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Direct Response Email Marketing!

If you restart, what would you do this? A lot of them said this okay, so so this is super super valuable for you, most of you guys are beginners, and why not do what someone who’s successful says they would do if they restart or be in your position as a beginner.

So listen up direct response. Marketing is something on people, don’t even know the word or the phrase. Oh. So, if you’re reading this good for you, the right response, marketing is basically you owning traffic, basically marketing the people where you’re going to get a exam, get a direct response from them, yes or no, or a certain action directly from them. What I’m talking about here is actually email.

Yes, you use part of the things like send email to people, physical, tangible mayor mail, but I’m talking about email for this, okay building an email list and marketing to them forever. Okay, guys want to talk about so visit. The strategy traffic time traffic tons of free stuff we’re just and then an opt-in page up, redirect redirect to offers hosting offers Ultron the funnel for you, if you’re new here alright funnels offers, as in multiple offers.

Alright – and am I missing anything here – you need an autoresponder sequence, so sequence. This is what I would do and they need email blast blast in the past yeah you got ta read list. This is like straight up their strategy and I’m going to show you the numbers and you’re like oh, my gosh. How can you even make money if you’re doing email marketing does that even work anymore, I’ll take what works is owning traffic, and this is just like the go-to thing to own traffic? Yes, you could do messenger, but is that going to be around forever? We know that email is the back brace for the whole internet and keeps it all glued together.

Basically, it’s the glooms internet. Everything you signed up for is under your email. Okay, email is the core okay to get to people in a core thing, so yeah, when the internet was even created, having an email was like the first thing, just a way for people to communicate and then other things pop up and you created it. Okay and then email silly all right and let me try it fun. Let’s try over here, you see it we’re driving traffic sorty is for traffic, we’re sending it to our opt-in, page opt-in.

We redirect them to our main offer. We can either own this offer or we could promote a mid ticket commission offer relevant to whatever needs were in that make sense, so you’re sending traffic by the way, my course I teach extensions of this whole funnel you can make six to seven figures or more. Okay, this business model is like the go to best business model, but then there’s secrets inside of it that you don’t even know about.

Then I teach inside my course so check that out. You’ll love it okay, I can add in bonuses. Okay, so you click the opt-in, you get the email. Alright, and you run your email sequence in your autoresponder could be a lab. Bird could be get response, it could be market hero, aka Alex Becker’s business. Those three are great and then there’s other ones, but I use Aweber and GetResponse. I can’t really decide between the two, so you just decided when you want.

I don’t have a link for that, but clickfunnels is we’re going to need to build your actual landing page. So that is in the description you can get your free trial, very special link for you there and you can email blasts to any offer that comes out in your niche. You can block students, and this is how you make an average of $ 1 per month. So basically, one dollar per month is like the key here um you are earning money for his opt-ins for the free stuff.

You may think coming else are not even earning anything, I’m just getting these emails and who knows what they’re ever going to make me money? Well, guess what it’s a numbers game in collecting about your email addresses so for every person idea – molest, you should be earning one cent to $ 1 to $ 10 per month – depends how how many offers you promote them? Monthly, okay – and this is not cleaning the email sequence.

This is including the email blasts, so you send out email blasts. Your wholeness of new offers new ways to monetize them all. You many things and even your own products, free image, and this is how I’m making thousands per day this my top income sources. I hope this YouTube blog becomes one of my top and then I hope that my site, businesses, that I want to build big companies out of one regarding influencers, is one of my big ideas, hopefully be making a million a month.

That’s down the road. It’s getting bailed it’ll take a while, but that’s and then other big ideas that I have I’m just an idea machine at Kim’s not digest. I don’t say that to brag or anything, but it’s kind of curse, and I know I think I saw something I must have said that he comes up ideas. It’s just like a weird thing like we might not stop his ideas. I got a huge stack of business ideas only do in my life, so this is like direct response marketing in the strategy that I would do if I to restart, because it’s the one best working for me right now.

It’s pretty good, lit okay you’re getting people into recurring right here, and they want to opt in because they’re getting a ton of stuff. Okay, you’d, like a bullet list of all the value giving them for the email they’re going to do. If it’s one thing, you have lower opt-in rates, but if it’s a no-brainer for them just to get their email and get the thing you give it to them and you get to them through the email redirects to the page and that’s easy news: clip phones.

So in high drive traffic do free traffic um. For starters, if you don’t have much money in your total beginner and you have no money do that. But if you have money you can freaking make a great bar align with the strategy. It’s the best drug to go to strategy for anyone. Okay, this is how big companies you can blow up their company very fast. That’s so now you just invest in any paid traffic source.

You want to do you. Do Facebook, that’s a great one. You could do Instagram. Anthony D is a huge influencer. You could do YouTube, you can do search ads. You do anything, so I hope you guys like this article. This is like a very valuable article. I believe, and if you believe that you can share your opinion by just doing thumbs up or you’re, going to comment down below, leave questions down below.

If you have any um check out that affiliate marketing course, you’re going to killing get a great are live from your investment of learning, learning, a new skill or more information that you never do about so check that out and other new stuff. In the description, I will see you in the next article peace


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How to use Google Analytics by Aferdita Pacrami CEO 90 Digital

So a huge part of what we do is just analytics so having data there to kind of explain what we do to see if it works to pretty much come up with strategies and everything is led by date. Everything is led by research or ohm, analytics dates, and things like that, so this is cool.

What we’re going to talk about today, specifically focusing on google analytics. It’s widely used analytics platform. It’s pretty, and I guess that’s what you guys are learn who this semester first thing: I’m not really going to go through how to add the tracking code and stuff, like that. That’s that’s kind of basics and Google Analytics itself as well, just really good guides for how to do this, but these a more kind of tips that maybe they might not really tell you about so first thing when you first set up with google analytics account.

You’ve got your account, your property and your main view as a default. You’ve got the all the website date of you now. Something to bear in mind with google analytics. Is that as soon as you set it up, that’s when it starts recording data. So it’s not historic its immediate and, if you add any filters to refuses, then who are likely to that tells good want to let it how to track so it completely changes what it’s trucking.

So so you have a filter soon ignore any visits from the UK. For whatever reason it literally will ignore them. So let’s say today you set up your google analytics tomorrow. You apply this filter, you leave it there for a week, then after week, you’ve removed it. That means that you’ve got a hold of completely different data, and you can see the issues with this because then you’ve got inconsistencies in your data.

So something to remember is whenever you set up, google analytics make sure that you’ve got one completely unfiltered view. This is one where you don’t apply any filters, don’t change anything and it’s their kind of as a backup, because if you make any mistakes with your filters or if you just want some clean data which is really valuable, you want to make sure that’s there and Then you can have your main here with them.

You know if you can filter IP addresses or whatever and then also set up a test where you would test out new filters before you apply because, like I said it’s, it’s immediate. So if you get that wrong, then you’ve got on the clean data so make sure always to have a test view. It’s really the core of using should have or the minimum or through it. You can have up to 25 and you can set it up. However, you want it always the three important ones.

Are your unfiltered view, your main you, where you apply some coracle, turns your document and also test view where you can test out any additional filters. Yes, so the main filter that I would first of all set up his IP filters, um. Yes, whatever business, you have you, you don’t want to track your own visits, because I could end up being misleading if everyone, your team, has come something on your site.

You know dates up, might look really impressive when in reality could be. You know half of the traffic that you’re getting any other filters depend on kind of what you’re. After so, for example, you might want to set up separate these four different other folders on your site, so you can set up these four. You know site.Com /of store and that’s one folder structure or psycho come forward. Slash dog things like that, so to kind of separate um your data into different kind of views and just to dig a bit deeper into filters.

So they’re, pretty easy to add you um analytics, already gives you kind of predefined filters that are the most common ones that you use and again one of the main ones that everyone uses an IP address filter and it’s just excluding your IP address and just a Note on IP addresses – I don’t know if everyone knows this, but a personal internet providers have a dynamic IP addresses. So, for example, if you’ve got whatever intimate you’ve got at home, your IP address will likely change every few months.

Family business providers really offer static. Ip addresses so that’s something to bear in mind when it folks bring our IP addresses. If, for example, you want to build throw your University access are not so sorry tropic, then you can set that up. You can just find out with your IP addresses for your uni and it ignores all traffic on between you guys. But if you want to filter out your home activity, you your best of doing that, maybe with location looking at other ways doing that instead of IP address, because after a few months, you’re going to have a different IP address and best case scenario.

Is you just have to update these filters every few months, which I don’t really recommend because it’s a lot of admin work worst case scenario, these IP addresses get reused by your internet providers, so somebody else subscribe to that entering our package will get your old IP Address now it’s pretty unlikely, but they might end up being a user on your website, so you unknowingly, filtered they’re out there relevant traffic.

If you have any kind of search functionality site, is to set up site search on there. It’s really valuable information because it gives you an insight into what people are looking for when they come onto your site, especially the reason one people would you say, searches, because they haven’t immediately found what they’re looking for and by seeing the keywords after entering – and you Know exactly what they’re interested in and maybe how to make the process easier for them how to make the presence of fondant that page easier for them.

So again, it’s in your main um preferences. That’s what is you just switch on the site, search, tracking, German, beautiful? So in Google this would be your profit ur q and it’s kind of the most used one in a lot of search functionality. Anything after search Q equals Tesco. This is the keyword, research for tesco stores. Some sites have additional filters, so, for example, they’ve got the main search box and then categories, and you can set that up as well, so that you can look at which categories people are selected.

For example, update you select your parameter queues and everything after this parameter is the site search. You can strip that openurl, so you don’t see it in your pointing, and you can also set up a category parameters for the counterpoise. It’s always before an equal sign. For example, here the different categories are English language in french language and very similar to the cube from turkey Ian equals and then um whatever the category.

Is there another thing to make sure to switch on when you’re studying google analytics of this on the demographics reports? So this is typically used for a remarketing data, but it’s also really useful for getting additional data analytics reports again this this future can be found in your few dates on these settings and what it does is when we go into your audience with points you can Actually see the different demographics of users that are coming onto your site and that’s really useful data I mean, in the long term, maybe want to do some surveys with the customers to find out where they are what they’re interested in.

But this is a great start about, because once you have this kind of information, you can really target your website to. You know that you know mainly 25 to 34 year olds, physiol website them and the majority of them are male. Then you have some ideas of how to target them. You also get interests as well. So you can see what else are interested in the way that Google Analytics take statements just by seeing what else are searching for a new database when they go to your site.

So because so many people use google analytics and they also have all the data from search. They could give you this information, but we need to enable um demographics in your setup. So I’m going to go through just some different types of conversions and how you can set up goals. So, first of all, goals are in your view as well are just in your viewing kollam. You can see Bulls there, and this is kind of how it looks like against you.

Some template, wolves and you can use or you can set up your own custom goals. These templates are quite good, but they fit specific purposes. So if you don’t have an e-commerce site, then you may just want to set up your own goal. So I’m going to talk a bit about micro, conversions and before I go into well. How does that are, for you have two different kinds of conversions and your micro, conversions and macro conversions.

A macro conversion is kind of your of the main conversion. It’s your answer. So, if you’re an e-commerce site, it’s the point where somebody ads as an item to the basket and makes approaches they bought a pair of shoes over something that is a macro conversion. Micro conversions are smaller conversions that lead to user to making a purchase. So it could be something like subscribing to your newsletter.

It could be spending more time on your site, so reading descriptions of the shoes reading, reviews um things like this, so things that would lead somebody to making a macro conversion your site and or you can set up with tons of conversions in Google Analytics. And it’s just in a goal set up. Okay, so a an example of a micro conversion would be time on sites. I am assuming that the more time people spend on the side the more the more interest that they are in the content, so the more they’re reading about the products, the services that I’m offer.

So I would look at the average duration on the site and see typically how long people take before they converts before the odds of basket or hook complete a form or whatever. And then I would take an average of kind of how long who was fun before making that macro conversion and I’d set that up visible. So in this case I’m saying if somebody spends five minutes for more on my site, then that’s a goal.

You can also add about you to these goals for monetary value. Um. If you have an e-commerce store, you know kind of you can add some how much each micro and macro go on what the monetary value is there. So, for example, you’ve got different products. You can add a monetary value of exactly how much each product costs curr macro go. So you know this conversion made X amount of money and at the end, just um.

You can select verify the school just to make sure that it works and say that part of a broader topic, but really before you kind of decide on what conversions. What what successes on your site! You need to really identify your business objectives. So if you say you’re a small business with an informational site, what what’s the point of the site, why are you online? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you a lead generator um? Are you a service provider? What is the point of even one? It’s kind of a really big question, so if you’re, if you’re just a blog um, then again I mean maybe you could answer in hypotheticals here, but if you’ve set up a business blog, what do you want to achieve with them? There are loads of different ID butters and links are still very important, though they’re not the most important things.

So if all you’re relying on is getting links for one blog, then it will help a fraction a bit, but not that much, because if you’re constantly getting links from one root domain than those links are less valuable and also it depends on how trust working. What the quality is of the blog, that’s linking out your business site. So if it’s kind of just a wordpress blog, then it adds very little value, whereas if it’s a really strong blog with the consistent following on constantly getting red and those links, you know it’s constantly ranking for its you post them.

That adds a lot more about. You so it’s all, contextual um! Really if you do have a link building campaign kind of wan na um, you want to variety. You don’t want to keep sending links just one place because then it kind of looks like you might have a partnership with this blog. So give you some hypotheticals if you have a business and you’re just adding a block, see that business then some reasons why you might want to do that in some, your blog could potentially help you learn: corn, um long till key phrases.

The way that your business site might not be able to because they’re bit limited in the type of content and they’re, not really targeting informational searches or mainly targeting transaction assertions, a blog is really good for that. So hypothetical ball in that case is just counting number of unique visitors, because the assumption there is that if you are constantly ranking on informational searches on long till key phrases, then you are more likely to get more visitors through to the blog.

But that would be a micro conversion and that would lead to potentially been sending this traffic on your business life by having strong calls to action on the blog. Sometimes the reporting you’ll be highlighting the number of visitors. The blog is generated for your main sites. That’s a new that’d be a good metric yeah. So again, a difference here would be blogs typically have a high bounce rate, because if you’ve got a consistent leadership, then they really just go read your latest post enemy.

They don’t do research, they don’t check out. Other pages um, but what we want to do it if you have a blog on your business site, is trying to move those readers to your business. I to make a transaction or whatever it is. You want them to do if it is spreading awareness for your business again, then you want to kind of measure things off site, um measure, how many people are talking about you in social medias.

There are several social monitoring tools out there um measure, how many people are talking about you, an external site, so not necessarily links but brand mentions. So all kind of awareness, conversions awareness balls would be mainly off your site, another hypothetical for why you might set up a blog is so again what we already talked about. This is to pass conversions to your main site. Um. There isn’t really a blueprint for this.

It’s always depend on what what you want to get out of it. So what your end result is, and once you know your end results you can come up with well, you know you’ve got your macro conversion, which is your end result, and then you can figure out different micro, conversions that lead to user to that end result. So if you do have forms and surveys I mean this – is this: this lie that I’m on now is it could example how to track that um.

I just set up a destination goal so that you get the thank you page of your survey. If there they’ve got a forum, if they’re signing up to an email newsletter or a survey by dealing when you set that up, you want to make sure at the end you send them to a unique URL. Sorry not unique hero, but thank you well so that you can track who has the medicine submitted this and then digging deeper into this? If your survey has several papers you can set up funnels, I think I yep and what funnels do is.

Let’s say your survey has five different pages: um, you know. First page is just kind of finding out about them like seeing if they can onto your survey. If you’ve got a really good survey, then yeah the first page is qualifying them and if they don’t qualify, then you send them to a page. Sir. You know sorry thank you for participating. They don’t follow by check out our other surveys here and you track that as a goalless walks.

You want to see me specifically how many users are coming to site and completing that survey. Arms polyphony, then you’ll get an idea of kind of your user group and when page one is, do you qualify page two is basic questions bundler, but your interest whatever paged me whatever? It is your surveys about so you’ve got five different pages. You set up fun ways in your goal destination, so your and route your destination is the thank you page, the funnels to the destination or each of the pages that lead to the end goal.

When you set this up – and you know if it’s a linear park – PPP they’re all required, if any, are skipped depending on what the user answers them, you know you, some of them won’t be required for then in your reporting. Once this is set up, you can see exactly where your users have dropped off. So if you’ve got a hundred people starting the survey and only 30 people go to the thing to your page, then you can look up.

You know first, how many people qualify for the survey and then at what point did they drop off Anna Vissi? Maybe page three had a very high dropout rate, then um. This is a good application of. Maybe you need to fix them. Maybe the questions are too hard. Maybe you know you know the user, don’t really understand. Maybe your surveys too long and beginning to really only need three pages. Whatever is like that’s the point to test, but yeah, if you do have a servant, you’re collecting that kind of dates are then set a destination ball with funnels when looking at your data, some of the stuff that you might want to do is compare a month On one year on year and stuff, like that, gurgaon alerts – and it’s this really easy from here – you can set date, ranges either manually or on using one of their presets compared to previous periods.

You compared to previous one previous year, whatever something that I would kind of recommend you’re, looking at monthly dates, i’ll break it down by day, you’re looking out yearly data, your best breaking it down by month, because sometimes you can get kind of a normal. These very things you know things change daily, but if they’re comparing year on year on year, what you want to do is to see if there are any seasonal trends for high light.

Anomaly is sometimes, if you get huge spikes or hear excerpts for August, let’s say whereas August in previous years, the so when is kind of roughly the same, and then you can get deep into that investigate, but yeah comparing times is really useful. Just for you know, seeing any improvement or seen seasonality, which is huge monolithic, sometimes you’ll get our traffic going down over the winter, and you know, rankings are still the same.

Everything else is still the same, but yet you’re getting less visitors on your site and instead of freaking out I’m thinking, I need to change my whole strategy. Something’s going wrong. You just compare a year on year and see. Is this normal to do? I get this visits during the winter. Do I get more visits during the autumn on same kind of thing? If your topic is increasing over the summer, you think oh yeah, this is working.

Let’s throw more budget, he thinks it’s working so well, but Chuck first see what patterns are on your data um, because the other thurs you usually do get concert. I’r going to be doing. Please look into that. So you’ve got a huge spike in June. The spike in traffic look at what kind of activity that was what you want. Maybe at some point is that way cause of traffic is that coming from. Is that the right traffic is that brand searches? Is it referrals what’s happening there? That’s where you dig deep and that’s when you can break it down in two days, um being hinter a lot of stuff with just kind of twine of your analytics data.

Something else you can do is use Google’s URL builder for me, and Google Analytics will naturally break down things into different campaign mediums and source and the reason when you would use even all builders if you’ve got a specific company. So it’s saying your university is doing any kind of winter term. Company we’ve got some new voices coming up and being able to promote them, so maybe you’re committing to buy an email by a various social other sites.

Referrals things like that. The best way to do that to kind of break it up from normal traffic, when your site is to use the URL builder going to create a unique whirl um. That looks something like this one here below that has a UTM source and it’s got all the campaign data. Now this overrides: let’s move one of the tips so, like I said, Google Analytics will already give you the source and medium, but once you set this up this world, it will wonder why puff.

So it is important that you enter this information correctly. You do understand the difference between source and this kind of stuff, because if you get it wrong, then you might get messy dates off so to go through this, but source is actually where this visit is coming from. That could be Facebook that could be google. I could be email, um does our gmail. That could be the actual site. The medium is the type of a visit, so it could be a referral.

It could be a search, organic PPC, email on. Does that make sense, some medium is the type and source is the actual place coming from campaign term is mainly used for paid keywords. Now, there’s no point of setting up your UTM tracking, if you’re doing, if you’re using AdWords, because it’s a lot better, but you can just link up your AdWords account. There is enough Google Analytics. However, if you using any other platforms that aren’t supporting with Google Analytics um the necessary, so that of like maybe um – I’m not a BBC expert, but maybe you’ve got some sort of um search platform.

Um this on social or something you’ve got and they’re finding your ad space in simpler words, that’s what you would amputated, not open on lyrics, just ignore out where it’s just sort of those two up campaign content. Hmm! This is, if you’re doing a split test, um landing page, so if you’ve got so, this is the pager tracking, sulfur, um, AC and papered / business, but you’ve got two different iterations of that page, one that highlights all the modules in the winter.

We are the one that highlights all the activities on the extra connectivities in the winter and you’re tracking, with this particular components who want to campaign sources Facebook’s its referral. But you want to see which one is more popular, the one that talks about the studies or the one that told us about the extracurricular stuff and that’s where you’d under the campaign content here. So here, for example, I would put in um studies.

So that’s person might set this up again for extracurricular tickets as a campaign content. I my campaign name is some point: your toe in your campaign once you’ve set us up in using this unique URL. So if it’s some Facebook they may share using this URL, not just sulfur, is you cable, / business and the same? If you were um, if it’s a PR campaign, it’s somebody else’s linking to you, then give them the UTM like for them to link that way.

So that it struct one traffic comes in through these lengths, then you can see it in your acquisitions section on google analytics. So this URL is what you get when you fill in this form and then let’s say you want to share this on Facebook, let’s just um. Actually, I won’t do it so mess up your analytics, but that’s the page against you with the additional stuff on my url. So all this stuff, UTM source facebook for all campaign winds, return um.

If you share that URL on stop, then anyone that clicks on that link from facebook and lands on this page, you will see it in Google Analytics under the acquisition. Their income pays. Well, anyone could set it up and come I mean you do see some thumb. Let’s set up like this um but yeah. I don’t want to run this exercise if everyone, if your data person knows if this is happening, but if you all click on this link and go to that page, then, when you check out the google analytics, you can see that as a campaign there and see How many visitors that page is sound, but i’ve seen some really interesting examples of spam using this technique to set up segments so um as a default on any report that you’ve got.

You see kind of all sessions that you want to compare it so similar to what I showed you with dates. Comparing month or month or year, you can compare um, for example, all sessions and mobile traffic or um. We can compare all sessions with them, only ones that converted and then you can kind of get um a more in-depth view of your data on segmenting your data like well, and then you can find on any report.

It’s just at the top here. You click on. Choose segments and um there’s a lot here. You can create ring segments as well and you can compare up to four segments, so you can have four different things up here and same with dashboards. If you find there’s a lot of information, Google Analytics, if you find that you’re only interested in some of the information – and you don’t want to keep scrolling here to get those separate reports – you can create dashboards.

If you create multiple dashboards and name them, you know whatever to serve your own age in dashboard, for any kind of referral, dates that you can have the hall here. Really good ones are from really good analysts and you can just add them to your own. Google analytics or modify them and then you can get into you can get them to understand about customizing a lot more by looking at what these other people are doing and kind of Highland customize things, and we have decided a list of good resources on just Google Analytics and analytics and measuring generally um, these top workloads are really good.

One of these is from is a global law, but kaushik Avinash, Kaushik ism. A really good analyst is written several books on um analytics platforms that are really useful, but a lot of the important content of his books is in his blog. Kissmetrics is the platform and they’ve got a really strong load as well. Buna metrics um also analytics has some sorry tips. Google analytics is different courses on how to use on google analytics and other platforms.

So he visit this link. You can see a number of the different courses and they’re all free and you can only get tested on it as well. At the end, if you get her here, I would recommend um using during the fundamentals course first and then going on top Tyga system is a chrome plugin behind a bum troubleshoots, your analytics installation. So if you’re setting up analytics some mistakes that I’ve seen you some, you know if our website is great, we’ve got a ten percent bounce rate, which is it is phenomenal.

It’s really low and unrealistic lilo, and when you look at that, Google Analytics you will actually it got to analytics tracking codes, help so they’re tracking one page twice, and that kind of interferes with how the bounce rate is measured and yeah. A plug-in like this can very easily tell you anything else for me right glad. I could help and thanks for having me today, thank you to all right. Bye-Bye


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Web Analytics – Getting Started

What is that? Ok, basically, when you’ve got a website, people go to it and they interact on there. All of that information is trackable. Google analytics allows you to use another free service from google to track how many people are coming to your website. How long they’re gone there, what pages they’re going to what type of browser they’re using where they’re from and so on and so forth? There’s so much information it really could take hours for me to go through it all.

The basic thing I want you use article is that if you’ve got a business and you’ve got a website – and you do not have Google Analytics or some sort of analytics program, you’re, basically running a business without a cash register, both the web sites, even Wars and Analytics because without analytics on there, you really have no idea. What’s going on on your website. Ok, you can anecdotally talk to people and hey.

What do you thinking? I would say? Oh, it looks really pretty, but it doesn’t tell you anything about how much time they’re actually spend on the website, where they’re going to on the website. If they’re accomplishing goals such as filling out, the web form clicking on the phone number if they’re on a mobile phone, what search keywords they typed into Google to get to your website what referring web sites are sending traffic to you? You have no idea about any of this, and Google Analytics is really easy to set up.

Like I said, it’s a free account there’s a little bit of JavaScript code that you need to put into your pages and boom. You start tracking. All this information. You need to get this set up today, if you don’t already have now, if you do have it there’s a lot of things about analytics that can make you think that you’re looking at important information when, in fact, nothing’s really coming out of the scope, the biggest One is that this is visitors.

You might get excited that you’ve got 10,000 people coming to your website each month, but what, if all 10,000 of those people have no interest in anything that your website has to offer, and they leave immediately, is anything well that traffic is worthless to you. So while visitor number is nice and it makes you feel good when it going up – it’s not necessarily important, but you also want to look at our few other factors, one of them being bounce rate.

Now this is a tricky number. What happens is when someone comes to your website and then they hit the back button and they leave your website. That’s counted as a bounce. Well, so, what’s happening here in one way: that’s not good. It means that they come to your website and whatever they were. Looking for wasn’t there, your website did not deliver on something that they need, so they lend. On the other hand, they came to your website.

They saw your phone number, they called you and became a customer. Well, in that case, it’s just fine that they’ve bounced off your website. Maybe they closed the browser right then, and that’s now called a mouse, but you know you can still look at bounce rates and get an idea, especially if you’re doing like a paid Google pay-per-click campaign, your bounce rate is really high. Then that tells you that you need to either tweak what keywords you’re bidding on or you took the content on your website, so a little bit insights there.

But at the end of the day, the most important things that you need to be tracking our conversions on your website, what our conversions, what conversions are? Really anything you want them to be the most obvious one. Is they go to your contact form? They fill out the form and they hit submit. You can set up google analytics to track that as a goal and therefore a conversion, and then you can see hey.

Somebody did a search on Google for this keyword. They came to the site that went to X, amount of pages, and then they filled out that web form, and that gives you insight into going wow. Okay, if that’s converting them, we need to do more content on that. If you’re doing a paid advertising campaign same exact thing, if there’s a referral site, so let’s say it’s basically any site: that’s not a search engine, let’s say Yelp Facebook! You know any any any type of website.

That’s out there, that’s not or Bing or Yahoo. Sending you traffic and that stuff’s converting – and you should reach out to that website and figure out how you can be better positioned on there, so you can get even more business out of it. Maybe you need to find out the five websites that are similar, that site and make sure you’re on them and you’re set up correctly, because something on that site is triggering people to come to your site and then become your customers.

So that’s that’s. Google analytics in a very brief nutshell, as I said there is a limitless amount of things that you can do on analytics, it’s tracking a ton of stuff. I recommend, if you really want to learn this stuff, you know obviously go sign up. Get a google analytics account going, you know, set it up on your website. There’s a ton of books, the big one that I like is from a google or name Avinash.

Is she I’ll even put some information over here? You know what books to get, but he walks you through what are important to look at how to create reports that you can give executives that have actionable data. You really want to be getting on this, like I said if your business owner and you’re not doing Google Analytics you’re flying blind right now, all that money, you’re spending on aunt being online is worthless because you’re not taking any action as far as what’s happening.

It’s a living, breathing organism, traffic changes with the seasons, so you need to be ready for these changes and get content ready and then be able to track what content was actually effective in making you money. So you can spend more time enough it on that. My emails right there comments are down below. Let me know what you think: what did I miss? I’r sure it was a ton, but you know that’s where that’s where we got ta start.

This is Friday. So congratulations until next time, rock on Oh


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How To Grow a New Website to Over 50,000 Organic Visits Per Month

Now, I’m going to say this right now: it’s not easy! It’s hard you’re going to put at the time his own fucking acts, no growth. Hacks no like, if you use days all of a sudden the floodgates opening a millions of people go to your website no way. I know that shit doesn’t exist, however, going to show you a proven skillful model they can duplicate and send off to your team, rinse and repeat: look at your analytics optimized based on your analytics and grow and grow and grow and grow and scale the right way.

Okay, so this is a model in a nutshell and keep this article short as possible. The system is called a who. What where and how system in this article just been talking about the where forget about everything else, but just let you know that’s where it comes from. So if we’re looking at the whole model most businesses, they will spend a lot of time focusing on their own platform. You want to start off with a start up.

You get your beautiful website, so you have your big website over here. You spend all this kind of money, creating content inside this website right through the money sign and you go out really cool. Look at my constant of my website. You do some social media posts see all of this. You know normal stuff. What they tell you to do and guess what nothing happens? No one comes your website because no one is a shit about your company.

No one cares about your brand yeah you’re, nobody, okay. So this is what you need to do. Instead, you still, you still need to build out your website, but don’t invest that much time into it, make it aesthetically pleasing, make it mobile friendly the standard stuff? Okay, so you have your website like so and basically what I want you to do is I’m going to spend. You know enough of your time creating three amazing pillar posts and what pillar posts are are guides or articles anywhere between two thousand words thousand words.

Beautiful images and articles like you really invest your time in and kind of like become the industry leader. In that specific, you know topic they were talking about, so you have three, so three pillar posts would call them, and you know, on average, like spending over between five hundred fifty thousand on the pillar post – maybe more maybe less – I don’t know – maybe doing yourself. Nonetheless, one three of them on your website: it really be strategic, pick three topics in your industry: let’s say your e-commerce of a product, maybe if you’re selling a pen maybe talk about them like cost of business for an office, that’s one and the second one is How to reduce overhead in your office, you get it just a bit, so three different topics with inside your industry and you create these pillar post on these bullshit 500 word cheesy little dinky articles and I fucking hate okay.

So now I got three polar posts. This is where the scalability model – the hard work, comes in. Remember what I said. Nobody knows you exist. Your website is in ghost town, remember the movie Field of Dreams. If you will build it, it will come down. Comes don’t cares about your fucking baseball field, okay, so, basically, what you need to do is this: you need to drive your Google Doc sheets and you’re, going to you’re going to do this you’re going to have one section which is called a GP another section which Is called podcast and if you guys can see that on this is garbage, so force markers seen need actually a fuckin marker business.

So we’re going to have there. We go we’re going to have a desperate, better GP and podcast okay and basically, what you’re going to do with GPS for guest clothes. You can use a tool like bus sumo, so this is what I do. I go to bus to go get the pro feature. Trust me don’t Chin’s out on that free feature Pro feature: invest in proper fucking software, go to bus, sumo and type in the keywords, your business, so we’re going to still use the whole theme about the marker based going to type in the keyword startup.

I’r going to type in the word and the consumer product and type in the word, maybe design so figure out the main keywords in the ordinate of your business and one side of us to move. There is a check mark for guest posts. You check that only that nothing else, and it’s going to give you all these articles where people have guest posted holy shit. That’s a fucking goldmine. So basically, what you want to do is you want to click the button on the right? It’s going to look for the most shares, so LinkedIn shares for the shares Facebook shares and then basically go by one by one, every single one, and what I’m looking for is I’m looking for hide the main website north of 40 plus domain Authority.

A great little trick you can do, is you take the URL of that website? You can plug it into a website called similar web.Com boom and you look for monthly traffic. So what you’re looking for is anywhere between north of a hundred thousand monthly hits? You don’t want anything south of that, because it’s not worth your time. So let’s say you go through the whole process of finding websites doing more than one hundred thousand hits a month domain of 30, 40 plus 40 plus and basically you’re making a list of least at least 30 guest hosting opportunities.

So you go to your Google Docs and Google Drive and you make content okay cool now, um go is due to podcasting. So basically, podcast is a little bit easier to leave any tools at all. You can go to six-year. You can go to iTunes. You can go to Google Play or Google podcasts and basically you’re looking at least the top 40 in your needs, so, let’s type in, for example, once again with this, maybe you, entrepreneurs, startup marketing, consumer goods, etc and basically you’re.

Looking for the top 40, you rip that data out you go to a Google Doc and once again guess what name content boom. That’s your list! Okay, and this is what you do. Let’s start with the guest post, you go one by one and email them and I usually ask permission based marketing as opposed to just pitching them. Like literally this will I do subject line trying to connect or to blow the name of the person.

So let’s say to Mike from a mere: are you accepting guest post question line and a fucking story, literally more than 80 % of the time to email me back what you got? What do you have in mind? That’s privileged space marketing boom, open up the relationship and that’s when you sell them. So basically what you want to do is you know those three pillar posts that you had. So this is what you do around those topics you pitch them: a good guest post that it’s congruent with their audience, not what you want, but congruent with their audience, based on those three pillar Cosi you’re talking about – and this is where the traffic part comes in – Because if you’re looking at Google rankings, they care about backends for your website, they care about bounce rate, they care about how many other websites that people are talking about your website and anchor linking to your website, etc, etc.

So let’s say the first person accepts our guest post. You start writing a beautiful guest post on their website addressing their audience. Talking about the three color posts are roughly around the three pillar post ideas you had somewhere in that post your going to have a link to one of your pillar posts and the whole idea how we do how we do it usually is: let’s say we’re going To call this on our pillar post, one so pillar, post one is: we have a campaign for each pillar post, so pillar, post one is we’re looking for roughly and we’re between five to ten guest posting opportunities in each of these guest posting opportunities.

They have one link, so anchor text based link back to pillar post, one more or less you’re, creating an organic personal backlinking network, as opposed to paying in and controlling your own. That’s a whole different article, but this is an organic way. Different websites different website different web sites. You have now pushed their audience, you’re, building links back to your pillar post, and that’s it simple as that.

So once you’re done p1 go to p2 p3, you get they just divisible down the whole. This you get ready for rejection, sure keep on moving forward if moving forward and moving forward. The whole idea now you’re telling Google that you are a trustworthy website. The people deem you as an authority and will see you above all when you get fucking exposed to like mass amounts of audience. Like imagine getting a guest post on, like I don’t know, website doing the million hits a month and then they put in the front page.

You can’t buy that type of media. It’s too expensive. You got it for free you under community. You get it back into your website times that by five six seven, ten, twenty five twenty five guest posts – you do the math. It really does help your company. This is scalable quantifiable. You can look your Google Analytics. You can see how many people are coming from every link, every post, bounce rate, etcetera, etcetera, become very become.

You know, use Matthew advantage. You know I wasn’t number from the beginning. I realized how important numbers are so really digging deep with your analytics and see what’s happening? Is you going on and then optimized from their podcast a little bit different, so podcasts are obviously not guest hosting you’re, not ready for them. We reach out, I figure out what the angle of their audience is pitch.

Your idea pitch your story and just be you be fun. We’re in and have a good conversation, be interesting for people and usually for the most part, use podcasting. You have a spot where they link back your website. It’s not obviously to your article, but here’s a little tip on top of that. If you are in a position where you can offer something special for their audience, create a unique page for the audience.

So let’s say going back to the markers: maybe you can have like entrepreneur and partners, John Lee Dumas as a podcast and all these other people a podcast or you know, art of charm, Jordan Harbinger. You can have art of charm, comm, slash goal marker, for example. So from our to charm, Jordans page they click it. They go to market page, a special offer just for his audience. Okay, so make a unique make it personable just for their audience that that little extra goes a long way.

That’s it! You go down the list. You finish that, but I mean that’s how you get traffic to your website. It’s not you just focusing on your website. If you do outreach, you building the bonds or relationship with everybody else in your ecosystem and also you getting exposed to other people’s platforms. That’s the most important thing, your message, your brand, everything that you want to sell is now exposed on these platforms have millions and millions of readers or followers and Watchers.

That’s it I’ll leave you with that. You got a comment coming below. Let’s see you later, peace


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How To Start | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

Let me tell you how hey guys I know I look like from scholars right now very high in the air back from London, headed to a York City Expressway a article, so many of you are stuck and can’t start.

I broke it down into that. What how and where right whw right like what are you going to talk about, but the way all of you need to do this and how you actually start is by doing you ever done anything, yet you know this whole fake it till you make. It brings. No value to anybody, you need to make something, and that thing is a manifesto. It’s always been obvious. It’s always been obvious. What causes success? What I needed to do you know every time I read content the internet web television readed, opening the other night was responsible.

Is working she’s interviewed George Lucas, something seeing the same shit. We took it to all the studios, every single one of them and nobody wanted it. So what you do so I said: well, I’m not going to give up now. You’re stuck you haven’t, started cuz you’re stuck, I think, you’re of using trumps the excitement of victory for so many people. So here you go what what I’m going to talk about? What do you want to be known for? Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life? Do that and see what people need to understand is the way we communicate today is so different and the platforms have been redefined.

You want to be in health and fitness, you want to be in strategy, you want to in social media, you want to be and sneakers you want to be in coffee. You want to be in electronics, you want to be in in fashion york like smurfs smurfs. It up, you can make seventy thousand dollars a year talking about the smooth, whether that’s your mission or where you’re at right. Now your truth manifesto tell me what you’re thinking about it like if somebody made a article eight years ago that I think fashion should be high low.

I think people should wear expensive, stuff and inexpensive stuff in one wardrobe. They would have been like the queen or king of the vision of the fashion industry, just by making a article for the thing that facebook why your Instagram, like facebook’s, going to buy instagram four months later it happens. So I was on Piers Morgan, this company’s 550 days old, how the hell is it worth a billion dollars and my opening line is they stole it? And then I guess, last year, this time right, facebook bought whatsapp for 18 billion, and every article like the next day after the news came out is like oh wait a minute.

They fucking stole Instagram the. How is there’s only a certain few ways to communicate in the world whether this is article form something extreme yeah like just get on a train and go away for a week or something different? You have to break pattern whether this is audio form sitting here. Listening to my music list and I’m starting to find a little clarity, audio being a podcast you’re, an outspoken advocate for both hustle with self-awareness yeah.

So if you had to put them in order, even if it’s a 1a and one sample in self-awareness, not important when you know her, you, yes, when you know who you are hustle sexier yeah like it would have been cooler for, like the people. Listening for me to say, hustle, because it’s cooler right heck, you mean of do podcast, put the record on your phone and just speak your truth as I sit here right now, writing this article or at least mellowing it, because that’s how I do it get in Front of a camera to Southeast out, you know I’m old, now, kids, at 40, I’ve observed a lot to tell you that optimism and positive is a huge variable.

Good morning. Instagram me Gary. Instead of a motivational quote or some sort of collapse, one of those tamanna fees tell you all the guys, their attention thumbs up on the tripod or have a d-rock, your nephew or sister, making me this is real quick you can in turn is here. Somebody guys might remember him or you write it, but the way all of you need to do this and how you actually start is. By doing I create an obnoxious amount of content because you’re the strategy of how we do it don’t do anything.

Just keep. Reading keep reading my stuff keep being entertained by my energy. Keep being inspired, don’t do don’t look and have dinner at seven o’clock and 22 years like when your strategy is right, you win, and so we have figured out that pillar content creates content underneath it at scale. Everybody welcome to the first hashtag askgaryvee. I think it’s the first one, but I actually do think I tried to do this once before.

I feel like I’ve got the team now in place to actually do this more often to macro patients macro patience, my patients you’ve got a deploy. Patients you’ve got to love the process, what’s the ROI of social media, so I look at her ago. What’s the ROI of your mother, there are so many people in here that shouldn’t be producing article, because that is not the best way they communicate only a decade ago, as I was speaking here, all I would be talking about is blogging.

Yet there are people in this room that are caught up by picture and article communication and they are tremendous writers and they don’t realize that blogging or posting on medium or even my favorite little hack. Right now, if you’re a good writer – and you want to build up a profile for your business or for yourself, I actually highly recommend you start blogging inside of Facebook and Instagram, I literally mean writing seven.

Fifteen twenty five sentences. Three four five paragraphs word: a written content within your feeds that people will absolutely consumed. So that’s number one and two know what and and how right like. How are you going to do it and then we’re distribution? That’s that’s what you need to figure out next and it’s the hardest part for a lot of you hardest part is to start the next hardest. Binlog things are hard hard to start hard to know what format do it in audio written article and the number three? How do you get people to see it all goes down in the DM which key is providing other people more value? I just don’t see people doing it, it blows me away and it is absolutely wonderful and it is absolutely going down on Instagram DM influencers where you pay for it even pay in facebook ads Instagram a sponsorship deals youtube pre-rolls against people of those interests fashion.

You know feed line, sneakers technology or or you reach out to people that have audiences urge hashtags click them look at. The account then see how you can bring them values, DM them go and soft, bring value, rinse and repeat: 10, three or five thousand times. So the thing maybe should do is go upper east side doesn’t get. This guy looks like it took picture Haji Instagram influencers right now today, for doers is the probably, but only behind facebook, ads the single best arbitrage in marketing and then then try and then you learn when you’re a pioneer you have to taste it.

There’s no report. There’s no white paper, there’s no modeling mixed metrics that are going to teach you how that’s going to work when you’re the first explorer. You have to taste the berries and hopefully they’re, not poisonous we’re living through this incredible era of massive opportunity. Yet everybody’s talking and reading and nobody’s fucking doing start fucking executing. So what does that mean? That means you should write a medium blog post every week, content podcast article written, quotes, pictures and then tactics.

What scares me quite a bit is that most of you, when you see these logos, you think of a piece of content that you make and you think of those five blogs and more as places where you distribute it. Twitter and Facebook are tools. Twitter and Facebook are markers and crayons right, no fax machine. These are not just distribution blogs. These are blogs where you have the natively story, tell Facebook youtube and instagram or ABC NBC and CBS, and what I figured out for last decade is how to make mash and the end with and show, and he are inside.

Though, and my question is, how do I also and stop being a pussy metemma, I want to do where you are go. What’s lacking you some, I don’t know other people’s POV come on man classic style. Yes, yes, please take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is. It is imperative that not only do you start thinking about your content strategy on these platforms for your business, facebook, targeting I mean, like I mean that’s it like you, can literally put your business address, run a male, a radius around it or everybody in the 70, 8, 1 zip code or 20 8802 as very Jersey in the house, zip code and everybody will see it and that’s in that zip code in that feed.

It’s a piece of cake. So if we talk about coffee, Google, the word coffee and the word blog or coffee and media company and literally email, every editor and writer of every copy blog on the internet, the way you’re going to make money online and by the way anywhere it’s by grabbing. It so if I were you, I would do this, I would go to whoville, I would type in beer, so I would click this one pop glasses, calm.

I go to this site, I see what they have. I would find if the phone number of this place. Here’s a phone number. I pick it up. How long could I speak to about you guys, possibly advertising a light? Beer blog that’s mean, then search the hashtag coffee and go to every coffee, influencer and coffee, released and coffee media site on Instagram and DM them, and ask them to give awareness to this manifesto.

You just wrote, and one out of three hundred twenty-seven will but that’s better than zero. Undervalue is just that. One view needs to be the right view. Place one view is a humongous will take sense until you do it and what I’m willing to sit here right now and make this article hoping that one fucker one boxer says: oh shit, yeah fuck it. Where the threaten word. We look at the mediums linkedin.

The word presses, you start a blog right or we do it on your facebook or you do in your cereal. How there’s only really three core waves in the current internet to really communicate to the world, the written word or article? What I’m doing right now youtube facebook, article Instagram one minute version article – is the other way we communicate a number three audio the boom of podcast. These are things that matter what the fuck do you want to talk about? How are you going to communicate it written audio or article, and how do you get people access see? This is where we showed you how to go into the DM right, then, before you’ve got to figure out how to use some money and use facebook ads and target the people that you’re trying to reach or grinding hustle.

Just literally female is 702 1500 different blogs or media sites and saying he wanted this spread with my content, somebody has a 14,000 person, email newsletter about coffee news, find that person and ask them Scott asked, be smart, Jab, Jab right hook, ask them what you can Do for them, because you want everybody to read this. He posted on medium and hit up the editors of medium, who curate content post a link on it and to read it right, hit up the 4700 coffee influencers on youtube and send them a message and ask them if they want to read it on their youtube.

Blog that has 147 views. 147 news is better than zero, the fuckin work and how you start


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SFBW19 – The Importance of Proper Measurement Within Digital Marketing for Crypto Companies

My name is Jamie McCormick, a managing director of Bitcoin marketing team. It’s going to flick through this very quickly here as well, Who I am been working in crypto since 2014 um. In terms of how I got here into the crypto space, so I classically trained in marketing – remember the Marketing Institute. I worked for 12 years in the article games industry prior to getting into crypto, specifically in virtual currencies and then five years in blockchain as well.

I ended up designing primarily because of advertising fraud. Three tracking and accreditation systems did one and article games have one in Facebook and then a generic platform as well, and we’ve integrated the tracking and accreditation methodology that we use in to over 10 crypto projects as well. I managed about 12 million advertising across this, so while you’re here um just to run through kind of the topics that are going to be talking about.

So we’re going to have a look at the smart approach in terms of a marketing plan. The importance of measuring how modern, tracking and Accreditation works some of the different challenges that are there to measuring the pitfalls. If you’re relying exclusively on Google Analytics the benefits of effective tracking a few examples, what happens when tracking goes wrong and then we’re going to have a look at a real-life example of a conversion funnel and specifically, how measurement improve that so in terms of being smart? For any marketers in the room, probably familiar with this, it’s an acronym for a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely within digital marketing.

Taking a smart approach, that’s a cryptic company really measure all of the different activities that you’re doing to see what’s working. This is good and bad, and it’s really important that you tailor this against your specific KPIs. Now every type of project is different. If you’re selling a hardware wallet, it might be ecommerce sales. If you’re doing an exchange, you might have to do onboarding process trading trading volume and then there’s various different types of KPIs that you have and what this lets you do then has really build specific tactics in relevant marketing blogs for your different audiences.

There you can measure them, so you can really find out what’s working driving traffic to your website, into your conversion, funnel specifically through your conversion funnel and on to sales, you want to have it so that it’s achievable with your resources, skills and budgets. It’s realistic in terms of your expectations against your company KPIs and that you can find your audience in the right place at the right time with the right message now, when you combine correctly implemented tracking and accreditation, you can see things for their true impact, so good About you know not every advertising campaign is going to be brilliant.

Not every advertising campaign is going to be poor. You know often you’re going to have situations where you have some good, some bad. You might have say 100 publishers sending you traffic from a particular advertising network, but there’s only actually three or four of them that are really generating most of the sales that you’re getting in there as well. So once you can see, what’s good, you can focus efforts.

There once you can see, what’s poor, you can cut it off and redistribute that budget around then as well. So in terms of measuring you know anyone who’s using digital marketing. It is one of the most measurable activities that a company can do and you need to have your tracking in place. If you don’t have tracking in place, you can never really measure anything other than at kind of a generic overall level as well.

So when you’re trying to do digital marketing, tracking and accreditation, you need to have your platform configured. So when traffic is hitting your website you’re adding URL parameters, so people may be familiar with UTM tags like feed into Google Analytics. You can add a lot of costs and values onto these as well. These need to be fed into the link prior to being sent to your website or to an app store as well.

Once you have that in place, then you need to be able to take that data feed it into your own user registration database and then pull those reports into a marketing report which is limp, lined up with your KPIs and then. Finally, once you have it, you can act on that report and we’ll have a look at this. So knowing what’s good is great because you can focus budget there, knowing what’s bad lets you avoid wasted, spend so, if you’re running an advertising campaign for $ 10,000, you should know after about a thousand or 2,000 told us, whether it’s actually going to work or not, And if it’s not working cut it and move it move the budget elsewhere.

Also having the data as well has a lot of applications beyond it. You can find problems with your conversion funnel you can find some strange behavior, that’s going on anomalies. You know in article games, we found all sorts of products. A product design, you know, might be specific points within a game that were deep into the game that were actually broken and in a conversion funnel in the example will show later on.

There was two points that we’re losing over: 60 % of the user is going through. So when you’re dropping a lot of money on campaigns and they’re, not really going the whole way through, that’s going to cost you a lot of money as well. Now, once you can see what is working and you can fix it, you can focus and improve over time. So in terms of modern tracking and accreditation, you know, overall, your traffic is going to be mixed up from a couple of different sources.

So you have your organic traffic, which is going to give you a baseline, that’s coming in, so this is coming in from your SEO. This is coming in from any media that you’re doing in terms of peor. You’ve also, then, got traffic, that’s being driven from your communications. So this is your blogs, your social media posts and then you’ve got your advertising traffic than as well. Now I know our hosts ears were podcasts as well.

So, equally, you can use promo codes where you don’t have a link to measure and link it into this sort of a methodology as well. Now. The key thing to remember here is, if you don’t tag communications or advertising activities, you’re, never going to be able to measure them after the fact, it’s very, very, very hard after somebody has registered to then try and find out where they came from. So if you add the information when you’re sending it whether it’s through Google AdWords campaign, whether it’s through a ad campaign with someone like coin Zillow or coin traffic, podcast social media posts, you can do that in terms of P or obviously pure they strip out.

Quite a lot of the links, but you can use timestamp information to pin a cross-reference when traffic came in and link that back generally to particular types of activities, and especially when it comes to communication. Measuring, like we’ve integrated this with several of our clients of community management teams. So when they take kind of a unified approach to measuring activities, they can say: okay, well, we’re working across Facebook, we’re working across Twitter, we’re working across medium, we’re working across YouTube and what they can find then is well.

Twitter is actually getting us five times. The amount of traffic Facebook is getting us a lot, less mediums, getting us a steady amount and they can use that then to kind of repurpose their time in their effort. So they spend less time on the blogs that are giving them less results and they focus more on the ones that are so in terms of some of the challenges that you have to measurement as well. Now I’ve managed a number of marketing teams prior to getting into crypto, and human error is one of the big ones.

Now going back to my games career, we had about eight different people on our team. None of them were trained to the same standard weed people in from South Africa. We people from Ireland from England, Italy, Poland, Russia, Germany, everyone was digitally marketing qualified, but no one had the same training. So we really had to give that standard training to the entire team so that they could do it as well.

I blocked plugins really caused a big issue, so you’ve got the likes of brave where you’ve got default are blocking coming in. So in this particular event for SF BW, we were running campaigns with brave and because of adblock and because they were reliance on Google Analytics. We found it very very, very hard to actually measure the results. We can see the traffic coming and it was very hard to cross-reference that, because of this in terms of script, locking plugins it’s the same approach, you’ve got cookie blocking as well so say.

For instance, with here we had to you know you had a an e-commerce tag or a user ID that was being set by Google Analytics, and this has been shared into the Eventbrite and that wasn’t being passed at some point because of cookie blocking. That was going on now. Also in many cases, you’ve got advertising blogs that won’t or they can’t provide optimization data. So if you have a network that you’re talking to – and they won’t either give you a publisher ID or a website domain for the traffic, that’s coming in, don’t work with them.

You’ve got no way to optimize it and also, if they’re doing that they probably have something that they’re trying to hide as well. You’ve also, then got under reporting if you’re relying exclusively on third-party analytics platforms. So, generally, in non crypto space, you might have a 10 20 % discrepancy between analytics data and your own database encrypter that can be up to 40 %. I’ve see people more privacy, conscious people using more adblock and and so on.

Now that feeds into relying exclusively on Google Analytics, so we’ve worked with lots of clients when it came to analytics often they’re set up in terms of there’s a tracking script set up on the page and that’s recording, but often they’re, very often misconfigured. You don’t have event tracking setup, you don’t have conversion goals set up and it just makes it very difficult for you to read them as well.

As we said, there’s underreporting up to 40 %. You’ve also got a very separate at separation of analytics from your underlying databases. So, if you’re running an exchange, you know your exchange database is all of your information there. You might not necessarily be feeding it straight in so analytics is always going to be sitting on top now, if your analytics is showing less, then your real database, that’s normal.

If it’s showing more something’s wrong and again it’s misconfigured. If you don’t have on sorry, if you have on tag traffic as well, this can, combined with your organic traffic, can really skew your stats and really, you know the whole points of tracking is really building two different things. You know you’ve got the John Wanamaker dilemma, which is half the money I spent on. Advertising is wasted, I don’t know which half by doing tagging you can see exactly what it is and then you’ve also got the period or principle, which is the 80/20 rule as well.

Now, when you get tracking right, it lets you see at a very holistic level. At all of your marketing communication activities side by side in one report, so this can be your own team, stuff, organic traffic so coming in from pure stuff coming in from third party agencies and everything else, and you can measure them and I’d like for like basis. The approach that we’ve always taken has meant that you’ve got one report that you look at from your own data and then you can reconcile that against 30 or 40 different reports from platforms and see if there’s an AMA lease there as well.

So if there say they’re measuring lots of leads and you’re, not that’s one thing: if they’re measuring lots of traffic and you’re, not that’s another thing there as well. Now, once you have the tracking in place property, you can identify positive traffic sources and really focus your money and your time and your effort on these as well. In some cases, you’ve got it’s very hard to get volume and quality.

At the same time, and often what you’ll have is you’ve got an overall blog and within that you’ve got a couple of traffic sources, but generally over and over and over, are bringing in safe bets. So once you can identify a safe bet and traffic source, you can focus your budget there and maximize that out. You can identify negative traffic source, so these are ones that are bringing you in nothing they might be bringing in spent, they might be bringing in users or registrations, but they might not be going the whole way through your funnel and you can filter them out.

Now. Often, what we’ll see is you have a blog where you have some good traffic sources and then a lot of bad ones. So in one case we’re running a campaign with the clients they had a base. I think 60 different publishers that were sending traffic into the campaign two of them those publishers were generating 80 % of the traffic and spent on that. So when we tried to you know the other fifty-eight we’re bringing in lower volumes and they’re bringing in registrations, but when we cut those two specific traffic sources out, the whole campaign improved spend dropped, but the conversion rates all went up, click-through rates went off, and revenues Came up and the oral I came through from that as well.

So really you know it boils down to saving money. You know you want to save money on marketing spend also when you map out your conversion funnel and again, we’ll have a look at an example of one of these. In a moment, you can really identify bottlenecks in your process, so we’ve worked with lots of teams where the developers made the conversion funnel that they thought was okay, but in reality it wasn’t the most intuitive for end users.

So, by mapping this out mapping at every single step, looking at ratios between them and finding out what was working and what wasn’t we were able to identify, drop out points, some small, some big. So once you also have the product as well and you’ve identified that there’s a problem, you can identify barriers to product usage. So in a lot of cases you have to fully go through a funnel before you can use the platform and if you’ve a barrier there.

That’s stopping people getting into it. You need to be able to improve that there as well now development teams, all the ones that I’ve worked with know of data. You know the only thing that will get over an attitude in terms of oh, I built this and it’s great. What’s the problem with it? Yes, you did build it, but there’s a problem there. The data is telling me the problem. It’s not me. It’s there’s! Actually, a problem there, that’s there as well now, once you have it and you’ve got the recording in place, it’s very easy to quantify the changes.

You know you put a fix in on a particular day. You’ve got the stats all the way up to the previous day and then, from the day on you can see the improvement if it goes up great, it’s going to make your life a lot easier, the next time you’re looking for problems if it goes down or There’s no change, you can roll back and look at something else, and really what you want to do is by building this approach and really mapping every single traffic source against your KPIs.

You can look at the metrics there. You can find the certain traffic sources have higher metrics, so we’d often see you know, say with an affiliate. You might have an affiliate that has very low volume, but they’ve got a high click-through rate and a high product usage, and that might be coming from a texts post or some information about it there as well, whereas doing banners. You know you’ve got a lot more volume, you got a lot more traffic, but the quality is very poor.

Now, equally, when we look at say some of the crypto ad networks that are there, the standard banner sizes that are there have very victory rates, but some of the custom html5 placements that they have, which are much more prominent costs a little bit more. But the kicks your rates are five six seven times better and when we kind of measure that I you’re paying on a CPM that makes a big difference.

So what happens when TAC tracking goes wrong? Firstly, you can fail to identify systemic problems within your product design. It’s buried there, people don’t look at reports or databases in a lot of cases there and they just continue working away on something there as well. You can wait finite marketing budget on activities that are generating no or poor results, and they also bring down your overall numbers.

You can waste a lot of team effort, say if you’re have a communications team, that’s working across six or seven different blogs and you’re, giving equal effort to them all, but there’s only three of them that are generating what you actually want. You know you can save a lot of time and stress and hassle for them just focusing most of their time on the three that are working in terms of skewing stats.

If you have a lot of traffic coming in or you’ve got a load of poor results. This can really skew your stats and you can’t kind of change that then, and you can really focus on traffic sources, which you know you have kind of situations where you’ve got middling ones. You might have users that you’ve got decent traffic coming from a particular publisher or a keyword, for instance, but they’re only getting halfway through the conversion funnel and repeatedly there as well.

So while it looks good if you’re looking at the first KPI, which is an initial registration, but you look at say, KPI for they’re, not getting past that point there as well, and sometimes you might focus a lot of effort in time and money into those campaigns. Because they look good from their initial KPI, but they’re not actually going the full way. Also, what can happen is, if you take, you know, a broad sweep approach.

You may have a marketing blog. Like the example I gave earlier on, where you have one or two bad parties in there as well, and you cut the whole blog because you’re getting rid of those one or two so being able to pick out and pick and choose and really see, every single Traffic source compare them like for like and then surgically remove the one or two that are causing problems. That makes a big big, big difference there as well.

So it’s kind of seen the wood from the trees. Also, you know: we’ve had situations where you’ve got a lot of ad fraud. This could be amplified because, if you’re focusing on the right the wrong areas, you can have unauthorized incentivized traffic. You know faucets are kind of the bane of the crypto industry when it comes to advertising they’ve got and by the elements in terms of the onboarding, but generally you’ve got a lot of odd for that’s, going on and they’re from humans now coming on.

To kind of a real case example for a conversion funnel, so we have a client sees in the crypto finance space. They’ve got a complex seventh set formal and you had to get through this before you can use it so, starting off we’ve the traffic this had to hit one of their landing pages, and then we qualified the traffic with the information on this sent as well. They then had quite a long ball t-step registration process.

They they’re not to activate their email accounts. They had to set up two-factor authentication yet to enter in some personal data. They had to go through the KYC process, which everybody loves, and then they had to accept the program terms and conditions, and then, after that point they could get into the platform and use it now. This is similar to an exchange, but there’s a lot of platforms and crypto space that have something similar to this as well.

Now we implemented tracking with these guys a year ago and we’ve put tens and tens and tens of thousands of leads through this system and this approach in this methodology. Since we’ve been doing this as well and we were able to map out every single one of those steps, look at the ratios between them all as well, and then work with their teams implement the improvements. So in terms of what we did, we had the landing page, so we redesigned their landing page.

They were sending traffic to the homepage. We built called a sock or a dead-end road landing pages, and then we got a nice design that we were happy with. We did a B testing using Google optimize to kind of see which ones were best performing, and then we read at the traffic and focus the traffic into the pages that were working best with the registration funnel they had about 12 or 13 different input fields that People have to fill information in.

We really just search for those like what do you actually need, and that was about 6, so they could still put that information in monster in the platform, but during the registration it was that we also reorganize. This was a bit more intuitive for users as well in terms of the email activation. So one of the problems that they were having was a lot of their activation. Emails were getting hit by spam filters, so we got DKIM authentication and this improved email deliverability.

We also rearranged the subject line, so it was cleared. You need to click this to continue and that brought up between step 1 registration and step to email activation numbers by 6 percent. In terms of the next step of the personal data and the KYC, we work with them to rearrange the process and also they had to kind of re engineer some of the elements with their kyc provider. But once we did this, you know they were losing in 52, sorry 48 percent of people weren’t peak, passing kyc.

They were just getting to that step, looking at it and going no. This is too complex and at the end of doing this as well, that went up to 75 percent, so we improved the numbers by 35 percent just by reengineering that also what they had a two-factor authentication step. This point here was causing a lot of problems. They were losing over 30 percent of people. So if you do the maths here, you know you’ve retired some people coming in.

They were losing six percent at Step, two at Step: four, they were losing 30 odd percents and then it stepped five or six they’re losing 30 percent there as well. You know the funnel there was losing because of its design over half of the people that were going through. Now we had to work with a marketing team, their product management team, the development team. But overall we did it led to an improvement of 40 percent of customers gone through the process and from the same spend and the same activities.

We brought their sales up by 20 % as well. We also then caught the blogs they were using by 50 %. So that in weed less overhead time effort whole shabang there as well. So that’s the end of the presentation. We have a booth inside in the hall we’re offering an heiress free consultation and a chance to win a nice bottle of Irish teens whiskey here as well. So if you want, if you’re interested in having a chat about your project and tracking an accreditation we’re more than happy to have a child with you next door, so thank you very much.

Everyone for your time and attention appreciate your listening. Sure hey. Does anyone have any questions, so I’m black and blinded here, so I can’t see no fair enough. The same approach you can map in serve any sort of yeah. It does so we learned this in articlegames. You know, and article games had a very complex. You know if people get to register, they had to download six or seven gigs, which you couldn’t track.

Then they’d have to login, go through character. Creation play the game, go through all the products there as well. So the same approach works for the onboarding process, but then equally it works for applications as well end to end so cool okay. Thank you very much, oh okay. So so the question was what what programs, what programs you used to track user behavior analytics yeah? So the approach that we’re doing can integrate in with any of those visualization tools or analytics it’s more methodology that feeds it straight into your database.

So there’s a bit of coding: that’s required at the start, to get it integrated in your site and then usually what we do is we’d have sometimes use a Mongo database, some people using Splunk some people using SQL once the data is in there. We structure the reports and that can feed into any sort of visualization tool that you have so the approach that we’re taking there’s no like analytics pixels anything.

It’s just there’s a methodology that once you get it in it’s in there and then you can then use whatever tools. You want to use whether it’s a CSV report or an SQL makes panel whatever. It is actually visualize that data okay, we’re going to have to leave it there. Thank you so much Jamie


Online Marketing

How Joanna Hawley Made the Jump From Textile Design to Blogging

Okay. This is heaven like amazing, but my personal life was a freaking trainer. I had a roommate pull a knife on what everybody welcome to the show. As always, this is a show about screwing up making mistakes in the bottom coming back out again and and shinin. So your your mom knows that your tenacious, I I think in general, this is the show about being human, because that’s what we all do like, even though we like to tell people the great things that we’ve done in the world and we’ve made it there and It’s all been perfect, that’s never ever ever the case, that’s what we tried our covering and having to gets on the show and figuring out exactly what they did to be successful tonight.

We will be talking to Joanna Holley, who runs Joe Joe tastic she’s, a fashion blogger designer small space for the she’s, an influencer. I’r really really excited to me. Everybody welcome to the show I am here with Joanna from Jojo Jojo tastic welcome. Thank you for being here thanks for having me oh, this is going to. I can already tell there’s going to be a lot of fun so before we get into like all the fun messed up kind of stuff and everything we like to talk about, tell me a little bit about yourself what you’re doing now and actually just start there.

Yeah, what do you? What are you doing now so now I am a blogger, influencer social media person and I do some prop styling on the side. Okay way back when I was a textile designer for companies like Nordstrom anthropology and a few others like, and I went to school for industrial designs so like I spent a lot of time in the woodshop building, things like yeah, just feeding things through the table saw At 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m like all of that and then went into textiles after school and just kind of loved it and spent all of my day like in an office drawing and photoshopping stuff yeah yeah.

I have so many questions now. This is so good. I so first I’m not even going to remember all of them now so textile design. I have no idea what that is. What is if you’ve ever bought like a shirt with a pattern on it. Okay, chances are a textile designer touch that so either they picked the fabric that the print is printed on yeah or they like designed the weave like. If you have a plaid shirt yeah and it’s it’s a woven yeah that shirt they design that or it’s like.

I did a lot of what’s called fabric manipulation you walk into anthropology and there’s those quilts with like a bunch of like texture and stuff. On that, okay yeah. I did a lot of that so tough fabric and I would like tuck in and pin in yeah all that and then I’d send it to a factory and be like copy. This make this yeah. So that’s textile design wait spell designer is a textile designer and then I did the print design as well.

So that is like the tiny little flowers on like a t-shirt yeah, and I did that for like ladies underwear and pajamas yeah. How would like? Where would you okay, how did you get into that? Like? Did you just see an open position and you’re yeah, or is it like? I saw an open position and the HR person had accidentally put her email address in it, so I emailed her Wow yeah. Why not like? What are you? What’s on your resume to say, hey, I can put little tiny flowers on women’s underwear.

I have been creating artwork for bedding at a catalog company yeah, and so I had like a portfolio of printed duvets, yeah and then candle packaging printed. I seriously it’s so look at everything. Everything that you’re saying makes it sound like you, should be much more pretentious than you are you’re like printed duvets or, like your shape style. The Euro metal is a Euro sure yeah, yeah yeah, but yeah, obviously you’re not like that at all.

It’s I mean it’s underwear, so you did that and then you said prop prop styling props style, that’s like kind of a newer thing: okay, well, a byproduct of blogging, where it’s like. Basically with my blogging, it’s like I’m a one-woman like marketing machine yeah. So it’s like a company or a brand like reaches out to me and they want to do a photo shoot, and so I, like I’ll, shoot the photos. I do the whole concept in write.

The copy edit the photos like everything, yeah, and so that has turned into oh well. We like the way your photos look. Can you make our photos? Look like that. Okay, I got you which is fun. It’s basically it’s making stuff look pretty and then just like walking away and not having to promote it on social media. What, before that, what screw you to this like work, I mean, did you start off by I didn’t like as a kid I was really into ballet and really into like being creative.

I was really lucky because my mom, I I don’t know how she met this guy, but she met a guy whose son had gone to my college, Carnegie Mellon, and he like mentioned this program of industrial design, to her yeah and like communication, design and she’s. Like oh, that could be interesting for me and they do this pre, which program so between your junior and senior year. You go for a summer, know all about it, and I came back for rent and I was like nobody can tell me anything now.

I’r important like I’ve been to college I’ve lived on my own. No was it was an industrial design that you studied there for that kind of both yeah, like they cuz at CMU, the it’s a four-year program right and the first year. You do both industrial design and communication design, and then you decide sophomore year, and so it was like a little bit of both and I just was like this is amazing yeah and it clicked now we’re at the drinking part of the show.

This is sober. This is going to be the best jack. What are we? What are we drinking? Yes tonight I’ve got the candle and pitch for you, so we’re going to start out with our ghost whiskey, two ounces. We keep this one very spirit forward in life. Point five of our cedar cordial house-made, one dropper of our allspice tincture quarter, ounce of our cherry and kaffir lime, shrub and wasn’t of our Regan’s orange bitters and we’ll find strain that into our glass here the espuma and then we’re going to add a few allspice Berries and a little cedar, frog yeah, but cherry kaffir lime shrub, is a part of your base here, served in a lantern, so to speak, that’s the candle part for sure.

Thank you. Thank you all right. Oh it has a straw. You ready! No! I am yeah pick that part up. Oh cuz, it’s in there all right, favorite way to say cheers. You got 100, oh you’re, great, all right! Oh bah! Here we go! Oh wow! That’s really good! If you were to write a blog post about this drink like how would you do it like, where would you start it’d, probably be a recipe post? There’s always the glamour shot recipe pose yes and recipes perform very well in Pinterest.

First, you tell me: what’s the construct of a recipe post like how’d, you do like how it’s actually yeah like one of the parts and how they go together, because there’s the glamour shot, okay, which encourages you to click. Okay, there’s an introductory paragraph and that’s usually where we pack the SEO keywords and then usually I like to do like four to five images: they’re all they’re, actually, all glamour shot that one you know and sometimes I’ll do the ingredient shot like if the ingredients are Especially pretty yeah I’ll, just like do like a really messy shot on like a piece of marble.

You know like: where does the recipe show up halfway down the post uh-huh? We need to make sure they spend the time on the site. Yeah, you know maybe it’ll be a few other like links to other things as a consumer. Maybe they’ll subscribe to my email newsletter while they’re there does it pop up on the screen. I think go back only like every like fifth visit or something like that’s very kind of you, we’re subtle, yeah.

I should’ve brought UX for my chickens. Oh wait! You have chickens, oh yeah, oh wait! How many chickens? Do you have five? You have five chickens. I have five: we’ve had a few um. You had more than five House Rules he’s lately. We should pour one out, but you know you have lots and lots and lots of eggs. Well, it depends like oh, my god, okay yeah, so well, and some of the chickens don’t lay because they’re duds, like Nancy Kerrigan, is just like nope we’re not going to do it.

You have a chicken there, Nancy Kerrigan, well, they’re, fancy chickens, so there’s named after figure, skaters, okay, so the tiniest one that just died was Tonya, Harding, Nancy Kerrigan. I call her my like emotional support chicken because she lets me hold her like a baby and like she follows me around she’s like a big fluffy white chicken and then there’s Dorothy Hamill. She like rules the roost, it’s her world, we’re just living in it.

Michelle Kwan, she has this like weird raspy voice, where she sounds like she’s had like a pack of day a habit for like years. It’s really weird. She lays blue eggs she’s like she’s, like a beard like the Kathleen Turner um Chris Yamaguchi she’s. Am I allowed to kurtis she’s? She really is she hisses at me: she’s like she hates me yeah, but, and she eats everything like she won’t let any of the others eat and then there’s Katarina vet, who is like kind of the lowest on the totem pole and she gets picked on a Lot yeah, but she’s like she lays eggs the most consistently.

The the the the big question for me here is: did you name them after you saw their personalities? Yes, oh it’s even better yeah great yeah, that’s the figure! Skaters see totally well, I don’t Kerrigan and I’m like Nancy. Can we be friends yeah, but no, it didn’t work out now: yeah yeah cuz. You named the chicken yeah after a problem, but the prettiest chicken yeah yeah. I love that we’re no longer talking about like the Jojo testicle.

I mean this, oh my word. Well, I mean you have to put that together: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah cuz. I do like hashtag chicken TV on Instagram stories and people like just send me their own chicken TVs. This is so great. You have chickens and you made underwear so getting to where you’re at now, with Jojo tastic influencer lifestyle. Blogger tell me a little bit more. So what I’m curious about, obviously, because of the show it’s on the way to that, but did you have like what were that? What were the missteps? What were the mistakes? What were the things you had to learn where you’re like? Oh, my god, I totally screwed that up.

Why, like what could I have done differently? I learned that I’m not great at like working for other people, I’m really good at working for myself. You know so it’s this constant thing of like I have this vision and I like desperately want to share it and like be part of these team to help with this vision, your vision, right and just not really being able like within myself to like communicate it Or to feel like, I am part of the team, like any of those reasons you know, and so I left Nordstrom and went to anthropology, because I they put me in this like super technical role, where it was just like emails, emails, email at Nordstrom’s yeah.

It felt like I was hitting my head against the wall, and so when I went to anthro it was again like I’m drawing all day. This is heaven like amazing, but my personal life was a freaking train wreck. Oh, I had moved to Philadelphia. Yeah. I’ve never been to Philly, except for, like the job interview yeah, I get off the plane and it’s like 90 degrees, a hundred percent humidity yeah, there’s like a drunk man yelling in the airport.

I have my cat in a carrier and like two of those like really big, like expedition like body bags of my personal belongings, yeah, and I’m like what have I done. Yeah yeah. We have made a terrible mistake. It was not my place, it didn’t work for me like I just I had like really a living situation like I had a roommate pull a knife on me. What like, I was connected with some friends of a friend, and she just wasn’t like why why to take out the recycling I took up the trash and I forgot to take out the recycling, because I got distracted no seriously.

No, she like woke me up at 3 o’clock in the morning when she came home from the bar and was like hella aggressive, and so I was like I’m done and there was like a week span where the cat – and I always with the cat, always we Slept in my Volkswagen Golf yeah outside of my office, not many people know this. That’s a speck actually you’re going into anthro anthropology, after sleeping in a golf with a cat, and nobody knew I’m like nobody knew yeah.

Nobody knew yeah, and I just was so supremely unhappy. It was like it was just really bad and it felt it honestly felt like it was like the deep dark period of my life, like I still think of it as like. This is the deep dark space. We will never go back here. Yes around that time. I actually got a huge contract for the blog and it was a contract that was more than my yearly salary. So you were all right, so you were blah.

I was blogging while you were there yeah and what did you? So? What did you start blogging about? Was it about really this weird thing that I fell into when I was the climbing bum like living off unemployment yeah, I emailed joy, Cho of oh joy, calm who’s, like the og, blogger, yeah, and I was like I love what you’re doing and I’d love to Be a part of it and she’s like okay, and so I wrote for her for three years, something like that on her site and just learned everything about blogging from her yeah and she invited me to Pinterest early.

So she somehow got on Pinterest really early. I like think as like a consultant something like that. Yeah and she invited me. So I have this like corny joke which, like I’m not the first person on Pinterest and the second interesting, was growing or and growing all right right and suddenly. I have 3.8 million followers suddenly, and I was just like look: what’s it? What’s the? What was the drive like they? What’s the most things that people were following, was it designed into fashion? Yes, because for my day job I read to runway a lot yeah, and so I would pin runway looks that I could then like get inspired and translate into a pillow yeah.

So it was like I was always pinning fashion, and so then I became a fashion. Influencer, it’s a lot of pressure, so you start you end up with your own blog all the way and eventually so was it easy at the beginning to to monetize your blog, oh right, yeah. So – and this is super rare yeah. I had my first sponsored post within three months of launching oh wow. What was it was just like a gift guide for a company that does like a bunch of super gifty things like really weird gift ideas, and I think it was like for $ 300, and I was like we’re rich, that’s amazing, yeah, and so from there just Kind of, and then I’m in this period like the past couple years of diversifying yeah so that you know it’s like in summer blogging slower, there’s fewer sponsorships yeah.

Let’s have something else yeah you know so I like to have a lot of things can’t sit. Still. I actually am thinking of taking like a sabbatical type situation, and I don’t know what that looks. Like hashtag ban life right, I was like a social media like personality like what does that look like yeah, because it can be depleting to be like posting every day and feel this need to like constantly be sharing, and there is definitely like.

There’s the Jojo tastic Johanna and then there’s Johanna Johanna and it’s like not everybody knows that I’m, like sleeping in my truck in Montana yeah. You know, but that’s what fuels me, and so some of what I’ve been doing is pulling those things together a little bit more yeah, so that if I take a sabbatical in the van or the sailboat or whatever, whatever it feels more natural yeah. I’r also just thinking of ways that, like, like I miss making things yeah.

You know like I used to draw painting yeah and I don’t know if you know, but I use my hands a lot when I talk, so it’s really misusing my hands. So it’s like. I want to like: is it ceramics? Am I painting again like something like that? Even it’s just personal yeah, I missed that yeah there’s a when it comes to social media or personalities. Influencers things like that we were. The idea of authenticity is, I know, where’s the like earner.

I know it totally. It’s like. I want to see authentic right yeah, like here’s me in the loo right like, but nobody, I think in general that there’s a not only a tolerance, but people want to see people recharge. They want to see them be human. They want to see that but like through all of my trips to like the hospital and everything like my followers have always been there like. Essentially it’s like a cheering section, yeah, it’s incredible yeah.

You know because it’s like I can have a day and they’re, just like you’re amazing, and these people have really become a part of my life or it’s like I, I really, if I could. I would just like thank them every day, because I I couldn’t do this without them, like I’m freaking, lucky yeah, you know well uh Opa, Opa Opa. Let’s do it one more time, thanks for being on having me, this is wonderful! All right, Oh bah! Well, that’s a wrap thanks Joanna for being on the show.

If you liked what you saw and you did what we’re doing here then subscribe or hit like button, or I think, there’s a bell somewhere that you can ring on the page. Do that and if you have mistake whatever it is, then go to epic calm, you

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Google Places Domination- (Local Search) Local Place Profits Webinar Replay

Here’s the agenda: this is what we’re going to go over in this webinar. A brief Google Places basics. What not to do reviews using the review triage system, the best use of coupons, QR codes, building your business and then, if we have time we’ll, do some question and answer so.

The first thing I want to show you is exactly what a what Google Places is and what it is not so in this in this screenshot here, what you see is at the top. What you see is the paid listings so paid results. This is google pay-per-click. If you look at this third listing here, you can see that autumn journey hospice is actually using their google places listing or their their actual address, as an extension to their google adwords, and so that way their phone number and their actual citation shows up in their Google adwords campaign and that’s also called google boost, so there’s a couple of ways you can do that, but that gives them the blue a on the map and then, if you go down here a little bit further you’ll see that now we’re into Google Places – and You can see that these are the top seven listings.

This is what we call the seven pack abcdefg. This is a seven pack, and this is where you want to be so all of our local businesses want to be in the seven pack for their local area, and that’s where you show up at the very top of the Google search page – and this is all Natural, these are not paid results. If we look over here on the right hand, side you can see that there are some paid results underneath the map on the right hand, side as well, really the focus for this webinar is this right here.

This is the seven pack, and this is where we want to be so now. If we actually look at what a Google Places page looks like we can see here that whoops, we can see here that eminent home Healthcare has a very good Google Places, page they’ve maxed it out with pictures. They have a article. They have lots and lots of reviews coming from everywhere from citysearch from superpages from all kinds of different things, so they have reviews, they have maxed out their listing, they have citations and all kinds of good stuff.

So this is an example of an excellent and very well done. Google Places page – and this is what everyone should strive to have – is something that’s maxed out completely put together correctly. Just like this. This is the bottom of their Google Places page and what you can see here is it’s a little cut off, but these are the actually the M, the additional citations for that Google Places page. This is what else Google finds about this business across the internet extremely important, and we’ll talk about that.

So, let’s look at keyword and market research. This is the very first step in deciding and what you want to do with your Google Places page, and this is extremely important for two kinds of people that are on this webinar. I should preface this our back up a little bit and say that the two people listening two kinds of people listening to this webinar number one, our local business owners who want to do this themselves and want to do it correctly and save a little money.

By doing it themselves and the other set of folks that are reading this webinar, our internet, marketers and consultants, marketing consultants who help small businesses get to that top seven pack for Google Places. So this is geared for both of you kind of in the beginning phases, and this gives you the step-by-step on and the basics on how to achieve these results. Now we also have an entire suite of articles like 19 articles that actually walk you through can’t hold.

You the whole way and show you exactly what to do to get in that. Seven pack and those articles are very important, but this webinar just kind of goes over everything all at once. It gives you a real big overview, so you can understand why Google Places is more complicated than it may seem. So, let’s look at keyword, research. The first thing you’re going to want to do is some very targeted keyword, research, you’re, going to want to find out what people are typing in.

To look for your business is your location, and once you know the answer to that, then you are. It can be very laser focused on how to get your business to the seven pack. So this what you see on the screen here is actually a google adwords keyword, research tool, so you can use this for free, there’s no cost to it, and what I did here is you can see right here. This says seafood restaurant in san, diego right here I actually pretended like.

I had a client who is a seafood restaurant in san diego, and so what I can see based on these results that you can see they’re pretty small. But what you can see here is that they actually have about a thousand global monthly searches, but I what I really want to see are the exact searches. So if I change over here on the left-hand side to exact match types, then I can see that on a monthly basis about a hundred and forty people are typing in exact searches for the keyword phrase seafood restaurant in San Diego and that’s what I want to Know so those are a hundred and forty opportunities from my client to get a someone inside their restaurant because people are looking for that.

So that’s what I want to focus on and that’s how I do this is not the entire way. You do keyword research, but this is a good beginning to keyword, research, understanding what people are typing in, so that you know where you should be showing up on Google Places and for what keyword terms. The next thing you want to do is assess your clients are Institute current location or current situation. So is your client or are you on the in the top seven already, and what do you need to do to maintain that if you’re not in the top seven, if you’re not even near the top seven, what can you do to change that so assess your Current situation and then assess the competition status.

This is where it gets fun. You can learn a lot from what your competition is doing. So let’s say that the fish market in San, Diego is my competition, and I want to learn as much as I can about what they’re doing so that I can do it too, and I can beat them at their own game. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to appear at the very top I’m going to check out their website. I actually want to see what kind of keywords are using on their website and then I want to look at the categories that they’ve chosen for the Google Places page and the first one.

They chose a seafood restaurant. They also chose some custom categories that they typed in, and I want to find out what those are too and if they apply to me, then I want to look at the tons of reviews they have and from multiple places. So Google is aggregating and grabbing from the internet all these different reviews on the fish market, restaurant, and so I want to know where those reviews are coming from and what I want to do is make sure that my business is listed on all those review sites.

So that I can get reviews there too, and I can beat the fish market at its own game, and I guarantee you if you look really closely at this page. This wasn’t done just by the people that own the fish market they actually hired. Someone to take care of this for them very, very smart indeed, especially in a competitive market like San Diego seafood restaurant. Then, if I look down, of course, they’ve got all our photos are maxed out and they’ve got article.

Then, if I look at the menu right here, they actually have sorry they have a live link to their menu, and this is great because you can put a live link to just about anything within the details section of Google Places and you want to make sure You’re doing that, that’s a page rank 10 back link to your website and that’s something you definitely want to go for and then down here. You can see more reviews from the web and I definitely want to take advantage of that look into those reviews and find out as much as I can about.

What’s going on with the fish market, restaurant and then Google Places basics. You want to write up your plan once you have established your keyword, research, you understand what your competition is doing. You know where you’re located right up your plan, so the the plan will involve these things, and this is where you get out a pen and paper and you write it down. I will optimize the following: five high-volume keyword phrases, so you want to take five keyword, phrases that you’ve researched and you want to make sure you’re optimizing that only your website what your Google Places page for those five high-volume keyword phrases.

You want to take a look at your categories, decide what they need to be going to look at some secondary keywords that you might be interested in also optimizing for. You want to look at your citation and most people don’t understand what a citation is. So I’m going to tell you right now: what a citation is your citation is the exact name of your company without any keywords added to it. That would be called keyword stuffing the exact street address and the you know, city, state, zip code and the exact local.

Not toll-free but local telephone number, so your citation is your exact business name, your exact business address and location and your exact business local phone number. That is your citation write it down exactly the way you want to appear on Google Places and exactly the way you wanted to appear everywhere else, including your website other directory listing sites. It should be the same across everything and then your website SEO take a look at what your keyword phrases are that you’ve done your research on and look at your website.

Does it have the same keyword phrases you need to match everything up and make sure it’s all very consistent, very relevant and all together make sense your description. You have a 200 character limit description for Google Places. That’s also a good rule of thumb for your website. Behind the scenes, you’re allowed to put a description of each page of your website, so you want to make sure you find out what description you want to use and you want to use it consistently across your website and your Google Places pages in your directory listings.

Hugh ponds and offers people aren’t making the most out of coupons and offers, so I would encourage you to do the best you can to get all kinds of coupons and offers out there on the table, make sure that people are aware of them and really use This to your advantage, because most people – don’t it’s important – that you do, then I want you to go to express, update, USA com and enter you or your clients, exact citation their address, their name, their phone number.

All of that into this program. This is extremely important. Express update, USA is a division of info USA com where you can buy mailing lists Express update. Usa com is an aggregator of data. So when you go there and put your information in your information is shared with lots of other places across the internet. It’s sort of like a validation service, so you want to make sure that your client citation is exactly correct in Express update, USA, what not to do! First of all and when you’re filling out your Google Places page, you do not want to engage in keyword stuffing.

So if you look at the top of the page there, you see American care partners at home. It does not say American care partners at home in fairfax in Falls Church in Arlington in Virginia. It just says American care partners at home. That’s the name of the company, that’s the end of the story. We don’t add anything to that and then, if you look down a little bit next you’ll see local number. Only. Please only use a local number here.

If you use a toll-free number, your listing simply will not show up the question becomes. Can you use a VoIP number? Can you use a cell phone number and the answer is this: if you intend on being consistent across all websites all directory listings and your Google Places page, you can use any local number that you want, but if you start mixing them up and adding different things Here and different things there then you’re going to confuse the Google monster and you’re not going to show up at all so use the same phone number everywhere across the board for your listings, email address.

I see a lot of listings missing an email address, even if it’s one that’s just for a general mailbox or maybe it’s one that you set up this just for junk mail. Please always enter an email address for contact information and then the website don’t ever click. I don’t have a website, you do, have a website do something, but you must have a website and never choose the option to not show your full address.

You always need to choose your full show your full address, or you will simply not have a listing on Google Places so make sure that the information on your website matches the description in your Google Places page and then, if we keep going down, we go down To categories when you fill in your categories, the first category needs to be one. That’s found on Google and they’ll, give you their list and then, after that, the other four can be ones that you customized yourself.

So just use your keywords, use them wisely and click and make sure that they’re not stuffed with location information. So Google Places advice, no keyword stuffing, no peel boxes. No, you cannot use peel boxes, you cannot use UPS stores and you cannot use mail boxes etc. You can look at Google’s Terms of Service to see this. You cannot use any of those services. Virtual offices like, for instance, sold by Regis re G, us calm, Regis calm.

They have virtual offices worldwide. You can rent one for around 100 bucks a month. That’s a much better option than having no listing at all. In most cases do not use toll-free numbers, you can use them as a secondary number, but not as a primary number. No duplicate listings. You cannot have multiple listings under different names and titles that will get you delisted completely, no fakery or ridiculous insanity that covers everything else that you might think that you might try when it comes to Google Places.

Don’t do it be consistent, be real and be relevant. Don’t piss off the Google monster because if you play you will pay and you if you get delisted, orb and then you’re simply out of the picture for Google Places. Don’t do that to your client? Don’t do that to yourself set up the Google Places page now. I’r not going to go into great detail on this, because you can look at all the Google Terms of Service and support for setting up a Google Places page.

So we won’t go into that here, plus we have 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up Google Places and give you all the tips tricks and hints, as you go as to what to do to make sure you’re getting the most bang For your buck and then you want to track the results. Google Places provides its own set of analytics. You can see here that this listing had 1299 impressions in the last 30 days and of those impressions.

363 people took action so 23, clicked on more info. For the maps 308 clicked for driving directions and 32 clicked on to the website, that’s excellent results. You can also see the top search queries and where people requested driving directions from so top search. Queries shows that when American care partners has typed in they got 60 impressions from that they got 55 from home care. They got 43 from the word living, caregivers, assisted living and on and on it doesn’t give us the detail that we would like to see under other, which is 930 other search, queries that we show for but at least we have some basic knowledge of where we’re Getting our impressions and then driving directions now this is really important for florists, chiropractors, dentist, retail spaces and even other service providers.

I want to know where people are requesting driving in directions in direction. Information from because I may be very surprised at where people are coming from to find my shop or my store, so I’m in this case this is a service provider who goes out to the home. So most of these folks don’t need to drive to this office, but you can see that alexandria has the most requests: advanced, page techniques, the power of citations, the what who and the how.

So if we go back to our example of the seafood restaurant in san diego, we can see that the AXI food restaurant has lots of Google Places citations examples here and if you look at the very bottom left hand corner, you can see that there actually a Hundred and forty more so if I were trying to beat them at this game, what I would do is I would look at every place that they’re listed and I would go in and try to get my client or my business if it were.

If, if I’m doing this myself listed on all the places that they’re listed on, because obviously Google likes to aggregate data from those websites, so that’s the first thing I would do Google Places advanced. The advanced techniques mean that you want to look at the competition citations. You want to copy them and you want to one-up them. It’s that simple. It does take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of energy and sometimes an entire team of people to make this happen, but you can do it local SEO.

Your website metadata and I’ve said this before – should match your Google Places. Data should match all other directory listings data. So when you’re filling out your Google Places information make sure that everything else you do matches what Google Places says and you’ll have much more success off-site. Linking now should you be creating backlinks to your Google Places page. This means and people ask this question, because what backlinks are are links to typically to your website and the more backlinks.

Your website has the more authority it has and the it shows up. So the question becomes: if your Google Places page has a lot of links to it, will it show up better in the Google Places rankings, and I don’t think I think the jury’s still out on this? It does not hurt to get backlinks to your Google Places. Page each Google Places page has its own unique URL, so it never hurts to get backlinks to it.

Although you have to realize this, the continuous addition of citations and information about your clients, local business referencing, their nad, which is their name, address telephone number website, etc. In other words, their citations – this is one of the most effective ways to increase listing rank so that in reviews those the two first things you should be focusing on not necessarily backlinking to the Google Places page.

So when it’s all said and done and you’ve tried everything else and you’ve done anything else, then go for the backlinking. That might be something that you outsource article and Google Places. Ok, so just a little information. This is kind of our secret sauce. If you go to any of the articles that we upload for our clients, we put their exact citation in there YouTube in the description of the article we put their exact citation from google places in that section for the description of their article.

We always do that. It gives them extra citations and it works very, very well – the review triage system, what who and how? Ok. So let’s talk about reviews for a minute if you’re a restaurant – and you have a thousand reviews, the review triage system is not one that you necessarily need to use, but for everybody else, who’s not in the restaurant, entertainment industry or the travel industry. If you’re a plumber, if you’re a painter, if you’re a lawyer, a home care agency, a roofer or whatever, you might not have as many reviews as a restaurant with a thousand reviews, everybody knows that when lots and lots of reviews build up, there’s always bound to Be a few negative ones in there.

That’s completely normal and completely human nature, and we wouldn’t have it any other way so of a thousand review. Several of them may be a little on the negative side, but they kind of get buried by all the good stuff. So that’s okay, but if you’re somebody that doesn’t have any reviews or not many reviews or your industry doesn’t typically get a lot of reviews, then the most important thing you could do is use what’s called a review triage system.

This is a program that we develop. So that you only get the most positive reviews, but they are real reviews and they are from your customers. So what we do is we set up a website? That’s just for the review system. So we have it. Our client who’s. The business owner asked their customers to please go to a dedicated website, that’s just for them and leave some reviews. There are several questions that they’re asked it’s just basically, yes, no rating on the scale of one to five and then a little place where they can add some text and lots of clients are happy to do that.

They don’t have to. They don’t have to create accounts, they don’t have to do anything. They just go and leave their a review and they’re done once the review is done. That review is automatically emailed to us and to our client. So we can each take a look at it and decide if that review needs to move on to step 2. If it’s a really good review, it moves to step 2. If it’s not a good review, then the client are, but the business owner goes back to the customer to try to resolve the issues and that review never sees the light of day.

If it’s a great review, then we summarize it we send it back to the customer and say we would love for you to share this wonderful review with the rest of our community. Would you please put it on Google Places, yelping, yahoo or whatever, and we give them the link to do so. So this we have all of the scripts written out all of the emails written out. We have for anybody, that’s not so much in the elder care industry.

That’s the one you’re looking at here, but for anybody who’s, not the elder care industry. Like a plumber, a painter auto repair shop, whatever it is, you can actually incentivize clients by maybe giving them a free oil change or ten dollar gift card to starbucks or whatever. So you might want to think about the ways you can incentivize somebody to go through the kind of hassle factor of leaving a review on a review site and there’s a lot more to this, and we will have a product together just for the review triage system.

If you need help with the review triage system, let us know and we’ll put together one just for you and your clients top 10 review sites in Google Places search. This is just for for your reference. Only you want to look at what your competition is doing. First, this data and research comes from local SEO guy. This is andrew, scotland’s blog a local search, optimization small business marketing and search engine, optimization strategy.

So for 2011, the top ten review sites are Yelp, citysearch, insider pages, yahoo, local dealer, rater duties, book, tripadvisor, edmonds, agates an open table, and you can see a couple of them really do cater to the restaurant industry, but definitely look at what your competition is doing And then also, this list is extremely helpful. The best use of coupons that I went online to look for some really good examples and was hard to find any actually in google places, but I did run across this one, not too bad.

Free estimates are no new water heater through Hoffman brothers. There’s a local company to me: maintenance, programs and water heaters and all kinds of stuff like that, so they have three pretty good coupons. Actually they have four and when, if you are looking at them on your mobile phone, this is what you would see. You would see that they have some good information now. Only one of these coupons actually has a phone number in it.

This one over here on the right. All of them should have a phone number in them, and the reason is that, if you’re on your mobile phone, a phone number like this is one that you can just click on and automatically dial huffman brothers. So that’s something that they should include in every coupon plus there’s opportunity to put a picture in here, and so they should have a picture in each one of these here’s an example.

This is my listing. I just put this up as a quick example. If you know that most of the customers that are coming to your store or your website or two are looking for, you are using a PC or a laptop, you might consider putting a QR code with a dis special discount in your in your in your coupons And the reason I say that is that you can actually once somebody uses their smartphone to capture or to scan that QR code.

You can actually then capture their name, their phone number, their email address whatever it is, you want, so you can get more data from them if they they scan it. Now. The problem with this is, if you’re, a restaurant or you’re doing this for a restaurant or an entertainment, venue or travel industry. You don’t want to use QR codes in your coupons because they will show up on the actual cell phone and then they’re not scalable by the cell phone.

So this only is a good strategy when it’s done for businesses that you know, people are searching from their pc or laptop, but just sort of an example of what can be done. The next. The one of the important things to know is that Google Offers is in its beta phase right now and it’s a really only active in portland oregon and it’s just getting started, but it will be a competitor of Groupon and several other things.

If you have your Google Places act together, you will then have your google offers act together. So, if they’re, for no other reason, you want to make sure that you have google offers together and our google places together so that when google offers comes to your town, you can make the most of it. Google Maps and Google Places. Many people know what my maps is and if you don’t that’s, okay, it still exists, but it used to be that they would show up on Google Places pages and they don’t anymore because everybody spam them.

So what we do is we create a dynamic google map of our clients, location and we place it on their website. So if you look at any of our websites, you’ll see that each of them in several places, has a google map actually on the website. Now this is not a screenshot, it’s actually a dynamic map. So if you were to put your pointer on it and move around or click on it, it actually does stuff it moves around with you it you can actually click on the directions or show service area or more or rate it.

You can click on these things and you can actually make them work, so this is not a screenshot. This is an actual dynamic map and the embed code is on the Google Places page QR codes. This is a part I love. So if you want to know more about QR codes, you should first of all take the time to pull out your smartphone and scan this one and then you’ll see what I’m talking about so actually I just did this one in a mysterious way.

It’s a picture. So if you know me at all, you’ll know why I picked this picture, but anyway you can use QR codes for lots of things and they are going to fast become one of the most interesting ways to market your business, especially local businesses, so be sure to Pay attention to this vast company’s top 13 lists. Qr codes on business cards for scavenger hunts for labeling, for storefront displays, promotions, discounts and giveaways laptop stickers.

T-Shirts get funky with your QR code design by making it pink blue multi colored use. Qr codes to get like some follows on your facebook supplement, your retail space, increase your ecommerce sales, build your email subscriber list and get the phone ringing. In fact, you could. You know, instead of for a good time, call Jane. You can just create a QR code with James phone number on it. Stick it up all over the place and then lots of people will call Jane and I’m kind of just kidding.

Don’t do that. But anyway, it’s very funny: ok and then let’s talk about building your business. If you are the internet, marketer or the consultant, let’s talk about you for just a minute. First of all, you have lots of tools to your advantage. If you’re a traffic geyser person, you have influenced engines, local search, results, screen shots and other online tools of show placement. You should use all of them for pricing.

I always charge a setup fee at a monthly legacy fee to and to help your client. Your client understand more about why you need a monthly fee beats the simple rule of you cannot set it and forget it in this case. This is not a Ron Popeil product and you just can’t set it and forget it. You have to list everything so that the customer has a clear understanding of the amount of work involved on a monthly basis and folks, let me tell you there is a lot of work involved.

You need to you, have a choice. You can charge a high setup fee or a low setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee, which makes the most sense in this economic environment. For you, my guess is that maybe a lower setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee makes more sense because it becomes more digestible, easy to buy it off and chew. For the small business owner, I will say that for look for google places we do.

Custom quotes for anybody who wants us to do a Google Places program exclusively, and the reason is that, if you’re in New York City in your restaurant – and you want to be on the seven pack and you’re located in manhattan – guess what it’s going to cost you A lot more money for me to get you spend the time to get you on the top seven than it is for me to do that for you, if you’re a restaurant in West winnemucca North Dakota, where there is very little competition, so we always custom quote: Not because we think somebody else can afford more or less it’s because location, demographics, geography all play a role and how difficult or how easy it might be to get somebody in the top.

Seven so always make sure you check around a new little research before you throw out quotes for Google Places. Results, show results screen shots from before to after never miss an opportunity to show your client results and show prospects results. All you need is that first client and you’ll be able to get more to come to you over time. So what’s next, you can do this yourself if you’re a small business owner.

You can do this. If you’re, an internet marketing consultant go to ww LOL, place, profits, com, that’s local place, profits, com, there’s a 40 page PDF and of course I spelled and wrong and 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through everything from set up to advanced techniques. All 19 are there and they’re they’re excellent and they do walk you through step-by-step. The list price on the website is five hundred forty nine dollars and through midnight tonight now you’re reading this article or this webinar after we did our first webinar so and in the first webinar the price was 199 and you can do a to pay at 9950 E 30 days apart, so you can get some special pricing and special deals, but my request to you – because I don’t know when you’ll be reading this article is that you actually check with us.

First, these prices are not set in stone and we do not have to honor the 199 just because you’re reading this six months later, so you need to check with us and find out what the pricing is. What the deals are. There may be some really good out there, don’t ever hesitate to ask what you want to do. Is you want to send your questions about pricing about product if it’s not on the website, go to valerie at LTC, EP calm, just email me and i’ll be able to tell you what the current pricing is and where you can find the right length so Valerie At LTC EP calm, if you want to call us as 888 404 1513 you’re going to get a much faster response, though through email valerie at LTC EP calm.

Thank you so much. This has been valerie van move and I hope you enjoyed the webinar and good luck with your Google Places.


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2013-06-27 – Webinar – Google Analytics understanding and using the data correctly

The session will include a Q & A section of the presentation, so please put your questions during the session and they’ll all be answered upwards and for those who have joined our online event for the first time, I’ll make a quick overview of who promote home PR And one thing we are entitled to speak on the topic. First of all, promoter is headquartered in Ukraine, but we’ve been operating online since 2004.

Providing complex internet marketing services worldwide, namely SEO search engine, optimization conversion rate, optimization, pay-per-click, advertising and social media mark. For more than nine years now, wood beams google adwords partnership and seminars, leaders, budgets best in church edges for SEO and PPC, as well as a couple of nominations by promotion. Vogue magazine out of our 100 in health experts 30 to hold Google Analytics qualified individual duplicate and round 21 in article advert.

We are also very proud to be working now add more than seventy percent of all most dominant ecommerce sites in our country and we’re also very proud, have been successfully operating, but grants found worldwide touch it inkster the laundry being linked to it works and up so It all gives us enough experience and expertise would share with you today and now I would like to introduce today’s speaker, town before um, and she is a very enthusiastic market here and to really share with you or help best practices and deal analytics.

Okay. Thank you. An are so I’m very glad to see you all today, thanks for being here, and so let’s get started it so the topic of today’s been is Google Analytics how to understand the data correctly. So today we are going to give you an introduction to Google Analytics. We are going to show you how to support the set up goals in Google Analytics, how to understand the principle metrics of Google Analytics and how to integrate webmaster tools and Google Analytics account.

Also, we are going to give you another view of top eight Google Analytics custom reports. These are powerful reports that will be able to give your more insight in short time and will help you on this better understand what is going on with your online business. So, first of all, why should businesses use google analytics, because Google Analytics has such a great amount of data, which shows are virtually every bit of your online marketing campaign? So, by looking at Google Analytics data data, you can find out the big place find out about week places of your online project.

Are you can improve your strategy? You can see what is working on your website and what is not, and, of course, based on this. You can make more well-grounded decisions about the future strategy, so in order to get the most of Google Analytics data, we would advise you to customize the account to your business needs. How can it be done? First of all, you may set up goals in Google Analytics. So what how does Google Analytics consider goals? A goal could be defined is a critical event for your business, which occurs during the user visit on the website, and such critical event should somehow contribute to your generate to your overall income.

Somehow it should help to generate it should help. You generate this income, so in Google Analytics all goals would be divided in four groups: its URL destination, gold diamond side, go pages per visit goal and an event go. So let’s look to them way in detail. The first type of goal is URL destination goal. So let’s take the case are, for example, we are showing you the example from promoter are, so we think that when the visitor, when the user visits the about Us page, it is critical for us, because it shows some kind of user intention to interact with our Company, so how what should we do that we copy this URL and unset and put it into the set in the goal into the goal settings? We want Google Analytics to report in conversion every time when the user visits this page.

So how should we do this? We navigate judging panel in Google Analytics account choose the profile for which you would like to create the goal, and then we in the gold tab. We click, create a goal. Here. We paste this URL. Please stay the attention that we paste. Only this part, which goes up to the delay name and then we may sit up also a value for this goal. A value is set up for non e-commerce goals and if you have any way, if you know any way how you can indirectly to calculate the value of this goal, you can set up it here.

Also, please note that you can set up one URL, exact URL and that will be option equals to you or you can choose to other options. For example, it could be begins with. It means that, after the of up to this about us URL, any other characters could be appended so more variations of URL and the most flexible variant is regular expressions with the regular expressions you can build some patterns of URLs, which could be defined as gold trigger Regular expression is the most flexible, but a little bit tricky part.

So we advise you to read google’s regular expression guide to find out hi to how to make the use of them are so so a little bit more examples of URL destination goals. You can set up as this goal any page in the URL which indicates the process completion. For example, it could be confirmation page when the user has sign up for your email newsletter, or it could be check out page indicating that the user has made has made a purchase and so on.

Now we are moving to the next type offer a goal. Is time on site goal? So let’s take the case or that you have a large content website and you are interested that the visitors stays on your website as much time as possible. Then you can tell Google Analytics to show the conversion when the user stays on the website more, where more than a definite period of time are so you set up more than in the goal, our settings, and then you can track this type of conversions.

There is another situation when this type of goal can be used. For example, it is support customer support web sites in this case website owner is interested that the user gets the answer as quickly as possible, and then he interested that the user spends the list of the top of the time on this side. In this case, he might are set up less than time period of time and track this kind of goal, the next kind of goal, the third one we just brew visit goal.

It slightly reminds us the previous one, because it also can be used to measure user engagement with your website. So, for example, you are interested that the user visits as much pages per visit as possible because in these case he might see as many banner ads boot on your website as possible and you will get more income. So our in this case you set up it. A definite number of pages viewed per visit should trigger a conversion for your website, and now we have come to the last type of goal.

It’s an event goal an event. Called different kinds of event may occur on your website. For example, ebook download it free trial account created software downloaded. In all these cases, you may ask Google Analytics to show the conversion when such event takes place, how to do that. You need to sit up or an event. You need previously to set up what you consider to be in event on your website and then feeling this fills in the goals that are sitting up and event a little bit more challenging than sitting up and other types of Google’s.

So we would advise you to go to the Google Analytics event tracking guide to find out how to do this more in detail. So now we are finished with goals and der how to wait to look for gold completion information actually goal. Completion information is shown in Lenny Lenny reports in Google Analytics, but there is also a separate section which shows specifically this information, so you’re, just on the Left panel of book of your Google Analytics account you navigate to the conversion section select over you a suit and Seal this kind of information, so you can see how many goals on which are for which pages had been completed.

You can see the source, the medial are also information for these metrics and if you click view full report, you can access this kind of information. What is great that you can see the gold value if you, if you set up a value for your goal, for example, as I shown as I showed a gold value for URL destination, and also you can choose secondary dimension, for example, which goal has been visited, Which page has been visited before this? Our goal has been completed.

Why why it is possible? Because in one goal you can set up, you can set up a set of goals, and this said one set of goal may contain several and other goals a little bit more, a little bit smaller goals. So now, when we have set up our goals for our Google Analytics, there is another way how we can customize our account. We can also set up ecommerce tracking, so white. Setting up ecommerce dragon is helpful because it allows you to allows you to track your business outcome.

Of course, you may say that you have special software accounting software, which allows you to do the same thing, but what is great about Google Analytics is that you can associate the revenue you receive with the traffic sources which contributed to this revenue. So with this information, you can answer the question: who gets the credit which sources are worth to invest more and which are not so how does the top ecommerce straighten the first step? You should enable a chemist raking in your profile settings again.

Navigate to admin panel. Choose the profile and then choose profile statuses here you just simply need to state yes and e-commerce website. The step this step number two is to embed Google Analytics tracking code to some page, which contains transaction details. For example, it could be receipt page. The code in this case will look like this. This is a model, a pattern. There are required fields and enough, and some optional fills.

If you take a real life example with real day day about transaction, are the Google Analytics code will be looking something like this? Ah, so after you have set up the e-commerce tracking, you also see the data about about these processes in your Google Analytics account navigate to the conversion section and select ecommerce there. You will be able to see sources of the traffic and revenue which they generate.

It very convenient and very useful. Also you will be able to see. For example, if you look at the products section, you will be able to see quantity sold, unique purchases, product revenue as well as average price. All of these can be again associated with the traffic sources, which is like very, very helpful for your case. Good news that if your website is non ecommerce, you still can track the seal with the help of e-commerce tricking you in this case, you will just need to make a little some little tweaks in Google Analytics code.

You can set up constant value for some required fields, which you do not have in your case and track only the purchase amount. So in this case you will be able to make the use of this fabulous future as well. So after we have customized our google analytics account, we may start to look into the reports. What are the principal metrics and how to understand them. So the first one, the first one is visits visits I used to measure traffic volume, so it is varied.

So that’s why it is a very important metric. Usually, businesses are interested in receiving as high number of target visits to the website as possible. So by measuring visits number visas. Are you can understand how successful your online marketing campaign is? You can compare traffic volume of different periods of time, and you can see which days at the most popular days, are among your site visitors and find out whether your business is seasonal.

All this information could be used for your future marketing strategy and your future marketing steps. So this is how the traffic volume is displayed in Google Analytics by number of daily wheezes pageviews. It’s another Google Analytics metric and it could be defined as an instance of a page being lauded by a browser. It is also the case when a Google Analytics tracking code is executed on your page page.

Yours are helpful. Of course. Are they help to understand how the user is engaged with your website content and how this content is relevant to the user needs very frequently when you will be looking at page views metric, you may also see a unique a geometric. The difference is that just the page geometric, it contains repeated use of a single page, while the unique page view at rukh doesn’t contain this information, only our unique pageviews, so the pitch to use information you can see, for example, in the content section on the left Panel, you navigate to site content all pages and you can see which features of your website receives the most based years, so it it may mean that these pagers give the most relevant information to the users, for example, and you may enhance them more to receive more Resist and also you can find out, which pages receive the list of page views, and probably there is some user, some usability issues on these pages and and you need to improve them more and now.

The last magic which we would like to talk about is traffic sources. Traffic sources is a very, very powerful metric because it’s what you should be looking at if you are running your online marketing campaign, for example, traffic sources is helpful to analyze, oh by comparing different traffic sources, for example um. If you compare a different traffic sources, you can see what I, what is the best performing traffic source, where you can invest more and which traffic source probably is underrated, and also you can see what is working in your marketing campaign and what is not.

So all traffic sources in Google Analytics is divided in three sections. It is direct traffic referrals and search. Are you can see the whole traffic overview in Google Analytics under the indy traffic sources section under overview here? You can see all these sources and which sources has driven the biggest number of visits, for example, and then you may proceed to. I consider the each traffic source separately because it’s very very helpful, so a direct check if it represents visitors who arrived at your website by clicking on the bookmark or by typing the URL directly into their browser.

So this is how the direct traffic report looks like in Google Analytics. It shows landing pages at which users arrived. It shows how many visits there they received as well as number of pages viewed per visit, average visit duration, new visits and bounce rate about bounce rate. Bounce rate is very poor, powerful metric, but we will cover it a little bit more in detail later. So how to type this information with the goals? Conversion simply navigate to advert panel above the chart above the graph and select any of the goals set so, for example, goals at one.

Then you will be able to see that this particular kind of for traffic source contributed to this percent of gold conversion. Then we proceed to the next type of the traffic. It is referral. Traffic referral traffic is very a large part. It may be a very large part of your website traffic, so it’s important to consider it in detail. It includes any of that sources that link to your website. It could be websites with your banner ads.

It could be links from blocks, it could be affiliate program. Links and many many other example, so why it’s useful to measure referral traffic because you can figure out what websites sent you the most traffic? Oh and what landing pages users at what landing pages users arrive when they are sent by this referral by these referrals and also you can find out how users interact with the page content that you show them.

So referrals report could be obtained also in the traffic sources. Section are under referrals, so here you can see. As in our example, you can see different sources of traffic which refer to our website, how many visits they generated and whether these visits were relevant or not. Whether the content, which we show to the user relevant or not to them, we can see with the help of bounce rate, of course, sometimes it might be not to not to see just the domain which referred to your website.

You may also want to see which beach is referred to. Your are to your website. For example, you posted a link or on some 40, and you would like to know not the domain name but exact, the exact URL, which is right to your website, which, which post worked. So it has worked. So in this case, you click on any domain name in the previous chart in the previous table, and you will be taken to so-called referral that they will be seeing on URLs, which directly refer to your website and again, all other metrics.

Witches are relevant to this information search engine traffic. So, if you are, if you are running an ACO campaign or if you are running and paid search campaign, you should be looking exactly at this. Our traffic source search engine traffic is divided in two parts: organic and paid. So if you run, both type of campaigns are be careful to distinguish them to stand, consider them separately so search engine traffic analysis helps to find what our search engines broke.

The best for your case, what keywords send you the most of traffic and also you can compare SEO campaign and ads advertisement campaign. They are effectiveness and see whether it’s what which kind of campaign it’s worth to continue in future, serve search engine traffic overview. You can see it again in the traffic sources section, and here, if you choose traffic type, you can see organic search and paid search and number of visits they generated for your case, which is helpful.

What is great is that you can also view this data by source of by traffic source, for example, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and so on. You can also see keywords. You can also see the information by the keywords and also by campaign and other metrics just choose any one. You need and see the corresponding information. So now we navigated, we have come to organic traffic overview. Here we can see the traffic report / the keywords by the keywords and how many visits each keyword has driven in our case then pay traffic utter you.

If you would like to see these kind of to analyze this kind of traffic, you simply click on the pay traffic, and here you choose where they campaign medium source or keyword interest. And you can see that how much wizards, how many and weather and weather these visits relevant or not how many visits any of this campaign has driven for your website. So when we are done with this metric, we would like to a brought your attention to the fact that it is important, probably it’s more useful, to integrate webmaster tools account with your Google Analytics account.

So how to do that generally, if you have not set up this kind of integration, are you just you see just this kind of information if you navigate to this section search engine optimization? But if your setup integration, you will be able to see, choir is landing pages, Georgia, field summary and other information another way or another thing why it’s helpful is because you can see google analytics information from webmaster tools account as well, so it’s like very, very convenient.

So how to set up this kind of integration you, for example, you can. Actually, you can do this in two ways you can set up it being through on google in Google Analytics account or you can set up it from your dead master tools, account so i’ll show you i’m going to show you this second way you choose besides name Here your website, none here you click, manage site and select Google Analytics property.

Then you will be taken to this kind of page and you select a web property which you would like to associate with the account. And then you are a dot. Then, if you navigate your search engine, optimization section you see, choir is landing page and geographical summary and other or relevant and useful information about your online project. So now we have come to very interesting part of our presentation.

It’s set up. Eight powerful Google Analytics custom reports, so why do we need custom reports because custom reports? It is our short card which helps you get more actual inside in last time, custom reports. They are more adjusted to your business needs, so it gives you more exact information and help you answer questions which you have specifically. So the report number one is not provided report.

So what is it in a nutshell? There is such an issue with their not provided segment when the user is used when the user is cited with any of Google services and performs a search in Google, the keyword the user is has been using to perform. This church is not showed in Google Analytics. In fact, Google Analytics doesn’t show any kind of information about these users it just aggregates it’s in one segment, not provided, but since are more and more people are using google using google services, and this segment is growing.

It’s vital to understand somehow the behavior of these users, so what sir? So? What online marketers advice to do? In this case, they advise to 2-under to understand this, not provided segments with the help of landing pages. So when what if we understand at which landing pages users arrived from non provided segment, we can see our? What is the user intention when they’d satisfied with the page at which they arrived and also we can? We can suggest the keywords which could have been used by the user are to arrive at this certain page, it’s much more clearer than just have non provided segments.

So how to do this? How to hack this kind of information navigate to admin panel select the profile for which you would like to create. This are kind of filter, select filters and click new filter. Here you need to write the information, something like this. Actually, you can write it exactly how it’s written here, but if it seems to you a little bit overwhelming, we would advise you to read this econsultancy post, which talks more in detail about this kind of report.

So basically, what we are are telling here what we are asking to do here. We are asking Google Analytics to take the URLs at which the user from North provided segments arise every time he is here or he is arriving at our website. So if we are set up this kind of filter, the all the new information about not provided segment will be will be presented like this, for example, in this case, you can see at which landing at what landing pages user arrived.

What was the bounce rate average visit? Duration averaged, I’m on page and other metrics. You can also select secondary dimension and sort this information. The way you want so definitely you in this case you will be able to give mark to get much more insight. Now we are moving on to the second report report number two: it’s branded vs non branded traffic, so it is helpful when we want to receive the effectiveness of our of our promotion for non branded trip for non-branded keywords.

In this case, we want to filter somehow to exclude branded keywords, so how does to do that or just make the use of custom segments? So in this case you need to navigate to advanced segments, click, new custom segments and write the next information. So we hear us can google to include all the data or the data from organic search. We select medium, exactly mention organic, then you want to exclude the information could be not provided segment.

Let’s take this case. We write exclude keyword, exactly matching, not provided, and the last enter we we might want to do is we want to. We want to specify which keywords we are considered as a branded key as branded keywords. So in this case, we select exclude keyword and mention regular expression when we select mention regular expression, because we are using this kind of 5 / which allows us to write all the branded keywords in one rule and simplest state that if any of these keywords occurs, It should be excluded from the organic traffic.

After that we click Save segment and then, in any case or from any count within one google analytics account. You can access this kind of report and apply it. So this is the difference with which we receive when we apply this kind of segment. So, for example, we are looking we’re looking at the traffic’s at the traffic performance number of visits and think like okay, everything goes well our as SEO campaign.

Doing is doing very well okay, but after we have excluded branded keywords from the traffic, we see that, as it appears, traffic is little bit lower that we expected, because our about 30 reasons / days it was they were accounted. They accounted for branded keywords now. Well, let’s consider another report report number three: it’s is it with transactions visit with transactions report is very helpful because you can get a picture of your visitor who are triggers the conversion who buys are on your website or makes or does any a step action, which Is relevant which is critical for your business success? So how can you get this picture of the client? You can see the region from which user has come.

You can see the language which has been used by the visitor browser screen resolution and are the information also with this. With the help of this, with the with this information, you can get an idea of users behavior so, for example, where they proceed further, whether they are satisfied and engaged with your content and so on, so for how to apply this kind of report. In this case, you just need to make the use of standard default.

Google Analytics segments you navigate to advanced segments and choose visits with transactions and click apply, and that’s what you obtain. You see the pie graph, which shows the percentage of you visitors and of returning visitors. You can also see a number of visits correspond its corresponding to each type of language. You can also choose another metric to you. This kind of day data you can see.

You can choose browser operating systems of service provider screen resolution and if you want to get more figures, more data, you just click view full report and you are taken to this kind of table here. You can choose secondary dimension, for example, we we have chosen for our case country and territory, and also you can specify the way you would like to use this data. You may specify that you would like to use it as a chart as a pie graph or as a bar chart.

A report number 4, which might come handy, is most profitable sources of traffic. Most profitable sources of traffic report allows you to see which sources has driven the biggest revenue for your business and where, where is where is the highest return on investment and on which traffic sources? You should focus more in the future? So this kind of report could be set up in the following way: navigate to the traffic sources, section, select all traffic and then click ecommerce.

In this case, you will be able to see this kind of table which shows, in the show source and medium traffic source and medium and e-commerce conversion rate. You can also see the average value which has been generated by each of these traffic sources and the number of transactions select. It’s very helpful if you want to see to rate these kind of sources by any of these metrics, just simply click on the column heading and the information will be put in order, starting from the best reformed sources.

Then – and this is how you can see that if your rate by, for example, ecommerce conversion rate, the best reform source comes first in the Indus in this day, people report number 5 funnel visualization and drops off. Why is this report very useful? Because I? Firstly, let’s: let’s talk a little bit more, what final is final could be divided. Is 0 of steps is a sequence of steps which you expect your user to take on the way to the conversion.

So it’s good. It’s could be compared to little goals. We choose the tab for Google Analytics in Google Analytics and you expect the user to reach all these goals and finally, he may he should reach the final. The biggest goal are for your website. So if you set up our final result, visualization, you may not only see the data, but you can also see be a visual picture of these sir conversion process, and you can see, are these stages on on which users abandoned the conversion conversion path.

The course are, naturally, not all the users they start to convert, they start the purchase and they finish it. Probably there is a button which is not working on your website or some some another kind of usability issue and that’s why they can’t finish complete the purchase. So, with the help of this funnel visualization feature, you will be able to identify this week places so firstly to to get this picture.

You need to set up the fat to set up the funnel you navigate to admin, select the profile and click goals. Then you are set up the funnel, for example. In our case, for example, let’s take the case of promoter users. We perceive that our potential customers contact us via email, but we think that the users might visit this page contact us page before they do before they request called the contact.

So we set up that for this goal. Url destination goal email contact. There might be a step there might be a step when the user visit, then the user visits contact us page. So we write these kind of information. Please note that you can add another steps, and actually there could be a lot of lot more steps which you perceive users should take before they make the conversion before they trigger the conversion and after you have set up the funnel.

You can see these kind of information, this kind of image it could be obtained in the conversion. Section final visualization, as you can see in this example more over 900 people started the conversion, but only for hundred and fifty finished it successfully. So here you can see it and read stitches. They left this conversion process. Then you can check these pages and see whether something is going wrong with its pages report number six bounce rate.

So I have already mentioned several times this powerful metric, and now we are going to give a better overview of this important metric so bounce rate. It is the percent percentage of visits that go only one page and after visit, only one page and on after this page they just exit the site and do not proceed to any other pictures. Bounce rate is used to measure user engagement. How much the extent to which your website content is relevant to the user needs and generally and that’s why? Generally, a high bounce rate is considered as a negative sign, because the visitor is not doesn’t find your website very informative and relevant to their needs, and he just leaves after you in 11 pitch so this kind of metric.

You can see many many reports. For example, you can navigate to the content, section select all peaches, and here you can see bounce rate when you analyze bounce rate, it’s very good to make the use of this a bar chart. For example, we have selected landing pages and then we selected bar chart and what now we see the bounce rate of different pages is compared to this site average. So here we can see that this page performs really bad, and this page is not working as well.

So probably there is some usability issues on this website of these pages and we need to pay more attention to them and of them, and probably there will be the result. So bounce rate is very important metric for usability specialist and is considered very very very often so there is the case when high bounce rate R is not considered as a negative sign. For example, there are, there is a certain group of websites or for which even one hundred percent bounce rate is okay, simply because are the when the user visit decides.

He lands on the first on the page. He used this page here since information, the information they need and then he’ll. He lives completely satisfied. For example, it could be blocks, user have has read the article event lives, so in this case, or you should pay attention so before jumping into a bounce rate analysis. You should think of your website what kind of websites you have and whether high bounce rate is is indeed a negative sign are for, for your online project report number 7 mobile traffic.

Ah, today’s turn, these days when mobile usage is growing with their huger at the huge rate, it’s important to know what is going on with our mobile users, because, as a rule, they are access accessing our website, film, from devices with smaller screens with lower internet speed. So we should, we should definitely analyze this kind of traffic weather weather disk, whether these users have any kind of problems.

So, if your applied mobile traffic report, you can get a clear picture of users who are visiting your website. You can see a screen resolution operating system, browser and other metrics attributed to this source, and also you can increase mobile traffic conversion rate simply by eliminating some problems which which you might are identified during this kind of analysis, so how to set up mobile traffic report Again, navigate to advanced segments and select mobile traffic report, then click apply it’s a default segment which is provided by Google Analytics after you have applied this a report.

We advise you to navigate to the audience and overview here. You can see, for example, the data breakdown by language by country and territory, by operating system by service provider and are the metrics. In other case. We have chosen screen resolution. You want to see where the users experience any kind, any kind of problems when existing from different mobile devices. So, in order to get this kind of information, we click view full report and again we select bar chart so that to computer bounce rate with the site average.

So we see that users with these screen resolutions experience some problems, probably because the bounce rate is is high and that’s why our after we have done this analyst analysis, we might go to our website and test it all on the devices with these resolutions. In order to see whether whether they have any kind of problems – okay and now we have come to the last report for today, this is report number 8, 40.

All errors why we should why we should apply and make the use of these kind of report, because um 404 arrows are bad for your website for two for two main reasons. Firstly, because our users, when they run into the error pages, they they might be, are unsettling, might experience negative, they might receive negative experience and they might leave the site if you don’t, if you don’t present any navigation and hints on how what on what to do Further they they might just leave the website and not come there anymore, and the second reason why it’s bad, because, if you’re, if the number of error pages steadily grows on your website, it is, it is a sign for google and it may decrease the Rankine’s of Your website, because of this technical problem, so to apply this kind of report we are, we advise to make a short card and just make the use of advanced filter.

We are going to apply this filter with the help of the page title, so we need to apply this filter. We need to know the page title we go to the page, arrow page gold find the title copy it and then proceed to the content section here, which is all pagers, and here we select page title so there we receive the breakdown of pages with different page Titles – and this is the die when we are apply the advanced filter.

Here we write that we would like to include information about the pages with the beach title, which contains this this information, and after that we click apply. What do we receive? We receive a report showing us the number of of error pages. We see the dynamic of this. The trend of these pages, as well as we can see the bounce rate, and if we are select secondary dimension, we can see whether the user proceeds to any other pages, for example.

Also, you can see which pictures generated which URLs generated this arrow page in this case, you just need to click on this and you will be able to see all the pictures which the user, typed or clicked on and to received error notice. So this kind of information you can see here with this with the help of this report so now or we have finished with the custom reports, and actually this is all which we would like to tell you today.

One point more, which I would like to notice is that to note is that there is a very powerful tool provided by google these days. It’s reporting solutions from google solution gallery. So, if you click on this again, you can find inside about. You can find insights very quickly about your online project, your online marketing or, with the help of different different options which Google provides. It could be custom reports.

It would be dashboards. You can select the business objective, you can see, you can select. A water would like to see this report and you will be provided with the custom pre-made reports. It’s very easy quickly and you will be able to access this kind of reports anytime. You want so for today. That’s all, and now I think that and we’ll add more of on my part. I would like to thank you for being here and thank you for your time, I’m in your March Helen and before we move to a clearing section.

I would like to offer a special bonus to a loyal audience. This is a three accion conversion rates of contagion. Oliver model, it will look like a quick campus in 10 minutes personalized webinar by one of our legal credit card expert, and this audit will help you find possible ways to increase practically Bob project and group conversion rate. The main points covered during the session will be quick usability audit of your system side.

We can see all you can drag your analytics or little PPC campaign staff, Moodle audit and best practices, our conversion rate optimization to schedule such a personalized webinar. Please a bull. This link I’m sending it to chat, that’s it I’ll, fill in the form and the schedule, deception or you can also simply reply to any of the emails you are receiving. Compra model also do stay tuned with oil content and special offers.

Please subscribe to our blog cooper and paper. Thank you very much again, and so do we have any questions? No, I guess not. Okay, then. Thank you very much. Please don’t hesitate to contact our speaker directly in case you just think of any questions. After finish, reception and thanks again we’re looking forward to meeting you on one again goodbye


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Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – Time To Get Social

Your business you’ve probably sat down your building your marketing strategy of all these new ideas. I want to make sure that you understand the top trends of 2020 that you need to look out for as a business in terms of social media. Marketing and a lot of these are things that we’re looking at for our clients that we’re going to be rolling out.

I want to make sure that you understand them and that you are using them, because these things are going to be huge in 2020. Okay, the first one of these is tick. Tock tick. Tock is super powerful. It’s going to keep growing 20 20 hundreds of millions of users. The organic exposure is unreal. It is Instagram five years ago and we all know how that turned out for people who hopped on five six seven years ago, now’s your chance to do that with tick tock.

It’s a younger demographic, but a that’s great. If your business already targets younger demographics, you’re spot on but B, if your business doesn’t that’s okay, because there’s also an aging demographic coming onto the platform, but the younger demographic is sharing this content with their friends, their family they’re, sharing it on their Instagram and their Facebook as tik-tok allows that, and so it doesn’t matter what you’re targeting forget the age of Emma graphic.

If you can get content content on tick tock in 2020, do it it’s going to be worth it you’ll. Thank me later. Okay, number, two long format. Article continues to hold strong long format, article being 8, 9, 10 minutes plus right YouTube, LinkedIn Facebook, so many more platforms now are allowing this even Instagram as Instagram TV right. They are now allowing series you can upload series of articles.

Like basically TV shows, people are just content, consumption monsters and your business can take advantage of that, create more long format, deep-dive stuff, that’s actually meaningful and valuable. 2020 and you’ll see a huge result from it. Okay, the third one is paid advertising. As you know, Facebook and Instagram have been cutting the organic reach of the business accounts, especially to a ridiculous extent.

It’s almost impossible to reach anyone anymore you’re, not going to grow your business if you’re not paying for advertising period. The platforms are insanely powerful, but you have to pay to get the most out of them. We’re talking Facebook Ads, Instagram, ads story, ads messenger ads. You can even run tik-tok ads by the way through Facebook, which is pretty cool. Okay. The fourth thing is multi-platform strategies right in 2020: it’s all about being every where that doesn’t mean you need to create unique content for every single blog, because who has the time for that? But it means you need a smart strategy where you can produce content once that works for every platform.

That’s what we do here. I basically film like four articles a month and that gives us all of our content for YouTube. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, everything right! Everything so come up with a great strategy. We figured out. You guys got ta figure it out I’ll. Do a article on my strategy at some point this year and show you what we do here. Number five text. Marketing text marketing is again becoming massive right.

Very powerful, as email, open rates, kind of decline and emails are becoming less responsive text is where it’s at people are still checking these. This is the TV of 2020. This is where everybody’s attention is so, in addition to being on social media. You also want to be in people’s texts right. You want to start building a text database instead of just collecting your customers, emails collect their numbers, so you can text them.

You can market to them where they actually respond, who doesn’t check their phone when it goes ding, and you go oh, what’s that everyone still checks that right now take advantage of it. Okay text marketing there’s a ton of great platforms to look into from the complicated ones like Twilio, which lets you custom code, all kinds of cool things too easy texting, simple texting. I’ve used a bunch of them slick text.

I’ve definitely tested a few. I think we’re using easy text right now or easy texting whatever it’s called, but basically you integrate that into your marketing. Someone opts in through your funnel make sure you get their number put it in this marketing system, so that you can build a database of numbers that you can market to okay, very important in 2020, that you do that partially also because we want to start moving Towards gaining attention on social media, but then as quickly as possible, pulling that off the platform and owning it, because we don’t know what the future holds for a lot of these blogs.

What they’re going to! Let you do what they’re not going to? Let you do you want to use them to get attention for your brand, get names, emails, numbers and then own that so that no matter what happens you still own your own audience, okay, and that’s why it’s very very important texting is going to be crucial in 2020, the last strategy is the last big trend is alternative. Advertising platforms are growing in popularity, so things like ways like Spotify.

Those are huge ways is great because it’s great for local marketing. If you’re in a tucked away spot people drive by they, don’t see you you’re a restaurant you’re, a golf club you’re, something that people actually become into a retailer Waze make sure that as people drive by you pop up on the map, every single time, that’s crucial Right now that everyone is using Waze on their phone as they drive, you want to make sure you’re coming up and that you’re visible and it’s still relatively cheap and easy to use.

So I recommend it as well as other platforms like Spotify. Definitely look into that. These are all platforms they’re now allowing advertising that can bring some diversity to your digital marketing strategy and it doesn’t hurt to test they’re working well. We have seen and worked with clients using it, but definitely recommend trying it out. For yourself, I’m not saying it’s going to work, it’s just a trend, that’s happening! More people are jumping on board, so that’s my big six things coming up for 2020 will definitely be diving deeper into these, as I come out with more articles every single week, but that’s all you need to know for now.

If you’ve any questions drop. A comment below – let me know you think about this. Do you agree? Are these the trends or we on the right track, and how is your business going to be implementing these in 2020? I want to hear about it. So don’t forget to leave us a like. A comment and subscribe, we do drop a new article every single week and if you want to learn more about my social media marketing agency, you can visit soot, social @, ww, social, calm and I’ll see you in the next article

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