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Octavo Systems OSD32MP1x System-in-Package and Pengutronix at Embedded World 2020 show Open Source

So we have devices that we put into the system in package. Traditionally, a processor memory, power management all together in some of the smallest form factor that you will find in the industry is this: the most advanced si P in the world when it comes to the microprocessor world, it is definitely if not the most advanced one of The most advanced ones in the market, especially when it comes to size and performance, and you also have some great software.

As a matter of fact, we have some fantastic partners, and today we’re here with our partner, peg neutronics and we’re going to talk a little bit about our latest system in package, which is based on the STMicroelectronics MP one Robert yeah hello. We are doing embedded Linux development for just really MERS and for the ante one which is over there, we just took the mainline Linux kernel. We are working with and put it on the device.

As you can see here, and in this demo, we have shown how easy it is to make an embedded Linux system with it. So what you can see here is that the the display over there is just a standard, off-the-shelf components you can just buy from a catalog, and then you take the empty one and just standard Linux kernel and you all have standard components and you can make a Very easy battening system, with very good kernel support it’s all in the mainline kernel.

We have worked with a minor in kernel and put all the relevant stuff in in there, including the 3d accelerated open source at now with drivers for the 3d graphics in here as well, accelerated, graphics and that’s all they’re all open source. That’s a big deal for SD to get into Linux, to get good Linux in there. Yeah and st did a very good job in well designing the the chip in a way that all the major components are already in the mainline kernel.

In the meantime, they did a very good job in well doing a lot of work in new community, supporting all that things. So you don’t need big patch tags anymore and all the relevant things are in there yeah. The important thing is to make things easier for our customers, and I think that’s one of the things that the conjunction of the manufacturers, such as the the software that is being provided by paying atronics in combination with the hardware that has been developed by a cable Systems, I think, all coming together to make our customers life easier.

So you did you just took that stm32 mp1 and you put it in your SIV. Basically, that’s exactly what we did so it’s there. So you have a chip in the middle, as I said before, has the processor has the power management has the ddr3 memory, plus over a hundred other components that are in there in one of the smallest form factors that is actually the smallest system in package available Today, for the mp1 and having this kind of s, IP changes things also in terms of what the embedded solutions going to be at the end.

Yeah, especially, it makes it very easy for the industrial and customers to really come to to the core of the problem. Solution very quickly, you have a lot of software things of the Linux kernel, that’s all there and in order to make a solution, you need to well rich together your physical problem with the software world and the combination of these sips and the standard kernels. With all the things which are already there, that makes it very easy, especially to support things for the long term, what’s pretty important in the industry and what is showing here this screen here on the screen.

This is about automatic testing. So when we are using our men and Linux kernels, then the thing is that you can support industrial devices over 10 to 15 years and something like that and if you do that, you need to make sure that your devices work all the time. And we have something like 60,000 updates of the Linux kernel a year and you need to make sure that nothing breaks and what we are doing here is.

We have automated testing. We have an example here: here’s an abort which is being tested and all the rest is test automation which automatically flashes the Linux kernel, the bootloader, the root filesystem. Everything into the device runs a lot of tests and make sure that all the tests are green and that you that you can use any new kernel. And can you support your devices of a very long time. Sponge and one of the big deals with the embedded world is to have the long-term support so that the SI package you’re doing it’s going to be there for absolutely.

As a matter of fact, we are in conjunction with our manufacturing partners such as stmicroelectronics to ensure that the system in package is offered, at least as long as the processor itself, and the power management is offered by STMicroelectronics, and this also has a cortex m4 yeah. What can the Linux talk to that one or is just basically? Yes, Linux has infrastructure to talk to coprocessors it cannote the firmware inside.

It can talk about mailbox interfaces, for example, it can even make virtual IO blogs to the coprocessor, but that’s something we have not worked yet so far, but we in fact have brought the cortex-m port of linux into the mainline kernel. So it would even be possible to run Linux on that correct and but I don’t know if there’s any real use case, but means you will be two layers yeah. It could be possible – maybe people with linux and their largest and some Archos, and do the real-time stuff in the cortex-m which are cos.

It depends you can run free, our toes or whatever you like, as well all right and the embedded world. There’s a lot of compact devices so SIV, it makes sense exactly. I think a lot of customers are asking for miniaturization. They want the most performance that they can actually get in the smallest possible form factor and by delivering this type of solution, we’re enabling customers to be able to do that, save the hassle.

They don’t need to worry about DDR routing. They don’t need to worry about all these passive components lay down on the board, so they can reduce the amount of layers on their board. They can reduce the cost of manufacturing and they can get to market faster, which is one of the key things that is important getting to market as fast and as efficiently as possible, but isn’t exactly too small. Are there any negatives in doing so compact? Well, actually, the good news is that this assembles just like any other component, so in the regard that the customer has the ability to implement this in a very small form-factor makes it easy for them.

Also, we have a lot of reference designs to make our customers life easier. I think that’s just as important as delivering the solution delivering the resources, so customers can easily design it into their boards. So how much of the embedded world is Linux well taken from our perspective, basically everything, because all the companies who are coming to us so a linux company and Bolivians company already decided for linux these days.

But if we look around it’s in really in in all kind of industries, from airborne entertainment systems to PLC’s medical devices and any kind of things, that’s really everywhere, there’s a lot of entertainment, kind of things and touchscreen things right, but yeah, but also in real time Control system much there, yes, is growing fast yeah, definitely especially when it comes to network connectivity.

For example, we have customers doing industrial switches or heavy-duty vehicle controllers. You are like on on a tractor on any kind of heavy-duty equipment. So that’s that’s very popular. There is a Linux, the fastest, the most optimal the best voice. It’s especially the the operating system with the biggest community behind that, because thousands of engineers worldwide work work on it constantly, and the interesting thing is that they are doing it because it solves their problems.

It’s not some product, someone invented for big marketing things or something like that, but it solves really problems of the engineers and that’s why people use it and that’s why it solves the problems in such a good way.


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How Lyn Slater Made a Fashion Blog for the Everyday Woman | School of Hustle Ep 34

Thank you for being here and thank you all for showing up what a beautiful room tonight. This is going to be a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun ahead. I think that it’s probably most appropriate to start by asking you about what you’re wearing you look, you look beautiful when you walked in I you know you you’re so stunning and so elegant.

I love your shoes. Could you tell us a little bit about what you’re wearing tonight and what it means to you? I want it to be comfortable, so I could enjoy myself and I I am a little obsessed with pajama looks, but this is amping that up and it’s from ste Nagoya and I’m wearing flowy shoes and bag, and let me remember, vintage earrings. It looks great. Thank you. Now. You have been into fashion from the start and from what I know about you.

You were in Catholic school and you got very creative about how you would express your individuality. In spite of the fact, I’d wear a uniform yeah. How did you do that? Well, I think that’s a that’s a big part of my story, which is starting with sort of a small box and being creative in a box, and so we were not allowed to have any accessories. No jewelry. We were all supposed to look the same, no makeup, but we were allowed to religious metals and rosaries, and things like that, so I used them as accessories, and so I would make these different combinations on my uniform.

I would put rosary beads around my arm like a bracelet, so you worked within that box. I did you, you pushed the envelope right up to that line. Exactly in my life, did anyone ever tell you not to do that or did they say no cuz? They couldn’t you know, you see, that’s the the place. Do you have to find? Is you know in every situation where you think you don’t have power? If you look very very carefully there’s some tiny place that you can, and so they had said you could wear a medal, we didn’t say how you can wear them, and so what could they say? I was wearing that old academics are very important to you and you have your PhD in Social Welfare and you are a professor at Fordham and how did you grow into such a substantial role at the school? Well, I have been in Social Work a very long time and in in my Social Work career.

I’ve also done a lot of reinventing, and so I have about a five year time frame where I decide to try something new and then I’ll get very good at it, and then I’m ready to move on, and so I did that in my career as a Social worker, which is why I love that degree, because it lets you do many many things so before I went to Fordham, I was working with lawyers. I was representing with lawyers kids, who were in the child welfare system and really making sure that their voice and their story and what they wanted was in the room, because, most of the time, it was everyone else making decisions.

And at that time I was starting a PhD program and Fordham was starting a big collaboration with their school of law and they wanted to have social workers in all of their clinics and they wanted to have courses with social workers and law students and they recruited Me to teach, because I had been doing that for a long time and academics played a very important role in you, launching your blog as well.

Why was that important to you and how did you use academics to lunch your book today? Well, I think, I think, a lot of times. People underestimate the intelligence, some people who love fashion – and I knew that there were a lot of people in the world who understood that fashion is not just about trends. Fashion has been part of social movements. I think right now, it’s a really super exciting time for me, as someone committed to social justice to be in fashion, because fashion has decided they’re taking on a lot of these issues.

So there’s a lot of inclusion, diversity, work, there’s a lot of looking at sustainability and and fair wages and human rights, and so it’s a it’s. A really people are beginning to see that fashion has a lot more power than we ever thought it did, and so I knew there were people who knew that. So I just started to write in that way and I certainly found out that my guess was true. How did you name your bug, accidental icon, so that story always gets conflated in the press and what happened was I work at Fordham Lincoln Center, which is about a block away from Lincoln Center when they had? The fashion shows there, and so I was it – was the first week of school.

I was really dressed up because I like to wear something out: readjusts for the first class and I went to meet a friend for lunch and I was standing on the plaza and a couple of photographers came over and started taking my picture and then a bunch Of other photographers came and there were some journalists from Japan, they came to interview me and then the tourists thought I was someone famous and they started taking pictures of me and they were wanting to take selfies.

And so when my friend came, she said ah accident and you’re an accidental icon and I had been my blog – was ready to go, but I have been struggling with the. So that’s how I got the name. The press seems to think that that’s how I’d out famous and so for the purpose of school of hospital. I want to say that that was how I named my blog and it took really hard work every day, really working on social media, producing good content.

Just working like 10 hours a day to be to get at the point where I became well-known, so it was not a you know, magic moment, because people took my picture, it involved a lot a lot more than that. It usually does yes, not one quick moment to reach success, but a lot of hard work along the way. Absolutely, how do you hope to liberate and inspire people through fashion? Well, I guess I really. When I first started, I had no agenda except, I was really kind of bored and I wanted to express myself in a different way that was more creative than academia.

I wanted to write in a more creative way, and so because I wasn’t in fashion I had no idea about how fashion worked. I just knew I loved clothes, and a lot of people had told me well throughout my life, but even more recently, that I should start a blog. You have great style, and so I just started taking pictures writing about an article of clothing or a designer, and pretty soon I got noticed and that’s how it happened.

So I think what has ended up happening, which wasn’t intended is that I have perhaps given people a different way to think about what it means to get older and on Instagram. Interestingly, the majority of my followers are 25 to 45 and when I speak with 25 year-olds, it’s interesting. They say that they’re, not thinking. Oh I’m going to be 26. That’s great they’re thinking! Oh my god, I’m going to be 30! I’r getting old! I haven’t done this.

I haven’t done that. I haven’t done this, and so what people in that age group have told me is that letting them see that it’s never too late. I was 61 when I started this and it’s just become like I couldn’t have dreamt it and I wear things that any aged woman would wear, because it just feels good for me in my style. So I think in that way I’ve changed culture a bit. I’ve made being older, look like kind of cool and exciting and fun.

So it’s not something that you have to fear and start trying to change yourself and be worried about. I love a particular quote from you. Here’s the quote the more I research fashion, the more I realized it’s a powerful force. We talk a lot about how it’s oppressive or how it promotes ideal body types, but we don’t talk about how it can be productive. How does fashion lend itself to productivity in society? Well, I think for me you know it’s a it’s.

A really great example of how I, through clothing, through fashion, through how I style myself became, was able to break into a world, and I think social media has a lot to do with it. That was pretty much controls right so 15 years ago. I doubt that I, someone like me would be considered to be a person of fashion. I don’t fit the stereotypical mold who was supposed to be so I think that’s the wonderful thing about technology and social media is it’s a great equalizer and it’s given us power and I think that’s how fashion can be productive.

Also, since I’m a researcher there’s a lot of research now that shows that what you wear actually impacts your brain and your performance, and so there’s been studies that have been done repeatedly with the same outcome where they take two different groups of subjects, and they all Have our tested so they’re, equivalent in their performance levels and they’ll, give them a blazer and they’ll. Tell one group that it’s from Prada and the other group that it’s from H & M and the one who thinks it’s from Prada will always perform higher and they’ve done similar experiences with white coats.

They tell one group that they’re a painter and one group that they’re doctors and the ones that think the code is a doctor’s coat perform higher. So if it really, if it’s a little complicated because it’s how you think about what you’re wearing and what you have in your head about it, but it’s a very powerful for us and so for me. I think about how I can use what I wear to express myself or even to get an outcome and so I’ll think about okay.

What do I have to do today? What do I want to happen? Who do I have to meet? What do I want them? Think when they look at me and then I very purposely get dressed, and so when you when you’re styling and your fashion comes from inside of you instead of outside, you begin to have more power and right now, it’s okay to be different. It’s getting more and more okay to be different, and I think we should all be controlling how we want to be represented, and so for me, I’m controlling how I want to be represented as an older women, because the way that society thinks of older women is Not okay with me, and so I’m not having it.

There is some scrutiny around fashions impact on the environment. Specifically, what do you consider when you buy clothing, given some of the environmental impacts that the industry has well for me? Actually, my personal wardrobe is pretty much from consignment and thrift stores, so I really have always had a habit of using recycled clothes. I’r in a very enviable position right now, because designers give me a lot of clothes, which is really nice, but I will also recycle them so, for example, Housing Works always does a big fashion for AIDS.

This year I gave them my closet, so I gave a lot of clothes that I had gotten from designers. For that kind of thing, I think a lot of brands are starting to realize that they have to do something. I think there are some brands that have been doing it really well, and so I think, being thoughtful about what you buy being creative with how you style yourself and reusing things like I do. If people look at my Instagram, I don’t care I’ll wear the same thing that I wore in other posts because I love it, and so I might wear it a different way, but you’ll see a lot of repeating of my personal clothes, and so that’s how I Think about it, what is the difference between thinking and talking about fashion versus consuming fashion? Hmm? Well, I think it’s just that right that you’re not just buying it, but that you are I I that you know who you are, and so, when you’re going to get something that it is advancing, who you are so a lot of people say: oh I’m going To this event, what should I wear, etc? I cannot tell anyone else what to wear.

I don’t give style advice, because my belief is that style is intensely personal and that it should convey, who you are, and so I’ll say, to women instead and sometimes men and I understand later a dog to think of maybe three words that describe them their essence And then to take a look at the clothes that they have pick up an article of clothing and say: does that convey that and if it doesn’t, then you can recycle it.

But if you have that in your mind, you’re being a much more thoughtful consumer and you’ll find that you may buy a lot of less things but they’re going to be more special. We talked about a social media earlier, but I’d like to ask you about how we can think about when, when we’re posting in social media, righty, we’d love to post our clothes and things across Instagram in that space right, how can we use social to raise people Up and not bring people down well, I think I have been very fortunate because I pretty much just show people in my everyday life, I’m not in Bali pretty much Calvin and I are on New York City streets.

That’s where we’re shooting and and actually I got a wonderful comment on Instagram yesterday and I made a screenshot because it meant a lot to me. The woman said thank you for what you’re doing and thank you for doing it in a way that you’re not making other women feel bad about themselves. Yeah, and so I do think about that and what I I mean: look people get what they see. I have gray hair, I have wrinkles, that’s who I am I’m fine with it.

Calvin is a film photographer and he’s graciously agreed to get a digital camera to help me, but the consequence of that is, he does not know Photoshop no Photoshop on his computer. So, at all of the pictures on my Instagram that aren’t taken by professionals that are taken by Calvin has no, we touched nothing, and so I think people see that they they see me and they say. Oh, I could kind of be like that.

It’s not I’m not so out of the orbit of the real world that I can’t maybe inspire people to think about their own kind of ordinary life than in a more special way. With regard to negative feedback that you might pick up, I know that you get a ton of positive feedback, but there’s always those trolls out there who say what they’re going to say. You know: how do you address that negative feedback? Do you do that yourself? Dealing into your community, how do you handle that? Well, you know again one of the things that has helped me a lot is I’ve had a career as a social worker.

I’ve had a career as a professor, and so I know how to set limits, and I know how to deal with unpleasantness and again, I’m very blessed because overwhelmingly my comments are positive, particularly on Instagram. I don’t like Facebook, because people for some reason seem to be freer on Facebook, and so I really didn’t pay attention to my Facebook for a while and then one day I looked at, it was after some BuzzFeed article and I had like a hundred thousand followers On it or new followers, so I said, let me look at it and the thing that was sad to me was: you know that it was these judgmental negative comments from other women, and so I was about to just shut the page down, because I do most Of my stuff, on my blog and on my Instagram, but I said, let me see if I could turn this around and I’ve done.

A lot of group work before in my career and I’ve had to deal with bullies a lot of people in different scapegoats and all different roles in the group. So I basically set a manifesto about how people were going to behave on the page. I said I’m going to be transparent with you. If your comments are judgmental, I’m deleting them. I shared research about the positive and negative impact of social media on women and, if you look at it it’s 50/50, it could be bad or it could be good, and so for me I basically said this is my page, I’m responsible for it and I’m not Going to have it be a place where any woman is going to feel that, and so I want women to take risks.

I want to encourage them, because Facebook is generally my older group of followers, a lot of women who lost themselves during career and raising families and now they’re like what happened to me, and I need to get back or they’re hearing things like from their children. Oh, don’t wear that you’re! It’s! You know you’re too old for that and they’re they don’t want to. They want to wear what they weren’t aware.

So it took a long time not that long, but it took a lot of hard work because they had to be in there monitoring all the time and then finally, the culture changed and all of the people on the page start addressing the cut any negative, confident And now I always ask them questions like I’ll, say things like I’m, the boss of my style and I’m the boss of my life. How are you the boss of your life and they put up these pictures and they’re doing all these wonderful things? So I think I think it’s if you take control over it, but a lot of people just put it out and they don’t write, but I found that you can’t change the culture of it.

If you want to, I I’m learning so much, I feel so inspired. Listening to you, you know, on the flip side of negative feedback comes a lot of positive feedback, and it can be hard to handle a lot of positive feedback too. I mean it can be overwhelming right. You can potentially even lose humility or become a different person and let it get to your head. So how do you think about handling all the positive feedback that you’re getting? Well, I’m going to be a hundred percent honest that I still find what has happened to me completely unbelievable, that when I wrote that first blog post, so if anyone told me what would happen, I would say you’re insane.

So I think, because it still remains so unbelievable that it is easier to to you know, have humility, but I I also don’t take myself so seriously, and I also know that this could go away tomorrow. And so I just AM in the moment and I enjoy it, and I try to remember when I first started how many people were amazingly kind to me and I that’s my mantra is be kind, so I do try. I try to respond to emails and stay engaged with my followers because I do know a hundred percent that if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair.

So I I think by looking at them – and you know knowing what’s important in life – you, my family people close to me – trying in some way to make the world better. I think that keeps you grounded and what is one issue in today’s world that is top of mind for you and why? Hmm that’s a good question. Hmm there’s! So many! Unfortunately, I think I’d be been becoming more concerned about the earth and climate change and what we’re doing to the quality of life, because at the same time, I’m aware of that technology and medical advances are having us all live longer.

It’s almost like. We have a whole new period of life yeah, so you know my mother just turned 92, and so it makes me think. Well, if I’m like her, I could be doing this for 25, more years or 30, and then I think of my granddaughter and I think, if we keep on doing what we’re doing, what is the environment going to be like for her, and so I’ve been becoming More concerned about that issue and looking at how fashion is contributing and what they can do differently, and probably I’m going to be spending more time around that if you moving forward that’s an important issue to me too, we have been very serious and we have really Talked about some very important issues and gotten so much inspiration and advice, and now this is the part where we spice things up a little bit and play one of my favorite games called hustle time.

So the spirit of the game is that we set a timer for 60 seconds and I have to former school of hustle guests here in the front row tonight. Thank you for coming. These ladies know how it goes we Center for 60 seconds, and the idea is that you say the first answer that comes to mind. Jonathan. We have 60 seconds on the clock: okay, beer or wine. Neither favorite part of a s’more chocolate top quality.

You look for in an employee, creativity, camping or glamping camping, finish this sentence. When I dance I look like when I dance, I look like a disco Queen New York City tourists, help with directions or keep on your own life help with director. If you could have a superpower, what would it be fly? The best chocolate in the world comes from blank Belgian King size are fun size, king size. Would you rather flyer talk to animals fly favorite holiday, Christmas, Instagram or Twitter Instagram? They tried to read weekly, binge read or read: weekly, Oh binge yeah.

Okay, just for good measure. Ask this next one, your go-to outfit right! I want to know jeans, okay, sneakers, cashmere, sweater, particular color of sweater, no okay, just soft comfortable. Let’s see how many we got through that was fun. Was it bad right? No 11. 12. 13 school peso. We have a lot of entrepreneurs coming on the show every week and, like I said, two of them are here today and um. We asked the same questions to everybody, and the idea is that, no matter what line of business here and in your expertise of your age or your gender, any of that doesn’t matter.

Everyone has a thought about this same set of questions and we like to see how that changes from guest to guest favorite part of your day early early in the morning. How do you use your career to inspire others? Well, I have two careers. That is one, and I try to inspire my students through the way that I teach and I try to inspire my followers by what I write and how I get dressed ever felt like walking away.

No one thing: you still need to learn how to take selfies. I’r really bad at it. What do you want people to learn from you? That being yourself, as you are, is absolutely enough? What’s next, for you good question, I guess I can’t say the answer to that because I just don’t know what can possibly happen. So I’m just going to be open who inspires you, my mother, my daughter and my granddaughter who challenges you my granddaughter? Well, we also let everyone know in social that you were coming tonight and you did thank you so much for putting that out in your network.

You know I wanted everybody out there to have a chance to ask you something and read, of course, we’re going to have the final article out later this summer and people were very excited to send questions, and I pulled a few of my favorites. Okay and again you can you can keep these short if you’d like to move on through. I have six okay. So the first question is um. Every look you share. It looks fabulous on you.

What is your favorite personal look? Well, I don’t have a favorite. That’s the whole point right so that I am always experimenting and changing so weird is a place to shop for good quality clothing while on a budget beacons closet, huge Simon Soros. Who is your favorite writer? Oh that’s hard because I have so many favorite Mary gates, girl. You are a fashion icon. Do you like clothes or shoes more well, based on the fact that I have a mountain of shoeboxes that was like a big avalanche the other day.

I have to say shoes what things deep down. Are you moved by very simple things actually like the way that the light falls on someone’s face? Just small things inspired me and what is your favorite phrase no effing way? The last question, in terms of advice, goes, is actually for our favorite bug: noodles hi sweetie. How are you look at? You looks fabulous so noodle just recently got this adorable bow tie.

If I see you know that people have told him that it doesn’t fit. His look, I know you imagined what it rings. Do you have four noodle to follow his fashion instincts with confidence and what other pieces should he consider to complete his look well noodle when the rare occasion happens. If someone tells me that I shouldn’t wear something, I will respond. Well, it’s a good thing, I’m the boss of my style.

So I think you should say that to your friend and I think you should do some polka dots. No, can he mix the stripes? Now? Oh, please, okay, I think that’s you completely! Well, yes, so remember: noodle um, the boss of my slide. That’s right! The last the last piece I always like to close school of house with a final thought, like I get a good fortune cookie at the end of a great meal, and so I’m going to read three quotes and see.

I might look for you to tell me, which quote resonates the most with you and why? Okay, number one fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, style is more about being yourself number two people will stare, make it worth their while number three fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick to the same menu fashion is like eating. You should not stick to the same menu and that one spike ends.

Oh yes, thank you. You knew who all these were right. Thank you so much for opening up tonight. Oh thank you. This was so much fun doing this. I know that the audience has so many questions as well: hi, I’m Haley, so I do work for GoDaddy actually but kind of coming from the brand influence or partnership side when you get approached by a brand to work with them. What’s like the number one thing that you look for when partnering with a brand, it’s the authenticity or is it necessarily like, maybe the product that they have? What really, what’s that number one thing so for me, I have a basic bottom line, which is: if this is not a product that I would use or wear in my own everyday life.

I don’t do it and so for me, what was really wonderful about the GoDaddy campaign is that it was my story that I started a website which I taught nice how to do, and I it changed my entire world. So it was a very authentic thing. For me to do, I believe that authenticity is your big currency, so for me my followers would know in a heartbeat when I was promoting something that isn’t there, and so that really is my bottom line.

I’ve also been taking a stand and not doing trying to avoid products that are not inclusive, that are targeting a specific group like over 60, because I think that real inclusion means all ages, all ethnicities, all types of bodies and that’s where I’m aiming for. So I think I do research brands. I see what, where they’re at in terms of their own values, and so I do make choices based on what feels like it’s a good match for me.

Awesome. Thank you hi. My name is Kristen Voss. It’s nice to meet! You nice question is, I was the granddaughter and the granddaughter daughter, mother grandmother for a part of my life when I was younger and to be able to part of that all four of us being alive at the same time was just an amazing thing, and we Had a lot of conversations as women in the different stages of our life, even as I was a little girl which gave me a really strong, solid, you know understanding of of women and relating to them, and I’m just wondering what roles have your granddaughter.

Your daughter and your mother played and what you do with your life. Well, I’m the oldest of six children, and I have four brothers after me and finally got a sister who’s, also important to me laughs, my mother kind of had this notion that women were strong. She had the opposite: gender orientation. Women were strong in her view stronger than men and then needed to be taken. Care of that was my mother’s view, but women should be on their own, and so I think that orientation really influenced how I thought about myself.

As a woman and plus, I grew up in the 70s, where there was women’s liberation and gender roles were really changing, and I was very, very determined that I would really raise my daughter to be a independent free thinker, which she most certainly is. There was downsides of having a daughter like that which she is now finding out, since she is a mother raising a very strong-willed girl. So I think also I was always around nuns who, in their own ways, were really strong women, and so I think all of that I went to all-girls Catholic High School all-girls Catholic College, but there was something about that environment that encouraged you to to really just Soar and interestingly, my daughter went to an all-girls College, not a Catholic one, but she had the most rigorous amazing experience in that kind of setting.

So I think, all of all of that you know and my mother and my daughter and my sister and now my nieces – they they inspire me all the time Thanks all right. We’ve got time for two more questions. When we throw is up here, hello, hello, hello, I’m Callie, hi Callie, I loved listening to you and something pinged. When you said the word authenticity because being in front of you, it’s so clear that you really are an authentic person, but I feel like authenticity is now this catchphrase.

It’s been a thrown around everywhere and I’m a little bit curious about when you are on the other side, when you’re consuming absorbing getting inspiration from other people like. What’s the? How do you know any something’s real and when something’s just that brand, because I have this like allergic reaction to the word now, even though I know you are authentic, because it’s such a thing right so sort of, I feel the same way about the word.

Influencer yeah right, it’s such an annoying word and I think you know you can influence people to buy things or you can influence them and influence culture, and so I, I think of the word influence in its dictionary definition, yeah and now authenticity is becoming a buzzword. So for me again, because I’ve been a social worker, I’ve been working with people for many many years. I have a good ability to assess when someone is being real.

I mean that’s much more like the word I think, and so I can pick up on it. Pretty quickly but, like you said, you’re having a gut reaction now to that word and that is it a true authentic moment, your gut reaction, and so I trust mine also, and so, when I’m around someone, I know: okay, not not matching the words, the behavior, not Matching and that’s how you can always tell hi my name is Jules. I was when I kind of a two parter: do you personally like to follow trends and are there any for this frame that you’ve seen that you really? No, I don’t I’m very clear.

I don’t do drugs. I thought I was a simple one. Well, as a second part, are there any trends that you’ve seen that you think that you really enjoy like for this frame? Well, I think I like the colors, so it’s giving me a lot of choices and I will do a color story based on what I think is a good look for me. So I think again, it goes back to what I said earlier about my orientation to style. It really comes from inside of me and and what I hope is that designers will give me a whole ton of choices, and then I will be the one who decides what the trend is for me blends.

Thank you so much for being here today, my pleasure. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I know that everybody out here did too I’m sure we are bringing school of hustle out every week with fabulous entrepreneurs and inspirational stories every week on godaddy social, so follow GoDaddy and we’ll see you soon.

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How Joanna Hawley Made the Jump From Textile Design to Blogging

Okay. This is heaven like amazing, but my personal life was a freaking trainer. I had a roommate pull a knife on what everybody welcome to the show. As always, this is a show about screwing up making mistakes in the bottom coming back out again and and shinin. So your your mom knows that your tenacious, I I think in general, this is the show about being human, because that’s what we all do like, even though we like to tell people the great things that we’ve done in the world and we’ve made it there and It’s all been perfect, that’s never ever ever the case, that’s what we tried our covering and having to gets on the show and figuring out exactly what they did to be successful tonight.

We will be talking to Joanna Holley, who runs Joe Joe tastic she’s, a fashion blogger designer small space for the she’s, an influencer. I’r really really excited to me. Everybody welcome to the show I am here with Joanna from Jojo Jojo tastic welcome. Thank you for being here thanks for having me oh, this is going to. I can already tell there’s going to be a lot of fun so before we get into like all the fun messed up kind of stuff and everything we like to talk about, tell me a little bit about yourself what you’re doing now and actually just start there.

Yeah, what do you? What are you doing now so now I am a blogger, influencer social media person and I do some prop styling on the side. Okay way back when I was a textile designer for companies like Nordstrom anthropology and a few others like, and I went to school for industrial designs so like I spent a lot of time in the woodshop building, things like yeah, just feeding things through the table saw At 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m like all of that and then went into textiles after school and just kind of loved it and spent all of my day like in an office drawing and photoshopping stuff yeah yeah.

I have so many questions now. This is so good. I so first I’m not even going to remember all of them now so textile design. I have no idea what that is. What is if you’ve ever bought like a shirt with a pattern on it. Okay, chances are a textile designer touch that so either they picked the fabric that the print is printed on yeah or they like designed the weave like. If you have a plaid shirt yeah and it’s it’s a woven yeah that shirt they design that or it’s like.

I did a lot of what’s called fabric manipulation you walk into anthropology and there’s those quilts with like a bunch of like texture and stuff. On that, okay yeah. I did a lot of that so tough fabric and I would like tuck in and pin in yeah all that and then I’d send it to a factory and be like copy. This make this yeah. So that’s textile design wait spell designer is a textile designer and then I did the print design as well.

So that is like the tiny little flowers on like a t-shirt yeah, and I did that for like ladies underwear and pajamas yeah. How would like? Where would you okay, how did you get into that? Like? Did you just see an open position and you’re yeah, or is it like? I saw an open position and the HR person had accidentally put her email address in it, so I emailed her Wow yeah. Why not like? What are you? What’s on your resume to say, hey, I can put little tiny flowers on women’s underwear.

I have been creating artwork for bedding at a catalog company yeah, and so I had like a portfolio of printed duvets, yeah and then candle packaging printed. I seriously it’s so look at everything. Everything that you’re saying makes it sound like you, should be much more pretentious than you are you’re like printed duvets or, like your shape style. The Euro metal is a Euro sure yeah, yeah yeah, but yeah, obviously you’re not like that at all.

It’s I mean it’s underwear, so you did that and then you said prop prop styling props style, that’s like kind of a newer thing: okay, well, a byproduct of blogging, where it’s like. Basically with my blogging, it’s like I’m a one-woman like marketing machine yeah. So it’s like a company or a brand like reaches out to me and they want to do a photo shoot, and so I, like I’ll, shoot the photos. I do the whole concept in write.

The copy edit the photos like everything, yeah, and so that has turned into oh well. We like the way your photos look. Can you make our photos? Look like that. Okay, I got you which is fun. It’s basically it’s making stuff look pretty and then just like walking away and not having to promote it on social media. What, before that, what screw you to this like work, I mean, did you start off by I didn’t like as a kid I was really into ballet and really into like being creative.

I was really lucky because my mom, I I don’t know how she met this guy, but she met a guy whose son had gone to my college, Carnegie Mellon, and he like mentioned this program of industrial design, to her yeah and like communication, design and she’s. Like oh, that could be interesting for me and they do this pre, which program so between your junior and senior year. You go for a summer, know all about it, and I came back for rent and I was like nobody can tell me anything now.

I’r important like I’ve been to college I’ve lived on my own. No was it was an industrial design that you studied there for that kind of both yeah, like they cuz at CMU, the it’s a four-year program right and the first year. You do both industrial design and communication design, and then you decide sophomore year, and so it was like a little bit of both and I just was like this is amazing yeah and it clicked now we’re at the drinking part of the show.

This is sober. This is going to be the best jack. What are we? What are we drinking? Yes tonight I’ve got the candle and pitch for you, so we’re going to start out with our ghost whiskey, two ounces. We keep this one very spirit forward in life. Point five of our cedar cordial house-made, one dropper of our allspice tincture quarter, ounce of our cherry and kaffir lime, shrub and wasn’t of our Regan’s orange bitters and we’ll find strain that into our glass here the espuma and then we’re going to add a few allspice Berries and a little cedar, frog yeah, but cherry kaffir lime shrub, is a part of your base here, served in a lantern, so to speak, that’s the candle part for sure.

Thank you. Thank you all right. Oh it has a straw. You ready! No! I am yeah pick that part up. Oh cuz, it’s in there all right, favorite way to say cheers. You got 100, oh you’re, great, all right! Oh bah! Here we go! Oh wow! That’s really good! If you were to write a blog post about this drink like how would you do it like, where would you start it’d, probably be a recipe post? There’s always the glamour shot recipe pose yes and recipes perform very well in Pinterest.

First, you tell me: what’s the construct of a recipe post like how’d, you do like how it’s actually yeah like one of the parts and how they go together, because there’s the glamour shot, okay, which encourages you to click. Okay, there’s an introductory paragraph and that’s usually where we pack the SEO keywords and then usually I like to do like four to five images: they’re all they’re, actually, all glamour shot that one you know and sometimes I’ll do the ingredient shot like if the ingredients are Especially pretty yeah I’ll, just like do like a really messy shot on like a piece of marble.

You know like: where does the recipe show up halfway down the post uh-huh? We need to make sure they spend the time on the site. Yeah, you know maybe it’ll be a few other like links to other things as a consumer. Maybe they’ll subscribe to my email newsletter while they’re there does it pop up on the screen. I think go back only like every like fifth visit or something like that’s very kind of you, we’re subtle, yeah.

I should’ve brought UX for my chickens. Oh wait! You have chickens, oh yeah, oh wait! How many chickens? Do you have five? You have five chickens. I have five: we’ve had a few um. You had more than five House Rules he’s lately. We should pour one out, but you know you have lots and lots and lots of eggs. Well, it depends like oh, my god, okay yeah, so well, and some of the chickens don’t lay because they’re duds, like Nancy Kerrigan, is just like nope we’re not going to do it.

You have a chicken there, Nancy Kerrigan, well, they’re, fancy chickens, so there’s named after figure, skaters, okay, so the tiniest one that just died was Tonya, Harding, Nancy Kerrigan. I call her my like emotional support chicken because she lets me hold her like a baby and like she follows me around she’s like a big fluffy white chicken and then there’s Dorothy Hamill. She like rules the roost, it’s her world, we’re just living in it.

Michelle Kwan, she has this like weird raspy voice, where she sounds like she’s had like a pack of day a habit for like years. It’s really weird. She lays blue eggs she’s like she’s, like a beard like the Kathleen Turner um Chris Yamaguchi she’s. Am I allowed to kurtis she’s? She really is she hisses at me: she’s like she hates me yeah, but, and she eats everything like she won’t let any of the others eat and then there’s Katarina vet, who is like kind of the lowest on the totem pole and she gets picked on a Lot yeah, but she’s like she lays eggs the most consistently.

The the the the big question for me here is: did you name them after you saw their personalities? Yes, oh it’s even better yeah great yeah, that’s the figure! Skaters see totally well, I don’t Kerrigan and I’m like Nancy. Can we be friends yeah, but no, it didn’t work out now: yeah yeah cuz. You named the chicken yeah after a problem, but the prettiest chicken yeah yeah. I love that we’re no longer talking about like the Jojo testicle.

I mean this, oh my word. Well, I mean you have to put that together: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah cuz. I do like hashtag chicken TV on Instagram stories and people like just send me their own chicken TVs. This is so great. You have chickens and you made underwear so getting to where you’re at now, with Jojo tastic influencer lifestyle. Blogger tell me a little bit more. So what I’m curious about, obviously, because of the show it’s on the way to that, but did you have like what were that? What were the missteps? What were the mistakes? What were the things you had to learn where you’re like? Oh, my god, I totally screwed that up.

Why, like what could I have done differently? I learned that I’m not great at like working for other people, I’m really good at working for myself. You know so it’s this constant thing of like I have this vision and I like desperately want to share it and like be part of these team to help with this vision, your vision, right and just not really being able like within myself to like communicate it Or to feel like, I am part of the team, like any of those reasons you know, and so I left Nordstrom and went to anthropology, because I they put me in this like super technical role, where it was just like emails, emails, email at Nordstrom’s yeah.

It felt like I was hitting my head against the wall, and so when I went to anthro it was again like I’m drawing all day. This is heaven like amazing, but my personal life was a freaking train wreck. Oh, I had moved to Philadelphia. Yeah. I’ve never been to Philly, except for, like the job interview yeah, I get off the plane and it’s like 90 degrees, a hundred percent humidity yeah, there’s like a drunk man yelling in the airport.

I have my cat in a carrier and like two of those like really big, like expedition like body bags of my personal belongings, yeah, and I’m like what have I done. Yeah yeah. We have made a terrible mistake. It was not my place, it didn’t work for me like I just I had like really a living situation like I had a roommate pull a knife on me. What like, I was connected with some friends of a friend, and she just wasn’t like why why to take out the recycling I took up the trash and I forgot to take out the recycling, because I got distracted no seriously.

No, she like woke me up at 3 o’clock in the morning when she came home from the bar and was like hella aggressive, and so I was like I’m done and there was like a week span where the cat – and I always with the cat, always we Slept in my Volkswagen Golf yeah outside of my office, not many people know this. That’s a speck actually you’re going into anthro anthropology, after sleeping in a golf with a cat, and nobody knew I’m like nobody knew yeah.

Nobody knew yeah, and I just was so supremely unhappy. It was like it was just really bad and it felt it honestly felt like it was like the deep dark period of my life, like I still think of it as like. This is the deep dark space. We will never go back here. Yes around that time. I actually got a huge contract for the blog and it was a contract that was more than my yearly salary. So you were all right, so you were blah.

I was blogging while you were there yeah and what did you? So? What did you start blogging about? Was it about really this weird thing that I fell into when I was the climbing bum like living off unemployment yeah, I emailed joy, Cho of oh joy, calm who’s, like the og, blogger, yeah, and I was like I love what you’re doing and I’d love to Be a part of it and she’s like okay, and so I wrote for her for three years, something like that on her site and just learned everything about blogging from her yeah and she invited me to Pinterest early.

So she somehow got on Pinterest really early. I like think as like a consultant something like that. Yeah and she invited me. So I have this like corny joke which, like I’m not the first person on Pinterest and the second interesting, was growing or and growing all right right and suddenly. I have 3.8 million followers suddenly, and I was just like look: what’s it? What’s the? What was the drive like they? What’s the most things that people were following, was it designed into fashion? Yes, because for my day job I read to runway a lot yeah, and so I would pin runway looks that I could then like get inspired and translate into a pillow yeah.

So it was like I was always pinning fashion, and so then I became a fashion. Influencer, it’s a lot of pressure, so you start you end up with your own blog all the way and eventually so was it easy at the beginning to to monetize your blog, oh right, yeah. So – and this is super rare yeah. I had my first sponsored post within three months of launching oh wow. What was it was just like a gift guide for a company that does like a bunch of super gifty things like really weird gift ideas, and I think it was like for $ 300, and I was like we’re rich, that’s amazing, yeah, and so from there just Kind of, and then I’m in this period like the past couple years of diversifying yeah so that you know it’s like in summer blogging slower, there’s fewer sponsorships yeah.

Let’s have something else yeah you know so I like to have a lot of things can’t sit. Still. I actually am thinking of taking like a sabbatical type situation, and I don’t know what that looks. Like hashtag ban life right, I was like a social media like personality like what does that look like yeah, because it can be depleting to be like posting every day and feel this need to like constantly be sharing, and there is definitely like.

There’s the Jojo tastic Johanna and then there’s Johanna Johanna and it’s like not everybody knows that I’m, like sleeping in my truck in Montana yeah. You know, but that’s what fuels me, and so some of what I’ve been doing is pulling those things together a little bit more yeah, so that if I take a sabbatical in the van or the sailboat or whatever, whatever it feels more natural yeah. I’r also just thinking of ways that, like, like I miss making things yeah.

You know like I used to draw painting yeah and I don’t know if you know, but I use my hands a lot when I talk, so it’s really misusing my hands. So it’s like. I want to like: is it ceramics? Am I painting again like something like that? Even it’s just personal yeah, I missed that yeah there’s a when it comes to social media or personalities. Influencers things like that we were. The idea of authenticity is, I know, where’s the like earner.

I know it totally. It’s like. I want to see authentic right yeah, like here’s me in the loo right like, but nobody, I think in general that there’s a not only a tolerance, but people want to see people recharge. They want to see them be human. They want to see that but like through all of my trips to like the hospital and everything like my followers have always been there like. Essentially it’s like a cheering section, yeah, it’s incredible yeah.

You know because it’s like I can have a day and they’re, just like you’re amazing, and these people have really become a part of my life or it’s like I, I really, if I could. I would just like thank them every day, because I I couldn’t do this without them, like I’m freaking, lucky yeah, you know well uh Opa, Opa Opa. Let’s do it one more time, thanks for being on having me, this is wonderful! All right, Oh bah! Well, that’s a wrap thanks Joanna for being on the show.

If you liked what you saw and you did what we’re doing here then subscribe or hit like button, or I think, there’s a bell somewhere that you can ring on the page. Do that and if you have mistake whatever it is, then go to epic calm, you

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K.A, cinderella, mcqueen and i’m here with another article for you guys if you’re new to my blog. Please subscribe like this article share if you liked it but hit that notification bell, because I do go live and you are more than welcome to sit back, get comfortable, have a seat on the couch put your feet up, but I do have a quick disclaimer.

You are invited guests of mine – I am NOT here in any formal capacity. I am NOT acting as your counselor. I am NOT acting as your life coach and I’m certainly not acting as your pastor, and I am also not acting as anyone for domestic violence counselor. I am here, as your sister friend act occurs in all of that, so let’s just get down to the business of it. I am here for you and for all you returning subscribers.

Let me just say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am humbled and I am grateful for your presence, so now, let’s get into this article today we’re going to be talking about narcissist and exactly what a narcissist personality disorder is. One of the several type of disorders, of course, is the nurses system one. It is definitely a mental condition where people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for excessive attention.

Admiration with troubled relationships and the lack of empathy flip anything other than themselves, but behind the mask of an empath is string. Confidence, physics, his or her extreme confidence lies in a fragile self-esteem, that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism. A narcissistic personality disorder person causes problems in many areas of life, such as your relationships, work, schools, financial affairs just having relationships, you know intimate or even social relationships or online relationships.

People who are narcissists generally, you know basically miserable unhappy and for the most part I find them most of them to be to feel some kind of disappointment. You know from childhood or disappointment if they feel like they’re, not giving getting special treatment or admiration that they believe they deserves. A narcissistic person has a lot of you owe me attitudes or you know I deserve it. Attitudes and in some cases some folks do deserve things, but a narcissist will take it up.

Just ten notches you may find, or they may find, that narcissistic behavior in relationships. Very unfulfilled and no one enjoys basically, I don’t know anyone who enjoys being around the narcissist, the the the treatment of a person with a narcissistic disorder centers around. Basically, there is no medical treatment or anything like that. You got to talk that thing out and figure out why you do what you do.

You have to sit down with a psychotherapist, not no psych, didn’t listen! This ain’t, no, a life coach type situation. Most narcissists need someone that could think three steps ahead of them. In order to be able to help them, you definitely have to have some in pathetic gifts. You definitely need some knowledge behind it to deal with narcissus if you’re planning to help treat or even deal with the narcissus, because if you don’t know what you’re dealing with you can become very very frustrating.

Are you dealing with the narcissus? I don’t know this. Let’s look at it, they usually have an exaggerated self self sense of importance, a sense of entitlement, even they expect others to recognize them and and they think they are superior than others even when they haven’t achieved anything to be superior than others uh again they have An exaggerated sense of achievement and talents in true to form they may have accomplished all of these great things, but a narcissus is going to put 20 on 10 every single time they want to, like, I said, be recognized as superior they’re preoccupied with ideas of grandeur And fantasy is about power and brilliance and beauty and being a perfect person, perfect female male, whatever they are exaggerated in every expense of the word.

A lot of narcissism preoccupied, I mean totally preoccupied with beautifying themselves. Most narcissists believe that they are superior to everyone else and actually no one can even equal who they are trust me, it’s a true fact. They monopolize all conversations. You see, folks that just come in and they jump they jump right in the conversation and it’s all about them and it all turns to them and you look it.

They love to belittle other people and look down at people make them feel inferior. So every conversation will start with I’m higher than you are most of them, like I said, monopolize the common little people, it can become very very sad. Most nurses expect some type of favoritism. I was looking at the movie a little girl last night and let me tell you something if you want to see what a true narcissist look at look like read that movie with Regina Hall in it.

I believe it’s called little and she’s transformed into a 13 year old, but with the same personality of an adult narcissism and basically her childhood immature. All of her childhood and immature characteristics are magnified to the 20th degree and her narcissistic ways are definitely put on point, and then I threw me at the end of course, called out and make she’s making she made changes. But of course those changes are not easily.

Most narcissist narcissists have picked this up from childhood, or they picked this up from a time in place where they’ve never been able to come out of. So it’s not going to be easy to stop being a narcissist and stop thinking of oneself as the end. All and to be all the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end of everything most narcissists take advantage of other people, because they know that they can.

They had the inability and the unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others they just won’t. They will they were not. Not only will they not validate your feelings, but they will then invalidate who you are by not validating your, even even the ability for you to even have a filling in regards to who they are they’re, often envious of others and the envy actually shows. If you are aware of what and who you are dealing with, they have no boundaries whatsoever.

Most behave arrogantly hotsy. We know a haughty spirit comes before fall. They come across as being conceded or boastful and as hell to be very honest, then, to still have the best of everything and that’s alright. If you can get the best of everything the narcissistic behavior comes in, when you are not only not deserving, but don’t have those things like the best car, the best office, the best clothes, the best cameras, the best whatever, and but in your mind it is the Best thing: if that’s the best way, it works for you it that you know it’s perfectly fine.

At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorders have trouble handling anything they perceived as criticism and and and to be very honest, as I always end with you guys, whenever I find myself in confrontation with others or within the first thing I do is make sure I am NOT being narcissistic, I have checkers, I have things in place to make sure, because the thing is when you’re impact, it’s you happen to be.

You happen to know a lot of different things and and you’re that way, because you need to help a lot of different people and most people will not get that about you and they will see that as pure weakness. They will see that as pure idiotic see and you capin and and – and that is completely from so far removed from what an impact truly is. But that’s all the narcissist can see is that light is no longer shining on them.

But someone who is actually trying to do something for the greater good. So you know criticism doesn’t work well with the narcissist. They become angry impatient mmm. They believe they are receiving poor treatments. They have significant significant interpersonal problems and are easily easily feel slighted. They react with rage, I’m in complete rage and contempt if they have the slightest feeling of the little bit where they think others are seeing them as less superior than who they think they are be careful read out cuz that flame is going to fly.

That rage is coming, most nurses have a difficult, difficult regulating their emotions and their behaviors. They can’t get balanced on with it, their emotions and behaviors never line up with what should actually be taking place for a particular situation again putting 20 on 10 most nurses. This experienced major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change. I mean please, don’t move anything out of place, they feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfectionism it.

You know for narcissists the look in the mirror from the more from the moment they get up, they get dressed put on their clothes, walk out the door before all of that happens, then there there are so many things that have to take place because they have To be superior than any other person in the room and if they aren’t, they feel like they fell short of being perfect. They feel that they feel secretly ashamed or insecure or vulnerable or humiliated, but instead of of of taking those things and just dealing with them right there, they tend to push down their feelings and the narcissus arise and just like a soda that explodes once it’s shaken Up, it’s never a good place to be now.

I don’t have anything bad to say about narcissus, and I know it sounds like a negative article, but the purpose and intent of this article is for you to not only recognize if you are dealing with the narcissus. So that you can respond to Corley accordingly, but to also recognize if you are the narcissus, so that you can get help because, honestly, like I said there is no medication, there is nothing to take for being narcissistic.

There is no treatment and most narcissists aren’t likely to seek treatment everyone anyway. That’s why there’s nothing to take for it. They don’t even realize that they have this problem being the end-all to be all and superior than everybody else, and if you ever suggested to them, please please no. It will be perceived as a complete insult. It’s a it’s a complete insult against their self-esteem, and you are now disrespecting the very core of who they are, but I am here to tell you I don’t mind if you are narcissism, you need help.

You need to be on a couch, preferably not this one. As I said in my disclaimer, but you definitely definitely want to recognize the things about you and seek the proper guidance, because one thing I known I’ve, if, if one thing I do know is – and I’ve known for many years, it’s hard when a narcissist Falls. It’s like when it uh-oh comes down. Okay, sorry for this thing, but it is extremely hard when a narcissist is false, because all of that pride and arrogance falls down.

I mean it’s a heavy hard fall and I hate to see anyone go down that path if they will just realize that recognize the behaviors and things we need to change about ourselves, there’s nothing wrong with admitting realizing and recognizing who you are and what you need To change or become to be a better person in this life, I don’t know how many times I hear articles after articles every single day, I’m not changing.

This is the way I am, and that is that – and I am happy for you, sir, for you man, but for me, if there’s any place that I can improve my life or if there’s anything, I can share to help others improve their life, not to be Better than others, but just to have a better way of living so that you aren’t always operating in survival and struggle mode that you are now operating and thrive and living mood hey.

I love you guys, and this message is brought to you by the letter. L for love, I love you loved ones and you can’t take it back. You


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Wellness blogger claims: THIS turned her Hashimotos around | Ep61

Gundry podcast, you know you eat right, you make healthy choices and you still feel lousy. You’re, not alone. Not long ago, my guest Gina Hill suffered from migraine cystic acne, joint pain, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis, pulsatile, tinnitus chronic fatigue and depression all while eating. What she thought was a healthy diet, but when Gina, who is actually a pharmacy, technician learned how to cut lectins from her diet, she was actually able to turn things around.

You know, as a result of all this, she created leptin free creations by Gina, a website and an Instagram account with tasty lectin free recipes and has even launched a lectin free revolution in her own community in a warrant in Virginia today. We’ll discuss what it takes to go: leptin, free and how to eat right without feeling deprived. I think that’s a really big issue for everyone. Embarking on this, so Gina welcome to the program and happy fiftieth birthday.

Thank you, dr. Gundry, it’s wonderful to be here. I just want to say: oh you, a debt of gratitude for everything that the plant paradox has done for me in my life. Well, it’s thank you so much! That’s actually why I do this and you actually flew out here to to share your experience with us, and I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing not only in your community but around the world with your website and your Instagram account because you’re you’re really trying to help people make this work.

I am I’m fantastically fascinated by this lectin free lifestyle and I enjoy the blogging good mm-hmm I mean. Were you a blogger before all this? No, no! It’s over. You said. Oh, my gosh there’s something to all this. What I got ta tell people I did and it just went okay, so you felt awful and we off-camera. Unlike your experience – and I know this was going on for 40 odd years. Yes, can you kind of walk back and give us a little scenario? What was happening? Yes, okay, so as a child growing up in Ohio, I had cornfields all around me and we had access to that for our meals and then as a family of eight.

On a meager income, we also had a lot of beans, non-pressure cooked beans with the corn and corn, bread. That was a main staple, so I did suffer from migraines as a child. I can remember being in bed for two to three days at a time with the migraine as a 10 or 11 year old and then came the chronic strep throat and sinus infections and ear infections. And of course the antibiotics were frequent as a child.

And then I and you had your tonsils out right yeah. So by the time I was 16 years old, I had such a chronic infection. The infection had went so far back in my throat, not only my tonsils, but a great deal of tissue removed behind my tonsils down into my throat as well. So that was at about the age of 16 and then the acne came afterwards mmm and I dealt with that until I was like done free now. Let me ask you: let me go back, what’s it like so you’re having migraines as a tenure, does anybody say? Oh, come on you’re a ten year old girl, whoa yeah boy, you’re, a drama queen.

What’s the you don’t have migraines, do people actually take you seriously or was that come on get out of bed? Let’s go, they did they took me seriously. They. I was actually told that the it is genetic that it was a genetic issue, my aunts and uncles, and my dad all had the headaches. So it was definitely a genetic issue, told ya, okay. Well, that’s good. At least somebody gave me a break okay, all right.

So then you so your tonsils are out, and you got lots of antibiotics with that and then the acne starts yes, and what what do people tell you about the acne? Oh, it was just hormonal or it’s the junk food that you were eating, but I didn’t eat a lot of junk food and but it was just something that I couldn’t find a solution to and they wanted to put you on a medication. Not at that point – and I was earlier and then I guess by my early 30s, I had come in contact with a tick.

I guess and I got Rocky Mountain spotted fever mm-hmm. It was devastating for me and I got fed more antibiotics and then along came the fibromyalgia. The migraines intensified a lot of face pain and ocular pain as well. It was very difficult to live in that state. It was probably one of the worst times of my life to live with the symptoms of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Oh, are you still in Ohio at this point or now we’re a military family.

My husband is a retired Marine, so the we lived in North Carolina, okay, where the presence of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever tic is large, there mm-hmm and so you’re getting lots of antibiotics for that, and are you actually working during all this? I was in school to be a dental assistant and I made it through the program dealing with the pain as well, and I ended up not doing anything with it, because I was just too sick and then from there.

I ended up with not too long after that the thyroid pain started, so I did feel this not in the tightness in my thyroid, and I just chose not to do anything about it. At that point, I just tried to ignore those. I really didn’t know what it was and did you, as you know, your doctor about all this or you’re. Just I’m not going to mention it. I got enough worries now I didn’t I didn’t mention it at all.

I just knew that it was a problem. It was a new issue and then by my late 30s, I had gotten the flu and was fed more antibiotics for the flu. Yes, yes, that works. Well, it destroyed me. This is when the mucus started. This is when it would became a real problem. For me, the mucus was the worst. I had severe post nasal drip when I slept it kept me awake. I was having to blow my nose frequently and I was clearing my throat and my chest when I consumed now that I know what it was lectins yeah.

So when I would consume my migraine, diet, the mucus would fill up in my lungs and I was having a hard time breathing and I was I was so sensitive to it all and it was um. It was very. It was not pleasant to be around me. Yeah we’re people telling you well, these are just allergies, a fever or it’s pollen things. Yes, you live in North Carolina, yes, yeah. I want to give you things for this. I had went to a pulmonologist, yes and they did testing, which I passed all of them.

They gave me uh no nasal spray and an inhaler that no one yeah okay, so the mucus formation stayed with me all the way from my late 30s. So when I went lectins free, it actually had gotten worse. But at that time, when mucus started, the doctor gave me prilosec, ah great razaw, purple pill, so we all know what that is. So by the time I had gotten the medication. The mucus problems had turned into really a severe burning and my sinuses.

So in my throat what had become raw – and my just – I never had a moment where my lungs felt clear, and so I did I was put on the prilosec and then by my early 40s. I had so much of the mucus formation that it was starting to affect my eustachian tube. So I was hearing my pulse and they call that pulsatile tinnitus, and that was just another issue, so they just kept compounding from there and then what happened or isn’t that enough.

Shortly after that, the pain in my throat had gotten so painful that I did go to the doctor. I’d never been to an endocrinologist before so I didn’t understand what was going on. They did a cat scan of my thyroid and told me I had Hashimoto’s. I had never heard of that before I didn’t understand what it was and that I was hypothyroid as well. I was given synthroid and which I ended up later, changing myself to armor.

I didn’t like the side effects of the sun, throwing and also at that visit with the endocrinologist. They discovered a nodule, and I didn’t know what that was either. It was in the right side of my thyroid. They kept a close eye on it and it grew at a fast rate by 2013, a head started, causing compression on my esophagus, and I was having a hard time breathing at night. Then what happened? I had a fire attack to me and partial partial.

I react to me and the Isthmus removed as well and then almost immediately the growth started in the left side. Aha, so I’m yet to do a follow-up since being lectin free to see how that knot was doing so I’ll. Let you know okay yeah, so I mean this is this: is you know you’re an unmitigated disaster, yes, and your your eating during all this time really hasn’t changed your eating? What you think is healthy, did anybody, or did you say gee? Could it be the food that I’m eating? No, nobody looked at food.

Nobody looked at me as a whole. No and then so. How did you find the plant paradox um? Actually, my husband had seen a commercial first and he’s very familiar with my illness. Isn’t he came home to show me the article and he couldn’t find it yeah, so he’s very disappointed that he couldn’t show me, but I found it the next day it was a banner across the YouTube. Ah, is this the food that is hurting you and then the smashed tomato that we’re all familiar with, and I played the article and played it again and played it again and ordered the book and it came to the house and I did not get off the Couch for two days, while I read that book nion and did light bulbs start going on, it went off when I knew it was the answer for me.

Yes, so alright, so you think you found the answer and you go. Oh my gosh. That’s that’s me in there there’s people just like me and did you go cold turkey, lectin, free or or what’d? You do. I went cold turkey and I did not have a problem with it at all. I came up with a plan. I knew that I had to open those pantry doors and I had three bags one for trash one for giveaway to my neighbor and if one for return it to the grocery store and see if I can get my money back – oh wow, okay, so that was My plan, it was a lot yeah.

It was a major part of my diet. That’s what I ate was grain and beans right, Ezekiel, bread, oh yeah, Zeki, Oh bread; yes, a shoe, cashew, nuts, yeah cashew cheese’s; yes, yes, zekiel, bread, it’s interesting people and I you know. I try to document this in all my books with research studies that have been done, but sprouted grains are actually higher in lectin content than unspread grains and one of the interesting things is plant doesn’t want its babies to be eaten, which seems obvious, but none of Us think about that and the newborn baby, the little sprouted grain is actually at its most vulnerable and so the plant.

Actually, the baby produces more lectins at that point. To dissuade the animal from eating, and actually just as inside alfalfa sprouts, are some of the most toxic foods that you can eat because of their incredibly high lectin content. So sorry about that yeah I was having it every day: yeah yeah with peanut butter. Oh yes, yeah, and this is all healthy, parvo healthy. Hopefully, for you and you’re going.

I am doing everything right and you know I am the most miserable human being. I know I was I just I got to the point by the time I was 47. I just didn’t want to be around anymore, just questioning why I wanted to be here so at that point about right before I found the plant paradox, I was 47 and I had visited many doctors. I was seeing a pulmonologist right, the orthopedic for the pain and my knee and my hips had gotten so bad yeah.

We didn’t talk about that. So now, you’ve got hip and knee plate pain, yes yeah. So I was dealing with that. I didn’t think I was too old yeah, I didn’t look it, but I know people saying oh well, you’re just getting old. Ah they did, but I didn’t want to accept it. I knew there was another option for me. So the Nick no knee pain, the Payne visiting the orthopedic, the pulmonologist still for the phlegm yeah, the endocrinologist again right before I went plant paradox and they did another endoscopy and that’s when they found a stomach, polyp yeah.

I have that one, a single stomach polyp. So that kind of scared me a little bit I’ve seen a Rheumatologist, so I got an official diagnosis of fibromyalgia and prescription for more medication. I think the gabapentin yeah yeah, I didn’t what the gabapentin do for you or it made me very dizzy and nauseous. I just wanted to lay around. I didn’t like that. I think I took that twice and I said this isn’t for me.

I have to find another option, so what okay, so you might cold turkey, and so what happened? What is what’s the first thing, you know great things, no more mucus. How fast did that happen immediately? Yeah, I’m extremely lectin sensitive. I can smell a white glass of wine and I have mucus formation neat. Yes, yes, I can detect when the restaurant is lying. To me immediately, I know that that’s not olive oil, the mucus formation happens and so right away, no mucus.

It didn’t have to blow my nose. I wasn’t going through a box of tissues a week. Wasn’t clearing my throat, which allowed my throat to heal so no mucus, wonderful, I could sleep at night. I wasn’t having post nasal drip within three days. Guess what no more headache amazing! So not just the headache when you deal with fibromyalgia headaches, it can be very ocular and the face pain that I was having so into my cheek bones and my sinuses.

All of that that I was dealing with within three days was gone now. This has got to be a placebo effect. You, you read a book that says everything’s going to be fine. If you stop eating these things and lo and behold, everything was fine, it was. It did exactly what you said. It was going to do so so and but you’ve obviously tested on that on yourself. So when a mischief food enters your mouth, maybe at a restaurant, for instance your you can, you know instantly instantly instantly, yes and so you’re, not you’re.

Sure you’re not crazy, know that you, this isn’t you’re making this up, I’m not crazy. I’ve even tested it and my husband will vouch to be in a restaurant and then call the waiter over and say I need to know if this is not olive oil. Yes, it’s olive oil ma’am, it is all of us. I need you to check on the bottle and he comes back and he says no, it does say it’s a blend to blend of olive oil and canola oil.

My body detects that it’s it’s great, I’m glad. I have this built-in system now you’re. Yes, now I’m glad it’s it’s very beneficial. I think everybody should eat those lectin free lifestyle. Well, I think that’s a really that’s a really good point and maybe a little stop for a second and talk about that. A couple years ago and the plant paradox came out, I was lecturing at Harvard actually nerve health and brain health, and one of a distinguished professor said well you’re, saying that everybody should you know he looked in free, and I said yes, that’s correct.

He said well, what’s what’s wrong, with the advice that everything should be in moderation and isn’t that a better argument – and I said well, I have nothing wrong with that. If you want moderate arthritis, moderate heart disease, moderate dementia, great – and I said – but do you really want? You know moderate arthritis and heart disease, of course not now and I think what’s what’s really interesting you’re.

Obviously, what I described is a canary yes and the canary in the coal mine. Yes, and you know, bless you for being a canary. My Canaries have taught me most everything I know about all this. Yes, so you guys react to these things lectins instantaneously, so you feel the things that I and now others have suggested are going on in all of us, but we just unfortunately, don’t feel them the way you do and we can use the word clairvoyant.

I don’t think that’s right, but you you, you feel these things. I call it hypersensitive yeah yeah yeah. I think that’s a that’s a great way yeah and I think what what you guys have taught me is particularly now with really modern blood tests. Looking at leaky gut looking at inflammation looking at what’s happening in the brain on arteries, we can see that when we take lectins away from people that we can, even if they don’t feel the difference, most people do, but even if they don’t feel it, we can See it on a blood test I’ll, give you a quick example.

Yesterday we I saw a woman actually enter in her late 60s, who have had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She doesn’t anymore and we do this test called a pulse test and I have no relationship with them. Pu LS that really looks at markers for your chance of a heart attack in the next five years, and one of the markers I’ve written about is called il 16 and I all 16 is an autoimmune attack on the inside of our blood vessels and I’ve.

Given two papers that I suggest that it’s lectins that caused this and when lectins are taken out of the diet, we see il 16 drop dramatically, and so this woman were looking at her pulse test and her score for having a heart attack. The next five years drops in half and we compare her first one with this one in her il 16 drop dramatically, and I said, look at that you’re, you know your risk of having a heart attack went from remarkably high six months later.

You now have minimal risk of a heart attack. Did you you know, and you didn’t feel the fact that your risk for a heart attack went down that wasn’t evident, but we can see it on a blood test. So bless you, for you, know, teaching all of us number one, but you’re, not crazy, and that you’re just you know, you’re, really good you’re a Geiger counter. Okay! So that’s so so you okay! So now all of a sudden, so your acne clears yes.

So after three days the headache cleared and then a week that gave my throat enough time to heal, I didn’t have the raw throat anymore, so that was a bonus for me to not have to deal with that soreness and gosh. I remember the day. Three months later, this is so exciting I’ll, never forget this day I went to clipped my nails and I had a wonderful, beautiful line of demarcation across my fingernails, and I got to looking what would kind of confuse me at first.

I had never seen anything like this before I could see the dead tissue up front and the new healthy, shiny tissue in the back, and so they looked down to look at my toes, and I saw the same thing on my toes. That’s when I knew my gut was healing and my microbiome was thriving, so I ran downstairs to tell my husband look, look, look. This is barking. I’r do I going to do this. There rest of my life – and I was so excited to see that that was healing.

That was proof for me. It was he excited about. He is so excited. Yes, he’s been very supportive of me always especially with the plant paradox. I couldn’t have done this without him. Actually, he sees the difference, especially when, at the point of being lectin free after the thyroid supplementation, I think I added about six months and to being lectin free. I could just still feel that pain in my throat and I knew I needed some thyroid supplementation, so I had implemented some supplements and then after I did that really the depression lifted to have the the support that I needed for thyroid and he was excited to See that change in me the depression, a little more friendlier and just all around a better person to be around, so it really affects you when you’re sick, it’s hard.

What you can put people through well and pain is one of the most depressing things. There is particularly if you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, all right, so you you see the difference we talked before off-camera. You know. One of my favorite teachings from Hippocrates was was about this green life force energy, yes, and you obviously as hokey as it sounds, have experienced this green life force energy, yes, so fascinating.

To feel how your body can feel when you remove the external forces that are causing the damage to your body, to have that energy to feel so powerful and I felt powerful and I blogged about my power and I’ll. Never forget the day that I wanted. A bicycle: now I have energy. Let’s go do this, so we got a bicycle and I posted about that too. So yeah because you didn’t want to get on a bicycle because you didn’t have any energy get up and go yeah yeah, so yeah the green, my force, energy was with me and I loved it yeah.

You know it sounds hokey and I you know, even as I was writing about it in the plant paradox. I said boy. This is really hokey, it’s so touchy-feely California, but you know Hippocrates. Actually, who was the father of Medicine, and he I learned from him that all disease begins in the gut and all disease ends in the gut. But again I think it’s worth mentioning for people who haven’t heard this or having read the book.

Hippocrates said that all creatures have this intrinsic desire ability for perfect health, that’s part of our nature and he called it. The green lifeforce energy, that’s the translation from Greek, and he felt that there were external forces that were preventing this expression of green lifeforce energy and that a physician was supposed to find what those external forces were and remove them. And once those forces were removed that the body, the green lifeforce energy would heal, you know the body itself, and so a physician was just supposed to be a detective, and I think if there’s one thing that I’ve taken heart thanks to people like you is I’m Just a detective and you and everybody who’s listening to us – has the power to heal themselves.

Once we get these little mischief makers away from yes, those invaders all right, so you start a blog to tell everybody hey guys. You know this actually works. I was just posting some food and before I knew it, I was an inspiration to others and they were telling me you know you make this so much easier, you’re so inspiring. Thank you for all of your articles, and everybody knows I like to include music with my little stories, and so I just make it fun and I don’t ever claim to be the best cook, but I really I love everyone.

Everyone knows that about me and just try to inspire others to stick with this, because it really is life-changing. Are you a musician or you just like music? No, I just like music. I think when I’m in the cook and cook in the kitchen cooking for a long period of time, music or a doctor, gunnery podcast helps pass the time. So no and I like to make my articles fun, so I always include the music. Yes, so what are you favorite? Lectin free recipes? You got Annie.

I do. I think one of my favorites is one of your favorites. So yes, the mango green mango and pear salad, oh yeah yeah, the cabbage, it’s wonderful! I love that one and so simple and basic and in the beginning, is the the raw mushroom soup. Oh yeah. Yes, I love that one and one that I created myself you’ll have to try. This penny you’ll have to make those. I got ta Megan, I’m going to make it. I created a recipe she’s.

My prep chef is that right from the heart defense product, the Gundry MD heart defense product is wonderful to bake with. So I made some Gundry MD heart defense bars, they’re delicious. It’s on my website: alright, lectin, free creations, calm! Yes, and have you instagrammed about that as well? Okay, so we can find any other spot? Yes, okay! Yes, all right, very good good, so you work at a health food store.

Now I do I work at the natural marketplace in Warrington Virginia, it’s a wonderful magical, store, owned and operated by Shelley Ross for the last thirty years. Yes, we’re a wonderful, organic health, food store with clean supplements and then organic deli, upstairs on a wonderful staff and you actually have a lectin free area. That’s correct, Shelley is amazing and was very open and receptive to my idea.

When I came to her, she was already familiar with dr. Gundry and the plant paradox. I think she was using your products. Oh yes, so I told her my idea what I wanted to do and of course she gave me a thumbs up. Let’s do it right away and I had to move some things around, make room for the lectin free groceries and I worked with our administrative staff. She did a wonderful job at creating lectin free stickers to put on the shelf tags and ordered the books was able to keep them in the store and work with the customers when they came in.

I worked personally with individuals. We have a lot of sick people. More to Warrenton, with all of the same issues that I have so I’m very, very familiar with them all. So, of course, anybody with those issues – and there was a lot of them – I was able to direct them towards the plant. Paradox show them the groceries and so good somebody who’s, not Warrenton Virginia, who had wants to get some lectin free products into their health.

Food store, or even their grocery store, how? How would they go about it? How did you do this? Oh definitely. Every store has a grocery buyer. I would contact that grocery buyer directly and take your yes list with you. Maybe even take the plant paradox book with you and tell them that this is just. This is a worldwide movement. It’s not just for me personally. There are millions of people with success.

Stories live in the plant, paradox lifestyle and I just request them and they they’re willing to work with you to bring in the compliant groceries, and I would also I’ve already done this. I’r talking with thrive market to please put a lectin free tab in your search engine, good for you. Yes, so everybody out there contact thrive, market yeah and you bring up an interesting point. This is not conjecture.

There are millions of people who have the look who followed this, so this is not little. This is not. You know. A little Gina in Warrington Virginia now are the person who is walking into a grocery store in Des Moines Iowa now this is this is a huge movement and good for you for, fortunately, thank you, alright, okay, you, I know you’ve done this, but people write you Or question you: how do you start implementing this deaf? Can somebody do this without having me for trash cans and stuff? Yes, but it’s very important to read the book as a whole so that you can understand why you want to do this? If you don’t read the book you’re going to be asking food bloggers, what can’t I have in phase one? Well, did you get the book, so it’s very important to read the book in its entirety to get your.

Why and then, once you have your, why it’s easier to stay with program and then also to really it helps to blog about it to journal about it, so get your journal and take photographs so take photographs of the things that you’re hoping that’ll change. I wish I had done that, for instance, my eyebrows, I people with Hashimoto’s I’m going to seeing the third outer part of their eyebrow, and I have that it came back.

So I had a lot of thinness in my scalp and that is starting to grow back as well. Now, at my ferritin level is at a normal range, I would have taken better photographs of my skin the before a before and after so and yeah. You have gorgeous skin and you’re, trying to tell me that this was not you of a few years ago. No, absolutely not. I had deep creases on both sides of my cheeks really that ran several inches and the the age spots.

A lot of the age spots are gone now. Age spots go away, yeah, you’re, actually, D, aging, that’s right! Yes, come on. I have been told yes, and I mean you literally had cystic acne. Yes, so I’m dealing with the scarring I’m using a derma roller right now and some vitamin C repair serum. I mainly had it in my chin area. It didn’t affect me in my cheeks, but I’m dealing with some scarring. Yes, mm-hmm great, I mean you’re, like you know, like dr.

Kerry walls who was basically was in a wheelchair, as a physician, doing all the right things and on multiple medications for MS and told well, you know you have progressive. Ms, and you know this. Is your life and now, of course she can ride a bicycle and it’s by eating. You know nine cups of vegetables a day and I’ve convinced her that those vegetables shouldn’t have lectins and them, and I think she – and I agree about that but yeah.

This is your living example that there are foods that are killing you, or at least making your life miserable and removing those foods gives you a whole new life. Yes, yes, you follow whether lectin Free People for inspiration. I do I love them. You want to mention. Yes, first, everybody is wonderful, they all have wonderful recipes. I think the the some of my favorites our course are known as Stewart plant.

Paradox farmer, no, no yeah! Yes, wonderful! I can’t wait until she decides to make a farmhouse cookbook. I love her recipe she’s. I used to inspire her in the beginning. Now she inspires me. That’s great yeah we’ve become pretty good friends, Instagram friends and made a couple phone calls from Canada to Canada and then of course, Ralph and Steve. The plant paradox boys or my ex Inc, always enjoined seen their travel photos and, of course, then lectin free mama, of course, wonderful website, with tips for beginners great recipes that are simple and easy.

I followed her from the beginning. I enjoy making many of her meals and then, of course, I’m locked in free gourmet, Christine look what she’s done with all of that sourdough bread that she’s got going on over there. No, I can’t wait to get into that. When I get back home right, yeah yeah, you know the community obviously keeps growing and growing yes, and you know this is this: is a movement and it it’s real and the wonderful thing you know if I, if I look back it’s like all of you guys Who have embraced this? I give you guys so much credit for okay, I’m I’m not going to keep this for myself Island, I’m going to you know, help others and obviously that’s why I changed my career to do this cuz.

You know think about all these sites. Now that all the people you’re helping and that this is something that people can do and yeah take some work. But then I tell people if you’re going to hate me for two weeks and then you’re going to probably start liking me, but it does take some work and it takes for you. It was a leap of faith. Oh it’s like okay. You know everything’s out, I’m going to do this, but the neat thing, particularly for you, you know three days, your mucus is gone.

Yes, what’s with that? Yes, I wrote about a guy who helped his wife, it’s actually in the plant paradox. She had rheumatoid arthritis and, after her first pregnancy and he’s put on these drugs right, and she wanted to have another baby and knew there’s no way she was going to bring a baby into this world. While on these immunosuppressive medications, we work with her. Her husband was credibly supported and a very vigorous Bureau guy and he says: okay, I’m all-in we’re going to we’re going to eat the exact same way saw them after six months and she you know I’ve written about her.

She just had another beautiful baby and it was never flared, but he comes in after with the first visit and he says: hey Doc, you know, you know, I’m I’ve lost 15 pounds I didn’t need to, but you know I’m so buff now, but I got ta. Tell you: I’ve had chronic sinus congestion, all my life and my sinuses ablated and in taken antibiotics, and that was just me. He says I got ta tell you, you know you should tell people your sinuses will clear up nice and he said no.

No, no. You should really tell them the sinuses clear up. I said yes, you’re you’re right yeah, you know that’s your sinuses will clear up. Yes, yes, I do, however, think that I’m one of those, your Canaries, that shouldn’t have sheep or goat cheese as well. I’r glad you brought that up now there are. We now have these really cool testing for dairy sensitivity, among other things, and there are a subset of my patients who react to casein a1.

They react, casing a2 and they react away and just throw it out. You’re, probably one of the reactors and don’t there’s no human need for cheese. As you know, there’s there was an interesting book years ago. Women there’s these really cool opioid, like compounds in cheese that go right, particularly to women’s brains and go happy-happy happy-happy, and so there is an addictive quality to cheese. Just like there is an addictive quality to her head because of the same.

It’s called morphine’s, kco morphine’s, but yeah. So just give cheese. The booth, it’s okay, it’s okay! Yes, okay! We have got to wrap it up, but in the meantime you have some questions. For me, I do all right, let’s hear it all right, so it turns out that I’m homozygous for the MTHFR gene mutation or variation, the mother-effer gene. Yes, it is. Does that mean that I am or can be more liked insensitive than somebody that’s heterozygous or non carrier? You know I a lot of people particularly who write in this area want to kind of blame everything.

That’s ever happened to them, whether it’s depression, anxiety, addiction on the fact that they’re, either homozygous or even heterozygous for the MTHFR mutation. There is some interesting evidence that if you look at family histories of these mutations, particularly for the double mutations that there is an increased anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar schizophrenia and drug abuse and alcohol – what’s cool about this – is you can fix this with methyl b12 methylcobalamin and Methylfolate and one of the things I keep telling people you got to get the sublingual form of methyl cobalamin methyl b12 okay, so many people with this mutation also lack, what’s called intrinsic factor e.

That allows you to absorb b12 from your intestines. If you put it some way, well, it’ll bypass it and I measure b12 levels and every human being every three to six months, and I know exactly who are the ones who are putting it under the tongue. I know exactly who are chewing it or sucking on it. I know exactly who’s swallowing it and when we actually make them put it under their tongue and their levels come on.

Thank you for telling me that, because I chew on it, don’t you wonder: you’re, okay it’ll actually make a difference. Okay, yeah! We can see it it’s fascinating, so my dad died at 49 of heart disease. So once I carry both genes, the MTHFR, I imagined he had the one that leaves you susceptible to heart: disease, yeah. But again it’s fixable good news yeah. This is fixable problem, yes, okay. My next question is when how have a living a lectin free lifestyle affect the stomach polyp, so we’ve had actually a number of people with not only stomach Pollock’s but gallbladder polyps and they knock on wood, have resolved with going left and free.

Don’t have a time period for it. We see most people with polyps totally different subject, have very high insulin levels and you may have never had your fasting insulin level measured, but insulin is one of the biggest drivers to polyp formation, particularly in the colon or in the stomach. So, let’s see what happens you? Don’t you don’t have to go? Have your stomach, the polyp removed? You should because of the potential for a polyp to have precancerous changes.

You should at least reading this and maybe even have a biopsy of it, but we’re not dispensing medical advice on this program right. Okay, all right! What supplements would you recommend to help me with the only issue I still have left, so I have a little bit of muscle, cramping and my calves and my laugh feet. Mm-Hmm and muscle recovery issues and I’ve tried doing the magnesium and potassium the branched-chain amino acids.

Mm-Hmm and have you even use the magnesium oil spray? Yes, okay, and that doesn’t help you yeah most people who are getting muscle cramps who go on our program are doing it because they’re, eliminating simple sugars and one of the interesting things is. We store sugar in our muscles in the form of glycogen and when we eliminate sugars from our diet, which the plain paradox does we use up all the glycogen and our muscles and the glycogen is stored with a water molecule and it’s stored with magnesium and with Potassium and so those actually leave with the glycogen, and so when somebody calls me or one of my patients says.

Oh my gosh, I got the worst cramps in my legs, you know at night and it’s waking me up and I’ll go. This is great news. You are following the program and they look at me like what do you mean? You know I’m having cramps, I said yeah. They were actually eliminating sugar from your diet. One thing I think about is you can? Actually you don’t have a weight problem? You can actually add more resistance.

Starches have some more millet, has some more sorghum and see. If that helps you, and even particularly into your evening meal yeah see what happens. You know all right. Let me know. Thank you all right. Well, listen! I can’t thank you enough for coming all this way and is it and thank you for everything. You’re doing people need to know, and particularly you know, I get on my horse about this. Women need to know that the you guys aren’t crazy.

These are real things and you’ve got to keep asking for. Why is this happening to me and you’ve been through the gamut of all these specialists, and I know from personal experience. No one ever asked you about what are you eating yeah and so you, you got ta find someone who will listen to you and if nobody listened to, you then go to your Instagram, go to your website and you know go to all the other sites and We’re all in this together and thank you and on all your other fellow bloggers for doing all this bigger things to come exactly yeah yeah.

This is truly a movement. Yes, it is a movement yeah. It has to come. You know it has to come from the ground level the government’s not going to help us the insurance company’s not going to help us medical schools, we’re not going to help us, and certainly the drug companies are not going to help us so yeah good. For you. Thank you right. So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this and really go. Go, find her Instagram account.

What’s the website again lectin free creation.Com and on instagram i’m at lectin free creations, all right, you heard it check her out check out all our other great bloggers, and I will see you next week on the dr. Gentry. Podcast see you thanks. You

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Online Marketing

Documentary – New Kings: The Power of Online Influencers (Influencer Marketing)

Communication between two people and then we go to a broadcast communication. Style for the last one hundred hundred and fifty years once the public was Allowed to communicate back with us and this two-way dialogue was reestablished.

I think it was a game changer for not just a journalism industry, but PR Marketing across every industry and all sectors and category Wizards involved in Kind of the digital aspects, of virtually everything that they do so I mean, if There’s any one change: it’s just the going from the unusual to the ubiquity Of digital and its impact, not just on communications but on business overall If we look at these social media influencers and their ability to publish And amplify content to large audience segments.

This is a paradigm shift in how We do business today, social media influencers are the new royalty. Influencer has always been an important Tool for brands because it is more powerful when someone else is talking. About you or your product, in a positive way than when you are, it, gives you this Third-Party credibility of sort of an endorsement it used to be that are the Main influences we dealt with in public relations or media.

The conversation used To be about 5, 10 years ago, what magazine covers? Do you have what Magazine covers do happen. That was the thing people don’t even talk about. Magazines anymore between Twitter and Instagram and Facebook reddit, I mean That’s the place where you can see where the cultural conversation is going so We’ve had to adapt to that people are reading about entertainment, almost less Looking for factual information as looking for recommendations or looking At what’s hot or what people are talking about, because not only do they want to Have their time sort of mitigated by only paying attention to the things that That are hot or people are talking about.

They also want to be part of the Conversation so those people, friends, family people they may follow, like Influences that you’re talking about sort of sift through the madness and say Out of the 300 things that are in front of you right now, these are the five that You should pay attention to. We just used to have radio, television and print and Now you have dozens of social blogs for there ways to reach people and also Have conversations with them? That’s changed the whole dynamic of our Business, I remember it was novel that a brand would say.

Oh my gosh people are Talking about us on Twitter, what do they say and they would freak out about every Little criticism that really grew and awareness of the power of it on a Slightly negative standpoint, but then there was a growing awareness that oh, we Can influence that conversation or we can learn from those valid criticisms? And improve our products and build a better relationship by being good Listeners and hearing from our customers, companies in the last several years, have Seen an opportunity to become much more aggressive about self-publishing So companies are much we’re in the business of content.

Creation and syndication, the attitude is, if we don’t tell our story, who will Technology, social blogs platforms and so forth kind of provide a way in which They can do that. So you know, virtually every company today sees themselves as a Publisher of one sort or another, it’s interesting! What some of these large Brands are doing now around content marketing. If you look at Marriott and Their creation of their content, studio, they’re, putting a flag in the ground and Saying look: we are a media company.

Having said that, the impact of that Publishing and the impact of that syndication is still directly linked to How effective they are at getting influencers to embrace that content and Share that content, you know about 85 percent of consumers, want more of a Humanized two-way communication type of relationship with their companies on Social and digital, but only about 20 percent, believe that that’s actually Happening the way they used to create content was in a vacuum, one-way.

Communications, they used to think about. What’s the new product, what’s B, Initiative that we really need to get there, let’s create a one picture or one Article and we’ll put it out across Facebook, Twitter Instagram YouTube now. Each platform has a different type of person that follows that those are Different types of content and different types of people, consumers are very savvy. Right, especially younger as you get to the Millennials Millennials with savvy They understand what you’re trying to you know.

Don’t try to sell me this and Try to push me this, and I can immediately see to see that and when This connection is non-organic. You immediately switch the blog. You Immediately press stop on your browser player because you understand them is Not honest, the challenge is to find these content pieces that are one Obviously, connected to a certain extent, to the band, but also connected to the Consumer in an emotional level, in order to do that, you need to really work with People who are part of that group bringing in what we call now influencers I would say the first time I really noticed the power of influencers rising Was when I was working at Google and I was helping launch Google+ and at first Our primary focus was to identify celebrities as we’re working with Celebrities we actually realized that there were these other communities of People who had followings that were just as big, if not bigger, and maybe their Numbers when it’s big with the engagement was a lot bigger, so the power That those influencers had in a lot of ways is actually more impactful than the Power we saw this the celebrities having how to Gumrah a spirit if you’re on the Internet and you want to find out something we all pretty much go to.

Google, so I’m going to do inspired by my girlfriend, Google myself, so I’m going to Type is PewDiePie, and then there are people who exist outside of that. Traditional power structure and traditional ways of getting their voice. Across so maybe they blogs but they’re, not a journalist but still have a Significant following and a significant number of people that are listening to Them we’ve been influencing behavior one person to another forever, but digital And social media have allowed for that to scale at scale is unprecedented.

That An individual who may or may not be of a postive authority or you know, be famous Or have their television show or be a big personality of some kind? They can to Earn an audience over time and and be an influencer from their living room from Their computer, you know people often ask me why don’t I Reply to negative comments, that’s because I only have two sides. I really See influencers as the sort of real embodiment of the social media, Revolution for social media we’ve seen tremendous changes from 2000 through 2017: first in the late 1990s and early 2000s The introduction of blogging platforms we move from there to sites like YouTube, That came along in 2005, which was very transformative in how we publish and Consume article content: after 2005, we saw Facebook opening to the public, it was no Longer only for university students that became open to the public in 2006 that Was the same year that Twitter also launched it was a sort of odd little Platform that had 140 characters on it, 2010 Instagram launched itself.

2011 was The beginning of snapchat that came along Facebook then bought Instagram in 2012 Twitter bought a vine platform in 2012. Tremendous changes in growth here, If I had told you in 2004-2005 that your MySpace page or fabulously bedazzled Myspace page was no longer going to exist in a couple years. Most people want To believe me, but the fact of the matter is social media. The social web has Changed from Mendeley in the last 15 years, it’s dynamic and changing it.

Doesn’t stand still social media in general and YouTube Specifically and really all the platforms that have become famous at This point really didn’t start as Commerce based society and today we’re Bringing you the winners who, according to Forbes, are making Bank this year. Youtube started in 2005 just to tackle a technological problem at that time, which Was the difficulties in transfer article? It had no intention to become a article Destination, it had no intention to become an entertainment destination.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you: About that bloodline, 100, 100 days of me recording my life. There was a point in Time and and I’m very happy to say that I that I was part of it and it was Around 2010 2011, when once we figured it out the intellectual property protection, System and we made pieces with everyone that produces intellectual property, That’s when we started to understand that we had people at the platform Creating content and aggregating a very large audience around their content.

Those audiences were going from these intimate crowds that they could no One-To-One into crowds that they were really performing for that you know Indirectly – and you really went from a friend network to an audience – and I Think a lot of those creators realized that and started to started to refine What they were doing, I am your host Corey, Vidal and you’re reading my show I’r trying to figure out what would make people come back to my articles and and What can keep people’s attention for more than five minutes, because people’s People lose attention really quickly already.

This is probably getting too Long so I’m going to cut right here. I’ve been posting on YouTube for two Years all kinds of articles of me sharing some of my random talents that I have I dance I play guitar or I sing kind of the main three. I also do some acting Here and there um and some of the articles, I’ve posted, have gotten a lot of hits. And in turn I ended up with a lot of subscribers, so YouTube ended up actually Making me a partner nobody ever considered.

This would make The money it was just, how do we get people to read our stuff? I’r not quite Sure how you have this plan, I don’t. Okay, that’s the beauty of Youtube oh shut up. I hate that intro, I’m a filmmaker and a producer. It’s why I Moved to LA to do originally, and I met a bunch of people who were like YouTube’s Really cool or making stuff – and I was like oh I’m a I make some stuff, so we Started to work together and make things together and try and figure out how this Youtube thing was working and we were like.

Oh if you upload at 2:00 p.M. On a Tuesday, it does better than if you upload at 9:00 a.M. On a Wednesday So everybody like okay I’ll, do that too, and then we figured out thumbnails if You make them look this way, it’ll get more clicks, so we were kind of figuring Out how the whole thing worked, and so I became part of that community that I Added slowly, it started to grow and that initial group of people became the first Youtube millionaires, I think most of them are still around.

It happened. Because we were the very first platform that empowered people for the very very First time we’re giving people the ability to draw together themselves, Hey Look at this Shayla, we love what we’re not back, we’re not picking the winners. The audience is picking the winners, so I think, because we were the very first Platform to empower people, we got this massive amount of young storytellers Many of them extremely knowledgeable, extremely talented, telling their stories To the world, I tried to put up a song of my daughter, night singing and by Accident is all by accident, ended up going viral on YouTube.

I started getting restyled by a bunch of people a lot of a lot of media attention. To the past three years and to this day, action and I decided to To to go even deeper, so you know singing songs with my daughter was fun and stuff Like that, and I realized I was given an idea of like blogging, what is hockey you Know and I and I realized that I’ve been blogging, my whole life recording my kids Memories and doing and talking to myself in the counter I was crazy, but on I Wasn’t crazy, I was blogging so then a light bulb hit.

You know, I’m getting Ready to apply for Law School for graduate school, and I decided to do this – Instead, I started to become a youtuber and share my life to the world, focusing On family, community, art and music, and and really talking about things that Matter to me, like immigration and everything I was Serving and things that I care about, I really do really care about this and I Really want to share this world, so I started to do a head of fun and, like Really inspire people to think about it like influence or you know, influence was One point: oh right: the reason why is it’s really challenging to make good Article content, the level of complexity, is higher than an image.

It’s tough to find People who are really passionate about editing article and creating that content So your pool of influencers are potential. Influencers is much smaller. You look at a platform like Instagram or a lot of these mobile social platforms. Their image phase, so you don’t need to edit it. You don’t have to have any sort. Of knowledge on how to create the content, you can just You know plug and fight, and so we saw a much larger pool of potential Influencers and we saw much lower barrier to entry to creating good Content, so you put those together and rather than seeing a handful of Influences emerge we’re seeing tens of thousands as social media itself evolves.

And as we see new platforms, there’s going to be the people who get it first, there’s a whole different breed of Influencers on snapchat that didn’t pick up YouTube and put it on snapchat They understood snapchat is something inherently different. They understood That this whole concept of writing on the article is new and so you’ve got People like geo snap and my ology, and these and shonduras people who weren’t Influencers on other blogs, but latched onto this thing so quickly and So natively it was unbelievably creative and then you, you see other people copy Them you see, bring a copy of them and follow them staying relevant.

It’s a lot. Of work, there’s new apps all the time and you don’t know which ones are going. To take off in which wall, yes, you have to get on them. All musically is blowing Up right now, I don’t know why you know and if you didn’t get on early enough, You’re out, I’ve grown as technologies grown so right now, a really big thing: That we have in the world of technology is livestream, so I was on livestream Very early on ATS back then we had meerkat and I was One of the top near catters and then we had periscope when I found out that now, Periscope was coming out and you could save it on your phone.

I was like yes, the Tech gods could like kissed down on me and my my Effort so I dug into a periscope very quickly and very deeply I’m proud to say on the top latina Periscope are continue to be, I’m actually nominated for a shorty award. This year, for periscope of the year for me, I’ve always had a natural inclination. For technology so being able to really combine that and, more importantly, being Able to use it as a pipeline for me to share what I go through with the hopes.

Of inspiring them to pursue their dreams and their passions is really what my Overall community theme is which is love bug nation. In the interviews I’ve done. I Often find that the the viral sensation has to do a lot of work to sustain those Those connections and you’ll see that sometimes you’ll see somebody who goes Viral and becomes sort of culturally famous for a moment in digital space. Either through a newscast that ends up on on YouTube and blows up or one Picture that everybody starts sharing all over the place and and then we find Out who that person really is in the world and they become influential and That was buzzing wondering just who this cashier Beauty might be.

I went from a Hundred and fourteen followers on Twitter to three hundred and fifty Thousand and one night 24 hours ago, no one’s just like a normal cashier at Target and then some girl took a picture of me and I never saw her take a picture. Of me, but there was a group of girls that would come in and take pictures of Me every once in a while they I would notice it sometimes, but this one I Didn’t my manager came up to me one day.

It was on a Sunday. I remember she came Out to me – and she was like hi she’s pushy – has like 20 thousand retweets on Twitter I was like no, I thought it was fake right and then bad picture. Yeah Uh-Huh and then about an hour later Ellen reached out to me a couple days: After that, I went on suffer Ellen. That was terrifying. Because I was just like kid that worked at Target, I had no like experience in That whole realm and I just kind of went from there – I got up to like 750 thousand Followers on Twitter, in, like a couple weeks, two million on Instagram And a couple weeks is the rollercoaster.

I think the other way to look at this Are normal people? I mean people really who never intended to be entertainers or Influencers in the first place, who were just having conversations about Something they really cared about, whether it was a specific passion like Gaming or sports or makeup fashion, there’s so many different fields in Which this has happened? They just talk about them because they really want to Connect with people about you know some aspect of their of their interest.

I created the look at the first moment. Yes, that’s a passion, just like a hobby, For the weekend, so I’d used to take pictures with my mom in the garden of my House and just I share the pictures only the weekend – Saturdays and Sundays, but This is a hobby like because I always have liked fashion. I like clothes, how to Combine different styles, I, like fashion when I was little, I was always looking The magazine’s with my month I create the blog and then Facebook Instagram was My life media like two years ago, but it has grown very fast.

I think, because of The the feeling with my followers, I’m always trying to answer them all the Questions that they have the thing that the most important thing for me is that They look at me like very natural. I can be like this with makeup, but I can also Show them with a bony one here, mine with my hair and a mask at night, or when I Wake up like good morning this is my morning face, so people want to know that Not like more to feel you like, more clothes, not like a model or I’m not Perfect – and I know pretend to be – I don’t like it I’r just Martin and I try to serve in my daily life site.

It was my only passion. When I was kid I was plates okay and then, when I was 18 a doctor told me like You need to stop because you, you have a problem, a genetic problem underneath and It was a big shock for me because it was the only thing besides Studied I was doing in my life and I select how I’m going to do that and then a Door open and say like if you restraint, you work out your legs in the gym with Certain exercise, you may recover your knee and you may keep track the future.

For soccer for everything, so I hung out with Adam, I met many people who helped Me out to understand this amazing world, like Fitness, how it better, how train Harder, I would exercise a million dollar, so that became my my my passion. So when I move here to Los Angeles, any Exercise I was doing I posted anything. I didn’t trust at all in Salem. I just did It because this girl she became my friend she told me, like you – need to do It that’s like okay, she knows better than me.

How is working Los Angeles, so I’r going to do it, but in few times I saw the people respond. The people answered To all the tips, all the questions I posted in Instagram all the stuffs, I Select, oh, this is working. You know this is truly working and I was connecting With people from all around the world, which is fantastic and that in that Point is when I discovered the the potential of insulin, so I took it.

Serious and I’m posting like very regularly like three four times a week: About tips of nutrition exercise, training, lifestyle – I think a lot of them. Had to come to realize that they had an influence that actually could be Commercialized some way, I did it like a step by step and when I was about 50,000 Or 60,000 on Instagram, that was the moment the malls in the top, when I Started like asking for money, of course, because I said I have these followers And I think that this has to be like I went to wind while that was happening.

More and more companies, especially some you know, really forward-looking. Companies started to realize that this was an opportunity to talk to a Demographic, they were having a hard time reaching. What do you think of em as Millennials people who are sort of on the cutting edge of digital technology, They were harder to contact through those traditional media, and so they Needed to figure out new ways to to contact them in ways that felt authentic.

So what we try to do is learn from influencers and learn from people who Are online and finding audiences online and take whatever bit of authenticity or Whatever piece of shareable that they’ve star To the flourishing to create, how do we incorporate that into a brand message in A way that now we make one a piece of content for a brand. It doesn’t feel like A commercial it feels like a piece of entertainment that I really enjoy add Value to my life – and I want to share it with my friends – The traditional model has moved away from what it is.

The old-school Commercial! Thirty, second, to a more you know, digital based advertising, which is What we now call branded content, it has moved from trying to push in a 30-second Spot a product to like, let me talk to you because, as a brand, we understand What you are into and when the content creates this more of a lifestyle content, That is presented by a brand more so than hey. Look at the brand.

But what’s Interesting is that a great social media campaign influencer campaign, if it Generates enough conversation, it then becomes newsworthy and then the earned Media blogs will pick it up. I was brought in initially to manage digital Content specifically for one of our clients, which is Lexus at that time, the Idea was to create a portal for the Hispanic and the American market that Would speak to that consumer beyond just buy this car, or this is our brand? We Really wanted to connect to that consumer.

This is a luxury brand, so at a High level or a lifestyle level, to give you an example, one of the pillars is Lexus called them it’s music right now. Hispanics were very passionate about Music and through people here at the agency, I was lucky to be introduced to Gillian Tia, who was the creator and host Olivia Lexus % stepfather Chris? This is The music show that you know day in the life of a up-and-coming alternative.

Artist and I find when I saw that that the concept was was really organic. You know: pili went from one place to another, one in the vehicle to me. Specifically thinking about Lexus, this is a perfect integration. She is music Lover and she talks to music lovers and there’s a very direct connection. Even Though she’s not a musician, she is a curator, a connoisseur of what’s coming. Up and so her audience trusts her I’ve been very lucky to work with really high friends, Heineken Starbucks Lexus And I’ve been very lucky to work with them, because I think that there are Brands and my brand being la vida really go well together and that’s why it works.

You know: that’s why it’s like. Okay, these are successful campaign manifest you can Have the USA momentum? My content is: very, it’s really like my life, so it’s very Comes are very genuine place. It comes from really connecting with my followers. And showing them what my life is like when it comes to a brand, I really sit. Down with a brand and listen to what their purpose is and what the goal of That contain is, and then through that information, then obviously the concept That, without their will, relate to them as well.

Actually, I think influencers who Are now being mentioned, as you know, the new kings of media and promotion, I think That I agree with it. I think that in the last couple years we’ve seen how Influencers are very important to marketing. However, the one thing that I Will say is that when you look at an influencer, you got to look beyond his Numbers beyond how many people he reaches you know I can have millions of Followers, but if these are not, followers are actually interested in his message.

Sometimes it’s tough to gauge that right and there’s tools that we use in other Production companies that you can see the top influencers and see the numbers And that’s one thing: do you need to meet them, one for personality and two to make Sure that these are actually talking to these audiences, so when we’re advising Clients or when we’re doing research anything we’re finding. Now everyone is Talking about you’ve got to engage people with smaller followings, meaning That they’re trying to find their tribe.

This is me finding the person who I Absolutely 100 % relate to, and I am inspired by and therefore I’m more Likely to make a purchase from them, then this person who’s got a bigger following So, instead of there being the one celebrity or the one youtuber that Everybody knows sure they still exist right. You’re PewDiePie, Michelle Phan Like they’re still out there but what’s more interesting to me and I think more Indicative of what’s new about about influencers and online spaces, In general is that within certain niche communities in leash interests, you have Those kings, you have the person who is not, you know, gods to everyone, but to This particular group of people who love this kind of music or love this kind of Art or think this particular brand of humor is funny.

They dominate advertisers. And marketers feeling, as if an influence or activation, is pulling the wool over The eyes of anyone is delusional. Like the viewers know, this is a partnership. They know this is a brand thing, so I think using the word authenticity People often think like: oh, it doesn’t look like an ad. No consumers know that They’re being paid for this or they’re getting something from it, the FCC Requirements have made it extremely clear that you have to basically beat People over the head with the fact that this is the partnership, the language That the FCC uses that requires influencers to disclose that there have A relationship of some kind with a brand they’re talking about it, has to be clear.

And conspicuous the rule is basically that if your grandma in Iowa can’t tell That this is an ad. You need to be more obvious about it, like it’s, a very low Standard, so when we think about authenticity, it’s not about fooling the Customer, the consumer, it’s about its feeling, like there’s still validity and What the influencer are the same, it’s kind of twofold number one is the Content, they are producing their point of view on life.

You know what is their Personal story is this a product they would or brand. They would actually use. Or be open to, or if not is there a damn good super creative reason? Why and we’re Intentionally disrupting it, you should never try to deceive the consumer. What We see is there’s nothing wrong with partnering with a brand right people. Understand the same way, a television network has commercials right or a TV Show has product placement, it’s the same thing, but the way I like To look at it, it’s almost like, through the analogy of a professional surfer, you Never look at a professional surfer and say: oh you’re, being sponsored by Red Bull, that’s so bad right or you’re being sponsored by Channel Island.

That’s so Bad, you always look at it and say like wow. That’s awesome! You’re partnering with a brand that you really like that you’re associating Yourself with, and so it’s often a win-win cause, I’m very true to who I am And very true to that message: most brands know when they reach out to me. It Definitely has to be not just to win for them, but for me the thing that I’m Always thinking about is how is this one going to be a win for my community? If I Take care of my community and I also take care of the client.

I know it’ll be A win for me yet and if it’s a great match, as I said, and it really meets a Certain amount of criteria, then I’m in discovering that I could make money on All this in, like really Wow it was insane. It wasn’t like you really. You Could just be yourself and get paid for it all right, that’s cool! So I decided to Keep going, keep going, keep going and being myself and trying to be myself and Finally, I came to these past six years.

Seven years, I really learned to discover Me as a person as an entertainer as a father as a youtuber as a fan as a Influence or power Latino, I started attending conferences. I started to pick I started speaking at school. I started getting to know other people. I started You know doing more on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter and really Connecting with people and trying my best to really inspire families, kids Fathers mothers to remember that it’s okay B, that it’s okay to have fun! It’s Okay, to be yourself and to not follow trends, to not do what others do, but do You you know so and a lot of brands that I’ve worked with early on understood.

That and I really tried mine to say my ground and to be honest with myself and Try to be real with people 20 comments from the article that I made For my wife, the one that is about about her about International Women’s Day and Her voice being my voice, and I a lot of you a lot of you were writing that I Don’t know if it’s new people, I don’t know if it’s people that have been I Think the primary reason for success for influencers is trust.

They build these Communities in which they’re in the center people subscribe to them and Connect to them and follow their lives in a way that we’ve never been able to Follow people’s lives before even celebrities in movies were playing Somebody else you know the athlete on a field is taking on a role, but but the Connection that you get through something like YouTube or Instagram or Facebook is really banned themselves and so there’s there’s this trusting.

Connection that comes from this sort of mass friendship that they build together. I think we live in a trust deficit now, so we have so much information. We don’t Know how to process it, and so what we look for is trust and what we trust is People and so we look at reviews to decide what movies we’re going to Download we look at reviews to decide what restaurants we’re going to eat at We look at recommendations for which cars we’re going to buy, so we we really Look to people to make almost every decision in our life and so influences Are just one part of that influencers have the level of engagement, they have With their audience, because there’s a sense of friendship, how’s it going Everyone pewdiepie here and bang, welcome to my very first non-game oftentimes Influencers start out just like anybody where they’re just A kid putting a camera on in their bedroom and just giving it a shot, and I Think people really relate to that because they feel like oh, that could be Me that could be my best friend I could be my neighbor.

The power of influencers Is that they have this direct connection with their fans, the fans have been Reading them, who knows for how long, I trust what they say and they follow what Their suggestions are, they have to be a little careful with that power where We’re always looking for what’s happening next and in trying to be aware. Of that and we partner with lots of outside companies to help us be on the Cutting edge coal companies have grown up in this space now, who are Intermediaries between brands and influences I’m 26 years old.

I think I Made it to the fourth splurt under 30 list, just because a lot of attraction, We’re getting in the space we have a few awards and accolades from previous work. We’ve done, and I think as well. The influencer marketing space is a very Young space and has a lot of opportunity for young entrepreneurs to step up Influencers by one of the most talked about words and marketing today, it Started at a really low price point in 2010 and it’s been increasingly growing.

Due to you know, marketers and brands just seeing the value in it and it’s Becoming more analytical in today’s day and age, to where brands are a little bit, More savvy and influencers are also just as savvy as well, because they’re Receiving deals left and right from different types of brands. I think in Terms of, if there’s a bubble, I wouldn’t consider it a bubble. I think I think the Market will always will always work itself out and there’ll always be a need.

For influencers, I think eventually, there’s going to be a point. Where is There’s more of a standard protocol, instead of it being the wild wild west. At this point, there’s no exact science to it. You

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.tech .website .store .space .site .press .host .online New Domain Names by Radix

I handle marketing for addicts, which is a new domain registry. What we’re doing here is basically be on these new domain extensions, so you have that website. Yes, that store that holds that press space yeah. So these domains are quite cool right. They’re, amazing, I mean look at it, just just the fact that there’s so self-explanatory. Just if you have a dog tag, you already know what the website is about.

If you have a dot press, you know it’s going to be something to do with news journalism. If it’s a dot store, I don’t even need to tell you what’s going to be there on it? Yes, you have this. What happened like there was some kind of yes, so four years back, I can, which is the organization with hands. Policy for the internet, actually opened up applications for new domain registries or new domain extensions, and we were one of the companies that applied to them.

We applied a few of them and after that we had to go through a process in which some of them had. We, we had multiple applicants to them. For example, dot, tech and dot store are ones that we had come. Yes, we did actually not so actually was one of the ones that we competed with Google and Amazon and we wanted in an option. I mean that’s, it’s a it’s an option. It’s a closed option that we had to.

Basically, there is a condition about when you’re applying for the domain name. Obviously the I mean I can checks whether you have the technical capabilities and the financial capabilities to actually run the registry, but once that’s done, it’s basically the option. So what is radix? I have marketing for radix. Radix is a part of a bigger community known as direct. I direct a group of companies where based out of India – and this is what we do.

Radix is a domain name registry. We don’t have any offices in London UK, but we work worldwide through partners like GoDaddy name.Com, name, chief one and one one, two, three reg all the guys. So I think it’s very, very cool that there’s a new domain top-level domains, there’s lots of new ones. Yes, but how is it with pricing and are there any pretty ones so uh pricing for minister? First of all, let me get to all the questions that you ask.

The first one is yesterday a lot of new top-level domains. They about almost a thousand of them, but luckily we own some of the best ones right now we have eight. As of now we’re still acquiring more so the next one to come up would be dot fun, which would be launching somewhere and early next year. We’ll be launching that soon and we’ve already got it yeah there are a few. There are the Slovak not right now, there tons of them actually so yeah we own these, eight of them, we’ve already sold about and you’ll find, most of them doing really really well knocked over the latest and yeah we’ve got some really kick-ass websites on it already Is there any chance that you can see a business model or be allowed to give them out for free for people actually use them and somehow make money some other way? That’s uh! I mean we could, but are you companies good? But we wouldn’t look at that, because our core competence is in the domain names, I’m where you buy them and which TLD you’re looking at it can be priced anywhere from about a couple of dollars to about thirty to forty dollars zero.

So, for example, something like store might be more expensive because it’s commercial, correct, dot store is a little bit, I would say expensive, but it’s priced a little bit higher than maybe a dot site, and that’s because of not only its commercial. It’s also because of the audience that we’re looking at we’re looking at companies in in e-commerce in retail, so that target audience is much smaller and at the same time they much more serious.

We don’t want. We want to keep the pricing at such point. We’re not anyone just gets the name and uses it for anything. We want specific um companies to use. It only see the somebody’s usually price. Is it public what you paid for being the ones that own that pay it is. You can check it out tech. I think is public. The other ones. Aren’t I’m not too sure right now, so I wouldn’t want to command without exactly so.

When we apply for the domain extension, we actually put down our business plans and we submit those. So I can those have been reviewed. Some of them all our business plans are fine, because our business model is quite straightforward, but there are people who are doing something different with domain names, and you could do something else close, for example, there’s some people making money with that.

But let’s say I even sold a couple domains because people ask me yep. I wish they would not all these people that just buy domains – and just I know that’s uh – happens to all the babies. We cannot prevent it, but we do that. That’s where pricing comes into play, so that’s why we’re not going to price our domains really really low, or if we do, then we do get a lot of people buying them and just squatting on them.

That’s why some of our domains would be priced a little higher, like I said, not stored, our tech, not hosts. These will be priced higher so that, if that prevents people from actually buying them in stock and just sitting on them like have a system that there would be a way to use AI or whatever and buy go to do. An API to check is actually ever being used to just park. That’s not the best way to do it, because there are a lot of people who would want to buy the domain name for brand protection, say, for example, TechCrunch wants to protect all its breath.

Its brand across all extensions, they would still buy all the domain names but wouldn’t actually use them. That’s so that nobody else uses TechCrunch start store to sell there, someone else’s products on them, so that still is nobody should be allowed to take that code. So we have a process for that in place before we launch any TLD. We have a 60 day period called the sunrise period where only trademark holders are allowed to register.

But after that it needs to be open for shark. The web no domain so any domain. Sharks, but if there’s just more important in charge now on it, so I don’t think it’s affected the number of people actually swatting or actually purchasing domains just to hold on here in anyway. What we have done is actually given an opportunity for people who didn’t get domain names earlier to actually work on these domain names.

Now they can get the choice of domain name, that they want and actually build a business of it. So I think, in that way we’re definitely helping out all these startups are using. Oh yeah, that’s a brilliant uh. I can. I can name a few. We actually have a couple of startups using your Tegrity name over here. We have gone VTEC in whole, star tech in the style valley right now, and you can see a lot of them.

We had about 20 order of startups at Web Summit using our domain extensions and that’s growing everywhere. You’ll see people getting onto these extensions so that you can get the best name. How about these big guys? Do you know what they’re doing? Are they yet letting people to register all the ones that they got? Oh yes, so let me yeah couple of examples so, for example, dot store, it’s been used by NBA, so you go to NBA, dr.

PS, dot, tech and then they RCS web dot, orgy yeah, and that’s why it makes sense. Ces or tech tells you exactly what it is. They also free name their company, the CDA tech. So that’s uh, it’s basically everyone’s already using these extensions amongst all the sets, so depends where you’re, looking, what you mean by popular, if it’s just in terms of sales in terms of registration, is very different, because a lot of TL DS are being sold for very Low prices, amongst our own extensions, I can tell you that dot site is doing really well, it’s sold over 600,000 names or tech is sold over half a million names, that’s just launched was actually one of our biggest.

We sold thirty four thousand names in the first day itself, so all of them are doing really really well in totality. We’ve sold over two million names amongst these and you can see a lot of them already on there, like some 1 million ranking there’s so many people know everybody needs to the mail, it’s not nice that they have to. Yes, our one makes sense. People are not going to remember along the main name, so uncle makes and no one’s going to type it in or getting your short name is way difficult.

Now, intercom, oh and that’s where we come in that that’s something we can explore, but I don’t think that will help us in the large keep saying three times a radio. Okay, thanks cool! That’s awesome, okay, something host something pressed my that space; no, maybe not, and lots of cool domains right here.


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ITU TELECOM WORLD 2017 : Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Business Development DPT. Director, NCTR

Thank you very much for being with us in the studio. Thank you very much max for having me now I’d like to start off by asking you a little bit about this year’s theme. It’s smart digital transformation, and perhaps you could tell us what that means incident well max.

It means a lot because actually there is huge pressure in Sudan on ministries and governmental unit by the government to digitally transform services by mid 2018, so yeah, I think it’s very relevant and we participated this year. You know based on that theme, now your participation here. This is the second year you participated at itu telecom world. Yes, this is the second time. Last year we were very fortunate to win an award you know, and this year we are also happy to be in the finalists, so we’ll be expecting an award in the ceremony in a couple of hours.

That’s great and in terms of your experience here at ITU telecom world, what’s been the major draw for you here. Well, I think we have benefitted a lot in terms of networking. In terms of you know, business expansion. We are supposed to sign like 3m OU’s with counterparts here in Korea, and it has been lovely you know so far so good first, one of the main opportunities and challenges of this new smart digital age incident.

Well, Sudan is a virgin market right now for such initiatives and we at NCT are taking the lead. Actually, you can consider us, as you know, the technical arm of the government when it comes to implementing ICT initiatives and projects, and we think this is the right place for us. You know it provides exposure and it provides experience and we’ll take all that back to Sudan and you know implement what we can do and will make a difference.

Definitely terms of connectivity is. Is that a major challenge for you in Sudan? You mean yeah yeah. Well, it’s a challenge and it’s an opportunity as well, and you know whenever there is a risk. There is also you know an opportunity, so we would like to look at it. This way, always yeah would have been your impressions of the conversations that you’ve been hearing here at a telecom world yeah very positive.

I think we are moving forward and as Africans we are pleased that next year it will be hosted in Africa. Yes, so this will be a great opportunity for for all Africans. Yeah now, do you have a key message, perhaps you’d like to impart to our audience here? Well, I think we should all believe in what ICT can can do. Ict can make a difference. You know in the way we live the way we interact with each other and yeah.

I think ICT has solutions. You know for our for for at least many of our problems, and we should believe in that yeah. Definitely. Finally, looking towards the future, how do you see smart digital age evolving? Well, I think it’s it’s it’s on the right track, although we are a little bit behind in Africa, but you know, the drive is is enormous. There and people are looking forward to solutions and, as I mentioned it’s it’s it’s a virgin market there and luckily, in incident countries like Sudan, they use represent like 70 % of population, so the opportunity is always there.

So, micro and small medium-sized enterprises are they very much something that you’re focusing on yeah? Definitely definitely, and we started from now thinking about what we are going to do for next year in 2018, and we are pondering starting from this moment about. You know the project. The opportunities and the partnerships that we can build to bring to the ITT in 2018 yeah. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much Deeping within the studio, and we wish you the very best of luck over the next year. Thank you, ms. Thank you very much for having me. Thank you. Thank you max. Thank you.

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ITU INTERVIEWS @ CBS-2016: Duncan Mochama, Business Development Manager, BRCK Education

Thank you very much for being as with us in the studio this morning now. You’re here is one of young innovators, you’re, creating technological innovations here for socio-economic development. Now here in the studio, we’ve got a big black flight case here, which I don’t think it says up your personal hovercraft or or your collection of shoes.

Perhaps you can tell us a little bit about that open up the open the case and tell us what you brought with you today yeah. So this this is our holistic educational solution which we hope to digitize classrooms across Africa. So our vision is to enable the millions of children across emerging markets to get access to digital tools for better landing yeah. So what I have here is 40 tablets. It’s 40 tablets rugged to withstand the drops, the spills, the scratches that the kids actually have when they’re doing the education.

I have footy tablet here and then the operating system is locked on the land play and grow system, because we understand as brick that that is the entire cycle that kid go through yeah. So in the play section we have we have memory games. We have digital literacy games that enable students actually have good memory yeah in the in the in the land section we have partnered with digital content providers like a limo, ekiti Abu who have digitized their content yeah and then in the gross section we have extra curriculum Content where kids can learn about digital safety, they can learn about responsible citizenship yeah.

They can learn about vision, 2030 here in Kenya, agenda 2063 in Africa or even the sustainable development goals. All this is is going in this key tablet and there are 40 tablets in this kit. Is that right, yes, you’re, developing and designing the solution? We realize that if you go over 40 students, then the student-teacher ratio will be they’ll, be an imbalance yeah. So that’s why we designed our our solution just to to fit exactly that yeah great and in terms of how they connect up their tablets here to the content.

How does that work exactly so here we have a micro server where all the contents are stored here. Yeah, so for digital safety we have locked down, there were operating system assists, as I told you before. All the content is loaded here and then it broadcasts to the 40 tablets yeah. There are no cameras on the tablets, as you can see, so that we can ensure a digital safety. If you walk away with this tablet, then it will be useless to you, yeah and so you’re able to modify the content and update it, etc.

Yes, yes, how do they do that? How do the the the teachers do that so three ways you can you can accomplish that? One is by actually having a USB stick put it in here and then you can be able to update the content. The other way is, you can do it over the internet, so the brick here has gsm capabilities, there’s an ethernet capability. So at night, when the students are sleeping, then the tablet is actually uploading content into eat.

Yes, and what about the power of is because I mean I know – I mean I, my daughter’s got a tablet that she uses at school, but she often forgets to charge it etc. What happens what happens to these tablets? How can they be charged fantastic? Now we designed our solution is designed for Africa. We understand that we have infrastructure problems which mainly his power and connectivity, so our our Q, kid has only one charging port and the tablets themselves charge wirelessly.

So if a kid actually just drops the tablet in in any direction, then it can be able to charge wirelessly at night. It charges six hours and during the day it can take the entire school day and what kind of feedback? If you had on this sofa in all of the schools that we had the Performing Polly, the kids could not read yeah, but now with the games with some of the story books like obongo. Now we found that their testicles cause actually went up yeah in the garage school.

What are the schools actually taught? The constituency yeah and it’s more fun in class. Kids are asking more questions. Their curiosity levels have increased here and now they can be able to solve basic problems. So that’s the kind of feedback we’re getting when when you establish in the queue kid and in terms of the tablet that you developed this tablet, did it start off looking differently or how I roses? Yes! Well, yes, one of the cornerstones that we we have at brick is a user experience.

So previously these headphones were black yeah and we found that it took a lot of time for kids actually to know which earphones goes on, which year and the rest. So when the user experience team actually observed that that’s when now, we actually cut the color coded the headphones and put a big art on the right and a big girl on the left and you’ve actually established that even landing becomes starts from there.

Whether it is just a is ok ways, your show me your right ear and then raise your left here and then now put that there. Then we actually realize that landing begins there, yeah right and your based here in Kenya, but you understand you you’re offering the solution to the Solomon Islands. Yes, so you’re you’re expanding globally. Yes, our team is based here and we’re trying to solve local problems, but we are constantly thinking of global problems and solomon islands.

Malawi right now. We actually translating some of the contents into spanish and in terms of the future, how do you hope that this will grow for you, one of the problems that you’re having in Africa is: how do you, how do you actually enable? How do you build capacity for the disabled, so in our roadmap we are looking at making it friendly to the disciple. How can they get the experience better yeah? How can we actually enable individuals yeah? This is designed for school yeah down down the road we’re going to have individual tablets where you can say as a child go with it at home, go teach you your parents, about the sustainable development goals and and the opportunities there.

I just immense, and in terms of an investment for a school I mean how much, how much would this this kit set them back? Our vision is to enable the millions of children across the emerging markets, so we have also met the kid very affordable. So, with five thousand dollars you get the 40 tablets, you get the ruggedized guess you get a 40 earphones and also the extendable charger. So that’s the investment that that a school puts in right, you’re, definitely making inroads there in to affordability and and accessibility as well.

Yes or we should the very best of luck with your project, I know that you’re participating in a session here at CBS 2016 young innovators are going to be pitching their projects pitted up against each other, and I know that you always get a vote at the End well, I wish you the very best with that, but certainly very much, obviously in the future as well, and we look forward to catching up with you at some stage.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You

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Financial IT speaks with Ed Medcalf, VP Business Development at Konsentus at Sibos 2019, London.

We’re. Also, seeing the larger players, the the major accountancy firms and the the the big tech firms driving their messaging as well and seeing what they can do to disrupt the banks that have been established for hundreds of years and that’s an incredibly interesting opportunity for us.

We’re showcasing where there’s an air gap between regulation and banks, common sense or financial institution common sense, so banks at the moment have no defense if a third-party provider wishes to access their customers data and if they allow that third-party provider to access their customers data. If that third party isn’t allowed to do that in a regulatory way, then the bank has committed a breach, so our product, our service, is a one.

Stop one API call in order to allow the banks or the financial institution or the forex company or the EMI in order to be able to do that to check whether that third party is regulated, certified valid alive and allowed to do what they say. They’re allowed to do these latest news from consensus is that we have been funded by mastercards in our pre series, a around our seed funding round, and that enables us to expand our team throughout Europe.

We see that the opportunity for consensus is not just European. We see it as being a global opportunity. We also see that it’s not not just an open banking opportunity. We see it as an open finance opportunity and that might may be utilities. It mainly taxes. It may be the whole gamut of ideas beyond finance. So, therefore, we want to be able to expand into those spaces and be prepared for when regulatory bodies allow access from third parties in other areas than the ones we’re currently in payment industry in the next year is going to be very interesting, open banking is there Some people are waiting for it to lift off some say it’s already off the ground, but again, I think open finance is what going to come alongside it very quickly and possibly overtake it.

We think there’s a massive opportunity to expand beyond the standard message of purely checking banking, third parties, and we think that the regulatory opportunity there is massive and that’s what consensus is here to expect, exploit and we’re here to make sure that banks, financial institutions and other Industry members are all there to understand it. This goes beyond the the the pure play financial institutions.

We know that foreign banks, we know that exchange companies. We know that currency companies need to be aware of this message. We think they’re not aware of it. At the moment when they are they’re going to realize that, in order to get compliance, they need to be talking to somebody about how they regulate, who is coming in and accessing their systems.

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!