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How to use Google Analytics by Aferdita Pacrami CEO 90 Digital

So a huge part of what we do is just analytics so having data there to kind of explain what we do to see if it works to pretty much come up with strategies and everything is led by date. Everything is led by research or ohm, analytics dates, and things like that, so this is cool.

What we’re going to talk about today, specifically focusing on google analytics. It’s widely used analytics platform. It’s pretty, and I guess that’s what you guys are learn who this semester first thing: I’m not really going to go through how to add the tracking code and stuff, like that. That’s that’s kind of basics and Google Analytics itself as well, just really good guides for how to do this, but these a more kind of tips that maybe they might not really tell you about so first thing when you first set up with google analytics account.

You’ve got your account, your property and your main view as a default. You’ve got the all the website date of you now. Something to bear in mind with google analytics. Is that as soon as you set it up, that’s when it starts recording data. So it’s not historic its immediate and, if you add any filters to refuses, then who are likely to that tells good want to let it how to track so it completely changes what it’s trucking.

So so you have a filter soon ignore any visits from the UK. For whatever reason it literally will ignore them. So let’s say today you set up your google analytics tomorrow. You apply this filter, you leave it there for a week, then after week, you’ve removed it. That means that you’ve got a hold of completely different data, and you can see the issues with this because then you’ve got inconsistencies in your data.

So something to remember is whenever you set up, google analytics make sure that you’ve got one completely unfiltered view. This is one where you don’t apply any filters, don’t change anything and it’s their kind of as a backup, because if you make any mistakes with your filters or if you just want some clean data which is really valuable, you want to make sure that’s there and Then you can have your main here with them.

You know if you can filter IP addresses or whatever and then also set up a test where you would test out new filters before you apply because, like I said it’s, it’s immediate. So if you get that wrong, then you’ve got on the clean data so make sure always to have a test view. It’s really the core of using should have or the minimum or through it. You can have up to 25 and you can set it up. However, you want it always the three important ones.

Are your unfiltered view, your main you, where you apply some coracle, turns your document and also test view where you can test out any additional filters. Yes, so the main filter that I would first of all set up his IP filters, um. Yes, whatever business, you have you, you don’t want to track your own visits, because I could end up being misleading if everyone, your team, has come something on your site.

You know dates up, might look really impressive when in reality could be. You know half of the traffic that you’re getting any other filters depend on kind of what you’re. After so, for example, you might want to set up separate these four different other folders on your site, so you can set up these four. You know site.Com /of store and that’s one folder structure or psycho come forward. Slash dog things like that, so to kind of separate um your data into different kind of views and just to dig a bit deeper into filters.

So they’re, pretty easy to add you um analytics, already gives you kind of predefined filters that are the most common ones that you use and again one of the main ones that everyone uses an IP address filter and it’s just excluding your IP address and just a Note on IP addresses – I don’t know if everyone knows this, but a personal internet providers have a dynamic IP addresses. So, for example, if you’ve got whatever intimate you’ve got at home, your IP address will likely change every few months.

Family business providers really offer static. Ip addresses so that’s something to bear in mind when it folks bring our IP addresses. If, for example, you want to build throw your University access are not so sorry tropic, then you can set that up. You can just find out with your IP addresses for your uni and it ignores all traffic on between you guys. But if you want to filter out your home activity, you your best of doing that, maybe with location looking at other ways doing that instead of IP address, because after a few months, you’re going to have a different IP address and best case scenario.

Is you just have to update these filters every few months, which I don’t really recommend because it’s a lot of admin work worst case scenario, these IP addresses get reused by your internet providers, so somebody else subscribe to that entering our package will get your old IP Address now it’s pretty unlikely, but they might end up being a user on your website, so you unknowingly, filtered they’re out there relevant traffic.

If you have any kind of search functionality site, is to set up site search on there. It’s really valuable information because it gives you an insight into what people are looking for when they come onto your site, especially the reason one people would you say, searches, because they haven’t immediately found what they’re looking for and by seeing the keywords after entering – and you Know exactly what they’re interested in and maybe how to make the process easier for them how to make the presence of fondant that page easier for them.

So again, it’s in your main um preferences. That’s what is you just switch on the site, search, tracking, German, beautiful? So in Google this would be your profit ur q and it’s kind of the most used one in a lot of search functionality. Anything after search Q equals Tesco. This is the keyword, research for tesco stores. Some sites have additional filters, so, for example, they’ve got the main search box and then categories, and you can set that up as well, so that you can look at which categories people are selected.

For example, update you select your parameter queues and everything after this parameter is the site search. You can strip that openurl, so you don’t see it in your pointing, and you can also set up a category parameters for the counterpoise. It’s always before an equal sign. For example, here the different categories are English language in french language and very similar to the cube from turkey Ian equals and then um whatever the category.

Is there another thing to make sure to switch on when you’re studying google analytics of this on the demographics reports? So this is typically used for a remarketing data, but it’s also really useful for getting additional data analytics reports again this this future can be found in your few dates on these settings and what it does is when we go into your audience with points you can Actually see the different demographics of users that are coming onto your site and that’s really useful data I mean, in the long term, maybe want to do some surveys with the customers to find out where they are what they’re interested in.

But this is a great start about, because once you have this kind of information, you can really target your website to. You know that you know mainly 25 to 34 year olds, physiol website them and the majority of them are male. Then you have some ideas of how to target them. You also get interests as well. So you can see what else are interested in the way that Google Analytics take statements just by seeing what else are searching for a new database when they go to your site.

So because so many people use google analytics and they also have all the data from search. They could give you this information, but we need to enable um demographics in your setup. So I’m going to go through just some different types of conversions and how you can set up goals. So, first of all, goals are in your view as well are just in your viewing kollam. You can see Bulls there, and this is kind of how it looks like against you.

Some template, wolves and you can use or you can set up your own custom goals. These templates are quite good, but they fit specific purposes. So if you don’t have an e-commerce site, then you may just want to set up your own goal. So I’m going to talk a bit about micro, conversions and before I go into well. How does that are, for you have two different kinds of conversions and your micro, conversions and macro conversions.

A macro conversion is kind of your of the main conversion. It’s your answer. So, if you’re an e-commerce site, it’s the point where somebody ads as an item to the basket and makes approaches they bought a pair of shoes over something that is a macro conversion. Micro conversions are smaller conversions that lead to user to making a purchase. So it could be something like subscribing to your newsletter.

It could be spending more time on your site, so reading descriptions of the shoes reading, reviews um things like this, so things that would lead somebody to making a macro conversion your site and or you can set up with tons of conversions in Google Analytics. And it’s just in a goal set up. Okay, so a an example of a micro conversion would be time on sites. I am assuming that the more time people spend on the side the more the more interest that they are in the content, so the more they’re reading about the products, the services that I’m offer.

So I would look at the average duration on the site and see typically how long people take before they converts before the odds of basket or hook complete a form or whatever. And then I would take an average of kind of how long who was fun before making that macro conversion and I’d set that up visible. So in this case I’m saying if somebody spends five minutes for more on my site, then that’s a goal.

You can also add about you to these goals for monetary value. Um. If you have an e-commerce store, you know kind of you can add some how much each micro and macro go on what the monetary value is there. So, for example, you’ve got different products. You can add a monetary value of exactly how much each product costs curr macro go. So you know this conversion made X amount of money and at the end, just um.

You can select verify the school just to make sure that it works and say that part of a broader topic, but really before you kind of decide on what conversions. What what successes on your site! You need to really identify your business objectives. So if you say you’re a small business with an informational site, what what’s the point of the site, why are you online? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you a lead generator um? Are you a service provider? What is the point of even one? It’s kind of a really big question, so if you’re, if you’re just a blog um, then again I mean maybe you could answer in hypotheticals here, but if you’ve set up a business blog, what do you want to achieve with them? There are loads of different ID butters and links are still very important, though they’re not the most important things.

So if all you’re relying on is getting links for one blog, then it will help a fraction a bit, but not that much, because if you’re constantly getting links from one root domain than those links are less valuable and also it depends on how trust working. What the quality is of the blog, that’s linking out your business site. So if it’s kind of just a wordpress blog, then it adds very little value, whereas if it’s a really strong blog with the consistent following on constantly getting red and those links, you know it’s constantly ranking for its you post them.

That adds a lot more about. You so it’s all, contextual um! Really if you do have a link building campaign kind of wan na um, you want to variety. You don’t want to keep sending links just one place because then it kind of looks like you might have a partnership with this blog. So give you some hypotheticals if you have a business and you’re just adding a block, see that business then some reasons why you might want to do that in some, your blog could potentially help you learn: corn, um long till key phrases.

The way that your business site might not be able to because they’re bit limited in the type of content and they’re, not really targeting informational searches or mainly targeting transaction assertions, a blog is really good for that. So hypothetical ball in that case is just counting number of unique visitors, because the assumption there is that if you are constantly ranking on informational searches on long till key phrases, then you are more likely to get more visitors through to the blog.

But that would be a micro conversion and that would lead to potentially been sending this traffic on your business life by having strong calls to action on the blog. Sometimes the reporting you’ll be highlighting the number of visitors. The blog is generated for your main sites. That’s a new that’d be a good metric yeah. So again, a difference here would be blogs typically have a high bounce rate, because if you’ve got a consistent leadership, then they really just go read your latest post enemy.

They don’t do research, they don’t check out. Other pages um, but what we want to do it if you have a blog on your business site, is trying to move those readers to your business. I to make a transaction or whatever it is. You want them to do if it is spreading awareness for your business again, then you want to kind of measure things off site, um measure, how many people are talking about you in social medias.

There are several social monitoring tools out there um measure, how many people are talking about you, an external site, so not necessarily links but brand mentions. So all kind of awareness, conversions awareness balls would be mainly off your site, another hypothetical for why you might set up a blog is so again what we already talked about. This is to pass conversions to your main site. Um. There isn’t really a blueprint for this.

It’s always depend on what what you want to get out of it. So what your end result is, and once you know your end results you can come up with well, you know you’ve got your macro conversion, which is your end result, and then you can figure out different micro, conversions that lead to user to that end result. So if you do have forms and surveys I mean this – is this: this lie that I’m on now is it could example how to track that um.

I just set up a destination goal so that you get the thank you page of your survey. If there they’ve got a forum, if they’re signing up to an email newsletter or a survey by dealing when you set that up, you want to make sure at the end you send them to a unique URL. Sorry not unique hero, but thank you well so that you can track who has the medicine submitted this and then digging deeper into this? If your survey has several papers you can set up funnels, I think I yep and what funnels do is.

Let’s say your survey has five different pages: um, you know. First page is just kind of finding out about them like seeing if they can onto your survey. If you’ve got a really good survey, then yeah the first page is qualifying them and if they don’t qualify, then you send them to a page. Sir. You know sorry thank you for participating. They don’t follow by check out our other surveys here and you track that as a goalless walks.

You want to see me specifically how many users are coming to site and completing that survey. Arms polyphony, then you’ll get an idea of kind of your user group and when page one is, do you qualify page two is basic questions bundler, but your interest whatever paged me whatever? It is your surveys about so you’ve got five different pages. You set up fun ways in your goal destination, so your and route your destination is the thank you page, the funnels to the destination or each of the pages that lead to the end goal.

When you set this up – and you know if it’s a linear park – PPP they’re all required, if any, are skipped depending on what the user answers them, you know you, some of them won’t be required for then in your reporting. Once this is set up, you can see exactly where your users have dropped off. So if you’ve got a hundred people starting the survey and only 30 people go to the thing to your page, then you can look up.

You know first, how many people qualify for the survey and then at what point did they drop off Anna Vissi? Maybe page three had a very high dropout rate, then um. This is a good application of. Maybe you need to fix them. Maybe the questions are too hard. Maybe you know you know the user, don’t really understand. Maybe your surveys too long and beginning to really only need three pages. Whatever is like that’s the point to test, but yeah, if you do have a servant, you’re collecting that kind of dates are then set a destination ball with funnels when looking at your data, some of the stuff that you might want to do is compare a month On one year on year and stuff, like that, gurgaon alerts – and it’s this really easy from here – you can set date, ranges either manually or on using one of their presets compared to previous periods.

You compared to previous one previous year, whatever something that I would kind of recommend you’re, looking at monthly dates, i’ll break it down by day, you’re looking out yearly data, your best breaking it down by month, because sometimes you can get kind of a normal. These very things you know things change daily, but if they’re comparing year on year on year, what you want to do is to see if there are any seasonal trends for high light.

Anomaly is sometimes, if you get huge spikes or hear excerpts for August, let’s say whereas August in previous years, the so when is kind of roughly the same, and then you can get deep into that investigate, but yeah comparing times is really useful. Just for you know, seeing any improvement or seen seasonality, which is huge monolithic, sometimes you’ll get our traffic going down over the winter, and you know, rankings are still the same.

Everything else is still the same, but yet you’re getting less visitors on your site and instead of freaking out I’m thinking, I need to change my whole strategy. Something’s going wrong. You just compare a year on year and see. Is this normal to do? I get this visits during the winter. Do I get more visits during the autumn on same kind of thing? If your topic is increasing over the summer, you think oh yeah, this is working.

Let’s throw more budget, he thinks it’s working so well, but Chuck first see what patterns are on your data um, because the other thurs you usually do get concert. I’r going to be doing. Please look into that. So you’ve got a huge spike in June. The spike in traffic look at what kind of activity that was what you want. Maybe at some point is that way cause of traffic is that coming from. Is that the right traffic is that brand searches? Is it referrals what’s happening there? That’s where you dig deep and that’s when you can break it down in two days, um being hinter a lot of stuff with just kind of twine of your analytics data.

Something else you can do is use Google’s URL builder for me, and Google Analytics will naturally break down things into different campaign mediums and source and the reason when you would use even all builders if you’ve got a specific company. So it’s saying your university is doing any kind of winter term. Company we’ve got some new voices coming up and being able to promote them, so maybe you’re committing to buy an email by a various social other sites.

Referrals things like that. The best way to do that to kind of break it up from normal traffic, when your site is to use the URL builder going to create a unique whirl um. That looks something like this one here below that has a UTM source and it’s got all the campaign data. Now this overrides: let’s move one of the tips so, like I said, Google Analytics will already give you the source and medium, but once you set this up this world, it will wonder why puff.

So it is important that you enter this information correctly. You do understand the difference between source and this kind of stuff, because if you get it wrong, then you might get messy dates off so to go through this, but source is actually where this visit is coming from. That could be Facebook that could be google. I could be email, um does our gmail. That could be the actual site. The medium is the type of a visit, so it could be a referral.

It could be a search, organic PPC, email on. Does that make sense, some medium is the type and source is the actual place coming from campaign term is mainly used for paid keywords. Now, there’s no point of setting up your UTM tracking, if you’re doing, if you’re using AdWords, because it’s a lot better, but you can just link up your AdWords account. There is enough Google Analytics. However, if you using any other platforms that aren’t supporting with Google Analytics um the necessary, so that of like maybe um – I’m not a BBC expert, but maybe you’ve got some sort of um search platform.

Um this on social or something you’ve got and they’re finding your ad space in simpler words, that’s what you would amputated, not open on lyrics, just ignore out where it’s just sort of those two up campaign content. Hmm! This is, if you’re doing a split test, um landing page, so if you’ve got so, this is the pager tracking, sulfur, um, AC and papered / business, but you’ve got two different iterations of that page, one that highlights all the modules in the winter.

We are the one that highlights all the activities on the extra connectivities in the winter and you’re tracking, with this particular components who want to campaign sources Facebook’s its referral. But you want to see which one is more popular, the one that talks about the studies or the one that told us about the extracurricular stuff and that’s where you’d under the campaign content here. So here, for example, I would put in um studies.

So that’s person might set this up again for extracurricular tickets as a campaign content. I my campaign name is some point: your toe in your campaign once you’ve set us up in using this unique URL. So if it’s some Facebook they may share using this URL, not just sulfur, is you cable, / business and the same? If you were um, if it’s a PR campaign, it’s somebody else’s linking to you, then give them the UTM like for them to link that way.

So that it struct one traffic comes in through these lengths, then you can see it in your acquisitions section on google analytics. So this URL is what you get when you fill in this form and then let’s say you want to share this on Facebook, let’s just um. Actually, I won’t do it so mess up your analytics, but that’s the page against you with the additional stuff on my url. So all this stuff, UTM source facebook for all campaign winds, return um.

If you share that URL on stop, then anyone that clicks on that link from facebook and lands on this page, you will see it in Google Analytics under the acquisition. Their income pays. Well, anyone could set it up and come I mean you do see some thumb. Let’s set up like this um but yeah. I don’t want to run this exercise if everyone, if your data person knows if this is happening, but if you all click on this link and go to that page, then, when you check out the google analytics, you can see that as a campaign there and see How many visitors that page is sound, but i’ve seen some really interesting examples of spam using this technique to set up segments so um as a default on any report that you’ve got.

You see kind of all sessions that you want to compare it so similar to what I showed you with dates. Comparing month or month or year, you can compare um, for example, all sessions and mobile traffic or um. We can compare all sessions with them, only ones that converted and then you can kind of get um a more in-depth view of your data on segmenting your data like well, and then you can find on any report.

It’s just at the top here. You click on. Choose segments and um there’s a lot here. You can create ring segments as well and you can compare up to four segments, so you can have four different things up here and same with dashboards. If you find there’s a lot of information, Google Analytics, if you find that you’re only interested in some of the information – and you don’t want to keep scrolling here to get those separate reports – you can create dashboards.

If you create multiple dashboards and name them, you know whatever to serve your own age in dashboard, for any kind of referral, dates that you can have the hall here. Really good ones are from really good analysts and you can just add them to your own. Google analytics or modify them and then you can get into you can get them to understand about customizing a lot more by looking at what these other people are doing and kind of Highland customize things, and we have decided a list of good resources on just Google Analytics and analytics and measuring generally um, these top workloads are really good.

One of these is from is a global law, but kaushik Avinash, Kaushik ism. A really good analyst is written several books on um analytics platforms that are really useful, but a lot of the important content of his books is in his blog. Kissmetrics is the platform and they’ve got a really strong load as well. Buna metrics um also analytics has some sorry tips. Google analytics is different courses on how to use on google analytics and other platforms.

So he visit this link. You can see a number of the different courses and they’re all free and you can only get tested on it as well. At the end, if you get her here, I would recommend um using during the fundamentals course first and then going on top Tyga system is a chrome plugin behind a bum troubleshoots, your analytics installation. So if you’re setting up analytics some mistakes that I’ve seen you some, you know if our website is great, we’ve got a ten percent bounce rate, which is it is phenomenal.

It’s really low and unrealistic lilo, and when you look at that, Google Analytics you will actually it got to analytics tracking codes, help so they’re tracking one page twice, and that kind of interferes with how the bounce rate is measured and yeah. A plug-in like this can very easily tell you anything else for me right glad. I could help and thanks for having me today, thank you to all right. Bye-Bye


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Introduction to online insurance marketing | life insurance training | ILIAA

I’r doing this presentation on the behalf of the independent life insurance agents Association. This webinar is the introduction to online marketing with this websites or what this website. What this webinar is going to cover is the way to get a start in online marketing, how to use WordPress effectively how to actually determine what to blog about so that when you do your blogging, you actually will see results and how to use other forms of Online media most your online marketing – is done by one of these things.

Either build a website. You go to some place. Facebook, Twitter, any other, LinkedIn Google+ YouTube. Those are social media sites, that’s kind of a second leg. Article sites YouTube began, and you got several other places that you can actually go like Vimeo, dailymotion, there’s, probably another 50 or 60 places you can go and post a article online to get backlinks or otherwise, or talk to people press releases.

You can do out of any of the content you use for blogging. You can put those in the hope is that they will get picked up and syndicated somehow on to a new site forums, places online, that you can go and talk to people obviously, but you can also use them in a limited fashion for marketing. It’s not not a good idea to run up in the forum and be the guy. That’s the obnoxious self promoter, but forums do have a value and their promotional ability.

Also, email email is something that you can use either via autoresponders through renting lists and doing bulk mailings or any other number of things that you can do with it. Email has a profound M hacked its it’s technically to me. I see it as the same thing as sending the letter. Now people do email to get the same response that would get by sending someone a well-crafted letter, although one of the big dangers of online marketing is that people do email badly.

So don’t do that, but email is a great thing to do so so where would you start? Let’s say that you have just you just started in business or you’ve been in business for five years, but you have never had a website. You have no content. You have no backlinks, you’ve not started anything. Maybe you have a Facebook account that you use for personal things and you’ve you’ve never done any sort of website at all.

They even track and see what kind of movements you were getting out of your keywords so where? Where would you start look? What’s that? What’s the first step and the answer? That’s actually pretty simple. First, step is going to be doing keyword, research now. The reason why that should be your first step is because you don’t want to rank unnecessarily for things that no one is searching for, because that completely defeats the purpose.

Furthermore, if you go out there and you create content to rank yourself either on purpose or inadvertently for terms that you will not make any money with, it could actually be counterproductive to your efforts, meaning you might go up for a term that no one searches for And down for the search term, that would have made you money, but all content creation should begin. If it’s done correctly, it should begin with keyword, research and that’s marketing.

Content like if you’re doing content, to be helpful to your customers. That’s a completely different thing, but when you’re trying to do marketing content, it really needs to be keyword. Optimized, honestly, your keyword research will probably take up 50 % of the time that you spend in writing a marketing article. If it’s done correctly, half your time is going to be in keyword, research, the other half of your time is going to be spent in actually writing the article.

So how do you do that? The first step would be to look at a keyword or google keyword suggest you can get there by going to google type in google keyword suggests, and it will show you how to open an AdWords account. If you don’t already have one or it will take you straight there, you can type the word in and search. There are other software’s, as you can use that primarily still are using. Google Keyword suggest, however, they are going to Google Keyword suggest and then they are using metrics that they have established or that you have established inside the program to help you sort and filter.

My favorite personally is market samurai on it. My second favorite thing to use is scrape box. However, scrape box is not a good example of a introductory software for somebody to go out with it’s just something you can use. One of the things I honestly like to do with scrape boxes go find a whole bunch of keywords, load them into market Samurai and analyze the keywords because it might find things that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Another thing you do is outsource. It awesome resource for outsourcing is Fiverr calm, its fve are are calm. You can go there and get people to do keyword, research for you for five dollars or you can go and pay someone 250 dollars to your keyword, research for you and waste. Two hundred and fifty dollars you could have gone to five or spent fifteen bucks, got keyword, research for three places compared what those three people said and you’ve actually gotten a by committee.

Keyword, research done that you can compare to each other and determine what the what the most effective keywords. Three people told you where for 15 bucks, rather than spending a fortune on it. Another thing you can also do one of the important things you actually do want to establish some sort of metrics to determine whether or not the keywords that you’re focusing on are actually valuable, a good way to look at.

That is, if you have a program like market samurai, no traffic, travis or some other method for tracking down how many websites target up a specific term in specific places, program eclis. Then you can take that information. Compare that with the number of or with the amount of competition overall, how many people target your specific keyword and what the page rank of those sites are, and you can determine the difficulty of ranking.

One of the best things to do, though, is to try to establish some sort of a metric for how difficult of something you were willing to invest the time in trying to rank, for there are search terms that are fairly unassailable. If you told me that you wanted to make a website to target diet pills, I would laugh at you if you’ve never done it before and didn’t know what you were doing. It’s likely never going to happen.

You could likely spend your entire life trying to do that and never pull it off, because there’s so many affiliate marketers trying for that term. However, if you’re trying to target San Antonio auto insurance, alright got a heck of a lot better chance, so that’s you got to establish some sort of metric, find a keyword that people do search for and then figure out what your competition levels going to be.

So you can see if you can rank for it. Why is this all important keywords? Are the importance of them’s established in two ways the? Why number one is people go to Google being Yahoo and they search for a term that gives you the search volume. Google Bing and Yahoo are all interested in providing user experience. The best way to provide a user experience for someone is that when they search you want it to be so that they’ve searched they find a page and the first page they find was the very best website in the entire world for what they search for.

It’s relevant, it has exactly what they wanted. They can go on that site and that site tells them exactly what they wanted to know. That’s exactly what the search engines want to do. They don’t always succeed, but that’s what they that’s what they would prefer. However, those search results are done by machines and you can only turn the machine to do so. Well, so you can think of it from the perspective if they know what people are looking for, but they don’t necessarily have a good way to determine what a site is about, because the machines cannot.

You can’t train a machine to read like a human or determine how good something is you could have humans go, do it, but it would cost a fortune now. Google is actually trying to do some of that to actually simulate it by having people use their own search engine. The every time that you use Chrome, it is sending information back to Google. If you opt it into their program, which I don’t know, if they’re doing it to people that just opt in or not, there’s no way to prove it.

They may be doing it to both if you opt it in they’re, using what your actions were when you were using their web browser to determine the search and reserved search engine results for other human beings by tracking it and using it as a metric and the Same thing is being done by Internet Explorer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing was being done with Firefox and every other browser, for there is nothing.

Nothing like that ever surprised me, but as for right now, machines are reading it. So you’ve got to make sure that the words that people are searching for are on your web page, because when the machine is looking for the results, only thing I can look for is them words can’t find those words your web page is not about them. So this is an example of what you would get with Google Keyword suggest. Now I did a search for Tennessee Medicare.

You can see the Tennessee Medicare has thirty six hundred searches a month which, in my view, makes it a keyword that is worth targeting. The metrics that I prefer using is that something has search volume to provide in position one up to 25 clicks a day. That’s what I look for I’ve targeted things that I’m even only anticipating one or two clicks a day. I’ve targeted things before where I thought I might get three clicks a month to some degree.

You do have to base this off of anticipated commission levels when you’re talking about insurance or with any product. It’s how much you anticipate that you’re actually going to make when you do that. So if you’ve got a term, that’s for something like dental insurance, we’re going to make almost nothing. You would not necessarily want to target something where the search volume is this low or vice-versa, that’s an easy way.

The second thing you want to look for: you want to target buying terms. Cigna government services, highly vulnerable, gets almost enough searches to get 50 or so clicks a day. If you got lucky there, you can divide that by 30 and you can see how many searches a day top position normally gets 30 % of the clicks. So that’s the easy way to figure it out. You take that formula. 5,400 divide 5,400 by 30.

You end up with somewhere around 200 searches a day multiply times 30 % roughly 60 a little bit under 60 clicks. You could anticipate in position one, but this person searching for Cigna government service is going to buy anything. The answer to that question is probably not probably not in that one either, which is again is the signal government services. For some reason, Google is showing that one twice it’s, because this one’s a misspelling, then you’ve got Medicare region B region.

A Medicare pay increase your health plan that one actually might be worth targeting, but there’s no way to know for sure without seeing what already ranks for it tin care, terrible term. It’s that term is specifically about Medicaid and people, and this isn’t I mean not to sound like a bad person for saying it, but the people that are primarily searching for ting care are looking to sign up for the government program 410 care and are very unlikely To be purchasing private insurance, which is why 33 thousand searches, but almost no competition, even the PPC ads higher than I would think that it should be the only reason that I could justify a PPC ad being $ 2.

A click for this term is because it’s being purchased by lead vendors and being used to convert into leads to sell to insurance agents and they’re competing over it. There’s no justifiable reason for this to be a $ 2, a click term. This is a search that I’ve reversed it and shows you what not to target like you might think. Medicare gap insurance comparison that sounds like a buying term. No one is searching for it.

Competition is huge, Medicare replacement plans. No one is searching for it. Competition is huge Medicare for dummies competitions, mediocre, but no one searching for it. So the only time that you would ever want to target something no one’s searching for now is: if you think that there is a high likelihood than in the future, someone is going to search for it and you want to cement a position, otherwise is utterly pointless.

You don’t want to do it. The only reason that you would want to do it, like I said, is, if you foresee a likelihood of it coming in the future, or if it’s a term that you have a special interest in, even though it’s not being searched for many times. You want to catch all of it, otherwise, it’s not a good. It’s not a good expenditure. Your time for marketing efforts, the best place to start. If you’ve not got anything.

If you don’t have, I don’t have a website, I don’t have a blog. I don’t have anything best place to start easily is about blogging and the reason I say that I can say it so confidently is that what blogging does for you is allows you to create content and the content that you create. If you do, it correctly is targeting keywords that you wanted and if you’re doing that, part of it correctly and you’re creating it on a schedule you’re using the keywords you wanted, you’re getting links to yourself, you’re establishing a web page that in the future, Google is Probably already paying attention to you’ve already written your content.

So when you want to change that page, the content is already there, you don’t have to redo it. All you do is move the content into new places. You build a page around your content. The the writing of content correctly targeting keywords and getting the site to rank is infinitely harder than building a pretty website. Building a pretty website involves either going and buying a pretty template and sticking your things into it.

Building one yourself which again building the 10 page website by hand custom doing all the graphics is a ten-hour job for somebody, that’s moderately skilled that can do you can use Photoshop or GIMP, or something like that and actually make graphics. That’s how long it takes. Comparatively writing good content and getting backlinks might take ten hours a week or ten hours a month for a year, so you’re talking about a difference in time of 10 hours, one time and 10 hours 12 times and the content part is the part that, if you’re Going to focus on anything, everyone can write content.

The the importance is that any Content that you do right use your key words correctly, meaning you get your key words from doing some research. You can spend as much time as you need until you believe that you have found a key word that is worth targeting you’re, going to put that keyword in your title of your article you’re, going to put it in the h1 heading you’re going to put it In the description of the article you’re going to make tags in the article using it for WordPress you’re, going to make your wordpress tags, have that keyword in them you’re going to put that keyword in the body and anytime, you make a backlink you’re going to use This format, so that your backlink, which is where it’s going to, is your keywords so that when Google sees this link, they say: oh here’s, a link to this website.

It is about these keywords. That’s the point to writing them up that way. Whatever you’re doing, writing keep it as interesting as you can. It doesn’t have to be like a technical analysis, article of insurance or something that’s about product offerings or the most boring things you can think of. I was doing the live webinar. We had a technical issue, so my audio to get recorded, but one of my favorite bloggers out there as a guy I’ve, read several of his blog articles because I find them amusing he’s on the insurance forms as chumps from Oxford.

His name is Edie and not for the life of me can’t pick his last name now. At least I remembered his name earlier. I could even remember that Ed’s articles he will go out and write things that are Monty Python level or something that you would expect to see in a a comedy article written somewhere, but he key word targets correctly inside that article he posts consistently. He sends it out to people he links himself correctly, so he does all the correct things with it and he probably gets more success out of doing that than a lot of people get writing technical articles because they’re technical articles are boring and no one wants to Read you can write beautiful technical articles about all kinds of aspects of insurance, but the reality is that most people are not interested in that people.

Unmonitored. When they’re going on the internet and reading things with the vast majority of people want to know how something works and how it relates to them, and if you can condense that down and make it entertaining great, you can’t make it entertaining probably going to read it Again, but unless it’s a educational resource of some sort, that does them has some value to them, where they’re, actually they might need to reference that later so they’re.

You know there is a difference between a reference article and a marketing piece, but in most marketing articles, you’re better off being entertaining than you are being technical being overly technical makes people not really care what you say. I just bore them, so this is an example. Just a quick news posted in on my own website, you see I’ve. This is WordPress. This is my title here. I’ve got a permalink and in my WordPress I’ve got the settings set so that my permalinks are the date and the title, not the page equal to tag, because Google does and Bing does read the URL as part of the keyword decision.

So you want the keywords to be there. You want the keywords to be here. You want the keywords and your tags, you want the keywords in your article and you want the keywords in your header and in this particular article, I’m actually targeting two different keywords: I’m targeting Tennessee Medicare and I’m targeting Medicare annual election period. My hope is that by targeting them both because this is a blog post, I don’t expect to get a lot of direct direct visits or indexing on Google highly for the term Tennessee Medicare off of a blog post.

But when I backlink this, I can backlink it for both of those. I can also backlink it toward my main site. I can back link my main site for Tennessee Medicare or I can back like my main site for annual election period, and I can backlink this article for that and it’s relevant to everything. So Google sees it all as being relevant also, it allows me to – and this is a custom thing – this is actually an add-on.

You can download it for the plug-ins for WordPress, what’s called WordPress Twitter. What I’ve done here is took the URL the title and then made hashtags what these hashtags do. Is they actually tell Twitter that tell people looking at tweets what the what the actual tweet is about? I don’t even like using that term. I think tweet sounds silly, but it tells people tells people what this little post was.

So, for example, what this will come across as in Twitter is a shortened URL that goes directly to the article, the title, and then this article is about Tennessee, Medicare and Tennessee. Medicare Advantage and then I’ve done the same thing on my categories, so in every place the keywords are matching. So it’s it’s easier for google to ascertain what it is. It’s looking at, it’s easier for being to entertain what it’s looking at.

I can even look at it. This be critical of my own post. This is something I wrote quickly. I don’t waste a lot of time, typing up blog posts. I just I write things that I think people either need to know. Sometimes I’ll write articles. When I write an article, I spend a lot more time, but you can see this is not an article. It’s 117 word news post. It’s quick to the point: doesn’t talk about a lot of random things and gibberish and ramble on it just says: AP is coming, marking period starts this day, so that’s when we, you know, agents are allowed to talk to you and some plans have already released their Information but we’re not allowed to contact anybody to discuss it yet contact me or I can you know, schedule an appointment for October.

They’ve changed AP, that’s the whole article, just quick! This also gets posted out in my newsletter. That goes everybody out. I’r a big fan of leveraging all my content, so I can be reused, but even in my own article here I didn’t use the keywords in the body, so I even messed up one of my own rules but, as I said any any of these rules or Not they’re, not rules so to say, they’re, not setting set in stone, they’re just good guidelines to follow that you do get picked up, but that’s that’s it everybody that attended earlier.

Thank you. This is. This is going to sound a little different if you were at the live webinar, because for some reason I had a technical issue and the audio recording did not work, so it had to be redone, but this was a webinar that was done for the independent life Insurance Association and my name again was Brooke jolly. I have a website there at Brooke, jolly calm and I LOI a has their website most of people that are going to be seeing this know what it is, but for anybody, that’s one of the YouTube Watchers.

The il ia is actually an organization that is for training and support for life insurance agents, highly affordable and has more educational material. For somebody, that’s trying to learn this industry than


Online Marketing

Advice from a Digital Marketer | How to Start a Freelance Career in Social Media Marketing in 2020

.. You know the rest. So a lot of you Are under a lot of pressure right now and facing a lot of anxiety because of The jobs scenario in the country, A lot of you – have lost your jobs or some of Them are on indefinite leave, don’t know when you’re going back and it can cause A lot of problems – and there are so many people at this moment, looking for work, From home jobs, freelance opportunities and jobs that basically won’t put them Out of a job with a scenario like this Well, I’m here to help There is an industry Right now, which is the best to be a part of That industry, is Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is so vast. There are so many careers within this industry. I myself Work in a digital marketing agency in Mangalore called Alter Marketing. Management as a Social Media Specialist, Now digital marketing itself is so vast. It gives you a world of opportunities, and not just with regard to salary. All Brands all companies right now are on the digital sphere, because you’re on it And they’re not going to stop anytime soon.

So what are you waiting for? Get Into the digital field, right away, Now, keeping this in mind Alter Answers is Here to help you out What we thought is we’ll help you explore, learn and find the Right opportunities within digital marketing and to do that, what we’re Going to do is we’re going to spend an entire week sharing with you tips, tricks Amazing resources and even conversations we have had with experts in the industry, Who learned without having an educational background in that field? So Imagine how much help it is going to give you.

So what we’re going to do is Basically help you tell you where to start how to start, And where do we start now? We’re going to start with one of my favorite careers within digital Marketing industry, which is Social Media Marketing, If you don’t know how Important of a career social media marketing is right. Now I have attached a Link in the description please go and read, it and you’ll definitely know So to Talk about social media marketing.

I have with us a social media, marketer who’s Name is Rachit Hegde. He is a Facebook Certified Lead Trainer. He’s a Facebook Ad specialist and a lead generation specialist: He is the Co-Founder of The Small Business Project, which is based in Mumbai and he’s an Expert in something called as Performance Marketing, which is basically designing. Setting up and running ads for various companies, including healthcare, fitness As well as events, Fun fact-, if you’ve known the biggest TEDx event that Happened in Asia, which is TEDx Gateway, which happened in Mumbai, The Digital marketing, social media marketing, especially was done by Rachit and his Team Now it is amazing that we’re getting to talk to someone like this, but the Best thing about him is that he started out not after he went through a lot of Courses He started out first when he was an engineering student and he was in Charge of a battle of the bands event in his college and he wanted to promote it.

And he used Facebook and social media management practices to do it, which makes it very, very interesting and I’m sure, you’re very interested to find out how He started out So guys join me in saying Hello, Rachit, Hey Disha. What’s up How Are you doing I’m doing great? How are you doing I’m keeping well? Thank you. Okay, so thank you so much for joining us today. It’s great to have you here, The Pleasure is mine Disha.

I know it is Rachit. I know it is Anyway, I’m going to get straight to the first question, So I Know that you don’t have a background in marketing, You are an engineer by Profession and yet you choose social media marketing as a career. So what Exactly influenced you to choose it as a career or get into the field of social Media Well, first and foremost, I, like I like people I like dealing with people, And I’m very fond of technology and along the way, I think I like being Backstage working on a product or service and seeing it come to life, and I Think, somewhere along the way, you know a bridge between technology, people and Marketing got me into digital marketing.

We you Know the story about you, starting out your first gig as a social media. Marketer was when you were handling battle of the bands. Can you Tell me something about that Yeah, so I think it was. It was about six.. Six years. Ago I think it was my fourth year in college, the third or fourth year in College – I don’t remember, but I was actually made to organize an event. Called the Battle of the Bands, You know the logistics, putting it together and Also, the marketing and we were tight at tight with budgets back then right and We wanted to see how we could make do with the resources in the best possible Way – and I remember back then about six years ago, I spent like a hundred or 200 Rupees on on Facebook Ads – and you know I saw some numbers come up, so I think that Was a curious start into digital? For me, That’s really good to know, and I’m glad that you started out that Way, it’s a fun story to tell as well.

You spent a lot of time learning digital Marketing and social media marketing, so can you tell us what? How exactly did you Learn the tools and develop the skills to become a social media, marketer Well, To learn courses, there are multiple courses available online, Free and paid Depending on what you want to go for it depending, if you have a budget or not, I Think going through those courses and actually applying it and working on A portfolio because that makes a big difference.

Fortunately, for me, I reached Out to a couple of friends who were starting out their own businesses and Also people who had taken up to their family businesses So that way for me, I Got a chance to experiment and explore and try out whatever I was Learning on these different, you know these different businesses and that Became my portfolio right, It would be difficult for me to go. Get a client Because I would not have any credibility, but this way you know I was doing as Much as you know, these people got their work done at no cost or probably free It was actually a bigger favor for me to have a portfolio to present to people.

Beyond that, Let me ask you a more basic question: Because a lot of people don’t really know what a portfolio is and how Important it actually is, so if you can tell us what a portfolio is and how Exactly you built your portfolio a little more specifically, if you could Do that for us All right, so a portfolio could be very specific based On which vertical of digital marketing you want to go to because, like I said, Digital marketing is a large, you know it’s a large field, it has its own Verticals within it, You could be a person specializing in Facebook ads in Search engine optimization in affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, You Could also be building websites in general, which is your basic web Development right – and it depends where you want to showcase your, how you want to showcase your portfolio but, more importantly, where a portfolio Stands out is if you are able to showcase how you were able to present or You know showcase a growth of a business.

You associated a partner with from point A to point B during the time you are, you know you helped and worked on it. Right so that gives a better vision or sense of better standard for people. Wanting to understand what a portfolio is supposed to look like, So just to simplify, basically a portfolio, is you know your practice? It’s like a practice pitch. You create a lot Of things based on your experience and then you have it to show for your Clients in the future right Yeah best practice, because also you need to show The right kind of portfolio going forward, For example, if I have a Portfolio, for example, of of ten different kinds of businesses and if two Or three of them could be portfolios of real estate and, if I’m not too keen on Working on the real estate side, although I might have worked on it, it’s not Something I’d necessarily want to show as my portfolio, So I’ve heard that you Went to a lot of friends when you started out to get their portfolio, I mean to build your portfolio, you kind of went to them and asked if you could do Their website is that true Yeah, it worked both ways.

They said: “, hey, you’re, Doing this, your jobless, why don’t you do this?”? I said “, Yeah, great” and also I requested People, if I could try out what I was learning on their Businesses, because I was also certain that it was going to work and also it It didn’t come to all these people at a cost, so they were willing to Experiment also, So it was a win-win situation. Both ways.So portfolio is really really important when you are starting out as a social media marketer.

Yes, it goes. It holds much higher weightage than any certifications you get online. They don’t Matter: Okay, so now you’ve been in the industry for a while. Now can you tell me How long it actually takes for a freelancer to make money out of working As social media marketer as a freelance Well honestly, since I got into Digital marketing, my first three months, I think, was a lot of learning on pure Basics and it and I kept learning I I started taking projects three months.

I Mean three months into the learning phase. So if you ask me, I think I Actually started, you know making my first buck as a freelancer, probably five Months after I began my learning process, It could have begun earlier too, and This is something I would like to share you. I don’t think anyone needs to be in A hurry to earn that quick buck, because the way I look at it there are enough Businesses around us, everybody needs marketing, it’s not a big deal.

If you go Out there and actually get a client, I mean it’s really nice, but you know it’s Not too difficult What actually matters is getting the right kind of client by Showcasing the right kind of work. So if you actually end up working on yourself, Understanding tools and processes better in digital and are able to build your Portfolio well and then go and get a client that that would be a normal flow.

But if you ask me six months, I think it took me six months. I could have done it. Earlier I just chose not to That’s nice, but for people who are looking for something more specific. How much would someone with your experience make in a month just to be just to know how much that would be Sure as a freelancer, you know You can a freelancer can bill a client or a brand at you know: 20,000 Rupees a Month to 50,000 Rupees a month, even a lakh, a Month, so it depends on how much work you can handle if you can Handle two or three clients who are paying you about 40,000 Rupees a month.

Yeah, you can learn about a lakh and 40,000 Rupees a month as a freelancer, but then Again, you know, being a freelancer. Has your pros and cons, I mean you’re, a Single man team, which is going to be difficult because you can’t you know Take days off you’re going to be, you can’t handle the crisis of three Clients at the same time, so it has its pros and cons, but yeah I mean it. Depends on the individual, so anything between like say, even if you charge Three different clients: ten thousand rupees each.

You can start with at least At a thirty thousand rupees a month, So as a freelancer, you can make 30,000 a month. That’s really good! Ok, so now to get into something more Serious Now, once you developed the tools and you developed the skills to be a Social media marketer. How? And where did you find the clients? Because you know They’re not like sitting there waiting for you. How did you find your clients To be honest, with you most of my clients, I found that at a party My First client I found out at the bar quite literally and most of them, but When that that’s quite true right, I think for me personally, personal Connections has worked a lot because if you’ve done work for somebody and you Know, there’s a very and if they’re happy, there’s a very high chance that they Will refer you to their peers in their network because again, if you refer Someone good you know it’s a pat on the back as well right, because a good Referral goes a long way.

Apart from that, I did. I did use different Facebook Groups I mean everyone should be aware that every city town has some localized Facebook group or the other right where people are probably wanting something to Sell wanting a service or wanting help or whatever Every city has it a Bangalore has it Bombay, has it Bangalore, has even more localized groups for every Area like in Indranagar will have their own groups right so tapping into these Groups and not selling your products right, You want to be offering value.

People will post a question or a problem on their group. Go there help them out. Get on a call with them solve that problem. For them you never Know I mean if you manage to build a trust which I think, for me at least, has Been the biggest in a factor, because if you, if you give someone value, they are Able to trust you and they would like to work with you in the long run and then Referrals come So word of mouth is the best way to you know to get across your clients, but to make a start, you have a lot of Facebook groups that you know where People inquire and also there are there are freelance platforms: upwork.

Com Freelancer.Com are platforms, they are very competitive. You need to be, you know, Good at closing your deal to be able to get your projects on on these platforms. Because it’s a bidding, it’s a bidding way. It’s a way. You bid for a particular Project and at the same time, it is how you communicate to them to actually land Your gig, so these things matter on on platforms like this, but why I choose to Prefer, like you know, a Facebook group over and up work personally, and this is What’s worked for me is because, if I, if I establish a connection over a Facebook, Group – I don’t know it’s just that I feel there’s a friendly approach already, if Someone’s on Upwork or on freelancer.

Com, the chances of them There, on that platform for a one-time, gig is very high right On any of the Other blogs, you could look at having associating on a longer period of time. But it’s not entirely true, because you know what if I I recently did a gig on Upwork where the client said: hey, listen, I’m calling you the next time. I’r Launching this, so you know it depends on your rapport with the client Okay, so I guess, like you know, it was very interesting that you said that you Started with you know, socializing with people and that’s how you found your Clients – but I guess now, with the lockdown pandemic social distancing, that would Be impossible, So the best bet would be Facebook groups and freelancing websites & job sites, like you said, so that’s really helpful.

Thank you and The next question I have for you is, you know: a lot of people say that having a Mentor in a certain industry that you’re entering having a mentor is a Great thing, because they’ll help you, because they have experience in that Field, so do you think that having a mentor is you know, is required for Someone who’s starting out. It’s a tricky question. I can speak for myself. I don’t think it’s important to have a mentor.

I don’t think it’s important to Be confined to one person for all your advice and needs. I think it’s important To have an open mind, get your information and resources and You know advice from different people, irrespective of the kind of expertise or Industry they come from because you never know where you can find value and Pickup some information and work on it. Having said that, I do come across you.

Know I mean I’m sure we all do come across times where we, you know, we Glorify a certain personality or a person, and we are enamored by the kind Of work they do, and you know we go crazy about that. Right and it’s normal to feel that way, and I feel that too, at times with Certain people and the point is I’m aware of it, and I also choose not to be Attached to that – and I think that’s important Literally a few days ago, I was Sitting with a eight-year-old, you know helping the eight-year-old on on Something on the computer on a tool and that eight-year-old taught me a tool.

I Was really searching for on the internet for a long time right and specifically For my system requirements and I said wow thank you, you made my life a lot. Easier right, So I think anyone who can give you some kind of direction. Irrespective of who they are where they’re from they are your mentor, but Don’t restrict to one That is the best thing I have heard today. I think that we can learn Anything and everything from the people we meet from the books, we read whatever and everything and that’s really good advice.

So you know the life of a Freelancer is really glorified on social media. You know how they tell you that You know you can sit by the beach and you know you have Your laptop and you can work, and you have couples traveling the world and making Money as freelancers, so I just want to know what is the reality behind this What is your experience been like as a freelancer About working and sipping Margaritas by the beach Did you do that I have, but then you know it’s One day in your life, you’re, probably one day in your year, I mean it’s not every Day I mean you have to work, you have to be realistic.

You have to be practical, Right Yeah, there have been a few days like that and I can count the number of Days or probably 2 or 3 days in the entire yeah, but but no you know Especially the freelancer life is over-glorified on Instagram. It is I mean there are two sides: there are true and false sides to it. You have your freedom, So you can literally do what you want. Yes, but the whole flashy cars and you Know big pools the spontaneous traveling, I think a lot of it isn’t actually what It is, I do know, a couple of people who lead such lives and are very good at it.

But I also do know that a majority of people, you know, don’t actually lead Lives like that, so if you ask me, Instagram is Instagram because it’s Supposed to look good people put out their best pictures, That’s very true, okay, so now that we know what your opinion is on that, can you tell me what a day in the life of a social media marketer is a day in your life A day in My life yeah, I mean it’s, I mean just like every other job has its Own challenges and is probably hectic in its own way for us, it’s a lot of screen.

Time right I mean it’s a lot of phone times, a lot of communication and all of That, especially if you’re working on a brand where things are being launched, Posts need to be live, ads need to be live, there’s a lot of coordination and Communication right, so I begin my day by you know literally going over my tasks. Lists and things I need to be done. Normally, I have a preset set of calls. That I have scheduled for the day, which I have to Take make and that’s normally set over the weekend.

I make sure I set my calls. Ahead but then, during the rest of the time, it’s making sure things are going. All right finances are in check, clients are happy, marketing strategies are in Place coordinating with the team and every day is this probably something new A new problem to solve so there’s no definite way how the day goes. But yeah, that’s in a nutshell: that’s how it is, But you enjoy this life that you’re leading as a social media marketer I do I enjoy.

There is some method in the madness here Nice. So is there any book or you know, Resource you would recommend for someone who’s, starting out as a social media. Marketer, because I myself am very interested in the topic. And if I want to Learn usually I pick up a book or two to read about it. I am better with reading books, so is there any book or resource you would recommend You know for a person Starting out on social media and digital marketing, books are a great point to go.

For if you want to understand something in principle, the only way the only Reason is because I feel oh, and this is what I genuinely feel Digital is so dynamic, and technology updates itself so fast that if someone Has to write something down: publish a book. Go for printing, get it on the Shelves I mean that’s a lot of time. Things are redundant, they Are not updated anymore right, so I think, on the Digital side, I personally read a lot of blogs.

I read at least a minimum of 5 to 10 blogs. Every day – and I have to I read from marketing land from social media today, From social media marketing world from SEM Rush has a couple of nice blogs. Written Neil Patel writes nice stuff. Of course everyone knows These are Some of the blogs, because blogs are written more spontaneously and updated Then and there so as opposed to books Books have that principle defined.

I am But if you want to something that you want something, that’s updated, I guess Podcasts or blogs are more up-to-date. Is there any podcast that you listen to? You know religiously, I’m a person that gets bored too Quickly, I need to consume information too, and keep moving over there’s One there’s business voice is a nice podcast, but of course it’s more the business Side of things There’s an interesting podcast by Sean Ellis.

The person who Wrote who wrote the book Hacking Growth? Oh by the way you asked about the book. You asked for books right, so here’s a book called hacking growth by Sean Ellis Which is which is nice Sean has also also has a podcast, I’m not sure what It’s called, I think we can figure it out and we can put it here by But it’s it’s! It’s it’s! It’s a podcast by Sean Ellis and that’s really. Interesting for those looking at scaling startups understanding how the process The behind the stage and the behind the scenes of scaling and growing these Businesses, so that’s that’s an interesting one.

I I’m not getting the Name but yeah, I’m sure we can plug this. I will find it and I will link it here in the article, so they can go and hear the podcast Okay. So now, looking at the scenario you have had experience in this field, based on your experience and the current Scenario, what advice would you give someone who would like to start out as a Social media marketer Still a great time. There are enough businesses that are out There needing these services so yeah, it’s a great time to be getting into Social media, marketing or digital marketing any of these verticals – I don’t Think the person should look at you know making a quick buck, because there’s no Shortcut to it, Learning the tools, well, understanding them.

Experimenting, you know that that’s that’s a process. Someone needs to look Into a look into, and not look at one of these, how do you become a millionaire Overnight schemes, that’s not you, so you know, keep growing I mean, I don’t think, there’s anyone who’s an expert in this field. The industry is so dynamic, there’s so much to learn so yeah, I’m just you know. Adding this to it, what advice would you give your younger self? So when you Started out, if you know, based on whatever you have learned so far, is there Anything you would go back and tell your younger self, you know advice, you would Give your younger self basically! So it depends.

This question: are you asking me Before I did engineering after I did engineering Coz its two different answers, Say after you did Engineering After I did engineering. So after I did Engineering I applied with the two companies. Actually I applied with the Minimalist from Bombay I applied with Facebook, Singapore, Both of which I I got To quite a decent part of the interview I think, for Facebook it was the top Something thirty or something like that for the Singapore role and I think for Minimalist was the reason why I made my first trip to to Mumbai in the first Place – and we had an – I had an interview, I think, with Chirag of minimalist at that Time, I think my objective was to to find a job if I was going to be associated With companies with good visions – and you know, were here for the long run, Otherwise, I would want to choose a freelance route or an agency route that Was my objective? So if I had to do anything differently, that’s going to be Hard because I don’t think I couldn’t I would do it, I’m happy with the way we Are progressing Of course, my there are more micro level decisions.

I would have made differently. Probably I would not have signed off for signed off on certain clients. I would Not have taken on certain work because a lot of clients can slow you down. You Know and hamper your growth so that way, I think I would have avoided certain Certain clients, So now for those who are listening and reading right now, if you could give a few steps to start out as a social media marketer that would make it easy for them to transition and to get into the industry.

What would Those steps be The first first step is to learn, learn, study some courses, There enough courses, free courses online – you can put yourself through a paid Course or you could do a free course, but but then it depends on you know if you Have the bandwidth to go through a structured course and if it suits Your budget, that’s that’s a route you can take If you and soon after doing This course, or while you’re doing this course, it’s important to at least get Yourself, two clients or two prospects, or you know your uncle’s father’s friends.

Business and work on it experiment on it, so you can learn while you’re. You know, While you’re working on it, because you don’t want to be Experimenting on a person who has just given you a business and paid you and You know goof it up right If you do it well, that’s a different case, but you Know, that’s you would want to not. You would not want to get into that kind of A situation Once you finish your learning process finish your portfolio.

Building process and then decide if you want to get into a job, freelance or Start your own business, Each of them have a beautiful career path and you Know and they’re each nice in their own way. It depends if you want to work with An agency or if you want to work with a brand, if you want to freelance yourself Or if you want to build a team together and offer the same services to other People or if you have a product in mind and if you understand digital marketing, You can always sell that product using these skills right, but then you know it Again, I’m going I’m just going back to the first point of having to learn while There are so many courses paid courses out there, it’s not necessary to actually Buy a paid course there’s enough resources for free and, having said that, I mean I mean, and this is despite saying that, because we have our own course too- And and and we follow a very structured approach of how A person can learn Facebook and Instagram ads effectively and also we Teach them how and where to get clients, and you know about proposals and all of That right, So it depends what you want at the end of the day and how well you Are determined to be learning, and that would that that would be a decent start.

Saying, that your course that you launched recently in that course you’re. Basically sharing All of these things that you learnt over the years and you’re making it easy for The people who want to learn so that they can apply it very easily Yeah completely Because I didn’t know a lot of things, I didn’t work at an agency. I didn’t work. I Didn’t have a freelancer to guide me. I figured it out myself.

I compared Business models with other business models, with brands with with the Marketers, I I learned from a lot of different marketers, because one thing in Digital marketing people need to understand, is it’s okay, Learning a digital learning, digital marketing from a course from an Institute because they are teaching your basics, they’re teaching your Fundamentals, but when you learn from another marketer and I’m not just Putting myself on a pedestal, yeah, I’m just generally giving you my perspective.

If you learn from a marketer, you get a different point of view because It’s it’s at the end of the day, the job is very similar to like say a doctor. Right, If you and I have the same illness and we go to two different doctors – those Two doc doctors are going to have a different approach and give it and start And give us different prescriptions right and it’s the same thing with Marketing as well, you might have your approach and I might have my approach.

And they can be completely different and it’s okay to be completely different. But At the end of the day, you want to be learning from people who have tried. Tested those you know the and have tried, tested methods and learn from them. So Which is why I mean we are putting, in a few case, studies we’re putting in examples we’re telling people what to do, what not to do and also tell them what they can do.

Beyond learning it like how they can find a living for themselves, So whoever is reading right now, if you want to know more about Rachit’s course, we will be linking it below in The description, so you can definitely check it out, So I guess Rachit that would be the end of you know the questions that I have for now. I have too many of Them, but I’m still restricted to that much now. Thank you. So much You’ve been amazing.

The advice you gave is very practical and I know that it’s going to Help people who want to start out so thank you so much for doing this. Thank You for taking the time out and joining us on Alter Answers. Thank you, Disha. I was happy answering all these questions. I wish you guys all the best you guys Are doing some really nice stuff? Thank you so much Talk to you soon, then Byee


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How to Create & Setup Account in Mailchimp | Effective Email Marketing

If you don’t know how to get started, we’ll show you how to get started in this article rod here and welcome to Bern to learn. First, go to MailChimp, calm click, signup free fill in your email choose a username and password click on get started now. Check your email inbox for the link to activate account. Click on activate account, you’ll, be redirected back to MailChimp, confirm that you’re, not a robot and add your personal information.

Now, let’s describe your business and add an address: do you have a list of subscribers? Do you want to connect to social media carefully, fill out this information, since it will be very useful to your campaign later on, you can take a survey or skip it, but since the survey takes less than 60 seconds, I’m going to go ahead and fill it Out and there you are all ready to start with the next challenge.

Creating your template, which we’ll look at in the very next article part of the series. Is there a subject you’re interested in? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below thanks for reading also join the inner circle, our technical skills, learning accelerator, you


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Intro to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The bad news, however, is that, even with these improvements, a lot of websites still won’t magically turn into speedy experiences. I mean think about it for a second, if you had a bus station and click on a link in your Twitter feed, you wait five seconds.

You wait. 10, you keep thinking. It must be amazing content. If it takes so long to prepare and write, then you get pulled back into reality. A full screen interstitial asking me to buy sunscreen, please, like me, dialog that’s, set to scratch from the content and make the page so small, you can’t even scroll and as if that was enough, a bunch of competing analytics scripts in the background at party hard.

Every second and kill your phone’s battery, or maybe the analytics scripts, just want to stop the phone from suffering and put it out of its misery quickly. I really don’t know in all seriousness, though: all of this wouldn’t be such a big deal for the publishers of those sites. If you were just willing to continue to suffer, but you don’t you’re furious about the current state so furious, then you either don’t bother and click off and studies to just a 40 % of users drop off after just three seconds or decide to install an ad Blocker clicking off is a lose-lose situation.

You are frustrated because you didn’t get to read the article. Your friends post it and publishers are frustrated because they didn’t get a chance to show you other great stuff and relevant ads to help pay to create that free content. An ad blockers might work for you as a reader, but hand the business model of many publishers that depend on ads to help pay for the content offered. But here’s the thing, publishers, obviously don’t – purposely – try to slow down pages.

They add all of these extras to try to increase the monetization of their site and attract more and more readers to help keep the site on business, and then they end up in a tough spot where they feel they need to decide between improving the user experience Or focusing on monetization and user acquisition, these overloaded user unfriendly web sites aren’t a new problem and some have tried to come up with solutions.

The FIR our walled gardens that lock you to a specific content distribution platform. Now you have to implement a custom solution for every single platform and your content cannot be discovered through search engines or link to from other websites by by open web, or you could create a native app and lose even more advantage. The web offers like effortless entry without install or easy distribution of content not terribly attractive either.

We felt this was a problem in need of a simple and elegant solution, a new way to implement an issue, a beautiful, streamlined, wicked, fast content web pages. Without all the extra clutter that is built on the openness of the web and doesn’t try to replace it, it allows everyone to participate and collaborate that publishes platforms and developers all stand behind and benefit from. That’s short.

What accelerated in the open the EM project dramatically improves the performance of mobile sites on the web, often to the point where their load appears to be instant. It’s an open source initiative that relies on existing web technologies and is built in collaboration with many different partners. Many technologies today come with super complicated, build processes, but not so with amp. In fact, an amp 8 is just a normal HTML website with a couple of restrictions and extras no build process, no extra step, because of that it doesn’t require a lot of additional work.

Unlike having to build custom, apps and products for a myriad of platforms and social outlets, in fact, if your website doesn’t use custom JavaScript and is mostly static, you probably don’t even have to create a second version of it for app. Every amp document includes the MJS JavaScript library that delivers optimum performance by adding and validating a few important rules in your markup when looking at an amp document.

The biggest difference you see is that some elements, like the image tag, are replaced with custom elements. That’s done to ensure staying in Fastlane in two critical situations. First, it allows MJS to control the entire load chain and prioritize certain elements and requests over others. In practice. This means that most third-party content and elements below default I’ll load it after the main content arise.

So your users can start reading as soon as possible. Second, ms custom properties strictly required a width, height or other aspect ratio defining attributes to be set. This way, mj’s knows exactly how your page will look like before any assets are loaded and can layout the page. In advance, this prevents the famous flash of unstyled content, the ugliness of a half lured website. That then starts to jump around by loading more stuff, as well as the need to re-render and do additional layout calculations, a browser task that can be very slow.

Every single imitational addition to amp documents is carefully designed to end up the speed of the page 211 and implement rail. A user experience focus performance model, but the chrome team came up with and because MJS comes with a built-in validator that locks to the console. It ensures developers Fastlane as nothing is more frustrating than a speed regression you discovering month later on an end page.

The content is always King and the user experience is Queen no compromises. But if you now say wait, a sec sounds great for users, but how does this help publishers, consider this users love fast content and amp allows platforms like Google, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn to know for a fact that this content is fast, which they can then promise To users in return, if I know it only takes me five seconds to read that article, I do it much more often with many more articles, I’m happy.

The platforms are happy because I’m happy and the publishers is happy because they get to show me more content and just like that everybody wins get started. Writing your first and page today by checking out two tutorials in the description or head directly to am project org to learn more


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Does that for you here we have a large document with different font, colors and even images locate the select button on the editing sections down on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

We have four different options: we’re going to go through all of them. First, we’ll click on select all as you can see what this option, that is, that select your whole document from beginning to end. So let’s change the phone color of our whole document to black. Now all the tanks had the same black font color. Let’s now check out a select objects featured. If I try to select my text with this feature on it.

Won’t, let me see, will only select objects such as these two images to make everything selectable again, we go back to select and click on, select objects to disable. This function, let’s now place ourselves somewhere in the title of this document to show the third select function. We go to select and click select text with similar formatting and you can see the title has been highlighted, but as we scroll down, we see that all the text with the same formatting has been selected for us as well.

If you say very practical features, if, for example, you wanted to put a special theme, font size or color to all of the stuff heading in order for all of them to be the same with just that one step. And lastly, the selection pane feature shows you a list with the image files. There are in your document when you click in a different page. The list shows you the objects in it. Now that we have the list of our image is handy.

We can even rename them by double-clicking one of them and even a new name. If I subscribe to our Channel and even light to this article, so now you know the for practical select pictures of words, the select all option select all the documents, including text and images, select objects, will always select. The images sound in your document select text with similar formatting will select all the similar format sound for you select pain will show all the objects being the document, such as images pictures and shape.


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Web Analytics – Getting Started

What is that? Ok, basically, when you’ve got a website, people go to it and they interact on there. All of that information is trackable. Google analytics allows you to use another free service from google to track how many people are coming to your website. How long they’re gone there, what pages they’re going to what type of browser they’re using where they’re from and so on and so forth? There’s so much information it really could take hours for me to go through it all.

The basic thing I want you use article is that if you’ve got a business and you’ve got a website – and you do not have Google Analytics or some sort of analytics program, you’re, basically running a business without a cash register, both the web sites, even Wars and Analytics because without analytics on there, you really have no idea. What’s going on on your website. Ok, you can anecdotally talk to people and hey.

What do you thinking? I would say? Oh, it looks really pretty, but it doesn’t tell you anything about how much time they’re actually spend on the website, where they’re going to on the website. If they’re accomplishing goals such as filling out, the web form clicking on the phone number if they’re on a mobile phone, what search keywords they typed into Google to get to your website what referring web sites are sending traffic to you? You have no idea about any of this, and Google Analytics is really easy to set up.

Like I said, it’s a free account there’s a little bit of JavaScript code that you need to put into your pages and boom. You start tracking. All this information. You need to get this set up today, if you don’t already have now, if you do have it there’s a lot of things about analytics that can make you think that you’re looking at important information when, in fact, nothing’s really coming out of the scope, the biggest One is that this is visitors.

You might get excited that you’ve got 10,000 people coming to your website each month, but what, if all 10,000 of those people have no interest in anything that your website has to offer, and they leave immediately, is anything well that traffic is worthless to you. So while visitor number is nice and it makes you feel good when it going up – it’s not necessarily important, but you also want to look at our few other factors, one of them being bounce rate.

Now this is a tricky number. What happens is when someone comes to your website and then they hit the back button and they leave your website. That’s counted as a bounce. Well, so, what’s happening here in one way: that’s not good. It means that they come to your website and whatever they were. Looking for wasn’t there, your website did not deliver on something that they need, so they lend. On the other hand, they came to your website.

They saw your phone number, they called you and became a customer. Well, in that case, it’s just fine that they’ve bounced off your website. Maybe they closed the browser right then, and that’s now called a mouse, but you know you can still look at bounce rates and get an idea, especially if you’re doing like a paid Google pay-per-click campaign, your bounce rate is really high. Then that tells you that you need to either tweak what keywords you’re bidding on or you took the content on your website, so a little bit insights there.

But at the end of the day, the most important things that you need to be tracking our conversions on your website, what our conversions, what conversions are? Really anything you want them to be the most obvious one. Is they go to your contact form? They fill out the form and they hit submit. You can set up google analytics to track that as a goal and therefore a conversion, and then you can see hey.

Somebody did a search on Google for this keyword. They came to the site that went to X, amount of pages, and then they filled out that web form, and that gives you insight into going wow. Okay, if that’s converting them, we need to do more content on that. If you’re doing a paid advertising campaign same exact thing, if there’s a referral site, so let’s say it’s basically any site: that’s not a search engine, let’s say Yelp Facebook! You know any any any type of website.

That’s out there, that’s not or Bing or Yahoo. Sending you traffic and that stuff’s converting – and you should reach out to that website and figure out how you can be better positioned on there, so you can get even more business out of it. Maybe you need to find out the five websites that are similar, that site and make sure you’re on them and you’re set up correctly, because something on that site is triggering people to come to your site and then become your customers.

So that’s that’s. Google analytics in a very brief nutshell, as I said there is a limitless amount of things that you can do on analytics, it’s tracking a ton of stuff. I recommend, if you really want to learn this stuff, you know obviously go sign up. Get a google analytics account going, you know, set it up on your website. There’s a ton of books, the big one that I like is from a google or name Avinash.

Is she I’ll even put some information over here? You know what books to get, but he walks you through what are important to look at how to create reports that you can give executives that have actionable data. You really want to be getting on this, like I said if your business owner and you’re not doing Google Analytics you’re flying blind right now, all that money, you’re spending on aunt being online is worthless because you’re not taking any action as far as what’s happening.

It’s a living, breathing organism, traffic changes with the seasons, so you need to be ready for these changes and get content ready and then be able to track what content was actually effective in making you money. So you can spend more time enough it on that. My emails right there comments are down below. Let me know what you think: what did I miss? I’r sure it was a ton, but you know that’s where that’s where we got ta start.

This is Friday. So congratulations until next time, rock on Oh


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Trusted Web Activities

We know that there are some use cases where it makes sense to integrate your existing web experience into your native app, I’m Pete a developer advocate on the web team at Google. Let’s take a look at how you can do this today and what we’re doing to make your web development experience better today, you can do this either using a webview or a custom tab.

Well, each of these has their own benefits. They’re also drawbacks to each with web views. The content runs fullscreen and supports many of the PWA features. It has the ability to use post message to send messages back and forth between the webview and your native code, which makes it possible to invoke certain native functionality that isn’t available on the web. On a flip side, web views our sandbox completely from the user.

They don’t share the same cookie, store or storage and they don’t have access to the users, safe passwords and so on. The other challenge that comes up is that web views may be out of date. Web views on devices running pre, lollipop, aren’t updatable custom tabs also support content in full-screen mode and because they’re powered by the user’s default browser they share cookies, storage, passwords and more.

It’s always up-to-date and supports the full gamut of capabilities required for progressive web apps. But there is that name and address bar across the top. The user knows that they’re looking at web content, which isn’t always what you want. We’ve heard from you that you want an easier way to launch full-screen web content from a native app, but do it using the users preferred browser at the chrome dev summit.

Last year we announced a new type of activity that Android developers can use to embed trusted. First party web content trusted web activities provide a new way to integrate parts of your web experience into your native Android, app they’re powered by custom tabs, which means the content is rendered by the users up-to-date browser instead of an out-of-date webview. It shares the same cookies and storage within the browser.

It has access to AP ice that aren’t available in web views. This isn’t designed as a mechanism to simply wrap your site and dump it in the Play Store. A simple mistake can cause some drastic problems. For example, the user installs your app from the store hops on a plane and launches your app. The user is going to see the dinosaur because the app hasn’t installed the serviceworker yet trusted web activities are designed to make it possible for you to use the investment that you’ve made in your progressive web.

App within your Android, app, similar to chrome, custom, tabs trusted web activities run full screen. Each activity of your app is either completely provided by the web or an Android activity. There’s no way to combine them. For example, you can’t use Android components for navigation and content, rendering via the trusted web activity. Transitions between web and native content are between activities trusted web activities do have some constraints, you can’t just show any content, it must be yours, and you must be able to prove that it’s yours by adding a set of digital asset links, you must include an intent Filter for the opened URL in your Android manifest your app must pass the chrome, PWA install ability, checks which includes being served over HTTPS, registering a serviceworker and including a manifest and very important.

Your app must still meet all of the normal Play Store guidelines. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in adding a trusted web activity to your Android app. There are essentially two steps that we need to complete to embed or progressive web app in our Android app. First, we need to add a set of digital asset links. These links establish a relationship between our web content and the trusted web activity.

By establishing this relationship, our android app can verify that the content is served is ours and meets that first party requirement. Then we can add the activity to our Android app and show our web content and our manifest file. We need to tell it about an asset statement by adding this metadata attribute. Next, we need to update the strings.Xml file and our Android app and tell it about our web content where it lives and give it the permission that it needs oh yeah and all those quotes there.

Sorry they do need to be escaped like that. Now we need to create and deploy the assets link JSON file, using key tool on the certificate that we use to sign our Android app, we’ll get the sha-256 hash so that later Android can verify the certificate and that hash, then, in the asset, links JSON file. Will include that hash, our package name and a few other boilerplate pieces and deploy it to the dot well-known directory.

The file makes it possible for Android to verify the relationship between what’s being served and our Android app. We’ve set up the digital asset links we need now. We can create the activity. There’s a bunch of boilerplate code required to launch the activity that I’ve kind of glossed over here, but we’re working on adding that to the Android support library, so that you won’t have to deal with it in the future.

Once the boiler stuff is complete, you can create the new intent set, the URL and open the web content in your trusted web activity. Today, this is available on android and chrome 68, which is currently chrome, dev and we hope to see it land and stable sometime in q3 of 2018 to learn more check out gqo slash trusted web activities. There’s a great post there with everything you need to know to get started and a sample that you can use to try it yourself.

Thanks for reading


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🔎 5 Search Engines Better Than Google: DuckDuckGo, not Evil, FindSounds, Wolfram|Alpha, BoardReader

’ s article. I am Going to tell you about five search engines as good as Google and in some situations They can even beat the famous brand, I don, ’ t mean Yandex or Bing. There are Search engines which can really outperform the well-known market leaders, though in A few things only Here we go. What search engine do you use Google Yandex Or maybe Bing, In addition to the three well-known names, there are many more search tools out: There – and they can be an amazing alternative to commercial search engines, spying on every Click you make 1 DuckDuckGo Duckduckgo — quite a popular open-source search engine It uses results received from Its own search, bot and other sources, For example, Yahoo, Bing or Wikipedia Duckduckgo claims to be the search engine to ensure maximal privacy, It doesn, ’ t collect Any user data – doesn – ’ t keep logs ( there.

’ s, no such thing as search history, ) and using Cookie files is restricted as much as possible. Duckduckgo neither collects your personal Data nor shares it due to restrictions in its privacy policy. All large search engines try to personalize their search results based on what they know. About the user (, That is, you will only see the results that comply with your preferences. Or which the search engine thinks are relevant for you, ) By contrast, DuckDuckGo is there to give you the real picture, REGARDLESS of what you did.

On the Internet before – and it never shows you ads based on your previous search requests – Unlike Google or Yandex, When you open its settings, you can easily Disable ads set the region enable HTTPS by default, specify settings for opening links. And even set up the search engine appearance, Almost every aspect can be configured the Way you like it and it ’ s such a great feature: DuckDuckGo https, //duckduckgo.

Com/, 2., not Evil. Not Evil is the search engine that looks for information inside Tor, the well-known anonymous Network, That is it, ’ s a search engine you can use in your browser to surf the Tor network. After all, the first question you ask: when you start Tor browser is “. How do I get to Find the website I need ”. In fact, it ’ s very difficult to make a sound Review of Tor-compatible search engines, It takes special methodology and metrics, which I something I do not have at the moment So before we continue.

I ’ d like to warn you. Everything, I ’ m going to say is only my personal opinion. In terms of overall functionality and quality, no Evil is just as good as any other Tor search. Engine such as Grams Torch, Fess, Candle, Ahima and others, Yet it seems to be the most Stable and easy to understand, It will never show you any ads and there Is no tracking either Due to smart and continuously updated search algorithms, it is easy to find The necessary information It can search for stuff in locations where Google, Yandex and The like will never take you Still searching the so-called onion websites.

Does not always come up to your expectations; After all, it ’ s. No Google or Bing with results. Sorted by tons of criteria like behavior, backlinks and so on, With no Evil things. Are way more complicated Previously, it was known as TorSearch project With quite a wide coverage of users, The search results are good, but there is so much to Be improved yet not Evil. Https //hss3uro2hsxfogfq.Onion.

To, 3 FindSounds Findsounds — another specialized search engine It can search open resources for all Kinds of sounds home, nature, cars, people and so on. This service supports only a few Languages, but instead it features an impressive amount of tags even in the languages not supported. So you can still do some searching. The search results include sounds only All Sounds are available for download.

You can even search by sample If you need to find the sound of a musket firing or a woodpecker working or Homer Simpson, shouting that ’ s, just the right place to go. The range of tags is extremely Wide Jokes aside, it looks like a specialized service. Clearly designed for a special circle of users, But who knows what, if you may need it, one Day, FindSounds http, //www.Findsounds.Com/, 4 Wolfram|Alpha Wolfram|Alpha is a computational search.

Engine ( sometimes referred to as an “ answer: engine” ) Instead of links to articles containing key words, it gives you a ready answer to your Query, For example, if you ask how many bytes in a megabyte Wolfram|Alpha, will show you Comparison tables, and sometimes even graphs, Unfortunately, for some users from Eastern Europe Wolfram|Alpha doesn, ’ t support Cyrillic languages, However, it is the best resource to search for facts and compute data.

Wolfram|Alpha Accumulates and systematizes knowledge from all fields, including science, culture and Entertainment If the database already contains a ready answer to your query, the system shows It at once and if it doesn ’ t it computes the result and then displays it. It only shows The required information and NOTHING else, If you are a student analyst journalist, Or a research worker you can use Wolfram|Alpha to search and compute data related to your Activities, Certainly, this service is far from processing all queries in the best way.

Possible but it is constantly developing and becoming smarter every day. Wolfram|Alpha https //www.Wolframalpha.Com/ 5 BoardReader Boardreader is the engine for text, search in forums, question and answer websites and Other similar communities, It lets you narrow the field of searching To social media only With special filters applied, you can quickly find posts and comments. In accordance with your search criteria, language date and website name, Boardreader is a great tool when you need opinions from real users rather than advertising.

Babble or if you are interested in following a discussion, It ’ s a very special search engine, but I ’ m sure many people all over the web will appreciate. It BoardReader http //boardreader.Com/ As the bottom line. I have to say that many Alternative search engines tend to be short-lived, Things are pretty easy, they can be niche Projects with a small circle of fans and users, which means questionable prospects of going Commercial or they may have none of that stuff at all.

Looking at the examples you have seen in this article, it ’ s evident that such search engines Either specialize in some narrow field, which is SO FAR not too important to get Google Or Yandex interested enough or they are meant to test certain ideas which are not applied. In typical search patterns, yet I ’ m sure that if searching Tor becomes more Popular and at least one percent of Google users wants it.

Top services will start looking. For ways to give the people what they are looking for, If the online audience behaves In the way to suggest that most users in a significant number of queries, find results. Without user-dependent factors to be more relevant, Yandex or Google will respond quickly. By providing this specific type of results, more often Truly in many aspects, the search engines – I told you about – have a long way to go before They can really compete against the top products like Google and Yandex (, and even Bing is too Much for them ), Yet each of the unique services can offer you something that top search engines.

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SEO Basics: Why Do Links Matter For SEO – Rapid Immersion #7

Why do links matter for SEO, if you’re new to the world of SEO and are exploring the topic of link, building or link acquisition, or, if you’ve been doing SEO for quite some time and are looking for a quick refresher? This article is for you to start out: let’s clarify what a link is in the context we’re talking about today, as it’s always good to review the fundamentals.

A link also commonly called a backlink inbound link or an inward link, is an incoming hyper link from one web page to another website. It’s, for example, if you have a website, your web site com, and I have a website reef, digital combo, you and I decided to place a link to your website on reef digital comdata. You for our visitors to visit. You with you, have received a link. So, generally speaking, this would be a good news for you, as your website now has extra exposure and will restart and will start receiving visitors who have been referred to you from reef beyond this, though, the presence of this link can also benefit your rankings in search Results leading to even more visitors finding your site, but why does the presence of this link impact your SEO? The best answer starts with exploring how search engines use and depend on links to function so to explain.

Let’s look at the big picture of what a search engine does. Okay, the first thing it does is: is it navigates or crawls the web to discover content? It then indexes this content. In large databases, it calculates the relevancy and the meaning of the content. It ranks the content versus other items available in the database and then finally, it serves as results in milliseconds when we request it by performing a search as the Internet is a big and ever-changing place.

Search engines need a lot of computing power mesh with smart software to do these tasks on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis and as the scope of the challenge is way beyond what a person or team of people could do manually. The engineers at search engines have looked to develop machine learning methods to try and keep up one way, they’ve done. This is by using algorithms an algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations and problem-solving situations.

These algorithms are at the very heart of what makes a search engine good or bad at answering. Our queries in the early days of the web search engines used links as a primary method of discovering new content. The search engine did this by starting at one side. Let’s say, for example, the New York Times then following each link it encountered as it navigated through content the search engine software often called a bot or a spider, would travel from link to link to link finding new information to serve up for searchers back.

Then, if you had a website and wanted it to appear in search engines, you needed to be linked to from a website that a search engine already knew about or you’d risk. Your site never being found. Now for google links play a particularly important role in their story beyond using links to discover content, the founders of google made two very important observations that would go on to establish their search engine as the best in the market.

The first observation was that online some webpages have far more links than others, and the second observation, these frequently linked to pages, tend to be superior resources. This thinking was simple, but revolutionary links providing a strong signal about the value of a web page. A link from one website to another could be likened to an endorsement or a vote for that website. From an SEO perspective and as Google was already crawling the web at length to discover content, it was able to easily see which pages were the most link to so that it could then prioritize that content for a person who was searching, which is really brilliant.

So fast forward to today and search engine algorithms are now better than ever at measuring links and assigning ranking power on a case by case basis. Now one link can be worth several hundred or even several thousand times the value of another, so modern SEO. Practitioners are tasked with identifying and then earning links that search engines regard the most, which is what makes SEO as much of an art as it is a science.

Well, that about wraps up this introduction to why links matter for SEO in the next article we’ll be going into more detail about how to evaluate the SEO value of a link on a case by case basis. So you can inspect the links to your own site or to that of a competitor site and better understand why a particular web page is or isn’t ranking in the text accompanying. This post you’ll also find links to some of our favorite tools to help you conduct this analysis, so thank you very much for your time and all the best have a great day.