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3 Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

So in this article it’s going to be a very concise and simple way to approach email so that you’re able to sell more and get way more return on investment.

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And let me know what you think. So, let’s talk about email, marketing, email marketing so often, and I work with lots of clients and they have a hard time figuring out exactly how to use email to sell, and it’s actually very, very simple. So, typically, when we’re starting to send out an email, we need to first have one overarching goal that we’re trying to achieve so sending out email for just for the sake of sending out.

Email is not helpful, and so there’s a few things. People ask well: how often should I be sending emails and how often should I keep in touch and all kinds of other questions like that and they get really complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. So first I suggest, as a rule, for almost every business out there that you’re sending an email once a week. If you can now, I say if you can, because hopefully you’re creating content and doing other things like that.

But if you’re not sure what to sell then sell engagement right, we typically have three levels of funnel, so typically an email will be targeting whatever you know, stage of the funnel or the segment that you’re that you’re trying to reach, and with that you need to Have an appropriate goal so, for example, if you have somebody who signs up for your newsletter, it may not be the right time to send an offer.

That’s hey sign up for my highest level, coaching program so, depending on the relationship that you have with this segment and kind of what your end goal is you’re going to have to really figure out. What is the best objective, based on the funnel stage that we have right now, a lot of times, people don’t segment their email lists and so, as a result, they’re just sending to everybody their best customers and people that are brand-new in their funnel.

So make sure that you’re segmenting your list, because it’s very very important to be communicating properly with different groups of your list. Now, if you have analysts list, that’s just awareness, it’s good to send people to awareness content, to drive them further into your funnel and to build a better relationship with them. So, for example, with that kind of an email, you could send them. Two additional articles to Facebook pages to Instagram profiles, ask them to connect and take the further step in your relationship and it’ll help you to build and diversify your traffic as well so they’re going to be able to see offers there if it’s evaluation a lot of Times it’s good to start with a medium range or a small range product.

So if they’ve know about you, maybe they’ve been on a webinar. Now I’m sending them offers and things like that is a great way to engage them. And then, if they are current customers – and they know – you know your best kind of customers – that you have send them higher priced ticket offers and get them to buy more from you, because when you can get someone to buy more their average lifetime value goes up And if you’re able to increase the average lifetime value of client, then you can spend more to acquire customers, which is great, actually created a article if you click on this card up here, to check that out, but with the email figuring out.

What that end objective is first, is most important and there’s really only three steps after you figure it out what the objective is to get people to take action. So the first thing that you have to do is you have to get the email open. There’s really. Four types of emails that I like to send out and I use them over and over in different variations. I don’t tend to send these every single time, though, because people will start to get worn out from them, so the first type of email is a blind curiosity, and this is like the BuzzFeed clickbait article right, you’ll, never believe what we’re up to this week, or I couldn’t believe that he actually did this or you know something like that right, you’re like what could it be and it makes you want to open it and see what the rest of the story is.

People want to be included in the story and so having a headline like that is helps to get opens. The next is direct benefit. So if you want to say something like this, will clean your carpets better than anything, you’ve ever used right, we’re using a little bit of curiosity, but we’re also giving a direct benefit. People will say: hey. I have a dirty carpet. I need to clean my carpets. Awesome, I’m going to open this email, the Latin next one is urgency or scarcity.

So if you have a product that is you truly have urgency or scarcity? Maybe you have a special. You could say this offer ends tomorrow at midnight. Then people will say. Oh man, I don’t miss out and they’ll open your email and then the last one that I like to use. A lot is proof or specific results, and with that I say like you know, let’s say you have a business opportunity or something right. He made five thousand two hundred twelve dollars in six minutes.

It’s really specific and it’s results, and so people that are interested in making money would be interested in opening that email. So again getting the open of the email is the very first step. If people don’t open your email, they’re not going to be able to read what’s inside of it, and that brings us to step two so step two is to get them to read. What’s inside and then click so doing both of those things.

There’s a few things that I like to do to increase the clicks on emails number one. Is I like to use a variety of links inside of it now it’s important that you don’t put only links in there because you can get flagged for spam, but typically I’ll do a variety of both buttons and also text links. That say, you know click here. So, instead of having a button, it’ll say the actual word I like to be testing those just to see what the audience clicks more and it’s good to have both visual call-outs that are there buttons that are different from everything.

So people can see, but in general people are viewing emails on their mobile phones a lot more than they are on desktop, and so, if you create an email, it needs to be very easy to read on mobile and the button needs to be there. That’s easy to click, but again the whole purpose of the email is to sell the click to take the next action so figuring out. Just that one specific action that you’re looking for them to take and then selling that click is, is very very important and it’ll help you to get more traffic to your your web page.

Now there are some exceptions to this rule. I think that if you’re trying to get somebody to respond to you having them like right, write back and respond is actually a good tactic. A lot of times. If you have the ability to respond, dracs people so asking them to use email like a medium that they use it with their friends and family, that’s a cool thing. So if you’re not going for the click, ask for the reply, so in general you don’t need to sell everything once they’re on the page.

So the the email body that you’re writing and creating all that you’re trying to do is to sell the click to the landing page. You don’t need to do too much. You can again use the four elements that I spoke of in the email headlines on how to get people over to your your web page. So it’s the Curiosity, direct benefits, urgency or scarcity and then proof and results. So you can use all of those elements to drive people to your landing page as well, and then once they’re at the landing page, they’ve made a decision right.

So they’ve already done an open they’ve done a click and now they’re at the landing page. Let the landing page do this sell and you can use tools like articles and a lot more long-form content and there you can really do the heavy lifting of selling and have all of the elements that help to make an effective sales page or landing page and Really at that point, it’s it’s time to take. You know that that uses the additional tools that you have inside of a web page instead of trying to do everything inside of the email.

So one thing, though, is that emails that are boring never get opened and if they do get opened, they end up actually harming your brand, so make sure that you’re not selling sending boring emails, but also don’t be too high, P or clickbait T that you’re not Actually, providing what you’re talking about so it’s a very, very fine balance, I’d, say being useful, being educational being entertaining are sure ways to get your emails opened and to have people trained to use your email.

So I hope that this was helpful. If you have any questions or need help with email, please comment below I’m happy to help and if you enjoyed this article like the like the article and please if you enjoy digital marketing or if you want to grow your business with, did your marking consider subscribing? I again make daily marketing articles here and I run a digital marketing agency so have a great day, and I will see on the next article have a good one.


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