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Email Marketing Best Practices to Grow Your Business

That’s pretty incredible! Ready, Born, ready, Welcome to The Journey Today. We’re talking about E-Mail marketing best practices to grow your business, All right, fun fact Nealey! This might surprise you, 86 % of consumers actually want an e-mail from you once a month. That’s pretty incredible, But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

How do we really build that contact list and that subscriber list Right contact list? So there’s a couple: Of things to point out, First of all, Yes, you Do want their permission, So a couple common ways Start with a form fill out a form. Maybe it’s on your website. I know we have that with GoDaddy. True I’ve seen a lot of those Yeah somewhere on your website like if you want to Subscribe to our newsletter or be the first to know, what’s happening, You can sign up and they opt-in.

Another way is to, of course, promote across your social Media platforms as well, You wan na stay in tune, subscribe here And really, I think, about call to action. Okay, What can you do? One that definitely reeled me in recently was a local pizza shop in San Diego, where I live As they do ( laughter ) And they basically were promoting that “. Hey sign up for our Newsletter and on your birthday “, you get a special deal.

”. What’s that special deal, Free slice of pizza, duh, Nice, (, laughs, ), I’m all about that. I prefer the whole pie but…, So you can do kind of The same thing right Like you, build your list: You have your service, your products, You can give either a discount or your own version of A free slice of pizza To kind of like sum this all up, is you’re giving value of Some sort to your audience In exchange for charging for it they’re giving you their e-mail, That’s basically the cost.

If you will So the more value you Bring to your audience the easier and more Willing they’re going to be to give you their e-mail so that they can get you On that contact list Exactly Now, what do we do about creating the actual e-mails themselves? Yes, the content Right, So you know what Why don’t just show an Example of a business crushing it with content on their e-mails. Let’s go All right, All right Nealey, So I thought it made.

Sense, after going through all these best practices, With e-mail marketing to actually pull up an example, So I was looking at this. Well actually, my whole inbox, (, laughs, ) And I was like which subject lines are Grabbing my attention: Okay, This is a e-mail from Canva and the subject line was “ People, heart,”, so use emoji, “ Quotes” period. So with this just to Go through an example, what I love about this Canva e-mail and it caught both of Our eyes is the banner And look how clean it is.

“ Inspire your followers.”, It’s crisp, it’s cool And then also I love The little call to action in the top right says: “ Weekly newsletter, Learn and be inspired,.”, Just kind of subtle call to action, right, [, Nealey, ], Yeah, [, Emma ] To sign up And then, as you, scroll down notice that there’s not a ton of text and it’s again very visual, And so they have these bullet points Of what they’re trying to get across for to get people excited about the tips? “ Be a force for change.

,” “ Use a positive metaphor:,” and “ Make it visually stand out.”. So this e-mail is educational, [, Nealey, ], Absolutely And right below it. A Giant call to action: Why is that super Important in our e-mails, It’s super important because You want to think about: what’s the purpose of your E-Mail in the first place, What are you giving your audience And if you’re going to Provide a call to action like Justin just pointed out, it’s a very clear big Button “ Give it a go.

” And then, in addition, they Have these awesome templates So they have some for Facebook. Posts Instagram posts and essentially, when you click on it, then let’s say you went To the Instagram post, one From there they’re going to Give you a template to apply Canva for your business in an Instagram post. Also, Instagram story helps. So you see it’s very, very cool It pops. It’s not a ton of verbiage,’cause! That’s when you’re Going to lose the reader Yeah, We don’t like to read just A giant block of text, It’s really cool to see.

It just sectioned off bullet points, nice and easy, nice and small to read and a lot of just visual Elements to keep my eyes engaged Absolutely And then you’ll notice too. On the bottom of their e-mail, they have their social media links, So they have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. So this is a great opportunity right. If I’m opening your E-Mail and I’m a customer or potential customer I wan na go and check You out on other sites Make it easy for me to do that.

So e-mail newsletters are Great to cross-promote, [, Nealey, ], Absolutely Ooo, also Nealey. Another thing I know you’re familiar with this, but you’ll notice above the social links. What do we have here? A giant? Well, not so giant It’s pretty little, But it’s an unsubscribe button, but there’s a giant meaning behind it. So the Canned Spam Act says that every e-mail marketing Newsletter you send out has to have two things at the very least, An unsubscribe button and a location.

Now I know some of your Are just solo-preneurs or your home business is at home right, So you can put PO boxes here, but it does have to be A legitimate address that you can receive mail to.’Cause if you don’t follow these you’re, essentially becoming Spam and we don’t want this’cause, we know you’re A legitimate business All right Emma That was an awesome demo. I hope it really helped you with creating your own e-mail Newsletter campaigns So now you’ve got the subscriber list.

We’ve got the content. How do we know it’s working Great question? So definitely wan na look At unsubscribes right, That’s probably an obvious, And this is something you Want to keep an eye on.’Cause, it’s going to inform You that maybe your audience isn’t exactly as organic as you thought, and you need to continue building it And also maybe reconsider the content which we’ve just spent A lot of time covering what makes great content Also looking at open rates.

I know we do this a lot. On the marketing team, when we’re putting out E-Books and webinar invites Check it out, you know, Are they opening the e-mails And then, if they are in Fact, opening the e-mails are they actually clicking. On your call to actions Your links And I would encourage You not to be discouraged about the open rates Because with e-mail, it’s not Going to be a 90 %, 100 %, 80 % Open rates are going to be Pretty low but that’s okay, You’ll get! I don’t Know anywhere from like 10-to-20 is about Average percentage-wise That’s right, But even if they’re Not opening your e-mails, they’re still seeing your headline and they’re still seeing your business, which increases that brand awareness which your top of mind All right Emma.

So what are some other best practices? You can give the audience here on just really killing it. With their e-mail game, Yeah list maintenance So about every six months, go in pay attention to look who’s. Opening your E-Mails who hasn’t been, And the ones who aren’t Opening your e-mails isolate that list and let It chill for a little while ( laughs, ) And then remind them Down the road like hey and see, if they’re interested Gauge, it again feel that out, But definitely do that.

Every six months, Yeah And most e-mail providers that you use for your marketing campaigns. You can set up groups, so you Can easily move them into a haven’t heard from me group or a hot leads group Or a cold leads group or, however, makes sense to Really organize your listing so that way you can kill the game. All right, that’s a wrap! You just learned e-mail Marketing best practices to help grow your business And hey comment below Your best subject line for the world to know And while you’re there make sure you, like Subscribe to the blog, so you know when these Articles are coming out.

This is The Journey We’ll see you next time,


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How to use facebook ads business manager (power editor & ads manager) with examples 2017

If you don’t now, just go to your Facebook, personal account and click on that sit in button, and you click on manage the ad, and it will direct you to this page right here.

So, first of all, if you want to switch between the ad manager and the power editor, you click on this three lines right here and you can switch between them now. The difference between the ad manager in the power editor is not a really a big deal. Unless, if you are interested in the data, the data analysis and well, I paused the article – and I forgot where I left off, so I’m just going to recap for quick.

As I said before, guys you can switch between the accounts from here and then Facebook. I believe that gives you the ability to have two different accounts. Two different business manager accounts that you can switch between from here or from here. You can switch between them. Now I have two different totally different niches and two different websites, and I don’t want to mix up between the between the pixels.

Now, if you, if you have like one one account you can, you can manage you, can you can advertise any any Facebook page, any Instagram accounts, and, and this in this account I have two competing running one. They are basically the same. Are the same lead generation ad, but the only one difference is that I’m split testing between Facebook and Instagram and see which one is the best: that’s why they have this one for Instagram, lead generation in this one for Facebook and that’s it for the power editor Different accounts now how to really use all this commands right here.

First of all, if you want to change or edit anything, you go and select the campaign that you are willing to work on, and you want to select it from here. Just check that and then you can quick edit from here if you want to turn it off, just like that, you click here and you will turn it off. You want to change the name or find find in droid please now, if you want to change anything inside the inside of the ad, like the description or the photo or the interest or anything like that, you have first to go to the abscess.

I mean you can’t change anything right here if you click a unit first to select that and you go here, you have two ways: either you click on this pin right here to edit or click here or click here, three weeks. So now I’m going to click on this one as I used to do and if this one will open up – and this is just the performance review of what the ad is doing right now. But if you want to edit, you click on the pin.

All the time and as I told you guys in the campaign II, there is no much things to to change. Unless, if you want to change, then it can name of the campaign, any wants to add some rules, and this is really the chance to talk about the rules. If you want to create a rule, just click on that and you select. What will a rule you want, for example, a lifetime spent? You want to maybe limit the budget, the total budget – I’m talking about here to $ 500, if you, if you select that $ 500 and you click on create once the the threshold of $ 500 is rich, the account is going to be turned off automatically.

So you don’t have to you: don’t have the action that we selected turn off the campaign. You can change all the time. We can change this to adjust budgets or anything like that. You want, but the most used is turn off in a threshold of 500. I’m not sitting there up just showing you guys how it works. Now we want to change we’re going to do the same thing enter the asset. If you want to change the the audience the interest they can, I will show you guys, but you still have to select if you have more than one campaign, if you select, this can be, as you can see guys here, it will show up only that campaign In this other tabs right here, but if I didn’t select anything this select this one, if I go to the asset now, I’m going to see both of them alright.

So if you want to see only one, the one interested in you – click on that cilix and you will see only one right here, so that this is the Instagram one. It says here copy. I, if I want to change that, I will change it, but it’s just a waste of time. I know what is this about so now. If I want to do the same thing, you have to select that, and I will edit for it is from here, as I told you guys it, it is from here or edit from here.

I used to do this all the time, so I’m going to go ahead and select that and you go always to edit the thing – and here you will see here. You will see the acid name and the page that you selected in the budget and everything that you are working on. So my budget is ten days ten dollars a day and one one thing that I don’t understand here is: I will show you guys in the other ad, if you select move I’ll only it going to give you Facebook or Instagram.

I checked Instagram because this this is basically an Instagram ads that I have right here. But surprisingly, if I go to to my Facebook ad that I run and dis select that one and go to the campaign again and edit from here, I have to select and go here and go to edit. So surprisingly, what you’re going to see guys there? So always, this is my interest. This is my audience and stuff like that. I don’t have any problem to share this so, but if you go to here, you’re going to see that it has the feed here right, it’s only the feed, ok – and I dis – elect the instance article, and what is this basically is this right here.

It is showing up in the mobile phones, but I select only the feeds, but if I go to the asset or the ad now and felix always this one and open it up here and I go to edit I’ll show you guys that the the Facebook automatically Is displaying to its applauding now it’s displaying to automatically, and I think that this is a bug in their system, so this one I even selected – I don’t know where it is coming from and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Maybe because I don’t know – or maybe it’s a bug in their system now, this is the newsfeed of you guys know what this one is. I don’t know what is it about, so they showed you guys before it’s not showing there. Now, that’s it’s 40. How to selecting stuff like that now, if he wants to I’ll, go, go back to the cover, if you want to dis, select just click remove here the X X and it will deselect all the selected or the chicks boxes.

Now, if you want to do, if you want to duplicate a campaign, just select the campaign that you want and click on duplicate in each Jenna create it just like that campaign right here and it’s going to create and that’s it and it’s going to great and Add endure that campaign that you duplicated and the same thing you can duplicate from here or you can duplicate from here always now. This quick edit is used mostly to turn off a little.

The guys turn off quickly. If you want to turn off the selected 1:06. All and turn off – oh that’s one! Now, if you want to delete this is clear if you guys want to put a rule this, you can put it here. As I showed you before, there is two ways: either you going to select this one and edit and create a rule from here or you can create a rule directly from here. Now, let’s go to the data, as you can see guys here, the power editor is given more way more data than the ad manager, and it gives you all the data to reach the CTR and the CPL, as I I have here, is Cpl and also a Cost per click or conversion, because this is the lead generation, the all clicks, the CTR click-through rate, the impression or the cost per impression, 4000 impression and the cost per click in the amount spent so far and the objective is lead generation, and this is auction.

The difference between auction or limited limited amounts in the auction automatically Facebook calculates the amounts, but if you want to put a certain specific amounts per lead – and this is something that I want – I don’t want to miss round with because I tried it before and it Didn’t work for me so basically you’re going to sit. For example, one dollar per lead and facebook is going to optimize that and bring you people per one dollar, but I prefer to pay to make it automatic and now that’s it for the power editor.

If I go to the ad manager, it’s just the same thing, but less data, the data that is here it’s list and it’s loading right now, just waiting for it and that’s it so guys the difference. As I told you get the data and you can always add as much as you want here, so it’s going to be the same thing, but this account overview is giving you a general overview of what’s going on in your account now to give you the reach.

The amount spent so far and impression – and if you go below right here, it’s going to give you the overview of the edging gender if you select that per the amount spent. So how many people were each in how much which stands the same thing here? How many people were rich in the amount spent, but and during the day time here you you, you will see the countries if you are using multiple countries or the country’s.

If you go to the reason why she is going to give you, depending on what you select here, I’m going to keep it the amount spins and it’s loading all the time and it’s going to give you the amount spent on a different country. The darker blue is the country in the excuse me, the states that spend a lot of money and the less dark is the states where the impression or the lead, the click or the lead generation is less expensive.

This gives you an idea about how to manage this state. If you want to exclude some states or something like that, and I think that’s it guys, it’s just a broad walk round of the ad manager in the Fed power editor in the Facebook advertising tool. And if you liked this article and you think it’s really very knowledgeable and just subscribe and click like and so that other people or people will profit from this, and really people want to learn, you don’t have to like pay money or anything like that.

To learn. For Facebook ads, I learned there this thing by myself, just by practice and stuff like that, so guys, that’s it! For this article, see you next time! Thank you so much you

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Blogging for Sales Leads: My failure & what I changed to succeed

I believe all of that is a load of bullshit. You see these ideas consistently fail to Generate leads for me, In fact, the more I listen to the so-called Content marketing experts, the less I’ve been able actually produce LEADS with things like Blogs and article The more “ Top 15 Ways to Get Followed” or “ 37 Ways to Get Noticed on Facebook” articles.

You and I are reading the LESS we accomplish. With social media, But it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Yes, social marketing is exploding onto the Scene, Customers are spending all day on Facebook, Immersing themselves on LinkedIn blogs, YouTube, Google and on-and-on. That is why we are following customers:… Trying to re-capture their attention and engage them, It’s natural for us to think being on Facebook.

Is important, It feels “ right” to get the word out on your Blog.. To talk about your businesses, your products and services on LinkedIn, Following advice of “, the experts” is safe. So why should you use social media to increase The success rates of customers Or help them avoid risks.. Or solve problems. Why should you create ebooks, educational Articles and checklists that help guide customers, Or why should you use content to take customers On journeys that nurture them toward buying Well, I admit these “ better ways” are new And unusual They feel unfamiliar, But that’s why you don’t act.

You see that unfamiliar path is the reason Why you don’t act on the advice you get, It’s why you make slow progress on making Your blog sell for you, It’s why your audience isn’t growing and sales Leads aren’t flowing It’s why you keep planning on blogging in A more productive way, but the plans don’t get turned into action. It’s because you’re scared of what’s further Down the path Which is totally normal, you haven’t been There, yet Everyone is scared of the path they haven’t.

Been on yet, But I think this is why people are getting So frustrated they’re throwing hands up and saying “ forget about getting leads and sales With my blog.., it’s not possible!”. I understand that frustration, But here’s what’s really cool. I started to Make REAL progress with generating leads for my business when I got “ thrown in the deep End.”, I stopped working for 18 months to research.

And write my book.. And become a trainer. I stalled procrastinated and made mistakes. I wasn’t doing what I knew I needed to do. I was scattered and unfocused. I was spinning my wheels in the mud, But then I got a hold of the one essential Piece of the puzzle that social media gurus don’t even know about…

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Social Media Marketing 101 – “Branding.” #RealEstateRobotArmy

Now, when I talk about the idea of branding I’m saying that you want to attach your business or your identity to a certain brand, like me, my name is Larry Lee and I’m in the mortgage business, but I call myself Larry the mortgage guy. I also talk about the cells disruptor right because I’m actually bringing myself to you guys these sales community.

Now, why is that important? Well, you want to associate yourself with something that’s easy to remember: okay, that’s what branding really is okay and you got to be consistent about it. So, every single time you read my articles, you notice, I introduced myself. This is Larry the mortgage guy, yourselves, disrupt it. Every single time right so by doing that you’re kind of subliminally speaking to the audience that this is the brand that you represent.

This is who you are right now. How do you take advantage of that? Well, on your personal page, you probably should mention that or put something like that, so maybe on your list of jobs or list of businesses or whatever you should put your brain on it. I also have, if you look at my profile, it says literally in the parentheses. It says it says your mortgage insider right, because I actually have a article blog called your mortgage insider again, another brand right, but anything to associate myself with something easy to remember.

I’m not telling you to pummel your entire, you know profile picture and your cover photo with you know, logos and and your brand. That’s not what I’m saying you can if you want, but what I’m saying is that you need to choose something. That’s easy to remember and make sure you present it every single time you interact with someone right. You know. I don’t even talk about more years when I’m talking to you guys, but I say I’m Larry the border guy.

That way, you know I do more. Yes, even though I’m not talking Amy about mortgages, okay, that’s what I mean by branding you’re, literally just associating yourself with an idea or a thought, or something easy to remember and you’re consistently pushing it out there. So people can remember it. Okay and if you put up pictures and such that are visibly, you should probably get a logo like that. You know at the mortgage guy or whatever right and another thing about branding is your pages.

You should share content from those pages to your personal page, with your brand, so you’ll notice that a certain post I post on my personal page and certain post, I post from my business page, which says literally the mortgage guy, okay and also check in if you Can that will again push your brain out there? Okay and that’s about it. So you guys any questions. Give me a call or text me email me whatever you want.

This is Larry the mortgage guy yourselves disrupter,

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Facebook In Stream Ads: $3,127 The Week Before Christmas (Facebook Ad Breaks)

What I’m showing you here is what we’ve done the week before Christmas. As you can see here, we are in a little bit over three grand in seven days. That’s actually down a little bit, but you can see what’s going on here, so separate teen to the 24th. You know average in 400 and some odd dollars a day for 50 ish, something in that range.

So we’re also going to show you some of the performance and followers we’ve gotten and that it’s 100 % organic traffic there you go, there’s some insights and performance insights. What they show you here is the minutes. Viewed so ten point, seven million minutes viewed that’s up and, as you can see over here, that is 100 % organic traffic. We do cross post to some of our other pages because we’ve been working at this for a while, but I just want to show you.

What’s possible and that some of the gurus out there that tell you organic traffic on face book pages is dead. We’re here to tell you, if you know what you’re doing it is absolutely 100 % not dead and, as you can see here during that seven-day lead-up to Christmas, the December 18th to the 24th we’ve picked up. Fourteen point: four K net followers. Obviously, you do lose some along the way, which is perfectly fine, so that’s average and about 2,000 new followers a day increasing the audience which, in using the in-stream ads, that will also increase the likelihood that you’re going to earn a little bit more money.

The more people you have that are possible to see your content, the more likely it’s going to be monetized and you’ll have more return on that. Just a little bit here you can see returning viewers, that’s doing pretty well here. It doesn’t really show you the exact same week that I was showing above, but you can see here, that’s better and better over time. This one over here is only just a couple days.

So obviously it looks like this week will outperform the past week there. So just wanted to show you guys what’s possible and if you look in the description below, if you’re reading this on youtube, you will see a link to a course that we put together. That’s going to show you all of the different tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the past I’d say really this: this year, most of 2019 we’ve been working on this in-stream program, specifically, and here I’ll, give you an example of what you can do over time.

This is since September 1st through December 24th, so that’s 115 days or since the beginning of September. As you can see here, you have better. So you know better days some days some days, you absolutely smash. You know, and in other days you know you don’t do as well, not that $ 400 anything’s to shake a stick at for a daily earning, but just to give you an idea, there are ups and downs with it.

You can see here 1:20. We really started getting the hang of this here and, like I said before, if you look in the link below there’s the description below, there’s a link to our course to show you what we learned over this period of time and beyond give you a bunch of Tips and tricks on how we operate this and some of the pitfalls to avoid so check it out below thanks guys,

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google my business optimization 2019

Okay, this is an awesome service that will explode. Your agency help you overcome the GMB difficulties that you currently having with your agency, I’m Gio B’s and, if you’re a business owner this even better for you guys, this will help you dominate local areas.

Okay, we put a whole bunch of a couple of testimonials on the main site we didn’t put all of them cuz. Obviously this is a black hat, slash right at our method and a lot of our customers don’t want us to uh, show their rankings. Okay, so um, let’s go let’s scroll down; okay, all the way to the plan sheet. Okay, these are the pricing. Okay, we offer a 60-day 180 day and 120 day. Optimization. Okay, the sixth day is for you is for you, customers, who are very, very low competition areas, okay, so this is basically for the suburbs: okay, the outskirts of the city; okay.

So if you’re in that area and it’s stupid, it looks like it’s super easy to rank just grab this one, and this will definitely give you everything you need to UM dominate your customers, local area. Okay, let me just get a little closer on. This is we’re going to set up a local, SERP tracking and campaign. Okay, we’re going to send you those reports um for the two months that we wish you um we’re going to do a beautiful link, local link strategy that we have that’s been working: amazing.

Okay, I’ve been building websites for the last seven years and we had websites all throughout the United States, and this link strategy works beautiful, okay, we’re going to give you a baseline local visibility report that show you where you actually coming up within the local area. Okay, we’re going to give the citation audit of the two top competitors so if Harry’s appliance, repair or Harry’s plumbing is you know or Harry’s debt or dentist or whatever, whatever it is, is dominating you we’re going to actually do a quick consultation report of your two Competitors and see what they’re doing why they’re number one that we could take them down: okay, um we’re also going to create an optimized social, essential accounts.

Okay, this is everything from Facebook all the way down the spectrum. Okay, social link. Social signals are a big thing for 2018: okay, we’re going to create the social fortress accounts; okay, um we’re going to create in the UK in the u.S. We’re going to do citations for the for big data, aggregators those the big guys that people actually have to Use the subscriptions for okay, a lot of companies use, do yaks and DS going to knock knock those out the box.

Okay, we have a 70 to 80 percent. Stick on these, so these are all good citations. Okay, for you, Canada, guys. We use the info group. Okay, um we’re going to create an optimized top national business listings; okay, so any business listings that relevant to that business. We’re going to create listings for that to show Google. You know the authority: okay, we’re going to create an optimized forty secondary citations, also just to throw some whipped cream on the top okay or we’re going to write and send the gate premium.

Local press releases. Okay, a lot of you guys are not doing this, and this is something that’s killing it for 2019 press releases, okay, basically, when we have sites that don’t um don’t get just need to get over that fence. We know we indicate out. We syndicate some press releases and it pushes them right over there right over the fence. Okay, we’re going to write five custom, G+ description. This is going away soon, so we’re going to replace this widowed, Google, post, okay, um GMB categories, I’m a lot of you guys input input the businesses into the wrong categories, so we’re going to actually go through it and make sure optimize everything and make sure that You’re doing that correct, okay, especially with the listing optimization, okay, GMB, photo optimization and product service post.

Okay, we’re going to actually do those also, okay, GUP GMB posts, are one of the most important things in 2019. You have with all these family listings that going around you have to show googly of real okay. The g bran account shared photos. We do twenty minimum, the public photos we do for the accountant, it’s relevant publishing. We do for okay, Google, my map with embeds. We do that also that’s a big optimization thing and we submit the links to the URLs for Google submit okay.

So that’s something that a lot of people not doing now. Okay, so, like I said this is not the run-of-the-mill Fiverr gig that she’d get on Fiverr of legit. This is real real SEO. Okay, this is the stuff that separate the weak from the strong people – okay, let’s say from the freelancers, to the professionals. Okay. So, let’s go to the next one: okay, let’s go to 120 with 120. We are doing everything we do with the 60 all right and we’re, including the extra okay we’re going to create an optimized for team or secondary citations.

We submit to six GPS listing services. Okay, big thing with with the whiz app Garmin, all these big big brands right now, um, you know your customer could be driving down within his brand new Audi and submit information right through his GPS. You want to come up in those areas to you. Want your customers to come up in those areas too: okay, Arthur Authority, bread network lakes. This is something that we build unique and um.

It’s pushing really good for 2019 um social Authority stacking okay. This is a big thing that a lot of people don’t do um. We do that with the da da MS link building strategy, okay, Apple maps and Bing places we claim and verify them: okay um. I had it up here, but they just had a quick post about um customers, actually using Apple maps instead of Google Maps um. There’s a big surge in it in 2019, so Apple maps is up and coming and you definitely need to be an Apple maps and Bing okay, so we we verify and we claim those listings from that.

Also. Okay, my map, citations and brand mentions okay with those map citations. We do a lot of the brand mentions: okay, something that ninety percent of SEO don’t do out there. Okay, rich media citations and brand mentions. We do that. Also, Google Places map embeds, okay, um. A lot of people not utilizing the map embeds in the Google map. This is something that we’re going to utilize in this campaign.

Also: okay, Google Authority stack and Google Sites Network, okay, um. This is big guys. This is something you need to build out and you need to build it out right, okay, and we also going to write and send the gate. Second premium. Local press releases, okay, so basically the second is basically meaning with sending up to more um digital agencies. We sending them to all more media companies like ABC NBC, etc, etc.

Okay, now, let’s go to the next one, a hundred and eighty day this is for the big kahuna. This is for the New York City. This is where the Chicago’s, this is for the Miami’s. This is for all the big cities with the big players: the big competition. Okay. This is the name of the mill okay, um, GMB website creation. Okay, we also offer this. This is something that you definitely need to do in 2018, okay, in 2019.

Okay, we do a thousand words for the GMB website content. Okay, the more listings you get on that first page um, the more better you are as a company, so we create a dis combo to to oversee that okay client site on page local, optimization, okay, client sites store locator map in bed and schema okay. A lot of you guys, I know doing schema nowadays. Okay, we do it a little different with the map embed and the store.

Locators, okay, create and optimize forty more citations, okay, more citations, more better citations; okay, um create and optimize geo networks. Okay, fifteen geo. Local articles and links – okay, so we’re going to make fifteen unique articles and links for the geo network, okay, fifteen driving direction maps with embeds. Basically, I know a lot of you guys know about the driving directions, um um tip, but um.

A lot of people will deal with the in bits, so um you need to do this. Okay and dislike again. Like you know, I try not to say it all the time, but this what separates the weak from the strong okay create an optimized niche networking. Okay, we also do that okay, so the pricing is very good guys if you want it. If you want deep these pricing you’re going to kill it, okay, you’re going to make up or you can make fifty to a 300 % or a why or these pricing.

That’s how good our GMB optimization is. Okay, so again, sixty day, that’s for the lo comp arm markets 120 day is for this big city. It is for the big cities with the low population. Maybe we don’t have the low competition? Okay: this is a favorite all 120. A lot of people buying this cuz they’re, not sure if they should do to 60 or 120 or the 180, so they go in the middle I’ll do the 120 and they kill it.

Okay, um: let’s go over a couple of it arm for 649. That’s a one-time fee, guys a one-time fee. So you just take this out in a brand, build you! Let us handle all your GMB optimization! You do your on-site, you do everything else and we take care of this. For you. It’s super simple in our industry. Time is an essence. Okay, you don’t want to sit here and build citations. You don’t want. I pay a VA, a separate amount to do these citations and you got a check up and make sure you do it right.

You know follow us guys, we’re we’re good at what we do. Okay $ 15.99 for the 180. That is an awesome price. You can absolutely demolished new york city markets, chicago markets, with this built, okay arm and, like I said that 120 is for the mid, builds okay, you guys going to just hit. By now, you submit um you’re going to submit the payment and then i’m going to shoot you you’re going to submit your information after after this some pay now button you’re going to be submitted to a submit business.

Now: okay page, where you going to put all your business information and then um you that’s going to come over to us and then I’m going to shoot you back a Google sheet. Okay, I want you to fill in all your information and basically we take it from there guys if you want us to white label it for you, we could do that for your customer or if you want us to do that or if you want to just Submit you know the just submit results via customer, that’s cool.

We could just create labels of the ER name and submit all the information to your business. Okay. So thank you so much for reading this article um, hopefully we’ll work together, have a wonderful day.


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How to SELL on Facebook | Small Business Facebook Tips

Already DOING on Facebook to create sales transactions, // (, snap, ), //, (, research search terms, ) Engaging with customers and having them SHARE. Our messages It’s what most of us are doing with social Media But if you’re like most marketers getting Your messages, blog stories and articles SHARED on social media is NOT growing sales for you.

What WILL is giving customers and prospects? Incentive to share things that end up creating SALES for your business. You can start doing this RIGHT NOW by applying A practical PROCESS to your Facebook strategy: First identify where your customers are congregating. On Facebook Next identify what it is that your customers Are interested in doing learning or seeking out Finally devise a way to join in that adds? Something valuable to whatever they’re doing or seeking, But do it in a way that mixes in an incentive To buy from you As an example, Brian Safady of JandOFabrics.

Com Sells novelty fabrics to arts and crafts enthusiasts He’s netting new customers using a Halloween Costume contest that targets one of his customers’ favorite activities, — sharing photos on Facebook By giving customers an INCENTIVE to upload Their costume photos and enter Ryan is winning new customers that track back to his Facebook. Contest He simply offers a reward. — a grand prize and A discount coupon for every new customer who enters and chooses to buy fabric from him Ryan is making social media sell for him.

What about you? I’M Jeff Molander

What are Social Signals? 


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How To LinkedIn Lead Generation – Improve your skills with LinkedIn 2020

Yes, millions with an M. It is a huge deal if you’re not using LinkedIn, it is a fabulous tool and after so many requests I wanted to make a article about it. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. Alright, so LinkedIn man.

I cannot say enough good things about LinkedIn. This platform has really transformed and changed over the last decade, from what it used to be to what it is today. I was talking recently with a friend of mine and we talked about how Facebook is like the the hangout kicked back party of social media and LinkedIn. Is the networking group or the networking event they’re all like events right? If you think about it that way and LinkedIn is the networking business networking event that happens online, so many many business owners that have high influence high net-worth or on LinkedIn and if you’re not using it, you’ve been missing out and now is your chance.

But many of you are probably very confused about LinkedIn of how it works and what you should do. So I’m going to cover a few things today to help you guys really understand: LinkedIn the power of it and the potential and what to do and what not to do. Because there are a lot of people that are using LinkedIn and they’re, using it improperly and taking advantage of the system and really burning a lot of bridges with people before they even get the chance.

So I want to make sure that you understand some of the best practices and we’re going to get into that right now. So let’s go ahead and head over at my screen. All right so LinkedIn will just go here to my profile and, if you’re looking at LinkedIn, this is basically how it looks when you log in this is what you’re going to see you’re going to see your posts, you can upload photos articles and you can even Write an article writing an article is a really good way to get exposure.

I don’t do enough of this myself. This is not an area of expertise that I have in terms of writing articles on LinkedIn, but I know that they do have great reach and especially if you have a ton of connections LinkedIn. But that is what I want to start with. First, is your connections and connections are a very important part of it. So if I look at my network here, these are people that have requested to be part of my community.

Okay, I have five thousand nine hundred and eighty-six contacts in LinkedIn total, but I have twenty eight hundred and sixty one can connections. These are actual people that have connected with me on LinkedIn. This is a really big deal. This is almost three thousand people that have chosen to accept my request and accept my connection, requests that I had now have connections to that. I can actually export that database and mark it to these people.

Well. For me, I take the standard principle of wanting to offer value to every single one of my connections and everybody that I’m trying to build relationships with now. Obviously, the way my agency and the way my companies are set up is, I could never service twenty one hundred and twenty eight hundred and sixty one clients. But out of this select few, I want to find at most my hundred dream clients and that’s really even more than I want, but I’m looking for a hundred dream clients that I can have a long-term relationship with that will support my business and I can support Their business and offer value to what they’re doing and in return they can help.

Me grow my business by paying me for my services and paying me fairly and and it’s fair for myself and for them. So I have twenty hundred and sixty-one connections and, as I can see here currently it says I have twenty two messages that I haven’t even read. This is a big deal and then you got your notification similar to Facebook, so you can see here, people that have viewed my profile, people that have followed me.

These are some just different people. These are just examples of what you can pull on there, but I did not actually do all this work myself. I am so busy with Facebook with running clients, advertising campaigns, doing marketing strategies done phone calls all day, long, there’s no way that I could have done all of this by myself. So if you know, for maybe some of my previous articles, I’ve talked about LinkedIn and from the sense of the some of the tools that we have available to us and look at those as a message popping up right there.

And if you look at that this is this is a message that automatically is being sent out to all of my LinkedIn connections. Now I will preface this I didn’t: have it do all of them at once, because I was doing a beta test to see how my messaging was working, but I crafted a message which is this: it says: hey Cleve can I can you help me either pumping Out three high quality marketing articles per week on my youtube blog and I think you’ll love.

Will you take 30 seconds to subscribe to my blog? Here’S, the URL? It’S bubble, blah blah okay, it would mean a lot to me. I’Ll definitely subscribe back. So this is a message I’ve now sent out and I’m going to show you how that all works, so, let’s hop over to lead Butler connect, lead Butler Connect is a tool that my partner and I built I didn’t do all the development or any of the Design but my partner did and what this does is, and you can see here over the last 24 hours over the last 72 hours or after the last week.

Over the last month, I’ve sent out 312 total connection requests, which is not very many, and I’ve actually connected with a hundred of them, so a third of them are actually connected with me. That’S because the messaging and the way that we’ve structured, our stuff is very, very genuine. I’M not trying to just connect with everybody in their mom for no reason just to build up a bunch of connections.

I want to connect with the right kind of people who are actually going to engage with me. So if you look at that, you can see that six people replied to my initial connection message and a total of 21 replied to my other message that went after the connection message. So that’s a total of 27 people out of a hundred. That’S nearly it’s a little bit over 25 % message rate from the initial connections.

I got a 30 % connection right here and I got a 25 % connection right there. Those are really good numbers, that’s where we should be okay. Now everything should be broken into your mind when it comes to LinkedIn is two different categories: category a is the initial connections and building connections with potential people that could be doing business with you that you want to build a relationship with their potential clients and then Side B is actually the nurturing of all the twenty eight hundred and sixty-one people that you saw that I’m connected with.

How do I continue to stay top of mind that I continue to build relationship for them and levered leverage those connections to help me grow. My business well, one of the things that came to my mind over the weekend was I wanted to build a connection campaign or a messenger campaign. I should say with my existing connections, to help me grow my YouTube blog now. I know I have almost 3,000 people on there and my goal is to reach a thousand YouTube subscribers.

So that’s roughly one third and from all the data that I’ve done so far, it should be pretty realistic to think that, if with 3,000 connections, I should be able to get somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to a thousand people which is going to put me At the mark, ryan need to be and give me the momentum. I need to be able to reach the YouTube audience that I’m trying to reach, because my mission again is reaching at-risk youth and helping restore broken families through that.

So I’m going in here I’m creating connection campaigns, meet meeting new people that I’m also doing the nurturing side of things where I’m sending out a youtube promo that you saw now within this YouTube promo I picked you’ll see how many people I picked. Four hundred and five hundred and forty-one people total to send connections or to send messages to then out of those 55 % of them so far have been sent out.

A total of 298 and out of those 36 have actually replied back to me. Now. Some of the people that actually replied back to me said yep. I subscribe to you most of them said I’ll check it out, but I had so far. If you look at my youtube blog we’ll go there right now, you can see as I’m going along here. Pull this up go to YouTube studio. You can find my Andre g and Peter McKinnon or two of the top people that I follow.

You can see here – and this doesn’t look too great, but this has been fluctuating up and down for the last few days, but I’m actually at a hundred and sixty three new subscribers. These aren’t new, but these are total subscribers for this blog now I know. That’S really small, for many of you guys. I have a lot of subscribers, but for me I’ve added 36 in the last 28 days and 23 of those. So I was at 140.

I think when all this started have been happened in the last 48 hours. I’Ve added 23 new subscribers to my YouTube blog and I’m only just partway through that list. So by the time I get to all 3,000 all most of my connections, I should be between you, know 600 and 800 connections or subscribers realistically. So this is a really good way for me to be able to pump out content to my targeted audience now.

Everybody that I’ve been adding are targeted, people that I want to have as connections people who are attorneys people who are contractors. Things like that that are in the same niches and industries that I’m going after so LinkedIn is a really great tool for that, and it allows me to build up a lot of momentum. This person gave me a thumbs up. I’M sure that I’ll at least click the link and check out the blog, so that’s going to be picked up by Google or in YouTube, which is a really great thing.

So that’s something I want to help you with. I want you to leverage now. One of the things that I want to talk to you about that is very important is how to use LinkedIn. Okay, spamming people on LinkedIn. Sending automated messages for the most part can be a bad thing, because I’m looking, I know who my audience is, and I strategically picked them. I’M I’m sending out. Yes, the same message to every single person and you can see here what that message looks like here.

Are my steps hey? First name, can you help me? I’Ve been pumping out three high quality marketing articles. On my youtube blog. I think you will love. Will you take 30 seconds to subscribe to my blog, its HTTP YouTube calm? It would mean a lot to me and I’ll definitely subscribe back. I genuinely mean that okay, I know that if they read these articles, that I’m pumping out on LinkedIn and on marketing and on branding and on web design and all these different things, I talk about that.

They will learn and they will gain and they will get knowledge and they will be able to help grow their business through that. So what I’m offering them is not something I’m selling them anything, I’m not pitching in them anything. I hardly do any pitching when it comes to any of my my messaging on YouTube and you can see her on LinkedIn now you can see here. If I go back to campaigns you can see.

I have the connection connection campaigns and, let’s just use this one. So we were actually promoting this software to an existing database or to a new database of people, and my business partner picked 1500 people out of those 1,500 people, a hundred and forty nine of them connected to me and then out of those we had 19. That responded to the initial connection message that you get when you send the connection and then 41, so we had a total of like almost 60.

I think it’s about 60 people that actually responded off of the 1500. So really good stats really good result, and I can click on this and you can see the messaging that we created in here see. These are the people that I went after you can see. The steps hey first name hope you’re having an incredible twenty. Twenty you’ve got a great background and we share some connections, thought we should connect as well best Adrian I’ve getting a huge connection rate off of this initial connection.

Message. Thank you for enacting with me. First name: it’s always exciting: to grow here on LinkedIn with other professionals. Would you happen to have any referrals that I can send you your business or need any referrals? I can send your business, I’m always looking for ways to add value with my content here and then again. If they don’t respond, I actually love it. If you can help me out with some feedback, I’m currently working with my team on a new SAS software, which is this software, that health professionals find prospects and increase sales.

It’S a slick system that has new killer components like engaging track, engagement, tracking CRM components and a lot more, I’m still in beta right now, so we’re still in beta on this product, but we’ve gotten amazing results in the stats are right here, for you see some 958 connection requests were sent only 16 16 % actually connected. 13 % actually responded to the first message and 28 % responded to that follow-up message.

So the messaging is working. It looks like the connection campaign could be a little bit better. Those numbers could go up. I don’t I don’t claim to be the number one best LinkedIn organic marketing guy. I know a lot of the the data that we’ve acquired has really helped us, create better connections and create more connections and get that connection right up, but we’re still perfecting that process.

In gathering data, but LinkedIn is a really good tool to do that. So you need to understand that the simpler you keep it, the more that your message is genuine, that the higher the connection rate is going to be the more you try to fill it with bluff and fluff and hype, and that kind of stuff the lower. That connection rates going to be – I say this all the time, and I mean it, you need to go out there and serve people stop selling.

It’S so important, the more genuine your connection, requests are and the more you spend time getting to know, people adding value to their lives, solving the problems and truly caring about people. The more success you’re going to have in your business, whether it’s LinkedIn, whether it’s Facebook, that is where true success from comes from it’s not about the platform. Linkedin, is a fantastic tool with high net worth individuals and it’s harder to get people to engage with you.

Because people are taking advantage of it, so the big things I want you to leave with today is you need to go out there and use a software. That’S going to save you time to create your connections and if you leave, if you don’t do a connection note along with it, that’s okay, but you want to make sure you send out connections and don’t do more than a hundred a day. Is you don’t want? Linkedin to flag you, that’s a really important deal.

You send more than a hundred day, you’re going to start getting you’re going to start getting filtered out, and you don’t want to do that. You need to fall under LinkedIn, it’s protocol right and then number two is to go out there and build genuine relationships with people and then also stay top of mind. And if you need help – and you want to get onto the lead Butler connect software, I can help you do that it’s very affordable, there’s a do-it-yourself plan.

I could help you get through that whole process. So that’s what I got for you guys today. I hope this helps you understand, LinkedIn a little bit better in the different aspects of it. I’M having incredible success in getting appointments every single day off of LinkedIn they’re, just automatically adding right into my calendar, and I can do the same thing to help you guys and there are ways that you can do that.

So just give me a call: you can go to Lee Butler calm or I’m sorry, Lee Butler aiyo. That’S the website and I’d be happy to walk you through it. Any time so hope you guys have a blessed day and as always, keep looking up. You


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Daily #57 Facebook Ad Basics 3

So yesterday, or in the last article, article number two, I actually shared with you how to create a like campaign. But I just like to talk to you a little bit more because I’ve had some questions about the value of likes on your fan page and why? You would want to even have a fan page or run a light campaign to it.

So let’s just chat about that a little bit so, first of all, why have a fan page at all? A facebook fan page is a really handy attraction, marketing tool because it’s somewhere, where you can share your skills, you can help other people and while you’re branding yourself at the same time, so it’s an awesome place to share content and give value to your followers. So it’s also somewhere where you can get people onto your email list, and I think I actually mentioned in article to that.

A fan page. They are people on your fan page in any kind of followers in social media are a list in one way, shape or form, so it doesn’t have to specifically be an email list, but you can actually install what we call an app on your fan page where People can be directed immediately that they like the page. You can send them there to that app and they have the option to maybe read a welcome article and opt in for some extra value.

So that’s just a really handy little point there to know that you can get them to like your page and also get the lead all in the one step now. Also in your posts on your page, you can offer people other extra value if they opt into a capture page. So it’s a way of also getting people on to your list, but the moon. Our thing with it is to create a community of really dedicated followers who just really hang on every word that you say, because you’re sharing so much content and giving so much value now, like I said it’s a way of creating a community of devoted followers.

So you would set up, as I said, the new lights taken to the opt-in page when they liked the page and that builds your email list. And then you can move fans to your email list for office and more value really really important to have fans who are interested in what you do and offer so make sure that you’re very targeted. When you’re setting up your light campaign to only attract people who are going to be interested in what you actually do, talk about and share on your page and also remember that people have similar interests, like your friends, have similar interest to you.

My friends have similar interests and, if they’re, very interested in in online businesses and network marketing or whatever your page is about, their friends will possibly also have similar interests. And it’s very easy to read the friends of your fan page as well as their actual fans, which gives it a little bit of a capacity to go sort of viral. So that’s just a little bit more background about why you would want to run a live campaign.

It’S basically due to get more people to your page, so you can engage with them and give them offers where they might opt in to your email list. But you can share just as much value on a fan page, especially with what I’m going to show you now about promoted posts now promoted posts. Now that you have a fan page and people are liking, your page, it’s time to get them engaged now. I said before you want targeted, like so will be interested in what you actually post and you can then promote your posts to create engagement with it.

It’S like a paid advertising campaign. You’Ll remember when we went through all those types of ads page post engagement was one of the types now our promoted posts, an order for immediate sales and really neither is a fan page, it’s more for creating engagement and giving value. Rather than actually making immediate sales, so it’s for engagement, so let’s go in and we’ll do a live demo of a promoted post and I’m actually going to use article number one.

The post on my fan, page, where I made article number one and we’ll set up a promoted post around that so we’re just going to go um. Let me know i’ll just go back here and we’re just going to go, live to my facebook fan page now. We can either go in here directly to my page, or I can go in through manage adverts. I’M going to do this in power editor, so I’ll going through my page, which makes it a little bit easier now.

This might look different to you because I’ve actually got a business page and my other ones work more of my personal account. But this is my business page, my main fan page and over here on the left-hand side. We can go either to add manager or power. Editor now remember, I said: power editor only works if you’re using google chrome as your browser, so click here on power editor and hopefully everything will be up and working in here it’s been I’ve been a little bit obnoxious lately and it hasn’t been uploading everything properly.

So you can see here, there’s 27 changes to be reviewed. Usually, when I come in, I will go and have a look here, but I did try to delete some campaigns the other day, some old campaigns that I actually had created but hadn’t used, and there are some problems in there. So I’m not going to actually do that right now, so we’ll just cancel that now, because it’s not showing all of my campaigns for some reason.

I think I showed you this the other day. We can go up here and reset power editor. Now it will discard those unpublished, changes that are here, but I’m not worried about that at this Sophie, because I’ll have to go back and look into it a little bit further. So it’s just restating power now and now it should come up with all of my campaigns showing up so there we go they’re all showing up there. Now now we’re going to create a new campaign, so we’ll go up here to create campaign and we’re going to create a new campaign which is promoted article number 1 i’ll call it facebook article number one – might even just change that facebook article and number one promoted Post, ok, we’re going to leave it at auction buying type and we need to click on here and put the objective in here and we’re going down here to page post engagement and that’s an advert that boosts your posts.

Ok, click. There will create a new Adsit. So we’ve just got to check here to choose that to create new over and we might put this one in the news feed so we’ll just call a promoted post for the news, feed. Ok and now we need to just go down here and create the ad and we’ll just put news feed, add one and create now it won’t have made all of the creatives. If you remember from last time we did this, so we’ve got to go in here.

Now and edit up our campaign, so everything is pretty much set up in here. I don’t want to set a total advertising campaign budget for this one. So that’s all done now. If we just click here, this will take us to the ad set that we created and I want to edit it well. It’S actually got it all up here now, so we don’t even have to click on edit now daily budget. No, I wouldn’t want to spend $ 11 for this one five dollars daily um.

I will leave the end run. I can close it off whenever I want to now I’ll need to set up a audience, so I want to set up a new audience. So, let’s edit this audience now, it’s already got Australia there. As I said last time, that’s the default city. So I want to add: the united states are here perhaps the United Kingdom and Canada, so they’re the main sort of english-speaking country, so I’ll use those.

Now the mercy of people on my page is slightly older, so rather than 18, maybe we’ll set up for 35 and older and I’ll live it. It all men and all women English. I don’t know if you had to fill up on in, but I always do and now we’re going to go down here to detail targeting now. This article is about advertising on Facebook. So it’s going to be appealing to people who have a network marketing business or an affiliate, marketing business or people in specific companies.

You know network marketing companies, things like that. So, just depending on how you want to set up your ad and who your avatar is. I think really carefully about the targeting, so just for now and for times sake I’ll, just target affiliate marketing people are interested, so that’s an interest in affiliate marketing and we could also do network marketing so as an interest network marketing. So that will do but depending on who, your avatar is think very very carefully, because you want it to be appropriate to what the post is about.

Also are congruent with what your page is about, and we could also have a look in there and see if I’ve got anything about Facebook market and they do and perhaps even Facebook leads it doesn’t have. Facebook leads okay, so we’ll just leave it there at those three now we can include connections like we can include people who are like my page or friends of people who, like my page or I can even exclude people who, like my page, so i’m just going To leave that blank for now and click on save, so that’s our ad set audience setup.

Now we’re going to move down here and choose the placement now I’ve call it newsfeed, so we’re going to get rid of mobile, Instagram and right column and just leave it as news feed. No, it’s all set up here, page post engagement and automatic, so that is pretty much done now. So I can review those changes now. What is our there’s? No ad set up yet so that’s, okay! So we’ll click here on ad sets and now it’s going to take us to adverts.

You can see that and we’re going to need to edit our advert. Now this is a post engagement, so we need to choose the post, but first of all we need to choose the page, and this is the page. I don’t want to do it on Instagram and I’m going to use an existing Pope. So here we go here. We’Re going to select a post, so let’s just go down here and it’s this one here so we’re going to that’s the post that I want to promote and that’s pretty much it all set up and ready to go.

So then we would just click on review changes and it’s up and running and ready to go and our promoted post is being promoted to our audience. So basically, that’s the logistics. Now I’m not going to set this up because I would target it a little better. I’Ve just done that show you how to actually set up a promoted post now you can also do a boosted post just from the post. So if we go back here to use the page and if we just find one of our posts, you know this is a blog post um.

I could actually boost this post. If I wanted to and i’ll just show you how you do this, it’s not there’s not as much optimization and everything from a boosted posts. So it’s a kind of a quick way of doing it and kind of in a way, I suppose, a lazy way of doing it. But i’ll show you how you actually just go in and quickly boost a post, so you can have it either in desktop newsfeed or mobile news feed, and you can target people who, like my page, people who, like the page and their friends which is you know, Quite a broad targeting or you can choose people through targeting, but it’s not going to be as targeted targeting.

If you get what I mean as it is, if you go in and create an ad for a page post engagement, then here you can set all the same things you can set the budget you can set, how long you want it to run to so pretty Much it just doesn’t have as many options as the other way and then you just click boost, and that would be shown to Sean to whoever you indicated here in your audience. So that’s another way to just boost a post really quickly.

Okay, now just back here to the slides. Now I want to keep these articles quite short yesterday or in the last article I said I was going to talk about events and how to promote them today, but it’s quite involved, so I want to leave it until the next article. So why not now go and make yourself a fan page? If you don’t have one and on my Facebook fan page, there is a article there about how to create a fan page and then go in and create your first like campaign, and once you have some likes, then you can start engaging your followers with a promoted Post so there’s a little bit of homework there if you want to get started with that, so now, what’s in the next article, so in the next article I’m going to be covering facebook events and what they actually are and how to create an event and how To promote an event in facebook, so that’s all I’ve got for this article number three I’ll talk to you again really soon, with article number four I’m Katie Johnston,


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Daily #54 – Facebook Ad Basics 1

So let’s move on and talk about facebook advertising.

So, first of all, I’d like you to remember that facebook is a social. It’S a social media platform and you need to remember and respect that when you’re using it for your business because I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but I’ve certainly never heard of anyone going on to facebook with the intention of purchasing something. So, that’s why you know you don’t want to be sort of ramming links down people’s throats and things like that.

People are there to see. What’S going on in their world they’re there to interact with their family and friends and a lot of them are there to read cat articles and disaster articles things like that now. One thing to really remember is that Facebook protects its users, they like to protect their users experience, and if people complain to facebook about ads and spammy posts, their sin, Facebook are going to stop them now.

That will either stop the person who is placing the ads in this family post, or they will end up shutting them down all together, and we don’t want that to happen, so we need to go about using it in a very professional, straightforward and transparent manner. Facebook is not out to get your business or to stop people advertising, they are only predicting the experience of their users on the internet, so it’s really important that as advertisers and business people we respect Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

So this is a couple of things. Actually, it’s quite a lot more than a couple of things to understand before starting, I understand Facebook’s Terms of Service now I know it’s always onerous to go through these things. But if you want to, I value your app tising account and your Facebook page and even your personal page, make sure that you understand Facebook’s Terms of Service and that you always stay inside them.

Money-Making opportunities, MLM bits home businesses, network marketing, anything similar to that are not allowed to be promoted, and it’s clearly stated in their terms of servants. The other thing I want you to remember is to never use an affiliate link for any of these types of businesses. In an ad you know, really the best thing to do is perhaps send people to a blog post or something and give them some value, or you could get them to opt in for some information for some training or some value with a call to action at The end of it that may refer to your business, but never send people from Facebook directly to an affiliate link and also using a quote or a shortened link, is really just being dishonest and it will get your account banned.

It may not be been today or even tomorrow, but it will eventually get shut down. Your account shut down, and this is why Facebook manually follows people’s ads and they opt in to see where they lead, because they want to know what experience their facebook users are. Getting on the back end of that ad, and if you have a capture or a sales page with make money online or email in my home business or even a page that has some unrealistic claims or something on it, that’ll be the end of it, snap that Will disapprove your ad and if you get more than a couple of ads disapprove, you will be shut down so be very aware of the correct way, and the honorable way, I suppose, to use facebook also be very careful of the copy you use in your ads.

Never mention any of those business types in your advertising copy all make money claims in them any kind of unrealistic claims, and if you are in the weight loss, snitch things like that, that’s also another niche that they don’t like advertising in. You have to be very careful with your images as well, so just make sure that you fully understand their terms of service and don’t go outside. It, be conservative with your advertising and make sure that you’re always giving people value and that way, you’ll be fine.

But affiliate links are a total. No, no, so the next thing I’d like to do is just show you. What ads look like now, there’s you can place ads in different places on facebook, and this is actually a desktop newsfeed ad. Now you can tell it’s an ad because it’s got sponsored here, and that means that it’s actually a paid post. Now I don’t know whether this is actually an ad and I think it probably is, or it could even be a promoted post, but this is an ad that is appearing in Facebook’s newsfeed.

Now I also want to show you a little bit more about how you can get into trouble if your ads are not appealing to the people who are seeing them, and this is another and sponsored ad on facebook, and if you click on this little arrow up Here this box drops down now. The last thing you want is people hiding this ad or telling people they don’t like it for some reason now, that’s why you need to be very targeted with your advertising and make sure that the right people who are interested in your head but see it, but We will get onto that in a more advanced fear, but this is where people would complain about your ad or hide your air and that’s how you get into trouble with them now, if they are want to know why they’re, seeing this or if you’re interested in Wine you’re seeing some of the ads that are appearing in your news, feed on facebook.

If you click on, why am I seeing this this pops up here and it will explain why you’re seeing the ad and this one is saying that adobe stock wants to reach people who are similar to their customers, and they think Facebook thinks that I’m similar based On what I do, the pages I like, and the ads and posts that i’ve clicked on our facebook so be aware that they’re following you everywhere around facebook, so they know exactly what you do, what you like, what you click on now you can manage your ad Preferences, you can ask not to see it adds a tall and really as a marketer yourself.

You don’t want that to happen. You want people to be happy with your ads. So that’s why very important to make sure that your ads are world targeted because you don’t want people not liking them, which gives you a really bad relevant score in facebook we’ll go into that later on. But it’s just something you don’t want to happen. You want people to be appreciating your ads, also important, why they should be more social and not all salesy.

So this one here is average adult receives 147 emails a day. What are you doing to stop it? We can help so these people are offering to help and giving some value. When someone clicks on here, it’s not a sales, a post, they’re, not they’re, saying bye. My stuff, some of this adobe stock won’t get 10 free images. So you would go here for free images takes people to the page, creates awareness of the brand and everything and people are they’re, going to actually probably have to opt-in to get those free images.

So that means that adobe stock has the email details. So that’s their benefit and you also get to have a look at their stock images and see if you like them or not and maybe deal with them in the future. So that’s newsfeed desktop now, where do these ads? Actually hang out on facebook have a tick, and, oh sorry, I’ll just take you here. Those ads would appear here in the news, feed and there’s one right there.

That is an ad in the news feed see. It’S got sponsored post, we can click on here. I can hide the ad if I want to, but I can also have more options. I can say I like this out. It’S useful, it’s helpful for me. I can also click here and say: why am I seeing it and it’s a very similar to that other digital marketer ad before Facebook thinks that I might be interested, so that is a news feed add they’re appearing in my news feed now to get my presentation Back again, ah here we go so we’ve talked about what two adds up jack on desktop news feeds.

So that’s then there now we’re going to look at right-hand column ads now this is a right hand, column and they’re a little bit smaller. They haven’t got so much text in them and they appear down here. So this is where the right hand column has. Now. This is a suggested page here. I can’t actually see any sponsored sort of ads at the moment, but this is, where the right hand column ads and then, from time to time you will have seen those kinds of ads before I don’t know why this! Oh there we go.

That’S the right column ad again, so once again you can check out why you want to see it now, the next one. We want to look at our mobile newsfeed ads, and this is just a screenshot of my Bible phone. You can see it’s got sponsored there. So you know it’s an ad they’re, giving away something free, ah they’re, not doing anything, that’s outside Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. So that’s the different placements of ads now how to get actually get started using facebook for your business.

First of all, you need a personal profile. So you need your own personal page now that profiler, I showed you that there, when we were on the facebook page, that is actually my personal facebook profile. Now, if you want to use your personal page for business – and I don’t really recommend it, but you can segment your friends so aren’t marrying cousin bill, won’t see your business posts. So you can set up your facebook posts, so certain posts only see to certain people which makes it quite flexible and it does allow you to do a certain amount of business stuff on your fat on your personal page.

If you want to and you’re not quite up yet to creating a fan page and actually creating it, it’s a good way to get started, but the best for Lucian for business on Facebook is a fan page or a business page now. A fan page is linked to your personal profile, so you actually create it from your personal profile, but no one can see that it stands completely alone and they can also ranked in Google just like a website.

So a fan page is a really handy tool to have, and you must have a fan page set up if you want to advertise on Facebook now, your fan pledge is a place to give value to your followers place where you can brand yourself talk about your Business as well as sharing some of your life with you follow us, and you need to remember that Facebook is social media platform just like I said before, so just going back now to facebook over here we’re going to I’ll show you where you go now.

This is my personal profile click on this little arrow up here, and this is where you go to create a page and if you just follow through so you need to decide if you’ve got a local business which, if you’ve got an internet business, it’s not really A local business, so you need to decide which part of these you, your business, belongs to and then click on that and then just go through. I do have a article in my youtube blog.

That explains how to actually create a fan page in facebook. So you can go and hook there if you want some step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Now, I’m just going to show you one of my fan pages. This is my main business pay. So I’ve got a few fan pages, all four different kinds of businesses that I have. So let’s look at this one. This is my main business fanpage, so you know it’s got a its got.

A nice cover photo. It’S got a photo of me because people want to connect with me, so that’s why it needs to have a photo of you there. So don’t be scared about putting yourself out there and then these are the kind of posts that I share on here. So you know some little bits of motivation is sort of stuff. This is a article that I’ve put up here about how to make a fan page on facebook asks. Some motivational quotes a little bit of value about a movie that my mentor can’t read is appearing in more articles here.

This is an article that I’ve shared here, so I’m basically giving value to my customers with what I post on here and also sharing a little bit of my life, because really we have an internet businesses, so we can enjoy a particular kind of a lifestyle. It gives us that freedom, so I post about what I’m doing what my lifestyles all about. So this is my Sunday morning ride up along the coast. These are supply, toes that I took there.

So that’s kind of what you use a fan page for now, um. It just bear with me for a minute, and I’m just going to move on to the next slide here and talk about the next article, because really that’s all I want to share on this first article. It’S just a you know, a quick one to get us started and it just explained the very, very basic fundamentals. So the next article is going to cover navigating the facebook ad platform using the power editor, which is a really powerful tool to use inside their ad platform, we’re going to talk about the different kinds of ads, all the different kinds of ads it.

You can do on facebook all the different things you can do with it. What you know whether you want people to go to your website or two, if you want to get more likes to your page or you want some people to read your articles, all those sorts of things we’re going to look at the different types of ads and We’Ll probably go through how to set up a light campaign to get targeted likes and followers on your page, because the first step is to get people liking.

Your fan page so you’re, starting to build a community there and it’s very important to get targeted likes. Because you want people who are going to be interested in what you’re putting on your page, if you’re putting business posts and things like I’ve got on my page, you don’t necessarily want lots and lots of cat and dog articles, although I’m not above posting one. If I find a really really excellent one there that I think my followers might enjoy, but you get what I mean you need people who are going to be interested in your business, what you do in your business and who will get actual value from what your Post on there, so this series is to be continued again tomorrow, with article number two, I’m Katie Johnston and I’ll talk to you.