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Navigating Google Analytics: Behavior Report

I help troubleshoot issues that are holding them back from making gaining new clients and making more money. So today we are going to be looking at the behavior report in Google. Analytics Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools, but it’s definitely underutilized when it comes to understanding how people use your website and where you can improve on it.

So sit back and let’s look at the behavior tab and see how people are moving through your website and now we’ve lined it in the behavior tab of Google Analytics under the overview right now – and I just want to point out that I do have my date Range as January 1 to present day so it’s nice to look at a big chunk of data. You can also look at you know a month depending on what you are looking for, and so you can get a good idea just from this overview.

Of what pages people are. Are your most traffic pages on your website, so in this example, and not surprisingly, the home page is the most trafficked page, and so you can look at all of that and see how people are you know what pages people are going to ok, so this tool Is called behavior flow and it’s similar to the audience flow, but this one, I think, is my favorite, and so you can. You know once again set different parameters and I like the landing page, though, because it’s going to tell you what page people are starting on.

Your website and how they are moving through your website, so it’s very similar, but this is really you know. People are starting out on this page, and this is how they’re moving through, and so you know once again, you can move through all the data like we were before and you can see you know if they start with the end up on this page, then this Percentage is dropping off and this percentage is staying on.

So it’s really useful data. So if you have one page where people are really I’m dropping off from a lot, then you can figure out. You know work to try to be strategic and see if you can change that bounce rate on that page, so that way, they’re staying on there, okay and then next we can look at the site content and so once again, that’s just going to give you. You know what your most popular pages are and we’ll go into this when we talk about goals, but you can see what your bounce rate is for an individual page, and so you know like the sign-in page right here, the not surprisingly, the bounce rate is pretty Low because people are probably going to sign in and purchase something and that’s the same with the payment, so you want those to be low and they are, and so you know, if there’s a page that has a really high bounce rate, I’m trying to find one Of course, there’s not very many most of these pages and this test date, I have fairly low bounce rates, but okay, there was some 150 okay.

So let’s say that we wanted to to try to get this bounce right up, and so basically it looks like this is a search query, and so maybe what can you do if people are searching to make their search a little better, a little more user-friendly so That way, your bounce rate decreases, and then the other nice pick thing is that you can also see what pages people are leaving your site on or exiting on. So you know, it seems like the home page is well, lots of people are entering there.

People are also leaving there, and so that’s just one of those things you always want to think about is what are people learning when they reach your website, so they know who you are, what you do and are you giving them all of the information so that Way, they want to say run on your site, okay and then the last one. Is I’m just going to talk really quickly about site speed and you can look to see what pages I might be taking a long time to load and see if you can get those specific pages to load quicker because the longer someone so like the home page? It’s showing that it’s a pretty slow load, and so how could you make it load faster? So that way, people are going to be more inclined to you stay on the page because they have a good experience, and so those are just a few ways that you can use all of this data data under the behavior tab and not talk today.

Apparently, but it’s great data to look at and kind of play around with and think about how you could use it to be more strategic in your business.


By Jimmy Dagger

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