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Copywriting The 7 Dirty Words of Internet Marketing

You can’t say on TV. Well, this article is going to tackle the seven dirty copywriting words of internet marketing. You want to disassociate yourself from these as much as you can. If you know what is good for you number seven and one of my favorites is by you – never want to tell people to buy your book or whatever the heck it is you’re selling using the word.

Buying and copywriting means you’re spending money on it, and people do not want to spend money on anything. So you want to stay away from this word at all. Costs. Try something like claim or immediately download. This will make them think they’re getting it for nothing. Number. Six really applies mostly to the I am make money online niche earn. You never want to tell people that they can earn money online earning makes it sound like there is work involved, it’s hard to earn.

You want to use words like passively acquire an income or something like that make it sound easy number five sounds like your bud. Has an extra letter at the beginning? Learn you never want to tell somebody that they’re going to learn. Something learning is what you did in school and it’s not easy. Nobody wants to learn, they want the info to magically appear in their head, as if I some genie number four is something only a dope would use when talking about their own site.

The word is scam when people think of a scam they think of something illegal and the truth is almost all scams are illegal. This is such a dirty word. You only want to use it when talking about somebody else’s site, just make sure you can prove it. Unless you want to end up with a lawsuit on your hands, number three is something a lot of marketers just don’t get spam. This is the bane of our existence.

Spammers have made internet marketers life’s a living hell on earth because of spam. We have more regulations than we know what to do, if all of which only makes online marketing that much more of a pain in the butt number two is Ponzi. Remember the old Ponzi schemes from way back well, believe it or not, they are still around and still getting shut down every single day. The last thing you want is to be associated with one of these schemes.

There is only one word dirtier than Ponzi number one. Maybe the dirtiest word in all of internet marketing. It’s the one thing that nobody wants to do: they’d rather eat bugs than do this, and that word is work. Nobody wants to work. They just want to sit back push a button and read the money fall from the sky, so never under any circumstances, put on your website for your product that the prospect will have to work in order to see any results.

Remember if you want to be a successful internet marketer avoid these seven dirty words by earn learn. Scam. Spam Ponzi work to learn more internet business ideas like these for improving the profitability of your business. Then the doorway is here just follow the link below to see how we do what is written in this article Phil and Tom plus.Com forward. Slash subscribe. This article is part of online multi-millionaire metalloids.

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