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How To Build An Email List For Marketing In 10 Minutes (Without Making A Website)

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Online Marketing

How To Get Into Digital Marketing (And Earn A Full-Time Income With It)

Okay, so I’ll be going over. I’ve been doing digital marketing for the last ten years. I run my own business, which makes about seven million dollars a year, and digital marketing is a great place to be the average salaries range from forty to eighty eight thousand dollars per year in digital marketing.

And in this lesson, I’m going to be going over how you can learn the basics, the different ways you can learn the basics I’ll also be going over how to get an advantage in digital marketing I’ll be discussing with you how to get ahead of the curve. What are some four front areas that you can become an expert in and be an especially valuable person or employee and I’ll show you how to start gaining experience and then I’ll go over some pro tips at the end of the article, so that hopefully you’ll be Able to come away with this article with not only an understanding of what digital marketing is, but also how to make money with it so read and learn: hey John crostini and I just love marketing.

Okay, I love marketing and I’ve been doing it for ten years because I find it so fascinating. I you know growing up. I was always a wizard or a sorcerer in the article games I played and I believe marketing is actually the power of magic. It’s the ability to say a few words and effect thousands of people or millions of people all across the globe and going into digital marketing gives you that the ability to do that for a job right.

It’s not even work at that point. For many of you, you’re probably going into digital marketing because you think it’s cool or whatever it is, but what does digital marketing actually mean? Now digital marketing usually refers to a job in a large company that has enough departments that has a big enough marketing department to have separated out digital marketing from other marketing efforts. You know maybe it’s sales support marketing or basically, if, if a company is big enough to have digital marketing positions, it means it’s a pretty big company and usually you’re working for a big corporation and doing alright.

And that’s how I started. I started out in a company of about a hundred people. I was actually a PPC analyst, so I was managing. It sounds kind of weird PP analysts right. No, it’s a PPC analyst, meaning I was a pay-per-click analyst and I was analyzing and doing people’s Google advertising for them. So first to get started in digital marketing. You need to learn the basics all right. So what are the basics so learn the basic knowledge get in groups and learn from courses now.

First off knowledge. Now Google and Facebook have free courses, okay, which explains all of the terminology, all the stuff you need to know, but you could also learn digital marketing. Just by listening to YouTube blogs like this one, every article I do is related to marketing, so you can learn a lot of marketing from people like me and obviously, I’m a business owner making a few million dollars a year.

So I have some experience in this place, but you can also learn from the companies themselves, which one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, I’d say generally speaking, it’s best to learn from entrepreneurs. If you want to be an employee might be, you know it’s just as good to learn from employees, because that’s the position you’re looking to be in and its employees teaching these but they’re not going to teach the real, cutting-edge marketing techniques that allows you to start.

Your own business, so just keep that in mind when going through the Google and Facebook courses. I also suggest groups, okay, so groups, I think, are a great way to learn a lot of people process knowledge in groups. Now there seems to be a tendency. I forget: there’s a study done somewhere, but basically men learn better solo, whereas women learn better in groups. Both men and women need to learn solo and in groups to really get the most knowledge and to really have it sink in the most possible.

That’s why we’ve created a few groups here there are links in the description for you to join our discord community, which is a way you can check. We have a subreddit, which is a forum which allows you to post articles and ask questions and get feedback. We also have a Facebook group where you can post and interact with other members, so I think all of those are great options. I think discord is actually the best community to join.

If you ask my opinion, I even drop into the discord, sometimes as well. Now, courses, I also suggest you go through some online courses. If you’re looking to get into digital marketing, I don’t really suggest school. I don’t really suggest college or Community College. If you’re looking really just to be a hype, late paid employee go, you know, colleges can work out. Fine. The education system is really meant to train people to be employees, so that would be a great place to be.

I obviously you can hear. I advocate people be entrepreneurs and that just affords you more time more freedom, more control, more money, more everything. So, if you’re looking to go the crazy route right, the unsafe route, which I actually believe is the safer route, you know take non college courses. Take courses from people who are all who are very successful online. What I’ve seen about college is that a lot of college professors, you know they’re boring and they’re old and they haven’t done whatever their profession is they’re teaching about in many years and they’re just.

Why would you want to listen to somebody who’s old and boring when you could actually learn from somebody who’s in the cut doing it? I’r making five hundred thousand dollars a month doing my business right now and I take time out of my day to teach people. So you can learn from somebody who’s in the cut in the weeds in the trenches doing lie, and you can take my course, which is the super affiliate system right.

You know, obviously, I’m biased here, but super affiliate system very successful course. Tens of thousands of students have gone through it. A couple number of people have become millionaires from the knowledge they learned and applied in it. So I would suggest you take that and if you want to learn more about it, there’s a free training which explains what the super affiliate system is. The link is in the description now.

Next, I would suggest you get an advantage. Ok, you need an advantage if you’re going into digital marketing, the job market is very hard. The job markets getting smaller as bigger businesses move to more things like the uber model or Amazon flex or postmates sword or really corporations are stratifying. So you it’s more competitive to get there’s fewer jobs, but it’s more competitive to get them and the rest of positions are sort of contract or based which are a little less stable.

So they get an advantage. They give yourself the best advantage possible to get a job is start learning how to do more things. Image and article editing is so important and if you can combine just knowledge of digital marketing with image or article editing, that’s that’s a good place to start. First, off I’d almost call it not an advantage. I think anybody need to get a job. Nowadays, it’s almost necessary to have an advantage, learn image.

Editing. You can learn it for free, learn, article editing, you can learn it for free online. These are great things to do great assets to a company. Most companies have their own separate departments for editing images, editing articles. So if you can come into a company and say I can do both of these, I can do that. I can do digital marketing and I can edit my own ads and images and articles that’ll be huge and that’ll make you a double threat.

I guess to make yourself a triple threat, which is what I believe is the ultimate in marketing. Is you learn website design and once again, you can learn this for free, there’s, no reason you should not learn it spend your time learning these skills. You know I I put out a lot of articles on how to do marketing, but a lot of people don’t even learn the basics. First, I almost consider these basics learn image, editing, learn article editing, learn website design get yourself an advantage.

Won’t go further on that. Just spend the time take a week for each of those to learn it now, if you really want to get ahead of the curve, I’m going to go over three different ways that you can give yourself a monster advantage over any other candidate if you’re looking for A digital marketing job, or just if you’re, looking to do it as an entrepreneur. These are three new emerging areas which will make you just super valuable human being number.

One is marketing automation. Now, a lot of the traffic methods I teach on my blog are using social media such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc to post to put up posts and to get free traffic from those websites. It’s great right, there’s billions of people using Facebook and you can literally just type in a post for free right, you’re, getting free traffic in order to fully utilize those platforms and just make it really efficient.

If you bundle in automation to software programs and other scripts, you can actually get that done way faster. You could message a thousand people, a second with automation, whereas manually you can only message. One person, a second with automation. You could post on 20 different social platforms in a second, whereas, if you were to do that manually, it might take you some time so learning, automation and automation, scripting and stuff like that is very powerful.

Another major advantage you can give yourself is learning paid advertising. Now a lot of companies pay a lot of money for paid advertising and many digital marketing jobs involve doing paid advertising. You can learn a little bit about paid advertising on my blog. You can check out my articles. I think theirs turn 50 dollars into five hundred dollars a day using Google Ads. I have some articles on Facebook advertising beginner to expert in Facebook advertising.

There should be some bubbles around here. My facebook advertising article is pretty long, so you’re going to have to be able to sit down for like 45 minutes to read it, but it goes over everything you need to know about Facebook, advertising you’ll be an expert by the end of that and there are Free courses where you can learn paid advertising as well, but I would suggest if you really want to get an advantage and really, if you want to work for yourself.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to do paid advertising for a living and you can market other companies products, you can take my course. It’s $ 2,000. It’s a six-week course. It’s intensive there’s a certification, there’s support. There’s coaches, there’s live weekly webinars. There’s a lot of stuff in it and you’re learning from somebody who runs a pretty big business himself and has done this for a living can learn more about that.

There’s a link in the description. That’ll. Take you to a that’ll teach you about the course and what it’s about and what you’ll be learning in there so check that out, link is in the description and, lastly, third major thing to get ahead of the curve is learning data analysis. So you learn data analysis. It just really ties in both data analysis and paid. Advertising are really two sides of the same coin.

If you can do both of these data analysis will make you more effective in paid advertising data analysis will actually just make you more effective in all marketing or just in life. Really so learning data analysis really helps with paid advertising, and I suggest you learn it or at least learn the basics, and I have a article another article on this blog, where you can learn the basics of data analysis.

Now. This next topic is very important because it’s about gaining experience, no matter what you do just being book. Smart is not going to help you out in life. If you read 10 books, let’s say you’re: 13 years old, you read 10 books on how to impress women chances are you’re not going to get out. There start talking to a girl and get a date on the first try: okay, reading books about how to make a woman love.

You is not necessarily going to help you, you know, get your first kiss or what not. How you learn to date is through experience. How you learn to be in a relationship involves a lot of experience. You can’t just read about it, you can read every book on sales and it all goes away when you pick up the phone, so experience is the best teacher of them all. No matter what you do, even if you’re just trying to get a job, I suggest you get experience a couple places you can get experienced Fiverr.

Not only can you get experience doing marketing for businesses, but you can earn five dollars doing so. Actually, sorry, I think Fiverr takes a dollar, so you weren’t four dollars. Okay, it’s like four, so you can earn money and gain experience at the same time, so you’re gaining experience and getting paid another great site to gain experience on if you’re looking to get into digital marketing is up work.

I did a lot of jobs on up work. I call it practice right, although I was getting paid, I was getting paid five hundred dollars a month I was I was making from all my clients on up work. I was making four thousand dollars a month. In addition to my job, I eventually I became the director of marketing at the company I was working for and I was getting paid six thousand dollars a month now an up work.

I got paid an additional four K, four thousand dollars a month because I was working on so many clients accounts. So not only did I earn additional income, but you I was gaining experience. That was the most important thing to me. I didn’t mind if I was working all day. It didn’t matter to me because I wanted to spend more time gaining experience. If you look at things through that lens, it’s going to be very positive for you and, lastly, you can start with local businesses.

Okay, local businesses are in dire need of marketing; they suck it no offense if you’re a local business owner reading this, but they suck in local suck at marketing they’re. Getting there just eaten out by Amazon, Jeff Bezos is just destroying local businesses, he’s just walking down Main Street and just like he’s like just a wizard with like fireballs, just destroying Main Street all hail. Jeff, though I think he’s like one of the smartest guys.

I studied him, I think, he’s fantastic, but a lot of local businesses. You could talk to local business and say: hey I’ll, do your marketing for free and you pay me what you think it’s worth if it’s all evil to you. I think that would be a great pitch and you could say I’ll: do your social media I’ll do whatever help out local businesses they need it and, last but not least, is Network. Okay, I found it’s so important to actually meet and talk with other people in marketing before you get into a job position now, schools won’t teach this.

What schools will teach you if you want to get into marketing, or you know digital marketing or get into a job or get in a new industry or profession? They’ll teach you to submit resumes. That’s just like a horrible idea. That’s like a way not to get hired. Ok talk to current or former employees of a company. If you know you want to get into digital marketing, find companies that have a lot of digital marketers that hire a lot of digital marketers and then look up employees in those companies.

Talk with them. Ask them about how they like it ask them about job security. Ask them about pay: ask them about how the bosses treat them. Ask them a billion question. Ask them about the culture. Ok, remember: you’re, looking for a job here, you’re looking to work for a company or, if you’re not looking to work for a company you’re. Looking to be an entrepreneur, ok talk to other people. Doing that line of work.

You know, ask them, ask us social-media influencer, you know, are you happy? Do you work too much? Do you work too little? How many hours a day do you work? Almost every job requires a lot of work. You know also reach out to the companies themselves. You don’t just need to. You know, submit your resume to companies that are asking for people to submit their resume. You’ll actually have a better chance of finding jobs.

If you talk to come means that don’t have any job listing, I never post a job listing I’ll hire somebody for something. If they contact me point being don’t just rely on other people be self-reliant. Reach out do outreach outreach to employees outreach to companies and also as you’re, going through gaining experience and learning marketing post your case. Studies on social media create a blog creative law.

Talk about what you’re doing it’ll be very powerful if you’re looking to get a job or, if you’re, looking to get clients or, if you’re, just looking to do it for yourself rating that network around you of people who are attracted to the case studies, you’re posting Will help you a lot now back about eight years ago I started posting, or maybe I was nine. I started posting consistently on this one internet marketers forum called stack that money and I would post a diary every day, I’d post what I did in terms of trying to be an affiliate marketer and I would host stats I’d post.

Like you know, I got you know: a thousand people saw my ad, you know: 100 people click 10 people box, you know I’d post, whatever it was usually a zero people bought, and I would post images of my ads I’d post, where I was advertising I’d post. My landing pages I post the offer – I was selling I’d post everything so that people could hopefully give me feedback, and I post a day after day after day after day, and nobody would respond.

Nobody would tell me what I was doing right or wrong, but over time as people saw that I was consistent, I would just Journal every day day in day out hoping that people might start giving me feedback or somebody might be reading how I’m trying things are. My methodology and I people started commenting and giving me feedback on why I wasn’t making any money why I was losing money every day. I think some people, just in that forum it has about 2,000 members.

Some people would just see me and think it’s painful that I had been posting for twenty days without making any money right, they’re just like wow. This kid wants. It he’s hungry, he’s trying, but he sucks and posting case studies. I continued to do that for years and be involved in that forum stacked that money and I actually built up a little bit of a following from stacked that money. And if anybody here is a stack that money member type in the comments below.

If you are a stack that money forum member actually, if you frequent any particular marketing forum, know which forum you are in in the comments below, maybe it’s my forum, jet-set or maybe it’s warrior forum. I don’t know what else there is wicked fire, etc, but just by posting in a forum, just a small group of people, 2,000 people not a big audience but very targeted. I was able to get feedback that allowed me to actually start making money and just really just quit my job at travel.

The world become a millionaire and you know, get married young and have HIDs young or younger than most other people, my age and all sorts of stuff. So networking I think, is really important in creating that audience around you and what’s great about when you’re posting about advertising or marketing that you’re doing or learning is that you’re actually attracting those people around you right now.

Most of the people that you surround yourself with probably a concern with you know: maybe the next Brad Pitt movie or the next x-men show – or you know the next in the newest series on Netflix and that’s great. But slowly. If you start posting about marketing stuff. You’ll start getting those people away from you, which is a good thing. You don’t want consumers around you. You want producers and producers notice, other producers and they’re attracted to that.

So you can start surrounding yourself with the right sort of people and you can start getting help. People will give you their help, but you have to show that you’re hungry you’re taking initiative and that’s your results-based whoo. I hope this has been enlightening and let me know if you are excited about digital marketing type in your excited below and also I’d, be interested in hearing. Are you looking for information about digital marketing because you’re looking for a job or are you looking for it to be an entrepreneur, type and job or entrepreneur in the comments, because I’d love to see kind of where you lie and what’s the most important thing? Also, if you have any questions or if you have any topics, you’d like me to address type in what you’d like me to talk about or the questions you have down in the comments below and for my other Watchers.

If you have answers to the comments below please answer them, I get so many messages a day. I just can’t handle it anymore. Now, if you’re looking for more interaction with other individuals check out my groups, we have a discord blog. We have a Facebook group. We have a subreddit where you can interact with other marketers learn and do things and just you know, soak in all that knowledge subscribe to my blog check out my other articles.

We have a lot of cool stuff on this blog about marketing. I release articles every single day, so enable notif patience and check all and check out these amazing stories from some of my students, if you’re interested in going to the next level check out my score super affiliate system and check out these stories from some of my Students about what they’ve been able to achieve with a super affiliate system – hi guys.

My name is Tim, Oh me, and I am part of the Jet Set program. I implemented what I learned in the program a week ago and I’ve made several sales already. I am a single mom in Tucson Arizona and have been struggling to pay my bills, and now I have an internet business and I’m so excited I’ve bought several other internet marketing programs. Nothing has made me much money at all, and the jet-set program made me money within two days.

I got my first sale, so everybody out there who wants to make money online start with the jet-set program. It is so easy to understand, and you get a lot of one-on-one attention if you need it, the community is great and I totally totally totally recommend it. Thank you. Thank you. John Chris Donnie.


Online Marketing

How To Start A Website Business (3 Ways To Make Money)

Hundreds and I’ve been doing this for years and made millions of dollars and I’m going to show you the simple three-step process for starting a website based business. I’r going to be showing you what to do where to do it and how you can make money.

So, let’s get into this and there’s going to be a bonus tip at the end, where I’ll show you how you can make multiple streams of income from your website, so let’s get it hey marketers! So if you were like me, you love the idea of having a website based business for a number of reasons. One it works. While you sleep number two, it doesn’t complain and number three. It can make you money a number of different ways and it’s all automated.

So, let’s get into how to start a website business in this, if you’re not familiar with me, I’ve been running an internet business. I’ve been a full time entrepreneur since 2012 is when I quit my job September 2012 is when I quit my job now. The first step to starting a website based business is, you have to register a domain? Okay, real obvious thing, but you can go to different sites such as GoDaddy top recommended hosting company is down below, but basically you’ll, look up your website domain and you’ll see.

If it’s available most websites retail for about ten dollars, so you usually don’t have to spend more than ten twelve dollars, usually not higher than fifteen dollars to purchase a website now after you purchase website, usually bundled in is you’ll need hosting okay, so you also need, What’s called web hosting? So if you think about it, the website itself is like the real estate. Okay, your domain name, which you will pay generally speaking, fifteen dollars for ten to fifteen dollars.

That’s the real estate, but in order for the real estate to be worth anything, you need to have running water. You need to have electricity, you need to have plumbing. You need to have Wi-Fi if you’re living in the 21st century and that’s what hosting is hosting, is when you’re paying an internet company to actually hold your website for you and load it on other people’s computers every time somebody visits it now.

Technically, if you own a computer and you leave it on 24/7, you could actually host your own website and not have to pay any money. But to do that, I’ve tried it. It’s a real technical challenge and you need to know server-side, scripting and programming and all this sort of stuff databases – and it just doesn’t make sense so unless you’re super advanced you’ll have to buy hosting now hosting generally cost somewhere around 20 dollars a month.

Now, if you sign up with my top recommended hosting company, which there should be a link in the description, then you’ll actually get a free website and you’ll get hosting that costs less than five dollars. So I suggest, if you’d like, to get a website sign up with the website hosting company that I recommend down in the description before you. Do that we’re going to go on what you do next to start a website based business.

Now the second step of starting a website based business is you need to put content on your website now to put content on your website? I have another article where I show you how to set up a website in five minutes, and you can check that article out. It goes over a little more in detail exactly how I show on my computer, how to put content on your website and how to set up your website if you use my top recommended hosting provider, but some good tips on doing content on your website is, generally Speaking people put blog posts on they write words but Matthew, Woodward who’s.

A pretty popular blogger. Talking about how to create website based businesses gives a few different suggestions here. So, first off the difference between good content, bad content is good. Content is in-depth, provide value and we’ll talk about this a little bit later, when we get into my pro tips but offer more value on the subject, then you see other people doing one thing to not do is do not stuff it with keywords, because you heard That putting a ton of keywords in your article or your blog post or your whatever it is, is going to help you out.

Stuffing keywords does not work. Some other things that don’t work is doing a very short article, making it super spammy and full of links and having no multimedia. What I suggest you do is just as Matthew says, use all three content forms, meaning text image and article also keep your art cool, up-to-date if you’re doing in a definitive article, some things such as how to save money or something like that.

You know a very broad article. You can keep it up to date, but, generally speaking, I don’t think you always need to keep your article up to date. If the content doesn’t always change. Okay, keeping your articles or your content up to date really only applies to certain content where it goes out of date. But what is definitely good is referencing other sources, so the more third-parties you kind of reference in your article – you say – oh CNN, said this and NBC said this and Fox News said this Donald Trump said this Bernie Sanders said this: it’s actually good.

It helps your article in terms of ranking. It shows that you did research now. The third step is the most exciting and that’s monetizing content ooh. This is exciting, so the third step is the most exciting and that’s when you monetize content and what’s exciting about monetizing content, is you make money so I’m going to show you two ways that you can make money from your website and I’m also going to show You a third way in a few minutes here when we get to the pro tips, so the first way to monetize is using banner ads.

Now we see a big banner ad right here. This is ad space right. You see this is the New York Times. So this is just a screenshot of their website, but you’ll see right above it is this huge ad for whatever Ericka blacks jet car, whatever. That is now that’s a great way to make money. You can make money by putting ads at the top, and you can see there’s an ad over here is generally ads all over. So this is a great way and the way you do this is with something called Google Adsense it’s free to sign up for, and they will give you directions on how to integrate this into your site.

No matter what type of website you have. Google will be happy to place ads on your site and the way it works with Google is, you will get 60 % and Google will get 40 % of whatever money is earned. So if Google sells $ 10,000 worth of ads on your site, you get 6,000, they get four pretty good business for Google. They make a lot of money. There are other companies that you can work with to monetize your website to put ads on your website.

That’ll pay you better shares, but, generally speaking, Google has four million companies who place ads on their platform, you’re generally going to make a lot more money working with Google than any other provider, because no other provider has as many advertisers as Google. The second way, I recommend you monetize, your website is through, what’s called affiliate marketing. Now, that’s what I do for a living.

I make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, yeah seriously through affiliate marketing and what affiliate marketing is it’s when you’re advertising somebody else’s company and you just link to it when you just advertise somebody else’s company and whenever they get a customer or a lead or Something they pay you, okay, so what’s great about affiliate marketing is, if you know your audience, and you should, if you’re reading this blog and there’s no reason to not, and if you want to learn a little bit more about affiliate marketing and how it works check Out one of my other articles on affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing.

If you know what products people are already buying cut out the middleman, instead of paying 40 % to Google, you can actually get rid of that and you can keep a hundred percent of the money that you receive from your affiliate marketing. Rather than pay Google costs to connect you with these companies, so you work directly with the company rather than working through an ad network such as Google, and that pays a lot more and almost every single blog and youtuber.

You will see, uses affiliate links if you’ve ever come across a website that recommends an Amazon product. I don’t know my wife, we were having a conversation about affiliate marketing and she says I never click on affiliate links. John III – don’t know it seems, like seems like a scam to me, and I said: okay, can I look at your computer. She said okay, she had like 10 browser tabs open and I look at her computer and I said honey.

What’s this site, it’s called a Lucy’s list com and she said: oh, that’s, uh. I was looking for new diapers for Fiona. I wanted the the current diapers are kind of chafing, her butt and I’m worried they’re, giving her a rash. So I wanted to find eco-friendly diapers that didn’t have chemicals or whatever in them. I said: okay, okay, which one do you like? Oh she says I’m getting this one there. I got that one and I said, and you’ve never clicked on affiliate links.

She said. No. I haven’t that’s an Amazon link. I said exactly it’s an affiliate link going to Amazon. The Lucy’s list is making 5 % of whatever you bought. She said no way so most likely, almost all blogs use affiliate links. Nowadays, it’s just the way to make better money and you can be an affiliate for Amazon, Walmart and eBay and Target all sorts of companies. So affiliate marketing is a great place and then the pro tips I’m going to give you so you’ve got two ways to monetize.

So, to get the most money out of your website business, I really highly recommend doing product reviews pay the more products you feature in your blog or in your website, the better okay, I’m not sponsored by Kido. I love these shakes, I’m on the keto diet. I just lost 15 pounds actually, but I’m not sponsored by them, but if I was a youtuber and if I was going for brand sponsorship deals, I would hang out with this all the time id place products around my set or whatever you want to call it All the time and with reviews review products regularly, you make a lot more money.

Brands will reach out to you even to pay you upfront money to review their products. Companies will send you free products and offer you affiliate or referral deals to review their product. You can get all sorts of opportunities, but the more you make your website centered around products and selling products, the more products you’re going to sell. Okay, that might sound crazy that it might sound stupid.

You know, are simple, but it’s true. I hear this so much. I hear life, coach or marketing gurus talk about, do what you love, do, what you love and you’ll, make a lot of money right and if I did what I loved I’d be naked right now, sitting in my jacuzzi, you know, probably you know smoking something and Then I’ll play some article games later and make love to my wife, okay, but it’s not good. None of that’s going to make me any money.

Okay, so the point is doing what you love that doesn’t necessarily make you money. Selling products does and if I can get an amen in the comments type in our men below, if you know what I’m talking about, you know, I still believe it’s do what you love that still makes money. I think the phrasing has to be off of it, but if you just completely do what you love, I mean I’d be sitting in bed. You know like hanging out, so keep that in mind.

You want to sell products, you want to start a business talk about products. Okay and reviewing products is one of the best surefire ways to make money with a website business full stop. Next, pro tip is youtube okay, so we talked about how you need to have all three multimedia types in your actual website text images article now, preferably the article – would be your own YouTube articles for every post for every product to review for everything you comment on.

For every article you write for every opinion piece you write for every whatever you’re doing have an accompanying article on YouTube. It makes your blog rank better. Your YouTube blog can rank for whatever you’re talking about and third off, you make money from YouTube. So it’s a third source of income. Okay, now YouTube doesn’t make people a lot of money right now: okay, for instance, I’m a youtuber or you know.

I do YouTube a lot. I get about a million views a month I make about $ 20,000 a month from YouTube. For me, that’s not a lot, because my main business makes me about five hundred thousand dollars a month, so really in the scheme of things in the scheme of how much knowledge on time I put into this, I get very little return now. It may sound like a lot to you, but in comparison to what I do, it’s not a lot, but it has monstrous potential monstrous huge potential.

So YouTube may not be a monster income source right now, but starting a YouTube, blog and growing on YouTube is a huge huge thing. You can do right now today, that’ll help pay off years in the future, because YouTube is growing. The future is moving towards article. The third pro tip I’d give you is offer extreme value now. Jeff Bezos has gotten rich because he’s has an extreme customer focus in his company.

The first principle of everything is customer obsession, but be obsessed with the customer, given what they want, and what they’ve done is what they realized very early on. Is customers want lower prices and customers want faster shipping? They just said okay. This is what we found out from lots of customers. This is what they want at first. They thought it was variety and then they thought it was selection, but really it was about low crisis and fashion.

That’s what customers want and he delivered it to them. He has gone to extreme lengths. I don’t know if you’ve readed the documentary, the PBS documentary on Amazon. It’s amazing check it out. It’s absolutely amazing, highly suggest you read the amazon PBS documentary, but what that documentary goes over is he goes to extreme lengths to get lower prices. He created his own factories. He roboticized his factories factory workers in Amazon, don’t walk through aisles.

They actually have robots, bring him things in boxes, so they’ll say take a teddy bear from this tray and put it in this box. Take a toothbrush from this put it in this he’s just completely reinvented American industry to give people lower prices. That is an extreme customer obsession he’s not just negotiating hard with businesses. He is reinventing the warehouse. He is reinventing supply chains, to figure out how to give lower prices and they’re developing insane technology.

They created their own uber called Amazon flex, which is actually something you can work for as a driver to deliver packages faster, they’re, creating delivery drones to give people packages same-day gue reason Main Street America is failing is because you have store owners, we’re resting on their Laurels who sit there and they’re not obsessed with the customer they’re sitting there, hoping people walk in because they put their shop on the Main Street they’re, hoping that they just can sit in the main store.

They can get good spot in the town and they’ll get customers. Jeff Bezos is extremely customer obsessed and just like Jeff Bezos, you can win too. If you create a website – and you are dedicated to offering an extreme amount of value – let’s say you’re going to teach people how to beginners rock climbing how to start rock climbing right, don’t just rehash the same information. Everybody else gives give tutorials give an equipment list.

Give a cheapo equipment list and give a all in equipment list show diagrams of like what the different things are called show terminology. If this sounds like a really long, you know content piece on your website. It probably is it’s probably 2,000 words. Okay, that’s what a good piece of content is: 2,000 words 1,500 to 2,000 words, so give extreme value, give diagrams make images shoot articles go above, and if you go above and beyond, with whatever content you’re creating you can actually do it for a living.

Okay offer value to people Google’s algorithm, picks it up, YouTube’s, algorithm, picks it up and last but not least, is get rid of the work that you don’t like now. I know I just spoke about. Do what you love? I don’t believe in that. I believe, if you do just what you love, you know, obviously I’d be sitting down: replaying baldur’s gate too, but at the same token, don’t do what you hate. Okay, maybe that maybe that’s my new phrase, don’t do what you hate now, if you hate doing image editing if you hate shooting articles, if you hate trying to design your website, if you hate actually going into your blog and just posting things, you can outsource almost Everything you want, if you even hate writing the articles, maybe just like kind of like concept amout and whatever you can outsource.

Almost anything you want on a site called fiverr.Com it’ll write it down here, fiber with two R’s com, and I also put a link down below it: activates an instant discount on Fiverr. So there’s a link in the description. If you just want to go to Fiverr and you get a discount, but Fiverr is a great site to outsource work for $ 5 $ 5. There’s people all over the world that are willing to go into your site and post content for you to do images to write content for you to shoot articles whatever you need they’re willing to do it so go out there and create your website.

Your website based business – I just showed you how to get three sources of income. You can have Google place ads on your site. You can have affiliate links within your content and you can have a youtube article like this embed it in your website in your post, and you could be making money 3 different ways and if you could become obsessed with offering extreme value to people, if you become Obsessed with going above and beyond and creating a better informational experience for folks you’ll end up winning, so I hope you took something away from this thanks for reading and if you enjoy learning about marketing, if marketing excites you, if making money online excites, you then make Sure you subscribe to the blog hit the notification bell, select all notifications, I do questions and answers sometimes but they’re impromptu.

So you need to hit all notifications and make sure you comment down below. Let me know what type of website business you’re starting is it going to be talking, make up is going to be a blog. This is going to be a news site, an opinion site. Let me know what type of website you’re starting and, if you’re, going to get started today, type in i’ma get started. Okay type in i’ma get started down in the comments and don’t forget if you want to sign up with my top recommended web host, which gives you a free website and $ 3 a month hosting the link is down below it’s one of my top 3 hosting Companies, and also if you need to outsource work, check out Fiverr looking forward to seeing you in future articles, make sure to check out some of my other methods of setting up a website and getting traffic to your site and talk to you soon.

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Amazon’s TRILLION Dollar Marketing Strategy (REVEALED)

In particular, I’m going to be talking about their two main slogans: low prices. These aren’t really slogans but they’re they’re, two main promises, low prices and fast shipping.

This has been their core motto from day. One Jeff Bezos has said: customers want lower prices and he realized they want faster shipping and all the company is focused on is purely low prices and fast shipping and they’ve never gone away from that, and one thing you’ll notice is in Amazon’s growth, particularly here in The United States you’ve seen that Amazon has taken their shipping down from days to one day, even same-day shipping on many items, but what’s even more important to understand, is when Amazon says that your product will arrive the next day or the same day is that they Uphold their promises – and they do so spectacularly now, if Amazon had a reputation for promising same-day shipping or next day shipping, but then having that delayed.

You know a couple days: they wouldn’t be a trillion dollar company today and if you remember it’s almost hard in American. Imagine life without Amazon you used to buy products on the internet and you’d have to wait a week or more, maybe even multiple weeks to get a product shipped to your house. It depended on the retailer, all sorts of different types of quality and concerns, but with Amazon they’ve kept it consistent.

They’ve consistently stayed true to their marketing message and they’ve, always under-promise and over-deliver. Sometimes you even get your shipment faster than what they claim so Amazon’s done. A spectacular job of keeping it simple now in order to grow their business in 25 years to a trillion-dollar company. Amazon’s done three things amazingly, and these are three things that you can do in your core business to help yourself grow, whether you are working for yourself or you’re, working a job marketing job at a major company.

First, off they’ve created very simple core benefits: okay, low prices, fast shipping – that’s it they’re, not focused on anything else than these simple core benefits. Another thing, they’ve done amazingly, is their consistency. I’ve been using Amazon for over a decade and over that entire time, they’ve never been late on their shipment. I haven’t ever worried about where something was they’ve been amazingly consistent with their service and their shipments, and the pricing has been cheaper in almost all cases.

I’ve ever looked on Amazon and the third thing is marketing and mission alignment. It’s not just the marketing department that is focused on promoting lower prices and faster shipping. It’s the entire company. It’s the business development team. It’s the technology team, it’s their warehousing. Every part of Amazon’s business is built to give people lower prices. When Amazon was trying to ship things faster, for instance, they realize the only way they could ship things even faster was building their own network of warehouses, and so they did it.

They spent tens and tens of billions of dollars building their own warehouses, and then Amazon realized that sending people walking through long stacks of shelves was a very inefficient way of getting products and getting things in boxes. And in order to move to a system where they could do same-day shipping, they needed to work faster or sorry next day shipping they need to work faster, so they actually innovate.

The whole factory model factory workers don’t actually even walk in Amazon anymore. They get boxes delivered to them, our items delivered to them by one robot and they pull those items off of the one robotic shelf and they place it in a box in the other, robotic shelf, and they do this all day with new, robotic shelves coming in. Every couple seconds there are new, robotic shelves coming in now, if you’ve seen the PBS documentary you’ll, see a number of workers saying that it’s sort of inhumane and the pay isn’t good for the amount of time they work them, but ultimately, Amazon.

Their core mission is lower prices and faster shipping, so they’ve built every step of their business around creating faster shipping and lower prices, and they do not waver from it even in the building of the factories and the automation of their factories. Their development of drone delivery technology, every part of their business is purely built around delivering the customers. These two things now this is a new article format.

For me, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I haven’t really analyzed big companies marketing, but if this is something you enjoy learning about, and if you wanted me to break down more companies, please make sure you say so below you say you know. If you like this format and what company’s marketing would you like me to break down and analyze from a marketers perspective, be happy to analyze other companies marketing? This is all I think about all, and if you like, learning about marketing make sure you subscribe to my blog, there should be a big red button somewhere around here and hit that notification bell.

If you’d like to see some of my live streams, where I do question-and-answer sessions live from time to time, thank you so much for tuning in leave your comments and questions below and looking forward to talking to you soon have a good day.

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🎧 How to Become a Franchise Owner with Giuseppe Grammatico | Influencer Networking Secrets 🎤

There are always positives and negatives surrounding franchising, and that’s really at the heart of what I want to get to. But I wanted to start off with a little bit about you and your own words. You know I do the bio when we start the interview, but I always like to these things that the guests knows that I don’t know.

So, let’s start with a little bit about your background. You know you mentioned Wall Street, you mentioned being a franchise owner. How did how did how did what’s the story behind becoming what you are today great Paul thanks for having me, I am really excited. You know. As far as the history goes, I’m a first generation my parents were born in Italy and I’ve always aspired to be a business owner.

My parents owned the restaurant for over 40 years. I had worked in that restaurant and parents always said you know what you need to get a college education. So I pursued my undergrad and eventually my graduate degree worked for some of the larger companies out there, such as UPS and JP Morgan and after experiencing corporate America realizing the industry was great. I learned a lot in financial service.

It just wasn’t the best match. For me, it was, I felt like it was more of a number than that anything else. So, after my you know being in Wall Street learning about investments, I decided to go to business ownership. So I took a look at some existing businesses for sale in my area and I decided also to take a look at franchises and since they had such a great proven system, I didn’t have to kind of recreate the wheel and put some information online and a Bluebird, not a franchise consultant almost 15 years ago, had contacted me and we went through the process took.

I would say about almost a year at most to do my due diligence since I was working going, back-and-forth commuting to New York City and after my due diligence, I decided on a franchise here and it’s been great. It’s been 13 years of business ownership and the part I kind of make everyone laugh about is the day after purchasing the franchise I kind of went back to the consultants said. You know what I really enjoy the process.

How do i? How do I become a franchise consultant and he had a kind of a you know. Excuse me a chuckle and said you know it. We could definitely explore that opportunity down the road, but you know run the business for a while learn about business ownership firsthand, and we can explore that opportunity down the road and sure enough that was in 2007. I purchased. My first of many franchises leads us to today and now a franchise consultant so know took a little you know took, took a while definitely gained a better appreciation of what a consultant does.

But I definitely love what I’m doing and I’m here to help in any way possible. I’m glad you did I’m glad you started off that way. Giuseppe and the reason is, I think, a lot of entrepreneurs. I’ve certainly been guilty of this. I share this with you know, with with my clients and people that I work with, there’s just really no shortcut if you’re going to be in the consulting, if you’re going to be in any kind of thought, leadership position, there’s no shortcut around the hard work that You have to go through to have the expertise in the first place and I think a lot of people really want to skirt that.

Somehow, and and that’s one of the reasons I don’t claim – you know the title of business coach or something like that, because I don’t feel like that’s – that’s really something that I can legitimately say. Oh, I’ve run a business, you know for X amount of years and and that kind of thing, so I’m really glad you put it that way, because it’s a great it’s a great starting point, particularly if we’re going to talk about people who are you know, maybe On the fence about jumping into business ownership, you know, but but so I actually do want to drill on that a little bit, and that is to say, if you knew, if you, if France, I his ownership, was your first experience in business ownership.

What was the, what was it like to to springboard from that into the understanding you have now I mean: how long did it take you to become comfortable as a business owner? That’s a great question, so I helped to manage my my family’s restaurant, so that was so. You had some experiences there with managing people hiring firing dealing with financials so with the the franchise. I was involved in her that a few are I was involved in.

It took a little bit of an adjustment period to you know. Now, I’m investing my own money. This is my. This is my sole income going forward, so there was a few month adjustment of just trying to figure it all out. Luckily I was with a great franchise system, so everything was put in place. It was a newer company, so we were at the time developing new new ways of streamlining the process from billing to taking care of customer.

Maybe that wasn’t fully satisfied. So you know I come from an environment of much larger companies where you’re giving a smaller task. They’re saying, okay: this is what you’re going to do every day, you’re going to sell financial service products to this part of the country, whereas now you’re, you become a jack-of-all-trades, and I took me, I think it took me a little bit longer because I wanted to Be an expert in all areas I wanted to.

You know the accounting I’ve done accounting before this was a little bit different, so I wanted to explore every opportunity. I wanted to go out and work with some of the other franchises since I was a master franchisee. So I got some other franchisees in our territory, so my approach was very hands-on because I wanted to know the business inside out. I think it gave me a better appreciation of the overall business and really helped me to grow the business and to put people in place that could run the other business on a day-to-day mmm-hmm.

So then this goes over over about a period of 12 years. Would you say about maybe halfway through that finally had all settled in and you were just operating like a well-oiled machine, or did it come sooner or later than that it took several years? I don’t remember the exact year where we hired a general manager to take over the business, but for me it wasn’t that the systems were in place. It was more of a trust factor.

You know hiring finding that right person, you know, we’ve had management, asked to find someone that could manage the entire business and not just one part of the business. So it took a few years once we found that that person, that person actually was hired as a sales rep for our company and after speaking with them and knowing his background, had a lot of management, experience and sure enough.

A couple months later, we ended up hiring him as a a general managers to run the the entire business. I was still involved, but I had him dealing with a lot of the day-to-day questions and counting that that comes up. You know I like this just sends me off on a on a complete tangent, but it it’s funny. You should mention that, because recently, on a personal note, I’ve been exploring the concept of manage of stewardship and management versus ownership as part of my spiritual life, and I and I just you know, I really, I really think in view of what I read every day.

I think good managers have got to be harder to find than good owners. Would you would you agree with that as a sort of a rhetorical statement, not altogether true, but you know true a lot of the time good managers so hard to find somebody who doesn’t own the what you what you put them in charge of but handles it Like they do, I agree with that, because you’re looking so with the manager you’re looking for someone to run the day-to-day business, there’s that rust factor, you know, there’s no black and white.

This is just your role. You’re just handling one thing: you’re handling multiple things, and you know I was part of a smaller company that was growing, so you have to learning into that right. It’s not just this is the way it’s going to be every day is, is you’re going to start out here? Have your calendar filled and then end up at point. You know at point Z, will say from A to Z and today: you’ll have your your day plan that and then something will come up, and so you have to kind of adapt and say: okay, I’m going to I’m going to reschedule my day or maybe push My sales meetings to later in the afternoon just to address a customer that has a concern, but, yes, I would agree hundred percent, it’s the management or even stepping back employees.

Finding good quality employees is crucial to your business. There are some very strong franchises out there and, at the end of the day, some some are going to be more involved to help you find those key employees and some are just going to more or less give you a job description that you should use to Find those employees, but the employees, the the management extremely important, not every owner – is going to run the business the same way.

Some well-managed managers, you know more of a semi absentee ownership and some are going to be involved in the day-to-day and just delegate certain tasks to certain people, but extremely difficult to find good quality employees – and you know when you find them hold on to them, make Sure that happy take care of them and so that they stay, and you know at the end of the day you want. You want those employees as you grow, to bring people and just like themselves kind of like a franchise company.

They find a really good franchisee. They wan na they kind of want to in a way, I jokingly, say, clone you and find laws apply themselves yeah, yes, yeah. I want my employees to you, know, attract and bring people just like them, so makes my life a lot easier and just makes for a great overall working environment. Well – and that goes back to the whole – and I I’ve got it the questions gadget we will, but this just brings up a fascinating point.

I’ve had this discussion with a couple of the previous guests, and that is that the friend of mine Ron, Karrueche who’s, a consultant here in the Seattle area, said you know everything you do in your business has to further the vision and the the unique value that You bring to the marketplace and, if you’re not scaling off of that you’re not going to scale, and I think that I think that’s what you’re getting at there.

The franchise is looking to clone themselves because they’ve got a successful starting set of principles, visions, values whatever their and then they look for people who want to replicate that and right down to the lowest level employee. A good manager is going to do the same thing. So great way of putting it absolutely so I’ll get to the next question now now that weird now that we’ve we’ve we’ve tackled your intro and mined it for gold, and it’s been good – it’s been great so far a vague perception I would have my you know.

I think I mentioned to my dad was once in a franchise group. It was in Southern California, it stood up for a little while and then collapsed, and the CEO who was also the the majority owner was a great. I mean just a fantastic salesperson, so he could sit down a business owner or somebody of some degree of means who could invest in a franchise and he could just take a talk him into it. You know he could get them and he could transfer that enthusiasm.

So well that they would say you know this. This looks like the way forward, but it was the Peter Principle. The classic you know the guy should not. The guy should have been in charge of acquiring new accounts. He should not have been in charge of running the company, but he was the majority shareholder. So who was going to stop him now? Would you I mean? I don’t know that you pay attention to this, but would you say there’s a lawful lot of people in your industry kind of like in any other industry, where it’s it’s too much push and make the sale and get to the deal and all that and not Enough thinking it through and actually identifying, is this the right fit? Would you say that’s common in your industry as well? You know, I’m sure you know, as with any industry, you’re going to come across, that you know a lot of people looking to own a franchise.

They get excited, they get excited about a product, so sometimes it’s not even the sales force they’re just sold because they had a sandwich or a slice of pizza at a certain franchise, and that’s that’s the franchise they want. So the way I would answer that is, you know when you’re dealing with people sure I’m sure it happen. But ultimately I think I see from the candidates and people I’ve worked with and just friends and family.

You know throughout the years as people get excited and they invest or purchase a franchise for the wrong reason is okay. I can. I can even take a step a step further. So when you’re Frank choices is I’m an independent consultant with Fran choice, they don’t run since 2000, one of the innovators and what we do. We have 70 consultants total that that work for work with Fran choice, Fran choice. Our back office will actually bet that you know there’s over 3,000 franchise companies and we worked with less than 200 companies out there and why we do that is our franchise.

We’ll take a look and make sure that the companies are stable, that they’re growing, that they have great validation. You know they don’t want fly-by-night companies that just started. You know the put together at the franchise disclosure document in contract two weeks prior times. They definitely like to bet and make sure they’re dealing with some solid companies, and the reason I bring that up is not every franchisee is, is equal right? It’s not it’s not created exactly the same.

So there’s. Definitely some really good things that a lot of the franchise companies have put together, but ultimately, as a investor in a franchise, you want to make sure that fit is a good fit for you. So you are at the end of they. After working with someone like myself, I’m going to put you directly in touch with a franchise company, so you’ll be a with their franchise development person, their VP of franchising, and they will.

It’s almost like, like a two-way street. They’ll they’ll do a little bit of an interview figure out if you’re a good fit for the company, but you’ll also be interviewing that see if it sounds like a good fit. So, there’s a lot of a lot of things that that come into play, and I know I’m jumping around a little bit but kind of it’s the long answer, but it’ll cover all aspects through you, I mean when you work with someone like myself with a franchise Consultant and the reason I work with a consultant is you know we don’t I almost don’t even care about the actual franchise itself.

We kind of put that on the back burner. I want to learn about you. I want to figure out Paul, you know Paul. Are you a you good match for owning a business in general and you’ll say? Well, what do you you know? What do you mean could match them? I’m contacting you about a franchise or a small business and I’ll say well, a lot of people will get into it for the wrong reasons. Moon, you know they they’ll lose their job, they were, they were downsized.

You know the company’s going through a merger which, unfortunately, I’m coming to they’re three community. Last three companies prior being a business owner. I went through a merger, so so they’ll they’ll dive into it thinking the grass is, the grass is greener and I’ll push back a little bit and say the grass isn’t always greener. It’s not a good fit for you, let’s figure out if you’re doing it for the right reason, so we’re having a one to two hour conversations before the any mention of franchise.

More of learning about yourself learning about goals, activities hobbies any anything, you’re interested in figuring at the peace of being a good fit for business ownership, and once we get past that you know a so we’re working together, I can’t work with everyone right if they’re, if They’re not what I mean by that is, if they’re, maybe not the best fit for business ownership, I’ll give them my reasoning.

What we’ll talk it through? Sometimes maybe I misunderstood something, maybe maybe we we had kind of a aha moment as I call it and I’ll stay in touch with them. You know and say you know, maybe things will change, maybe give it a little bit more time. Give it a little bit more thought and maybe we’ll talk in six months to a year, so we have those conversations I’ll do I’ll put together a monthly newsletter that I’ll send out monthly or quarterly so I’ll.

Get that for me and then I’ll hear back from them down the road for the people that I feel are a good fit and we’re in agreeance, and we move forward we’ll sit down in and once again, not look not actually looking at a franchise say like An actual name brand well we’ll sit back and say what are you looking for, so we’ll look at attributes and characteristics which are how many do you want to work seven days a week, if you want to when you wake up in the morning view vision yourself Getting dressed and putting a key in that door and open up a location, maybe in a shopping, mall or office.

Where are you more inclined to stay in your pajamas and and go onto your laptop every day and not have to leave the house so we’ll go through multiple characteristics and only after figuring out those characteristics? I create a fully customized model. You know from my from my experience from our conversations, whet went and I’ll send them their model and say this is your ideal franchise model what it should look like from there? We would make some recommendations, typically to or through franchise recommendations.

I’m going to. We don’t even get into brands or discuss that until or just even you know, we don’t even talk about. Is food the best fit for me or fitness, we’ll figure out that model and really hone in on what you know, what type of business you’re looking at and then we’ll figure out through my research and due diligence? What are those brands that best fit that model? And you know with that being said: the behind the scenes stuff is also let us you know, we may find a brand that fits your model to a tee, but you live in Georgia and the whole state of Georgia is sold out.

So we’ll have to go to plan B and maybe look at another concept. That’s in a similar industry and or mention are you available? Are you open to possibly moving to the next state or the next city, or you know, whatever territory, we’re taking a look at so there’s a lot of back and research that we’re doing to make sure find not only the right fit for you, but also is There, a territory and availability in your market – hmm fascinating.

So so it sounds like to me, on average at least that falling in love with a certain brands, product or service is not the best reason to look at going into franchising, going in well being a franchise owner right, you’re, better off remaining just a happy loyal Customer maybe getting a job with the franchise but not owning it yourself, necessarily well what 100 % thought you know from experience, you’ll see people that maybe they had a specific brand in mind and it just happens to work out.

You know we’re not saying it’s it’ll. Never work, never yeah yeah, but it’s you know tough talking to some under some other people in the industry. It’s one of the biggest pitfalls for failure. You know people will just be so in love with the product, and I said you could be in love with a product, but not after she owned that restaurant or owned that whatever product or service the business is in so yes, I highly recommend you know being Open kind of starting clear, we call it a clean slate in our industry and just keeping an open mind.

I asked that as a favor, that’s one of the first things we talk about and if there is a particular brand that you just love and really want to consider we’ll put that aside and we’ll definitely bring that up and see how it falls into the model. Because it may just be, it may end up being a perfect fit for them, yeah yeah! No, I like that. I mean it’s so um not so long ago. I had this wonderful physical transformation and lost a whole bunch of body, fat and weight, and now I’m on the Saturday I’m competing for the first time in men’s physique and all along a lot of people have told me.

Well, you should start, you know your own training business. You know you should start your own fitness consulting her and I’m like. Oh hell, no, because I already know right III know from just anybody that I meet people I network with people. I talked to that. I am singularly driven the way you know like I mean you cannot keep me out of the gym and you in and you would have to force-feed me food that is not beneficial to you, know, maintaining low body fat and having an excellent physique, and I like To you know, stand there in a pair of shorts and hit these you know poses that.

Make me look like I’m on the cover of a magazine or something, but most people don’t like that stuff and most people, don’t you know hate going to the gym, love eating food that you know packs on the pounds and are extremely self-conscious and don’t want to Be out there on stage, you know wearing almost nothing and that kind of thing, and so I immediately made the connection and said I this is, this is a passion, but if I go out there and try to spread this, be the Evangel for this, and you Know get other people to do it and and and charge them for it.

I’m going to. I just know enough about the industry and enough about the average New Year’s resolution to say no this. This would this would turn me off of fitness if I turned it into a business, so kind of a similar principle, I’m observing there. Yes, I agree I had am just something probably to know about me. A lot of people don’t know about me in college. You know you start, you know, there’s there’s information overload on the internet and you start hearing people saying follow your passion, you know what do you enjoy doing every day? That’s what you should do and I’m not saying never to follow your passion.

But at the time I was at a big article game as a kid and you work with some nut smaller companies out here in the East Coast and did it for about six months and after six months couldn’t couldn’t stand a articlegame and stepping back and and And now I’m knowing what I know now, this is many many moons ago I turned something I enjoyed upon my downtime that I enjoyed to relax or after work or after after college after classes to a job and it kind of just lost it kind of just Lost lost interest completely, and so I I spin it the other way and say find a find, a business that will give you the freedom to do and follow your passions in your hobby.

So if we can find your business that will free up your nights and weekends and allow you to take a week off every month or every quarter so that you can go to travel over so layer games are to spend extra time at the gym. Why not you don’t have to actually own a business? You know in the fitness industry or in the article game industry, so something I’ve learned the hard way, unfortunately, but definite gain a better appreciation overall.

So yeah definitely now that one absolutely I mean that’s that’s pretty much what Arnold Schwarzenegger did while he was becoming the world famous bodybuilder. Was he had a side business that he ran when he wasn’t in the gym so that he could be in the gym and do all of the things that he did? You know he just he didn’t have to worry about how he was going to pay the bills, because he already had a couple of mail-order businesses that could be done piecemeal and for a couple hours a day.

And so you know he before he even became a silver screen superstar. He was already you know a millionaire plus he had all this prestige from winning all these titles, and that was what he enjoyed doing in life and so for me same thing. One question I wanted to run by you you’ve sort of touched on this already, but I thought of a couple of while I was still in the insurance business. I did. The online surveys for a couple of large corporate household names in insurance.

State Farm was one of them and they rejected me has the right kind of candidate, and I don’t know if state, for if those type of insurance agencies qualify as that quite the same as franchise, but it is practically. It certainly strikes me that way. You know you take on their brand and all their branding and logos and corporate practices, and you know you subject yourself to their corporate governance, but even I mean this was this was a guy with you know, four or five years by that time, experience selling insurance And I’d done very well and you know, would regularly field offers of recruitment, or you know people prospecting me over LinkedIn and that kind of thing.

So I looked back at that, though, and I totally agree with State Farm. I would have made a terrible State Farm agent because I’m I’m a rogue, you know I’m Kirill guerrilla marketer. I don’t do stuff according to their. They have I’ve had enough friends who are State Farm agents to know that they’re there box, so to speak, that you have to fit into would had driven me absolutely berserk. So, together with what we’ve already talked about, do you get? Do you get a fair amount of people who fail to consider the limits they’re going to place on themselves? You know subjecting themselves to creative in functional oversight.

Do you think they’ll do a lot of people that you that you end up talking to leave that out or do they generally come in and they they’re aware of it very good question that all a lot of that information comes out in our consultation, which is Typically, the second call, typically, I like to keep them at an hour and a half to two hours really dig deep to find out about them and then in there you make two two determinations number one is: are they business ownership material? In that you know? Are they just not? Are they doing it for the right reasons and number two is franchising, a good fit so obviously franchising.

I don’t really call it an industry in that it’s a it’s almost, you know jokingly I’ll, say a business in a box. It’s a business that it’s a structure of the system. That’s been proven and created for you, so I tell everyone: if business ownership is the right fit and you want to be in the cleaning business, you can own your start, your own cleaning business or purchase a cleaning franchise. You know so when I ask them, are they if we take a look at a specific franchise and I’ll say these are the services the franchise has to offer you? Okay with that and I’ve had people say, that’s great, that’s I don’t want to do anything more than that and then I’ll have other people say well, I want to branch off and do you know wearing cleaning, but I also since we’re at the office complex.

I also want to do oil changes and detail cars, and and and just things that are just complete outside of what the franchise has to offer. So when people want to add and have a lot of that additional flexibility and be able to offer additional services at any point in time, I may step back and say you know as a franchisee, you need to follow that their system and and sell the product Or sir, is that the franchise has created that you had it messed it in.

If you aren’t planning on doing all these other extra things, maybe we should look outside of franchising and I have a good friend of mine who could be able to help them out outside of the franchising industry. So mmm franchising, isn’t you know we may find that model or the put together that franchise model of franchising may not always be the best fit and you’ll get a lot of that just from what they’re looking for you know another way to approach, it is, if You want it to offer additional services you may want to look into if you have the capital, maybe two different franchises.

One is a mobile service that maybe services your car, the oil changes and detail, I’m just making this up, showing them your second business. Maybe commercial cleaning so that’s also an option, but I I want to be clear that if you’re investing in a commercial cleaning franchise you’re going to be filing that product or service, there’s not much more you’re going to be adding. So some people love the structure in that they can focus on.

You know the four or five revenue streams or versus worrying about how many more to add and some people just want to keep it open and just say I want to sell food. I want to clean, I want to offer tax services, they want to do it all then I’ll, just kind of step back and say: maybe franchise membership may not be the right fit for you. Yeah no yeah and made me think of it used to drive me crazy Liberty, Mutual.

When I worked there, they had their corporate marketing department, you know and everything is sanitized and branded and you can either fit the box. You can’t well. I couldn’t and the funny thing was you know they. I couldn’t get cooperation from their marketing department. It wasn’t that they were telling me. I couldn’t go out and market the way I was marketing. They just told me: you can’t get our branded materials and are in the kind of support you’re looking for in order to do it the way you think it should be done right and I think there’s there’s some degree of shortsightedness to that.

But at the same time you know made it is their company and they’re certainly at liberty to do that and and say you know, you know this is how we’re going to do it, and this is what we believe the marketplace wants and we’re not going to, And we’re going to limit that, and so I think I just think that you know that’s one important thing to consider. What would you tell somebody, though who’s listening to this thinking? Okay? Well, maybe maybe I should start looking into a franchise.

What’s the? What do you recommend people do as preliminary research, maybe even before getting on the phone with you? I do yeah that’s an excellent question so before even speaking with me, because you know – and we can we’ll talk about this in a little bit – but you don’t have to go through a franchise consultant, you can contact the franchise company there right, we’re there and instead Of looking at, as I mentioned, the product or service, so I want to get into the food about money and get into you know.

Tax services, like you just mentioned, do love us a little bit of soul-searching figure out number one. If you can see yourself as a business owner, talk to other business owners, franchise and non franchisee, if you have a friend that maybe owns a specific franchise and have them, you know shadow that would be step number one see if they can see themselves doing the Exact same thing, and it doesn’t matter the actual business, it’s just seeing what that owner does on a day to day basis, buy them dinner, buy them lunch of drinks and shadow them for a day or two a week, and then, once you establish business, ownership sounds Like it may be a good fit figure out what you want that business to look like, and you know, don’t don’t try to figure out what I’m going to make the most money at just figure out.

Okay, these are these are certain things I like. So I always start off with money aside, we’ll just we’ll figure out do I do I want to go to a physical location everyday, or do I want to work at home off a laptop that alone will narrow down your your your search over offer for a Franchise you’re out, as I mentioned before the attributes, do I want to deal with a lot of minimum wage employees and seven days a week, and you know where my business is constantly open and food costs and things like that rising.

You know kind of you see. Food costs go up, it’s kind of like the stock market, they’re going up in demo, and you know when I tell people, does that sound of interest to you and they say no and I said well, I basically just described the restaurant industry, yes and right away. They’re, like that’s a very, very good point and I leave in a Lehman I’ll, even ask them and say: well, you know what is it about a restaurant that you that you enjoy and they’ll say well, there’s a line out the door they have to be killing It and I said well so you’re, basically looking for a product or service and high demand, so we kind of step back and figure out what that line means because if you know there’s certain franchises that will sell their product at cost just to bring people in The door hope it hopefully up selling them a new product or services naming any names, but so so going back figure out if business ownership is right, figuring out what your day looks like you know what you, what you anticipate doing, that they basis if you’re, you Know you can run a franchise and have a manager run it, and if you just love sales, and that’s all you want to do you take over the sales role, you can just show up once a week for an hour and make sure everything is getting done And manage managers, so that’s the part you should really figure out and it doesn’t hurt to go a franchise Expo or a show or go online.

But it’s information overload. I I always say knowledge is not power. It’s it’s applied, applied knowledge. It is truly power and what you do with that knowledge, so mister got your hands on a copy of my book before I released it, because that’s what I said wide knowledge is everything man, knowledge information is cheap, yes, no, and – and if you talk to I Used to work with a business coach and he said believe it or not, he goes.

I don’t know if you know this, but 99 % of the stuff we’re going over is free online. You can access it right now, and I said you know why the heck am I working with you then, and he said well, because that 1 % that’s not available is me actually helping. You apply it and holding you accountable to make sure you’re actually following it. What a sales pitch I go! That’s uh! You definitely sold me on that.

So, needless to say, I had signed up with him and we worked together for a while, so but yeah it’s that there’s no right or wrong. I, as a franchise consultant, can help you get through that process. Maybe a little bit quicker, we’ll figure out the business ownership aspect. We figure out those attributes we’ll take it one step further and say through frame that will narrow them the number of franchise.

We should look at because many of them don’t meet our our criteria. Many of them are brand new or they’re, not growing, or a lot of their lot of their franchise owners are going out of business, so frame choice will bet and help with the process, and I didn’t I didn’t tell you the best part, but the best part Is our services or 100 % free there’s, never a contract, there’s never a fee for our services, and you know many people say well yeah.

You do this because you love it. I mean. How do you get compensated? I absolutely love it. I’ve been successful in my last franchisee ventures and business owning multiple businesses. We do we do get compensated, but that compensation is like a real estate agent or a headhunter where we’re paid by the franchise company themselves so bright, red new after the after the agreement has been reached and all the betting has been done and the due diligence Has been has been covered yep, that’s it just a bit, so there there’s no there’s no sales, there’s no pressure.

If you decide to to invest in a franchise great in many cases, it’s just not a good fit in other cases. It may not be the right time and we’ll stay in touch. You know, are any general questions you have. I apply, you know I’ve worked. I basically apply all my work experience, so I have the experience of being a franchisee and franchisor. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve worked for corporate America, I’ve been downsized, you know through a three mergers.

The last three companies that work I’ve worked with I’ve had the two-hour commute on the train and two into New York City, and it just one day. I said enough is enough. I am getting back in to believe it or not. People think I make this up and it’s the god-honest truth February. 2Nd of O 7 is when we, when I decided I’m going to sign that that contract directly with the franchise company and I’m going to move forward as a business owner and three days later, we found that my my wife was expecting.

So we had 10 years. Look, it was, I guess, the the definitely some great motivation and I’m not saying everyone should go out and do that right. It just happened to one way for it to happen. That’s so that’ll put some fire under your under your under your seat. There were small, multiple fires. Yes, absolutely so you know I’m here to help I I was part of a newer franchise, so there was pros and cons where there were certain things being developed, which I choose nice, because I got to give a little bit of feedback and some areas took a Little bit longer to grow them and that’s fine as well.

You take you, take the pros, there’s some pros and cons, but I learned a lot ie from my experience. I can definitely add value. I can definitely narrow that in your search and hopefully speed up your search so that if we rule out business ownership, you didn’t waste years and years of calls and and going to franchise discovery days and possibly going out of business to help you out and we As I mentioned, there’s never a cost for the service, and not only do we assist with the figuring out of everything we just discuss on the call, but I will also make a recommendation.

You have a few partners that could help with funding, because many people that will call us will say I have you know 50,000 or 100,000 Bank, and I said well, you know what else do you have to invest and they said well, you know that’s all. I have I just have the money to bank to find out, they may have a million dollars in a 401k, and our investment partners will take a full up. They take a holistic look, they take a look at just about everything and figure out.

Okay, well not sure if you realize that, but you can use your 401k or retirement assets for your first business or for any business and use that to purchase the franchise. Startup cost next off the salary without any type of any type of penalty. And coming from the investment world, I always told people or was taught never use your retirement assets they’re going to want to wait and use those. You know it use that for retirement only and over the years I said okay.

Well, that makes sense, but as a franchisor business owner, you know this is a much more active investment. I’m going to be actively managing my future and maybe taking a hundred thousand out of a 401k that was in a mutual fund, which is, let’s face it. Passive investment – it’s just sitting there and you’re hoping to make your whatever you’re making as far as returns sure. But why not? You know when I grab some ownership and say I’m going to take this $ 100,000 and I’m just using a number as an example and apply that to myself myself invested in myself in a business that I have full control over and not have to wait too.

Read about what the holdings did on CNBC or whatever, whatever station you’re reading, so it’s taking control, I’m not, and I’m not advising everyone to use their retirement assets, but where it’s not dim yeah, we could definitely give you some additional options as to how to actually Invest in the franchise or maybe keep your job for the first year, while you know managing someone, that’s running your business for the first year, while you transition out of you’re out of your job, so we’re able to bring some really good people to the table to Help out and basically give you all the options available to you, mmm mmm, that’s good.

The last thing I wanted to cover here, Giuseppe is: have you got a story, maybe more than one that you could share real briefly. If somebody you’ve come into contact with who’ve, you know, they’ve got some painful lessons. They’ve had to read, had to learn as a result of not consulting with you or somebody like you with Fran choice or any other franchise consultant before getting into it. To you. Have you met people and have you you know collected any short stories like that, then maybe you could share one or two of them just to give people sort of an illustration of the the painful lessons they’ve had to learn right.

So some of you know – and these are more shorter lessons but number one a lot – a lot of people don’t know that franchise consultants exists myself included. When I, when I was first looking at franchising, I actually fill out a form online. They didn’t understand exactly what the company did and I was was put in touch with a local company and that’s how I started speaking with a consultant and then sure enough, you know, became a franchise consultant.

So what I’ve seen what I’ve seen in the past? And this is through some family who’s for this specifically with with family, is they have fallen in love with a concept and they went full full steam ahead? You know went to the bank first and was reading the figuring out loans and things like that to find out the territory was completely unavailable and in another case the franchise was not available period.

They were just not registered in a particular state. So you know one thing that I do is: I am NOT going to show you a franchise that is not available in your territory or that may not be I mean I’m in New Jersey. We cover the whole country and there’s one brand that I truly love and we they’re not available in my home state. A friend of mine was asking about it and then just said you know we do all that that diligence for you so those there there.

Luckily, they’re not, I wouldn’t call them stories where they have lost lots of money. It was just more of they, they got their hopes up in disappointment and there are some friends of mine also that have went directly with this. This is another thing that came up. They went directly with a franchise company, they called them direct and purchased the rack, and I asked well, why didn’t you utilize the services of a consultant and they said? Well, you know I didn’t wan na, you know I figured it would cost more and, and that union said going back to our fees.

If we don’t charge any fees, the franchisor who pays us, they are not going to charge you more or less. When you bite the right, we’ll do that, so the the process is definitely, you know involving there. There’s a lot of work involved a lot of time saved by going through a consultant, but we will do all that back end research for you and to take it a step further. I am speaking directly with the contact.

It can be the owner. Typically, it’s the VP, some a VP of franchise development and that’s the exact person I’m going to put my candidate touch with so before the candidate. Has that intro call don’t know everything about I’ll, create a I’ll send them over a questionnaire that the candidate has the left for us, which covers likes dislikes financials, and things like that, and I always tell the candidate and send information over I’m going to send over That exact franchise model to them and say, I think, they’re a good fit.

This was there, and these are the reasons so they’ll have a full picture of them and on occasion the franchise company will say this. This may be a red flag or you know I think, they’re a really good fit and we talk it out and if we feel like it’s a good fit, I let the candidate know if they’re, okay with it, I send over the information directly to the franchise Company and they get a call within 24 to 48 hours.

Hmm football and they’ll get a a franchise disclosure action document, which is the actual franchise agreement directly sent to them. So the ball is rolling immediately. They already know a lot about the candidate. You know the the other, I would say this is not their experience, but a UH. Just a general pitfall is the candidate that the first time business owner just say, that’s looking to buy a franchise, they don’t they don’t know what questions to ask um.

What are you asking? Well, what kind of money can I make or what’s the royalty that that’s great, they can answer that, but what about setup and and how many employees you need, and you know the marketing spend there and all that kind of information they won’t. They won’t know what questions they’ll be given a lot of that information and the franchise disclosure document. But if you don’t know, if you’re not asking the right questions you’re going to make, I guess an uninformed decision or misinformed whatever you want to go you just you.

Don’t have the right amount of information to make that to make that decision. So I see that as a common theme. So I tell everyone you have nothing to lose, but maybe some time that you, you know maybe a few hours on the phone after the the first and second call but we’re here to help – and you know when I speak directly with the franchise company. Your name is going right on top of the list. They know you’ve been qualified, they know you sound like a good match.

They’re excited, you know, they’re excited to speak with. They want people that have been qualified, both as a good fit financially and they want to speak with. That. First is maybe a few hundred leads they may randomly receive through their website. Oh someone, Fran choice leads someone like myself. Sending over lead is going to be fully qualified. You know, we think they’re a great match and it just makes the process so much yeah yeah.

No, I agree I mean I I would rather have that one person who fits like a glove then a hundred names and phone numbers of people – I’m not you, know, know nothing about them. That’s that’s a ton, more work and yeah. You might get something out of it. You might strike a strike build in there, but I’d rather just get to that one person who fits the bill because that’s where that’s where the money is right, that’s where you get the eventually is the franchise or you know, you’ve got the right person who’s going To be is likely is to be successful, running that business and so that in the long term, that’s income that you don’t really have to work for all that much.

You know the way I perceive it anyway: you’re just you’re collecting those franchise, royalties and fees, and and that’s it yeah. Well, Giuseppe. This has been a wonderful conversation, I’m looking forward to seeing the audience reaction to this and and I’m looking forward to getting this into their hands it’s into there in front of their eyes and in their ears. It’s been great having you on the show.

If people want to know more about you or get in contact with you or learn about what you do with Fran choice, where should we send them? You can contact me directly. Nine. Oh, eight, eight, seven, three, six one, three, four! You can call or an airline people eat the tips nowadays, so you can call or text that number the email address is G gramatica. So I’ll spell it so long when it’s G G RA mm a TI, co @ Fran choice, so f, ra, n and the word choice.

Com definitely take a look. Send me a send me an email I’ll, be more than glad any questions you have on this. Podcast or article any general questions you have on franchising, I’ll, be more than glad to help and when I can guarantee you is, I don’t know the answer, I will get it for you and if I don’t specialize in that area, I do have someone that I Can refer you to so don’t feel bad, don’t there’s no silly questions any any any information any help.

I can be of definitely definitely give me a call all right. Well there he goes to simply grammatic. Oh thanks. So much for joining us on influence or networking secrets. Well, thanks again, I really appreciate it take care you too thanks for joining us for another, exciting episode of influence or networking secrets, please be sure, to hit like comment and subscribe and share this article. If it’s been useful for you with anybody, you know who might benefit also be sure to check out the show notes in the description below that’s where you can order a copy of ten secrets.

The networking success, along with all of the other links, we’ve provided for this episode. We hope to see you again soon on the influence or networking secrets show.

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Importance of a Positive Mindset in Sales | Ryan Lowe

My name is John Gollum from says pop online says magazine and pipeliner CRM, and today I am joined by America’s positive attitude: coach, Ryan, Lowe from New Orleans, Louisiana, hey Dean, Ryan, yeah, excellent, Ryan’s, a motivational speaker, sales, trainer consultant and author who’s. His passion is working with companies and team members to inspire them to create a positive culture and mindset to achieve excellence, and today we’re going to talk about the importance of a positive mindset in sales.

So Ryan, we’re now in August. Right and a lot of salespeople are on a calendar year and you know maybe they’re looking at their quota now and they’re going. What looked like an achievable quota back in January is now looking a bit daunting to them, and maybe all these self-doubts and-and-and negative thoughts are creeping in. So let’s start with people like that, what advice would you give to somebody who’s? Maybe losing hope that they’re going to achieve their quota this year, one of the things that I would suggest is going back and looking at their daily habits.

What are they doing on a daily basis? Are they doing the same thing that they were doing at the beginning of the year and if they are they’re going to get the same exact results so really working out what they do on a daily basis, maybe have to shift their goals just a little bit? I know you can’t shift the quota, but you can say I whether my daily goals, my weekly goals, my monthly goals. You know if I’m only hitting $ 10 a day, I’m going to have to bump it up to 20.

If I’m a you know, if I’m on five appointments a week, I really need to be going on ten appointments a week to hit my numbers. So it’s kind of like at this point. You got to really bump up what you’re doing on a daily basis right and so, and so a lot of it is, is getting back to best practices right and getting back and figure out if you’re doing, because, let’s face it, sometimes when things aren’t going well, You kind of convince yourself you’re doing everything you can, but you realize, if you do what you just talked about, you may realize that maybe you’re not putting their best foot forward.

Yeah, that’s a lot of times. You just got to go back to the basics. You know, are you using your time correct? Are you really hitting the right prospects? Are you just hitting doors just to hit doors? Are you talking to the right decision makers? Are you asking for the business? Are you getting in front of the people that you need to be in front of, but you’re not comfortable or you don’t know how most sales people that, as I call them really don’t know how to ask for the business so they’re full of fear or they They have the mindset that this person can’t afford their product, so they’re not going to really ask and a lot of times if they would just have the confidence and build that confidence that they, when they go into a closing meeting or a network or just any Type of meeting with their client that they’re going to be successful at it.

So what are some of the ways that says people just overall can start to build a better sense of self confidence, because I I agree with you a lot of the times. Let’s face it, you mean salespeople, have been bombarded with negative stereotypes and and all of that – and they tend to often think well all the power lies in the hands of the buyer. So what are some of the ways that they can start to build self-confidence and maybe look at themselves a little differently? One of the things I always doing all my trainings is.

I have all my clients and people that I coach. I have them. You know ten things and I’ve learned this from Brian Tracy. I travel the land doing sales years. So our goal shutting time management prospecting, identifying needs, presentation, skills, closing techniques, how to handle objections, positive attitude and then self development. I always have them pick out their two weakest areas out of those ten.

That’s what you need to work on if you that you’re great at presenting, but you can’t close work on your closing and what I’d say, is: go online, find someone that is great at teaching closing techniques, you could probably go on YouTube. I know that you can buy Google closing techniques, try a couple of them um if you might be great at presenting, but your time management skills might be not where you need them to be, because you’re not getting in front of a knight enough people to present Some books: how to be procrastination by Brian Tracy, there’s a lot of great information out there that once you find your two weakest areas, you can google or go find books or find articles, and that’s why I’d say to start.

So that’s that’s an interesting point because sometimes when, when things aren’t going well people just assume it’s just it’s everything right when, as you say, it could be particular skills or particular areas of the sales process that they’re that they’re falling down on, and I guess this Is an area where sales managers could really come into play if they’re, if they’re good at observing and coaching their people? Well, that’s when I when I, when I trained sales leadership, I tell them to look for those those weakest areas and it’s not a bad thing.

We all have sure, and once you know that and once you know the areas that they need assistance with. That’s some of the things that you can hone in on and then go back to some of the other areas that they’re good at and keep working on. Those so it’s always an evolving process and you just got to stay on top of it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. But as you keep, you know, just getting better and better and better at what you do.

But it’s all about going back and kind of you know coaching yourself, all right man I mean when I first got in sales. I made a lot of friends and sales, but I couldn’t close a thing, but once I learned some closing techniques I would go, and I know that sounds kind of silly you’re staying in front of a mirror. Go. Do it to your wife, your husband, whatever partner and say look, you know you can you listening to this? How does this sound? You know what that works yeah, and I think that I think you right.

You raise a great point too, because sometimes we’re not that we’re not that good at at number one analyzing ourselves and, and then number two is going back and practicing the basics and as you say, I mean it’s something you can do at home. It’s I mean great sports people, I mean somebody told me a story recently about you, know Kobe Bryant, who apparently used to hit the hit the gym at 5:00 a.M.

In the morning and then go to the basketball court and he wasn’t practicing trick shots or fancy Shots he was apparently doing the most basic shot over and over again for hours, because that was the basis of everything and I think there’s a good lesson for all of us. Is that sometimes going back and examining? Oh, you know just going back and making sure you’ve got all the bases covered and finding out maybe the one you’re falling down on and practicing yeah.

My my famous quotes, our famous quote that I’ve heard is be extraordinary and ordinary things do I mean, even here in New Orleans drew brees. I’ve heard stories of him. You know, after winning a game going he’s got his wide receivers out there and they’re just flowing normal passes, cut routes, things of that nature, because those are the little bitty things that you’ve got to get. You know it’s kind of like working out.

You’ve got to have that muscle memory, even when you know your minds being negative and you’ve got all these negative thoughts in you. You know it’s the end of the month, all that kind of stuff. You got a kick in the muscle memory and that’s what I’ll get you yeah get you through, and so what are some of the things that you can do immediately prior? Because you can do all this prep work and then you can maybe come up and you have a sales call, maybe have a meeting with somebody.

Maybe you have an online meeting with them or a phone call or whatever, and a lot of people can defeat themselves in the moments before the meeting, because they just you know, despite all the prep work, they’ve done, all the doubts come back. So what are some of the things you can do to make sure that you go into an engagement with the best mindset possible. I always tell my clients take 10 minutes before you walk in close your eyes sit down for a moment.

It’s kind of like back to sports, yeah, Jack Nicklaus would would imagine and in his mind him making the final putt at the Masters it’s kind of, like you know, Kobe Bryant or some of these other ones they talk about. You know there are always picturing and imagining them winning the game or making the final shot. It’s the same exact thing say: ten minutes before you go in breathe if you’re sitting in your car before you get on a conference, call or whatever and go over your notes and have the attitude that you’re walking in with a great mindset that you are going To be the best answer, the questions that you need need to do overcome their questions and also to getting the sales person mindset.

Out of your mind and saying I’m going in as a consultant and I’m to fix the problems that this my client has, because that’s what it is, a dot work. First of all, like doctors, if you find the problem, everybody buys off of problems. It’s no problem. Once you identify that that that’s half the battle right there and if you can go into a sales or a closing meeting and explain how your feature you know, I use the ofab feature.

Application benefit how this picture works for you, how it applies, how you’re going to be successful with it and here’s the benefit. I really think keeping it simple is the best way to go. Yeah. No, absolutely, and I think, as you say, I mean going in there. Thinking that you’re you’re here to solve some problems, you’re actually you’re writing in to rescue the situation, so that should give you some confidence, yeah, yeah and absolutely so.

What are some other ways that that you can continue to keep a positive mindset, say if you’re in you go in great positive attitude, everything’s going well and then maybe something comes up in the meeting that throws you and I’ve noticed that this is one thing that Happens to a lot of people, you know when they get knocked off their rhythm or their game. Suddenly, as you said, they lose total confidence.

What are some ways of getting yourself back on track? I think about past clients. I think about even wait. Am I speaking business? I get invited to speak at these large conferences and at first that negative mindset comes in oh my gosh, and then I go back and work and think about all the big conferences. I’ve spoken at and say you know what I can do this. You know what it’s going to happen. It’s I’m going to make it great whatever I can do and you got to remember too we all get knocked down.

I mean everybody. I mean I probably knocked down more than you know that I could imagine, and it’s just thinking I know that’s a whole cliche you’ll get back up, but if you think about you’ve gotten back up before you can get back up again and most sales people that Are successful that are great at what they do? They know that they can’t win every single time. You’ve got to go in the mindset of clients.

Just can’t see it. Some clients don’t understand some clients, but if you walk in and leave everything you got at the door and you know you did your best and move on and go to your next client yeah and I think that’s a really important point that you brought up. There is to look at your past track record because you didn’t suddenly become terrible overnight right I mean you, didn’t suddenly just forget everything and not able to do it anymore, and you have successes to look back on and I think those are.

Those are really important that you that you bring them by back into your mind and you go no. I mean I can solve problems here. Maybe I can solve this person’s problem in the end. Maybe we’re not compatible. You know the solution or whatever, but I have been successful, not be successful again and one of the other things I always share with people as well. Not I do this, this kind of hit me I’m a big college football and if I love sports, the things I’m warming to is when I’ve gone through a bad season.

It’s just like sports, my favorite teams. They have a bad season. What do they do? They back the next year win the national championship where they go to the playoffs life’s the same way. You might have a quarter that gosh, don’t matter who you call they don’t answer the phone. You can’t sell anything. Nobody wants to talk to you go to the next quarter. You know what forget back and go in that you.

This is going to be the best quarter and that’s how you’ve got to just tell you got ta have instant instant. You know you forget, you got ta, forget things quickly, it’s that’s what I call it. You’ve got to be able to move on it’s the hardest thing, but at the same time, learn from it and move on and believe me it’s it’s not easy as it sounds, but it does work yeah and I think the important thing in that and it’s a Great point the important thing, and that is that, if you can look and say I did everything I possibly could during that quarter – oh yeah, it didn’t work.

Okay, it’s funny. I didn’t, but I put the effort in now. If I continue to work hard, I put the effort in next quarter, I’m going to have a go quarter, and also you learned what not to do yeah I had bad months a bad quarter or a bad year or whatever it may be. Really not. What was I doing at that time that I, even though I did everything that I thought I could do best? What was I doing that I could take out of that equation? Yeah and it’s funny, because even some of the best people right who are in many ways, a lot of us at times are unconsciously competent right, we’re good at what we do, but we couldn’t actually tell you what it is, and sometimes you have to take.

You know what it is, how we do. Sometimes you got to take a step back and say: look at your, as you said, look at your past successes, but really analyze what made it successful as opposed to just go. Oh well, I was successful, could actually look at it because I don’t think people take enough time out actually to look at what they do that actually leads to success. Yeah if you can take a day, whatever go sit somewhere to library whatever and really map out.

You know what you do great, what some areas that you need to work on. You know you need coaching. Do you need to just go online and read some articles grab some books grab some audio books. I always tell people you really want to get back into a positive mindset. Turn your car, like Brian Tracy, says University on wheels. I learned that years and years and years ago and now with the iPhone and all that it’s so much easier to listen to a YouTube or listen to an audiobook or something and the great thing about that is you’re, going to pick up an idea.

And that idea is going to flourish and that’s going to help you get through the next thing, so it might be. A closing technique might be a time. Management might be a networking technique, whatever it may be. Something’s going to refuel you and that’ll keep you inspired to keep going yeah and I think that’s I don’t. I think, that’s a great point, because there is a temptation when, when things are tough to just go, I just need to get away from all of this.

When, in fact, as you say, what you need to do is actually sit down and really analyze and then feed your mind, I mean a lot of. It is about feeding your mind with with good insights with positive insights yeah, and I tell people also to don’t. Do it just during the negative times, do it through the great times B, habit of getting up early in the morning and reading or at lunch, bringing a book or if you know you got a thirty minute job to our client, be sure you know you’re on Your book set whatever it may be because that’ll keep the momentum going because you never want to fall off the momentum, and then you got back up again.

That’s the hardest thing to do. I mean we go through the year. We take two or three weeks off. You know for Christmas and then all the sudden January first hits and we’re back up and over again, so if you’ve been doing that Christmas time, that’s when they should be claiming the not they wanted January. You know day, one of December start planning you year your goals, what you’re going to have, and in figure out all the different things that you know they’re going to help you be successful.

Absolutely this is we’re bumping up against the end of our time Ryan, but before we go I’d like you to tell people a little bit more about yourself, what you do, your books etc sure you know, as most of you know, my name is Ryan Lowe. I’ve been named by peers and clients by as America’s positive attitude coach, I go around the country speaking at large conferences, sales meeting sales, kickoff meetings.

I also come into organizations and coach, their leadership, sales leadership and their sales teams, and now even their customer service teams, because it’s all about my message – positive productivity through positivity you’ve, got to stay positive. You know through all of these different different sets, and so it’s a big circle, a big area that I cover, but also it’s been really great, so you can check out my book entitled get off your attitude.

I also have another book called glia isms. It’s it’s inspirational quotes and then everything is at either Jeff your attitude, calm or Ryan Sheila, calm, excellent, yeah, no excellent, listen, Ryan! This has been great and I hope, everybody’s taken away some great pointers and get off your attitude get positive you’ve still, if you’re on a calendar year, you’ve still got plenty of time. Just go back.

You look at what you’re doing figure out where maybe you’re falling down start practicing the basics again and and just belief, you’ve done it before you can do it again right. Absolutely all right! Listen thanks! Ryan! My name is John golden says. Pop online says magazine pipeline of CMC offer another expert interview really soon. Thank you.

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Social Media Marketing 101 – “Branding.” #RealEstateRobotArmy

Now, when I talk about the idea of branding I’m saying that you want to attach your business or your identity to a certain brand, like me, my name is Larry Lee and I’m in the mortgage business, but I call myself Larry the mortgage guy. I also talk about the cells disruptor right because I’m actually bringing myself to you guys these sales community.

Now, why is that important? Well, you want to associate yourself with something that’s easy to remember: okay, that’s what branding really is okay and you got to be consistent about it. So, every single time you read my articles, you notice, I introduced myself. This is Larry the mortgage guy, yourselves, disrupt it. Every single time right so by doing that you’re kind of subliminally speaking to the audience that this is the brand that you represent.

This is who you are right now. How do you take advantage of that? Well, on your personal page, you probably should mention that or put something like that, so maybe on your list of jobs or list of businesses or whatever you should put your brain on it. I also have, if you look at my profile, it says literally in the parentheses. It says it says your mortgage insider right, because I actually have a article blog called your mortgage insider again, another brand right, but anything to associate myself with something easy to remember.

I’m not telling you to pummel your entire, you know profile picture and your cover photo with you know, logos and and your brand. That’s not what I’m saying you can if you want, but what I’m saying is that you need to choose something. That’s easy to remember and make sure you present it every single time you interact with someone right. You know. I don’t even talk about more years when I’m talking to you guys, but I say I’m Larry the border guy.

That way, you know I do more. Yes, even though I’m not talking Amy about mortgages, okay, that’s what I mean by branding you’re, literally just associating yourself with an idea or a thought, or something easy to remember and you’re consistently pushing it out there. So people can remember it. Okay and if you put up pictures and such that are visibly, you should probably get a logo like that. You know at the mortgage guy or whatever right and another thing about branding is your pages.

You should share content from those pages to your personal page, with your brand, so you’ll notice that a certain post I post on my personal page and certain post, I post from my business page, which says literally the mortgage guy, okay and also check in if you Can that will again push your brain out there? Okay and that’s about it. So you guys any questions. Give me a call or text me email me whatever you want.

This is Larry the mortgage guy yourselves disrupter,

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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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So if you would like to see what I am going to be answering to some of the questions that you gave me, then please you know what to do keep reading. So I pretty much have who I keep looking in the viewfinder, I’m so not used to having red lips on when I record ourselves looking weird, so I don’t want those questions and answers article to be too long.

So I’m only going to be on seeing about three or four questions, but at the end of each and every question is what are you saying at the end of each and every questions and answers article? You are more than welcome to put down below another question if you do have a burning question that you’d like me to answer, put it down below, and they will do them in the next questions and answers article session thing: okay, I can’t speak today alright, anyway, Getting into it, these are some of the questions that I have received off of youtube as well as on Instagram.

I actually did a insta story where I was talking about I’m going to do it through an a and some people put in some questions and I’m going to hunt something right about now. So shall we get started, let’s get started, so no Caius is no kaya. Heinrich I have because I know you she’s always on their lives. So no kaya says: what have you learned in the beginning stages of 30 that you wished you you in your twenties, so basic lean and in the beginning stages of my actually, I do have a blog post that I did with regards to what I’ve done since Turning 30 I’ll link that down below, but one of the most important things is, you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing.

I’m extremely different to a lot of my friends and the people that I surround myself with. I was all about pleasing other people. Such a people pleaser wanting to do things for others very, very pressurised into impressing others, and things like that. Once I got to 30, I realized that no, no! No! No! No! No! These! It’s about impressing me! It’s about making sure that I am happy with whatever I choose to do and how I want to do it.

It’s not about impressing other people. I do not care for that. Any more also. Another very important thing that I also learned is to just be easy. On yourself a lot of the times in my 20s, I used to put so much pressure on myself just to do everything right and to get it right and to do it all the time which now I realize that you know what it’s okay, it’s! Okay, to! Take a minute sometimes I need to take time to myself.

Sometimes I don’t have to push myself as much as I would have in my 20s there’s quite a few things that I’ve learned. If you would like to see a article on that, then I really don’t mind doing one for you. I would like you to just let me know down below alright and then I have a question by inor underscore what you know asks. One question I would like you to answer is how many siblings do you have, and would you maybe make a sibling tag by any chance? Well, I have my sister who you guys have seen on the just that little blog, but also beautycon a say, but all together, there’s six of us, so there’s three boys and these three girls.

Of course, I would love to do a sibling tag, probably with my sister or, if not, I would do it with my older brother because could do it with my older brother. I could definitely do that, but yeah yeah there’s six of us at home three boys. Three girls: the next question is from Anthony and the score him. I think ma says you look like a very bubbly person. What gets you going in the morning and what inspired you to start a YouTube blog and why BT? Okay, first question is: what gets you going in the morning honestly, I’m naturally a morning person, my friends hate it.

My friend I’ve got a friend who C she hates it because normally in the morning, what I’m going to work or not I’m up at 6:00 and I’m up and about doing things. I really don’t know what gets me going in the morning, I’m just up in the morning and I’m normally very, very bubbly in the morning and then come nighttime. I just normally like that. Naturally, I’ve always been a morning person, my sister hates it, because I always bother her in the morning – is that the second part of her question is what inspired you to start a YouTube, blog and ypg.

To be honest, and I’ve always wanted to do a YouTube. Blog I’ve always always wanted to do it, but I was so overcome with shyness and oh, what do people think or what would my family think? Well, my friends think what, if people that were kind of discovered that I have a youtube blog, what am I going to do? Is it going to impact me, but I’ve been reading youtubers for years now overseas, and I thought you know I could do this, but one of the biggest things was that I felt like.

I was too bold to do a YouTube blog. I was like. I should have thought about this when I was 22. I should have thought about this. One was 21 or something like that. But then I thought no you’re, never too old to do a YouTube. Blog you’re, never too old to frickin. Do anything so, at the end of the day I was like you know what i’ma do it anyway, girl i’ma do it anyway. I love beauty. I find beauty in everything.

I draw beauty from everything, so that’s what I decided to do even besides, before my youtube, blog was my blog and my brother was always about PT anyway. So for me, that’s probably why I decided to pick this particular social media platform. You know the next question is from Janelle from shear, and this body on Instagram didn’t have paint in your girl. Do you know it’s like a babe? Please talk about how you two all sources of inspiration for your blog, your blog working.

All that I often feel overwhelmed and when I have too much going on and I just wonder how you managed to do it all so well, listen girl. I don’t sleep, I don’t know. The only thing that I can honestly say is that I draw inspiration from everything around me. I draw inspiration from clothes from makeup from traveling from everything that’s around me and I find the time to do it. Why do I find the time to do it? Because I really love to do it, it’s one of my favorite things to do and honestly it’s therapeutic.

I know that see who, in his article on my blog mentioned, that doing YouTube is very therapeutic. For me: YouTube blog work, Instagram. Anything that is is is something that I draw a lot of inspiration from. I love to do it, so I don’t mind it’s not like a job for me, it’s not a job for me. It’s actually something I really enjoy doing it. I make time for it because I know how it makes me feel when I do it, I feel a lot happier.

I feel a lot more inspired. I really want to get on with it because it’s fun for me. I never feel like it’s a chore once I, if I ever get to that point, I’m going to be very worried because once I feel like it’s a troll chances, I’m not going to want to do anymore. So for now, honestly, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I really enjoy it out of my doing okay and then I got asked by me, Russia, if I’m not mistaken what industry I’m you know, what do I do? Basically, I’m in the construction and engineering industry can you believe it with all this makeup? Basically, that’s all I’m going to say I mean the construction and engineering industry you choose to fill in the blanks.

The final question is also from in Russian and somebody else who asked me on YouTube as well. Would I ever do a house tour, so I can. I assume that you guys have seen bits and pieces of our home me and my sister what I ever to a house tour. Unfortunately, not the reason why I say that I mean you see them in the you see the house put some pieces of the house in the vlog. I understand that, but for me to actually sit and do a house tour we’re walking throughout my at the house.

I just feel like it’s a little bit of an invasion of privacy like showing you my furniture and where it’s from and well, but this that’s really not me. The only way you’re going to be able to see it is through put some pieces in the vlog. You might see in the kitchen Metz in the bedroom, but when I’m physically walking you through the house is not something that I think I’ll guarantee a home for me is a sanctuary and I’ll not be in my home, and I you know I can give you Sleep peaks here and there, but a full-on house tour, is something I don’t think I’ll ever really do, and I hope you guys understand that.

But yeah there is the loss of the questions from the questions and answers article. If you would like no more answers to burning questions, please let me know down below really don’t mind, we’ll do it for you. It is a thing I love in that. I will see you guys in the next article if you’re wondering what’s on my lips, it’s the Maybelline, it’s in the article of the vlog that I did the last article that I did this is the Maybelline super stay Inc.

I think the red one. I don’t know what what it’s called, but maybe I’ll put it here some way, but the red one. Okay, let me go now until the next article live, enlighten, love and I’ll, see you very soon.

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Firestick Info And Low Income Internet Plans And Much More

We are cut that one off I’ll need that when I got this one right here not going to get started for a few minutes case, people forgetting them like for seven o’clock, so make sure you come up. Your thumbs up, I take my time out to share things with yard that I feel is important. Like I tell you, I will be doing so much stuff on YouTube, but as a mom as a you know, a person who loves to be frugal and try to save my coins and figure out ways to still enjoy life, but not overdo it and don’t have To overdo it or whatever the case may be, I try to share as much as I can and when I share something with you or not find something new about it or find out.

Something is wrong with it or whatever the case may be. I come back and tell you that a lot of times people share stuff and then they just leave it like that. They don’t tell you the ins and outs, the badge, the goods and stuff that may happen behind the scenes that you know cuz we’re not. On 24/7, they may not tell you, oh you know this happened to us or oh did you know this. This didn’t work out or you know, after a while.

That’s why I’m always updating and throwing information and about things that I know that I still get emails about that. I still get comments on as far as on DIYs, and you know my my reusable sanitary napkins that we use all of us are now using we’ve been using them for over a year now, and they have been awesome, and I shared that so just things like That I definitely want to share and if I tell you guys, oh I got something, I’m all excited about it and then some happens where it’s not exciting anymore or a broke down or not working like it was intended to I’m going to share that um.

So yeah I’m waiting for more people to get in and I wan na tell you about what happened to us um the other day, and I’m telling you this because I’m pretty sure you guys are going to say hello Wendy, I love Shanta. I’m pretty sure you guys, if you have the fire speak, will probably encounter this or probably have encountered this and didn’t know it was real or didn’t know, probably thought it was a fluke or probably thought it was something that just happens to pass by a computer Or passed by TV, depending on what kind of setup you got in your home hours passed by our TV, which the guy was like wow he’s never heard of it coming on somebody’s TV, so yeah.

I want to share that with you guys, but I’m waiting for more people to get in. I don’t intend to be on here long um yeah. I got ta get back to someone like some actually some new clients, that’s three new clients. That’s called me about here. So I have to get back to them and takes them and try to set them some appointments. Hello, Love Wins. How are you, how are you I just love? My skin feels so? Oh, my gosh, my products are the bomb.

I’m sorry my skin. Just I just be loving the rub on me and my kids and us just our skin, just a soul, just my baby skin and I’m not just saying that, like anybody touches, my skin is like. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Yes, so guys um. It says that it’s ten people in here I see ten people, it’s crazy because it went from zero to ten, which is weird, but I can see y’all talkin to me um. So please thumbs up the article.

I take my time out like come on. Now we are human, I’m a whole wife, a whole mother, and I have things that I’m doing, but I took my time out to come and share information with y’all that will save your money or save y’all frustration or save y’all are having issues with certain things. So please take the time to thumbs up the article so guys, I’m coming to y’all hello, hello, um D G, shy down in the house lights on in the house, girl um.

I thank you so much for being here, love Wednesday G Shanta and a windy, and whoever else is in here that I missed. I don’t intend to, I think, y’all for being here cuz, I’m going to share a lot of things, even if it doesn’t apply to me or I can’t use it. I like to share the information because I’m pretty sure sewing in my community or someone I know – may need this information and you may know someone is information.

Everybody needs internet right now right, I don’t care. If you don’t have cable, everybody needs internet right. So I’m going to share some things with y’all and also um, something that has nothing to do with internet to that. You probably know that you can get for the Lolo and not pay regular price, so alright, so firestick. What happened um was about what was about a couple days ago: um nyah screen.

She has a smart TV and across her screen it was a big copyright thing pop up, and it says third, copyright violation alert from spectrum. That’s what it says, and so I my work so I’m thinking I’m like there is a download something and didn’t tell me because usually she shows she always come to me and say: hey mommy. Look at this. Can I download this, but that was the first thing, because I’m thinking shitty youngest automatically thinking in my brain, she downloaded something.

I went all over the place. I went to Google. I went in different places trying to find out what is this third: copyright violation alert from spectrum? Third, I don’t remember the first or the second hello, Gladys, hello, Deborah everybody. I was having a good evening from beautiful, Las Vegas, hello, hello, okay, so um. I immediately start googling to find out because a lot of times when you get alerts on your phone or you get alerts on certain things, you can literally um put it in on YouTube.

Google and different things and it’ll form a pop up or something to pop up where people have had that alert and they’ll start talking about it. Well, the floor of my phone was a spectrum for them, and then I found another one from the old Time Warner. Cable cuz, you know this time we’re a cable before it became spectrum, and I did not see anybody with no resolutions, so I’m like okay, I must do a article because I am frugal.

We’ve been without cable for years, and we are have firestick for about three years now, but all of us just now got him about a year ago, like in every room I put on by the year ago, um. So with that being said before that we had the Roku box, the Comcast, the chromecast, the Google box, we have all different things to supplement our cable and not have that cable. We always paid for don’t we always pay for internet, which is not bad right.

So um I also oh just so you know. If you have t-mobile, you can get Netflix for free with certain certain phone plans so check that out, because, if you’re paying for it on an Internet, not not internet Netflix, you maybe get able to get it for free with a certain plan. You have some just call team over and check it out to make sure that you’re not on you paying $ 15.99 cuz. You know that anyone of say friends is you paying $ 15.

99, but the plan difference on for you to get the free Netflix is only like a five dollar difference or you may not have to do nothing. Yes, Sprint does give who them for free. So she just said: DG just also told you I was about to say that Sprint, if you have Sprint, they get Hulu for free as well. Okay, so those are ways to say – and I also wanted to talk about amazon.Com. If you have a Medicaid card, the Medicaid card could just be for Medicaid or some places.

I know they have Medicaid in the snaps unconnected the food stamps connected. So if you have those cards, do you know your Amazon Prime is only five dollars and some change. So it don’t have it don’t matter, you can just have Medicaid, you could just have food stamps or either one long as you have a benefit card. You can get Amazon, Prime for $ 5.99. Most people pay um. What is it $ 10 or 15 or 10, or something like that $ 9.

99? Whatever the case may be, you can get it for five, nine, four, ninety, nine five, nine nine, something like that is way cheaper. Nothing is different. You still can get the movies Amazon movies, the free shipping, everything that the regular Amazon Prime gets. You can get that. So if you have a benefit card, you need to go and save your coins. Okay, so that’s one thing so back to our 179. What’s 179? What’s 117 Isis? Okay, so back to the copyright thing, here’s what they’re doing I mean I got my notes.

Cuz! I know I got ta have notes cuz. I don’t want to forget to tell you important stuff. So what happens? Is you get fire? Stick with the fire stick: there are multiple apps that you get in a hundred and seventy nine dollars for what for the year whoa. So that’s a good statement. Cuz you paying $ 6, but it’s $ 5.99 or $ 4.99 a year. That is a good save runs to get Amazon, Prime, if you have a Medicaid card benefit card, full stamp card or whatever you can get crying for $ 5.

99. So, oh, that’s too much, oh, okay! So the firestick copyright thing I know all the stuff. I read. I’m like, oh, my gosh. What happened is this somebody trying to tap into our wet Internet? That was like change your password. This is what all these people were saying. They’re, just throwing things in the air and people are trying to figure it out themselves, but nobody went to really find out what was really going on.

So I caught myself and the guy said yes um now, when you have spectrum or time 1 or whatever it is in your area, and I think it’s Finity does this to you get an email. Most people don’t use that email. I don’t use the email. So those alerts – remember, I said it says um third alert or violation a third copyright on notice. I don’t recall ever getting one and two. So when I talked to him he was like yeah.

They um went to the Time Warner account that you created. I said uh, okay, um yeah, I don’t like it most. People don’t use it. I said I don’t he was like year, so we send them to there. He was like you can either update your email or just start keeping the eye on it. I said well, what does this mean he said hold on, so he goes in and he comes back. He said, Oh on this day you read this movie on this day.

You read this movie on this day. You read this movie on this day. You read this movie, no see not saying you were sown in the house from that internet from your IP address. Read this movie and he was like these are copyrighted movies movies that are still in the movie. Theaters or movies that are um haven’t been released in some formal way to the public or something he was saying. I didn’t get all adjust, but I’m giving y’all enough to understand what I’m saying so, I’m like wow.

Not only did he tell you the movies, but he told you what apps they came from right. So I told my husband I was like babe, I don’t like I’m. I don’t know you know, I’m dumb, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m not going to admit tonight. I don’t know what the heck is going on. I I don’t know, sir. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know you know he’s like you think someone got your in it. I don’t know.

Maybe so what they’re doing is you got ta be careful um? What do you think this is from firestick that happened, you’re looking and reading the free movies yeah? I was getting ready to there, it is but here’s the thing: it’s, okay, that’s why I’m letting y’all know this. It’s okay! You just have to now. This is what I asked them. I said: well, what does this mean? What does this mean? This is I’m going to am I going to lose my internet because it says um, somebody said something about their internet was terminated and they couldn’t get internet no more.

I was like wow, so I was talking to my sister about it and that’s when my sister also told me that AT & T this is where my sister told me. These two things that I want to share chopped AT & T has a program for low-income and and if your kids get free lunch or either if you get food stamps and it’s only $ 10 a month for Internet, but you can’t get cable it’s only if You want internet, but I wouldn’t want cable.

So if you don’t want cable, then you should be fine um. She was like um, it’s $ 10 a month only if you want Internet and it’s a fast speed, but as I was looking at that they said um Time Warner has one for low-income families and if you have low income, there’s it’s faster than AT & T. Three times faster than 18, but it’s $ 14.99 and it’s $ 14.99, but an extra $ 4.99. If you want Wi-Fi so 20 bucks for really fast internet.

So that’s something I want to throw out there to you. If you have low income or if you get free, your kids get free lunch and if you get snacks, it’s one of those three on any one of those three. I believe you can get it. So I wanted to share that with y’all, because you just never know who may need that um. So that’s one thing and then so when I ask the guy says so what does this mean he said? Well, we send notices to you every time it happens.

Just trying to be just be cautious of the what the apps so they’ll tell you what X, because some apps are not protected, some apps meaning open. So it was only one, thank God. It was only one in my husband knew, which one it was, and he said yeah that was a kind of iffy one and between us you know them say it was a kind of iffy one and he did read a couple times, but he own use it. Like that, so they will tell you the ABS just stay away from those ABS.

Do you get what I’m saying and I said so then what I said what if it happens again, he said well, it has to happen like tons of times, and I said then what he said. Then your then your account goes down a termination route. I said tons and then goes down, not is terminated so to me. I’m just left to believe that that’s a scare because, for somebody used the word ton, that’s ridiculous. That is so so so broad that means ton to me could be a thousand turn to you.

Could be a million you get what I’m saying so to give the word ton as the the number you know amount. So that’s something y’all need to know. They will let you know when you contact them. You don’t know, nothing, don’t agree, nothing. I don’t know nothing. I don’t know so boom definitely go to UM, call them and then they’ll, let you know Xfinity and them and let you know what apps and where it came from what day and all that and just stay away from those apps.

That’s what I said just stay away from those apps and get apps that are more protected, and we know that there are a lot that are protected because we read movies all the time and only like those two to specific apps that he just tried recently was Ones that popped up – and there are lots of people online, I’m looking at a forum right now where people are like hey, you know, turn off the cloud and your devices like people are stalking, because this one person said I received the first notice on august 11.

It started off with account number dear Internet. Customer has been a brought to my attention that your internet services recently used to improperly copy or share copyrighted content such as music movies articles and software’s, using peer-to-peer or torrent software they eat. The email stated that I take immediate action to stop this unauthorized activity and that’s what it said to us too. I asked around my family and made sure that no one was participating in any unauthorized.

Active activity then choose to not respond to the email thinking it stopped. However, on August 19 I unfortunately received the second copyright warning. This time it stated the file was apparently being shared, the name it says, Kendrick Lamar, bleep bleep, and this one is telling about articles. So this is something totally different, so it tells them – and she said this surprised me – I don’t listen to Kendrick Lamar – I use Spotify Premium for my music blah blah blah.

I wouldn’t have been sharing music at 3:39 a.M. So it could be that in her case on my tapped end, but the whole gist of this thing is that they are reading everything that’s being done even on a fire stick in there, only two internet provider. So you need to know that and if you do get that call them right away and they’ll, let you know when you just stay away from whatever they told you, you get what I’m saying and if you want to know some good ones I’ll.

You know email me and I’ll, let you know some good ones that my husband said that we are fine with nothing, never popped up and we’ve been reading them for over here and nothing never came up mind you. We only on the third notice and we’ve been we’ve had them all through the house over a year, but we had the fire stick. No, it ain’t been three years, because that’s how long I’ve been here, we had the fire stick since we moved in here and that’ll be about two years so yeah and that’s the third notice within a certain amount of time.

So it mind you, the notices could be like you readed it in June. On the first, don’t let you know until July 15th, you got a notice from a movie. You want you get what I’m saying. So that’s something to know something else. I want to tell you something I want to tell somebody just said something about I’m cast on low-income or free lunch for internet for $ 9.99. A month we don’t have Comcast here we have spectrum and that’s it yeah, a TMT, Direct TV and all of no new internet, but we got spectrum AT & T.

So 80 is $ 10 bit $ 14.99 per spectrum, Wi-Fi extra $ 4.99 prime. I told you if you have a benefit card is $ 5.99 and you can’t have both. You just have to want the Internet and then oh, I don’t. I just wanted to throw this in there if you were having problems with a very dry skin and it’s not as hot outside I’m going to tell you a tip that someone told me some years ago when it gets hotter outside start taking cool showers.

So that way, your skin and when it’s really cold, it’s really hot and when it’s really cold then between time you can. You know stay with like a warmer wetter warmer shower, but try not to take hot showers, because hot showers basically dehydrate your skin and keep them drier. So we don’t take hot showers on. We try to take cool to warm shower, especially when it’s real hot and when it’s real cold, so that’s just a tip for you or for your babies.

If you dig, your babies have dry skin, even though they’re little sometimes they have real Giants dry skin because it’s inherited through somebody but try to keep your babies and yourself in cooler, water and not um, not hot hot water. If you use too hot hot water – and you know, I knew that and it’s so crazy, I will get off the shower block that still feel icky and want to have the arm asing on my other library, while you’re not taking the clue shot like, and that Was something I wanted to share with y’all but yeah? That’s what I wanted to come to you guys and tell you guys.

I think that is about it. I got my pulled pork in there with some sweet baby Ray’s and the crock pot. We’ve got the mix. Sandwiches and we need some chips, we’re not even doing tater tots cuz. I ain’t got time for that and probably sit down and uh after I respond to these people. Do some movies with Minds. Jenny was, you know if Cox has any specials on what fried steak? What is I don’t even know? What Cox is? I don’t even know what Cox is? Let me see, I got my computer packs, what I don’t, I’m just putting Cox another baby.

What’s it about Oh cable provider? Oh, is that in Atlanta um, usually the cable providers don’t have programs for fire sticks. This is not a program for fire sticks. This is a way to get around them. Trying to tell you you cannot do certain things on the fire stick and trying to threaten you, so you either feel like you got to get away from, get it get rid of your fire stick or buy cable. That’s what they’re trying to do! No, it’s not true, but I did hear that most cable companies do have some sort of program for, like I said, low income, or you know, families that are on some sort sort of assistance.

You may be able to get some type of help, so I would just look into it. If you are in you know, if you fit those criterias, I would look into that, but using these cable companies down, I want you to have fire stick. They want you to pay for cable and I don’t want it because I’ve been around so many people who got cable like if I go. Do they hear they’ve like it’s, so boring ain’t, not nine-year idvr.

What I want to read and half the time. I don’t even read it and I just I just don’t. I usually read a lot of stuff on YouTube. There is some good movies on YouTube: have y’all ever looked on YouTube and seen a lot of the armed black urban movies, just a lot of movies on there. It’s a lot of odd type of movies on YouTube, and I had no clue to this last year. There’s a lot of great movies on YouTube, so that’s something that you definitely want to look into having the internet will give you open range for a lot of stuff.

You don’t really have to buy that cable! That’s why we got rid of it years ago, but on with the fire stick, like I told you all of y’all new to this fire stick gives you everything that cable gives you a read on network. I read HDTV. I read the Food Network. I read a Lifetime movie network like regular lifetime. I read: I read Hallmark Channel, I read HBO one, two, three signature and family like a Showtime, everything is on the fire stick and I’ve showed you that before and literally cut the TV on and show they’re from BT all of those blogs you can get them On the fire, stick so long as you pay for Internet you’re, all good, so guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this information share it with someone and see you know who you can help save some coins and not have to pay so much for their internet services. That will be a sub arm, so yeah check that out and see what you can get have a good even in YouTube Debra. Ladies all, you guys have a good evening. I didn’t want this to be too long just enough to give you the information I wanted to give you and guys.

I think that’s what I’m going to be doing until I kind of figure out in my brain. What I want to do, jumping on doing lies if I feel like editing some of the footage. I got like what I did in my front yard. I may throw that article out and random article. It was out between here and there, but um guys. Yall know sunday is my flush day and Monday is day one of the water fast. So if you are joining the water fast, I am flushing on the distant day coming up, I’m flushing with my mango seven day.

One will be Monday and I will be at least doing three days as my goal of a water flush to water fast, I’m flushing Sunday, but a water fast. So, as one should ask you guys all right, you guys awesome evening and I’m about to go, eat dinner and contact and good rec and yep more some movies or something yeah later Gators

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