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Email Marketing Tips – Increase Your Promotional Emails ROI

Emails continue to be an important and effective way to reach people, especially prospective customers for the products and services your internet marketing business promotes, but the format of emails requires you to work a little harder to gain somebody’s trust.

Today we are going to look at some techniques you can use within the body of your promotional emails to make them connect better with your customers. So it is easier for them to follow your call to action whatever it may be. The body of the email, the body of your promotional emails, needs to be as concise and, to the point is possible. Remember the average person gets dozens of emails in their inbox.

Every day, if they open yours at all, they will probably junk it if it is packed with dense copy and long drawn-out sentences. Most people scan rather than read emails, so you want to use short sentences or even brief phrases or bullet points whenever possible. This makes it easier for your reader to capture the essence of your message as quickly as possible, using attachments and links the biggest selling point of email over most other communication methods, such as texting or instant messaging, is its ability to attach documents such as Word files.

Audio files, articles slideshows and others these can be attached to the email using the attached files function when the recipient gets. The email attachments will be listed both under the header and beneath the text copy. When the email is opened by your reader, clicking on either will open the attachment on a separate page, including links with an email content within the body of your email. You also can include links to web pages addresses and other locations when the reader clicks on these links, they bring the reader to your intended destination.

A word of warning. It is very important to double check to make sure your attachments and links work properly, test them before sending out your emails to make sure they work. There is no faster way to lose a prospective customer event to forget an attachment or a link that does not work emoticons in there uses emoticons are those little smiley faces that can be inserted into the body of your email, depending on your intended audience.

Emoticons can be either light-hearted and entertaining or unprofessional and distracting. When you talk to somebody face-to-face, you can use gestures and body language to provide nonverbal meanings. Sometimes emoticons can be helpful substitutes for these nonverbal cues. So then the question becomes: should you use emoticons? A good rule of thumb is to avoid or be very cautions when using emoticons in business communications.

In some cases they can distract your reader from your central message, plus they can strain the operating system of older computers, causing them to run slower and potentially causing ill feelings towards the email sender. If you would like to learn more about email marketing, as well as a way to generate conversion, ready internet marketing prospects each month, then the doorway is here just follow the link below to check out our online business systems.

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You have enjoyed this presentation and would like to wish you well in your business endeavors. They look forward to working with you in the near future. Thanks for reading have a great day.


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lb: Blog System in Less Than 100 Lines of Shell Script!

So especially now that I’m starting my dissertation and I’m going to be like I’m basically going to be a neat like I don’t have to go to classes or anything at a daily basis, so it’d be nice to keep myself on task now.

I am NOT a big fan of a lot of blogging software out there. You know, I don’t want to use WordPress or anything. That’s too bloated. I want to have something that just generates HTML pages, really simply not even a static page generator, just something. That’s very. Like makes sense, I don’t have to you know, write anything and markdown and convert it to HTML and do all the silly stuff. So I ended up writing a little blog system that might be worth checking out if you’re interested, so it’s actually written in less than a hundred lines of shell script.

In fact, I think it’s. If I actually look at it, I think it’s considerably less yeah. It’s just 71 lines, that’s all you need, but it does everything that I need and it gives you some nice different interfaces that might be interesting. Let me show you how it looks on my website so right now. I just have it here so they’re different in are different ways of looking at it, so the pH I’ve linked here is a rolling blog page, and this is originally the only thing I wanted, but it has other stuff that, in addition to this – and that is When I put up in a blog entry, it appears here as a you know, a new entry, of course they’re in chronological order, auto generates the date, gives me a title.

One of the nice things at is it generates links so it generates. The first link is like a link to the header, so if I click on this link, it actually takes me directly to the header and of course you can copy this, I’m not even on my website, I’m on the offline one, but it doesn’t matter, but you Can just copy the HTML that it generates in the standalone link if you want to link directly to that entry, so you can just copy this share it with some Linnell and it goes directly to that entry.

As you know, you probably have seen in other sites, but it’s nice having this automatic um. Additionally, in addition to that, it generates a link to a standalone page. So if you just want to view one alone, you can do that just as well. Now I don’t have the kind of thing where, like it cuts off after a point, I might integrate that later. But really my goal like what I want to have like what I like in blogs is when they’re just everything is just on one page and if you only use plain text, it doesn’t really get that big.

So my idea is like write, my blog page here. This isn’t part of the system necessarily, but mine is 2008. The HTML and my idea is after 2008 I’ll start using 2009 or something like that. That way, the pages don’t get too big, but my idea is like on this page. Everything should be there, but you know if you don’t like it, you can probably change the the script around, but so it generates these links that generates standalone pages and stuff, like that it also when you finalize a link, it automatically R adds it to the RSS Feed, so you can check my RSS feed and you’ll see that all the syntax is actually here as well.

Actually, let me just open up my RSS feed manually, so you’ll see that it generates it. Of course it takes that AIT’s HTML takes all the metadata. It needs and puts it into some kind of you know, gives it a unique ID the date it’s stuff like that, then it needs to be read properly by RSS readers, so all of that is like totally automatic. Let me show you how you actually use oh and the other interface I should say, which is something I’ve been playing around.

I don’t know if you checked out my website recently, but I’ve been playing around with this for other stuff. Like you know, Apache has this. You know we’re all familiar with it. Probably, but people don’t use them much, often like where a putt Apache can just generate the directory contents for a folder. So you can see the content of the contents of my proto-indo-european folder here. But the same thing is true: if the blog posts, so you can go to slash blog and these are actually out of order because I’ve been playing around with them, but if you don’t mess around with them since you’re, not figure out the cyst like, I am It’ll automatically add them and you can list them in chronological order or something like that, if you don’t know how to do this, for you know, Apache just look up how to make an Apache.

What is it like indexes or something like that? But anyway, so how does this blog system actually work? What’s the actual interface, so I’m going to go to my website directory and you’ll, see here the script here lb. That’s the name of my blog system is symlink. T’, so if you just run it by default, it gives you some directions, but I’ll talk about those in a second to add a new entry. It really just has three commands new finalize and delete so new.

It asks for a title. Let’s say you know, this is a blog post title and you go into it opens up, I think, and it might be vim. I might want to change it to your default editor, but it opens up. You know a page where you can actually add the content. So this is the content and of course this is you know it’s just an HTML, so you can do whatever you want here, save that and now, when you’re done, modifying the file, it’s actually stored, as it says here, it’s stored in a slash blog, slash, dot Drafts now, if you want to get rid of that draft, all you have to do is just RM it.

That’s all you have to do, but if you want to finalize it, what you should do is run lb finalize and that will give you a list of all your drafts. Currently I just have one so I’m going to pick that one and it’s now finalized. Now what that means is, it adds it first off to the HTML like rolling blog page. So here it is here. This is the content artists that are generally a standalone page. This is the content average of that nice and simple.

As the author name below and stuff on the standalone page – and it also it’s not going to work on my URL link, but I can because I haven’t updated my website. But if I go to my RSS feed offline you’ll see that here it’s all been added to the RSS feed, read the RSS feed or whatever. So all of that is automatic. Now, let’s say this is just in an example. I don’t actually want to push this to my website, so what you can do is just run lb delete to delete an old post and that generates a list of all the posts that you have, and I want to get rid of.

I should probably have this ordered chronologically. That would be a little easier, but yeah I’ll do that in a second. So all you have to do is select the one you want to get rid of say yes and then it actually it deletes the file. The standalone file – and it also deletes all that information from the RSS feed and the rolling blog page. So if I go back to this this, that entry is now going to be gone.

Okay, so that’s pretty much all the system. Does it again? It’s really simple! You just create blog posts and it’ll, convert it to RSS syntax and whatever else you need, if you want to delete a post, it will do that automatically. So one thing the one thing it doesn’t do since it’s not like a database or it doesn’t generate pages on the fly is: if you want to modify a post, you would basically have to modify the standalone page and the you know the the rolling blog list And the RSS feeds separately – that’s not the intended interface just because, and it would probably be a little more difficult to add something like that.

Just because there can be there can be a lot that varies between files. So I mean I I’m the kind of person I don’t like revise things like, I don’t believe in correcting spelling checks, there’s spelling mistakes or whatever. So I don’t care, but you know whatever, so it might not be for you if you’re the kind of person who is like that. That’s what I’m trying to say um and the last thing is what is the last thing just two seconds ago in my head, I was like.

Oh, I got ta say this one more thing. What what is the the last thing? I have to say. I don’t know, maybe that is it I’m going to forget, I’m going to turn off the camera and come back in a second. When I remember okay, I remember the last thing is the the other things it’s sort of important to remember is like when it’s generating these entries in the web, like the rolling blog page. All of this is like I mean it actually creates.

If you look at the source of it, it is a div of the class entry or something like this, so all the user interface or not user interface. All the decoration. I have like the fact that this is a slightly darker gray and the the sidebar here. All of that is just CSS, so for a lot of this stuff, if you want like a your blog to look totally different from mine, you can change it all the stuff like how Andrew individual entries look or how you know if you want them all as Individual squares on a page or something something totally unreadable, all of that’s a possibility.

All the thing does and well I should say you can go into the actual script and change any number of variables of the things you know that are at stake. So, of course you know here you can set your individual website, which is obviously not the same as mine you’re, going to want to change that or the stuff up here. You can also change, I think, yeah things like the header or the footer to the the individual page, the date that is displayed on the website.

This stuff is lower down because it has to be called lower down, but yeah, so you can play around with it again. It is less than 75 lines, so it doesn’t have all the functionality and that again it can’t, like you know, like change the content. I’ve already published blogs unless you want to do it manually, but yeah I’ve really enjoyed like this is pretty much all I need for a blog, so it’s probably the kind of stuff I’m going to be using so anyway, but that’s about it and I’ll see you Guys next time hope you learn something

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Wellness blogger claims: THIS turned her Hashimotos around | Ep61

Gundry podcast, you know you eat right, you make healthy choices and you still feel lousy. You’re, not alone. Not long ago, my guest Gina Hill suffered from migraine cystic acne, joint pain, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis, pulsatile, tinnitus chronic fatigue and depression all while eating. What she thought was a healthy diet, but when Gina, who is actually a pharmacy, technician learned how to cut lectins from her diet, she was actually able to turn things around.

You know, as a result of all this, she created leptin free creations by Gina, a website and an Instagram account with tasty lectin free recipes and has even launched a lectin free revolution in her own community in a warrant in Virginia today. We’ll discuss what it takes to go: leptin, free and how to eat right without feeling deprived. I think that’s a really big issue for everyone. Embarking on this, so Gina welcome to the program and happy fiftieth birthday.

Thank you, dr. Gundry, it’s wonderful to be here. I just want to say: oh you, a debt of gratitude for everything that the plant paradox has done for me in my life. Well, it’s thank you so much! That’s actually why I do this and you actually flew out here to to share your experience with us, and I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing not only in your community but around the world with your website and your Instagram account because you’re you’re really trying to help people make this work.

I am I’m fantastically fascinated by this lectin free lifestyle and I enjoy the blogging good mm-hmm I mean. Were you a blogger before all this? No, no! It’s over. You said. Oh, my gosh there’s something to all this. What I got ta tell people I did and it just went okay, so you felt awful and we off-camera. Unlike your experience – and I know this was going on for 40 odd years. Yes, can you kind of walk back and give us a little scenario? What was happening? Yes, okay, so as a child growing up in Ohio, I had cornfields all around me and we had access to that for our meals and then as a family of eight.

On a meager income, we also had a lot of beans, non-pressure cooked beans with the corn and corn, bread. That was a main staple, so I did suffer from migraines as a child. I can remember being in bed for two to three days at a time with the migraine as a 10 or 11 year old and then came the chronic strep throat and sinus infections and ear infections. And of course the antibiotics were frequent as a child.

And then I and you had your tonsils out right yeah. So by the time I was 16 years old, I had such a chronic infection. The infection had went so far back in my throat, not only my tonsils, but a great deal of tissue removed behind my tonsils down into my throat as well. So that was at about the age of 16 and then the acne came afterwards mmm and I dealt with that until I was like done free now. Let me ask you: let me go back, what’s it like so you’re having migraines as a tenure, does anybody say? Oh, come on you’re a ten year old girl, whoa yeah boy, you’re, a drama queen.

What’s the you don’t have migraines, do people actually take you seriously or was that come on get out of bed? Let’s go, they did they took me seriously. They. I was actually told that the it is genetic that it was a genetic issue, my aunts and uncles, and my dad all had the headaches. So it was definitely a genetic issue, told ya, okay. Well, that’s good. At least somebody gave me a break okay, all right.

So then you so your tonsils are out, and you got lots of antibiotics with that and then the acne starts yes, and what what do people tell you about the acne? Oh, it was just hormonal or it’s the junk food that you were eating, but I didn’t eat a lot of junk food and but it was just something that I couldn’t find a solution to and they wanted to put you on a medication. Not at that point – and I was earlier and then I guess by my early 30s, I had come in contact with a tick.

I guess and I got Rocky Mountain spotted fever mm-hmm. It was devastating for me and I got fed more antibiotics and then along came the fibromyalgia. The migraines intensified a lot of face pain and ocular pain as well. It was very difficult to live in that state. It was probably one of the worst times of my life to live with the symptoms of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Oh, are you still in Ohio at this point or now we’re a military family.

My husband is a retired Marine, so the we lived in North Carolina, okay, where the presence of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever tic is large, there mm-hmm and so you’re getting lots of antibiotics for that, and are you actually working during all this? I was in school to be a dental assistant and I made it through the program dealing with the pain as well, and I ended up not doing anything with it, because I was just too sick and then from there.

I ended up with not too long after that the thyroid pain started, so I did feel this not in the tightness in my thyroid, and I just chose not to do anything about it. At that point, I just tried to ignore those. I really didn’t know what it was and did you, as you know, your doctor about all this or you’re. Just I’m not going to mention it. I got enough worries now I didn’t I didn’t mention it at all.

I just knew that it was a problem. It was a new issue and then by my late 30s, I had gotten the flu and was fed more antibiotics for the flu. Yes, yes, that works. Well, it destroyed me. This is when the mucus started. This is when it would became a real problem. For me, the mucus was the worst. I had severe post nasal drip when I slept it kept me awake. I was having to blow my nose frequently and I was clearing my throat and my chest when I consumed now that I know what it was lectins yeah.

So when I would consume my migraine, diet, the mucus would fill up in my lungs and I was having a hard time breathing and I was I was so sensitive to it all and it was um. It was very. It was not pleasant to be around me. Yeah we’re people telling you well, these are just allergies, a fever or it’s pollen things. Yes, you live in North Carolina, yes, yeah. I want to give you things for this. I had went to a pulmonologist, yes and they did testing, which I passed all of them.

They gave me uh no nasal spray and an inhaler that no one yeah okay, so the mucus formation stayed with me all the way from my late 30s. So when I went lectins free, it actually had gotten worse. But at that time, when mucus started, the doctor gave me prilosec, ah great razaw, purple pill, so we all know what that is. So by the time I had gotten the medication. The mucus problems had turned into really a severe burning and my sinuses.

So in my throat what had become raw – and my just – I never had a moment where my lungs felt clear, and so I did I was put on the prilosec and then by my early 40s. I had so much of the mucus formation that it was starting to affect my eustachian tube. So I was hearing my pulse and they call that pulsatile tinnitus, and that was just another issue, so they just kept compounding from there and then what happened or isn’t that enough.

Shortly after that, the pain in my throat had gotten so painful that I did go to the doctor. I’d never been to an endocrinologist before so I didn’t understand what was going on. They did a cat scan of my thyroid and told me I had Hashimoto’s. I had never heard of that before I didn’t understand what it was and that I was hypothyroid as well. I was given synthroid and which I ended up later, changing myself to armor.

I didn’t like the side effects of the sun, throwing and also at that visit with the endocrinologist. They discovered a nodule, and I didn’t know what that was either. It was in the right side of my thyroid. They kept a close eye on it and it grew at a fast rate by 2013, a head started, causing compression on my esophagus, and I was having a hard time breathing at night. Then what happened? I had a fire attack to me and partial partial.

I react to me and the Isthmus removed as well and then almost immediately the growth started in the left side. Aha, so I’m yet to do a follow-up since being lectin free to see how that knot was doing so I’ll. Let you know okay yeah, so I mean this is this: is you know you’re an unmitigated disaster, yes, and your your eating during all this time really hasn’t changed your eating? What you think is healthy, did anybody, or did you say gee? Could it be the food that I’m eating? No, nobody looked at food.

Nobody looked at me as a whole. No and then so. How did you find the plant paradox um? Actually, my husband had seen a commercial first and he’s very familiar with my illness. Isn’t he came home to show me the article and he couldn’t find it yeah, so he’s very disappointed that he couldn’t show me, but I found it the next day it was a banner across the YouTube. Ah, is this the food that is hurting you and then the smashed tomato that we’re all familiar with, and I played the article and played it again and played it again and ordered the book and it came to the house and I did not get off the Couch for two days, while I read that book nion and did light bulbs start going on, it went off when I knew it was the answer for me.

Yes, so alright, so you think you found the answer and you go. Oh my gosh. That’s that’s me in there there’s people just like me and did you go cold turkey, lectin, free or or what’d? You do. I went cold turkey and I did not have a problem with it at all. I came up with a plan. I knew that I had to open those pantry doors and I had three bags one for trash one for giveaway to my neighbor and if one for return it to the grocery store and see if I can get my money back – oh wow, okay, so that was My plan, it was a lot yeah.

It was a major part of my diet. That’s what I ate was grain and beans right, Ezekiel, bread, oh yeah, Zeki, Oh bread; yes, a shoe, cashew, nuts, yeah cashew cheese’s; yes, yes, zekiel, bread, it’s interesting people and I you know. I try to document this in all my books with research studies that have been done, but sprouted grains are actually higher in lectin content than unspread grains and one of the interesting things is plant doesn’t want its babies to be eaten, which seems obvious, but none of Us think about that and the newborn baby, the little sprouted grain is actually at its most vulnerable and so the plant.

Actually, the baby produces more lectins at that point. To dissuade the animal from eating, and actually just as inside alfalfa sprouts, are some of the most toxic foods that you can eat because of their incredibly high lectin content. So sorry about that yeah I was having it every day: yeah yeah with peanut butter. Oh yes, yeah, and this is all healthy, parvo healthy. Hopefully, for you and you’re going.

I am doing everything right and you know I am the most miserable human being. I know I was I just I got to the point by the time I was 47. I just didn’t want to be around anymore, just questioning why I wanted to be here so at that point about right before I found the plant paradox, I was 47 and I had visited many doctors. I was seeing a pulmonologist right, the orthopedic for the pain and my knee and my hips had gotten so bad yeah.

We didn’t talk about that. So now, you’ve got hip and knee plate pain, yes yeah. So I was dealing with that. I didn’t think I was too old yeah, I didn’t look it, but I know people saying oh well, you’re just getting old. Ah they did, but I didn’t want to accept it. I knew there was another option for me. So the Nick no knee pain, the Payne visiting the orthopedic, the pulmonologist still for the phlegm yeah, the endocrinologist again right before I went plant paradox and they did another endoscopy and that’s when they found a stomach, polyp yeah.

I have that one, a single stomach polyp. So that kind of scared me a little bit I’ve seen a Rheumatologist, so I got an official diagnosis of fibromyalgia and prescription for more medication. I think the gabapentin yeah yeah, I didn’t what the gabapentin do for you or it made me very dizzy and nauseous. I just wanted to lay around. I didn’t like that. I think I took that twice and I said this isn’t for me.

I have to find another option, so what okay, so you might cold turkey, and so what happened? What is what’s the first thing, you know great things, no more mucus. How fast did that happen immediately? Yeah, I’m extremely lectin sensitive. I can smell a white glass of wine and I have mucus formation neat. Yes, yes, I can detect when the restaurant is lying. To me immediately, I know that that’s not olive oil, the mucus formation happens and so right away, no mucus.

It didn’t have to blow my nose. I wasn’t going through a box of tissues a week. Wasn’t clearing my throat, which allowed my throat to heal so no mucus, wonderful, I could sleep at night. I wasn’t having post nasal drip within three days. Guess what no more headache amazing! So not just the headache when you deal with fibromyalgia headaches, it can be very ocular and the face pain that I was having so into my cheek bones and my sinuses.

All of that that I was dealing with within three days was gone now. This has got to be a placebo effect. You, you read a book that says everything’s going to be fine. If you stop eating these things and lo and behold, everything was fine, it was. It did exactly what you said. It was going to do so so and but you’ve obviously tested on that on yourself. So when a mischief food enters your mouth, maybe at a restaurant, for instance your you can, you know instantly instantly instantly, yes and so you’re, not you’re.

Sure you’re not crazy, know that you, this isn’t you’re making this up, I’m not crazy. I’ve even tested it and my husband will vouch to be in a restaurant and then call the waiter over and say I need to know if this is not olive oil. Yes, it’s olive oil ma’am, it is all of us. I need you to check on the bottle and he comes back and he says no, it does say it’s a blend to blend of olive oil and canola oil.

My body detects that it’s it’s great, I’m glad. I have this built-in system now you’re. Yes, now I’m glad it’s it’s very beneficial. I think everybody should eat those lectin free lifestyle. Well, I think that’s a really that’s a really good point and maybe a little stop for a second and talk about that. A couple years ago and the plant paradox came out, I was lecturing at Harvard actually nerve health and brain health, and one of a distinguished professor said well you’re, saying that everybody should you know he looked in free, and I said yes, that’s correct.

He said well, what’s what’s wrong, with the advice that everything should be in moderation and isn’t that a better argument – and I said well, I have nothing wrong with that. If you want moderate arthritis, moderate heart disease, moderate dementia, great – and I said – but do you really want? You know moderate arthritis and heart disease, of course not now and I think what’s what’s really interesting you’re.

Obviously, what I described is a canary yes and the canary in the coal mine. Yes, and you know, bless you for being a canary. My Canaries have taught me most everything I know about all this. Yes, so you guys react to these things lectins instantaneously, so you feel the things that I and now others have suggested are going on in all of us, but we just unfortunately, don’t feel them the way you do and we can use the word clairvoyant.

I don’t think that’s right, but you you, you feel these things. I call it hypersensitive yeah yeah yeah. I think that’s a that’s a great way yeah and I think what what you guys have taught me is particularly now with really modern blood tests. Looking at leaky gut looking at inflammation looking at what’s happening in the brain on arteries, we can see that when we take lectins away from people that we can, even if they don’t feel the difference, most people do, but even if they don’t feel it, we can See it on a blood test I’ll, give you a quick example.

Yesterday we I saw a woman actually enter in her late 60s, who have had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She doesn’t anymore and we do this test called a pulse test and I have no relationship with them. Pu LS that really looks at markers for your chance of a heart attack in the next five years, and one of the markers I’ve written about is called il 16 and I all 16 is an autoimmune attack on the inside of our blood vessels and I’ve.

Given two papers that I suggest that it’s lectins that caused this and when lectins are taken out of the diet, we see il 16 drop dramatically, and so this woman were looking at her pulse test and her score for having a heart attack. The next five years drops in half and we compare her first one with this one in her il 16 drop dramatically, and I said, look at that you’re, you know your risk of having a heart attack went from remarkably high six months later.

You now have minimal risk of a heart attack. Did you you know, and you didn’t feel the fact that your risk for a heart attack went down that wasn’t evident, but we can see it on a blood test. So bless you, for you, know, teaching all of us number one, but you’re, not crazy, and that you’re just you know, you’re, really good you’re a Geiger counter. Okay! So that’s so so you okay! So now all of a sudden, so your acne clears yes.

So after three days the headache cleared and then a week that gave my throat enough time to heal, I didn’t have the raw throat anymore, so that was a bonus for me to not have to deal with that soreness and gosh. I remember the day. Three months later, this is so exciting I’ll, never forget this day I went to clipped my nails and I had a wonderful, beautiful line of demarcation across my fingernails, and I got to looking what would kind of confuse me at first.

I had never seen anything like this before I could see the dead tissue up front and the new healthy, shiny tissue in the back, and so they looked down to look at my toes, and I saw the same thing on my toes. That’s when I knew my gut was healing and my microbiome was thriving, so I ran downstairs to tell my husband look, look, look. This is barking. I’r do I going to do this. There rest of my life – and I was so excited to see that that was healing.

That was proof for me. It was he excited about. He is so excited. Yes, he’s been very supportive of me always especially with the plant paradox. I couldn’t have done this without him. Actually, he sees the difference, especially when, at the point of being lectin free after the thyroid supplementation, I think I added about six months and to being lectin free. I could just still feel that pain in my throat and I knew I needed some thyroid supplementation, so I had implemented some supplements and then after I did that really the depression lifted to have the the support that I needed for thyroid and he was excited to See that change in me the depression, a little more friendlier and just all around a better person to be around, so it really affects you when you’re sick, it’s hard.

What you can put people through well and pain is one of the most depressing things. There is particularly if you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, all right, so you you see the difference we talked before off-camera. You know. One of my favorite teachings from Hippocrates was was about this green life force energy, yes, and you obviously as hokey as it sounds, have experienced this green life force energy, yes, so fascinating.

To feel how your body can feel when you remove the external forces that are causing the damage to your body, to have that energy to feel so powerful and I felt powerful and I blogged about my power and I’ll. Never forget the day that I wanted. A bicycle: now I have energy. Let’s go do this, so we got a bicycle and I posted about that too. So yeah because you didn’t want to get on a bicycle because you didn’t have any energy get up and go yeah yeah, so yeah the green, my force, energy was with me and I loved it yeah.

You know it sounds hokey and I you know, even as I was writing about it in the plant paradox. I said boy. This is really hokey, it’s so touchy-feely California, but you know Hippocrates. Actually, who was the father of Medicine, and he I learned from him that all disease begins in the gut and all disease ends in the gut. But again I think it’s worth mentioning for people who haven’t heard this or having read the book.

Hippocrates said that all creatures have this intrinsic desire ability for perfect health, that’s part of our nature and he called it. The green lifeforce energy, that’s the translation from Greek, and he felt that there were external forces that were preventing this expression of green lifeforce energy and that a physician was supposed to find what those external forces were and remove them. And once those forces were removed that the body, the green lifeforce energy would heal, you know the body itself, and so a physician was just supposed to be a detective, and I think if there’s one thing that I’ve taken heart thanks to people like you is I’m Just a detective and you and everybody who’s listening to us – has the power to heal themselves.

Once we get these little mischief makers away from yes, those invaders all right, so you start a blog to tell everybody hey guys. You know this actually works. I was just posting some food and before I knew it, I was an inspiration to others and they were telling me you know you make this so much easier, you’re so inspiring. Thank you for all of your articles, and everybody knows I like to include music with my little stories, and so I just make it fun and I don’t ever claim to be the best cook, but I really I love everyone.

Everyone knows that about me and just try to inspire others to stick with this, because it really is life-changing. Are you a musician or you just like music? No, I just like music. I think when I’m in the cook and cook in the kitchen cooking for a long period of time, music or a doctor, gunnery podcast helps pass the time. So no and I like to make my articles fun, so I always include the music. Yes, so what are you favorite? Lectin free recipes? You got Annie.

I do. I think one of my favorites is one of your favorites. So yes, the mango green mango and pear salad, oh yeah yeah, the cabbage, it’s wonderful! I love that one and so simple and basic and in the beginning, is the the raw mushroom soup. Oh yeah. Yes, I love that one and one that I created myself you’ll have to try. This penny you’ll have to make those. I got ta Megan, I’m going to make it. I created a recipe she’s.

My prep chef is that right from the heart defense product, the Gundry MD heart defense product is wonderful to bake with. So I made some Gundry MD heart defense bars, they’re delicious. It’s on my website: alright, lectin, free creations, calm! Yes, and have you instagrammed about that as well? Okay, so we can find any other spot? Yes, okay! Yes, all right, very good good, so you work at a health food store.

Now I do I work at the natural marketplace in Warrington Virginia, it’s a wonderful magical, store, owned and operated by Shelley Ross for the last thirty years. Yes, we’re a wonderful, organic health, food store with clean supplements and then organic deli, upstairs on a wonderful staff and you actually have a lectin free area. That’s correct, Shelley is amazing and was very open and receptive to my idea.

When I came to her, she was already familiar with dr. Gundry and the plant paradox. I think she was using your products. Oh yes, so I told her my idea what I wanted to do and of course she gave me a thumbs up. Let’s do it right away and I had to move some things around, make room for the lectin free groceries and I worked with our administrative staff. She did a wonderful job at creating lectin free stickers to put on the shelf tags and ordered the books was able to keep them in the store and work with the customers when they came in.

I worked personally with individuals. We have a lot of sick people. More to Warrenton, with all of the same issues that I have so I’m very, very familiar with them all. So, of course, anybody with those issues – and there was a lot of them – I was able to direct them towards the plant. Paradox show them the groceries and so good somebody who’s, not Warrenton Virginia, who had wants to get some lectin free products into their health.

Food store, or even their grocery store, how? How would they go about it? How did you do this? Oh definitely. Every store has a grocery buyer. I would contact that grocery buyer directly and take your yes list with you. Maybe even take the plant paradox book with you and tell them that this is just. This is a worldwide movement. It’s not just for me personally. There are millions of people with success.

Stories live in the plant, paradox lifestyle and I just request them and they they’re willing to work with you to bring in the compliant groceries, and I would also I’ve already done this. I’r talking with thrive market to please put a lectin free tab in your search engine, good for you. Yes, so everybody out there contact thrive, market yeah and you bring up an interesting point. This is not conjecture.

There are millions of people who have the look who followed this, so this is not little. This is not. You know. A little Gina in Warrington Virginia now are the person who is walking into a grocery store in Des Moines Iowa now this is this is a huge movement and good for you for, fortunately, thank you, alright, okay, you, I know you’ve done this, but people write you Or question you: how do you start implementing this deaf? Can somebody do this without having me for trash cans and stuff? Yes, but it’s very important to read the book as a whole so that you can understand why you want to do this? If you don’t read the book you’re going to be asking food bloggers, what can’t I have in phase one? Well, did you get the book, so it’s very important to read the book in its entirety to get your.

Why and then, once you have your, why it’s easier to stay with program and then also to really it helps to blog about it to journal about it, so get your journal and take photographs so take photographs of the things that you’re hoping that’ll change. I wish I had done that, for instance, my eyebrows, I people with Hashimoto’s I’m going to seeing the third outer part of their eyebrow, and I have that it came back.

So I had a lot of thinness in my scalp and that is starting to grow back as well. Now, at my ferritin level is at a normal range, I would have taken better photographs of my skin the before a before and after so and yeah. You have gorgeous skin and you’re, trying to tell me that this was not you of a few years ago. No, absolutely not. I had deep creases on both sides of my cheeks really that ran several inches and the the age spots.

A lot of the age spots are gone now. Age spots go away, yeah, you’re, actually, D, aging, that’s right! Yes, come on. I have been told yes, and I mean you literally had cystic acne. Yes, so I’m dealing with the scarring I’m using a derma roller right now and some vitamin C repair serum. I mainly had it in my chin area. It didn’t affect me in my cheeks, but I’m dealing with some scarring. Yes, mm-hmm great, I mean you’re, like you know, like dr.

Kerry walls who was basically was in a wheelchair, as a physician, doing all the right things and on multiple medications for MS and told well, you know you have progressive. Ms, and you know this. Is your life and now, of course she can ride a bicycle and it’s by eating. You know nine cups of vegetables a day and I’ve convinced her that those vegetables shouldn’t have lectins and them, and I think she – and I agree about that but yeah.

This is your living example that there are foods that are killing you, or at least making your life miserable and removing those foods gives you a whole new life. Yes, yes, you follow whether lectin Free People for inspiration. I do I love them. You want to mention. Yes, first, everybody is wonderful, they all have wonderful recipes. I think the the some of my favorites our course are known as Stewart plant.

Paradox farmer, no, no yeah! Yes, wonderful! I can’t wait until she decides to make a farmhouse cookbook. I love her recipe she’s. I used to inspire her in the beginning. Now she inspires me. That’s great yeah we’ve become pretty good friends, Instagram friends and made a couple phone calls from Canada to Canada and then of course, Ralph and Steve. The plant paradox boys or my ex Inc, always enjoined seen their travel photos and, of course, then lectin free mama, of course, wonderful website, with tips for beginners great recipes that are simple and easy.

I followed her from the beginning. I enjoy making many of her meals and then, of course, I’m locked in free gourmet, Christine look what she’s done with all of that sourdough bread that she’s got going on over there. No, I can’t wait to get into that. When I get back home right, yeah yeah, you know the community obviously keeps growing and growing yes, and you know this is this: is a movement and it it’s real and the wonderful thing you know if I, if I look back it’s like all of you guys Who have embraced this? I give you guys so much credit for okay, I’m I’m not going to keep this for myself Island, I’m going to you know, help others and obviously that’s why I changed my career to do this cuz.

You know think about all these sites. Now that all the people you’re helping and that this is something that people can do and yeah take some work. But then I tell people if you’re going to hate me for two weeks and then you’re going to probably start liking me, but it does take some work and it takes for you. It was a leap of faith. Oh it’s like okay. You know everything’s out, I’m going to do this, but the neat thing, particularly for you, you know three days, your mucus is gone.

Yes, what’s with that? Yes, I wrote about a guy who helped his wife, it’s actually in the plant paradox. She had rheumatoid arthritis and, after her first pregnancy and he’s put on these drugs right, and she wanted to have another baby and knew there’s no way she was going to bring a baby into this world. While on these immunosuppressive medications, we work with her. Her husband was credibly supported and a very vigorous Bureau guy and he says: okay, I’m all-in we’re going to we’re going to eat the exact same way saw them after six months and she you know I’ve written about her.

She just had another beautiful baby and it was never flared, but he comes in after with the first visit and he says: hey Doc, you know, you know, I’m I’ve lost 15 pounds I didn’t need to, but you know I’m so buff now, but I got ta. Tell you: I’ve had chronic sinus congestion, all my life and my sinuses ablated and in taken antibiotics, and that was just me. He says I got ta tell you, you know you should tell people your sinuses will clear up nice and he said no.

No, no. You should really tell them the sinuses clear up. I said yes, you’re you’re right yeah, you know that’s your sinuses will clear up. Yes, yes, I do, however, think that I’m one of those, your Canaries, that shouldn’t have sheep or goat cheese as well. I’r glad you brought that up now there are. We now have these really cool testing for dairy sensitivity, among other things, and there are a subset of my patients who react to casein a1.

They react, casing a2 and they react away and just throw it out. You’re, probably one of the reactors and don’t there’s no human need for cheese. As you know, there’s there was an interesting book years ago. Women there’s these really cool opioid, like compounds in cheese that go right, particularly to women’s brains and go happy-happy happy-happy, and so there is an addictive quality to cheese. Just like there is an addictive quality to her head because of the same.

It’s called morphine’s, kco morphine’s, but yeah. So just give cheese. The booth, it’s okay, it’s okay! Yes, okay! We have got to wrap it up, but in the meantime you have some questions. For me, I do all right, let’s hear it all right, so it turns out that I’m homozygous for the MTHFR gene mutation or variation, the mother-effer gene. Yes, it is. Does that mean that I am or can be more liked insensitive than somebody that’s heterozygous or non carrier? You know I a lot of people particularly who write in this area want to kind of blame everything.

That’s ever happened to them, whether it’s depression, anxiety, addiction on the fact that they’re, either homozygous or even heterozygous for the MTHFR mutation. There is some interesting evidence that if you look at family histories of these mutations, particularly for the double mutations that there is an increased anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar schizophrenia and drug abuse and alcohol – what’s cool about this – is you can fix this with methyl b12 methylcobalamin and Methylfolate and one of the things I keep telling people you got to get the sublingual form of methyl cobalamin methyl b12 okay, so many people with this mutation also lack, what’s called intrinsic factor e.

That allows you to absorb b12 from your intestines. If you put it some way, well, it’ll bypass it and I measure b12 levels and every human being every three to six months, and I know exactly who are the ones who are putting it under the tongue. I know exactly who are chewing it or sucking on it. I know exactly who’s swallowing it and when we actually make them put it under their tongue and their levels come on.

Thank you for telling me that, because I chew on it, don’t you wonder: you’re, okay it’ll actually make a difference. Okay, yeah! We can see it it’s fascinating, so my dad died at 49 of heart disease. So once I carry both genes, the MTHFR, I imagined he had the one that leaves you susceptible to heart: disease, yeah. But again it’s fixable good news yeah. This is fixable problem, yes, okay. My next question is when how have a living a lectin free lifestyle affect the stomach polyp, so we’ve had actually a number of people with not only stomach Pollock’s but gallbladder polyps and they knock on wood, have resolved with going left and free.

Don’t have a time period for it. We see most people with polyps totally different subject, have very high insulin levels and you may have never had your fasting insulin level measured, but insulin is one of the biggest drivers to polyp formation, particularly in the colon or in the stomach. So, let’s see what happens you? Don’t you don’t have to go? Have your stomach, the polyp removed? You should because of the potential for a polyp to have precancerous changes.

You should at least reading this and maybe even have a biopsy of it, but we’re not dispensing medical advice on this program right. Okay, all right! What supplements would you recommend to help me with the only issue I still have left, so I have a little bit of muscle, cramping and my calves and my laugh feet. Mm-Hmm and muscle recovery issues and I’ve tried doing the magnesium and potassium the branched-chain amino acids.

Mm-Hmm and have you even use the magnesium oil spray? Yes, okay, and that doesn’t help you yeah most people who are getting muscle cramps who go on our program are doing it because they’re, eliminating simple sugars and one of the interesting things is. We store sugar in our muscles in the form of glycogen and when we eliminate sugars from our diet, which the plain paradox does we use up all the glycogen and our muscles and the glycogen is stored with a water molecule and it’s stored with magnesium and with Potassium and so those actually leave with the glycogen, and so when somebody calls me or one of my patients says.

Oh my gosh, I got the worst cramps in my legs, you know at night and it’s waking me up and I’ll go. This is great news. You are following the program and they look at me like what do you mean? You know I’m having cramps, I said yeah. They were actually eliminating sugar from your diet. One thing I think about is you can? Actually you don’t have a weight problem? You can actually add more resistance.

Starches have some more millet, has some more sorghum and see. If that helps you, and even particularly into your evening meal yeah see what happens. You know all right. Let me know. Thank you all right. Well, listen! I can’t thank you enough for coming all this way and is it and thank you for everything. You’re doing people need to know, and particularly you know, I get on my horse about this. Women need to know that the you guys aren’t crazy.

These are real things and you’ve got to keep asking for. Why is this happening to me and you’ve been through the gamut of all these specialists, and I know from personal experience. No one ever asked you about what are you eating yeah and so you, you got ta find someone who will listen to you and if nobody listened to, you then go to your Instagram, go to your website and you know go to all the other sites and We’re all in this together and thank you and on all your other fellow bloggers for doing all this bigger things to come exactly yeah yeah.

This is truly a movement. Yes, it is a movement yeah. It has to come. You know it has to come from the ground level the government’s not going to help us the insurance company’s not going to help us medical schools, we’re not going to help us, and certainly the drug companies are not going to help us so yeah good. For you. Thank you right. So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this and really go. Go, find her Instagram account.

What’s the website again lectin free creation.Com and on instagram i’m at lectin free creations, all right, you heard it check her out check out all our other great bloggers, and I will see you next week on the dr. Gentry. Podcast see you thanks. You

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What Are Backlinks For SEO?

Now backlinks are one of the top ways that you can get free traffic to your website and what they are. It’s a better website or high quality website linking pointing people from their site to yours.

That shows search engines that you have a trusted website, because other websites are referring people to you and it also builds up your search, ranking in the search engines. Now some ways that you can get backlinks are social media is obviously number one. You can post your articles in your links to bring people back to your website on all the social media blogs like LinkedIn, Cora and medium. Those are some of the blog examples that you can use now when another sites linking to you is signals, the search engines that your website is getting stronger and more trustworthy right, just like if a new customer meets you, you build that trust with them.

Now, you’re building trust with the search engines. So some other things you can do is you can write articles? You can share your highest quality content with other web sites for free. You can say, hey post. This just make sure you post a link back to our site and that’s when you’ll really start seeing those Google rankings now for automation, links, that’s what we’re focused on is giving our links into other web sites that are higher than us better than us.

So we’re writing articles making articles and sharing that content with them just to get those links back to the site and that’s what will bring us to the first page of Google now. Are you already doing backlinks? Have you even heard of it before leave a comment below if you have any questions about how they work or if you need any help, we have our website a link com where you can actually post your profile in your business and link back to your website That was the whole reason we created it, so you could go there, get links back to your site and start building up your authority on search engines.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. Please leave a comment below if you’re already doing this technique or share the article with somebody that needs to hey there. My name is Brad Smith, owner and founder of helpless, it’s my mission and my passion to help others with their business. So if I could be your coach, your mentor help you in any way that’s my goal. My goal is to bring you value, so let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, and I look forward to working with you.


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Soundcloud Tutorial Two: Create and annotate a private audio podcast for educational purposes

What I want to do is take a look at what I would suggest some of our more advanced students would do and how to use this as a tool. So one of the cool things about soundcloud as you’ll see is that there’s a way that you can go in and you can annotate audio clips.

So what you’ll see is here is a clip by cindy tss, red, hot chili peppers and basically, let’s go into the the adventure club remix. So if you take a look at this all these little slashes here, those are areas where somebody that’s in this community went in and left the annotation okay. So you can see this person here up south been waiting on a new one for a minute. It was worth the wait that might not be exactly what you want your kids talking about in class, but you can see the power that’s involved in this, so you could.

You could have a piece here where you record an audio clip or your students could record an audio clip and then, if you or they go in, you can basically go in and grab the audio clip and then annotate it we’re going to take a look at Some classical music I’m going to go in and look at this track right here and there’s only a couple. But let’s see how this looks so as audio is playing, so you see ghosts, prints came in and said, lovely there’s a way for individual students to come in and leave their text leave their annotations and it’s pretty easy to do so.

I’r going to go in, you saw a piece that I had here. I could be listening to the clip that we just recorded and I’ll stop my reporting there. So you can see right there. I just added in two clips, so I can reply so you can have dialogue about a section of the tape. I could even come back in here and say this part of the recording tends to be a bit better than the rest, and I can post that up there.

What we can do here is, as the as the teacher you can come in and say: okay, I love your emphasis on the words that Pinsky uses here. This part is a very you. You know this is a dramatic part of your production that I appreciate you could add elements where you’re a little bit more critical of your students, but the nice thing is that all of this is here in soundcloud. Once you have an account, you can create the clips, you can annotate the clips.

It makes that whole process of recording and uploading as simple as possible. What’s also nice about soundcloud is it is an online community. You can annotate, you could create groups with your kids. There is a limit to the amount of minutes you can upload. I think it’s around two hours, then you can pay for more. I think, for your purposes, you could pretty much accomplished everything without paying for the number.

One thing that I would have a concern about and that you should be concerned about is the fact that it is an online social network. That’s based on music and it’s very healthy okay, so there are tons of artists that released tracks here, there’s tons of people that are involved, and some of it is questionable. Okay, you cannot ensure that your students will be safe here in these environments. So what I suggest you do is you don’t send them in and have them just hunt down and look for you? Okay, don’t send them in and just look for you and try to find you.

Okay, because I’m a fan of DJ shadow. Okay, I can go in, I can follow DJ, shadows, music. I can listen to a lot of his pieces here. You might not want your students just to go in and find you and basically follow your tracks and mark up your tracks. Okay, the way that you get around that is, you create private lists. You create private tracks, private playlist, you embed those in your website. Then your students never have to come back here to SoundCloud.

Okay. What they’ll do is they’ll, go to your website. They’ll see an embedded clip on your page. That basically looks just like this. It plays like this, it shows the annotation and they can annotate, but they don’t have to go back to sound file. So, in a nutshell, that’s how now that we’ve created a clip and made it private, that’s how we annotate a clip. If you want to come back at any point and figure out how to do this, I basically put together a tutorial will be sharing that the instructions on how to get there, but we have a tutorial.

That’s set up showing you how to do all of this. On the website, I’ve set up for some of these directions. I show some of the standards that are involved and down below. I show screen cat captures on how to do this on an iPad, so this is basically exactly what we’ll be looking for when we use soundcloud with our students and use it for annotation purposes.


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How I Became An Instagram Influencer | WUW Highlight

Listening is like okay, that’s a big jump right doesn’t graduate high school was working at the kiosk in the mall now she’s on the wake up wealthy podcast, you know got this passive brand. Like the happened, okay, so I you know, let me fast-forward a bit I’m going to go into like a correctly okay. I went through so many jobs.

I went through so many jobs. I wait. I was in a Thomas assistant. I was a waitress. I did bottle service in Hollywood. I I worked at Hooters at one point. Tips were great. I I did everything I was just always hustling. I was constantly moving doing so many different things and when social media came around, I remember buying was the first platform that I jumped off jumped on um again adapting to this Lake.

I don’t really care what people think of me mode. I would like quick articles on vine that were really funny just making a fool of myself really or just saying completely out of line things or giving my opinion on things that a lot of people didn’t agree with, but some did that some found it funny. I started to get a lot of followers and a lot of like comments, a lot of random people, just like jumping on saying this is check.

This is funny and vine had the revine feature where you just keep rewinding him. Couple of my toes were were sexually viral online. Then I started meeting others that were now the term is influencers right. First, that it was no germ for it was just so. You have a lot of white. You have a lot of rebind, so you have a lot fallers cool. Why don’t we collaborate on a stupid article, so I worked with Cody Jones.

I worked with a lot of these influencers that were online at the time and that that kind of just showed me that there was a platform where you can get a lot of get an audience yeah that soon died and I jumped on Instagram and that’s so Crazy me, so let’s talk about that for a minute, so, like fine he’s really like so okay, so I’ve been like, I had a Facebook or whatever, but I didn’t have

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Factors in Knife Collecting – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 05)

The pasta makes me hungry. Well, it’s the same thing when I read a YouTube article and I see someone’s hand open and close a knife over and over, and I hear the sounds and I see them fondle it move it around in their hands. That is what has moved me to buy more knives than anything else in the last 10 years.

Welcome to the knife: junkie, podcast, your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting here’s your host Jim person involved the knife, junkie, DeMarco, hello, and welcome to the knife: junkie, podcast, I’m Jim person and I’m Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie.Com and We’ve got a good show for you today we’re a little fat and happy from the Thanksgiving holiday, but still hopefully we can trudge through this with all the turkey honest indeed James I in Jim, I’m sorry, I fell DJ.

Hey James was my middle names. I’m not your father. I ate myself into oblivion. I haven’t done that in a while I was uncomfortable and a real grouchy for half of thanks yeah. Well, I want to hear if you actually got to use any of your knives for Thanksgiving might be carving the turkey or something like that. You know I did yeah. I know you did coming up with Alexa. We’ve got a good show. We’ve got our normal couple of segments.

This one is going to be maintenance minute and we’ve got a ships in the night segment coming up, but this episode of the knife junkie podcast we’re kind of finished up with our knife 101. Although we may go back and talk about specifics, those kind of things I’m going back for a whole episode about the bowie or the kukri, or something like that, but today we’re going to kind of dive more into the knife.

Junkies collection come talk about some of the things that interest you about the knives why you started collecting the knives and why, specifically, some of these knives, so we’re going to have a good show coming up where we’ll dive into some of the knife junkie. Favorites to talk about right that Jim, but before we start, I got ta, ask you as always: what do you carry in today? What’s going to pop yeah, I’m a normal, a Swiss Army, Swiss Army knife nice? Did you use that over Thanksgiving a little bit with a knife or opening some boxes, and you know some packages of food and those kind of things all right, yeah right and I bet you found it was remark dull.

Yes, I’m just busted. No, you are your true, so today I got, I have a Victorinox. Actually I saw my I have this Victorinox camper that was gifted to me from my brother. He left it in that guitar case that he gave me well. I mentioned it in a previous. I finally got it sharpened up and lubed up, and I was going to give it back to my brother and he said no, that’s yours, so it’s it’s great to have him pocket a lot of tools, especially the corkscrew.

That’s right, yeah! Well, it sounds like my Swiss Army may have to go to you for the spa treatment out lysias, indeed the spa treatment. Everyone needs it now and again. I also have the spyderco patata on me today and when we talk about knife collecting grit and we get a little bit into how and why I knife collect this – is emblematic of this Spyderco patata beautiful knife. That looks very much like your typical Spyderco, except different in different angles, different handles and such.

But this really calls to me because it comes from the island of Sardinia in Italian island, and so I had to get it because I’m Italian extraction and I get sentimental about things and knife collecting – is one of them. So I’ll talk about that. Alright, alright and of course we have in your pocket – oh oh yeah, as always right in my hip, my waistband at 3 o’clock is the pink cold steel broken skull with the snaggletooth wave opener on it yeah just in case this right and maybe one day we’ll Talk about why you always carry them, because that’s a constant, like my Swiss Army knife is mine.

Yeah! That’s one of your three that you always carry exactly yeah, but you did get a new knife we’re going to talk about in the ships in the night segment. Coming up, we also have our maintenance minute, which is coming up momentarily slip-joint pivot care, which should be a good one. But I’m really interested in hearing about how the knife junkie got started in collecting knives and talk about some of your knives in our main show segment, which is coming up after our maintenance, minute you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now it’s time.

For this week’s maintenance minute part of a knife, junkies calling is the maintenance and loving care of the knives he or she carries and uses ubiquitous to modern folding knife construction is the ability for the end user to take the thing apart, maintain it down to its Component parts, often we take our knives apart to get to know them better to clean out the works and improve the action you know make it ours, but that’s not so easy to do with most traditional knives, which are pinned together.

I mean when was the last time you took a part of slip-joint and then got it back together. So how do you improve the action on a slip, joint or otherwise, pinned together, pocket knife? Well, here’s what I do in the absence of purpose-built knife lubricants. I use gun oil on my pinned knife pivots. I figure gun oil is created for metal parts that move at higher rates of speed and in way more physically stressful situations, so it should be more than adequate for a grandpa knife.

I applied the gun oil liberally to the knife Tang in the closed position in the half opened and fully open positions, then holding the blade with a doubled over rag and then holding the handle. In my other hand, I open and close the blade quickly, never fully closing it, but working the oil around the pivot. With the repeated motion, then I stop and mop away the blackened oil as it uses from the back spring, then open and close again open and close open and close.

That’s it, starting with generous amounts of oil, and lots of motion really helps to clear out dirt and grit from the pivot, thus improving the action you can tell by how black the used oil gets. If you really want to get OCD about it, keep it this process until the oil comes back clear, then you know you’ve done all you can for the action of the pivot. On that traditional or pinned pocket knife. That’s this week’s maintenance minute and now more of the knife junkie, podcast all right, we’re back on the knife.

Junkie, podcast follow up on the maintenance minute there. Bob the slip-joint pivot care, the the the oil that you use is that commonplace yeah pretty much anywhere, can get it anywhere. I got mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s hops number! Nine is what I use mocha. It’s just you get any sort of gun, cleaning, kit or rifle kit and they’ll have a lubricant in there. It goes with a little spray, nozzle kind of like wd-40, okay, you can approximate accuracy with it all right and of course, you can get it online sure.

You Amazon and okay. Well, if you’d like to get some knife, oil or any of the other stuff, maybe some strapping materials that we talked about. I think on last last episode go to Amazon, the knife junkie, calm and you can get all your supplies there and help support the podcast. We do get a small Commission, but it does not increase the price you pay so just show some love to the show. Amazon, the knife junkie.

Com. So let’s talk about knives Bob all right! Well, your collection! Why did you get into it that gun when I think about my collecting the base theme that comes up is needs versus once, and I come every time to the depressing conclusion that my needs list is very short. My wants list is a very long right. Actually, knives are something that I really actually work into my life. I really I’m kind of depressed to say this Jim, but in a way I could probably get by with just that Swiss Army knife – hmm, I mean it has so many different more tours than that than Ives.

I prefer to collect Brian and the knives that have prestige, so to speak. So if we were just going by needs, I could probably just have a Victorinox classic like the tiny one I have on my keychain burn and get along fine right. But it’s not a matter of that! No wants come into it and I think what you have to do before you admit that you’re, a knife collector is admit us to a certain amount of materialism, these knives, that we collect that we’d love.

To have that we love to carry multiples on and fondle. These things are just things. There are things that we don’t really need, but there is an appeal to how much care goes into their design right, how much care goes into their manufacture and and then the thought of something that will outlive you, because you know you hear about heirloom quality knives Right everything you see here in front of you, even the cheapest plastic thing is heirloom quality.

It’s all going to outlast you, even the even the $ 20 cold steel right. It’s going to outlast you right, but we talked about in the interests, show double zero and kind of you know who we are getting to know you. That kind of thing. Your background has a lot to do with it kind of the art interest and and the art that you have and that you do as well as the martial art training that you do so. A lot of these factors also lead to some of the collectability for at least view of some of the knives that you collect right, actually you’re keying into something very important, and, and that is justification.

I I’ve always been aware of my highly advanced sense of justification. So if I thought something I can come up with great arguments to maybe I should have been a lawyer too. Then we wouldn’t be sitting here talking, but you’d have a huge like exactly about the meter when I’m suffering right now. I’m sure you have plenty plenty, but but it’s this it’s this idea that justifying your purchase as an artist.

I am justified in buying knives that that a lot of design care has gone into yeah. I I am justified as an artist to buy. You know a crazy looking knife like the ZT 0 0 5 5, which basically looks like a stealth jet. It’s got all these facets and angles and it’s uncomfortable in the hand and everything else, but I love it. But who cares so as an artist? It’s justified that purchase is justified now, as a martial artist.

All of the Emerson knives I buy are justified all the combative knives, all of the crazy cold steel knives that you know are all overkill, they’re all justified by the fact that Jim, I know what I’m doing with a knife right and their sorbet. The zombies may attack and you’ll need it. Well, you know you laugh, but it’s the truth, they’re right, so why why else collect knives? I mean we kind of touch on this and the intro section getting tuned up.

Your intro show getting to know you, but why again collect knives and – and I know you focused on a couple of categories because they’re you know the weapon functionality, maybe the uniqueness of design or their other particulars for you that then to your collection well to others. Okay, one of them is pure sentimentality. That is someone buys me a knife. Someone knows I’m a knife knife guy and they buy me something, and even if I don’t like it or isn’t a knife, I would pick out for myself.

I hold it dear. I love it, I’m not forget right. How many times do you just get an Amazon gift card which is also cool because you can purchase knives with it right I mean right. You know it’s nice to see someone thought the deeper and brought you that gift. So sentimentality is a big no-no. Unser Burt, you know, I told you, I’m Italian, so sentimentality kind of comes with the package and also my my well I’m a user to.

I mean as much as I as I downplay that, because I’m not working on an oil rig or you know, a cattle rancher, I still do use my knives in my sprawling backyard estate. You know, and so there are some knives, like my tops, knives. My texts creeks my Ontario machete, my cold steel Vacarro. These are knives that I use outside. I mentioned them in previous podcast. Those are my backyard knives and – and I actually do a lot of work with them.

So in essence, I could have a four knife collection and actually be happy and be able to get by right, well, you’d be able to get by. Yes, I’m going to be happy, so also do I’m going. Let me interrupt you one thing: I’m realizing now, as I get older, I’ve become more interested in history and a lot of the knives that I get are based on historic modernized versions, modernized interpretations of historical knives like Matata, I’m carrying in my in my pocket today.

This is a this is a modern take by Spyderco on a traditional Sardinian, folding pocket knife that people in sardinia have carried for generations, and it’s used for everything from cutting cheese to you know protecting yourself. I would assume right – and there is an appeal to that. Personally, do to my ethnic link, but also it is an interesting variation on a typical Spyderco design. You have this low whistle variation.

Well, you have this raised hump at the back of the spine, for you to put your thumb on this thumb around usually Spyderco chimps that puts uh puts encryption there so that your thumb doesn’t slip. They left that off there. This sort of leaf-shaped blade is very typical of a spider coat, but here you see this abrupt angle change here to that very, very pointy tip. That is a reference to the original.

The original patada knife this. So this is a very spider coat interpretation of the patata knife and, as you can see, there’s the the trademark round opening right now. What is that for this is for opening the blade. So you just put your thumb in that hole: okay and yours no out, but there are other ways you can flick it right with your thumb. You can flick it with your middle finger and then you can do what’s called a Spidey drop, which is just hold the blade and drop it.

Oh, my these are all these are all emblematic of that whole, but also you’ve got this beautifully. Sculpted g10 handle. If you can see how that is radiused, so the handle is contoured and rounded, and that takes a lot of machine time, so that goes into the cost of the knife, etc, so that the historical aspect of knives is and is an interesting Avenue more collecting. I think, on all the little different features that you talked about, I’m thinking just off the top of my head.

There could be tens of hundreds of variations on a knife by tens of dozens of manufacturers of knives. I mean you know yes, yes, yes, I mean, and and if you go into blade, HQ and just go down that rabbit hole, you will see them all yeah. It is a great big, wide world of knives, and the funny thing is, is you know before 10 years ago or 15 years ago, before YouTube and and the popularization of holding knives? Just through the reading? You know Jim, I read a movie like The Godfather too, and they eat pasta on that one scene where they decide they’re going to they’re, going to knock off Don Cheech and just reading them eat.

The pasta makes me hungry. Well, it’s the same thing when I read a YouTube article and I see someone’s hand open and close a knife over and over, and I hear the sounds and I see them fondle it moving it around in their hands. That is what has moved me to buy more knives than anything else in their last 10 years. I’m a sucker alright, so you want that knife, yeah and then reading. It makes me Jones for that night right.

You know, then you go buy that knife yeah. It’s well, there is a keeping up with the Joneses aspect. You know every new every new year right, all the manufacturers come out with cool new designs and you want, and you see, other people have it and in a way you want it to because it looks so good to hold into flip like they do in the Riviera’s gotcha, but really the question is: are you keeping up with the Joneses or are you just Jones it like like, like a knife junkie, you know so when we’re talking about collecting knives, am I better off as a knife newbie to start collecting brand-new knives? As you say, they’re coming out with new models every year, they’ve got new, handles or covers, or the Christmas edition those kind of thing, or am I better off as a a collector to look at older knives, maybe knives that have been used, I mean, is there – Is there you three different perspectives? Are they, through the word collective in in air quotes, and I’m just wondering demon collector as someone who who is collecting for the value and for the possible resale value? Or you know, my collection is totally personal.

It’s my taste Sandra and that kind of thing I never buy anything with the with the thought that I’m going to yeah well, seeing that’s where I’m coming at it differently, because I have not yet developed the knife Jones yeah yeah, the knife junkie. Yet so so it’s something! That’s that’s interesting point, though, that you bring up some some people do that they wait for the new drops. They buy it immediately and then turn it around on the secondary market and sell it for a much inflated price and in a way, they’re doing people who didn’t jump on that drop, a service and supplying it.

But it’s also kind of, I think it’s kind of seen as a little sleazy, just a little opportunistic and and and I don’t know if that supply and demand yeah. But I remember Jim, you showed me a article of a man who bought some hundred odd Randall made knives for twelve hundred bucks yeah, and that was a killing he made yeah, but some might think maybe you should have spent a little more. But then again, if that’s what the person was asking, I yeah it’s a hard line when you’re buying and reselling, because you want to try to be fair with people, but it’s not my job to price your items, everybody always says.

Well, what do you offer me for it and I say no, it’s your stuff, I don’t know what it’s worth. So you tell me a price and whatever their price is I’ll, be honest with you, it’s always too high. I will never pay what they say. Right is their initial offering you know, so I always come down from there that you want to see where they’re starting that’s their starting point and I always come down from there yeah and I’m sure that gentleman did quite a bit of negotiating before you walk up With a hundred Randall date knives, but no, but so collecting so for your purpose, yeah for buying and selling career purposes.

Jim, I would. I would take a look at what people really like what the most popular knives are: opponent stance, the Spyderco paramilitary. It’s probably the most popular knife out there I mean just everything is compared to that to a great degree and it has endless variations of color and steel material, and so you could, you could decide. Well, I’m going to start making money on buying and selling paramilitaries.

There’s a whole crowd of people out there who love that knife and collect that knife. So I don’t think it’s sleazy to inject yourself into into a community of buyers and sellers from one-thirty draw knife right. Well, you most people specialize in something and then you know they start with something and then they branch out from there. So right, you know it’s kind of what I did am I buying and selling.

You know we’ve kind of started with one thing to specialize in it before I moved on to another category. Of course, you don’t really turn down a good bargain or good buy if you come across it and something that you’re not familiar with, but which doesn’t tend to specialize in certain things right. So the Spyderco or military tactical kind of knives might be a a good place to start for someone looking for investment potential or buying and selling, and to to kind of increase their collection yeah.

Yes, I think, if you, you can always resell a paramilitary team. That’s the model, that’s a good point: you there there are certain knives, you can always sell and certain knives you’re not going to lose too much money on. In my experience, the zero tolerance and ives always resell for a nice price. Okay, but one thing I wanted to get to before we before we veer is part of my collecting compulsion.

Is I get enthusiastic about the designs of certain designers and makers and their designs just resonate with me? Okay, you know in us in a way that you cannot put your finger on. Okay, tell me tell me just just like any great part, for instance designer of this knife. This is a 0 for 6 to buy ZT designed by dimitri syncovich she’s, a belarusian designer and maker, who makes incredibly in, in my estimation, incredibly beautiful, knives, incredibly beautiful designs, but without Kershaw and their and their upscale ZT models.

I would never be able to afford anything of his. I wouldn’t be able to have I own three of his designs. I would never be able to have them in my pocket without that opportunity. Same goes for this. This is a bokor lateralis. It’s a beautiful knife by JB stout. These are custom, fully custom knives unless you buy this production version and they go for 1,500 bucks. I can’t do that Wow, but I can do $ 60 from bokor.

So all these not this, this knife – this is the an automatic knife. I’ve mentioned it before it’s the protec rocaille and this checks two boxes in my collecting categories. It’s unique in that it’s my only side, opening automatic and it’s designed by Les George, a knife maker and designer that I really admire whose knives are a little bit out of my reach. But this protec is not so. These designers have collaborations with production companies, and it’s a really good thing, and you can.

You can put together a really nice collection of really state-of-the-art top-end designs without breaking the bank run ompletely right, I mean yeah interesting point. Maybe at some point a future show be kind of interesting to talk about designers and designs, and you know how does one become a top knife designer I mean you know some of those things, but the interesting question that popped in my mind when you were talking About the designers and a couple of the knives like this one here, you pointed to which one was this one: that’s the ZT, 0.

4. 6. Okay, it doesn’t look like any of the other knives you brought with you. It’s got more of a kind of Lanka. It’s almost like a bent handle you, I mean it’s kind of a you know, kind of comes up to a point in the middle kind of it’s got a little slight angle. It’s it’s kind of, futuristic, modernistic. You know it’s got kind of a cool shape, cool design. At what point does the designer design come back to what the collector wants or the the end user needs and a knife? I mean: how does that mesh together, hi? That is a very good question.

So, even though this knife, the 0 for 6, as you mentioned it, has this upswept persian style blade, it’s got this sort of bent pistol grip, handle. It presents the blade at an interesting angle in your hands. It’s got all these chamfers and this beautiful material. To me, I look at this and I see a designer who was successful in expressing himself in a product. It’s a very graceful if there’s nothing on this knife to Nene.

That looks out of place to my eye, but then you take a look at this knife, which is also a zero tolerance, maybe a bit of a fanboy, but I love zero tolerance. This is designed by a Brazilian designer called Gustavo to Cheney or searching not sure, and this is the zero zero five five and this knife. It looks like a stealth fighter to me as a Star Wars, like look almost like a jet fighter. Yeah, it’s got angles and facets.

It’s got an unnecessarily but beautifully compound ground blade. It’s got this unique opening mechanism, it’s like a flipper, but it was inspired by the the trigger mechanism of a revolver, and so this is 100 % about the expression of the design. The designer was going for something unique, obviously, and they really came up with it. But when you open it when the end user opens it this very, very, very pointy, but which you definitely break glass with digs into your palms, the the jimping and the hard edge on the side of this little triggering mechanism that opens the blade is, is pretty Stout and and it kind of hurts your fingers and then you have to pull back hard enough, that it jams this into your hand and what I’m getting at is.

Is it’s not the most comfortable thing to deploy and then, when it’s open, it’s really only comfortable in this standard forward grip, you put it in reverse grip. You got this sharp thing on your thumb. You know it’s just you put it in. I guess you could use it in this grip to this reverse grip, but my point is: this: did not take much into account with the end users, comfort. This was way more about producing a really unique and cool-looking knife that functions and, and this checks all the boxes, so is that that one built more for just the collectability versus usability? Yes, this is pocket jewelry yeah.

You know. This is something that I, this is new to me Jim, so I I know that I’m going to carry it right, but it won’t be. It won’t be one that I carry after the after the honeymoon phase. I won’t carry it that much because it is more of a showpiece okay, and so you collect both functional and usable as well as design. Aesthetic, yes, yeah. Okay, all right a lot more we could get into. I guess need to kind of wrap it up here before we get into our ships on the night, where you’re going to talk about a new knife in your collection, the ZT double zero 55 and what we’re just talking about.

We are talking about how you want to kind of wrap up this. This section here on your collection and kind of talking about needs versus wants, and in user in user need versus this designer. Okay, apparently had some come some needs of himself. It doesn’t necessarily translate philia needs of his own all right. Well, this is going to sound a little self-serving, but once you get over the weirdness of being a collector because it is weird and I’ll give you a, for instance, a dear old friend of mine, may she rest in peace, had a beautiful office and around her Beautiful office she had a collection of little glass penguins that I always thought was odd, might include penguins because I like them, they make me happy okay, yeah, and I thought that was weird and then one day I looked at my pocket knife collection.

I realized wait! A sec I collect the pocket knives. That makes you happy, though, either they make me happy and most people probably think it’s weirder than collecting glass penguins. So once you admit that you’re a collector once you admit your knife junky once once you admit your knife junky, then then the world really opens up to you. You can start start looking for what do I need and buy that stuff? What do I really like? What do I really want, and you can start budgeting things out? It’s a it’s a huge knife world and you can these designs by these designers.

If you’re interested in them, they can mostly you can get most of them for a budget to mid-range to high-end production. All the way to to custom so that the world is really opened up to collect we’d like to hear from you about what you collect. What you look for in a knife is it I want it or I need it or are there certain designers? You look for give us a call on the listener line at seven, two, four or four six, six, four, four, eight seven at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven! Let us know kind of what you collect, why you collect them, and you may hear your cell phone upcoming issue or episode of the knife.

Junkie, podcast, that’s right and all opinions are welcome, buy, sell trade, keep the addiction healthy and justified ships in the night. My recent purchase of the zero tolerance, zero zero five five, a collaboration with innovative Brazilian knife maker Gustavo two Cheney – was born purely of FOMO or fear of missing out ZT announced it would be discontinuing the manufacturer of the zero zero five five and all the online Retailers started announcing a sale price on it, so its purchase became a moral imperative.

I collect knives for three basic purposes, one as weapons, two as users and three for their design. This third purpose design includes different and unique designs from makers whose custom knives. I cannot afford the ZT zero zero. Five five falls squarely in this category. It looks like no other knife in your collection unless you have a custom, airborne folder on which it was based. The very sculpted and angular titanium handle looks like a futurist painting and the compound ground blade looks like the wing of some future stealth fighter.

It also employs two cheney zone: s LT flipping mechanism, a spring-loaded triggering mechanism inspired by the internals of a Smith & Wesson revolver. Ok, let’s get this out of the way it’s a ZT, which means it’s centered blade is razor. Sharp lockup is rock-solid. There’s zero blade play and the fit and finish is outstanding. Deployment is interesting. Different I’ve heard reviewers indicate that once you ready the spring-loaded SLT flipper, it deploys like a regular flipper.

Well, I beg to differ the blade whips out for sure, but it feels like an extra mechanical element of the retractable trigger slows it down just slightly. Adding to this is the extra sound that comes from the trigger spring slapping it back into place, concurrent with lockup. I, like it, this knife sounds cool, but it’s different from a regular flipper. Together, all these unique elements make one super cool super uncomfortable pocket knife.

I would consider this a problem if I intended the ZT 0, 0, 5 5 to be a user rather than pocket. Jewelry, which is what it is when the blade is deployed – and you have the knife in a standard forward grip, it’s good to go, but the Devils in the deployment when pulling the SLT flipper, which requires a strong light switch motion. You may experience finger discomfort from the triggers small size, hard edges and jimping.

You also may find discomfort in the quite pointy handle, but digging deeply into your palm as you study it to flip, but hey it’s a knife and an art knife at that. So it’s all on me, I’m no mama Luke! I can take a look at a picture of a pointy and angular knife handle and know it’s not just going to melt in my hand and feel great. But the damn thing feels great to my eyes and to my need for endless variety and uniqueness, and that’s why I bought it and that’s why I’ll keep it.

Nonetheless, the secondary market prices go through the roof, and I find I’m sitting on a gold mine how’d. You like that upgrade on ships in the night. Now here’s more of the knife, junkie, podcast, all right Bob, the zt0 0:55 got a letter airtime in this show being the ships of the night. We talked about it a lot in the the main part of the show, but you know again pretty cool-looking my thing: yeah, I’m in the honeymoon phase.

Jenna, that’s what happens about okay, so wrapping up your collection, but really this is for all knife collectors that we’re talking about just kind of using yours as a point of reference needs wants in user needs. Designer needs a lot of factors, the aesthetics, how it looks, how it feels how it uses kind of kind of wrap it up for us when we’re talking about knife collecting in a broad sense. Okay, I feel, like I covered most of that stuff, pretty well what I, what I would like to say is that to people who are new to collecting, don’t forget, there’s a vibrant, secondary market, look at blade forums.

Look at the usual suspects network. There are plenty of places to buy knives used, look at eBay. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a previously loved knife and to really try out and you might not want to drop the full the whole cost on a branding knife. So don’t forget about the secondary market. Mark also, don’t forget that you can sell knives that you have that you don’t use that you don’t want anymore on that same market, just join blade forums and just be straightforward with people.

Let them know exactly what they’re buying when you describe it, make sure that when you buy a knife, you keep the box and all the internal paperwork, all the all the stuff that comes with another and then, if you think you might be selling it down the Road because you’re just buying it to try it out. Well, don’t use it too hard right. You know and be straight straight forward with Bieber or Telenor.

He got and call the knife chunky. If you don’t want to call the listener line. You have a question comment. Please seven two four, four: six, six, four four eight seven Bob mentioned eBay. If you’re looking for a knife on ebay, you can visit ebay, the knife, junkie.Com, that’s ebay, dot the knife junkie.Com and find your your used or collectible knives there, and I may find find a good bargain. Thanks for listening to episode, number five of the knife – junky podcast, i’m jim person and i’m bob DeMarco thanks for listening and please give us a visit at the knife junkie.

Com thanks for listening to the knife, junky podcast, if you enjoyed the show please rate and review With review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website the knife junkie, calm. You can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife. Junkie.Com, slash youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife: junkie, calm, slash, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife.

Junkie.Com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming Episode of the knife – junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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GMB Google My Business Course Testimonial

Local Google loves Google and, if you’re in business, particularly if you have a local business and you aren’t taking advantage of what Google is doing on the local level in your area, you are missing out. So my good friends, John Currie and Paul Truscott, have put together an exceptional training on how to take advantage of Google business pages, and I just brought the main page up here.

Just to kind of quickly give you an over. You know an overview of what they have here: the importance of categories, what you need to have on your page. They go through this in great depth and gia relevance like how do you make sure that Google knows that your business is where it is, and the world has changed used to be everything was done on desktops. Then it was on laptops. Now it’s on phones, so people are walking around they’re doing a search.

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And then for those of us that maybe don’t want it, we’ll just read and they want a Rutten. You want to read: they put together a bunch of supplementary PDFs, so they’re, comprehensive and full, and then, in addition to that, they’re holding regular webinars so that you can ask questions you can get up to date on the latest, the greatest things that are happening in The world of Google business pages.

So if you have an opportunity to take the course, I highly recommend it and if you’re a local business this is pretty much must reading must implement. So, even if you’re, not looking after your website and your online marketing have those people that are read this and and use principals use the strategies, use the tactics that John and Paul share because they work. These are two gentlemen that are sharing their knowledge of what they do day in day out, as opposed to people that are just theoretically thinking.

Oh, this maybe should work, so, let’s just put it all up there and sell it every day. Both these gentlemen are working on their own local businesses and having tremendous success from that. So I have no hesitation in recommending this course, and I hope you take it, and I hope you have tremendous success with your local business and your local business marketing. I’m scott patton, the dean of law, economics and pathology.

Thank you very much for listening and we’ll see you next time. Everybody bye-bye


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Find Your Purpose, Find Your People | Influencers and Entrepreneurs

This is my second live event ever and it was terrifying, but it was so amazing. So if you guys read my last article, you may have saw me break down a little bit roll the clip. I want it to be easy where I just know exactly what to say, and I’m like it’s easy for me to pick up this camera and like talk to you guys, and it hasn’t been greatly and there’s even been points where I’m just like done.

You want to take a break, and I don’t know what to say, and it’s just like my creativity has just been like suppressed number one. I just want to say thank you guys for all the love on that article. I still feel you guys and where you guys are at. I do want to say that, after this weekend that that confusion, it honestly just left my body after the whole entire event went down. My students flew in from all over the country from Alaska from New York from Oklahoma from all different places from Montreal, and it was absolutely incredible.

It was like 10 times better than the last one. The last one was amazing, but this one everyone said that was just so so much more. We went through with so much emotional stuff people cried people found their life purpose from one of the speakers. People realized what their next steps were. We workshop with each other and we just really got to know each other and the amount of love and clarity and peace and happiness and powerfulness and empowerment that we felt all weekend was the absolute best.

So let’s go ahead and get the article. So we started off the morning with a little bit of emotional work. We had a workshop piece going on where we were listening to each other and just like not responding to what people were saying. We were just opening up her hearts, opening up to how we felt at that moment, and everybody in the little groups were just listening and everyone got to rotate. It was super powerful.

We set our intentions for the day and then we got into speakers. Our first speaker was Brian Pataki. He is a life coach. His podcast is actually coming out super soon guys stay tuned. For that Brian is amazing. He has a huge personality, but he also knows how to like really bring you in and clarify what you’re trying to do in your life. So you guys can also utilize a sample session with Brian. He opened that up to the influencer Academy and if you guys are interested as well, his emails are down below you see someone at Starbucks.

You make a judgement about them. You decide this. How much money this bitch has it’s kind of cost reduction. This kind of kids like an array right normal, that’s a normal part of being human being because in the olden days like way olden days, you would assess somebody out check out they’re going to kill you because you were a cave person right. So it is normal that we have a quick way to make judgments about people.

There’s two parts of your brain that I want to talk about today. Your fast part of your brain and your slow part of your brain, the quiet, the slower part of your brain, is where you can get closer to hearing what the universe wants for you and you’re going to close your eyes, we’re due for short visualization. Okay is your future self? Your future self begins to speak to this large group of people.

Suddenly, you become aware of a shift that has happened to you and the entire audience aware of this impact on yourself and the others. You leave the room altered for the rest of your life. What was that impact your future self had on you and the others? Who was your future self being to have such an impact? You will have a chance to have any impact you want on this entire group. It will be only one chance, one impact, but all of these people will be changed in some way.

They will have a different life because of the impact you have had on them. Go back and look at your paper now just take a minute notice, if any words were repeated and if they were, would you just circle them? Knowing this kind of what I want to do is talk about the impact you can have some going towards a phrase where I’m heading is a phrase. It’s like your life purpose statement all right. This sounds a little hokey when I say it I think, but what it is is it’s a way to know.

Am I running my business in my life from the point of view of who I really want to be, let me offer one tune, we’re going to say. No, I hate better. Yes, I like it, let’s change it, so I am the fingernails, but I’m not that what great that’s the word, so people can feel compassion. If you love, does that compass, these words for you yeah great. So can you stand up and say that I am the person [ Laughter ], so our second speakers with Laurie and Chris harder, two of the most amazing humans that I know I admire them so so much just their stories are so incredible, but they both have Podcast II earn your happy podcast that I was on but Laurie, and I interviewed her for mine and a Chris Carter has the for the love of money podcast, which the motto of is.

When great people make great money, they can do a great thanks. We’re able to keep up on that ridiculous pace until all of a sudden. One day I took a $ 150,000 pay cut and we looked at each other said: what are we going to do and we thought that was bad. The next year I actually lost my job entirely and we had to start from scratch. So we had to sell the homes, the cars, the rental properties, we lost our rental properties like we didn’t start from the bottom.

We started from like below zero. Now here’s the cool part of the story, though it forced us to start getting into self-development. It forced us to start figuring out who we really wanted to be because while we were while I was successful in banking, I wasn’t happy with every promotion. I got further further away from what I really wanted to be doing. If you guys ever woke up one day and just said: how did I get here yeah? That was me.

I always had like these solvents. Do you know what I’m talking about when you know you’re just born for something, and you know you’re supposed to be doing something bigger than you’re doing, but I was just so damn comfortable that I wasn’t doing anything about it. So when we actually lost everything, I had this moment of you know, reading him kind of lose who he was because his identity was so attached to this business and making money.

It started training, people, sorry prior to the six years, realizing well. At least I want to help people’s transformation because Fitness had become such a huge part of my transformation, so I was really forced into starting to train women, because I had actually gotten certified twice before this and never used it, because I was too scared to do It I shared my dream with everyone. That was one thing that I will tell you once I started realizing what I wanted to do.

I started talking about it to everyone and, if you don’t do that things most likely will not happen in your life that you want to happen, because I really do believe it’s all about tribe. So, like just share your passion with every single person, you possibly can no matter what it looks like an Instagram or anywhere else. When you see other people’s businesses the only way they got there, if they’ve even really gotten there is they started in that really shitty place where everything was ugly.

Everything was broken and everything was just barely pieced together and they spent more time in that place. Then you probably think that they spent there and here’s why I share that with you, the majority of you said you are less than three years in to building your business you’re, probably still in that place where it looks like everybody else is growing faster than you, Where it looks like your stuff feels so half-ass and their stuff looks so polished.

Trust me, their stuff is not as polished when you look inside of it, as it looks on Instagram or anywhere else that you see them or it is as polished and they’ve spent. A lot more time in that rough zone, where you are right now and so you’re exactly right, we should be. The second thing is – and you left this part out your story, but it’s so important. Do you remember your first client who came down to this super crappy half-ass finished gym? Yes, so I remember she pulled up in this brand new Range Rover which, to me Range Rover, just meant success or something I don’t even know what it meant to me.

I was like, oh, my god, she’s going to come down to the base, and so I bring her down I’m like I’m remodeling great so for a year she was my client didn’t see any remodeling done over the question here. But that’s! The second point is your egos going to get in the way and a lot of people will stop right there or they’ll check out right there and you can’t, like it, doesn’t matter who’s going to judge you.

It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling inside about you know your own personal business. You’ve got to step through that ego anyways and we actually develop the saying, and that is your egos, your greatest overhead, think about it. Your egos, your greatest overhead, because your ego will stop you from speaking up when maybe you’re about to speak up to somebody who could change your life or change your business.

Your ego will stop you from inviting somebody into your business because, you’re afraid of judgment, your ego may cause you to buy too nice or too shiny of things. Well, you’re, not quite ready to have bought those things. And now you don’t have that revenue for your business, like your ego, truly is your greatest overhead and we had to learn that the hard way from when we had to sell everything that was shiny and start over from when we had to have people’s own clients Show up and Range Rovers in our horribly disgusting broken mirror gym.

Those are the parts that really shape who you are and last but not least, we got to go around the room at the end of the day and talk about everybody loved the most from the day saying that I can go to and talk and listen to You guys talk, your stories are so inspiring. It just motivates me to keep going, but just having that clarity of like where I’m at now and where I am going to be amazing everyone.

This group stretches me so much and I love all you guys for being here. I feel like after today, I’m like so in purpose, and you guys I just felt at the end of the day that it was just, I felt so clear, and I felt like what I was struggling with the other day. I felt like at the end of this day was what I was I felt like. I knew what I was meant to do in the world, even though like it might seem like, I know, and I put together and stuff.

Sometimes it can be confusing and you kind of know, but then the path gets a little blurry we’re all human, and we all had that happened to us. As I can tell by the comments section at the last article and then at the end of the day when everybody was going around the room saying exactly how they felt, I felt it’s so deeply in my heart that I was put on this earth to do This – and I remember specifically when I first moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t want to go, I was resistant.

I thought I had no money. I thought that I wasn’t going to make it. I thought I wasn’t going to get a job. I thought it was going to be too hard to have like a new city, new friends, all this stuff, and somebody had to convince me to go, and once I finally said yes, I like basically got dragged here. Obviously it was one of the most monumental times in my whole entire life. It changed everything for me, the trajectory of my life went in a completely different way, and that is possible for you.

It is possible for what you’re doing right now, where you feel cushy. You feel comfortable if you do feel like that. It is completely possible for you to change your own life, whether you’re, starting to read new in different books, whether you’re starting to listen to more self-help personal development stuff, whether you’re just like gaining new skills. For something that you want to do. Whether you’re just getting sign of your comfort zone and going to a karaoke bar alone and singing because it’s what you love, whether it’s moving to a different state.

Even if it’s just the next town over and you have to make new friends. And you have to go to a new job and like the outgoing and do something that feels kind of icky and weird to you at the time, not icky, just just like cringy. I guess it’s terrifying. It’s terrifying trust me, but you are the only person that can change the trajectory of your life. Nobody else can do it for you, people can guide you like I’ve guided them, but they all came here.

Did the work they’re still continuously doing the work throughout the rest of the time that they’re in the program and then they’re after forever after as well? Sometimes you just need a couple more tools to guide you, whether that’s podcast books, a program whatever it happens to be, but I just want to let you guys know that it is possible for you guess: Realtors! That’s around you! What the Shekhar opening jar have you ever, that’s great, but uh, let’s take a champ.

Have you ever read on that’s great at the end of the day? For me, I’m just so happy that each and every person felt like empowering at the end of the day they knew the structure and the blueprint of how exactly they were going to leave and pursue their dreams. And that’s what made me the most happy today. I just want to show you guys what’s possible for you. This makes me so happy and I hope you guys find that kind of happiness in your life as well.

Thank you guys so much for reading this article. I have a hot dinner date tonight with Celina I’ll catch. You guys in the next article

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Masonic Curators – 045 – A Masonic Knife Collection

Today, on the show, I’ve actually got something I’ll show you. That is a bit of a collection. I know I collect a lot of things and Mason’s collect a lot of things.

I collect knives, and so I’ve got several knives from you know all over the world and different kinds, and some of them just happened to be Masonic, and so we’re going to go to a car way. Right now – and I will show you just a bit of the Masonic collection of knives that I have, some of which are also used – they are straight razors used for shaving. Those have also been explained a little bit in a Midnight Freemason post a few years ago, and I’m sure that you have readed a previous article right here on Masonic curator’s, which talks about some interesting Masonic, razors, so kind of in line with that check.

This out. All right y’all will go ahead and not worry about the mess I’ve got going on up here. This is my knife collection. What part of it anyway so I’ll just kind of open it up here. Now, it’s not a ton. It’s just some nice things that I’ve collected over times with Swiss Army knives and things, but right away. You might see a couple things in here that might speak to you. The first is this guy.

You know nothing, nothing real special! You know the United States doesn’t really make steel anymore. So almost any knife you buy today is going to be Chinese steel and American design, Chinese steel and it’s produced over there and shipped back here. So nothing real special about this, but made Mason. That says in search of more light and the other side doesn’t have anything but made in China. So just you know nothing real special, the other one that I’ve got, which is kind of cool.

The first Masonic straight-razor I ever bought after I became a Mason. I bought this one I had shaved for years with, with straight razors. That’s what my dad actually taught me how to shave with this was the first one I bought after my dad’s. I had to have my dad’s redone. So normally they look like this. You know they’re hollow ground, so they’re real thin to see how they have this scoop. That’s called being hollow ground and if you ever see it, it just looks like a big triangular thing, like that’s called a butcher wedge or a wedge or butcher blade.

They’re kind of interesting right, but you know it’s fairly nice. It’s a good shave now as much as I’ve wanted to. I have never ever used the Masonic ones to shave fairly, certain Terauchi p –. You know this kind of fake pearlescent and, of course it comes out, and you can maybe read that, let’s see I can focus, and it just says, George Washington, the first Mason president. I mean I mean that’s kind of true right: the Continental Congress, the first president of the Continental Congress, was also a Mason, so this is also just another hollow ground.

This one those Steel’s made in Pakistan, so a little bit a little nicer. I guess I promise. I won’t cut myself while making the article. This is the other one that I I bought, and I think this one I just got from one of these odd companies yeah. So this is a butcher blade. This is a butcher blade this one. You can see how much different that looks and look at that. So this is a butcher blade. It is sharp.

You should never do that. There’s microscopic teeth and now I’ll have to use a strop to straighten that out, but nonetheless, pretty cool still has oil on it. I’ve never really used it, but I just thought it was kind of cool. I saw it in one of those like knife, catalogs and the imagery is kind of cool in there. So yeah that’s about it. This one was made in Pakistan. It’s the only butcher blade I’ve ever owned.

I think they’re generally they’re hard to find if you guys ever find yourself a razor and you find a butcher blade, that’s in good shape. You should maybe buy it if it’s reasonable. Almost everything that you find that’s antique. This one here looks like it’s got. Maybe some odd fellow markings on it FLT not really sure what that’s for, but so look it’s a big ol chunk taken out of that bad boy and most of them look like that.

So not something you’re going to want to Hugh’s collect sure, but don’t use it. I got this one for my father-in-law, who actually gave me my first real Masonic ring. But last but not least, I guess I’ll show you this one, which I’m pretty proud of. It’s the only one it actually was given to me. I didn’t buy it, it’s really nice and it was actually given to a lot of different guys who were in attendance of the Grand Master’s dinner a few years ago, but nothing special, just probably made by case or another company like it.

But there you have it. Some Masonic knives and that’s it so if you’ve got something cool share, it we’ll talk to you all next time right here on masonic curators, thanks

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.