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3 Fundamentals of Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

So I want your comment below. Let me know what are the bare-bones basics of an effective entertaining, so the barebone base is an effective digital marketing strategy goes on three folds.

This is the same three principles, I’m about to share with you. Well, first of all, I want you to comment below. Let me know, what do you think in your mind today is the barebone basics of a digital marketing strategy? Do you think it’s Facebook Ads? Do you think it sells funnels? Do you think its digital advertising? Do you think it’s a social platform like what is the trend that you think is it? I want you to guys comment below and let me know or what’s working for you or any questions that you have as you’re reading this article now, let’s go into it.

So the barebone base is still, in effect, there’s a marketing strategy ties into three core things. I share this with companies that are doing and just starting out, let’s say, doing zero revenue or their startup to even business they’re doing a hundred million dollars. These are the only three principles of a barebone digital marketing strategy. The only way grow business is you need traffic. You need actual people to notice about your business, pay attention to your business and follow you to be able to grow your business.

The second thing is, once you have their attention to focus in your business and they’re visiting you, then you’ll be able to convert that into leads now leaves is basically a fancy way of saying you need to have that communication blog established with that specific audience. So, whoever you’re selling through the fitness space, the mom space and the business community, you want to establish communication distribution blogs to be able to effectively influence them.

You know, send them value, add value, build that relationship and that’s what you do through emails. You do through messenger marketing, and you probably heard of right now when you go in chat, BOTS or you go on LinkedIn messaging campaigns or you do Facebook messaging campaigns or any on any platform. The social platforms are powerful because they give you a way to distribute your message with your target audience.

That’s the most important thing as the second point. The third point is revenue all right. How do you convert your traffic? Your leads into actual revenue, profits and cash flow in your business. You want to be able to turn that into three types of revenue: new revenue, new customers in your business, ascension revenue customers are existing with you and they upgrade or buy more of your products or services or complementary things that fit within your business, product line, extension Or service line extension – and the third thing is the reoccurring revenue.

You want people that are buying your part, not just the first time, but you want them to buy with you over and over again. So those are the three things they want to focus on is how to generate more traffic, get people to go into your business. They pay attention to your ABC company. They pay attention to your brand. They consume your content, they join your email list. They join your messenger, they join your LinkedIn or, if your b2b or they join your Facebook group and they’re, saying hey.

I want to start that communication process with you all know more about your business and how it you can solve my problems and provide me with the result that I want and then I’m willing to actually take my hard-earned money out and then spend it with your Business and actually pay 20, 50, 100 thousand 2000, whatever amount your product or service costs and then they’re willing to pay that into your business.

I think the biggest principle that you can get from this is that when you actually put a disproportionate amount of value with your target audience, and you build that up, then you’re going to be able to actually put more in the bank for them to invest in With you so think about this every time you give them a piece of content, you add value to them. The most effective strategy is this: you actually deposit money and their what I call the value account now the value account when you send them a article when you send them a piece of content when they read your when they read your guy when they attend your Webinar when they learn about your branding and all this stuff, you’re depositing value in your target audiences bank account and then when it comes time to transact, let’s say or start that buying relationship, and they want to spend money with you they’re much more likely to spend Money with you with you added so much more value to them.

That’s why content is such a very important play for every business. You want to figure out what is the best way? What is the value I’ll give you important question? What is the value that makes the difference to your target audience? It’s a very important question: what is the value that makes a difference to target audience, deliver that to them and as you deliver it to them, keep delivering, keep delivering and over time, they’re going to reciprocate that and they’re going to buy for him because 84 percent 60 to 80 percent – let’s say of your target audience are not going to buy for me the first time they see your message.

You need that frequency. There multiple touch points between 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 to 10 touch points that are value, oriented touch points to make a difference. I think that’s a fundamental principle: it doesn’t matter what business you’re in b2c, b2b, multiple audiences, product or services, doesn’t matter it’s all about how much value at your target audience, how you increase the traffic leads and sales and over time, the majority of that market.

A hundred thousand people that are finding about you, millions of people, are finding out about you. How do you maximize on every single person, instead of just the 5 to 10 %? I’d, say the 5 % that are looking for your products or services right now? That want to buy from you focus on a long term strategy and that’s the most important thing. So thanks for reading this article, I want you to comment below if you got insights from this thing, what questions you have, what is one thing that you learn from this article? How do you plan to add value to your target audience? What piece of content that you want to create anything you con them below? I just want to hear from you guys.

The second thing I want you like this article third thing is: want you guys to subscribe and hit that Bell icon? Because what do you guys do that you get notifications on future articles just like this and also digital secrets and any articles that are being released to you guys. So thanks for reading this as usual, I appreciate you guys’s time and attention, and I will see you guys in the next article


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Online Marketing for Beginners [2019]

Yes, I want to come in and talk to you guys about three ways that you can market your business. I’r not going to tell you no bullshit like sortable old or you know, creepy new girl either. Even if you start a blog, are you crazy to new? You still need to find a way to market an advertiser, so let’s get into it.

Huh first things. First, you need to make sure that you are creating content to push whatever you’re doing right. This is number one create a blog, a website, a thing this is, you already have that set up so on Instagram, dropping tips and tricks on you to drop in tips and tricks. Your contest should be constantly pointing people back to whatever it is you’re doing. For example, when I do my challenges on my fitness, blog makes, you guys are following: go gym, fit, make sure to check our go-to because icon whatever you do.

I do things like, for example, okay, when I do my challenges, I start talking about things like do. Weight, loss, challenges, work. Okay, how will weight loss challenge can benefit your life. You know three tips to lose weight and everything. I do at that point to create content. Its circle derail go sign up for my challenge right now. Okay, so I’m create a constant right, so I make a article three ways to lose weight fast and make sure you guys are going to check out my weight loss challenge boom.

I create that on you on YouTube. I create that on Instagram I create that through a blog post. I create that through. I create that through an email, but if you guys notice, I’m creating content, that’s pushing people to go to sign up for my challenge. That’s why I told you guys here are pretty chicks in this: we don’t start selling, okay, we’ll start advertisement or start creating content until you have something to sell all right, stop stop just putting out content.

You have nothing to sell now, I’m not saying this, but I’ll start selling. That’s not what I’m saying I’m saying if you’re going to launch your business, make sure three months from now you’re going to you already have the thing that you’re going to be selling say you’re an author dang bull, you just wrote a notebook, don’t self-help book. I need you to start creating content, but you’re talking about it and you’re letting people know check out my book.

Okay, it’s coming. It’s dropping! Okay, stop! Stop, making stuff, stop cream console without having a product to push. Okay, that’s number one! You need to make sure that you’re creating content around whatever you’re selling. Okay number: two, you need to collab and I said collab like your girl. Go with your besties know, collab with people who are one, not competition, two that are going to push your item or the thing you have to sell.

For example, I do fitness my best friend does, I didn’t say much for Becky, but they’re less. Your besties does. Whatever, but I’m saying, link up with somebody that will push your stuff – that’s not competition, for example, my best friend she does relationships. I do Fitness, okay. She came on my platform before to talk about how you know getting something right in your relationship can be helpful towards your fitness.

Then she talked about her her book right boom. Then I turned around. I went on her platform and I talked about how you need to be fit and snatched soda bars and living a healthy lifestyle. So you can find a boot. Then I talked about one of my meal plans. You get it did you just get what we did? Okay, we collapse we’re not in competition she’s a relationship I’m in fitness, but I found a way to go to her platform, give her people value right in Ukraine, constant you collabing, you’re, providing value to these people.

Then she turned around provided value to my people and talked about her thing, so we had a win-win okay, so collapse. Collab with people were not your competition, but have an audience that you can tap into right. She has a lot of people over there that I wouldn’t reach, because she is in a relationship, relationship sector. I have a lot of people that she wouldn’t reach because I’m in the fitness sector, but since we collabs, we were able to cross pollinate with content and audiences and sealed okay, so collaborate find somebody to collab with okay.

Then this catapults me to the next thing by advertisements: okay, solicit influencers: it’s going to cost you some money, okay! Yes, I know on his blog that other blogs you’ll find that people are going to tell you all. You can do all these things for free. Well guess what food is business? Okay, an influencer or an ad costs money? Okay! So when you do Instagram and Facebook as they cost money? Okay, so if you’re going to be doing an ad, I suggest you get somebody that knows what they’re doing, because you can spend your Facebook ad money, real, quick, you don’t know what you’re doing and you will lose money versus gain money, okay, but you need to Make sure you are getting ads, for example, you can get you an ad as a popular on Instagram on certain days right Fridays and Mondays Mondays.

People are more motivated, just start something new or buy something new, okay and on Fridays, because that’s what people usually get paid all right, they’re willing to buy more on those days. For those reasons, okay and then with the influencer – that’s still advertising, but you want to find an influencer that matches with your brand. Okay, that is affordable. That actually will will send more people to you or, like I talked about, is if you’re beginning you brand-new.

Today, a lot of times when you’re spending money on ads or influencers, it’s not really going to be that you’re going to you’re going to sell or you’re not going to sell with it. But at that point, you’re doing it for awareness, so people can start seeing who you are if they see your ad on their timeline two three times and click this. We check this out right now, they’re aware of you right now, you’re in their ecosystem right and then, if they see you again, let me check out what else this person has and then, by that time you can potentially turn a person into somebody who just got Aware of you now, they’re they’re, a client or they’re, a buyer okay, so you want to get influenced or their lines up with your brand, that’s affordable for you, okay, and that will actually bring people to you see a lot of times.

You just get influencers because I have a lot of likes. Here’s something about marketing and it’s not a secret, no more like views. Okay, it says: do not sell products right, don’t ever think, because this person has a million followers, and I got a hundred thousand likes on on this bet that that’s going to be quite sales. That’s not all how it always happens. Okay, I’m right here with my measly less than four hundred subs on this blog right, less than four hundred and guess what I still make money off of this blog boom.

So I’m saying that the safe subs likes! No, that does not equate some money. So you want to at least if you’re going to get influenced or be aware that it’s were awareness it’s more than likely and it may not turn into money. But now you have people that are pushing you now. People are aware of you, so the three things you can do online marketing right now, pull date right now. Okay, is create content that pushes people back to your product.

Okay, stop stop stop making content without pushing people to your product. Now don’t be so easy everything you make, you don’t need to talk about a product. Okay, every single thing you make you don’t have to talk about a product, but majority of what you’re talking about majority of what your content you put up should be about you. Getting people to your product? Okay, so if you’re a life coach – and you tell the people – you know, here’s the five ways to change your life boom.

The next thing you need to talk about is either a book that can help them or a one-on-one consulting session. With them boom, if you are a baker, okay, honey and you sell cookies, okay, you giving them three ways how to make the most delicious cookies in the world. You need to be up so pushing them through your book to your course to your plan. Okay, I’m just giving me off some examples. Are you trying to push off? Okay, remember to collab with somebody cross pollinate audiences? Okay, because you can share something with their audience.

They can share something with their audience. You guys can bring you back, bring each other value. Okay, the third thing is: get you so and and get you some influencers and here’s one thing I didn’t say with influencers. Another thing that you can do that’s just okay is, if you have the opportunity to provide samples of your idols to imposters, please do something. Okay, because Sam you see the influence or a shirt five months from now, this is who is to wear shirt, shirt and now people are coming to your website because you sent the influence or something free, okay and all you’re doing is you know, thanking them and Telling them hey, I wanted to see you something you know if you can wear this next time, you make a article or if you can wear this next time, you want women to an event.

I would appreciate you because you’re sending them something right now, don’t be mad at them. Foster does not wear your stuff. Okay, because we got to be realistic. Now we’re in this age, where everybody is go, keep doing that right, not everybody, but everybody. The reason why I said not, everybody is because, if you got to this part of the article, I want you to know this start your business. It’s hard your skills into dollar bills, because a lot of us, because we’re on internet, because we’re on social media we’re under the impression that everybody’s doing this and the truth of the matter is everybody – is not investment.

Ok, everybody’s, not on Instagram everybody’s, on YouTube, everybody’s, not on Twitter. That’s the truth! Ok, everybody is not so if you’re not starting your business, because you think that everybody’s doing it you’re cycling yourself, because the truth is everybody’s not doing it think about it. In a room of about 10 people, you can sit and just be like hey. You got Instagram, there might be half of people in the in your group.

That may be like. No, I don’t have this friend right or us. People or people still be surprised when they be like. Oh, you got a new blog I’d be like. Oh me. I got like the ring, but and I’m not saying that to be braggadocious, I’m saying in a way weird lying on him. People up there’s fun alone, Awards people to actually do have the things that you think that everybody has it’s like. No everybody doesn’t people got it YouTube account, but everybody’s not out here on YouTube.

Ok, everybody you to Street okay, so I’m sitting to say you should collab on the last but not least, I’m the collab and influencers okay influencers and ads okay. So you guys, I hope this was helpful. I’ll talk to you guys later bye, you


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Ultimate Web Design: Strategy Method Overview

So here’s our overview of the strategy phase, which is the first phase of ultimate web design, and here I’m going to start explaining to you how you actually do this for yourself. So the goal of the strategy phase is actually very simple. The goal is to get to the point where we know that we’ve really got something to take to market.

We know we’ve got something to take to market. So how do we know when we’ve got something to take to market? Well, what we’ve done in ultimate web design is created. This thing called the circuit and the circuit is made up of five elements when the circuit is good. We know that we’re good to go to market. That’s that’s how they the whole idea works. You may find that one or more of the elements that comprise the circuit are not great and not ideal or not aligned with the others, and it’s important to remember that any of these five elements may be revised, so the strategy phase starts with this is got Two parts: it starts with the circuit interview where we ask a bunch of questions so that we completely fully understand the reality.

The truth, the situation as it actually is right now, and we do that by looking at all of those five key circuit elements, and we also want to understand the context of the business, but in particular, where does the business want to go? What does it want to achieve? There’s no point saying to somebody: well, you could make a lot of money doing this thing if they don’t want to do that thing, if it’s not part of their passion, so we have to take all all the the true facts into account and then the second Part is the circuit review and what we do in the circuit review is we examine and ask some some more questions? Looking at the the data, the facts, the information that we gathered in the first part of the interview – and we ask the question: do we have a circuit that is complete and strong and integrated? Because if we don’t, then we’ll need to do what we just talked about make changes to one or more of the five elements until we do have a complete and strong and integrated circuit.

Now it’s worth mentioning at this point that they, the strategy method, is very much organic. I started doing this a few months ago. I’ve started building up these questions and I’m still doing it. The circuit questions are not 100 %, perfect and comprehensive, and they never will be, and ultimate web design takes a scientific approach. So what we’re doing is we’re constantly aiming to improve the process and in fact I just used this method.

I did these the circuit to circuit interviews this week on Tuesday, and I added at least two questions to the questionnaire when I did that so the circuit is made up of. As you said, five elements and these elements are logical and and true. This is not some kind of academic idea about how businesses can work. They are the true elements that make up a potential business. It starts with the brand that is the center of everything and that the brand is who you are.

Who is selling this? Who is making this promise? The brand then has multiple products, and/or services and there’s an important distinction here between products and services, and that the the next element, which is propositions, products and services, is what you actually do, what you actually deliver. So if I order a book from Amazon the thing that arrives through the post, the package with a book in it, that is the product all, let’s say that I have a client or several clients and I’m delivering say, marketing, consulting write, marketing, consulting is a service And an hour of marketing consulting is an hour of marketing consulting, but there’s a distinction here, because the proposition, what a client actually buys may be a combination of products or services packaged in a certain way priced a certain way and also promising to solve a particular Kind of problem, so I could deliver what I do as a workshop for 20 small local businesses, and I could do it for free right.

That’s a proposition that workshop is what I do packaged a certain way and pitched a certain way, or I could sit with a client for three days for very high fee and say I’m going to analyze your business and tell you exactly what to do for the Next, 12 months in your marketing, the interesting thing is I’m using the same skills, it’s still at marketing consulting by the hour, but they’re packaged slightly differently.

The fourth element is problems, because propositions are promises to solve a problem. Problems are what motivate people and opportunities also come into this. You know missing an opportunity is also a problem, so we buy, we enter into deals trades transactions when we are motivated to solve a problem, there’s something that we need, there’s something that we want. There’s something. That’s wrong that we want to put right, there’s something that we can capitalize on and that’s what motivates us.

So we need to understand the problem without a problem: there isn’t the sale and then the fifth of final element is the market. What is the group of people that shares that problem? What do we know about them? Because if we don’t know who we’re going to sell to, how can we sell to them? So those are your five elements: brand product and service, propositions problems and markets. Now it’s possible and in fact quite common for businesses to have multiple propositions and it may be helpful for you to to picture it in this way.

So you’ve got the brand at the center right now. The brand should always be the same. So when we actually get around to to doing the circuit interview and when we’re looking at the brand, then we asking questions about what does it represent? What does it stand for? What does it stand against? Why does it exist? What is its overall promise to the world, so my vote for my business. My brand is about let’s make things better.

Let’s do web designer marketing the right way right and within that. As part of that, I am expressing that brand through this course, which is a proposition. But I can also Express the same thing through my blog and through other products and books and speaking engagements right. But the important thing is that the core of the brand is always there. It’s always the same. Outside the brand we’ve got the second element, which is products and services and, of course, a brand, as we’ve seen can have multiple products and services.

Web design from scratch is my blog tutorial site. That’s one of my products right ultimate web design is one of my products and I can also provide services as well, so one brand can have multiple products and services the next element. The third element is the proposition as we’ve seen. This is how a product or a service can be packaged for the market. Okay and, of course, a product or service may have multiple propositions.

So, as we’ve seen, you can provide one service as a web doctor report or as a positioning day or whatever you like, and when you take a product or service and say this solves that problem, then it becomes something else and that’s that’s really. What a proposition is it’s that meeting point between this is how this thing this product or this service will solve your problem. So the problem is the next phase, and so normally, when we’re talking about your propositions out out to the market, a proposition should really address.

One major problem and then on the outside as well: we’ve got the market and the market, of course, is the group of people who who share that problem. So we don’t want to get too theoretical about this, because that’s not what all this is about. But it may just be helpful to to hold in your mind that the brand is at the center of all this and that you can have multiple circuits that are reaching out like arms like spokes, reaching out to the market in different ways.

But each one of them needs to have integrity. Each one needs to have products and service that matches the brand. The proposition that says this is how this product or service solves that problem. The problem needs to be good. It needs to be something that’s going to motivate people and there has to be a market, and you have to know who that market is and if you haven’t, got all of those elements, contrasts and aligned.

Then you’ve got work to do because if you go to market, this is the important thing. If you go to market with an incomplete circuit, you’re going to be pushing uphill you’re going to have challenges, and it you may find yourself tempted to to get into things manipulations like sales and discounts or maybe exaggerating the truth, because you, if you’re fighting an uphill Battle, you need to know what all these things are before you start.

So let’s look at step one. So we start. As I said, with this circuit interview, we ask a lot of important questions and I mean a lot. It’s it’s quite radical, quite a a break away from the norm to to deal with clients. In this way, I’ve got over a hundred questions right now in the questionnaire and that list this is going to keep growing, and we ask those questions because we have to get a complete picture of all of those five elements.

In fact, when I sit with a client, I quite often find that, for example, but this week I’ve done this twice already this week. I’ve got another one today and with one of the clients right, she she’s running a social enterprise to do with them, birth, pregnancy and birthing advice, and she actually had. I think we counted eight different propositions. She was delivering the knowledge and to help that she can deliver in eight different ways, so she was really split.

Eight different ways with classes for this and advice for that and hands-on help with the other and they’re. Also, looking at a an online product for delivering information right, so there’s this five elements, but in fact you cannot you can that can mean in a way multiple circuits within that. So to help us do that, we’ve got this extensive questionnaire. That’s made up of core questions and they’re organized by the five elements, but you do not have to work through those questions.

All the elements in order and in actual fact, what we’re finding is, that it’s good to start with a brand good to start with then follow on with what you do, but then address it from from the other end who’s the market. What’s the problem that they’ve got and then finally join those two in the middle by looking at the propositions? That’s what we’re finding tends to work really well. So the second step, then, once we’ve got gathered all that information asked loads of questions spent hours talking about it is a circuit review.

We are reviewing the circuit, so we then look at that big picture and we say: okay, does this? Give us a picture of a circuit that is complete. That is clear. That is strong and also is it aligned. Are these five elements aligned with each other? If you imagine it’s like an electrical circuit so that if any of the components aren’t lined up and joined together, the circuit doesn’t flow, the energy can’t flow around it, and I cannot cannot overstate the importance of alignment, because if what you’re about and your passion and Your belief in your experience and your love that you put into what you do, if that isn’t appropriately expressed in the services and the products that you actually create and deliver, and the the promises that you make to solve particular people’s problems.

If all of that doesn’t actually line up, then either people aren’t going to get it or you’re not going to get it if you’ve ever experienced, maybe being in a job or taking on a project that you just don’t want to do. That is probably because it is just not in alignment with who you are and what you’re about in the world and what you want to mean to the world. So what we’re looking for is a circuit.

That’s got all those elements there and each one of those elements is is present it’s clear: we understand it it’s powerful and that it is properly in alignment with the other elements around it. So why is all of this so important? Well, it’s what we’ve been talking about integrity, integrity means in the context of of our strategy when what you are and what you do and what you promise to do, what you solve and who you solve it for all of that is true, I mean really true Marketing is not about pretending, because we we recognize pretending right.

We’ve got we’ve developed filters. We get so many messages thrown at us every day that we’ve got highly tuned filters to help us to screen out stuff that isn’t credible, so ultimate Web Design says we are not pretending, we’re not going to lie. We’re not going to exaggerate what we’re going to do is we’re going to dig deep we’re going to explore going to discover the stuff that really matters, and then we’re going to be really disciplined so that we get all this stuff right and in alignment so that, When we go to market guess what it’s actually so much easier when you know who you’re talking to you know what they care about the problem that they want to solve in.

You know that you’ve got the thing that will solve it and that that is what you’re about you get the connection you get the circuit connection and what that really means is that what you’re about as a brand – and this applies to your clients and everything right. What you’re about your? Why connects with theirs? And that’s when the energy flows, when there’s a heart-to-heart connection from one end of the circuit to the other? You might imagine it like a bicycle wheel and the spokes on a bicycle wheel are all important, because together they make the wheel incredibly strong.

If you remove any one of those spokes, then the wheels integrity is compromised and the wheel, the whole wheel could then buckle and fail if one of those things is not present or not in alignment plus. Looking ahead, if we’re going to create a great campaign for any business or for any particular product, we don’t only need to know these things all right, but we’re going to have to express all of that.

All of these things that I’ve been talking about this is how this thing uniquely solves your problem. This is why you need this, and you need to put your hand in your pocket and buy this now. We need to express that and expressing all of this stuff fully means that we are reaching out to our perfect target customer that we know intimately and we’re letting them know clearly why they really need what they’re offering and why they can believe in.

You belief and Trust are amazingly important. We need the full story. Story is important, because a sale actually is not a logical thing. We we’re told that you know you can be weighing up of pros and cons and we like to sometimes believe that that’s the way that we buy, but it’s not really true – we’ve known for a long time that the decision to buy is fundamentally made emotionally and The primary medium of making that decision is story story communicates so much so.

We’ve got to get the full story to many. Businesses fail to communicate the full story and not just small businesses. They promote the thing that they want to promote and they assume that the customer is equipped to qualify herself to identify the problem and realize that the business can be trusted. It’s actually very lazy and that just doesn’t happen. So we need to spell it out, but we can only do that when we have the full story ourselves and the circuit is so powerful and so helpful for that, because it gets all of that stuff.

The full story that full big picture gets it out, expressed and communicated and written down. It reveals any weaknesses or gaps or areas where we’ve got incomplete. Understanding and remember. All of this isn’t theoretical in of these five elements are real elements, they’re logical, and this is what makes up a a business or, if you like, a platform to sell, have we got a business, because if we haven’t, if we don’t really know what problem we’re Solving – and we really don’t know who that you know the market is that it has that problem – you shouldn’t be going to market simple, as that, so we’ve got to get it right first and here’s a little image that might help.

You remember why it’s so important to get it right. First, imagine that your business is one of these enormous tankers or ships that this that sails the ocean and that to change direction takes about 50 miles right. So it’s not easy to steer and remember this as well, if anything’s wrong, right fix it, if you’re not pointing the right direction, now change direction now – and this might help you to understand it.

Let’s say you’re at Point a and you want to get to point B right. This is the goal. This is the business’s goal all right. This is the businesses vision right. There are a now and they want to go to B. So clearly, the most efficient way to get from A to B is a straight line. Now, what happens if the business is actually not heading towards B? Right now like that tanker now, the tanker is not going in the right direction.

Now, what do? What should we do? Well, don’t want to end up at a place that is further on down this direction, where you’re going because then you know, if you change direction, then and start heading towards B, you’ve had to travel further, it’s going to take longer it’s going to be more expensive. It’s going to drain your resources, so that’s why it’s so important to get your direction right. First, we start with the end in mind.

We know where we’re going. We have all the facts and, if there’s anything that we’re missing anything that’s wrong, we fix it before we carry on so that really, fundamentally, is the purpose of the circuit interview that we do, and you know you can do this for your own business. I do it for any campaign that I want to do. I will do a circuit review now, and so you do the the interview you get all the questions out.

You ask all those questions. You probe you make sure that you are disciplined and diligent and that you don’t accept a fuzzy answer, because your priority is important. Then you review. Have we got a complete circuit right and I’m going to be walking you through the entire circuit questionnaire, and I’m also going to give you techniques and methods that you can do to review that questionnaire so that when we come to to move on and we we Plan and execute our campaigns.

We can do that with incredible ease and confidence.


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Real Estate Marketing Ideas For New Agents With No Money – EASY & FREE! (2020)

Every single article and the winner today was Brandon. Haslett and Brandon saw I post his comment down all right up here And, and he was like this article actually was inspired by his comment. So Brandon’s, 20 years old, He’s saying that he goes and he knocks doors every day. I think he was like try to make 10 or 20 contacts every single day. He’s like look, I’m a new agent. I you know: don’t have a lot of money go through put into marketing, It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, whatever like.

Sometimes, when you’re skins start, You don’t have a lot of money to go put towards advertising or Zillow leads truly leads or any of that other stuff. So I just want to share with you guys some of the things that I would go through and do and some of these success stories of Has based off of this little strategy that I’ve got for you guys right so number one. Okay, I would go through You’re reading this article right here on YouTube.

I would go through and start your own YouTube blog right now, really quick guys before you’re, like Jason, I I don’t want to start YouTube blog. It takes too much time too much work and You know I can’t go through and then shoot a article. I’r scared to be on camera, really, quick guys. I want to show you guys a few different agents who didn’t start too long ago, and they have absolutely explode their brand and They just get leads like almost like endless leads coming to them right.

So this is right here. This is Graham Stefan. He is a realtor in the stuff. I think his South comes Southern California’s. Sorry, I can’t even talk right now Lily this guy’s he’s got over a hundred thousand subscribers. Now, if we come over here now, I think he started a couple of years ago, but he’s just been consistent with it right. So it says one year ago, guys look at that one year He has over a hundred thousand subscribers, and so This is one person.

I’r like okay, this. This is a huge brand that he’s very Consistent with the he’s shooting articles like every you know, a couple articles a week, but for here’s another one Loida right here. She says new articles weekly, so it’s like. If you don’t have time to go through and shoot articles non-stop, then you know you can go through and shoot it like. Maybe once a week two times a week three times a week and the great thing about YouTube: guys: Okay, If you guys been following me for some time now and also add a link to a article that I created, of how to actually Rank your YouTube articles And I go through step by step everything.

I do not see your not going to rank every single one, But I’ve got a blog That I start in the dental space that has well over a million views, and I started out about seven years ago And I still get twenty to twenty five thousand views. Every single month at like, like today, guys every single month Without even doing anything I having to touch that blog for like four to five months. Okay, so the great thing about YouTube is One: you can go rank for different keywords too: It’s a hundred percent free organic traffic as people going through Just typing in a little search result and I’ll.

Tell you guys some of the different things to cert or to make the articles about Here in a second and then you know when they see your article, They see you on camera, and so it builds a deeper bond They’re like okay. You know this, this Lloyd, a person or Jason person, whoever it is. You build a deeper connection with that person. Alright, So here’s another one brian kocel is so so loyal. She’s got twenty thousand.

Almost twenty one thousand subscribers Brian’s got sixty five thousand and then here’s another one chaste and he’s got a little over five thousand. So you don’t have to have a massive blog right. You can go through and have a small Channel, and just if you like, go through start making a article two articles a Day, then you start to be found on a Google search engine. It’s a hundred percent free and the nice thing.

Is you make a article today, Five years from now that still is going to pop up in the Google search and engine the youtube search engine Just like? What’s going on with my dental YouTube, blog right, so, for example, right here, Chaston right here, Let’s say you use the keyword, hey the top real estate agent in Dallas. Right look down here, He’s not the very top but says hey meet chats in Dallas real estate agent.

Okay, So you can say hey. You could target keywords like top real estate agent in Dallas or Hey how to sell your home in Dallas and obviously it depends on like what city you’re in so like if you’re in Omaha Nebraska, like the top realtor in Omaha Nebraska, And when you go through. If you’re like trying to rank for like the the keyword top realtor, That’s going to Be pretty hard right, cuz, there’s going to be a ton and ton of people.

I think there’s over two million agents in the United States They’re going to be trying to rank for that keyword right. But if you go through and say, hey top realtor in your city, your state There’s going to be a lot fewer people actually on YouTube. And even I’m trying to rank for that right or you know, hey how to sell your home in Dallas or how to buy a home in Dallas or whatever city that you live in right.

So those are some really good keywords to go through and target and, as I mentioned guys, It’s a hundred percent free organic traffic. You don’t have to go through run as towards this. Obviously This is a little bit longer term strategy, but you can combine it with. Like, for example, Brandon He’s knocking doors every single day, That’s a little bit short of term strategy right, but then you can go through and be shooting these articles.

I’r just different topics like look right here. Chasse I’ll just show you guys some of the different articles. He does – and this is a good way to get ideas – is go, find other Agents that have YouTube blogs and see what types of articles are shooting and that you’re basically got unlimited content right So right here, let’s see It’s a hard being a realtor. My success in the real estate business He’s got a article on his listing appointment, real estate agent daily life.

You know you could just come over here and click articles and you’ve got all the articles that he’s done. You’ve got all the articles that Bryan’s done, that Lloyd has done This Graham’s done And there’s a ton of other agents doing the same type of thing now Graham gets a little bit into like the investing stuff And he even talks about bitcoins some of those other Hot topics, which is probably why his blogs growing a little bit faster, but guys, even with this smaller blog like 5,000 subscribers, You can get massive results like even if you’re skinny started, and you only have like 50 to 100 subscribers, You can still see some pretty Good results because you start showing up in the Google and YouTube search engine right.

Ok, So that’s step number one guys! I would go through start a YouTube blog start, branding yourself, Okay, especially like Brandon. If you’re 20 years old man, These articles are going to be live for 10 to 20, like when you’re 30 or 40 years old, these are going to be There where you can go through and still be, bringing in business right. It’s really good to start this right now. Okay, so then also another thing you want to do is: let’s say This is your article right here.

I don’t know whose article says I’m just going to click on. Oh, that’s a this, not even a article. How did they? Okay? Let’s see, let’s go, Let’s get! Okay, Here’s a YouTube article right here! Okay, so let’s say you got this YouTube article right here. What you’re going to Do is you’ll have a link down here to some sort of landing page. Now, if you guys read my previous trainings, I talked about landing pages.

If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about I’ll also add a link to another article. Talking about the easiest way to go through and generate leads online, and you add a link to that landing page to get their person’s Name. Phone number and email address to go through and grab that contact information right have some sort of call to action. Some sort of Giveaway that you’re doing on the blog, Then you could also leave a comment down here with a link to that landing page right now, Once you’re going through you’re grabbing all this data You’re building your network through this landing page, getting more leads and All that stuff, what you want to do is go import them into some sort of CRM.

So Here’s the Arsenal, CRM right and if this works for any CRM that you’re using. Obviously this is the one we use here. You can go through and import your contacts. You just choose a file pretty soon We’re actually going to be integrated, 100 % with Gmail with Google contacts, So you can just go and seamlessly sync those and then what we do is just put them on a drip campaign. Okay, so in this messages section what we have is We’ve got these pre-built templates of these are the bimonthly updates right, so every 15 days You’re going through and dropping an email on them, so that they’re just kind of like remembering who you are remembering the brand And all That stuff and then what we can do is over here once We’ve imported those leads, We just select all those leads And we say: hey and roll.

The leads of the sequence, choose, the sequence say: buy monthly updates, hit, enroll leads And they’ll be enrolled. Automatically into that sequence, and if you look at that, Obviously this is a demo account. But let’s say you’ve got a hundred leads right or 500 or a thousand leads And you’re just and rolling all those people in the same sequence. So, every 15 days you’re dripping on these people with real estate, Specific content, we’re building your brand or let’s say you launch a new article and you want people to know about it.

You go through in your CRM, create a new email, so come in here, say: Hey, create an email and go blast out an email to all of your contacts. Saying hey, I just shot a new article or I’ve got a new listing or I’m doing an open house or doing whatever and You’ve got endless content, And this is a really nice easy, free way to go through and brand yourself As you’re just getting started. Alright. So, anyway, guys, Hopefully you like some of these real estate marketing ideas for brand new agents.

If you have no money Just getting started, This is exactly what I would do if I’m just going and getting started. And yes, It sounds like it could sound like a little bit of work. Okay, but it sounds like maybe not the fastest process, but guys you know in five years, No matter what you do, you’re going to be five years older right. So if you go through – and you start right now – And you just get it done and just go start in five years – You’re not going to be looking back with regrets right in five years, You’re going to be looking back and look.

Oh man Look at that! That personal brand, like that business, that I built That’s going to Be able to serve me for years to come when I’m thirty thirty-five forty, You know all those different ages, cuz like you’ve, built that solid foundation And you’re, not just looking for the quick fix right. So, anyway, guys, Hopefully this article was helpful. If you guys are brand new here, make sure you subscribe.

I want you to article every single day how to generate more, leads, make more money and grow your business and also as As promised guys. The top comment so comment down below the top comment. I’r going to be giving out to my free, a Facebook Ads course, so It’s not free, but I will be giving you to my Facebook Ads course for free, so go ahead, comment down below. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know other topics that you guys be interested in learning more about And with that said guys thanks so much for reading, and I will see you all tomorrow –


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How to Check Mobile Traffic Using Google Analytics

This is an important number to know in general, but especially now with Google getting ready to roll out an update on April first. That will affect how easy it is for websites that are not mobile, friendly to turn up highly in the search results.

You really want to know if your website is not mobile friendly much. This update is going to affect you so from your Google Analytics dashboard over here: click on the audience, tab and then click on the oval tab and then click overview that will bring up the screen. We’re looking at right now see it shows you the device category of a desktop mobile tablet, so these are the devices people are using to visit your website.

This is the stats from my website for about the last month and a half, you can see that I’ve gotten in da triz it’s from people using mobile devices, which presents just under ten percent of my total traffic volume. So, as a percentage of total traffic volume, I’m not doing much traffic on mobile devices, the higher this percentage is on your website. The more you will be adversely affected on april twenty first, if your website is not using a responsive or mobile friendly design.

So that’s the number you want to check if this number is say you know, between thirty to fifty percent, you’re, probably going to be significantly adversely affected on april twenty first and you’ll stand to lose a lot of site traffic. Another number that you want to pay attention to is this number right here: if your website is not mobile friendly, this number will probably be pretty high. This is the bounce rate, in other words the people who come to your website and leave immediately without viewing more than one page.

Most websites that do not have mobile-friendly designs will have a high bounce rate from people who visit the website using their mobile device. Now, let’s take a look at how changing your website, design to a responsive design affect this number here, so I recently installed a design on my site that was mobile response over x via a responsive design. So i’m going to change the date range we’re looking at here.

We can see that instead of fifty-four percent, that bumps rate for people using mobile devices dropped to zero percent means every single person who has visited my website using a mobile device after I changed it to a responsive design has viewed more than one page. In fact, they have viewed an average of 2.69 pages per session, so that’s the impact that having a mobile friendly design for your site can have on your website traffic that right.

There is a great reason to get a responsive design website and the update coming from google on april 21st is another great reason if you currently don’t have a mobile-friendly website and want to address that issue. That is something that I can help you with learn more about my services visit, redpoint, archit and consultants, com and click on the website, design tab out to learn more about my website design services.

Thanks for reading hope, you found the article helpful and have a great day.


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The BEST low cost MARKETING STRATEGY for Small Business (2020)

Don’t do that. I thought this was a dancing article, so I opened it up, but it says I spend zero time proving myself to anybody. It’s not why you are posting any article of your dancing. Welcome back to the podcast /youtube show the six bigger sign. Hustle muse goddess asks: what are some low budget high return marketing techniques that we can follow? Well funny.

You should ask that, because I talked about one all the time. It’s literally just posting on Instagram. How low-budget is it if you already have a phone and you already have Internet service and it’s literally free, your Instagram account is free. You taking and repurposing photos is free. If you want to take out the little @ symbol out of the repost symbol, then you just pay like a dollar a month.

So that’s one dollar and all you need to do is invest your actual time into finding photos to re post. I do a whole article about how you can build out your Instagram page when you don’t have any original content. What we have done with one of my business with the no label extensions page also is create an inspiration page as a whole cell hair company owner. I cannot rely on any of my clients, posting tagging us as their source, because that would expose their plug and then everyone that they sell to would know to just come to us and get it at half price.

So that’s the last thing that we’re going to do. That’s the last thing. They’re going to do so, knowing that we weren’t going to have that feedback, knowing we weren’t going to have that user-generated content, we decided to make an inspiration page that provides value to stylists value, to models, because we always try and tag the stylist and the model And our audience is growing at like a thousand followers a week.

I think faster than that, because we’re almost a twenty one. Twenty two thousand – and we started this at the start of the year – and this is with very little user-generated content. I’d say less than 5 % of our posts are actually of like photos that we’ve taken ourselves so posting on Instagram. As long as you are consistent as long as you are smart about your posts, then you are going to grow as long as you are using your hashtags and following all of the advice that I always drop, then like search look through my articles on my blog There are so many articles where I talk about Instagram strategies, so we won’t get into all of them, but that is one free way.

Another free way. It’s what we’re doing right here right now. Yes, you guys know. I have upgraded my just down here. You guys know I love me. A glueless wig got to keep that down. Had all the puffs destroyed okay, so, yes, I did upgrade my camera quality, but when I started off recording content like the articles that have some of the highest views on them on my youtube blog were shot on my iPhone on my iPhone.

That’s it! If you want to go ahead and invest in more lights, if you want to go ahead and vest in more lights, I got the ring light up. There got some spots lights, I have so many lights. I have so many microphones, but I’ve been creating content like as my job. I was a jerk broadcast journalist. I worked in the news. I’ve been a content creator for over a decade. This is just kind of what I do, but you don’t need all of this equipment.

I recorded articles on my cell phone to specifically show you that you could do it too, that you don’t need all of this fancy equipment, especially when you’re not just getting started or when you’re just getting started. That, I feel, is an excuse that people make. Oh, I don’t have the right camera or I’m going to wait until I can afford to the lights. Get next to a window go out in the Sun. That is the ultimate light source and start recording on your cell phone show people what you’re working with when it comes to this hair.

This no label extension I have to show up, and I have to show you what I’m working with. Otherwise, you don’t know that you have the opportunity to buy it. That is what you can do. Low budget high return, marketing techniques, pull out your cameras, start recording articles. Let me see muse goddess is selling you of all people should invest in a little weeks here. Let me show you this: I got it on Amazon, I take it with me everywhere.

I know it looks like a fun toy. Ladies this play, but this extends – and you know what fits in it perfectly my cell phone and then guess what there’s a little tripod thing at the bottom – invest $ 20 into this stand. Every time you are practicing, you should be recording yourself. Go live a couple of times a week, make sure that you’re rolling on this doing popular dances to to popular songs and all that stuff.

In your version, your iteration people love reading and consuming tons of content on the same subject when something is going viral, it’s not just about who’s going to tell me about it first, it’s me wanting to see how you are interpreting this information. What are you going to say about this when it comes to you as a choreographer? You should be listening to like the trending things, see what challenges are going around there and show us how you are interpreting that through your artistry, Instagram was literally created for you and then, of course, YouTube is a wonderful visual, medium but Instagram says that’s where the Attention is that in people I’m people and people, I love reading people dance on Instagram.

It brings me joy. I need to get back dancing and so so to see another person doing that it’s you are providing value. You are giving people like me joy, because you’re dancing for us to something popular in trendy and we think and it’s just dope. So I think that is what you should be focused on making sure that you’re putting out constant content showing what you can do and I promise you will see a return on it.

You have no dancing. What is going on here. Don’t do that. I thought this was a dancing article, so I opened it up, but it says I spend zero time proving myself to anybody. It’s not why you are posting a article of your dancing, oh and the focus isn’t going to let it do that. It’s not! I just don’t understand snow dancing on here, girl hashtags go ahead and look up the articles that I’ve done on hashtags daily anytime, you’re dancing.

You should just be recording it. I can’t girl. No, ah, no, that’s it! That’s the end of this Q & A cuz cuz. You don’t even read my other articles. I can tell by your content. I don’t mean to like go in on you, but I’m so hungry. So I really don’t coaching call thank you guys for sitting in on this Q & A session with me, charlo Brea, CEO of new level extensions. We help women start hair extensions companies launch their six-figure side hustles in the hair extensions industry, with our hair biz.

In a box program make sure that you check that out and no label extensions com, great Charlo, Greene


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2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

I want you to know that this is my life. This is real. Relationships are universal. What’s up everybody Ricky truth here, welcome back to my blog. So today I want to get into the best marketing strategy for real estate agents, and this is how I built my business and a lot of you probably already know this strategy.

But I’m going to go through it again because hearing things over and over and over again is sometimes what actually helps you put it into action. The first thing I want you to do if you haven’t already sign up for my completely free real estate coaching program, I’m the first completely free coach, that’s a zero to diamond comm. Okay, there’s a 90 day action plan online course training twice a month and you have direct access to me.

Ok, so, let’s get into this marketing plan. This is something I’m very passionate about. I’ve been in real estate for 17 years, I’ve sold over a hundred properties. A year for the last five years going on six, I’m on track to do it this year as well – and this is what I’ve learned over my career as the very best strategy and it’s even more relevant in today’s market. Okay, it’s even more relevant in today’s market because nobody’s doing it.

Okay, we want to build a brand. We want to build an audience aka our database, okay, and we want to make sure that this is a targeted audience well make sure that this is this. Are these are people who are the highest quality prospects that are going to buy and sell properties right, the kind of properties, the type of properties that we want to say? Okay, we’re going to focus on these people they’re unlimited, so you can grow and grow and grow and grow and grow forever.

Okay, as much work as you want to put in alright, doesn’t matter what the market does closings happen every day right. So we’re going to put in as much work as we possibly can to meet these people create these relationships, build our brand right and every time one of them wants to buy or sell, or has someone that they know that wants to buy or sell they’re going To come to you – and let me just say not: all of them will always come to you we’re going to lose some here and there no marketing strategy is going to collect every single deal right.

There’s no strategy out there! That’s going to this going to capture every single prospect for you and a hundred percent you’re going to get it alright, that’s why so many agents are successful, because not one agent can do all the business different personalities, different timings, so on and so forth, but what You want to do. Is you want a strategy? That’s going to put you in the best position possible right, give you the best percentage, all right chance that you are going to get that business and that’s what we want to do want to put ourself in the best position possible.

I think of it. As this all right, all the different prospects out there in your market or hats – okay, let’s pretend like their hats, all right and we’re going to put our name and as many hats as possible. Aka begin maintain, create relationships with these people, so we’re putting our name in so many hats right and there’s other agents names in those same hats right and when that person pulls the name out it may be yours.

It may not be right, but if you have your name in as many hats as you can possibly have right, you’re going to win a lot of those deals. So that’s what want to do want to put our name in as many hats as possible. So, let’s talk about the most efficient prospects. Let’s talk about our target audience. Okay, we got to build our audience. It’s just like here on this YouTube blog with building your subscriber base.

Okay, it’s the same exact thing. Alright, people that subscribe, they saw you. They saw your name, they read the article boom, they click subscribe. They know who you are now every article that you put out consistently. They start to get to know you more and more and more and more and before you know it, you have a brand built same thing with real estate. We want to talk to as many people as we can right to create relationships.

Okay, that’s them hitting that subscribe button, and then we want to hit them with content very consistently so that we can build that brand. So, who are the highest quality prospects who’s that audience want to go after it’s property owners that own the type of property we want to sell? Okay, if we want to sell property between three and six hundred thousand, then we’re going to talk to just property owners that owned property between three and six hundred thousand.

If we want eight hundred to a million we’re just going to talk to people on eight hundred to a million okay – and I think the secret is to find that sweet spot in your market, okay, the sweet spot is somewhere close to maybe a little higher than The average price point of your market, so it’s good to know what your average price point is in your market, so that you can kind of identify where the sweet spot is.

If the average price point your market, like my market, is three hundred and fifty thousand right now, okay, three 50 375 – is our average price point, so I stay in that 400 range. Okay, that’s kind of where I focus in is really anywhere from 300 to 500. It’s kind of where my sweet spot is, and that’s where I put a lot of focus and that’s where most of the deals are right and that’s a really good price point to be in because those commissions are really good.

If you can have a more frequent Commission right at a really good rate at a five hundred thousand, a three or four hundred thousand dollar, you know deal, then that’s really good than having just a few. At a million a few at two million right, I, like frequency, okay, I do eight to ten bills a month, and I want to do in that three to four hundred range, eight to ten deals a month. I don’t want to do one two million dollar deal a month.

I want to do eight to ten at five hundred thousand, so it’s really important to find that sweet spot in your market. Okay, once you’ve identified that we’re going to identify some subdivisions. Okay, some subdivisions that that are full of that price point of properties. Now what I like to do is go ahead and start sending them handwritten notes, postcard, stuff like that right, you can do that. You don’t have to do that, but I like to do that because it just it just adds another layer of what you’re doing and a little another layer of brand awareness right.

So you can do the direct mail. You don’t have to do the direct mail, but what you do have to do is you have to subscribe to red X, okay, red X, waves $ 150 startup fee for all my coaching members, okay, there’s a link in the description of this article. That’ll. Take you to red X, where they waive the one hundred fifty dollar startup fee, and you can just start okay get geo leads geo leads is only fifty dollars a month.

Okay, it gives you two thousand phone numbers per month and what you do is, is you put the address any of the addresses within that subdivision in red and red X right and then click search and it finds all the property owners in that subdivisions phone numbers? Now you can just get gles, that’s $ 50, but what I also suggest is to get their dialer, so you can just click another button. It just starts dialing them for you and you just sit on the phone and just start talking a property owner after pop down.

Here you can make so many calls so quickly. Okay, now this is called circle. Specking now circle. Prospect me is something that no agent is doing everybody’s calling expired. So when you call an expired, the expired saying, you’re, the tenth agent, that called me and they’re already in a bad mood, same thing with for sale by owners. Right agents are hounding them, but no one is circle prospecting.

These people are not getting hounded, they’re very open to talking to an agent. They want to know, what’s going on with the market and they’re very easy to talk to and to create a relationship with, and a lot of people say: oh well, that’s long term business Rick, any business right now, no there’s so much business. Now, within these subdivisions, people are thinking about buying or selling they’re thinking about selling and upgrading, there’s thinking about selling you’re relocating the thinking about buying investment properties, down the road they’re thinking about selling an investment property down the road there’s so much going on in the Circle prospecting world and you can’t call them all.

You cannot call every property owner. Your area is completely unlimited, so these are really easy. Calls to make I’m going to put a link in the description of me. Making live calls to to property owners. Circle prospecting all right, I’ll, put a couple of links in below this article, where I’m making live cost, so you can see how it’s done. Also. My scripts are right there in the coaching program, just go download them all free.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to say: hey mr. Johnson, hey, this is Ricky, Crewe the remix of orange beach, how you doing cool I’m enjoying the days and a gorgeous cool look. I don’t wan na take up too much of your time, but a house around the corner just sold, didn’t know. If there’s anything in the world, I could do for you. No we’ll look as they’re an agent. You would work with. If you were to do something know, will call look, I’m sure at some point in the future you’re going to do something right, sure, I’d love the opportunity to work with you and that day comes.

Would it be okay, if I stayed in touch with you cool? What’s your email address boom very natural I’ll, set it really fast right there for your benefit, but you’re going to slow it down you’re going to make it your own. It’s a real conversation. It really works again. Read the articles of me making calls and you’ll kind of get it down right and then get to work, create these relationships. These are the people that you want.

This is a target audience. This is the most efficient prospects that you could possibly have, and this is why I don’t want you to buy leads, because this is fifty dollars for two thousand phone numbers where we’re spending two or three hundred dollars for one lead that doesn’t even back. This is a way that you can create your own leads that are better leads that already own the properties for so cheap.

It’s almost free. Now. What I want you to do with that email is. I want you to start sending weekly emails on the same day of the week forever. I will also link a article below of my training of me, screenshotting, my computer, and doing my weekly email. That way, you can do your email exactly like me and I’ll even give you my template. Okay. So now we know what you need to circle prospect right. It’s unlimited! We can do it forever right, we’re going to use red X, we’re going to get their emails.

We’re going to help them do deals if that’s what they want to do now, but we’re not really worried if they want to do deals now. Our job is to filter through the entire population, to find the people that want to work with us and then we’re going to build our business around those people and we’re going to build our brand with this weekly email. Okay, because they’re going to get this consistently.

Every single week, on the same day of the week forever, I’ve been doing mine on Wednesdays every Wednesday since 2007. Right never missed a Wednesday, and it’s literally the reason why I sell so much property now. What I also want you to do is take those emails and create a custom audience in Facebook and run Facebook and Instagram ads to the same people that are getting your weekly email tour, now you’re, just adding another layer to your brand building strategy to those people That know you, like you, trust you and what I’ll do there is I’ll make a article in the future about how to create that custom, audience and kind of the types of ads that I run to those people.

So I hope this article helps you, simplify your life and understand that this real estate marketing strategy does not have to be so complicated. You don’t have to have so much going on. You’d have to spend a lot of money. You could spend very little money. You can be very effective, very efficient and get the job done and create the database that you want versus a database full of people that will probably never call you back or or never buy or sell.

Or what have you right? I would rather have a lower number in my database of a concentrated group of people who own the type of property I want to sell and have talked to me and gave me their information voiced. A voice voice of voice is the reason why technology has not and will not replace real estate age. It’s mark my words on that. If you guys want to go and start the 90 day action plan, what I’m doing is is when you complete the 90 day action plan.

I do a phone call with you, so when you get done with the 90 day action plan, email me we’ll set up a call so that I can talk to you about your specific situation and I’m going to promote you to what I call Jim and Jim’s. Get put into a separate Facebook group where I can now spend more time with you, because you show me that you’re willing to put the work in to get to the next level, and I respect that and I want to help those people.

So if this article helped you please hit that like button hit the subscribe button, let me know what the world I can do for you comment below and let me know what articles you want me to make I’ll see you on the next article: let’s go

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How Important is Social Media to Your Branding Success? Sammy Blindell

How important is social media and branding to success? Well, if we go back 50 years or more, even it would have taken thousands, even millions of pounds worth of investment to get your brand and your message out there in a greater way and you couldn’t even guarantee but you’d, get in front of your ideal customers. Social media has given us tools, unlike ever before, it’s given us a vehicle to be able to get your message out to exactly the people that you want to see, feel and hear your brand in the way. You want your message to be duplicated. You

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testimonial from our customers after deck repair project. SEO (2019)

I had holes in my deck and I had water damage in the outside walls, and that was getting to be a problem, because animals were getting in where the holes of the deck were, and I was just afraid it would really demolish from there well needed to Be brought up to date, we couldn’t come on the deck ad work is just getting a little dangerous and surprising.

A chipmunk everyone so, while coming out of the hole, was not a fun thing, but I would also add that in the front on the fascias, where the insect and bird damage that is going to eventually destroy the house when the wood starts to rot away. Because of that kind of thing, I actually I liked you and I liked you, because you were very straightforward with how much it was going to cost. Another company was giving me some estimated this and estimated that, but you gave me a bottom line which is important to me.

Aside from the things that we knew at uncovering a deck, there was going to be some other things that we might find, but I was glad to do that and I just felt you to be trustworthy. The experience was a good one because it was so fast. I mean a week ago I was standing on this awful deck and this was done in two days, which is more than I thought would be able to happen so diligent workers. I have to say, the workers were good and they they came and they didn’t hang out.

They just worked, and so I’m very pleased with the whole result. I don’t think I had any surprises just just happy once I guess well my problem and thinking my house was about ready to with the house. If you let animals get into it in any way, it’s going to be a major problem because they start chewing on things and eventually your house has got to fall down. You got to get it when they’re first started so got rid of the animals.

Out of my deck and the insects and the pileated woodpeckers off the fascia, and from that I’m very happy and by the way you put PVC up so that those nasty critters couldn’t get to that fascia anymore. So it was all good they have to. I warned my neighbors it’s coming your way. If I hadn’t yeah, I really don’t have the experience to say now. I had somebody else that I thought was pretty trustworthy and I probably would have gone with him.

As I said, I really like the way you laid out the proposal and I don’t know this is my first experience dealing with Angie’s List and I’m just very pleased with it. I just just had a good feeling about and talking with you and describe, actually god I felt like after talking to you Justin, you were answering questions. I didn’t have to ask you anything. I would just like to add that I fully recommend emoji improvement because they did a great job for us another 30 years.

They were over here last night, looking on the commission and that’s what you were actually okay. Well, as houses go, I guess in a little while we’ll probably call you for something else.


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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.