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3 Quick Tips For Your Insurance Website

I’ve been working with clients all day today on their websites and their marketing and I’ve been noticing some consistent themes that I’ve been helping. My clients through, and I want to just share those with you. So I want to shoot a quick article. It’s really simple! I’r going to give you three quick tips for your insurance website. Okay, so the first tip I want to focus in on is speed.

Alright, so that first important part is speed. Now we’re going to throw up a link on the screen, and it’s also in the description of this article, where you can go. Do Google speed tests all right on your website? All you do is go to that link you put in your URL and it’ll. Give you sort of a rating of one to a hundred on your mobile version and your desktop version. Okay, your website speed is incredibly important.

Okay, there’s a couple reasons: why one it’s going to drastically increase your costs on your marketing efforts if you’re driving website traffic tooth to the page, your Google, if you’re doing, search engine optimization, it’s going to hurt your SEO if you’re doing paid ads, it’s going to Hurt your cost per conversion because people are going to balance instead of actually convert. It’s a very costly mistake, and typically it’s not that hard to fix some people just don’t know that they have a slow website.

So if you go to this link, you type in your URL it’ll give you a rating out of 100 10. If you are looking at that number and it’s red or yellow it’s time for you to make some changes on on that site, speed and do what you can to increase that site, speed right. One of the things that I also want to go through and from a second-place is to make sure that your website is secure. Okay, now this is there’s a lot of you know things that secure could mean, but there’s one specific version that I want to kind of make sure that you’re aware of right.

So if you go to Google Chrome and you type in your URL and you go to your website on the top left, it’ll say not secure if it’s not secure, so if you put in your Google URL, it says not secure. That is a problem. That’s your SSL certification. You need to get that fixed, because Google is starting to highly highly reward secure websites over non secure websites. Also, it hurts all of your paid advertising, etc.

So if you know some people, don’t really know what that is or what that means. But if you see that little not secure before your URL in the search bar of Google, Chrome, you’re you’re in deep trouble, you need to do what you can to fix that. If you need help, we would love to help you out with that. It’s not rocket science to fix, but you could reach out to us and we can kind of talk through it all right.

So that’s the main thing I want to talk about unsecure. The third thing I want to go through is mobile friendly. This is where I’m going to spend a little bit of time on this article, all right, mobile friendly now everybody knows their website needs to be mobile friendly, but is your website mobile, friendly, okay? So we’re going to put a link in the description? That’s Google’s mobile-friendly test and what you need to do is go to that URL put in your website and it’ll give you different versions of different windows to determine.

If your website is mobile-friendly it’ll, give you a rating, etc. Mobile-Friendly is super important. Okay. The reason it’s important is, I just want to walk you through one of my clients, visuals on their Google Analytics to show you what I’m talking about. Okay. So in this, in this image that you’re looking at you’re, what you’re looking at is a 30-day view of one of my clients, websites, obviously not going to share who it is, but they happen to be doing Medicare and Medicare submariners etcetera.

So you would typically think that that’s an older demographic, so these numbers may shock you. It is still a highly a majority of their traffic is mobile as opposed to desktop. So if you look at this in the last 30 days, they’ve had 566 people actually go to their website and check out their services and look at their plans, etc. This is a Medicare, client, okay and they still had a majority 52 % of their website.

Traffic was a mobile, friendly, 40 % was desktop and then tablets was was, let’s see, 8 percent now tablets obviously are like iPads and Chromebooks, etc. Okay, now, what I want to do also is walk through these other columns that you’re that you’re looking at okay. So the next column over is new users. So what you want to look at is you want to make sure that those users are new, because that’s what we’re doing with our marketing efforts? You want new people on our website, not just the exact same people going in over and over / right, but what I want to focus in on is the next column over past sessions, where it says bounce rate on the behavior section.

Okay, if you look at their average bounce rate, it’s 56 percent for these last 30 days, I will tell you that the bounce rate range of being safe is anywhere from forty to sixty percent. I would consider forty percent in a + and sixty percent C. Okay. It’s hard to influence the bounce rate it takes time, but really all the bounce rate means is, is how many individuals came to our website landing page and then bounced out without going through further pages.

So if you’ll notice, the mobile traffic and the desktop traffic have different bounce rates, okay, so the mobile bounce rate was 63 percent, while the desktop bounce rate was 48 percent. What that means is, is that always tells us that when people are looking for googling and googling terms and shopping on their phone, they are very interested in quick responses on their phone, because they’re just going to close out the app or whatever the web browser and Go to something else or back out or whatever so your site, speed and being mobile-friendly is incredibly important and here’s numbers that prove it, and this is actually a very large local medicare agency in the southeast of the country.

Right, you’ll also notice that the average session duration on the far right is vastly different between desktop and mobile right. You’ve got one minute on average of this client that I’m sorry this website is the average duration of the session is one minute on mobile versus three minutes on desktop. So this is telling us that this client really needs to work on their site, speed and their mobile version of their website big time, because clients are going to their website on their desktop and they’re.

Not spending or they’re spending way more time with a desktop than they are on their mobile. These are some red flags we can start working on. This is some of the things that we need to start working on together to improve our overall website engagement rate along with lead flow on this particular client. What was you know, frustrated with the amount of lead that they’re getting from their website, and so we just went to some of these places I showed him comment was going on and now we have an action plan to do that right.

So the main thing I want you guys to really follow through with is those things right: speed, security and mobile friendly. Alright, I hope this article was able to help you guys out. If you get stuck in any of these issues that you don’t really know what to do, you know reach out to us. The courage of marketing is built to help you with these things we do consulting. We do web development, everything and also just for a word of encouragement.

Typically in the industry, people are redesigning their website every four to five to six years, anyways. So a lot of times. These issues can be solved just by redesigning a website, because it’s just time to do so. Your website should be a living breathing thing that you want to reinvest in constantly and it is very standard to be redesigned an entire new website every five to six years. So thanks for your time guys, I appreciate your attention and I hope this helps you guys be successful in your passive lead flow through your website.


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Grow Business with Digital Marketing Tips by Dr. Amit Maheshwari

McMahon, Shree business to a corporate trainer, motivational speaker and social media expert, invited by Z, business and news nation, observe acaso Gator town edge case, informative article main kisi, bhi company, corporate brand, individual or professional cook JD up, not digital platform, matchbook karna Head-To-Head poll bata party hondana the hot area that is social media engagement.

Kiss. The resolution me like a madam se, habla beaucoup engage carpe SEO search engine optimization matlab are keep website per online and offline si keywords at KJ, tacky google search me Octus. I drank our mushroom. Curry is my bottom roller content writing car after content, job unique, hygge, tuvo, unique content. Google key search may subside panic a choker or Octus. I train karna, shrew curd egg e sm, o social media.

Optimization social media came madam C F key website: / FK business, Kelly, op, k, brand Kelly, aqua profession, Kelly, bohot, sorry, audience cook, crab cake, Ilana social media macabre, come sm m social media marketing or social media marketing. Kayseri, a PCB product t, CB business, receive a profession or kissy, be individual identity, co, a sunny, say, logotype, pontius active social media, optimization may boss, sorry Tinoco, Chemeketa, hey this is social network creation, facebook linkedin so such a week, Twitter in subby, /, ik social profile, Create Carla or profile CO properly, maintain karna is Tia lava up to images of Pluto, karta hoon, optimization karna.

After articles upload, karta hoon, cage, URL, KO optimize, karna 1k article spoke submit, karna monkey links, coke or URL scope, advertise Kirky, boss, sorry audience go grab car k, FK facebook, / FK, digital platform, / yeah, ki website, /, lee Khurana, even adversary companies, apne product romney’s Services go advertise chemically email, marketing, kazar ability up, email, marketing, history, a if hot brain masses go; asana, say capture cursive pair Escanaba, advanced digital marketing may, which I said, tools: okay, hey didn’t go seeker or summits; car up a flip business me exponential growth, hustle concept Ahead, Jesse google adword cupola advertise chemically a kasi facility, the jihadi octopus egg budget, hey to up up no budget ke saath apne product apne services, yeah play business school advertise girl, sucked air that is, google adword.

Google adword account to make a c’mon top deposit, curly, hair or ski bath after super harness or Google Alert Alex straight wise. A lotta luck zone wise, a la jolla country-wise up key use. Information go loco that bachata high horse is Kelly. A Google, a parka ting executive group may conquer 5, P, P, see pay-per-click a boss, sorry low apne product. Whatever ties to Kurt a look at the boost information that post a lake in Kaiba boo pacifist who the other two people shake as optional: hey ki, aapki product ERP services, key information, loketh, octo, portugee, digital cameras, MC licking jesse equals to information for click.

Auriga K will click you, information catches up, K, accounts a cut Jagga to easily a PPC to custom. All a player pool digitally promote car, making liquor suck pay up now, quite vert eyes, chemical, a concept. A sales generation can construct a marketing kira concept, a branding kelly curse at pair the psyche, upload de cría, please, Sarah Mary YouTube / article children, article can is a panic advertisement jalaja to Google a youtube name: huh Marissa tech partnership, key digit nari venue advertisement came.

Madam say YouTube generate Caraga who say my associate partner Bonacci, who spiked sheer hamari account when transfer kanika, awesome, Locker up a cable, google, adsense k, madam say ugly, youtube blog k, madam say: come up a business foot develop chemically or business foot digitally advertise chemically a Webmaster tool on own abajo, Surya or a webmaster tools were to look their jiske verges a apne website, KU asana say: promote kar sakthe hain, Vasari bloggers, blog sites, vanity, hey autumn kombucha, hey Lucy, Liu beaucoup, advertise karna will keep business product yes, services.

Ke bury me blog likhna or oddball sorry Luke. As a blogger, applicator Benari business foot develop technically business skill. Listening Allah, Delic portal, /, karna, bahasa, Hey Kiva, ha see it brought brought traffic aki website / generate what I to a tulip kupatana chai, a business listing casa, ki, jai, email, marketing, casa, ki, jai or mobile / internet kaiser. A mobile marketing kasich is a and advanced digital marketing.

May article submission, if both important concept head after the kaga adversary websites, informative websites, a solid electric, a news information subcommittee, a to java applet product apne services, yep nib business k, proper content, article maha, beastie, a to op k, business coo. It different like a PR milton matlab after public relationship did you say, but I cheek is tracy agar aapke, possibly ecommerce website nahi up bunny, but I ecommerce websites, Cassatt, Milkha, bhaag, para business generate constructing or you the octopus who product yes, services me or Ave, Parker Locati to box re ecommerce website, Cassatt, affiliate partner Bank, a Hasani say the hot butter revenue generate cartel and the next that is, online business generation, adversary, b2b sites, Kaiser EA, a b2b business /, develop concept, a b2c matlab business with client, kar sakthe as government named.

Sarah digitization k, madam say her tonic a tender school online curvy I friends at online business generation. If both Bala concept ban gaya had to keep both buddy market as digital hair online head Vasili, a b2b business chemically OpCo online business generation, Kasahara, lena pareja, sati, sock, b2c, business with client and b2g business with government, a government of india, a Sarika, sorry order.

Sku. Sorry kiss her a tender school online care dia a bodega darica system me a key up together, say setting querque yeah. This CBI officers entertain turkey. Asani say order hysterical 16, a silly adversary companies in sabisu rock opera, chemically logo, KO hire Cartier. He silly advanced digital marketing takes shit remain a popular career as a freelancer as a professional as a businessman as a mrs.

Shahrukh are 16 friends as Mary company online in the streak is the Roku pure chemically special super 50 capatch benattia or whoop itas warrior uncompressed Caricom dirty your play: brand apne product up, miss services, coup advertise garage at a Aguila, free seminar, cub or ahora, who skis on curricula board number per call; Corey


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Seo Tips Guaranteed Method – 1st Position in Google With Proofs Forget doing Seo and linkbuilding

As you all know, google keeps updating this algorithm and all SEO work goes and veins in this situation, we’re just losing hundreds of dollars every month. The simple thing is that Google never likes SEOs work. What influences website position for a particular keyword in search results apart from SEO? There’s one other aspect that influences website positions for particular keyword in Google search results, and that is thousands of searches done every day.

Yes, Google takes these searches seriously, and this is what Google considers the most, because these searches are from real people, and this is how Google knows the importance of a website for a particular keyword and position sites. Accordingly, the more website is visited through google search, the better it will rank. This is simple, so if your site is getting hits for keyword that real people search in google, then your site will be positioned in the top pages, but wait.

How will your site get these organic? It’s if it’s not in the top 10 positions. Nobody goes and hits your site for this: either your site needs to be in the top 10 pages to get real traffic from Google or you need to make the effort to bring your site under the first 10 positions, and this is where our software will help. You in getting organic keywords, search visits to your site and all hits are visible and validated in Google Analytics.

Our software will type in the keyword in google and search for your website and just like any human being would do. If you really want to see your site in the top pages, then you must visit us for more information.


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Clickbump SEO Review

Think on-page SEO isn’t important. Think again, many pages rank considerably well in Google solely because of strong on-page SEO, with little to no backlinks click bump SEO offers many important features that plugins, like the famous seopressor, don’t like managing nofollow links, processing data while editing and composing the post or page real Time scoring at a glance right besides the post and, most importantly, a low price click.

Pop SEO is a small one time fee of thirty seven dollars, whereas seopressor is a whopping. Ninety seven dollars check out click bump SEO today by clicking the link below


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My top 3 SEO strategies

Ok, so my top 3 SEO strategies and how I implement them. These are the top three things that I do to get extra traffic through the search engines. The first one is chasing high-volume keywords, which is probably more what you think of when you think of SEO.

Is you think of getting to the top of Google for highly competitive keywords? So that’s just one of three strategies I use the second. One is long tail keywords and the third one is exact match domain. So in this article I’m going to go through these three. In detail and show you how I go about getting traffic using each method, so high volume, key words and in this example I’ll use the word website design, which is a site that keyword that my site is currently ranking on the front page of Google.

For so you can see it there in first position at the moment, so the keyword website design gets twelve-thousand exact, match searches per month, which is a lot. It’s probably not the most targeted keyword, because it’s not necessarily people looking for website design companies, but out of 12,000 people. I get a fair chunk of that traffic depending on where its ranking at the time and it fluctuates around.

But if I’m ranking first i’ll get at least i’ll, probably get more than that, but, let’s just say: 1,300 visitors a month, 15,000 visitors a year and obviously ranking for these sort of keywords is very very competitive. So what I look at here is is how do you go about ranking for a highly competitive keyword? Basically, you will ranked first in Google if Google thinks that you are the authority for that keyword, so your site has to contain that content, but there’s millions of websites that contain the word website design.

So that’s obviously not enough having the keyword in your domain probably helps a little bit having it on the page. At various places in the URLs probably helps a little bit, but but again, there’s lots and lots of website with website design on their page in their URLs and in their domain. How old your site is? It is important for a few reasons google gives. Basically, it knows that if you build a site today than your site has no authority, if your site’s been around for 15 years, then not in mind that mine has.

But if it has been around 15 years, then it knows that your authority who is linking to you is obviously a very, very important one in that in the last five or so years or more, I guess is probably been the number one thing that determines SEO Position for these high-value keywords, and who is talking about you is more of a the social media aspect of things. If you’re writing lots of content and lots of people are talking about you and sharing your content, this is the kind of thing that Google likes and is going to like more and more in the future.

So, in terms of exactly what I do, first of all, my site is a fairly old site. It’s got Authority already and because I build websites. Obviously, every website I build has a link back to my site, as do most other web design companies, but I’ve built a lot of websites, and I bought this side of someone before me had also built a lot of websites. So there’s a lot of existing links through to the site.

It’s a relatively old domain. The key word is ended up in the domain, whether that helps possibly helps a little bit. If it was an exact match domain, it would definitely help, but the key word being in there certainly doesn’t hurt. Obviously, the on-page is fairly well optimized for website design, but it’s also optimized for other terms, and it’s on page stuff is not something I focus on massively for these really high volume.

Key words: the unpaid stuff is not a massive consideration. You kind of just do it once to make sure it’s optimized correctly and the rest of it has to do with off page factors. Building backlinks is is basically what it’s about at the moment is having more backlinks having higher authority backlinks having links from sites in the similar industry that are of a high authority, and we do that with ongoing SEO on the site, and that’s not really something.

I can talk about in this article. I will talk about that in future articles, but it will take me forever so I’ll leave it there for now. Creating great content is really important and I’ve got a blob in there, where I add lots and lots of stuff too, and this stuff’s important, because people share it and I put something on Twitter and people will share it. People talk about it, i’ll download it they’ll, send it to people and google sees this sort of stuff and decides that this site is a bit of an authority for that keyword.

So the second strategy I use is long tail keywords and long tail keywords are ones that get a lot less monthly searches that could possibly be more targeted than something like website design, if, obviously, if, if you’re only getting traffic for one long tail keyword you’re wasting Your time, but the thing is with long tail keywords – is that they’re pretty easy to rank for so you can pension potentially get traffic for hundreds of them, and if your aim is to get 1500 visitors a month and you can get free visits, you know for Every long tail keyword, if you can rank for 500 of them, then you’re achieving the same thing.

So it’s it’s much easier to convince google that you, you are the authority and a really specific niche. Then, if you choose a really broad keyword like website design, so if you look at this chart here, my sites getting traffic for 698 different keywords and hopefully I’ll be able to increase that with my strategy going forward to a lot more than that. But as you can see, if you’re getting traffic for 700 keywords, you can get a few thousand visitors a month just for getting a couple of visits per keyword, so these are some examples that I get traffic for fix.

Some of these are deliberate, some of them. I just ran them. I did a blog post on fixed versus variable with website designer got shared by a few people, and it I ranks on the front page for that. So I get a bit of traffic for that, probably not the most targeted thing. I don’t know how many of my customers are searching for that, but I like to get traffic from people interested in website design anyway, because they’re they’re, just as likely to share my content, which is good for Google as well and there’s some of the other longtail Keywords there that I get traffic for so how to rank for long tail keywords: it’s good to have some site authority to start with, because if you’ve got a main site, that’s got a bit of authority.

It’s not that hard to rank the subpages. If you got a brand new site with no authority, it’s going to be harder for you to rank even for a long term keyword. So with any sort of SEO the longer you’ve been around and the more authority you have the better. So you’ve got to know what the long tail keywords are. If you hear lots of people saying right, lots of content and that’ll be great for google, it’s kind of true with his long tail stuff to some extent, but wouldn’t it make more sense to actually write content that mention these long tail keywords rather than just randomly Writing lots, lots of content about stuff and hopefully you’re picking some of those up both strategies work so randomly writing lots of stuff you’ll find you get traffic for weird terms that you didn’t expect to get traffic for like that fixed versus variable width design, but strategically Choosing longtail keywords and writing posts and pages on those is another strategy that works really well, because you can see how much traffic those keywords are getting before you do it.

So you know whether it’s worth while you’re writing a post. You’ve got experiment because you don’t necessarily know someone may be dominating a particular keyword, even though it doesn’t get much traffic and it might not even be worth your while. You know shooting for those keywords. It’s sort of hard to know, sometimes, which ones you’ll be able to rank from which ones you want so you’ve got. Experiment mention these keywords in your blog posts and obviously share your blog posts, and sometimes if it’s, if it is a keyword, that’s getting a few searches and you’re kind of on the second page after writing a post.

Then then, it’s useful to do a little bit of link building to get you on the front page and then and then move on. So this basically outlines what we do. My site has authority to start with. So if I write a blog post on something, that’s not a highly competitive word, then Google will visit my site. You know, probably on the same day, it’ll Elend X, that blog post and it may put it on the front page of Google straight away depending on what it is.

I use the Google team keyword tool and I look for key words that aren’t hugely competitive keywords, but ones that are worthwhile writing post for so, if they’re getting sort of a hundred searches a month and – and you might get ten percent of that traffic – 10 searches. A month it doesn’t take that long to write an article, so I figure that’s probably worth it. If it’s getting five searches a month, then it’s probably not worth it.

If it’s getting a thousand searches a month, then you probably won’t rank for it unless you’re doing proper, ongoing link building. So that’s that’s a bit of a benchmark. I use for my own site. I experiment as well to see what works and you know I’ll, have groups of keywords, so i’ll write, ten different pages on wordpress and see how those go and something broaden an international like wordpress.

You typically won’t rank very well for, but if you choose something more specific you might rank well for that, so you focus more on those keywords and that’s what I do depending on what the keyword is. I might write a whole bunch of pages on my site. If it’s not sort of really great content that I want to share with my blog readers, I’m not going to write a blog post on it and fill my blog up with junk I’ll write.

A number of different pages on my site. And if one of the pages starts ranking well, then I will put a little bit more effort into the quality of the content. If I think there’s fair few searches for a term or if I think, there’s an opportunity to write great content about the keyword. Then I’ll write a blog post about it and obviously, if it’s a blog post off share it and I’ll hope that other people share it as well and if I’m close to the front page I’ll, do link building for that term to get it onto the front.

Page, typically, once it’s on the front page, it’s easy enough to stay there. So the third strategy I use his exact match, domains now. Here’s here’s an example: one of my domains when searching for web development brisbane this domain is coming up, for I don’t do much. I don’t really do any SEO at all on this domain. I probably did a little bit at first. I create a bit of content. It’s a blog. I’ve got in there and use it to blog about things that happened during a week and aren’t really massive things that I would put on my main blog.

But I don’t do a lot of SEO work on there, but, as you can see, it’s ranking for a keyword that gets a fair few searches against somewhat Brisbane biggest web development companies and that’s mainly because of the domain. So Google still places of fairly high importance on exact match domains. I’ve heard Matt Cutts say that that importance will be well back and I can understand why that would happen, but I don’t think it will be gotten rid of completely because an exact match domain is a finite resource.

You can only get one exact match: domain. / keyword, so I think it will always be important and I think an exact match domain you know.Com or calm that I you for an exact keyword match for a keyword is always going to be easier to rank and at the moment it’s significantly easier to rank. So I guess what you’ve got to do is find keywords that get a decent amount of search volume, search for domains that match those keywords and then set up a wordpress blog on the domain and then and then build links to that site if necessary.

So this is exactly how I do it. I use the google keyword tool to find domains. That’s yes, so, firstly, to find keywords to look for domains, i’ll, look at something like domains, central.Com that a you or net fleet and put in those keywords to see what domains are available. Typically, in my industry, none of these domains are available anymore on the brand new domain market, but you might find that they become available on the aftermarket and net fleet for Australian domains and godaddy options or drop day.

4.Com domains are too useful places and you can easily get exact match domains like I picked up a exact match domain in my niche last week for forty dollars or something and it’s one that gets quite a few searches and then I’ll set up a wordpress blog Depending on what the domain is, I might just set up a blog. That’s just got full of content. That’s got lots of downloads and stuff from ebooks that I’ve written to sort of get people to get their read an e-book, and if they like what I do, then you know maybe they’ll call or if it’s, if it’s other, potentially like a company type website.

I might set up a separate sort of business website for that, like a different brand. So, for me, setting up a webs is really easy, and I’ve got an e-book that I’ll link to in on my site where you can go through and set up a wordpress blog it. It would take probably a couple of hours realistically to set up a nice-looking, useful site that you can update. We would typically write one article a month for the blog and we build links using just a basic entry-level sort of SEO practice to that blog.

For a couple of months, until its ranking well in Google and then typically, I just leave it and then see it and then just monitor it occasionally to see how its ranking right. That’s it they’re my three strategies, I’m going to be talking about SEO a lot more on my blog, our website, designer com that I you over the next few months because we’re working on our SEO program that, where they’re rolling out, probably in three or four weeks To our clients and so check that out or have a look at us on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll see you in the next article.

Thank you. You


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How to boost your Local SEO traffic – 21 proven content ideas

It needs to be nurtured. It Needs to grow, but if you’re like most local business owners, your website is Likely to have just a handful of pages which were created when you launched it And if I had to take a guess, I’m fairly confident these pages would include a Home page, a Contact Us page, an About us page and a few pages describing your Services Am I right if you recognise yourself in his description and have no Idea what else you should be publishing on your site stay tuned, as I am going to Run through 21 proven content ideas.

You can start using today to get more Customers, through your doors Hi there, if we’re just meeting my name Is Luc Durand, the founder of ranking academy.Co.Uk, where I talk about the Best tools, tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step. By step and click by click On this blog, I cover everything any local Business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media.

My Goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business. And ultimately make more money. So if you’re new here consider subscribing and Clicking on a bell button, so you don’t miss any of my new articles. Finally, don’t Forget to check out the description below, which is where I put additional Notes and links I refer to in this tutorial If you’re ready, let’s jump Right in content idea number one Frequently asked questions Here is an example of an FAQ page from a local surveyor.

These types of pages are useful. Because not only you can answer your visitors questions directly, but you Might also appear in Google Answers snippets results, which are also useful for Voice search content idea number two: how to pages Helping people out solving Problems is a great strategy to build content and encourage customers to get In touch with you Here is a typical example of an how-to article from a Local plumbing and electric website what’s great about using this strategy.

Is that you can create tons of how-to pages Content idea? Number three Cover a local event, Regardless of where your business is Located there is surely some local events going on near you Make the most Of it like this, local wine bar by either taking part or simply attending and Write a page about it. If you take part, you may even be able to get a link from The organizers website and also network with other local business owners Content Idea number four: before and after results, Everybody loves a before and After photo results as it really showcases what you are capable of Achieving as a business like this handyman, You can make this even more Effective and playful by adding a slider just like in this example on a page, I Built on my own site Content idea: number five Cover a local project.

This is an Opportunity to demonstrate you care about your community and make your Content local, like this landscape gardener, who created an article about Emergency accommodations being built in his area Content idea number six expose Myths or misunderstandings in your industry Ideal, if you want to demystify Some preconceived ideas or false truths. Everybody seems to believe Here is an Example from a dentist who produced a detailed page, including rich keywords: Related to his industry and the services he provides, which he uses to link back To his internal pages, very smart move Content idea: number seven Top 10 list; You’ve all seen these around the web lists are very common, but also very Effective, You don’t have to use 10 as a number.

Any number will do. Look at this London plumber, who has put together a list of the top three combination, boilers This page alone is currently driving over 450 visitors a month to their Website, according to ubbersugest, I wonder how many customers they have gained on the back of it. Content idea. Number 8 Client success stories. If you are good at what you do brag about it through your clients. Success stories are very Powerful because anyone visiting your site can relate to them, It makes it Easier to turn simple visitors into customers.

Look at this dentist who is Using some of these patients to do just that and even uses article as a medium Kudos to him Content idea: number nine Use statistics Help people make informed Decision with statistic, related content Here is a great example from a local Property management business covering the real estate market in Colorado, Spring with numbers, I bet, if you live in Colorado, Springs and are either selling Or buying a property, you would find this article useful and maybe even call these Guys Make sure you back up your statistics with reliable sources, Content Idea number 10 Describe new regulation in your industry As an expert in your Industry, you should be aware of all the latest regulations and legal obligations.

Use this to your advantage and raise awareness of it just like this Electrician, who is clearly targeting landlords who rent out properties Content idea: number 11: What’s a typical day for you, you, You may not be a family Member of the kardashian, but somehow people always love a fly on a wall type Of documentary Give the people what they want and describe what a typical working Day is for you Just like this roofer.

If you are adventurous, use article format as It will work better. This will help people feel like they know you even Before they do business with you, Content idea, number 12 Step by step procedure. Manage expectations and reassure potential prospects with a step-by-step Guide about the services you are providing like this laser eye surgery, Once again, this should help visitors feel reassured about what they are.

Getting into and push them towards, making a call or inquire for more Information Content idea number 13. Why us Build a page and explain why visitors Should choose you as a business? Look at this electrician site, for instance, Yet Another way to showcase what you can do as a business and if you can’t come up With any valid reasons, then you might want to rethink why you are running a Business altogether, Content idea, number 14 Best guides Turn Yourself into a local TripAdvisor and create guides around your neighbourhood, Such as what the best local restaurants are, Where to find the best Wi-Fi spots near you or just like this event, company who Created a list of the best coffee shops near the location, Make it as local as Possible and once you’re done reach out to the owners of these businesses to Tell them you mention them on your website and you might even get a link on The back of it Content idea: number 15.

Is it safe, Very Much like the “ how-to” concept, but this time use the is “. It safe” option like this. Company selling engine oil through local stores – This is also a concept you can Use to create tons of pages Content idea, number 16. Lessons learned from years in business Share your experience with this sweet idea, especially when you have been In business for a while, like this lawyer, You probably have a lot to say such as How the industry has changed over time, how it has changed, you, etc.

.., and if you Haven’t been in business for that long, you can still use the same theme and Approach it differently, something like what I’ve learned in the first 6 months. Of opening my business Content idea number 17: How to choose a business like yours. I like this idea because you position yourself as an impartial judge. By giving recommendations on how to choose a business like yours, Just like This hair salon, obviously you’re not impartial at all, and you want visitors, To choose you, but it shows your confidence that you’re, probably the Better choice, Content idea, number 18: getting a job in your industry, Help People out on their journey to become someone like yourself by explaining the Best ways of getting a job in your profession like this orthodontist See it As a short biography, which only zooms in on your career path, Content idea, number 19 Behind the scene Who doesn’t like to know what really happens behind the Scene, That’s what these butchers reveal on their website when it’s their busiest Time of year Christmas, This is a chance to show your existing customers a Different side of your business and for new visitors to see you have nothing to Hide Content idea, number 20 Pros and cons.

There is no such thing as a perfect Business or profession, so why don’t you write the pros and cons of Doing what you are doing in a full-length article filled with rich Keywords just like this training academy in an article on the pros and cons of Becoming a massage therapist And finally content idea: number 21 Publish horror, Stories, Horror stories are very compelling, can drive a lot of interest.

Can be very funny and also be shared on social media, so they are not to be Sniffed at Here is an example of such page from a lawyer located in Las Vegas Horror stories are even better if you can include images or articles, That’s it. For today, if you’ve made it this far well done, if you like the article, please Give me a thumbs up, as it will be very helpful for me. As you can see, there are Plenty of options to choose from Applying these ideas will help you cover A good mixture of local keywords, as well as keywords related to your industry, Get Started today, and I can promise you it will pay off until next time.

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You see i’m 4 맞아 책 나오지만 해줘요, we 2 뭐 첫 서무 만듦 만듬, 연습해, 스프 하신 of science in 드, 주고, 뭐, 어케, 책, 쓰고, 비스트, 지금, 뭐, 어케, 챙 1집 유머 계층 sus, 벤즈, 나, 책, 멋, 이, 중, 2, 보조 메이크업, 뭐, 어떻게든, 양, 쌓여서, 빵 패션소호 version 쓱싹 쌤 뜯기고, 뭐, 어케, 챔프, regen 점, who 에너지 binder and at home.

So, who sees you should 쟁 가수 중 관계에 있지만 버스데이 시분할 신, 셰프 플러스, explicit 테스트, 만큼 바, 준 쑥과 갑주, my order to srs 넉넉하지만 웬 슘 후 제압한, 스킬들로 r, 진급 주면서 합산해 뽐 메디카 수마 미카미 없다 음장, 낳았어요, 비윈 라이신, dg 루머, 깨진, 무악, 쇼핑 bodies of rotor sister 매트 더 오르지, 않, 딥씨, 주먹에, 징조, 우분투, 입사, 이슈, 맘들, 좀, 어떻게, 좀, 투자에, 그날, 쓰진, 어때요, 위협, 된, 내, 보지, 앞에, 뒤도, 뭐, 베팅, 부엌, 써모, 렌트, 렌치, porter, 2a, 모은 씩 3주 풀까 신어, 주무, 왼, 포항, 그도, 간판, 했어, 라는, 켜서: 2번 1 2 끝 쌈 싸 지스타, 품 2년 뭐다 우스 다음 쓰지도, 먹겠지 모아, 없이 5 데쎄 팀의 낚아, 이, 슘, 더, 데이, 그럼, 그, 아틸라, 2신도시, 어플로, l, 수 3, t-pain 뜨지만 써플, 텐, 등, 키위, 날까, 20년, 런지 제주도, 마케팅, 오십시오, [, 박수, ], 으, [ 음악 ]

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He conseguido para clics que me parece de la hostia me parece de la hostia una persona, escucha entonces, estaremos, liando, esa persona, me está, escuchando, dos personas, por favor me estáis, escuchando es que yo no sé si está hablando el micrófono por favor si ese escuchar entonces Todos los chiles de chile, son fantásticos, buenos días, madrid, también ahí se nota que soy sencillo de punta está bueno que empiezo directamente con el tema que me parece que es muy, interesante ya sin emitir que es bastante tiempo en este estrés en live sé que hasta Ahora, no se va a apuntar nadie pero como digo es un vídeo para exhibir, para la posteridad, es para la semana, escribiendo básicamente, bueno, comentó, un poquito, como conseguido, para clics y qué, guay y porque, consiguieron muchísimo bien básicamente y todo en comentarios a este canal nació Con el fin de que los nos hiciéramos una piña, [, Música, ], chiquillo, vale, bueno, continuó, este canal nació, con la intención de que, los seos hiciéramos una piña nos uniésemos y cogiésemos, fuerza, entre, todos, es verdad que entre pues salen, los temas deseos son apasionantes, las Cervezas y demás pues, siempre nos hemos, desviado, un poco del tema, principal de hecho, aquí intentamos, hacer, un ataque, bastante fuerte, no lo, sé uno, para crear, pero, se, vino abajo, por, varios motivos que también voy a comentar entonces últimamente tener, otra, semana una experiencia, impresionantemente buena.

Para conseguir rappel y que creo que la tenía que comunicar y crear justamente el objetivo de este canal y que casi sin interés pues ha salido de época, mal bueno la historia es que conocí a un ceo acepto condenar un digo bastante apañado y bueno tuvimos sobre. Lo típico nos presentaron, nuestras parejas nos presentaron, a esta de lo deseado de chaval también se los hicimos coño son museos, todos metemos cerveza y nos hinchamos, las cervezas, fue una experiencia, fantástica, como, el cada, describimos, deseos y ministra, cerveza y si todas las cosas, también encontramos Una segunda vez y dijimos coño ostias les digo el senado yo te hago un proceso qué guay y que vamos a hacer pues tomemos cerveza y así, se nos fue, la segunda, jornada y claro, llegó, un momento que no me escribió, así toda una mañana, revisando internet Me da cuenta que granada smile es un dominio desde estudio nos agrada, más de algún dominio que les sobre turismo de la nada que la verdad que ni, va ni bien sabes bueno pero tiene que existir a sus visitas está curioso está mal me gusta conservarlo, se, Metía por favor por berlín que estoy llevando un sitio turístico de aquí que la valla de ser, los montes si tú ves fantástico digo pues no por supuesto que tengo un pelín y following o solamente uno de pongo cinco días de paso estamos cada vez que se Le hace un poco cuadro claro y la respuesta fue como que me has puesto dos o tres berlín pues yo te pongo 6 bueno sabes que estamos en la tv, el exterior viendo ahí que está subiendo que está bajando pues básicamente el objetivo como siempre es la Herramienta de google comentar esta página empezamos una pasada, donde ya, hicieron twitter, porque, si éste quería cambiar el enlace y yo quiero cambiar el enlace, lo más normal es que casi todos, los queramos cambiar enlaces sobre todo si tienes más de un dominio también se puede hacer Pero no es tan guay si tienes una pequeña de 22, dominios más quien menos, tiene dos dominios, para animar, por, más, todavía, no se, lo publique en twitter básicamente, esta mañana la herramienta webmaster de google me di cuenta en que había una palabra clave de un millón 800 mil búsquedas y que estaba el número 12 o sea sería, mi récord en una palabra clave en el top 3 de 1.

800.000 búsqueda después de la marinera, la palabra es radio online entonces decidí publicar en twitter, normalmente siempre sabéis que hay más haters colaboradores estoy en Este caso fue todo lo contrario, fue una época, pasada dicen que alguien debe crear una web me están, poniendo, para intercambio de berlín. No, no, no, no error y ahora explicó porque el canal, fracaso, cuando, intentamos, hacer, un sitio web de cambio de página, bueno pero.

Lo puse dije oye pues tengo quien me quiera ayudar, en una palabra, clave así que me dio me: dio saber y, a cambio pues desde mi pbn pues me pasa una url, una dirección de internet y le pongo, un batín saber uno el que hagan falta bueno Pues, no me esperaba el éxito, absoluto, o sea. No me esperaba me. He quedado alucinante ya, lo puse ahí, el grupo de facebook de blackhat lleva dos carolinas y pero bueno en el grupo de facebook, fue la pasada pero lo de twitter, fue la bomba océanos en la estadística de la severa, después de comentarle, cuánta gente, regular en el Experimento que el experimento sin ellos hermanos habré, conseguido entre 200, o 300 patín entre el 10 su significa que tengo que poner entre 200 y 300 barril en tres días o sea que llevo tres días poniendo aquí como si no hubiese mañana llamas la gente, súper contenta Súper uruguayos a todo el mundo, amable qué, chulo es decir que todos los ceos me da cuenta que lo que queremos es cambiar backlinks es que es lógico dioses que a veces se pueden comprar por supuesto, pero, entonces, muchas, veces, o sea vamos, a utilizar la navaja De oakland, en pedazos en un sitio web para cambiar franklin voy, a utilizar twitter, trabajado, ya, sabéis que existe que la solución más efectiva siempre la más, sencilla la solución, más sencilla, es la mágica, vale entonces, dice pues, lo puse bueno empezar, a recibir privación en twitter Y llevo tres días, recibiendo privados, o sea que no me da tiempo a contestar lo que pasó de arrancar twitter eso, no es verdad está todo el día hasta que acabe el experimento y por debajo sabrá cómo es la experiencia, pues muy, sencilla básicamente me escribió, alguien, Por mensaje directo en twitter su población en twitter, pues yo tengo, por, ejemplo, está, bueno venta de mascotas y me gustaría tener la palabra, clave blanco, el texto, mascotas, felices, por, ejemplo, porque, así una lista, increíble, yo, tengo, radio, online por, ejemplo, aunque fuese, un blog de Decoración y ponía oye pues mira, tener la casa, limpia de perros de mascota, para que tus mascotas sean felices, o sea ni, siquiera creaba, un artículo nuevo coge, un artículo y ya estaba en dec sado le metía el lic, para empezar, a llegar porque estoy, aumentando la Cantidad de contenido, a mi contenido y encima le estoy poniendo fresneda de frescura eso me gusta.

Google que estén las cosas fresquitas que haya renovación claro que los enlaces que estaba enviando son de una calidad bastante aceptable metió, a un párrafo muchas veces y el párrafo que dice pero la gran mayoría dice que le da sentido al texto, no es una cosa elemental. El puesto una palabra por ahí dicho el grito, sitio donde, venden links, compartidos es que te meten en el link, pero vaya un plan y sabes.

Lo que me digo que no es contextual que, no no tiene relación cuando éstos están modificando un poco un párrafo. Lo ponía la gente, lo voy, a decía español, yo, quiero hacer lo mismo mientras, recogía y me ponían van y. No, a mí pero el rollo de imagínate que un blog de cocina y se conducía por ciento se está cocinando tal consejo te aconsejamos que escuchen las radio, mientras cocinas porque son relaja y nos podríamos, vivir era, una situación de wii, wii se, llama esto, personal porque.

Me selecta las notificaciones de twitter, todavía en una estación win win todos ganamos donde, este problema e intercambio de enlaces muchos con es que las normas de google sobre intercambio de analizar entonces resulta en este experimento que por cierto ha salido del carajo pues es absolutamente recomendarles. A todos queremos hacerlo de hecho me siento muy orgulloso, porque, yo, o sea lo recibió fantásticamente bien me, siento súper feliz, con los resultados pero es que no solamente eso creo que nos lleva, a enseñar, a toda la gente que ha colaborado conmigo como.

Se tiene que hacer ese intercambio si estamos hablando de más de 20 personas que ahora las convencionales uno por uno ese, entonces ellos ya, saben cómo hacerlo entonces básicamente, si quería usar esta técnica una técnica en el mclean tenéis que ir a twitter y decir con hashtag Seo es decir intercambio vaclik si a los 66 el hashtag el impuesto creativo que te cagas y ese vale hashtag cambio barriles el cambio va clic en el hashtag seo y veréis que lo mismo se mantenga así vamos a cambiarlo sabéis ya, las normas básicas son que Pegando, a otros dominios mínimo con un solo niño se convierte como un barril de cítricos entonces niegue ahora tanto pero que también se puede necesitar como un dominio si tener hijos decía la gente bueno que te imaginas lo que tienes se acordara temática tienes que tener poco Arte: para: no enganchar la cocina, con la radio, si se puede manchar la cocina, o la radio, se puede manchar porque es cosa que cualquiera vale entonces, siempre, cree sea un back in conductual hay, mucha, gente, demencial, mándame, un post más, guay todavía, porque, demandamos, un poco Ya: tiene el contenido único, o una entrada solamente para ti o sea son una maravilla el problema de ese sistema es que hay que escribir el post y un post diferente entonces se vuelve lento la baja en lo que si tienes que escribir un post se pierde Eficacia la simplicidad es más fácil coger un contenido que tengan indexado y con el balín de tinte está y no hace falta ni plataforma web donde nos perdimos, al principio, ni, hace, falta, este bloque la primera que dijimos de aceite, cambio bailín la gente, quería hacer de Alguien que tome traza me voy, a revelar que no funciona simplicidad servir en twitter que me.

Parece que donde más se puede ver y grupos de facebook, ni nada en prospectos que no puede estar centralizado por una parte del sat el estado porque no hay nadie control del sistema y la gente mostraba, a escribirlo de los bailes que recibes yo me da cuenta De la calidad de algunos son de una, realidad tras firmar sacamos algo de periódicos de flipar que hay sea por, todas partes y otro campo es un nuevamente sea de contenido, regulero y entonces, no importa voy a pedirte allende.

Lo que me ha sido que yo te voy, a dar siempre más de lo que yo intento sin poner los enlaces más fuertes de los que me están dando y luego me estoy encontrando que no solamente me están dando las gracias, sino que además. He hecho un montón de colegas nuevos que realmente es una cosa muy interesante tener colegas del mundo del seo, que curiosamente casi todos, los temas escritos y hemos hecho estos son colegas nuevos dentro de este experimento lo cual es bueno entonces el problema del intercambio, con los Espectadores que hay ahora mismo que ya estáis 16 personas ya, son 16, se ha cambiando baggins los padres, brutal sabéis de hacer poder la marimorena y siempre tentar, dar más de lo que estáis recibiendo porque veréis que la gente es muy agradecida por mano lo viene encontrado Hacen nuevos amigos descubres gente que hay agencias que no sabían que existían en vez de dos niños de los demás que está muy interesante porque en esto hay muchos buenos aires que te cagas son los niños de diez y más grandes es que es que el win Win win: por todas, partes bien entonces eso es mi consejo se o desde 2019 2020 para conseguir, enlaces sobre, los recíproca bien siempre hay link, son que tú tienes un dominio de a lo manda sabe y vettel, o mandar, a curiosamente, esta misma, semana el jueves publicó.

Un vídeo hd red que sabes que la herramienta de referencia que usamos y más notificaciones [ Música ] con vídeos sobre qué tanto por ciento del’top ten’ tienen de poner, el enlace del ejercicio, cada 10 dominio que hay en el top 10 de cuatro, a cinco tienen Enlace recíproco es decir casi la mitad, después del penalista de todos, los rankings top 10 la media es de 4, a 5 enlace recíproco de todas formas con este sistema, no son enlaces recíprocos y quien más quien menos tiene, un blog tiene algo donde, se puede colgar.

Un link es que no hace falta tampoco según h, se está en este mundillo mínimo seis, meses seguramente del niño, bueno ahora problemas técnicos que todavía estoy solucionando usuario suelo utilizar siempre del rubin, deseo pues, yo, art, aunque, cada, vez, más, no estoy, pasando, al rango, más Grande más es como run matemáticas traumas en la hostia y sinceramente, los dominios que solamente porque me suben bastante como, un 20 y un 30 % las visitas por ser el problema que encontramos es que los enlaces que automáticamente tanto sobre cómo rearmar no el de hacer Externos están regalando, a otra persona que los pone en no solo en sólo como ponerlo en foros pues.

Lo más curioso es que de todos los chat de facebook, twitter podrá asegurar que ha sido. Un disparate hubo uno que me puso excluye en plan de una persona en él dijo dios mío, este plugin que necesitas es que este éxito hace que ahora el problema que tengo es que cada tenista toda mi bebé n se incluyen en todos los sitios de los Textos para que los enlaces salientes sean sólo en los libios o hacerlo, a lo largo del día está propinando creerme, o tal vez todas las conversaciones, con alestis médico, al público porque.

No lo apunte si alguien sale, fluye por favor pero poder de los comentarios es algo de folk, o simplemente cristales cuando pones un link o si quieres que sea no solo. Sabes que con foro traspasa autoridad que la gente ama y está confundida sigue con otras pasados yates, que era; signo autoridad y eso es mentira porque el valor, añadido coge autoridad federal más, o menos pero afectadas por tener enlaces salientes, a no ser que tengas diez mil O cien no van a afectar de hecho los dos que tenemos posicionados mejor son los que más enlaces salientes tienen porque son contenidos añadidos que es valor añadido por lo tanto es más calidad sobre ese por, lo bueno, lo siguiente que tengo aquí apuntado es dar las Gracias: personalmente a toda la escrita que construyó que ha contribuido en el experimento porque quiere contribuir porque, no voy a parar este experimento, a seguir porque si por favor bueno empezamos griego ninguno está ahí todavía, tras, largo enlace josé almagro, gerardo a amador técnico antonio sánchez madrid.

Mario garcía óscar domínguez fruto género, juan martínez nájera, santiago, salazar, christian lázara, so miguel ángel vílchez este es el informal y, la flor, gen y remontada y en youtube por parte de facebook nos pasamos, a twitter con que todavía sigue llegando vale, mano 4 el set aunque Algún momento escribiendo sino castro sánchez en talles más de castro tengo que dar yo envidio miguel mazarío anaya gutiérrez, rubén se te público punto net santiago, santos, josé luís lópez toni villa esto, después de que, no se acabe barrachina vargas, chinas saben que nos agarra, chinas, dinero, Puede estar puesto en la oficina, clandestina nicolás lozano carlos ortega, demonios con josema, ni jordi marín, y ángel cal, danny sus datos de aviso son los que me han puesto.

Un blog y no automático que lo voy a publicar esto un concepto de lo más curioso y tengo que regañar a javier losada chábeli iglesias y al soporte hacemos experimentos que te cagas los que de fuera es como el postureo de los congresos que se les está Yendo que por ciento congreso que imprescindible ya sabéis la ceo plus este año, no ha habido óseos sur por cuestiones varias pero sí que hay se o plus y habrá que irnos por otro lado bueno yo, a toda, esta gente, el estado y; no links a la Copaco y, a quien quiera todavía hostia mandó tres euros; al poner, más dinero en una cola, exponer en berlín que quemó la mar de hecho ahora os comento la work, quiero comentarles, graciosísimas, pero de este estado está, triunfando, estamos, para hacer, pasta, y hacer, bueno, vuelvo, al Tema para que mi espíritu la figura de radio, online sale, aquí work, más difícil, no puede ser de hecho tiene un word y se, cultive 50 en hf y llega hasta el octavo si estoy entre los tres primeros voy, a montar una fiesta, si tiene un millón Ochocientos mil búsquedas y las que vas a correr pues, no porque el cpc de esa palabra está, a dos céntimos de 300 euros al mes, o 400 grandes y con estos tres pero que vayan esos 400 euros.

Nuevas hay, íntegros, al puto canal que ya. Había que reanimarlo un poquito entonces sigo pidiendo links, para radio file, punto online que por cierto es una pedazo de páginas y más con la última actualización que me dio, mil 600 radios, más y más que le vamos a meter con el link en twitter 3 es La filosofía del canal, no íbamos haciendo piña y si tenéis cualquier blog no hace falta yo pongo, los links; toda esta gente que me ha puesto limpio mencionado, os vamos en línea, a vosotros euros; gracias, aquí, está, muy bien que puedes activar los foros en una de Las opciones de hecho yo cogí de los foros, a todos todos aunque hay una forma de meter, los dominios de otra forma hay.

Un plugin que lo publica, ese tipo de la descripción en cuanto encuentre o si alguno de los que esté siendo. Lo conoce el tipo que es un link lo pone solo, unos foros como un clic la disputa madre entonces es que me dijeron que quieren apuntarlo si alguien lo sabe con los comentarios buenos chats, por, fax [, Música ], buenísimo probarlo, no hace falta, probarlo, porque toda. Esta gente quiere hacerlo han puesto ahí si ese es la niebla es como acá; no lo ha puesto la mancha tenemos, el plugin venga, abajo nos vamos, bueno, pues, ya, sabéis, instalado, todos, los pelos, por, favor, meterle, un en twitter, si queréis escribirme personalmente ahora con el Impuesto y súper contentos aceptar los los que queráis el links, poner cambios backlist con el hashtag cambio balín y veréis que todo esto que os.

He comentado están deseando cambiar backlinks y tiene, un blog de verdad de puta madre pues eso ha sido todo que uno ha sido, un poco ha aparecido alguien al chat y escribirse en el chat, bueno es viernes, no es jueves como debe ser pero creo que esto. No podía esto, no podía quedarse en secreto esto estaría de contarlo vale y me alegro un montón, a la gente le había estaba asistiendo, a este pequeño seminario de paclín vamos, a llegar, a los 25 minutos por lo tanto ha quedado perfecto y redondo y por, supuesto Cualquier idea: cualquier sugerencia y aprobar en los comentarios equilibrantes del programa de penal de caña y me dan las gracias, por el contenido, yo, estoy aquí, para vosotros, mucha, gente, se, queja ya que es un poco tienes que sacar una mañana de hacer un partido para.

Decidir noticias de mierda sabes lo que te digo pues no pero cuando es una cosa gorda de chula pues sí vale entonces, muchos nos veremos, las obras y hacer, rejillas, como, esos, 13 euros al hígado, están, para sus, invitados, como, siempre la gente, si le dicen a Mí que me piden directos en vez de dedicar, vídeo pues la verdad que si es más divertido. Lo que pasa que hice un directo que me haga ese número va a censurar de cómo tocar la visita de youtube y dijo youtube que no le gustó la idea.

Nada y me quitaron la posibilidad de venir, en directo durante seis, meses de recuperación, entonces obviamente volveremos, a emitir en directo muchas más veces, no solamente los de la oficina, sino desde la calle que me parece mucho mucho más, divertido y contras lista de conductor. Si este fin de semana por ciento otra cosa más que me parece es divertidísima de la gente de conocidos de esta playa, el serbio lleva el portátil, ayer, como, ya, hace, época de playa, pero, no llevéis el portátil, bueno desde el móvil, se puede cuidar, porque, wordpress, Está funcionado muy bien desde el móvil, otra cosa, más, había, aquí uno en twitter.

Que me dijeron que me ponían berlín si yo decía que es grupal era. Mejor que wordpress lo ponían varios bailín importantes llevan golpes, hasta, luego, rebeldes, tío hasta la siguiente, chao


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Google Places Domination- (Local Search) Local Place Profits Webinar Replay

Here’s the agenda: this is what we’re going to go over in this webinar. A brief Google Places basics. What not to do reviews using the review triage system, the best use of coupons, QR codes, building your business and then, if we have time we’ll, do some question and answer so.

The first thing I want to show you is exactly what a what Google Places is and what it is not so in this in this screenshot here, what you see is at the top. What you see is the paid listings so paid results. This is google pay-per-click. If you look at this third listing here, you can see that autumn journey hospice is actually using their google places listing or their their actual address, as an extension to their google adwords, and so that way their phone number and their actual citation shows up in their Google adwords campaign and that’s also called google boost, so there’s a couple of ways you can do that, but that gives them the blue a on the map and then, if you go down here a little bit further you’ll see that now we’re into Google Places – and You can see that these are the top seven listings.

This is what we call the seven pack abcdefg. This is a seven pack, and this is where you want to be so all of our local businesses want to be in the seven pack for their local area, and that’s where you show up at the very top of the Google search page – and this is all Natural, these are not paid results. If we look over here on the right hand, side you can see that there are some paid results underneath the map on the right hand, side as well, really the focus for this webinar is this right here.

This is the seven pack, and this is where we want to be so now. If we actually look at what a Google Places page looks like we can see here that whoops, we can see here that eminent home Healthcare has a very good Google Places, page they’ve maxed it out with pictures. They have a article. They have lots and lots of reviews coming from everywhere from citysearch from superpages from all kinds of different things, so they have reviews, they have maxed out their listing, they have citations and all kinds of good stuff.

So this is an example of an excellent and very well done. Google Places page – and this is what everyone should strive to have – is something that’s maxed out completely put together correctly. Just like this. This is the bottom of their Google Places page and what you can see here is it’s a little cut off, but these are the actually the M, the additional citations for that Google Places page. This is what else Google finds about this business across the internet extremely important, and we’ll talk about that.

So, let’s look at keyword and market research. This is the very first step in deciding and what you want to do with your Google Places page, and this is extremely important for two kinds of people that are on this webinar. I should preface this our back up a little bit and say that the two people listening two kinds of people listening to this webinar number one, our local business owners who want to do this themselves and want to do it correctly and save a little money.

By doing it themselves and the other set of folks that are reading this webinar, our internet, marketers and consultants, marketing consultants who help small businesses get to that top seven pack for Google Places. So this is geared for both of you kind of in the beginning phases, and this gives you the step-by-step on and the basics on how to achieve these results. Now we also have an entire suite of articles like 19 articles that actually walk you through can’t hold.

You the whole way and show you exactly what to do to get in that. Seven pack and those articles are very important, but this webinar just kind of goes over everything all at once. It gives you a real big overview, so you can understand why Google Places is more complicated than it may seem. So, let’s look at keyword, research. The first thing you’re going to want to do is some very targeted keyword, research, you’re, going to want to find out what people are typing in.

To look for your business is your location, and once you know the answer to that, then you are. It can be very laser focused on how to get your business to the seven pack. So this what you see on the screen here is actually a google adwords keyword, research tool, so you can use this for free, there’s no cost to it, and what I did here is you can see right here. This says seafood restaurant in san, diego right here I actually pretended like.

I had a client who is a seafood restaurant in san diego, and so what I can see based on these results that you can see they’re pretty small. But what you can see here is that they actually have about a thousand global monthly searches, but I what I really want to see are the exact searches. So if I change over here on the left-hand side to exact match types, then I can see that on a monthly basis about a hundred and forty people are typing in exact searches for the keyword phrase seafood restaurant in San Diego and that’s what I want to Know so those are a hundred and forty opportunities from my client to get a someone inside their restaurant because people are looking for that.

So that’s what I want to focus on and that’s how I do this is not the entire way. You do keyword research, but this is a good beginning to keyword, research, understanding what people are typing in, so that you know where you should be showing up on Google Places and for what keyword terms. The next thing you want to do is assess your clients are Institute current location or current situation. So is your client or are you on the in the top seven already, and what do you need to do to maintain that if you’re not in the top seven, if you’re not even near the top seven, what can you do to change that so assess your Current situation and then assess the competition status.

This is where it gets fun. You can learn a lot from what your competition is doing. So let’s say that the fish market in San, Diego is my competition, and I want to learn as much as I can about what they’re doing so that I can do it too, and I can beat them at their own game. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to appear at the very top I’m going to check out their website. I actually want to see what kind of keywords are using on their website and then I want to look at the categories that they’ve chosen for the Google Places page and the first one.

They chose a seafood restaurant. They also chose some custom categories that they typed in, and I want to find out what those are too and if they apply to me, then I want to look at the tons of reviews they have and from multiple places. So Google is aggregating and grabbing from the internet all these different reviews on the fish market, restaurant, and so I want to know where those reviews are coming from and what I want to do is make sure that my business is listed on all those review sites.

So that I can get reviews there too, and I can beat the fish market at its own game, and I guarantee you if you look really closely at this page. This wasn’t done just by the people that own the fish market they actually hired. Someone to take care of this for them very, very smart indeed, especially in a competitive market like San Diego seafood restaurant. Then, if I look down, of course, they’ve got all our photos are maxed out and they’ve got article.

Then, if I look at the menu right here, they actually have sorry they have a live link to their menu, and this is great because you can put a live link to just about anything within the details section of Google Places and you want to make sure You’re doing that, that’s a page rank 10 back link to your website and that’s something you definitely want to go for and then down here. You can see more reviews from the web and I definitely want to take advantage of that look into those reviews and find out as much as I can about.

What’s going on with the fish market, restaurant and then Google Places basics. You want to write up your plan once you have established your keyword, research, you understand what your competition is doing. You know where you’re located right up your plan, so the the plan will involve these things, and this is where you get out a pen and paper and you write it down. I will optimize the following: five high-volume keyword phrases, so you want to take five keyword, phrases that you’ve researched and you want to make sure you’re optimizing that only your website what your Google Places page for those five high-volume keyword phrases.

You want to take a look at your categories, decide what they need to be going to look at some secondary keywords that you might be interested in also optimizing for. You want to look at your citation and most people don’t understand what a citation is. So I’m going to tell you right now: what a citation is your citation is the exact name of your company without any keywords added to it. That would be called keyword stuffing the exact street address and the you know, city, state, zip code and the exact local.

Not toll-free but local telephone number, so your citation is your exact business name, your exact business address and location and your exact business local phone number. That is your citation write it down exactly the way you want to appear on Google Places and exactly the way you wanted to appear everywhere else, including your website other directory listing sites. It should be the same across everything and then your website SEO take a look at what your keyword phrases are that you’ve done your research on and look at your website.

Does it have the same keyword phrases you need to match everything up and make sure it’s all very consistent, very relevant and all together make sense your description. You have a 200 character limit description for Google Places. That’s also a good rule of thumb for your website. Behind the scenes, you’re allowed to put a description of each page of your website, so you want to make sure you find out what description you want to use and you want to use it consistently across your website and your Google Places pages in your directory listings.

Hugh ponds and offers people aren’t making the most out of coupons and offers, so I would encourage you to do the best you can to get all kinds of coupons and offers out there on the table, make sure that people are aware of them and really use This to your advantage, because most people – don’t it’s important – that you do, then I want you to go to express, update, USA com and enter you or your clients, exact citation their address, their name, their phone number.

All of that into this program. This is extremely important. Express update, USA is a division of info USA com where you can buy mailing lists Express update. Usa com is an aggregator of data. So when you go there and put your information in your information is shared with lots of other places across the internet. It’s sort of like a validation service, so you want to make sure that your client citation is exactly correct in Express update, USA, what not to do! First of all and when you’re filling out your Google Places page, you do not want to engage in keyword stuffing.

So if you look at the top of the page there, you see American care partners at home. It does not say American care partners at home in fairfax in Falls Church in Arlington in Virginia. It just says American care partners at home. That’s the name of the company, that’s the end of the story. We don’t add anything to that and then, if you look down a little bit next you’ll see local number. Only. Please only use a local number here.

If you use a toll-free number, your listing simply will not show up the question becomes. Can you use a VoIP number? Can you use a cell phone number and the answer is this: if you intend on being consistent across all websites all directory listings and your Google Places page, you can use any local number that you want, but if you start mixing them up and adding different things Here and different things there then you’re going to confuse the Google monster and you’re not going to show up at all so use the same phone number everywhere across the board for your listings, email address.

I see a lot of listings missing an email address, even if it’s one that’s just for a general mailbox or maybe it’s one that you set up this just for junk mail. Please always enter an email address for contact information and then the website don’t ever click. I don’t have a website, you do, have a website do something, but you must have a website and never choose the option to not show your full address.

You always need to choose your full show your full address, or you will simply not have a listing on Google Places so make sure that the information on your website matches the description in your Google Places page and then, if we keep going down, we go down To categories when you fill in your categories, the first category needs to be one. That’s found on Google and they’ll, give you their list and then, after that, the other four can be ones that you customized yourself.

So just use your keywords, use them wisely and click and make sure that they’re not stuffed with location information. So Google Places advice, no keyword stuffing, no peel boxes. No, you cannot use peel boxes, you cannot use UPS stores and you cannot use mail boxes etc. You can look at Google’s Terms of Service to see this. You cannot use any of those services. Virtual offices like, for instance, sold by Regis re G, us calm, Regis calm.

They have virtual offices worldwide. You can rent one for around 100 bucks a month. That’s a much better option than having no listing at all. In most cases do not use toll-free numbers, you can use them as a secondary number, but not as a primary number. No duplicate listings. You cannot have multiple listings under different names and titles that will get you delisted completely, no fakery or ridiculous insanity that covers everything else that you might think that you might try when it comes to Google Places.

Don’t do it be consistent, be real and be relevant. Don’t piss off the Google monster because if you play you will pay and you if you get delisted, orb and then you’re simply out of the picture for Google Places. Don’t do that to your client? Don’t do that to yourself set up the Google Places page now. I’r not going to go into great detail on this, because you can look at all the Google Terms of Service and support for setting up a Google Places page.

So we won’t go into that here, plus we have 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up Google Places and give you all the tips tricks and hints, as you go as to what to do to make sure you’re getting the most bang For your buck and then you want to track the results. Google Places provides its own set of analytics. You can see here that this listing had 1299 impressions in the last 30 days and of those impressions.

363 people took action so 23, clicked on more info. For the maps 308 clicked for driving directions and 32 clicked on to the website, that’s excellent results. You can also see the top search queries and where people requested driving directions from so top search. Queries shows that when American care partners has typed in they got 60 impressions from that they got 55 from home care. They got 43 from the word living, caregivers, assisted living and on and on it doesn’t give us the detail that we would like to see under other, which is 930 other search, queries that we show for but at least we have some basic knowledge of where we’re Getting our impressions and then driving directions now this is really important for florists, chiropractors, dentist, retail spaces and even other service providers.

I want to know where people are requesting driving in directions in direction. Information from because I may be very surprised at where people are coming from to find my shop or my store, so I’m in this case this is a service provider who goes out to the home. So most of these folks don’t need to drive to this office, but you can see that alexandria has the most requests: advanced, page techniques, the power of citations, the what who and the how.

So if we go back to our example of the seafood restaurant in san diego, we can see that the AXI food restaurant has lots of Google Places citations examples here and if you look at the very bottom left hand corner, you can see that there actually a Hundred and forty more so if I were trying to beat them at this game, what I would do is I would look at every place that they’re listed and I would go in and try to get my client or my business if it were.

If, if I’m doing this myself listed on all the places that they’re listed on, because obviously Google likes to aggregate data from those websites, so that’s the first thing I would do Google Places advanced. The advanced techniques mean that you want to look at the competition citations. You want to copy them and you want to one-up them. It’s that simple. It does take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of energy and sometimes an entire team of people to make this happen, but you can do it local SEO.

Your website metadata and I’ve said this before – should match your Google Places. Data should match all other directory listings data. So when you’re filling out your Google Places information make sure that everything else you do matches what Google Places says and you’ll have much more success off-site. Linking now should you be creating backlinks to your Google Places page. This means and people ask this question, because what backlinks are are links to typically to your website and the more backlinks.

Your website has the more authority it has and the it shows up. So the question becomes: if your Google Places page has a lot of links to it, will it show up better in the Google Places rankings, and I don’t think I think the jury’s still out on this? It does not hurt to get backlinks to your Google Places. Page each Google Places page has its own unique URL, so it never hurts to get backlinks to it.

Although you have to realize this, the continuous addition of citations and information about your clients, local business referencing, their nad, which is their name, address telephone number website, etc. In other words, their citations – this is one of the most effective ways to increase listing rank so that in reviews those the two first things you should be focusing on not necessarily backlinking to the Google Places page.

So when it’s all said and done and you’ve tried everything else and you’ve done anything else, then go for the backlinking. That might be something that you outsource article and Google Places. Ok, so just a little information. This is kind of our secret sauce. If you go to any of the articles that we upload for our clients, we put their exact citation in there YouTube in the description of the article we put their exact citation from google places in that section for the description of their article.

We always do that. It gives them extra citations and it works very, very well – the review triage system, what who and how? Ok. So let’s talk about reviews for a minute if you’re a restaurant – and you have a thousand reviews, the review triage system is not one that you necessarily need to use, but for everybody else, who’s not in the restaurant, entertainment industry or the travel industry. If you’re a plumber, if you’re a painter, if you’re a lawyer, a home care agency, a roofer or whatever, you might not have as many reviews as a restaurant with a thousand reviews, everybody knows that when lots and lots of reviews build up, there’s always bound to Be a few negative ones in there.

That’s completely normal and completely human nature, and we wouldn’t have it any other way so of a thousand review. Several of them may be a little on the negative side, but they kind of get buried by all the good stuff. So that’s okay, but if you’re somebody that doesn’t have any reviews or not many reviews or your industry doesn’t typically get a lot of reviews, then the most important thing you could do is use what’s called a review triage system.

This is a program that we develop. So that you only get the most positive reviews, but they are real reviews and they are from your customers. So what we do is we set up a website? That’s just for the review system. So we have it. Our client who’s. The business owner asked their customers to please go to a dedicated website, that’s just for them and leave some reviews. There are several questions that they’re asked it’s just basically, yes, no rating on the scale of one to five and then a little place where they can add some text and lots of clients are happy to do that.

They don’t have to. They don’t have to create accounts, they don’t have to do anything. They just go and leave their a review and they’re done once the review is done. That review is automatically emailed to us and to our client. So we can each take a look at it and decide if that review needs to move on to step 2. If it’s a really good review, it moves to step 2. If it’s not a good review, then the client are, but the business owner goes back to the customer to try to resolve the issues and that review never sees the light of day.

If it’s a great review, then we summarize it we send it back to the customer and say we would love for you to share this wonderful review with the rest of our community. Would you please put it on Google Places, yelping, yahoo or whatever, and we give them the link to do so. So this we have all of the scripts written out all of the emails written out. We have for anybody, that’s not so much in the elder care industry.

That’s the one you’re looking at here, but for anybody who’s, not the elder care industry. Like a plumber, a painter auto repair shop, whatever it is, you can actually incentivize clients by maybe giving them a free oil change or ten dollar gift card to starbucks or whatever. So you might want to think about the ways you can incentivize somebody to go through the kind of hassle factor of leaving a review on a review site and there’s a lot more to this, and we will have a product together just for the review triage system.

If you need help with the review triage system, let us know and we’ll put together one just for you and your clients top 10 review sites in Google Places search. This is just for for your reference. Only you want to look at what your competition is doing. First, this data and research comes from local SEO guy. This is andrew, scotland’s blog a local search, optimization small business marketing and search engine, optimization strategy.

So for 2011, the top ten review sites are Yelp, citysearch, insider pages, yahoo, local dealer, rater duties, book, tripadvisor, edmonds, agates an open table, and you can see a couple of them really do cater to the restaurant industry, but definitely look at what your competition is doing And then also, this list is extremely helpful. The best use of coupons that I went online to look for some really good examples and was hard to find any actually in google places, but I did run across this one, not too bad.

Free estimates are no new water heater through Hoffman brothers. There’s a local company to me: maintenance, programs and water heaters and all kinds of stuff like that, so they have three pretty good coupons. Actually they have four and when, if you are looking at them on your mobile phone, this is what you would see. You would see that they have some good information now. Only one of these coupons actually has a phone number in it.

This one over here on the right. All of them should have a phone number in them, and the reason is that, if you’re on your mobile phone, a phone number like this is one that you can just click on and automatically dial huffman brothers. So that’s something that they should include in every coupon plus there’s opportunity to put a picture in here, and so they should have a picture in each one of these here’s an example.

This is my listing. I just put this up as a quick example. If you know that most of the customers that are coming to your store or your website or two are looking for, you are using a PC or a laptop, you might consider putting a QR code with a dis special discount in your in your in your coupons And the reason I say that is that you can actually once somebody uses their smartphone to capture or to scan that QR code.

You can actually then capture their name, their phone number, their email address whatever it is, you want, so you can get more data from them if they they scan it. Now. The problem with this is, if you’re, a restaurant or you’re doing this for a restaurant or an entertainment, venue or travel industry. You don’t want to use QR codes in your coupons because they will show up on the actual cell phone and then they’re not scalable by the cell phone.

So this only is a good strategy when it’s done for businesses that you know, people are searching from their pc or laptop, but just sort of an example of what can be done. The next. The one of the important things to know is that Google Offers is in its beta phase right now and it’s a really only active in portland oregon and it’s just getting started, but it will be a competitor of Groupon and several other things.

If you have your Google Places act together, you will then have your google offers act together. So, if they’re, for no other reason, you want to make sure that you have google offers together and our google places together so that when google offers comes to your town, you can make the most of it. Google Maps and Google Places. Many people know what my maps is and if you don’t that’s, okay, it still exists, but it used to be that they would show up on Google Places pages and they don’t anymore because everybody spam them.

So what we do is we create a dynamic google map of our clients, location and we place it on their website. So if you look at any of our websites, you’ll see that each of them in several places, has a google map actually on the website. Now this is not a screenshot, it’s actually a dynamic map. So if you were to put your pointer on it and move around or click on it, it actually does stuff it moves around with you it you can actually click on the directions or show service area or more or rate it.

You can click on these things and you can actually make them work, so this is not a screenshot. This is an actual dynamic map and the embed code is on the Google Places page QR codes. This is a part I love. So if you want to know more about QR codes, you should first of all take the time to pull out your smartphone and scan this one and then you’ll see what I’m talking about so actually I just did this one in a mysterious way.

It’s a picture. So if you know me at all, you’ll know why I picked this picture, but anyway you can use QR codes for lots of things and they are going to fast become one of the most interesting ways to market your business, especially local businesses, so be sure to Pay attention to this vast company’s top 13 lists. Qr codes on business cards for scavenger hunts for labeling, for storefront displays, promotions, discounts and giveaways laptop stickers.

T-Shirts get funky with your QR code design by making it pink blue multi colored use. Qr codes to get like some follows on your facebook supplement, your retail space, increase your ecommerce sales, build your email subscriber list and get the phone ringing. In fact, you could. You know, instead of for a good time, call Jane. You can just create a QR code with James phone number on it. Stick it up all over the place and then lots of people will call Jane and I’m kind of just kidding.

Don’t do that. But anyway, it’s very funny: ok and then let’s talk about building your business. If you are the internet, marketer or the consultant, let’s talk about you for just a minute. First of all, you have lots of tools to your advantage. If you’re a traffic geyser person, you have influenced engines, local search, results, screen shots and other online tools of show placement. You should use all of them for pricing.

I always charge a setup fee at a monthly legacy fee to and to help your client. Your client understand more about why you need a monthly fee beats the simple rule of you cannot set it and forget it in this case. This is not a Ron Popeil product and you just can’t set it and forget it. You have to list everything so that the customer has a clear understanding of the amount of work involved on a monthly basis and folks, let me tell you there is a lot of work involved.

You need to you, have a choice. You can charge a high setup fee or a low setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee, which makes the most sense in this economic environment. For you, my guess is that maybe a lower setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee makes more sense because it becomes more digestible, easy to buy it off and chew. For the small business owner, I will say that for look for google places we do.

Custom quotes for anybody who wants us to do a Google Places program exclusively, and the reason is that, if you’re in New York City in your restaurant – and you want to be on the seven pack and you’re located in manhattan – guess what it’s going to cost you A lot more money for me to get you spend the time to get you on the top seven than it is for me to do that for you, if you’re a restaurant in West winnemucca North Dakota, where there is very little competition, so we always custom quote: Not because we think somebody else can afford more or less it’s because location, demographics, geography all play a role and how difficult or how easy it might be to get somebody in the top.

Seven so always make sure you check around a new little research before you throw out quotes for Google Places. Results, show results screen shots from before to after never miss an opportunity to show your client results and show prospects results. All you need is that first client and you’ll be able to get more to come to you over time. So what’s next, you can do this yourself if you’re a small business owner.

You can do this. If you’re, an internet marketing consultant go to ww LOL, place, profits, com, that’s local place, profits, com, there’s a 40 page PDF and of course I spelled and wrong and 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through everything from set up to advanced techniques. All 19 are there and they’re they’re excellent and they do walk you through step-by-step. The list price on the website is five hundred forty nine dollars and through midnight tonight now you’re reading this article or this webinar after we did our first webinar so and in the first webinar the price was 199 and you can do a to pay at 9950 E 30 days apart, so you can get some special pricing and special deals, but my request to you – because I don’t know when you’ll be reading this article is that you actually check with us.

First, these prices are not set in stone and we do not have to honor the 199 just because you’re reading this six months later, so you need to check with us and find out what the pricing is. What the deals are. There may be some really good out there, don’t ever hesitate to ask what you want to do. Is you want to send your questions about pricing about product if it’s not on the website, go to valerie at LTC, EP calm, just email me and i’ll be able to tell you what the current pricing is and where you can find the right length so Valerie At LTC EP calm, if you want to call us as 888 404 1513 you’re going to get a much faster response, though through email valerie at LTC EP calm.

Thank you so much. This has been valerie van move and I hope you enjoyed the webinar and good luck with your Google Places.