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The ONE Internet Business Idea That Pays the Most

I want to talk to you about the one thing, the absolute one thing this is going to help propel your online business to the next level and we’re going to do it like a total boss. Now, if you’re not familiar with my articles, you know I like to talk about the total boss. Lifestyle, and all that is, is just allowing you to become really the boss of your life being able to do the fun things that you want in life and just being able to have fun with your family and friends.

Go travel, do whatever you want and being able to do that with your own online business, to where you you can bring in passive income, and you can bring in you know, a lifestyle that you really want, and I’m going to show you one simple strategy right Here on this article, that’s going to help you propel your business now before we get started with that hit the subscribe button that and hit that Bell option right there on the subscribe button.

That way, you get notified of all of the new articles that I come out with to you on a daily basis. So if you’re, if you’re online and you’re looking to create a passive income for yourself, you can do that online. You can do it with affiliate marketing, you can do it with you know. You can deal with e-commerce, there’s all kinds of things that you could do online and in fact all of them are going to work.

I mean you got Amazon FBA. You got affiliate marketing, you got network marketing, you got Shopify, there’s ecommerce, there’s all of these great amazing things that you can do and all there’s a ton of people there that are really successful at them, but there’s the funny it’s not really funny, but the one. I guess the one crazy thing is is that when you see a lot of the articles or see people coming online, you see the success they’re having it’s a very small percentage of people that are there having success with that.

There’s really one thing that they’re doing and you can and you can see it in their marketing. You can see in their business. You can see what they do online now. One thing is going to be consistency: okay, it’s what you do on a daily basis and I know you’ve probably heard of consistency before and you or maybe having before. But consistency is just doing small little things over and over again every day, no matter what and that’s what separates people that are going to have success and people that aren’t going to have success.

And if you’re wanting to have success online, you want to have a business going and you want to get it up and running. Consistency on a daily basis is going to be you’re single, most thing: it’s going to help you propel to the next level. You know how many times did we’re on Facebook, and you see somebody there promoting something and then, like two weeks later, they got something new they’re promoting and then you know a month later, they’re promoting something else and there’s just there’s no consistency with it and it Shows up, and it just looks, doesn’t look right and that’s what happens.

Is a lot of people do that and they bounce around from bounce around something a thing and they never really get anything going and I’m not even talking about consistency and one thing to your marketing: I’ve talking about consistency in your marketing in general. So, every day, there’s certain things that you you have to do and everything you have to do online. It’s going to be number one, creating value for other people.

You have to get out there and you have to create value for the people in order to people to attract to your business online, whatever it is, and your business online has a certain. You know it has a certain solution to somebody’s problem. This and this could be an affiliate marketing if you go to you know if you’re going to get into Clickbank, and you find an offer that you like that’s, going to be in the fitness niche right, that has high gravity and people are making money with it.

You want to promote that you’re solving a problem, you’re solving a problem that somebody has somebody, that’s overweight, something! That’s that’s not happy with themselves. Somebody wants to lose weight. Somebody wants to look, look better and feel better. You take that clickbank offer and you put that in front of them. That is a solution to their problem, but you have to get people to you know: you’d have to get out there and create value first in order to people to really understand what it is that your solution is that you’re trying to solve the way you can Do that is you can do it with youtube articles like this? You can do with blog posts.

You can do it with reaching out to people on Facebook. You can find people on Facebook that are that. That would be interested in your products or services reach out to them on a daily basis, but the consistency comes like this is every day you have to do things so, for me, I’d do a article every day. I’ve been doing this for the last eight months. I haven’t missed a day and I’d. Do it all the time, and you know my I was I used to not really have the discipline to do that.

I started my youtube blog way back in 2011 and I remember at that time I was going to be consistent with my articles and I there was a few times along that path. Where I jumped into YouTube articles – and I would do some and then a couple weeks later – I would be going on to the next thing and I’d used to do this for a long time. The thing about creating consistency within something that you do. It opens up a lot of other disciplines in your online business and in order to really get it going and succeed like with these articles, you have to have a lot of value out there on the internet, because there’s so many people out there that are creating Value and you have to stand out and you got to really push to the next level and get your your value out there I mean with you know: if you have an Instagram page, you got a post every day.

Maybe you post two or three times a day. It’s got to be consistent now the thing is, with consistency also comes this mindset of your mind. That starts playing tricks on you. It starts to tell you that what you’re doing is not it’s not good or it’s. You know go, try something else and you get sidetracked and you start working on different things that aren’t going to really help you succeed. So, if you’re, if you’re creating articles every day for the first three or four months, if you created articles, nobody’s going to read your articles, there’s going to be likely one or two people are going to read your articles.

So you have to come out the next day, knowing that nobody’s going to read your articles, but the great thing about YouTube is that your articles stay inside of YouTube forever. So people could come back and read your articles that you created two years ago. So consistency is going to help you stand out. I remember you know Casey nice dad he’s a huge YouTube or online and he was. He was telling a story that the first five years, I guess on his YouTube blog.

He acquired five hundred thousand subscribers, which is huge. Then he said, and he was he was posting a YouTube article, maybe once a week, maybe maybe once every two weeks, okay and he required 500,000 subscribers. He said that he started posting every day. You know a article. Every day, and then that next year after the fifth year so was six year, he acquired 500,000 more subscribers to his YouTube blog.

What did he do? He just became consistent. He came became more consistent in his articles. You can do the same thing if you’re doing a blog, it has to be consistent over and over and over again, you look at John Chow John Chow calm. His consistency with blogging was, you know, he’s making millions of dollars now, but he talks about his first. Eight months of blogging, nobody came to his blog. Nobody was there, nobody bought his.

You know nobody clicked on his affiliate links. Nobody was even there, but after eight months he started to start seeing some money coming in and now he’s. You know he’s like eight years into blogging and he makes a million dollars a year because of all those blogs that he’s created in the past and he was consistent every day and he still does it every day. So daily consistency is going to be your key to success.

Doesn’t matter what platform you’re Adam you could be on Facebook, but it has to be something that you create value to. You know if you go and – and you you know – are commenting on people’s. You know. If you’re not really creating value on certain social media platforms, then you’re, not that’s, not consistency so like liking. People’s posts on Facebook is not being consistent. That’s not creating value, but if you create a post that helps somebody in a certain way, if they’ve they want to learn about marketing and you create a article on how to create marketing and you put it up there, you create value for somebody.

Now people are going to be interested in what it is that you have to offer so consistency every day. So what I want you to do is sit down with yourself and I want you to say: okay, I’m going to do something every day. One thing: just one thing: I’m going to do every day it can be make a article, it could be create a blog post. It could be. You know, reach out to ten people on Facebook, new new people on Facebook.

Anything like that. Every day you have to do it and it has to be done. You know three months into it when nobody responded to you nobody’s reading your articles nobody’s looking at your blog nobody’s getting back to you. You have to step up the next day and continue to do it because, eventually, what’s going to happen, is just it’s going to start the snowball it’s going to start to eventually pick up, I used to grow up in Ohio and when we used to make snowman You have to you know you snowman, have the the big big giant you know base, but in order to get that base going, you had to pack really tight snow and then you had to you had to work it right.

You had to work it in the snow and eventually it started to roll and roll and roll and become easier and easier. But at the beginning of packing that little tiny snowball you had to pack it tight and you had to really push into that snowball and then eventually it started to go, and then you have this giant. You know this giant snowball that you’ve all you can do you just you can just like roll it and it’ll just cumulate, bigger and bigger and bigger, but to get it started, you had to really work it.

You had to work at heart. That’s what you’re going to do on a consistent daily basis, alright, so find one thing and just stick with it: just do it every day. If you want to do other things, and you want to you know, you know start one thing and stop with it. Another thing: that’s fine, but just one thing you’re going to do every day you have to be consistent with and you have to you know I used to get over and over and over again show up and you will be successful.

So that’s going to be the one thing: that’s going to help you propel your business. If you like this article click on the like button also share with your friends comment below. Let me know how I can help your business. This is Tyler Pratt. Hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one.

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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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GMB Google My Business Course Testimonial

Local Google loves Google and, if you’re in business, particularly if you have a local business and you aren’t taking advantage of what Google is doing on the local level in your area, you are missing out. So my good friends, John Currie and Paul Truscott, have put together an exceptional training on how to take advantage of Google business pages, and I just brought the main page up here.

Just to kind of quickly give you an over. You know an overview of what they have here: the importance of categories, what you need to have on your page. They go through this in great depth and gia relevance like how do you make sure that Google knows that your business is where it is, and the world has changed used to be everything was done on desktops. Then it was on laptops. Now it’s on phones, so people are walking around they’re doing a search.

Google knows where they are because they have GPS on the phone and you know where you are and then they can match you up. So it’s really really important that you take advantage of what Google is doing for your business. And then there are other Google properties that you can be using to link back and and add more juice and more power to your listings and then talk a little bit about brands, traffic strategies, link building, which is really really important.

And then for those of us that maybe don’t want it, we’ll just read and they want a Rutten. You want to read: they put together a bunch of supplementary PDFs, so they’re, comprehensive and full, and then, in addition to that, they’re holding regular webinars so that you can ask questions you can get up to date on the latest, the greatest things that are happening in The world of Google business pages.

So if you have an opportunity to take the course, I highly recommend it and if you’re a local business this is pretty much must reading must implement. So, even if you’re, not looking after your website and your online marketing have those people that are read this and and use principals use the strategies, use the tactics that John and Paul share because they work. These are two gentlemen that are sharing their knowledge of what they do day in day out, as opposed to people that are just theoretically thinking.

Oh, this maybe should work, so, let’s just put it all up there and sell it every day. Both these gentlemen are working on their own local businesses and having tremendous success from that. So I have no hesitation in recommending this course, and I hope you take it, and I hope you have tremendous success with your local business and your local business marketing. I’m scott patton, the dean of law, economics and pathology.

Thank you very much for listening and we’ll see you next time. Everybody bye-bye


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How to write high converting landing page headlines like a pro – J.R. Fisher

These headlines, like a pro and get real results and more sales and we’re Starting right now, hey I’m J.R. Fisher. If you haven’t Already subscribed to my blog: do so right now go down there and hit that Subscribe button and don’t forget, you want to smash that Bell button and you Want to turn on all notifications, if you do that, I can tell you every single time: I do a new article, hey I’m J.

R. Fisher and on this blog all we do is talk. About starting running and growing your online business, now I’ve been selling Online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products, both Physical and digital – and I share with you all those techniques on this blog So you can get real results too. At the end of this article, I’m actually going to Give you a course it’s an e-commerce course and it’s a $ 97 course, but you can Get it absolutely free for a limited time, I’ll, put a link in the description See and grab that now, let’s talk about these headline things on your sales: Pages they’re super super important.

If you don’t do this right, if you don’t get This right, you don’t make any sales, but if you get it right, you can make a lot. Of sales and a lot of money, let’s get started, Now the one thing I do want to share with you is: we use a landing page. Builder, that is built within Kartra Kartra is our email provider, our Membership site our help desk site, it’s everything to us and if you’re Interested in a software like that they can do all this and help you make these Landing pages, I’m going to put a link in the description below look for the Kartra link and when you click on that link, it will take you to a article.

You don’t Have to opt-in, you don’t need a credit card, or any of that you can read the Article and it will show you all the things that Kartra does, including Building these landing pages and helping you have better headline: And you can also get a trial if you’re interested for $ 1. So if you want to try It out try it out for a buck. That’s our affiliate link below here’s. The really cool thing headlines are so super important and the fact is changing.

A headline can change your results: 10 to 30 percent, with just a simple headline: Change now, if you think about that, that’s a lot more sales, a lot more money, In your pocket so headlines are super super important and here’s. The cool Thing about changing your headline, it’s easy! It takes no time whatsoever to Actually, change a headline on a landing page. It’s one of the simplest things you Can do it doesn’t require any new design, it doesn’t require colors or images or Anything it’s just a headline.

Here’s the cool thing about headlines. It’s better! To copy then to create now, why do I say that? Well, because a lot of headlines can Be put into certain categories and they just seem to work an Israeli research Team actually took 200 of the top headlines and they found out that they All fell within about 6 different categories. So, if you do your headlines, And you put them into one of these categories: you’re likely to succeed now.

This is really good news for you, because you can basically take the same headline. That’s out there and just rework it a little bit and you could use it for your Business, you don’t have to come up with any new ideas or really creative ways to Do stuff you can just use what’s been working for years and years and years, Now, if you’re looking to kind of get unstuck, when your headlines, here’s five Places you can do it okay, so here’s the five basic proven conversion boosting Headline formulas: the first one is a testimonial okay, so you want to steal.

The perfect headline directly from your customers – mouth, that’s the best headline. Of all, is your customers, testimonial people believe in testimonials more than Any other thing that you could put on a page, the next one is the cliffhanger. You Want to give them a teaser, so you want to hold back the rest of the story to Get them to click, that’s a great headline, and it makes them want to Complete what they’ve already started number three is a value proposition here.

Is where you’re going to highlight how you uniquely solve a difficult customer Pain point, so the best thing to do is list out all the different pain points. That you’re going to have a whole bunch of headlines based on Those number four is called a listicle and basically it’s a hat or secret or a Promise of a simplistic way to fix things in a chaotic world and of course, The last one, we all know we all love, and that is the how-to.

So this get your Customers from point A to point B, with a simple step by step process: you’re Showing them how to complete how to do something: how to achieve something? How To headlines have been around for years and years, so let’s talk about each one: Individually, first off the first one is a testimonial and basically, as a Testimonial is just kind of reverse engineering what we already know so, if We see somebody else using a product and they’re getting results on it.

We tend to Attach our emotions to that particular person and how they got these results. And if we see several people got good results from a product, we’re much more Likely to buy it than anything else now. You’ve probably seen this in TV ads Newspaper ads radio ads, they almost always have a testimonial. If Somebody who’s used that product and got the results that you want to get. Okay, Here’s a good example right here: this is speaking to people suffering from Alcohol or substance abuse, who may not exactly want to admit equate yet: okay, Did rather be difficult, so instead joanna browsed through customer reviews, On amazon to finally land on the perfect headline variation, they switched gears From your addiction ends here to the new headline, if you think you need rehab and You do they saw 400 % more clicks with 20 %.

More leaves by changing that one Headline now we do see the most popular headlines over and over again and one of The first two words that works in most headlines is in this cliffhanger formula: Where it says this is this: is legion tably that something else is coming and If I say this is how or this is when – or this is what people are going to want to, Read that sentence a little bit further to find out what’s going on in to Complete that cliffhanger in their mind, okay, for example, here’s one of my Favorites right here, this stunning birth photo captures something that occurs in Less than one in 80,000 births, oh my gosh, the best headlines tend to be The most specific, when heightens with the realism and intrigue incorporating Body language like stunning birth photo and occurs in less than helps, reinforce.

The element of surprise, which is the perfect pattern interruption to halt Scanning multitasking or the readers from looking at other things, this also Further incorporates the quantitative numbers which we’ll explore more in Detail in the next section less than one in 80,000, my god that makes the headline Incredibly, irresistible now piggybacking on successful brands instantly. Add Credibility to the headline, while at the same time creating an open loop in the Back of your mind, that needs to find out how to emulate these successful brands.

Now we infuse the headline with curiosity rather than over by me. Language too many marketers rush into the sale in the headline before they’ve Generated sufficient reader interest, so the original headline here wasn’t bad Okay, improve your traffic and rankings with An SCO Moz probe membership, not bad. That was the old headline, but check out the New design headline right here with eBay, Disney and Marriott needed SEO help Here’s what they do, okay, so now what we’ve done is we’ve kind of fused, our Company with a big brand and if the big brands are doing it, maybe we should do It too, the next one, is the value proposition.

Now it could be something That really fixes a big thing in somebody’s life like losing money or Gaining money – or it could be a simple thing in their life like feeling better About themselves, the real trick is trying to figure out What the biggest problems and people’s lives are and you providing a product or Service that can make it quicker, better, faster or easier for them to fix that Problem now this isn’t a new thing.

This has been done for years and years and Years, remember, although these arguably most famous and successful headline, I Love this at 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new rolls-royce Comes from the electric clock: here’s an example right here of six different Pay-Per-Click headlines for a dentist marketing experience landed on one Winner that resulted in a seventy two point: seven, six, lift and conversion rate Dental plans for eight dollars and 33 cents a month that was short and to the Point and at the end of it it said acceptance guaranteed so that pretty Much covered all the problems that somebody would have another way of doing.

This is to stick out from all your competition, ignore the negatives and Actually go for the positive points. This is a great example of an ad here. It has A little fear in here, but it also says, hey: we can help you out. Breast cancer Screening, only 15 % of women live five plus years with late detection, get Screened so it’s quick and to the point headline formula number four: the Listicle people love lists.

If you could put a list in a headline and draw in Their attention you’ll definitely get clicks. By doing this particular method. Here’s a perfect example of a listicle that uses this particular technique from The Motley Fool in this particular one right here: they actually just call it Out middle-class millionaire makers, three stocks Wall, Street’s Too, rich to notice now, if you notice a lot of these lists that work out really Well or odd numbers, I’ve noticed that when I’m optimizing headlines and I’ll Put it into a headline optimizer, it’s the odd numbers that come up as Something that works, whether it’s three five, seven, nine eleven all those numbers Seem to work really well and they draw in people’s attention and it makes them Want to here’s an example right here: five Critical questions that will change your financial future, three stocks that will Help you retire rich and secure your future with nine rock-solid dividend.

Stocks, all of those use that odd number type of method, according to a study that Was conducted by Outbrain, they figured out that odd number listicles outperform Even number ones by as much as 20 %, also something you may not have noticed, but Having a colon in a headline can boost conversions by as much as nine percent Just adding a colon in the last headline formula number five is the how-to type Of headline how to headlines, adding how-to in front Of your headline can boost your conversions by as much as 17 %.

Now you Don’t have to take this too literally, you can actually remove the how to check Out these headlines here, number one businesses grow faster online number: two Online advertising that works number three get found faster number four Create a web page for your business: these are very simple type of headlines. But they work very well even with the help, but you could add that in there Here’s another example right here: control passionate about betting.

We are Variation make more money on your bets, get free betting tips, variation number Two stop losing money on your bets, get daily betting tips. Now these two Variations emphasize different things, the first is a benefit and the second is Less than version, but both or how to headline formats that still outperform The control variant by as much as 41 % and 11 % respectively, so you can see in All these headlines and all these types of headlines how all these changes can Make a major difference in your sales and profitability.

Try some of these out See how they work for you and let me know in the comments what worked: what Didn’t work, what kind of headlines are you using put those in the comments for Me now, if you enjoyed this article, I want you to subscribe. Click that button down There that subscribe button and don’t forget Bring the bell: you got to smash the bell notification. If you do that, then I can Notify you, if you turn on all notifications, there’s a second step to This you got to turn on all notifications and when you do that I’ll Email you every single time because you’re going to be on my VIP list and You’ll know about these articles before anybody else does pretty cool right now.

On top of that, as your bonus for reading this entire article, I want to Give you my e-commerce course valued at $ 97. Absolutely free! You don’t need to Buy anything you don’t need a credit card, you just click the link in the Description you’ll be taken there and you can just start learning all of this. Information, so I appreciate you listening to this article and I will see You in the next article, hey thanks for reading my article, don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog and click that little bell right there, so you can be Notified every time I do a new article also click on one of those articles.

There And keep reading on my blog


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How Create Passive Income Streams – 3 Simple Secrets

I want to talk to you about three simple ways that you can start earning passive income and do it online and do it like a total boss. So if you’ve come online and you want to become a total boss in real life, you want to fire. Your boss want to get rid of your job, maybe come online and start earning passive income. I want to give you three real, simple ideas that you can use.

You can get started right away and you can get a get them up and running quickly now before we do. That, though, hit the subscribe button that way you get and hit that Bell option. Now, where you get notified of all of the articles that I come out with on a daily basis, now, you’ve come online and you’ve heard all the maybe the great things about creating passive income, and you can do it online. But I need to tell you that that created passive income online takes some effort.

It takes some work, you can’t just you can’t just like start, you know one day and just say boom, I’m going to do this as snis and start earning passive income. It takes a little bit of effort to get it up and running okay, but once you get it up and run it and it gets working, then you can earn very good past passive income. You know from the the effort that you put in ok so just understand that going in there’s, there’s really no push button option, but I’m going to show you three ways that you can.

You know utilize these online and start making money now the first one is going to be really the easiest one and that’s going to be through a series of blogging. Okay, you can set up a wordpress blog and you can start writing articles now. You might have heard a blogger before, and you might have said. Oh blogging is crazy in yeah. You know, the truth is, is that blogging takes time it takes effort? It takes a lot of creativity to get it set up, but the best thing about blogging is this: is that Google is the number one search engine online? It’s the absolute first place that people come to.

They go to it when they come online. They go to Google and they type in how to do stuff, whatever you know like how’d it how to do this, how do that they’re searching for different things, they’re actually searching for solutions to problems, and if you create a blog, that’s all geared around solving a Particular problem: Google is going to rank that what your web in their search results and then what happens is if somebody comes there and they search for a particular problem and they’re looking for a solution.

If your website comes up within like the first page, you know your link and then people click on that and then go to your blog and they go to your your your article, okay, so I’m your blog you’re, basically going to be creating content. That’s going to be solving a problem: okay, so blogging, if you’re going to blog and just write a blog about yourself and you’re, going to write a blog about your journey, that’s okay! What I like to do is I like to create blog posts around a particular problem that people have and I give the solution on the blog, because, if they’re searching on Google and they come to my blog and they and they create a read Marta chol – and I solved that problem for them or help them solve that problem for them.

Then Google is going to send me a ton of more traffic to that website. Now, with blogging you got ta. Have you got to really be consistent with this? You got to do it almost daily and you almost have to do it daily for the next couple of years before it really starts to take off for you. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear and I know you want to start today and you want to start, you know crushing it, but you know you could be blog.

You could be blog in the next couple of years and really it’ll start to take off. After all, the links get inside of Google. So what you do is you set up a wordpress blog and you start writing articles and you start writing articles daily and be consistent with it and then what you, what you do, is you put in your affiliate links inside of these articles now? How does this make this passive? Well, if you write an article today and it gets put into Google, that article will be sitting on the website, it’ll be sitting on your website forever.

As long as you keep it up. There and Google constantly be setted traffic to that. So people come to your site, they read it, they click on your affiliate link, they go buy up the the product or they offer, and then you make money. So it’s passive because you know you could be out doing whatever you’re doing you could be it it. Your job or you can be a traveling, you can do whatever you want and you’re still generating traffic and your shirt still generating people to click them through your affiliate links and making money.

So that’s going to be the first one. The second one is going to be YouTube articles. I know you probably thinking will YouTube articles. I want to do that, but I’m telling you it’s one of the best ways to do right now and it’s the future of the internet. Right now, YouTube is still in its early stages and everybody is you look at all the the cable cutting you know. People are dropping their cable and they’re just coming online they’re coming to YouTube and they’re.

Looking for entertainment, they’re coming here to look for solutions, YouTube is owned by Google and Google loves to out rank YouTube articles over at all websites on the internet, so that is a huge advantage to you. So what you do well, you do the same thing. You would be doing with an article. You find a solution to a problem that people are searching for when somebody searches either on YouTube or they search on Google for a particular solution to a problem, and you create a article around that you know solution or that you know that problem that people have.

They come there, they see that article and they click on your affiliate link in the description. Okay, so you create a article and you can do it just like this. You can either talk into the camera like this or you can use a screen sharing program like there’s a Camtasia. I use ScreenFlow for my Mac, so these are really good programs that you can use now you just all you do is you can create slides? Okay with pictures and and text, and you can use ScreenFlow or Camtasia, and you can basically record the screen as you’re talking through the slides, Google.

You know, Google Drive is free and you can use the slides program inside of Google slides, so you’re just going to create a article with slides and what you’re going to do is you’re going to be solving a particular problem. Now, at the end of the article, you say: hey click on the link below this article and that’s going to give you some more information on how you can take this to the next level or how you can get more information on solving a the bigger problem That that people have now, how does this make this passive? Well, basically, what happens is is people you know you put on the that article out there, and the people will always be able to search that article, that article could stay on YouTube for the next 20 years, where 50, how along YouTube online? Once you create that article, it’s online, its searchable people are looking at it they’re finding it they’re clicking the links and they’re going to your affiliate offers and clicking on your affiliate offers and hopefully buying the product through your affiliate link.

Now this is going to be something that you have to create articles on a consistent daily basis and you have to get out there and do some research on it. This is not going to be something where you can create a couple of articles and then hope for the best. It’s not going to happen. There’s too much way too much competition out there. You have to be consistent and you got to be always creating new stuff and put it in online, but once it gets online once your articles are out there they’re passive they’re, generating clicks and traffic and all that good stuff and you make passive income now.

The third way – and this is my favorite way – is going to be through email marketing. If you have a blog and you have articles, you could sense people to a landing page. They get onto your your email list and then you can have an autoresponder series that could go out for the next year. Could go go out for the next two years. I have a particular autoresponder that people get in and then it goes out for the for an email goes out every day automatically for the next year.

Just every day it just goes out, and so why is that passive? Well, those emails are being sent to these two people that are on that list every day for the next year I mean I don’t have to be there. I don’t have to write an email. I don’t have to do anything. All I have to do is drive people to a landing page, get them on to that to the email list, and then I can send them information about products.

I can send them information about different services that I have and then it’s it’s. You know it’s driving people to a sales page, a article page and then that’s bringing in income and that’s passive income. Okay, so that’s the three ways. The first way it’s going to be blogging you’re, going to use Google SEO to get traffic to your to your article content. The next one is going to be article. You can use YouTube, create a article and then put it out there and then you’ll start to generate traffic and clicks to your affiliate offer and then also email, marketing, you’re going to have an autoresponder series that goes out for the next year and then inside that Autoresponder series you will have links to offers affiliate marketing.

You know, maybe your own products, whatever you want to do, but it’s passive because it just goes out every day and it sends people to your sales page or your affiliate link. Okay, so there you go. If you liked this article click on the like button and also share it with your friends comment below, let me know how I can help your business, so this is Tyler Pratt. I hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one.

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How To Earn Passive Online Income With These 4 Simple Steps

That’s going to help you start earning some passive income online and we’re going to do it like a total boss.

All right! So you come online and you want to become that total boss, total boss lifestyle being able to do fun things that you want in life and not be tied down to some job or somebody else telling you what to do. You get to create your own dreams, and you get to do it right here online on the internet, and you can do it with all kinds of strategies, and what I’m going to do right here is just give you four basic things and if you can master These you’re going to earn passive income online before we do that, though, hit that subscribe button and then hit that Bell.

That way, you get notified of all of the articles that I come out with to you on a daily basis, so coming online there’s just basic things you got to have you got to have and you got to get up and running and do these okay, there’s Going to be four things that I really liked you anytime, that I’m struggling or maybe I’m looking at generating more income. These are four things that I go. I fall back onto.

Okay, first one is going to be. This is going to be the most important thing. It’s going to be your mindsets come be your belief that you can do this right. It’s so important that you, you know you just have to have the belief that, yes, I can do this. Other people are having a great success. You look at their success if they can do it. So can you and you have to have that mindset and that belief, and once you get that out of the way, then you can have success? No, it’s not going to be like you’re just going to flip a switch and then one day you can be like.

Yes, I believe it takes time because your mind has been conditioned over and over and over again that you know you’re a failure. You know we have this schooling system, that that gives us and DS if you’re a failure, but in reality in life you know you’re going to take some shots and you’re going to take some failures. But you don’t let these failures getting the way of your mindset. In your belief, the best way to get your belief going is every day try to find some kind of the motivational thing that you can listen to or read, go to a YouTube article and just read some motivational.

Listen to it, Jim Rome, Tony Robbins. You know anything like this is going to get your mind, set it going to get your belief going that you can have success okay, so the first thing is always always always get that belief. Right, get your mind set on the right direction now. The second thing is this: is you got to have a great offer? Okay, a great offer. It’s going to be something that you can go find a very hungry crowd, a crowd that needs a solution to a problem and that offer that you have is going to be what you’re going to offer that hungry crowd.

A great offer will make a break anything. Okay, but now there’s a tons of offers out there there’s tons of opportunities out there, but the important thing is you find one? That’s going that you can believe in okay, then you can believe and have success with and take that offer and go put that in front of the right people now. What’s the right offer them? What’s the right, you know in front of the right people.

Well, it depends, I mean, there’s lots of things out there, that you could go find. What I recommend is you find something that has a stair-step effect to it: okay, an offer that has a low ticket front end and then has an ability to make big Commission’s on the back end. Okay, maybe something that’s set up for you, or maybe you set it up for yourself if you’re just trying to you know if you’re just trying to promote these little 50 dollar commissions and you’re, just you know, you’re going to make 80 percent of the Commission’s you’re Going to have a hard time with it, what I wanted to do is find one.

It has a funnel that if you get somebody into the funnel, you can make a little bit on the front end and then a lot on the back end. But the offer has to be super important. It has to be super, you know being able to help people succeed. So if you have that kind of hungry crowd that offer you put in front of them is going to be the great thing now, the really the third one is going to be. I was talking about having a great funnel.

You want to be able to get somebody into your funnel. You have to take cold traffic people, they don’t know you they don’t know. Maybe they don’t know their problem or maybe they just don’t even care at the time. Okay, that’s cold traffic. That’s Facebook! You know your Facebook feed, that’s um, you know YouTube traffic a lot of times. It’s called traffic. Now, when you get somebody into your email list, you get somebody maybe to a blog, that’s going to be traffic that you own and that’s going to be traffic that you can promote your other products to.

But the most important thing is it’s getting somebody from cold traffic onto your list where you can follow up with them. You can give more content. You can offer more. You know, content it’s going to help them and when you do that now, you’re considered warm traffic. People know you they like you. They trust you, so you can offer your products to them. So a great funnel it’s going to be getting somebody in the front door and then offering products to them on the backend.

Okay. So that’s going to be the third most important thing and how do you find a funnel? Well, you can create a funnel yourself. You can go to click click funnels. If you want to create a funnel, you could use conversion pros, which is now the good one. You can create a funnel. That way you could use you know height to I ticket offers. The you know digital out. To is one that I like to promote because it’s a funnel that’s already set up.

It’s already built out, um, there’s a lot of other good ones out there I mean Mobe is a good one. There’s a lot of other top tier programs out there that have funnels set up for you and if you can find a funnel, it has a lot of good high-end ticket products that help people succeed. Then that’s the one that you should be getting into, but definitely want to get a lead capture page set up on the front end.

Have somebody get on to your email list? You can get an a weber account to connect that and that’ll do a lot of the automation, a lot of do a lot of your emails that are automated, but definitely put somebody through a funnel now. The fourth thing, and probably the most important thing and one of the things that everybody is always always asking about – and this is getting traffic – okay, so traffic website traffic, getting eyeballs to your lead capture, page getting eyeballs to your website getting eyeballs to your offer.

So the traffic is one of the things that everybody seems to struggle with, and I can tell you right now that traffic is not the big problem. The big problem really is converting that traffic into warm traffic, okay or converting in warm traffic into sales that you can make money with so traffic. It’s all over the place. You have YouTube. You can get tons of traffic from YouTube YouTube ads. You can buy all kinds of YouTube ads if you wanted to you got Facebook, I mean there’s Facebook groups, there’s Facebook fan pages.

There’s you know you do your Facebook or your personal profile. You got Facebook Ads, so there’s tons of I mean Facebook Ads is a crazy there’s, just absolutely hundreds and millions of ways to to advertise your products to a certain group. Then you have Google search engine. You create a blog, create content. Google search engine will link to your blog or content, so there’s tons of traffic that way GUP.

You know, there’s Google AdWords that you can actually place. You know your Google link, your link inside of Google AdWords, which is on the Google search engine itself. Bing has their own. You know ad Center. You can buy traffic from Bing there’s solo ads. If you want to buy solo ads, where people have email lists that you don’t actually email your product, your link for you so trail when there’s banner ads and make a banner ads other place, you can actually place banners on big, high-profile websites, like CNN or Fox News things like that, if you wanted to buy, sell ads, calm, is a place to do that.

Okay, you can buy, buy banner ads, so getting traffic is not really the issue. Okay, it’s the conversions for it, but the thing that I like to leave the traffic on the end of this, because if you get all three of these before traffic right, then the traffic is really going to be easy for you to to get so. Let’s, let’s look at them really again number one is going to be mindset, your belief that you can do this.

Okay, all you have to do is just work on yourself. Every day, work on increasing your belief system, your ability to want in to succeed. Okay, the second thing is going to be making sure that you have a great offer. Okay, a very good offer is going to be one that is going to help people succeed. Okay, it’s going to help people get to a better situation or help people take a big problem and you solve it with that offer third thing is going to be the funnel making sure you get somebody into a funnel.

You turn somebody a cold prospect right, a cold traffic into warm traffic, and you do that by put them into an opt-in form, getting them on to your email list. That way, you can follow up with them and the last thing is going to be traffic, just find a good traffic source that it’s going to be conducive to your to your offer. You know if, if, if you’re, promoting a fitness offer go, find work, people hang out that are looking for fitness.

Okay, there’s all kinds of Fitness fan pages that you could promote on or Fitness groups, and you can promote on internet marketing. Things go, find internet marketing groups and places that you can’t offer your services okay. So that’s the four things to get up and get running. That’s going to help. You earn passive income online. So if you like this article, click on the like button also share it with your friends comment below.

Let me know how I can help your business. This is Tyler Pratt. Hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one. You

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Nudges to #1: Google My Business

But there are just little things that you can do that are very simple. That will help get you to number one, and one of those things is: did you know that Google, your address on Google, is kept in an area called Google, my business? So if you just search your own business on Google, you’ll see it and make sure you claim it.

But if you I’m going to assume you’ve already done that because that’s the right thing to do and when you do that when you change your address or change any hours or anything about your business, keep it up to date. And that is one more easy thing. You can do one more nudge to number one.


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Multiple income streams ideas – How Internet Marketers Make Money

I think you should consider in your business and when people think about making money online, they oftentimes get overwhelmed or confused what it’s all about and, like we talked about so many times before, it’s about selling something you have to give something in return. You know for money right, so people want this and you get this, it’s it’s so basic, and so how? How do you do that? How you know what can you sell and the three types of methods I use is Kindle or like ebooks? I do affiliate marketing and I have my own products now.

All of these versions are all these methods are something that refers to take it out products. Okay, so in this case you know we’re selling ebooks on Amazon for $ 2.99 and actually I’m also doing paperbacks paperbacks for round yeah. Like ten bucks, you might be asking you know, are you doing physical products? Well, you know Amazon takes care of this. I never have to do anything extra except you know, create paperback version like a format and Amazon takes care for the rest.

So it’s just a really fast method to like leverage your already made books, and then you might, you know like ask: why should you do came to isn’t just for writers or people that are skilled with writing? Absolutely not everybody can do this. You actually should not, or you know you don’t have to be a writer, because you should you, you can go into the nonfiction niche and sell all kinds of books and have them written for you or or easily write them yourself.

I teach people how to. I show them how they can get that books created, even though they’re, not a writer. Why I promote this method is because it’s a really simple and easy way to break into making money on line making money. It’s a really good point of entry. If you haven’t made a dollar before a lot of people, you know start here and because it’s easy, it’s simplified Amazon takes care of the traffic.

You just have to focus on creating really simple ebooks, and then you upload it to Amazon and basically that’s it. You don’t have to it’s basically hands-off after that, and I was making money in my first month doing this and it kind of clarifies – and you know you know, realizes or makes you believe that this is possible. You know the first dollar we always talk about. The first dollar is the hardest one.

You know when people have already made one dollar they’re kind of think like well. Why can’t I make ten or why can’t I make you know a hundred, so it’s all about you know just breaking into the game, and this is a really good way of doing that, because it doesn’t require a lot of investment and you can actually create ebooks For free and if you can create something and sell it and there’s no cost of producing it, I mean how many books can you create? So and the thing is, you know, a lot of people are making 1k a month.

I would say, with this kind of business: it’s I I mean it’s possible to go. Well, I would say it’s like anywhere between 1k to 10k. A month is a lot of people are, is having this kind of success. All right, I would say, you’re – probably not going to go much further than 100k a year, then a lot of you know people making 501k. There are some people, I’ve heard of some people that are making thirty to forty K a month, but that’s an exception.

Okay, now with affiliate marketing, I think you know you have a much higher profit market margin. You know you’re, not selling $ 2.99 ebooks you, you are selling products that cost anywhere from it b-47 up to could be anywhere up to maybe you know 197. In case you would be doing high ticket affiliate marketing, then it’s possible to promote products that cost up to two thousand dollars and in that case, you’re getting a lot more for each commission, and this is the reason I moved into affiliate marketing.

Basically, because Kindle is you know, Amazon owns kimple. There are a lot of variables in this kind of business like you have to in many cases, if you want to reviews for your books, you have to hire bas. Amazon is always changing the terms, and you know that everything has its pros and cons. So, even though it’s really simple and easy, it has, of course, some downsides and that’s why a lot of people move into affiliate marketing.

They maybe start promoting their success and and courses on simple, I mean I I’m doing that and they can make high commissions and they can make more money, and I would say there is more control, you’re, not as restricted as with you know, a Kindle business yeah. You can diversify a little bit more you’re still on the product creators terms, you’re, promoting somebody else’s product, of course, and that person of course sets the terms you know he sets the price the Commission you get and basically how you can promote the product.

How and when he can pull the plug, of course on the product if he wants, but in my case you know you can have, you can be promoting a lot of these products and I it’s just more control than Kindle and where you can take affiliate marketing. I mean you can be doing, I would say, 1 to 2 million a year and then you know having your own product. I mean this is how the the big guys on the internet – the big goes.

I don’t know what’s this supposed to be, but I guess this is a guy with a you know. What is it called the Kings where you know the crown you know having your own product. That’s that all teammates control you set the terms you set the price. You can charge at anything you, you know anything, you desire, you can charge twenty thousand. If you want. If you have that kind of you know, high-priced item like maybe coaching or something it can be an online course, you can charge $ 1,000 for it.

You set the terms use of the terms on how you promote it. Basically, it’s more control, it’s more more secure, ready and yeah you’re, not limited by other people as much. You know you can put it up on any platform. You, like you of course, can promote it yourself and then get you know: 100 percent of the sale, because you don’t have to pay affiliates or you can don’t have to pay any fees or well. Maybe there’s like a small fee to PayPal stripe.

But basically you know once your product is done. You know it’s almost 100 percent profits. If you manage to sell it yourself, of course, so you can see how this here is much more powerful than perhaps getting you know. Fifty fifty percent commission of a forty seven dollar product and when you could be getting one hundred percent for let’s say two hundred ninety seven dollars, like my my online course: first lost profits.

So if you want the ultimate business, you the ultimate freedom, the ultimate security and the ultimate authority, because people look at you with much more authority when you have your own product, I mean doing affiliate. Marketing is really lucrative, but there are just so many people. So many sharks fighting in the same pool that I mean this can be, of course tough it. This requires work, and so you see how this goes.

You know people go into this. They move on to affiliate marketing and eventually you know you won’t be over here. I’m not saying you know, like I said these numbers are theoretical, but in my opinion, and with all the things that I have been you know looking at online, all the people I follow and I see what’s happening then this is something that I would say was Not something that is impossible, I mean with your own product, I mean 1 million and beyond you know, sky’s the limit, that’s supposed to be a cloud and Sun alright.

So this is this is online marketing. This is making money online. Of course, there are other ways. Also, I mean I’m not saying you can’t make money with cryptocurrency or or some kind of other methods, but basically you know this is what you should be looking into these other main ones. Having these three income streams I mean you could have. Of course, this would be a one income stream. You could have, of course, a lot of campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns.

You could have a lot of products and that way you can have five 10 20 income streams. They say that you know the average millionaire has seven. So I would mix these ones up and you could be on your way to financial security. You know pretty fast alright, so this was today’s article. I hope you know this made some sense to you. If it did, then please, like the article and hit subscribe and talk later,

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Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz – Review

Now I want you to just Understand one thing: okay, Well, a couple of things. So the first thing is: I’m not asking you to pay me any money.

What I’m about to recommend to You is like gold, gold dust, And it is as rare as rocking Horse poo and it’s by far in a way one of the best Investments, I’ve ever ever ever ever ever made in my business In terms of just…. If I take all of my courses, And articles that I’ve readed and books that I’ve read and just squash all of that together this one single purchase, One single purchase that I’m about to tell you about, And I’ve got it right here Is and I’m not on a Commission, either by the way, is by far and away the best.

Investment I’ve ever made with any of my money And it’s got nothing really to do with sort of marketing or anything. Like that, well, it kinda has But really what I’m about to show you. If you buy this thing and don’t forget you’re Not buying it for me And I’ll explain all of that in a second, So I want to show you that This is totally impartial. What I’m about to tell you about, But it has transformed me and my business And the way I think about my business.

The way that I think about My customers, my clients, The way that I talk to my market, the way that I present my products – This is by far and away Probably the best thing – and I shouldn’t be telling you this – I shouldn’t – be telling You about this thing, I should kinda just keep this to myself and for the lucky few people Who’ve already got this thing, Maybe I’ll do that? Actually, maybe I will just keep it for me All for me And no that’d be daft.

That’d be totally selfish. If I did that So here it is okay, So here is the next thing, and now I know that when I show you this thing, okay, That – and I tell how much It’s going to cost you, it’s really not very much! Money, if you think about it, But for what it is, it’s a lot of money – And this is just a simple mind – set thing that you’ve got ta get around. I know that, probably for every 100 people that I share this with I reckon only maybe one or two or three people: maybe five people will ever go out and buy this thing And more fool.

The 95 per cent of people who won’t go out and buy this thing. Okay And don’t forget, this is not my product. This is somebody else’s product. There is no benefit to Me doing this whatsoever Beyond being abundant and giving You, the best possible start that you can with your business. Okay, So remember that When I turn this round, This thing round this book – And I show you the Title I already want you to be making a commitment to Yourself that you’re going to go and buy this thing.

Okay, It’s not ridiculous sums of money; It costs less than it does to Work with me put it that way, But it will add an enormous Amount of value to your life, And so when I show it to You when I show it to you, I want you to have Already made a commitment that you’re going to buy this thing. Okay, Now this book you can Only get it in America from a company in America, It’s the author’s wife who Has made this book available.

‘Cause? The author has sadly passed away. It was a while ago now, But he sadly passed away, But she has made this book Available to the wider market through an American company, It’s going to cost you It’s going to cost you I say: cost you! The investment that you’re going to make in this book is 155 dollars. Okay, So it’s 125 dollars for the Book 30 dollars shipping And I’m going to put a link in Below it’s no affiliate, I don’t get any commission for This or anything like that, But I want you to make a Commitment you’re going to buy this because for 155 dollars, the Knowledge, which is in here is absolutely second to none from an advertising perspective and Understanding your audience and learning how to articulate What it is that you do and get that message: Across to your clients, And the reason why I’m Kinda, showing this to people is because I manage to kind Of articulate what I do, everybody gets.

What Fearless Business is about They get what I’m about. Okay, Most of it has come through. Reading this book – okay, Most of it, has come Through reading this book, And it totally transformed The way that I thought about my audience that I thought about how sophisticated my audience were, What my purpose is here: And how I serve my audience and how to attract them ultimately. And when you understand The concept in this book and bearing in mind it Was written in 1967, okay And If you’re, into advertising, marketing, copywriting or anything of that ilk? If you haven’t got a copy of this, then there is something Categorically wrong with you And if you’re going to employ Somebody who is into marketing if they have never heard of this book again there is something Categorically wrong with oh, I nearly gave it away there.

There’s something Categorically wrong with them And they’re not going to You shouldn’t be working with them: okay, Since I’ve read this book and I’ve understood marketing advertising and things like that better, Like the nice thing as well, is like the internet has been Around for thirty years and think of all the Internet marketing experts and gurus who’ve popped up since then, Even myself included You know within that, But I hope that you can See that I’m abundant with my content, Bearing in mind that the Internet didn’t exist in 1967.

Obviously, When this book was written, You know,’cause, the internet came about in sort of 1989 1990 People didn’t really get Into internet marketing, until the late’90s and Early 2000s properly, So all of the concepts in This book usurp the internet And the simple fact of the matter is: there’s so much confusion out there about marketing and advertising and how to attract customers And all sorts of things like that That actually, if you Go back to pre-internet, you get the real gold.

Basically, You get the stuff that Goes back to basics, And if you understand what’s in this book, if you get it and you apply some of it when you’re writing your content, I can guarantee categorically guarantee that you will end getting more business than you got prior to owning this book. So that’s why 155 dollars might Sound expensive for a book but you’re not paying for the paper you’re, not paying for the Smart hardback cover You are paying for the Information and the knowledge that is inside this book, So here it is, It’s Breakthrough.

Advertising By Eugene M. Schwartz Written in 1967, okay, It’s got tonnes of really great examples. It talks about market sophistication How sophisticated Customers are at what point in the buying journey. They are How you should approach and talk to them What words you should use, How you should construct headlines and all sorts of things like that. It’s a good good, 250 pages, long, There’s examples in There of different sort of adverts that used to Work incredibly well, There’s a whole load of theory in here, And it is by far and away like, I said, the best single investment That you can make in a book, but not just in a book but in your in your business knowledge, Okay, This book, it may be even better than me and everything that I know.

Okay – And I know what’s inside here. If you read this and you Get it and you apply it Trust me this will accelerate Your business faster than anything else, you know Faster than any of those experts and gurus and apps and Facebook ads and all of that other whizzy stuff. That is out there. Okay. So how do you get hold of a copy of the Breakthrough Advertising? You can go to Amazon if you try and get it through Amazon it’ll Cost you a 1000 dollars, not 155 dollars delivered So probably wouldn’t Advise going to Amazon, What you can do, though, is Brian Kurtz, who is, he was a great friend of Eugene Schwartz, So Eugene Schwartz, Mrs Schwartz approached Brian and said: look I wan na Make this book available So they’ve Brian, is a great marketer.

He has a brilliant business. Called Titans Marketing So I’ll put a link in the comments as well attached to this article, But what you can do, if you just Google Breakthrough Advertising and then Titans Marketing It’ll pop up with a link And you can go and order your copy there And it’ll take seven To ten days to arrive, but trust me that’ll be The best by far and away the best 155 dollars that You could ever use up Now.

Some of you are thinking Robin this is a shit tip You’re like telling me To go and buy a book, that’s going to solve my problems, But when you get this You’ll understand why And like I said, there’ll Be one in a 100 people who will actually go out and buy this. So if you go and buy This just pop email me I wan na know if you buy this book, I wan na know when you get it I wan na know. It arrives on your doorstep and I wan na know when you’ve opened it and read it and tag me.

In some of the posts that you write as a result, Of reading this book – And I will personally Critique any copy which you or any post, which you put Out there that you’ve used And help you through Starting to unpack some of the learnings in this book, And it’s my little promise to you So go and get it Breakthrough Advertising, Let me know when you’ve done that Best investment you will ever make. You will never need to Really probably buy any other business books Apart from Online Business.

Startup Take Your Shot and my other three books perhaps, But do me a favour? Do Mrs Schawrtz a favour as well and Brian Kurtz, and go and grab yourself a copy of Breakthrough Advertising. It will transform your Business and your life Trust me, That’s it so I’ll be coming. Back with another tip, I guess another thing soon So keep an eye out for those, And I hope you find this Helpful trust me go and buy it.

That’s all I’m going to say


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Kickin It Old School Google’s Keyword Planner

I’m just going to walk you through the process. Here you go to google.Com, /, AdWords and click Sign In. If you haven’t created an account already, it’s really easy. You just enter your information and then confirm your email address. It’s free, so I don’t have any campaigns here.

I’m just setting this up here for the demo, but once you’re in your account, you would click on Tools, go down to keyword, planner and then you click on search for new keyword and AD group ideas, and then you could put in your product or service there And Google would find keywords related to that. So if we did bicycles, you can also write a comma and then type in another keyword. You can put your home page or you can choose a category from the list here, so you can pick whatever language you want.

Countries so you could add countries that also speak English, so, for example, England, or rather let’s do the United Kingdom – and this is going to give you the average monthly searches for the last 12 months once you’re done there. You just click on get ideas and the default tab here is going to be ad group ideas which is going to give you several key words for each of these keywords that on the left here, so you have cheap bicycles, folding, bicycle bicycle insurance and then you Get the average monthly searches and then the competition among advertisers for those words.

So if you click on the little bar graph, there you’ll get the monthly searches over the last year. You could also click on one of the keywords there and it’ll break it down. Give you even more specialized terms. So if we go back, we click on keyword, ideas, it’s going to give you even more suggestions. So now you have second-hand bicycles, bicycles for sale, cheap bikes, discount bikes, bicycles in the UK, and you get the searches for that too.

As well as the competition and you can sort them by searches, competitions suggested bid, so over on the left, you can also create a filter. If you only want a certain number of monthly searches right, you don’t want something that only has 10 monthly searches and you can choose the competition. So if you didn’t want a high competition, because you don’t have the budget to compete with them, you can choose medium or low and in negative keywords you can exclude certain things.

So, for example, if you typed in the word bikes, maybe something about motorcycles comes up, but you don’t sell motorcycles. You only sell bicycles, so you want to exclude those or maybe you don’t sell to kids. You only have adults bikes, so you could exclude kids or children’s bikes to make sure that those keyword, ideas don’t show up in the results here. So you do it for cycling, bike accessories and any keyword that you see come up in the results.

You could type back into the search field and get even more ideas and just get more and more specialized, more ideas for thanks for your website, we’re all just so. This is all part of the planning process here, we’re just adding keywords to our Excel spreadsheet and we’re going to organize them a little bit later. So you can, you can keep searching here and you go all day long. You could you could do this for hours, but once you find a good list, there’s a little download icon.

You see there in the top right, even article games for bikes, that’s a new category. I didn’t even think of that and, like I said you can download this all this data right up in the top right download and then it’ll put it in a CSV for you,