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What Are Backlinks For SEO?

Now backlinks are one of the top ways that you can get free traffic to your website and what they are. It’s a better website or high quality website linking pointing people from their site to yours.

That shows search engines that you have a trusted website, because other websites are referring people to you and it also builds up your search, ranking in the search engines. Now some ways that you can get backlinks are social media is obviously number one. You can post your articles in your links to bring people back to your website on all the social media blogs like LinkedIn, Cora and medium. Those are some of the blog examples that you can use now when another sites linking to you is signals, the search engines that your website is getting stronger and more trustworthy right, just like if a new customer meets you, you build that trust with them.

Now, you’re building trust with the search engines. So some other things you can do is you can write articles? You can share your highest quality content with other web sites for free. You can say, hey post. This just make sure you post a link back to our site and that’s when you’ll really start seeing those Google rankings now for automation, links, that’s what we’re focused on is giving our links into other web sites that are higher than us better than us.

So we’re writing articles making articles and sharing that content with them just to get those links back to the site and that’s what will bring us to the first page of Google now. Are you already doing backlinks? Have you even heard of it before leave a comment below if you have any questions about how they work or if you need any help, we have our website a link com where you can actually post your profile in your business and link back to your website That was the whole reason we created it, so you could go there, get links back to your site and start building up your authority on search engines.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. Please leave a comment below if you’re already doing this technique or share the article with somebody that needs to hey there. My name is Brad Smith, owner and founder of helpless, it’s my mission and my passion to help others with their business. So if I could be your coach, your mentor help you in any way that’s my goal. My goal is to bring you value, so let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, and I look forward to working with you.


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How to Embed Emotional Design into a Transactional Website from Sandra Gonzalez

I did some research and it’s interesting, because emotional design is one of those things that not that many people have been talking about. So I actually they do mention it briefly, but I thought it was very interesting that it’s been a while, since a book came out and so on and so forth. So I actually guided myself with a book that I’ll be talking about a lot today by Aaron, Walter and I’ll.

Give him all the credit, but i’ll point you two very important sections of it. So, let’s start okay, so um, that’s the book. I was just telling you about. The first thing I want to mention is that I always find myself talking about the Industrial Revolution and some of you so my speech back in Tokyo X in Manchester, but I find it so important to think about where we come from them. The journey we’ve taken us as human beings, exact especially in this new era of technology, so um the the work.

The last time I was on this stage for you x for good. I talked about the Industrial Revolution and the actual role that they play for children and what it is to be a child in this third era or fourth area of the Industrial Revolution people still debating. If the Internet of Things is the fourth error. But in order to introduce this concept of emotional design, I would like to refer to the first chapter and I’m going to refer to a lot to this book of our own Walter call emotional, I’m designing for emotions, so he talks about revolution.

Something lost something found there. We go alright with the ability of mud too much produce almost anything. A skilled craftsman like blacksmiths and Weaver’s could no longer complete compete with factories, low-cost and faster production. So back in the age of the Industrial Revolution, the founders of the axon crafts movement started to think about this and realize that a craftsman leaves a bit of themselves in the work and it is a true gift that can be enjoyed for many many years.

So if, if we were to think about this, what does it mean to be able to mass-produce everything? So nowadays we have sites such at sea and Kickstarter that are empowering artists and crafts. People to get give that gift again to be able to kind of complete with that compete with those must produce products that we buy on a day-to-day basis. So how many you, how many of you have bought products from etsy? Ok, cool! That’s about! Barely a five percent, so how many of you have ever back up a Kickstarter? Okay, I would say another more like a ten percent okay.

So how did it make you feel um? Can I guess that it make? You feel a little bit different than just going on Amazon, or maybe just I don’t know what would be the equivalent of Kickstarter amazon right. So so I just kind of want to bring that into mine. It all comes back to that. So can I guess that it make you feel good compared to just going to Amazon, not that I’m picking no mames on today’s, so what you did by by backing a Kickstarter or or going to etsy, was to support creative thinking and supporting families.

To contrast, supporting corporations so Aaron explains that etsy on Kickstarter phenomenon is an opportunity to be able to leave bring these stories to life, to have an object that actually has a story behind. So it is very interesting thing to start thinking about, and he also starts talking a little bit about what does it mean for us that we work in web design to be able to have so many things produce quickly as web designers? We face kind of a similar situation right, there’s plenty opportunities to create fast and chips websites.

I personally love WordPress, because literally in five minutes, I can have a website that 10 years ago would have taken a whole six months, waterfall approach. So that’s brilliant! I like the idea that we can do that so fast, but where is the craftsmanship in all of this right? So how can we leave as how can we leave a bit of ourselves with this approach, so where’s, the true gift that we want to kind of bring together so Aaron invite us to followed a different path where we present the human touch in what we design And to kind of show ourselves kind of showing ourselves is essential kind of bringing the human factor in so this takes me to the definition of emotional design as Aaron defines it, so is in psychology and craftsmanship a good example of the concept when you go online And you think about you know, buying something in etsy right and I’ve seen this don’t quite a bit the minute with the parcel arrives, because this has been handmade the day.

Actual seller have put a really really personalized note. They have actually thought about how you open the package and how you kind of the first layer is going to make you feel on the second layer, so on and so forth. So really think about the fact that our previous arts and crafts movement have paid the way to bring in that human touch and showing ourselves and it’s something that is absolutely essential for what we do every day.

So the following is what I like to use us pretty much. The definition of emotional design is using psychology, psychology and craftsmanship to create an experience for users that make them feel like there’s a person and not a machine at the other end of the connection. Okay, so this brings me to the next point: does anyone of you know? This is actually an interesting because my company did a lot of work on this did does any one of you know, which one is the fastest-growing language in the UK.

I’m happy to take s mandarine! Okay, French, I’m sorry, okay, erotic, French! Actually, I did find that one – French, Spanish, polish, okay, polish okay, so this is your answer: emojis, okay! So actually – and it could be stretching it a little bit, but they have done lots of research on this and and a study done by professor Evans from bangor university actually found out that it is one of the fastest language right now right.

And it’s very interesting because how many times have you debated, put in a smiley face in what you’re right? How many times have you actually done it and then stop and maybe not do it and then kind of hard literally 30 seconds should I is it professional enough? Should I be doing it you know like come on? Am I the only one I have? I have people helping me sometimes prove read my beautiful English and I have these conversations.

I had it before you know. You know this is professional, I’m like how do I bring the human aspect right? I do feel that smiley face changes. The tone in so many ways right so I do have this constant debate and – and it’s a very interesting phenomenon because to me that, as as writers as we are all the time, that’s how we bring emotion and it’s it’s a fastest, growing language. Why not? Alright! So the next thing I’m going to talk about is how, in the 50s and 60s and American psychologist Abraham alone, sorry my Maslow Maslow there you, our Abraham Maslow, discovered something that we all knew, but he actually put it into words.

And it’s pretty much talking about our needs, so no matter our age or gender or race. We all have basic needs, and what’s really interesting about this pyramid, is that it kind of shows you how important they are. The the bottom of the pyramid is absolutely necessary, and then everything that goes as it goes up is more of a li shirting. So one of the things that aren did in his book is he kind of mapped them into what it means for users right.

So now that we’re designing interfaces, how do you translate that pyramid so he argues that interface design is designed for humans, so the pyramid applies, but he just changed things a little bit and the top it just becomes the pleasurable part. Okay. So, let’s quickly study the bottom of the pyramid. Ok, so for users needs to be met, an interface must be functional. I feel like I’m stating the obvious right.

If the user can complete a task, they certainly won’t spend much time in your application. So after they they feel like that would be taken care of, then they can actually come back and feel confident that that’s something that they understand and they can actually work with. So the interface must be reliable. So if the web server drops out immediately or intermittently or the service is just unreliable, most likely users are never going to come back to your website.

The interface must be usable, and this is where our beautiful research aspect of UX comes into place right, so it could be very functional, very reliable and then user research comes along and proves us all wrong or all right. So I think that one of the things that’s been really interesting in our feel for you x is that we kind of stopped there right its usability testing brilliant. They know they discovered it.

They were able to. You know go through the journey and add something to that shopping, cart or delete it and yay, let’s just ship that, but what Aaron is telling us is that actually maybe it’s time to think about the next level, so he thinks he asks us about imagining. If usability was the standard for other industries such as automobile, so if an automobile is usable, that’s good enough. How can we tell between a BMW – and you know – maybe a a Kia or I don’t know – I’m not good with cars, but but it makes a really good point right if it’s usable, that’s the end of it.

No, it’s actually more than that. So many websites and applications are starting to create experiences beyond usability and it’s um it’s time to start thinking about bringing pleasure, fun, joy and delight and pretty much. This is what this whole talk is about. So are you all excited? This is something you want to learn: okay, very good and about the light. I I see that word quite a bit in portfolios and series a delightful experience, so um one of the things I’m going to do today is I’m going to illustrate kind of emotion through an exercise.

So I want you to think it was an interesting picture to find this is actually just Google search for the best food in the world, an image search. Okay, so I want you to think back to the best meal. You’ve ever had not a good meal, but a mind-blowing palate changing fall in love with food, again great meal. Okay, can you remember it all right? What made it so memorable? Was it the test? I answer: was it the taste or the texture of the food? Was it the unexpected pairing of flavors? Was it the artful presentation or they attentive waiter, to staff the ambience, the restaurant, the company? What was it chances are that it was not the nutritional value of it right, so that is pretty much the equivalent of functional, but it was so many other things right.

So once you think about it right, the meal met your body’s needs, but it also immerse. You in a pleasurable experience and your memory, your brain remembers it as such and it will stay there for a really long time until you top that with something else. Okay, so why don’t we aim for a similar target in web design? What is going to be that web experience that login experience that transactional experience that is going to top buying shoes online, all right so um, let’s see, certainly we all I’m sorry.

Certainly, we all want to eat edible food with nutrition value, but we also want an experience with it. So the next thing we’re going to talk about is three principles of emotional design. Okay – and I pick three because I wanted to kind of pick the best ones and make sure we at least got to see a few there’s more. But let’s talk about these three, so the first one is let your brand personality show and this one comes really close to my heart, because I’m an advisor for a few startups and I am really really interested in a very early stage of a startup.

It is even before they go into funding and talking to investors and it’s very interesting to see how startups sometimes don’t really think about their brand, and it’s so important, and the first principle is let your brand personality show. So when you present your brand, it has to be clear to the idea audience how it relates as if it was another human being right. It creates the empathy and it helps you the audience better see themselves as part of of the brand and and humans wants to connect with humans and at a industry level that other human is that brand.

So I find brand something that is very, very interesting to always have in mind and remember that that is going to be the personality that you’re bringing I am as good all right, good, okay, very good! So sorry it should have changed to that one. So emotional design turns casual users into fanatics ready to tell others about their positive experience again brand. My next one. Well, it’s not mine, but the next 1i.

It actually almost feels mine, because it’s about parenting and such how many of you are parents in the audience. I feel like an awful mother that loves her children behind now. Okay, good one person all right, so I guess I can talk a little bit more about this one, so the baby-faced bias has anyone of you heard of that before all right yeah. It’s a very interesting one, so we can learn a lot about design on how to communicate effectively with the audience by studying evolutionary psychology, so pretty much our human nature.

So evolution has given us baby, goggles and um. It is funny how Walter puts it, but Jeff Atwood. He actually blocks a lot about technology, mostly code and stuff, but right around the time I old, my youngest was one year old. He posted that blog post and it just resonated so much with me because what he talks about is about. Is it really worth it to have children? You know it’s such a pain, but he talked about the 51 % against the forty-nine percent and how the 51 is the most impossible.

Sulaiman of joy I ever felt, and the 49 is incredible pain, so um we as humans. Have these really strong attachment to two babies? We look at a baby face and we just melt – and some of you may just not want to show it, but you internally must feel something, and it’s to the point that actually scientists believe that the reason why we react to babies faces that way. Can someone guess is actually a little creepy now well yeah, guess who the predator would be us? They believe that one of the reasons babies have such cute faces, though we don’t kill them and in I know it sounds a little bit like it’s stretching it, but it’s true I mean again is this is about bringing in who we really are an evolutionary psychology Right – and I think I can tell that there aren’t that many parents in the room because there’s moments that you just go, of course not I’m going to kill you, but it’s like wow.

What did I get myself into? It is tough. Being a parent is one of the most amazing roller, coasters rights, you’ve ever experienced and what’s really interesting and I’m just going to do a little spoil alert. One of the talks that I have in the pipeline is to talk about parenting and how, as parents, whether we want it or like it or not, with user experience, designers, okay, think about your parents and the experience that they provided to you for the first 15 Years of your life right, so it is a very interesting thing to think about and how you can bring those feelings into your website.

So cats are a lot another ones that are very, very overly used and then any other babies or cops and so on and so forth. So that is the principle number 20 on. This is an example. So in this website, they’re using the baby face by his principle to kind of get people attached to the brand alright. So the next thing I want to talk about his personality and I was really really happy to find out that this chapter is actually available to anyone.

So if you’re not sure if this book is the right one for you go ahead and give it a try, read this chapter and um and just learn a little bit about a personality from from Aaron. So here we go. Personality is the platform for emotion, emotional design. Primary goal is to facilitate human to human communication, and I think that’s one of the reason mo cheeks are so famous because it facilitates communication.

It makes us laugh, it is very close to you know almost is actually sometimes better than just picking up the phone and talking to the other person, so so um if we’re doing our job. Well, the computer resents into the background and the personality rises to the surface. So, to achieve this goal, we must consider how to interact with one another in real life, so think about how we, actually, you know, say hello.

How we, actually you know, one of the one of my favorite analogies, are how we sell when we go into a department store and how we sell online, sometimes so, when you login to that website, and certainly you have that interrupt telling you bye now bye. Now I like to use that analogy of if you were to enter into dividends, if you want to go into with someone be on your face, asking you to buy something, no most likely the first, they hold a nice conversation right and they get that emotional connection From you and then they say: oh do you know we have blah blah.

So how do we bring that into our web design? So next slide this one really quick talks about how it was so important when we started kind of printing documents to bring back the handwriting kind of feeling into Bibles. And I find funds a very a typography in general, an interesting kind of way to demonstrate how we need that we need to that connection. So, if you think about every single tutorial you’ve done out there on the website, it usually uses scratchy kind of handwritten fonts.

They always go out of their way to find that font, because they want to kind of feel that you know it’s all right. I’m teaching you something its equivalent of that. You know whiteboard. So it’s very interesting to talk about. You know how people can connect through little things like that. So the next thing I’m going to talk about is personas, so personas are stunned to a standalone tool in the design process, but they only provide a partial picture of the relationship we’re building with that audience.

So, in really quick, this is actually one of the personas that calf share with me and there are on our website, so we use them all the time who has used personas as UX, yeah or known even well, even though new exercises are okay. So the reason why I was so excited that these chapter, in fact was the one that was available is because what errand us in this chapter, I thought it was absolutely amazing what he said about personas is sure we use them all the time we usually use Them to build that design, but what’s the persona of our website right, so we know who they are, but who are we if you were to build a persona on that website, you work on every day.

What would you have for all of these squares right grumpy? You know happy may be very cold right, so that is a really good way to quickly assess how you’re doing as far as holding that conversation with your users, so is anyone familiar with MailChimp, okay, good MailChimp Aaron actually is the UX design the principal head of You exile MailChimp, and it is a very interesting actual product, because imagine so really quick for those of you don’t know what milk shrimp is is pretty much a platform that helps you send lots of emails to lots of people and they’ve done an amazing job help.

You manage and design especially emails, so think about those marketing people that have to actually log in to send the next email to you know, promote the next thing and so on and so forth. So one of the things that he talks about is how MailChimp kind of brought some of that personality with their mascot mascot. I think it’s called Freddie and every time you login, he has a little message for you: okay, so um.

He actually shows how they started. Thinking of Freddie as an actual person and they started to track Freddie’s personality and they mapped it. So again is the concept of bringing personas into the actual product that you produce. So I add to me that was a very interesting concept. So the next thing I would like to talk about is the strategies for implementing emotional design. So this is the actionable bit so surprised.

So have you noticed that hearing your favorite song on the radio seems way more enjoyable, then just go ahead and go to Spotify and get it running right. So is the element of surprise that amplifies our emotional response? Is that anticipation? Is that not knowing that? What’s going to happen, so i’m going to show you this website. I know it’s really hard to see from at the back, but i’m going to describe this bit right here.

It says: do not pool okay, so someone asked a question and I really want to thank those of you that went to kind of ask questions as I was trying to put questions together and one of the questions that I got asked was: how do you measure Effectively measure emotional design – and I have two answers for you today night, so one of them is well a click-through rate through that do not pool would be a good one right.

So can someone just one person guess what happens if you were to pull it blows up a hand comes down and they actually pull to the next item or something like that, so it actually interacts with you so yeah. That’s that’s an interesting way to bring emotional design the next. The next strategy could be anticipation. Ok, so we owe I misspelled. Sorry with anticipation have any of you seen this last month.

Anyone who recognizes it was, I the only one paying attention. Ok, so this was all over the world of newspapers and stuff and it’s actually coming from three yeah yeah and they had this campaign going on for a while and let anyone know everyone know that it was going to happen that day and so on and so Forth so anticipation actually creates a load of emotion when it comes to designing. So the next thing I want to talk is a prime, ok and again.

Milk chimp is a excellent example. So priming happens when a person is exposed to a stimulus that it turns it shapes the response to another stimulus. So the best way to think about is the other day. I saw a little kind of dog presentation and every time they would pull a trick. That will give them a little bit of something so imagine for those marketing people that have to get into mailchimp and send the next bulk email.

Do you think they’re suspecting something new every time they log in? Do they pay attention to that funny message about who you know that be the best bananas? You know, that’s the first one right there, so it actually makes something that could feel kind of really not fun fun. So that’s one of the ways they’ve been able to kind of change their brand around so the other 10, and then this is this. Is answer number two about measuring emotional design? So that’s a really difficult thing to measure right because CTR is just going to be a click but prime prime prime e yeah priming yeah, so going back to measuring emotional design.

These are all the tweets that MailChimp gets about that experience. Okay, so talking about the articles that they’d link you to talking about how, even though they were frustrated, it cheered up, the monkey help them get cheered up. This one is the best they say I just logged in into mailchimp and the little monkey in the corn and says: hey Kate, new haircut, muy Guapo. It helps that I speak Spanish.

Doesn’t it uh? How do they know? You know just like, and it’s funny because Erin talks about this and he said, of course we never know, but hey someone out there, I statistically speaking most of got a new haircut and that created an emotional connection with her so much that she tweeted about it. So I know Twitter is not the most ideal platform for measuring stuff, but I think it actually tells you something right and don’t put it in your kpi’s fight, tweets, /, anyways um, the other one.

I’ve seen that is very interesting is asking for forgiveness. So so so far we looked. Oh no sorry, I right here, okay, asking for forgiveness, so this one is a perfect example. When something goes wrong, wear something you know: that’s going to go wrong, and that happens quite a bit when we’re dealing with backends and service and servers and so on and so forth. So one of the things I want to show today is this brilliant way for flickr to address that, so they had an outage, they knew was going to get people really really frustrated, but instead they just turn it into an actual contest.

So, even though you could not go on flickr and look at some photos, they encourage people to try out to take photos that will bring two colors together and people just win absolutely not, and they got really really creative and they turn that absolutely horrible experience into Something that people just couldn’t stop stop talking about so again asking for forgiveness is the idea that you can use emotional design in order to kind of ease the pain of things that are just completely inedible.

Okay, so really quick. After all of this, let’s go back to our question. So how do you embed emotional design, especially into a transactional website, so I think i’ll show you lots of examples today that you can definitely take into what we’re doing after right after this. But I want to show you a few more and especially because there’s some other examples that may not be for things us. You know fun.

So, for example, telling a story is a good way to bring emotional design. The other one is Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma. Five, so going ahead and setting up your Dropbox and all that it’s just not that much fun, but Dropbox actually figured out a way to make it a little more of a game and make you feel good about it. Make it fun. So here is woeful, just kind of trying to hold a conversation and making you feel like it’s actually a game to create a forum, and I miss the sly, sorry and then mint.

Com. So the reason why i’m going to kind of wrap it up with mint com is because I found it to be the most transactional website. So has anyone of you heard of mint com yeah that I think that’s a very American thing? It’s yeah! So what minta come to us is that it actually helps you track all your expenses, so the challenge they have is that they don’t do anything for you in the sense that they’re, not banking, they’re, not a credit card, but you actually had to give all your Financial information and at first they had a really hard time convincing investors that this is something people will be willing to do, because you know it’s such a very scary thing to just give out your financial information to anyone.

So one of the things they did in order to to gain respect is to think about. How can we number one make sure it feels like we can? We are trustworthy that they can, actually, you know, put their financial information in there and how can we kind of differentiate ourselves from older competitors? So one of the things I didn’t go as to one of the principles, but one of the things they did is that they really thought out about the layout and all the different ways of bringing color to communicate.

Trustworthiness and to make people feel that this was a legit website and it’s a very interesting thing. Cuz the other day, I was in one of those websites that do like credit reports and stuff, and it feels so old-fashioned, and I did go through that emotional kind of decision. Three myself, I’m like hmm. How can they give me? You know information about my credit when he feels so fashion when the colors are so dated and so on and so forth, keep in mind i’m very biased because imac, you know ux designer, but it was really interesting because the way they turn this around was making Sure that they lay out the contracts, the color fell very professional and very trustworthy.

Ok, so I am at the end of my presentation. I really really hope these gave you lots and lots to think about tonight, and it is an absolutely wonderful, wonderful subject to talk about, especially because it reminds us how human we are like that. Babyface concept that I talked about it scare a few of you, but it is true. It’s very interesting when you go back into our psychology who we really are and how we actually can bring that to life unto our websites and all the stuff we work on on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you. So much for listening to my emotional design. Talk you


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Thank you for joining us, okay, guys. So just like this on the room. The guest for today is a social media, digital marketing expert, with over seven years experience. He has over 300,000 followers. Of course, all social media platforms, which is not an easy it. He has gone on to partner, with tons of brands of our way slow brands and he’s also the founder of the different Larry condition, which is home to the give a girl child iPad initiative, which is really commendable.

Because I mean the whole movement is something that should be championed, and it’s really impressive to see how well he missed taking this forward, and today this is evolving minds on the creatives and geo group of creatives coming together so champion the cause of creativity in Nigeria And hopefully Karen ideas, creativity abroad and to the world as an impressive export, so we’re talking about thinking outside the box, with social media and other persons self to us about this fan in lifestyle difference with me to my entertainment, food, travel and tech.

So I was going to bring him on so we Nestor your time. Thank you exciting way. Anybody anybody copies to show me games can stop anybody and anyone. Okay. How did you find this out? I’m going to be on offense, or did you just happen? How did it happen, so I would say something on this house this something here so honestly, most of myself of my friends that I probably probably social media places right now we live a plant, some inferences here.

We don’t we all just having fun and drinking and enjoying a rich sweet and the rest of it. The branch that ap approach to disciple, where like, were you too Caillou correctly to do this for me and I was read study, so none of us plants, we influenced us, don’t let anyone lie to you that whosoever. You know I plan to be so sure. My job in July, we all jumped on you, because English is a good time to start because everybody’s PR and everybody’s beauty, your phones and the internet.

So this is the quiz. I’m just it’s true and I don’t forget anything so I’m like it’s simply like something of my four night. Hey shit, sorry so out to be your question is out to be and if Iran turns out so I’m just going to run through the document. I have my phone up, so I have it sorry guys it’s thick like a few minutes come on, so this is basically how to be an influencer. Oh, so in simple terms here influences our social media.

Pastor knows personalities within large number of blue yo and English followers. So it’s not just about you know about numbers and this people actually lugar. If you told them to do here adequate to do it. If you tell them guys, you see a degree to see me tell them guys we have a new present games. We do follow you with us when thinking about it’s done. You also have influence and authority numbers you can be, it can be, ultra, follow us and you up or sorry to bother you Sanjay people like tweets influenza, so most influential share most efficient shape friend you wrap over your fans.

So you know just an influenza as an influence is you should have e1? I won’t cover story, these people that follow you, then that’s when they can sign you when you retrieve the code, when you replay the comments when you Joe Kelly, play with them on the sidelines. Let him have it fill this few with you? Okay, so how to become an influencer number one? That’s why I did this identify your niche, so everybody’s keeps a niche niche niche niche.

If you won’t do so many player, you can’t expect to be a jock or Gino read of all trades. It’s good its fault because you can be able to do different things, but it’s actually best luck. We have one team, one two pivot is people know before or must have known it’s crucial eyes. It’s crucial. I pick a niche that aligns with your image. If you have would be, photography are very few person, others, I don’t think should be doing taken because it doesn’t allow me who you are.

If you love traveling so much, I don’t think you should go into into somewhere. That is that does all alive worried words. You are, you can actually to freely, so you should turn so. This is me. Tell you to turn your your phone. It’s a passion. Okay, you got so an easy way to set your niche is to evaluate your strengths. I of our weaknesses, choose English that allows you to to kiss your inner strength and play with your skills.

This I didn’t only Pascal, and you should help me line your audience until your content to suit your preferences. This is why it’s good to have in each so you are not just doing different things at the same time, so we stopped by. We have different different things. You can do child, you have travel, we have lifestyle, we are fashion, we have food, you have beauty, we have sports, we have gives young entertainment sake.

There was a fitness. So out of all these things, I love all the all these things. You will be good with at least one team, so you have to and again you don’t limit yourself to just one of these categories. Here you can combine two or more of the Swiss cheese niches, for example yeah you can so by travel and lifestyle. The align you can combine beauty and fashion the align you come from mindful and travel.

They are light together. So good you do have to be just one team. I pick two or three T’s. I know online together. So okay, we got TT platform. Okay, so this dinner I want to do where is my audience for it check the same? You Noah is YouTube, you are doing more articles, so is YouTube or Instagram is a dream shape your kind of focus on cheese. I just wish to your time. Pete you to Instagram or Facebook again, so as a leafless tile, you need to have a power position, the Internet’s, however, that doesn’t mean I should newspaper social media platform and shoshanna’s all day, depending on your niche.

Certain persons might be better suited for your content than us. That’s why I said okay, this is where my audiences – and this is where their beasts chatter to be bossed word emboss is very great entertainment person, so I’ll move to parrot eyes in your content. I will probably share this with you later, so there’s something I said parrot eyes your conscience. I quality content is perhaps the most potent answer to the answer to the question of how to become an influencer.

It is truly important to publish unique and authentic content that resonates each audience. No comb boosts words. It was said in the morning. I didn’t simply posting after doesn’t make sense what you have not seen what people said already. Oh come with a blog post, of course, if you like is this table and the are very modest, we have capturing the opposing you, you como you it’s your look. I use them capture now.

Tell you if I come to your blog of instability, tableau, your blog’s. I can probably last bit um please visit for that day again. So that’s why your own unique way your course. It has to be original, okay yeah. So that is for that so great content, original content, unique content that is very key. Listen to your audience and especially to ensure that your content, ganas traction, is to create content that your audience wants.

Texture on different is your audience. Try food try different! So please look at the top in the US in Muslim game, cheating and kitchen. They totally most angry deepest. Try it again together, if that is what your confidence won’t, give continuity article cuts. Your passion here is not about your days, your passion, you also find it to be just I’m making money of your passion. Your passion will pay your dues.

I’m sorry this is go abroad, religious, respite, immersive, hey! You know that together really well con tonight Jessica. A quick search from Google for your niche Google search is therefore you’re screwed down to the bottom of centuries, though, to find lo, two keywords are being used by your tight audience. There is nothing you are looking for. There’s nothing you’re, just at some worry that somebody saw.

I thought that before you be shocked that I thought this was an original. Yes, someone, someone taught about it for years ago, but never made use of it but dropped something on Google. You only see clicks. You only see you see, beats every way, so that’s tough for that! Then you wash that game. So it’s not just about posting in the upcoming. You are new people have to find your content, but a lot of people use Ashton specialties.

Okay. What happy boots up my bow on this hashtag? Look at all these Bob daddy dance challenge. If I wasn’t on my own, I think they are status to cheat. You see, other people’s own are like. Oh, this is mad when I want to be in each other like okay, what a disciple doing what I do. You start a step. I want to cache tags at sites much that works so well. If I want enough to become a new person, is a lot.

That’s it. Yes, I should make these of your eyes thanks. Your conduct fully becomes why we were meaningful when it’s, which is the right audience, imagine quitting mother’s article I going to use. I agree sloppy with yourself. Aren’t you even Jesus who Vsauce we would be happy on your behalf, so you get love, I stop works and another trick is once you post share with your friends your family, our friends, shades your whatsapp moves.

Chanceo, your mama does not listen. You busy. I mean they send it to violet. I want our reades, since these only business, you can say let out read your article. It starts from there they’re, not a Sheraton which are old. What’s up old? Yes, let’s keep pushing it like the lag. I like that. So another thing is just maintain consistency. Publishing, high quality content on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to reaching your audience attention.

When you develop content on a regular basis, increases sales of our species. Among here it is look at si office. To do now photo is probably one of the best a guy right now you can be stinky vicious verbs. Chris, like you, want to read another one. You want to view you will glue to the produces a quality content and be consistent. Don’t push to the address where posting is December, like I don’t last, and what is your problem in life yet so be consistent with your post and the rest of it? Another one is collaborative, and I Francis I know want to study, do your own would be able to be king and the rest of me.

Both you are new collaboration works, he doesn’t kill the is you can get easy? No. I know those in queue with the way you presented to them. They will possess it to them. Okay, so I would give you myself give him a my example sleep. So when I started here, there’s this the same mr. Big seeming he’s like my uncle now, but when I finish that that I met him and I just do not see – I don’t know what you do.

Why, like what you do, I met him at an event and I’m like I, don’t know what you do, but I like with my buddies coming to you. Can I just work for you for free. I just want to live and look at me. I, like okay, good, so to be myself a malaria, nice name. So what do I do? I said i’m an engineer, but I do graphics and say: okay, the rat response is our second day, so some people don’t even want to work for free.

I do I buy, I don’t tell people to work for free Airport, sometimes new digs for that yeah. It’s even look for different tricks. Look for and then G has a lot below go for different things like there’s some things you’ve done, I’m like! Ah daisuki calm. You get so just look for ways to get. It was attention host contest school engagements for your engagement, you do giveaways. I do now. No, no progressive, there’s the money, but not basically evening with those have to be money to bar.

If you are review new food, tell Oh Sookie: do this and God gets me a Baba he come via. This was five. There are people appreciate these things. They can be something of five naira, just a big dude, and what’s that they want to pass spits next time. They want to call me a gift. Let’s tell you what to call before you know it’s this pulpit, which would be your your imagine is the article to pitch in.

Oh, so, the passing evening, you I will come out me. We touch your own annoying distance and another good life. Let them see you! No idea inside people at milk – I know some sort of attacking show us yeah, I’m not talking about talk about some of us. Some of us can be introverts. He will do the coroner Tina’s middle of us introverts now you’re gone into me. Yeah amazing guy. Some of us coming in so right right now we are introverts yeah because we’re all in though you know so good life.

I think life is deep nasty now if you go to a live now, you’ll be same so the places like this is live. Live live, live, live, live everybody’s life right now, so who says hello, good life sue for your life. Looking difficult games now sit down. Is it new T sit down? Tell people, I cookie, I’m abused my life. So have you been tell us your own story? So, look at different things off the ship. Bompa bom for oil, okay, fellows new teens, look a way to engage your audience to respond to your fans or your friends.

Like I don’t know my my people fans. I call my followers friends so that gives them you live in. Situ means. I, like, like TV, show you the most Oh, a sense of belonging uh with mr. Lazzaro a sense of belonging. I poo actually family resource. Oh fixers, are strains no fast fast. A few fancy specialist pitiful you get a boy, a podium friends. Family spring follow, ah, is called a phase response. Your fans out your friends, yeah.

Sorry, I’m moving to start our ability or contents. They are likely to leave this feedback in games. Are comments responded to each and every comment might be. A rule of tax, however, is advisable. I reply to as many people as possible is a response from you, a response from your side, but ditch the truth, die you’re first, putting you and makes a few more connected to you in Darfur da. So I read some but social media.

Consider a there is no new there’s no new face of all. I know contents away about whatever niche essentially means Vishnu, so how does yeah so this is an example. Yeah everybody’s everybody’s talking about he’s talking about talking about talking about talking about talking about about food. You have food look up in, for example, and if normal team, this you guys, do your industries. You shows this shows that I sure wish was actually showed us and shows I broke its analyst to you are frying.

Unless you like lettuce team, you can do something different who told you toady that you can start by boiling. You can see without boy, water that sure lots of boy water. What I told her, I don’t think any Niger, a blogger of love food bloggers, us she knows also how to make how to make you know how to make local foods most of them to do this everybody’s doing it. I couldna purchase because you want so everybody’s in a broad food who told you that I do ever Otto did I not become a lot me to proper warned, not what I went abroad.

I want to learn these things. Show me how to boil water show now to boil egg. Show me out a lot of things up a lot Paul see you guys look on the right, please! He ll see everybody’s going to you can see it tasks pillows as Adi as a travel blogger. These are motor powers that would take its. If I don’t go to that, you want to check you know. All these guys are check for Royal Dutch shake it checks.

If I don’t eat all your check, okay body. So far you check the ketchup from Iquitos million undocumented okay lot of this happening on the road you’ll be showing up. That is see on that road. You get lot of contents now you would know you know when you get you Leela from each other, but you’re working. So this art is different. Things you’ll have to sit down and look at your surround. You can fireman.

Okay, so I’ll tell you what works for me, and this has always of me – should this vaccine life, I believe this vaccine live us every would look at everyone like we are driving since this new disease, where you on the road right as a driver. Everyone is mad, every other drivers are mine. You have the only seen driver on the road, so you look at everyone. I, like my driver, Madhava Madhava Madhava. You are the only sin facing on the road, so this race, ep1 life, I think, was then just don’t need not force.

We are not up if you are angry before stripping. Everyone is constricted. We are angry over me. I’m frustrated okay, when a guy’s not helping, so I believe everyone just wait, yeah opportunist, we have a phone and the best way to relieve themselves. Oh first issue at that point in time, Easter time, so I see myself as a doctor. Yes, are the therapists, so we will come to me so when about the book 15 Sagami.

This way, I see them typing. You are magic. You are very, very unfortunate big dude come on. I see this, this dot dot dot. I will don’t type in you like I’m fine. Now, that’s what I see before. So I see myself, I’m like ah Nyjah they just don’t back into you through Enya show me. You are finally also puppets good, so you are done. I’ve been able to you you, so I’m able to do you, so you are fine, nothing Gracie! You life.

I believe everyone is a graph was treated. I just looking forward super efficient on I’m tuned America. Okay, I know, I believe, don’t type it up in unknown. Says you are alright and you go so Yasuo lost and that J’s days lab outside of this cheetah gays love outside using sunny the moment. You understand that you are proven, so don’t speak, no see everybody has mad people died, God if only Celestia mom defend my people.

So you see yourself like this. I would like that yeah nobody’s working. So I will this point yes give me, but when you do you give you a push and getting consents to? If we listen to you Pig say what minutes did you guys know, keep your you, I’m sorry, I’m like with Osama BC on a bus. What is life? Is this team, sir? I’m sorry, sir, so what you can do, give you easy pick it’s time to eat, tell them all right.

Tell them give mooie by five yeah. The program probably give enough 5,000 alone. So tell them if they return it’s tree by butter. Turn of my pacification. You must aim. Did my contents, you most like most retweets, some cheesy from mummy from 8 a.M. To 5 p.M. It was retreat, unlike if you are not like, I cannot become free money. You have to tell me, but that’s what for the money, so you have to work at the 2000.

You said I’m giving you so my gotcha you’ve been able to go yeah when you’re following a green, your Jays, your contents, Alcoa fur. If you like, zero beasts for money tonight, you will eat sweets and people if they are not working. If you know your audience, your audience are sitting from your last week. You can come to that. It’s true that Baba. It’s works. How do you turn if you use your advantage? Is my super as an example again so sometimes about two years ago or last any last year someone said cheated a random guy for me, but on he in his room bedroom apartment to tailor your paper IQ placer.

Your favorite influenza, she sang she part, whereas his mom, his mom, sells a game machine. So someone said to me, I was I with Legos. I was I when I was in Abuja, someone shared with me. I think I mean listen. This is 0 comments. Is there every tweets in general, like so nobody n kpt, don’t to them, so I said ah yeah. So next to me it’s something I love, I’m very savage. I would have replied team.

I love all experience out of love code is generational, so I was about now. I think this is time to put Montezuma’s business. When I said then I cleaned everything I type see all the things. I thank you. If you blow it short for me, die most people actually pick it about our for your forgiveness. I response give savage response. I said no. This is a great way to sell this mommy’s business. So I quote, I did, I said for my mummys submitted personal Latin Islamic Revolution, so emotion with emotionally Alaska that even us love and us do it: parents, Angeles, Jewish, it’s love, Nana’s, love law, even though some people believe in love.

I’m sorry! Well you guys. All of my guys, love love. Anything love, ladies, like Jane, so I said to myself when I just on this list in our religious messages, so I said my mom she attention my mom makes the best cookie. In fact I said my mom, I will get attention. I could keep what are you about to see? You do be parents and injures Levangie last report. Look at the value that wins this article waiver, some about when it that was between you see son, because each parent everybody jumped on it fastened upon him antimatter, but leaving that aside, so I said my mom makes the best cookie cookie white cookie Baba would be This I make this vow I’ll be of delivery person who were like wow this guy.

With your information permission, your information implement your mom’s business Wow in two days. We all forget, orders, okay, you know, oke Oke, you know about everybody shows, will give 15 area genera. Mostly, this book is different, the family believer. If I brought it online and I carried it away that I’m sorry new government, my mom says you allow. Yes, it was doing that. Sandow is what meet me.

I’ve done deal sob, you were like wow. Celebrity status will be every week with which many, but we said this would be upload every week. No tell me you can’t tell me that you’d also get your streets, but if I light zombie families will give, that is what makes it different yeah so where people are trying to show something, are you dick don’t defy you rest reply, a dick about lock, electron Knuckle a big steam sauna advantage o decided, also sing, sing, more lenses of city before your constable, your content, as V grids, you have to do for something you have to be.

You have to be teaching our dishing out great things. You value again, you can be to you. Whatever words, everyone is going, give me a dollar. What are people that are key between same is a dream, simple. Everyone is doing, then. I don’t think I’d need your ID. I need you so I have to after leads back King. You are doing. Thank you very much. Do you have some interesting that you can share yeah? I’m gets a nice to dig up a dollar you often after this increases.

Any follow the crazy as well on the article replay of this interesting conversation and those we help when you see mr. Part will be off and basically, as you share the the link to that, so my name is blessing career. Sorry guys, if you joined, believe that’s cracking body mists the name, my name is basically, and this is creative, so more questions what the difference. Okay, I think I like this one: what’s the difference between clouds not chasing and influencing so basically yeah number one.

We need to understand that our clouds we already seen it’s, because why you are in place yeah, I got telling historical declines. The reason why a client’s is a put up which to you is because it words whatever you are, pushing out to go viral viral. So most of the stories you are pushing out are not true stories: media culture, everybody is tweeting Gary time getting. It makes you a cloud chaser. So then just misuse that what is just hate – hey, at least not oh he’s, kissing clouds, not your past abuses.

Are you passing a family problem yeah so the moment you realize that we are all doing it. I just asked me that even I applied me lapa Megatron. She she died your response. You want to get it sweets and then give it a like. So we all know it’s you, I don’t wan na say it. Space modern lot of managers, yeah what’s embankment just meet permit is awesome. Some people make in a week, so it will just get to that point.

It’s not going to be easy. I’ll be honest with you, you also get to that speech. So what when they are listed most paying jobs in India? I read. I read none at school, like government job. If you open any PC, it is probably 700 key or either Android or suppose some money. Just some Batman just get paid about 1.5 million. I’m like cookie Yamatai, be 75 article, a Thomas McKean 5. Did you try to tell me you stay months? How much is that now who would manage aqwal, it’s 5 in your salary every month someone can send.

Oh ple, pussies o-tama take this toshiaki every science, where personal friend since you attend the same church. Oh Sammy, give me a chilly night. If Nike said of my beers, I sponsored a not for now young Pig even again, ok, great sorry about keep checking back sag. I don’t personally like, should I be on your team, any advice for people that want to create in which all right now this is a pathway.

So you have to understand that you look up to go to the Angus. Don’t take. You can take the one get one today: okay, just be yourself consistent, be original original. It is key. Let them look for something different again. I know he’s good to us. Try out passed by us before you all those things for be root yourself, see the more you do that. Okay, this is Raya, be original. Do allow anyone lights, you you have to article so, for example, and again look outside all these things.

You will see lot of things about you with our words. Be cute, like okay, no buy a 91 see what they would think about. You is none of your business because momentum, econ optic, which business your business, you live your business. A cup is what I’m saying so, whatever they think about you, sort of a business. No Chris business ambit them your business because you have your own proper. You have your own content.

You are trying to me so you’re, not content on your head, please. How are you going to finish your would survive yeah. So what about, if you think about these love, your business, you were your own past, oh and don’t think OC that, oh, I can’t get seal can be anyway if she can take. It should probably took me five years to get where I am to be. You can get your breach in two months and those don’t see, don’t teach you can’t surpass anyone don’t know.

So I I find me on Facebook. You see, I would be like you know. You aspire to be, like me, be greater than gritter who says I want to be Who I am right now. I’ve got many ways a bit now. Music starts walk so so so when we don’t see good yeah well, we were before with them now everybody’s doing. Shailaja tick, tock, tick, tock, you better than most people yeah continue cause. That’s more how you go back, I would join them no service, I’m good optimistic.

We will assume on somebody else. Were you again so if the goddess will follow the crib new contest with a platform the goodies, we follow their you to lead with more study. Don’t see of us you’ve arrived by Jane about innovati anyway. Yes, it starts. I’ve already discussed that you definitely get insights. Sorry, can you say I don’t you may not, so I believe I used in your words. Thank you very much.

I damn guys. Thank you very much for joining me. Thank you for saying. We hope that next time we’ll be here, how are you going to join us for another nine sessions and now thank you for me, so she bites. Thank you.

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