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Thank you for joining us, okay, guys. So just like this on the room. The guest for today is a social media, digital marketing expert, with over seven years experience. He has over 300,000 followers. Of course, all social media platforms, which is not an easy it. He has gone on to partner, with tons of brands of our way slow brands and he’s also the founder of the different Larry condition, which is home to the give a girl child iPad initiative, which is really commendable.

Because I mean the whole movement is something that should be championed, and it’s really impressive to see how well he missed taking this forward, and today this is evolving minds on the creatives and geo group of creatives coming together so champion the cause of creativity in Nigeria And hopefully Karen ideas, creativity abroad and to the world as an impressive export, so we’re talking about thinking outside the box, with social media and other persons self to us about this fan in lifestyle difference with me to my entertainment, food, travel and tech.

So I was going to bring him on so we Nestor your time. Thank you exciting way. Anybody anybody copies to show me games can stop anybody and anyone. Okay. How did you find this out? I’m going to be on offense, or did you just happen? How did it happen, so I would say something on this house this something here so honestly, most of myself of my friends that I probably probably social media places right now we live a plant, some inferences here.

We don’t we all just having fun and drinking and enjoying a rich sweet and the rest of it. The branch that ap approach to disciple, where like, were you too Caillou correctly to do this for me and I was read study, so none of us plants, we influenced us, don’t let anyone lie to you that whosoever. You know I plan to be so sure. My job in July, we all jumped on you, because English is a good time to start because everybody’s PR and everybody’s beauty, your phones and the internet.

So this is the quiz. I’m just it’s true and I don’t forget anything so I’m like it’s simply like something of my four night. Hey shit, sorry so out to be your question is out to be and if Iran turns out so I’m just going to run through the document. I have my phone up, so I have it sorry guys it’s thick like a few minutes come on, so this is basically how to be an influencer. Oh, so in simple terms here influences our social media.

Pastor knows personalities within large number of blue yo and English followers. So it’s not just about you know about numbers and this people actually lugar. If you told them to do here adequate to do it. If you tell them guys, you see a degree to see me tell them guys we have a new present games. We do follow you with us when thinking about it’s done. You also have influence and authority numbers you can be, it can be, ultra, follow us and you up or sorry to bother you Sanjay people like tweets influenza, so most influential share most efficient shape friend you wrap over your fans.

So you know just an influenza as an influence is you should have e1? I won’t cover story, these people that follow you, then that’s when they can sign you when you retrieve the code, when you replay the comments when you Joe Kelly, play with them on the sidelines. Let him have it fill this few with you? Okay, so how to become an influencer number one? That’s why I did this identify your niche, so everybody’s keeps a niche niche niche niche.

If you won’t do so many player, you can’t expect to be a jock or Gino read of all trades. It’s good its fault because you can be able to do different things, but it’s actually best luck. We have one team, one two pivot is people know before or must have known it’s crucial eyes. It’s crucial. I pick a niche that aligns with your image. If you have would be, photography are very few person, others, I don’t think should be doing taken because it doesn’t allow me who you are.

If you love traveling so much, I don’t think you should go into into somewhere. That is that does all alive worried words. You are, you can actually to freely, so you should turn so. This is me. Tell you to turn your your phone. It’s a passion. Okay, you got so an easy way to set your niche is to evaluate your strengths. I of our weaknesses, choose English that allows you to to kiss your inner strength and play with your skills.

This I didn’t only Pascal, and you should help me line your audience until your content to suit your preferences. This is why it’s good to have in each so you are not just doing different things at the same time, so we stopped by. We have different different things. You can do child, you have travel, we have lifestyle, we are fashion, we have food, you have beauty, we have sports, we have gives young entertainment sake.

There was a fitness. So out of all these things, I love all the all these things. You will be good with at least one team, so you have to and again you don’t limit yourself to just one of these categories. Here you can combine two or more of the Swiss cheese niches, for example yeah you can so by travel and lifestyle. The align you can combine beauty and fashion the align you come from mindful and travel.

They are light together. So good you do have to be just one team. I pick two or three T’s. I know online together. So okay, we got TT platform. Okay, so this dinner I want to do where is my audience for it check the same? You Noah is YouTube, you are doing more articles, so is YouTube or Instagram is a dream shape your kind of focus on cheese. I just wish to your time. Pete you to Instagram or Facebook again, so as a leafless tile, you need to have a power position, the Internet’s, however, that doesn’t mean I should newspaper social media platform and shoshanna’s all day, depending on your niche.

Certain persons might be better suited for your content than us. That’s why I said okay, this is where my audiences – and this is where their beasts chatter to be bossed word emboss is very great entertainment person, so I’ll move to parrot eyes in your content. I will probably share this with you later, so there’s something I said parrot eyes your conscience. I quality content is perhaps the most potent answer to the answer to the question of how to become an influencer.

It is truly important to publish unique and authentic content that resonates each audience. No comb boosts words. It was said in the morning. I didn’t simply posting after doesn’t make sense what you have not seen what people said already. Oh come with a blog post, of course, if you like is this table and the are very modest, we have capturing the opposing you, you como you it’s your look. I use them capture now.

Tell you if I come to your blog of instability, tableau, your blog’s. I can probably last bit um please visit for that day again. So that’s why your own unique way your course. It has to be original, okay yeah. So that is for that so great content, original content, unique content that is very key. Listen to your audience and especially to ensure that your content, ganas traction, is to create content that your audience wants.

Texture on different is your audience. Try food try different! So please look at the top in the US in Muslim game, cheating and kitchen. They totally most angry deepest. Try it again together, if that is what your confidence won’t, give continuity article cuts. Your passion here is not about your days, your passion, you also find it to be just I’m making money of your passion. Your passion will pay your dues.

I’m sorry this is go abroad, religious, respite, immersive, hey! You know that together really well con tonight Jessica. A quick search from Google for your niche Google search is therefore you’re screwed down to the bottom of centuries, though, to find lo, two keywords are being used by your tight audience. There is nothing you are looking for. There’s nothing you’re, just at some worry that somebody saw.

I thought that before you be shocked that I thought this was an original. Yes, someone, someone taught about it for years ago, but never made use of it but dropped something on Google. You only see clicks. You only see you see, beats every way, so that’s tough for that! Then you wash that game. So it’s not just about posting in the upcoming. You are new people have to find your content, but a lot of people use Ashton specialties.

Okay. What happy boots up my bow on this hashtag? Look at all these Bob daddy dance challenge. If I wasn’t on my own, I think they are status to cheat. You see, other people’s own are like. Oh, this is mad when I want to be in each other like okay, what a disciple doing what I do. You start a step. I want to cache tags at sites much that works so well. If I want enough to become a new person, is a lot.

That’s it. Yes, I should make these of your eyes thanks. Your conduct fully becomes why we were meaningful when it’s, which is the right audience, imagine quitting mother’s article I going to use. I agree sloppy with yourself. Aren’t you even Jesus who Vsauce we would be happy on your behalf, so you get love, I stop works and another trick is once you post share with your friends your family, our friends, shades your whatsapp moves.

Chanceo, your mama does not listen. You busy. I mean they send it to violet. I want our reades, since these only business, you can say let out read your article. It starts from there they’re, not a Sheraton which are old. What’s up old? Yes, let’s keep pushing it like the lag. I like that. So another thing is just maintain consistency. Publishing, high quality content on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to reaching your audience attention.

When you develop content on a regular basis, increases sales of our species. Among here it is look at si office. To do now photo is probably one of the best a guy right now you can be stinky vicious verbs. Chris, like you, want to read another one. You want to view you will glue to the produces a quality content and be consistent. Don’t push to the address where posting is December, like I don’t last, and what is your problem in life yet so be consistent with your post and the rest of it? Another one is collaborative, and I Francis I know want to study, do your own would be able to be king and the rest of me.

Both you are new collaboration works, he doesn’t kill the is you can get easy? No. I know those in queue with the way you presented to them. They will possess it to them. Okay, so I would give you myself give him a my example sleep. So when I started here, there’s this the same mr. Big seeming he’s like my uncle now, but when I finish that that I met him and I just do not see – I don’t know what you do.

Why, like what you do, I met him at an event and I’m like I, don’t know what you do, but I like with my buddies coming to you. Can I just work for you for free. I just want to live and look at me. I, like okay, good, so to be myself a malaria, nice name. So what do I do? I said i’m an engineer, but I do graphics and say: okay, the rat response is our second day, so some people don’t even want to work for free.

I do I buy, I don’t tell people to work for free Airport, sometimes new digs for that yeah. It’s even look for different tricks. Look for and then G has a lot below go for different things like there’s some things you’ve done, I’m like! Ah daisuki calm. You get so just look for ways to get. It was attention host contest school engagements for your engagement, you do giveaways. I do now. No, no progressive, there’s the money, but not basically evening with those have to be money to bar.

If you are review new food, tell Oh Sookie: do this and God gets me a Baba he come via. This was five. There are people appreciate these things. They can be something of five naira, just a big dude, and what’s that they want to pass spits next time. They want to call me a gift. Let’s tell you what to call before you know it’s this pulpit, which would be your your imagine is the article to pitch in.

Oh, so, the passing evening, you I will come out me. We touch your own annoying distance and another good life. Let them see you! No idea inside people at milk – I know some sort of attacking show us yeah, I’m not talking about talk about some of us. Some of us can be introverts. He will do the coroner Tina’s middle of us introverts now you’re gone into me. Yeah amazing guy. Some of us coming in so right right now we are introverts yeah because we’re all in though you know so good life.

I think life is deep nasty now if you go to a live now, you’ll be same so the places like this is live. Live live, live, live, live everybody’s life right now, so who says hello, good life sue for your life. Looking difficult games now sit down. Is it new T sit down? Tell people, I cookie, I’m abused my life. So have you been tell us your own story? So, look at different things off the ship. Bompa bom for oil, okay, fellows new teens, look a way to engage your audience to respond to your fans or your friends.

Like I don’t know my my people fans. I call my followers friends so that gives them you live in. Situ means. I, like, like TV, show you the most Oh, a sense of belonging uh with mr. Lazzaro a sense of belonging. I poo actually family resource. Oh fixers, are strains no fast fast. A few fancy specialist pitiful you get a boy, a podium friends. Family spring follow, ah, is called a phase response. Your fans out your friends, yeah.

Sorry, I’m moving to start our ability or contents. They are likely to leave this feedback in games. Are comments responded to each and every comment might be. A rule of tax, however, is advisable. I reply to as many people as possible is a response from you, a response from your side, but ditch the truth, die you’re first, putting you and makes a few more connected to you in Darfur da. So I read some but social media.

Consider a there is no new there’s no new face of all. I know contents away about whatever niche essentially means Vishnu, so how does yeah so this is an example. Yeah everybody’s everybody’s talking about he’s talking about talking about talking about talking about talking about about food. You have food look up in, for example, and if normal team, this you guys, do your industries. You shows this shows that I sure wish was actually showed us and shows I broke its analyst to you are frying.

Unless you like lettuce team, you can do something different who told you toady that you can start by boiling. You can see without boy, water that sure lots of boy water. What I told her, I don’t think any Niger, a blogger of love food bloggers, us she knows also how to make how to make you know how to make local foods most of them to do this everybody’s doing it. I couldna purchase because you want so everybody’s in a broad food who told you that I do ever Otto did I not become a lot me to proper warned, not what I went abroad.

I want to learn these things. Show me how to boil water show now to boil egg. Show me out a lot of things up a lot Paul see you guys look on the right, please! He ll see everybody’s going to you can see it tasks pillows as Adi as a travel blogger. These are motor powers that would take its. If I don’t go to that, you want to check you know. All these guys are check for Royal Dutch shake it checks.

If I don’t eat all your check, okay body. So far you check the ketchup from Iquitos million undocumented okay lot of this happening on the road you’ll be showing up. That is see on that road. You get lot of contents now you would know you know when you get you Leela from each other, but you’re working. So this art is different. Things you’ll have to sit down and look at your surround. You can fireman.

Okay, so I’ll tell you what works for me, and this has always of me – should this vaccine life, I believe this vaccine live us every would look at everyone like we are driving since this new disease, where you on the road right as a driver. Everyone is mad, every other drivers are mine. You have the only seen driver on the road, so you look at everyone. I, like my driver, Madhava Madhava Madhava. You are the only sin facing on the road, so this race, ep1 life, I think, was then just don’t need not force.

We are not up if you are angry before stripping. Everyone is constricted. We are angry over me. I’m frustrated okay, when a guy’s not helping, so I believe everyone just wait, yeah opportunist, we have a phone and the best way to relieve themselves. Oh first issue at that point in time, Easter time, so I see myself as a doctor. Yes, are the therapists, so we will come to me so when about the book 15 Sagami.

This way, I see them typing. You are magic. You are very, very unfortunate big dude come on. I see this, this dot dot dot. I will don’t type in you like I’m fine. Now, that’s what I see before. So I see myself, I’m like ah Nyjah they just don’t back into you through Enya show me. You are finally also puppets good, so you are done. I’ve been able to you you, so I’m able to do you, so you are fine, nothing Gracie! You life.

I believe everyone is a graph was treated. I just looking forward super efficient on I’m tuned America. Okay, I know, I believe, don’t type it up in unknown. Says you are alright and you go so Yasuo lost and that J’s days lab outside of this cheetah gays love outside using sunny the moment. You understand that you are proven, so don’t speak, no see everybody has mad people died, God if only Celestia mom defend my people.

So you see yourself like this. I would like that yeah nobody’s working. So I will this point yes give me, but when you do you give you a push and getting consents to? If we listen to you Pig say what minutes did you guys know, keep your you, I’m sorry, I’m like with Osama BC on a bus. What is life? Is this team, sir? I’m sorry, sir, so what you can do, give you easy pick it’s time to eat, tell them all right.

Tell them give mooie by five yeah. The program probably give enough 5,000 alone. So tell them if they return it’s tree by butter. Turn of my pacification. You must aim. Did my contents, you most like most retweets, some cheesy from mummy from 8 a.M. To 5 p.M. It was retreat, unlike if you are not like, I cannot become free money. You have to tell me, but that’s what for the money, so you have to work at the 2000.

You said I’m giving you so my gotcha you’ve been able to go yeah when you’re following a green, your Jays, your contents, Alcoa fur. If you like, zero beasts for money tonight, you will eat sweets and people if they are not working. If you know your audience, your audience are sitting from your last week. You can come to that. It’s true that Baba. It’s works. How do you turn if you use your advantage? Is my super as an example again so sometimes about two years ago or last any last year someone said cheated a random guy for me, but on he in his room bedroom apartment to tailor your paper IQ placer.

Your favorite influenza, she sang she part, whereas his mom, his mom, sells a game machine. So someone said to me, I was I with Legos. I was I when I was in Abuja, someone shared with me. I think I mean listen. This is 0 comments. Is there every tweets in general, like so nobody n kpt, don’t to them, so I said ah yeah. So next to me it’s something I love, I’m very savage. I would have replied team.

I love all experience out of love code is generational, so I was about now. I think this is time to put Montezuma’s business. When I said then I cleaned everything I type see all the things. I thank you. If you blow it short for me, die most people actually pick it about our for your forgiveness. I response give savage response. I said no. This is a great way to sell this mommy’s business. So I quote, I did, I said for my mummys submitted personal Latin Islamic Revolution, so emotion with emotionally Alaska that even us love and us do it: parents, Angeles, Jewish, it’s love, Nana’s, love law, even though some people believe in love.

I’m sorry! Well you guys. All of my guys, love love. Anything love, ladies, like Jane, so I said to myself when I just on this list in our religious messages, so I said my mom she attention my mom makes the best cookie. In fact I said my mom, I will get attention. I could keep what are you about to see? You do be parents and injures Levangie last report. Look at the value that wins this article waiver, some about when it that was between you see son, because each parent everybody jumped on it fastened upon him antimatter, but leaving that aside, so I said my mom makes the best cookie cookie white cookie Baba would be This I make this vow I’ll be of delivery person who were like wow this guy.

With your information permission, your information implement your mom’s business Wow in two days. We all forget, orders, okay, you know, oke Oke, you know about everybody shows, will give 15 area genera. Mostly, this book is different, the family believer. If I brought it online and I carried it away that I’m sorry new government, my mom says you allow. Yes, it was doing that. Sandow is what meet me.

I’ve done deal sob, you were like wow. Celebrity status will be every week with which many, but we said this would be upload every week. No tell me you can’t tell me that you’d also get your streets, but if I light zombie families will give, that is what makes it different yeah so where people are trying to show something, are you dick don’t defy you rest reply, a dick about lock, electron Knuckle a big steam sauna advantage o decided, also sing, sing, more lenses of city before your constable, your content, as V grids, you have to do for something you have to be.

You have to be teaching our dishing out great things. You value again, you can be to you. Whatever words, everyone is going, give me a dollar. What are people that are key between same is a dream, simple. Everyone is doing, then. I don’t think I’d need your ID. I need you so I have to after leads back King. You are doing. Thank you very much. Do you have some interesting that you can share yeah? I’m gets a nice to dig up a dollar you often after this increases.

Any follow the crazy as well on the article replay of this interesting conversation and those we help when you see mr. Part will be off and basically, as you share the the link to that, so my name is blessing career. Sorry guys, if you joined, believe that’s cracking body mists the name, my name is basically, and this is creative, so more questions what the difference. Okay, I think I like this one: what’s the difference between clouds not chasing and influencing so basically yeah number one.

We need to understand that our clouds we already seen it’s, because why you are in place yeah, I got telling historical declines. The reason why a client’s is a put up which to you is because it words whatever you are, pushing out to go viral viral. So most of the stories you are pushing out are not true stories: media culture, everybody is tweeting Gary time getting. It makes you a cloud chaser. So then just misuse that what is just hate – hey, at least not oh he’s, kissing clouds, not your past abuses.

Are you passing a family problem yeah so the moment you realize that we are all doing it. I just asked me that even I applied me lapa Megatron. She she died your response. You want to get it sweets and then give it a like. So we all know it’s you, I don’t wan na say it. Space modern lot of managers, yeah what’s embankment just meet permit is awesome. Some people make in a week, so it will just get to that point.

It’s not going to be easy. I’ll be honest with you, you also get to that speech. So what when they are listed most paying jobs in India? I read. I read none at school, like government job. If you open any PC, it is probably 700 key or either Android or suppose some money. Just some Batman just get paid about 1.5 million. I’m like cookie Yamatai, be 75 article, a Thomas McKean 5. Did you try to tell me you stay months? How much is that now who would manage aqwal, it’s 5 in your salary every month someone can send.

Oh ple, pussies o-tama take this toshiaki every science, where personal friend since you attend the same church. Oh Sammy, give me a chilly night. If Nike said of my beers, I sponsored a not for now young Pig even again, ok, great sorry about keep checking back sag. I don’t personally like, should I be on your team, any advice for people that want to create in which all right now this is a pathway.

So you have to understand that you look up to go to the Angus. Don’t take. You can take the one get one today: okay, just be yourself consistent, be original original. It is key. Let them look for something different again. I know he’s good to us. Try out passed by us before you all those things for be root yourself, see the more you do that. Okay, this is Raya, be original. Do allow anyone lights, you you have to article so, for example, and again look outside all these things.

You will see lot of things about you with our words. Be cute, like okay, no buy a 91 see what they would think about. You is none of your business because momentum, econ optic, which business your business, you live your business. A cup is what I’m saying so, whatever they think about you, sort of a business. No Chris business ambit them your business because you have your own proper. You have your own content.

You are trying to me so you’re, not content on your head, please. How are you going to finish your would survive yeah. So what about, if you think about these love, your business, you were your own past, oh and don’t think OC that, oh, I can’t get seal can be anyway if she can take. It should probably took me five years to get where I am to be. You can get your breach in two months and those don’t see, don’t teach you can’t surpass anyone don’t know.

So I I find me on Facebook. You see, I would be like you know. You aspire to be, like me, be greater than gritter who says I want to be Who I am right now. I’ve got many ways a bit now. Music starts walk so so so when we don’t see good yeah well, we were before with them now everybody’s doing. Shailaja tick, tock, tick, tock, you better than most people yeah continue cause. That’s more how you go back, I would join them no service, I’m good optimistic.

We will assume on somebody else. Were you again so if the goddess will follow the crib new contest with a platform the goodies, we follow their you to lead with more study. Don’t see of us you’ve arrived by Jane about innovati anyway. Yes, it starts. I’ve already discussed that you definitely get insights. Sorry, can you say I don’t you may not, so I believe I used in your words. Thank you very much.

I damn guys. Thank you very much for joining me. Thank you for saying. We hope that next time we’ll be here, how are you going to join us for another nine sessions and now thank you for me, so she bites. Thank you.

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Start It Up – How to become an Instagram Influencer

Today we are going to talk about a very interesting business opportunity which is easy on the pocket and a lot of fun as a business. It is an opportunity to become an Instagram influencers and is a Chilean marketing business. So let me tell you, who is an Instagram influencer Instagram influencer is essentially a social media marketer, who has amassed a large and a very engaged audience and therefore can build a business around it influence.

This plays a vital role as intermediaries connecting consumers and brands with each other on social media through an authentic and tactical manner. Let’s understand how large is the market of Instagram influences today today? How people are buying is vastly different from what the way they used to buy about 49 % of the consumers before they would likely to purchase anything like a mobile phone or a product or a food product which is new or probably something that they are experimenting With would like that, it should be endorsed by a real individual.

The new multi ranked influences, as probably the sixth most effective, influencing their purchases on Instagram. Therefore, instagram has become a gold standard in influencer market. The overall influencer marketing industry is about 10 million dollars, instagram itself, as a platform has about 1 billion. Active users, 2019 and known saw about five million sponsored post views on instagram. Nearly 80 % of the accounts on Instagram are followed by one or the other business trend and in some cases quite a few.

More than 200 million instagramers visit business profiles every day. Now, if these numbers are to be seen in totality, there is a huge market that exists for influencer marketing to be. The first thing that you need to do is really to understand the niche that you want to be an influencer in. It could be your blogging niche could be anything across categories between from right from Beauty to the food, to kill awareness to a travel, stand-up comedy or any other category, that you would have good insights about or you’re able to blend your strengths and passions together.

The next thing you have to do is make an Instagram account. You have to ideally bake a business account an Instagram page. If you already have an existing Instagram account, convert it into a business account to be an influencer one needs to post regularly and that content has to be highly engaging first thing you should do is write an interesting bio, which is cool and describe your Instagram page About what you want to offer to your followers, make sure that you invest or if you don’t already know the art of good photography.

Visuals are a very important part of Instagram. So therefore, the aesthetics of your photos will make or break your post. The photos alone are not really enough. You need to accompany this with a lot of interesting, captions, relevant hashtags. You will need to use a lot of relevant hashtags with each of your post, along with social posting on your other social media like Facebook or Twitter or tumblr, or any other such account to drive better engagement to your posts.

You can ask questions from your followers. You can impulse – or you can just do some giveaways for your followers to keep them engaged. Once your follower base has become significantly large or it increases, then you can talk to brands about how you can monetize your page with a lot of other brand engagement for your followers. The initial investment, while starting a career as an Instagram influencer, is almost negligible.

All you need to do to get started is really have a high quality phone, which will have also a good camera. Any phone between 25 to 32 thousand rupees is good enough to start with. You can also join some platforms like dropper clan will be pretty horrible too, should use your Instagram posts. Paid promotions on Instagram are commonly used to build a community fast by getting good. Engagement will rest upon your content.

Instagram has a promotion feature which operates from cost per thousand impressions, which is CPM basis. This means that you will pay a specified paid amount on your post for every thousand people. Let’s see it. Of course, you will have to collaborate with other influencers and other key people on Instagram to make sure that you are able to gain for your profile is able to gain more traction. Grunts approach influencers for advertisement, promotions and paid partnerships influences also get filled on the pieces of per post on instagram handles if you’re an annual influencer, meaning that you have about 4,000 to 5,000.

Followers on your Instagram account and you have an engaged audience. You could get up to 2, these 3,000 4,000 per post at YouTube, as a micro influencer, with the following of more than 5,000, but less than 30,000 followers. You can get somewhere between 7 to 10 thousand rupees per post influences, who have over 500,000. Followers are paid anywhere between rupees 1.5 lakh to do that. Two-Piece third post, and if you have more than a million followers on your account to end a very active and engaged audience, you can pretty much come on any tries that you want.

So there is a lot of money to be made as an Instagram influencer. So why did you know how to get your act right? That’s all from us today at started. I hope you enjoyed the episode look forward to more such articles. All started like the article. Then don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribe. Our entrepreneur, India, hit the bell icon to get notified for massage articles.

Meet the guys behind one of the top-rated pumpkin seed snacks on!


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Choosing ESCs for FPV

The input voltage capability, the different protocols that are available with that ESC and the size and dimensions of it. Whether or not it’s an individual ESC like these or if it’s a foreign one like these and then the different processors that can come in a ESC. So, first up for current rating, you need to make sure that the ESC that you pick is going to be able to handle the current that you’re going to pull through it.

It’S not an exact science that, like down to an a specific number, there’s, usually a range that will work, but typically the the higher you go, the kind of more Headroom you have and the more you can feel safe that you’re not going to blow that es Es e up because you’re pulling too much power through it. A common misconception that some beginners think about the current rating on es es is that if, if it’s rated for higher it’s going to make more power, but that’s not how it works, it’s not higher.

The number more power it makes it’s the more that it can handle to flow through it, so just realize that you’re not going to get more power out of going with a higher rated ESC. You it just is possible to push more power through it and without it burning up on you. Next we have input voltage. This is going to be really important because you want to make sure that whatever battery you’re going to use is going to work with the speed controller.

This is going to be listed on every product listing for every speed. Controller they’ll usually be a range it’ll say like 2 to 3 s 4 to 6 s, so just make sure that the ESC that you’re picking is going to work with the battery that you’re going to use or make sure that you’re picking a battery. That’S going to work with the sees that you have, then you have the dimensions or the size and the weight.

This is not as critical, because I mean they’re. Typically, es es are not too far from each other, but in certain situations, maybe you’re trying to be as lightweight as possible. So you want to make sure you have the smallest ESC as possible. These are all ones. I’Ve used on very similar setup so obviously that one’s quite a bit bigger than this one. So by using these, I’m saving some weight and different frames are going to have different widths of the arm.

So it may just bug you if the ESC is wider than the arm. It’S not a huge deal either way, but just something to look at is the dimensions and the weight. The next one is where it starts to get a little technical, a little tricky and I’m not going to go too deep into it and overwhelm the beginners, but this is the different protocols that the ESC is capable of handling. So how do I explain this? Simply? The protocol is essentially the way that the ESC and the flight controller are communicating with each other.

So it’s basically the signal flow, that’s happening between the two and there’s different methods and different speeds at which these can run. So when I say speed, what I mean is the way that the ESC and the flight controller are working. Is it works in a cycle, so it’s kind of looking at? Where is the drone or what’s the status that’s going on? What Corrections need to be made? Do I need to speed up these motors or slow these motors down and then it gives that correction and then it repeats over again.

So when you have a faster protocol when paired up with a fast enough processor on the flight controller, this is what’s going to make a huge difference in the way that the drone flies when it can very quickly make these little micro adjustments and do it without Adding too much signal noise or being harsh on the system, this is what’s going to give you a really smooth flying drone. The two main protocols you’re going to find our one shot and D shot, there’s a little bit more to it.

There it’s actually one shot. 125 and then in the D shot realm, you’ve got D, shot, 150 D, shot 300, 600 and 1,200. Essentially, the different numbers mean it’s a shorter pulse-width and essentially a faster refresh rate. At one point, one shot was like the bee’s knees. This was a big advance in the way that the protocols are communicating with the flight controller. But at this point it’s a bit outdated, pretty much any current ASC you’re going to want to use D shot.

So what de Chatillon call a big advantage to having a digital protocol is there’s more commands that you can send from the flight controller to the speed controller. So the two huge things that I use and a lot of pilots are going to take advantage of. Is one is, you can use your actual ESC to send a signal to the motor to be a beeper? So when you plug in your drone – and you hear those beeps – that’s actually the ESC, sending signals to the motor and the motors what’s actually making those tones and with D shot away you can take advantage of that is the motor can become your loss model beeper.

So when you crash and you’re not sure where you went down, you don’t know where the drone is having D shot, enables you to flick a switch on the radio and the ESC will make that motor make a beeping sound. So it makes it easier to find another big one that comes in really handy is turtle mode. So what turtle mode is? If you crash upside down using D shots communication abilities, you can tell the ESC.

I want you to take two of those motors and reverse the direction, so when you give it an input, they’re going to spin backwards and you can actually flip the drone over aside from it flies better. Those two features alone would be enough that I would definitely recommend you may as well just go for disha the difference in price between older one shot and the cheap, Disha ESC is very negligible. So at this point I would at least get something that has disha aside from that.

The next sort of advancement that came along with ESC s is having a 32-bit processor on them. So the pretty much best of the best you’re going to find right now is a D shot 1200 with a 32-bit processor. Having that 32 processor is just going to open up more features that a ESC is going to be capable of doing so now with the 32-bit, you can pull in telemetry information from your ESC, so you can know exactly how much current that each one’s pulling you Can know the RPM of the motor, you can also add and modify the tones that it’s going to play when it starts up, which is you know, some people have a lot of fun with that.

It’S not a huge deal, and it’s also just going to be more future-proof. More features that come down the pipeline are probably going to be created for the latest tech that we have and then the last main spec that you’ll see is whether or not the ESC you’re looking at is an individual or a four and one, and then in The four and ones you’re going to have different sizes, so this is a 30 by 30. They also make them in twenty by twenty, and I think also sixteen by sixteen so depending on which size of drone you’re intending to build that’s going to play into which size ESC you need.

You would probably want to go with the smallest one available, but you also need to make sure that it can handle the current and the input voltage of what you’re trying to build around now for some considerations when you’re picking an ESC, the first one would be Whether or not you’re going to go for a 401 or individual ESC, they both have their pros and cons. I kind of already went over this when I did the gear overview article, but we’ll do it again here, four and one.

Obviously it’s less parts to bahi. Only need one you don’t need to buy four of them. It’S going to be a little bit more compact, a little bit less weight because there’s a lot less wires. Speaking of the wires there’s a lot less wires to solder to because on an individual ESC, you’ve got four wires coming off the top and you’re going to solder three to the bottom and you’re going to do that four times, whereas with a foreign one there’s just Going to be the three motor wires need to attach for each motor and then the rest of the wiring is just going to be in a wiring harness that usually will just plug right into your flight controller.

So a little bit easier to build over here, but the upside of a individual ESC is, if you have a problem with an ESC, you only need to replace the one. That’S gone bad, whereas with a foreign one. If you have any issues, you’re replacing the whole thing, so in some cases it can be a little bit cheaper to go with a foreign one a lot of times. The price of these is less than if you were to add four of these together, but not always, and not always in the long run, when you’re replacing them.

Another thing to think about is the different sort of ecosystems of es es, so you’ve got BL heli or BL Holley 32. That’S the 32-bit version of BL heli. This is like the widest arrange and probably the most common one you’re going to find out there there’s tons of different es es available in BL heli. Next, you have kiss when you’re looking at kiss es es. It’S not like ble ble, at least the original vo heli was an open-source project, so any company can make an ESC hardware that ran with the BL heli software, whereas kiss is closed source.

So the only kiss hardware you find is kind of all within that same company and family of KISS. So, there’s not a hundred different es es out there that are kiss software compatible, it’s just whatever kiss is making, but the upside of kisses they’ve always been known to be very high quality and perform really well downside, being they’re, also a lot more expensive than a Year, normal BL, heli or BL highway 32 ESC.

Another thing to think about as far as kiss goes is: they also have their own flight controller and their own flight control software. So that’s kind of why I say it’s like an eco system. Typically, if you’re going to go for kiss you’re going to go kiss flight controller and ESC s and you’re going to like stay within that, it’s kind of like going Apple versus Android and then the other one that you’ll find is flight one.

I pretty sure flight. One ASCS are the same as what BL heli runs, but still just thinking about the ecosystem, it’s more of their flight controller that has its own hardware and software and similar to kiss it’s closed source. So you don’t find just random companies making flight one products. It’S the flight, one company, they make their own things and, like I said I do believe there is CSR kind of run, the same hardware as any Bill.

Helia see, and you can also use Bo heli es es with their flight controller. But it’s just something to think about of staying in the ecosystem. I think a lot of people who are going to use their flight controller will probably pair it with their ESC because they know it’s going to work well together, it’s been developed that way from the company. Another thing to think about is wiring and pin outs.

So, especially if you go for a four and one like I said, there’s usually a wire harness that comes off of this. So it’s going to be, like you know, six or seven wires that all go into one harness and some in some cases you can just plug that directly into a flight controller. But the problem is: there’s not a standard, so not every foreign one and every flight controller are going to be pinned out the exact same way.

So it’s usually a smart idea to buy it as a bundle by one companies, four and one ASC. That goes with their flight controller. That way, you know you can just plug it right in if you mix and match you need to look at the diagram of the ESC and the flight controller, and then you just look across and you make sure that they match. If they don’t match, what you need to do is pull the pins out of the harness and rearrange them so that they’re correct for the opposite end and then, with individually SCS.

The only thing to think about really with wiring. Sometimes the ESC is going to come with the wires already on it. Sometimes it’s not. They call it like naked. It won’t come with any wire, which is not a huge deal wires, pretty easy to come across. It’S just good to know whether or not your ESC is or is not going to come with wire. That way, you don’t get all your parts you’re excited to build, and you realize oh there’s no wire on the ESC s and now I have to order wire and wait before I can even build the thing so wiring harnesses and whether or not a does or Doesn’T come with wire, it’s another thing to think about, and, lastly, there’s price there’s definitely a range of different prices and speed controllers and there’s a ton of them out there.

Like a lot of things that I recommend, I would say, shoot for middle of the road. If you’re a beginner you’re not going to need the most expensive and the most advanced and feature-rich ESC to get flying, but you also don’t want to get the cheapest one you can find either you don’t want it to burn up or fail on you. You don’t want to have poor flight performance. The main thing is: get an ESC that has the current capability that you need for your drone, make sure it can handle the voltage that you’re going to put into it and, at the very least, get one that can do.

Disha 600. That’S going to enable you to have a beeper do turtle mode and it should perform very well, so that’s going to do it for es es. I hope this was somewhat informative. I know I didn’t go into too much detail on this, but, to be honest, I’m not an expert on how es C’s worked and for a beginner. I really don’t think it’s important to go into all the details of all the different protocols work and the hardware.

That’S on the ELC there’s a wide variety of es es that will work for you, so once again go for a middle-of-the-road price point, make sure it has D shot and it can handle the current that you need. That’S all this really going to matter for a beginner drone pilot. So with that thanks for reading – and this has been learn to fpv


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3 INCH OCTOCOPTER?!? | You Build It We Fly It!

Are you excited, I’m sure, let’s see what, if I, what what okay? So it’s like a quark, so it’s two quad copters [ Laughter, ], some octo, a three-inch octo, but like half of its turned upside down, so the props can interleave, hey, guys, welcome to wrote a riot, I’m Loretta and now expand over today we are going to Be trying out a really weird drone, so this is something that was sent to Joshua Bardwell to check out.

He brought it here for us all to fly together. It was built by a guy named Victor, it’s his own, weird brainchild. So the idea is that this guy is going to sort of split the difference between a three inch and a five inch right. It’S not like your typical off to college. Rather, it’s like actually eight motors, like all facing up the same way. Half of its turned upside down, the other half is right right right, it’s got we had to offset plates and then the it’s it’s set up so that the prop disks overlap, because some of the motors pointed up at some point.

It’S super different, really weird, but kind of Awesome, yeah design. This is probably the weirdest drone that we’ve gotten to check out so far. I would say so yeah. So this is you build it. We fly it so he’s going to fly the octo first. Thank you. Wow he broke that Tommy’s hex the throttle, because Larry you’ve lost your pride. I want, I won’t crush it I’ll. Take it really easy there. You want car bells going.

First, no, that’s fair! Vincent did reach out to you and drew is a freestyle pilot. I’M sorry that I’m the only one that actually pushes it it’s so interesting. I did a flip. Oh no, he’s right he’s right. I crashed a lot less, but I also do a lot fewer. You impress the trick I like to take my quads home Andrew. Does it I just oh yeah, I mean I’ll fix them. That is so weird because it sounds like a three end.

Flip that thing Wow, not a lot of press coming down. Let’S do it again everything boogies now is this his chin I’ll make it up like this? No, no rough life, the ark that we’re flying today is actually on clean flight yeah. It’S not a beta fight or flight one or kiss, or anything it’s on clean flight, which I was a little bit surprised his tune and everything, though that’s the biggest thing. They may be that light features yep.

My big Victor set this up on clean flight because I think was the only one that is using that he could get eight outputs. You have to seal racing, you only get eight outputs and it is made for clean play, probably fix the rates. So I’m really impressed, especially with the handling it didn’t, feel slow. It picked up speed a lot had good handling and really good battery life and we’re flying a 1304 cell, which is you would we have your motors to? You would never fly that on, like a baby on three edge it’ll be way too heavy.

No, it looks pretty good for a good flight tests are using the same battery. You get use on a five inch flight time. Here is four minutes left 50m, where we’re resting at fifteen three, so I mean we could probably do I’m sure first impressions. What do you think when you flew it? It was different. It was. I was surprised first on how long it flew. I was really expecting. Yeah you’re going to be more inefficient.

I thought it was going to have like half the flight time of a five inch quad. It actually flew longer than some of my five inch wasn’t or about the same comparable times it had a lot of control yeah the biggest. It was the yaw authority, because there were so many motors. There was a lot of things that could spin up or slow down to get that because he all worked weird right. It spins up and slows down motors and uses that angular acceleration of the motors to counter spin them yeah.

It was a very locked and yaw feeling, and on top of that, it flew really good. It flew kind of like a five-inch resaw quad. It definitely didn’t carry it to momentum as well as a heavier quiet, even though the way no I’d be the same yeah, which was weird because it yeah felt like it would weigh the same. She thought it would toss right way, but it didn’t it kind of no in the throttle was low. Lighter did you think it felt it felt lighter in a white, but the throttle Kerr was a lot different as well.

It felt like you’re there’s really not much going on down low uh-huh, just kind of nice. You were trying to cruise down low and keep your line smooth, but then all of a sudden, the top and that thing is really really powerful. Well, actually, so then we started wondering: is it going to be faster than one of our five inch quads? So so we’ve kept my free stock quad with a GoPro up against the octocopter without the GoPro I don’t know exactly who won.

I want to say. I won but here’s the thing I definitely as I’m bad at going in a straight line because you would actually go and I would go up all this and what I noticed was at first. Your quad was faster. I was shocked, but it did seem faster. I would see you in front of me and then I think what happened was your battery would start sagging a lot more than my I did have battery sack and I we were using the same brand batteries it wasn’t it wasn’t the bad.

You know it’s the same battery, but I think that your your drone, the the 3-inch doctor after there’s, less amp, draw it’s not just pumping out thrust in four motors, it’s kind of less amps but two more points which God it doesn’t make sense it should. It should be, it should either all be the same. I still was make sense. I figured the octocopter would be way more inefficient, eight motors that sounds like more amps, and on top of that, because the props overlap each other, you should be losing efficiency yeah.

I noticed and notice with the freestyle too, I was able to do pretty long flights and it felt really consistent throughout the whole flight. In fact, I flew a little bit too long and over discharged all of a sudden yeah they’re, like oh, no you’re, dynamite, 14. Volts whoops, so you took the GoPro off and you went to just do some all-out ripping? Yes, Oh keep up with what you’re doing well as a spectator, you found the prop wash racist, trying to do as many corners as possible because, honestly, in a straight section, the speed felt a pretty pretty similar to my 5 inch claws and when I noticed the Corners is the control was really really good, but there’s almost terrified.

How did you do that? It just accelerated so fast? I was solving around the trees as fast as I could find going around a tree or something I’m trying to 180. If Ike the five-inch cloth kind of carried some Linton through, so it takes longer to stop it and then Rick’s are in the next direction. What was scary and awesome about the octocopter and I would stop, and they would just stop me there – it start it straight in the next slide.

I understand he reacts that fast. I just caught it Brent yeah. I clipped a branch as you’ll see in the DVR clip these branches. Turning in – and I I mean it flung me into the ground pretty good, but like not more than a five inch quad way it was moving, but not that bad. A five inch would have to that wasn’t going to take. It was moving like two arms yeah. You broke 25 % of this drone. The problem is because it’s a unibody as well.

It’S a lot harder to fix, wait and did you break one on each yeah? Yeah you’ve complete that’s 100 % destroyed, actually because there’s two unibody is that drone is 100 % destroyed. That is way way worse. Alright, by the way worse Jimmy, you can’t even feel the motors feel the motors, oh geez, that is nice and that’s not easy. It’S pretty hot they’re, really hot. I was just pushing it really hard, because I want to see how it would take a crash as well, and it was kind of fun to fly out of my comfort zone a lot.

It’S really really nimble. It’S really really fast. Do I like it more than 5 CH what I mean I’d like to until that, so I think what we could say is that if you race as hard as Alex Vanover, this might not be the frame for you. No definitely not. This is going to take a lot of words. It’S got a lot of potential, all right like it’s. It’S really. I think like on a on a course like this, where you have a lot of tight sections, but also a lot of sections where you’re going.

You know we talked about the prop wash and I wanted to address that. It looked like there was more props in like a tune, 5 inch, quad or something would have, but I have to note that it was turning a lot faster you through it. So I think, what’s happening is it’s turning so fast? It’S that’s a whole nother level of propwash that we haven’t got into it. Yeah in bracelet. You think it’s turning faster than you can turn your five inch quad.

I don’t think I can turn a five inch car around that fast, really, oh yeah. So there is a performance advantage. There is a performance advantage and there’s also the disadvantage, because it’s not because it seems lighter still than a five inch quad a five inch quad through us basics long will carry someone winsome a lot through this quad. I was. If you read the you VR, you can see it, I’m like forcing it through the slalom like pitching down into the psalm, to get it to keep going, keep the speed up.

So I really hope you guys enjoyed that. Actually I enjoyed flying it as much as I’m giving you crap for you being the one that broke. It look further, really record when you broken it, because you were going, it was all van over to frame. I hit this tree branch of actual well like I said this is just a passion project of a guy. It is pretty, it is pretty thin here, but let us say that for I’ve never seen anything like this before and for what it is.

It’S really amazing. I’Ll say this is really really great in and just because the first pass doesn’t stand up to the node and over full stand. Durability. There’S a lot. I don’t one I’m going to build one. We just tend to get so stuck in our our ways of life. Five inch quad five inch quad five and we don’t experiment yeah. I like I like experimentation me will that’s where that you build it. We fly it.

Series comes in Hindi. Absolutely, if you guys want us to fly something weird, send it our way and we are happy to just crash it. I mean thank you guys so much for reading this episode, thanks to Vincent for sending this awesome quad for us to fly and destroy, and if you enjoyed this episode, leave us a comment down below. Let us know what you would like to see us build. What we’re drunk, what we’re drone, would you like to see us to have sent to us what we were drawing? Would you like us to try and get a hold of and guys be sure to check out the rotor ID store link in the description down below alright guys, i’m Latrobe, I’m just Rivard? Well, I’m Alex fan over.

Are you guys for joining and we’ll see you next time?


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Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1

Well as a marketing professor. We are stunned by that amount, the number of people that are accidental of to be him, so we get to Stuart Alaska now and they did to Searle activity.

A few of you have okay, it’s a very beautiful place. It’S it’s right on the coast, and it has these big mountains called mountain marathon, which is right behind it, which actually run up the mountain during the summer. But would you like the fourth and it’s beautiful, with the Kenai for its Glacier National Park, which is right to the south, and so I go and meet even during the class? A Motorhome and fundamentally he’s telling me about his lifestyle.

Chris and G are what we would call digital marketing entrepreneurs he graduated from ISU in 2008. I won’t steal all his thunder, but fundamentally what he did was he chose to say, I’m going to travel and try to figure out a way of living and making a living at it. And so what happened? Was I formed a Basecamp team which is base camp set of project management? Software and Chris was on it he’s Sean with the era.

Who is the director of the student marketing company back there, and I would call one of the finest social media technician skilled professionals we have on the campus. I was in the background, along with doctormick Eska, dr Bowman, and we’re all coming Katty because we’re trying to help Chris, but we’re also trying to learn from Chris and what he’s doing, because it is not very easy. Going from just a few hundred people on YouTube to forty-eight thousand five hundred, I think, as we checked yesterday, and so when it comes down to is we’ve been working with them and amazing.

We were able to really help them in a lot of ways, and so we’re very proud of that. He’S also taught us a bunch of things about what he does and how he’s doing it. So in essence, what happened is you have digital marketing entrepreneurs in front of you? These people are literally going out traveling around the country going on national parks, beautiful places and they’re making a living at it. When I was growing up, I traveled around this country, but I could never figure out how to make a living at it being on the road and that’s, what’s wonderful about the digital marketing tools that you currently have.

You lived in a very exciting and fascinating time because of these digital marketing tools that are available so without further ado, like a warm welcome for Christian and Gina. Thank you everybody. So I first of all I’d like to thank everybody for coming in today. Those that were here yesterday and also those that came in today, this lovely Indiana weather I walked to class, just like you did so.

I appreciate you all being here today. So the first thing that I want to talk about today is just if you take one thing from this presentation today, one thing at all: it’s not about the digital market. You might know everything that I’m going to tell you. You might already have a plan in your head, it’s something that you plan on doing, but what I want to you know remind you, and this is something that started my philosophy on traveling and just kind of the way that I view things is that everybody thinks They have all this time in the world to do what they want to do.

But if the average age in this class is 21, then you only have 20,000 days left in your life to do what you want to do and that doesn’t include your senior years when you’re not able to go out and do what you want to do. So if you’re in a major right now or if you’re doing something, because your parents want you to get done with something or you feel like it’s a societal expectation to what you’re doing right now and you need a little slap.

You need to wake up because the fact of the matter is you don’t have that much time to do what you want to do in life every day that you wait to do what you want to do that’s a day late, that you’re not able to do Anything in the future, because you’re more free right now than you’ll ever be in your entire life and think about that, like literally tomorrow, you’re less free to do what you want to do.

So it’s very interesting for all of you and something that I’ve found out is: do you have all marketing majors graphic design? Is that pretty much the consensus of this room right now? Because if that’s your major, then you are free to travel the world? You can live from your laptop when we went to Thailand. We were living on about $ 40 a day, and that includes a bungalow on the beach that includes our moped rental.

That includes three Mills that we ate out every day and we were living on an island on the beach and you can work remotely from your computer and make 300 400 hours a day. So you can pay like put money back and travel the world. So, just if you take one thing from this presentation, I want that to be the one thing you take away for sure if you gather some other things along the way cool, but on a lighter note.

So, as you can see here, this is G and I the lovely, miss G in the in the back short for Regina. We travel in this class a Motorhome that we call Atlas. We spend our summers up in Alaska, like you just heard, and in the lower 48 we just kind of bounce around. This upcoming fall we’re transitioning into full-time work through our digital marketing. Through our work with companies, they’ve offered us the opportunity to take their gear.

Go from RV show to RV, show around the country and sell their gear. So now we went from the Alaska work, so in Alaska we had to have a job, because we were at a tipping point. We were spending more than we were actually bringing in. So we had to go to Alaska we’d, worked the tourist season and make a lot of money and then live off the YouTube blog after that. So we’d have a supplemental income and then use our money from the summers to you know kind of break-even for the year and right now we just barely you’re making a little bit more money than we’re spending.

So we’re at this very awesome tipping point. It’S very exciting for us. The presentation today will be a little bit different for those that were here yesterday, because it’ll be a little bit more about how I got started in travel. How I went from you know not really traveling at all to you know just living full-time out of an RV. What I’m going to do right now is show you a quick article. The article I want to show you is when we first got the motorhome.

My personality is just jump into stuff and see what happens. I don’t really think about it too much it’s like. If I want to do it, then I’m going to do it because it’s something inside me told me to do it and then I’m going to figure it out after so we get this motorhome and we’re in Louisiana. At this point, we went from Indiana down south because it was warmer and then we decided to take the scenic route and all of a sudden.

We got on this detour and we had to take this back road and all sudden. This bridge comes up and we’re not exactly sure how tall our RV is, but we know that it’s clearance on the bridge is 13 13 feet 9 inches. So I’ll show you this article real quick. This is just a little snippet from from our travels, you got to see the crowd chapter xlix, so that’s the basis of the blog right there. It’S just our misadventures traveling around in this this class, a Motorhome cuz.

I really don’t know anything about this thing. When I first got, I had no idea how it worked. We kind of learned along the road remember our first campsite. We actually stopped and figured things out. I sat outside for about an hour looking at the manual trying to figure out how to turn things on how to turn things off. We were little stressed that day, but we got it figured out, but now we, you know we’re we’re going along with it and its really helping out the blog is helping on our digital marketing.

But we’ll take a step back here, and this is my hometown of Montezuma Indiana and I don’t know if many of you are from small towns. This is a metropolis of about a thousand people. We have a caution light and you know about five churches in town. That’S about it, but there’s some things that I picked up from this small town that helped me be the person and the person that is just like hey. Let’S, let’s go for it.

If I want to do it, then let’s make it happen. So at the age of nine I was adopted by my grandparents, I was living. You know conditions that weren’t really that good for anybody – and I remember so my earliest memories are from that time, and from that I got the the impression or the idea that positivity can get you through. Anything like I went from a very bad situation to a good situation and that you know that kind of put inside of me this this reality that, when you’re positive, no matter what happens it’s going to be better as long as you stay positive, you go negative If you start going down that road, then you’re not going to get anywhere like you always have to be positive.

Also, it gave me the hard work ethic. So these these fields right here I worked on farms from the age of like nine to I guess my freshman year college. I still came back and helped out a farmer that I worked for and baling hay and detasseling corn will definitely instill a work ethic, especially when I think from you know the younger ages. I was making four dollars an hour, you know, and then it went up from there.

So I got a good work ethic from from this small town and then things progressed. This is a a picture from my first, my first rubber tramping experience as they call it. Traveling around in a vehicle – and this came about – because why was that? Is you after I graduated from my small town high school and went to ISU, which is only about 30 miles up north? I started get this feeling towards the end of my freshman year that I really wanted to get out and see what was out there.

The best way for me to do that was, in my mind, with studying abroad, is actually walking to my communications 101 class, and it was a lovely day like we have outside nice and nice and toasty out there and I sat down, and there was a flyer For studying abroad in Australia knows, I’m at a place sounds pretty warm. So I went to Jenna’s Halperin’s office and then I applied and I had a two-week window to apply and get accepted.

I got accepted right towards the end. I went to Australia. Two major things happen in Australia. The number one thing that happened when I started to go to Australia, I bought a whole new outfit, a bunch of new clothes. I had to roll a bags giant bags and a backpack I paid for extra baggage. I brought everything I brought my xbox. I brought literally everything that I thought would you know I’d need for Australia, which I really did it and I was rolling through in this, the scruffy guy with one backpack he was, he had a big beard, he just smelled horrible.

He walked by me and I just looked back at him. I was like man what’s what’s wrong with that, guy, like what what is going on with him like he needs, he needs some class going on in his life and fast forward to six months later I went to school for four months and then I scheduled my Flight to leave two months after that, so I did a total of six months in Australia, so I was backpacking around and I met some Australian friends and then we went on a camping trip right before I boarded my plane back.

So I hadn’t showered for like three days I had given away all my stuff sold my xbox. I I got a backpack for my British tran1 backpackers backpack and that’s all I had with me. So I’m walking through the airport back at LAX, and I smell horrible, and I literally saw people like doing like one of these, like kind of looking around see what the smell was. It was me because I was just like this – this dirtbag traveller now and I literally left one person and came back another.

That was a big thing that happened in Australia, and I remember it very clearly. I was reading Black Hawk Down is around 2:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep on the train and I was sitting there and I heard something on the side of the train. Next to me, it sounded like a like a bolt hitting the side. It was like tinging down the side of the train and I was like man, that’s really weird and the brakes went on really quick.

Everybody kind of jolted up and started looking around and my friend looked at me and he asked me what was going on. It’S like, I don’t know man, I heard something on the outside and I thought something happened with the train. I thought it was broke down and then the announcer came on and said that that we’d actually hit somebody – and I found out later that somebody stepped out in front of the train and committed suicide.

And what we heard was him hitting the side of the train. It was like his body parts hitting the train and I was just like holy crap. They had to stop the train, the bus came and got us and we were going into Melbourne. Australia – and I remember it was rush hour during the morning – and I was on this bus just like kind of I hadn’t slept, I’m kind of out of it and I started looking at the people in the cars going to work late.

Just had this look on their face like they were just out of it like they were just in this little zombie mode, and I was just looking at him and I remember very clearly, there’s a blonde woman with blue eyes and a ponytail and just a look On her face, I at that moment and people can look back at their lives and see moments like just like that that really changed their perspective and the way they view things.

That was a big one. For me, it’s like I am never going to do that. I’M not going to be a person, that’s doing something. They hate like working a job. They hate to buy things, they don’t need. So Australia was a big turning point for me and then after I, graduated oops must have pressed the button. Sorry after I graduated I bought this van on eBay for 1,800 bucks had a hundred and eighty thousand miles on it.

I actually won the auction over in the in the packaging lab over there at the School of Technology. I almost fell over backwards out of my seat. I was so excited when I finally won it, and then I I took out all the seats I put the bed back, but a futon mattress built some cabinets and threw a bunch of food in there and drove her out my dog for a month and a Half – and that was the reason why I did that was – is because you can travel very cheaply in a vehicle you pay for your gas, you can buy cheap food and you don’t pay for anywhere to stay.

I was saying in Walmart parking lots. I’Ve staying in you know anywhere, I’m staying in town and you know neighborhoods, because you’re in a van nobody’s really going to mess with you, and that was the first time that I actually had a the the realization that I could go out there and travel and Do it cheaply and see a lot of the world