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Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Exact Matching and Exporting – Optimized for PPC

This is uh. This is our website. I’m going to go to a home page okay. So there is the site, earth grid, calm and when I’m now goos I’m going to go into google and i’m going to type in Google Adwords Keyword tool or you can just Google Google Adwords Keyword tool. Okay. Now it gets you right into the Google AdWords tool. So this is some stuff that you probably most people, will basically just type a word or phrase in here.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to take this page right here now, i’m going to copy, because our homepage right, i’m just going to paste that right in this box under the website field. Now you can do this with any website any competitor, any product that you’re trying to sell you just pop in the URL of the website, supposing you’re selling a clickbank product just pop into you or all that what’s going to do, is it’s going to fetch all The keywords right from that site and populate the keyword list down below now.

The other thing you want to do is you see where it says broad. I want you to uncheck that and go to exact we’re going to uncheck. You have to actually click exact before you can uncheck broad, but I want you to emphasize this thing. It says exact right over here, okay and so then I’m going to go over here and I’m the type in the key. I hate these captions there we go now you see. What’s really cool is we got all these keywords? Build a website make a website domain, name, search, free web site hosting.

The next thing you want to do is go over here and search by global monthly searches, and you see web hosting. This is how many times per month, people are searching for the exact phrase. Now, if I go too broad – and I do it again – you see you have a website – 100 million websites online website, all that data is kind of useless, because it’s so broad and so vast. You probably won’t even do this. What are you doing, PPC or any kind of campaign? What I like to do is uncheck the broad and just go and exact, and that tells you exactly: okay, there’s 135,000 people searching for web hosting every month, website, design, website, templates domain names, blah blah blah blah blah all right, that’s good! Then what you can do now um, I let’s see if I can do this, I’m going to go grab all this stuff cuz.

You know, google won’t let you actually export this stuff, but you can copy that to your clipboard and then I’m going to tell you you know you want to fire up a very free tool called open office. You don’t have already have it already installed it to go to openoffice.Org, okay, we’re already five minutes through it. I’m almost done demonstrating what I was going to show you, which is really cool. This is from a 90 minute article, and this is all I learned from this 90 minute article.

So one of the things I’m working on here is delivering 10 minute. Quick BAM apply it stop this article. If you want to and go back, go to openoffice.Org and download this product, it’s a free product, it you know. If you have office, you can do that too, but it may not. You know I find that open office works better for by copying and pasting stuff. In that you like lift it from somewhere else without getting all the forest, so I’m going to go here to UM to op OpenOffice calc.

If you could also use a google docs as well fill the other key here is in there yeah yeah. You could use google docs, but I don’t necessarily want to let Google know that I’m lifting all either because all the London up – and I also what I’m trying to do – is keep a local copy of it. So, okay, so now I have my spreadsheet here and the first call of a ducking, so I could just delete that and I can expand this column out right here and now here I got all my statistics right, so I’ve got my 16 keywords.

This is how to 35,000 local 40,000 okay and now, if I want to do a PPC campaign, I now know what keywords to go after all right. So then I could save this. I’m just going to save this to my desktop and i’m going to call this a web hosting keywords and we’ll go back to that now. I’ve got now got all my keywords that I’m going to go after all right, so this is very, very useful because then the other thing is they: supposing, if you, if you’re buying a some pay-per-click ads, all you need to do is copy this column, and then You could open up like notepad, okay, paste it in right.

What happened there copy what the heck’s going on? Oh, it’s at the very bottom there. It is see that now I have all these keywords now you can grab these keywords and paste them into your PPC campaign and by those keywords, and we can do another training, how not you how to do paid advertising that wasn’t the purpose of this. I just want to show you how to use Adwords and what the distinction is now.

Why would you want to use AdWords? Well, generally speaking, if you don’t have a keyword, that’s at least like 30 or 40 thousand dollar, thirty dollar thirty or forty thousand s articles like 30 or 40 thousand searches per month. It’s probably not worth your time to write a blog post to really kind of focus on that keyword, even with PPC, alright. So on any questions I’m going to this is what I want to impart to you.

It’s a very, very simple thing. Just to summarize again number one pop in URL or you can put in the word or phrase here, but I like tears because if Dutchess all the key words right from the site. So if you’re, if, let’s say, for example, you’re writing a book and – and you want to come up with some keyword, ideas for your book will find a competitor’s book that the best seller pop those keywords in there and then use this to figure out what keywords You want to target for not just for getting your basic broad you’re, giving your broad-based keywords down and then i’m going to pick something like something in the thirty forty thousand range.

Something like you know, create a website. Okay and then i’m going to go on to the next tool with that n equal any questions before we uh that useful. Yes, that’s great, i’m sure it is alright. So, if you’re reading this article I’d like you to take action – and none of this really matters, if you don’t have a reason for using it, so if you’re selling an affiliate product, you want to use this information to buy some ads takes, you know, take some Kind of action by those ads or contact the person that sent you to this article so that they can show you a little bit more about how to do uh how to apply this to your business.


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How To Digitally Market A Small Business On A Tight Budget

My name is Francois Taylor Inga and you about read a 30-minute segment off the lunch-and-learn. So if this is the first time you’re tuning in grab and not paper and a pen, because this one is going to be a really really good one – we’re talking about how to actually market your business, you know on a tight budget.

So a lot of us really want to be known, really want to put our messages out there, but we don’t quite have the budget or we don’t quite know how to actually do it, and the reason why I do that is because my mission is to help Entrepreneurs such as yourself to not hear this, but to actually set up, you know reliable and lucrative businesses that are actually profitable and enjoyable all right. So you we do this by sitting around every single day for 30 minutes at 2 p.

M. A est. Take note of that and we talk about how you can capture the right people. You know create the right content, so you can engage those people, educate them, inspire them and provide them with value and then most of all, convert those people into paying clients and then pretty much after that, utilize that for branding your own authority and creating relationships so That, like I, keep saying your business can be profitable and enjoyable.

So, if you’re reading the replay right now, I want you to type in the number 2. It just gives us that confirmation that there’s people that are reading this and there’s also people that actually care and value. You know our content and also just gauges. You know how far we’re reaching with you know. There’s life articles because, like I say all you can do, is all that you can do. I see Scott Boudreau has just turned in what’s going on brother, I hope you’re having a fantastic hump day.

Yes, it is Wednesday. Thank you so much for tuning in Duncan Misaka, and I could also see Richard. Sadly, thank you all for tuning in all right, so, like I mentioned earlier on, basically we’re talking about for you to actually market your business on a budget. Now, how many of you guys are actually finding it difficult to reach your audience right now? You know to get any sort of attention, maybe for your message or for your websites or for your social media.

If you are finding it difficult to get attention, I want you to type in the number one. If you are someone getting by, can you type in the number two if it’s totally difficult for you to get by, can you type in the number three? I just really want to have an understanding of who is online right now I see Sheridan has just tuned in. Thank you so much, I’m hoping you’re feeling better right now and also doing well with your work right then – and this is your first time tuning in welcome aboard like I said this will be a 30-minute segment when we’re really talking about how you can bust a Notch or two and actually you know, really reach out to your audience and get their attention and actually you know, sell to the audience so that your business can be profitable and can be enjoyable now, wouldn’t that be nice? Alright, now you know here’s a situation that I’m sure everybody who’s reading right now can resonate with you know you probably have a small budget and you’ve got really really big dreams.

You know when the Facebook ad that sold you on to the dream that you have you know can buy. It came with. You know pina coladas on the beach and you working by the beach, or you know four hour work weeks like what Tim Ferriss has written, etc, etc. But all of that just exists in misleading facebook ads when you start, you know really working on your business when you start creating for and relating to your audience, it’s not the same way as the Facebook ads.

You know, have predicted or put it out there. So you might, you know, really have really really big dreams you want to have. You know grow your own business, you want to become your own boss, but money and cashflow are tight, and that means you know you’re going to of that cash flow for things that are really really important and you’re going to skimp on your marketing. Now. Does this sort of sound like you, does this sound like like you’re the person who’s got a small budget and maybe big dreams? I want to know the people that are actually reading here, because you know if you’re doing well, then maybe this one with the article for you, but if, if you’ve got really small budgets and and really big dreams, then I want you to continue reading this article You’re not I mean because I run a digital agency leave along digital and I get a lot of requests.

You know for people that wanted strategy session from me, because we do a lot of marketing in and around you know the websites on and off online, etc, etc. So, there’s people that want – maybe you know a strategy created for them. There’s people that want implementation of. Maybe they’ve heard me speak about the blueprint or they they want me to help them with their SEO or but they’re on a minimum budget.

You know and and then this happens on a daily basis. You’re not I mean not. A lot of businesses are actually making money out there, like I said in the other article, ninety seven percent of the article of the you know: small businesses in Australia run by people like you and me all right and then pretty much from that. Ninety seven percent. Maybe thirty to forty percent, I’m not going to make it past year, one year two year, three, all right! So that’s why you know people like me come in because we help you to actually have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable.

I see Anna or sure them. It’s just children. Thank you so much for joining us today, alright, so luckily we as entrepreneurs, we love that challenge and I also love a challenge. When somebody comes to me and says, I don’t have that much of a budget, but let’s see how we can work together. You’re not I mean because now we’ve become experts in achieving a very lot. You know a lot of results for people with very little.

All right, and how do we manage to do this? I’m going to be sharing some of my secrets in this particular article right now. So if you know somebody who’s struggling with their marketing, if you know somebody who’s struggling with their business, somebody who’s struggling with their cash flow tag them in this article right now, because I’m giving out the secrets that we’re using and we’re also giving out to people That have a very low budget so that their businesses can be profitable and enjoyable.

And if you may, you can actually share this article from this point on, because I’m going to be giving you the effective digital marketing strategies for bootstrapping. In especially if your startup or if you’re a small business all right and I’m going to just give it away right from the get-go first of all, you got ta, make sure you’re doing good work. You got ta, make sure you’re doing good art, because that’s the only thing that gets remarkable.

That’s the only thing that people alright! No, I want you to maybe remember a time old or the last time you went and readed a movie alright and have you ever walked out of a movie or have you ever heard? Somebody who’s read the same movie that you’ve readed, repeating maybe a couple of lines from that movie. You know that that readed and you guys instantly connect now. What I’m trying to say is if you make good art, people will talk about it.

It will be remarkable. You know just like how you know good movies end up as people start talking about those lines in that movie. If I say I’ll be back, you remember, you would know that I’m talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie. If I talk about, I can’t really think of movie lines right now, but you you get what I’m trying to say all right, so make good art do good work. So if you are ever going to get anything from this article today get those three little words make good art cuz, I’m the only thing that people will talk about.

If you make people happy, if you make people laugh, if you make people get results from the work that you’re putting out there, they will talk about you at a barbecue. That’s the first thing that you can absolutely do even if you’ve got a low budget or even if you’ve got a high budget. If your work is good enough for people to talk about, they definitely will talk about it. Alright and I see – and what’s going on.

Rather, thank you so much for in the next thing that you really want to grasp and and those that are really enjoying this article right now tag somebody who might really want to hear about this, so that it can actually help them by actually helping them. The next thing that you really want to make sure within your business is once you’re doing good work, that good work becomes your message all right and then, when you’ve got that good work, make sure that message goes to a market be specific on who has to Actually hear that message, because not everyone is your customer, because if you’re going to be spraying and praying with your marketing, then you’re wasting advertising money.

You’re wasting. You know advertising budgets you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting the listeners time. Alright. Whenever people don’t understand, who is this meant for me and whenever people don’t understand, is this book written for me whenever people don’t understand? Was this book meant? For me, it’s going to be difficult for them to actually listen to the message, so you have to have really good work like I said, and then it creates what is called a permission asset once you’ve got permission to sell to me.

I will then start listening. All right, you can’t sell to somebody who hasn’t, given you permission to sell to them so once you’re doing good work, you’ve got a message now that goes to a specific market. You now need to choose the blogs of how you’re reaching out to that audience wisely. I see Luke has just turned in Nicole my love. What’s going on, haven’t seen you in a minute chuckle Bradley. Thank you so much brother for walking, I’m your last name is walkouts got ta say.

Thank you so much for walking by you know this article. So, like I said your message, your market, you got ta now be specific about the media, as you can tell and as you will notice, you know what’s actually happening right now. Facebook is under scrutiny for having leaked people’s data, etc, etc, and guess, what’s going to happen, people are going to shrug away from you know using Facebook as a platform.

Now, if you have big noticing as well that Facebook, even the reach has been dwindling in the reach, has been getting smaller and smaller and if you have just been, you know basing or standing on one media blog. As you know, the way you’re reaching out to your audience, it’s going to be grand opening and grand closing for you. Alright. So, like I said your media, your market, and when you actually now choose your blog, which is the you know, which is how you deliver your message.

You know it makes it a whole lot easier, whether you move from one platform to another people will still remember what you said. Why? Because you’re doing good work, because you’re making good art I see Nicole, has just children. Thank you so much for your time today. I hope you having a fantastic meat week session wherever you at right now, all right, so all of these are effective digital markets.

If you notice, we haven’t even gotten into the whole trickery of you know, tools and and tactics and everything else. It’s just what your message is: what that market really needs to be in the media and I’ll be playing around those three M’s, and if it’s the only thing that you really get from this show today, Nick good arts, that’s the only thing that people care about These days, not about how funny your articles are not about how your content comes into the newsfeed, not about how your blog is situated or what trickery you got them into signing up to your news list, if you’re not making good art if you’re not putting on Good work, nobody will care all right, whatever you’re going to say, he’s going to mean Jack diddly if you are not specific about your market and what blogs you’re going to be using in order for you to reach out to them message, market medium, all right.

So this is for those people that have a you know a really tight budget and really want to make sure they get a proper return of their investment as soon as they put money in and then they get some sort of cash outline. So, by choosing your blogs wisely, we all caught up in in the angst. You know that is caused by the lack of money, because guess what we we are forced or we are shown. How are the big companies? Are? You know advertising you not.

I mean we forget one thing: everyone has a limited marketing budget, you know, I mean not even the tires like Apple or coca-cola, I just spreading money out there. They are working within their budget, so I mean obviously their bodies are huge. You not I mean, but they still work hard and choosing the right blogs that give them the right return on their only investment and why? Why would they do that? Because nobody wants to waste money, and especially if you don’t have that money, why would you want to waste something you don’t have so make sure that whatever you’re going to be doing you’re not going to have to do it twice? Do it once and for all or what them what them carpenters say, measure twice and cut once Genaro mean so if you’re, a small business and you’re with small budget, this is actually really really important figure out.

What are you good at? Who means you know, what are you good at? What are you selling who needs it and where can you find them and then just specifically go to that blog instead of you being spreading yourself too thin, and then you know becoming a high-sounding nothing. You know cuz, you can’t afford to waste money, so you want to start by choosing the right digital marketing blogs and mind you. This is not an easy task right now.

Can you tell me where you think your audience is actually situated within the whole online space? Can you just type in where you think is the best place to to find you or your audience right now? Where are they congregated? Where would they be if you would go out and find 10 customers off your own right now? Where would you specifically go especially in your business? Please type it in the comments, then you know this is hundreds of blogs, there’s hundreds and each of them offer a rabbit hole in and of itself.

You know, I mean, there’s social media is email. There’s PPC ads. This SEO, you know this display ads this content, marketing. All of that and guess what every new thing that comes on the market mocking us find a way to ruin it. So if you’re hearing about something from a Facebook ad guess what people are already raped, it and they’ve already ruined it and as much as you are a late arrival all right.

So you need to know specifically where your audience, where you congregates, then I see Mike as just children, what’s going on brother tonight, I mean this is just a few of the things that we are exposed to, because if you don’t know where your client is right Now and a quarter past two, then you have lost everything. You know you wouldn’t know what to do it for beer, because then, if you know where your client is, are they in the office or are they taking their kids from school? Because if you post a blog at that particular time, are they going to see it or are they going to wait until they finish making dinner for their family? So that’s how much you need to know your market and each of them each of these platforms.

I’m talking about it comes with its own limitations, so you now have choice. Paralysis. Is that what they call it, paralysis of choice and it’s real? The struggle is real right there you know. So do you know exactly what your customer is doing right now at a corner bus to please, if you know, can you type it down right now? You know because you’d like to to to to to I mean you would want to use platforms that are already where your customers are.

If you don’t have money you know, because if you go off the beaten track, how are you going to reach to new people? People need to hear your stuff six to eight times in order for you to catch fire and that costs money. It’s not going to be easy for somebody to pay attention to you if you haven’t gotten their attention in the first place. So, in order to make the right choice, you really need to start with your buyer persona, who is going to buy my products? What frustrations am I actually fixing who needs me in the market? What would happen if I’m not there? All of those questions? Are you asking yourself, those questions am I needed in market? Is this product? If I don’t exist that somebody suffer cuz, if you’re not asking yourself all those deep questions, my friend, that’s the reason why it’s crickets and your funnels.

That’s the reason why it’s crickets in your bank account right now find out who your ideal customer is: where do they hang out online? What publications, what are they buying on Amazon here? What do they like? Who are they listening to and what tone of voice actually appears appeals to them? Some people like to be told what to do some people like to make their own decisions find out. Is your customer that person what how am I reaching out to them and how are you going to know you’re getting the right person? What is the feedback that you should be getting from that buyer persona to actually solidify that you are doing good work, that they absolutely need Mack, good art? If that’s the only thing you get from this article today make good art mike says.

These are great questions. Does my existence solve somebody’s suffering? Absolutely, you know they’re not giving our participation trophies our day. My man, all right you’ve got ta really reach out to people, because you know what we are now. Oh, it’s called info Bay City. There’s a lot of obesity caused by food. Now there is info best city right. Let me coin that term info best city, everybody’s bloated, with information right now.

You’ve got ta, be that person and that actually you know what what do we call it. This be succinct with that information. Make sure you make it succeed enough that it fills them up. Everybody is bloated with information, so make sure whatever work you’re putting out. There is good at linked good art and your budgeting and your your your marketing budget won’t be strained a whole great deal. You know, and if you answer these questions like what Mike is saying, your choice is half made.

If you know where to find you next ten customers right now, can you type in the number one all right and I see Christine Stowe – has this chin then thank you so much Nicole says he is good, oh good. I will read it again absolutely and share this if you can, with your with your other mates that really have you know, I’m running on a low budget, but really want to reach out to their audience there, and if you can actually answer the questions that I Asked earlier on, as in who needs what you’re selling and who, whose existence is not going to be an enjoyable existence, if you don’t exist, or if your message doesn’t exist in the in the market right, then you know and then the rest would be covered by Whatever budget you have so there’s no point in you spreading yourself too thin without a message that resonates to a market.

You know start with maybe one or two blogs and then that you can actually afford to be present, because if you can show your customers, you can help them by actually helping them. Then I’ll tell you something. They would actually anticipate that you warn. You have a solution for them now Mike says he always gives me so much to think about going to re-read. Thank you so much Mike and Christian says everybody wants me to find them money in grunts absolutely.

But you need to answer the question. What would the grunts you know fulfill for these people? What is it that they actually want? It’s not grunts, they want. What do they want? Is it a better lifestyle, a better business, a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable, because right now, you’re pushing a product? What is the feeling, what is the thing that people absolutely want so that they come to you and then say and knock on your door Christine and say because of you, I did not give up what is it that they absolutely want from you? You need to find that and if you can specify what that particular thing is, I assure you people would be tripping stumbling and falling to come and get more of what you’re selling right there all right.

So you, you really have to be really succeed and show people you can help them by actually helping them and half of the time is Kristin says I’m wondering why they want money, I’m not getting that one, but that’s alright, and also if, even though the Internet Has spread open and you can become a global business. Sometimes you probably don’t need that. You know we’ve actually had excellent results with clients and that we have steered towards their own local audiences.

You know I mean we’ve actually started getting a lot of results and you know by just remaining local, because people want to do business with. Does they know like and trust? Yes, you could be, you know, um, you know international or global, but are you able to service that person, especially in different time zones? The people want their surance, that will you pick up their phone just in case. Something good goes wrong in the service that you’re providing.

You know and remember what I said about dreaming big, it’s okay, everybody wants to be known as the maybe so provider of a certain product or service globally, which is like. Maybe you want to be the uber or whatever you know, service you’re serving or you want to be the McDonald’s um. You know of your industry, because whenever you talk McDonald’s synonymous with fast food, you not I mean but site’s reputation.

It takes money, time and effort and buy money. I’m talking billions to build. So just because you’ve got a website, it doesn’t mean you, you, you become global you’re, not I mean you’re, not big shock, who you know who is international broth? You need to check these statistics all right, plus it’s not really profitable for a small business, whether you’re, local or not just find out. Do you really need to extend or stretch yourself so much because you comes with customer care, it comes with understanding the different cultures of the people, you’re reaching out to etc, etc.

You know so is it profitable for you to actually really go global or I ought to be better off with the people that actually understand who you are and can know like and trust you within your local periphery? You know cuz I’ve always given this example. You know if you really want to rank your website, because my main job is search engine optimization you’re, not I mean, and and maybe you are a crafter or a creator of wedding dresses.

If you just write in wedding dresses, it’s much more easier for you to rank number one for hand, med wedding, dresses in Melbourne or handmade wedding dresses in in Sydney. Oh handmade wedding dresses in Perth because whatever, if somebody’s going to search for something they’re going to look at, who will give me the the service cheaper, better faster, so you want to be found in your local area as well.

You know better, yet it’s actually more profitable. You know why these people that actually use long tail keywords you people that say you know dentist near me, know exactly what they’re looking for you’re, not I mean and they’re likely ready to buy. They probably have a bleeding neck, so if you just rank for the word dentist they’re not going to know, are you the dentist round the corner that they can actually just reach out to I’m a semantic? You would see my in henna, you know half the time if I go out and there’s people smoking around me or these dust and fumes from the cars I just typed in pharmacy near me, so that I know just in case I start wheezing.

I can how much longer would it take me to get to a pharmacy? You know how much longer would it take me to get to a pharmacy, I’m not just going to type in pharmacy. No, I want to to cure my pain as soon as possible. So that’s exactly what your clients are doing as well, try being local because it makes you you know people reach, you faster, cheaper and you you you will be. You offer better preference, because you know what people can pick up the phone and call you or just drive around the corner and get whatever service you’re.

Getting you know and Nicole says I was thinking I was thinking you become more profitable, based on the weight and value you hold right. Sorry, if it doesn’t make sense, I mean well, you value is good. That’s the reason why I took off cuz. I had over four thousand five hundred people from all of us. You know all over the the in the world, but I cut it all into half. You know what I really want to reach to people that you know.

I can help them immediately and I can help them there and there tonight I mean so, like I say I help people with search engine optimization those people that put generic inquiries, they probably just window-shopping, which means it’s not a good return of investment for you. So you want to leverage the power of location, maybe within your social media. You know your content marketing your SEO, your PPC, you know ads wherever you can on Janee and set your name, and you know in within your city within your neighborhood, because let me tell you something: people would support to build a woman.

People would support a wall that they helped to build. You now create instant rapport. If you say I’m an SEO engines in Melbourne instead of saying to somebody in Phoenix Arizona, who’s, never heard of Melbourne Australia. You know I mean so. Is your business, a local business or a global one? Nonetheless, why pass some clients that are in your backyard? People are more likely to do business with local companies.

So why not use that to your advantage. So, like I’m saying, if you haven’t really caught up to what we’re talking about in this article, I’m just giving you all the ideas that you can actually stop: marketing your business for free, throwing in five hundred dollars three hundred dollars every single day on Facebook and You’re targeting people that don’t even care about your work, my man, why would you be doing that? Why would you be stealing from yourself and one other thing that a lot of people who would not do is, if you’re not doing good arts? Nobody would remark your work, so if you do good art, if you do good work, you get reviews all right and Scott says prosper.

I can listen in because I’m in a cafe, but I love your work. Mate keep going. Thank you so much Scott. Thank you. So much try and get testimonials and case studies, maybe on your websites, because you know what people do business with those they know like and trust, and these days you know people who trust other people that have gone through the experience be instead of you saying, look, Look at me, you can actually have other people as being your ambassadors.

You know, like those people are talking about Elia on that. If you read the movie, you you, you go out of the movie and you’re repeating words that have been said in that movie and guess, where that comes in it creates your branding. It creates a community around the work you’re doing and you build loyalty and ambassadors around the word and it makes it cheaper for your marketing. You know, so you can encourage people to leave reviews on Facebook on Google on Google on Yelp.

I think there’s another one called Trustpilot a mom and don’t sing any of those, but user-generated content is also really good for SEO and it makes it a whole lot easier for Google to rank you. You know why, because you’re a trusted source, so we encourage people to leave. Reviews by you know, maybe offering little incentives and maybe a discount for her loan, bringing new referrals, etc, etc. Anything you can think of that is useful for you and your customers, because satisfied customers are usually the best brand ambassadors all right.

I really hope that this article has been useful for you and if you have tagged anyone that would have you know really really gotten. You know insights as to how to actually market a business on a cheap you’re. Not I mean I’m just going to wrap things up here. You know it’s cash flow is really important, especially in your business and the biggest thing that people scheme born is marketing when it comes to lit less funds.

So it’s not fun to start counting pennies and think how am I going to spend them best? You not, I mean, and I know that it’s not easy all right, but I also know that, with a bit of creativity, you not I mean and an entire at around research, you can actually achieve grand results. You can actually have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable. It’s always a better way to get things done, stop trying to bite things that you cannot chew or you cannot swallow and not, and not.

A lot of marketing involves a lot of wads of cash. Just put out good work right there put out good content, engage your audio do remarkable stuff so that people can talk about you. You don’t really need to spend that much on your marketing, but if you think maybe it could be helpful in your marketing and how I can actually amplify your business. Let’s get in touch, let’s have a chat. Let’s see how far we can take your business so that it can actually be profitable and enjoyable, because I believe your business can be one day in the meantime.

If he’s got any questions, let’s continue the conversations down below now. That was like a good segue. Isn’t it don’t blue haha, fantastic, you hope, you’re having a fantastic week. I will see you guys tomorrow and yeah if you’ve got any questions. Let’s keep this going in the meantime. Thank you so much for paying attention. I mean you could be anywhere else in the world right now or in Australia.

Doing whatever makes your business profitable and enjoyable, but you chose to stay with me bye for now guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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My man Flossie caught a big time in the text faced with reviewing products yo. What’s up, everybody should boy floss back again with another article and today we’re going to do a quick unboxing of the iPad pro the beach studio. 3, the Samsung Galaxy S 10. You know if you want to get in the tech space. This is a guy. You have to go through Flossie.

Do me a favor for anybody thinking about getting into this space? What is the best advice you ever got. The best advice that I have a guy would be take your time. I have patience because nothing’s going to happen overnight. So if you want to make this your career, your job, it’s I hustle just get into it, but take your time and do it right if anybody’s trying to get into this space, what platform would you recommend form, I would say, definitely start off on YouTube: build Up your following, because youtubers were you going to make the money, but you need to Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all that, keep that on the side start off with YouTube, if anybody’s trying to get action, what can they find? You can hit me up on Instagram Flossie underscore Carter, but take it right to YouTube Flossie card.

I love all day baby. Do me a favor make every move, a Power Move and I’ll catch y’all all on the next article, all love! What’s up guys thanks for sticking with me to the end of the article truly appreciate you if you like anything, you heard here today go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if you know anybody that can benefit from this message feel free to share peace and Love

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★ Tags SEO for s! – YouTube Tips (2017)

Thinking you will get more views. Here’s how to do. It use the search box with phrases relevant to your article. So if you’re, making a Minecraft PvP article copy every phrase here relevant to your article into your tag, if you’re doing a youtube tips, article like I am, I use everything except YouTube tips for PewDiePie, because that’s not relevant for my article or the for better audio Phrase here are all the tags I used in my article yesterday, starting with all of the relevant phrases from the YouTube search drop-down.

Then I added specific tags YouTube article SEO article SEO SEO title SEO, because the article showed you how to improve your article title to get more views; click that I to see yesterday’s article to learn more then I added some common tags that I use in every Episode of the George show the George George George buhdeuce. Those are the three classes of tags. You should use in all of your articles to get more views, one.

The YouTube search, drop-down, get relevant phrases from there to specific phrases for your article and three common phrases. You share across all articles on your blog. If you do this consistently, I predict that you will grow a lot faster than your currently growing helmi down there in the comments below. If you agree with this or if you have other suggestions on how to pick the best tags I mentioned, don’t use other websites.

Why? Because they all have their own idea on how to get better tags, which usually involves scraping other sources. Other websites or even other YouTube articles. To give you those suggestions – and that is not a good way to get the most trending and popular phrases relevant to your articles. This article is part of my new youtube tip series tip 3 to see all the tips. Click that I up there do you like these tips.

You have any suggestions for more. Tell me down there in the comments below other articles. I plan to make are how to change ownership of your blog, what is 2-step verification and why you need it to keep your account safe from hackers. I will create one article for every Ingle youtube feature and tip that will help you grow and, if YouTube changes, things I’ll make more articles to update you and keep you current.

Who am I I am Papa. George George, Sun, PI and many other names you the beautiful freedom family has given me. I am George, CEO and founder of freedom for freedom and a freedom family, and my six-year-old daughter who is telling me to Shh she’s playing Minecraft right in front of me. High e, you want to come, say hi, so here is he say hello to everybody. No, no hello, YouTube now say hello, YouTube because you’re talking to the YouTube audience all right.

Thank You V. I love you. I am George and you’ve been reading la. Can I’m clearing my throat, so I can speak more clearly in my articles. Oh, I am just warming up my vocal cords. Do I sound sexy? Does my voice sound sexy, yeah? Okay, let’s make the article click that I to partner with freedom and join the freedom family, so we can all grow together. You get many perks like position music. You also get epidemic sound, a lot of other access to royalty, free articles sponsorships many things to help.

You grow just click the links down there in the description below to get involved in our community our forum, our discord, chat, servers meet our graphics team, meet our community team, all of that on discord and the forum. What are you waiting for get started and we will grow together as a family, because this is the freedom family. You are part of it. We are all part of it and we’re all growing together to get more Jorge click that big s that will subscribe.

You to freedom, central home of the Jorge show and to tip I gave one of you: freedom, family, a big shout-out click that article to see the shout out and to see our new 3d sets for you and click that article to see what YouTube recommends. You read next


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SEO for YouTube and s

I’m going to be talking to you about how to do SEO for YouTube a number two search engine and how to optimize your articles for higher rankings in that search engine. So Who am? I am stuff and Spencer, I’m the co-author of the art of SEO, co-author of social commerce and author of Google power search all published by o’reilly. I founded an SEO agency in the 90s called net concepts.

I sold it to covario in 2010. I invented an SEO technology platform called gravity stream and I have an SEO training and coaching program at science of SEO com. So that’s me, these are my books. If you don’t really care about that. You care about getting the result for yourselves and want me to share with you a little brief case study example of how you can achieve this. Even if you’re a kid my daughter and she started doing SEO and blogging when she was 14.

You can see in the screenshot here. She’s got some YouTube articles where she’s doing some screencast, showing some game, cheats and so forth for a neopets, calm website and how to earn extra lives or an extra points, and things like that, so she monetized the site using google adsense and every time people clicked On the google ads that were prominently displayed on her site, she would get paid. So if a kid can do it, so can you, but here is a one of the easiest tools of all to do.

Seo with for youtube is simply just start doing some searches or typing in some keystrokes into the youtube search engine and the search box. You’ll see search suggestions based on the keystrokes that you’ve already typed. So these are roughly an order of popularity that gives you some good brainstorming. You can also use a tool called suble, which I covered in another segment about keyword, brainstorming.

So if you go to sue volcom – and you start typing in some different keywords and see what the search suggestions are not just from youtube, but also Google and Bing and Yahoo and answers com and so forth – that’s pretty cool. You can also use google trends, but not in the way that you might be accustomed to. Let me show you specifically what I mean. So if I go to google.Com / trends and then I put in whatever like a neopets – and I want to see how that performs as a keyword in youtube well, I have to change from web search up here on the top to youtube search.

Most people don’t even know that that even exists. That option allows me to get data back on what keywords are popular in the youtube search results? Is that awesome or what so be sure to use google trends and incorporate that into your YouTube SEO a tool set? All right, so, let’s now talk about what to create in terms of article content, because if you create something, that’s not very worthy of being readed or or shared or liked, or anything like that, then it’s just going to fall flat.

It’s not going to go viral! It’s not going to get a lot of views, it’s not going to rank well because it’s just not remarkable and when I say remarkable I mean stuff codons definition of remarkable. It’s worth remark about it’s a purple cow, so you need to create something that is worth remarking about and the format of it doesn’t matter whether it’s a screen cast recording or it’s a article of you.

You know talking that sort of article or it’s a montage of different images or it’s an audio podcast with some still images added to it. So it is now in article forms and taking your audio podcast and you’ve uploaded it to YouTube could be any number of different things. But you know this unique article based content has to again be worthy of somebody wanting to share it, a link to it blog about it, etc.

So these are some different kinds of articles. This one is a explainer article. That’s one of those white board type of articles. Here’s an explainer article, that’s done as an animation. This one is a next. I guess you could call it an explainer article, but it’s just more of a viral article, really good Dollar Shave Club on the map. This thing went crazy, viral millions and millions of views. This is another type of whiteboard explainer article, but this one is, you know with the guy talking and explaining and having that.

Actually, this is not a white board as a flip chart. Here’s another whiteboard article. This is from one of my co-authors on the art of SEO, and this is a podcast, but one where they’ve taken the article of the podcasters speaking instead of using still images, they took article as well, and this is a fun science article. This is the past client of mine, steve Spangler, been on the ellen, show a bunch of times and everything doing.

I was crazy. Amazing science experiments and he has several different youtube blogs that do really well Spangler effect is one of them is also six science says another one and steve Spangler Science pocket or blog. This is a screencast which is just a screen recording and you can explain different software programs or you can go through PowerPoint decks like what I’m doing here. You can just use screen recording software, such as ScreenFlow for the mac or Camtasia for PC or Mac to record the screen, and your audio as the overlay here is a really popular example of a kind of an explainer article, but done with animation using xtranormal, where You pick the avatars and you give it the script and then the avatars speak the lines that you’ve given it.

This is a micro sites where it was live, article of a intern college intern who worked all summer long at the prophetic and melds headquarters. You know from Mentos the makers of mentos. He worked there just sitting in front of a webcam and then chatting with people who came to the mentos internal website as well as you can give them work to do I go. He can you fill out the spreadsheet for me and stuff, because what else is he going to do? Is just sit in front a computer all day in front of the webcam, so that was a fun viral live article stream websites that did really well in social media and got lots of links so just think outside the box.

Basically and then once you have this really compelling link worthy article content and you’re going to want to leverage power users to get that noticed by a larger audience and then potentially to spill over and to like go viral. Basically, and so you go get that that snowball effect happening or just keep growing, bigger and bigger and bigger, and then just kind of ticks off with a life of its own.

So you could create something that if it leverages an existing name or you create a new meme meme is a copy me instruction, backed up by threats and or promises. It’s a great definition from that’s the best definition. I’ve ever heard it’s from an expert, and professor and viral means you want to see your link worthy articles from a power user account. So you want to have power user in your back pocket that you can tap into somebody who has a big fan base.

So when they submit it, it’s going to get viewed by a number of people and then that snowball effect happens. You can also reach out to influencers and we’ll get to that little bit, reach out to influencers and offer that compelling content in a way that makes them want to share it. But it’s a lot easier, just to have a power user in your back pocket that you can just call in a favor with or or pay them some money and they seed your remarkable content.

Ok, so article content building, it’s got to be compelling, as I’ve said. You’ve got to hopefully reinforce the message of your brand around and pick the right keywords that you want to target use a watermark so that if people steal your article, your brand is still going to there’s still going to be brand impressions for you, even if they Ripped off your article and are using it elsewhere include links and references to your site like in the article description and YouTube description so forth, we’ll get to that in a minute.

So the title should be keyword rich and compelling. Should convince the user, the the YouTube user to click, to read your article. It’s one of the most compelling things. The only thing more compelling in terms of driving the clip from the youtube search results is the thumbnail. It’s important to be a concise but also keyword, rich, it’s kind of a balancing act, keep it to the 62 character or less limit and short and punchy and compelling is the key here.

The description, here’s an opportunity for you to further add more relevant keywords into the mix and to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide a unique son proposition. A really great call to action, put a link to your site high in the description. So they don’t have to click on the show more link to a button to see your your link, but it’s maybe the first line of the description tags are important as well.

So tags would be keywords that are going to and get this magic happening in the back, and you don’t see what these tags are. As a youtube user, you’d have to use you have to view source and give you the HTML source to see what those tags are in our competitors article but anyways, it’s it is used in the ranking, Doug rhythm at need you to again you want to do Your keyword, research before you identify the tags that you want to incorporate, don’t use throwaway words like and and 2 comma separate these tags and put them in order of importance to you.

So the most important most popular keywords should be the first ones in the list of tags yep. So let’s talk now about annotations. Annotations are a great way to drive, clicks and different user actions. If viewer is reading the article – and you really want them to subscribe, your blog to like the article to visit your website to whatever right you want to make those calls to action in the side of a an annotation, and these annotations can be added later.

After the article has been published and everything a lot of these things can be changed and, added to after the article has been published on YouTube, you can go back and change the title: the description, the thumbnail, the annotations and so forth. Let’s yeah: let’s ask people over location, we’ll talk now about thumbnails, because this is so so critical. This is the screenshot over. On the right hand, side comes from the blog of vat19.

Com vat19.Com you tube. They have over 440 million views across all of their YouTube articles and it’s amazing. They have some articles that have tens of millions of views, so pretty amazing and they’re all product articles. They saw all sorts of crazy stuff like 26 pound me bears, and things like that, so you can see from the screenshot that their thumbnails are compelling. They make you want to click and not just some talking head.

The worst kind of thumbnail is one: where just looks super boring. You can upload your own custom thumbnail. You just have to have a you. Just left a bit a verified youtube account, so just specify a mobile phone number. It will YouTube, will send you a text message with the verification code. Then you use that in the verification you can just type in that code into the YouTube site boom. Now your verified user and you can upload custom thumbnails.

It doesn’t even have to be a frame from the article it could be completely. Custom announced all sorts of graphics on to it, etc. All right now formats, don’t matter, could be a avi or WMV or whatever lanes of the article try to keep it short of. Like definitely less than 10 minutes, I’ve say even less than five minutes make it concise and punchy. The usability expert, Steve Krug, who wrote don’t make me think, says this write copy for your site and cut it in half and cut it in half again.

Do same thing for your your article transcripts or your article scripts, just to make it punchy short and sweet and value high value. Add, and also bear in mind as far as metrics are concerned for YouTube, is paying much more attention not to the number of views for your article, but to the percentage of your article that users read that’s a key key metric transcripts. So if you override YouTube’s auto-generated transcript with your own you’re, going to have a much higher quality transcript, because if you look at the caption of the caption text or transcript text that is auto generated by YouTube, it’s full of errors, it’s a joke! So definitely you want to upload your own version.

That’s all corrected even better. If you can also upload foreign language translations of your transcript, then people can read the version of your article in their foreign language. The audio is still the same, but it now has closed. It has subtitles, so that’s pretty awesome and then now you’re, showing up in foreign language search queries to on YouTube. You can use services to pit you pay a service to create a transcript for you, like dotsub or automatic sync, and never turn off the ability for users to like and dislike your article.

It’s a crucial part of user engagement and likes, or it’s a crucial metric that YouTube looks at right. So when you build links to your article on YouTube, also build links to a web version, that’s like embedded on your website or a microsite, and, for example, Blendtec has all these viral articles of the founder tom dixon blending, ipods, iphones action figures rake handles the golf Clubs, etc, etc.

In his blenders, that’s pretty fun to read, but if he only got links just to the YouTube articles, that would not help his SEO as much as if he also got links to his his own website and what they did was to created. A separate microsite called. Will it blend calm because Blendtec calm is all about e-commerce buying their their product, whereas will it blend? Calm is all about those viral articles.

If I’m a journalist writing about those viral articles, I’d want to link to the microsite as well as link to the YouTube blog. So that’s a great way to get some additional SEO benefit by having really popular articles. You could also consider syndicating your article onto other popular article sharing sites, like blip TV and metacafe, and so forth. You could use a tool like drop load to do that in a more automated fashion.

So you don’t have to go to each site individually. You can upload it once and then use drop load to upload it to all the different places that you specify reference. Your URL of your YouTube article and your RSS and M RSS feeds. Mrs S is multimedia or media, really simple, syndication feed for folks who are grabbing podcasts and so forth, automatically on to their into their itunes and so forth. Let’s see so those are some tips for article link building and then anchor text is going to be important when people use words like click here or check this out or read.

This, then, that’s not as helpful as, if they’re, using keyword, rich phrases, because google, the search engines in general, associate the anchor text of the underlying words in the link with the page that’s being linked to. So, of course we want diversity. We don’t want it to look overly engineered with the same keyword, rich phrase appearing all over the place. That looks not legit, but we want diversity and keyword, rich anchor text to a some degree to a limited degree.

We want to go over the top and then also just measure your success using YouTube analytics using Voot and boot looks like this. This is giving you really great insight into not just number of views, but other YouTube engagement, metrics like likes and dislikes favoriting comments. Article replies etc and it tracks your youtube search rankings too. I don’t know of any other tool that tracks your youtube search.

Rankings probably potentially may be tracking. Your search rankings in Google and Yahoo and Bing may be using to like Authority, labs or Moz calm, but what about your youtube search rankings? It’s the number two search engine. So that’s where food comes in via OT net and then turn off your article statistics in your youtube articles, because you don’t want your comment to be checking you out and looking at things like the trend over time and views and time readed and subscriptions and so Forth, that’s for your eyes only! It should be so turn that off it’s just a simple little checkbox to disable that so here’s where you do it, you just tick the box that says one tick, the box that says make these stats publicly available.

So that was a lot of cool stuff in a very short little article. So I hope this was helpful to you be sure to follow me on twitter at spencer and email, my assistant, if you would like some really cool freebies, including an extended edition version of the slide deck, I can hopefully hook you up with a beta invite to Boot, I know the folks there they’re good people. I have a white paper on SEO myths.

I have a how-to article on getting higher rankings in the youtube search engine and also can send you the link building chapter of my book, the art of SEO. So all those awesome freebies, if you just email admin at Stefan Spencer, calm, that’s the email address of my assistant. You have any questions for me specifically feel free to email me at Stefan at Stefan Spencer, calm, thanks very much for listening.

This stuff and Spencer. Have a great day,


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Lets Explore The Deep Web Together (Drugs, Hiring a Hitman, Fake IDs, Porn, Aliens and More!)

But if you do the right thing, the deep web is nothing more than just another browser that allows you to have full access to the Internet. Now, if you don’t know what the Deep Web is or the dark web, I will be explaining that before I hop into this just so, you guys are perfectly clear on just the the situation that we are at right here.

So, first of all, the Deep Web is not as bad as people claimed it to be. Yes, there is a lot of things on there and yes, the dark web is on the Deep Web, it’s a part of it and it can be a little sketchy at time. So I will go ahead and say: if you are running Windows, I think I would take additional security precautions, but if you’re on Mac or Linux, I think you might be fine, there’s also other operating systems out there and really, if you haven’t heard of it, and Maybe you’ve: ok, if you are the only person that really knows about it, that you know of you might be good unless it’s some ranky thig that someone just made it just handed to you, but usually those types of operating systems are very secure too, because not A lot of people know about them and they’re safe.

So let’s get into this article we’re going on the Deep Web. I hope I don’t go on the dark web, so I’m going to be using tor browser. That seems to be one of the most popular accesses to the Deep Web, and this is nothing more than just a web browser. It’S Firefox based and basically what this does is allows you to have pretty much a non traceable IP, although there is really no such thing on the Internet.

I think it’s kind of funny how, even if you have so many different security precautions, there is someone out there always better than you and can definitely track you back know where you live know what’s happening, so there’s no very secure way. There’S no such thing as complete security when you are accessing the Internet, the only way that you’re really secure is to buy a computer and never connect it to the internet.

Just have a computer that is internet free, that is the most secure and then physical security becomes a problem. So just know that even if you’re running all these different IP switchers you’ve got, you got all these different programs running you’re, never completely secure. So I don’t fall for a false sense of security, but let’s get into the Deep Web, so we’re going to be seeing things that are real, there’s, there’s real drugs, hitmen prostitution.

You can buy your bride from Russia here and I think the best place to go whenever you get to our browser is hidden wiki, so we’re just going to go to a hidden, wiki uh, what I’ll always hit enter. I always hit enter on this. This laptop sometime, I’m not answer but equals on this laptop, sometimes instead of instead of backspace, the backspace button is a little bit too small, I’m on a MacBook Pro – and I know you guys are going to going to going to torch me for that one.

But let’s take a look at this: you know what we’re going to go full screen, so you can get that good, full screen action so where’s this is hidden wiki and I think actually there are the. This might not be the correct, hidden, wiki we’re going to look again. I think, there’s tons of them, but we are the. When did we kita onion dot onion? I love that a lot of these websites are going to be dot onion that we see today.

This is the hidden wicket or see how many different hidden wikis. There are there’s one that I’m looking for in particular, so saw. Oh, this is just a wake up. Eat is just going to the hidden. Wiki org BAM this one’s that right here and, as you can see yeah, this is what I’m looking for. It is type of kind of slow because there actually are security options that I have installed on this. I have my security up like I said it is a false sense of security, so don’t fall for it, but he going to be checking this out.

So here’s just this website is really popular because it just has a ton of links to different places on the Deep Web and some on the dark web. So let’s take a look at these DuckDuckGo search engine. This is just a search engine that does not trace you, so that’s that’s pretty good and also for if you’re wondering, if you have a laptop, you can take it to school and maybe YouTube’s blocked or Netflix’s Brahe blocked, and you know maybe you’ve tried some proxies And then your school blocks them again.

The hidden wiki is actually a very good way to get around that or not the hidden wiki tor browser is a very good way to get around that. I think this right here is going to this kind of shows you your settings. I hope I’m that show and get a valuable information. I’Ll look I’ll, look again just to see whenever I record this article. So, let’s, let’s go down this list here we have uncensored, hidden wiki, that’s interesting! We’Re going to be opening up some of these, some of the sketchy or one so like I said, there’s a disclaimer and make sure you I you’re of age, or you think that you are of age marketplace: financial, Bitcoin, laundry, bitcoins and I you know bitcoins there They’Re good they used to be better and then the big boom came and then they don’t cost as much anymore.

You can’t mine them as well anymore, so bitcoins buy them, but buyer! Beware: it actually is a pretty good way of stock. It’S a little bit of a gamble. Whenever you buy project evil, we got ta go to the hair. I’Ve never seen anything like this before project evil. What is it 1 million dollars we’re going to let this load for a little bit and we’re going to go back down like it said it’s going to be slow, because I have this security up, we’re changing that IP out we’re doing.

I have some other stuff running in the background to tour girls. They don’t go to this website, guys, don’t do it UK guns and ammo. Let’S, let’s look at some UK guns and ammo we’re going to have these things loading up here. I guess I’ve just got these up and we’ll go back through them whenever um, whenever we get to a good stopping place and we’ll look at them, Hitman Network, you know we’re going there hackintosh pretty sure, that’s just a cantata.

I don’t think, there’s anything also if you’re on here and you you’re thinking about downloading something, don’t do it don’t do it guys, don’t don’t download it, and I know I’m like it’s not as bad in the place as you claim it to be. It’S just another browser. It really is it’s just another browser that has unindexed items on it and there’s some sketchy, let’s ooh us fake ID store. So a lot of people have the misconception that it is illegal to be on this, that I’m doing something bad right here.

You I’m not guys trust me. It is okay to look, but you can’t touch and really you can’t buy. I think that’s the biggest thing. If you’re caught buying, then that’s pretty bad, but because this is so immense and it’s just it’s it’s it’s here, you’re not likely to get caught, but I’m not telling you to do it. But if you’re going to do it like this is the place to do it because it’s the Internet, I’m just full of bad advice.

Let’S keep looking through these and we’re going to go through those. I see some of these probably won’t load that that that means. Okay, I know people are going to want to see some trucks these are going to. Would you see some drugs so will be that we had German wheat and hash shop? Bitcoin cocaine, I’m laughing, but this is serious guy. This is serious. Oh black market. We’Re definitely going to want to go there.

My laptop it’s overheating, it’s overheating. I got it on my bed right now and it’s it’s probably that got ta Eddie, breathing room and also, if you’re still here, and how long have I been recording. I don’t know I don’t know, I don’t have to figure that out if you’re still here one. Let me know I always do this um. Let me know, and also, if there’s anything that you know of on the deep web that you would like to see.

But you are a little bit scared to do. Let me know down below and I’ll make another article for this dark, like my soul, okay, okay well, will will visit that will visit that one. Let’S see here, Twitter, clone hacking and cracking form. Let’S take a look at that file: sharing ye do that anonymous, email service. I think this one is actually pretty legit. I think that’s if that is the one I’m thinking of that’s that’s actually pretty legit, but we’re going to keep going New York strongbox.

The Intel exchange forum, information discussion on various topics, ranging from illegal activities, alternative energy all like illegal activities and alternative energy to good spirit. I, like it good conspiracy, theory, hacking, the Dow well we’ll take a look I’ll. Take a look, doesn’t hurt anything salt, you salty bro Renta hacker wow. What a way to make money, Pirate Bay and you’re going to access that from the surface web, I’m not interested music.

Don’T do it guys, I’m telling you don’t, do it ebooks, I’m going to take a look, I’m good to take a look see if I could find some school books. Won’T there don’t do it. They don’t download that girl’s released. Girls released. This kind of concerns me here: let’s go 3d touch. This word, no, oh search! That’S you sure what that is. I don’t. I don’t want to click on something: onion girl, love, bored, private, but boy, vids, girls and boys.

It’S the pedo Empire. Oh all, net. Speak all natural spank spank you like it. Let’S Casey articles, okay, I’m deep web Deutschland. Oh we got some Russian sub. Please track the French diva web. Okay, I think we’re good here. So, let’s just go down the list that doesn’t work: ooh, fake ID, scannable, hog, who’s, scannable, guys, scannable scannable is good these days. So let’s see for North Carolina what it’s going to cost me South Carolina.

I guess it’s a fake ID! You can live anywhere. You want right, it’s $ 200, pretty much all this site. Let’S look at the frequently asked questions. What we need from your date of birth, uh-huh – oh it’s! So they can get to your age, but isn’t the like purpose is to have a different age like, or maybe you tell them that you tell him what you want? What is your name? What are you? What do you want your name to be? How tall do you want to be? I mean everything’s fake.

I might be 4 foot 3, but today I’m filling seven-foot weight. Hey this. This is the gutter I uh yep. I weigh a 103 pounds. Yep mm-hmm license number. I color, no, I think pink, you don’t provide interest. I make one up for you a picture. You got a center of your picture, scan passport picture. No webcam pictures will be accepted, yep what okay? This has to be here. For a reason, not some guys, like.

Oh man, I really want a fake ID saying: go to the liquor store, just oh I’ll, just open up a webcam take picture. It’S just getting like he’s like what a license to do with this. I guarantee you. He took that guys. Yeah did not send it back and it shouldn’t be talking bad about these people’s sight. People’S drugstore, Oh hero, comes direct from the importer with no middleman. We do not cut our product whatsoever.

This is good. What’S the difference between number three and four heroin? What ten US dollars? Are you? Okay? That’S four syringes! Oh my gosh! This is like you know. I laugh, but I guarantee this. This store has definitely gotten some business and I don’t know if that’s woods your to ship uh, let’s see here, a poet, keep walk about the shop and her five percent every purchase. They will make okay, guys, I’m telling you all about this site.

I want to earn my five percent, don’t do it all of these obviously do not work in Tel exchange. Let’S see what they have here: energy harvesting, organized corruption, all the life. Let’S look at this one, let’s like can I click the conspiracy. Let’S see, let’s find a good one approaching evil. Oh, did the puppet master he cut. Oh, they know what they’re doing. Let’S look for a good one, rare earth, minerals, China, I don’t! I want to start a secret society.

Let’S, let’s take a look at this one. I really do what. Where does this begin? Oh good, okay! Well, that was boring egg. I skimmed over it. Before I read it. I don’t want to read anything out loud and I kind of don’t want to laugh like these people are here and I, like I know these websites. These are the type of people that like, or maybe I don’t know, I’m just guessing like. Oh, oh UFO, UFO, an extra literally.

This is what I want to define. This is this. Is I found ie accident? All I see here is Internet Explorer. Let’S see, let’s see, okay, we’re going to go down to the bottom. We okay, many believe, is real and showing either the grave for 47 or another one for projects SERP II. Oh, this is a documentary about the articles authentic. What I want to hear like these people talk about when they were abducted.

Well, these people are, I guess, they’re very serious. I want to know when they I wanted. I wan na hear some stories. You know what I mean like this is not really I get area 51 guys. I fully admit this has no evidence. This is my own belief on the matter, as all of you are okay, I’ll read this one there’s only if you aware area 51 is the designation for a facility Nevada according to its conspiracy, that is where the United States government works on developing technology obtained, but Extraterrestrials and – and he capitalized the II – that’s a proper now guy.

What I believe is the government does not in fact carry out any testing of that sort. Come on. This is supposed to be fun. Okay, I’ll keep reading in fact carry out any testing of sort at Groom Lake. We just remember the government is not filled with stupid people. Why would they test alien technology where people can see it but deny it? They know people are not stupid, so why do instead? It is what they want us to see what okay wait.

Instead, it is what they want us to see. If we expect to see something – and it’s there when I look closer area 51 – is just a show – pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. If you will is in my belief that area 51, regardless of its original intent, is now nothing more than a tourist attraction, the real testing, the real testing goes on somewhere else. Where I’m not sure, let’s see you, let’s see um, let’s see what else dreamland is pretty well known for people to like.

I want to see some aliens like. I want to see someone in their backyard. Like I kill the green dude. I don’t want to read about it. You know like hmm, interesting, oh, why am I going back? I shan’t? Oh, I should have went back. Okay, okay, Harry Potter, okay, this is that was a bad okay. Here we go guys here. We go UK guns and ammo store. Let’S see what we can get our hands on today. This Is It. This is it.

What is this? We need to uh. Let’S, let’s go back out to the top. I saw something uncensored head and vici. Let’S see what we have here: oh, oh, okay, editors, picks the matrix, are very nice, read a short, simple, how-to guide and honest great tips. I want to see some like some good things: um Rosella, blahblah source target markets and more we’re not seeing anything here: honey for female carting form, counterfeit coin, wallet, fishing, paypal, man, it’s it’s a bomber that some of those websites did not work, especially the physical credit Cards: okay, we, let’s, let’s take a look at this, can you you can buy credit cards online like this is definitely just just some bank.

What do you want? So it’s like. What do you want? Visa prices? Listen, let’s take a look at a price. We have the best to get our price list. Please contact us. Let’S look at their products, I guess credit card balances from this. Is Sam man. You call this a website, I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed and you know you know. You’Re, low-priced Apple products, uh-oh might have found way, I’m going to make a purchase on the head and always said ahead, vici, okay, let’s shop, I guess I’ll see what they got.

Okay. This is something that I’m I’m actually looking for an iMac iMac. Let’S take a look at iMac, see what they got prices for ooh. This actually is a pretty good foot. You know. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I make twenty seven inch. This is still a pretty high price. I mean gosh. Look at all. I don’t! I don’t understand, let’s see what we have here, I want to see if this is the 5k iMac? No, it’s not.

We have this sham. What a sham website what’s factory unlocked iPhones fixed football games info okay. This is a big thing that I’ve heard of before. Like apparently like football is so like American football is so fixed, it’s it’s just not even funny. We have information on fixed football games every week inside information, I’ve able to sell. They are not a tip, they are 100 percent accurate. This just sounds like a sketch.

They are a hundred percent, accurate, huge profits to be made online for betting government. Like here’s the thing if this was 100 sent a curate, this guy would not need a website trying to make money. You would have all the money you just keep betting on games. He would win frequently asked questions. I can recommend good ones where the that blah blah blah blah. Look. This that’s boring – and this is this – is soccer money we’re talking about American football, camouflage, passports, hacking, DDoS, social engineering, espionage, malware development, I’m going to stay off website.

I think we’re coming to an end here, yeah. This is just kind of like version one. I guess um of the article like I said: if there’s anything that you guys know of that, you want me to go. Please leave links down below or I’m trying to look through here. America is a joke, a site that distributes cat facts: okay, um, I’m I’m thinking this is this is uh actually we’re about half with drugs. We call list the drugs is the way you guys go.

If you, oh, here’s the adult section, you guys come back to this erotica. Oh my god, annum. That’S uh we’re just going to we’re going to skip through this. This is different languages. Here, hidden services, peer-to-peer, that’s sketchy! You! Don’T you this chats, some IR, C’s yeah! It’S it’s looking like. We are we’re at dead, dead, hidden services, so we’re at rock bottom here hope you guys enjoyed this article.

I know there wasn’t a ton of good information here. Actually there was there was some pretty good information. You guys, you guys got to got to see some stuff but hope you guys enjoyed this article like I said, if there’s anything that you want me to look up on the deep web, let me know down below and I’ll try to make a part 2. Article of this, and if not tell me not to do it again and I will comply hope you guys enjoyed it.


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The Race Car! Updates for Allshouse Designs

The Race Car at Evergreen Speedway

Wow! Have we been busy? As most of you already know, we have been working on getting our Race Car ready for the races, which start this coming weekend at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.

If you have seen any of the Racecar Series Videos, you know that we have been working on fixing massive vacuum leaks throughout the intake system. We also found that the engine’s head needs work, so the head was removed and now sits at our local machine shop to be cleaned up. In the meantime, we have sense replaced the rear differential with a limited slip differential. There was gearing issues in the old one that was ultimately hindering our lap time.

After having fixed the rear end, our track time has improved slightly but until we get the head work done, the intake and carburetor setup changed around. The track time won’t be where it should be.

The Race Car for Evergreen SpeedwayBefore the painting of the Race Car for Evergreen Speedway

We have done some cosmetic work. The car now has a face! We put the nose on the car and have made adjustments to fit the old hood as well.

There is still a lot of work to be done, however, we need to get the wheel lug pattern corrected so we can run 8” wheels for maximum grip around the track. The car also needs that all important paint job and decal placement.

Our driver, Jon Roberts AKA Fozzy, has been great to work with through the entire process and we are excited to see what will come of this race season. His knowledge is incredible, as you would expect from a 2 time NASCAR champion in the Mini Stock Division at Evergreen Speedway.

Episode 5 of the racecar was shot in 360 degrees to give you an interesting look into the car and the process of fixing our issues. Jon and Alec discuss some of the issues and what we are doing to fix them. It has been a fun process of filming and editing for this video and we hope you all enjoy it.

Our sponsors for the car are building. Big shout out to Spunks and Sound Advice! Look for their logos on the car along with Allshouse Designs.

Stay up to date on the racecar by visiting our YouTube channel! We will keep you all up to date and will be posting video of the races for the entire race season. Stay tuned for more and while you wait for our next post, head over to YouTube and kill some time with our great videos.

Online Marketing The Race Car!

Our YouTube Race Car Adventure Continues…

We have just released our latest YouTube Video. This will be our 24th video and we have come a long way. It is hilarious to look at our first video and compare it to video number 24. We have learned a whole lot and continue to research on what makes an entertaining video. We will continue to improve and try our best to bring value.

 The one concept that has been the same is our priorities for our YouTube channel.  Which what we found through research is the most important concept to follow. With that said, here are the list that we have put together.

  • Create awareness of our brand “Allshouse Designs”.
  • Execute our Inbound Marketing Stragity.
  •  Educate the public about our experience and our knowledge.
  • Communicate our values.
  • Advertise our services.

With these 5 priorities in play it helps us determine our next steps. As far as the quality of our videos. We really have a long way to go, but when we get there it is going to be very rewarding. The really cool thing is that we have everything documented. It is fun to think that everyone can look at our channel and start to see our progress. That is what we look at to see what we need to learn and what to tweak. We really thank our current audience and hope that they continue to support us through our journey.

Here is a little glimpse into our latest video. Now we did film around 5 videos at the same time. We experienced horrible lighting and sound issues. We fixed the audio that alone is a great fix. Nothing like having an echo in your videos. We purchased high quality microphones. If you want to know which ones we are using for our latest video you can ask us by commenting below. Now on to the lighting.  After filming in front of a green screen for majority of our videos. We decided to can the entire green screen concept. We just felt that we just could not get the lighting right. In video number 24, episode 3 of the Race Car series. We are using natural light with studio lights. To film it we used two different cameras at two different angles. When you watch the video. The crisper picture with everything in focus is filmed with the Samsung cell phone camera and the warmer picture with the background slightly out of focus is the DSLR camera. In nut shell we are trying to find what we like better.

The last mention is what we have show cased in the video. Matt talks about the feel of the video with out the green screen, a little blurb about our new service and of course the progress of the race car. I hope you enjoy and like what Matt says, “let us know what you think?”