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How to MARKET YOURSELF as a STYLIST | Marketing tips for service based business #ASKCHARLO

I think the best way for you to market yourself as a stylist is by showing up on social media and using social media to show the world what it is that you actually do. If you are in a service-based business like even if you’re, just installing cable, even if it is you just what’s another service, you being a vocal coach or something like that – use the visual media on the Instagram and Facebook to promote yourself, you just putting out regular Content and you don’t have to sit there like me, we’re doing this whole production thing lights and all that stuff and the office is empty, like you don’t have to do.

All of that, you can just document what is going on in the day today. If you have three clients coming in, you should be posting at least three photos of three clients on your social media. You don’t have to do these huge productions. In fact, when it comes to you DC, which is user-generated content versus really highly produced content, user-generated content converts a lot better in 2019, people want to see the real they want to see what your stuff actually looks like not when there’s a stylist like standing right.

There makeup artist and office lighting. They want to see what their hair is going to look like when they, the average person slap that wig on and decide to head out to work without two hours of prepping and spraying and lighting. Like understanding you just pulling out your smartphone, not even a whole shiny, new device or anything and taking photos, it’s why I love following. I am Jonathan, who is out of Dallas it’s another reason why I love following Tokyo.

Styles, who’s another really popular stylist, they’re, just showing us what it is that they actually do just showing us the day-to-day, and that in itself is impressive. Like I’ve been playing with this way, you’re trying to make sure that my curls haven’t totally dropped. I would love to see someone show me this seriously, you just showing that’s your area of expertise. People read me because I talked about business, because that is what I actually know how to do.

If I started trying to do hair articles, I would probably lose no. You guys would probably read because it being kind of funny, because, but you are an expert in that field, if you are a stylist, so show us what you’re working with use hashtags to make sure that you are discoverable and that is going to. I want to be careful about seeing double and triple Quadra for your business, because those are the sorts of things guide can get me in trouble by making outright claims, but it is going to increase traffic to your business.

It just is period point-blank. In fact, if you were to do it for just three days, I promise you will see results within that timeframe. Enough results that you’re going to be like. Oh, I guess I should be paying better attention to what Charlotte

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