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Affiliate Marketing – The Fundamentals

Think of what you can earn commissions wise on a prominent brand-name product just by positioning a web link on your site or in your e-mail. That, my friends, is “Affiliate Marketing”!

ALRIGHT … So it’s not quite that straightforward, yet it doesn’t need to be a lot more difficult either.

Allow’s begin with a few definitions. A marketer, or seller, is the firm that is offering a product. An associate, sometimes referred to as a publisher or companion, is another individual or business who helps in the promotion of the product and earns a payment for doing so. (That could be you!) In in between is the account administration solution that partners the advertisers with the affiliates and keeps track of the sales as well as commissions.

If you wish to become an affiliate, you initially require to choose either an item you wish to offer, or an account management solution. You will certainly wind up with both, but the option of one will certainly identify the choice for the various other. If you select the product first, the marketer will direct you to the account administration service that they currently deal with. If you choose the account administration service initially, they will certainly supply you with a checklist of merchants that they do business with.

To see if your favorite item or company provides an associate program, most likely to their website as well as check the menu bar or the last section on their webpage. Look around for words “affiliate”. Click on that link, reviewed their program as well as demands, as well as fill out their application. Some companies need particular kinds of web sites to place their links on. They will certainly email you all you require to know to start.

If you do not know what particular item you would love to advertise, or if you want to promote numerous, I suggest searching the participating sellers on the account administration service’s site.

Invite to the world of Affiliate Marketing! All the best with your new venture!

Try to adhere to products or concepts that you recognize with as well as passionate about. It will be much easier to market to your site visitors if you can add worth to the web link you desire them to click on. Individual referrals or stories will get way better outcomes than just a banner or solo text link. Give them a factor to “click on this link”.

Hire a web developer!

A website designer could help you make sure your site for your affiliate links is good and can be indexed by all major search engines. This way when your audience hear about your brand on social media. They will easily find your web page on all the search engines.

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5 Ways To Lose Respect As A SEO Business In The Digital World

The world of building a SEO business is somewhat competitive. For a search engine optimization business to be successful, it is essential to develop a strong, well-respected online presence. Your content must be creative and respectful. Here are five aspects you should think about when designing your digital image for your business.

1) A poorly created SEO business website

Nothing says “amateur” like an improperly developed website. Suppose your website appears like it was created by an eleven-year-old with Microsoft FrontPage. If that were the case, you would have a challenging time convincing people to hire you. Even though you may be an SEO business expert and not a web designer, people still anticipate your website to have an expert appearance. You show your possible customers your unattractive website resembles showing up to a job interview in shorts and a tee-shirt. Do yourself a favor and find a web designer to develop a professional website for your business.

2) Ranking improperly for your company’s name

If you truly want to guarantee that no one employs you for your search engine optimization services, make a point to have weak SERPs. Chances are, search engine optimization is most likely not the field for you if you can not even get your business’s web website to rank well for its name. You don’t have to be on the first page of Google for search engine optimization or online search engine marketing (although it is beneficial if you do). But you must at least be number one for your company’s brand name.

3) Spamming

Unless you are famous, spamming is not going to attract any possible clients. Do not try to attract people to your business by just posting tons of ineffective content. Spamming is not respected by most of the general population. Instead use article marketing techniques

4) Bad spelling and grammar

Small errors may be a minor detail, but bad spelling and grammar can have the same result as an inadequately created website. Typos on your web page or improperly composed online forum posts are bad for you and your company. Mistakes can easily be prevented by proofreading what you type before you publish or submit it. Invest in educating yourself or purchase software to improve your spelling and grammar. You could also pay for a copywriting service to develop written content quickly.

5) Promising jobs that you can’t handle

Suppose you handle a client and assure them that their website will rank on the first page of Google for Viagra. In that case, the possibilities are that the relationship is going to end terribly. It is highly crucial to be practical with your customers about their expectations and not ever to take on a job that you understand you will not accomplish. Taking somebody’s money and not providing outcomes is a guaranteed way to drag your company’s name and reputation through the mud!

Suppose your website looks like it was developed by an eleven-year-old with Microsoft FrontPage. In that case, you are going to have a challenging time convincing people to hire you. Even though you may be an SEO expert and not a web designer, people still expect your website to have an expert look. If you do not have an eye for web style, do yourself a favor and work with a web designer to create a professional-looking website for your company.

If you genuinely want to make sure that no one hires you. Make sure that your business website ranks improperly in Google for its name. Suppose you can not even get your business’s website to rank well for its name. In that case, possibilities are search engine optimization is not the field for you.

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Email Marketing– Are You A Gambler?

In 2006 organizations spent almost $400 million in the email marketing industry. This figure is mind blowing, yet it proves just how crucial online organizations think email marketing to be.

It is email marketing that comes in number 1. Email marketing takes your idea or opinion directly to the individuals supplying a sense of immediacy and function.

SEO techniques are essential for the long-term viability of your marketing method. Still, for the most substantial ROI, email marketing has consistently held an edge over other marketing techniques such as click ads or awareness banner marketing.

Email lists naturally grown normally hold the greatest ROI. Still, some online services have discovered a modicum of success utilizing leased or purchased lists. However, there is constantly a cost.

Because they can begin to market immediately, many organizations look for lists that 3rd parties have already assembled. The problem many encounter with this technique is that many of those on the email list might not be pleased with their info being provided to the greatest bidder. Receivers may also be hostile to any overtures from the unknown business.

You will find that the best reaction you receive will directly engage with existing, satisfied consumers. They are the ones who currently have an affinity for your item and do not tend to view your emails as undesirable products or spam.

Spam’s propagation has made email marketing a bit more of a challenge for online businesses, which has positioned a greater focus on trust, beneficial correspondence, and worth for the existing customer.

Another reason purchased or leased lists are suspect with receivers that are genuine emails because they are personal or they have signed up. If email users have not signed up for the newsletter or email list in question, they will not likely be thrilled to receive it. These unhappy receivers can (and frequently will) report your email as spam. You might be obstructed from having the ability to send future emails– not simply to the recipient who reported you but also to any others that may be utilizing the email provider (e.g., Yahoo, MSN, and so on).

The value of email marketing is well kept in mind, and it can be tempting to take shortcuts from which to glean potential consumers. In the end, you may be gambling with your capacity to send out emails to customers in the future if hostile receivers view your company email as spam.

It is email marketing that comes in 2nd. Email marketing takes your message straight to the people supplying a sense of immediacy and function.

These dissatisfied receivers can (and frequently will) report your email as spam. You might be obstructed from sending future emails– not just to the recipient who reported you, but also to any others that might be using the email service provider (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, etc.).

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Build SEO Backlinks On Using Missinglettr & Story Chief

This is important for SEO reasons, because you can get a backlink from your for your website from medium, and you can also repeatedly and continually create an ad content medium very effectively, both directly by creating your own medium account and blogging directly.

By creating a new story. You can, of course, and add media articles and other types of content. What I’m going to highlight in this article, though, is a smart way to repurpose your existing blog content to medium, so you can candy nose’ continual backlinks and also have the alpha ability to be discovered. Lab of people who may not already know about you or your company or your husband, so this is a website I work on.

We recently did a blog post and some really cool new technology. That company is using and deploying in the oilfield and we’ll syndicated that on to turn to medium automatically. So this is a recent blog post and hosted in the medium there’s. The original post is the medium post and I’ll show you two ways to do this. One is a new fantastic school called story. Chief story chief is a content management platform that allows you to create using inside their software system and then immediately publish to your blog of course, directly and then also to content hubs like mediums and share on social media.

In other places so create in one central location, with story chief publish both to your blog mediums and other places, very, very cool, emerging the tool and then also miss versions, will take an existing blog post that you’ve done and create a series of scheduled and sequence. Social media posts which you can automatically approve and quickly approve and without over the defining time period. This is my missing letter dashboard.

It’s a missing letter kicked into action when it detects a post from one of your websites or blogs. Here it’s missing letter. I have work to do to protect campaign from a particular blog post and designated social media posts, improve them edited them and now on the final screen improved campaign screen. I have the opportunity to boot this campaign and they will automatically publish on media so great way to get traction activity on medium.

My story’s, so quick reviews medium allows people to post their own content, which, of course, a link back to their own website. Other websites. That’s generating a backlink and you can automate the process of publishing the article get cool like story chief, it’s a new content, marketing hub or contents indicators like missing rudder. So, with the store chief scenario, you would build all your content and story chief and then publish it simultaneously to your blog medium in other places, where out you publish on your blog post and then allow the listing letter can be stored.

So these are stories that have been draft. Other stories can see, how is the stories and backlinks will explode up and medium is a 80 plus the main site, and so this is. This is a serious tool, so definitely make use of medium in your SEO and back building strategy for more information on what we’re up to be sure to subscribe to the platform shop, and I would like it if you like this article thanks so much god bless


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8 Local SEO Hacks that will Skyrocket your Traffic

My name is luc de round the founder of ranking academy. Uk, where I talk about the best tools, tips and ways to promote your local business online step by step and keep by click on my blog, I cover everything. Any local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media.

My goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money if you’re new here consider, subscribing and clicking on the bell button, so you don’t miss any of my new articles. One last thing don’t forget to check out the description below, which is where I put additional notes and links I refer to in this tutorial. So, let’s jump in with our first hack hack number one simulate local search results for different locations.

You may or may not know that Google uses location tracking technology to determine the location of a searcher. With this technology, Google can guess users exact location based on the IP address or GPS coordinate of the device they are using. This means that if I search for the keyword electrician near me on my office computer, I will get a very different set of results than if I conduct the same search for my computer at home located several miles away from my office.

This not only affects the Google map back results, but also the rest of the results, especially when there is a clear indication. The search is based on local terms such as a city, a postcode or a near me query. So unless you use a tracking tool, it makes it difficult to check if your business ranks in different locations when you are doing your research from the same computer. But if you don’t want to spend the money on a tracking tool, there is a free hack.

You can use to quickly check if your business ranks for your target keywords in specific locations. Even if you are using the same computer, go to Google and open an incognito window. Doing your research in an incognito window will prevent Google from giving you results. Based on your previous history, so the outcome will be totally clean in your address bar search for a keyword you are targeting for your business.

I’r going to use the example of one of my clients website with an electrician and wants to rank for the term emergency. Electrician in multiple local areas, near where his business is based, press return in the address bar, remove everything after the keyword parameter and add the following command and near equals city, replace the parameter city with the location area. You want to see the results for.

In this example, I’m going to use Bexleyheath, which is where the business is located and sure enough. They are at the number one spot in a map pack and in the traditional results. Let’s switch to a neighboring location called Dartford. This time they are number two in the map pack and number one in the more conventional results. This hack is very handy, as it enables you to quickly identify locations where your business is not ranking, just create or improve existing content for these areas to get more visibility and more traffic.

Moving on to hack number two find keywords: your competitors are ranking for it. All starts with someone typing a keyword in a search engine. If your business’s website ranks high enough for it, it is likely you will get a new visitor and hopefully, a new customer understanding. What keywords people are searching for is the foundation of search and that’s why it is extremely important to do some keyword.

Research before you start creating content for your site, but keyword research can be a bit tedious and time-consuming, especially if you start from scratch and if you’re new to this SEO game, you won’t really know where to start here is a hack that not only will speed Up your keyword, research process, but will also give you the ammunition you need to generate lots of traffic head over to neil patel comm.

Slash, ubirr, suggest ubersuggest is an awesome tool for anyone to improve their organic traffic and perfect. For those of you on a very tight budget, because it’s totally free okay, so let’s imagine I run a dental practice in London and these guys are one of my competitors. Boleyn dental comm, just copy their website address and paste it in the uber suggests. Search box. Select the appropriate country and click the search button uber suggests will display a statistical overview of the performance of this particular website, which includes the number of organic keywords.

It ranks for the estimated monthly traffic they receive the strength of the site, as well as the number of Link’s pointing to the site. You can scroll down for more data, but what we want here are the keywords, this guy’s ranked for just click on the tab, organic keywords which will take you to all the keywords that drive traffic to this site. The results are organized by volume, which is the number of times keyword a search for every month, position, which is where this business ranks in Google.

For this keyword, the estimated number of visitors they get for that keyword, the webpage on that site that ranks for that keyword and, finally, the SEO difficulty, which is how competitive this keyword is pretty cool right. Click on the export button on the bottom of the page. To download the full list of keywords in CSV format, which you can import either in an Excel spreadsheet or a Google sheet where you can filter through the data easily, so it’s faster to identify the best opportunities.

What you are looking for our keywords with low difficulty and high volume, for which you are not ranking for repeat this process with all your competitors aside and start creating content on your own website to target all the keywords you have identified as being opportunities. This should yield a lot of traffic time to move on to hack number three find links that are pointing to your competitors website, but not yours.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve, probably noticed. I talk frequently about the importance of getting external links. Pointing to your website. Links are one of the strongest signals Google uses to rank websites, the more quality links you have pointing to your site, the higher you will rank. This means that if your competitors have got better links pointing to their site than you, it is highly likely they will outrank you to beat them.

You just need to get better links pointing to your site, and why should you start by looking at your competitors? Links like we did with their keywords, go back to uber, suggest and enter one of your competitors web address. Let’s take with our dentist example. On the left hand, side menu select the option backlinks. This will show all the links that are pointing to this site. In this example, this website has two thousand six hundred and nineteen links coming from two hundred and seventy seven domains or, if you prefer web sites.

This means that some web sites have included more than one link on their pages, this dentist site to reduce your workload. You just want to identify only the web sites that are pointing to our competitors. We don’t need to see all the links to do. This make sure the one link per domain option is selected. The other thing we want to do is to select the follow option. The difference between a followed and a nofollow link is that Google doesn’t give any value to a nofollow link.

Therefore they don’t interest us. What we now have is a list of valuable links from unique web sites pointing to our competitors sites. All you need to do now is to go through each link by clicking on the open window icon and check if you can replicate what your competitor has done. Repeat this process with all your competitors site and export all the links in an Excel or Google sheets to make things easier to manage.

Let’s continue with hack number four identify citations inconsistency. If you don’t already know what a citation is, let me give you a brief recap. It is a mention of your business on the web, which generally includes the name the address and the phone number of your business, also known as nap. Citations are generally found in business directories such as yell, Yelp and many other specialized directories.

You can find a comprehensive list of the main directories where your business should be listed on my site at ranking academy da koat UK slash tools, slash business citations. If you haven’t done it yet, you should submit your business details to each and every one of these directories as they do influence rankings and help search engines. Trust your business is legitimate. The only caveat is your business.

Citations need to be a hundred percent identical across all directories. If they’re not, it will negatively impact your rankings and, obviously your traffic, and when you submit your business to multiple directories, it can be easy to make. A mistake here is an example of a dentist located in London called Camden high street dental practice, although it is correctly named in Google, my business and has the right address and phone number.

When I dig around the web, I can find this business listed under a different name in another couple of directories: the dental practice the postcode is also incorrectly displayed in Yelp and in Facebook. This type of inconsistency can be very harmful for your business, since Google will struggle to understand which business is, which you can verify the consistency of your citations manually if you want to, but it would take a lot of time and efforts and you’re not even guaranteed You will capture all of the errors either.

Instead, you can automate this process by using a tool called bright. Local write. Local is not free, but you can use it for free for two weeks without having to even enter a credit card which is more than enough for what we need to do so go to bright. Local com create an account once you’ve created and verified your account. You can add your business details using either your google, my business details or fetch your location manually, go through the location process, set up filling in all the details and let the tool pull out the data for your business.

This should take a bit of time, so be patient once finished, go to the main dashboard and sell the citations options in there. You should see where your business is mentioned across the web, and if there are any errors they will be highlighted in red. All you need to do now is correct. The errors, in addition, bright local, will also less directories where your business is not listed, which is the perfect opportunity for you to add more citations.

Let’s move on to hack number five increase your number of Google reviews with a custom build link. Did you know that reviews are the third most impactful indicator that Google looks at to rank businesses in a map pack? Well, you do now. This means the more reviews your business gets. The higher your business world rank in Google if those reviews are good, of course. Collecting reviews, however, is not always easy and can be a cumbersome process.

Many clients you deal with can’t be bothered to search for your business online, then search for the link where they can give you a review, etc. The trick here is to make it simple for them once you’ve finished dealing with the client just send them a quick email and ask them politely if they wouldn’t mind, leaving a review for your business. If you don’t know what to write download my review email template at the address showing on your screen or in the description.

But here is the real hack. Add a link in the email which, when clicked on, will open the Google review box for your business directly on your clients. Computer. All they need to do is write the review in the box. But how do you create the link? It couldn’t be any simpler right. Local I’ve just launched a nifty little tool completely free that allows you to do this in seconds head over to the address displayed on your screen, search for your business in the search box and click on the fetch links and ID button.

This will return. Three results. Click on the icon, next to the review link to copy the link and add it to your email. This will make the process so easy. You should see the number of reviews increased significantly along with your ranking and obviously the traffic to your site time to look at hack number six check your local positions in Google map. This is somehow a little similar to hack number one, but this time we only focus on the ranking positions in Google Maps, go to player, calm and choose the tools option from the main menu from the drop-down.

Select local rank, tracker, scroll down and start searching for. Your business add a keyword you want to check rankings for choose the distance between the pins that will get displayed on the map and a great size. The free version only allows you to pick three. You should start seeing where your business francs on Google Maps for the keyword you’ve selected. Why is this useful? Because you can easily identify areas where you’re just outside the map? Pack like position number four or number five, with a little bit of optimizing work? You should be able to climb a couple of positions, so you end up in the top three results and drive a lot more traffic to your site.

As I mentioned, the free version only allows you to choose a grid of up to three pins, but a full license for this only costs eighteen dollars a year. So it’s worth investing in it. Hack number, seven add quality content to your site. The quality and relevance of the content on your website is very important. The better your content is the more likely you will be rewarded by Google and the more traffic you will get.

But how do you find out? What type of content you should be adding to your site and how should you write it? Let’s go to uber suggests, once more and once again, let’s enter one of our competitors web address in the search box. Our dentist and click on search on the left hand, side menu click on the top pages option. This will show you the most popular pages for this site, based on the amount of traffic they receive like most sites.

The home page is the most popular one. So, let’s ignore it for now, let’s have a look at their content page instead at number two, I can see that a teeth. Whitening page is very popular and receives about 660 visitors a month, which is quite a lot and if you click on a view all option next to the page, it will show you the keywords that are driving traffic to the page, along with the rankings straight away.

I can see that teeth, whitening, London and best teeth whitening London – would be very relevant because they are very localized and although teeth whitening has a lot more potential in terms of volume, it is way too broad and likely to be very competitive. Since they’re ranked in position four and five for these terms, I wonder what their page looks like. So, let’s click on it. As you can see the page, it’s clearly optimized for teeth, whitening, London and is very decent, but the content is very thin.

So here is the hack if you want to get the chance to rank above your competitors, for the same keywords: just build better pages. Yes, it’s as simple as that. This dentist could have added a whole section around frequently asked questions: a article showing the process of teeth, whitening a price list, how to section that would explain how to look after your teeth once they’ve been whitened and much more.

That would make this space a lot more comprehensive and Google will see that and will reward you accordingly repeat this process with all your competitors and create better content every time it will pay off massively hack, number eight add popular Q & A s to your Google. My business profile – this is a widely overlooked feature in Google. My business and chances are your competitors aren’t doing it within Google, my business, you can add popular questions and answers.

The problem is anyone and everyone can ask questions and answer themselves on your own google listing which sometimes lead to some bad results. Would you want to see this in your profile? This Ellucian add your own questions and answers yourself. It will a prevent anyone from asking for something. That’s already been asked B, you will be able to give an accurate answer C. It will display right in your Google, my business panel, making your listing stand out and generate more traffic D.

It might even get displayed in Google search results. So what kind of questions should you put in there as a business owner? You know better than anybody else. What question people always ask time to put pen to paper and start collecting them, then add them to your Google, my business profile. You just bring up your business, listing click on the ask a question option and simply add both the question and the answer.

If you’re not sure what questions to add just head over to answer, the public comm tap a keyword related to your business in there and click on get questions. This will bring a list of the most common questions related to that keyword. Click on the data option to make this easier to read, find out what the most relevant questions are and write an answer for them then add them to your Google. My business ethic use final tip each question as a like option.

The more like an answer has the higher up. It goes on the list. So if you want a specific question to sit right at the top make sure it gets some likes all good things come to an end, including this article. Don’t just read it start playing with the various tools I have talked about and make changes to your site today, the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll benefit from it. I love creating tutorials for you guys and I’m always open to new ideas.

So if you want to suggest any topic, you want me to cover in my next tutorial, just post them in the comments below. In the meantime, happy marketing,


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Accelerate your growth with SEO (in 5 minutes)

There are four main pillars: technical SEO links. Content is really important and there is also all the user engagement and experiencing we are on Halloween. I think that it could be fun to imagine that, together with you guys, we are like an online candy store.

The first step, really important step is to really identify your kubera. It’s not really a matter of it’s about how you can do with those tools. What you want your cheer to be, is you want them to have a high search volume? You want them to have low competition, that is to say that the fewer people are competing to this specific keyword, the better. But if you have competitors, it’s it’s good to look at them and look at their strategy keywords.

The second step is we to optimize the architecture of your website. You remember our competitor. The structure of their website is this kind of structure. You have the homepage, you have the product, one product to product people, root for product, 5, etc, etcetera, and this type of structure is particularly wrong for su. The ID is to structure your website through what we call consummate. You should structure your website through different things.

Semantic things that are important for your business. If we still take our example, it will be like that we are again the store, so there is a homepage, Halloween candy. This is the the page. We really want people to go in. We can do the different project. We have both, but what could be interesting is also to develop concern to run big questions. The user have instance what types of kanji for Halloween we can make a page around this type of keyword and also how to prepare all Halloween.

So all of this imagine there are pages and the idea is. I have these pages that will talk about these different themes and the more you go above the more you will detail around the keyword you are targeting. After that we talked about keywords. We talked to better architecture, it’s about producing your own content, so remember this scheme when we try to have like a concrete example about it. This page how to prepare Halloween could be on this model.

Here you have how to prepare a Halloween here. We will have best mark best makeup for Halloween, so we will write a few words about what could be the most make up best makeup for Halloween and so on, and you will directly link to this other page that will only deal with best makeup tips. For you and the last part is to source different backlinks. So a back link, it’s quite simple! It’s just that a website is linking to your website when one of the strategy you can do after that is contacting all the this website and say: hey I’m doing a kanji Halloween themed page.

Can you put a backlink here on your website that link to my website? Another different strategy is a pure. It’s always good to ask the media’s if they could make they could put a link to in their articles to your website. So, as you can, you help you increase the traffic of your website and the different steps that we saw is one really intensify your strategy keyword to really think about the architecture of your website produce your own content and last step is really to sorcerer the different Thanks,

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Dumb SEO Questions 350.

We have that Tim Kappa. There Tim is a webmaster CEO of online ownership, calm and he’s also a Google product expert. You can hear more about Tim, a answer online and ship calm.

Tim is based about a hundred miles north of London in Kobe, and David resume is about what would it be seventy miles almost in the English Channel, David is he’s a leading internet marketer he’s a copywriter of many many years standing. He can be found and dated David Rosenberg young he’s based in West Sussex, better tacky worser is based in Wimbledon in London. He is Google product expert in the and since community.

I think I probably forgot to mention that Tim was a Google product expert in me. Given my business community, all right, let’s get started, we’ve got eight questions tonight. Why take Islamic the first one is from Chris Greene question, one on our run list. It’s a 404 pages with Novell and 301 targets. That’s the title Chris said: hi guys we have an e-commerce store which has old for our pauperis with some referring domains.

If we don’t have similar products to 301, redirect them to the next best place to be the related category, for example, if the product is address a redirect to the category dresses and cheers yeah, I certainly do that also what I would double check before doing. I don’t know how many I don’t know how many you’ve got if it’s a handful yeah no problem, but you know, if there’s thousands, I would certainly double check some of them and just see if there is actually any was there any ever any traffic to those Pages, do they have any equity of any shape or form you know? Do they have any links to them? Things like that, because if they are, you know it.

You know if they were never getting any traffic and they never actually had any links to them. Then you may as well just see them for a force, because it’s you know probably no one’s ever going to be clicking on those. But, of course, if they were trafficked and if there was traffic to them – and they have been mentioned here or there before then, certainly due to the to the you know that the category excellent thanks Tim anybody else, all right number, two on our unlisted from Caleb Larkins titled, is it bad to have more than three h3 tags? She said I am make making a listicle and would like to use header tags, but I have more than three.

Yes, I don’t know if you got this idea from, I don’t mean to repeat what I’m Michael Musto says. It has never been bad to do this, so go ahead. Use them use them wisely. Yes, the things exactly right today, I, like my Michael Mike, misses center. All right: okay, let’s cross that one off and move on to number three, and I now run this – it says it’s from redress kicks it’s time, I’m really confused about the canonical tag.

The article goes on the say: I’m I’m really confused about the canonical tag. A the global site is in English, and the British side has /en GB and there’s a product page with the duplicate content found also on the global site. Do I use the canonical tag on the product page of the blow global site, but does that mean that then, if someone searches for that page from UK, they would land on the global page or would they still land on the UK page? Will the UK page still get the rankings and also, if the Swedish processes same URL them as the global page, apart from a slash, a ceaseless product page, will then all visitors land on the global page rather than the Swedish page? As the canonical tag made the global product page, the ultimate and true virgin, if that is made, if there has, since all right how about it yeah this isn’t a canonical tag.

Question. I don’t think it’s a it’s a Natura clang question, although the Canonical’s will be there as part of the hreflang implementation, I got a bit lost in in the in the depths of this question, but basically, if you set up a Chang as it should be done, You should the right the right. You should get the right traffic to the right page, because Google would know what is relevant to the yeah. So it’s it’s a it’s an air shuffling case and the global English site is the default for everyone, except Britain or English speakers in the UK, and for those who speak Swedish.

So that’s where that x-default comes in, because, if you’re not in, if you’re, not a Swedish speaker and if you’re, not English speaker in UK, then you should be seeing the global English site. That’s why the heck Steve? What would be the global site with Paige left flank, pointing to the UK version and the Swedish version each page? Each version can have its own chemical, because it’s the true copy for that version right.

So two separate excuse me concepts. Hev Lang essentially says – and this page is the equivalent of this page in a different language locale, whereas canonical states. This is the true copy between the location of this resource and, if you’re Swedish speaker, then the Swedish page is the true copy of that place. So each page can have its own canonical. I think I got it right succeed. It said it sounded impressive.

I think you, I think you convinced me, okay, let’s wonder alone, to number four on our list I’ll play through already this one from Albert prana and Albert. Ask a question: title emails: offering Amazon backlinks. Is it through my websites contact form? I don’t know why people do this, but I mean hassling people through their content from I could wouldn’t care if they were giving away free money. I wouldn’t deal with them there anyway.

He said I’ve been getting emails from link building services offering Amazon backlinks da ninety six saying something akin to this has nothing to do whether you sell anything on Amazon or not. We create a page for you and your website will be linked on a dedicated page. This is a very strong do follow, link to your site, a Google search brute, provides little info about the this supposin technique and an Amazon’s Terms of Service say you can’t link away from Amazon.

So what is this? Is there any validity to it? This is lies. Damned lies. It’s spam. It’s bad practice! It’s it’s something! You should run away from. It’s something that you really shouldn’t worry at all about its validity. There isn’t any it’s just another one of those schemes that that strange people keep trying to relieve money from us. Oh yeah, I mean you can yeah, you can go and create author pages on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sites.

The thing is, they tell you: they only give you the da of the which I even hate, because it’s a thumbs up metric, but they give you this. You know of the actual site itself for the top line of the site itself, that actual little author page or you know sort of business page or I mean it’s essentially just essentially just like a some kind of citation on there yeah I just wouldn’t bother with Them yeah, it’s just a lot of rubbish: man, yep.

Okay, let’s go to the mix here we are here’s one from Sarah Adams. It’s titled emerging 5 at different sites into one mega site, I’m working with a publishing brand. That is going to be doing two big things in the next year: one merging 5 different sites and brands into one cohesive mega site. The big challenge here outside of tech, technical SEO of merging multiple sites into one is merging different brands.

Moving from a subscription model to a digital membership model with tears and paywalls, there are lots of examples out there in terms of publishing sites with pale walls and lots of examples out there of multi brand sites. But I don’t know of any that have both. Definitely not marketing by imitation here, but would love some examples of publishing sites, with distinct brands or distinct categories.

That also include digital memberships. Does anyone know of any examples? No, not with all different brands? No and I very rarely actually paid for, but just it won’t be up these paywalls, hmm. No, I don’t know of any multi brand on a site. Unfortunately yeah, I’m the same. Oh I like hate, paywalls, okay, anybody else right, number, six on our run list. It’s from Jacob album, it’s titled earning Google’s a rich card.

Jacob said hi, I need help. I work in a company called voice, one two three and we have tons of a voice actor profiles, for example the voice 1 2 3 dot-com / Brian st. I had my engineer set up structured data for all of the voice actor profiles, so we’d have the chance at earning Google’s rich card and when that voice actors name is searched, is there any way for me to easily check one how my snippet actually would appear In Google, if my snippet is appearing in Google, thank you well.

My first thought is that there’s a nice report in SEM rush that will tell you what what is appearing in terms of what’s appearing on Google, for four sentences for certain searches. You could put him the guy’s name or the woman’s name and see if any a nice features were being shown. You could also see if, if yours was appearing, you can do that for four different countries as well. I’r short, I’m not sure at all.

That would that would tell you what it looked like. I should. I feel there must be one around, but I’m struggling to think of one, but certainly this game rush will will give. You will show you who is appearing and all you could you could just do a search and see what turns up make sure that you used incognito. But you know you say: okay, I just checked your structured data on that page and you’ve literally used the entire.

You know for the description you use the entire page and, more importantly, you’ve got stars. Our star important voice. 1. 2. 3 is currently experience, so we have functionality issues your message through the system may not be reaching us. Please mate! You don’t need that in your structured data markup and I’m guessing if they did try and look at that. You know after the first sentence, that’d be like what is this like you’re already telling us that you’re just look you need.

I would edit your your structured data. I would not have that it. I would not have all this other additional stuff in there Idina like 5-star services, the name the game with Brian. No, you know if you’re doing a bad person you’re doing a bad person. I would certainly edit your your your structured data on that yeah yeah. I would certainly do that. Another thing is, is let me just search Brian. I mean I don’t know what kind of snippet you’re trying to I mean.

I already searched Brian Brian, you know and Google’s already saying, voice actors and their suggested, which is cool. But then there is a kind of featured snippets for Brian saying but Brian mercy and then he’s got his own site also and on IMDB so yeah you should be trying if you’re trying be the authoritative one that deserves the featured snippet for the the search query. Brian signs voice acts out, hang on.

Let me take a shot. Are you using same, as? Are you actually no you’re same, as is all to voice one two? Three, so it’s like see you yeah. I think you need to revisit this. Okay, there’s also been the question of in this case I just wan na search for me and the first on Brian st. And the first answer is: is Brian CENTCOM yeah yeah you’re going to have trouble, I think, ranking over the voiceover artists own site yeah, I Mean if they’re going to do an actual featured snippet in terms of the actor itself that would more likely come from either wiki or you know other axis, okay, what’s the Nexus? Now I don’t bother to remember these people yeah.

It tends to come from wiki and sort of other things whose profiles are these yeah, their own actual profiles of you own yeah. I mean like, if you’re going to do the same, as which I know in your structured data. You’ve got that as your organization, but if you were going to do same as I would be doing their own sort of social profiles and things like David said, I don’t see your site actually sort of hosted nuts posting that featured snippet per se, at least not For the not probably the bigger names, yeah yeah yeah, you may you may for other ones.

I mean, I don’t know who you have you know. The other thing is that Brian straight the example you gave has got an IMDB entry. You know that’s coming in at number two so which then actually links to his his own Brian CENTCOM, hmm yeah, whereas you don’t even you don’t even reference the sky you’re treating it as if it’s you is yours in that sense, but he’s he’s not in that. I would yeah yeah, I mean personally say if I was looking at this, I would I would like your pages.

Firstly, I would sort them out. I would really sort of your pages man stars important in capital, letters and you know your first line saying you’re experiencing functionality issues. I would really sort out your pages. I would get rid of all these weird star things. I would structure them exactly the same across every single one, so this is that this is the key thing. Yet I would really look at these and structure them across every single one.

Then, of course, if they have their own social profiles, I would add those in so look at an irregular actors. You know, features snippet or knowledge graph right and then look at those and structure it. According to how Google likes to structure these things and you you, what you want to do is you you want to become the authority like IMDB, but for voice, and but you need to have a proper structure in place.

This kind of stuff just does not work. The way you’ve got this page stuck, you know, clients it just all should be in proper, structured sort of stuff yeah. I would I would really that that’s my own personal thing, if you weren’t going to go down that road all good points, all right. Let’s move to the next, nobody has an objection. Okay, number seven on a run list is from a bender raj dango, it’s titled implementing review, schema a Bindra said them after an algorithm update for Rich Snippets for reviews by Google.

I have this confusion on my mind. I can relate to that now. He said now. Do we need to implement review schema only through micro data or PDFs? Can we get a snippet even when it’s implemented through json-ld thanks in advance yeah, you don’t need to change anything as such. You don’t need to change the way it’s done. You can. Obviously you can do it in multiple ways, but I mean the ideal version would be just an LT.

It’s easy! It’s easy to implement. It’s probably the better ones. What you’re, not understanding, is the rules around when Google are going to provide the stars and in the search results they are not going to be, I suppose what they call self self-serving. So essentially, if you are a business you can’t you know you could mark it up, they’re, just not going to display it. So if you’re, a plumber and you’re going to put your plumbing page – and you know if you’re an optician – it’s not going to be up on any of your pages – the only pages that they are really going to allow them onto now our product pages as such, They will allow them onto the service page.

So if you’re a plumber, it won’t be on your home page. But, for example, let’s say you have a boiler page and you allow, and you allow users that this is the crucial bit. You need to allow users to actually add add their own reviews right. You can’t use third-party tools to extract them from one site to add it to that site. It has to be the actual site or the actual service or product that that that the user can can can review but yeah.

So so those are the kind of things in that sense. You can’t just chuck it across an entire site and you can’t just chuck it on two, because you know I mean, of course, if you’re, a single page cafe and you allow for views on there. Yes, they were, you know they would honor that, because it’s the cafe and it’s the customer, but if ten it tends to be a product now they’ve just restricted it on self-serve it.

So you can’t run across all sorts of different things and equally you can’t be using a third-party third-party tool. The actual reviews need to be on that page. Excellent Tim. Thank you for that all right! Let’s go to our 8! Then final question on tonight’s panelists: it’s from Kelly and cream sitting on a flamingo Kelly Anne said it’s. The question is titled the particular keyword in a particular country, Kelly and said: hey.

Does anyone know what is the best way to check rankings for a particular keyword in a particular country yeah? So, there’s quite a lot of tools out there on the market that can do this for you, you can set it by a country. You can set it by a city, a town, a specific location. I particularly use SEMRush, but you can use. I mean there are a lot and you could even use your Google search console filtered by the country you’re looking at and hopefully that keyword will be appearing within there and then it will give you known exact but it’ll.

Give you a very good idea, and you must fill trip, a country to give you an idea. The other flip side of this. You know Kelly that you need to start thinking about this know really. You know checking out a keyword by country that the point is where that, where that rank tracker is actually searching it for what IP within that country, you know it could be the north or south, it could be somewhere somewhere else.

You know just it very rarely. People search by it by by just by you know, a country and what you see from a tracker is not going to be the same for people in that country in different locations. Searching for that same thing because it may be. You know if it’s sort of affected by local that could completely be different. Very rarely people actually search from a country search setting very rarely so and and of course, even if they are in the country and they search for a keyword, it doesn’t have any modifier and in it they will generally try and return a local search to them.

Based upon their IP or their, if their phones, chair location, so actually just searching for a country not really beneficial, I mean for you like I’m, like put this way. I wouldn’t go and pay for a rank tracker just to check a country. I would use your search console and then it just gives you kind of an idea right if you were looking specifically localized, then yeah. You know that makes more sense, because you know if you’re looking at localized, you can try and understand well what we need to do to appear more in this demographic.

These are the demographic or these are the. This is the actual city we want to target, not just like it’s, you see what I mean, so I would just before you go out and like spend money on any of these trackers, I would just maybe read up a little bit more on actual where things Are going to rank how they’re going to rank, how Google tries to serve different results based upon the search query and the where the users located? Thank you, Tim may anybody else.

Okay! Well, that’s about it! For tonight. We’ve done it again. We’ve answered all of the questions asked on the dumb SEO questions Facebook group for this week, we’ll be back yet at the same time next week, but before I go, I must thank Tim, Kappa David Roseanne, Masatoshi versa. Thank you for your contribution. Oh my kappa sure. Cashner, it’s just joining us. Okay, Michael thank you for coming in, but we’re just about to get a green room.

Sadly, Oh Just My Luck, you like blue. All right must you still say if they think people like mottled, stricka, –, Michael Martinez and Richard Hearn, many other people who answer questions throughout the weekend, they’re very contribution that is invaluable. Okay, as I said that will be back at the same time next week, but for now it’s good night


Online Marketing

Introduction to online insurance marketing | life insurance training | ILIAA

I’r doing this presentation on the behalf of the independent life insurance agents Association. This webinar is the introduction to online marketing with this websites or what this website. What this webinar is going to cover is the way to get a start in online marketing, how to use WordPress effectively how to actually determine what to blog about so that when you do your blogging, you actually will see results and how to use other forms of Online media most your online marketing – is done by one of these things.

Either build a website. You go to some place. Facebook, Twitter, any other, LinkedIn Google+ YouTube. Those are social media sites, that’s kind of a second leg. Article sites YouTube began, and you got several other places that you can actually go like Vimeo, dailymotion, there’s, probably another 50 or 60 places you can go and post a article online to get backlinks or otherwise, or talk to people press releases.

You can do out of any of the content you use for blogging. You can put those in the hope is that they will get picked up and syndicated somehow on to a new site forums, places online, that you can go and talk to people obviously, but you can also use them in a limited fashion for marketing. It’s not not a good idea to run up in the forum and be the guy. That’s the obnoxious self promoter, but forums do have a value and their promotional ability.

Also, email email is something that you can use either via autoresponders through renting lists and doing bulk mailings or any other number of things that you can do with it. Email has a profound M hacked its it’s technically to me. I see it as the same thing as sending the letter. Now people do email to get the same response that would get by sending someone a well-crafted letter, although one of the big dangers of online marketing is that people do email badly.

So don’t do that, but email is a great thing to do so so where would you start? Let’s say that you have just you just started in business or you’ve been in business for five years, but you have never had a website. You have no content. You have no backlinks, you’ve not started anything. Maybe you have a Facebook account that you use for personal things and you’ve you’ve never done any sort of website at all.

They even track and see what kind of movements you were getting out of your keywords so where? Where would you start look? What’s that? What’s the first step and the answer? That’s actually pretty simple. First, step is going to be doing keyword, research now. The reason why that should be your first step is because you don’t want to rank unnecessarily for things that no one is searching for, because that completely defeats the purpose.

Furthermore, if you go out there and you create content to rank yourself either on purpose or inadvertently for terms that you will not make any money with, it could actually be counterproductive to your efforts, meaning you might go up for a term that no one searches for And down for the search term, that would have made you money, but all content creation should begin. If it’s done correctly, it should begin with keyword, research and that’s marketing.

Content like if you’re doing content, to be helpful to your customers. That’s a completely different thing, but when you’re trying to do marketing content, it really needs to be keyword. Optimized, honestly, your keyword research will probably take up 50 % of the time that you spend in writing a marketing article. If it’s done correctly, half your time is going to be in keyword, research, the other half of your time is going to be spent in actually writing the article.

So how do you do that? The first step would be to look at a keyword or google keyword suggest you can get there by going to google type in google keyword suggests, and it will show you how to open an AdWords account. If you don’t already have one or it will take you straight there, you can type the word in and search. There are other software’s, as you can use that primarily still are using. Google Keyword suggest, however, they are going to Google Keyword suggest and then they are using metrics that they have established or that you have established inside the program to help you sort and filter.

My favorite personally is market samurai on it. My second favorite thing to use is scrape box. However, scrape box is not a good example of a introductory software for somebody to go out with it’s just something you can use. One of the things I honestly like to do with scrape boxes go find a whole bunch of keywords, load them into market Samurai and analyze the keywords because it might find things that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Another thing you do is outsource. It awesome resource for outsourcing is Fiverr calm, its fve are are calm. You can go there and get people to do keyword, research for you for five dollars or you can go and pay someone 250 dollars to your keyword, research for you and waste. Two hundred and fifty dollars you could have gone to five or spent fifteen bucks, got keyword, research for three places compared what those three people said and you’ve actually gotten a by committee.

Keyword, research done that you can compare to each other and determine what the what the most effective keywords. Three people told you where for 15 bucks, rather than spending a fortune on it. Another thing you can also do one of the important things you actually do want to establish some sort of metrics to determine whether or not the keywords that you’re focusing on are actually valuable, a good way to look at.

That is, if you have a program like market samurai, no traffic, travis or some other method for tracking down how many websites target up a specific term in specific places, program eclis. Then you can take that information. Compare that with the number of or with the amount of competition overall, how many people target your specific keyword and what the page rank of those sites are, and you can determine the difficulty of ranking.

One of the best things to do, though, is to try to establish some sort of a metric for how difficult of something you were willing to invest the time in trying to rank, for there are search terms that are fairly unassailable. If you told me that you wanted to make a website to target diet pills, I would laugh at you if you’ve never done it before and didn’t know what you were doing. It’s likely never going to happen.

You could likely spend your entire life trying to do that and never pull it off, because there’s so many affiliate marketers trying for that term. However, if you’re trying to target San Antonio auto insurance, alright got a heck of a lot better chance, so that’s you got to establish some sort of metric, find a keyword that people do search for and then figure out what your competition levels going to be.

So you can see if you can rank for it. Why is this all important keywords? Are the importance of them’s established in two ways the? Why number one is people go to Google being Yahoo and they search for a term that gives you the search volume. Google Bing and Yahoo are all interested in providing user experience. The best way to provide a user experience for someone is that when they search you want it to be so that they’ve searched they find a page and the first page they find was the very best website in the entire world for what they search for.

It’s relevant, it has exactly what they wanted. They can go on that site and that site tells them exactly what they wanted to know. That’s exactly what the search engines want to do. They don’t always succeed, but that’s what they that’s what they would prefer. However, those search results are done by machines and you can only turn the machine to do so. Well, so you can think of it from the perspective if they know what people are looking for, but they don’t necessarily have a good way to determine what a site is about, because the machines cannot.

You can’t train a machine to read like a human or determine how good something is you could have humans go, do it, but it would cost a fortune now. Google is actually trying to do some of that to actually simulate it by having people use their own search engine. The every time that you use Chrome, it is sending information back to Google. If you opt it into their program, which I don’t know, if they’re doing it to people that just opt in or not, there’s no way to prove it.

They may be doing it to both if you opt it in they’re, using what your actions were when you were using their web browser to determine the search and reserved search engine results for other human beings by tracking it and using it as a metric and the Same thing is being done by Internet Explorer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing was being done with Firefox and every other browser, for there is nothing.

Nothing like that ever surprised me, but as for right now, machines are reading it. So you’ve got to make sure that the words that people are searching for are on your web page, because when the machine is looking for the results, only thing I can look for is them words can’t find those words your web page is not about them. So this is an example of what you would get with Google Keyword suggest. Now I did a search for Tennessee Medicare.

You can see the Tennessee Medicare has thirty six hundred searches a month which, in my view, makes it a keyword that is worth targeting. The metrics that I prefer using is that something has search volume to provide in position one up to 25 clicks a day. That’s what I look for I’ve targeted things that I’m even only anticipating one or two clicks a day. I’ve targeted things before where I thought I might get three clicks a month to some degree.

You do have to base this off of anticipated commission levels when you’re talking about insurance or with any product. It’s how much you anticipate that you’re actually going to make when you do that. So if you’ve got a term, that’s for something like dental insurance, we’re going to make almost nothing. You would not necessarily want to target something where the search volume is this low or vice-versa, that’s an easy way.

The second thing you want to look for: you want to target buying terms. Cigna government services, highly vulnerable, gets almost enough searches to get 50 or so clicks a day. If you got lucky there, you can divide that by 30 and you can see how many searches a day top position normally gets 30 % of the clicks. So that’s the easy way to figure it out. You take that formula. 5,400 divide 5,400 by 30.

You end up with somewhere around 200 searches a day multiply times 30 % roughly 60 a little bit under 60 clicks. You could anticipate in position one, but this person searching for Cigna government service is going to buy anything. The answer to that question is probably not probably not in that one either, which is again is the signal government services. For some reason, Google is showing that one twice it’s, because this one’s a misspelling, then you’ve got Medicare region B region.

A Medicare pay increase your health plan that one actually might be worth targeting, but there’s no way to know for sure without seeing what already ranks for it tin care, terrible term. It’s that term is specifically about Medicaid and people, and this isn’t I mean not to sound like a bad person for saying it, but the people that are primarily searching for ting care are looking to sign up for the government program 410 care and are very unlikely To be purchasing private insurance, which is why 33 thousand searches, but almost no competition, even the PPC ads higher than I would think that it should be the only reason that I could justify a PPC ad being $ 2.

A click for this term is because it’s being purchased by lead vendors and being used to convert into leads to sell to insurance agents and they’re competing over it. There’s no justifiable reason for this to be a $ 2, a click term. This is a search that I’ve reversed it and shows you what not to target like you might think. Medicare gap insurance comparison that sounds like a buying term. No one is searching for it.

Competition is huge, Medicare replacement plans. No one is searching for it. Competition is huge Medicare for dummies competitions, mediocre, but no one searching for it. So the only time that you would ever want to target something no one’s searching for now is: if you think that there is a high likelihood than in the future, someone is going to search for it and you want to cement a position, otherwise is utterly pointless.

You don’t want to do it. The only reason that you would want to do it, like I said, is, if you foresee a likelihood of it coming in the future, or if it’s a term that you have a special interest in, even though it’s not being searched for many times. You want to catch all of it, otherwise, it’s not a good. It’s not a good expenditure. Your time for marketing efforts, the best place to start. If you’ve not got anything.

If you don’t have, I don’t have a website, I don’t have a blog. I don’t have anything best place to start easily is about blogging and the reason I say that I can say it so confidently is that what blogging does for you is allows you to create content and the content that you create. If you do, it correctly is targeting keywords that you wanted and if you’re doing that, part of it correctly and you’re creating it on a schedule you’re using the keywords you wanted, you’re getting links to yourself, you’re establishing a web page that in the future, Google is Probably already paying attention to you’ve already written your content.

So when you want to change that page, the content is already there, you don’t have to redo it. All you do is move the content into new places. You build a page around your content. The the writing of content correctly targeting keywords and getting the site to rank is infinitely harder than building a pretty website. Building a pretty website involves either going and buying a pretty template and sticking your things into it.

Building one yourself which again building the 10 page website by hand custom doing all the graphics is a ten-hour job for somebody, that’s moderately skilled that can do you can use Photoshop or GIMP, or something like that and actually make graphics. That’s how long it takes. Comparatively writing good content and getting backlinks might take ten hours a week or ten hours a month for a year, so you’re talking about a difference in time of 10 hours, one time and 10 hours 12 times and the content part is the part that, if you’re Going to focus on anything, everyone can write content.

The the importance is that any Content that you do right use your key words correctly, meaning you get your key words from doing some research. You can spend as much time as you need until you believe that you have found a key word that is worth targeting you’re, going to put that keyword in your title of your article you’re, going to put it in the h1 heading you’re going to put it In the description of the article you’re going to make tags in the article using it for WordPress you’re, going to make your wordpress tags, have that keyword in them you’re going to put that keyword in the body and anytime, you make a backlink you’re going to use This format, so that your backlink, which is where it’s going to, is your keywords so that when Google sees this link, they say: oh here’s, a link to this website.

It is about these keywords. That’s the point to writing them up that way. Whatever you’re doing, writing keep it as interesting as you can. It doesn’t have to be like a technical analysis, article of insurance or something that’s about product offerings or the most boring things you can think of. I was doing the live webinar. We had a technical issue, so my audio to get recorded, but one of my favorite bloggers out there as a guy I’ve, read several of his blog articles because I find them amusing he’s on the insurance forms as chumps from Oxford.

His name is Edie and not for the life of me can’t pick his last name now. At least I remembered his name earlier. I could even remember that Ed’s articles he will go out and write things that are Monty Python level or something that you would expect to see in a a comedy article written somewhere, but he key word targets correctly inside that article he posts consistently. He sends it out to people he links himself correctly, so he does all the correct things with it and he probably gets more success out of doing that than a lot of people get writing technical articles because they’re technical articles are boring and no one wants to Read you can write beautiful technical articles about all kinds of aspects of insurance, but the reality is that most people are not interested in that people.

Unmonitored. When they’re going on the internet and reading things with the vast majority of people want to know how something works and how it relates to them, and if you can condense that down and make it entertaining great, you can’t make it entertaining probably going to read it Again, but unless it’s a educational resource of some sort, that does them has some value to them, where they’re, actually they might need to reference that later so they’re.

You know there is a difference between a reference article and a marketing piece, but in most marketing articles, you’re better off being entertaining than you are being technical being overly technical makes people not really care what you say. I just bore them, so this is an example. Just a quick news posted in on my own website, you see I’ve. This is WordPress. This is my title here. I’ve got a permalink and in my WordPress I’ve got the settings set so that my permalinks are the date and the title, not the page equal to tag, because Google does and Bing does read the URL as part of the keyword decision.

So you want the keywords to be there. You want the keywords to be here. You want the keywords and your tags, you want the keywords in your article and you want the keywords in your header and in this particular article, I’m actually targeting two different keywords: I’m targeting Tennessee Medicare and I’m targeting Medicare annual election period. My hope is that by targeting them both because this is a blog post, I don’t expect to get a lot of direct direct visits or indexing on Google highly for the term Tennessee Medicare off of a blog post.

But when I backlink this, I can backlink it for both of those. I can also backlink it toward my main site. I can back link my main site for Tennessee Medicare or I can back like my main site for annual election period, and I can backlink this article for that and it’s relevant to everything. So Google sees it all as being relevant also, it allows me to – and this is a custom thing – this is actually an add-on.

You can download it for the plug-ins for WordPress, what’s called WordPress Twitter. What I’ve done here is took the URL the title and then made hashtags what these hashtags do. Is they actually tell Twitter that tell people looking at tweets what the what the actual tweet is about? I don’t even like using that term. I think tweet sounds silly, but it tells people tells people what this little post was.

So, for example, what this will come across as in Twitter is a shortened URL that goes directly to the article, the title, and then this article is about Tennessee, Medicare and Tennessee. Medicare Advantage and then I’ve done the same thing on my categories, so in every place the keywords are matching. So it’s it’s easier for google to ascertain what it is. It’s looking at, it’s easier for being to entertain what it’s looking at.

I can even look at it. This be critical of my own post. This is something I wrote quickly. I don’t waste a lot of time, typing up blog posts. I just I write things that I think people either need to know. Sometimes I’ll write articles. When I write an article, I spend a lot more time, but you can see this is not an article. It’s 117 word news post. It’s quick to the point: doesn’t talk about a lot of random things and gibberish and ramble on it just says: AP is coming, marking period starts this day, so that’s when we, you know, agents are allowed to talk to you and some plans have already released their Information but we’re not allowed to contact anybody to discuss it yet contact me or I can you know, schedule an appointment for October.

They’ve changed AP, that’s the whole article, just quick! This also gets posted out in my newsletter. That goes everybody out. I’r a big fan of leveraging all my content, so I can be reused, but even in my own article here I didn’t use the keywords in the body, so I even messed up one of my own rules but, as I said any any of these rules or Not they’re, not rules so to say, they’re, not setting set in stone, they’re just good guidelines to follow that you do get picked up, but that’s that’s it everybody that attended earlier.

Thank you. This is. This is going to sound a little different if you were at the live webinar, because for some reason I had a technical issue and the audio recording did not work, so it had to be redone, but this was a webinar that was done for the independent life Insurance Association and my name again was Brooke jolly. I have a website there at Brooke, jolly calm and I LOI a has their website most of people that are going to be seeing this know what it is, but for anybody, that’s one of the YouTube Watchers.

The il ia is actually an organization that is for training and support for life insurance agents, highly affordable and has more educational material. For somebody, that’s trying to learn this industry than


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4 SEO Metrics You Should Be Tracking

I’r sure you’ve heard the quote from Peter Drucker. What gets measured, gets managed. There’s been a huge push these past few years in PR and marketing to show tangible ROI lucky for you SEO is all about results. You can measure, so today’s webinar is going to do a quick overview on four very important metrics.

You should be tracking that will also give you a good idea how your SEO tactics are performing, and maybe even a few ideas on how to improve them. The first metric I want to dive into is keyword rankings. The reason why I’m phrasing this as keyword rankings instead of page rankings is because I want you to think strategically about your keyword choice. You can’t create a page that ranks number 1 on Google for dozens of keywords, but none of those keywords get a lot of traffic or maybe they aren’t relevant to your industry and therefore it really doesn’t produce you anything of value and the people who would find It would bounce quickly off your site and that’s no good.

You need to be optimizing, your site and creating content to rank for the right keywords in order to get qala traffic that will convert. So if you haven’t already create a keyword, mapping report, so you can know what your target keywords are when you’re creating content make sure you spend time finding the right keywords that are feasible to rank for and apply to your audience once you know your keywords, you Can proceed and measuring how well you are doing if you’re familiar with Google Analytics a few years ago, they started to take away your ability, see what keywords you’re ranking for I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the vague not set or not provided terms that now fill That place so I’m going to pull up Google Analytics here and the first thing I want to show you is actually how to see the keywords that are provided on.

Google Analytics, so you’re going to go to acquisition and then all traffic and then blogs. And then, if you go up here to other and click it you can put landing page, this is going to show you keywords by a specific landing page and then on second dimension, do keywords and now you’re going to be able to see once google shows you, The results that the majority of them are not set not provided. However, you can see a few and in order to easily see the ones that you can you’re going to go to the advanced filter here, you’re going to exclude any keywords that can contain not – and that will hopefully knock out any of those very vague keywords that Google is giving you, and now we get to see exactly what some of those pages are ranking for and if you’re looking for a specific page, you can put that URL into advanced filter as well and just search that URL.

Now there are other ways that you can search for keywords that are a little bit more reliable. Another great way is to go to google webmaster tools. If you go to whatever client you’re looking at or your company go to search traffic and then search analytics, you can see what kind of keywords people are typing in in order to get to certain pages. For this one I’d like to usually see their click-through rate or position to see if there’s any low-hanging fruits that might be good to kind of put some SEO, love on and help them get to that first spot, for example, toothache or toothache relief tooth pain.

Even maybe I could focus on a piece of content that relates to these keywords and hopefully build out that keyword base and get to the number one spot. Another great tool to use, but it is paid, is a href and that one they just came out with this. You can see the organic keywords, but what you do is you have to actually type in a specific domain so for this, and I’m doing one clients that it created a infographic, for I want to see what keywords it’s now ranking sensor based in the u.

S. I’r going to choose the u.S. Choice down here and under organic keywords, and it’s going to pop up all those keywords that it’s showing that it’s ranking for even the volume and how many results and when it was last updated. The next keyword tool that I’m going to show you is one that we probably use most at webpage effects for clients rank read, allows you to easily keep track of any keywords that are kind of your goal for ranking in Google or any of the search engines.

The only bad thing about rank read is you actually have to find those keywords, whether it’s through your keyword, mapping report or whether it’s through another tool like eh, Refs or SEM rush to see what exactly you should be putting in and adding to rank read so That it can read your ranks. Of course, this is a paid tool, but it gives you a lot of insight into how many even spaces your keywords are moving up or down, and you can even do a specific keyword that you’re looking for to get a better idea of how your ranking, throughout The month for that keyword, so it’s definitely a great resource to easily keep track of all those keywords.

And, lastly, SEM Rush is a tool that you can use to help see what keywords your ranking for organically for this one. All you have to do is put in the URL just like a H, ref and click organic research, and it’s going to show you all the keywords that that page is ranking for that. So far s DM Rush has catalogued in their system. Now, if you just publish a post – and you look on this, you probably won’t find anything even if you might find that you’re ranking on the web for a few keywords just because they haven’t updated their system.

Yet. The second metric I want to go over is traffic as a result of ranking better. You will see your traffic go up, which is great as long as it’s quality traffic, and there are a few areas that you should be looking to see and determine how your traffic is sending people to your site. Going back to Google Analytics going under acquisition, all traffic and then blogs you’ll once again see that it has a few main default blog groupings.

One is organic search, direct referral, social pay, search and display the ones I want to focus on are organic search, referrals and social. Just to give you a brief synopsis of the other two that I think are worth mentioning here. Direct traffic is when people put your URL into their browser, but it could also mean a few other things, such as clicking a link from an email or a PDF document. Some social media, mobile apps, don’t show up as referral traffic, but instead will show and direct.

So if you’re really curious about where traffic is coming from, you can always create a tagged URL using Google’s URL builder tool, and that will show up in your Google Analytics to help you better track it. Also. Traffic from paid search is a very good to explore, especially if you’re running ads it’ll help you analyze how well your online ad is converting, which is important. Now organic traffic, which you can just click on the blog grouping, and it will show you a little bit more in-depth what kind of pages are ranking organically and also what keywords are doing it.

You can switch to landing page up here under primary dimension if you’d want to see that version of it. So you can tell that a toothache home remedies really is getting a lot of traffic, and we also saw that that was a hot topic in our google webmaster tools for this client, so organic traffic, for those of you who don’t know truck, is traffic. That is coming to you from a search engine, so, for example, if I go to Google, you can see I typed in SEO companies in Harrisburg.

Ideally, you would want to do this in kognito and not signed in to your Google+ account, because Google+ changes, the ways that you see search engine results, but because I have to access the Google Analytics, I’m sign-in at the current moment for this one. What you see at the top here is actually at, and then you see local search, so Google pulls this information in and then organic search comes right here under the local search, and so you see web page FX is ranking on the top two listings there, which Is great for organic, so that’s what organic traffic is and that’s what you’re going to be seeing here.

Is those articles coming there and being clicked for referral traffic? Going back to my blogs here, referral traffic is coming to you from another site, for example, a link that you built in a blog post. People are clicking that link and coming to your site. That’s what you’ll find in a referral traffic and then social traffic is traffic coming to you from social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

Now, depending on your business, this might not be as an important metric as maybe for a cookware company who does a lot of blogging and does really well on Pinterest and people are coming to their site with recipes or talking about green cookware and then ending up Buying products, because of that social referral, so those are the three that you should probably be checking out regularly. Our third metric that I wanted to go over is links, though sometimes criticized, link building correctly is still one of the best things you can do for your SEO.

Besides optimizing your site in general, you can generally see links impact in the search engine result pages when rankings increase and your domain Authority, which is Mazdas metrics for the overall rankings of your site, increases as well. Like I mentioned and traffic, you can also tell if links are doing a good job, not just with building domain authority and building the rankings to your pages, but also with referral traffic, which is sometimes forgotten about.

When link building. You focus on just getting a link when you should also be focusing on a quality link that will be clicked and then send referral traffic to your site and hopefully those who purchased the product or sign up for our e-newsletter in a way that you can keep Track of them to see your domain Authority, you can download this Moz bar, which shows you the domain Authority, which is also the abbreviated da, which is a 35, which is fairly good.

Most sites rank between 30 and 50. If you have a really good site, it’s it’s up between 50 and 80, usually only ginormous sites that have established a lot of credibility. Have thousands of links reach above that, and you can also see the page rank the abbreviated PA here showing what exactly this pages specific rank is doing? The domain Authority is more of a general overview. Metric Moz also has a spam score, which shows the links coming in if they’re spamming to your side, if you got them from a bad neighborhood, and you can also see how many links are even built to this page.

If you go into this tool the last metric I want to cover our goal. Completions goal completions look different for every business. Some might be just a contact page. Maybe you offer a service so by someone filling out that contact page and inquiring about it. That could be considered a goal, completion and tracked in Google Analytics. Sometimes it can be sitt considered a subscriber to a newsletter, as subscribers are one of the best ways to really get in touch with your target audience.

One of the trends for this year is own. Media companies are building up their blogs and social profiles as a way to establish credibility and thought leadership in their niche, and the most valuable results of this is the email subscribers, which is just a list of emails and names of people who say they are interested In what you do or talk about – and it’s really the perfect potting soil to sow seeds that grow into loyal customers and, of course, there’s the obvious purchases, and you can always track this in Google Analytics by setting up goal completions in your admin tab here, and I would highly encourage you guys to set up as many goal completions as you think would be profitable in determining what type of SEO strategies work, maybe where you need to improve, as you could tell, we have a bunch of them set up for this client here.

Most of the time you’re going to be tracking, actually the Thank You page after someone purchases an item on your site, which is really easy to set up in Google Analytics, and I might actually cover that in a future webinar. Well, thank you, everyone for listening. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at alicia, a li CI a at web page FX, comm,


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SEO Online Week 4 – 01

This handout is all about. A Backlinks strategy Nowadays the search engines care about quality content more than ever, The ranking of your website is elevated when quality sites linke to it.

Backlinks then, are very important to create authority and quality on your website, which in turn raises your PageRank. So this exercise will be about using the webmaster tools to see what links are pointing to your site, Because that’s the crux of this week that we need links from other reputable websites pointing to ours. We need other websites linking to our website. I mention here the books, the optional books, “ 2016 and Beyond” SEO book and “ SEO checklist.

”. You can check out those books yourself and see if they are useful to you. I think they are and they’re not that expensive. So what we need to do is find where our backlinks are organized then take advantage of those backlinks and deal with the bad ones, I’m going to start with Bing Webmaster Tools. First, So if you load up your web browser and go to http, //bing.Com/toolbox you’ll be able to log in So I’ve got an account already set up, and not only do I teach these concepts, I’m also part of a company that we do this.

So we’ve got it set up with various clients and a bunch of data. The way we read the screen is that we’ve got a website. We’ve got some form of online presence On the left side. Various columns If you’ve got messages here like problems with your site. They will be listed here. You can deal with them. Then we get Clicks From Search and then Appeared in Search Appeared in Searches, the concept of Impressions.

How many times was your website seen by people And then Clicks from Cearch is Conversions. How many clicks did you get from those users Pages Crawled? Is that the search engine in this case Bing, looks at your website crawls around it and tries to find information And Content on Your Site? If it then finds information that it feels is new or relevant? It adds it to the index, It adds it to the database that Bing or Google save when people search.

So there are some numbers here that are green, some that are blue. Some that are red, I cannot say, make sure every number here is green, although that’s what you want to lean toward Green positive numbers, but it depends. For example, I’ve got a time period up here of 30 days. If I were to change that. To a longer time period, three months, for example, this is a more accurate result. This is a more accurate view of your results.

This is where you’re trying to get more greens As much as possible. The longer you have your Webmaster Tools set up. The more data is collected and the more accurate the data is Just like in the stock market. If you look at financial news and in one day a company lost value. Well, that’s bad for the day, But how did that company do the whole week? How did that company to the whole month The whole year Five years, Just like in the stock market? The longer time horizon, you have the better data you have In the search engines.

If I only look at seven days of data and I’ve got a two hundred percent increase in clicks, that’s amazing, But if I look at it in 30 days, Okay, it’s thirty three percent, more clicks than the previous This time period, and if I look in three Months, it’s ten percent more All of those are still good but notice again, a more accurate result is more time I’m going to open one of these example sites so that we can get deeper into the handout.

So as an overview here once you start collecting data. This will be much more meaningful. This particular client then says two hundred percent increase in clicks from search In real numbers. That was three clicks from the previous time. It was one click. This site appeared 43 times more than the period before that. An increase of four hundred thirty-seven percent So in the time period, 28 pages indexed as opposed to 24 index last time.

So I found a few more pages that is, if you’re, adding new content to your site. It will then add it to the index Errors. There were less errors on the site, which is always good Sitemaps. If you have a sitemap and you’ve submitted it to the search engines, they will scan the site map and then help with crawling your site To find all relevant content. The search engines will tell us what keywords people have been searching for, That helped find your site and how much they are valuable to you.

If you intend to engage in PPC in Paying Per Click, Inbound Links is what we’re heading toward in a moment. These are the links that are pointing to your site and then we’ve got various diagnostic tools so on the left We can get into much more detail to all of these items, but for the moment, let’s focus on Backlinks. We need to go them from the Dashboard to Reports and Data to Inbound Links. I mean the Dashboard > Reports and Data > Inbound Links.

Within this time period. There have been more links that are pointing to this site. Bing will tell you the target page. The home page at the moment gets the most links 112 and then this blog post is 8. I can get a preview by clicking either of those links, and this tells you that the source address on the left was attached to some text on the right, So this particular site linked to this client and this site and this site and so forth.

I can export that data if I want I’ll explain why you might want to do that soon. If I look at my second example again, these are links from external websites, pointing to a particular page on this client site. The whole point of Backlinks and why they’re useful for SEO is that this shows you legitimacy and authority If another website such as CouchDB.Org points to this website and that website is relevant.

That increases the relevance of your website and therefore the ranking and standing on the search engines. This particular page on this client site is a blog post about a technology called PouchDB a database And there’s a link coming from CouchDB the parent project of PouchDB, A very legitimate business, pointing to a blog post on this client. Various links from NolanLawson.Com. Mr. Lawson is a big name in the world of PouchDB development, and so a link from his site to the client site is also a very good one.

So this screen then lists all of the links pointing to your site. Well, what’s the value of that? If we read further in our document, organizing your Backlinks Download your links and compile them in a spreadsheet document, Review them periodically add notes and highlight colors Alright. So what that would be is that if I were to click on Export, All this would download a spreadsheet file, I’m going to save it and then I’m going to open it.

So I’m going to open the file and it’s just a collection of links and text. The value of this is that it lists all of the pages that you’re linking to and where the link came from. The value of this is that we need to check which links are legitimate in which links are illegitimate. We will see that in Bing and Google we can’t really organize our links very well and we really want to So that’s what we’ve downloaded the file, Because what I can do, then, is when I opened it in my spreadsheet program.

I can sort it here. It is in order of particular websites. This makes it then easier to understand what is the website and what and how it’s linking to the particular site At the moment, all of these links appear to be legitimate, and this is one of the things that is difficult to teach in this class. What is a legitimate and what is an illegitimate link? You get better at this. You get better at spotting this, the longer you do it.

You will see that there are many websites out there with spam. Addresses free clicks com make money fast net SEO optimizer pro wizard dot, org You’ll start to spot them a mile away as soon as you lay eyes on their names And some are more difficult to figure out. If there are spam links or not Oftentimes, you will have to follow the link to see if it’s a spam link or not Make sure your antivirus software is up to date.

Alright, this is a starting point, Review them periodically, because what you want to do is either take advantage of the good Backlinks or deal with the bad Backlinks. Now that you have a Backlinks report, you can create more authority for your site. The technique is to link quality content to the links that link to your own site, For example, to buy positive restaurant review on Facebook post a link to your blog post that positively reviewed your product In the book.

The strategy is outlined best in the section’backlinks to backlinks’ the more good content that is pointed to sites that link to you, the more your SEO rank could increase. This takes a lot of work, but could pay off very well Alright. So what I mean here tangibly is, I need to follow some of these links to see how to deal with them. So first, I’m going to open this particular link. This opens up something known as a limbo, dot-com the SEO system for local businesses, Taking a quick look at it here.

This is a spam website, Tt’s just trying to aggregate random information online. It looks like it’s a registry site, but these are a dime a dozen. These can be created very easily and quickly by spammers and so with an ugly logo sort of like that Full of ads and such this is a spam site. This would mark then this would then fall under a negative link. So I’m going to mark this with a color to show that it’s negative See if I can find a positive one.

So this is a legitimate link that points to the client’s site. It’s on topic, it’s popular, it’s populated and it points to a blog post of the client. So I’d mark this one as a good link. Okay, so I would need to go through these on a regular basis, such as once a month to determine what’s good and what’s bad. If it’s a good link, then I need to promote it. I need to engage in a little self promotion, which then brings traffic back to the client.

So, for example, I could share this link on some social media. The tactic is to share on social media a link to what is positively referencing you. So this is a bit of self-promotion where you are also helping the original promoter. This takes time and effort to craft. This is not a social media class, but the point is basically you’re going to share on Twitter Facebook Pinterest, whatever something that positively mentions or identifies.

You That’s your Backlink With a little self promotion in the hopes of getting more attention for you, So I would share that and that may cause more traffic from the original link back to your backlink, which elevates your ranking. It does take time and effort, but it’s part of modern SEO That is social media. It’s part of modern search engine optimization. So if I identified and ddid something about a good link, what do I do about a bad link? That’s where the next part of the handout comes in Both Google and Bing provide the Disavow Links Tool to minimize the impact of bad links.

Bad links could cause your website to also lose luster That is drop in the rankings, because it’s guilt by association. If your website is pointed to by a bunch of spam websites, the search engines will think you’re a spam website and lower your rankings. Once we identify the spam websites, then we can disavow. So in Bing I can go to my dashboard configure my site. Disavow links, dashboard Can figure my site, disavow links And the way it will work is I either submit a page directory or domain Page would be that there’s some website that is negative, that is spam and detrimental, so you’re telling Bing don’t pay attention to that page.

Don’t let it hurt my rankings Well, oftentimes. A bad website is not going to simply be one page. That is bad, so we have the option of directory everything that directory is bad, is negative as spammy is off topic. Please disavow it. Well again, the spammers are not known for finesse, So most of the time you will have to disavow the whole domain. It is a negative domain completely, so you tell the search engine to take it out.

This will not actually unlink their website from yours, but it will tell the search engines to stop paying attention to the traffic. So the way I would do this is, I would pull up my spreadsheet. I would then select the address. Just a dot-com portion. Add it to the box under domain and disavow It’ll. Take some time then, for the search engines to process this, but at least you’re showing the search engines.

You are a legitimate webmaster and you take these things seriously. Let’s do the same thing with Google go to http, //google.Com/webmasters and login, so after you sign in then you get your data and once you’ve set it all up, you will be able to retrieve the data Setting it up, of course was last week. So I’m going to pull up the same client information and, of course, as we saw previously, the tricky part about Google search console is that it asks you to set up the WWW version and the non ww version, which means you might get two bits of data.

So I’m going to take a quick look to see which is more relevant. It looks like the ww version will be the relevant one. So that’s one we’re going to look at In Google search, console site, dashboard, search traffic links to your site, >, site traffic links to your site. Google will show similar data than Bing just in a different kind of way. So it shows here 55 links to the home page 14, links to this blog page and so forth.

Clicking in any one of these will give you more data. So here are the various domains that are linking to your site. You might be able to see, for example, clear, calm, it’s a little iffy. The good thing is at least google is giving you a preview of the website, and so you don’t have to click on it, which will then help you disavow or positively deal with the links. So if I were to go to your most linked content, I just get a different sort of perspective on the data I can download the latest links and it’ll be a table somewhat like I’ve seen before, which then we can organize.

I have it organized by date. At the moment, but then I can organize it and again categorize it. So let’s say I’m going to follow one of these links. So when I find a good result again, I would mark it so that I can come back to it and perhaps share it on some social media and when I find a negative result, I could go to the process of disavowing. The disavow process in Google is a little more complex.

It cannot access the disavow tool directly. You must search google disavow tool or follow the link, select your site and click. This of our links, you will prepare as per the instructions, a list of your bad back links. You will upload a text file with these links, so we’re going to see that with google it takes a little bit more effort to disavow and it should make sense because Google is the larger search engine and you don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself in the foot.

So once I get to the location, I then need to select well, which of my properties. Will I disavow there’s information here more information. If you skip that, it’ll show you the information on this next screen. It’ll tell you this is advanced and that it could be detrimental unless you know what you’re doing and if you’re in this class, hopefully you’re learning what you need to do so, once I disavow once again, it’ll give me more information.

I have to upload a text file if I still feel a little daunted. I could back up and perhaps actually take a moment to read that information. It is a bit of a read, not too complex, but what it’s telling us is. You need to create a text file with notes and explanation about what you’ve been trying to accomplish regarding negative domains, and then you specify those domains in this format and upload the file.

So if you’re on Windows, the plain old notepad app will do the job, if you’re on a Mac text edit, should work just fine and basically, as per the instructions, you need to write comments. The pound sign spam site is in need of a disavowal, and then you list its domain based on your spreadsheet, so yasni.Com. In this case. After doing the research, I determined that that’s not a good site to have linked.

I would then save this file. Give it a name with the date, perhaps because you will be checking your content and disavowing it as time progresses and then I’m ready to start to disavow. I would upload that file submit it and have Google start to deal with that shady website. Lastly, we’ll look over at the Google Analytics, so you can go to google.Com / analytics once you’re set up again you’ll be able to track your data.

You’ll get a general sense, but you’ll get more once you click through. So you get various bits of data as your time horizon is set, so to find the backlinks that Google Analytics tells us click the property on the left. We go to acquisition and then all traffic and referrals, so we’ve got these various screens. When is the acquisition screen inside of all traffic, we then get referrals we’re being referred to by another website.

So let’s see here with this particular client in this particular time period, there are many referrals over from TC 0, which is Twitter’s referral system. Don’t mark that as negative referrals from google plus another positive one, but then we get social buttons, HHH XYZ, hopefully with very little SEO training. You can tell that that is a spam site. Eu cookie law blog post com. Now this one’s tricky, because there is a European Union cookie law in effect, but this is probably capitalizing upon it and is not legitimate clipboard, which is a news aggregator site, more Google+ links 199 SEO, probably spam cookie law, blog wordpress, again related to the European Union.

Cookie law probably pretty safe to ignore that one or I would further go and test it fix, website errors, com, spam and spin 2016 dot CF, i’m not sure what nation CF is, but it’s probably spam. So this can also be downloaded export. We have various formats. We often want csv, which is a spreadsheet format, and you get another spreadsheet which has data similar to other data you’ve seen, but it never hurts to see your data from every angle And now the whole point of this is to determine who is legitimately linking to You and who is not Websites, will want to link to you if you have content that they want to link to.

It sounds obvious, but that’s the hard part content on the next article next week. We will talk about content creation strategies, because if you have content that people want, then that’s what’s going to get you the traffic. This is an example of a client and is a tutorial here on a web technology known as PouchDB to build databases, and so this tutorial got a lot of activity links, traffic and such to the client.

Many social shares, for example. So when we come back next week, we will talk about creating content that will get you links and traffic. This has been Victor Campos,