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5 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

I know that I make my money in affiliate marketing and you can see other people that make their money in MLM companies. Digital marketing, there’s all kinds of different things. So what I’m trying to do is just find other avenues in case you’re, not interested in affiliate marketing bloggers can make one to ten thousand dollars per month.

That is awesome. If you love to write, you can make money doing it and that’s what I want to show you today is how you can make money as a blogger or as a writer before you go any further, though don’t forget to subscribe below so that you can continue To get these great tips from me, I actually believe that anybody can earn money online, but you just have to learn how to do it. So that’s why I called my blog learn to earn alright, let’s go ahead and get started.

Really. Blogging is a real online job. It can be for moms, dads students. Anybody can do it if they enjoy writing, but don’t be desperate for money now. This is something that you’re going to build up over time, and sometimes it takes like six to 18 months to really start making good money. So you have to put the work in and I am finding it’s really that way with any online business. You have to put the work in before you’re, going to start making a lot of money.

Everybody starts from the bottom. The neat thing about blogging is that it’s an online job that you can choose any topic that you’re really passionate about so start playing around. I’r going to give you a site later in this article, where you can find 12 different companies that actually hire people to write. If that’s something you would prefer to do, instead of starting your own blog and a lot of them are different niches, where you can go in and write something that you’re passionate about.

There are four main ways to make money when you’re blogging and that’s in advertising you can get paid for putting ads on your blog. Can you believe that so you get to enjoy writing and then you get paid by just putting some ad advertising on there. You can make money with blogging as an affiliate marketer. This is when you get paid a commission for any products that you can sell on your blog. So basically you would talk about blogged about different products.

People want them, they will buy them, and then you get a commission. So that’s basically how fillion marketing works, but your main job could be the blogging. If that’s what you’d love to do, digital products can be sold. These are products like ebooks or courses, and things like that, and actually you can even write ebooks for other people or write courses for other people. If that’s something that you enjoy doing, you can also get paid as a blogger by providing services.

If you’d like to work one-on-one with people you can, a blogging is a great way to generate leads for coaching or consulting, and things like that. The fifth way I’m going to bring up a website right now for you and just show you what I found. This is called twins, mommy and there’s 12 sites on this link. I’r going to provide it for you, underneath in the description where you can get paid $ 100 plus just for writing.

So if you don’t want to take the time to set up your own blog, then go in here and look at these different avenues of income. One is for writing for a family fun magazine, you get paid a dollar 25 a word for your post, so you get to enjoy writing and get paid for it. Another one here, her view from home. They just want you to write things about topics that happen in your home. Just talk about your own life experiences.

How cool is that and get paid for it? A hundred dollars for 4,000 views yummy mummy club, if you like, to talk about food and nutrition for your children. So these are a lot of mom sites, but this just gives you an example of other ways that you can make money with your blogging and again I’ll put that site down there below, for you here are all the five different ways that you can earn an Income, if you want to start a blog, you need to pick a niche that basically that means.

So I want to talk about nutrition. Do I want to talk about children, airplanes, trains whatever it is, you have to pick a niche and then just get start it with an initial setup. You need to set your blog up, find a hosting site and then just start writing your blog’s. Then, after you have maybe written five or six different blogs, you want us to pick a social media network and start promoting your content, which means you might want to start promoting it on Facebook or Pinterest or YouTube wherever you want.

Yes, people promote their blogs on. On YouTube so find a place to promote it, and then you can begin monetizing, your blog and making money for something that you love to do get started and, in the meantime, go ahead and hit. My subscribe button check out that link below. If you saw something that you were interested in writing when I brought up that article

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How to be successful : Linda Ikeji breaks down her success story

One is open and both people would know that I was here, that’s basically it I mean. I want people to know, Linda Cady existed and she she made an impact in our society and a community in the world. I’r not afraid to let it let people into my world and as I hope that with my life and my story and my experiences, people can learn, can learn from eat and do better or it was great or do as much as I have done, or even Better, and so I want people to know, basically, I want to leave my dad a footprint in the sand of time.

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What is a Blog

You’ve probably seen them around, but what makes them so great while blogs are easy to use and with a few clicks you can share thoughts, opinions news anything your blog is a staple of who you are the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Your blog’s theme is what controls, how your blog looks. You can choose a theme and personalize it with your own colors and or background images to find the look that fits you. It’s easy to change themes as well, so you’ll always be sure that there’s a look and feel out there that fits with your personality and makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for most blog themes are made up of four main sections: the header, The sidebar, the footer and the body, the header, is comprised of your blog’s title or logo.

If you have one and your main navigation menu, the menu is the way that your guests should be easily able to navigate the content of your site. Menus are a natural part of our web experience and should link readers to the various content and pages found on your blog. Sidebars blogs usually have them. This area generally includes widgets and things you want to highlight, such as your favorite links, a popular content on your blog recent activity, subscription options and social media tools just to name a few.

The footer rests at the bottom of your blog. This is typically used to display content that doesn’t often change, but that you would like your readers to have easy access to, including links to read more about you or a link to a contact page. Lastly, the most important area of your blog is the body the main content area. Usually, this is the primary reason people have come to your blog. It’s where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them with in the post or page.

The content lies within post page: what’s the difference? Pages are different from posts, they’re normally static, displaying standard content such as an about me or a contact page host, on the other hand, are all the good stuff where you publish your thoughts in a standard blog format. Posts get shown on the main page of your blog, usually in an order that places the most recent and relevant information at the very top of the list.

These are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topic. When a new story is posted, it appears at the top of your blog for the world to see this used to be done in journals, posts are an online version of a journal. Entry made public for others to see best of all posts, give the option for a comment section as well, so others can add their thoughts to yours share in a conversation with you or just provide feedback about your blog.

This brings a community element to blogs, making them an a popular medium of expression and information. Sharing blogs make it easy to share images, article and other types of media files, giving you complete freedom of creative expression and now with the popularity of mobile phones. Your blog can be viewed anytime from anywhere in the palm of your hand, blogs are for everyone and people of all ages, share on blogs every day for school work and play, but no matter what you want to do blogging is a great way to connect with Other people and get your ideas out there, so what are you waiting for get in on the fun and start blogging today?

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Designing Blog Elements in Canva

My own personal branding and I wan na incorporate that into my blog, but you know on a budget but by myself, Yeah,’cause, we’re ballin’ on a budget Of course. So I’m going to show You how to actually make different blog elements using Canva here on The Journey, So when building your brand and building, whether it’s for personal or for business and designing these elements, it’s important to be consistent with it.

Because if you start Throwing out one design and then in a week later, You have another design, People don’t know really who You are or what to follow, So it’s important keep that on track Yeah. So let me go ahead and Show you a quick demo of how to actually make Those blog elements using Canva, absolutely free, Sounds good Cool All right, so you told Me you wan na really like elevate your brand and start creating your Own branded content, So we’re going to use Canva for that.

I love Canva, just because Of its ease of use, Anyone can go in and edit it I mean. I know Photoshop and All these advanced things, but Canva just makes it That much easier and faster to actually create this content. So what we’re actually going to create today is basically your featured images, we’re going to make them A little bit more branded and a little bit more elevated make them stand out a little bit.

We might have a little Extra bonuses at the end too Perfect, But I see these burgers Like Whataburger review, the In-n-out review Hopdddy All these different things We wan na go ahead, get in Canva and check this out, You can get there by just By going to Canva.Com but right in the top there Where it says design anything we’re just going to type Blog and see what pops up, We have blog banner and blog graphic, So I’m probably going to Use just the blog banner, So it’s not as big or This image right here, they’re, not that big, we Want them kind of small and choose blog banner And what’s cool about this Especially, if you don’t have that design eye is, it gives you tons of templates to start from So earlier you were telling Me some of your colors are those green colors right, [ Alex ] Right, [ Nealey ], So you can see here.

There’s not a lot of green and that’s okay, You’re going to be able Edit all of this content, So I’m going to let you kind of go ahead and tell me which style you wan na use. Let’s choose The Art, Exhibit one [ Nealey ] All right, so you Chose the art exhibit template. I like it We’re going to go ahead and edit it and make it kind of your own. So we obviously don’t Want the art exhibit Let’s check out, let’s do one of your most recent reviews, which is WHATABURGER review and then “ All about Their burgers and fries.

” A little bit there [ Alex ] Yeah, [, Nealey ]. So what’s cool About this is this font might not be your font In the upper left. You can actually go ahead and change that and it’s linked up with Google fonts. So anything on google Fonts, which is usually what most websites use what your brand uses you can add here. So, let’s scroll through And find your brand, So I know you liked Poppins So we’re going to go ahead and use Poppins right here, So Poppins’ bold.

So we’ve got that Whataburger review and maybe we don’t want this Whatever this background is it’s kind of blurry, Let’s go ahead and add in a burger, So we’re just going to pick a burger’cause. I don’t want to go to your website, I’m a little lazy, I’m going to go ahead. And search photos and just type burgers, I wan na keep it free and then search. So all these burgers are absolutely free. I can go ahead.

Add it On here, just like that And wallah We’ve got a Whataburger review all about their burgers All right. So that’s Just the basics of Canva, using the templates adding The background image adding some text change the font. Were there any other elements. You really wan na add to this image. I’r not really sure What kind Of options am I looking at All right, so, let’s just check it out. So, on the left hand, side, we’ve got different options and we’re going to go to elements.

Elements are just different. Images ingredients and all these other things inside of Canva that you can use So I wan na talk about grids for a second Grids are basically –. Let me just throw that on there. They looks like a little cloud and some grass and stuff right, But this is really for, if You wan na add an image here without having to style it yourself, It’s really great for templates. So if I had that post there And then I wanted to add another picture of a burger right here.

It throws it in just like that. So then, if I have another image, I could just put it right on top and then the template Changes with that image Super helpful when you’re Making your blog post, you don’t have to always going to edit it and style it move it around. Those little things help out tremendously. So, let’s move on We’ve got different shapes could add different Shapes on your website style, however, you want move it around.

Just like ( beat box music ), But you go ahead and change the Colors right at the top left, You said your colors are Greens, so I make that green green again. Maybe we want this kind of. I don’t know just randomly up here. Why not we’re just going with it And then, if you don’t want It there like, I, don’t You can just hit, delete and it’s gone So there’s all sorts of different icons and different elements you can have.

If I search burger, for example, I can probably find a Lot of different burgers. Remember you wan na click on that free icon. We’re try to do this for free [, Alex ], Absolutely [, Nealey ]! I really like This little guy right here That is only works. You Can’t see the content Cool, maybe that works But yeah. There’s lots of Different things, you can do You just search in the Top left under elements, if you wan na, add your Text you can do so there You wan na, add a different background.

You can go through all your uploads, I’m not going to go through uploads and you’ll, see all my randomness And then you can categorize your stuff by folders and things like that. So then, when you’re done, you would just choose download. So let’s download this bad guy and then go over to your website. Go to your Whataburger review, Let’s edit, that post! Let’s change this image upload ours! So once it’s uploaded, remember that all text Is super important WHATABURGER REVIEW Juicy burger posts for the caption and then select and update.

So now we can go back to our website. [ Alex ] Looks so much better. [ Nealey ] We have that Whataburger review is they can see that super quick and easy? Not everyone likes to read these. They, like flip through the images they’ll see that image and they’ll also see The Whataburger review So now, what’s super cool When it comes to Canva, if you end up upgrading To their premium license is the ability to resize your content, you’ve already created.

So if you say you wanted The same type of template on social media’cause Branding is super important. It’s super important to be consistent. You can easily resize this To say an Instagram post Click resize at the top search Instagram Instagram post copy & resize, and then it threw it together. And an Instagram post, You might need to update some of the different elements if needed, but it makes it super simple to really have your brand everywhere.

[ Alex ] Right. So that was awesome. What else can I do in Canva for my blog [ Nealey ]? Yes, so what a lot Of people will do in Canva, especially on a blog, is Create their own custom ads So those little things that will end up on the widget sidebar. So let’s go back to canva’s home and then we’re just going to Search Ads see what pops up, So we have a Facebook Ad That’s a little too wide a leaderboard Ad large Rectangle and a medium rectangle, You should probably just Do a medium rectangle, keep it simple, And then we have all of This different content, We kind of wan na, keep it consistent to the look and feel That we had with this So let’s actually just Do this from scratch? So when you go to elements I’m going to throw in this grid, keep it easy on us right.

[ Alex ] Yeah [ Nealey ], And then you had Your recipe book right, What was the recipe book about? [ Alex ] Taco, Tuesday recipes [, Nealey ], All right. So this whole Ad is going to be about your Taco Tuesday recipe book. So I wan na search for a taco image, Which one looks good to you: [ Alex ], All of them, (, laughs, ), [, Nealey, ] You’re, not wrong; [ Alex ]. Let’s do the One with the limes yeah [ Nealey, ], Perfect All right now I want to Make this a little darker just so that the white Will contrast on it, You do so with the adjust at the top.

Now I wan na add some text in Taco, Tuesday Recipes and that’s obviously way too big, not the font. We want And not in the colors, So we wanted Poppins’cause, it’s poppin’, (, laughs, ), I’m real corny, guys All right. We also wan na change the color. I didn’t change. All of it All right go back to Poppins Poppins Poppins Poppins. There we go All right and then we Wan na change the color make that white we wan na change the size.

That’s way too big That looks good, And now with this I don’t really want That extra space there, it’s kind of too much You can go over to spacing And then go to line height and then shrink or expand this as needed All right, so we got Taco Tuesday recipes, Let’s check on the other posts, so we make this consistent. All right! We’ve got these Little white lines here so, let’s make sure we have that It’s going to be over in elements and then shapes, I hope, Nope, I hope nope.

Oh, then, you go over two elements go down to lines That makes more sense And then also that white turn it around Got to shrink a little bit And then the regular Commands like CTRL, +, C CTRL, + V, things like that work here You hit CTRL + D. If you’re on a windows, computer or Command + D, it’ll duplicate it nice and easy for you And what’s cool about Canva is it kind of will make A little bit of a grid, so you can see it, it shows that it’s even With the other one, So you can throw that in there And now we have our Taco Tuesday Recipes.

Now, if there’s anything else, you wan na add you can always just kind of search, see what other things pop up. Maybe you wan na add Some random little tacos in the top left or on top Cool, and now once we have this we’re going to want to download that then go over to your website. Now we’re going to throw it Under the widget area, So we wan na go over to Your WordPress dashboard appearance and then widgets and then we wan na actually Add an image here So there’s an image on The left hand column just drag that right over I’m, going to put that above –.

Actually, let’s put it Below the recent posts, We don’t really wan na title and we just wan na upload that Taco Tuesday Recipe image Now what’s important, With some of these images that you throw on your Website in the bottom right, it’ll usually try to make It just the medium size Now our medium size is the full size, but for those you’re reading, if you have an image, you’re uploading make sure you put it on full size.

Otherwise, it’s going to Make it a lot smaller than it actually is, Let’s go add to widget save. If you wanted to link to your landing page that we created earlier, you can go ahead, do so there And then let’s check it out, It’s going to go to your website and then let’s check Your WHATABURGER REVIEW and then bam. We got your Taco Tuesday Recipes [ Alex ]. It looks good [ Nealey ]. So if someone click that it’ll go to your landing page, see all about your recipe book and then you’ve got it So Canva will let you really create almost anything you’re wanting to What I would recommend.

Is just going through all of the designs They have it right here. It’s like Canva print posters, logos, desktop Wallpaper blog banners Instagram Stories literally everything, But what I would highly Highly highly recommend is always keep your brand consistent. Now, there’s lots of templates to use and it sounds really cool. Don’t just go and start making all sorts of different stuff. It’s going to confuse your audience.

If you start doing that Perfect, do I think I’ve got it all I’m going to go home play with Canva, see what I can create. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever used, Canva before Yeah, and I really Hope this inspired you to really elevate your brand using Canva or whatever else you wan na, create it with You got some value out of this article. Make sure you smash that Like button, let us know, While you’re there Subscribe to our blogs, so you get this content first.

This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.

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How to Make Blogspot Blog – Tutorial

This is a step-by-step tutorial for absolute beginners. First of all, Myrtle’s a blogspot site signing on the top right corner or click on creator blog and in with your Gmail account use our display name. This will be your name and not the name of your blog click. Continue. Click on create new blog choose the title of your crop. Choose a web address for your blog.

As you can see, this blog address is not available, so I will have to change my blog. Yes, once the chosen blog address is available, I can select a theme for my blog select any theme that you like, and you can also change these themes later. After selecting a team to create a blog, that’s it we have successfully created a new blog click on View blog. It will take you to your new blog right now. There is nothing here because it isn’t post anything we’ll go back to your blogger dashboard.

In your blogger, dashboard click, new post, use the post title and write the content of your post. Once you have finished through your blog post click, publish your new blog post will be shown here that you can view on your blog exit. Now you are ready to start blocking, leave a thumbs up and subscribe. If you liked this article, you

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The Best Blogging Tips

Now I’m a computer science engineer, but after having worked in the corporate world for about five years, I quit my job and start this blog called digital inspiration. Now this blog mostly has how-to guides in software tutorials around all things tech. I start this blog in 2004.

So it’s almost 10 years now that I have been talking now. It was a very different story back then there was no Facebook or Twitter and the only way people could subscribe to your blog was through RSS feeds or through email newsletters. Also, Google was a mere collection. Google search results were a mere collection of 10 blue links, so it was relatively easy to get on the front pages of Google. It’s almost impossible now.

Also people would maintain blog roles and link roles, so if they found something interesting, they would generously link to you today. If I find something interesting on the internet, I either tweet it or put it on Facebook, but back then people would generously link to your stuff from their own blogs. So what does it take to become a successful blogger? Now, frankly speaking, there are no secrets or magic van that will make your blog a success, but I think it’s a combination of good luck, hard work and consistency in one of my recent interviews with Lifehacker.

They asked me how I work and I said I work enthusiastic Lee and I work diligently. I do not see my blog as work. I see that as my hobby, it’s like getting paid for your hobby, I’m always looking forward to working on my site. The next morning, I’m always looking to improve my site, and I think this this attitude has kept me going all these years. So in this article I will try to try to summarize some of my learnings and I will try to share some tips that will probably help improve your blog and take it to the next level.

So, let’s get started tip number one. I think this is the most important one you should move to WordPress if you’re on blogger, do your blog, a favor and move everything to WordPress. It isn’t complicated and will definitely help you in the long run, especially from the search engine perspective. Now. Blogger is a great platform, it’s easy and they have some great visual templates, but the biggest drawback with blogger is that blocks everything from search engines that not an article or opposed.

Also. It is relatively difficult to tickle with the back end and that may become a bottleneck once you want to take your blog to the next level. There’s another big concern that I have with bloggers, and that is it’s mostly a distraction for Google now Google. In the past have mercilessly killed products that have been very popular, for example, Google Reader, I’m not saying that Google will kill bloggers someday, but why build your business on something where you do not have enough control on the platform itself? The content you write is definitely the most important part, but at the same time you got to have a good and interesting writing style to really attract an audience.

You just cannot say that this is how I write. This is my site and that’s how it will be good. Writing is a gift that comes naturally to some of us, but if you happen to be in the other half, please get some good books. There’s the element of style. There is on writing by Stephen King. There is on writing well and also eat shoots and leaves right the drafts in a proper editor. You could use Microsoft Word or Poetica, because these will highlight all the typos and grammatical errors in your writing.

You don’t want them to appear on the main site, because that will convey a really bad impression. I would also recommend getting a style guide, something like the New York Times style guide or The Associated Press style book, because they will help you develop a consistent writing style. These style guides have accepted writing rules for journalism, and there is no reason why you cannot apply those rules to your own style of writing.

Don’t try to imitate someone else’s style. You have your own personal style and your blog readers are following your blog because they love your style. Make your writing your own. You don’t have to imitate someone. Not do you have to write your blog as, if you’re writing a press release make it personal. The most important part of a blog is actually the post headline in suddenly everybody is trying to do BuzzFeed style headlines.

This is why the Apple read is not round the chart that Google executives don’t want you to see. You will never believe what Facebook will and will next now with these headlines. What happens is that you raise the expectation level of the audience and when they read the actual content, they are often disappointed. Such headlines do invite visitors. But what is the point of a visit when the person is just glancing at your site and leaving it disappointed? My suggestion would be that you have boring headlines that are accurate, but they not be very cute or clever.

Everyone should be able to guess what article is all about by looking at the post headline itself: there’s a lot of noise in the blogging world and there’s a mad rush to report something new. But I take a step back and think. Are you really adding any value or just contributing to the echo chamber? It is probably the job of the mainstream media. Are the really big blogs to publish news, as happens, but for the rest of us? We can step back and only say when we have something interesting to say: you won’t lose much if you aren’t among the first few to reporter news, just say no to gas blogging, I mean think like a business when you aren’t getting anything in return by giving Away a content to other side for free.

Yes, it will help raise your profile on the Internet. If you manage to write for repeated and authoritative sites like TechCrunch or The Huffington Post, but 99 % of the guest blogging on the Internet is done to direct some link juice to your actual website, but that’s just waste also, as your blog will grow popular you Will see that big publishers are approaching you asking for permission to republish your stuff? Now don’t get too excited about this? They will promise you eyeballs in turn, for your content, but that won’t actually happen.

People will just read your content on their side and go away. What you should instead ask for is a two-way partnership. If they can republish your stuff, would they be? Ok if you republish their stuff on your own website, always make it a point to use good high-resolution images or screenshots with your blog post. This helps for two reasons: when people share your content on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, your story may stand out in the crowded newsfeed just because of that image.

The other important reason is that you can cleverly use images to draw attention to parts of a page that you want to emphasize and if your articles are really long, you can use an image to add break points to add visual break points, and it goes without Saying that you should only use images that you have either captured or those that are in the public domain or under Creative Commons and never ever use stock images on your blog.

They look good on corporate sites, but not on blogs. It is definitely important to rank well in Google search pages, but the problem is that none of us really know how Google works. They have some 200 plus factors to decide the ranks of web pages, and we only know about a few of them. The fact is that, as long as you have the basics right, the cream will automatically rise to the top. So here are a few SEO related tips that will probably help you improve.

The visibility of your blog in search engines 1 have an HTML sitemap so that all your pages are no more than two or three levels deep from the homepage. This will help the Googlebot and other search engine. Bots discover your content when writing content. When writing block was make sure that it’s well organized and that it has headings subheadings and your images should have titles and captions always interlink your content, so that both human visitors, as well as the search BOTS, can find the goal.

That’s hiding in your archives. Also, when it’s not just about the headlines, you should also pay special attention to the excerpt, because that will show up in search, snippets and other places when people share your content on social sites, because people will use that snippet as well to decide whether they really Want to click that link and come to your site or not. You should never rely on your blogging software to auto-generate that, except you should always write it on your own.

Any web page on your website has two parts. There is the main content which includes the actual article that you have written and then there is the common content stuff, like the navigation area, the footer, the sidebar stuff, that’s present across all pages on your site, so in your HTML source, you should ensure that the Main content is above the common content, because that will help search engines understand what your page is all about.

Also, he should use breadcrumbs because that will help search engines understand the organization of content on your site. Do pay attention to your site’s typography, because reading experience matters, google has released some good fonts like Roboto, open sense that look good across all screens, including mobile devices, and you can consider using these fonts on your website as well site. Speed is definitely important, because if your website doesn’t load in a few seconds, people will abandon your site and go to another one.

So what you can do about it? You can switch to a good host make sure that your images are compressed. Your sites, assets like the CSS and JavaScript files, are cacheable and also try to keep your site simple. I mean keep all the bells and whistles out of your site so that your pages load fast. It goes without saying that you’ve got to switch to a responsive design. It’s a Google recommended practice and it will also help you save time, because you don’t have to maintain two versions of your site, one for the desktop and one for the mobile.

While you may be drowning in email. There are a lot of people who still prefer to get the daily dose of News through the email newsletter and therefore important that you use a professional service to send your email newsletters. Now, services, like MailChimp have an RSS to email functionality that will automatically convert your RSS feed into an email newsletter, but I would suggest, is don’t use these services instead handcraft your email newsletter, because the response rate, the open rate, will be much much higher good and Useful content automatically spreads on the internet, but if that’s not happening with your content, for some reason, it will not be a bad idea to pitch people, but who should who? Should you pitch fellow bloggers? Well, there is no harm if you can keep your emails short and do it occasionally, but do you really know who you should contact when you have written something good and useful? You should contact someone who has previously commented on your story.

You should contact someone who has previously shared your story on social sites. These are the people who are really fans of your work and they will happily evangelize your content and I think it’s much better going after them than the influencers who are extremely busy and they may not even have the time to read your emails when someone lands On your website, for the first time, they are very likely to check your about a space to know more about you and whether you are really an expert at some topic.

So that’s your window of opportunity to impress him and to convert him from a casual visitor into a regular visitor, so make sure that you have written are really good about this page. But what should it contain? Well, it must have links to your most popular. Your most important posts that you have written you should make it easy for people to subscribe to your content. There should be a search button so that people can search your archives and, if you’ve ever been mentioned in the press of the media, make sure that you have a list there, because that will make your bio more credible.

To someone who doesn’t know you. This are probably the easiest way to get traffic on your website there easier to scan. They are easier to write and they’re more likely to go viral now, once in a while is okay, but if you are only focused on producing list post on your blog, readers are less likely to appreciate it if you’ve been blogging for a while. You know that there is old content in your archives.

That’s either not relevant or some of the links old articles may no longer be working. Now. I would suggest, keep updating your old articles so that they always stay fresh and relevant. This may be your personal preference, but if something is of no use, it can probably be removed from your blog, because you are not running a newspaper or a legal firm where every document has to be preserved. I will give you an example here.

I had a lot of Orkut related posts on my blog. They were relevant and useful when I wrote them few years ago, but now that Orkut is no longer available, those posts are pretty useless. So I had two options. I can either let them stay in the archives or I may get rid of them permanently and direct all that juice to something more relevant and more related. Think of the reader first and the revenue later now.

Advertising is definitely important, but if you only focus on the commercial angle for your blog, it is difficult to build a loyal audience in the long run. Adsense buy, sell ads and blog ads is some good advertising networks, but you should always stay away from those low and advertising networks that happily runs comets on the other side, because, ultimately, you are responsible for what ads are shown to your visitors on your site.

You can easily attract the attention of other website owners by generously linking to them, because your blog posts will show up in their site logs. They may check out your blog and ultimately help spread the word among their audience. You can also add depth to your post by linking to other websites that have covered the same topic, but may have a different perspective. Some people even suggest that Google prefers pages that have links and they see them as more trusty and more authoritative.

I will give you the example of a medical site here, so you have two sites that have almost the same kind of content, but in the first site, links to all the research papers, all the web sites that it has referred to before. Creating that page and the other site has no links, it has just text. So, if you’re reading these two pages, you are more likely to trust the one that has those links to the research papers and that has cited all the sources.

Right same is true. With Google, they may see pages that have links as most trustworthy, more authoritative, you’re, probably using Google antics to measure the traffic on your website. But are you looking at the right? Metrics pageviews are useless because somebody comes and just leaves that’s a loss visit. What you really need to focus is the returning visitor count, the bounce rate and the amount of time that people are spending on your website if they’re, just landing and leaving you got to diagnose, why that’s happening? Maybe they aren’t finding the information in your pages.

Maybe the title is something else, and the actual content is something else. Maybe they don’t like the layout of your site? Maybe the typography is bad. You got to diagnose the reason you should always strive to increase the amount of time that people spend on your web pages and there are a few ways to do that. You can add a related post section to your website so that once people are done reading a article, they can check out the other related articles on your site.

You can also try the approach that QC comment. Encom have taken up where the next article automatically loads. When somebody has finished reading the current article, Google is no longer sharing the search queries with their masters, but you can always analyze your internal search, queries through Google custom search and through Google Analytics to understand what kind of solutions people are seeking on your website.

You can then go a step further in Google custom search. You can use the annotations feature to automatically highlight such pages in search results and readers have limited time. So if you give them the information, they are looking for instantly they’re going to like you even more in all these years, I have tried to harness various publication blogs and I think that has also helped grow. My blog, I have written a book for the Kindle.

Our YouTube blog, I do a podcast on iTunes, which is essentially my youtube articles in downloadable format I curate stuff on Flipboard. I also upload my slides on SlideShare. Now only a few hundred thousand people probably know about my website, but these blogs are known to millions of Internet users. It does helps to have a presence there. You can automate all this with IFT tea and buffer, but always repurpose your content for other blogs.

Everyone can have a blog on the internet, but the thing that differentiates you from other blogs is, of course, your expertise, your writing skills and most important your credibility. The editorial should be completely separate from the business side of the blog, because your readers are 10x, smarter than you think. The blog world operates on the principle of transparency, and that should be a guiding principle as well.

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Student Blogging in Google Classroom

How do I create a blog for our students and classroom? Is the perfect place to do this? What I’ve done here is I’ve created a Google classroom called student blog example, and I’ve added some students to it and what we’re going to do is use this classroom to enable students to create posts on various topics.

One of the things to check first before we do this is to make sure that you have this setting, enabled students can post and comment, and if I click on this drop-down, you can see other ways that you can sort of control how students interact with classroom. But for the blogging class, this is a very important setting, because you want students to be able to make posts. And what’s going to happen, is that these two students on all assumably, all of your students in your class will be able to post to your classroom.

Screen this is a great way for younger students to get started with blogging, because it’s kind of a walled garden. These classrooms are not visible outside of the classroom membership, but in order to create authentic audiences for your students, you can share these classrooms with students and other classes, or even students in other schools. And, of course, the students who are members of the class will be able to see the posts that your students make.

So what I want to do is jump over into the student account and show you how this works. So here I am in the students screen. The student is called demo student 1 and they have the plus button down here in the or right corn and what they can do is create a blog post. So I am going to go ahead and click on create posts and I’ve already kind of typed up a response for the post. So I’m just going to copy that in here or paste it in your other, and this post is about model rockets.

This could be an exercise that you have your students do on introducing themselves and talking about their interests. One of the things that the student says in her post is that she put a camera on one of her model rockets and made a article, and so, as you can see just like, with assignment students, can post different things to their blog post. So in this case the student is going to post a article that she made and now I just grab this off the internet, so we’ll disease that so, let’s type in the URL of the article.

So we can get the right, one we’ll add that to the post and then the student can just go ahead and click the post button and boom there. It is that has her name on it right her posts and the article and now other members of the class can comment on her blog post. So now, I’m in another students account demo student to and I’m on the same classroom. The student can see the post that we just made from demo student one and read the article that she attached and read her post.

But this student can also make a post and our assignment is to introduce ourselves so we’ll go ahead and make a pose. And once again, I’m going to go ahead and just paste in her response. So what she’s saying is that she’s demo student she lives in your family and that one of the things that she likes to do is draw, and what she wants to do is include a drawing of a ski trip that she went on last winter, that she Did so she’s going to go over here to attach a file of station of a picture of the drawing that she made in her drive and so we’ll just select files from her computer or on a Chromebook? And this is the drawing so we’ll just open that up and then upload it to classroom and then there it is look at the drawing and then she can go ahead and post her response and while she’s here, she may want to go ahead and just leave A comment on demo student ones, blog post but say she can post our comment there, and so, let’s just jump back over to the teacher screen and take a look at that.

So here we are back in the teacher view of our blog classroom. We can see all the posts and comments that students have made. Maybe we want to offer some feedback ourselves on a students post, so we could do this. You can say, like I love about, and then we can just post that up there and a student will see it. Now. I wanted to talk just a little bit about some of the controls you have. Occasionally, you might get a student who post something inappropriate to the blog, so I wanted to show you what you could do when that happens.

So in this case everybody’s been very nice and encouraging. So we’re not having that problem. But let’s say let’s say demo student says something that was kind of neat. You can go over to these three dots against their account and you can one you can delete the post, so you can just get it off the blog. You have that kind of control and you can also mute the student. So when you do that, the student won’t be able to post to the blog, and maybe you can go and have a discussion with them about what’s appropriate, to put on a blog and do a little digital citizenship lesson with them.

And then once you’ve talked to them you can unmute them and let them post again. Additionally, you can also shut down posting for the whole class. If you ever need to by just switching to this setting here for the classroom itself, only the teacher can post for comment and that will shut off posting and commenting for all of your students. So that’s the basics of you know how to kind of create on multi offer blog for students and give them some authentic audience the ability to comment on each other’s posts and make posts.

You know if you wanted to kind of organize this, you could use the announcement feature to say a bright blog is about blessing that energy and you can just post that as kind of an instruction to students and then they could start to post. So there are a number of different ways that you can use this. I hope you have enjoyed this kind of different use of classroom as usual. Let us know if you have any questions and take care.

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Getting Started With Edublogs

You sign up for a blog with edgy blogs and then help you learn how you can access your blog and your dashboard. We’ll take a look at how to write posts and pages and how to approve your comments and we’ll also look at how you can change the theme of your blog and change your settings.

Finally, I’ll, let you know where you can find all the extra help you’ll need to keep going with blogging, let’s get started so you’re ready to start blogging. The first thing you’ll need to do, of course, is get yourself a blog. All you need to do is go to our Joe Bloggs org, unless, of course, your school or district has their own campus press subscription on the edge of blogs. Homepage you’ll see a box that says get a free blog.

You just need to enter a username and password, and then click on sign up on the next page, you’ll be prompted to add a little bit more information like your email address. You’ll also be asked to choose your blog URL. It’s important to remember that you can’t change your blog URL, so think carefully about choosing something that will last. You might not want to call your blog grade 3 2018, because in 2019 you might be teaching grade 5 and you might have to start a new blog which can be frustrating once you’ve signed up for a blog you’ll get an email that reminds you off.

Your blog URL and your login details you’ll be able to click on a link in your email to get to your blog dashboard. The dashboard is the backend of your blog. This is a part of your blog that only you can access unless you had other people, and this is where you can change the look and feel of your blog, as well as publish new content like posts and pages and see if anyone’s commented on your blog And approved a comment approve your comments or reply to them.

So if we want to have a look at the front end of our blog, you just type the URL into your address bar my URL, for my new blog here is mrs. Kay MERIS edgy blogs org. I can see that my brand new blog has a simple post and a few things on the sidebar here, but that’s all just there by default and I’ll be able to change all of that to do that. I’ll have to go back to the dashboard. So how do I get into the dashboard? There are a couple of ways: you’ll see, there’s an edgy blogs toolbar at the top here.

If I’m not logged in you’ll see the words login and if you are logged in like I am here, there’s a few shortcuts to get to your dashboard. You can click on you and go to a new post, for example, or if you hover over your name. You’ll be able to go straight into your dashboard there and if you want to know the address to get to your dashboard, you can just do a slash at the end of your blog URL and then WP for WordPress.

And then you can write in admin all login works as well when I press ENTER. This will take me straight to my dashboard. Some people like to have both their dashboard and their blog URL bookmarked, because when you’re working on your blog, you sometimes want to switch between your dashboard and your blog to see what it looks like when you publish something. Let’s take a look around your dashboard when you land on your dashboard.

The first thing you’ll see is your reader. This is where you can read and comment on other blocks. By default. You should see all the posts we’ve written recently on the edge’ blocker, the edgy blogger comm is just edublogs blog about blogging. You can also add other blogs that you’re interested in to your reader and, if you end up having student blogs, you’ll be able to see them there as well. On the left hand, side you’ll be able to see lots of options if you’re totally new to blogging.

You won’t need to use all these options to start with, but there are a couple that you’ll use a lot. One of these is posts. When you have hover over posts, you’ll see the options, all posts add new and categories and tags. If we click on all posts, we’ll be able to see that there’s one post here and it’s called hello world, that’s the one we looked at that was on our blog by default. When you hover over the title, hello world, you’ll, see that you can edit it or you can trash it.

If you don’t want it or you can have a look at it as well. Let’s click on edit and then we can make this post our own at the top is where you write the title of your post. You can leave it as hello world or you can make it something else. Now in this box you can highlight all the text and then just press Delete. Now I can write my own text. Welcome to my blog, it’s just like typing in a word processor, like Microsoft Word, although it’s important to remember not to actually type your process.

In word, and then copy and paste them into your blog that can cause problems with bad codes, so just always type your post directly into your blog. One thing you might want to do is sometimes link to other websites. If I write check about petty blogger, I might want to link to the edge of lager for other people to visit. All I need to do is get the URL of the site. I want to link to I’m just going to copy that.

Then you highlight the words you want to be linked: click on the link icon here and just type or paste in the URL and click on the arrow. Then, when people are reading, your post they’ll be able to click on those words to get to the site. Another thing you’ll probably want to do is add images to your blog posts. This is really simple. You just click on, add media. Then you can upload your files, just select them from wherever they’re located on your computer.

I’r going to insert this picture on the right. You’ll see, you can add a few options like a title and a caption alt text is a really good idea to add. This is just a description of what the image looks like, which can help your visually impaired readers. You can also change your alignment and size. Then, when you’re ready click on insert into post – and you should see it appear there now – there’s lots of options up the top here.

You can highlight your text and change your size. It will be paragraph size for your regular writing that you can also have headings you can highlight and then make your text bold or italics those bullet points and numbered lists, and so on. When you hover over all these icons, it tells you what it is, and the last icon here is the toolbar toggle, which will show you some other options that you might like to use like changing your text color.

When your post is ready, you can click on preview changes at the top here and it will open your post in a new tab. So you can see what it looks like on your blog and when you’re happy to publish it, you can just click on update. If this was a brand new post, this button would just say, publish you might want to add some pages to your blog as well, with some more static information like your class timetable or your commenting guidelines to do this you’ll find pages on the left-hand side here, When you hover over the word pages, you’ll see all pages and had new when you click on add new you’ll, see that adding a page is just like writing a post up the top.

You enter your title and then in the box here you just write whatever you like. You can add links and images just the same as if you’re writing a post when you’re ready, you can click on preview to see what your page is looking like and when you’re happy with the way it looks. All you need to do is hit publish. Another thing you might want to know about is comments so over on the left hand, side you’ll, see the comments option and you can look at all your comments by default.

There should be one comment here which was automatically written for your hello world post and it’s already been approved, but if you’re not happy with it, you can uh approve it or you can reply to it. If I click on reply, I’ll see a box here where I can write back and say, thank you for the comment. Then I just press reply and your other options to edit it. So if it was students work and you wanted to edit it before it was published, you can do that if it’s spam, just click on spam or put it in the bin.

If you don’t want it to be published so you’ll see next to pending there’s a zero. That means I’ve got no comments waiting for me to approve, but once you start getting comments on your blog you’ll see a little icon next to comments. That will tell you the number of comments you need to check and up here next to pending, you’ll see the number as well and if you click on the word pending you’ll be able to go straight to all the comments that you need to moderate so that You can go through them and approve them or not.

You may have noticed that when you first set up a blog, it looks pretty bland to begin with, but you can change the look and feel of your blog and really personalize it to make it your own and the way you do this is through themes. Let’s go back into our dashboard and if we click on appearance and themes be able to see that there are hundreds of themes available to really make our blog alone there’s options up the top for different categories of themes.

If I click on popular, I can see what other people have liked using for their blogs. You’ll see that some of the themes like this one here color has a header image, so you might want to see them like that. If you want to put a picture of your class or school in there, if there’s a theme that you think might work for you, you can hover over it and click on live preview. When you do that, you’ll be able to see what your blog would look like with this with this theme without actually committing to it.

So when it loads here I’ll be able to see that my blog title is up here, Kathleen Morris and here’s the post I’ve just written my sidebar now on the right-hand side, because that’s the way this theme works. If I want to, I can play around with the options here, like the color scheme, the background image and so on, and if I’m happy with it, I just click on save and activate. Now, if I go back to my blog and refresh that will click on the title of my blog I’ll be able to see what it looks like if I’m not happy with it.

Of course, I can go and keep playing around with themes, but otherwise it’s fun to have a new look to your blog. The final thing we’ll take a look at for now is some settings. Let’s click on settings over on the left-hand side here and we’ll. First go into our general settings here you can change the site title now. You might remember that I said you can’t change the URL of your blog, but you can change the site title so, instead of calling my blog Kathleen Morris, I might want to call it mrs.

Morris’s us. The tagline is what shows up under your site title just here by default, it will say just another edgy blog site, so you might want to change its up to something that suits you. I might write here a a great wall class from Australia. You can change your email address your language and your time zone if you want to and your date as well when you’re happy with that click on Save Changes.

If you look in your reading, settings you’ll be able to see that this is where you can change your site. Visibility. If you want to make your blog private or have it so only logged in edgy blogs, users can access your site or you can have your blog totally password protected. If you click on discussions, this is where you can change your commenting settings. One of the options you might want to take a look at is you might want to tick that all your comments have to be manually approved, and you can also change your settings of whether you get an email.

When you get new comments, it can feel really overwhelming when you first get started with blogging and you’re just working out how to navigate your dashboard, it might feel like there are so many options and you can’t keep track of what all these tools are. Try not to worry because, as long as you know how to do a few basics like adding posts and checking your comments, you’ll pick up the other things over time.

You don’t need to know everything at once. Also, remember if you go to help add your blog’s org. This is where you can find all our user guides. You can type in the search bar to find what you’re after or you can browse through some of the guides, and if you get stuck, and you can’t figure it out, you can always email the support team. Just email support at edublogs, org

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Why Every Developer Should Consider Blogging to Make Them Even More Competitive

How much time do I have Patrick this like when people start passing out in the back? Okay, so so I’ll try to make it quick, because all the cert half of us at least have major problems with ADHD, so which is just like me, I’m good. So I want to talk about how to win an internet and some practical ways.

I am an engineer myself and I kind of stumbled upon branding and blogging if you will as an accident, but it has grossly accelerated my career and so even as a still a very young person. I have accomplished a lot and it all has been directed back to the messaging that I’ve created around my person and the work that I’ve done. And so it’s interesting to me. Incredibly, talented people but they’ve been unable to communicate that in a way that affords them opportunities.

That really matter. Does that make sense a lot of times you you’re stopped at the gate, because you just know knows who you are and stuff like that, so I’ve been lucky enough. Really it is luck to stumble through some of this, and hopefully I can give you some of those tips so that you can become more successful as an engineer software developer and perhaps even entrepreneur. You know how to even spell that try dome subsystem stats.

I’ve made a living off of software engineering. I love it. I’ve been developing software for 17 years. I started as a 15 year old for a dal 30 company johnson Johnson. I wasn’t even allowed to really. I think I there was an intern, but I was building their enterprise applications and their marketing sites for their global push into Japan, which is really cool. Remember those acuvue colored contacts remember goes out.

That was a hot back in the mid-90s. That was me. I was making those in active website, so that was awesome, Flashman emc a script. What, on married nine years, I’ve had six ventures. Five exits have two masters degrees. I have two girls, I don’t know what that one is, but I think I’ve have infinite failures. Tons of failures and tons more opportunity, I’m an angel investor, I’ve 39 portfolio companies.

So if you need money, I have some. This is my most important start up. My wife and my two girls who has family here. I’ve ever had to endure that like day long photo sheet – and this is like an hour eight you’re like I – want to absolutely kill myself but ends up becoming like the best one, that’s kind of like a metaphor for life. Isn’t it where you’re at your wits end and then everything comes in to clear so anyway, I love my favorite picture of all time.

Three-Year-Old and saying she just broke her leg and he’s seven year old is the princess. These are some of the companies. I’ve worked for, the CIA was really up yeah when I was an executive had a Fox News curb when I was 25. I have no idea what the hell they were thinking, but that was really fun for a while. I really got my start as an entrepreneur in 2007. My mom clipped this piece of paper, of course, and sent it to me just like you’re on the cover of austin american-statesman.

I was like oh embarrass me, i’m at work, so she clipped that now is my first major venture as a kind of a entrepreneur. Now I lead the iron yard, which is a intensive code school and I am hiring also rubyists, so these rubyists not only have to be in love with their craft, but half they’ll be in love with teaching other people. So if you’re interested, I pay really well, I give almost four months of paid vacation.

So if that sounds badass, you should talk to me. We teach JavaScript objective-c and Ruby on Rails, the iron yard, calm and Lara is our community manager she’s, also a rails girl and she’s a real person, so she can talk to her as well. She’s awesome and her husband is awesome too, and he’s somewhere. Andy areas are you get Hubbard? I also have the venture funded iOS app in the store called press/graham, so I love both open source and proprietary software, so I still hack at night.

I love that and I’m building a desktop application for OSX. That’s coming out in July, so that’s going to be fun and that’s very much related to digital publishing. I’m just completely obsessed, I’m a georgia, tech grad really lucky. I failed my way through. I just started with cs, but I failed out my freshman year. I was a douche like total ass, but they let me back in an icon my way back in, and I’ve got two graduate degrees here, one in education, alright, so after that, so who cares about personal branding? What we’re going to start is with personal branding, is kind of a meta-level.

Why why this is important, why you should care and then I’ll walk you through some practical things, to encourage you to actually execute against that? Why I love memes, so I forgive me in advance. That’s just my wife. She thinks that’s all I speak and emoticons and memes, but after nine years that’s kind of like telepathy anyway, alright. So why does this matter? As I said so it’s about competition.

Really! It’s about being competitive, why personal branding matters is because it lets you be more competitive as an individual as much as we love community as much as you guys or peers – and you know this is a community here. You are competing for jobs and, what’s nice about being a software, the software world is it’s a big ocean, so in most cases all of us are going to be well employed for the rest of our lives.

I love this industry. I can’t imagine being at any other one, so you’ll never have a problem, but it’s especially challenging when you’re starting out or you’re trying to rebuild a career or trying to engage in a new technology stack or something. When I started teaching myself objective-c about a year and a half ago, I don’t know anyone, I didn’t know what I was doing so I wanted to be competitive and it helped so it helps create more signal and less noise around you as a person and the Fact is that we all do this.

We use Google eyes a significant signal to who we are as people, whether it’s right or wrong. That’s really not i’m not trying to qualify that, but you’ve done this. You, google yourself, sometimes maybe too much you, google, your peers! Your colleagues, potential employers and – and you know this to be true as well – they google you they look for you. They look for signals about who you are as a software engineer, but also the signals around your person, your character.

Are you a person who gets high and drunk on friday nights and are they willing to risk to pay you despite those character, flaws and so for Google’s sake in many ways again not qualifying whether this is good or bad I’d rather stating? What is you have to consider personal branding as a part of your strategy if you will and again not a super fan, but it really has accelerated a lot of my life. So the good point, then, is you have to be a little bit different.

You have to give Google and the other signals something to talk about something to write home about, but the difference is you have to do it on purpose? The fact is all of us, especially if we have gift or profiles. We have signals already. The question is: have you been intentional about those things? Have you actually created positive signals around your character, the work that you do, your passions as a developer, a particular angle – maybe you love some scaffolding, technology and you’re like yeah.

Is that a positive signal for an employer and have you done intentionally as the point is one of control be in the driver’s seat? Metaphorically again, it’s not a question of if, if you have a personal brand or some signals around your name and your person, not a question of if it is a question of how and how good and of what quality and how consistent does any of this make Sense whatsoever, hey, I do enjoy hearing myself talk now, so so you have an entire opportunity to be entirely epic.

You may not have ever thought hmm. I should really think about the signals that I’m creating out on the interwebs, but now as an opportunity to really start fresh, especially for our students in our cohorts in the iron yard. They have a very unique opportunity to make a major pivot into software world, and they can start entirely fresh. That’s why we require all of our students to blog, because a blog allows them to control from end to end the messaging around their new career.

Excuse me. So if at one point they were a florist or a Starbucks barista, which are real stories, they are now able to craft a message around this new brand, I’m a new junior level, software engineer and rails or objective-c, and I’m looking for an opportunity and strings things Begin to happen so social media, obviously the point around social media – I guess, is just to choose wisely. I used to be a super fan of social media.

Now I absolutely hate it. I don’t have a facebook page or profile they’re nice to keep an account, because I mean how I mean how many of our clients have asked us to create. Facebook integrations like every single one right, so yeah have account to create. You know to use your API and stuff and I’ll very close to quitting twitter too, but I’m working through that. The point is to choose wisely. So one point I had tons, but there is something very special that happens when you choose one or two and you go really deep.

A couple years ago I made a decision to cut all ties to all major social networks except Twitter, and I jumped from like eight or nine ten thousand followers on Twitter to over a hundred thousand within a few months. It was an incredible experiment. I’m now hovering around 189 under ninety thousand, and it would be a absolute life. I didn’t tell you that that makes an incredible difference, but not only for me for my companies for the portfolio companies that I oversee one tweet from me allows them to enter into spaces that they may not have otherwise earned on their own right and that’s powerful.

I’m not saying that I like that. In fact, I really I really don’t like it, but it’s an incredible tool in your digital tool belt. If you will to leverage for your career, so choose wisely. If you actually, google me and you go to images, this is what you see now after blogging for 13 years. I control generally the capital along like Google’s indexing, and all of these images will land on a blog, which is what I’ll get to a little bit later in this presentation.

As you can see how powerful this is as a controlling tool for the message around Who I am what I’m doing, what I’m involved in and the work and the stuff that I’d like for you to see, so you click any of these links. They’ll go to my blog, which are 12 or two clicks away from the about page, which links to my properties, my investments, the work that I’m doing the things, I’m a building, etc, etc.

It’s a straight blog of opportunity for me, it’s taken in long time, but it’s powerful. So here’s an introspective moment for you if we were to extra stew the same exact exercise. What would show up and is that good? Now, i’m not here to answer that question, but I mentor high school students occasionally when people, let me – and I mean these kids are just dumb. Okay, I just I constantly tell them you are making yourself unemployable.

You know that right, you’re, underage drinking, you know snot, that smoking is a sin or anything bad, but that just looks tacky right. Who cares if you’re straight A student they’re going to Google your ass? And it’s just really? It’s really sad. So I try to work with them on that and Alyssa name, but whatever the point is that Google is a powerful signal for employers and for contractors and for organizations.

I know for everyone, who’s raised their hand, who’s hiring and certainly me who’s looking to hire. I will google you and I will see some interesting things which might explain why you get her, don’t get jobs. Who knows I mean who knows so? The idea, then, is you need to create some base station some operation of control, to maximize the signals that you create for employers and stuff. Like that again, I figured this out by accident.

I stumbled across this just over consistent blogging, so I didn’t this. Wasn’t I didn’t set out for this, and – and Here I am standing before you as a badass – I I lucked my way into this. So blogging is how I use my base station. I joined twitter in 2008. I just told you that story and have been lucky to gain a good following, and I leverage that, as best as I can i’m very intentional without as well, i’m not there to be your friend, i’m not there to have a private conversation.

I’m certainly not there to date, I’m there for marketing, I’m there for message, expansion. I know unashamed about that intent. It’s just the way it is. Although ninety percent of what I talk about is random, just like most of us, but if you were to look at my last company and then I exited last last year, we would tweet out very systematically and programmatically on thursdays at eleven and we would tag those Things and track those metrics, we were selling digital product and we just crossed a million in revenue, and Thursdays was our hearty day.

We had about a quarter million followers globally as an organization, and we tweet that out. We track those and would sell tens of thousand dollars with the product. We would don’t get then go to the local bar get smashed and see how much we learned over that hour period. That was awesome and so unashamed about it. Twitter is marketing, and I don’t know that the social stuff there might be some social media gurus here.

I’m sorry I’m offending you, but I don’t believe that all right. So then, what’s the magic sauce, what what’s the secret sauce outside of the absolute luck that I’ve had over the last 12 13 years of doing this and its execution? There’s nothing else. I don’t care how many blogs you go to hubspot marketing Mashable, all those marketing blogs that tell you tips and tricks and whatever the only thing that matters – and you know this, especially as developers is, did you write that code or not? Did you execute against the requirements or not, and so the only thing that I have to suggest for you guys is to execute if you’re going to do this, do it don’t just think about it cogitate for a bit, and then you know go to your next Meetup actually go, do it that’s a picture of my wedding band, which I have lost, but that’s not.

The message message is commitment. This is commitment that, outside of execution, commit a commitment to it. Matters that executing once is not enough. Committing to a long term. Is everything you know that again as developers? The only reason why you’ve been successful in your career is you’re exercising that development muscle, you’re learning you’re going to meet ups you’re going to the new intermediate meet up wit, just sounds really bad ass plug you know continue exercise just like exercise need to remember that, And last tip, if anything outside of execution commitment is make it personal, this is my daughter – were teach I’m teasing our rails right now, she’s seven at this really cool article of her making her first like like making her first line and in a heading enter and Just her light eyes light up, she’s like oh, my god, I’m like she said, I’m a coder um.

So I captured that on article – and I just probably one of the best articles and then, of course, her sister runs around the edge of the wall and says my foot, my foot um, but seeing you know for for this year old enough to remember basic. That’s where I learned like you, didn’t, have this responsiveness of being able to see something and then seeing this reaction, this the psyche of this feedback loop.

If you will, because you just kind of guests and hoped it happened, but for her to see to hit a command and then to see something happen on the screen is just I never want that to get old that we live in a wild wild world, it. So, anyway, plus the third thing is just make personal, you have to give a about what you’re doing again. You know that that’s that’s fairly obvious. All right, you do those three things guaranteed kick ass and you win the internet all right so on to the second part of this strange, but something in presentation.

I’m appreciate that awkward laugh all right. So now, we’ve kind of worked through the. Why, if you haven’t been convinced, maybe you’re just so much of a badass that you don’t need to, but for a lot of us, even the slightest execution against a blogging and branding will take you a long long way so now we’ll go into the execution part. Some of the practicalities of making this happen, you guys are smart, so then go through this pretty fast.

So why blogging talk about the branding federer cheddar? The point, though, for me, is that accelerated everything I’ll be 32 this year and I have done a ton of stuff and had a load of fun. I’ve made more money than I need to, but I’m just 32, and I just I marvel at that. I never take that for granted. I have a very distinct I’m in touch with my mortality. If you will, I don’t know when that happened, but I just knew when I was young i’m going to die soon.

I better get this thing going blogging again. Helped me it helped accelerate a lot of the stuff and I’m not the most talented engineer. I self-admittedly I’m not that talent. I just stumbled upon the ability to communicate the work that I was doing so that people mostly dumb people, but they chose me for opportunities. Instead of others, and maybe that’s what you’re missing so I belong for 13 years, there was one year I blogged 3248 times in a calendar year.

That’s an average of nine, almost nine times a day, talk about obsession, but I still love it and I blog at least once a day. Typically, it’s about two times a day, and I make it it’s it’s a habit. It’s a it’s a habitual thing. It’s part of my process, if you will but the point, is it accelerated everything in my life and I’m very, very thankful for it blogging back then, though, was updating a static HTML file through a server and then time stamping it in reverse chronological order, like you Know with horizontal rules, flaming, of course, and crazy gifts, but I’ll go gifts are now come back alright.

So why? Let me count the ways. So here are some things that blogging has actually done explicitly for me. It has helped me get partners. One of the partners of my previous company was actually a comment on my blog five years. Prior and we’ve started a conversation, the comet layer. I thought it was a troll, so I blacklisted his IP. He somehow got around that and anyway long story short. I moved my wife and our kids into his basement to bootstrap that company, and that was awesome, so we went from blog comment or to partner and then an exit.

It’s helped me raise venture capital not directly, but it is certainly helped me engage with people that I have no right of engaging with for those in the venture space Brad Feld is a household name. He has commented on my blog and we actually started our accelerator program of iron yard out of the techstars network, so your typical acceleration, three months 20 grand percent equity and then carry on the back.

It has given me office space. This is wild, then investment company on Australia, Hong Kong, made their first purchase here in Atlanta, the old riches building next to underground atlanta that strange place, and then they just they needed someone to literally be in the building. They googled co-working atlanta. And if you, google, that my blog will come up near the top – and I just had canvas and written about all the coding spots in atlanta, so they literally contact and cold contacted me and said, looks like you know what you’re doing what if you brought your Company to our space will give you 50 grand to build out the space and we’ll let you stay there for a year.

I was like, let me think so, literally office space like awesome, we spent most of it on a epic 8-bit neural, throw a local artist. So I totally blew all that cash on something really stupid. I’m an editor for Wiley publishers. I don’t recommend that because they pay like but being an editor for the biggest technical publisher in the world does hold clout and they contacted me because I had written about certain series on my blogs.

Well enough that it looked like. I actually knew what I was talking about. My last book was servers for dummies. You know those dummies series, those yellow and black books. You see at Barnes & Noble, so I edited the latest web hosting for dummies book. I mean all right who cares? Uh, clients and jobs, obviously I’m tons of opportunities, and then freedom, I think, is the most important one. It really gave me really gave me opportunity to say yes to the right jobs and no to the ones that were just playing lame.

You know, especially if you’re contracting, as many of you are sometimes you just have to say yes to everything, especially if you’re starting out but blogging. For me, at least, you know and directly gave me so many such a large pipeline – that I was able to create some judiciousness around the decisions that I was making like an a cool gig. It’s cool projects. No, I don’t. I don’t really need that.

One. I’m sure i’ll get another solicitation, so freedom allowed me to have a little bit more rest around the work that I did and Lord knows how many of you need a break all right. It’s my favorite picture. Let’s just sit there all right! No, no! No! That one dude that was legit um, I should have Ellen’s legit, I mean so anyway, so it sounds all like mystically rain, rainbow unicorn ish. So here are some excuses in myths.

He’s probably conjured up if you’ve been ever entertained about writing. I hope dispel those in a few minutes or so and encourage you to really really knock it out. Three three major excuses in myths, time content or readers. I don’t have enough time. I don’t know what to write about. No one’s going to read my you. Don’t have to raise your hand, but I know most of you have thought that she’s from Atlanta right, sweet brown ain’t, nobody got time for bronchitis, god.

I saw that article a thousand times, though so no time no time, I’m telling you that 15 minutes a week is all you need 15 minutes a week, so count all those extra YouTube articles that you read how many times you spend on reddit. You know hacker news, I mean: let’s, let’s keep adding it, you can do 15 minutes a week, that’s just one post today. I think that alone will make you stand apart and just think about it.

All things being equal, you as a developer among a laundry list of other developers right and your stack ranked against them as hiring managers come or whatever, and they, Google, all ten of you and your competitors except you’ve, been writing consistently about no Jas or skala or Redis or whatever you know, whatever the flavor of the month is whatever you’re you’re just blank jonesing on right. Now you have a higher and more positive signal about the work that you do.

Then your competitors, all it is it’s just one signal of many. Of course you have to go in an interview and not look like you’re hungover, but it’s a positive signal, and sometimes that’s all you need. Is that one entrance? Many of you know if I could just get an interview. I can nail it every time. If you don’t get interview, and so we can get there, then you can close it schedule. It. That’s easy! You schedule.

A number of things in your life apply this to blogging. It takes time to build a habit. I know for 13 years it’s still struggle, but you have to look at it at an investment, so sweet brown. You got time to this all right. I get away with this because I’m Asian no content what so this again is another myth. You know what do I write about? Well, you start with your experience. I’m just write about what you’ve done, which I know sounds egomaniacal.

It is you’ll just have to get over that talk about your experience as a developer, but things that you like don’t like developers, especially talented ones, are highly opinionated full stop highly opinionated people and a lot of them are jerks, but that’s great stuff, because aren’t you Attracted to people who have opinions like who just look at your circle of friends, they’re, not bland people, they are people with opinions may be shared.

Opinions may be bins that you don’t equally share it that you like anyway. I don’t know why we don’t apply this to the hiring scenario right. Why would I? Why would I hire an onion ated person, which is a boring person? I hire hylian pinion ated people who love what they do and are willing to duke it out when we come to a technology decision. I love that. I think that’s cool, so you are opinionated.

Why don’t you just man up or woman up, as that phrase want to be gender-neutral? Do it and just share that opinion that you lose nothing against a crank against the rest of the in a development field? You have an opinion. You have the courage. That really is it the courage to share that opinion, that’s attractive to a to a hiring manager, that’s attractive to people who want to hire you Wow geez, he really came off strong about you know note is when I’m kind of geeking out kind of from the Back burner, wow, that’s cool like he really likes his stuff.

That’s. I think I want to talk with that person that gal code snippets google loves that stuff. I don’t know why, but makes sense copy and paste code what you’re working on I mean. How long would it take you to say? Hey totally got stuck on this line right here and this object won’t compile. But here it is publishing. I mean I think, that’s 30 seconds and you’re done you’re good you’re good. Do you have published? You are a digital creator, you’re badass and then images are so easy.

I mean it is so easy I mean as superficial as that might sound it’s attached to your name. Its content, regardless take a picture of your workstation, probably remove some of the garbage before you take this, but now that that junk works. This has no relevance to the next slide. I just like it, no readers, so that’s the second myth. Here’s the third myth. No one’s going to read my stuff, your co-workers will for sure, because why they don’t know what it is, but they intuitively know you just became more competitive.

I want to know what my co-workers doing to advance their career. Why would they do that? We’re going to look at you sideways, it’s going to be an awkward water-cooling moment, but you can be like just trying out my game, your peers, so you’re, not in the you know typical work environment. Your peers will definitely take note, let’s say whoa whoa whoa. I don’t like node, why is it talking about node organizations? Obviously we’ll take note as they look for you and the Internet is weird.

That’s probably why I have this. The internet is just a weird place in terms of the blog here’s, a great metaphor, it’s kind of like a crack house. You know there are multiple entry points you walk in and you have no idea where they came from, but they’re there. So we’ll just stop that metaphor stops right there, but the internet is like that and just you just have no idea who who enters it. Just like some of the stories I shared about the free office space, I have no idea why they would do that.

But when I told my three partners: hey we’re moving downtown next to the underground atlanta and a 3,000 square foot facility for free, no one was like yeah. I don’t know about that, we’re up and like Duluth man I was like you know. It was wack all right, so I have completely demystified your three excuses or myths, and now you’ve accepted the challenge right so excuses. No more here are some options for publishing: WordPress tumblr, subtle, medium.

Com, Jekyll octa press, the last two being developer centric. I don’t care her. I’m not dogmatic about any of these. I like WordPress, because I had built a business around that, but I am the last person to tell you which one to choose just choose one who cares you want to use github pages. Do that. That would be a great place, except traffic goes down by 30, almost 40 % views github pages LSU do a crazy rewrite on the URL Bing.

So just be careful about get up pages a card execute, so you have to commit commit schedule and in profit whatever that profit might be, and maybe very soon it may take a long time to create this online equity. I don’t know, but if you start today and the rest of these people in this room, do not I guarantee a year from now, you will be in a very different place than the ones who did not like. Oh, I was building this deck and they like this afternoon like and I was just giggling.

My team was like what’s going on like that means all right. So finally, the cap, this off, there’s a large opportunity cost. If you don’t try this there’s a small personal cost, I just asked for 15 minutes per week. You can do that so large opportunity costs small personal costs. I just don’t see how many of you could argue with that. It could very well transform your future. Give you options and opportunities that you may not have entertained before and that’s really exciting, it’s exciting and also scary, to think that there’s some opportunities that are available to you that you’re.

Just not aware of that. So I could I struggle with like acute anxiety who, if I sit on that too long, let me go take my meds and then you just don’t know. I think there are stranger things that have happened with the internet, so you know take it for a spin. All right, I’m done your turn to ask some questions: yeah. What’s up bro you who can be fooled so easily, so ba matured um take on spending time working the haunting things I’d say years back a little over 50 or more you’re.

Acting with oh yeah. That’s a great question I would say, take the same principle as I shared earlier is: choose wisely. You know some of you guys have some killer stack overcoat profiles. Some of you have some amazing github commits, like you know how many times in a row right mine, looks terrible, because most of my stuff is proprietary. You know private, so I can’t use it as a positive signal for in my career.

I don’t need it as well, but again choose wisely, where you’re going to spend some time to really invest, and it does make a difference. You know imagine curating making a little bit more sexy those profiles and it just looks so much more classy right compared to someone who doesn’t really thinking proactively about those profiles but choose wisely because you don’t have infant amount on and then try to go.

Try to do it really well um. Your gains on split profiles is, for instance, I currently new working kind of to inward work in an actual industry and then still an ID, but then I’ve also been working on some buildings from my application. So I’m kind of curious yeah, the one of them is kind of a web developer, rails, Django, yeah, no personality and the other one’s kind of a corporate work, old data warehousing architecture.

So I kind of hate myself for my first job was with a pearl ASP and Oracle. And yes, I hated myself too. So this is just again in my opinion, I just still. I don’t know how to do split personalities. I I am one person and it’s it’s too difficult for me to isolate and segregate myself, and I think I’ve just learned to be comfortable with that mashup if you will, and so whether I’m talking about my family or you know our portfolio or my my company Are I mean whatever it just kind of jumbles there together and I I feel ok with people finding that stuff, but it really is a functional decision, because I don’t have enough time like to manage multiple accounts and then try to create these alternate personas and talk About myself as a third person, so I just have chosen for me to just I’ve – got one blog and that’s the way I’m going to execute, but it also is a competitive advantage.

You have different worlds which that you can combine, and I don’t know how. But there’s something very fascinating about people who bring very different perspectives into engineering. In fact, a lot of the staff that I’ve hired, even in my current company, had come from liberal arts backgrounds and man. They are just brilliant in ways that I am NOT, and I love that and it gives them flavor and that gives them depth and we’ve got a Norse mythology.

She speaks four languages gal who does Ruby for us and she’s so cool. You know so and then she speaks Gaelic or something so I was driving home. The other day is like her Irish Irish Gaelic or something some dialect. Something right he’s like speak to me like in that, whatever that is, as we are stuck on four hundred and it’s just like wow, you know but he’s an engineer but she’s interesting right.

You know one of the things that we we coach our investments and as they prepare for their pitch events. As we say, the goal is not to convince. The goal is to be remembered. That’s it because you’re not going to make they’re not going to sign you to check there right after a couple beers they might, but the goal is to get the follow up. The goal is for you to remember it enough for them to say out of the 20 pitches.

I salt tonight that guy’s a badass. I can’t exactly remember what product it was. It was probably another photo sharing app great, just like mine, but but man he was cool. He was memorable. I we should go. We should go, hang out with them at happy hour, so in that way I think combining the distinct parts of who you are your experience. Your background, your experiences is very positive. I don’t. I don’t see that as a negative and any any area, um whatsoever.

Great question, though they might well, is just sit right there. The Internet is scary, Oh yep question nothing day, my back fired 10 years from now I mean honestly, who knows honestly, who knows, and but but the people in this room, I think, are talented enough to pivot and maneuver because we’re the ones who are creating thing. You know we are the, we are engineering it. It is a weird reality and you may have never thought about it, but if you’re a software engineer, you are literally changing the perspectives of millions of how they perceived technology and human interaction.

It’s a wild thing. If you spit us in on it too long, it gets really scary, because you’re changing the way that people are perceiving their engagement with inanimate objects and data. I never thought about it’s a wild thing. There’s a lot of money related there! That’s why? I think about that often, but you are, you are creating these realities for people and that’s crazy. So I mean who knows so if it’s broken like social will, just go fix it.

You know the answers. I don’t know sorry good question, though, or my daughter will fix it, he’ll be like hey Roen. You got to fix this, like your dad looks like a total ass. This is going on youtube, so she’ll figure out a way to race. It yeah. So, while being in traffic without my 23rd, there was a there’s, a hacker news, article about if you use github pages, it’s based on the page load, because they use a spam system internally, that has to route your DNS throughout a really complex system which elongate the Time between the visitor and the actual page view, I’m oh really simplifying that, but since page rank is based on speed as a major signal, you actually ranks blower yeah.

So so you might as well pusher octave press blog to a good Weebly for wickes knows can’t come today, but I love stock images 0. So one workaround is to not use like a pen not host the beta site. Anything rights – that’s right, like domain so instead of like example.Com you’ve got about that example. That will work around and the reasoning is just as you can’t see name domain. So you have to pin it feel like one specific IP in that I you know, Andy stop.

Making me look stupid, it’s a tough thing if the DNS back whatever loud. What’s funny thing is it’s not actually a heart? The standard isn’t supported many implementations, including by do support it, though we still don’t use it, because it’s not the standard there. You can run into some issues, whoa fight, you use a cname at the apex and you like route meal like that, gets through these guys around one, and it would not recommend no yeah.

You can google it so we can have a blog board now yeah, like crown one coming at some position, yeah you ever. Have anyone go straight for your guests waters, ooh! That’s a great question answer is now for my personal blog. No, I have had some guests authors and it was noted that they were doing like a guest post or something but vast majority over. The is just my own thoughts yeah. It has a place in this in your in a strategy.

I guess it’s not in you know, because the the win of someone else writing content, for you is actually a loss for me because it takes me more management, time to copy and paste they’re really up HTML into the system and like just I’ll, do myself. You’re deluding the brain yeah that would yeah whatever yeah I mean. Yes, I think so, hey. I don’t know your personal policy for deleting or editing for you just know.

I don’t have a policy or a strategy. I leave all of them there because once they’re there, like google, has indexed that to kingdom come and wayback machine ain’t escaping wayback machine um. So but here’s here’s I mean here’s the honest truth is: we have all changed as individuals and matured as adults. So the things that we believe today are not the same things that we believed even a couple years ago and I think that’s okay.

I think we were oftentimes scared of our past and some have some weird pass. I mean reason I left at lan. I want to graduate texts coz. I have too many girlfriends here I mean like that was just weird, but now I’m back and I don’t know where they are anyway, TMI weird Asperger’s, right here, sorry uh, but I think that’s, okay. I think it just shows that you’re human, that you change and evolve and how many times have you guys pivoted or look back at some of the software that you build your like, oh revolting, like and there’s this gag reflex and you’re, like, oh god, don’t know.

I mean that happens. Like that’s cool. Can I answer column for a question shirts. I do blogging to on some of mind if I look at the analytics and there’s certain pages that are just like gathered, our blog put some time, but it’s a landing page. I mean it’s: it’s like the number two entry on some keyboard at Google and so people in those cases. I declare them in the category of being what I call on the blog and maintain posts and its marked very clearly like, and it will have a changes for like okay, the version change, so we updated.

I have to do the example and i’ll do a log and because, even though it’s a blog post is this living thing because people are hitting it like, sometimes hundreds per day, it would be a disservice to have it be sailed, information, and so, let’s just look At your analytics inside with right as long as you’re, clear though you know it’s not like you’re being edit or delete it’s honest on your blog yeah time, stamping it that’s a great tip the number one blog post of all time on John do my personal blog Is the is a blog post, titled top ten creative notebooks, and I so I carry around as as digital as I am, I think, there’s something very fundamental to to analog, and so I love I love these things.

I all my ideas and notes and scribble scrabble czar there, and so I’ve experimented with creative notebooks over time, and so I wrote hey. These are the top ten like creative notebooks that have ever used going that and action method, a bunch of other weird stuff. It has tens of thousands of views a day and it took me a while to figure this out, but then I added um affiliate links for those yeah. I get a check from amazon every month from that one blog post.

It’s ridiculous and you know my life’s like so so I just I know, because I got a text message on my device today. I ordered this portable boombox right like who needs that, but from amazon, so they send you a text messages, don’t know like sighs text message in my wife, like hey, there’s this really strange like yellow and black package. It’s it’s a portable stereo system. I don’t really need one, but I think it’d be cool she’s like who paid for that.

It’s like Amazon, so Amazon allows us to have date, nights and stuff like that. So that’s going to cool anyway! We’re sort! Yes, oh so you were saying you kind of mess problems, the structure, the way we do things like you’re, no bad or whatever is you? Have you messed around their seeming avenges to the different structures of your site as if or your blog as a transition? I used to spend a lot of time on the technical components.

In fact, I was spent a lot of time in the WordPress world for a number of years and my the previous company I had we were the fifth partner automatic we, so he divided the company in half last year, sold half of it to woo themes, which Is one of the larger commercial players and the other half to WP engine when the largest commercial hosting providers for WordPress so talk about being in bed in that universe? But the only thing that I’ve learned that really keeps is the fact that I published every day and it almost doesn’t matter at this point.

What the actual underlying structure is. You can make a very hard case that I should spend more time, but if there’s anyone, I can speak with authority just publishing every day. For the last 13 years, like I preempt most people’s content. Even if I’m writing the exact same thing for those who are a little bit of a geek in terms of google pagerank, i’m with my blogs of PR five as a personal blog, that’s ridiculous, and so I I subvert a lot of spaces.

The moment talk about something and it’s just because I have this arc as this trove of stuff most of its crap, but you know crap files on each other and get higher um. So at this point in time, I don’t spend any time on it. Dude, who could be convinced so easily pull you pull me and convince me, but um blog like every day. Yes, do you try to have a non content-rich post they can periodically in addition way bit yeah.

At this point, I there’s no method to my madness. Sometimes it’ll be a hundred words and a picture of my kids and her broken leg and sometimes it’ll be a more thought, deep thought, type post about leadership or my investments or what I don’t. I don’t know so: there’s no there’s no method to the madness at this point. Yeah. Sorry, it’s getting hot or mice hot taught you categorize your posts and, like other any kind of categories that tend to get more activity arrested like I used to.

But now I don’t I have I have four categories and that’s just because we’re wordpress demands 1. I’ve got a legacy archive the 3000 that I wanted to kind of shuffle away I’ve one on autism, that’s kind of rare that and one on photos so for see you like more activity on tightly. You know, there’s no, there’s no clear signals at this point and if I could do way with all categories, I would you see those on the newer platforms like subtle and medium like there’s.

No category like just does another matter hey. Thank you so much for your time in your attendance. I apologize for my ramblings, but thank you for a tail rug for having and we hope, you’ve enjoyed this article presentation of a talk given at a monthly Atlanta, Ruby users group meeting. This article has been sponsored by rieta, incorporated as an atlanta-based rails. Consultancy rieta transforms high-level business problems of technical solutions for more articles like this one, please see the ATL rug articles playlist

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How To Build A Brand | Starting a Blog Tip #10 | Sammy Blindell

Of course, you know it implicitly, and you know it really well and the people that are connecting with you are clearly interested in it or they wouldn’t be following you, but of course buying into a brand people are buying people.

So you don’t just want to be talking about your subject all the time, because that could become a bit monotonous and people really want to get to know who the person is behind the brand. So people want to know who you are. This is a great way of using blogs and article logs to get your creativity flowing so every now and again just chuck in something that is just getting your personality across, and it might be, for example, like miles, and I will take Bonnie for a walk over At the local park and we’ll think I know actually we could do a article on this.

You know we’ll be talking with so why don’t we do a article on that and we’ll just literally get our iPhone and start recording and you may have seen it already. You know throwing the frisbee for body in the background and you know, and that’s just you know, I think that when you are getting your communication across on a daily basis, you’re building friendships and you’re building rapport, so people want to see who you are behind the Brand and not just who you are on the face of the brand all the time so use your blogs and your article logs to be creative and have some fun with it.

So what other hobbies do you have? What are the things that you do outside of the business that you could talk about and actually build more rapport with your audience, because when they know who you are behind the brand you’ll find you have a lot more things in common with the people who are Following you, so that’s our final tip in the series you’ve had 10 top tips on making the most and building your brand using article and blogging.

If you’ve got any other questions, do please get in contact with us either pop your comment in the box below or get in touch with miles or myself on facebook. So I am Sammy blend l and miles is miles fryer. So if you want to connect with us on facebook, do please send us a friend request and if you’ve got any questions, send us a message personally and we’ll do our very best to help you over the next couple of weeks.

So we’ll see you tomorrow for another tip have a great day and we’ll see you soon, bye, bye, you

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!