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How to Create Credibility With Affluent Clients

So, first of all expertise matters in general when you are marketing a product or service. However, with your affluent clients, it is absolutely essential and the reason for that is because they are limited on time.

They want results, they’re looking for performance and they want to work with the best of the best right because they don’t want their time and money wasted. So I want to talk to you a little bit about how to establish this credibility, because here’s what we do know they will research you before they buy from you. Okay, so we’re not going to talk in this article about how you’re marketing to them and how they got to you.

I’ve talked about that in a lot of my other articles, but once they do find out about you and they are looking for you, I want to talk about a few ways that you can establish credibility. Okay, number one! You need to make sure that you are properly positioned and that you are positioned as the expert in your field right. So that is number one you you want to make sure that your positioning and your messaging is absolutely clear as to why you are the obvious choice for them to work with number two.

You need to have really tight branding branding matters because, what’s going to happen is – and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to look for a service provider online and literally clicked away from them – they could have been the best expert in the world. But I clicked away from working with them, because when I went to their website it was old, it was outdated, they didn’t have professional, headshots and look.

My feeling is, if you’re not going to invest that much into your business, then you’re probably not going to invest that much into mine. So you need to make sure that your branding is tight and one of the ways that you can do that. Especially if you are are newer to business is to really have like a one page website. I’d rather, you have a one page. Beautiful website then have a really old, older one.

Okay, the third way that you are going to be able to establish your credibility is with the use of social proof, so social proof goes way beyond testimonials and again we know that this is essential, so it goes way beyond testimonials. It could also look like endorsements on LinkedIn. It could look like peer endorsements. You know, I know that some of you know that Seth Godin, you know I won the Purple Cow award and that has been a award.

That has really served me over the length of my career where he nominated our business as one of the most innovative companies in the United States. That’s a big endorsement right so endorsements from well-known people, but also from your clients and from your peers, Awards also exceptional for credibility builders as well as legitimate media appearances, where they can see that you are an authority matter expert on the subject.

Finally, customer service. So your credibility starts with the first interaction that you or your team have with the affluent clientele. So you want to make sure that you are responding quickly to your messages that you’re responding quickly to voice messages and that your team is, you know, understands that they need to provide, and all of you need to provide exceptional service from the moment that the person Comes in contact with you and part of that is to really design the customer experience.

You want to not leave that to chance. You want to have that designed before you even start marketing, so that the minute that they contact you they have a that. You’ve got an automated and personalized way to be able to get them in touch with you in a highly professional manner, alright guys. So those are my tips for you to be able to establish some credibility with your affluent market if you’d, like more tips like this, you and connect with me on social media, I’ve got a group on Facebook called the marketing Millionaire success circle as well as a Group on LinkedIn called marketing the millionaire’s.

I hope to talk to you soon and until next time have a great day.

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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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EP 008 – Why Business Development is MORE Important than Sales with Timothy R. Johnson

It might be a little cookie. I’m just going to set this right here, all right there we go good morning, everyone. This is a Kelly O’Neil and I want to welcome you to the proper door live show. This is the show dedicated to entrepreneurs around the world who want to know the no BS tactics and strategies of what is working right now to create a highly profitable business without the hustle and grind.

So we are going to be teaching you all about things to work, smarter, not harder, and we are not going to sugarcoat anything. So we are going to go there hey good morning, so yeah we are going to go there, we’re going to bring you these topics that you want to hear most so the song I am so thrilled to have my dear friend Tim Johnson, here Tim I’ve worked With for years and Tim is the king of connections, he is a connector, Proctor or profile type, and he is all about utilizing his vast network in order to create millions and millions and millions of dollars in sales for his own companies, as well as for his As well as for his clients, so welcome to how are you doing I’m doing fantastic? I’m we’re going to call this officially the move edition where I couldn’t find half my makeup.

My lighting is all messed up and I had to tear down my office, I’m sitting in a random room, so something it’s the move edition. I got it fantastic. Alright, as you join. What I would love for you to do is just go ahead and drop. A note in here so that we could see who is joining the call say hello say where you’re from and if you’ve got any questions about business development sales, but drop them in there as well.

Alright, mr. Tanner, the difference was to start here most people. You know online that they’re talking all about like you need to do sales leave. Do sales need to sales which sales is important. Don’t get me wrong if you don’t have sales, you’ve got no cash flow. If you have cash flow you’re on the company, but there’s a big difference between business development and sales, what’s the difference well, in my experience with business, development is really nurturing a client to not just be a sale, but to be a lifetime.

Member of your movement that you know they not just also buy or use your product, but they promote it to the world right because they’re so happy, and we develop that. That’s where you know this is where they get to know you. That’s where you get to like you, that’s where they get to love you and, as I call it this, you know it’s just that client practice the dating process in which you literally get them stoked and you’re serving their mission as to why they want to achieve Things and when you handhold them through the process, I call business development because you’re developing that relationship with them to achieve their goals, not your own.

I love it. I love it. So what you’re saying is really like. The differences between business development and sales is business. Development is an ongoing, is an ongoing relationship, building tool where sales often can be looked at very transactional yeah. Exactly that’s a thing. If you, you know it’s the customer lifetime value right. If you go in and they’re so stoked with what you refer to them, the first time they’re going to come back to you multiple different times, to tell you that there’s stuff going on in their business and you can make more money, call mailbox money.

What does mailbox money define is what do you do with the eighty percent of people you’re? Not four! So listen when you refer somebody and that person’s really really stoked, and they come back to you. Let’s just say that product isn’t for you or you don’t require that service. But what, if you have a board of directors that you can refer that business to and they send you a check? How do you make money with no right there? Not for you, you should surround yourself like this profit ology group.

Each people in this group has very specific interest in very specific skills that could multiply other clients that you already have and make money. Without that I love it. This is by the way that is your next book title. No one steal that that’s Tim Johnson’s, if you steal it, how to make money with no that’s to be what I already have. You are ok, our summit is the summit that Emerson, I are doing, is sell less make more summit, because one of the guys from Northwestern Mutual used to tell a story.

He was the number one sales guy in in the world and the history of that company and what he said that was very profound is that they asked him on stage. He says how did you become so good at sales? You said I stopped selling. I just looked for a business for 11, other friends, nice yeah. So now here’s the thing you know: there’s most people will do referrals, but don’t ask for the check the difference is I just learned how to literally do referrals and I’ll be showing something by the end of summer that literally on your phone, you can take the Phone hit the hit the partner hit, the lead and connect them, and it literally does it in 30 seconds sending a vCard and why it is so literally all you do is carry your phone around a networking event.

Ok, Kelly O’Neil here is the lead connect and then literally puts it on a Trello board for you to let you know that I refer to leave, that’s awesome. So let’s talk a little bit more about this. You know I ran something called the collaborate to accelerate intensive a while ago, and I talked with all of our students in the profit preneur circle, about the importance of collaborating and doing this type of business, and what you’ve really done is you take this a step Farther and you assemble a board of directors.

So let’s talk about what your board of directors looks like well like for branding. I use you for funding. I use Leo canal for merchant services, I use Ryan Fritsche for sales. I use Tom Chef and it just goes on coppy I use for a Mersenne and what I’ve done is there’s a tool called fix. Your funnel so literally, all I have to do is if I you just have somebody text the word branding or I can use the app that I have, that literally connects them.

Now, when I get back from a networking event, let’s just say I talk to 30 40 50 people right, okay, I literally know when I get back what I connected into so literally nobody’s falling off so literally instead of the 20 percent Plato’s principle so like in Baseball 3: a 2 out of 10. You know: you’re an average player 3 out of 10 and you’re you’re, a rock star right, you’re, a multi-million dollar stuff.

Well that works. That way. Why not monetize the connections you’re with? If you start to talk to them, and you explain to them what’s going on here’s, what most of us do, have you ever been to an event and someone all they do is talk about how badass their yes, then, why do we sell? Why do we tell people what we do? That would mean we like to tell people what we do oh yeah and says: well, if our minority shuts off, if someone talks about how badass they are, then why, specifically, we start sharing with people what we do sure.

Ok, so going through the process, all I’m listening for is key phrases unless, before the problem is the challenges the issue is, I would have deep dive down to that see to me a lot of former sales is dead features and benefits, and all this other stuff That goes out bigger the consequence, bigger the check. So what I’m listening for? Well, you don’t understand the problem. Is I’m like right? Well, most, you don’t realize the minute.

Someone says the problem is that’s what they crave for themselves. The challenge the issue. Well, if you start to listen to those, if that challenge or that problem or that issue, you can solve it, what you’re able to do is then connect them to a referral partner if they’re not for you, so you’re only monetizing it out with them. Here’s the thing: imagine if you start referring your friends business the next time something comes up in their business, that your referral they’re going to want to get back.

So you create this whole board of directors, which is really just brothers and sisters that I have that are really badass specifically in that area. But what I learned to do is just monetize it, because there’s no way the human mind can listens to 30 or 40 conversations in a weekend and monetize. Well literally, all I did was take a lot of the tools that tradition I learned from you and a lot of other people and literally just created a work like I could just say, branding hey.

Let me introduce you to a sister of mine, Kelly, O’Neil, she’s, badass, here’s, what she’s accomplished, here’s what you’re going to receive and literally the system automates it automatically. So I really don’t have to do anything so it creates this process. So now I’m making money with no, because if they’re not for me, I might as well sell to a friend and make a check and add him come into their business right.

I love that. I love that. I love that sorry, I’m trying to figure out. What’s going on with my split screen here, primeira another I didn’t update on, he can’t live and now all of a sudden we have, we have all. Now. I think, there’s three there’s two of you. I didn’t know if I could add a morph. I sizing as what you’re saying yeah yeah I mean like you’re. Duplicating try to get out on face like branding.

Does yeah it’s the be everywhere effect. That’s what we like to that’s what we like to. We like to say here, fantastic all right. So in assembling your board of directors, because I think this is really important – it’s the turning the no because you’re right, you’re, not you’re, not right for everyone. So where do you look for in your business development partners execution? Does the execution of the product solve the specific problem that they’re going through right? Okay, for example, you know like and like when you are working on my stuff, you and Emerson.

I thought work very well together because you’re both very much strategists yeah, I’m not a strategist. A lot of people tell me, oh my accessorize strategy. What I do is I’m accessorizing verticals that they’re not looking at they’re, not making money on merchant services they’re not making money on reputation, but it actually aligns with their core values of their company, but they’re not looking at it like.

How do you write off on line, but I’ve set B reviews? You know, here’s the thing, because I understood reviews and reputation do some of the branding. At least curry happens to be one of my reputation and I also use another company call so tell us. So I used two different verticals: yes, love myself, some Ron Howard. I do, but I like the checks. He sends me: yeah, yeah. Okay, that’s mailbox! Money, month after month after month, like ryan Phrygia merchant, he sends me pay taxes.

So I set it up once and I continually paid like rental properties, okay and then, when I’m out and about. If I see someone’s you know, if their reputation is not good or their branding sauce, your enemy writer says they took the sole process and literally create into a formula that we go into companies, cuz strategies, everything right, facebooking ads, and all that is tactics. If you don’t have a strong strategy in the front, here’s they most people want to come to me and they’re like blow up my business.

So I’m like great. What’s the strategy? Okay, I know how you know once the offer and the strategies in place. I got the ways. That’s super simple right. Cuz, listen! I you know, I teach my students to literally crate mailbox plenty for themselves. Cuz. You know you might as well. If they’re, not for you, if you’re paying for the lead, you already paying for the travel, if you’re sitting down eating dinner, start to think about other verticals or people that are in your circle, that you can refer business to in this asking for exact.

If you prefer that’s free marketing for them, okay, they’re going to pay for marketing in some kind of way. The difference is now we go out. We monetize right so now, you’re monetizing, six out of ten eight out of ten begin. This make sure the product or services they provide is really good. Okay. So this is this. I will tell you is key the end. You know what a stickler I am like. I I literally just put the kibosh on a good friend of Mines, business Hugh who came to me because her product is – and I love her and I think she’s brilliant and her products, not market ready – and I was like I won’t rep this yet like you Need to get all these ducks in a row before you wrap it, and I think this is such a key thing in this market.

You know: what’s what’s that saying? What’s the saying about you know, if you don’t want to get fleas or what is it like? Don’t don’t don’t lie down with a dog that has fleas know if you don’t want, please don’t lay it out with the dogs, it has it yeah exactly it’s like you have to be so careful in this market about who you are referring to, because that is A representation extension of your brand and if you refer to someone that is, you know, doing less like subpar work or, if you’re referring to someone that is, you know not not not up to snuff er.

You know that that comes back on you. It does us. You know and that’s why you know one of the things we created to sell, let’s make more summit was after a buddy might got Chilean. I got burned by promoter and we’re literally putting on an event for the sponsors of that show to serve them back, as it was worried for lem me, yeah, they’re, buddies or sponsors back to let them get on stage, because it was my reputation and and here’s The thing what what easier way is to do that than to start my first one everybody’s asked me recently why I don’t teach what I do and then somebody in October last year asked me how many kids am I not helping, because I’m not on stage.

You know my dad stopped. That’s how you get stim go for the kids every time, yeah! That’s why it’s almost my customers or my clients that I don’t work for them. I work for their kids because you see there’s three investments in your life. There’s time, money and change: what’s the most important change change, but most people when they’re struggling always talk about time, but we all wake up with the same 1440 minutes a day.

There’s a reason why some people make 30 grand is reason why some people may go hundred million it’s based on the habit you wake up with in the morning. Okay, we just don’t. We don’t look at as our businesses, the math we look at it. It’s hard. The minute you say it’s hard, we tell the universe. No, so there’s only two things in the universe. There’s no one know if the challenge is the issue is the problem is you’re creating the know in your business instead of who do you know what you need to know or where do I need to know to get me past this problem? Yes, who has that literally, if your mind would just go to that hey, okay, I need this person and it comes.

It makes it so much easier when these issues come up. There’s a book called Black Swan. What are the what ifs in our business? This is his favorite book, so we either say I’m just going to totally Adam. We do this thing. I call it Timmy time where I call him yeah now we’re going to put it live on Facebook, so I call it. I call it Timmy time like if I need some Timmy time. I called Terry for whether it be personal advice, litmus checks about something from sales off on him.

We have Timmy time and many of our TV times this book. The black slide has come up right and Black Swan is just the layers of your business right. If you know, if you’re marking, with your sales guys something happened, I’ll give an example I was at. I was actually just coming out of an event with you. If you remember, you told me, and one of my contractors acted flipped his car and passed away so had I not been layered with other contractors and other things in the business? Had I not layered my business, this year’s was pretty wild.

I buried my grandma very regretful. My wife had surgery, my friends, it’s not rough, it’s here’s a thing. You know everybody says even with my story that if I, if I didn’t have the stuff in place, my business would have never thrived. It would never keep going. You know we’re put through things its perspective right. A lot of people say I’ve had a rough childhood, so a lot of people say you know this last six months been rough, but if I didn’t have my friends, I didn’t have my board of directors.

I didn’t have my business setup in the way that I did it wouldn’t be here right and that’s why this book is so important because you know it’s preparing, you know, listen cash crunches, don’t come in one day. If you start to look at the stuff in your business, it shows you months in advance on your balance sheet, but we don’t look at that. We don’t wake up Sunday morning or Monday morning and say hey.

This is the sales I need for the week. Here’s the verticals are they sales that you need specifically for you or, if you’re, already buying, if you’re buying the marketing? Why not monetize it with your friends as well, because you know you can send them business and vice versa. I think a lot of people really operate from that scarcity. Mindset where you know I see this office like this is part of the reason I created.

As you know, the profit ology process because, as I was creating that Tim was behind the scenes done. This is brilliant, and this is part of the reason I created this is because not everyone is in the right stage for what you need right now in your business, and a lot of people are stuck skipping, like you said it’s like they’re tiptoeing, through clarity and Leapfrogging over strategy into action and they’re burning they’re burning their businesses out right in their burn their lists because it’s just the same stuff over and over and over.

So I give you a perfect sample. I’d was uh when I started doing a lot of the stuff. I was burning people out with people. There was no way they had the amount of time so I’ll give kudos to Troy, Bechard him, and I did a trade out. We were doing a mastermind together and I’m just I just started like I normally do. I get on a white board, which is my war room and I’m just like right now, maids for him, neither whoa dude, there’s no way.

Possibly you know I did like 50 or 60 leads like in one day and he just started building this thing is I throw there’s no way so we actually reached out to fix your funnel and he actually heated and literally on the backside of an app literally Created so I can connect people on a Trello board at five at a time, so I didn’t have to slow me down. I can still do dumps right on people that I had met, but yet it was being triggered in the sense that it was only five at a time so having five for a week to follow up with this and bad.

But if I do a dump and my what do you mean get done, I would just think like, for example, the easiest way for me to figure out who somebody’s for is to do a dump. I can write notes so literally I’ll just go into Trello and I’m like you know it is, but you need to know this person. You know this person, you know this person, you know this person well, but that was doing it all manually. So literally now I can just do this: Trello dump a people they need to know and really in the business, because you know we’re only one person away from knowing anybody.

People don’t believe that, but literally with social media and all that kind of stuff, you’re literally only part one person away from knowing the customer knowing that Rockstar. You want to know right, but we don’t looking like that, because the thing is, you know when you start referring people with events and people at home to some other process. People don’t forget you they don’t so now, which makes it easier.

It’s now like I’m just going Trello and do a dump like I’d, like you know what I mean, so I’m starting doing this now, it’s just what I do a dump on who they need to know. If any stages it could be, it could be whatever specifically, it could be sponsorships. It could be whatever that vertical is to literally just do a brain dump. Well, I’m not overwhelming them, because it’s just in a dump stage, I’m just dumping.

You know when I do my miracle morning: I’m doing that. Dump that literally, they need to know these people, but then, as I make phone calls, I can just move it over in Trello and then it makes the introduction, through a b card, by the way for all of you that are reading they’re in our profit. Ology business incubator – you will see why Tim as our business development expert in the profit ology business incubator – he is now mentioned.

He and I are so aligned in philosophy about the you know the clarity about the strategy of literally in our 30-day profit transformation program. This week we talked about the miracle morning. We talked all about collaboration. We talked about building relationships. It is absolutely what James talking about is absolutely central in today’s marketplace. It’s absolutely essential, in fact we’re we’re leading a training in our profit preneur circle on Thursday, where I’m talking about the five strategic ways that we are helping our clients herefore the recession, that’s imminent right.

All of the analysts are telling us it’s coming, and this the smart ones of us are not we’re not freaking out we’re like got it good to know. How do I then recession-proof, my business? How do I then add these these? You know different components in and much of what Tim is talking about is part of what how I have my clients recession-proof their business right, if you are being transactional in your business, if you were just talking about sales, if you are not in this business development Game if you’re not referring people you’re, not collaborating with other people, you’re going to be it’s going to be so much harder for you, if not impossible.

Once you get into a transitioning economy and that’s exactly right, we just don’t. We don’t plan ahead right when we call cash crunches, that’s months in advance, but most people won’t look at their P & L. They won’t work with them. They won’t look at what we call the MSP partnership. Every time we keep hearing the same objections over and over and over that should be wrote into our copies so that the salespeople spend less time with people they’re not for write better the strategy.

You become more hoarder takers because people are picking up the phone. I need you right now. Yeah say what is is to marketing and sales partnership. Oh my got it all. Those people do not connect their marketing and sales. They don’t thank you when they follow the profit, ology processor. So and that’s where it comes down to being really important, your marketing shouldn’t be who you’re for it should be, who you’re not for 1000 % okay, and when you get really specific on who you are for okay, and because I have people like Emerson.

I people like you that are really good at this kind of strategy of what the business should go. Look like see now I can take the other 80 %, then you’re, not four, and we can put verticals in place that you can start to solve to your friends so that you can make money because here’s the thing if you’re trying to get to 100 grand And you work in 2080 hours per year, you’re ninety six bucks an hour.

Well, if I want to go to 200 grand that just means I need our 48 hours now I need to go to 96. Then all I need to do that. Hundred grand doesn’t necessarily have to be you, it could be other verticals. So it’s about working less and make anymore, because if you can monetize being on the phone with every client and send them business where you need to go so one of the things. I start a lot of my conversations off with by the way any time during this conversation, if I’m not a good fit, do you mind if I refer you to someone that is if, by chance, I am a good fit? Do you mind if we take the last five minutes, so this phone corner straight how we can work together yeah, so it becomes very simplistic.

I’m just listening for the major problems in their life and just kind of connecting them in to where I think or believe is going to be the strongest impact to their. Why? Because never about the sales er, the stuff that we have is more about the product. The product is just a tool right, I can give you a hammer, doesn’t mean you’ll use it. Difference is you’re the tool to get them to their. Why most people might why you on this phone call to make more money you mind.

If I tell you my greatest fear, you’re concentrating on money, what, if you had the money, tell me what life would be like? What would it go on vacation, my kids great? How much is that? Oh, it’s 2,000! What if you had a $ 10,000 vacation with your kids? Okay, when do you want to do it? Because I did I’d be dreams without I ideas without dates or dreams? Okay, so let’s just say that you’re literally going to take if it’s 10 grand and it’s going to be next July – it comes to like 27 bucks per day if it’s two years, it’s $ 13 per day.

But if you focused on that $ 13 is putting it back in your business and you put that into a savings account, you would have that vacation yep, but see they look at the big number. What they don’t look at. What do I need to wake up Monday morning and how many, whose sales do I need? Is that sales in your company or is it other verticals to financially? You know, for example, I have some people pay me ten percent.

I have some people pay me. 50 percent – it depends to this business. They don’t have the difference. Is you know my staff? My office still doesn’t know what I do. There’s like well how you get these checks? Well, I pick up the phone ball or I’m at an event, and when you can do that, that’s all of you that are listening notice that he doesn’t say that he is, you know, banging out social media posts.

In fact, this morning I was like anyone answer. He’s like no any sec wait. I think that might be right. I mean like that, he’s direct con. I say this all the time you guys direct contact is the fastest path to cast. You pick up the phone. You meet people at events. Where do we meet? Where did you and I meet? Actually, I think was on the cruise. It was definitely before the cruise hey, there’s a bit a man might have been man.

I’ve been circling for a while yeah my approach. It your approach is extremely effective. So I can also tell you that Tim has run business development at my events very, very, very effectively. So so if people want to find out more about you, they want to find out about this event, which tell us a little bit more about this event. So the event will be it’ll actually be posted on Monday they’re, just uh the designers are actually putting the page up.

It’s called to sell less make more Sun net. Hey going to do is we’re going to start to teach people what to do, how to make money with no really deep dive into you know. Is it sales? Is it so literally at our vet? If you want to learn to make more money, we’re actually going to have a lot of our affiliates actually at the event, these are people that we refer businesses of merchants. As if funding is this, whatever vertical, you need.

Oh I’d like to accessorize with your business. We’re going to start to either they could use ours or will start to teach them to farm their own right. So there’s some it’s going to be a lot of roundoff. I think people forgot even like Napoleon Hill and all that that mastermind group he was around was really created to refer business and the more you refer business back-and-forth, the deeper the bond gets cuz you’re, serving their kids you’re, making that money right they really didn’t – have To go out and spend for right, so we’re going to start these people, this marketing and sales partnership, because the more that you meet with your marketing, your sale seems every week the last time the salespeople have to spend on the phone defending okay, because objection should Be handled in the front, not the back right, the more you understand the pain they’re in the frustrated they’re overwhelmed with this stuff, the easier it is to identify it they’re, not for you.

What referral partner are they for right, yeah and it’s it’s amazing that the world of referrals? People don’t understand that you can get paid, but you can refer movies, you don’t get paid, but in the real business world we do yep, but we like to do free. Consulting because it makes us feel good, I don’t operated. I’ve listened, but I’m a lot of people that come to me. I’m like great, so you just refer that how much money you make well! No, I’m just because I like them, that’s awesome! So how about your kids, though, so, is that referral partner, adding text to your kids is the counter taking it away and they go that’s not funny.

I didn’t say it was funny. I just asking you you’re referring business. I again you may want to do it for free. I’m just going to disagree with people is listen. Listen! I’ve been able to change my dynamic of my business because of my referral partners, yep and because I like to send them business. It’s okay, but I actually took the last four or five months because I was literally destroying people, because I would give them that Mary referrals, okay and when my brother might pointed that out, is I typically let’s do this so now it lessened in less than two Weeks, my systems is completely 100 % automated between a text delete.

I need one phone number in one word for every referral partner and I can refer business. I love it. I love it alright, guys so we’ve put Tim’s and Doreen says she loves the the pre-agreement is communication. Saving tim is in the profit preneur circle. So if you want to connect with Tim he’s in the proper preneur circle, if you are in the profit, ology business incubator, you have Timmy time because he’s in there as well – oh, I know he loves that when I say that also really quickly before we go.

I want to let you know we just announced yesterday our marketing to millionaires live one-day intensive. That is going to be on July 10th. Highly recommend that you guys register my team will drop the link below it is going to be one day where I’m going to teach you my best stuff to help you get your offer done help you find your ideal millionaire clients to help. You learn how to find them, sell them and in and also serve them properly, so that they turn into raving fans who build your business for you.

So if you would like to learn how to stop marketing to broke people, I highly recommend to show up to that. That is going to be held in our profit preneur circle, which I, if you like this, and you like. What we are up to here make sure that you join the circle. It is at profit, winner’s circle, calm. Not only do we do like we share resources, we provide info, we network, we collaborate, you could find your board of directors in there, but also every single Thursday.

We do a live training inside the circle that is exclusively for our members. So if you would like to join the circle, we highly recommend that it is an awesome group of people and Tim. Thank you for joining us here to day. We I appreciate you view being here and for anybody that joined your inner circle yeah if they can pitch me in 30, second or less as to what it does for my customers. But they have to be in your inner circle, in the incubator or or in the property north circle, which one the proper preneur circle is our complimentary group profit ology business incubator is paid right, so it would be in the profit.

I think you bait, or anybody that gets in there, that you train them on their strategy and their messaging. Okay, I’ll do once that’s done you and I will get together and we’ll teach them how to get the ways, try to get the way how to get the referral partners and how to get the ways I’ll do a free training for just those people, and I’m Going to take you up on that, I will book here we’ll be in contact.

Thank you for joining the pop-up rinoa show we will be back live on the Thursday, despite the fact that I’m moving, because I’m just going to roll with it. So we will be back on the Thursday. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, Tim for joining us and until next time you guys have an amazing day.

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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Travis Hawley – VP of Business Development at Viral Nation

What’s kind of the biggest thing that you are basing that you want to share on stage that maybe even have an opportunity to do some like piece of advice of things that you’ve learned, yeah he’s really important in the industry. I think, what’s really important is to in terms of influencer. Marketing is just understand that it’s just a piece of the marketing ecosystem.

So it’s you shouldn’t necessarily go all-in on influence or marketing or or think it’s just going to be a one-trick pony that saves your business or whatever. It is just understand it’s a subset of social media marketing. It’s just another tactic, really that you can use in your overall marketing strategy. Tell you know achieve your business results so approaching it in that matter is really important.

I think to understand that it’s it’s not the saving, grace or you know the the biggest thing you should be doing in marketing it’s using it as a piece to the larger puzzle and all of your digital marketing and putting them all together and having all these Different campaigns and and strategies working cohesively together, yeah, and so it’s essentially like a one brick like if you were to build a home of marketing like it’s one of the bricks to that home, right yeah.

Exactly and that’s one thing that a lot of people are talking about is like taking certain marketing efforts out of the silos right and so not having them just work independently. So if you’re doing influencer marketing that’s great, but how is it integrating and working or leveraging and writing momentum of other marketing campaigns to and having all online offline marketing? What all the different kind of campaigns and strategies and tactics are using all kind of work together.

Rather than just have your influencer marketing team, your social marketing team, your you know, programmatic team and all these different teams like how can we actually bring these all together, so they can kind of write each other’s coattails yeah then so, do you work only you work With the business you don’t work, the influences right. You work with the the brains personally yeah yeah. I work directly with the brands, and then we have talent, managers and campaign managers who are more.

You know in contact with the influencers themselves. Yeah, I don’t. I don’t deal with infinitesimal, yeah and in terms like working with a branch. What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned to kind of, I guess, make the brand’s happy yeah. So I think one of the things I say on stage is about defining success and your intent like. Why are you doing influencer marketing and then also defining success like how? How are we going to know if this is successful or not successful? So, really, what to me, what that encompasses is just expectations.

Setting that’s something we have problems with. A lot, unfortunately, is having very clear expectations with one another like what the brand wants. We know those expectations and what and what they need and then the brand’s expectations of what we’re going to do and deliver and what we can and can’t do. That is a very contentious point. So I think that’s a really really important thing to have that super.

Clear communication with with the brand yeah yeah cool, and what about in terms like stacking girl, think what value has stacking growth provided? You yeah, I think the great thing about stacking growth is everyone here is super open-minded in terms of finding new, innovative ways to market or to grow a business, so that kind of environment and culture is really great. If you’re trying to grow a business and become more successful or whatever your intent is on that area, literally growth right having that kind of environment is super important that you may not get at some other kinds of conferences where it’s just super corporate feel and everyone’s Just saying all the lingo, and just all the all the you know what I mean just that’s how it is right.

This culture here is very different, so it’s it’s cool to be around people who just want to learn from each other and aren’t afraid to give each other, maybe some trade secrets of how they do stuff because we’re here to support each other to so that’s what I really like what about? Is there anything that you want to share that? You think it’s important for people to know maybe like a life lesson piece of advice, that’s like definitely building relationships, okay in business and in your life is really important.

Rather than being, your focus is on getting something out of people. I think if you approach a lot of things in life to help whether it’s the brand or your friend or family, or anyone to help them and expecting nothing in return, it can build some like really good karma. If you believe in karma or what goes around comes around kind of thing right, and I think that is what ultimately will make you successful if you’re the definition of success is just being happy right, because just helping people is amazing and it just so happens to Make you more successful or financially better or whatever it is, then that’s great too, and I think it you know having those kinds of relationships is something we need a lot more of.

As you know, an exchange of value, but not expecting anyone to to give you something back right, just do something, because it’s a nice and a great thing to do. You know what it means: yeah, no cool, then how did you get into this? Were you always in marketing and does that feel variety too? I really wasn’t so believe it or not used to be in the Air Force, and then I worked at the NSA. So I’m actually coming from like a military intelligence background, and I just serendipitously got into em social media marketing, because I was building some fan pages on industry on my facebook for fun and it’s a really long story.

But eventually that got me a job at a brand and mobile gaming company and then that changed my life, so it just. I was just doing something that was fun for me as like growing community on Instagram and Facebook totally fun. I had no intent of being in business or making money from it, but since I was doing that well with like no training or anything it you know like I said, serendipitously became my career, so yeah, it’s very.

It’s very interesting story. Actually, it’s crazy to think about yeah. Well, so you built so do you have any tips or advice for people wanting to grow communities because stacking about this is obviously one community or people who come here also trying to grow their own communities? How can they go about replicating what you did with those? I think again, it’s about relationships too right like if you want to have at least an engaged community.

You want to be, as in you actually engaged with your your followers, your fans as possible and way to do. That is to be very relatable and approachable right. So it depends on what kind of community you’re growing right like there’s, fan, pages and mean pages and there’s also influencers and personality pages, and then there’s you know, brands or conferences and things like that, but either way. That’s that’s what we need in a society in a world.

That’s so connected we’re incredibly disconnected right nowadays, because it’s just so just you know so saturated with content and stuff like that right. So those relationships – man, yeah yeah woman – is like. How can I help you and what are your goals with stacking girls? Are you just running me as many people here, and there goes many relationships? Yeah really. I think the the main thing is to build relationships with people who are and are not in my vertical just because, like I said, I think people have a really good attitude of like finding ways for growth there.

You know worky interesting, creative, different ways to grow. Our businesses and careers, and things like that, so that’s why I really like connecting with people who are like-minded like that who are just gritty and trying to find any in every way they can to to do better. You know so I mean my goal is as mostly relationships that I do, I think, to connect with those kinds of people, and I guess yeah.

This is my first one. I’ve been to, and also it’s it’s my second, it’s pretty cool yeah, everyone’s, so friendly. It’s so easy to meet, people just have, and the cool thing is so many people here, I think, know each other from online or seen each other kinda cool like it’s, not it’s less awkward. Sometimes I found here’s like some people, like I seen you all the time never met you, but I’ve seen the articles on linkedin all the time or whatever it is.

So it’s like you know, almost feel, like you know some of the people here. You know it feels like it a little less like standoffish or corporate or you don’t. You know I mean you feel, like you already kind of know these people guys on how even if you’ve never met on my. So I think that’s like a cool thing to first act with. Hopefully they can keep that element alive as much as you can, especially as it grows.

You know it’s harder to do that as things grow, but do you want people to find you? If so, where can they find? You find me on LinkedIn, because that’s the greatest growing platform and on the planet right now, LinkedIn’s the spot to find me. I don’t really like people connecting me connecting with me, at least in message form on like Instagram or Facebook. So much maybe once we know each other but like when I first encountered you know or develop relationships with someone.

Now I look I like doing on LinkedIn it’s a really great platform, I’m finding to connect with people so find me on LinkedIn, Travis, Holly and alright. I’m going to I’m going to find it on Facebook and Instagram yeah. You could do that too. I just may not accept your request, nothing personal! Yes, that totally makes sense. I feel, like that’s a more professional style yeah. Thank you so much Travis.

I really appreciate it yeah. This is awesome, is very meeting you

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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Small Business Marketing… Don’t even think about making THIS copywriting mistake

This is the second installment in a series of five, where we’re talking about mistakes, people make in copy that could kill their sales. Today, we’re going to talk about using acronyms and jargon. Look in whatever business you’re in there is a vernacular there’s a jargon.

There are acronyms that are used that you know that perhaps your colleagues know, but maybe your audience isn’t all that familiar with. If you’re a jeweler, you might use the term GI a, but your customers know that do they know what that means. What about I Jo or are Jo or any of the other acronyms that talk about the associations you might have or the qualifications that you might be able to spout? Not that there’s anything wrong with letting people know that you have some qualifications that lends credibility, but they need to understand what they know in the speaking business.

There’s something called CSP. It stands for certified speaking professional problem is most people, including most meeting planners, don’t know what it means or what it takes to get it. So what good is using it if it is not explained, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, but you must explain the term. I’ve got a client, who’s, selling, high-tech electronic equipment to the government for use in airplanes and fighter jets and those kinds of things he has a acronym.

That’s our m.R.H M stands for remote health monitoring. Do you know what that means sounds like something they stick on astronauts to make sure their health is ok, not at all has to do with the monitoring of the condition of the power supply or the electronic components that he sells, and it’s a unique point for Him but his customers do they understand it. Do the buyers understand it and is he absolutely sure that they do because, if you’re at the least bit uncertain, you must explain your terms, don’t get caught in the syndrome of using jargon and acronyms that your prospects may not understand? That’s your tip of the day.

So subscribe to your blog and tell your friends about it, check out back episodes of tips of the day and I’ll see you next time on your 30-second marketer tip of the day you


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Google 7-Pack now a 3-Pack: Small Business Marketing Minute Episode 149

The small business marketing minute show the show that gives you the busy small business owner, simple, affordable and practical tips to grow your business and, of course, teaches you. The famous duct tape marketing system have some breaking news to report this week from the very key key and technical world of search engine, optimization, which I know is a topic that you all absolutely love being sarcastic.

Of course here. I know that the typical local small business owner does not want to think at all about search engine optimization, but unfortunately this is an area where what you don’t know can in fact hurt you – and this is the case with the news I have to report this Week last week, Google started rolling out a change that could potentially have some significant impact on some of you out there.

Most of you are probably familiar with the concept of when you, when you do a search for a local business. Some of the results that will come up on page one of the search results will be the map listings for the google maps, so you’ll see a list of businesses and you’ll have little icon next to them. That says, ABCD and E and so on and it well let some information about the business like their name and phone number, and if that business has any ratings, it will show their star rating there and the reviews and number of reviews and all that.

So in the world of SEO that we call these listings, that’s the seven pack, because there’s usually about five to seven businesses listed there well, starting last week that has changed. Google is now only going to list three businesses in that maps listing section. So what that means is that if your business was not in the top three of the listings that showed up in that seven pack, it won’t show up anymore now.

This doesn’t affect the rest of the organic listings for page one of the search results. So if the keyword that people were searching for is something that you show up for elsewhere on page one, that will still be there, but you just won’t be in the maps listing section unless you’re in that top three. So how do you get in the top? Three: well: it’s not really public information as part of Google’s super-secret algorithm, but some things that we know contribute to.

It are having lots of positive ratings and reviews on Google and having your Google+ page setup and claimed, and things like that. So definitely make sure you’re on top of those things now, along with the reduction of the maps listing from seven businesses to three businesses, there were a few other changes made as well. For one thing, the exact address of the business works removed from that first screen that you can see in the actual search results.

The phone numbers remove from that area, links to your Google+ page or remove from that area, and all this information is still available. But people have to actually click the listing, so one of those three businesses that’s listed in the Maps listening section actually have to click the listing in order to get all that additional information. It’s not entirely clear why Google is doing this in what direction they’re going here.

I’ve heard some people hypothesized that this might be a move towards making the maps listing a paid listing, in other words, where businesses might have to pay to show up in that maps. Listing section so maybe they’d be three businesses that are available for free and then additional businesses. If they’re not in that top three, maybe they have to pay to be there. That’s just a theory, I’m not sure if I agree with that theory or not, but it is a possibility.

So this is just something to keep an eye on and see how it starts affecting businesses. But the bottom line is that things change very quickly in the world of search engine optimization and, like I said at the top of the podcast, it is a situation, unfortunately we’re what you don’t know can hurt you and foremost local business owners there. Never even going to know that they’re being hurt so last spring when google rolled out the change to the algorithm that caused web sites that aren’t mobile friendly to get bumped way down in the search results.

That’s another great example of something like this, where a business might all of a sudden just stop getting as many leads from their website and not really know why. This is another thing that could lead to that kind of situation. So if you don’t have someone in your business, that’s at least keeping their ear to the ground and paying attention to things that are developing in the world of search engine optimization.

You really should be outsourcing that to someone in some capacity just so that you at least know what’s going on and can have someone taking care of that area of your business, because it’s just so so important these days to especially for a local business to be Able to be found in local search results for people who are searching for your type of business. So that’s all I’ve got for this week’s episode be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

So you get next episode as soon as it’s published, and I will see you next week. Are you looking for a step-by-step manual that teaches you how to create a lead generation system for your local business? If so, my new book entitled the small business owners guide to local lead generation might be the perfect resource for you. It teaches you about everything from direct mail and referral, marketing to website design and search engine optimization and much more, and it’s been endorsed by numerous top small business experts, including BNI founder dr.

Ivan meissner in freshbooks. Ceo mike mcdermott pick up your copy today at local lead gen book


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The Secret to Small Business Marketing Success

If you own or manage a small business I’d like you to ask yourself following five questions. First, do you have trouble differentiating your business from your competition? Do you ever find yourself competing based on price alone, because of that fact second, do you ever feel like you’re moving from one marketing tactic to the next, without any strategy tying them together? Do you find it difficult to track the return on investment from the money you spend on marketing and advertising? Do you have trouble generating enough leads for your business or converting the leads you get into customers? Finally, when you examine all of the elements of your business’s online marketing, such as your website, social media presence, search engine, optimization email, marketing and online advertising, do you find that some of those elements are lacking or even non-existent? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your company might benefit from the unique marketing method I teach to small business owners.

The method is called duct tape, marketing because just like duct tape, it’s simple, affordable and most of all practical. This method has been used by thousands of small businesses all over the world, including my own, to great effect. In fact, it was so effective at growing my business that I decided to join the network of authorized duct tape, marketing consultant, so I could teach it to other business owners.

So what is the duct tape? Marketing method? It’s basically a seven step process for your business. That starts with the development of a marketing strategy then takes a systematic approach to developing a set of tactics that serve that strategy. The process addresses every element required in a well-run marketing system, including lead generation, lead conversion. In all the online marketing elements I mentioned previously, once a business completes, the seven step process will know exactly what their ideal customer looks like and where to find them.

They’ll know what their customers value about them that makes them different from the competition will know what marketing tactics to use to get the best return on investment and they’ll even have a marketing calendar so that they’ll know what tasks need to be done on a daily Weekly and monthly basis to run their new marketing system now, if this approach to marketing sounds like something that might benefit your business, here’s what I want you to do: first download and read our to ebooks about the seven steps to small business marketing success and creating A total online presence for your business then come back to our website and complete a signature brand audit, which is basically a questionnaire that allows us to evaluate your marketing as it stands right now, once you do that I’ll schedule, a free, 30 minute session with you To help you think, through how you can apply some of the duct tape marketing principles to your business.

This is not a sales presentation, there’s no obligation on your part whatsoever, and I guarantee that you’ll walk away with at least three ideas. You can take action on immediately to improve your marketing. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some valuable feedback about your marketing. Take action right now by downloading those ebooks and completing your signature brand audit or, if you’d like to keep learning stay tuned for the next article.

About the unique way that I define marketing you

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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Seven Steps to Marketing Success 7: Total Online Presence

You know five or six years ago. It used to be enough just to have a website for your business, and you could treat it almost like an online brochure where you, just you know, put up your five pages about your location and your about Us page and a quick just description of your your Products and and sort of just left it at that that just doesn’t work anymore.

You need to have a living breathing online presence, not just on your website, but on your social media profiles on your blog, your podcast, your review sites, your ratings and review sites, and you want all these to be interacting with your website and with each other, and So that no matter where people go online to look for you you’re, going to show up if your head hasn’t started to explode at some point during this presentation.

This is usually when it happens, and I’m going to warn you. This can be very overwhelming, but the key is just to take it one step at a time and instead of throwing up your hands and I and giving up just to pick one or two things to get started and to take action on them. When I work with people and work with businesses to develop their total online presence, I actually use a year-long action plan to take them from Ground Zero.

All the way through having a complete marketing strategy or online marketing strategy for their business. So I’ll go ahead and share you share with you what that plan looks like, so you can start to use it on your own. The first thing you want to do is set up a what we call a lessening station. In other words, you want to follow other people’s blogs. You want to follow other people’s podcasts or listen to other people’s podcasts start following people on Twitter, and these can be your competitors or customers.

Experts in your industry or all of the above. You also want to start to do some basic keyword, research, in other words, looking into what terms people use when they search for your type of business online and when you get started. That’s really. All you want to do is just set up that listening station and read and observe for a a month or two just see what everybody else is doing. What they’re saying what they’re writing about what their podcasting about step two is to set up your content platform or, what’s also known as a website.

This is going to be the hub of your online presence and what all your the various folks come out of, and the spokes being your social media profiles and the ratings and reviews sites and and all of that, if you’re, not using the wordpress content management system. Right now to manage your website, I would highly recommend taking a good long look at moving your website to WordPress and if you haven’t set up your website yet you’re just getting started with that.

That process I’d highly recommend using WordPress to do that, actually teach it entire a seminar just on WordPress. So it’s it’s not a subject that I can cover really well here, but I will say that it started out as a blogging platform, but it is growing into much much more than that. It is now a very versatile and easy-to-use system for managing a small business website. It’s also a free by the way, at least through the the software is all you have to pay for is the web hosting so take take a good long look at using WordPress for your website.

Once we’ve got your website set up. You want to continue your keyword, research and begin to integrate those keywords into your website, and this process is what we call search engine optimization. It’s also a billion-dollar industry and a subject for a workshop in and of itself, but suffice it to say that there are ways when you set up your website and produce your content, that you can do it in a way that makes your website show up in Search results when, when people are searching for terms related to your industry and that’s something that you need to be doing, the next step in the total online presence action plan is to start doing some email marketing.

This is by far the most cost-effective way for a small business to communicate with with customers and one of the most cost effective marketing tactics that a small business can use. You can literally for twenty to thirty dollars a month, send thousand root, or even tens of thousands of emails to your customers or to prospective customers. You want to make sure you’re doing this legally. There is there’s laws like that: govern email, marketing that fall into that.

The can-spam act, one of the best ways to make sure that you are complying with the law, is to use an email service provider like aweber, constant contact, MailChimp or long list of other quality email service providers. These systems will also allow you to see who’s opening. Your emails, what links they clicked on in your emails at a long list of other analytics that you can use to to tweak and improve your marketing.

These systems also allow you to set up a series of autoresponders so that when someone is added to a particular email list, they automatically get a series of emails based out over time that you only have to write once and then just get sent automatically. So it’s a great time-saving tool after you’ve gotten your email marketing started and only after you’ve gotten your email marketing started. You want to begin to use your social media platforms.

Places like facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ are where you need to get started. These are the sort of the big four and I would also add YouTube to that. As you might be aware, YouTube is actually owned by google. It is currently the second largest search engine on the internet, so there’s more people searching for things using YouTube, then with search engines like yahoo and being combined, so it’s definitely a place where you want to be showing up once you have your profile set up on These sites and have begun to build your list of followers you want to move on to online advertising and integrate that into your action plan.

Online advertising is by far the most trackable form of advertising that a small business or any type of business can use. You can actually see things like which adds people looked at which ads they, they clicked on. Imagine for a second going to your local newspaper and asking it if you could put an ad in the paper, but only actually pay for it. When somebody read to add the newspaper would laugh in your face, this is this is impossible right, well, online advertising actually does that with pay-per-click advertising.

You don’t pay one penny. Unless somebody actually clicks on the ad and gets to your website, you can define a budget that you want to use. Every month. You can target the ads to certain geographic areas. When we get into facebook advertising, it gets even more detailed and the types of demographics. You can target with your pay-per-click ads for your paper impression ads. In fact, I’ve even heard of people writing ads for facebook that we’re so targeting that only their family members could see them.

So it’s really got some great potential for some very highly targeted and trackable advertising once you’ve tested online advertising and integrated that into your action plan. The last piece of the puzzle is mobile. Marketing. You can do things like develop a mobile app for your business that people can put on their cell phones in some industries that might be more practical than others. But if you get a little creative, I think there’s some great potential there for ways that you can use a mobile app in your business.

We can also think about mobile marketing in terms of SMS messaging or text messaging. This is a great marketing tool for businesses like restaurants or other other businesses that get their customers back in the door on a regular basis. You can use it to send out alerts. Customer service alerts about sales that are going on, or deadlines that are coming up or specials that your customers might want to know about, and people can actually sign up for these alerts if they want to get them and unlike emails, which currently for a good email Campaign well written email campaign, open rates are going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty five to forty percent.

Typically, however, with text messaging rates, the open rates for those are upwards of ninety five percent. So when you stand out a text message, you can almost guarantee that it’s going to get read so this is this: is the online present action plan and again it’s a year-long process, so don’t let it get overwhelming. Take it one step at a time pick out. One or two pieces that you’re most comfortable with and start there and then just make it a regular part of your routine that you continue to work on.

There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to make this easier and I can list dozens of them, but just to to help you get started, I’m going to list a couple here that I think you should take a look at first. One is a tool called LastPass com. A lot of these other tools from about to mention require you to set up an account and have a username and password. What LastPass does is automatically generate a password for you and every time you go back to that site.

Automatically logs you in so you don’t have to remember all these different passwords and each password is completely unique and very secure. The tool called feedly.Com is something you should use to help you set up your listening station. This is a place. You can our service. You can use to subscribe to other people’s blogs and then go to this one website and read all the blogs in one place and scan through the headlines.

So you can see what content you might want to look at some more or share with your followers again. WordPress, an excellent tool for setting up your website and managing your content. If you’re not using it right now, go ahead and investigate what that might be able to do for you over 23,000 plugins available for WordPress to add functionality to a basic WordPress site, and most of them are free. Adwords is a tool used by out online advertisers from google for managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but it also has a great a keyword, research tool in there that you can use to help you with your keyword, research and setting up an account with AdWords is free.

You don’t actually have to pay for advertising or pay for access to that. So that’s probably something you should put in your toolbox. Another great tool for your listening station is mentioned net. This is a service that sends you an alert every time your brand is mentioned online or other terms from your industry that that you specify so you can set up alerts for your competitors for your brand for industry keywords and every time somebody mentioned sees it on A social media site, or in a blog or anywhere online you’re, going to get an alert, so you can keep track of who’s talking about your company and what they’re saying both good and bad.

So you can go out and respond to that. A tool called outs by food calm is one that I like to help research your competitors. You can actually go in and see what keywords your competitors are using on their website. That is getting them traffic. You can see if they’re doing any online advertising or not and what keywords are targeting for that advertising. If they are so it’s a great way of doing a little spying on the competition, then last but not least, a tool called marketing greater calm as a free tool that allows you to plug in your website or your competitors websites and get a grade that actually Tells you how you’re doing right now with your online marketing it.

You can do this as many times as you want. It’s completely free and it’s going to give you some specific action steps that they recommend you take to improve your website, so a very great free tool for you to help. Give you some ideas to get started and, like I said I could go on for quite some time: you’re just listing different tools to help you with your online action plan. But I would start with those that I mentioned there again pick one or two things that you’re going to start with and just keep coming back and building on this over time.


Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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6 Critical Ad Copywriting Techniques You Need to Know

I’ve, given you some fundamental principles of how to write good copy. Today, I’m going to share with you some techniques. For example, let’s begin by talking about the combination of features and benefits into what I call marketing statements when you do this, try as often as you can to lead with the benefit, because, after all, that’s what the prospect is really after the result that they can Get from buying your product and then you support the benefit with the feature that makes the benefit promise possible.

Second technique that I’d like to share with you right, 12 to 20 headlines for warm-up before you write the rest of your ad. Now don’t worry about the fact that can only use one of them in the ad itself. The words won’t go to waste. Nor will your effort, because you can use the headlines that you don’t use as the headline for subheadings and cross headings. There won’t be any waste, it’s a great exercise.

Technique number three use, adjectives: adverbs power, words and phrases to add punch to your copy, mmm and depth, and intrigue and excitement about the product. You’re representing technique number four, while you’re doing all that other stuff, don’t get all a D on me, use conversational language speaking. The first person use I and me instead of us and we and it and they, and in addition to that, speak in the vernacular of your audience, do they have a particular jargon, that’s unique to their industry or phrases to the type of person they are.

You want to speak the way they speak. Yo yo you get that y’all and now the next one keep words sentences and paragraphs short, but at the same time don’t fear long copy. Yes, you want the words, the sentences and the paragraphs to be short, but you’ve got to tell your whole sales story if you’re going to get them to take action. The more you well, the more you sell short word sentences in paragraphs, but make the copy exactly as it won’t as long as it needs to be, and then finally vary.

Your paragraph length, you can have one sentence paragraphs you could have paragraphs up to five lines, but never more than that. These are just some of the techniques we’ll have more in our next tips. But if you want to know more about copywriting, I suggest you get my copywriter checklist I’ll, give it to you free. All you have to do is click on the link in the dooblydoo and I’ll. Send it to you.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog share comment. Tell your friends all about it and we’ll see you next time with your 30 second marketer tip of the day you


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How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Life and Business 2

This is their home screen and does not look great. Isn’T that pretty That the crowd here seems like it. So what’s so great about it? Is that it’s just so plug-and-play it’s pretty, and it’s simple so you that you can’t ask for more than that – and these are my applets, that I have set up and there’s a couple of fun ones that I want to bring to your attention and stuff. Maybe you’ve never thought about before there’s some obvious ones that are just practical, but I really like having fun with some of the ones that are more out-of-the-box, so the first one I’m going to show you is this one.

So what this says is if the weather changes then post a tweet with an image to my Twitter account. Let me back up here because I didn’t do a great job to sort of introducing. What is tiki is the essence of ifttt, and that is, it connects applications and devices together to automate things, to make your life just a little bit easier. Okay, when do you think, might be a good time to use something like this.

I could think of a million ways, and I actually was inspired a while ago by a blog post are read that talked about how the coarser in group in New York uses this. So, basically, whenever new york is forecast well, actually, whenever it rains in New York, a tweet automatically goes out with an image, and it says paint new york check out these top 10 things to do in New York when it rains in the city when it rained Something like that, so I thought that was a great idea.

You can also time this for sunrise and sunset, so one of my clients was a an online Jewish magazine, and so what we did was we triggered a like shabbat shalom, happy sabbath to go out with the come down on friday, so really cool. What I did in this case, here’s 1 i’ll, show you a graphic. So when it rains and Cleveland, I send out this graphic – and it says it’s raining Cleveland a great time to get cozy and brush up on your social media, so think about the ways that you might use that.

But you can also do it based on your calendar, so let me get back to here, so you could say on the first of every month to do this. You know on every full moon. Do this so really really fun way to use ifttt. Let me go back over to my applets okay um. Now, let’s just talk about i’m going to walk through these we’re just going to talk about some of these. You probably already have set up with this red square up here on the top right and it says post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos when twitter is in the caption.

So if you want your Instagram photos to show up nice and big and beautifully in the twitter feed, that’s all you have to do is get set this this applet up and the reason you would do this is because, if you just connect the app whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or anything with instagram, then you typically just end up with an ugly little link in this case. It post the picture, nice and big, and bold and beautiful, but check this one out so on Twitter.

What this one says is: if anybody tweets with the phrase I want to create a course, then send me a text message at this number, so really anytime. Anybody tweets with that exact phrase. I’M going to get a text message now. Why is that a good idea like why? Why would I particularly want to have that information? Well, because I have a course that teaches people how to create courses now are another experiment that I love to do is in those of you who have followed me for a while have probably seen me do this a few times.

But, to be honest with you, it really never loses its novelty far as I’m concerned. This is difficult thing ever and that is you’re going to go over to Twitter and then we’re going to go to advanced search, which is twitter.Com /a search cash advance. Alright, this is what we want and where it says this exact phrase, i’m going to say, I need a graphic designer and then we’re going to click search and what you see is all the people who have just tweeted that they need a graphic designer.

This person is guys I need a graphic designer someone to redesign to design logo, t-shirts, corporate branding, i’ll pay marketplace price, pls retweet to assist or please reply to it with resist to assist. I need a graphic designer, that’s good, a tree, creating logos, I mean on and on, but you don’t have time to sit here and hit advanced search all day long in twitter. But what you do have time to do is to set this up so maybe you’re.

If you’re a graphic designer in the quotation marks, it would say I want a CI need a graphic designer and then you’re going to get a tweet every time. Someone says that pretty cool right: let’s go back over to the other applicants and remember don’t worry, you know, don’t worry about writing all this down. I am putting all this into a slick. Workbook, that’s going to be emailed out tomorrow. Course it’s free and I’m hopefully going to compile some of your suggestions for your favorite ifttt applets and recipes combined with these as well on.

Let’S see here, what’s the next one automatically sync starred emails in gmail to evernote, so I don’t know about you, but I get a ton of email and a lot of them. I don’t have time to answer right away, but they’re important, and I don’t want to forget about them. So I will start i’ll click the little star in gmail and it will automatically go to my Evernote this next. One automatically create new reminders on your iphone.

Four emails that you start in gmail, yeah, that’s redundant, ok, email, me, 10, things to know in the morning. I love this one. This one I get. This is where I get great ideas for what to post on my social media, because I’ve got new york. Time result New York Times. Basically, I get an alert from them with any breaking technology news. So if you’re in the health and wellness base, then you would get breaking news for health and wellness and so on and so forth, according to whatever your me shit.

What else I want to point out? Oh, this one’s cool, so whenever you arrive in the city in New York, send yourself a map of the subway. So I’m they’re quite a bit these dates, because I’ve been participating in Todd, Herremans on basecamp mastermind and so its cool the minute that I’ll and I get an email with the map of the subway system. This one saved my too much more times than I can even tell you.

This is set an SMS alert before any event starts on your google calendar. So, for example, today I had a client call at ten. Am I almost forgot about it, but I got a text message. 15 minutes prior to the meeting. That said, your meeting with so-and-so is starting a 10am, so that was really helpful on a every morning at 7am I get the forecast for the day this one pin a photo to a Pinterest board and this one I highly recommend right here where it says.

If new is TT update, then send me a text message and that’s because ifttt is constantly adding new, integrations new devices and stop softwares and platforms that they integrate with and you’ll find out about it. If you set up that rule, so let me show you quickly, starting from the beginning, how you set up one of these easy, peasy little recipes and see, look at how beautiful this is it’s so so, like I just love how clean and simple it is so You’Re just going to follow the prop, so we’re going to click here.

If this now look at all these things we have to choose from, we can connect any of this stuff together. Even your washing machine, ok, your washing machine light bulb SurveyMonkey. I mean I’m just randomly your nest, thermostat on and on on Iran. So many things. Ok, so let’s say on it. You don’t want to scroll through all these things, and you know what it is. You want to connect, then you could just start typing it in date and time and now I could say everyday at a certain time.

Every hour, every day of the week every year on a certain date and time you specify every month on the whatever day of every month, so every single person that’s reading with your audience, there’s something you can come up with. That would be of value to your audience to send them on the first of every month or at the last day of every month, to check in and say, hey, you know it’s the last day of the month.

Did you do such and so or this is a reminder to do such and so so explore this and have fun with it? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to say every month on the first of the month and then we’re going to click create trigger, and then the next probably get is just blew that so now we’re going to click on that and what we want To do what we didn’t do on the first very much um gosh, we have so many options.

So i’m going to say Facebook page and i’m going to say that I want to. I can either just create a status message or post the link or I can upload a photo from a URL. So that’s probably going to be the best thing to do so. I’M going to click here and i’m going to put in the photo URL now quick, tip low pro tip for you in order to get a really easy, clean URL for a photo like the one that I showed. You hear that I have.

That goes out on a tweet every time it rains is to go over to amazon s3. Now I’m warning you now that if you’re not familiar with amazon s3, when you look at it you’re going to go yeah yeah I this is more than I want to take on. But if you just follow exactly what I’m doing, you’re going to be fine and now look at this teeny weeny weeny right there – s3, that’s what you want and what I’m showing you is basically a cloud, but the great thing about amazon s3 is that number one Stuff, uploads lightning-fast: you can create these buckets to organize your content and the truth is, I need to go in there and add a few more buckets and organize myself a little better, but you can create these buckets and then and then you upload articles or graphics Or PDF documents – and it gives you these shareable link in it.

I don’t even know what I pay for this. It’S so inexpensive, maybe five dollars a month, and I have so many articles so much content and I’ve never gotten a message that says like you’re, you’re, running low on content and it’s extraordinarily reliable. In fact. There’S a lot of big-name systems and platforms like teaching platforms, and I don’t want to name them right now, because I used one the other day and I can’t remember which one it was like.

I don’t know if it was teachable, I don’t know where I was, but the point is a lot of big companies that how your content already use Amazon at s3 to host, so that just shows you like help how kind of durable it is or dependable. I should say so: okay, so here we are and arm i’ll, just go over here to this one, because this is where I just uploaded that little dog graphic and you click upload and then you’re going to click, Add file, and I recommend for this purpose to Find a PNG payment, which is what can be if you create your graphic in kamba.

It will default to that format. So let me go to downloads, because I know I have one there. I thought I did so now. What I’m going to do is just click dot PNG in my search and that’ll bring something up just so. I could demonstrate okay, so we’ll just pick this and then click open and then don’t forget this part in the lower right hand. Corner click start upload. Ok done: do you see how fast that was just insane done? Not only that I’m live streaming and I’ve got all these things open and that just happened that fast.

So then, this is very, very important. You’Re going to click to the left of that file, its blue now and then you’re, going to click properties and you’re, going to click permissions and then add more permissions and you’re going to click open, download, you’re, going to check that check the little box and then You’Re going to make sure on the pop-up menu click everyone. Then click save now we’re going to hit reload on this and there’s the file we’re going to click the little blue button.

Again, click properties again and then there it is, there’s our beautiful little link. So you just turn that graphic into a link this also by the way, works really well as a lead magnet. So you know arm, as opposed to feel like when you send a thank-you after someone off into your thing or on the thank you button on your lead page. You can have this be the link, so they are immediately. Click on it and they’re automatically taken right to thing that they opted in for so very, very cool.

Alright. So let’s go back over here, so the photo URL would be whatever it was that we just created. And then you put your message here: it’s the first of the month, it’s lalala and then just click create action and then that’s going to be your ifttt recipe. There, so that’s it! That’S how you create a recipe. It’S just going to just going to walk you through it totally plug-and-play. Please feel free to comment down below and share.

Your favorite is TT applet with us and for those of you who are just joining us. This will be mailed out to you if you’re my email list, you’re going to get the beautiful workbook that I’m creating, which is a compilation of all my favorite, is TT recipes, some that we mentioned today and some that I did not get a chance to mention. So on that note have a great day thanks for joining me, and I I hope you have some nice zesty delicious tacos tonight, because it is talking to use that