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Asia Pacific Master Blogging Challenge

I have spent my entire adult life in universities on four continents. I might add that that is only a very, very small consolation with that confession. I’ve got to say that in all of my years in universities, I have never seen this morning all of these together. I have never seen anything to tell you the truth quite like what we are about to do.

It promises to be a unique, innovative, challenging spectacular. We’ve never done before we’re not quite sure. What’s going to happen, I encourage you to break out the laptop or your phones or follow along pay attention and that we’re going to try and put on a show that we are calling the asian-pacific master blogging challenge 2011. This is a first for us for the a new camera, but I think it’s probably actually at first to stop.

This is something that nobody has really tried before and we’re going to do our best to make it work and we’re delighted that all of you can join us for this challenge. So this is the first time and I’ve got to say. I’r absolutely delighted that we have four master bloggers here with us who will be struggling for. I understand for that, and any of the Australians in the audience will know that that lives, map probe a delicious Kristensen and he’s joined here by George Boleyn, Paris and the other guy, who are the three posts of Australia’s most popular television show.

And for the past couple of years, this show MasterChef has taken Australia by storm every winter, and it is, I guess, with that, show in mind’s, drawing on its potency, its popularity that we came up with this idea of a master blogging challenge millions of Australia tune In to read MasterChef it’s on pretty much every night of the week, and I should note that occasionally I can be counted among their number, so I know that the most popular part of MasterChef is something called the Mystery Box challenge.

And today, as you all saw, we we had the privilege of our Dean, professor Andrew McIntyre, unveiling our master chef and its ingredients are laid out there on the table in front of us. We have just to remind you, a map of the world in Burmese, a Southeast Asian specialist, the Ken tongs wickets, our swords with extra pineapple, some photocopy data from the deans library and, in particular, issue to know that that data is from a cool title: braising, China, Global challenges and opportunities: we have a 1985 edition of culture shock the Philippines.

We have a royal wedding, Camilla BT tower for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we, of course have an a staff of the year, so our master bloggers, drawing on that this mystery box will be encouraged to draw inspiration from at least three of those ingredients. When they’re coming up with their blogs but realizes all have to make use of the facade being part of that, there are no rules. This is no-holds-barred blog.

They are encouraged to use their creativity. Are they to really challenge themselves and challenge us with the best blogs that they can come with? So I should get down to introducing our master belong challenges fresh from the hallowed halls of Columbia University. In the United States we have East Asia forum blog wizard, dr. Shiro, Armstrong Shiro is a research fellow. We have college with expertise in economics and international finance, as well as the politics of the asia-pacific region.

He is also the co-founder of the Eastern Bloc. He brings years of lobbying experience to the table, then in the red corner we have Cynthia Stanton, whose baby diplomatic editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and a community is she’s. A veteran journalist she’s, currently completing a PhD in our College. Cynthia warns me that she has never written a blog, not so, ladies and gentlemen and Cynthia. Let’s see what she’s got we have Brando Bell.

He writes the camera column for the interpreter, which is the blog of the law institute for international policy based in Sydney. Grain was the ABC Southeast Asia. Radio correspondent in Singapore has done several stints as the camera based Foreign Affairs and defense. Correspondent for radio Australia he’s been all over the place in his very long and distinguished journalistic career, discovered the Falklands War cruising the beach in Thailand and the Philippines banking after the pro-democracy movement, and also the return of Hong Kong, China.

He blogs pretty much every week of the year, so Cynthia and Shiro read out Walker, who is the associate dean of the college of agent in the Pacific for the past ten years, he’s worked on a wide swing of issues surrounding rural development, resource management and modernization. In northern Thailand, andrew is the co-founder of the a New Zealand dollar blog and logs pretty much every day. I was down a lot of a betting shop this morning word on the street and not hoping to heat to my depression.

Is that dr., Andrew Walker? Is the favorite so again, let’s see what he’s got if you would like to follow along with us, there are plenty different ways: you can do it at this particular moment in time you can get onto the blog site a specific week. Slash challenge should do the trick. You can also get to us through the longer URL or you can load us up through Twitter, etc, etc. I’r going to be moving around the room once our master bloggers get down to business.

I’ll have a mine. I very much encourage you to ask questions, get involved, make comments. All of this is going to be happening up on with this screen. What happens other screen up here? Where there’ll be other things flicking through? You should prove to be really quite exciting, as I said to start, we’ve never done this before nobody’s ever done this before. So, let’s just see how we go master bloggers, we had a 40 minute clock.

You have your mystery box. There are a range of ingredients for you to choose from, you need to choose at least three and everybody has to use the Asahi beer. Those are the only rules. The 2011 Asian Pacific master bottle challenge starts now. Nicholson is a comment already on the blog. There is Andrew there are two comments: okay, we’ll get to the commenting they’re just about to get our started with what is going to be 40 minutes of blogging, we’re going to pull everything up on the screen here so that we can see what is going on On each of their own screens – and I should say in front of everyone that Glen LeBaron serves a special menopause, fathers weren’t getting his setup his feet of mighty wizard, and I reckon two balls.

Yes, I do. You know how really good Christians come on. Okay, it is hot and inherently tu-95ms anyone that is this. Like a desert, it doesn’t have a license, get a quick update from our four masts models. You can see what they getting out to be on the screen, the toggle, through the illustration that yeah rock words have about ushiro binary yeah, pretty good on reading its weight about. I can thank you special right hand.

You will see it as always with these things. This is actually another computer. That’s interested and I’ll bring it in time, it’s all in the way that you’ve constructed and so you’re sitting here, incredibly Remington and as I always do, and I brought over all the the cabin every and when I finished my scene, it’s a paper off to that Big blood like that Cynthia’s like okay, alright, wonderful! We look forward to to what you’re coming up with.

I see already that you’re you’re playing around with the metaphors from the mystery by where’d you get paid when you can pay by the way with you actually produce the woman’s when you get paid by the word between, I suppose now, you’re allowed to do Mexican waves. No, we need a bit of cheering my work. You’ve got to be you’ve got to get into this sort of raaaaah change. Events hey come on to the Sydney Cricket Ground, okay with the one and the four pick all the back, get to chat chickens.

Okay, so we’re kicking along we’ve got the timer set. Now it’s counting down thirty minutes to go. I’r asked the bloggers power button and think of it as a specific guidance on uploading photos with this particular blogging platform, not every blogging platforms the same. This is fine too, because there’s nothing that takes all day or a great deal of resources or extra. It can be something that can be almost done in your spare time.

Any other memories we’ve got one. I won’t give him he’s going to have something to put into the me just the city, everyone from the audience. Okay, I think the Asahi should be the top prize. Put some. So do you just have any publishers? I don’t need to do okay, so we have a question: what is flaming full and you can okay repeat help with the help of the spelling side screen we have so he has promised his old school type either side.

The side of this way ended up. There is used to be banging out short paragraphs and then up for the world to decide what you hold out short paragraphs in the whatever you’d like to do to participate in this. I think one of the nice things about Maurice that conversation Shiro has a feel the heavy wooden behind the audience is one. Oh hang on 20 minutes I’d tell him to shut up 23 minutes on the clock now, just over 22 minutes on the clock so time for our bloggers to be pulling things together.

I know that sure kicking things off his list of things, mystery box ingredients most emotional, that he gets his freedom from the mystery box, and then you also need to speak aside and be in these challenges all about stop. This was certainly not easy when you’re doing a private, a wide audience hey what was booked on. I think, what’s going on, read these people. I just want the back of the two now table of massive waters, just like Peter and Cynthia’s work Mississippi.

The first ever walk and head where Cynthia was invited to be involved in the challenge. She insisted she never done before, and I said, is he here at least wonderful news? Someone who’s ever before? I think shows that this is something which you can do do quickly. You can do for the very first time like this. How do I fight it at least one great in Healthways myself as I’ve written? When I get a lot, I find that people eat a lot of a lot of America.

He bites I do now. This is my first day of law what you know, what do I want it to be about and, and then I said well, my favorite blogs in the world around the world. The one question that I really like to our sins. He is what angry, when you’ve got this amazing choice out there for the internet, whole world or service website and new sites and writers. You know what the best riders screaming and I really listened to you know to to find out.

There were also at least of all masteries, without showing all very different. I go to together online and this holy company owned by traditional. We drove over you guys and – and you know, five seconds – kitchens are what really jakey boy. I researched japan-china translations for this song. Don’t for that absolutely marry me: okay, so she’s going to the music bit of Google, but I think is cording the blogging world so steps in the algorithm, hopefully driving towards this water, sweep its art through recycling and use the same picture and link to the post.

Well, yeah, okay. Secondly, let’s see other comments from the further down the line. Right now have you finally, arts, enhancement, okay, good, alright, so great frames will be very relaxed. We have some comments that have we have. We have the guy who seems right about new powers for back masters. When you read, what have you do they think that see second forum have to get updated, you want people coming back and being age and just one you guys probably checked out the webpage or seen a few magazines flooding them.

We do try to write from research and link back to the research. Most of that was they will go through a peer review and editorial process we’ve. Quite often they they need to do research, and the idea is to try to communicate in these 30 page three separate pages in the Sun of policymakers over. You know everyone for next year and what about you grade? How often do you think you need to blog on the interpreter to keep people interested? I will see it as a set.

My mental frame is actually it’s a it’s a tough life, so it’s whether on whenever I run a role of a bit of carbon paper. Now I think the beauty of this of the web is that when there are when, whenever you every minute is a deadline, there’s actually no bit so your father, you feel, like I mean that’s the great freedom. I find it much more, liberating I the decades. I actually had to to deal with this man is wearing a half-hour TV for that had to be filled in an alley.

Radio button this stuff is great because if every month a deadline, then there’s nothing. Ok, great thanks! Thanks great, I think those are some really insightful inside there and based on a very long and distinguished career and the surrounding journals. Looking not change the rules and everything’s better every minute. Would you like to shout out in the side? Can we gone to Tom? We have a back seat.

We’ve got some on the screen here. Some instant and immediate commentary on the Twitter thing, Andrew constant and consistent blogging indicator. I suppose as much as this mustard water challenge is somewhat artificial. In our show there are so many replies that happens. Journalists and others – and they are engaged with much much wider audiences – that we can register in from election years, talk to students in seminars or writing academic papers or books, and that’s one of the challenges into something that we run and really we used to have meetings.

Saying this way and we selling each other and talking to my own law two years ago, I didn’t talk to any pockets in my high school, so I don’t mean most of all kinds. Today, yeah actually doing the bank blocks from a message that what you are whatever you want, you both show your packages in and oh no, no, sir or not you choose to do this to final score in the same block of you prefer kind of personal as A trivia question we have some devices saying, I think it’s a different sort of approach and I think that that moni’s we’ve seen personal stuff need to anybody other than a trained for.

I think thanks Andrew I just might us. She refers Weaver’s walls Network when he said you for not really. No, we keep that it’s a little dry in that sense, but I’m a strategy – and you know we have a good picture sometimes but intelligent. You know from the national revolution and the other, but you know I have ideas or funny restaurants here in there thanks for that, your leave the audience wondering whether you yourself had a personal blog, perhaps Bobby, may help you achieve back and forward.

We have variable on the top now. If there are any final comments from vendors, we just might wait for customers to wrap things up. They have screenings here. My first tennis lesson and I just entered Wimbledon. It is a headline provocative headline: we’ve got the Great Hall which seems to be emerging quickly. I know that he has changed his headline, yeah any thoughts on the headline ground. It’s just such a great headline.

I think it’ll be there for days when you, when you hit it the first time you don’t know asia-pacific master blogging challenge, as you would all by now appreciate, has been something of that experiment and before all the sins of how it all played out what I Might have to do is just to take a minute just all that deep breath and then we’re going to ask each of our master waters to talk through what they meant to do over the past week is for them as some of these successes, but they contribute To their work, but also a highlight in the issue is where they they ran into obstacles or perhaps where these didn’t go quite according to plan so help bloggers, but basically all got themselves set up and I think everybody’s blog posts down up on the website.

So those of you with a laptop or phone in front of yourself will be able to log in and have a look at. All of them do feel free to share your screen if that proves it easier than looking through things, but what we will do now. What’s that double up on both of the be screening, by the same time, who might start with in the mortise lock, which is happens right now, thanks to Ed wills when that begins in colleges decision its entrance block bloody academics, they’re going to be footnotes as well? Are we using the Harvard system and I’ll do something they have exchanged animations, which is okay? Thank you.

We’ll come back to you, those if you concentrated, run independent Rangers log in full, despite our sepia and weights, and hanging favorite experience of blogging for the very first time I usually have like very she that I really want to provide that and when you’re you know, Sort of a face under pressure and and having to you know, make things something that you haven’t really. You know time to finish our somewhere else, to sort of follow your and think you know what else is really bad.

It’s it’s very hard to do so. Cool credit, any people all the time, it’s easy and I would stretches up ever. I tried yet thanks again, those of you with screen in front of you can read through Cynthia’s, very first blog post. We just filed my first tennis lesson and I’ve just entered Wimbledon to scrutinize and digest that one, I’m sure I can t go okay. I don’t think the same. It’s hard to just blog with the timeline.

As we are, I mean when I want something. I do right around an issue that I want to write about. Maybe I’ll just read a paper or something I’ve written about before is in the news topic books, and I take it seriously. You know the data like this hard alien Shores on average. Probably the penny long time right so doing this in 40 minutes of pre Rises. I think I covered most of the elements flow more than half of the pineapple in there.

At the end I got this. You see that sexy picture from the BBC and to live with the ology, that’s about it! Thank you. I can’t thank you your own for those of you. You should be able to make that out there and still a somewhat busty silhouette against the Chinese flags. The BBC’s icon for that particular news story, and I was in fairly too great. I think I think she only curious about to to moderate some he’s learnt the first law blog, what section and Engram, and how did you find your your belonging today? Fine, I suppose I see I’ve spent many decades doing.

Radio and radio is proof positive of the line that ignorance is never any very and he talks through what you actually hit with with your approach to ignorance in journalism today, well when in doubt illiterate. So I started with a bit of an iteration and McKean: okay, wonderful, wonderful, all right! Well! That gives you all a bit of a flavor for how our different maths blogs done. We have some tweets up on the screen kudos to the Masters impressive, given agency, long johns, that’s as big as a question I want to come to that in about creating four or five at this time.

We just get some reactions from the audience, because I see people told the master of the publicity about what we’d never hear us is as stressful as anything. I don’t have a hundred and something people reading me the situation where we actually have our screen. They put up a screening for a hundred other people’s that are really good. That’s really quite confronting situation so kudos to everyone as someone who doesn’t follow many intent, watts or anything I wan na say congratulations to the organizers and the vlog is because you definitely excited me to kind of go out there and look it up because it seems To be really exciting thing, so thank you being involved in this.

To me, my mind, objective is just to save you, you can do it. You can involve something that difficult and my experience my friend to the students do is that a little bit tied up and Ryan block and they don’t work a short ball past? What about there see what comes back and all that gets people’s ideas down? Just just the responses you get, so I’m really really encouraging devices as an academic or as a student just making how the normal growing person funny get it doesn’t have to produce yeah as well researchers.

We probably know that if you publish a paper in a journal, you know it doesn’t be. The main reader may not read it five degrees. If you take the main points of findings, put it on a blog or online or link to too much beautiful on whether the mornings, you know you automatically get a thousand people having. So I think it’s definitely a good idea. It should be part of your outreach research. It’s a no-brainer thanks, you’re right yeah.

I think I’d agree with that. I think one of the stories that I like – and it reflects back, I suppose, on mine. While I think about writing – is about Remington’s. I love it, but people who think about typewriters as that process. One of my great favorite colonists, he’s gone by was a guy called James resident, who wrote for the New York Times and Reston was not writing his column for a month, because the New York Times was on strike and friend bumped into him in monuments.

Looking so absolutely the rift and lost and rest – and I thought came up with a classic journalist wine, which was how do I know where I feel until I see what I write and I think that’s what this is a woman thanks Ryan, we have actually usually This you only spend for everything I will inspired to come, but as any one of the lecturer well, then I said quite well, but I didn’t know how to do it and I see something with my body.

You see New Year’s and from there I don’t know, and I brightly and I’m who seem to be related whatever, and we were asked me in reading to my view. I live with him and boy. I see pieces like that, but really decide that we need private Morgan has again is another exercise, that is people rock among the admissible, and I mean, and now all these are can be other inside. Okay, any very final comments from the audience.

So it’s now is one of them. We have one over here. Yes, thank you, sons for Thursday, we’re making for lunch at 12:30 and in the meantime, we will have an opportunity to decide on the asia-pacific mascot of 2011 and will come to hell and his chest. So how do you know about putting ball ideas, my wire people, to do? I do right. Thank you. Something I think is some likely to be some interesting responses to that.

That will need to be briefed Andrew. I think the best insurance is to have IDC journals. Do you think that our academic shooting cautious about getting their ideas out colloquialism personally experience of recently taken that where you know you spend much higher than what your research and it means so much to you, you know what spoilers we share a lot of people and Aramis involved, okay, sure yeah, I’m also worried about people stealing my ears or anything anymore.

I mean the benefit of fire – is a cost. I think of getting your ideas out there quickly before anyone else, especially you know, starting a Malaysian city for something very possible that you’re working on or if you have a finding in science and then, if you put that up there, its first data, you know someone Copies sort of what about you great? Do you think that there are real risks here for academics, sort of the opportunities at my house yeah? I suppose there’s a when you’re talking about two different things I until you’re talking about research and you’re.

Talking about what you’d call publishing I mean, I think you’re, probably talking it to different parts of the field, and I I can. I think I can theoretically understand what you’re saying about the importance of the research. I suppose I come from a game where um you know one. One incident anecdote and two incidences are statistical evidence. So now it’s yet the the research side of what journalists do is sometimes not quite as rigorous as what you guys do, but the beauty I think of this sort of stuff is that you can actually publish as you go and actually make more plant, lay more Claim to the field as you’re going through it, and I would have thought from dealing with academic certainties of that issue.

Publishing in some ways might be a little less than it once was. You know you don’t necessarily have to do everything through peer review. You can actually put some stuff out there and it’s always amazing what you get back, that a real fun part I find is the starting point is what you put out there, but often the really interesting stuff is what you get back great thanks great. I think that’s a very nice note of which we will end our conversation with and waters, and there seem to be a range of twins that also come in here profound wisdom for brain.

What I think until I write and, of course this question that firing in our cities today who the game is that we know, is an opportunity to actually determine by both the agency master logger mm and the way that this works is that you can buy. That ring the number in question from or you can send an SMS with the to file. So that’s 96, the Cynthia 97 0 98 growing air through to the number on the screen.

I think this is Rick from Australia with both hands. You don’t believe the six month the lines add an additional while we’re doing that come on yeah yeah. So this is actually a tie. Election hang on where’s my invite we’re doing it to tie rules have showered themselves in. I think this is somewhat about which approach take affirmative to find impossible this, but if we all say, is an absolutely stellar effort by alcohol, master, martyrs and taking time out of their very busy schedules to be with us here today, and I think they all deserve A round of applause with their tiaras.

Thank you very much. The you guys thanks! Graham thank you. Thank you very much. They write names check that resonates. If Ignacio chela give me a wonderful voice, thank you for taking this seriously six people’s. I hope you enjoyed my animals.

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What is BLOG? What does BLOG mean? BLOG meaning, definition & explanation

The most recent post appears first until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual. Occasionally of a small group and often covered a single subject: more recently, multi author blogs labs have developed with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited maps from newspapers.

Other media outlets, universities, think-tanks, advocacy groups and similar institutions account for an increasing quantity of blog traffic. The rise of Twitter and other micro blogging systems helps integrate labs and single author blogs in to societal new streams. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users.

Previously, a knowledge of such technologies as HTML and ftp had been required to publish content on the web. A majority are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message, each other via graphical user interface widgets on the blogs, and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites. In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking service.

Indeed, bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs, but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers. However, there are high readership blogs, which do not allow comments. Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject. Others function is more personal online diaries. Others function more as online brand advertising of a particular individual or company.

A typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs, web pages and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important contribution to the popularity of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art, art blogs, photographs, Fatah, blogs, articles, article blogs or vlogs, music, mp3 blogs and audio podcasts micro blogging is another type of blogging featuring, very short posts in education.

Blogs can be used as instructional resources. These blogs are referred to as zetas blogs. On the 16th of February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. On the 20th of February 2014, there were around 172 million tumblr and 75 point. Eight million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide according to critics and other bloggers, blogger, is the most popular blogging service used.

Today, however, blogger does not offer public statistics. Technorati is 1.3 million blogs. As of February 22nd, 2014.

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lb: Blog System in Less Than 100 Lines of Shell Script!

So especially now that I’m starting my dissertation and I’m going to be like I’m basically going to be a neat like I don’t have to go to classes or anything at a daily basis, so it’d be nice to keep myself on task now.

I am NOT a big fan of a lot of blogging software out there. You know, I don’t want to use WordPress or anything. That’s too bloated. I want to have something that just generates HTML pages, really simply not even a static page generator, just something. That’s very. Like makes sense, I don’t have to you know, write anything and markdown and convert it to HTML and do all the silly stuff. So I ended up writing a little blog system that might be worth checking out if you’re interested, so it’s actually written in less than a hundred lines of shell script.

In fact, I think it’s. If I actually look at it, I think it’s considerably less yeah. It’s just 71 lines, that’s all you need, but it does everything that I need and it gives you some nice different interfaces that might be interesting. Let me show you how it looks on my website so right now. I just have it here so they’re different in are different ways of looking at it, so the pH I’ve linked here is a rolling blog page, and this is originally the only thing I wanted, but it has other stuff that, in addition to this – and that is When I put up in a blog entry, it appears here as a you know, a new entry, of course they’re in chronological order, auto generates the date, gives me a title.

One of the nice things at is it generates links so it generates. The first link is like a link to the header, so if I click on this link, it actually takes me directly to the header and of course you can copy this, I’m not even on my website, I’m on the offline one, but it doesn’t matter, but you Can just copy the HTML that it generates in the standalone link if you want to link directly to that entry, so you can just copy this share it with some Linnell and it goes directly to that entry.

As you know, you probably have seen in other sites, but it’s nice having this automatic um. Additionally, in addition to that, it generates a link to a standalone page. So if you just want to view one alone, you can do that just as well. Now I don’t have the kind of thing where, like it cuts off after a point, I might integrate that later. But really my goal like what I want to have like what I like in blogs is when they’re just everything is just on one page and if you only use plain text, it doesn’t really get that big.

So my idea is like write, my blog page here. This isn’t part of the system necessarily, but mine is 2008. The HTML and my idea is after 2008 I’ll start using 2009 or something like that. That way, the pages don’t get too big, but my idea is like on this page. Everything should be there, but you know if you don’t like it, you can probably change the the script around, but so it generates these links that generates standalone pages and stuff, like that it also when you finalize a link, it automatically R adds it to the RSS Feed, so you can check my RSS feed and you’ll see that all the syntax is actually here as well.

Actually, let me just open up my RSS feed manually, so you’ll see that it generates it. Of course it takes that AIT’s HTML takes all the metadata. It needs and puts it into some kind of you know, gives it a unique ID the date it’s stuff like that, then it needs to be read properly by RSS readers, so all of that is like totally automatic. Let me show you how you actually use oh and the other interface I should say, which is something I’ve been playing around.

I don’t know if you checked out my website recently, but I’ve been playing around with this for other stuff. Like you know, Apache has this. You know we’re all familiar with it. Probably, but people don’t use them much, often like where a putt Apache can just generate the directory contents for a folder. So you can see the content of the contents of my proto-indo-european folder here. But the same thing is true: if the blog posts, so you can go to slash blog and these are actually out of order because I’ve been playing around with them, but if you don’t mess around with them since you’re, not figure out the cyst like, I am It’ll automatically add them and you can list them in chronological order or something like that, if you don’t know how to do this, for you know, Apache just look up how to make an Apache.

What is it like indexes or something like that? But anyway, so how does this blog system actually work? What’s the actual interface, so I’m going to go to my website directory and you’ll, see here the script here lb. That’s the name of my blog system is symlink. T’, so if you just run it by default, it gives you some directions, but I’ll talk about those in a second to add a new entry. It really just has three commands new finalize and delete so new.

It asks for a title. Let’s say you know, this is a blog post title and you go into it opens up, I think, and it might be vim. I might want to change it to your default editor, but it opens up. You know a page where you can actually add the content. So this is the content and of course this is you know it’s just an HTML, so you can do whatever you want here, save that and now, when you’re done, modifying the file, it’s actually stored, as it says here, it’s stored in a slash blog, slash, dot Drafts now, if you want to get rid of that draft, all you have to do is just RM it.

That’s all you have to do, but if you want to finalize it, what you should do is run lb finalize and that will give you a list of all your drafts. Currently I just have one so I’m going to pick that one and it’s now finalized. Now what that means is, it adds it first off to the HTML like rolling blog page. So here it is here. This is the content artists that are generally a standalone page. This is the content average of that nice and simple.

As the author name below and stuff on the standalone page – and it also it’s not going to work on my URL link, but I can because I haven’t updated my website. But if I go to my RSS feed offline you’ll see that here it’s all been added to the RSS feed, read the RSS feed or whatever. So all of that is automatic. Now, let’s say this is just in an example. I don’t actually want to push this to my website, so what you can do is just run lb delete to delete an old post and that generates a list of all the posts that you have, and I want to get rid of.

I should probably have this ordered chronologically. That would be a little easier, but yeah I’ll do that in a second. So all you have to do is select the one you want to get rid of say yes and then it actually it deletes the file. The standalone file – and it also deletes all that information from the RSS feed and the rolling blog page. So if I go back to this this, that entry is now going to be gone.

Okay, so that’s pretty much all the system. Does it again? It’s really simple! You just create blog posts and it’ll, convert it to RSS syntax and whatever else you need, if you want to delete a post, it will do that automatically. So one thing the one thing it doesn’t do since it’s not like a database or it doesn’t generate pages on the fly is: if you want to modify a post, you would basically have to modify the standalone page and the you know the the rolling blog list And the RSS feeds separately – that’s not the intended interface just because, and it would probably be a little more difficult to add something like that.

Just because there can be there can be a lot that varies between files. So I mean I I’m the kind of person I don’t like revise things like, I don’t believe in correcting spelling checks, there’s spelling mistakes or whatever. So I don’t care, but you know whatever, so it might not be for you if you’re the kind of person who is like that. That’s what I’m trying to say um and the last thing is what is the last thing just two seconds ago in my head, I was like.

Oh, I got ta say this one more thing. What what is the the last thing? I have to say. I don’t know, maybe that is it I’m going to forget, I’m going to turn off the camera and come back in a second. When I remember okay, I remember the last thing is the the other things it’s sort of important to remember is like when it’s generating these entries in the web, like the rolling blog page. All of this is like I mean it actually creates.

If you look at the source of it, it is a div of the class entry or something like this, so all the user interface or not user interface. All the decoration. I have like the fact that this is a slightly darker gray and the the sidebar here. All of that is just CSS, so for a lot of this stuff, if you want like a your blog to look totally different from mine, you can change it all the stuff like how Andrew individual entries look or how you know if you want them all as Individual squares on a page or something something totally unreadable, all of that’s a possibility.

All the thing does and well I should say you can go into the actual script and change any number of variables of the things you know that are at stake. So, of course you know here you can set your individual website, which is obviously not the same as mine you’re, going to want to change that or the stuff up here. You can also change, I think, yeah things like the header or the footer to the the individual page, the date that is displayed on the website.

This stuff is lower down because it has to be called lower down, but yeah, so you can play around with it again. It is less than 75 lines, so it doesn’t have all the functionality and that again it can’t, like you know, like change the content. I’ve already published blogs unless you want to do it manually, but yeah I’ve really enjoyed like this is pretty much all I need for a blog, so it’s probably the kind of stuff I’m going to be using so anyway, but that’s about it and I’ll see you Guys next time hope you learn something

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What is a Blog

You’ve probably seen them around, but what makes them so great while blogs are easy to use and with a few clicks you can share thoughts, opinions news anything your blog is a staple of who you are the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Your blog’s theme is what controls, how your blog looks. You can choose a theme and personalize it with your own colors and or background images to find the look that fits you. It’s easy to change themes as well, so you’ll always be sure that there’s a look and feel out there that fits with your personality and makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for most blog themes are made up of four main sections: the header, The sidebar, the footer and the body, the header, is comprised of your blog’s title or logo.

If you have one and your main navigation menu, the menu is the way that your guests should be easily able to navigate the content of your site. Menus are a natural part of our web experience and should link readers to the various content and pages found on your blog. Sidebars blogs usually have them. This area generally includes widgets and things you want to highlight, such as your favorite links, a popular content on your blog recent activity, subscription options and social media tools just to name a few.

The footer rests at the bottom of your blog. This is typically used to display content that doesn’t often change, but that you would like your readers to have easy access to, including links to read more about you or a link to a contact page. Lastly, the most important area of your blog is the body the main content area. Usually, this is the primary reason people have come to your blog. It’s where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them with in the post or page.

The content lies within post page: what’s the difference? Pages are different from posts, they’re normally static, displaying standard content such as an about me or a contact page host, on the other hand, are all the good stuff where you publish your thoughts in a standard blog format. Posts get shown on the main page of your blog, usually in an order that places the most recent and relevant information at the very top of the list.

These are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topic. When a new story is posted, it appears at the top of your blog for the world to see this used to be done in journals, posts are an online version of a journal. Entry made public for others to see best of all posts, give the option for a comment section as well, so others can add their thoughts to yours share in a conversation with you or just provide feedback about your blog.

This brings a community element to blogs, making them an a popular medium of expression and information. Sharing blogs make it easy to share images, article and other types of media files, giving you complete freedom of creative expression and now with the popularity of mobile phones. Your blog can be viewed anytime from anywhere in the palm of your hand, blogs are for everyone and people of all ages, share on blogs every day for school work and play, but no matter what you want to do blogging is a great way to connect with Other people and get your ideas out there, so what are you waiting for get in on the fun and start blogging today?

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Designing Blog Elements in Canva

My own personal branding and I wan na incorporate that into my blog, but you know on a budget but by myself, Yeah,’cause, we’re ballin’ on a budget Of course. So I’m going to show You how to actually make different blog elements using Canva here on The Journey, So when building your brand and building, whether it’s for personal or for business and designing these elements, it’s important to be consistent with it.

Because if you start Throwing out one design and then in a week later, You have another design, People don’t know really who You are or what to follow, So it’s important keep that on track Yeah. So let me go ahead and Show you a quick demo of how to actually make Those blog elements using Canva, absolutely free, Sounds good Cool All right, so you told Me you wan na really like elevate your brand and start creating your Own branded content, So we’re going to use Canva for that.

I love Canva, just because Of its ease of use, Anyone can go in and edit it I mean. I know Photoshop and All these advanced things, but Canva just makes it That much easier and faster to actually create this content. So what we’re actually going to create today is basically your featured images, we’re going to make them A little bit more branded and a little bit more elevated make them stand out a little bit.

We might have a little Extra bonuses at the end too Perfect, But I see these burgers Like Whataburger review, the In-n-out review Hopdddy All these different things We wan na go ahead, get in Canva and check this out, You can get there by just By going to Canva.Com but right in the top there Where it says design anything we’re just going to type Blog and see what pops up, We have blog banner and blog graphic, So I’m probably going to Use just the blog banner, So it’s not as big or This image right here, they’re, not that big, we Want them kind of small and choose blog banner And what’s cool about this Especially, if you don’t have that design eye is, it gives you tons of templates to start from So earlier you were telling Me some of your colors are those green colors right, [ Alex ] Right, [ Nealey ], So you can see here.

There’s not a lot of green and that’s okay, You’re going to be able Edit all of this content, So I’m going to let you kind of go ahead and tell me which style you wan na use. Let’s choose The Art, Exhibit one [ Nealey ] All right, so you Chose the art exhibit template. I like it We’re going to go ahead and edit it and make it kind of your own. So we obviously don’t Want the art exhibit Let’s check out, let’s do one of your most recent reviews, which is WHATABURGER review and then “ All about Their burgers and fries.

” A little bit there [ Alex ] Yeah, [, Nealey ]. So what’s cool About this is this font might not be your font In the upper left. You can actually go ahead and change that and it’s linked up with Google fonts. So anything on google Fonts, which is usually what most websites use what your brand uses you can add here. So, let’s scroll through And find your brand, So I know you liked Poppins So we’re going to go ahead and use Poppins right here, So Poppins’ bold.

So we’ve got that Whataburger review and maybe we don’t want this Whatever this background is it’s kind of blurry, Let’s go ahead and add in a burger, So we’re just going to pick a burger’cause. I don’t want to go to your website, I’m a little lazy, I’m going to go ahead. And search photos and just type burgers, I wan na keep it free and then search. So all these burgers are absolutely free. I can go ahead.

Add it On here, just like that And wallah We’ve got a Whataburger review all about their burgers All right. So that’s Just the basics of Canva, using the templates adding The background image adding some text change the font. Were there any other elements. You really wan na add to this image. I’r not really sure What kind Of options am I looking at All right, so, let’s just check it out. So, on the left hand, side, we’ve got different options and we’re going to go to elements.

Elements are just different. Images ingredients and all these other things inside of Canva that you can use So I wan na talk about grids for a second Grids are basically –. Let me just throw that on there. They looks like a little cloud and some grass and stuff right, But this is really for, if You wan na add an image here without having to style it yourself, It’s really great for templates. So if I had that post there And then I wanted to add another picture of a burger right here.

It throws it in just like that. So then, if I have another image, I could just put it right on top and then the template Changes with that image Super helpful when you’re Making your blog post, you don’t have to always going to edit it and style it move it around. Those little things help out tremendously. So, let’s move on We’ve got different shapes could add different Shapes on your website style, however, you want move it around.

Just like ( beat box music ), But you go ahead and change the Colors right at the top left, You said your colors are Greens, so I make that green green again. Maybe we want this kind of. I don’t know just randomly up here. Why not we’re just going with it And then, if you don’t want It there like, I, don’t You can just hit, delete and it’s gone So there’s all sorts of different icons and different elements you can have.

If I search burger, for example, I can probably find a Lot of different burgers. Remember you wan na click on that free icon. We’re try to do this for free [, Alex ], Absolutely [, Nealey ]! I really like This little guy right here That is only works. You Can’t see the content Cool, maybe that works But yeah. There’s lots of Different things, you can do You just search in the Top left under elements, if you wan na, add your Text you can do so there You wan na, add a different background.

You can go through all your uploads, I’m not going to go through uploads and you’ll, see all my randomness And then you can categorize your stuff by folders and things like that. So then, when you’re done, you would just choose download. So let’s download this bad guy and then go over to your website. Go to your Whataburger review, Let’s edit, that post! Let’s change this image upload ours! So once it’s uploaded, remember that all text Is super important WHATABURGER REVIEW Juicy burger posts for the caption and then select and update.

So now we can go back to our website. [ Alex ] Looks so much better. [ Nealey ] We have that Whataburger review is they can see that super quick and easy? Not everyone likes to read these. They, like flip through the images they’ll see that image and they’ll also see The Whataburger review So now, what’s super cool When it comes to Canva, if you end up upgrading To their premium license is the ability to resize your content, you’ve already created.

So if you say you wanted The same type of template on social media’cause Branding is super important. It’s super important to be consistent. You can easily resize this To say an Instagram post Click resize at the top search Instagram Instagram post copy & resize, and then it threw it together. And an Instagram post, You might need to update some of the different elements if needed, but it makes it super simple to really have your brand everywhere.

[ Alex ] Right. So that was awesome. What else can I do in Canva for my blog [ Nealey ]? Yes, so what a lot Of people will do in Canva, especially on a blog, is Create their own custom ads So those little things that will end up on the widget sidebar. So let’s go back to canva’s home and then we’re just going to Search Ads see what pops up, So we have a Facebook Ad That’s a little too wide a leaderboard Ad large Rectangle and a medium rectangle, You should probably just Do a medium rectangle, keep it simple, And then we have all of This different content, We kind of wan na, keep it consistent to the look and feel That we had with this So let’s actually just Do this from scratch? So when you go to elements I’m going to throw in this grid, keep it easy on us right.

[ Alex ] Yeah [ Nealey ], And then you had Your recipe book right, What was the recipe book about? [ Alex ] Taco, Tuesday recipes [, Nealey ], All right. So this whole Ad is going to be about your Taco Tuesday recipe book. So I wan na search for a taco image, Which one looks good to you: [ Alex ], All of them, (, laughs, ), [, Nealey, ] You’re, not wrong; [ Alex ]. Let’s do the One with the limes yeah [ Nealey, ], Perfect All right now I want to Make this a little darker just so that the white Will contrast on it, You do so with the adjust at the top.

Now I wan na add some text in Taco, Tuesday Recipes and that’s obviously way too big, not the font. We want And not in the colors, So we wanted Poppins’cause, it’s poppin’, (, laughs, ), I’m real corny, guys All right. We also wan na change the color. I didn’t change. All of it All right go back to Poppins Poppins Poppins Poppins. There we go All right and then we Wan na change the color make that white we wan na change the size.

That’s way too big That looks good, And now with this I don’t really want That extra space there, it’s kind of too much You can go over to spacing And then go to line height and then shrink or expand this as needed All right, so we got Taco Tuesday recipes, Let’s check on the other posts, so we make this consistent. All right! We’ve got these Little white lines here so, let’s make sure we have that It’s going to be over in elements and then shapes, I hope, Nope, I hope nope.

Oh, then, you go over two elements go down to lines That makes more sense And then also that white turn it around Got to shrink a little bit And then the regular Commands like CTRL, +, C CTRL, + V, things like that work here You hit CTRL + D. If you’re on a windows, computer or Command + D, it’ll duplicate it nice and easy for you And what’s cool about Canva is it kind of will make A little bit of a grid, so you can see it, it shows that it’s even With the other one, So you can throw that in there And now we have our Taco Tuesday Recipes.

Now, if there’s anything else, you wan na add you can always just kind of search, see what other things pop up. Maybe you wan na add Some random little tacos in the top left or on top Cool, and now once we have this we’re going to want to download that then go over to your website. Now we’re going to throw it Under the widget area, So we wan na go over to Your WordPress dashboard appearance and then widgets and then we wan na actually Add an image here So there’s an image on The left hand column just drag that right over I’m, going to put that above –.

Actually, let’s put it Below the recent posts, We don’t really wan na title and we just wan na upload that Taco Tuesday Recipe image Now what’s important, With some of these images that you throw on your Website in the bottom right, it’ll usually try to make It just the medium size Now our medium size is the full size, but for those you’re reading, if you have an image, you’re uploading make sure you put it on full size.

Otherwise, it’s going to Make it a lot smaller than it actually is, Let’s go add to widget save. If you wanted to link to your landing page that we created earlier, you can go ahead, do so there And then let’s check it out, It’s going to go to your website and then let’s check Your WHATABURGER REVIEW and then bam. We got your Taco Tuesday Recipes [ Alex ]. It looks good [ Nealey ]. So if someone click that it’ll go to your landing page, see all about your recipe book and then you’ve got it So Canva will let you really create almost anything you’re wanting to What I would recommend.

Is just going through all of the designs They have it right here. It’s like Canva print posters, logos, desktop Wallpaper blog banners Instagram Stories literally everything, But what I would highly Highly highly recommend is always keep your brand consistent. Now, there’s lots of templates to use and it sounds really cool. Don’t just go and start making all sorts of different stuff. It’s going to confuse your audience.

If you start doing that Perfect, do I think I’ve got it all I’m going to go home play with Canva, see what I can create. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever used, Canva before Yeah, and I really Hope this inspired you to really elevate your brand using Canva or whatever else you wan na, create it with You got some value out of this article. Make sure you smash that Like button, let us know, While you’re there Subscribe to our blogs, so you get this content first.

This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.

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How to Make Blogspot Blog – Tutorial

This is a step-by-step tutorial for absolute beginners. First of all, Myrtle’s a blogspot site signing on the top right corner or click on creator blog and in with your Gmail account use our display name. This will be your name and not the name of your blog click. Continue. Click on create new blog choose the title of your crop. Choose a web address for your blog.

As you can see, this blog address is not available, so I will have to change my blog. Yes, once the chosen blog address is available, I can select a theme for my blog select any theme that you like, and you can also change these themes later. After selecting a team to create a blog, that’s it we have successfully created a new blog click on View blog. It will take you to your new blog right now. There is nothing here because it isn’t post anything we’ll go back to your blogger dashboard.

In your blogger, dashboard click, new post, use the post title and write the content of your post. Once you have finished through your blog post click, publish your new blog post will be shown here that you can view on your blog exit. Now you are ready to start blocking, leave a thumbs up and subscribe. If you liked this article, you

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What Are Backlinks For SEO?

Now backlinks are one of the top ways that you can get free traffic to your website and what they are. It’s a better website or high quality website linking pointing people from their site to yours.

That shows search engines that you have a trusted website, because other websites are referring people to you and it also builds up your search, ranking in the search engines. Now some ways that you can get backlinks are social media is obviously number one. You can post your articles in your links to bring people back to your website on all the social media blogs like LinkedIn, Cora and medium. Those are some of the blog examples that you can use now when another sites linking to you is signals, the search engines that your website is getting stronger and more trustworthy right, just like if a new customer meets you, you build that trust with them.

Now, you’re building trust with the search engines. So some other things you can do is you can write articles? You can share your highest quality content with other web sites for free. You can say, hey post. This just make sure you post a link back to our site and that’s when you’ll really start seeing those Google rankings now for automation, links, that’s what we’re focused on is giving our links into other web sites that are higher than us better than us.

So we’re writing articles making articles and sharing that content with them just to get those links back to the site and that’s what will bring us to the first page of Google now. Are you already doing backlinks? Have you even heard of it before leave a comment below if you have any questions about how they work or if you need any help, we have our website a link com where you can actually post your profile in your business and link back to your website That was the whole reason we created it, so you could go there, get links back to your site and start building up your authority on search engines.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. Please leave a comment below if you’re already doing this technique or share the article with somebody that needs to hey there. My name is Brad Smith, owner and founder of helpless, it’s my mission and my passion to help others with their business. So if I could be your coach, your mentor help you in any way that’s my goal. My goal is to bring you value, so let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, and I look forward to working with you.


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Blogging in Shopify : Basics

Today, I will be talking about blogging in Shopify, and you know specifically why blogging is important as a store owner and then the fundamentals or the the the standard practices that you can do to set up your blog, so that you know you can set yourself up For success in the future, so on to the first question, why blogging is important I’ll tell you why blocking is important is essentially, there are two audience types that you are appealing to with your content, right, your blogs, etc.

One are humans and two are robots right now for the few. If you think about that at all times, when you’re managing your content, then you’ll do fine. Looking at the first group, if you are humans now there are lots of competition. There’s lots of competition out in the internet in e-commerce, a lot of people selling the same products at you know, roughly the same price or even at the slightly different price differentiation.

So what makes you stand out? What makes you different to the person next to you? Essentially, it’s your story, your brand identity that will get you over the line of a competitor with the same price and blogging enables you to project to that audience. Your story, and you know to base basically strengthen your brand identity, provide subject matter, expertise and you know a few of authority which in turn creates trust and trust is something our buyers want from us.

So having blogs for people is a very, very good idea. Now the other portion of the audience are search engines right now, search engines like blogs and the not because they enjoy reading them, but because the content all adds into the algorithm that determines where you fit in search engine rankings for specific keywords, right and so by Creating blogs you, you effectively extend your content, because if you create a product and that product a has, you know X amount of in it of words in its description, images and so forth.

That’s the end of it. You’ve created that product. Now, how do you extend that? How do you extend your authoritative Nisour, your your keyword density without just creating longer descriptions? Well, you would create you know you could build blogs associated to that subject. You know to provide that so search engines when they look at you on the number of keyword, density and content type, and I know it’ll enhance your actual stores, weight or gravitas, so investing in content right now in the start here, investing in content is an investment In long term, traffic creation and retention, so by creating content, you gather more traffic via search engines, because you know the weight of it adds to your overall SEO and by doing that, you draw more people to your store to your site and then that content, assuming It’s of a you know, good quality will also then ensure, there’s longer term retention and ultimately, loyalty which should, in turn, lead to greater revenue down the track.

So content is king. There’s no doubt about it. So let’s go over and have a look at what a blog looks like in Shopify. So here’s my demo store now to find blogs. You would look into the online store here and you’ll see it’s aptly named blog posts, which is a bit of an anomaly to some degree right, because in some of Shopify you have blogs which are, in essence a collection of articles. That’s how it’s defined on the back end, but you know they turn them posts here now what you want to do before you do anything so I’ve got a number of you can see a number of blog post, slash articles here is: if you go to manage Blogs, this is where you will see your your actual collection of articles for, at the name of it.

Now all new stores get one called news, which is a bit again a bit generic a bit. Nothing. What you want to do is go into this managed blog. So you want to click on it right and you probably want it. The first thing you want to do is change the title now. Why would you do that? Well, let’s go back to the store here, the demo store and scroll down to one of these articles. The health benefits of pineapples and what you’re going to see in the URL is you’re going to see a store and then you’re going to see blogs and then you’re going to see this now having this is news that doesn’t really add much to your to your Seo at all right, so you can get a little gain there straight away by actually having something that’s relative to what you’re trying to to sell or project within that path.

Right, it’ll add weight to it. So having news there is that so it’s a it’s a bit too generic. I would change it to something. That’s more relative now, when you do change it besides changing the title here. What you also need to do is also click on this button. Here you go edit SEO. The page title will come default from the bolt, the blog name, but you should also update this meta description, because this is what it’s going to show in in the search engines.

If people are actually your blog comes up in that list and you’re kind of isn’t also another area where you can add a little bit of weighting into your into your content by making sure you project the right number of keywords or phrases, etc. Right and there’s plenty of articles around SEO on that, so I’ve just added her. You know the fact that it’s a definitive guide to fresh best, fresh fruit and a review of the best fruit, tropical fruit, organic fruit and seasonal fruits right so you’ve got 160 character limit.

You shouldn’t really extend it. You should just try to keep this short and poignant, but you know so that it people understand what they’re looking at to the right here is how you handle comments. Now this is VA Shopify’s native comment system. If you are using an alternative, you know like a third party, then you wouldn’t really care about how this is done. In this case, you know you need pens. I actually think it’s it’s worthwhile, having commentary enabled, because you do want people to interact with you.

If you put interact with your content, they’re more engaged and there’s no doubt about it right so having comments are disabled. Fine! That’s! If you know you won’t get any trolling or anything like that, but you’re limiting that interactional for people to ask questions which a good blog should actually ask a question. But you may want to not go for the all. Just allow anyone to comment and publish because you’ll probably end up alert of spam, so pinning moderation is a good call.

So let’s go back right. Let’s go back now we’re going to have a look at our articles within this blog. Oh there we go go back. One more now we’re going to look at that one. I was just looking at all right, so these are the key elements within your article. You’ve got your title again. You want to include something: that’s relative to the content and, overall, your store to a degree. So in this case, I put health benefits of pineapples, because you know people may be interested in that specifically when searching so it’s a direct keyword like a long keyword string and we’ve got visibility.

If it’s hidden, it’s not going to be visible to any of your readers, and what we’ve got here is some basic content. I’ve put an image in here now when you put images into your your blogs. What you want to do is you want to put generally it reasonably, how high-rez have them sized and then you want to set the image size here and there’s a good reason for this. The reason is that when you upload an image into Shopify, CDN it’ll save it off into a number of different sizes so that it can call them back as and they are required in the size that is required.

So you can put a high-res image there and then you can downsize it or choose whatever size. You want right, but it won’t overburden and the payload, in other words, what make a page slower by if you set the size incorrectly, because it’ll pull back the wrote the right one, alt text is also important again from if you’re not use it. In my case here I’m using it to display image captions, but if you think about it from the rear, the robot audience, then it’s relative, because alt text, while hidden to the human, is not hidden to the robot.

So your search engines will be crawling that and be looking at text drinks. Now, there’s whole bunch of articles on SEO for text for alt text rings. So I’m not going to go into that and but in this case I’m using it as an informative portion for the human audience as well. So I’m just kind of cancel the editing that now it’s just another quick pointer. Is that your images when you upload them should also include, but for the robot audience some descriptive text in this case? Probably you know, store name article and then you know something relative to the image itself, so that again it adds more to the robot view.

So I got a couple of images in here now. You always want to put a featured image on your articles unless that’s not fitting in with your your theme, because, ultimately humans are visual creatures and we are drawn to imagery probably more than text to a large degree, because we, you know, tell upgrade, as I say, A picture tells a story of a thousand words, as opposed to the other way now featured image.

You also want to do the same piece. You definitely want to add an image alt text text to your to your featured image and because then again, it’s good for the robotic audience which is good for search engines. Here we have author and this is the blogging, so we can change all these things now. What’s also quite key is little side piece here tags. Now I’ve got it, you can see. I’ve got a number of tags in here.

Tags are a way of categorizing your article content, so that if you display tags on your store, someone who’s interested in you know, it’s just read an article sees the tag or vitamin C click on the CC and then all other articles related to vitamin C will Be displayed in their search and likewise, if you’re, using any sort of app or product that displays related articles in that uses, tags then having this filled in makes sense that there’s no real downside to having a lot of tags, obviously just been sure they are meaningful.

To the content, I think that’s that’s really. The key at all times now SEO edit the web SEO you’re not going to really have to do too much here. It’ll take unless you don’t like what the content is. It’ll take the top end of the the article like lots of the title and the handle you can modify a little bit, but you can only modify from the article name down. So the rest of the URL remains the same right, and that is the sort of core portion to your your image or you have another.

You image your article set up, there’s a number of little formatting options here, for when you put the actual content in and if you need to see what the actual HTML looks like you can. Click on this and I’ll show you because that’s all it is really. It’s just an HTML blob of or string. If you will, that then is reconstituted and displayed as as your as your blog article. So let’s have a look. What you know if you’re appealing to the whole the human side right so we’ve talked a little bit about the robot side here.

Is that very much that article as you can see the nice little high-res featured image here, which is quite catching and we’ve got? You know it’s nicely set up: we’ve got image captions the ones I was displaying here. We have a social social network, sharing options on the images of Pinterest, so they could pin that to Pinterest. Likewise, you could do yourself. We have some sharing options here where we can share to Facebook to Twitter.

We have a product offering in which is related to the content itself, and you know we scroll down a little bit of author detail here and an opportunity to then you know jump from this article into another article of relevant content. So this is quite a well put together if I was reading it. It’s engaging and you know see outside of the text content itself, but it looks good and that’s when you’re doing things for humans.

Aesthetically should be pleasing right so that you should try to do the styling, etc, robots, don’t care about the aesthetics they care about the text and that’s the the real way to put it. So if you you focus on delivering to both audiences within within the articles you create, then you can’t go wrong and you know going back to why content is an investment and why you should make sure you do, but blog articles is, while you can pay to Do AdWords to do promotions, etc for your store that those are one-time like there’s a one-time events, creating content that is then indexed and added to and grows and cetera over time is what will bring you down to the you will get you to that point of The holy grail of organic traffic, which means non paid for traffic, which is what what all store owners should be aiming for, ultimately, is to have a loyal base of organic traffic, and that’s that’s blogging in Shopify hope you found that useful and any questions etc.

Please reach out to us either via the youtube blog or our article or support options on our website, and thank you very much for reading.

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How to write technical blog posts – talk by Quincy Larson

We got some energy, Alright awesome That that lunch is digested and you’re ready to learn. Okay, so…, I am Quincy and I’m going to talk about how to write technical blog posts that people will actually read That that “, actually read” part, is important. So umm, you may be wondering. Why is this developer talking about writing? Well, I worked as a journalist for about three years after college and I would say that technical blogging was absolutely critical to people actually realizing that freeCodeCamp existed and to our early community growth We’re a small nonprofit.

We don’t have like a lot of resources for advertising or for public relations, so we turn to trying to write articles worth reading, So I’ve been writing very actively on both Medium and on Quora, and I also edit freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication, which publishes a whole lot of Articles on Development, Design and Data Science, So my goal is for all of you to walk out of here with both the confidence and the tools that you need to be able to write technical articles, that people will sit down and actually invest the time in reading.

So there are really three elements to this. First, you need substance. Second, you need to package that substance for consumption And Third, you need to go out and publicize it. So before we get into that, though, I want to see why people are blogging. I saw a lot of hands go up earlier for people who are blogging, I’m just going to go up right now, Who is blogging because they want to impress future employers.

Ok, quite a few. All right, who wants to apply recently learned knowledge. One of the best ways to reinforce your own learning is to turn around and teach it to somebody else and to technical blog post is an excellent way to do that All right and who just wants to share their insights with other developers and kind of pay. It forward Quite a few of you,… And . Maybe nobody will raise their hand, because this is a little immodest, but who is interested in becoming a thought leader in a specific domain? All right Yeah! You want to.

… So you want to get on the conference circuit…. You want to get on podcasts like “ CodeNewbie”, and you want to raise awareness of your area of expertise Great. It does not matter like, regardless of your reason, it does not matter Really. The goal should be to just get people to read your articles. If you set out to achieve that one single goal, it will help you with all four of those objectives.

Let’s start with substance, You need to write something that matters And…. I will tell you that people quickly, they have all these kind of rules of thumb about blogging like oh, it should be 600 words and uh. You know just quickly get it out there and and blog every single day. I don’t buy any of that stuff. I really think that it’s all about substance When you have something to say that’s when you open your mouth and you say it And you can really hone in and take that substance and turn it into a whole lot of blog posts.

This is a guy named Peter Paul Kosh. He is the author of the popular “ Quirks Mode”, blog and “. Quirks Mode” is really awesome because it’s focused just on the quirks between different browsers and different versions of browsers, So he’s…. He totally geeked out on the difference between how JavaScript is processed by Internet Explorer, 10 and mobile, Safari and Opera, And his blog will show you all the different intricacies of those for when you’re trying to develop cross browser applications,.

.. And those considerations. So what did he do? He did his homework. He learned a whole lot about this one subject and he went really deep on it. Then he turned around and figured out ways that he could write about it in novel ways and that’s what you should do. A lot of people may lament that, ah everything’s been written, it’s all been done. Every flavor of breakfast cereal has been tried. Reality is there.

Are always new ways, new permutations, that you can toggle and switch around to make new original spins on old topics? A lot of blog posts are written either from a hello world, absolute beginner perspective, and then a lot of them are written from “. I’ve been coding for 10 years”. There aren’t enough articles that are kind of in the middle, for example, so experience levels, one dimension of which you can play around.

Then there are a lot of opportunities for taking something. That’s been written in a different language and blogging about how to do it in another language Or introducing humor right Humor makes your blog post palatable, so use it liberally, and you can even write joke posts that are basically parodying something but teaching at the same time. So here’s the quick case study. I want everybody to meet Amber She’s, a Seattle-based marine biologist by training.

She got a master’s degree in marine biology and she worked at Disney surveying the animals and doing science related to the animals that the Disney had in its parks and, unfortunately, marine biology is a field that a lot of people want to get into people love animals…., It’s very competitive Around the holiday season. She found herself with her contract, not renewed To cheer herself up. She was really pumped.

She was like “ all right, I’m going to go, see the new Star Wars. Movie”. Did anybody see the new Star Wars movie, “? Rogue One” Okay awesome, so she was really excited because, like the first time it looked like a Star Wars movie where the protagonist was female, But when she walked out of the theater, she had a weird sense that maybe the protagonist wasn’t the female character And sure Enough she did the math and she counted up all the words and she found that the main character actually didn’t didn’t speak as many lines as some of the other characters, And she also noticed that there were far fewer female characters in that movie than there were Male characters.

.. And she was like well, this seemed like it was marketed as a movie, you know to women to try to get more women into Star Wars, So she looked at all the other blockbuster movies, like the top 10 grossing movies of 2016. She built a bunch of data visualizations. She wrote scripts to dive through and count all the dialogue and assign the gender to the different characters, and she built this beautiful series of data visualizations, and so she had the substance.

She just needed to sit down and write about it and that’s what she did. I coached her through it and we wrote a Medium publication and her article was huge. It got picked up by Mashable, it got picked up by IGN a whole lot of International Press And it raised awareness of this issue, So she was able to use her scientific skills from being a marine biologist kind of poured it over to doing data visualization and Data science and, as a result, a whole lot of employers and prospective freelancing contracts came her way from this article.

So there’s just one blog post right. You only need to write one good blog post if it has good substance. So it’s a lot of hard work. Expect to invest a lot of time and energy Good blog posts don’t come easily, Not good technical, blog post. The second lesson I want you to all walk away from is that packaging is important. The way you take your substance, the way you package it and present it to the reader is very important.

This is the most expensive vodka in the world, I’m not a vodka connoisseur or anything, but when I saw these bottles I was immediately sucked in and I wanted to learn more about it right,.., It’s packaging. Well, what’s the packaging on a blog post, You got your headline: You’ve got your lead image, You have the formatting of the text in the subheads and the pull quotes, And then you’ve got the platform that you publish it in All of those things are considerations that You should keep in mind when it comes to packaging, your technical blog post.

I want to talk about headlines specifically, because I want to point out that that is all that about 95 percent of people are going to read. They are scrolling through their their Twitter feed, while they’re sitting on the toilet or while they’re holding the handle on a bus and they’re. Like do I want to read this. Do I want to read this? They read your headline and it’s up to your headline, to entice them to read the rest of your article.

So… Has anybody heard the old adage by Abe Lincoln about chopping down trees. So If I had eight hours to write a technical blog post, I’d spend the first six sharpening the headline. It’s true. The headline really is Empires have been built on the backs of headlines. Has anybody heard of BuzzFeed, You know and there’s a science to it? There’s a lot you can, you can read up on and you can A/B test your headlines.

You can show them to your friends and just try to figure out if people will click on them. It’s really that important and then the images Humans are highly visual creatures. Like our our visual cortex is one of the biggest parts of our brain, So you’ve got ta cater to that You’ve got ta, show people images, 86 % of the top blog posts, have images in them and on average, they’ll have at least one image.

Every 350 words Some of you may be like “. Well, I can’t afford a license. Really good images”. Well, there’s great news: there are so many generous photographers out there who take their images and turn them to “, Creative Commons” or even “ Creative Commons Zero”, Which doesn’t even require attribution. You can just splash their photo up on there And this website “ Pexels”. You can search around and find images that are public domain or Creative Commons licensed on a number of platforms.

So in terms of formatting, you need to be sure that you don’t get the Picardian “ wall of text” right. People will bounce if they see English comp. 101 eight sentence paragraphs Remember: Reddit, is only an alt tab away So be sure that you show them nice short paragraphs, nice short sentences,…, It’s not a matter of sounding… Like like dumbing it down A lot. People look at it. That way, You can express the exact same concepts in much simpler words, And you can use short paragraphs and you can use white space.

You can use subheads you can use pull quotes all those things to break that up. The platform you publish it on makes a big difference. These are some of the most popular ways that people publish their technical blog posts. So I’m a big fan of “ Medium”, It’s ad free, It’s it’s user supported and it allows for easy export of your content and it has a built-in audience. That’s quite big. They get like 86 million visits a month, And then you can also post on blog on your own private blog.

You can just use a Github pages blog and Create get your own domain and set it up that way too. There are trade-offs associated with all these. If you happen to have a whole lot of friends on LinkedIn or if you happen to have a whole lot of friends on Facebook, that might be a good place to publish too Notice a lot of celebrities have been blogging on directly on Facebook. So here’s another case study.

This is Ohans. He is a web developer in Lagos, Nigeria and he created this amazing guide to Flexbox. The only problem was he just created markdown files and folders and pushed it to Github and left…. He left it at that. Well, you can go one step further and actually write an article, a proper article and that’s what I convinced him to do. So, if you look at this, he has a nice headline that accurately describes It’s not a clickbait headline.

What the article is and then he’s got some images… He breaks up the text with tweets and he’s got subheadings he’s got short paragraphs short sentences. It’s easy to read: It’s a breezy read, even though It’s about ten thousand words Right, like you’re, going to be reading for about an hour and you’re literally going to learn all about Flexbox And it may seem like well who has time to sit down and read An hour-long article about flexbox People read 500 word blog posts right Well.

Actually this is one of the most popular technical articles ever published Its been viewed more than a hundred thousand times And, as a result, he got inquiries from book publishers. He even had some course platforms reach out to him who wanted him to create some workshops on Flexbox, So yeah and he had substance. He knew flexbox very well. He packaged it properly and he profited Lesson number three publicize.

You may have heard the expression in software development “, The last 10 % of the work takes 90 percent of the time.”. Well, let me tell you publicizing. Your work is the last 10 % and it’s going to take 90 % of your time. There is no “, build it and they’ll come”. You need to go out and tell people that this exists and you need to actively advocate for people to read your own article. One place you can put.

It is Hacker News I like to call it “ the Hacker News lottery”, because honestly there’s like…, I could publish like the best article I’ve ever written on Hacker News and nobody would notice or some random article that I published might show up at the top One day Because somebody submitted it, It’s like totally random and I can tell you, I see totally random things on Hacker News. You see totally random things at the top of Reddit sometimes, But if you keep submitting every every time you submit That’s a lottery ticket right and you you need to pay to win or you need to play to win.

… So You can also target specific Facebook groups. There are a lot of really big Facebook groups, some of them local to your city. Maybe your alumni group on Facebook, from your university or from your high school Share it with your friends. That way. Groups are a great way to spread it. You can also use LinkedIn. People do use LinkedIn groups, it does send like email, digests People might see it umm and then I would also say, use other people’s audiences.

So if you publish on a Medium publication, You’re immediately kind of hijacking the audience of that publication for a moment to get their attention If you publish it in Forbes or TechCrunch, or some of these other major publications that actually submit kind of op-ed reader posts and And you can actually become a writer for Forbes or a writer for TechCrunch and publish right on there and that way, you’re borrowing their credibility as well as their audience.

So, just to summarize Three things to remember: Create technical blog posts that are substantial Package them for consumption and publicize them like crazy. If you do that, you’ll write blog posts that people will actually sit down and read. Thank you very much.

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Ladies and gentlemen, silent Mike another Q & A back to my roots. This is where it started raw loose, quickfire, silent mic with two K’s on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to get involved, we’re twitching as much as we can live stream, we built a dope community to be able to chat with you guys live link in the description, momma’s boys’, podcast weekly episodes, if not twice a week, iTunes, stitcher SoundCloud, soon-to-be Spotify on The voice podcast comm check it all out below.

Let’s get to your questions, ladies and gentlemen, how do you warm up before a benching? For me, the most of my warm-ups are pretty specific, so I take the barbell, for you know 1 to 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps, and then I slowly add weight building up to my working weight. I also do like to do some kind of band pull apart warm up my back my rotary cups as well as some kind of a school. If I’m feeling real cold or something feels a little iffy, then I’ll do a little extra warm-up.

Some push up something of that nature, but that’s typically it Mike another warm up question Mike. How many sets do you do before getting in your working weight? So that’s almost impossible to say my man, because if my working weight on bench is 275, I may only do 3 or 4 sets to get there. But if I’m warming up to 650 pounds for doubles on deadlift, I may take 8 sets to get there. So it all depends on how strong you are.

Typically, you know five, maybe 10 % jumps for the couple beginning jumps and then 5 % jumps leading onto the working weight. It’s a good general general guideline. How come I don’t need to adjust my one rep max for a 10 week program? What are the percentage no longer represent my true 1 rep max, or does it not matter great fuckin question so when you’re running a you know, 8 12. 16 week program? Do you need to update your one rep max, because perhaps you got stronger in that program? It all depends on the program.

It all depends on the goal and it all depends on the individual. I know you hate that answer, because that’s the truth and everybody hates the truth. So, for multiple reasons I would say: no, you don’t have to update it, but it kind of depends if you’re a beginner, a true beginner you’ll, be able to PR and your 1 rep max will go up every single week. How so Mike? Because you’re, a D trained and your body is so willing to adapt to the new stimulus and the new skill acquisition that you’re getting you’re getting better at the bench.

Press weekly plus your muscles, are getting stronger, repairing quicker because you’re not actually handling the type of loads that you body’s actually ready to handle, so you’ll be able to progress very rapidly from there. It might be every two weeks, every four weeks that you can PR in the lift. This obviously depend on age, genetics and some other things. This is talking about pure beginners. As you get more advanced, that’s pretty much.

The defining factor between a beginner and intermediate is how long in between it takes for you to PR or hit a new personal record. Eventually, you know the best in the world are hoping for a small five pound, ten pound PR, every 12, 16 or even 20 weeks. And that’s why I says it depends now, if you are not a pure beginner and you can’t PR every week or every other week, I still don’t think you should update your 1 rep max again, based on the program, let’s just blanket statement say we’re going for A 12-week peak program so we’re going to test our 1 rep max at the end, the chances or the percent that you got stronger throughout the entire program won’t really affect the program that much until you test anyways at the end, because you, depending on the program You’re not going to make a 150 percent gain in your 1 rep max.

You know if it’s 5 or 10 % that will all show itself at the end when you test anyways, and then you can repeat the program with those updated when we’re programming. I mentioned this in the last Q & A as long as you’re kind of hitting a range on that day. That’s why our Pease become so popular and it is very effective because you just kind of have to hit this right. This target, you don’t have to hit the bullseye every day of the weight to get the proper stimulus to progress as long as you’re kind of in that range that we’re aiming for that certain stimulus, depending on the program depending on the day and the intent of That workout you’ll make progress and be just fine, so I wouldn’t overthink it don’t over stress.

It follow the program test at the end and then we run a program with the new updated maxes. Will I ever go back to conjugate training um, probably not not, while I’m competitive power loop, you know, I think the frequency is enough for me the variations, I don’t think they work the best for the majority of raw power. Lifters. I’ve done a many articles on this. I think, if your raw powerlifting, you need more competition lifts than typical conjugate does.

I know I could make it my own and these things, but I prefer the style of training. I do I believe in it. I think it’s time tested, I think it’s it’s proven through many other coaches and systems, but it’s proven through myself as a lifter and as a coach with everyone. I’ve worked with. So I think I’m going to stick with that. If you know I totally wrap up and just don’t power lift per se anymore yeah, I can mess around with some cons.

You get taking up variations. We got a decent lifting question here for WordPress or floor press as a very simple bench press which one do you prefer and why I’d say if I had to choose, one would probably be the floor press personally and from experience with other athletes and being in The gym a board press is an awesome movement, but for a lot of lifters, they’re so uncomfortable with that bench on or excuse me, the board on their stomach that they’ll miss groove and all untighten their back more often than not that their bench form will just Go to the window and they’re just worried about touching that board.

So I would say what I would throw in. There is. Maybe a Spoto pressed we’re kind of pausing at different heights. You know true, which is off the chest, just a little pause it and come back up just controlling it yourself. I think this moreso reinforces a tight back and control the barbell and then I’d say the floor plus for the same reason, if you’re going to use a variation, let’s go outside of the box a little bit and, let’s really you know kind of pause, our triceps On the ground, before we explode back up, and I think you’ll find it good groove and a good carryover from the floor person stuff what to do in the gym after a meet or a peak kind of you know, if all is healthy and you’re feeling good.

It might be another time to have some fun and try something a little different. It’s also a good time to just chill, maybe do some dumbbell work, maybe take it completely off. It kind of depends on your mental state and what will get you motivated to continue on the gym? So maybe just another one rep max, maybe just do some dumbbell work, have some fun or maybe take it completely off and then get back into things.

In a couple weeks, what tip you would give all lifters where they’re, beginners or experienced that’s a good question tip. I would give anybody – and this is lifting life business – is have some patience, have some patience. Things always take longer than you think they will and if you have patience and stick to the plan or stick towards your goal, or at least have that goal in your mind. Daily you’ll get there and that’s not to be some motivational, bullshit guru, because you all know I hate some motivational bullshit gurus.

But truth is this: if you have patience and you stick to a plan you’re going to get a lot closer that goal, then you ever would without those two things and those are literally the only two things. Two things you need. You need a little bit of patience, maybe a lot of patience, more patience than you think you need, you need it and some type of plan to get there and that’s all you need. You welcome that’ll, be $ 8,000, send it to my pickup.

What are your thoughts on? Only dead lifting singles, I thought so only dead, lifts and singles is, is probably not optimal. Now there are some instances that you might be able to get away with something of that nature. We’re only dead lifting singles once a week at a higher intensity and catching some volume on a variation like a block, poor stiff leg or something of that nature. But I think the majority of time all lifts are going to be similar to some extent where, if we want to get better at that lift we’re going to have to slowly build volume and frequency over time.

So if you want to get better at the deadlift, we’re going to have to get some deadlift in muscles and the way to get deadlift in muscles is to build them with some reps – maybe some variation, but definitely some reps. Some volumes for frequencies so deadlift singles. Can you lift a lot of weight that way sure I’m sure somebody has and their comments are going to be blasted below, like some so deadlift at 900 pounds by only doing singles proud of that guy and proud of you for knowing that random ass fact that No one cares about, but I think for the majority of people you’re going to have to do some volume we’re going to have to do some work.

If you had to pick three exercises besides the squad deadlift and the bench to build a routine around, what would they be Chinna love me. Some chin-ups overhead press build them delts, and I don’t know if this counts, but I hope it counts. We’ll do the front squat and if that doesn’t count, will do the Bulgarian split squat there you go shove it in your pipe smoke on that one Mike. What is your best and/or favorite point guard in the NBA right now.

Y’All know I love some basketball comment below your favorite point guard or favorite player and all professional sports right now type it in hit enter tag. A friend tell them say: hey you’re, your player, sucks my players and that’s my favorite point guards. So I can’t make any decisions in my life right now. Steph Curry might be one of probably the best point guard in the league right now. It’s pretty hard to argue against my favorite point guard in the league.

Right now is a tie with my man. Isiah Thomas, I know he’s been injured, but he’s still a boy and the one and only Russell Westbrook, that boys is stud. I love reading Russell Westbrook. If I couldn’t make me somebody I’d make me some Russell Westbrook from the style to the big dunks like this. Coming down the lane, Russell Westbrook’s, a man, I’m a big fan, but there’s a lot of good point guards: Kyrie Irving’s a stud, although we left my calves, I’m not that mad about it.

I mean I’m mad about it, but I’m not that mad about it. It’s healthy eating beat training for my man, dankey meme, well, dankey. Let me tell you a thing or two: the healthy eating. Now, I’m going to say that depends on the goals. I think the combination of everything you’re talking along jet, it longevity of life healthy living. Having a long, healthy, happy life, happy wife, whatever these people say, he’s married folks or be able perform performance athlete my mama said it’s the UM doula I’m got ta.

That makes him upset. Sorry that was a bad quote. I had half the quote. I was trying to my honor, you know his name Bobby Boucher, mom I’ll knock, her boobies, hey. She showed me her boobies it uh. I liked them too back to the question. Think you mean what she say. I like Becky. If she liked me too, she showed me her boobies and I liked them too. Oh my mama says about a devil. That’s all I got Conner.

Sorry, bro no handshakes in the article we’re on one the dailies and Joe. My too many rock stars does healthy-eating beat training, dinky, memes, dank memes. If you’re just going for a longevity of a life, I think it has to be almost combination of both if you’re going for pure performance, I think lifting is going to take priority. If you’re going for pure looks or losing weight, I think diet is going to take priority.

Hopefully that breaks it down for you. Obviously, I think optimally for a longevity of life performance and looks combination of both, but I’m just saying if you have to just choose one, you know, and I just want to live a long time. That’s a hard question. A living. A long time is a hard one to say, cuz, I think such combo of both performance. I definitely think that training is priority and losing weight gaining weight.

Obviously, I think priority nutrition, but obviously the combo is going to matter bro. Mr. Bokun that hard school it both eat. Decent, listen weights, eat, decent, listen weights, more type of leg exercises. Excuse me, what type of Lake exercises did you do while dealing with my back injury? So when I didn’t squat down lift, I took six to eight weeks off to chill to work. Give my back a break. If I had the option which I didn’t because I was traveling to places, I would do a belt squat.

That’s what I did last time. I tweaked my back. The belt squat is a lifesaver this time around. I didn’t have access to that. So what I did is, I did some Bulgarian split squats with holding a weight on my up on the opposite of my up foot on the Bulgarian to add some balance and some coal work. You know that’s right, put it where eat that salad, no dessert and then lunges just focused on staying, even and still working.

Some of my legs plus I was doing some high intensity, endeavor, ball, training, mmm kit and I was doing some assault bike sprints. How to build a bigger bench? My man’s, I can’t say how many articles I’ve done on building a bigger bench, eat some foods being a calorie surplus focus on your technique, focus on a solid program that has you benching a couple times a week. Do it for a long time, rinse and repeat bench bow! Oh guys, appreciate you I’ll see you on twitch I’ll, see you in the next article we’re dropping articles Tuesday, Thursday Saturday Sunday subscribe.

China notifications, I preach you, solemn Mike head down chin up me. Do me we out of here