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How to Make Blogspot Blog – Tutorial

This is a step-by-step tutorial for absolute beginners. First of all, Myrtle’s a blogspot site signing on the top right corner or click on creator blog and in with your Gmail account use our display name. This will be your name and not the name of your blog click. Continue. Click on create new blog choose the title of your crop. Choose a web address for your blog.

As you can see, this blog address is not available, so I will have to change my blog. Yes, once the chosen blog address is available, I can select a theme for my blog select any theme that you like, and you can also change these themes later. After selecting a team to create a blog, that’s it we have successfully created a new blog click on View blog. It will take you to your new blog right now. There is nothing here because it isn’t post anything we’ll go back to your blogger dashboard.

In your blogger, dashboard click, new post, use the post title and write the content of your post. Once you have finished through your blog post click, publish your new blog post will be shown here that you can view on your blog exit. Now you are ready to start blocking, leave a thumbs up and subscribe. If you liked this article, you

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