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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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How to Take Your Home Based Business Online

What’s up Justin What up How’s it going Living the dream, Yeah. So first thing that comes to mind and I get asked this. A lot is: where do you start when It comes to just technology, Or you know,,’cause. You say online.

What comes first Website or domain Well you’re, currently offline right as a home-based business Yeah You got ta get online and The first way to do that is with a domain name and a website. That’s your online real estate and it’s how people find you online. That’s like godaddy.Com, Or coffeeandkickflips.Com It’s how people get to you. It’s like street address right And after that you need hosting essentially think of that, as like online storage for your website, and then you need something.

To build the website Now many people aren’t web designers and they don’t want to Spend a lot of their time building a website, so there Are tons of tools out there that just help you build websites or there’s WordPress if you’re a little bit more Technically inclined, but Not me, You don’t have to go overboard. Just have a homepage Have a little bit about what you do. Maybe the services you provide Or if you’re online shop like if you’re on a Farmer’s Market – and you really wan na, bring that to life and sell your products online, then you can have a little online shop.

That’s pretty easy to Use and a contact page Yeah, so speaking of Farmer’s Market, let’s say I’m out there. You know selling some plant-based soap, Okay Or hot sauces, or both I’m in (, Emma laughs ). So once I get a domain That makes a ton of sense’cause we’re going from offline to online Then what’s next. Well, probably the next step is social and that’s kinda, where you’re the expert. Now you want to be on Your favorite platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You also wan na – be on Business directory sites, like Yelp Google pages, Oh absolutely And claim your your listings.

Yes, Don’t let it just be open to the masses. That’s your baby right! It’s your business! Make sure you control it. Okay, so once you’re On the social media, I know that’s a big step, but it’s not where the majority Of your time is going to go, The majority of your time goes into actually creating content, so you connect with your customers right [, Justin ] Right. So can you elaborate on that The importance of engagement and connecting with potential customers Right so we’ll take the Kinda, the Farmer’s Market example that you have there.

So if I’m, what were you selling Hot sauce and what Plant-based soaps, of course Great combination. So if I — You use them after You use the hot sauce (, both laugh ), If I’m selling hot sauce and Soap at the Farmer’s Market, — Yeah – I wan na – take it online and I really wan na take it. Into social media presence, What I don’t wan na do is just Start listing off my products and saying “: Hey this Is all the cool stuff “ you can buy from me.

”? What I wan na do is basically Start opening people up to my world, the hot sauce And all natural soaps there Interesting world ( laughs ), So you do that by basically Showing what you do Like the Instagram Stories is A great way to do that, Just pop up cool I’m making a soap or I’m makin’, a hot sauce Ooh behind the scenes, Try not to get those mixed,’cause! You don’t wan na like be scrubbing with the hot sauce soap, But open up your world Talk about what you do as a Business and be relatable People buy from people, They don’t buy from companies right, [, Emma ] Yeah, And if you start to really open up who you are as a business.

Owner your day-to-day the struggles you go through, maybe just some of the cool stuff you do beyond your business itself. It really helps people connect with you and then they’re more Apt to buy it from you tell their friends about you And get a hashtag, Yes About your soap or the hot sauce. Well, my soap and my hot sauce brand # Hotsoap So that way, yeah ( laughs ). So that way, when customers Are using my products, they can use the hashtag and then –.

Yes, I can re-share that Or reTweet it right Right, over and over — And over And over And that’s helping you Create just more content, That’s called user-generated content And I know you’re an expert at this. It’s making people create posts and having your hashtag in there, and that gives you more content to post Yeah. I’m curious email Does that matter: Email marketing, Still a big thing! Should businesses do that if They’re trying to go online with their home-based business, Yes, email is super underrated and a lot of people think Of email marketing as spam, And it shouldn’t be spam, It is spam if go the same.

Approach of like saying, hey, here’s all my products, Buy buy buy, buy, buy, But you wan na really Engage the conversation Bye, bye, bye, (, Justin, laughs, ), Engage that conversation And help your people out, If you maybe say you’re Doin’, the hot sauce and all natural soap – maybe you send out recipes Of your all natural soap, Maybe try this at home with Your family or your kids Try to get different ideas and be creative about The content you give out and even if people don’t Open your actual message: that’s okay! They still see your brand each and every time they go in their inbox and that’s brand recognition Stay top of mind And it’s saying top of mind Yeah.

So with your website a great think to do to start collecting those emails. You can’t just say: hey: Sign-Up for my newsletter, Nobody cares about a newsletter. You create a lead. Generator and what that is, is just something free, That you can give them in exchange for their email address. So if I’m a hot sauce and all Natural soap, maybe I’d, say, cool sign up, enter your email. I’ll, send you 20 % discount Or enter email.

You’ll get five Recipes to do this yourself, Things like that Cool And it’s kind of an Even exchange and then because then you build that List build that list, — You’re, giving me some really good ideas. I check my email when I wake up. I check it throughout the day. I check it in the evening, So it’s — It’s with me forever Yeah. It’s still very much a blog that consumers are using And checking frequently Yes, So it’s another avenue if you will to reach that next customer or, like you said with your regulars, just stay top of mind Right, you wan na, be Where your audience is and your audience lives on social and they live in their emails All right, so that’s a Wrap on today’s episode, I wan na give a huge shout out: To my co-host, Justin Nealey ( crowd cheering ) The expert ( Justin laughing ).

I hope he helped your Home-Based business get online If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you Go ahead and share below and in the meantime, Subscribe to our blog, See ya.

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Daily #57 Facebook Ad Basics 3

So yesterday, or in the last article, article number two, I actually shared with you how to create a like campaign. But I just like to talk to you a little bit more because I’ve had some questions about the value of likes on your fan page and why? You would want to even have a fan page or run a light campaign to it.

So let’s just chat about that a little bit so, first of all, why have a fan page at all? A facebook fan page is a really handy attraction, marketing tool because it’s somewhere, where you can share your skills, you can help other people and while you’re branding yourself at the same time, so it’s an awesome place to share content and give value to your followers. So it’s also somewhere where you can get people onto your email list, and I think I actually mentioned in article to that.

A fan page. They are people on your fan page in any kind of followers in social media are a list in one way, shape or form, so it doesn’t have to specifically be an email list, but you can actually install what we call an app on your fan page where People can be directed immediately that they like the page. You can send them there to that app and they have the option to maybe read a welcome article and opt in for some extra value.

So that’s just a really handy little point there to know that you can get them to like your page and also get the lead all in the one step now. Also in your posts on your page, you can offer people other extra value if they opt into a capture page. So it’s a way of also getting people on to your list, but the moon. Our thing with it is to create a community of really dedicated followers who just really hang on every word that you say, because you’re sharing so much content and giving so much value now, like I said it’s a way of creating a community of devoted followers.

So you would set up, as I said, the new lights taken to the opt-in page when they liked the page and that builds your email list. And then you can move fans to your email list for office and more value really really important to have fans who are interested in what you do and offer so make sure that you’re very targeted. When you’re setting up your light campaign to only attract people who are going to be interested in what you actually do, talk about and share on your page and also remember that people have similar interests, like your friends, have similar interest to you.

My friends have similar interests and, if they’re, very interested in in online businesses and network marketing or whatever your page is about, their friends will possibly also have similar interests. And it’s very easy to read the friends of your fan page as well as their actual fans, which gives it a little bit of a capacity to go sort of viral. So that’s just a little bit more background about why you would want to run a live campaign.

It’S basically due to get more people to your page, so you can engage with them and give them offers where they might opt in to your email list. But you can share just as much value on a fan page, especially with what I’m going to show you now about promoted posts now promoted posts. Now that you have a fan page and people are liking, your page, it’s time to get them engaged now. I said before you want targeted, like so will be interested in what you actually post and you can then promote your posts to create engagement with it.

It’S like a paid advertising campaign. You’Ll remember when we went through all those types of ads page post engagement was one of the types now our promoted posts, an order for immediate sales and really neither is a fan page, it’s more for creating engagement and giving value. Rather than actually making immediate sales, so it’s for engagement, so let’s go in and we’ll do a live demo of a promoted post and I’m actually going to use article number one.

The post on my fan, page, where I made article number one and we’ll set up a promoted post around that so we’re just going to go um. Let me know i’ll just go back here and we’re just going to go, live to my facebook fan page now. We can either go in here directly to my page, or I can go in through manage adverts. I’M going to do this in power editor, so I’ll going through my page, which makes it a little bit easier now.

This might look different to you because I’ve actually got a business page and my other ones work more of my personal account. But this is my business page, my main fan page and over here on the left-hand side. We can go either to add manager or power. Editor now remember, I said: power editor only works if you’re using google chrome as your browser, so click here on power editor and hopefully everything will be up and working in here it’s been I’ve been a little bit obnoxious lately and it hasn’t been uploading everything properly.

So you can see here, there’s 27 changes to be reviewed. Usually, when I come in, I will go and have a look here, but I did try to delete some campaigns the other day, some old campaigns that I actually had created but hadn’t used, and there are some problems in there. So I’m not going to actually do that right now, so we’ll just cancel that now, because it’s not showing all of my campaigns for some reason.

I think I showed you this the other day. We can go up here and reset power editor. Now it will discard those unpublished, changes that are here, but I’m not worried about that at this Sophie, because I’ll have to go back and look into it a little bit further. So it’s just restating power now and now it should come up with all of my campaigns showing up so there we go they’re all showing up there. Now now we’re going to create a new campaign, so we’ll go up here to create campaign and we’re going to create a new campaign which is promoted article number 1 i’ll call it facebook article number one – might even just change that facebook article and number one promoted Post, ok, we’re going to leave it at auction buying type and we need to click on here and put the objective in here and we’re going down here to page post engagement and that’s an advert that boosts your posts.

Ok, click. There will create a new Adsit. So we’ve just got to check here to choose that to create new over and we might put this one in the news feed so we’ll just call a promoted post for the news, feed. Ok and now we need to just go down here and create the ad and we’ll just put news feed, add one and create now it won’t have made all of the creatives. If you remember from last time we did this, so we’ve got to go in here.

Now and edit up our campaign, so everything is pretty much set up in here. I don’t want to set a total advertising campaign budget for this one. So that’s all done now. If we just click here, this will take us to the ad set that we created and I want to edit it well. It’S actually got it all up here now, so we don’t even have to click on edit now daily budget. No, I wouldn’t want to spend $ 11 for this one five dollars daily um.

I will leave the end run. I can close it off whenever I want to now I’ll need to set up a audience, so I want to set up a new audience. So, let’s edit this audience now, it’s already got Australia there. As I said last time, that’s the default city. So I want to add: the united states are here perhaps the United Kingdom and Canada, so they’re the main sort of english-speaking country, so I’ll use those.

Now the mercy of people on my page is slightly older, so rather than 18, maybe we’ll set up for 35 and older and I’ll live it. It all men and all women English. I don’t know if you had to fill up on in, but I always do and now we’re going to go down here to detail targeting now. This article is about advertising on Facebook. So it’s going to be appealing to people who have a network marketing business or an affiliate, marketing business or people in specific companies.

You know network marketing companies, things like that. So, just depending on how you want to set up your ad and who your avatar is. I think really carefully about the targeting, so just for now and for times sake I’ll, just target affiliate marketing people are interested, so that’s an interest in affiliate marketing and we could also do network marketing so as an interest network marketing. So that will do but depending on who, your avatar is think very very carefully, because you want it to be appropriate to what the post is about.

Also are congruent with what your page is about, and we could also have a look in there and see if I’ve got anything about Facebook market and they do and perhaps even Facebook leads it doesn’t have. Facebook leads okay, so we’ll just leave it there at those three now we can include connections like we can include people who are like my page or friends of people who, like my page or I can even exclude people who, like my page, so i’m just going To leave that blank for now and click on save, so that’s our ad set audience setup.

Now we’re going to move down here and choose the placement now I’ve call it newsfeed, so we’re going to get rid of mobile, Instagram and right column and just leave it as news feed. No, it’s all set up here, page post engagement and automatic, so that is pretty much done now. So I can review those changes now. What is our there’s? No ad set up yet so that’s, okay! So we’ll click here on ad sets and now it’s going to take us to adverts.

You can see that and we’re going to need to edit our advert. Now this is a post engagement, so we need to choose the post, but first of all we need to choose the page, and this is the page. I don’t want to do it on Instagram and I’m going to use an existing Pope. So here we go here. We’Re going to select a post, so let’s just go down here and it’s this one here so we’re going to that’s the post that I want to promote and that’s pretty much it all set up and ready to go.

So then we would just click on review changes and it’s up and running and ready to go and our promoted post is being promoted to our audience. So basically, that’s the logistics. Now I’m not going to set this up because I would target it a little better. I’Ve just done that show you how to actually set up a promoted post now you can also do a boosted post just from the post. So if we go back here to use the page and if we just find one of our posts, you know this is a blog post um.

I could actually boost this post. If I wanted to and i’ll just show you how you do this, it’s not there’s not as much optimization and everything from a boosted posts. So it’s a kind of a quick way of doing it and kind of in a way, I suppose, a lazy way of doing it. But i’ll show you how you actually just go in and quickly boost a post, so you can have it either in desktop newsfeed or mobile news feed, and you can target people who, like my page, people who, like the page and their friends which is you know, Quite a broad targeting or you can choose people through targeting, but it’s not going to be as targeted targeting.

If you get what I mean as it is, if you go in and create an ad for a page post engagement, then here you can set all the same things you can set the budget you can set, how long you want it to run to so pretty Much it just doesn’t have as many options as the other way and then you just click boost, and that would be shown to Sean to whoever you indicated here in your audience. So that’s another way to just boost a post really quickly.

Okay, now just back here to the slides. Now I want to keep these articles quite short yesterday or in the last article I said I was going to talk about events and how to promote them today, but it’s quite involved, so I want to leave it until the next article. So why not now go and make yourself a fan page? If you don’t have one and on my Facebook fan page, there is a article there about how to create a fan page and then go in and create your first like campaign, and once you have some likes, then you can start engaging your followers with a promoted Post so there’s a little bit of homework there if you want to get started with that, so now, what’s in the next article, so in the next article I’m going to be covering facebook events and what they actually are and how to create an event and how To promote an event in facebook, so that’s all I’ve got for this article number three I’ll talk to you again really soon, with article number four I’m Katie Johnston,