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Social Media Content for Nonprofits 2: Branding your Nonprofit Organization

Okay, so come on a lot and Emily talk to give you a little context. First, it’s my clicker! You don’t get over there clean your lettuce. Interesting I dipped into is called the clip. That’s one more! So the question is: how can you be heard in cyberspace, given the turnout today, it’s clear that all of you know you need to be out there.

You need a social media strategy, so the question is, though, how can you make your voice be heard so about six weeks ago, Twitter pass the 1 billion tweets per week, there’s more than 1.3 million blogs, there’s at least 500 500 million Facebook users we’re not even Talking about Google+ yet and there’s more than 70 million linkedin users, with 10 million companies participating jessica Lee, so there’s lots of fridges.

It’s easy to put up a Twitter and Facebook account and that’s what organizations do it’s free, but many organizations still are doing one too many marketing or one-to-many communication, so they use social media more as a megaphone because they need to figure out how to make it More like a conversation, so what social media offers really is the power to tap into a network and what I’ve written up here is really the characteristics of a network and what they do.

Is they break down silos just like you’re coming here and chatting with one another you’ve no longer within your institutional walls and they create a multiplier effect? So if you wrote a great blog post or you get retweeted, that means one person tells five of their friends and those five friends tell another five friends and that’s called a multiplier effect, and it also means that whatever share can actually pass across the network really Quickly, that’s what gives it its viral power quick question, whether if you defeat slightly focus on what we will? Yes, if you sign up for ours, our handy-dandy stoja cook, you can get all these.

The PowerPoint and handouts online or India and what’s important for nonprofits, is, if you create an online community, it allows you to stay engaged with them and listen to them, and so it’s a way in which the walls of your organization can become permeable. As you start listening to them, you will, it will start shaping your organization and, as the organization listens to them, it will shape how you serve your communities.

The other really important point about a network is that it lets you share resources and knowledge openly and quickly. So in the past, nonprofits would have to even through email, send it out to email, but you can post something online and share your expertise and also, if you’re running an advocacy campaign, get that message out quickly. I’m going to turn it over to Cynthia. We have to start with the whole concept of granting to be successful in social media, and I think this is the place where most people really fall down.

If I look at particularly in the nonprofit arena, I see organizations struggling with the concept of who are they and how do you portray the organization? You know that you represent with a strong human personality that people can really connect with. So I mean, I think you know what happened here – we’re a little ahead. Japan here we just missed one. That’s right, you’re wrong: we did them Arthur’s my neck, all right! That’s not my problem.

I’m looking at my hand out just move it off for my slides, but ok, every organization has a personality and basically you just need to pick whether you are you know snarky and kind of mean-spirited. That’s smart provides I’m house, or are you kind and generous, we’re wearing mr. Rogers hurt whatever you are brand 101 says you say that over you say one thing say it over and over and over you transmit that personality in social media, not just in words, but In every article you post your community in every photograph.

I forget what the numbers are, but in terms of photography, the most looked at asset on social media is photography. I think it’s like seven to one in terms of words, so everyone your photographs, what you should be using a lot of should in some way shape or form relate back to who and what your organization is using stands for, and I keen are just so little Tip look at a bun look at other successful organizations for role models.

I mean that’s how I figure out what I like. What is really working? I’m constantly trolling the social media world for what kinds of sites, what kinds and blogs and communications are really successful, and then I look at them. I take them apart to try to figure out okay. How do we emulate what they’re doing and I’m sure that you, you obviously have the opportunity to do that? Quick question yeah we have.

You said the funds are that’s like 71 over words, article article is very high article and photography. I think photography, I’m not sure the most hair, the most, I think, on facebook, it’s probably photographs because they’re more of them in the most viewed photographs on facebook are women, but I hate it. Okay, um another little of brand pointers wanted to make not to belabor too much of this. You know in order to attract a following, you have to create an identity so that you know organizations have brands.

If you are an individual, you have a personal identity and a persona, and I want to talk a little bit about the use of your personalities and personas within your own community, because another thing that I’m seeing a lot in non-profit in the world nonprofit is that For having there is quite a bit of difficulty in putting a human face on the organization, so I would like to see more of you figure out main interesting.

You could say perky ways of communicating the brand of persona of your organization. This really so good arena to do it in basically, you know your personality of brand persona, whatever you want to call it, it equals who you are just on labor the point, but multiple personalities will will fracture your grand

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How to Get More Instagram Followers (2013)(No Hack)

If not here, you should end up here. If not go there and right here it says, search for a user and hashtag. You want to search for famous people, so that can be a celebrity or a famous shout out page and if you don’t have anything in mind I’ll be putting some users down in the description, so you can look them up.

I’m just going to do this. Shoutout page cuz, it has about two thousand eight hundred followers. That’s good enough for me, and you want to go right here where it says followers you want to tap on the number. Take you to this page and you will see all the people that are following that page. So what you want to do right now is start following a bunch of people as much as you can so just tap on, follow, follow follow.

Why is it doing that? Follow, oh my god. This is getting annoying, so you get the point. So, let’s just start following a bunch of people and if it says requested kind of like right there. I don’t recommend following him, because they’re probably not going to follow you back cuz. If you know they’re the type of people that would put their account on private, then I don’t know. But it’s you know it’s your choice but yeah so follow as many people as you can and wait about six hours at the most and within six hours.

What you want to do is look for the people that did not follow back and how would you do that? Well, there’s an app in the iOS App Store, I’m not about I’m, not sure about the Android, but I will find out and I’ll. I will be putting the link for the Android and iOS app and it’s called insta followers. Basically it analyzes your followers and it tells you breaks it into groups, it breaks it into the group, that’s not following you back and you know you get the idea.

So, basically, right here it tells me new followers. I have 15 new followers, us nine people have unfollowed me and 14 people are not following you back so which one I look at is the part where it says are not back, because we want to unfollow those people because they don’t know you know they didn’t Want to follow us so tap on that and unfollow those people now like. I said, I’m not sure if you guys have this app in the Android App Store, but I will make sure that I check I’ll check and I will and if there is I’ll, be putting the link down in the description.

So you can get it for your Android device, so basically unfollow those people that didn’t follow back and you know make sure you follow those people that are following back at him: easily unfollow them, and there are many third-party apps out there for both Android and iOS. That you can use to see who’s, not following you back and you can simply unfollow them from there. Anyways, like I said, Instagram is a big game.

I figured this article and if you learn something new make sure you give this article a big thumbs up and draw more articles like this and other content to make sure you click on that subscribe button. It sure does help me out a lot peace out.


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Blog Income | To Make Money Online you need Internet ASSETS | The Paid Blogger PT 9

But the level of training hasn’t who are part of hustlers kungfu, and I almost didn’t do this and it’s like like I’m getting pushed back about. I don’t want to sign up for the email client.

I don’t want to know, go ahead and go to the main aim and say so I don’t want spend money on that stuff. Trying to take the paid blogger without the ax proper internet ex assets is like going to the gun range, rightly gun and bullets. It’s like shaky driver’s head with no car. It’s like learning how to drive a sin. My tractor trailer with no truck it’s like learning how to build a house without a hammer and tools.

These are tools you got ta have now that’s the fam in your face. What we’re doing hit now, let’s talk about what the hey bloggers going to teach you. The real thrust of the course is content creation. Electric kung fu is the content creation school. Now I use the word to pave bloggers, because if I was to title the course the paid content creator people would be like. Oh we’re do talking about glyndon content creator, but everyone knows where the blogger is right.

Everyone knows the clock or create blog get going. Those that bloggers have ads on their blogs and everyone knows that bloggers often sell products. Now it makes sense, but you’re going to be is a content creator. It’s going to be a lot more to the paid locker first thing: we’re going to do is write the book hello, because you have many people who grade blogs then later on, go on to write the book, but it’s challenging, or I should say they go on – And turn the blog into a book, and it’s very challenging to do that because we’re writing the blog you’re, not writing in book format, which means chapter 1.

Chapter 2, chapter 3 got ta, make some sense. There has to be a sequence of proper sequence, because if there’s not a proper sequencing, you know people get lost and it’s just like what the hell and that’s what happens with bloggers who create books and put them on Amazon. So we’re going to create a blog which will ultimately be a book, so you’re not doing one thing you’re doing to now. Since we’re going to create this book, you have to have an email list, which means that’s why you need the email client before you even get started, because I’m going to teach you how to do this stuff, like no one taught me, you always hear hey.

We need an email list, hey neat, that you need that right, but no one says why why you need an email list? Why you need good game plan is, if you do this right, your blog will make you some money on the front end the middle and the back end, not necessarily a lot of money, but once you make your first dollar online, it gets easier to make your First hundred dollars, I think it’s easier to make you first house.

It is easier to make it first 10,000. It is easier to make your first hundred thousand, but you cannot make your first hundred thousand loud making your first stop. Many people want to make that hundred G’s and never made up dollar online, and I’m talking about from your own creation from your own stuff from your own genesis from your own essence. Uh, don’t see that! Don’t see that at all now that’s the reason you have to and I’m getting people’s like hey.

I don’t really essentially the sentence. I don’t feel that I have to get that stuff and I sleep. No. You know but you’re not getting in the course. Unless you do get that stuff and if I miss that and you get in the course and you get signed up you’re not going to the next level because see this is where it’s going to get really interesting. Everyone that comes to the course i’m going to create a directory of all course, members blogs since the community.

So let’s say you have a blog about journals. There’s someone in the course who makes handcrafted journals well what if you’ve got someone who is doing? Maybe arts and crafts for kids those two bloggers can network together and share a list because they’re not dissimilar, so essentially we’re building community building a power structure where people can work together, help each other out. But if you just have a blog, you do not go through this process.

You will not be part of the community. You’ll just be one of those folks in the Facebook groups who are just lurking. Lurk lurk lurk I’m working aka, I’m a scared, little bitch. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid that the world will not like me, I’m afraid of looking foolish, I’m afraid of all this stuff happening. So I do nothing, that’s what it really is. It’s not me and let’s talk about cost your email clients going to be 29 bucks a month and you’re hosting unless you’re paying here is going to love for the year’s going to be anywhere from three bucks a month.

I know crazy money up to about. Maybe 11 maybe 14, depending on what you’re getting. I know it’s over-the-top expensive, I’m trying to get you and yes I’ll, even be even more upfront. I am the affiliate of the products that I use and recommend yep. So if you go ahead and sign for that stuff, I’m going to get a little change. Yep, yep, yep yep, all that now, if that offends, you are you’re. Looking like wow London, that’s like that’s too much! Then you one of the people who’s never ever going to make large money online you’re going to make some money because I’ve noticed something increase for years.

There’s a group people who put in there like I want to go to someone’s blog check, I’m going to go to someone’s youtube blog check. I want them to help me solve my problem check and how damn, dare you even think about making some money out of this process? How dare you think that you can possibly charge me yeah information that I gave you made me 10,000 this month, but fuck you now look that is called as being selfish, see you didn’t think I was going to that’s what it’s called being selfish, so typically selfish People do not have the best life and just doubt so, you’re sitting there propagated on well, I don’t want them to charge me because you’re selfish you’re scared and you feel that you can’t do it.

That’s what all that talks about, because all right have no problem. Dropping money on the book a course or training or mentoring, or someone who’s going to help you, and since i’ve been doing this long enough, I have very realistic expectation. I took a course recently for 1400 bucks and I knew half of the course already that’s going to happen if you’re an Internet person just going to know a lot of stuff already, but the fifty percent I didn’t knew.

It was three things out the course that will birth to 1400, not 10, not 23 great things, but many of you have crazy expectations that you’re going to spend 100 bucks 200 bucks is going to be a life-changing event with minimum effort knows, I said, minimum of Effort because I got girl, nightingales see these one hundred and five bucks and it was life-changing, but all right, listen to those cds, but really it’s audio cassettes in person, no less than 200 times, which requires effort.

So hopefully this clears up a lot of this stuff. Then, what’s going on out, there put your mind where you need to be, and then we can rock and roll. So for those of you who are interested in the page, blogger, the links below and I’m going to give you a few options you have where I’m going to do the paper: nine, nine, ninety seven dollars, then I’m going to do the electric kung foo founder deal. That’s going to be 700, yes, seven with a capital, seven seven hundred and then I’m going to do mentorship.

Where I will hold your hand, walk you through it. We get on the phone. We talked a long time. It’s going to be ten grand, that’s what it’s going to be, so you can get the paid bloggers only for ninety seven dollars. You can get the founder status for electric hum food for 700 or 699 or you can go ahead and get supreme rub your neck. Massage your temples, full-service 10,000, so those are your options and roll all right.

This is blending and I will see you in the next session.

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Blogger Tutorial: How to Add Page Tab Links & Organize Posts in Different Pages in Menu

But I noticed that you know every time I created a page, I was unable to post underneath the page, for example this about me page when I created this page. I could only write in this page one time and I couldn’t post anything underneath it.

However, all of my posts were listed by days on my home tab. So then, I was able to find a way to make different tabs up here and, for example, if I click on this Web 2.0 tab, I was able to take different posts and stick it underneath my web 2.0 tab or page. So in this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to add links to pages on your blog up here and then how to organize posts onto your different pages.

So when I first started – and I wanted to make pages – you know I of course I automatically just went to my blogger – account click on the pages icon and then just added a new page, and then that’s when I discovered hey, I can’t add more posts on To my pages, so this does not work. So what we’re going to do is first, go to layout, select layouts. Now this will show you the layout of your your blog.

So I took my pages bar and I moved it up here underneath my header. So that’s where I like my pages bar to be, but you can have yours anywhere so select edit this and you’re going to notice up here that I only have really two pages that I made and remember. These are the pages that I cannot post underneath. But what I did was I added external links in order to create the new pages, so these are all of my different external links.

Remember my web 2.0 one then there’s audio/article graphics. So if I go back to my blog web 2.0, audio/article, graphics and so on, okay, so what we’re going to do is we are going to add an external link to our blog and by adding this external link onto this pages bar you’ll be able to have That tab on your blog, so in order to generate that external link, we’re going to have to get two things ready, first choose a title for this page or this tab.

So I’ve already decided that my new tab or my new page is going to be called presentation and I’m going to squeeze it right here in between graphics and Apple Mac. Osx second, have a blog post or posts that you want under that page. So it’s easier to do this if you already know which posts you want to have underneath your specific tab or your specific page, all right, so my new tab is going to be called presentation and I already have two posts in mind that I know I want To stick underneath here and it’s important to know these two things before you get started now: let’s generate that external link so that we can add the tab onto our blog first go to your blogger account and on your menu area, select posts.

Remember that I’ve already decided which posts I wanted to go underneath my presentation tab. So I’m going to go and find my post and it’s going to be this one called voicethread I’m going to edit this. So this is the important part on mypos. Underneath my post settings there’s an area called labels: okay, I’m going to click on this area and I’m going to call this post presentation now. The important thing about these labels is that every time you create a label for your posting, your post gets organized underneath a label and the label comes with a link.

So we are going to what we. What I just did was, I wrote presentation in here and then I’m going to press done and now this post has been organized underneath a label called presentation and it comes with a link. So I’m going to update this post and now I’m going to try to retrieve that link so that I can go and use it to add my page. So I’m going to go back to my blog up here. Wait for wait a minute right here! I’m going to see this voicethread right here, so I just added presentation on it.

It shows right here then I’m going to go to my blog and I’m going to find that posting about voicethread. So it was an old one back in June, and here it is voicethread. So underneath this posting there is a link, that’s generated called presentation. So I’m going to click on this presentation link and now it takes me to kind of like a page where anything that has the word presentation on it. Any post that has the label presentation on it will be on a certain page.

So I’m going to copy this page right here, so you can right-click and copy or control C and then go back to your your account for blogger and on your account page go back to layout and now that we have this link we’re going to go back To the pages bar and we’re going to add this external link and remember, I already knew what my page title is going to be is going to be presentation, and I have the way that web address here and I’m going to save my link and the link Is right here and I wanted my link to be between graphics and um Apple, so right there and I’m happy with that.

Now I press save and I’m going to refresh my blog remember. My tab should show up right here between graphics and Apple, I’m going to refresh it and there it is so it says it’s showing posts with the label presentation, okay, but I only have one post on here. So I want to put another posting on here. So, just to you know, check and make sure I’m going to go back to my account, go back to posts and I know which posts I want to put under presentation.

So I’m going to use my posting called summer reflection, I’m going to edit it and remember that my label was called presentation. Oh there, it is – and it’s also right here. So all of my labels will automatically be placed down here to remind me of all the different pages and labels that I’ve made press done and update. So once again I’ll go back to my page and I’m going to refresh it, and there is my summer reflection that I just labeled underneath presentation.

So there are some reflection and if I scroll down there’s my voicethread and it’s listed by dates so in the future. Anytime, I want to post about a presentation topic. I can just add, add the label to it and it should automatically show up underneath this page or this tab called presentation. So I’ll do one more. So all this time I’ll create a brand new post and I’m just going to call it a presentation example an example, post and remember I’ll, go to my label and then I’ll, find presentation.

Just add that and press done and publish I’m not going to share this publicly going to go back to my page and let’s lick, let’s look for it on the home page. So it’s up here on my home page presentation example, and it should be underneath my presentation tab as well and there it is, and that’s how you add, links to your pages on your blog and that’s how you organize posts on two different pages.

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How To Make Money Blogging – How I Make Up To $5000/Month

Do you get started, there’s so much info out there on the web, so how you can find what you want below I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog and also we want to walk you Through how to set up your first blog and get you on your way to designing your own life and the important thing is how to make money blogging.

So let me help you start your successful blog. Let’s go ahead and get started. What are you waiting for to make thousands of dollars monthly visit us now link in description?

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Masonic Curators – 045 – A Masonic Knife Collection

Today, on the show, I’ve actually got something I’ll show you. That is a bit of a collection. I know I collect a lot of things and Mason’s collect a lot of things.

I collect knives, and so I’ve got several knives from you know all over the world and different kinds, and some of them just happened to be Masonic, and so we’re going to go to a car way. Right now – and I will show you just a bit of the Masonic collection of knives that I have, some of which are also used – they are straight razors used for shaving. Those have also been explained a little bit in a Midnight Freemason post a few years ago, and I’m sure that you have readed a previous article right here on Masonic curator’s, which talks about some interesting Masonic, razors, so kind of in line with that check.

This out. All right y’all will go ahead and not worry about the mess I’ve got going on up here. This is my knife collection. What part of it anyway so I’ll just kind of open it up here. Now, it’s not a ton. It’s just some nice things that I’ve collected over times with Swiss Army knives and things, but right away. You might see a couple things in here that might speak to you. The first is this guy.

You know nothing, nothing real special! You know the United States doesn’t really make steel anymore. So almost any knife you buy today is going to be Chinese steel and American design, Chinese steel and it’s produced over there and shipped back here. So nothing real special about this, but made Mason. That says in search of more light and the other side doesn’t have anything but made in China. So just you know nothing real special, the other one that I’ve got, which is kind of cool.

The first Masonic straight-razor I ever bought after I became a Mason. I bought this one I had shaved for years with, with straight razors. That’s what my dad actually taught me how to shave with this was the first one I bought after my dad’s. I had to have my dad’s redone. So normally they look like this. You know they’re hollow ground, so they’re real thin to see how they have this scoop. That’s called being hollow ground and if you ever see it, it just looks like a big triangular thing, like that’s called a butcher wedge or a wedge or butcher blade.

They’re kind of interesting right, but you know it’s fairly nice. It’s a good shave now as much as I’ve wanted to. I have never ever used the Masonic ones to shave fairly, certain Terauchi p –. You know this kind of fake pearlescent and, of course it comes out, and you can maybe read that, let’s see I can focus, and it just says, George Washington, the first Mason president. I mean I mean that’s kind of true right: the Continental Congress, the first president of the Continental Congress, was also a Mason, so this is also just another hollow ground.

This one those Steel’s made in Pakistan, so a little bit a little nicer. I guess I promise. I won’t cut myself while making the article. This is the other one that I I bought, and I think this one I just got from one of these odd companies yeah. So this is a butcher blade. This is a butcher blade this one. You can see how much different that looks and look at that. So this is a butcher blade. It is sharp.

You should never do that. There’s microscopic teeth and now I’ll have to use a strop to straighten that out, but nonetheless, pretty cool still has oil on it. I’ve never really used it, but I just thought it was kind of cool. I saw it in one of those like knife, catalogs and the imagery is kind of cool in there. So yeah that’s about it. This one was made in Pakistan. It’s the only butcher blade I’ve ever owned.

I think they’re generally they’re hard to find if you guys ever find yourself a razor and you find a butcher blade, that’s in good shape. You should maybe buy it if it’s reasonable. Almost everything that you find that’s antique. This one here looks like it’s got. Maybe some odd fellow markings on it FLT not really sure what that’s for, but so look it’s a big ol chunk taken out of that bad boy and most of them look like that.

So not something you’re going to want to Hugh’s collect sure, but don’t use it. I got this one for my father-in-law, who actually gave me my first real Masonic ring. But last but not least, I guess I’ll show you this one, which I’m pretty proud of. It’s the only one it actually was given to me. I didn’t buy it, it’s really nice and it was actually given to a lot of different guys who were in attendance of the Grand Master’s dinner a few years ago, but nothing special, just probably made by case or another company like it.

But there you have it. Some Masonic knives and that’s it so if you’ve got something cool share, it we’ll talk to you all next time right here on masonic curators, thanks

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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So today we’re going to talk about the copywriting different types of copywriting jobs available, hi copywriting is highest pay highest. Paying job then how I came across cooperative so basically well, then, what is the difference between the copywriting and corner writing? So copywriting is business lee.

If you consider any type of business, every business needs a copywriter. I mean this is one of the thing that cannot be made into automated, or you cannot just to copy from some awesome or the sources and directly put into your website. You need a specific or you need a copywriter and if you’re thinking about to start in the copywriting, then this article is going to helpful, for you consider any business, mind, consider any email list consider and the self self self sense page or consider any product on The amazon or consider product any product, digital product, they all need a copywriter, and if you take, if cooperating in it is it is, if you want to describe, then it is something that you sell, through only words like you cannot directly say that okay, this is My product, by no one go, no one is going to buy it.

You have to understand the psychology, you understand the mindset, and this is what what copyrighted to so. Copyright is, basically, whatever you see on the sales page or whatever you so see on the website. So before purchasing you, you before you purchase anything, you see something written that so all these come under the copywriting. So there is different. I population available in the copywriting whether it is personal, personal branding, personal finance, medical engineering, a lot of different types of jobs available in the copywriting.

You know one of the best thing about copywriting. Is you don’t need any equipment, like literally you just need a lot of an internet in the laptop? You just need only your word file or Word document fight. You don’t need a article, editing, software or audio editing software or any Photoshop application. You just need word document, that’s what all need for the copyright. This is the reason you can think about the copywriting as your business as its don’t need any huge equipment, so you don’t need much enjoyment in it.

So next hope I come across cooperating. So there was a time when I was working with one of my international client and he used to sell the products, but he was directly selling. He was not understanding the customer behavior. Then I read about this and I started searching on it. Then I started experimenting with his email list. Then I started experimenting with his different types of products and to say literally blew up, and this is where I understood that copywriting is going to be the one of the important profit any of the business.

Whether you take a local business, whether you take a international business, all business need a copywriter and that’s when I started to understand the power of copywriting. It’s simply it’s simply. You have to sell through your words. I mean whatever you write there because of that you you product gets old. So this is why the copywriting is important in any of the business to start with the copywriter.

You don’t need expensive equipments. Also, you don’t need certificates from the big university. I mean there was a time that certificates were rather well. Now I don’t think any go to the any field certificates, how much valuable what matters is, how you bring the results or what you brings on the table. That’s what all three are you matters so in the copywriting? You don’t need any expensive course or any certificate from the Institute.

You just need a passion for writing. Then, when you, when you come across the passion for you and you understand, okay, you can start writing. Then you don’t need like there are the free tools available. You can learn from that. So when you, if you have passion of writing, then you can definitely think about copywriting for your business or copywriting as a freelancer or computer to sell your services as a copywriter.

So when you understand computer, you just have to understand some basic things like strategy: how to that even emails at ko sequence, whatever to write in the emails or what should be the tactics to used on the self itself cells page to sell any of the product. You just have to understand the psychology. Let’s talk about the psychology understand that psychology plays a very important role in any business.

If you understand in the customer really really well, then literally, you can manipulate your whole business to the next level, like. I personally believe that almost 70 to 80 percent rule like it by the psychology, if you understand really good, that, how is your end customer working? What is your thoughts process of your end customer? Then you literally, you can nail any business, whether it’s your online business or physical business or whatever business you have.

You can nail it just by understanding the human behavior so start understanding all this factor, then you just have to learn little bit of strategies. Little bit of tech stick that works in the copywriter. Then you are all set to start your copywriting business. The next part is building your portfolio. Unless and until you have a portfolio or a website, the no one will know you. No one will know you.

Obviously, if you don’t have online places, go on social media be active, whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin Instagram or any other website, where terminal with any other website. You want to go, go and be active. Talk about your things, talk about your business and less until people know about you there you never take any action or they will never take any services from you. So you have to start building your portfolio, whether it’s or whether it’s in PDF or whether it’s on your website or social media and so broad feel like if, if any author comes to my social media, social media accounts, they know that I do book review.

So they directly, they directly become my clients. So this is how I leveraged my social media to a business spot. So you have to understand if you want to get started with the copywriting, your content or your social media should be leveraged around those topics that any client indirectly comes to your stay social media. Then they will know okay. This is the right kind of that. I need for my business so start building your portfolio start building your website and initially it’s not necessary to have a website.

But you need a social media presence where you talk about all these tactics or the strategies or you are as a copywriter, don’t directly sell or don’t never ask that I am a copywriter. Give me a job. This is the one of the like one of the silly mistake, any freelance or duty you when I see a lot of freelance of that directly say that I am a feel, so I want a job I mean no one is going to give you a job Directly by this, you have to understand the psychology of the end customer, whether it’s your client or if it is your customer.

If I were that guy, I will never sell all. I will never services sell my directly services to anyone. I will rather all the benefits around it and automatically that customer or the class other that stranger comes to become certain clients. So I understand all those things and start building your portfolio. You are starting. Obviously you have to work for free. If you don’t have experience, but when you get some kind of experience, you can start charging from the basic, but see copywriting is something that is in the return from and no one can know any much.

They don’t know any automated. We cannot replace this. So, even if, after five or ten years, if everything also becomes the automated copywriting cannot be become active automated because psychology changes every 10 years or every decades psychologist changes new as a new generation comes, they tends to have a different type of psychological than the previous One so understanding those type of psychology or the customer and the copywriting business changes.

So this is something you can leverage for a longer time. If you are really interested in the writing, you can think about it. You can start working on it. So after that start writing your own sales page, like you, have to sell yourself but not directly ads are selling, or you cannot say that I feel that this is my service entities. You have to understand how to write yourself page sales page. I mean start.

Writing your own self space that, if you, if that’s a sales page ads as read by someone else, they can directly hire. You now think about the different type of perspective, think about the different type of human behavior and start working on your own self space that how, in the customer or in client, will look at yourself page and they will hire you think about all this factor and Start working on simply so, ok, you must think you may say that sales job I don’t want to go into send so believe me says, is the skills that you have to learn, whether you are a marketer, whether you are a freelancer, whether you are a copywriter, Whether you are a businessman whether you want to start your own business, sell skills need to build an it’s very simple, whether you apply for the job you have to sell yourself.

Whether you apply for any Institute you have to sell yourself understand self sells is a one of the important storm in any type of the business and in copywriting. This is the one of the important type. Unless you understand selling selling prospect, you will never sell any product to anyone, so this is all set. I guess I have covered almost all the things like first understand the copywriting then start working on the copywriting next experiment with the copywriting then get works like when you work for free, get them testimonials, get a article testimonial or written testimonial from them, and you can Show it in your portfolio or you can show it in a website after that experiment to a lot of things understand different types of perspective, then build your own sales page or the portfolio.

So you can show to your custom show to your clients and, after that, almost all the things I have covered in the copywriting. If you want to get started with the copper ending hit, hit a comment and hit a like button and put a comment that if you wanted to work with this field, then I might make another 3-4 article series on this, because I already doing it. I know that what benefits it, how to convert your future son to benefit – and there are some tactics and strategies that that works for me, that might work for you.

I was because this is not a saturated phase also have made. There are others jobs also that if you are not into copywriting there, I have made a different article that I used to being jobs that you can think about it. Like. I have shared everything in that previous article. You can go read that article. You will have understanding what type of job jobs in 21 century you can do or you can get highly paid so with that cell.

Thank you all so much and see you in the next article


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Great Content helps Market your Business

Content marketing is a hot topic these days. A single piece of great content can help generate so much awareness to your business. It is amazing to watch a great piece of content thrive on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube. It is true, content can generate a large amount of traffic, increase your website’s search rankings and build trust in your brand.

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Matt Mcpherson telling you they want more

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Yes or no for WordPress

wordpress-pro-cons-allshouse-designsWordPress is a great CMS platform and I have managed and designed plenty of WordPress sites in my day. Over the years, I learned quite a bit. The one major lesson that I learned is that it is better to host a WordPress site on a WordPress owned server. Now it does cost a bit more then hosting it on a private server, but the chances of being hacked becomes a lot less. Once a WordPress site gets hacked it can be very difficult and costly to fix. Last time I checked it was around a $100 per year to have a WordPress site hosted on and it can be between $250 to $1000 to fix a hacked site. Do the math and decide. WordPress is awesome, but it may not be the right fit for your business. There is a great pros and cons of WordPress post located in the Tips & Updates at that you should check out. It should help you decide. If you have more questions about WordPress. Please feel free to post them in the comment section.

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What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is marketing concept and or practice that can be very powerful if used correctly. It reminds me of the product placement concept. Which is my favorite method of advertising. If you are not sure exactly what Blogger out reach is. You can find out more information on our Update and News Section.