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How To Start | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

Let me tell you how hey guys I know I look like from scholars right now very high in the air back from London, headed to a York City Expressway a article, so many of you are stuck and can’t start.

I broke it down into that. What how and where right whw right like what are you going to talk about, but the way all of you need to do this and how you actually start is by doing you ever done anything, yet you know this whole fake it till you make. It brings. No value to anybody, you need to make something, and that thing is a manifesto. It’s always been obvious. It’s always been obvious. What causes success? What I needed to do you know every time I read content the internet web television readed, opening the other night was responsible.

Is working she’s interviewed George Lucas, something seeing the same shit. We took it to all the studios, every single one of them and nobody wanted it. So what you do so I said: well, I’m not going to give up now. You’re stuck you haven’t, started cuz you’re stuck, I think, you’re of using trumps the excitement of victory for so many people. So here you go what what I’m going to talk about? What do you want to be known for? Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life? Do that and see what people need to understand is the way we communicate today is so different and the platforms have been redefined.

You want to be in health and fitness, you want to be in strategy, you want to in social media, you want to be and sneakers you want to be in coffee. You want to be in electronics, you want to be in in fashion york like smurfs smurfs. It up, you can make seventy thousand dollars a year talking about the smooth, whether that’s your mission or where you’re at right. Now your truth manifesto tell me what you’re thinking about it like if somebody made a article eight years ago that I think fashion should be high low.

I think people should wear expensive, stuff and inexpensive stuff in one wardrobe. They would have been like the queen or king of the vision of the fashion industry, just by making a article for the thing that facebook why your Instagram, like facebook’s, going to buy instagram four months later it happens. So I was on Piers Morgan, this company’s 550 days old, how the hell is it worth a billion dollars and my opening line is they stole it? And then I guess, last year, this time right, facebook bought whatsapp for 18 billion, and every article like the next day after the news came out is like oh wait a minute.

They fucking stole Instagram the. How is there’s only a certain few ways to communicate in the world whether this is article form something extreme yeah like just get on a train and go away for a week or something different? You have to break pattern whether this is audio form sitting here. Listening to my music list and I’m starting to find a little clarity, audio being a podcast you’re, an outspoken advocate for both hustle with self-awareness yeah.

So if you had to put them in order, even if it’s a 1a and one sample in self-awareness, not important when you know her, you, yes, when you know who you are hustle sexier yeah like it would have been cooler for, like the people. Listening for me to say, hustle, because it’s cooler right heck, you mean of do podcast, put the record on your phone and just speak your truth as I sit here right now, writing this article or at least mellowing it, because that’s how I do it get in Front of a camera to Southeast out, you know I’m old, now, kids, at 40, I’ve observed a lot to tell you that optimism and positive is a huge variable.

Good morning. Instagram me Gary. Instead of a motivational quote or some sort of collapse, one of those tamanna fees tell you all the guys, their attention thumbs up on the tripod or have a d-rock, your nephew or sister, making me this is real quick you can in turn is here. Somebody guys might remember him or you write it, but the way all of you need to do this and how you actually start is. By doing I create an obnoxious amount of content because you’re the strategy of how we do it don’t do anything.

Just keep. Reading keep reading my stuff keep being entertained by my energy. Keep being inspired, don’t do don’t look and have dinner at seven o’clock and 22 years like when your strategy is right, you win, and so we have figured out that pillar content creates content underneath it at scale. Everybody welcome to the first hashtag askgaryvee. I think it’s the first one, but I actually do think I tried to do this once before.

I feel like I’ve got the team now in place to actually do this more often to macro patients macro patience, my patients you’ve got a deploy. Patients you’ve got to love the process, what’s the ROI of social media, so I look at her ago. What’s the ROI of your mother, there are so many people in here that shouldn’t be producing article, because that is not the best way they communicate only a decade ago, as I was speaking here, all I would be talking about is blogging.

Yet there are people in this room that are caught up by picture and article communication and they are tremendous writers and they don’t realize that blogging or posting on medium or even my favorite little hack. Right now, if you’re a good writer – and you want to build up a profile for your business or for yourself, I actually highly recommend you start blogging inside of Facebook and Instagram, I literally mean writing seven.

Fifteen twenty five sentences. Three four five paragraphs word: a written content within your feeds that people will absolutely consumed. So that’s number one and two know what and and how right like. How are you going to do it and then we’re distribution? That’s that’s what you need to figure out next and it’s the hardest part for a lot of you hardest part is to start the next hardest. Binlog things are hard hard to start hard to know what format do it in audio written article and the number three? How do you get people to see it all goes down in the DM which key is providing other people more value? I just don’t see people doing it, it blows me away and it is absolutely wonderful and it is absolutely going down on Instagram DM influencers where you pay for it even pay in facebook ads Instagram a sponsorship deals youtube pre-rolls against people of those interests fashion.

You know feed line, sneakers technology or or you reach out to people that have audiences urge hashtags click them look at. The account then see how you can bring them values, DM them go and soft, bring value, rinse and repeat: 10, three or five thousand times. So the thing maybe should do is go upper east side doesn’t get. This guy looks like it took picture Haji Instagram influencers right now today, for doers is the probably, but only behind facebook, ads the single best arbitrage in marketing and then then try and then you learn when you’re a pioneer you have to taste it.

There’s no report. There’s no white paper, there’s no modeling mixed metrics that are going to teach you how that’s going to work when you’re the first explorer. You have to taste the berries and hopefully they’re, not poisonous we’re living through this incredible era of massive opportunity. Yet everybody’s talking and reading and nobody’s fucking doing start fucking executing. So what does that mean? That means you should write a medium blog post every week, content podcast article written, quotes, pictures and then tactics.

What scares me quite a bit is that most of you, when you see these logos, you think of a piece of content that you make and you think of those five blogs and more as places where you distribute it. Twitter and Facebook are tools. Twitter and Facebook are markers and crayons right, no fax machine. These are not just distribution blogs. These are blogs where you have the natively story, tell Facebook youtube and instagram or ABC NBC and CBS, and what I figured out for last decade is how to make mash and the end with and show, and he are inside.

Though, and my question is, how do I also and stop being a pussy metemma, I want to do where you are go. What’s lacking you some, I don’t know other people’s POV come on man classic style. Yes, yes, please take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is. It is imperative that not only do you start thinking about your content strategy on these platforms for your business, facebook, targeting I mean, like I mean that’s it like you, can literally put your business address, run a male, a radius around it or everybody in the 70, 8, 1 zip code or 20 8802 as very Jersey in the house, zip code and everybody will see it and that’s in that zip code in that feed.

It’s a piece of cake. So if we talk about coffee, Google, the word coffee and the word blog or coffee and media company and literally email, every editor and writer of every copy blog on the internet, the way you’re going to make money online and by the way anywhere it’s by grabbing. It so if I were you, I would do this, I would go to whoville, I would type in beer, so I would click this one pop glasses, calm.

I go to this site, I see what they have. I would find if the phone number of this place. Here’s a phone number. I pick it up. How long could I speak to about you guys, possibly advertising a light? Beer blog that’s mean, then search the hashtag coffee and go to every coffee, influencer and coffee, released and coffee media site on Instagram and DM them, and ask them to give awareness to this manifesto.

You just wrote, and one out of three hundred twenty-seven will but that’s better than zero. Undervalue is just that. One view needs to be the right view. Place one view is a humongous will take sense until you do it and what I’m willing to sit here right now and make this article hoping that one fucker one boxer says: oh shit, yeah fuck it. Where the threaten word. We look at the mediums linkedin.

The word presses, you start a blog right or we do it on your facebook or you do in your cereal. How there’s only really three core waves in the current internet to really communicate to the world, the written word or article? What I’m doing right now youtube facebook, article Instagram one minute version article – is the other way we communicate a number three audio the boom of podcast. These are things that matter what the fuck do you want to talk about? How are you going to communicate it written audio or article, and how do you get people access see? This is where we showed you how to go into the DM right, then, before you’ve got to figure out how to use some money and use facebook ads and target the people that you’re trying to reach or grinding hustle.

Just literally female is 702 1500 different blogs or media sites and saying he wanted this spread with my content, somebody has a 14,000 person, email newsletter about coffee news, find that person and ask them Scott asked, be smart, Jab, Jab right hook, ask them what you can Do for them, because you want everybody to read this. He posted on medium and hit up the editors of medium, who curate content post a link on it and to read it right, hit up the 4700 coffee influencers on youtube and send them a message and ask them if they want to read it on their youtube.

Blog that has 147 views. 147 news is better than zero, the fuckin work and how you start


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Tips for Building a Personal Brand From Nothing – VidCon Vlog 8 Jade Darmawangsa

This was my very first year at VidCon and, let’s just say, I was looking through the footage of this article you’re about to see, and it doesn’t make quite set to summarize everything. This just goes to show you how chaotic brazii lidded con was because it was really great time, but it wasn’t what I really expected.

Some of you guys know me if you don’t what’s up and I just moved out today recently, I don’t know why we’ve got. I had an interview, though most of this article is going to be kind of circulating around that contest and make sure you guys stay tuned very and, if you’re going to learn how to grow your brand a little bit more about VidCon. My honest thoughts about I’d be in for a roller coaster, so let’s jump into it guys.

So my name is Jade derma Wanda, I’m a 17 year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in LA. I feel like that’s when you youtube intro. I look II. Think I’m just trying to not financially deprecated. What is that per gate me depreciate, depreciate and try not to financially depreciate depreciate? I thought it was deprecated anyway. The first thing that caught I’ll link it below was crazy. It was five day.

Two is great. I met some awesome, tubers and then day three hit, which is where we’re at. What’s up, you guys welcome to my blog today’s day, sorry, a VidCon. This is my first year. I’ve been doing YouTube for like 7 years off and on and dreaming up this place. So I didn’t know what to really expect. I saw every single youtuber and maybe you’ve been there too, but like you’ve seen this like idea, VidCon and you’ve never really gone out there, but it always looks like funds and giggles.

You know it always looks like a great time. No honestly, most of this convention I was just walking around didn’t know what to do. I started my day off with avocado toe. I met my friend Brandon guys, I’m here with Brennan, so I’m here with Brennan to get avocado toast in Beverly Hills. So I got my poop juice, obviously guys what about that? This beauty? It’s really good you’re getting with the book the hair.

No, it’s great Brennan’s! A super cool dude hung out with him. Balloony me all weekend. He stayed on my freakin couch, so yeah me and Brendan head avocado toast, but here we have avocado toast, which was $ 17, I’m going to self depreciate more. I live in LA Orange County’s like a pretty far drive so when we made it to VidCon, I was actually kind of tired but again you’re just wandering. So we went to her first panel and Andy, but then I had to run to my first and everybody.

So we’re at VidCon danger and now we’re going to my first event, which is like a meeting interview with some people at VidCon, but I’m kind of late. Like usual interview was, like all night Libby shot up to, let be she’s working on a project for college units and universities. So I answered her a few questions. The first question I got was: how do you create a personal brand? That’s unique and attracts attention, so how do you create a personal brand, that’s unique and attractive how to create a person brand.

That’s unique! I think a lot of people need to realize that what makes them unique is that what the topic is it’s about, how you are and that’s very cliche, but there’s a lot of emphasis on your story and narrative. So if you don’t have a story, if you don’t have an epic like life, Bella, that’s, okay, what I’m talking about is a personal brand. That’s attractive, it’s all about before and after so what I would do is try to find your audience what a twit didn’t lack tell them where they want to be so, for example, if they’re trying to inspire people make sure you say this is why I’m credible.

Maybe this is why you should listen to me, but then tell them the backstory and make sure you’re relatable, because the one thing is, if you don’t build that Epiphany bridge, no one will listen to you. You know that’s why people can’t relate to, like you know, Kim Kardashian. You know people can really link to like Emma Chamberlain, there’s a reason why there’s our market is gravitating towards like relatable content, it’s just because we can begin vibe with it and it’s more.

It resonates for who we are and like number one mistake that you see when people are trying to gain those clickbait use those keywords but they’re still not getting that attraction up there. I think you could be doing something right and doing everything right, but if you don’t have the right timing, it’s not going to work. So I feel like you could be, do something perfectly and every day you go at it, but it’s summertime and you’re knocking on the wrong door so being at the right time at the right place.

Is everything like, for example, I did YouTube for like seven years. It’s a little year ago, we’re actually starting off. So for me, it’s just like a lot of people is like, I think my biggest phrase ever is like Jane. I have tried everything so for that. I just say patience and literally being able to tweak with the market. So if you’re, just going into your articles, then you’re going to make X amount of content like 12 point series, be okay with making it maybe shorter and then moving on.

I think people don’t want to DAP, because it’s scary to change yeah, we have to realize it. Timing is everything so be at the right time right present, just like literally keep doing what you’re doing, but just have the patience for it tell us god, that’s perfect! Hey, let me know, do you have any questions for yourself, maybe like what like me, what led me to build this? For me, I have a bigger picture.

Like money doesn’t mean anything to mean, like literally, you could tell me, I’m going to make a million dollars, but now, if that was it like I’ll, be so disappointed myself, so I don’t think money motivates me. I thought it was like status right. I’m going to dress really well, then I realize I don’t. I don’t feel good when I buy something. Do you ever like buy something, and I see yourself or like wait.

I could have just saved it right. He says I don’t realize not like looking good. I think what it is it really is. I want to build a platform that gives me the credibility to help people so like. Basically, I just want to make connections with people. That’s it. I’m a people person and if I can get because like the thing is, if you don’t have anything to talk about that means you’re not blending something.

So I don’t want to get really good at one thing. For me, it’s marketing help so many people with it and that’s how I build connections see those are wonderful questions and I hope you guys got some value. We’re going to continue on with the day. Vidcon was honestly examine. This is when it had a turning point. After the article is also and dandy and chill after this moment, my life changed, I met some of you guys, so I had a meet-up readiness Meetup I just was assuming one person was going to show up.

I don’t know why I have their fear that no one of you guys, like my contact, all of you guys, came then 10, then you a whole crowd of them, and I was just so surreal guys. I met some domination people; they were I’m literally looking at you right now in this camera, and I want to say thank you for your love and support. I don’t really think about you guys as like a crowd. I just think of you at the same one.

In one relationship like I love this hike sitting down and talk to you guys and helping you grow your Instagram and that’s just what I love to do. So. Thank you for coming out to the Meetup. It was awesome so, for example, like the new owner frogmen your audience. So then you have more sponsorship to know like it’s a different audience, so in hip 10,000 sort of next blog and then now you have like our girl a lot of things yeah for sure.

Thanks for staying on so firm it you guys it was very great, like I was honored adrenaline high and then there was a pony. I don’t like party, I don’t well, maybe because I I was never invited to parties. Hey I got in high school. Never really did that there was basically a VidCon after-party for the top craters peoples, just important people. You know I didn’t get an invite okay, so I should I try to sneak in and it didn’t really work.

We went through security and they just stopped us because I didn’t have my wristband. I just turn around me and Brennen. Basically, we had dinner. This put, it was like 10:00 p.M. And you know what I’m not even upset um and I really realize guys is, after being this whole VidCon weekend, you’re just going to feel sometimes really small, because everyone wants to just know how many followers you have your worth.

It’s basically on a result – and I kid you not at that moment when I go catch, a free party and winning moments before, like just wandering off feeling in place, you have to realize you cannot put your identity in your results. Who you are is on what you do and I have to really make that quick switch because it was hard on us. Some people had millions and millions of followers and not what I really care and I’m going to like measure that.

But it’s important to know your self-worth internally before you think about external things. Vidcon taught me a lot. I taught me just hi net, where I kind of meet really cool people and also taught me to how to love myself, even if I don’t have a biggest following, as you know, all those convictions. I was really cool to me. People with like larger followings, not because of the number but because of you, know the ways they got there.

I love hearing the stories. I met something cool peace shout out to Hayley, Ryan and sitting. Basically, the only people are going out with this weekend. You know what there’s actually something we’re working on, really really last-minute, which is a song, and you guys will hear that and this literally like the people. I met at VidCon our friendships that I consider so so surreal and genuine to me and it’s not about the numbers.

It was hard for me because I feel like a small fish in a big pond or ever vention event and place where you don’t feel like. You belong realize that it’s all your mindset, which it and really become internally confident rather than external people, won’t believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself hope I gave you some insight on how it was super fun. Super freaking lit this article and subscribe.

If you like it, like this article and subscribe bitch shut up to the comet literature comment on this post to feature the next step, this is you want to be an excellent winner. Make sure you comment below your thoughts on a bid card where you there did you hug me or did you like it Tom and below? I wonder your thoughts, but what do you thought about today’s article catch you guys in the next one good, bye,

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Break The Glass Ceiling Of Entrepreneurship – Part3 – Business Development

Let’s expand on that. So a big problem that I see with many entrepreneurs is that they start or try to grow a business or buy a business before they understand the structure of things before they have full.

What you can say, a business plan, any structure, any process to not just grow your business organically and by acquisitions and we’ll get into that, but also have a full structure on. I guess your systems in all of your department internally, so everything from sales and marketing to operations to HR, to customer support to your financial department. You need to first of all, have a full understanding in a picture of how, first of all before that, in the first shift, we had the vision.

But now you need to understand how the vision actually looks like like on the ground right and how you? What your plan for actually executing on that vision, because most people, what they’re doing is, I see them, go out there and they try to raise capital just on an idea which, in my opinion, it’s not enough, especially if you want to buy a business. Unless you have a full understanding of how that business will look like after you go into that and buy that or grow your business internally, it’s going to be really hard and same go for hiring people before you have a full understanding of what each role looks.

Like in your business and have a full, literally system for how the business looks like in is ideal scenario, you can’t feel the gaps in bringing people on board to those structures. Unless you know what are those structures? Who are those people who need to basically fill those roles? First of all, you need to understand what even what roles you even need in that business. So I hope that makes sense and that’s what I want to expand in this article.

So one of the problems – people are doing they’re hiring people and they don’t have systems or processes for those employees to follow. Basically, they don’t have systems in general that everyone can follow and understand what exactly they need to complete every week or every day. In order for them to be successful, and before you know those things you can bring people before, you know what their exact role is going to be.

And again, I don’t care if it’s for your existing business or if it’s for a business that you’re looking to buy you got ta, have a full structure or understanding of how a business need to look like and what are the processes? And you, especially if you want to become the owner investor, the shareholder, the advisor you got ta have a full understanding of how that picture, going to look like from a high-level position and then also to understand with yourself.

What are the KPIs that you need to track? What are the exact numbers and data that you need to get every day and every week to have a full understanding on your vision? Because if you want to have an amended management team running that business? For you, a professional manager or professional managers running those different departments in your business. You need to understand what are those departments, what is going to be in each department who are what are their roles? What are their goals for every day for every week for every quarter for every year, and unless you have that vision and understanding on that structure, you can’t go out and expect to get.

I guess the results because, first of all, you probably don’t even know what KPI is. You need to track with each of those people and unless you know those things you can expect to have a good, profitable business and that’s to begin with, and I’m talking about the little things, the little nuances that you need to understand in each department. So, for example, it looks like the accounting department, most people, most entrepreneurs, that I talked to you own six or seven figure businesses or don’t own a business.

I want to grow other and start one or buy one. They don’t have the business acumen. They don’t know how to even read a P & L or a balance sheet. It looks like Chinese for them. They don’t know how to look for ratios inside their balance sheet or P & L and how to make conclusions from those numbers in order to actually make changes in their business. They don’t know how to even handle those things in those departments or what are their roles and KPIs that they need to track in those departments like tracking accounts, receivables or payables.

In order to make sure that you have a better trading business and a better business that produces producing even more cash flow, so that’s why it’s so important to have that business development process and systems. First, before you bring anything else before you’re bringing the people before you bring in capital, and obviously you can’t build that business development plan before you have the business strategy and the vision for things you want to look like in a year from now.

In a few years, from now, in ten years from now, if you are like most business on our business owners out there, your business probably looks like kind of like your wheel with spokes all over it. Where you are like in the center of that wheel and you’re, basically responsible for almost everything and everything you need to go through, you and everything is dependent on you and you can’t transition yourself from an owner manager, employee operator, to an owner, shareholder, visionary investor.

Unless you removing yourself from those roles and unless you have the structures, so everything is working well without you, it’s going to be really really hard to make that transition. Those things and many more is what creating a bottleneck inside your business and most people or business owners or entrepreneurs. They don’t know what metrics they need to follow, or they don’t even know what metrics are important to follow right.

So when you have those that lack of fundamentals, it’s really hard to scale things in a good way and I’m going to get into more of the details of how to build an organic plan to grow in an acquisition a way to grow. But unless you have those fundamentals you can grow by buying other businesses and there’ll be shitty businesses it’ll be basically these stress businesses they’re just going to take a lot of time from you, and you can’t really make anything from that you want to make.

I know many people who buy many distressed businesses, but then they need they need to liquidate and shut down those businesses after a few months. And is it really worth your time to go and buy a bad business and spend a lot of time and sometimes money to try and turn it around? Because you don’t have the good fundamentals to begin with, because you don’t know if there are some opportunities in those businesses or not, and same goes for going growing organically.

If you don’t have the good fundamentals to begin with, maybe you’re not even getting or trying to get the right client, maybe you can get a better client that will pay you ten times more in a different place and all those different things are literally the small Nuances that will make the distinctions and breakthrough of basically creating the separate decision. If it’s business is going to make it or not it’s pretty simple, I mean many businesses literally grow by lack.

They don’t have a clear market or an understanding of why they’re even more unique than their competitors. They don’t have, even if they personally think that they know why they’re unique they don’t have a full system. That is very, I guess, open to everyone else in their company for everyone else to follow, and unless you know their unique is like many people I know would literally get to 6 or 7 s here literally by luck.

They got some opportunity. They got there, but then what happens is it after a while they don’t understand what happens, they don’t have a full understanding of their processes and then they have to shut down their business because they don’t have those fundamentals. To begin with. Now, let’s talk about plans for growth, so most people that I know own a business or want to get into business. They want to either start from scratch or try to get one client at a time literally hustled their way into getting one client.

At a time doing advertising here, advertising they’re, going to events, doing doing direct marketing and all those different strategies and they’re always looking for the next technology that will help them to give to get the next client at the break-even or a profitable marketing campaign right. So that’s what most people are doing they, and even if they’re doing that, most people don’t even have a full system and process to understand what is exactly the best way to get one client at the time and how to put themselves back from those processes.

So a team can do that for them and that’s the first way. Most people try to grow and pretty much the only way that most business owners try to grow just because most of the books and seminars and retreats out there are on that way of growing business growing organically. By doing more sales and marketing most entrepreneurs don’t even know that they can start their journey in entrepreneurship by buying another existing profitable established business or if they have an existing business.

They don’t even know that they can grow their business by going out there and merging with other companies or by buying other companies in their sectors who are complementary business to theirs, who are either their competitors, and they think that they need to have millions of dollars. In their bank to buy those businesses which far away from being the truth, because you can basically the beauty with buying businesses, unlike many other things, is that you don’t have to have 100 cent of the cash on hand.

Because you can use the acquisition target assets. As a leverage to pay for the business itself, you can literally go to financial institutions and tell them hey. Look. I had this business I want to buy and I have all those assets in that business. Let’s leverage those assets to paid for that business and I’m not even talking about negotiation strategies like puttin, Erin out or future cash flow projections to pay for the acquisition cost and that’s how you can do deals and grow literally by year’s worth of sales.

In an afternoon, by going out there and by those businesses with employees, with managers with access to more products to more cash flow, to more revenues to more operations, so, for example, if you have an existing business, let’s say whatever you have a web design company. You can go out there and buy a marketing agency who’s, doing like Google AdWords for businesses, and you can then do cross selling and seen it in save costs.

For example, if you have a list of clients and your services, you can then sell your services to their list of clients and vice versa, there’s so many cross selling opportunities that will basically save your costs from going out there and cry and quiet try to acquire New clients, because you already have that rapport and Trust with that business that you bought and I’m not even talking about synergies and so much capital that you can save from having synergies.

Because, let’s say you bought another company, you only need one department of each. You only need one HR department. You only need one marketing department, one accounting department, one customer – would support the part. All this depends on the business and all that, for example, if you’re in the same location, you only need one office and you can save so much money by buying other businesses and it’s all going to go down to your bottom line, to your net profit and Most people don’t already it’s even possible that they can grow a business by going out there and buying other businesses, and they don’t need much capital if at all, like we’ve done bills without putting any dollar down.

Just because we had enough assets in that business. To pay for that business itself and there’s so many cool things you can do there like look at the business biggest businesses out there, that’s the way they grow like when you’re, very, very big when you’re big like Facebook, for example, your only way to grow and Meet your shareholders demands is to go out there and buy other companies, there’s only so much internal growth that you can do only so much sales and marketing and optimization of your cost internal that you can do, but what the biggest companies out there are doing.

They’re going out there and they’re buying other businesses. That’s why Facebook, both companies like what’s up and Instagram, because to do all those things internally in their business, it very very different. It’s going to be so much difficult for you! Instead, you can just go out there and buy those businesses, and what Facebook is doing is they’re, basically buying Instagram with their shirts and that’s what you can do with just small businesses.

You don’t have to be a profitable, a huge mega business that it’s trading out there in the public. You can be a small business that will fold those same strategies like the big corporations, but still keep your freedom, not sacrificing your time, but most people don’t even know that it’s possible and again you have to have all those different strategies and structures to begin with. Before you go out there and bring capital and bring the right people and all those things in order to take things again to the next level, so you can become an owner investor owner, shareholder, the visionary, instead of being stuck in a business.

It’s so frustrating to see many people start their business because they want to be their own boss, but then they’re stuck in their own business and don’t get me wrong. I think it’s better to be stuck in your own business than working for someone else, but then is it really why you’ve started the business most people that I know didn’t start their business in order to have less time or to be stuck in something that many Times they don’t even like doing, because the the work is very reputable when you are very involved in the day-to-day.

So that’s the next shift for us next we’re going to talk about some more really really important things for you to check out. So I’m looking forward for you to see that the next article in the series and yeah I’ll see you in a bit.

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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I don’t understand how people think they’re relevant right like and by the way I think email is still the killer app. I think phone calls the phones incredible but but they’re declining in our attention. I have not responded to a bulk or even a one-on-one sales pitch, an email or phone form in a decade. A stunning amount of people behind that camera right now are not going to be successful in sales, because they’re not willing to work hard enough.

They love the automation, they love all these tools. The problem is, if you have the greatest hammer and the greatest screwdriver and the greatest wrench the greatest in front of you, if you don’t use them properly, you will lose right if there’s a nail that I have to put in that ground. But I take the wrench and I hit it when the hammer was right there. It still comes down to the practitioner mm-hmm and you have to be good at your craft and you have to love your.

If you don’t love sales, if you don’t love it, you have no chance, because it’s so hard, it’s so painful, there’s so much rejection right. So those are the things I think about different sales professionals. Reading. Where would you advise that they start in terms of creating their own content or sharing their content, adding their own context as well? Before I go directly into the tactics of, should you make a article? Should you do a written blog post, so she did do a podcast.

You have to reverse engineer who you’re trying to get through. So I think the number one rule of salespeople is to listen. Know your audience know what they did. If you see an M & A just happen, if you see layoffs just happening, if you see one of them, if I see Burger King doing something, I’m thinking what is McDonald’s, think of Russ. So that’s number one number two: where are they spending time? Everybody as a salesperson has to figure out? How do they best communicate? Is it written word? Is it audio? Is it article? Is it in person and how to use the digital world in audio, written or vid you’ll form to create the gateway drug to in person? I look at sales very differently than the far majority.

I think way too many salespeople are patient or impatient. I think way too many salespeople are transactional. I think way too many salespeople are lowest-common-denominator. Spam blast, LinkedIn, email, bulk business card business card business card, so I think I’ve got a different tactic on sales, but don’t get it twisted it’s what I am if you’re not happy with your upside, if you’re not fully fulfilled.

I think a lot of you are doing things that are directly in front of you numbers that they put in front of you you’re trying to achieve that because you have a beach house, you want to buy we’re going that vacation sales is a funny game. If you work in a big company, they manipulate numbers to create your actions. I believe that the best sales people are doing things in a different way. I think you need to care about the customer for real reverse-engineer them and give them what they need.

I’m a better salesperson than you, because I’m the anti salesperson and I think that’s the best salesperson. Please understand that the world has changed in the attention of the person you’re trying to get to is moving into different places, and this big one stop complaining. A great salesperson shuts their mouth and she goes to work every day and tries to bring value to the end-user, and this patient and over time wins the marathon of sales put yourself in that position.

Websites help sell stuff! Do you have one?


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Quit Your Job and Start a 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency

You know they’re an Intelligent person, I’ve got a good job, but throughout that time like me, they Realized that the job wasn’t everything they only got a couple weeks holiday, Every single year and they’re looking for something else, but they didn’t want To do anything inauthentic, and that was the first thing they always say to me as They they want to be authentic, and I like that. The second thing is they Want to be able to do something and test it, so they can transition safely.

So what They’Re looking for is something that will actually help them. Go there safely. They’Re, looking for a side hustle to start it and see what happens? Is they Try a lot of things and typically they get into a place where they’re selling Tupperware or the next best nutrient supplement and always turns into one of Those weird pyramid things where you’ve got a sell, someone and a sell someone and sell Someone and eventually that burns out for them and they find themselves back At square one, so they look at all sorts of different opportunities.

I think Property or maybe selling on Amazon or starting another business here, maybe They become a coach or they look at all sorts of things, but really they Haven’T found their thing and what I always suggest when they ask me this, I Say Chris, what should I do? I said there’s one thing and this one Thing is the easiest thing to start. It gives you the number one skill to grow. Your business, any business long-term and it’s going to set you up for your future.

When you decide what it is, you really want to do and you can get paid really. Really well for it, and that is becoming a digital marketer. Here’S why it’s so Great number, one being a digital marketer. You can work part time also Being a digital, marketer, you’re able to solve a big problem for businesses, which Is getting them leads? Another thing that I like about it Is that it’s a science marketing is a science.

It’S really simple: it’s not a Huge crazy science. We have to learn all sorts of things. It’S just step by step. What you do for one person you do for every other one, here’s what I also like! About it is because you solve a big problem, you can make lots of money in Fact, a client of mine is making sixty thousand dollars a month working about Thirty hours a week – and I don’t know about you but 60 grand a month – that’s About seven hundred twenty thousand dollars a year 30 hours a week, would Sound pretty good, but here’s.

The best thing is when you learn this skill, you Set yourself up for any other business that you want to do in the future, so Three years ago I made a decision that I start certifying and teaching others how To be a digital marketer, it took me three years to get the program together. And to get it up to test it to measure it to figure out exactly what works now, We’Ve got that we’re able to show anyone in a six month program how to become Certified as a digital marketer to leave their job create a very high profit.

Slide hustle that really really helps them. Here’S a question I have for you: Think about this, how many businesses do you know they have a great product or Service, but could do with more exposure. More leads, more business, more sales, you couldn’t walk down any Street in any small town and not five. Four five, six Seven eight ten twenty businesses they should be selling their products or Services online true, and they don’t know how.

Typically, these business owners are In their late 40s, early 50s and even 60s, the Internet to them doesn’t make sense. However, if you’re reading this and you’re reading this on the Internet, I Bet you have an understanding of how to use some of these platforms. I bet you Have a bit of a base knowledge and I promise, if you spend six months with us, We’Ll show you exactly how to be a highly paid highly sought-after highly Profitable location free time free digital marketer.

So if this has made Sense, I want to show you exactly how this works, how a certification, Works what it is you do, and I want to show you how your first 10 clients just 10, clients will equal $ 100,000 income. I want to show you exactly how to do that. How to get started so I have a four day challenge coming up. It’S four days, you Can join it each day is about twenty minutes. Long and I’ll show you exactly One piece of the puzzle and on the fourth day I invite you to have a Conversation about becoming a digital marketer and about changing your life, Look you’ve got nothing to lose, go and check this out.

So click on this join in Spend 4 days with me, let me teach you and show you what others have done. Let me explain just how simple this is and if you’re an intelligent person that Thinks, logically, that can follow a system that can follow a recipe if you Know people need this, then you know that this is an absolutely amazing no-brainer. Of an opportunity so come get some more information I’ll see on the challenge.