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Online Marketing for Beginners [2019]

Yes, I want to come in and talk to you guys about three ways that you can market your business. I’r not going to tell you no bullshit like sortable old or you know, creepy new girl either. Even if you start a blog, are you crazy to new? You still need to find a way to market an advertiser, so let’s get into it.

Huh first things. First, you need to make sure that you are creating content to push whatever you’re doing right. This is number one create a blog, a website, a thing this is, you already have that set up so on Instagram, dropping tips and tricks on you to drop in tips and tricks. Your contest should be constantly pointing people back to whatever it is you’re doing. For example, when I do my challenges on my fitness, blog makes, you guys are following: go gym, fit, make sure to check our go-to because icon whatever you do.

I do things like, for example, okay, when I do my challenges, I start talking about things like do. Weight, loss, challenges, work. Okay, how will weight loss challenge can benefit your life. You know three tips to lose weight and everything. I do at that point to create content. Its circle derail go sign up for my challenge right now. Okay, so I’m create a constant right, so I make a article three ways to lose weight fast and make sure you guys are going to check out my weight loss challenge boom.

I create that on you on YouTube. I create that on Instagram I create that through a blog post. I create that through. I create that through an email, but if you guys notice, I’m creating content, that’s pushing people to go to sign up for my challenge. That’s why I told you guys here are pretty chicks in this: we don’t start selling, okay, we’ll start advertisement or start creating content until you have something to sell all right, stop stop just putting out content.

You have nothing to sell now, I’m not saying this, but I’ll start selling. That’s not what I’m saying I’m saying if you’re going to launch your business, make sure three months from now you’re going to you already have the thing that you’re going to be selling say you’re an author dang bull, you just wrote a notebook, don’t self-help book. I need you to start creating content, but you’re talking about it and you’re letting people know check out my book.

Okay, it’s coming. It’s dropping! Okay, stop! Stop, making stuff, stop cream console without having a product to push. Okay, that’s number one! You need to make sure that you’re creating content around whatever you’re selling. Okay number: two, you need to collab and I said collab like your girl. Go with your besties know, collab with people who are one, not competition, two that are going to push your item or the thing you have to sell.

For example, I do fitness my best friend does, I didn’t say much for Becky, but they’re less. Your besties does. Whatever, but I’m saying, link up with somebody that will push your stuff – that’s not competition, for example, my best friend she does relationships. I do Fitness, okay. She came on my platform before to talk about how you know getting something right in your relationship can be helpful towards your fitness.

Then she talked about her her book right boom. Then I turned around. I went on her platform and I talked about how you need to be fit and snatched soda bars and living a healthy lifestyle. So you can find a boot. Then I talked about one of my meal plans. You get it did you just get what we did? Okay, we collapse we’re not in competition she’s a relationship I’m in fitness, but I found a way to go to her platform, give her people value right in Ukraine, constant you collabing, you’re, providing value to these people.

Then she turned around provided value to my people and talked about her thing, so we had a win-win okay, so collapse. Collab with people were not your competition, but have an audience that you can tap into right. She has a lot of people over there that I wouldn’t reach, because she is in a relationship, relationship sector. I have a lot of people that she wouldn’t reach because I’m in the fitness sector, but since we collabs, we were able to cross pollinate with content and audiences and sealed okay, so collaborate find somebody to collab with okay.

Then this catapults me to the next thing by advertisements: okay, solicit influencers: it’s going to cost you some money, okay! Yes, I know on his blog that other blogs you’ll find that people are going to tell you all. You can do all these things for free. Well guess what food is business? Okay, an influencer or an ad costs money? Okay! So when you do Instagram and Facebook as they cost money? Okay, so if you’re going to be doing an ad, I suggest you get somebody that knows what they’re doing, because you can spend your Facebook ad money, real, quick, you don’t know what you’re doing and you will lose money versus gain money, okay, but you need to Make sure you are getting ads, for example, you can get you an ad as a popular on Instagram on certain days right Fridays and Mondays Mondays.

People are more motivated, just start something new or buy something new, okay and on Fridays, because that’s what people usually get paid all right, they’re willing to buy more on those days. For those reasons, okay and then with the influencer – that’s still advertising, but you want to find an influencer that matches with your brand. Okay, that is affordable. That actually will will send more people to you or, like I talked about, is if you’re beginning you brand-new.

Today, a lot of times when you’re spending money on ads or influencers, it’s not really going to be that you’re going to you’re going to sell or you’re not going to sell with it. But at that point, you’re doing it for awareness, so people can start seeing who you are if they see your ad on their timeline two three times and click this. We check this out right now, they’re aware of you right now, you’re in their ecosystem right and then, if they see you again, let me check out what else this person has and then, by that time you can potentially turn a person into somebody who just got Aware of you now, they’re they’re, a client or they’re, a buyer okay, so you want to get influenced or their lines up with your brand, that’s affordable for you, okay, and that will actually bring people to you see a lot of times.

You just get influencers because I have a lot of likes. Here’s something about marketing and it’s not a secret, no more like views. Okay, it says: do not sell products right, don’t ever think, because this person has a million followers, and I got a hundred thousand likes on on this bet that that’s going to be quite sales. That’s not all how it always happens. Okay, I’m right here with my measly less than four hundred subs on this blog right, less than four hundred and guess what I still make money off of this blog boom.

So I’m saying that the safe subs likes! No, that does not equate some money. So you want to at least if you’re going to get influenced or be aware that it’s were awareness it’s more than likely and it may not turn into money. But now you have people that are pushing you now. People are aware of you, so the three things you can do online marketing right now, pull date right now. Okay, is create content that pushes people back to your product.

Okay, stop stop stop making content without pushing people to your product. Now don’t be so easy everything you make, you don’t need to talk about a product. Okay, every single thing you make you don’t have to talk about a product, but majority of what you’re talking about majority of what your content you put up should be about you. Getting people to your product? Okay, so if you’re a life coach – and you tell the people – you know, here’s the five ways to change your life boom.

The next thing you need to talk about is either a book that can help them or a one-on-one consulting session. With them boom, if you are a baker, okay, honey and you sell cookies, okay, you giving them three ways how to make the most delicious cookies in the world. You need to be up so pushing them through your book to your course to your plan. Okay, I’m just giving me off some examples. Are you trying to push off? Okay, remember to collab with somebody cross pollinate audiences? Okay, because you can share something with their audience.

They can share something with their audience. You guys can bring you back, bring each other value. Okay, the third thing is: get you so and and get you some influencers and here’s one thing I didn’t say with influencers. Another thing that you can do that’s just okay is, if you have the opportunity to provide samples of your idols to imposters, please do something. Okay, because Sam you see the influence or a shirt five months from now, this is who is to wear shirt, shirt and now people are coming to your website because you sent the influence or something free, okay and all you’re doing is you know, thanking them and Telling them hey, I wanted to see you something you know if you can wear this next time, you make a article or if you can wear this next time, you want women to an event.

I would appreciate you because you’re sending them something right now, don’t be mad at them. Foster does not wear your stuff. Okay, because we got to be realistic. Now we’re in this age, where everybody is go, keep doing that right, not everybody, but everybody. The reason why I said not, everybody is because, if you got to this part of the article, I want you to know this start your business. It’s hard your skills into dollar bills, because a lot of us, because we’re on internet, because we’re on social media we’re under the impression that everybody’s doing this and the truth of the matter is everybody – is not investment.

Ok, everybody’s, not on Instagram everybody’s, on YouTube, everybody’s, not on Twitter. That’s the truth! Ok, everybody is not so if you’re not starting your business, because you think that everybody’s doing it you’re cycling yourself, because the truth is everybody’s not doing it think about it. In a room of about 10 people, you can sit and just be like hey. You got Instagram, there might be half of people in the in your group.

That may be like. No, I don’t have this friend right or us. People or people still be surprised when they be like. Oh, you got a new blog I’d be like. Oh me. I got like the ring, but and I’m not saying that to be braggadocious, I’m saying in a way weird lying on him. People up there’s fun alone, Awards people to actually do have the things that you think that everybody has it’s like. No everybody doesn’t people got it YouTube account, but everybody’s not out here on YouTube.

Ok, everybody you to Street okay, so I’m sitting to say you should collab on the last but not least, I’m the collab and influencers okay influencers and ads okay. So you guys, I hope this was helpful. I’ll talk to you guys later bye, you


Online Marketing

Top 5 Beauty Business Ideas To Start In 2019 For Beginners

In fact, okay, I teach women how to turn their skills into dollar bills. Okay, let’s get into it, but you guys actually want to come in and talk to you guys about a couple of beauty, business idea: okay, these beauty, ideas or things that you guys may or may not have heard about, but I’m going to put them all into Perspective them all.

I can also tell you: what’s the entry into some of these businesses? Okay? Well, let’s go with the one that I feel is the least type of leaf insurance, okay, and that is where you can become a greater yes, okay, if you do not go, I am the great plug. Okay, you can go ahead on this blog. Hopefully I can leave it in the description or let the link pop up, but what it is is that when you go, you break people’s hair and you which release you know.

If you are just low on funds, you can show up empty-handed. Okay, but of course you guys go check out my what’s in my braider bag because and the lease needs to come with a bare minimum of what she wanted me to order to do someone’s hair. But literally I just out. I went to break hair yesterday. Of course, this is recurrent got half for a very long time, so I didn’t really showed up with nothing. He had rubber bands and grease and comb, and some of those things are great to come from your customer because, like combs, most people wants, you use their comb on their hair grease.

Some people are very specific about the kind of grease or the type of products and one their hair, so they would provide that to you and I’m mentioning brave, brainy and being a brighter a mobile brighter. Only because it’s it’s a low cost entry, literally, you can go grab a couple of the things fill up your burner bags for my five ten bucks and you can start making money like this weekend. As long as you have your advertising down as long as you have your market now so effective in social media and ads and things like that, but you can definitely become a braider okay.

So that’s multiple entries. The next thing that you can do is you can start to sell eyelashes you sell the UM the or how to make eyelashes like something like this. You guys I paid approximately um, I paid $ 5.00 for this 3-pack, as you guys can see. I already used one, but the thing about this is say: if you were to buy two of these for $ 10, you can sell these for asking eyelashes make eyelashes being sold for up to twenty dollars.

So, even if you were to say I’m going to buy two packs of these at $ 10 right, you have six pieces that I, like you could have $ 10 in to $ 60 or you can turn it into yeah. You could turn them into $ 60. You can turn it into if you were to just do ten like say if you just charge ten ten ten ten, this is $ 30 and you only spent five dollars right. You make a $ 25 profit or if you were to sell them for more.

If you would have someone for 20 apiece right and you walk the route two of these, you spend $ 10, but you charge $ 20, a lash right. So at that point now, you’re making 120 dollars off with a $ 10 investment yeah. Well now you got ta, keep into consideration or take into consideration. There are other things are going to selling your lashes like branding right like a website. The websites are super easy to get you people for a you for seller or a commerce website.

You can do something like Shopify, which cost money, but you can something free, such as beef cartel, for example, big cartel lets you advertise up to 3 products for free, so simply going to buy three three of three of these right and three different types. Then you would go on the west side and you would post a picture of one right, a one style, another picture of another spot, another picture of another style.

You have three cells on Big Cartel for free 19. Okay, now I know some people like to talk about. You know the big cartel at the end of the dot-com honestly. If people are going to buy something they’re going to buy some you, I’ve had people buy for me through PayPal through XT, through pay heck yeah. The Gumroad, if people are going to buy from you they’re going to buy from you, so don’t get all caught up in the fact that oh my gosh, I need to have a dot-com if you want a dot-com, so back booth, don’t true! I got you I’m going to leave the link in there in the description.

I let it slide up here, where I show you how to create how to go and get a domain name right and forward it. To your so say, if you had a big cartel – and it was like you know, pretty chicks and backsplashes got Big Cartel and I just wanted to say pretty chicks. In best lashes, I go over to nan Chi da comp. I go by pretty chicks things x.Com for $ 12 right for the year. That’s my domain! I would own that domain.

You would own that domain for one year you go buy it. You take the big cartel link and take it over to to Namecheap. I should rather do all of that check the article and boom people are when they click on your pretty chicks, invest. Lashes dot-com is going to take them over to your VidCon. So if you are very concerned about how it’s going to appear – but I just told you out again with this – I paid $ 5.

00 for three lashes. I think these type of license being sold for up to $ 20.00. Okay, say if you were to just try to be easy about it. Yes, thank you were trying to be easy about it, and you were saying: okay, I’m letting myself 15. That’s $ 45! You can make off of this right here and you only pay $ 5 right, so you buy two packages. You make $ 90 off of spending $ 10, so the eyelash game is simple to get into, but it’s really going to depend on your branding and your in your boxing right and there’s so many tutorials out there on Instagram not Instagram on YouTube, I’m not going To go into all of that, but I do have a article where I talk about how to have such a fine, ass business.

Okay, that’s the second thing number three, along with eyelashes, now not selling eyelashes, which you can become an eyelash installer. Okay, now to decertify. It’s not a lot entry and meaning entry isn’t under under, but I know a lot of people. Let’s do some of these articles and they’re looking for something that’s either free or under $ 100. We’ll check this out. If you want to become an eyelash and start it’s not under $ 100, I’ve seen people teaching or doing the eyelash clap eyelash package for upwards to about 250 250 to 500 dollars, but you figure people, ladies, are giving her eyelashes install all the time all over.

You know some of the most major cities, so you become eyelash installer. You may pay 250 for the class right, but you advertise yourself. You know you can advertise yourself as a mobile eyelash, installer yeah come on y’all about that mobile game, because some people like when you come to them. Let’s keep her up. Nobody else to sit up and go to her to talk money. I will come see how some eyelashes and all you know you just pack $ 30 boom.

You booked three step three four dollars for the day right and most mi eyelash installs only take about 30 minutes. So in two hours boom you can make what dirty dirty dirty dirty girl. You just met ahead of the $ 20 in two hours, come on now people’s getting that couple, money injures lawyers, and you know doctors that hero okay, getting pay hundreds of dollars hour. So definitely look into becoming eyelashes are.

Hopefully I can find a resource with you guys. I think I know why forget the resource from right and I’m going to leave that link for you in the description. The next thing we’re going to talk about yeah. Okay. Now this one with a lousy girl, let’s talk about show young okay, you can become! You can easily. You can sell Yanni sing, not that you’re selling a thing, but just you’re selling the herbs bundle together.

That creates what, if a Jana Singh okay, I got this off of Amazon. That is enough for one sting right now. Most of these herbs cost somewhere between five to ten dollars so getting into the Yami seen business. If it’s a low injury, because you’re going to spend less than her dollars to put all the herbs together right but again is limit the best way see the yummy scheme working for people. If what you you’ve been a you, providing it right is definitely a simple packaging, and what I saw with a lot of the youngest scenes is that what you probably can do is, with your Johnny’s things, tell people what they need to do.

I had to do a lottery like I bought it from these people right, but it took me a lot of I had to research exactly you know. How long do I do it? You know: what’s the benefits of it um, you know well how to do it right now, how often you should do it. So if I were you, if you want to start a Yanni scene business, I would definitely take time to to research what it does. You can find an herbed off Amazon all day.

If you guys want. I will leave the link to this one in particular um. But I’ve heard doing my research. I’ve heard different people say like some Johnny’s things, you only need three or four herbs of a yummy things. I’ve heard you eat five or six right, so it’s different herbs and they provide something different. So if I were you, if you do want to sell Yanni’s things, okay, a good thing for you to do is definitely educate folks.

So that would be my next thing. My next business idea become a Yami Steam educator because – and you can throw in Yahoo’s theme party right. Why can’t you? Why? Why not you can literally make it a day of like pampering and where ladies come in, you got the countess lid and you got the chef Hayden. Oh my god Owen. You know for that one hour, you’re going to educate them on beyond esteem and what’s the benefits and there’s also, I was reading that if you are experiencing um like if you do want to do more of a detox for your yani, it’s good to do the Scene and a massage, so if I were, you, maybe learn how to do like the abdomen abdomen massage so that you can offer that to be a part of your business but say if you were to get five.

Ladies together and my name is you, you were to put the party on and you educate them about the theme as well as do do the scene for them. You know my of course you know, there’s boundaries, but do the same, for them means you. Let them know how it’s supposed to be done, and literally right there. You guys do this demon together, and I also heard that there um, you should actually make um sounds when you are doing your when you are doing your gobby’s when you are doing your yawning scheme.

Okay, so can you still be honest? Just the package like and just give them a little brubber what they need to do, or you literally can do a guided party where you provide an experience for people. Okay, I think that’s a dope idea, some type of setup, for that is, maybe you can wring out a Airbnb. You can invite 10 women and you can charge like maybe hundred dollars a person to women our job. That’s a thousand dollars honey! Okay, get the bag! Stop playing okay and then literally with that Cosmo much you can just reinvest it.

You know. Take my $ 100 $ 20, buy some Moscato buy some nice cool glass, especially nice candles. Of course you know have. Maybe if I were you, maybe some robes or some type of towel, so that people can cover themselves with it, you guys are doing the army scene. So that’s something that you can do right there. Okay, I mean keep the bag. Okay, stop cleaning! The next thing you can do is you can learn how to do resilient, wax and bikini wax to learn how to do bikini wax I’ve seen it for $ 150 and other than how you will resilient it asking for $ 300, and for those of you who Have done or you don’t just you know, done it going to have a Brazilian wax you and I both know Brazilian wax ain’t.

She, okay on the lower end, you might go find it for maybe 30 35. On the higher end. I’ve seen something that charged all the way up to $ 65 and where I go, the young lady charges $ 30 and when I go with usually three to five other women waiting to get a bikini wax. So she does five of us after there. I was a cop, that’s $ 150, it she only spends like when I go show me spin she’s in there with me lessons ten minutes.

What I’ve noticed is that, if you have had what I notice is, if you have had, if you have had a Brazilian before or a bikini wax before, it’s quicker because there’s probably less hair right that you’re doing with versus if you’re like a newbie. This is your first time she takes more more of her time with you. You know, give you a chance to breathe girl, no snacks get packed. I stopped playing, but I’m saying at the stage that that is a no-entry look.

You don’t do train just to do. Bikini waxes just to do Brazilians, and especially you see in this article when I’m dropping it it’s right before summer. So this is the best time to probably know how to do. I mean there are some of us. I mean I’m a all year-round imma go home. I go meeting took care of, but there are some people who want me to ignore summer. But definitely if you hear this, you might want to invest $ 250 every three hundred dollars because you’re going to get your money back off the top.

Be expecting your advertising s being mobile, I got, will come to you and I won’t do it for you like, come on L and to just look at the college to learn how to do it like what tell me something okay, so I had those – and that Was pretty I have on here? Also, then, if you just want to do a spa party literally, that goes kind of like to with the steam party. I was saying, but you literally do a spa party for.

Ladies, like literally, you can hire a masseuse. You can hire someone that does like matters pedicures and you just set the atmosphere. You are pretty much the hostess with the mostess okay, but it’s spot only and it’s for women only right. So that is another idea that you can do this. How about spa party right literally you can go on Eventbrite, go get an Airbnb advertise that you want to have a spotlight for ladies or a spa day for ladies and let people know what they’re going to get.

There’s masseuse there, a manicure pedicure. You might have um, you know: strawberry truck cover, strawberries and champagne and Moscato. You know just a good vibe right, just a good vibe, because a lot of people may not be able to afford the bigger spot, like you know, some of the more expensive ones. So if you can bring it to them or to their local, you know so where they can drive and it can be affordable.

You know fifty dollars, I have you got under $ 50 right. Then people would be interested in something like that. So definitely take time to check out some of these beauty business ideas lock in pick one start right to your business before summer and I’ll talk to that better bye,