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ITU TELECOM WORLD 2017 : Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Business Development DPT. Director, NCTR

Thank you very much for being with us in the studio. Thank you very much max for having me now I’d like to start off by asking you a little bit about this year’s theme. It’s smart digital transformation, and perhaps you could tell us what that means incident well max.

It means a lot because actually there is huge pressure in Sudan on ministries and governmental unit by the government to digitally transform services by mid 2018, so yeah, I think it’s very relevant and we participated this year. You know based on that theme, now your participation here. This is the second year you participated at itu telecom world. Yes, this is the second time. Last year we were very fortunate to win an award you know, and this year we are also happy to be in the finalists, so we’ll be expecting an award in the ceremony in a couple of hours.

That’s great and in terms of your experience here at ITU telecom world, what’s been the major draw for you here. Well, I think we have benefitted a lot in terms of networking. In terms of you know, business expansion. We are supposed to sign like 3m OU’s with counterparts here in Korea, and it has been lovely you know so far so good first, one of the main opportunities and challenges of this new smart digital age incident.

Well, Sudan is a virgin market right now for such initiatives and we at NCT are taking the lead. Actually, you can consider us, as you know, the technical arm of the government when it comes to implementing ICT initiatives and projects, and we think this is the right place for us. You know it provides exposure and it provides experience and we’ll take all that back to Sudan and you know implement what we can do and will make a difference.

Definitely terms of connectivity is. Is that a major challenge for you in Sudan? You mean yeah yeah. Well, it’s a challenge and it’s an opportunity as well, and you know whenever there is a risk. There is also you know an opportunity, so we would like to look at it. This way, always yeah would have been your impressions of the conversations that you’ve been hearing here at a telecom world yeah very positive.

I think we are moving forward and as Africans we are pleased that next year it will be hosted in Africa. Yes, so this will be a great opportunity for for all Africans. Yeah now, do you have a key message, perhaps you’d like to impart to our audience here? Well, I think we should all believe in what ICT can can do. Ict can make a difference. You know in the way we live the way we interact with each other and yeah.

I think ICT has solutions. You know for our for for at least many of our problems, and we should believe in that yeah. Definitely. Finally, looking towards the future, how do you see smart digital age evolving? Well, I think it’s it’s it’s on the right track, although we are a little bit behind in Africa, but you know, the drive is is enormous. There and people are looking forward to solutions and, as I mentioned it’s it’s it’s a virgin market there and luckily, in incident countries like Sudan, they use represent like 70 % of population, so the opportunity is always there.

So, micro and small medium-sized enterprises are they very much something that you’re focusing on yeah? Definitely definitely, and we started from now thinking about what we are going to do for next year in 2018, and we are pondering starting from this moment about. You know the project. The opportunities and the partnerships that we can build to bring to the ITT in 2018 yeah. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much Deeping within the studio, and we wish you the very best of luck over the next year. Thank you, ms. Thank you very much for having me. Thank you. Thank you max. Thank you.

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