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You guys should definitely stick around. Today’s article is one that I’ve wanted to write for a very long time, that is a QA on working in social media marketing. I get so many questions from people asking me about my job about how to get into this industry what it’s actually like skills to have so many DMS from you guys specifically on these things it so I wanted to do a whole article. Just answering your questions.

So we have a lot of different brands that we work with and then we help them with influencers. This is just my experience from being at the job for about five to six months now.

I do work with an agency and it is more of a startup. We are about like 40 to 50 employees now, and so it’s not technically really a startup, but that doesn’t mean that my day-to-day tasks are very different. I have like a set to-do list every day that I know are things that I necessarily like have to get done.

However, I don’t come in and, like every day, looks the same, which can be really good for some people and really bad for some people. It depends on who you are personally for me. I, like things, switching up, it’s good for me. I feel, like I learned more working on a smaller company. You also get to do different tasks. It’S not like a big corporate job where you upset tasks that you have to get done, it’s kind of like where you’re needed.

That’S what you work on and it’s a lot of fun. If you guys are starting out. I think it’s great to work at a smaller company. For that reason, basically everything has its drawbacks, but I really like it the marketing industry, I feel, like people don’t work earlier in the morning. I typically get in around 9:00, but lately it’s been more like 8:30 8:45 and then I leave work around like 6:00 6:30, but a lot of times.

I do work at night as well just because an influencer marketing you’re working with people who don’t work normal 9:00 to 5:00. These are influencers, who you know, respond to emails, really late or really early, and so it is kind of the kind of job where you’re working around the clock and because it is client work. You are working for the client, which means working outside of set like normal hours.

So that’s a really important thing to note that you need to make sure your lifestyle kind of aligns with that. What are some skills and employers look for specifically for social media marketing? I think the biggest thing that I didn’t necessarily know going into, but was something that I wanted to learn a lot about, was data, and I think that’s something that I actually got a question, something that was like.

What do you do? Just like post pictures on Instagram all day and I think that’s kind of the assumption, but it is a lot of data science. It’S a lot of taking posts and analyzing them and seeing trends and at the end of the day it is like a sales job. You are working like a sales job like you are trying to create campaigns and work on campaigns that sell product like that is what marketing is and so or analyzing data.

You are seeing what works, what doesn’t and applying that in a creative way, and I think it’s really really interesting. Seeing that side of things. I think that’s the part that I like the most about it is analyzing the data in Excel and that’s something that I’m learning a lot and I think, as you get higher, you kind of do more and more and you kind of analyze those trends and create Campaigns around them, the entry-level position, you’re kinda, lies in putting the data to what works.

What doesn’t it’s just really interesting, so I think being able to look at set data and analyze it. It’S also the kind of job where you have to be very particular about every little thing and every little thing has to add up, and you have to be very type, a very meticulous which is personally my personality type. I’Ve always been like that. A little bit too much who the Drive myself crazy, but because you can’t analyze data everything, isn’t inputted and formatted correctly.

Obviously, the creative skills are really important too. If you want to bring together campaign, especially for influencer marketing, you have to kind of have that creative eye. I think that’s something that I’m actually a little bit weaker and I think sometimes you’ll get influencers and you think that they’d be really good at that, because they do create content. But I’m definitely more of a numbers person versus like a creative person and then at the end of the day, just being a people person, especially if you’re working on the client side working with clients who might have you know things happen where you have to really Work quickly and you have to work in an organized manner and be really excited about it and being good with people and having good communication skills is always important, but I think that’s for any job vice to get a job in the industry.

I got a lot of questions from people asking like if you have to have a certain degree or if you have to study something in college, have a certain liner. I personally do not think if you want to work in social media marketing, you have to have a certain major. I think it would be helpful to have internships. I honestly don’t even think my college helps me get this job. I think the reason why I understood the industry – and I knew it was because I was in it as an influencer and now I’m learning the back side of things and it’s so interesting.

I definitely don’t think you need to like be a marketing major in college. You can learn anything at the job, just being able to show that you have a creative eye that and analyze data that you are very particular and you have good communication skills. I think that you can make it happen. Meet people networking is such a better option compared to just going on LinkedIn and applying for the day. I got my job by literally emailing the contact email on the website.

Greta is a small company. I think just doing things that are a little bit outside of the box and not necessarily just going the easy route line. Do a hundred different jobs on LinkedIn. It’S like everyone’s going to do that and you have to find a way to kind of set yourself apart. Do you ever think social media is too superficial of a career? How do you manage that? I have this internal struggle a lot and I think the conclusion that I’ve come to is that a lot of times.

We think that our work has to be fulfilling and it has to be something that is doing like this greater good and I’m all. I think any job has elements like that. I don’t think your job necessarily has to be your total fulfillment. It’S like you can find that through your family, through volunteering, through just being as a person and impacting other people’s lives because you’re not necessarily working for a non-profit or you know, a charity like that, doesn’t mean that your job is it’s a filling and you aren’t Touching people’s lives by like being a nice person to work with and working hard, and especially while working like an entry-level job you’re, not necessarily going to have the freedom to do something that super fulfilling.

It’S like. You do just need a job at the end of the day, and you can work your way up to do something that might be a little bit more fulfilling. But I think there is beauty and just doing the simple, ordinary things and being really good at those ordinary things and touching people that way. Yeah social media marketing may seem really superficial in some days. It definitely feels like that, but other days it doesn’t actually run an article recently on this that I think, is really helpful for kind of processing.

These things I’ll have a link down below. If you want to check it out, can I get a job in the industry with a completely different degree? How I definitely think you could. I know people who are hired in marketing positions who were like litical majors or something it’s like. You can make anything happen. It’S all about how you formulate the answers to your interview, questions so that you can sell something.

Show that you know. People’S buying habits show that have a creative eye in some way. Like just show your skills through things that you’ve done throughout your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like. Oh, I took this class in college on this subject. Is there any specific software you need to know how to use in your job? I honestly wouldn’t worry about this. I think knowing Excel Microsoft. Word, Google.

She, like simple things like that, I feel like it’s like obvious, that you should know those, but I don’t think there are specific programs that you know you have to know. It might be good to be like certified in Adwords or something, but I don’t think that there are these set programs that you should know how to do, because at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that you can learn. I think it’s the soft skills that are more innate, like your people, skills your communication skills.

How self-motivated you are like those are, the things that you can’t necessarily teach yourself that you should already know how to be good on. You interact a lot with your co-workers on projects or more individual. My work is very collaborative. I work on teams because we are doing client work and I’m all at different accounts, there’s like different teams for each account. So it is a lot of teamwork, but it also is a lot of individual work to within your specific role that you do have specific duties that you have to do, but it’s definitely a good mix of both, which is good.

For me. I’M always used to working by myself, so it’s been good to learn how to work with the team. You know how to take responsibility and develop those communication skills, and so do you think jobs like this will be around long term. If not, how do you plan for that? I get this question and I think people ask these kind of questions all the time and it’s, like all jobs, are not necessarily going to be here for the long term, just sitting and like planning on how you’re going to like pivot, especially about social media and Just like personally from my own opinion, I don’t think it’s going anywhere things migrate into new platforms, for example like tic toc, it’s becoming like one of the fastest-growing app.

It’S like important to learn how to go onto those platforms and market there, but that’s all about just being like an adaptable person and just knowing that you do have skills that can go from thing to thing, but yeah, I’m not like worried about it. I don’t think it’s going anywhere and if it does, it’s like you have skills that you can just put towards something else. It’S not necessarily like it’s not like.

I only know how to do social, media marketing, and that’s it I mean it’s like. Like I said before, you have communication skills. You know how to analyze data. It’S like these things can be used for other jobs, I’m not necessarily like worried about being jobless. Do you do more writing or strategy or data work? I say it’s a lot of all those. I don’t really do a lot of writing besides doing a lot of females and then doing like reports, but even that it’s not anything like writing an essay in college.

I don’t do a lot of like writing coffee unless it’s like helping people for math or Instagram captions or like seeing what talking points work better. I don’t really work on a lot of the strategy stuff. I help put together the data to formulate it, but that’s definitely something that someone who is a higher level will do strategy more than I do. Do you think it would be easy for someone to switch into the marketing space from sales? I definitely think so, because marketing very much is sales, and just especially for influencer marketing, just getting people to be on board to be a part of campaigns.

It is kind of like selling a brand. It is like selling this to the influencer. Why is this a good campaign? At the end of the day, marketing and sales like you, are trying to drive purchases from a customer, and that is so important and I feel like having those persuasion skills from sales having those people skills is really important. I feel like that would be such an easy transition. Do you think you would have ended up in this industry? Even if you weren’t on YouTube right, definitely think I wouldn’t have.

I would not be interested in this industry at all. The only real reason why I applied to this job was because I didn’t know about social media, and I knew about the space and it’s so interesting, working on the behind the scenes of it and kind of seeing why brands make the choices that they make. And you know what makes a campaign successful and like, and it’s really easy just to look at it and be like you’re, just like helping people post Instagram photos which, at the end of the day it’s like.

That is a big part of it. But it is so much more like seeing the overarching goal of like on one’s whole year plan of like what they put on social media. It’S just so interesting to see it come about and what makes it successful. What makes it not successful, I feel, like, I know a lot about this face because I’ve already been on it and I wouldn’t have picked it if I didn’t kind of already have that interest.

How do you stay focused on your individual work in an open floor plan environment? So at my work I think you guys see this in my week in my life articles occasionally, but and it’s like an open floor plan, it’s like there’s just like long desks. It’S not like you have your own desk that you sit at. It really isn’t hard. I’Ve always been someone who’s, pretty self-motivated. I just kind of work on my own stuff and I don’t necessarily need someone to like stay on me to tell me to do things.

I feel like I am that person for myself a little bit too much. Sometimes I think, that’s actually a really good skill to have is being self-motivated, because when you manage yourself it means someone else doesn’t have to manage you as much, which puts work off of them, which makes them really happy to be a part of your team. So yeah, it’s honestly really fun. I feel like I’ve gotten better at multitasking and talking and doing work while also getting my stuff done.

I really like it. I think it’s great. Have you ever felt burnout, tired of social media since you’re on it for work, YouTube and private use a million times, and I feel like this has been the hardest part about doing both, and you know they say like if you really like something make it your Job and then you’re going to hate it, which I don’t think is necessarily completely true, but it is hard it’s a lot of like being on Instagram and being on YouTube and looking at you know, analytics for a brand, but then also looking at it.

For myself – and it can be really overwhelming – and I’ve gotten to a point where I feel like I do need to find time to just do like a whole day of no social media. I’M thinking about doing this on Saturdays, it’s something that I really want to. Try to do because it is really important and at the end of the day it is social media, and it’s like there are a lot of negative things that can come from it if you’re on it all the time, and it’s really easy to get caught up On it, but yet again I see my own social media use, for you know YouTube and Instagram.

I was a way for me to connect with my followers, which is such a meaningful thing for me that I don’t necessarily I don’t really do it and I’m like. Oh, my gosh, I’m just scrolling through Instagram, it’s like oh, my gosh, I’m connecting with these people and I’m meeting them and like that makes me really happy. And so it’s something I’m excited to do at the end of the day, but yeah whenever you work all day on social media and then you come home and you do it more, it can’t be hard like that would be hard for anyone.

Those are all the questions I’m going to answer feel free to ask any more questions that I may have not addressed down below. Let me know your thoughts. What industry you want to go into if you’re interested in working in marketing and why I’d love to just make this an open dialog per usual? I love you guys so much, and I’m still thing all that you read this article again, don’t forget to subscribe.

If you want to stick around it’ll, be guys so much and I’ll see you my next article bye, guys

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Digital Marketing for Beginners: 7 Strategies That Work

Today, I'm going to share 7 digital marketing. Strategies that I have personally used and gotten results with, And if there's only one thing that you take away From this article, it's to not try all of these at once. Instead pick one of these strategies: experiment, and master the blog before moving on to the next, Let's get to it. So before we dig into these strategies, you need to make sure that you're adopting today's mindset of the consumer.

Today we live in a "content" first world. People are looking for information before they buy, so you need to put yourself in the buyer's shoes, rather than allowing yourself to get blinded by how great you think your products and services are. The mentality you need to adopt is to help people, rather than trying to cold, sell them. When you help people solve problems through free and valuable content that is relevant to your business. You reach larger audiences and build trust. The best part is that you get the opportunity. To show people how your products and services can help them solve their problems and fulfill their desires and needs.


Alright, so the first internet marketing strategy is blogging with SEO. Isn't writing about what you did today, or even something nobler like an epiphany, you had. This kind of content can work well if you have an existing and loyal audience. But for most of us, we just want to get more traffic leads and sales. We need to intentionally target problems that your target audience wants to solve In the world of blogging. This whole process can be summed up as a technique called a keyword, "Research". Let me show you two clear-cut examples of how keyword research works.

In the first example? Let's say you sell physical products like computer parts and accessories. What do you think future customers might be searching for in Google. Probably questions like why is my computer so slow. How to build a computer,? How to speed up a computer? These are all very real problems that people are looking for solutions to? Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer, tells us exact search queries get tens of thousands of searches each month. Now the best part about these specific queries, Is that you can help people solve their problems while integrating products from your store? In the content, "Why is my computer so slow?" It could be a hard drive, CPU or ram problem. So you should be blogging about fixing a slow computer. That will help readers diagnose their problems.

Don't forget to offer product solutions within your post "How to build a computer'' would be a super easy plug for any computer components. They're already showing intent to build, so it's unlikely that they've already purchased parts and peripherals. 

Alright, here is the second example. Let's say: you're a real estate agent and you're compensated when someone buys sells or rents a property Now the thing that most agents do is boast. About how many homes they've sold or how they won an award that you nor I have never heard of. My point is that the average buyer or seller doesn't care and to prove my point, no one is searching for things like which realtor won the most awards in New York. But again, potential customers are looking For solutions to their problems. Problems like how to invest in real estate. How to buy a house? What credit score is needed to buy a house? And again, these all have the potential to attract a massive audience By ranking in Google for something like "how To invest in real estate?'' Now attracting potential buyers with deep pockets and they likely have intent to buy Content on "How to buy a house?'' would likely require the work of an agent at some point which could be you. "What credit score is needed to buy a house'' Is a great way to show that your knowledge and intentions go beyond making a sale. The best thing about blogging for SEO is that once you rank you'll be getting free, consistent and passive traffic from Google. If you're new to SEO.

Keyword Research

On doing keyword research that grows traffic and revenue, as well as an article on how to write A blog post with SEO in mind, for now, let's move on to the second strategy: Which is to invest in article content specifically on YouTube. YouTube is the second most visited search. The engine in existence To top that off article carousels nearly doubled, In 2017, in Google's search results, Video isn't just the future. It's the present and the same principle of helping potential Customers work for the article too. When people go to article search engines like YouTube, they're, looking to find answers to their questions. For example, if you bought a so-called "new iPhone X" on eBay, you might search for "Phone X, unboxing'' and see if all of the contents. Are in the box And according to Ahrefs' Keywords, Explorer 108,000 searches are happening each month globally on YouTube alone.

For this keyword, this article that you're reading right now was chosen because I can see that people are specifically looking for digital marketing. Tutorials for beginners To come up with topic ideas that people are searching for in your niche head over to Ahrefs' Keyword, Explorer switch the search engine to YouTube and search for a broad keyword in your niche. Let's use "makeup'' as an example.

Now "makeup'' as a standalone keyword, isn't a problem. So, let's go to the questions report where you can see popular questions. People are searching for your topic and right away. You'll see great topic: ideas, Like, "how to clean makeup brushes'' and how to cover acne with makeup. Now when you're, creating these articles, try And keep the fluff out and pack in as much necessary value as possible doing this has helped us grow our YouTube views to over 150,000 views per month and best of all, since all of our articles show how our SEO tools can help it's led to thousands of new paying leads and customers specifically mentioning that they found us through YouTube. Most of our article growth was done through Youtube SEO so I'll leave links to a tutorial to help you rank your articles and get more views. Next up is social media marketing, Rather than covering every social media network.

I want to pass on a couple of important tips that will help you grow your social blogs. The first is to focus on just one social media, Blog when you're, just starting It takes time to build a following, But numbers aren't everything. What you want is a loyal following When you dip your toes into every possible Social media network out there, your attention gets divided and the results get diluted So which social media marketing blog do You choose That leads us into the second tip, which is to go where your target audience is.

And cater to the platform, If you have to choose just one social network, it's not about choosing the one with the Most active users, It's all about understanding the audience. That'S there and if you can serve the reason for them being there, You need to think about why someone Is logging into the specific social media network, For example, people usually go to YouTube. To learn how to do something or to be entertained, But Facebook is different.

Think about it. Have you ever logged onto Facebook, hoping That you would see an unboxing tutorial Or better yet have you ever opened your Facebook App hoping you would find a limited time offer that's 97 % off only for the next 37 minutes? Probably not People don't check Facebook with a credit card in hand. People like and share helpful things. Interesting, shocking or funny, So if you are going to try and bring people Into your world present your message as a story article or something else that will Likely stand out from the endless feed of vacation vanity shots Pinterest, on the other hand, is primarily a Social search engine where people can control what they want to search for The primary intent of users on this platform.

Is to get inspired, learn things and plan to do things So create content that caters to their intent. For being there, So if this is your audience, take advantage, Of a less competitive landscape from both ads and organic perspective, Speaking of ads, that's the next digital marketing. Strategy on the list for today, When it comes to paid advertising, please do not Throw your money blind into an ad network, because you read that it was good.

What works for one person won't necessarily work for the next person Instead think about the ABCs of paid advertising. A is for audience B is for budget and C is for commerciality. We'Ve already covered the audience part. You want to engage on social networks where Your target audience hangs out The Budget is the next one. Bloomberg reported that Google and Facebook Own a combined 58 % of the 111 billion dollar market Now the way ads work are usually based on auctions, The more advertisers there are, the more expensive It gets for you and I So let's say you're in the ultra-competitive Industry of conference calling, If we search for that keyword in Keywords, Explorer with Google set as the search engine you'll see that the cost per click from Google Ads is $ 20.

If you have an ad budget of let's say $ 1,000 per month, then, you'd only be able to get 50 clicks before your budget was depleted. Instead, you can do two things. The first option is to look for keywords that Have a lower cost per click Just go to the Phrase match report to see. All keywords in our keyword database that contain your target keyword Next set a filter to only show keywords that Have a maximum cost per click of something lower like $ 5 From here, you can filter through the list.

And see if there are some more lucrative opportunities rather than spending $ 20 per click, This one for a “ conference call app'', might Be good since it's a quarter of the price Another benefit. Is that the reason behind The searcher's query is more clear. Someone searching for this is looking For an app that does conference calls, whereas someone searching for just “ conference Call'' could be looking for many different things.

The second thing you can do is an experiment. With less popular ad platforms, where your target audience might be, Finally is commerciality. Now all major ad platforms can bring Roi for their advertisers, Otherwise, they wouldn't exist, But you have to find a way to bridge the gap. Between the intent of the platform and how you monetize your products And the solution is going to be content, For example, let's say you sell boutique furniture And think that Pinterest will be a good platform to run some ads.

In my opinion, it wouldn't be a good idea. To advertise a bunch of links to high-end furniture like couches and dining tables, Instead, blog posts could work well. Here, since people log on to Pinterest mainly to get inspired and learn new things, Here's what that bridge might look like Pinterest ads would be the discovery tool You pay them money and they'll show your pin. The bridge would then be a helpful blog post.

On, let's say: “ 11 Interior Design Tips For Your Living Room That Won't Break the Bank.'' And within that content you could showcase your products where it supports the tip you're. Speaking of Nail, the ABCs of paid ads and increase your chances of actually converting your hard-earned dollars into ROI Next up is one of my favorites and that's podcasts. Now there are two ways to look at. Podcasts First are to create your own and the second Is to be interviewed on someone else's podcast, Creating your podcast can be great for Brand and building an audience, But if you're just starting it can take Quite a bit of time to get any sort of traction Getting interviewed on.

Podcasts are a different story. Podcasters are always looking for interesting. People to interview, Even if you don't have a ton of experience, In the online world, your offline experiences and expertise could be a great way to land Yourself a position on a popular podcast. Now, if you don't know which podcasts you Should approach an easy way to find opportunities is to look at your favorite podcasts and find Someone in your industry that has been interviewed Looking at the podcast page for Entrepreneur, On Fire, you'll see this episode with Jim Kwik.

Now, if we click through to the interview You'Ll notice, two things: The first is that the guest's name is in the title. This is very common for the podcast. Interviews. Second, is the link on the page? The host will almost always link to the guest's Home page in the show notes, Knowing this we can use a tool like Ahrefs' Site Explorer to find all podcasts they've been interviewed on So I'll enter in jAlso Set the search mode to a URL search, so we can find pages that are linking specifically To the homepage, Once the overview page loads go to the backlinks Report which will show you all of the pages that are linking to this URL. Finally, let's use the Include search and Type in Jim Kwik And to keep our results super relevant. I'm Going to set the filter to search for his name only in the titles of the referring pages, And we now have around 120 podcasts.

We can Pitch to get interviewed So filter through relevant podcasts and pitch The host as to why they should interview you and the value you can give to their audience Next on the list is email marketing. If you've ever looked into email marketing, then you've probably heard people claiming That “ email is king.'', But I promise you that once you get into it, You'Ll quickly discovers that it's not as turnkey as online gurus make it sound And don't get me wrong.

Email marketing is great, But first you need the traffic to get email subscribers. It also requires opt-in forms to turn a visitor Into a subscriber, In my opinion, email is a great long play. To build a connection with your audience and even sell high ticket items, So my tip for you on email marketing is quite simple. First focus on building your email list from day one It's important and you might as well collect Emails from interested people from the start, even if it's not a substantial list, But be realistic with your goals and as you build Your audience put more time into your email list and see how it can serve your business.

The final strategy is to use forums and Community boards, Community forums like Quora Reddit and Facebook Are great promotion blogs But before you go off and start posting links, To your product pages, there are a few things you need to understand, And these are all based around the unspoken Rules of spam First, don't promote your products or services. Pages within these groups, users on these platforms intend to learn Not to be sold to directly Instead think of these networks as a place, To share your expertise, build relationships and help others Second use links to your content sparingly.

If you're constantly posting links to your Blog and have justified in your head that this is non-promotional, then you're most Likely wrong Links can be more appropriate based on the network you're posting on, For example, Quora generally, has longer answers and linking to your content, where it supports your point is a good idea. Facebook groups, on the other hand, are a different Story, Let's say: you're a real estate agent and you Join a “ first time, homebuyers'' group on Facebook.

If someone asks a question like “ I'm looking to buy my first home and was wondering if I can even get a mortgage?'' Now, if every agent on that group posts links to their website, can you see how spammy that could get? Instead, it would make sense to post a link. To someone else's affordability, calculators or offer introductions to blenders, The point is that helping first will go a Lot farther than self-promotional content that can taint your reputation Now.

I'd love to hear from you, Which digital marketing strategy do you think Is most effective in online marketing? Let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed This article then make sure to like share and subscribe for more actionable SEO and Marketing tutorials So keep grinding away focus on one marketing. Blog before trying the next and I'll see you in the next tutorial

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Dominate in 2020

Hey! What’s going on, on this article, you will learn 5 awesome help steps to become a better social media marketer in 2020. Let us begin! The first step is lead generation by gathering data. Now, how do you gather data and what is data? What’s the data that you should be gathering, let me break this down for you, your objective in using social media.

If it’s to sell, you should not be chasing followers or likes, or impressions otherwise known as vanity metrics. What you need to be doing is capturing emails, addresses and phone numbers and there’s a couple of ways that you do this one. You can set up a landing page on any type of website. So someone goes to your website and then they have to input their information.

They get something in return, whether it’s an e-book, a white paper or an exclusive article. Whatever that exclusivity is you want to make sure that someone has to opt-in first and in return you’re getting something out of it? So what happens when you set up this landing page? Well, you can then remark it through Facebook Ads or by sending any email out to potential customers. Don’t lose sight of phone numbers.

Phone numbers now become valuable for remarketing through SMS or text message marketing, there’s a platform that I personally use called super phone. So when you collect phone numbers through super phone, you can rebroadcast out and guess what you’re now bypassing the social media superhighway and you’re able to get your message in front of people directly on their cell phone. But in order to do any form of remarketing, whether it’s through email addresses or phone numbers, you need to gather data, not followers.

#2, which is text message marketing

The platform that I recommend for text message marketing is super phone. There’s an interview that I did a couple of years ago with Ryan Leslie, founder of super phone. Those are really insightful, and ever since then, I started using super phone income nation with social media. So if you have an Instagram account, you’ll see there’s a button on Instagram for you to send a text directly, Now what happens when you send a text through the account. It will then send you a text back with a landing page form.

So you see where I’m going with this? Once you fill out that landing page form, your email address is sent to whom ever owns the form. Now all the information that You need, in order to follow up. Basically, think of social media and email and SMS marketing all being married together. There’s not just one platform that you use, but you need use all of these platforms in combination with social media being the feeder source to get you the data that you need.

#3, private messaging on whatsapp and slack

Let’S face it. Social media today is noisy! Your objective use social media in a business is that you have to find ways to break through that noise and stand out! So staying along the same lines of what I said previously with collecting data. Wether it’s an email address or phone number. Think about setting up a private group on slack or whatsapp for your superfans or you’re more connected fans, Hopefully you’re using some sort of social listening tool that you can easily identify who these fans and these supporters are. Once you’ve done that then You invite them over to your own private experience by doing this, meaning by creating a group on slack or on whatsapp you’re able to bypass all the noise, all the self-promotion, all the flexing. That’s occurring every single second of the day on Instagram Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

#4, Gather Intel or set up listening feeds.

Let me break this down, for you make it really easy, let’s say I’m a public speaker. So I get paid to speak at conferences.

How am I going to find out when a conference is looking for speakers? It’s really simple. I go to Twitter and I type in call for speakers now you can save that feed and you can go back to that feed in real time at any minute of the day and you can see who’s updating the feeds. So, in my case, as a speaker as soon as I see that there’s a new call for speakers tweet, I then go and I apply speak that conference.

If you’re a real estate agent, you can set up feeds for the city that you do business in, and certain key phrases or terms like looking to buy a house in Houston or moving to Vancouver. The key is that you’re using social networks as search engines, so once you gain the Intel now, you can effectively communicate with your prospects.

#5, using

What I really like about Giphy is that you don’t have to have a big grandiose presence on any social network.

You just have to have the right gifs on Giphy , for people to use in their content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Now, why are people using gifs? It’S really simple to spice up and add a little humor or character to their content, so provided that you have the right mix of gist. I have gifs of me doing all sorts of different animations expressions, You can also use Giffy to promote books as long as you have gifs in the Giphy library.

Anyone on these social networks has access to your content, so think about this. If you’re searching for ways to growth hack into Facebook’s, 2 billion user ecosystem 1 billion users on Instagram over 300 million users on Twitter, this is the easiest hack. Just put your content on Giphy, sit back and let others use it now.

These are 5 tips to help you become a better social media marketer in 2020. But if you notice, I didn’t tell you how to become a better marketer in YouTube or Facebook or Twitter. The reason for that is because these 5 tips can be implemented across the board on every social network or you can use them as standalone strategies as Well, thank you so much for reading this article.

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How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019 – STEP BY STEP

The beautiful thing about social media marketing is all you need is 4 clients to make more than the average American makes per year. All you need is 4 people to say yes to you and all of a sudden you’re making more than the average American. What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing

I want to go over a question that I get all the time. Do I need experience and do I need money to get started, creating a social media marketing agency? I don’t know anything about marketing Kevin. How can I make money creating an SMMA or a social media, marketing agency or a Facebook Ads agency or a digital marketing agency? It’S all the same thing and the answer to that question is you don’t need any experience whatsoever and you need literally zero dollars in your bank to get started creating a social media marketing agency. So before we actually get into how to find high ticket clients to actually pay you every single month to run their ads for them. We want to talk about what an actual SMMA or social media marketing agency actually is, and at the essence guys what an SMMA is basically, you run Facebook ads or Instagram ads or ads in general for any type of business. Today we’re going to focus on Facebook.


Facebook ads are by far the most profitable type of advertisement on planet Earth, right! 2 billion monthly active users making Facebook and Instagram ads are absolutely crazily popular. Instagram was just recently evaluated at over 100 billion dollars. Just a small portion of Facebook. Companies are buying Instagram ads like crazy and they are absolutely explosive right now, so we’re going to be focusing on Facebook for the most part in this article, but social media marketing companies can also us Google Ads too.

They can also be SEO. It can be a lot of different things, but we’re going to focus on Facebook. So what an SMMA truly is. Is you find businesses right? You find local business that don’t actually specialize in marketing and you take care of the marketing for them, because what is one thing that all businesses need: new customers, right? All businesses want more new customers to actually continue to pay themselves money to be able to live their dream.

So the business need mor clients. This is where you come into the equation, is you actually do the marketing for these companies so that they can focus on their core products. Most local businesses, like restaurants, dentists, lawyers, insurance companies and a like. These different types of local businesses are in every major city. Focus on them, call them, email them, and like them on social media.

Dentists are good making your teeth Clean. Doctors are good at making you not sick right, but they are not specialists when it comes to actual digital marketing and as the world starts to change and become more and more digitally oriented, it becomes much more important to actually have an online presence. To have A Facebook account for your business right to appear in Google search to have an online presence so that people can find you on Yelp, correct.

Online Presence

Every single day that passes. It becomes more and more critical for businesses to have an online presence, and that definitely includes – and probably most importantly of which is paid advertising to put your brand name and your business in front of potential customers. So another common question that I get all the time is: okay: How much are these businesses going to actually pay me to handle their social media, they’re paid traffic and things like that?

What to Charge?

This is kind of like the lowest most conservative rate that you can. You expect they’re going to pay you a thousand dollars per month right. So if you get four yeses, like I said at the beginning of the article you’re making $ 4,000 a month or $ 48,000 a year, but the best part about an S Mme, is that there’s no traditional business expenses right, you don’t have it. You don’t have to have an office building, there’s no cost of goods sold.

There’S no inventory, there’s no overhead right! You just don’t have traditional expenses that most brick-and-mortar or you know most businesses in the world actually have everything that you actually need in Ford to create a social media marketing agency. You can have up here in your brain right and once you have the the knowledge and once you’re able to actually create ads and create traffic for these businesses and bring them targeted leads.

Then you become in hair, more valuable to the marketplace, and when that happens right all of a sudden, everything starts to change. One final question that I’m going to address really quick before we actually get into a little bit more content of actually how to find your plants and how to deliver results for them is Kevin. You know how am I going to be sure that I’m actually going to be able to get new clients for these businesses? How do I know that I’m actually going to be able to produce results and that’s a great question right, but the thing is most people.

Don’T know how to advertise on Facebook, so if you know even the basics right and the more you know the better and the more you can charge and that you know the more money you’re going to make. But even if you know the basics like custom audiences, look-alike audiences, how to install a pixel right, how to retarget that pixel traffic, which is all relatively basic knowledge? And if you don’t know what those things are then make sure you head over to my blog after you read this full article and check out my article on Facebook ad for 2019.

That article is over an hour long. It has over 1.1 million views and it’s going to teach you everything that you need to know from an introductory perspective to actually start your own social media marketing agency. So how do you actually find your first client who is going to pay you $ 1,000? A month well, one of the biggest problems is the chicken and the egg right to get new clients. Most people ask you for a testimonial of your past clients, but how do you actually get a chest? Ammonia, Liff? No one will allow you to be their first client.

So what I like to teach my students is to actually work for free, and I know that might sound strange to begin with, but that is the single best way to get your foot in the door for people to start paying you it’s a very low risk To hire on someone, even if they’re brand new, if you say hey, you know, my name is Kevin. My name is Kevin David. I just started a digital marketing company or a social media, marketing company or whatever you want to call it right.

It’S all the same thing: a facebook ad agency, all the same thing I just started. You know a brand new digital marketing company, I’d like to run your ads for one week for free and I’m going to get you some customers and all you have to do is cover the actual cost of the ads themself. You don’t have to pay me a cent for running your ads. No business in their right mind is going to turn you down right, especially if they don’t know anything about digital marketing.

So if you actually go into that business and say hey, I’m going to handle your digital marketing, I’m going to do it for free for a week, all you’re going to have to do is pay for your ad. Get you a bunch of new profitable clients right? Most businesses are going to say, okay and the beautiful thing guys is. If you know what you’re doing – and you actually start to deliver a few results, then that business is going to want to hire you on full time, because it’s the easiest decision in the world to hire someone who actually makes you more money than it costs to Have them work for you right? So if my fee is $ 1,000 a month and I’m making your business $ 2,000 a month, that’s a very, very simple decision, and so the best way to get your first testimonial, which is key because you can actually use that testimonial to get new clients is To work for free for your first few clients, you can get some experience right.

You don’t have to actually cover any of their ad costs themselves. They cover that you just work for free right, so all you’re doing is giving them your time for free and once you do that, you know one or two times and you can use those people as testimonials for all your future business and the most beautiful part About social media marketing is, if you know what you’re doing, which, of course you will.

If you know you follow my instructions as hundreds and hundreds of my students in my private group have done and you’re going to be able to deliver results and when you can deliver results to local businesses into small businesses. Every dentist and every doctor in the world knows like ten other doctors that they went to med school with and all those doctors also need social media marketing. They also need digital marketing for their businesses to get them new and profitable, paying customers, and so a lot of the other people who teach.

You know how to do SM MA, always say you know, go out there and start cold, calling all these businesses. I have never cold called a business in my entire life. I paid phone teams to actually cold call, but it’s never been as successful as just allowing my clients right in the doctors and the dentist and the lawyers and the insurance companies that I’m running traffic for introduce me through referrals to their other friends and to other Businesses, so what I say is: okay, doctor you’re, paying me $ 1,000 a month for every new paying customer that you bring me every other doctor, dentists, every other small business owner that you know, I’m going to give you five hundred dollars off your bill right and So I’m making $ 1,000 and I’m giving them a five hundred dollar discount, and I have a new client who’s going to bring me new referral.

So I thank you guys if you’re smart are starting to realize just how incredible of a business model. This really is, all you have to do is know how to actually find your first client and then know how to deliver results. So, let’s jump into my computer right now and I’m going to show you exactly how you can find your very first profitable client that you can use to go out and do your marketing for you and introduce you to all their small business owner friends so that People are going to be literally beating down your door to pay you a thousand dollars every single month.

Let’S jump into my computer right now and I’ll show you alright guys welcome into my screen we’re going to go over the three easiest, simplest fastest ways to actually find your very first client right, because a lot of us have family and friends and one of the Best ways to actually do it is, if you have a dentist, if you have a doctor that you have a relationship with that you’ve used for years right, ask them.

If they wouldn’t mind you doing their advertisements for free all you they all they have to do. Is pay for their own ads you’ll do all of the work for free and ninety-nine percent of the time. If you have a dentist or a doctor or an insurance agent, or you know, lawyers that you’ve worked with or any small businesses in your community, that you have a relationship with they’re, more than likely to say yes, especially if you actually know what you’re doing and You can deliver some results, which you know again after you’ve readed this full article, if you haven’t we’re going to have a completely free training on how to actually deliver results to these businesses right here down in the description after the article.

So this is the three easiest best strategies to actually do this. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to choose a random City dentist in Las Vegas, so we’re going to ignore the ads right here and we are actually going to go and open up all of these dentists right here. I usually ignore like Yelp, because it just makes it a little bit harder, but you can actually use Yelp. So what we’re looking at right here is.

This is just like a random. Oh actually, this is a directory. So let’s not use that one. So this is like a random dentist office in Las Vegas and what this is right here. This is a little chrome extension called Facebook pixel helper right, so you can just literally Google search Facebook pixel helper, and you can see it right here so you’re going to go in download this on Chrome once you’ve downloaded it.

It literally will tell you if any page that you visit on the web has a pixel right, so we can see that this actual website has a pixel. So this this company at least, has a basic idea. What they’re doing from a facebook advertising for spective right, because if they have the pixel that allows them to be able to retarget people on Facebook? And so it’s like it’s a very basic level of understanding.

So we’re going to close this one out because they have a Facebook pixel, so they’re, not the lowest hanging fruit right they’re, not the best potential possible actual client for us. So we’re going to close that one. We see that this that these people actually have multiple pixels right, so maybe they have an agency already working with them, so we’re going to ignore them too, but we see right here right that this this company.

Excuse me, this dentist does not have a pixel. If we, if we use the pic of Facebook pixel helper extension, it says no pixels found on LVS smiles right and so what we can do is we can take this phone number and we can call them or we can. You know look for their contact information down below right, here’s, their Facebook Instagram. We can message them on Instagram. We could give them a call right and we could say hey.

You know my name is Kevin David. I run a digital marketing company. I was browsing. Your website and I saw that you didn’t – have a pixel installed. You know I could probably you know, create a lot more profitable customers for you guys, and you know I’m just starting out my digital marketing company, so I’d be willing to do it completely for free. I wouldn’t charge you a single cent for my time and I would just bring you guys.

A bunch of you know brand new, profitable customers and most people in their right minds are going to say yes right. So when you actually call this number, though you’re probably going to get a secretary, so normally, what I like to do is I’ll say you know, is the is the actual resident dentist right like trying to talk to like a decision-maker rather than an actual secretary? Can just save you time, but a lot of times the secretary will pass on whatever you say to the actual owner of the business and most of the time they are going to be interested in what you have to say right.

So that is a very, very simple way to actually find your very first client. Another extremely simple way is: what’s called BNI, so what BNI is is Business Network international right, so I’m just going to use the same example BNI at Las Vegas. What this is, is it’s a it’s just, a massive networking organization for business owners. So if you have a social media marketing agency or you you know, you actually perform services for local businesses like running Facebook.

Ads like managing social media BNI is an amazing place to actually go and get new customers right, find new customers. You go to these events and you just introduce yourself everyone’s very friendly. Everyone’S literally there specifically to network right – and so all you have to do – is go and network and say hey, you know, I’ve run Facebook Ads. You don’t have to say that you’re the best Facebook advertiser in the world right but say that yeah, you know I started a digital marketing company recently and I’ve been you know, having a lot of good results for my clients.

If that’s true or just you know, all you have to say is I just recently started my social media marketing company. You know I’d be happy to set up an appointment to see if I could help your business right, and this is one of the fastest easiest ways that my students have been able to get a bunch of new clients, literally sometimes in a day. And if you get four people right, if you network and go for an hour, you could talk, you could easily talk to four people 15 minutes each and if all four of them say yes boom instantly you’re, making more than the average American is making for people To say yes using BNI and the third strategy that we’re going to talk about it’s just using Facebook right literally going on Facebook into the normal search bar and typing in dentist, Las Vegas right – and we went over here to pages.

And I would open up every single one of these pages and I would message them right. I would look and see if there’s anything that I think that they could do so. You know all of these people probably have websites. You know you can see dentist of north Las Vegas. We didn’t see this one right, so I would go into this website and I would see if they have a pixel right. They do. I could still call them if I wanted to, but I’ll go through.

Every single one of these, I would you know, send them a message I would. I would go and check out their website and I would literally send them a message. Saying: hey. You know. I run a digital marketing company. I run a social media marketing company. You know I’d be happy to run your ads completely for free just to show you that I can give you results. So it’s zero risk on your part, and I can just literally deliver completely free value and 99 % of businesses say yes right.

So those are three extremely extremely profitable actual ways to get your very first client right and doing it for free to get your first testimonial. Then, all of a sudden, you have testimonials and it’s much easier to get new client, because you have testimonials and all of a sudden, your current clients are actually introducing you to all of their other small business owner friends and all of a sudden, you have a Ton of new clients that are paying you $ 1,000 a month or more, it’s one of the beautiful parts about a social media marketing company is, you can charge a thousand dollars a month, maybe for the first four people that you work with then the fifth person You charge two thousand dollars a month right, you literally charge whatever you want to charge.

If you only want five clients – and maybe you charge $ 1,000 for the first person mm for the second three thousand for the third right – I’ve had clients that I was charging literally $ 20,000 a month to run their actual ads for and obviously these are larger Businesses – and it was after some experience, but the point is guys it’s supply and demand like any other business, and it’s a very beautiful thing that, as you start to get more clients, you literally become more valuable and your time becomes more valuable.

So you can either hire people to help. You run those ads or you can charge more for your time. So, as you guys can see, it’s literally such a good opportunity to create a social media marketing agency. Literally with those three introductory strategies you can get started. I want to show just a couple of my students: we’ve had such ridiculous, immediate success. This right here is John and he’s literally where’s, going to let listen to him for, like the next ten seconds he’s one of my favorite students.

In the first week he ever started trying to create an FM ma, write his social media marketing agency. He had tremendous success. Let’S listen! I am really quick. What’S up bitches just left a dentist office he’s got only one location but to presented the Facebook Ads. It’S just like Kevin’s got the course I had went out on her Facebook page and their website. I’Ve got some pictures so target. They love the idea.

I gave the value of the clicks funnel of $ 2,000, we’re just really quickly. You can talk about Jennifer, who made over eleven thousand dollars profit in three days, using what we teach inside of my private group. Guys I want to show just one more: this is Andrew. He literally very recently worked at a hotel, and you can see right here in the screenshot he’s getting absolutely tremendous results for his clients, Shopify store.

You can see him saying right here that he has eleven clients now and that is a minimum of a one thousand dollar payment every single month per client, so he’s making at the minimum eleven thousand dollars per month. So if you want to learn exactly how Andrew started to make eleven thousand dollars per month with zero experience and zero money to start, we are hosting a completely free training, and if you want to join that training, all you have to do is click to the Link in the description right here and we’re going to teach you some much more in-depth strategies on how to get started, running Facebook Ads for local businesses and getting paid very, very well to actually do exactly that.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. If you did do me a favor, because I’m working extremely hard to put these out for you guys and show you a bunch of new ways to actually start making it money online click. The like button right now leave a comment down below telling me your thoughts on creating an S Mme or running Facebook ads for local businesses and using that as a way to make money and as always guys, if you have it, make sure you click that little Subscribe button right here turn on the notification bells to join the notification squad and until next time and then just happy hustling

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Robots in Social Media, Why Is It Such A Problem????

Robots in social media?!? Social media is the general public construct of the digital world. Every person that engages on a social media platform wishes to see what the latest news, celebs, their good friends, as well as influencers are up too. Most wish to be a star on their platform of choice, as well as the only method to achieve information that just applies to their world. Yet, just like anything, there is one huge concern that maintains developing, robots. Although Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook all have actually attempted to get this issue controlled, it’s a continuous concern that remains to this day, and it could be affecting you and your business.

Robots in social media do cost you money

If you have ever before reviewed records about Instagram and parent company Facebook’s advertisement profits, you’ll know that there are billions of dollars involved. With such a successful business, financiers need to make sure that their money is well spent. After their development, social media sites systems saw a surge in fake accounts. These accounts are referred to as “bots” short for robots. They come from a person, yet they are being ran by software. The software program is usually programmed to manage the social media accounts to gain access to social network’s markets. When the robot has actually gained access to the users chosen market. The owner of the bot can start interacting with the market. Generally to market products or feed information to persuade the market to certainly start purchasing product or believing an idea like “Someone is not a con-man”. The software program is usually worked on a cloud web server with proxy web addresses or simply any computer system linked to the net. Making it very difficult for Facebook to figure out where the Robot is working from. They are valuable in quantity rather than the quality of material they upload. According to Facebook’s Principal Operating Policy, over 1 million profiles are being blocked every day. Yes, there are a ton of Robots working away to make humans do things. Typically interacting to enlighten individuals on a topic to persuade them from one choice to another. Facebook advertisements are regulated by advertisement robots.

How to spot a Robot

Frequently robot accounts have no or one message as well as a link in the bio directing them to an outside site or another account. Their primary use is to follow and like your content. These accounts aid to get genuine users to click over to their account or to an exterior website. They are a bit spammy and also social networks’s second-worst problem only behind a security information violation. For individuals, they are just annoyances, but also for advertisers, they create a negative Return On Investment.
Although the social networks titans have actually fought on these accounts, there hasn’t been an obvious decrease in the number of bots. It is easy for a user to take a look at an account as well as determine signs that it is a robot account.

    They robots if:

  • 1. There isn’t an account picture
  • 2. User names are a mix of numbers as well as letter that do not form words
  • 3. There are hardly any type of photos

Why do you care

You could be asking yourself, “So why do I care?” Well, if you’ve ever purchased an ad campaign on any kind of social media network, your money has actually been tied up in it so it could be worth checking into. You might have paid for an interaction that has come from robots as opposed to genuine people. Financing for this type of involvement is an issues because when you spend for advertising and marketing, you wish to obtain the most out of your investment. It really does such up your cash when you are showing quality pictures, video clips and web content to a bunch of robots

The issue is that many marketers are paying to get exposure to real individuals that are potential customers. They are, nevertheless, getting fooled when those clicks are originating from a robot that will certainly never be able to acquire their services or product. It’s a massive scam. It is hard to identify from the actual point due to the fact that it’s mixed in with legitimate accounts.

What about Influencers

If you are partnering with an influencer. Ensure that they have genuine accounts in their follower’s list. If you scroll through the followers or fans of an account and also you see any one of the indicators discussed above, be concerned. Their following is made up of phony accounts, not real people. An additional way to assess the credibility of their target market is to have a look at their interaction price by comparing their number of fans to the number of likes as well as remarks they obtain. If a lot of their comments originate from bots, they will certainly be common introductions like, “Good post” and also “Trendy feed” complied with by emojis. They normally don’t reference specifics and also in some cases lead you to one more page or direct you to a web link. A typical involvement price should be around 3%, and a superb price typically hovers around the 6% mark. Although these numbers seem low, they are regular on social networks.

When joining influencers, make sure to take a good look at their profile. I would even go to Google and complete a few searches to see how real they are. Don’t be mislead by a huge number of followers. Look for the indicators of robot activity. Allshouse Designs has been experimenting with robots and have discovered a lot of shady activity. Yes we have used robots for marketing and don’t be naive you most likely in counter a robot every time you surf your news feed.

The Response:
The innovation is below. It’s called Retinal Scan. In a few more years all mobile phone will certainly have the capability to scan the human retina. With this technology Facebook and all various other social media sites platforms will certainly need an one-of-a-kind retina scan for each and every social media account.

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Online Marketing Social Media Have You Tried It? Here Is My Review.

If you have no idea what is. You are in for a treat. With over 20,000 Like 4 Like members. You can’t go wrong. Once you are apart of the community. You will see your social media stats rise. I know because I have been a member for about a year and have seen results. It is a great tool to help get the word out and boost your rankings with in your preferred social network.

Free Social Media Marketing
This community is full of business owners, musicians, webmasters, retailers, acts, personalities, video tutorials, bloggers, models, actors, athletes and more! 

What is Like 4 Like.ORG?

Like 4 like is a well built social media exchange community that runs on the cloud. Which is awesome because you do not need to download any software. All you need to do is create a user name and password. Oh, I almost forgot the best part. You do not need any cash to get started. That’s right, it’s free!

The proof

Below is a snap shot of insights of one of my Facebook business profiles. These result are from just spending 1 hour liking, sharing and commenting with in the Like4Like network. As you can see the traffic flows rather quickly.

like4like review stats


Tips for

Now I have been a member for about a year and I have learned a bit of how to play on platform. If you are not careful or do not follow the rules from the developers. You may be banned from your favorite social media platform. Yes, I have been punished by Twitter and Facebook. They will typically turn off  your liking and or sharing functions for a period of time. It is their way of making you aware that you are not allowed to abuse their network. If you think about it. It really does save their integrity. Below are two pieces advise that you should read so that you do not get banned or punished.

  1. Look at what you are sharing on your profile. Like 4 Like gives you the opportunity to view what you are sharing on your profile before you share it. I highly advice you look before you leap. I lost an entire twitter profile because I was not paying attention to what I was sharing.
  2. Do not get greedy! Space out the time spent liking and sharing. If you go to fast you will be punished. They will basically turn off the ability to like stuff if you go too fast or you do too much in a short period of time. SLOW DOWN! VERY IMPORTANT!
  3. Have at least one profile on several different social media networks. This way you can make exchanges on different networks in one session. It will help slow you down and will decrease the chances of being banned.

How to make the most out of

The developers of Like4Like have made it so that it is very difficult for robots to gain access to their system. So all of the exchanges are made by humans. Well it appears that all of them are. You can really gain a lot of traction if you start interacting with the people liking and sharing your content. It is very important to realize that you need to connect with people. The L4L community only gets your foot in the door and that is all.

Optimizing your social media profile

To really gain all the good stuff that happens when using You need to build awesome attractive social media profiles. Here are some tips you should really practice.

  1. Upload a Profile Picture! Your face is the best.
  2. Fill out the about or description section! Tell people about yourself , use emojis and have a good call to action with in the description.
  3. Fill in where you are from! The developers of L4L give you the ability to target people depending on location. Just put your country in.
  4. Make sure to fill in your interest. This will give others a brief idea about what you like. Making it easier to connect with you.

Referral program

Like 4 Like has an awesome referral program. If you are into affiliate marketing then this would be a good program for you. I have to ask if you do decide to join their community. Please use the links that I provided with in this blog post. This way my L4L profile will be awarded.

Buying social media interactions

You can log onto the site and purchase points for social media interactions. I have done this and have found that sometimes the points spent doesn’t add up to how many interactions that appear on my social media profiles. Some of the likes and shares will disappear after you get them. They are most likely deleted by Facebook, Twitter and or YouTube. It started to get real bad when they started deleting accounts off their networks. Also some community members will delete their interactions afterwards as well. I think it’s because they don’t want the content they liked in the social media feed. If you are not adventurous with your content because you refuse to see anything different in your feed. Like4Like is not for you. The reality is that after some of the purchased points or the points that you get in exchange. Will be spent on social interactions that disappear.

So if you have a hard on for every point, then this is not for you. I have been using the system for a long time and have seen some like and shares quickly appear and shortly drop off. Maybe hours or days after they show up. However, majority of the social media interactions do stick. This is clearly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s policing. They have to do this so that the like button does become point less.

Report violators

The developers of the L4L have put I. A system to report violators. Yes, there is rules and if you do not follow them. Points are taken away or your account get banned. I highly suggest you read the rules and expectations before paying in the community. Also always report violators it help the community.

The cons

1. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are known to drop social interactions after they are completed by community members.

2. You can be banned from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook if you are abusing their tools.

3. Every point earned may not see a return.

4. You still have to interact with people via messaging, or comment to really make useful connections.

5. A social media profile that likes or shares your content may not be complete and look fake.

6. Some of the social media profiles that community member are using to interact with are not used or barely monitored. Kinda like shell accounts.

Tips to avoid the cons

1. Slow down! Do 5 to 10 minute sessions at least a half hour apart.

2. Populate your social media profiles with content. Images and posts. Do not just post links to crap on your wall. That looks spammy.

3. Read the rules and exceptions of community

4. Write awesome comments

5. You get better results if you have people like your posts. Then invite them to like or subscribe to your page.

6. Stick with the community over time. You are rewarded free points the more work you put into it.

The value

I think you should think of this community as a window. A window into another community or even another world. A world that you may have never seen. It is no secret that a digital bubble is created around you the more you use your social media profile. You will be around people like you and you see the same content over and over. After time you no longer see out of the bubble. will bypass that bubble. I know you will see some crazy stuff on the platform. I really enjoying going through Sound Cloud. There is so much music out there in the world and it is freaking cool.

Feel free to leave any questions or comment about

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Boost Your Social Media Presence!

According to our research we have found that around 87% of small businesses in the USA use social media to market and advertise their business. It is no secret that search engines use social media signals to help determine your website ranking. That is why Allshouse Designs offers a social media boost service with in our website management package number 2. However, we have found that businesses have a favorite website management company or they just have it done in house. So we have developed a social media service that brings internet users to social media business profiles. These users will like, love and interact with social media posts, images and tweets. We will also recommend when and what to post on business profiles.

Social Signal Boost Service –

We are offering a great deal for 2018. Contact us today to request a quote for a six month subscription to the service. The service works on the following social media platforms:





Google +

If you want to see an example, we have been testing the service on our own Facebook page for about 2 months.

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What are the Benefits of Twitter for Business?

If you learn how to use all the social media platforms out there, then your business can improve dramatically. Allshouse Designs has just started to really use the Twitter platform. With that said, today’s blog post is going to put a giant of the social media world under the spotlight; Twitter. Mainly, we’ll be looking to answer the question; what are the benefits of Twitter for business?

Improved Customer Service

Twitter is a brilliant platform as it provides companies with a new means of customer service. A business can use Twitter to respond to customer complaints and open up a dialogue with people from around the world. If you tweet about a product from your business profile, customers may respond with questions. You can then reply to them instantly, solving any queries in not time at all. Also, the beauty of Twitter is that you can search for keywords relating to your business – such as your company name – and find other people’s tweets. So, you could search for these keywords, find people tweeting about you, and interact with them. This is a great way of finding people with issues and solving them instantly.

Boosts Web Traffic and Sales

This social media platform is great for directing people towards your website and giving your sales a boost. You can use Twitter to reveal new products to all your followers, with a link to the product on your website. If you don’t sell things online, you can use a link to a page on your site that shows your business location. This will tell people where they can find you to purchase your products. Plus, Twitter uses hashtags which allow you to tag posts with keywords that others can search for. As a result, people that don’t follow you can still see your posts and click on the links to your website. Web traffic increases, which has a positive effect on sales.

Helps You Keep Up with Trends

Twitter is the place to be if you want to stay up to date with all the current trends in your industry. When certain things are spoken about a lot, they start to trend on Twitter. What’s more, you can decide what you see as trending by changing the settings, so only relevant things appear. This means you’ll never miss a beat in your industry, and can keep up with all the current trends. As a consequence, you can use the trends to give your business a big boost and ensure you never fall behind the competition.

Strengthens Your Brand Image

We’ve already mentioned how Twitter is a great way to communicate with customers and provide a better service. Well, in doing so, it also helps you strengthen your brand image. Twitter is all about sharing information, and the info you share reflects your image and values. Clever business owners use Twitter to push forth their values and help connect with new customers that identify with their brand.

Twitter is a fantastic platform for sharing content and connecting with your target audience. A business profile for Twitter is certainly a must-have component for any entrepreneur. Create your Twitter business profile today!

If you would like to know how Allshouse Designs can help your Twitter business profile and your website. They provide a great service that combines social media management and website management. When you concentrate recourses to your business website and a social media profile. Great things start to happen.

As always your opinion matters to us. Feel free to post a comment below or connect up with us on Twitter.



Weekly Update for our SEO Experiment

We are about two weeks into our experimental SEO program for and it appears that it continues to show good results. The program continues to bring in new users to the website on a daily basis. Read more about it -

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Weekly Update for Allshouse Designs
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Well, I don’t want to toot our own horn, but what the hell. We really give it all we can to all our clients! Learn about the digital marketing design services we provide for our clients.

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