like that way. I might be there but that playlist right there click funnels.

I have so many tutorial articles, I’m showing you how to mark like a boss inside of their check that out and if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog and you want the best tips on how to turbocharged your lead generation in customer acquisition. It’s a subscribe button tap the Bell notifications. That way, you don’t miss anything and I’m going to see you on the next article until then check out some of these articles going to throw at you right now bring them dollars in the fireman.

My name is Zachary.


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How to Grow On Soundcloud [Digital Dash w/ Kohrey]

Now, for those of you who don’t know who I am digital marketing myself, I specialize in helping artists, like you, guys, get their songs heard through platforms like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and a bunch of others. What I want to talk to you guys about today is how to run up your place on soundcloud, and this isn’t a platform that I necessarily will recommend you guys to work.

I do personally have my own beliefs about SoundCloud and trust me I’ll be doing a article on that in the future. But I haven’t gotten a lot of questions from you, guys asking me how you can start to build your place up on soundcloud how you can start to get your songs out there so on and so forth. So I want to give you guys a couple of tips, some that I’ve noticed and kind of seen in my recent past working with SoundCloud and some they have come directly from SoundCloud themselves.

They recently put out a blog article talking about ways that you can optimize your soundcloud page, so that your songs are spread a lot more, so I’ll be digging into that as well. So with that being said, let’s get right into it all right now. The first tip comes directly from SoundCloud itself and it’s make sure that you’re as discoverable as possible, meaning that you want to have your titles and your descriptions in order.

Don’t have anything like track number one. The track number two and don’t add any unnecessary and extra characters or symbols that will make it hard for people to find you. So whatever your name is on Instagram or Twitter or whatever other profiles, you use make sure that it’s as close to it as possible within the track description and the track title for your song, so that people can easily lift you up and find you.

You also want to make sure that your album art is the highest quality and resolution, as you can possibly get. Soundcloud doesn’t really like to work with low res photos and I’ll make it a little harder for you to be discovered and for people to want to actually come and check you out when they do stumble upon your profile. The main thing here, guys is consistency. Consistency across your track descriptions, consistency across your titles and consistency across your album art will make you very discoverable on soundcloud, giving you a better chance of being picked up by the platform’s algorithm and having your songs actually spread out within the platform, and the second thing That you guys want to make sure that you’re doing is taking the advantage of sound clouds genre and mood now, just like all the other streaming platforms.

Soundcloud does in fact have its own algorithm that they used to determine how other people are hearing songs and what songs come up next after this song and so forth and so forth. So SoundCloud uses their algorithm based on the tax and the genres that you guys are using. So you want to use as many as you possibly can. That relates to your song and relate to your audience. So if you’re a rapper, your manager, I’m attack may be hip hop.

You may have a chilled mood or a sleepy mood, or something like that tagging it with as many relevant tags as possible, increases your chance of being picked up by the algorithm being spread to these people, who are looking for songs based on these types of tags. In these types of genres and increasing your chance that you actually hit the audience that you want to hit and that’s the best way to make sure that your music spreads on soundcloud, honestly so before each song release make sure that you have a list of tags.

And subgenres listed out that you can use with each song time and time again. This way, you’ll make sure to hit the same niche over and over spreading your music out amongst the people, who really care about the types of songs that you’re making and putting you in front of a relevant audience anyway. Now the next thing that you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing is taking advantage of repost networks and the repost function on soundcloud in general.

Now, in my opinion, they don’t work as well as they did. I would say two or three years ago, but they’re still the most effective way for you to grow your song on SoundCloud itself. You can either reach out to people who are bigger than you and see how much they’re charging for repost I’ve seen a couple of popular DJs and even like smaller lesser-known artists, who still have large fan bases who offer repost as well or you can take advantage Of repost network, which is a website that actually sales repost from different large SoundCloud accounts, just go in there and make a profile dig through the ones that make the most sense.

For you see how much they cost and get those guys to repost as long as well or if you guys, are trying to stay more inside of your budget or if you don’t really want to spend money on repost at all. What you can do is start the build your own repost network, using friends, artists, DJs and producers, who are all in similar size and demographic as you as well. This would make it easier because your starter kind of associate brands with people who are also trying to build themselves up and pretty much be sharing fan bases with other people who can pretty much pitch it into yours and you’ll be helping a lot.

By doing the same now on SoundCloud, your repost network is like gold, so they’re stronger, vennett way that you build the better chances that you have of spreading your song out outside of your own network, increasing its views, increasing its reach and increasing your chance of picking Up new fans, so just to give you guys a little recap. The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you’re as discoverable within the platform itself, meaning that you want to make sure that your titles are order, that your descriptions are in order and that you’re using the same name on soundcloud as the one That you’re, using on all your other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter or whatever it is that you guys are using the second thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that you’re using SoundCloud genre and mood tags, like I said, SoundCloud has its own Algorithm that it uses to determine songs that played next with in other people’s on Play, listing and their track efforts, and things like that.

So, the more that you tag your songs or there’s many relevant tags as possible, the better chance that you have of SoundCloud algorithm, picking you up and spreading your songs in the platform without you even having to do much work. And the third thing that you guys want to do is make sure that you build a strong repost network. You can do this by hitting up DJ’s or rappers or other artists who are offering repost for whatever price.

It is that they offer make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck and it actually helps to spread your song or you can always tap into artists who have a similar genre and niche and same size following as you two start, the build you Guys it’s on repost network of similar style artists, or you can always use a website like repost Network, just go in make an account find pages that are actually offering repost and figure out, which ones make the most sense for you, your style of music and your Budget now make sure to leave their link to the original SoundCloud blog post in the description below, so that you guys can check out some of the other tips that they had.

I didn’t feel like really needed that much of a real description, but you can always go through it, read through it yourself and get from it. What you need now, as always guys if you feel like you, learned me pain today, please make sure you like to share this article, hit those post notifications so that you guys don’t miss anything. I want you guys to learn everything and anything that you possibly can with.

That being said, my name is Corey and I’ll see y’all next time.


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Why Good People Won’t Get Anywhere | Sadhguru

People are always suffering more. Yes, People who think they are good, they are simply a suffering (, Laughter, ), Isn, ’ t it so Please look at this ( Laughs ). Now, first of all, how did you become good He is not okay, she is not okay, he is not okay, he is not okay, he is Not okay, she is not okay compared to all these people.

I am a good man From Where did you get the idea that you ’ re good, tell me, You have compared yourself with lots of people and You labelled everybody as bad, and now you feel good. Somebody who thinks is very good in his mind. Nobody in the world is okay, The more good you think you are, nobody is Okay, for you Is that so Isn ’ t it so People who believe they are very good people. Nobody wants to go anywhere near them because they ’ re, so good.

No life can Happen: (, Laughs, ), Your goodness is only in comparison with Something else: isn, ’ t it, Yes And you establishing yourself as good and making Every…, if every… all these people are wretched, people then “. I am a really good man, ” isn, ’ t it. Isn, ’ t it. So Good people won’t get anywhere either in this world or in other world. Can you Take a joke: Do you have good digestion, Hmm Participants, ___ (, Unclear ), Sadhguru, Hmm Participants, ___ (, Unclear ), (, Sadhguru, laughs, ) Sadhguru? I was not talking about that digestion.

( Laughter ) One day in his previous life Shankaran Pillai Was a good man After a brief illness, he died Being a good man. He naturally went to heaven He landed up at heaven There at the reception committee of angels, Opened his account book Page after page, good deed, good deed, good deed, Good deed, good deed cover to cover only good deed. Then the angels were in confusion. Then they came To Shankaran Pillai and said “, Mr Pillai, there ’ s a little problem here: ” He asked “, What is the problem? ” He said… The angels said “ See here we have various Kinds of accommodation in heaven, various levels of accommodation, One bad Deed means highest heaven – seafront view Two bad deeds – next level of accommodation.

Three Bad deeds – next level of accommodation like this, But no bad deed. We don ’ t have such a place. We Really don, ’ t know what to do. You are the first man to come, like this., ” Shankaran Pillai thought “ What nonsense In the world nobody wanted to come near me. Because I was such a good man, I lived with a hope of getting got heaven And even here problem ( Laughter, ), ”, Then the angels had a discussion and they Arrived at a conclusion, They said: “ Don, ’ t! You worry Mr.

Pillai We have found a solution. Your body is still intact. There, We ’ ll, give you three Hours of life Just commit one bad deed. We ’ ll, put you in the highest heaven, nothing is lost, ” Low Shankaran became… Shankaran Pillai became alive here. Then. He Sat there thinking how to commit a bad deed And hour-and-a-half passed away, See he is not Like you, he has no practice ( Laughter ) After hour-and-a-half.

He remembered in the Neighborhood there is a woman who is well beyond her prime Who ’ s been casting inviting glances at him? He being a good man? He never looked that way. Now he thought “. Okay, adultery is a bad deed., ” Because after all, he ’ s going to do whatever He is going to do just to go to heaven, So he went looking for the woman. He went and Knocked on her door, She came and opened the door When she opened the door Shankaran Pillai Said “, I want you.

, ” “. Why Mr.Pillai? Just yesterday evening, they Told me you are on your death bed. What is this ”? He said, “, It doesn, ’ t matter. I want you. ”. He went in You. Know nature took over things happened between them. He doesn, ’ t want to die in her house. Time is running out. So he told her “, I need to go ” and he came to the door. The woman came to see him off. And she said: “ Mr.

Pillai: do you know what a good deed You ’ ve done for me today: ” (, Laughter, ), One more good deed, (, Laughter ). What to do So! Good people will neither make it here nor there It ’ s, not your goodness, which liberates you. Your Goodness is only in comparison with somebody else, Your goodness being in comparison with somebody Else it ’ s, not about goodness it ’ s about a kind of sickness.

It ’ s. Just like Right now, people are going about like this. They are happy they don. ’ t know what joy is Their happiness is just that they have things that other people – don – ’ t have Isn, ’ t it. Now, let ’ s say you are all very hungry, but my stomach is full And I feel so happy that Nobody has food, but at least I have something to eat. Is this happiness or sickness? Hmm Humanity is suffering from this sickness, which is passing off as happiness for most people.

Isn, ’ t it so


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Payment Integration

This replaces the payment forms on a site with a much simpler experience on mobile devices. So let’s talk about paying for things on the web. This is a longer talk, so let me give you an idea of what’s coming up. First, we’ll talk about the user experience today and what could be better, we’ll look at the payment request, API twice.

First, to give you the big picture, then we’ll dive into the code. Finally, you’ll get the usual resources in lab. It’s no surprise, given the rise of mobile computing, that a majority of commercial traffic is coming from mobile devices, what is surprising is that 66 % of that mobile commerce is still happening on the web, even when people have native apps installed. Unfortunately, we also see a lot lower conversion rate on mobile web relative to desktop websites.

Mobile conversions are about one third of the desktop conversions. If you wonder why this is the answer is pretty simple. Checking out collecting payment from the user is still rather messy. People often give up while filling the checkout form some checkout forms have improved since the beginning of web Commerce. What hasn’t changed is you still have to manually input the same information credit card billing address and shipping address? Our first step to solving this problem is autofill, because autofill works on existing forms.

You don’t have to modify your site. Autofill just works to help users check out faster autofill alone increases conversion rates by 25 %. Autofill does a good job of identifying form fields, but it’s not perfect. If you want an even better experience, you can have the autocomplete attribute to your forms. In this example, we’ve annotated the credit card portion of a form using values such as CC name and CC.

Number autofill will know exactly where to place its information. If you want to learn more about autocomplete attributes search the web, using what WG autofill to find the specification, autofill gets rid of the manual nature of data entry and makes it much simpler for the user. The current checkout experience presents you with a form to fill out every time for users, though the ideal experience would be that, when it’s time to buy they just buy site should be able to focus on creating an amazing and engaging shopping experience without worrying about optimizing.

A long checkout form this is where the payment request API comes in, we’re going to look at it first from a user perspective and then look at the code. What if we could do away with the form using web payments when it’s time to pay the user? Just pays payment request is a simple JavaScript API that helps the browser collect payment information. Then it’s a simple one: tap checkout for the user and an easy way for a site to receive a payment.

With the payment request API, you can make the whole process much faster and simpler and since the browser is actually taking care of collecting payment information from the user, we go from end taps to one tap. Let’s take a quick look at the code flow here. First, the site initiates a payment request in this request. The website passes to the browser the parameters of the payment, for example, how much is being charged and the available forms of payment? Don’t worry about the details now we’ll come back in a few minutes and look at this in detail.

The browser then determines the intersection of payment methods from the site and what the user has. It then presents a selection UI where the user chooses their method of payment. You get the UI by calling show this displays a native UI over the browser within this UI, the user can change how to pay the delivery method and the delivery address. The payment method can be credit cards or one of the apps that’s installed on their device, such as Android pay and, finally, the user taps on pay.

Then the browser requests a response from the selected payment method. This might be an app on your device or going directly to a payment provider. The payment processor verifies the request by examining its details and then returns the response directly to the server and the website now has all the information it needs to process the payment. Is this safe? The API is more secure than forum based payments.

The new payments are based on modern cryptography. You don’t need to enter payment data that could be logged or observed at the point of entry. Autofill is safe from website access and is typically stored. An encrypted storage on the hard drive to prevent disclosure, even when the OS is compromised payment request, is not just a chrome only API. The API is currently under development in the w3c web payments working group.

The goal is to create a universal cross browser standard for any website to accept any form of payment so to review payment requests, eliminates manual and tedious entry by storing the user’s information securely in the browser. The browser passes, addresses and credit card details immediately and securely to the site, and since the browser is collecting payment information from the user, we go from end taps to one tap: you’ve seen how payment request works for the user.

Now, let’s go over the code in more detail. First, a quick review. The site initiates a payment request in this request. The website passes to the browser the parameters of the payment, including the price and the payment methods accepted. The browser determines the intersection of payment methods for the site and the user and presents a selection. Ui payment can be anything from a simple credit card payment to a payment application installed on the user’s device.

The browser requests a response from the selected payment method and returns the response directly to the merchant. There are multiple code samples for this on: Google, Chrome, github, dot, io. Let’s start writing some code. Step 1 is to tell payment requests. All the ways you can get paid. Step 2 is to define the details about the actual transaction cost items, currency, shipping options and so on.

Here’s an example of how you would define shipping options notice. The selected bit you can include this: if you have multiple options, the browser will tell you which one the user selects step 3 is to define what information you want. The API to collect. Take the three data structures you just created and pass them to the payment request. Constructor. You often do this when the user indicates they’re ready to pay, take the request and call it show method.

This returns a promise and opens the user interface. The UI shows the details of the purchase and collects payment information when the user approves the prom resolves with a payment response object. Next, you should check that the payment is valid. Send the information to your payment processor for processing the UI will show a spinner while the request takes place when a request comes back, call complete to close the UI.

The complete method tells the user agent that the user interaction is over. The payment response object contains everything needed to submit a payment for credit card payments. The response is standardized for non credit card payments such as Android pay. The response will be documented by the provider. There’s one loose end to tie up what happens if the user changes their shipping address or options.

This may change the total cost and in some cases, may change the shipping options. Payment requests can omit shipping address, change and shipping option change events. You should add event. Listeners for these and update the payment details. Accordingly, the sample code will show you how and that’s it. You can find a full set of resource links on this final slide. You may have noticed. I didn’t mention a lab, we’re just finishing it up at the time of filming, so check your lab notebook for a complete ecommerce example.


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I FINALLY Tried SoundCloud Promotion… | TEST 1

All right, I was asked to review repost exchange and I was like I’ve. Never done it before I’ve never used repost exchange, so I can’t really review it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to use it live right and let you guys go through my first time experiencing using it trying to keep it really short about less than 10 minutes and I’m going to let you see the phases and what I Think about in the process, let’s get into it all right.

So, as you guys already know, I’m not an artist. So what I’m going to do is take an artist profile that we work with all right. Her name is Hadassah really dope. Music definitely go check her out and we’re going to push this track by the name of my funny Valentine. Did you see this track was released two months ago, four thousand five hundred twenty nine followers, no streams and then seven comments.

188 likes 14 repost. Now I’m interested to see what we can get this thing to I’m going to do in phases, because, honestly, I’ve never used a platform before so there’s just some of that. Some of the apprehension, like am I doing this wrong? Am I wasting the money? How does this really go? I’r going to go to 500, the first time around and just to do it like at this phase and then later on, I’m going to probably try to just blow the rest of the budget, but I want to do it one time.

Just to get a feel of it and we’ll do an update with both portions of it. So for this first one I’m not going to get fancy use the budget to identify as useful comments. It’s already selected, so I’ll just leave it how it is. If I go down in each onra, three posters must meet the following conditions. Preferred jamas must include now doesn’t seem to make sense to include any genre, so I’m going to use the track genre or as she chose or in being so so we’re going to have people who’s referred.

John is a army and soul right. The genre of the song, the rest of this stuff max followers max number of repost max number of repos per day average – I’m not fully. You know, I don’t know, I don’t have any preferences so I’ll just leave the defaults on and this other thing up here. I kind of grazed by it, but I did read it one time earlier: the campaign, no, actually everybody might not be able to hit it, and then they say they have yeah again now in terms of these other.

Now, in terms of max number followers, repost or Reapers now, in terms now in terms of max number of followers repulsed or repost per day, I don’t really have a preference and I don’t really understand enough to know whether I should go higher or more. I can play some logic to it, but again it’s the first time. So, let’s just do it run it start with 500. Do I have to do anything else all right reaches at 0.

We’re just getting this thing started. Here is article 1 phase 1 and let’s see what happens here is phase one of my repost exchange test. Let’s see where he goes alright, so I think it’s more effective to put part 1 and 2 in the same article for the first time around. So that’s exactly what’s about to happen, but before I even get into the results I want to say I actually love it already enough to go ahead and say use the free version of this.

It is a free version of it. You can have paid stuff. If you want to boost things faster, but use the free version of it and you can get your stats up I’ll put a link in the description below, because these stats look like this, I got a change of 227 streams, 22 likes 24 repost and 11 comments. This is over a day and but I’ll go deeper into it in my pre-recorded article, so you can see what I think about everything alright, and these are eleven comments that got made.

I myself made some comments not on this article, but on other people’s stuff. So I know how a real it is. I’ve been a part of the process you can get on the platform. You can test that out. You’ll see how you can pretty much there for the most part like this isn’t happening. Real I’ve gotten requests in there and credits and commenting on people’s stuff and I’m not going to get into the details of how they verify and make sure it’s pretty quality.

But let’s get into some other details. Cuz you’ll see, on the back end all the comments that were made because of the campaign and the repost exchange. Your vocals are smooth and well control. Alright, there’s all this cool stuff. I love this. I can’t wait to hear more from you there’s some of these comments that are pretty funny, but here’s the thing for me get more credits. So when I say I’ve spent 500 credits $ 29.

99 will buy you, one cows and critters. I spent 14 dollars 49 and a half cents and got those it was those results. So we’re not even talking about a lot of money piled on your credit sounds like a lot, but we’re breaking it down that I got a 132 blaze and 11 comments and authentic comments and some repose for $ 14. When we’re talking about my vinik, this is beautiful. Alright, I think it’s something that a lot of people should really consider and keep in mind, but I actually am running a second-level campaign with Hadassah, because I don’t want to just do it as a one-off situation.

Alright, we ran 500 one time. 500, more credits run another campaign with pedasi. Now, if you look at this, of course, you put their profile link in there. You click my funny Valentine or the solar running, but I want to do things a little bit differently. This time also ignore the sean talking in the corner, because that sean talking in the corner is wrong. I had to report your first time on you, so 500 credits, I’m let you begin I’m going to leave.

They enable comments plus on there and then I’m going to leave I’m going to take it back to R & B soul right. I want to keep it on our diesel for a reason, and that reason is the first time I tested it. I do the RV, so what I want to try to figure out this time is what is the impact of changing the maximum number of followers? So, yes, you guys know this platform works, but is there a better reason or a better quality of campaign that you can get from doing a certain maximum number of followers and you’re filtering? A lot of that can lead back to simply the idea that it’s someone with more followers you post yourself, then you’re going to have a higher reach which we’ll get back into, but even with that being said, you still are going to have to spread that same Amount of credit, so people with more reach, they actually are more costly or can be more costly.

We’re going to wait and see what the second phase of a Dyson’s campaign looks like, and I’m also going to throw another track into the mix, because it’s not fair to just do a goss’s track. I think it is great, but I know some people might say. Well, you know she has a little bit of a following that y’all have been building on another platform, maybe that spilled over into SoundCloud. If you look at the time, if you look at the timing of the results, know the results.

If you look at the timing of the results to the track on Spotify, being it’s pretty clear that it came to Rico’s exchange and not the other platforms, because we market other platforms to go to Spotify music blank, I’m going to start this artist who’s starting pretty Much from Ground Zero, so y’all can see what that looks like stay tuned all right, so that was my first experience with repost, exchanging, as I said, I’m going to keep testing and I’m going to keep doing these articles showing you all.

You know what my results. Look like so you can get that idea, especially for the ones who need to continue to like see logic. Some of y’all are just going to hop in right, and some of y’all are just going to continue to learn before you use either way it’s fine, but I’m telling you. I think it’s worth it, especially since there’s a free tier, where it’s more manual labor to get your your music feedback and get other people to see it versus paying any kind of money at all.

That’s why I went ahead and suggested it so soon, because there’s a free tier, where there’s low risk but paid campaigns. I think they’re worth it as well on this platform go ahead and check it out. The Lincoln is it is in the description below repost exchange. I think we’re onto something but keep reading the test. All right. Let’s see if I changed my mind, I doubt it all right, but let’s see where I’m going to I’m going to do several other articles to make sure y’all are tuning in as educated as possible before you make any kind of crazy mistakes and, as always, if You, like this article, go ahead and like button.

If you liked it, you might as well share it and if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do subscribe.


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Implementing the Web Payments API – Progressive Web App Training

Api is a w3c standard to eliminate payment forms for users and standardized payment collections for sites. It allows us to request payment and shipping information with a single API call.

This knows how to run Apple pay on iOS Safari and Google pay on Android. It’s not limited to those to any payment provider can write a plug-in. It’s not even restricted to one browser. It’s probably in the browser you’re using right now the browser simply acts as an intermediary collecting the information we need in a consistent way. Then returns a JSON object with the results that we can use to collect the payment.

If you have used a pay with Apple pay or pay with Google pay button in the browser, you already know what the experience will be, like developers previously used custom libraries to implement this, such as the Apple pay, API or the Google Wallet API, and if you Want to do that too great, but if you want to work with whatever payment system, the user has payment request. Is your friend, let’s take a quick look at the code flow and user experience? We want to buy this jacket, what happens when we tap buy now? This is an ordinary button with an ordinary event handler.

First, the site creates a payment request, object and populates it with some details. It typically has the price, a list of items being purchased and the available forms of payment. This is all invisible to the user. We need to trigger the payment user interface, you get the UI by calling payment request, dot, show this displays a native UI over the browser and returns a promise. The next few steps are all happening inside this promise.

The first screen is a summary of the information supplied by the app tapping on an item opens it the EPI stores, addresses and payment options securely. In this example, Larry can select his shipping address with one tap edit. The address or add another need to change. The shipping option no problem: it’s just kappa way note that changing this option may change the total price. The payment request api can handle this with a little help from your app notice, the multiple payment options, the api also handles country, specific payment methods and, finally, the user taps on pay.

At this point, the browser runs the selected payment service. This might be an app on your device or going across the network to a payment provider. The completed payment returns a special token that you can send to your server. The server has ways of verifying this token. Is this safe? The api is more secure than form based payments. The new payment instruments are based on modern cryptography. You don’t need to enter payment data that can be logged or observed at the point of entry, so to review payment requests, eliminates manual and tedious entry by storing the user’s information securely in the browser.

It works across browsers across OS platforms and can work with any payment service that wants to write just a little code now that you’ve seen how payment request works for the user, let me show you how to code it remember that the payment UI contains multiple sections. We need to populate these sections before making the request. The request needs at least three data structures, the payment options, the order, details and shipping options so we’ll create those then generate a payment request.

We will call show and get back a promise that resolves when it’s time to contact the payment processor, finally notice that we may want to or three event handlers. These are called while the UI is visible and can trigger updates when the user changes addresses or shipping options. Let’s walk through the steps in the UI and the corresponding code. First, the user taps by now. So we want to set up a payment request.

Remember that we need some data structures before we can create the request. The payment methods lists all the payment services that your site understands. It’s an array of payment method, objects and each method may have its own specific properties here. We’re listing the basic credit card method and Google pay note that I’m leaving out the details of the Google pay object as it’s pretty involved.

We want the user to know what they’re buying. This includes the core details of the transaction, how much money? What currency? And what list items you want displayed? Keep the line items fairly high level. It isn’t meant to be used as an itemized receipt. If you want more than one shipping option, you can define this structure notice, it’s a property on the transaction details. If you have multiple options include a selected bit, the browser will highlight the selected option and fire an event when it changes.

Now you can define what information you want from the API by default. Payment requests will only return the payment info if the user is logged. In you may have the rest of their information. If you need more these options, let you collect what you need. Take the data structures, you’ve just created and pass them to the payment request constructor. This should happen in response to a button tap or other user initiated action.

Now so far the screen hasn’t changed. We need to trigger the UI, take the payment request and call the show method. This returns a promise and opens the user interface notice. There’s a big block of code. After this, we still have a couple of steps until we’re done. The UI shows the details of the purchase and collects payment information when the user approves the promise resolves with a payment response object.

The payment response object contains everything needed to submit a payment for credit card payments. The response is standardized for non credit card payments such as Google pay. The response will be documented by the provider. Next, you should check that the payment is valid. Send the information to your payment processor for processing the UI will show a spinner while the request takes place. Okay.

So how do we remove the payment UI after we click payment? Even if it fails call payment response, not complete. You can include a message to the user. This tells the browser that the payment is complete and allows the app to notify the user of the result. Now, there’s one loose end to tie up what happens if the user changes their shipping address or options. This may change a total cost and, in some cases, may change a shipping options.

Payment requests can omit shipping, address, change, shipping, option, change and payment method change events. You should have event listeners for these and update details accordingly. Remember we’re making the update in the middle of a promise, just as we do installing the Service Worker, so we use a similar bit of code. We get the event and call update with on it. This takes a promise that resolves to a new transaction details record.

It’s not all that different from calling cache at all from the service workers install event that also returns its result via the event. The get new info method is something that you would write. It takes some data from the request and builds a new transaction details. Object. Here’s a reminder of what goes in the transaction details. Your code probably needs to copy from the old object to a new one.

We resolve the promise with the new details, update with then updates the payment request and the screen, and that’s it. You now have a seamless, easy to use checkout experience now that was a bit of a long example, but most of it is boilerplate check out the payment request. Samples at Google, Chrome, github, io, remember the process for easier payments starts with autofill. If you want more payment request, is there to help? You can also check out specific libraries for Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay and others they put up a pay with button on the screen.

They usually fall back to the payment request interface, but they may be an easier option for your users. The only way to know is to try them for yourself thanks for hanging in there through web payments. This is one of the most complex parts of building a PWA, yet it’s really satisfying and could be great for business. Take care and I’ll see you again soon.


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How my song hit 100k plays on SoundCloud!! (Vlog)

Your boy lay back look welcome back to my blog make sure you hit that subscribe button. Oh I said I went going flog but um. I got ta close out this year with this type of vlog man. My song hit a hundred thousand plays on soundcloud today, which is December 26. 2017. The first time one of my songs, everyone SoundCloud, hit a hundred thousand plays, and I just wanted to share that with y’all.

I know we still building this blog and stuff like that, but let’s go ahead and get into this man. So this is my soundcloud. That’s me, Laidback, dear far, you can search me. Follow me all that good stuff, but this song right here see this song right here here a hundred thousand plays man boom. You can see it right there, a hundred thousand of loaded. Five months ago, the first song ever on my page, a hundred thousand plays – and you see, only got a hundred and nineteen way followers.

So for me to get a hundred thousand plays those people were sharing it and possibly SoundCloud looked out for me with the algorithm. I was probably one of the first people to upload a remix to that scissor record broken clocks. You know what I mean so, like I said I wasn’t going to flow. I was going to close out the year with that one vlog, but this is a monumental moment in my career, my music career.

You know I’m saying I’m going to tell you a little quick story behind it too. So I uploaded this freestyle to um the weekend by scissor and don’t it was doing numbers it was doing got like 11,000 plays and less than a month. My page never seen that much activity before saddle cloud got on me boom, snatched it down. So I was late. Ah I’m going to make another freestyle the same artist and it’s going to do more plays so what happened? I did it to the broken clocks, joint and next thing.

I know I started seeing the numbers go crazy, but I was not expecting 100,000 plays on this song, but I appreciate everybody that listened to the song and I’m going to leave the song link in the description below. So if you want to check out the song you wan na follow me, you know I’m saying go ahead and do that and at this point in time I was dropping a freestyle every week on soundcloud, so it was building up traffic with people.

Just you know listening and different songs. I was trying different songs to do better than others, but it was just a thing that I did so just make sure. If you want to check out the song, the song is going to be linked down below make sure you hit that subscribe button, like I said before, I wanted to end with just one vlog, but this is too much of a monumental moment in my career. In my music career – and I appreciate the people that listen – and I appreciate the people – that’s going to actually go.

Listen to it now hit that subscribe button. It should boy lay back. You already know what it is. A


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How to accept online payments on your website

Plan or system on your website, you could be losing out.

On a lot of money, Now people could just come to your site, sign up for your service and pay You if they think it’s a good fit, So that’s why it’s really Important to have this on the site, If you’re an eCommerce business You most likely have a shop, But if you don’t have a shop, you definitely need to get that set up. So you can start selling your eCommerce business And I think, most importantly, you need to have the ability To offer subscription payments So if somebody wants to come, Pay you one time, that’s great And most software out there allows this, But it’s really hard to find a software.

That allows you to accept subscription payments. So that’s what I’r going to show you today how to set that up and How to get that going? So how can you accept credit Card payments on your site, So you always need some sort of software. To put in the site, so somebody can go in there and fill out Their credit card info Now there’s different things: Like Shopify WordPress Ecwid, where it already has that shop built in right, where they have the Credit card system in there, but you also need something to be Able to accept the credit card So there’s a couple of options: For that that are our favorite, We use Stripe and then there’s Also Square Now, with a Stripe, you can offer the credit card form to go.

On your site and allow them to fill out the credit card info Stripe also Allows for subscription payments, Unlike Square square, only lasts For those one time payments which a lot of people are used to Because they see it in restaurants and different stores like that Now, if you want to accept Paypal payments on your site: you can simply put a PayPal widget there. If you have a PayPal business account, you can get a code from Them put it in your site, and people can make a purchase with their Credit card or their PayPal account, But that’s the issue They Can’t pay with the credit card And the main issue that I think that is negative about PayPal is when They choose to accept or pay with PayPal on your website.

It’s going to navigate Them and take them away from your site, bring them to the PayPal page. And it just looks confusing: It doesn’t look clean, It’s not pretty. It just looks like a confusing PayPal. Link And most likely they’ll exit out And then when they exit out they’re Still not going to be on your site, They’re going to be on the PayPal Site So, with the credit card payments you want to be able to Integrate with those softwares So sign up for a Stripe account They’re completely three With that Stripe account Now it’ll integrate, So you can’t technically can’t Put Stripe in your website, So it’s a process right into your website.

You need a platform to accept the payment. Then you need Stripe and then you need To connect it to your bank account So what’s the software should I use We use a software called SamCart, they call it the pretty checkout process. So if you’ve ever been at any of Our checkout pages on our site, you maybe have noticed that it’s a nice Form that integrates in our websites, You never have to leave our site, you go to pricing and then you go to the Plan you want and then it gives you all the information on the right and The payment form on the left – All you have to do – is fill out your name Email and your credit card details or just click a button if You’d rather pay with PayPal, So that makes it really easy.

Samcart is free for up to 14 days and Then they have different plans for where you’re at in your business. So I will include a link below this Article for you to check out SamCart And then put that in your site. So now How do you integrate it with your site, So you sign up for an Account with SamCart, which is what we highly recommend, because It offers the one-time payment and the subscription payment It’s really hard to find a good Software out there that supports that, Then they transfer it right.

To your Stripe or PayPal, which then goes right into your bank, So After you’ve created a SamCart account, they call it the easy checkout Page or the pretty checkout page, All you do is simply click two or three Buttons and you’ve got a checkout form and then there’s a link. You just click that link and put That right into your website, So really easy to do really simple. Process, So that’s what you want to do: Create the product in SamCart.

Get that Link and then go put it in the website, So I spoke about subscription. And reaccurring payments A lot of companies out there are very Strict about this, because there’s a lot of scammers and things out, There that just don’t aren’t credible or people set up Subscriptions and then not allow people to cancel them. So if you Decide to go with SamCart, you can offer any type. Of subscription you want, You can offer a one Time, payment like we do, we offer a one time payment for the Website and then a lower monthly payment, that’s recurring for the Hosting So as an example, our websites are between 2 to 5,000.

You Pay that up front and then our hosting is between 100 and 500 and You just automatically roll Into that, after 30 days, So what about your business? What are you able to sell upfront and Then offer a monthly payment going forward for the clients. Now it also allows You to do add ons and upsells, which are very important So as an Example, if you buy a website from us you’re going to get your hosting and All you have to do is click one button.

If you want to add our Seo and blog service, so we will automatically give you a 50 % Discount, if you decide to have us, write your blogs and do your SEO for you. When you’re buying the website from us, So this allows you to get 50 % off but then allows us to add an add on Or an upsell to your order, so we can continue serving you and Building up your business Now, if you don’t have an eCommerce business, you may not be sure what an Abandoned cart feature is, but what it is is when you go to a Website and you fill out your information like you’re interested in a Product and then you get busy, you change your mind and you leave.

They can send you an abandoned, cart. Email that says: wait where’d! You go Come back to our website. You Forgot to finish checking out Many of you have probably Already experienced this, but this is a key feature to Have for any type of business, not just an eCommerce business? But also a service business, You want to be able to see what customers Have been to your checkout pages, started filling out the Information and then left So with SamCart it’ll show you exactly Who that person is and it’ll allow you to integrate with email providers? To follow up with them, So you don’t have to do it manually, You can either do it manually or You can even do it automatically, So if they leave that cart page, you can follow up with Them and see what happened Now.

One big thing for us is Offering different payment plans, Maybe your customers, don’t Want to pay everything upfront, Maybe they want to pay over time or They want to split those payments up. So as an example, our website service is $ 3,000 or you can Do a split payment of $ 1,650 to split that into two different payments. If you Don’t have all of that money up front, you can split it. So what About your customers, Would they prefer a split payment? Why Not offer the both For our hosting plans, we offer both.

You can pay up front and you’ll get two Months for free or you can do a payment option, that’s monthly! So what’s nice is being able to offer Those different plans will increase your sales increase, your revenue And make your customers happy help you get more customers Last, but Not least is that follow up system, So this is going to be integrated. With MailChimp Constant Contact, whatever service that you use out there, We want to get that integrated with Your SamCart plan and on your website So now when anyone fills Out a form on your site, we want them going to your email, Provider Anyone makes a purchase, we want them going to your email provider.

And if anyone does an abandoned cart, we want them going there That way, everyone’s at one place and we Want it all automated, so you don’t have to do anything manually, So this Is something that we help with If you need help getting the setup, make sure you let me know, and Please check out that SamCart link see if it’s a good fit for you, I’m giving you a 14 day trial. Based on my partnership with them So check it out and you’ll See how awesome it is, You can even go check out our plans and Pricing to see what that looks like So thanks again for reading, I appreciate It and I’ll talk to you guys soon, Thanks