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5 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

I know that I make my money in affiliate marketing and you can see other people that make their money in MLM companies. Digital marketing, there’s all kinds of different things. So what I’m trying to do is just find other avenues in case you’re, not interested in affiliate marketing bloggers can make one to ten thousand dollars per month.

That is awesome. If you love to write, you can make money doing it and that’s what I want to show you today is how you can make money as a blogger or as a writer before you go any further, though don’t forget to subscribe below so that you can continue To get these great tips from me, I actually believe that anybody can earn money online, but you just have to learn how to do it. So that’s why I called my blog learn to earn alright, let’s go ahead and get started.

Really. Blogging is a real online job. It can be for moms, dads students. Anybody can do it if they enjoy writing, but don’t be desperate for money now. This is something that you’re going to build up over time, and sometimes it takes like six to 18 months to really start making good money. So you have to put the work in and I am finding it’s really that way with any online business. You have to put the work in before you’re, going to start making a lot of money.

Everybody starts from the bottom. The neat thing about blogging is that it’s an online job that you can choose any topic that you’re really passionate about so start playing around. I’r going to give you a site later in this article, where you can find 12 different companies that actually hire people to write. If that’s something you would prefer to do, instead of starting your own blog and a lot of them are different niches, where you can go in and write something that you’re passionate about.

There are four main ways to make money when you’re blogging and that’s in advertising you can get paid for putting ads on your blog. Can you believe that so you get to enjoy writing and then you get paid by just putting some ad advertising on there. You can make money with blogging as an affiliate marketer. This is when you get paid a commission for any products that you can sell on your blog. So basically you would talk about blogged about different products.

People want them, they will buy them, and then you get a commission. So that’s basically how fillion marketing works, but your main job could be the blogging. If that’s what you’d love to do, digital products can be sold. These are products like ebooks or courses, and things like that, and actually you can even write ebooks for other people or write courses for other people. If that’s something that you enjoy doing, you can also get paid as a blogger by providing services.

If you’d like to work one-on-one with people you can, a blogging is a great way to generate leads for coaching or consulting, and things like that. The fifth way I’m going to bring up a website right now for you and just show you what I found. This is called twins, mommy and there’s 12 sites on this link. I’r going to provide it for you, underneath in the description where you can get paid $ 100 plus just for writing.

So if you don’t want to take the time to set up your own blog, then go in here and look at these different avenues of income. One is for writing for a family fun magazine, you get paid a dollar 25 a word for your post, so you get to enjoy writing and get paid for it. Another one here, her view from home. They just want you to write things about topics that happen in your home. Just talk about your own life experiences.

How cool is that and get paid for it? A hundred dollars for 4,000 views yummy mummy club, if you like, to talk about food and nutrition for your children. So these are a lot of mom sites, but this just gives you an example of other ways that you can make money with your blogging and again I’ll put that site down there below, for you here are all the five different ways that you can earn an Income, if you want to start a blog, you need to pick a niche that basically that means.

So I want to talk about nutrition. Do I want to talk about children, airplanes, trains whatever it is, you have to pick a niche and then just get start it with an initial setup. You need to set your blog up, find a hosting site and then just start writing your blog’s. Then, after you have maybe written five or six different blogs, you want us to pick a social media network and start promoting your content, which means you might want to start promoting it on Facebook or Pinterest or YouTube wherever you want.

Yes, people promote their blogs on. On YouTube so find a place to promote it, and then you can begin monetizing, your blog and making money for something that you love to do get started and, in the meantime, go ahead and hit. My subscribe button check out that link below. If you saw something that you were interested in writing when I brought up that article

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Daily #57 Facebook Ad Basics 3

So yesterday, or in the last article, article number two, I actually shared with you how to create a like campaign. But I just like to talk to you a little bit more because I’ve had some questions about the value of likes on your fan page and why? You would want to even have a fan page or run a light campaign to it.

So let’s just chat about that a little bit so, first of all, why have a fan page at all? A facebook fan page is a really handy attraction, marketing tool because it’s somewhere, where you can share your skills, you can help other people and while you’re branding yourself at the same time, so it’s an awesome place to share content and give value to your followers. So it’s also somewhere where you can get people onto your email list, and I think I actually mentioned in article to that.

A fan page. They are people on your fan page in any kind of followers in social media are a list in one way, shape or form, so it doesn’t have to specifically be an email list, but you can actually install what we call an app on your fan page where People can be directed immediately that they like the page. You can send them there to that app and they have the option to maybe read a welcome article and opt in for some extra value.

So that’s just a really handy little point there to know that you can get them to like your page and also get the lead all in the one step now. Also in your posts on your page, you can offer people other extra value if they opt into a capture page. So it’s a way of also getting people on to your list, but the moon. Our thing with it is to create a community of really dedicated followers who just really hang on every word that you say, because you’re sharing so much content and giving so much value now, like I said it’s a way of creating a community of devoted followers.

So you would set up, as I said, the new lights taken to the opt-in page when they liked the page and that builds your email list. And then you can move fans to your email list for office and more value really really important to have fans who are interested in what you do and offer so make sure that you’re very targeted. When you’re setting up your light campaign to only attract people who are going to be interested in what you actually do, talk about and share on your page and also remember that people have similar interests, like your friends, have similar interest to you.

My friends have similar interests and, if they’re, very interested in in online businesses and network marketing or whatever your page is about, their friends will possibly also have similar interests. And it’s very easy to read the friends of your fan page as well as their actual fans, which gives it a little bit of a capacity to go sort of viral. So that’s just a little bit more background about why you would want to run a live campaign.

It’S basically due to get more people to your page, so you can engage with them and give them offers where they might opt in to your email list. But you can share just as much value on a fan page, especially with what I’m going to show you now about promoted posts now promoted posts. Now that you have a fan page and people are liking, your page, it’s time to get them engaged now. I said before you want targeted, like so will be interested in what you actually post and you can then promote your posts to create engagement with it.

It’S like a paid advertising campaign. You’Ll remember when we went through all those types of ads page post engagement was one of the types now our promoted posts, an order for immediate sales and really neither is a fan page, it’s more for creating engagement and giving value. Rather than actually making immediate sales, so it’s for engagement, so let’s go in and we’ll do a live demo of a promoted post and I’m actually going to use article number one.

The post on my fan, page, where I made article number one and we’ll set up a promoted post around that so we’re just going to go um. Let me know i’ll just go back here and we’re just going to go, live to my facebook fan page now. We can either go in here directly to my page, or I can go in through manage adverts. I’M going to do this in power editor, so I’ll going through my page, which makes it a little bit easier now.

This might look different to you because I’ve actually got a business page and my other ones work more of my personal account. But this is my business page, my main fan page and over here on the left-hand side. We can go either to add manager or power. Editor now remember, I said: power editor only works if you’re using google chrome as your browser, so click here on power editor and hopefully everything will be up and working in here it’s been I’ve been a little bit obnoxious lately and it hasn’t been uploading everything properly.

So you can see here, there’s 27 changes to be reviewed. Usually, when I come in, I will go and have a look here, but I did try to delete some campaigns the other day, some old campaigns that I actually had created but hadn’t used, and there are some problems in there. So I’m not going to actually do that right now, so we’ll just cancel that now, because it’s not showing all of my campaigns for some reason.

I think I showed you this the other day. We can go up here and reset power editor. Now it will discard those unpublished, changes that are here, but I’m not worried about that at this Sophie, because I’ll have to go back and look into it a little bit further. So it’s just restating power now and now it should come up with all of my campaigns showing up so there we go they’re all showing up there. Now now we’re going to create a new campaign, so we’ll go up here to create campaign and we’re going to create a new campaign which is promoted article number 1 i’ll call it facebook article number one – might even just change that facebook article and number one promoted Post, ok, we’re going to leave it at auction buying type and we need to click on here and put the objective in here and we’re going down here to page post engagement and that’s an advert that boosts your posts.

Ok, click. There will create a new Adsit. So we’ve just got to check here to choose that to create new over and we might put this one in the news feed so we’ll just call a promoted post for the news, feed. Ok and now we need to just go down here and create the ad and we’ll just put news feed, add one and create now it won’t have made all of the creatives. If you remember from last time we did this, so we’ve got to go in here.

Now and edit up our campaign, so everything is pretty much set up in here. I don’t want to set a total advertising campaign budget for this one. So that’s all done now. If we just click here, this will take us to the ad set that we created and I want to edit it well. It’S actually got it all up here now, so we don’t even have to click on edit now daily budget. No, I wouldn’t want to spend $ 11 for this one five dollars daily um.

I will leave the end run. I can close it off whenever I want to now I’ll need to set up a audience, so I want to set up a new audience. So, let’s edit this audience now, it’s already got Australia there. As I said last time, that’s the default city. So I want to add: the united states are here perhaps the United Kingdom and Canada, so they’re the main sort of english-speaking country, so I’ll use those.

Now the mercy of people on my page is slightly older, so rather than 18, maybe we’ll set up for 35 and older and I’ll live it. It all men and all women English. I don’t know if you had to fill up on in, but I always do and now we’re going to go down here to detail targeting now. This article is about advertising on Facebook. So it’s going to be appealing to people who have a network marketing business or an affiliate, marketing business or people in specific companies.

You know network marketing companies, things like that. So, just depending on how you want to set up your ad and who your avatar is. I think really carefully about the targeting, so just for now and for times sake I’ll, just target affiliate marketing people are interested, so that’s an interest in affiliate marketing and we could also do network marketing so as an interest network marketing. So that will do but depending on who, your avatar is think very very carefully, because you want it to be appropriate to what the post is about.

Also are congruent with what your page is about, and we could also have a look in there and see if I’ve got anything about Facebook market and they do and perhaps even Facebook leads it doesn’t have. Facebook leads okay, so we’ll just leave it there at those three now we can include connections like we can include people who are like my page or friends of people who, like my page or I can even exclude people who, like my page, so i’m just going To leave that blank for now and click on save, so that’s our ad set audience setup.

Now we’re going to move down here and choose the placement now I’ve call it newsfeed, so we’re going to get rid of mobile, Instagram and right column and just leave it as news feed. No, it’s all set up here, page post engagement and automatic, so that is pretty much done now. So I can review those changes now. What is our there’s? No ad set up yet so that’s, okay! So we’ll click here on ad sets and now it’s going to take us to adverts.

You can see that and we’re going to need to edit our advert. Now this is a post engagement, so we need to choose the post, but first of all we need to choose the page, and this is the page. I don’t want to do it on Instagram and I’m going to use an existing Pope. So here we go here. We’Re going to select a post, so let’s just go down here and it’s this one here so we’re going to that’s the post that I want to promote and that’s pretty much it all set up and ready to go.

So then we would just click on review changes and it’s up and running and ready to go and our promoted post is being promoted to our audience. So basically, that’s the logistics. Now I’m not going to set this up because I would target it a little better. I’Ve just done that show you how to actually set up a promoted post now you can also do a boosted post just from the post. So if we go back here to use the page and if we just find one of our posts, you know this is a blog post um.

I could actually boost this post. If I wanted to and i’ll just show you how you do this, it’s not there’s not as much optimization and everything from a boosted posts. So it’s a kind of a quick way of doing it and kind of in a way, I suppose, a lazy way of doing it. But i’ll show you how you actually just go in and quickly boost a post, so you can have it either in desktop newsfeed or mobile news feed, and you can target people who, like my page, people who, like the page and their friends which is you know, Quite a broad targeting or you can choose people through targeting, but it’s not going to be as targeted targeting.

If you get what I mean as it is, if you go in and create an ad for a page post engagement, then here you can set all the same things you can set the budget you can set, how long you want it to run to so pretty Much it just doesn’t have as many options as the other way and then you just click boost, and that would be shown to Sean to whoever you indicated here in your audience. So that’s another way to just boost a post really quickly.

Okay, now just back here to the slides. Now I want to keep these articles quite short yesterday or in the last article I said I was going to talk about events and how to promote them today, but it’s quite involved, so I want to leave it until the next article. So why not now go and make yourself a fan page? If you don’t have one and on my Facebook fan page, there is a article there about how to create a fan page and then go in and create your first like campaign, and once you have some likes, then you can start engaging your followers with a promoted Post so there’s a little bit of homework there if you want to get started with that, so now, what’s in the next article, so in the next article I’m going to be covering facebook events and what they actually are and how to create an event and how To promote an event in facebook, so that’s all I’ve got for this article number three I’ll talk to you again really soon, with article number four I’m Katie Johnston,


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Pinterest Marketing for your Direct Sales Business

I can read comments, how’s it going we’re going to talk about Pinterest tonight. I know before on the earlier post. It said social, our algorithms, but I just took a master class on Instagram and I thought it would be a little bit more interesting to ijen to everyone here. Okay, here we go okay, so comments we’re ready. So a little bit about myself. My name is Leah.

I live in Fargo North Dakota. I just moved into a new house. That’S why you were looking at this beautiful plain white background. Until I can get my filming area set up. I feel a little bit like a college news presenter on my little desk here: hey Britta um, about me, hello in Fargo, a new house. I have a husband and a little boy and they’re trying to go to sleep right now, but it’s still light out.

So buddy wants to stay up and play so it’s been a fun night, hashtag mom life and I work in marketing as my professional daytime job and my specialties in social media marketing. I’Ve worked for national craft, brewing brands and industries across the board, so social media is definitely one of my passions and I’m very excited to share what I can with you guys on this awesome opportunity in this platform here so, like I said a little bit earlier Today, we’re going to talk about Pinterest, because it is a huge opportunity.

It’S basically the Wild West and the doors are wide open for a lot of people to use it in a really strategic, a really simple way that can really your business grow. Part of that, and so I have to know Pinterest how many of you use it, let me see some Smiley’s or hearts or whatever. If you guys are Pinterest users. I know I use it a lot, especially when I was planning my wedding. I used Pinterest a ton.

I think one of the things about Pinterest is that we don’t really think of how to use it in a business sense. We know that we can go on there to buy, find a bunch of great recipes. We can help plan things. We can decorate, we can, you know shop for shoes whatever, but we don’t think of a way to use it to leverage our own business. So I’m going to share a few little tidbits for you. That will maybe help get your wheels turning and get you wanting to use that in a strategic way.

So here’s just a few stats and numbers. I was kind of blown away when I found some of these, like I knew some, but I didn’t really realize some of it. So Pinterest has over 150 million users globally. How about them? 70 million are just in the United States. So all of the countries in the world we have about half of the users on Pinterest, 81 % of those users are female, and 67 percent of users are under the age of 40.

So does that hit some demographics that you would like to reach out to? In an organic and free way, I would hope so so here was another interesting thing. Speaking of age, Millennials use Pinterest is as much if not more than they use Instagram. This is going to be the age group that we’re going to really want to reach out to you and be able to hit in a really successful way, so under 40 female and in that target demographic.

Let’S see what else? Oh, here’s, the here’s, the money part. So half of Pinterest users, their their personal income, is $ 50,000 a year or more and 10 % of is a total household of 125,000 dollars or more eglee. So does that mean they have expendable income and they go on Pinterest to find what to buy so 87 % of pinners have purchased something that they found for the first time on Pinterest. So basically, anybody who goes on there is probably looking to shop and looking to buy and then 72 % of all Pinterest users use Pinterest as a means of finding something that they want to buy and that’s what they used to make the decision.

So people are there, people have money, people are looking to buy. This is a platform you want to be on. So here’s where it gets kind of interesting of all of the pins on Pinterest, 80 % of them are repinned content. So that means that all of the users on Pinterest are going on there and using content that they didn’t create themselves, so huge, open gigantic opportunity for us to get in on Pinterest and start making our own content and being part of the original content.

That’S on there that the other 80 % of people are going to do and repin and share your stuff. He actually hey Angie, I’m trying to see, as you guys kind of scroll up my screen, um, so Pinterest huge open how to use it for business where to start where to start, I recommend starting either a board, that’s specific for your business or, if not a Whole new profile and Pinterest page that is going to be your business persona.

What’S great about this, is you can switch your Pinterest account to a business account I’m very similar how you can switch your Instagram account to a business Instagram account if you search it to a business pictures to count you get analytics analytics. Suddenly you can see who’s clicking and who’s using, what’s really doing really well and what’s not doing so great things like that, so that’s kind of a really cool part about it and it’s totally free.

There are some sites that you have to pay for. A business said: upgraders a monthly charge, pictures business account analytics and everything is totally free. They do have an option for advertising much like Facebook does. So if you do have a pen that you find that you’ve created and is doing really well, it’s getting a lot of clicks, it’s driving your business, you can promote it to be seen more, you can and it’s not expensive.

It’S pretty inexpensive like Facebook is so. If you’re going to set up a business Pinterest account you can create boards that go with your theme. So, for example, you’re going to make your like, for example me, it would be. You know, Lea Joaquina live sense, distributor whatever. I wouldn’t only have one board that was lip sense. I have a lip sense board. I have a makeup general board. I have a skin care board.

I have a self care board. I have an I made that board. So a bunch of things that can go with your theme, because you want to pin frequently and then pepper in your own original content. That makes sense. So what else here I totally went off chatting in last night’s, not so creature um. What would you suggest for captions on Pinterest? I never know what to say we’ll get to that we’ll get to that. Um yeah, that’s going to mean the second most important part when you create new pins, the image is the most important and the second most important is your caption, because that’s going to be where your searches show up, that’s why your keywords are going to live.

So you create your own board creature or your Pinterest profile equation on boards. So now what? When you’re creating your pins think of Pinterest as a search engine when it first started, they want it to be a social media type of platform, but in the last little, while it’s really kinda they’ve kind of here, their business to be a search engine, they found People weren’t interacting so much as really using it as a place to find things in shop and save idea is not so much a conversation.

So when you’re, creating your pins and your images, think of it as what you would search for. If you were going to go on and look for, you know lip sense for fall hint. This is a good one. You could share an image with you know five different fall, colors say like hot colors for fall and then in the comments area. That’S where you want to hit your keywords: you’re, going to want to use things like fall makeup, lip sense, lip color.

Just anything. You would think to search for write that in there you don’t have to make the description sound like a cohesive sentence. It does help, but if you just want to jam it full of keywords, kind of like when you use your hashtags on Instagram, that’s totally great too hashtags make a difference on Pinterest, nope Pinterest doesn’t use hashtags to search like other platforms. Do they just search text? So you don’t have to worry about using a hashtag, because it’s like I said it’s a search engine, so it would be what you would organically type in not necessarily like.

Oh, where that’s like like lips ends. Ball color is all one together. It could be separate. You don’t have to worry about a hashtag if you will so think of that when you’re creating your pins is really just keep thinking. What would I search for? What would people search for? How would they search for it? Because that’s what you’re going to get found and then once you’re found people repent, you and more people find you and they repin.

You and more people find you and they reap any. Even more people find you it’s awesome. I just started using Pinterest for business less than a month ago, and I’ve already hit 30,000 monthly monthly viewers so using it strategically. Thinking about a good visual thinking about using really good keywords is really going to skyrocket you and get you those sales get them pointing to the right places.

Okay. So when you’re creating your graphics, can you post articles as much as if it is asked you can share links to articles like I Drive a lot of traffic to my YouTube site and gangbusters is how well it’s worked and you can do it. You can, if you have a youtube or whatever use, that little thing that says: share on Pinterest it’ll share right there and it’s awesome yeah. It’S totally driven my traffic way up on my YouTube page.

So, in that sense yeah you can share articles, but it’s not going to play articles natively on Pinterest. Does that make sense, I hope so. Okay, so um when you’re creating your pins, you want to make your own graphics as much as possible. I’Ve already seen a lot of people sharing those same things over and over and over that we see on all the other platforms. So it’s important to share your graphics when you’re creating a graphic.

It’S not like Facebook, Facebook kind of has some rules about their text. On images, or if it’s more than 20 %, that’s going to kind of and they’re not going to show it so much, I’m Pinterest, you can jam it full of text and it won’t have any bearing on it. So this is your chance to make infographics and if you use any image creation software like we’re this way or PicMonkey or canva, or what else does it Oh spark, I love adobe spark.

They will all automatically size an image to Pinterest sizes for you and then you can put on there. Whatever you want um, when you do create your pins, make sure you use like a hook so think of something like mistakes you’re making when or the secret to or five ways to do something or, like you know, things to simplify your life. Things like that are really going to get people to stop and read what you kept going on.

Make sure the text is big and bold and usually, if your PIN has a few photos and then like a colored square, blip, brick area and then the text on that it really pops and it’ll, get people to stop and look and click. So it’s pretty easy. If you know what you’re going to say, but yeah just make those make them really visually appealing and that’s going to get people to be your clickers. So that’s a tip and another thing about Pinterest that I love is it’s easy.

You can really automate Pinterest, which is great, because you can use different apps like later com, tailwind HootSuite, I believe, does it or you can just schedule a bunch of pins ahead of time and have them go live. I was like three a day or, however long you want, so you don’t have to go in because it’s not something like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, where you need to be communicating with people, you can just schedule them and let them go and let the traffic Pour in and the orders roll over you, so that’s a really great thing about Pinterest too, is it’s totally automatable.

Is that a word? It is now which is great, so that’s my little spiel eesh feeling on Pinterest. I think it’s awesome. You can definitely drive traffic to where you want it to go when you’re pinning things. If you have like one idea for like the content for your pins, try making a few different graphics and see what works better for you, and that way you can see. You know what is actually what the people kind of stop and look at when you make your graphics.

Alright, let’s get some questions. So do you think every paint here senescyt? No, not everyone, would see. I linked them to this different areas. Um. I have a blog. So quite a few of them go there. I do link it to my Sena site. I definitely get to my youtube blog. I haven’t found much traffic going back to Facebook, but what I do is I link everything else that I pointed to does like back to Facebook, and I found people follow through that way.

More okay, so yeah link it to just, but really you can’t make it to where you want them to go. It’S up to you, where you want to drive track it. If you really want to drive your traffic to your Facebook page, you can send them there, but I would, I usually send them to either my semi site or my blog or YouTube, because that’s really, where I’m focusing traffic for myself right now and I’m noticing a Ton of traffic going there, but you just pick where you want them to go and when they click they end up there.

Okay, so let’s, let’s see some questions, I feel like I’ve missed quite a few. How many sales have you gotten in your month on Pinterest? Five, I think that’s pretty good. One of them was a pretty big one too um, it’s a deal II. Didn’T your senator, probably already talked about that and then Bethany said who started using it a couple weeks ago. No luck, except on one. Sometimes one pin is really all you need to like get you going and then you kind of learn from that one pin what worked and hopefully you can try to figure out what the hook was there and how you can replicate it.

I think it’s great. What was I going to say, speaking of sales I have had so I’ve had five sales. I’Ve had quite a few people subscribe to my YouTube blog, which is one of my goals. One of my personal goals for myself is to get those numbers up just views in general on that is going higher and was driving more traffic to my blog, which then drives traffic to the other outlets. You I’m working on my funnel any questions.

Did I talk to you fast? Oh, let’s see how do you know this Hill is two pitches. You have some use. I do yeah. I typically ask people how they found their way to me and then, mostly it was for me kind of keeping an eye out from what time he men you the I’ve kind of found that the sale is kind of come in pretty quickly. After I see, one pin start to do really. Well, that’s how I can kind of figure out that it came through there but yeah.

I typically do ask people how they found me because then it shows me what’s successful and what’s not, maybe where I need to focus some more of my energies on socially or not yeah. I know like Pinterest when I always like, starting to figure out. Oh, my gosh, this is amazing. This is going to be so great for our sales and for our team he’s throw anything else. I love the questions. Oh, let’s see, how do you label your pins? I always wonder that like you’re, the description hold on alright.

So when I read my description, there’s a thing called long tail and short tail keywords: a short tail keyword would be lips eyes. A long tail keyword would be like how to apply lit sense, so try to get as many of those longer ones in that make sense, as you can that’s really going to help, you show up more, oh my gosh, so much is coming. Did that make sense, something keep it. I think you want to keep it broad, that’s the Zipit, you don’t want it to be, you don’t want it to be like red, lipstick, it would be like fall.

Red lips. Sense would be good or, like fall. Coral lip colors things like that to kind of think about: okay, Nicole, I use sinha site for most of my orders. So that’s why I kind of find them there. They come to me that way. If you aren’t using that you could send them to your Facebook. Page or if you that’s, how you could probably send them there, you also do have the option to set up a free blog site on WordPress, and you could have that just as your landing page, where you could do a quick introduction of yourself with your contact Info and tell them how to order that would be a really great option too, if you’re not using Sena site, because then they can email you their order and you can have an introduction.

That is just a really quick and easy link instead of your Facebook page. That’S an idea: okay seems great for people who are in remote locations, yeah people that aren’t kind of in Metro hubs did you spend a lot more time online shopping and looking around and doing things like that too? So it’s a really great way to if you are not near a bunch of people, it’s a great way, also for you to expand your reach outward to.

Let’S see, I’ve never made an original Pinterest post before. How do you get an original pin up there? Do you have to post it on your blog and pin it from there? No, so when you go on Pinterest, if you’re on the web webpage click on your computer up in the corner, there’s a little red circle with a plus in the middle, that’s how you start a pin. So it is you! Click on that you’re, going to upload a picture or an image that you’ve created hopefully and then from there you can so it’ll.

Give you two spaces. One is upload a photo and then the next one is attach a link. Then you click on that and it’ll. Ask you to put in your description and then you post it, and you made your first pin, it’s super easy, that’s it and you can do it on the app too. It’S the same way, there’s the little plus down in the corner, and then you just click on that. You can upload a photo attached, a link and that’s it.

Do you see yourself getting repinned no after month? Yes, I have one that took off just crazy. It gets repinned and I get traffic from it every single day. So if you do one, that’s a really good one: it’ll it’ll be evergreen content and the more it’s shared, oh also tip. If you do have one, that’s really good make a few more images and post it again and again, because you know that’s content that people are going to want to click on so make a couple of different images.

That say the same thing, but look a little different and pin it a few times. It’S awesome. Okay, so I just thought you can upload picture of your computer. Do you know how big and what size to make the pins does it matter off? The top of my head – I don’t know I – should have had that information, but most web know most image generation apps that we use have a preset Pinterest photo size. I know for sure WordPress WordPress, word, swag, canva, PicMonkey and spark for sure them and I’m pretty sure most of the other ones do too, but those are kind of they’ve been for most people use and it has a size for you, alright.

Okay, what? If you don’t have a website, only a Facebook page link it to your Facebook page. It’S totally up to your goals and where you want people to go, if you don’t have either like I said before, just create that was a Katy’s question. Just sometimes your Facebook page, if there’s great content on your Facebook page once they clip through they’ll, start scrolling and liking and you’ve hooked them that way.

So wherever you have for people to contact, you send them there they’ll they’ll go there. Let’S see have you created any boards targeting potential recruits, I haven’t created a board specifically, but I have a few pins out there, I’m kind of seeing how they’re going they’re getting decent traffic. I haven’t gotten any new team members as of yet, but I’ve only really started that in the last week or so so that I’ll take a little bit of time, but it does, it does get traffic.

So people are out there looking to learn more about the opportunity, so definitely share that information too. Okay. What else can you tell us your Pinterest? So we can see yours? Yes, it is called she sparkles Beauty. Do you post selfies on Pinterest? I do mm-hmm the ones that show off the colors okay. What else can you refresh in review a link to a pin to your page Felicia? Can you I don’t really understand you? Freshman review is to link to a pin here page.

You mean this this article. Oh mom brain has just hit the max for the night Felicia. If you could ask your question again: oh how? Okay, let me try. Can you refresh your review, how to link okay? Yes, okay, you were clicking here on either the app or the Pinterest web. Page click, this the red circle with the plus sign in the middle from there it will pop up it’ll, say, add, pin you upload an image, the so the first line I’ll say upload an image.

The second line will say, attach a link, and then you click Submit or whatever it is, and then it’ll give you a space to put your description in and you click pin and you pin that’s it couldn’t find my Pinterest account I’ll link it yeah I’ll link. It I’m pretty sure it’s she’s, sparkles I’ll link. It’S in then. Actually, let’s do this. After the article everybody share their Pinterest links. If you have one set up, because I love I love sharing and following and supporting everyone, this is so smart.

How did I not think of this yeah because you just don’t it’s not, I didn’t think of it till recently, and I used to actually have to do Pinterest marketing for some of my old positions in social media and it just never clicked for personal business until Recently, okay, what else we got it is there Berta? Can you pop the link in if you’re on it since we’re there? I may post my profile pic and cute kiss for cause and see what happens yeah.

You can start as many as you want. I guess I have like Instagram, for example, I’m all about starting a new profile for everyone, but if you feel Jennifer that you want to combine them and figure that out totally cool yeah, but just kind of really whatever works for your strategy is the best. I just really like to keep them separate. Like I’ve got five interesting, Instagram accounts, it’s a little crazy, isn’t it being spread of here the best anything else.

Other questions, I’m here use me a mug painting, Etsy cool, that’s awesome! I have an Etsy that I haven’t used in a while, but I used to sell – and I still do what I like get off my Duff and get around to it. As I sell beer jewelry jewelry made with beer Canadians. That’S these fun. Their fees got kind of weird, though yeah, but really you can think of Pinterest if you want to as like your own personal brand, where you can you don’t have your personal boards and stuff like that together so up to you, whatever really works best for yourself, How do we share our only good yeah? This is so much fun in phone.

It’S such a great platform. Okay, you guys are what your best. Let me go, let me go. Let me go. Let me go um. Okay, see Casey the Pinterest that I’ve been talking about. Tonight. Yes, is my business. Why not my personal name, because that one’s full of dumb stuff that nobody wants to see? I mean you can go, look if you want, but it’s not that it just stick. It’S mostly like insta pot, meals and baby stuff.

Let’S see do you have other boards on your Pinterest about other things like clothes? Do I I do. I have makeup in general, like I look slip, art self cares a really important part of my my brand and my personal stuff skin care that kind of stuff. But it’s not all lip scents and sentence, it’s good to mix it up a little okay. What else? What else? Oh, hey, all right, any other questions. I think I got there.

Everybody that asked a question: if not I’ll wait a couple more seconds, if not I’ll, I will pop off and thank you guys all for hanging out with me. I’Ve see I’ve been chattering on again for almost 40 minutes and they do alright good, I’m glad. I hope this is really helpful. Like I said, share your links below we can all support and follow it and see what each other is doing and learn from them. Appreciate your time, you guys, I think, I’m coming back in next week.

I have to check the schedule. I can’t remember either next week or the week after not sure what we’re going to talk about yet maybe I’ll find something else: new and amazing and fun about the world of social media. All right. If there’s no last questions I’m going to pop off and say, thank you guys, we will talk soon. Bye, bye, bye, bye,