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How to use Google Analytics by Aferdita Pacrami CEO 90 Digital

So a huge part of what we do is just analytics so having data there to kind of explain what we do to see if it works to pretty much come up with strategies and everything is led by date. Everything is led by research or ohm, analytics dates, and things like that, so this is cool.

What we’re going to talk about today, specifically focusing on google analytics. It’s widely used analytics platform. It’s pretty, and I guess that’s what you guys are learn who this semester first thing: I’m not really going to go through how to add the tracking code and stuff, like that. That’s that’s kind of basics and Google Analytics itself as well, just really good guides for how to do this, but these a more kind of tips that maybe they might not really tell you about so first thing when you first set up with google analytics account.

You’ve got your account, your property and your main view as a default. You’ve got the all the website date of you now. Something to bear in mind with google analytics. Is that as soon as you set it up, that’s when it starts recording data. So it’s not historic its immediate and, if you add any filters to refuses, then who are likely to that tells good want to let it how to track so it completely changes what it’s trucking.

So so you have a filter soon ignore any visits from the UK. For whatever reason it literally will ignore them. So let’s say today you set up your google analytics tomorrow. You apply this filter, you leave it there for a week, then after week, you’ve removed it. That means that you’ve got a hold of completely different data, and you can see the issues with this because then you’ve got inconsistencies in your data.

So something to remember is whenever you set up, google analytics make sure that you’ve got one completely unfiltered view. This is one where you don’t apply any filters, don’t change anything and it’s their kind of as a backup, because if you make any mistakes with your filters or if you just want some clean data which is really valuable, you want to make sure that’s there and Then you can have your main here with them.

You know if you can filter IP addresses or whatever and then also set up a test where you would test out new filters before you apply because, like I said it’s, it’s immediate. So if you get that wrong, then you’ve got on the clean data so make sure always to have a test view. It’s really the core of using should have or the minimum or through it. You can have up to 25 and you can set it up. However, you want it always the three important ones.

Are your unfiltered view, your main you, where you apply some coracle, turns your document and also test view where you can test out any additional filters. Yes, so the main filter that I would first of all set up his IP filters, um. Yes, whatever business, you have you, you don’t want to track your own visits, because I could end up being misleading if everyone, your team, has come something on your site.

You know dates up, might look really impressive when in reality could be. You know half of the traffic that you’re getting any other filters depend on kind of what you’re. After so, for example, you might want to set up separate these four different other folders on your site, so you can set up these four. You know site.Com /of store and that’s one folder structure or psycho come forward. Slash dog things like that, so to kind of separate um your data into different kind of views and just to dig a bit deeper into filters.

So they’re, pretty easy to add you um analytics, already gives you kind of predefined filters that are the most common ones that you use and again one of the main ones that everyone uses an IP address filter and it’s just excluding your IP address and just a Note on IP addresses – I don’t know if everyone knows this, but a personal internet providers have a dynamic IP addresses. So, for example, if you’ve got whatever intimate you’ve got at home, your IP address will likely change every few months.

Family business providers really offer static. Ip addresses so that’s something to bear in mind when it folks bring our IP addresses. If, for example, you want to build throw your University access are not so sorry tropic, then you can set that up. You can just find out with your IP addresses for your uni and it ignores all traffic on between you guys. But if you want to filter out your home activity, you your best of doing that, maybe with location looking at other ways doing that instead of IP address, because after a few months, you’re going to have a different IP address and best case scenario.

Is you just have to update these filters every few months, which I don’t really recommend because it’s a lot of admin work worst case scenario, these IP addresses get reused by your internet providers, so somebody else subscribe to that entering our package will get your old IP Address now it’s pretty unlikely, but they might end up being a user on your website, so you unknowingly, filtered they’re out there relevant traffic.

If you have any kind of search functionality site, is to set up site search on there. It’s really valuable information because it gives you an insight into what people are looking for when they come onto your site, especially the reason one people would you say, searches, because they haven’t immediately found what they’re looking for and by seeing the keywords after entering – and you Know exactly what they’re interested in and maybe how to make the process easier for them how to make the presence of fondant that page easier for them.

So again, it’s in your main um preferences. That’s what is you just switch on the site, search, tracking, German, beautiful? So in Google this would be your profit ur q and it’s kind of the most used one in a lot of search functionality. Anything after search Q equals Tesco. This is the keyword, research for tesco stores. Some sites have additional filters, so, for example, they’ve got the main search box and then categories, and you can set that up as well, so that you can look at which categories people are selected.

For example, update you select your parameter queues and everything after this parameter is the site search. You can strip that openurl, so you don’t see it in your pointing, and you can also set up a category parameters for the counterpoise. It’s always before an equal sign. For example, here the different categories are English language in french language and very similar to the cube from turkey Ian equals and then um whatever the category.

Is there another thing to make sure to switch on when you’re studying google analytics of this on the demographics reports? So this is typically used for a remarketing data, but it’s also really useful for getting additional data analytics reports again this this future can be found in your few dates on these settings and what it does is when we go into your audience with points you can Actually see the different demographics of users that are coming onto your site and that’s really useful data I mean, in the long term, maybe want to do some surveys with the customers to find out where they are what they’re interested in.

But this is a great start about, because once you have this kind of information, you can really target your website to. You know that you know mainly 25 to 34 year olds, physiol website them and the majority of them are male. Then you have some ideas of how to target them. You also get interests as well. So you can see what else are interested in the way that Google Analytics take statements just by seeing what else are searching for a new database when they go to your site.

So because so many people use google analytics and they also have all the data from search. They could give you this information, but we need to enable um demographics in your setup. So I’m going to go through just some different types of conversions and how you can set up goals. So, first of all, goals are in your view as well are just in your viewing kollam. You can see Bulls there, and this is kind of how it looks like against you.

Some template, wolves and you can use or you can set up your own custom goals. These templates are quite good, but they fit specific purposes. So if you don’t have an e-commerce site, then you may just want to set up your own goal. So I’m going to talk a bit about micro, conversions and before I go into well. How does that are, for you have two different kinds of conversions and your micro, conversions and macro conversions.

A macro conversion is kind of your of the main conversion. It’s your answer. So, if you’re an e-commerce site, it’s the point where somebody ads as an item to the basket and makes approaches they bought a pair of shoes over something that is a macro conversion. Micro conversions are smaller conversions that lead to user to making a purchase. So it could be something like subscribing to your newsletter.

It could be spending more time on your site, so reading descriptions of the shoes reading, reviews um things like this, so things that would lead somebody to making a macro conversion your site and or you can set up with tons of conversions in Google Analytics. And it’s just in a goal set up. Okay, so a an example of a micro conversion would be time on sites. I am assuming that the more time people spend on the side the more the more interest that they are in the content, so the more they’re reading about the products, the services that I’m offer.

So I would look at the average duration on the site and see typically how long people take before they converts before the odds of basket or hook complete a form or whatever. And then I would take an average of kind of how long who was fun before making that macro conversion and I’d set that up visible. So in this case I’m saying if somebody spends five minutes for more on my site, then that’s a goal.

You can also add about you to these goals for monetary value. Um. If you have an e-commerce store, you know kind of you can add some how much each micro and macro go on what the monetary value is there. So, for example, you’ve got different products. You can add a monetary value of exactly how much each product costs curr macro go. So you know this conversion made X amount of money and at the end, just um.

You can select verify the school just to make sure that it works and say that part of a broader topic, but really before you kind of decide on what conversions. What what successes on your site! You need to really identify your business objectives. So if you say you’re a small business with an informational site, what what’s the point of the site, why are you online? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you a lead generator um? Are you a service provider? What is the point of even one? It’s kind of a really big question, so if you’re, if you’re just a blog um, then again I mean maybe you could answer in hypotheticals here, but if you’ve set up a business blog, what do you want to achieve with them? There are loads of different ID butters and links are still very important, though they’re not the most important things.

So if all you’re relying on is getting links for one blog, then it will help a fraction a bit, but not that much, because if you’re constantly getting links from one root domain than those links are less valuable and also it depends on how trust working. What the quality is of the blog, that’s linking out your business site. So if it’s kind of just a wordpress blog, then it adds very little value, whereas if it’s a really strong blog with the consistent following on constantly getting red and those links, you know it’s constantly ranking for its you post them.

That adds a lot more about. You so it’s all, contextual um! Really if you do have a link building campaign kind of wan na um, you want to variety. You don’t want to keep sending links just one place because then it kind of looks like you might have a partnership with this blog. So give you some hypotheticals if you have a business and you’re just adding a block, see that business then some reasons why you might want to do that in some, your blog could potentially help you learn: corn, um long till key phrases.

The way that your business site might not be able to because they’re bit limited in the type of content and they’re, not really targeting informational searches or mainly targeting transaction assertions, a blog is really good for that. So hypothetical ball in that case is just counting number of unique visitors, because the assumption there is that if you are constantly ranking on informational searches on long till key phrases, then you are more likely to get more visitors through to the blog.

But that would be a micro conversion and that would lead to potentially been sending this traffic on your business life by having strong calls to action on the blog. Sometimes the reporting you’ll be highlighting the number of visitors. The blog is generated for your main sites. That’s a new that’d be a good metric yeah. So again, a difference here would be blogs typically have a high bounce rate, because if you’ve got a consistent leadership, then they really just go read your latest post enemy.

They don’t do research, they don’t check out. Other pages um, but what we want to do it if you have a blog on your business site, is trying to move those readers to your business. I to make a transaction or whatever it is. You want them to do if it is spreading awareness for your business again, then you want to kind of measure things off site, um measure, how many people are talking about you in social medias.

There are several social monitoring tools out there um measure, how many people are talking about you, an external site, so not necessarily links but brand mentions. So all kind of awareness, conversions awareness balls would be mainly off your site, another hypothetical for why you might set up a blog is so again what we already talked about. This is to pass conversions to your main site. Um. There isn’t really a blueprint for this.

It’s always depend on what what you want to get out of it. So what your end result is, and once you know your end results you can come up with well, you know you’ve got your macro conversion, which is your end result, and then you can figure out different micro, conversions that lead to user to that end result. So if you do have forms and surveys I mean this – is this: this lie that I’m on now is it could example how to track that um.

I just set up a destination goal so that you get the thank you page of your survey. If there they’ve got a forum, if they’re signing up to an email newsletter or a survey by dealing when you set that up, you want to make sure at the end you send them to a unique URL. Sorry not unique hero, but thank you well so that you can track who has the medicine submitted this and then digging deeper into this? If your survey has several papers you can set up funnels, I think I yep and what funnels do is.

Let’s say your survey has five different pages: um, you know. First page is just kind of finding out about them like seeing if they can onto your survey. If you’ve got a really good survey, then yeah the first page is qualifying them and if they don’t qualify, then you send them to a page. Sir. You know sorry thank you for participating. They don’t follow by check out our other surveys here and you track that as a goalless walks.

You want to see me specifically how many users are coming to site and completing that survey. Arms polyphony, then you’ll get an idea of kind of your user group and when page one is, do you qualify page two is basic questions bundler, but your interest whatever paged me whatever? It is your surveys about so you’ve got five different pages. You set up fun ways in your goal destination, so your and route your destination is the thank you page, the funnels to the destination or each of the pages that lead to the end goal.

When you set this up – and you know if it’s a linear park – PPP they’re all required, if any, are skipped depending on what the user answers them, you know you, some of them won’t be required for then in your reporting. Once this is set up, you can see exactly where your users have dropped off. So if you’ve got a hundred people starting the survey and only 30 people go to the thing to your page, then you can look up.

You know first, how many people qualify for the survey and then at what point did they drop off Anna Vissi? Maybe page three had a very high dropout rate, then um. This is a good application of. Maybe you need to fix them. Maybe the questions are too hard. Maybe you know you know the user, don’t really understand. Maybe your surveys too long and beginning to really only need three pages. Whatever is like that’s the point to test, but yeah, if you do have a servant, you’re collecting that kind of dates are then set a destination ball with funnels when looking at your data, some of the stuff that you might want to do is compare a month On one year on year and stuff, like that, gurgaon alerts – and it’s this really easy from here – you can set date, ranges either manually or on using one of their presets compared to previous periods.

You compared to previous one previous year, whatever something that I would kind of recommend you’re, looking at monthly dates, i’ll break it down by day, you’re looking out yearly data, your best breaking it down by month, because sometimes you can get kind of a normal. These very things you know things change daily, but if they’re comparing year on year on year, what you want to do is to see if there are any seasonal trends for high light.

Anomaly is sometimes, if you get huge spikes or hear excerpts for August, let’s say whereas August in previous years, the so when is kind of roughly the same, and then you can get deep into that investigate, but yeah comparing times is really useful. Just for you know, seeing any improvement or seen seasonality, which is huge monolithic, sometimes you’ll get our traffic going down over the winter, and you know, rankings are still the same.

Everything else is still the same, but yet you’re getting less visitors on your site and instead of freaking out I’m thinking, I need to change my whole strategy. Something’s going wrong. You just compare a year on year and see. Is this normal to do? I get this visits during the winter. Do I get more visits during the autumn on same kind of thing? If your topic is increasing over the summer, you think oh yeah, this is working.

Let’s throw more budget, he thinks it’s working so well, but Chuck first see what patterns are on your data um, because the other thurs you usually do get concert. I’r going to be doing. Please look into that. So you’ve got a huge spike in June. The spike in traffic look at what kind of activity that was what you want. Maybe at some point is that way cause of traffic is that coming from. Is that the right traffic is that brand searches? Is it referrals what’s happening there? That’s where you dig deep and that’s when you can break it down in two days, um being hinter a lot of stuff with just kind of twine of your analytics data.

Something else you can do is use Google’s URL builder for me, and Google Analytics will naturally break down things into different campaign mediums and source and the reason when you would use even all builders if you’ve got a specific company. So it’s saying your university is doing any kind of winter term. Company we’ve got some new voices coming up and being able to promote them, so maybe you’re committing to buy an email by a various social other sites.

Referrals things like that. The best way to do that to kind of break it up from normal traffic, when your site is to use the URL builder going to create a unique whirl um. That looks something like this one here below that has a UTM source and it’s got all the campaign data. Now this overrides: let’s move one of the tips so, like I said, Google Analytics will already give you the source and medium, but once you set this up this world, it will wonder why puff.

So it is important that you enter this information correctly. You do understand the difference between source and this kind of stuff, because if you get it wrong, then you might get messy dates off so to go through this, but source is actually where this visit is coming from. That could be Facebook that could be google. I could be email, um does our gmail. That could be the actual site. The medium is the type of a visit, so it could be a referral.

It could be a search, organic PPC, email on. Does that make sense, some medium is the type and source is the actual place coming from campaign term is mainly used for paid keywords. Now, there’s no point of setting up your UTM tracking, if you’re doing, if you’re using AdWords, because it’s a lot better, but you can just link up your AdWords account. There is enough Google Analytics. However, if you using any other platforms that aren’t supporting with Google Analytics um the necessary, so that of like maybe um – I’m not a BBC expert, but maybe you’ve got some sort of um search platform.

Um this on social or something you’ve got and they’re finding your ad space in simpler words, that’s what you would amputated, not open on lyrics, just ignore out where it’s just sort of those two up campaign content. Hmm! This is, if you’re doing a split test, um landing page, so if you’ve got so, this is the pager tracking, sulfur, um, AC and papered / business, but you’ve got two different iterations of that page, one that highlights all the modules in the winter.

We are the one that highlights all the activities on the extra connectivities in the winter and you’re tracking, with this particular components who want to campaign sources Facebook’s its referral. But you want to see which one is more popular, the one that talks about the studies or the one that told us about the extracurricular stuff and that’s where you’d under the campaign content here. So here, for example, I would put in um studies.

So that’s person might set this up again for extracurricular tickets as a campaign content. I my campaign name is some point: your toe in your campaign once you’ve set us up in using this unique URL. So if it’s some Facebook they may share using this URL, not just sulfur, is you cable, / business and the same? If you were um, if it’s a PR campaign, it’s somebody else’s linking to you, then give them the UTM like for them to link that way.

So that it struct one traffic comes in through these lengths, then you can see it in your acquisitions section on google analytics. So this URL is what you get when you fill in this form and then let’s say you want to share this on Facebook, let’s just um. Actually, I won’t do it so mess up your analytics, but that’s the page against you with the additional stuff on my url. So all this stuff, UTM source facebook for all campaign winds, return um.

If you share that URL on stop, then anyone that clicks on that link from facebook and lands on this page, you will see it in Google Analytics under the acquisition. Their income pays. Well, anyone could set it up and come I mean you do see some thumb. Let’s set up like this um but yeah. I don’t want to run this exercise if everyone, if your data person knows if this is happening, but if you all click on this link and go to that page, then, when you check out the google analytics, you can see that as a campaign there and see How many visitors that page is sound, but i’ve seen some really interesting examples of spam using this technique to set up segments so um as a default on any report that you’ve got.

You see kind of all sessions that you want to compare it so similar to what I showed you with dates. Comparing month or month or year, you can compare um, for example, all sessions and mobile traffic or um. We can compare all sessions with them, only ones that converted and then you can kind of get um a more in-depth view of your data on segmenting your data like well, and then you can find on any report.

It’s just at the top here. You click on. Choose segments and um there’s a lot here. You can create ring segments as well and you can compare up to four segments, so you can have four different things up here and same with dashboards. If you find there’s a lot of information, Google Analytics, if you find that you’re only interested in some of the information – and you don’t want to keep scrolling here to get those separate reports – you can create dashboards.

If you create multiple dashboards and name them, you know whatever to serve your own age in dashboard, for any kind of referral, dates that you can have the hall here. Really good ones are from really good analysts and you can just add them to your own. Google analytics or modify them and then you can get into you can get them to understand about customizing a lot more by looking at what these other people are doing and kind of Highland customize things, and we have decided a list of good resources on just Google Analytics and analytics and measuring generally um, these top workloads are really good.

One of these is from is a global law, but kaushik Avinash, Kaushik ism. A really good analyst is written several books on um analytics platforms that are really useful, but a lot of the important content of his books is in his blog. Kissmetrics is the platform and they’ve got a really strong load as well. Buna metrics um also analytics has some sorry tips. Google analytics is different courses on how to use on google analytics and other platforms.

So he visit this link. You can see a number of the different courses and they’re all free and you can only get tested on it as well. At the end, if you get her here, I would recommend um using during the fundamentals course first and then going on top Tyga system is a chrome plugin behind a bum troubleshoots, your analytics installation. So if you’re setting up analytics some mistakes that I’ve seen you some, you know if our website is great, we’ve got a ten percent bounce rate, which is it is phenomenal.

It’s really low and unrealistic lilo, and when you look at that, Google Analytics you will actually it got to analytics tracking codes, help so they’re tracking one page twice, and that kind of interferes with how the bounce rate is measured and yeah. A plug-in like this can very easily tell you anything else for me right glad. I could help and thanks for having me today, thank you to all right. Bye-Bye


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What are the boundaries of Ethical SEO? #HCC12 #passion4digital

So therefore, the ethics behind it is quite an important point.

So those people who helped us to see the view of the world through google called SEO search engine optimisation professionals, and i’m really grateful today record for search engine optimisation professionals that were experts in their field and they’re going to share with us some of their views. On the ethics and the importance of SOA ethics within counselor search engine, optimization so ah, but we’ve got said, they’re following running water.

I’ve got underneath Julian Sophie Julius with us, virtually hi to Julia yeah, all right direction. I work at the vent and charring wilmslow or not to bother there and I started out in a Content background, so that was journalist and then going to the link building when link building was allowed, which is New Year’s little now and then got into proper agency Life at been started techos here, I’m me annoying to head the digital now so i’ll.

Just look everything across a client strategy from from beginning to end how we doing the right thing for them, i’m thrilled and and we’d. Look after some pretty big clients, nails we’ve got a cold early which resided fun. We’ve got airports a puckered God chair, WH, pubs and yeah, pretty well-known companies now and which is a far cry from started, and we have feel recruiters. No one’s ever done known on the probably up again and okay, so who is responsible for everything young so in the real world, who’s responsible for FX, probably ourselves? And then it’s governed by the place and some in some regards of the police say if you’ve done something wrong, you gettin locked up.

That’s that’s how it goes in terms of ethics, so online and digitally not an online market. It was responsible again all the way. It’s almost but you’ve got google, it was more or less of a knock life in our industry and placing that so in America, it’s slightly different. I think the love around sixty-five percent – Malcolm Jeremy. I know, whereas here it’s eighty-five percent of fish, local traffic.

I see every day it’s probably near a ninety-five percent of our galaxy alpha control, google, and so it is a monopolist or essentially they are policing. Our ethics and hanging with your know about penguin and backlinks, and what it is not so penguin is, is if you’re building backlinks to manipulate their algorithms or jungle to the two biggest parts of their algorithm, penguin panda, but but penguin and thunder funders about content quality Content penguins about links and once that, like that algorithm rooms, it will either say you’ve done good or you dumped out.

So if you’ve done bout, you go under this algorithm and in more or less your organic traffic, oh good amount of ninety percent of traffic. It was extreme amount of traffic, but Google did this algorithm and haven’t done it since December 2014. So that’s nearly two years of people being in infant of that algorithm and then stuck the capoeira so that businesses going out of work or the Baptist and in demand and some start fresh and so all the way.

In my mind, you’ve got to hold Google responsible, graphics, the we’re living by their rules, as we deal with life bullet by to government thrilled okay. So, what’s your practitioners, disability, the terms of ethics and I think we’ve got to listen to what Google say so there giggles guidelines. It was webmaster guidelines idea to this idea to this theater this, but you can also go beyond that and and doing your own we’re.

So, like we were saying earlier, you can decline them says I have to get to the top of Google get as much traffic as I can, which I get penalized and we’re done, and if you, if you agree to that, the time agrees that and the agency Agrees to that, then that’s fine, and what is you what most instances, clients think long term they want. They want a brand to go from here to be they want to get long-term custom.

You want green brand evangelism customers keep coming back and coming back now as an agency. That’s up to us to create that, and if you manipulate algorithms, then you’re not long term, that’s not going to happen! Even a lose. Even a loser brand because it will go into penguin, are going to panda on a girl under one of the other 100 or not algorithms. They’ve got you’ve got to do things right. You got to treat cool as a person and they give you a lot of the guidelines of what what to follow.

As long as you follow that technically, you should build kit, okay, pretty it’s okay, yeah! So, oh! So what should I responsibilities be in terms of SEO? So you said the personal thing they have many, so the clients are firm SEO agency. Yes, I don’t think clients have any responsibility, not bothered and how bother the long as they’re getting business I’m going to climb before that, how they, how the doing a line as long as that that repeat, custom comes and they’re seen as ethical.

However, chip off on that is, they are bothered. Forget the moment, yeah absence, all thanks to google them yeah. Okay, thank you. So I gather you’re quite interested in philosophical arguments and more conceptual things. So I’ll go on that level as much as I can just introduce myself, I are beating online marketing since 1999 and in 2006 I got a gig working with a company called betfair as their SEO manager, and I worked there for four years and then I became Head of search, which is all things to do with search engines and that’s paid and organic and dead in 2012, I set up by an agency called 90 digital and we specialize in their gaming and were part of the ICS media group.

So I think, there’s across the borders about 60 us in the agency in the 2015, having been in the run a block for years on reading. Other people. Do I gaining things I thought, let’s set up a casino, so I I were to the partner call sorceress. They hand the operations side, we do the marketing we focus on cryptocurrency, which is a niche. It’s a good idea to start somewhere. So we figured crypto is a good place to start, and I spend a lot of time really kind of wading around in the dark.

As it were on ethics, because the edges are very very soft and it won it’s easy to move too far left to right and then you end up in a bad place. I bike or ethical code is: don’t be evil good. We used to use that as a code, but they don’t any longer by the way, but anyway, let’s just talk about what s-class ears and just not a really high level which chu, Charlie weapons. Early first question is: what is ethics, and I would argue that ethics are the rules which are agreed to.

Therefore, you can have one set of ethics for one group and another set of ethics for another group, because the rules are different. You could be the same entity, so I think that’s interesting thing and the other thing that’s very interesting about this ecosystem. Is it a bit like the French Resistance, so in search engine optimization? Our job is to do well on Google. Fundamentally, we are either doing bidding for an organization that soul remit is to make money for its shareholders or we’re doing bidding on behalf of our clients who pay us or or or were doing business to do well on Google, whatever the whatever the consequences.

As long as they’re reading risky, so it’s very look. It’s very gray and it’s very important so anyway I my my general view is, as I said very simply, ethics is agree to the rules that you agree to to follow, so it is not ethical. For instance, I would argue to under sell the risk of a particular strategy with somebody who could lose everything if you failed, but on the other side of the coin, you got that whole situation where a client doesn’t understand the risks doesn’t want to listen and you’re.

Saying don’t do it effectively, you’re talking of cell phone business? The question is: what is the right ethical position to take their bearing in mind you need to bring in revenue for the people who work with you so very muddy. Uh. Just reiterating my point with this beautiful stop photographing gorgeous p, it’s all about the contract, politics really in very low level. Sense! It’s just whom I do business with and and who do I care most about.

So I don’t really care that much by Google on a near-term sense, because they don’t pay me directly. The person in front of me I’m doing business with does so. Therefore, my ethical focus is with them. When we talk about our responsibilities again, it’s about so why it might. My bottom line is: don’t be evil, therefore they need to know stuff but clients. We spoke about this early. You had a client who is just want links now, just to explain in search engine.

Optimization or going back little mini history lesson: Google, who is essentially founded on a patent which, which is based around academic papers actually, and, as we know, with academic papers, the more often they were cited more prominent the papers they thought links knew the links you click On there, like citations and academic papers and the more a page is linked to more important pages and that that dynamic has persisted to direct to today, but there are a lot of things that make it less and less easy to gain system.

So, for a long time it gives game the system. Clients still think because they’re lazy in the way they think oftentimes said links are going to be the answer to everything. They’re the answer to some things, but its its shades of gray, so client was loads of links. You’re saying no! No! No, if you carry on saying, though one more time, they’re going to walk off and go somewhere else, and the question is where ethically, where do you stand there? In my view, it’s better to win the client and to steer them in the right direction.

In the end than to just let them walk away, because otherwise they’re going to hit a snake oil salesman and they’ve done a death. So so that’s so that a client is responsible for the welfare of those around them and if they give an advice and they’re told if you do this, you will fall over. You will get a penalty in my opinion and they go ahead with it. Then it’s their responsibility because they were told one is all written down and everyone demers again.

The baseline is rules that are agreed to and in a way when you stick to that very simple premise, then the question of ethics gets really simple, because it’s what wills you agree upon. So the client who says I want legs legs loose. If I go and say wife, if you do this, there’s very highlighting that you’re going to get a penalty which means that, because just to explain, links acquiring loads new games, the system it artificially distorts things.

Google, then right ranks a website more highly than it really ought to, and personal errands website is happy. Google is not with the overall quality of their search results declines, so they don’t like people gaming, the system, but if a client signs up to it and says yes I’ll, do it then ethically, I think I’m in a good place if they fall over because they Insist on doing foolish things, then I’ll pull out the documents say you did.

I did say, and you did sign – that’s rather odd because they’re the rules that we’ve survived said out between us. Okay. So one of the things that I’ve talked a lot about is setting up some sort of a framework by which we can agree these rules. Now. This isn’t especially relevant to you guys, but I SEO is full of shades of gray, as in very the boundaries are very, very loose and so on, and if you believe in the idea that ethics are based on on agreements between each other, then, for example, if You had a trade association that would formalize the code by which we work with clients and Google and so on.

So, in other words, we struck create a universal set of agreements or not rules but conduct an approach to conducting ourselves, which, which then becomes our ethical position and it’s something I’ve always lived in and hopefully at some point. This is that you’re going to happen where we actually have our own trade association. Funnily enough golf green golf, green keepers have associations too, so I figured we could have one as well.

Thank you first of all, I’d like to say that nothing and SEO practitioners and supposin as I’ve seen strategies considers clean and safe turn into early wispy ones, as well as something was previously considered, pretty risky certain things you something pretty except in a mainstream. So the question is: who is responsible for ethical SEO for for maintaining the ethics or industry? My opinion is definitely on Google.

If you read really carefully Google Terms of Service. Basically, what it’s all about is just one business establishing its relationships with other businesses. Would they arrive before base for them liable for anything they are not to be held responsible for whatever risks for our problems arise for any businesses, any any entities using their services and so on, and so on and self-effacing they just wash their hands.

Basically, what we see here, if we try to make Google responsible for the ethics, we get a conflict of interest. We have businesses versus Google, which is nothing more, but another business ruling its actions, but its own business interests, making profit for its shareholders and doing whatever is in its shareholders. Interest wan na talk about. If you search for something like Google shows you. First of all of us, then it gives us incorrectly than I mean vilius, and so just me, the fries from the news to New York.

So that’s the whole lot of yet another ads under a different name. The leading to a Google property called Google flights. Then only we get the first of that equals that’s just before the departure of the screen before we have it more organic results that we get news paper or all sorts of news sites which is basically again repurposing other sites, content for Google purposes and then again We get more links to more Google pages.

Other searches related to you to the one that we’ve been running by Google just wants proof for a room. How does does fit in the picture of your business growth? Just how will you make it? So if you look through google webmaster guidelines, would you get another document regulating google relationship with the business is trying to make their content and there are websites visible on Google properties? What you get is a list of things to avoid.

If you reassure these things really carefully, I doubt any as your petitioner, nor is their souls actually doing something that they are being paid for, have never ever ever done any of these links games look basically any any links or design to make it. 5-Ranked can already be considered a link scheme, so any automated queries to google. Okay, have you ever check your rankings outside of Google search console then you’re already sending out Tomatoes, queries and you’re already violated something basically the only earth I used to say what one page rank are still life.

The only heated the only way to speak to google webmaster guidelines is just sit there. Reading favor and go to google webmaster guidelines really have nothing to do with the ethics of us. You know they just write all the responsibility on the site owner. They even make you responsible for cleaning up your face when they get hat when they get sponge. Whatever that happens to them, it’s just your sole responsibility, user-generated content.

You have to take care of that and they just serve lose vision on how it will deal with all of businesses. They just make things move a convenience for google, which again has nothing in it for your own business. Here we get to the petitioner responsibilities as an SEO petitioners, I believe responsibilities should be first of all to be qualified really qualified to provide the services that we are trying to offer our customers.

We should clearly understand the outcome or services before we offer them. We should not ever misrepresent our services and we should explain the clients what they are going to achieve through our services. What we are not going to achieve what is possible, what is not possible, what we control, what we do not control so basically manage client expectation. As for the client responsibilities, some people claim that they have done.

That is not completely true. In my opinion, and the quiet responsibilities will really be asking questions from the SEO practitioners before hiring them during TV, the process of working with an you, knowing what really is being done and why we as practitioners, should really educate our fine. It’s what Nick mentioned about the links may not be the actual solutions to between the natural solution to every problem we should educate our clients about.

This client should also implement as your practitioners recommendations, because what gives is a site. All that that I do there are spends 20 or more hours and charge from hefty amount for, and then none of that gets implemented so Cougars. There is no roi of my services for the client and then they will blame me for catching you nothing out of my services, so it is their responsibility to actually implement the recommendations that their clients again as a result of being educated by.

As you know, practitioners may should not expect any unrealistic outcomes. They should not expect. You spend two days. Do something and again the top rankings or top visibility laptop traffic levels. They should also understand cost to the quality of dependency. You cannot get for equality services by spending next to nothing, but unfortunately you should also really understand what you’re paying for, because there’s a any number of this owners SEO practitioners will charge clients money, unfortunately, and love delivery, the actual services or not deliver it up properly Or be unqualified to do so so so it’s all a unusual responsibility of clients and practitioners are you, but Google.

We should keep that in mind, whatever they are saying, we should really understand what’s best for any particular client, and the client should understand what it is that they are going to do. What are the risks and what’s the outcome and what they did, the cover for selection generally, the more interesting as your ethics questions that exist out there, but most people would not like to ask them would be something like would us feel for a company whose products Are you give you a zero for casinos? I targeting us clients nick, has mentioned a bit coin and crypto currency.

That’s not a dig at Nick bye love! You too, to Hollywood safe anymore! Last year, integers! Yes, another person! When we talk about SEO ethics, would you do reputation management for clients with really bad reputation? Would you carry this bad reputation a deserter? Would you investigate before taking up a client proper somebody dick take unless your job with ryanair, where you could not hate right, but the hands are all raised? A bike ride oh, come on, okay, Julia! Thank you very much that that that was brilliant.

So we’re now over is ok. We wanted to, or were too so clean up for the part of the last contribution. Ok, so I’m an associate of my PhD studies. I’ve come back from working in the street for about five years or at banding. Actually that size you can skate once a day. That’s why I risky was kind of tired when it’s someone, standards, practices and processes within the SEO industry decided to come back and study it to see.

If I critical system in some small way contribute to improving practice and improving the quality of service for for SEO, clients and things like a lot of time left in the dark, and so yes, so in my studies and I’m a research and like you know critically To do review have identified some kind of key key groups who have some form responsibility to to SEO client or the kind of ethical conduct and practice and processes that we should be planting for our clients and the first one is google and we’ll talk about Google’s.

Some kind of very polarized opinions within the panel ready for our first level, don’t believe that they have any legal department or ethical application towards practitioners and towards clients it’s their heart rhythm. We choose to manipulate somehow, and so we will probably to make that a bit more str8, asi’s practitioners and organizations. I do believe that they have an ethical obligation to incite and, however, I think that the way of going by at the moment is wrong.

I’ve seen a lot of SEO. Agencies are proficient as freelancers, develop their own form of ethical carriage or professional code of conduct. Vast there’s an absence of it within the industry and in doing so that effectively renders an ethical code and having unethical, because we can create with these codes are each other, an independent code. That means that, in times of crisis, we can call on this is code and effectively observe our self of any kind of form for practice and potentially and then took it trade associations and trained institutes again.

The IDM chad institute of marketing and few other groups as well example, which is a is an american trade association search industry. They all have their own individual code of conduct. I think it’s. The same kind of thing is no SEO. You can see, there’s no one chance and transcendence code of ethics for industry, so we can operate our own or create our emerald, and also some folks has been criticized as it as government by without teeth what good is an ethical code? Have you run any kind of rules of governance so to support that as well as a man, you know if someone’s behaving ethically, how do they? How are they reprimanded or where’s the justice? I have the back of it as well as starts of interesting point raised so and so practitioner responsibilities again and communication and they become intimacy and the theme of this conference, in particular I’ve sort of we research professional intimacy and which is the communication between the client And the practitioner that’s really important, that’s where ethical discussions can happen, and I think practitioners should have a plan B mentality and because we don’t know everything about the algorithm, I’m going general.

We can’t guarantee outcomes, it’s a trial and error process. I think there has to be some form of contingency a lot of aliases, don’t offer that to clients and manage expectations. Obviously, we’ve talked about like envy tail between Azure and I think, if final responsibility, practitioners to future gaze and to future-proof what we’re doing and then huge brief, is too much of a certain term but future gazing.

Absolutely and the algorithm changes 500 600 times a year. Apparently – and we carry thousands, there’s a lot subscription over it, but we have to stay one step ahead, playing and and protect our clients, because I know way back when penguins first launched. I think you pull of partitioning and no fights off guard as well, and so the final one client responsibilities and I don’t think that they have any ethical responsibilities and we’ve got to this conversation.

It’s a data point contention at the room, so I do think that they do have a responsibility, whether that’s an ethical responsibility and I think they need to keep on top of what SEO is – and I spoke to a lot of isterrifying to can find over 25 Grand me here and not actually know what the bane and just kind of go pour into the idea. If I were you going to get too tough, a google view number one and then eventually not doing in there in research and we’ve been led astray, and I think they need to stay stay on top of it with us and when I’m standing so far, are There any questions, based only so what would you heard so far to tell panelists or any thoughts? Yes, please just an observation.

This is really really fascinating, because my analogous experiences with the association of internet researchers and they were struggling with ethical guidelines for researchers, their practice starting in the late 1990s, and I’m picking up some analogs in terms of the ethical codes starting to bubble up because you’ve Recognized you have a problem, several problems, oh, but it still seems like it’s very early days in the conversations so you’ll, forgive my American optimism.

Clearly courage and workout. I hope just just an observation. Okay, think it’s so so i’ll just write you a couple moments of. I mean this sounds like an IT field thing shouldn’t be zs code, be relevant for this computing society code of ethics in her practice that, yes, they said it’s it kind of having it in the description really about who is responding again, where’s we’re kind of fragmented And I understand and a few things responsible, you think, google, you know I think medoret though, and that there’s there’s a lot of roots who could be responsible for it.

There isn’t a dialogue. There is an agenda to to discuss who could actually own that that code. If ever there could be hello things, that is, it was the visa British society to british computer society right. So in that arena the paradigm is very different as well, so you that do build comb and they build code and they know what the code is, and there are no secrets there in this environment we’ve gone and we’ve got a prevailing power, that’s enormously secretive right Hand is only interested in their own, their own interests as it were, and they have those the only time that they care about us is when it serves they’re interested.

So the ecosystem is very different and, for example, with advertising, which is more linear in that you buy advertising, there’s the IAB, which is the sanitizing yep at the idea, and PR also has some very strong associations with it within it. These prosper because there isn’t this. In my opinion, there is that it’s kind of overarching opponent and Suppan there’s transparency and the Holy Gazette, whereas an arts is a really very little transference.

I think as well about that whole I’ve been reading terminator at they readin and Google and for SEO itself is. Is so fragmented and money in what is now? The policy is a terror idea what he was about five years ago and then all the algorithms came through and we’ve kind of is this separated our into you? There are streams of digital PR content, marketing and it’s a social, it’s an temporary. The same thing I mean anything, its new kind of lies for the blogs, so it’s it it’s if the digital PR cody business marketing market about it.

But yes, your approach, fundamental guys, know there’s no fundamentally, there is no absolute truth that we know of me. Then one organization does know their absolute truth. Therefore everything becomes subjective, but this is very well good swimmers. The only time I’ve seen any outside prada get involved is when I worked for finance company after here, and it was pre penguin. But much of focus now is that, because it was a financial institute, it was a lot of lawyers involved in the Caliph day and out and if they were called Lincoln, are trying to do something manipulative against the competitor and then we would get sued.

All of that, the bunks would take away our license and that’s the only time I physically be involved an outside body get involved what we’re doing online. I think it’s really interesting as well, but it’s not just not just look at finance. We’re going to look at farmers looking at casinos and online gaming and booking it took holidays holiday website, because it’s just so native industries to consider and their own guidelines as well and how we then complete for those limits.

This your question – number two, I know so just do to do you have any thoughts on the British competing society should get involved with ethics or know whether their code of ethics, / society should remove the European Union’s. In the case, here’s my place so the worst of motion in the direction. So that’s that formation, ok, my fellow, is – can affirm. I was thinking more on the level of client vendor relationship because they they have in their code things about that, like honestly, towards the client and things like that.

So that’s why I was thinking on that level rather than on the Google overarching monster level. So it’s a lesson contractual just few actual guidelines. Yeah ethical contracts will colonize rather than legal. Well, the other thing it’s fascinating, that it might be thrifty, bruiser, looking yeah yeah so so field. I’ve been talking a lot about setting up a trade association and also the Julie as well as it happens, and the thing about this industry is it’s good.

I think a google would google pay that I really care about this industry per se. Secondly, it serves our interest that were fragmented and thirdly, because there are no clear order lines around knowledge because it’s subjective, it’s like it says, and what kind of empirical evidence is their favorite bluff that it makes it really difficult for us all to gather together and Actually set up a code that we also have to be it’s a snake oil industry distance is that I want to get to everybody to do a couple of questions surfing you work first, yeah harkening answer that I just wonder we’re talking very few turns like double Single sales people have how much of it for you, as professionals working in the industry, is driven by your own personal moral, ethical code and your own political views of a junior touch quite nicely upon reputation, management and, if she may or may not consider to be A reputable brand as well as looking at it as a cold across the industry.

How much can personal influence and come to bear in terms of the relationship? Do you have with clients, or do you put that to one side for the for the good in the putting this outcome and energy safe? I educate for me later. Okay – so I just want to chime in here, because Julius been relatively quiet, Judah is probably the most one of the best known and one of the most successful black hat SEO people in the game.

In other words, if you don’t know, there’s this paradigm that Google has supported, which is that, if your white hat you support ethical SEO, in other words, follow Google’s line. If you’re black hat you don’t and therefore you bad you really with us or you’re against us and Judah has lived in that space, which is so heavy on gaming, google that lot of people just don’t want to associate with her down.

That’s a very you just ask a question about press methods. Well, you know a lot of people would say that her ethics, I’m disgraceful. The fact that you do whatever it takes to get google full results. So I would be very interested in hearing what you think about that. Do you hear that acquisition of a shoe obviously wear your black hat today, straightening up for the obvious heroism, why I try to keep blood versus by half argument out of the discussion altogether purple or who know me will know that I ordered the version of the House, and by showing the motto bad boys, they are for a profit s third Brad Harris and bird.

This notion fortress for some time and their prevailed. Emotion of the actual community, at least certain circles, of the issue of insight that black hat equals. Unethical, though, defensible has nothing to do with defining the ethics standards. Black hat is just another method of achieving the goals, as well as utopia, clients about the risks and possible outcomes, as well as you allow. The strategy, with the actual approaches that you’re taking and randoms approaches actually makes sense.

So if you are going for somebody in the payday loan or some other highly competitive, cutthroat industry, there is no way you would be able to do that using just something worth of a cool. You have to use, there’s no collusion. Otherwise, you won’t be able to successfully complete for them. So it’s not really about the house. It’s not really about what I versus Y hat, I suggest for, for the sake of sanity, a hero community growing and some standards actually evolving.

We retire this whole concert because it was more on them. Okay, thank you for that defense. I think there is that another couple of questions certain better from now on yeah, I’m just sitting here, sorry fascinated procedure: you could I month s UK number of stakeholders or activity New Jersey. They did this study yeah you’ve got. Is it all mostly? Have you almost chosen any possible PhD as layers of our passive feelings audacity unless they just played murkiness? In other words, is it a PhD? You can do it, it’s a painting that I’m attempting when I said because we’ve signed up, but it’s interesting you as a stakeholder point.

So it’s study moving forward. It has say, contrary as it to guarantee full frame work on depends it and I’m trying to find an appropriate methodology to consider these technologies show a deliberative inquiry is the core, so more collaborative methods, try get everyone under or move to kind of talk about. The topic inseam can’t come to some sort, compli that works in everyone’s favorite, but again that’s the Salinger before words that could be really know if honest and it’s behind.

Yes, i’m going to do contribution to knowledge not to save the world. I think that’s yeah, but we will do our best to go up with something yet okay, so that there is certain that question um. I’m just wondering I read somewhere that the main name age comes a lot for rankings. So all the domain go to the mall or picker rankings in the new. No is that true, no, and if I Latrice to a new moon today using my iPad or ethical issue, how our work for us to love, you forget about what I think.

Okay, I mean: how long would you tell your client would take them for them to gilman for spiritual second page of Google a year or you’re, asking anyone after its? Let’s have a chat, you’re asking too many question. I there’s lots of stuff floating around. That Judy. Will have something to say about the domain name age, because that’s part of the well shall we say, notes we’re not calling a black car to date, but actually buying up whole domain names.

These part of you or one of your strategies that you use to get something ranking pretty quickly interested. Is that a common technique to get the domain names of the exponent and try to reel revitalize themselves? What do you do is probably, or so they say actions? Oh just before we have the main, I don’t know well, if that was an accident and the company wants to buy it back and came back to you.

Would you give it back to them actually a the worst, so they like that? My experience with was our thoughts and fight that used to belong to a service to talk who forgot to renew it. I wish the Lord all the content. I was going to use it for our purposes and the Solicitor comes threatening me. I say: what’s the problem? You’ll just send me the legislation for you and I’ll give it back to you, because I spent money, i’m registering, I don’t even charge you for responding all the main oil b2b pencil-neck brought back to me.

They aren’t you mate, but basically people think that it’s my responsibility to remind them of all them, forgetting cheering resumes. Ok, so I promise I commented to have a comment directly on this. I run the previous hcc conference and today, when I went to the websites online, I bought it and now it’s a pushing stuff that I don’t want to me. I ah well that’s unethical or not at least no, that’s not the point.

The site itself is not valuable me that information there is full and it’s out of date, even if it was my webpage, and I don’t care. The three is that which I did find kind of fun unpleasant of the experience was that some people may go to the previous website and expect the money that content and underpin still that they are they’re pushed basically crap to give us nothing worthwhile. Seeing in our webpage at all and and the so they’ll push crap, which they don’t want, so they are be the the customers that people that work on something are going to find quite something different.

It’s like it’s like. This is a class comparison, but let’s say some born dealer. I bought that and it was a children’s conference site and always will porn. That would be unethical in my opinion, just because you would expect the children would come to that page and then, if you would be blasting porn their places, that will not be a nicely today. Nothing is, of course, not quite bad, but it’s within the same vein of things right.

This is yeah expired to me subject. I was in a little bit but because we took all of that as well – and I agree there is a you know – we took my ethics essentially being a set of rules, so a set of rules is don’t. Do things like that, if there’s a risk that mine would be exposed to this kind of thing? I go totally go with that. That’s like that, like personal ethics, isn’t it as well, there’s no going there, you know person out there.

That’s hey, indie and personal ethics. Are the foundation of good society so did? Thank you not read it. I think. How do you maintain control of the content of the house that you know alcohol? So how do you maintain control of form of the website that you no longer on Georgie donuts? That’s clear, yep: let’s pick, there are ways of nuking websites, whoa yeah, i’m going to do you a lot sick, speak to Julia, how this person to continue any new with the main aim is a good, a good reason to stop to stop that kind of behavior.

As well, I mean obviously cost money, but how much is it really costing you think much impossible to that happen, or you want to archive and just keep all the doctors in case then just continue to redo the Demonia, but sometimes with large organizations like ours. It’s not you who is to respond, so there is the finance department that have given the credit card and then no longer keep the all the credit card expired and something and the email comes to them.

They have no idea what’s coming through some large organizations or it just allocated let it expands good evil, hybrids, important business and batters. So what we’ve started? It announced five four diminutive 10 years 12 years to develop truth organization to keep things running smoothly. You should probably have some sort of beautiful web properties policy or something like that. I mean I’ve seen choice a seed by the FBI from say: where’s cell providers, fellow sufferers for pores providers.

Other FBI forgets to review those shots from a fire, so many old violence, arcing one story can really really sure because one person was not even familiar and what that fight Grievous loss. He will matter where I go from happen. Motor starts in an option fireplace, I’m sure Joe’s. It used to be a swarm site confiscated by the FBI, FBI event forgot to renew, and then FBI, starvation and because, of course, as well as we made them, the ice are bringing bestest person hello, serving up something something illegal awesome.

Just you! Yes, you seen that the main this person alive in this boy in this case there’s a moose, all decide that a chalice well just to a broader comment – and this comes out of experience with with our cheek research ethics or discuss research ethics, particularly computer scientists and Other professionals – oh and one of the things that helps clear some of the ground is all of us, tend to come into ethics, thinking about ethics and its rules, because rules we understand, and particularly if we think, in a kind of confrontational way, we understand how to Go from general principles and specify things and come to a conclusion that looks like ethics thinking looks like most evidence, think so so this this is great.

This makes sense. The problem is that there’s a sort of field of ethical problems where we don’t know which would supply. So what are they? Some of the examples you brought forward like his interests? Do I balance my company’s interests or my clients interests? I would call that a problem of judgment and judgment is probably not deterministic – it’s probably not computationally intractable. Ah, it requires a lot of experience in a lot of pain, a lot of discussion, but it’s never perfect and it’s never finished.

And so, if we generally, when we find ourselves in these sort of places where we’re not sure when we’re asking questions while we’re now in a domain of judgment and those judgments are often variable and ten years later or five minutes later, you might look back and Say well, who I should have done this: that’s that’s the human condition for ethics as something that is not fully capture book under kind of rule-based apart, so I say: there’s anything wrong.

Just doesn’t get to these very gray areas which you’re sweating it welcome to my world, and it’s the world’s that we inhabit within the sponsoring shirt boy. It’s just. It is very it’s it’s irritating, because the industry as a whole doesn’t get as well funded as other sectors because of the the lack of clear parameters. So people see it as risky there for them for the cash in and it just kind of goes on like that and all of my long-held beliefs is that if you could build confidence in this industry, then we would all be better off, and yes, yes, seancody.

So I can just add that sure it would be nice to have some unified, also regulating how we approach things like us, but people just cannot regulate everything and it’s also the question of federal personal recommend for wealthier people in the audience just just mentioned. Basically, I work for self forever. I probably wouldn’t survive and say that progressive was us for some. Our children spent a server for honda.

Remember just me: I remembers. Market investments basically talked about de SMS and you as a good pain for changing customer of a registrar under any obligation to research previous history of that the Navy for treatment. And what do you find it? How does that impress your this arena mode with make such a simple chase and car reviews? But that’s that’s. That’s fine, as you have it. That’s more of questions you we’re too far.