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Seo Tips Guaranteed Method – 1st Position in Google With Proofs Forget doing Seo and linkbuilding

As you all know, google keeps updating this algorithm and all SEO work goes and veins in this situation, we’re just losing hundreds of dollars every month. The simple thing is that Google never likes SEOs work. What influences website position for a particular keyword in search results apart from SEO? There’s one other aspect that influences website positions for particular keyword in Google search results, and that is thousands of searches done every day.

Yes, Google takes these searches seriously, and this is what Google considers the most, because these searches are from real people, and this is how Google knows the importance of a website for a particular keyword and position sites. Accordingly, the more website is visited through google search, the better it will rank. This is simple, so if your site is getting hits for keyword that real people search in google, then your site will be positioned in the top pages, but wait.

How will your site get these organic? It’s if it’s not in the top 10 positions. Nobody goes and hits your site for this: either your site needs to be in the top 10 pages to get real traffic from Google or you need to make the effort to bring your site under the first 10 positions, and this is where our software will help. You in getting organic keywords, search visits to your site and all hits are visible and validated in Google Analytics.

Our software will type in the keyword in google and search for your website and just like any human being would do. If you really want to see your site in the top pages, then you must visit us for more information.


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