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Instruction demo on how to do an email campaign in Salesforce

I’r going to do a demo this morning on the three, the four steps to do a email campaign within Salesforce. So let me begin by going through quickly going through the steps. There’s four steps to the process. The first step is to generate an email template and then you, the second step, is to create the campaign. The third step is to create the list of the users who you want to include in your campaign, and the fourth step is to do run.

The mass email program against the people in the campaign, so, let’s begin so to create the email template you. First of all, you click on your name over here then click on settings setup, I should say, click on email and then click on my templates. I have two templates right now: I’m going to work on the version for the template, which has a article length so I’ll just click on that template and now, if I scroll down, I can see that there’s an HTML version of the template and there’s also a Plain text version of the template: they’re, both the wording is identical.

It’s the only difference is the plain text does not have any HTML code in it. So if I want to modify the template and make changes to it, I’ve got a couple ways I can edit the HTML version or the text version or I can clone it and give it a new name and then change it. So I’m just going to really quickly here I’ll show you how to edit it I’m not going to making the changes to it, but I will show you how to edit it so click on the Edit scroll down here and now you can see the the template.

I’ve got my subject here, so if I want to make a change to the subject to change it there in the body of the email I have today’s date, I also have the person’s first name. I also have my company name embedded in the body of this paragraph, plus the my clients name, our company name and also embedded in there. I have a YouTube article and inserted in the body of this paragraph, and I also have my name: a company name, phone number, email address and website.

Now a couple rules of thumb or best practices when sending an email campaign is that you should always try to have links that go back to your website, whether it’s a article or whether it’s your just your website and that basically helps you draw drive traffic to Your website anyways um. If I want to make a change, I could do that’s. For example, let’s say I want to put their first name space last name: that’s a the last name is a contact field, so over here are all the fields under the contacts.

So if I want to get last name, I just click on this down arrow right here and scroll down to all the contact field names until I find last name which is right there and then all I have to do is copy it. Ctrl C and just paste it right over here, so I’ll put a blank in there ctrl V and it’s as simple as that. Let’s say I wanted to put a link to a white paper I have on my website. I could you know, describe the white paper in text and then I can highlight that and then use this link right here and then specify specify the the URL for that website.

Anyways, I’m going to cancel this changes here, because I just want to proceed with this. The template is the way it is right now, so I’m going to move on to the second step, which is to create the campaign to do the print campaign. I got to basically first of all make sure that I’m in the marketing application right now you can see I’m in the sales application. So if I click here, I can switch over to the marketing application and now I can see all my tabs for the marketing application and I want to click on the campaign’s tab and I want to create a new temp temp campaign.

So my campaign name I’m going to call it follow-up mass email for July, and I’m going to put today’s date July. The 27th meeting someone’s trying to get me on my cell phone I’m going to split the status as in progress. I’r going to put the start days today, the 27th of July, the end date being today, I’m going to make it active. If I want to describe what the purpose of this campaign is, I could put it in here.

I specify how many people I’m planning to send this to this particular email is going to follow up from a meeting, I’m ham and I’m sending it to 3 people. So I put the number 3 how many people do? I expect to get a response, I’m hoping that the 66 % or two of the three people, two of the three people will respond to this email and the expected revenue. Let’s say I got a contract for worth $ 2,500 in the budget.

That cost me $ 100 and then later on, when I get the actual cost for completing the campaign, I would put it in here and then this will allow me to do ROI analysis on this particular campaign, so that basically completes the step 2, which is to Create the campaign, the third step, as I specified over here, is to include who’s, who you want to be included in the campaign. There’s two ways of doing it.

You can do it through the reports or you can do it in the campaign in this article I’ll. Just focus on the campaign so the way I do that is, I click on the manage members button and I click on add members, and I want to switch over to contacts because the three people that I’m sending this email to our in my contacts, not in My leads now, if I click go, I’m just going to see all my contacts and then I’m going to have to scroll through them and find the person item kind of lazy about that.

So I’m going to use the filter specification on and I’m going to base it on the company name. So I’ll look for accountant named account name right: there equals two and the company I was going to send it to is clear and not going to click on goal, and it shows me three people that I want to send that that’s the three. So I want to select the individual, you can go like that or I can hit the top one and that will select all three and I’m going to.

Oh, that’s right, I’m going to add with status and say they’re sent. Basically, this is what this is doing. Is it’s specifying for those three people? It’s saying the status right now is I’ve sent them and the email and then, when they respond back to it, I would change the status from sent to response responded: okay, anyways that completed the third step, which is to create the three people in my campaign or Add three people to my campaign: now I’m going to go to the fourth step, which is to run the mass email campaign.

So to do that, I click on the Contacts tab and I scroll all the way to the bottom and I’ll see under tools. There’s a mass email contact program, so I’m going to run that and I’m going to see what it says right here. The view is the mass email by campaign. That’s the correct view. I want to run, but I want to edit it because I want to point it to the campaign I just created so click on edit and I’m going to change this to the click on this box right here and I’m going to choose this one right here.

But before that, it’s I do this I want to. I have a campaign called test mass email, which is a just a test campaign I set up, which has my email, so I’m going to test the test to make sure all the links are okay and I’m happy with it and then I’ll come back and I’ll Redo it with this campaign, so I’ll click on the test, mass email and I’m going to click on, save and then CSIS. I see the two people, which is my gmail account, plus my regular account I’m going to click on next.

I want to choose the version for article link, which I showed it the very first step, and then I got ta, give it a name. So I’m just going to call this the test, mass email, follow-up and then click on send and that’s it. So in a few seconds, I’ll probably get an email where I’ll show that, but in the meantime, I’m going to click on there. It is right there perfect. So if I click on that email, I can now test it to make sure it’s everything is ok.

So I can see it’s sent to from Kevin Caputo to my test. Gmail account the subjects. Okay, I’ve got my logo and the tops got today’s date. It’s got my first name. It has my company name right here. It has my clients name right. There account account name their company name there. It’s got the link to the YouTube, so I’ll click on that make sure that works. Okay, that works that works okay down at the bottom has got my name and all that information plus a link to my email address, plus my company websites.

So that looks good. So let me finish the step so I’ll click on the contacts again, just repeat the same steps in step: four go down to the bottom: click on the mass email, contacts and click on edit, and this time I will click on the July 27th campaign. Save that I see the three people good click on next click on the version. Four template click on give it a name: follow-up, mass email July, the 27th bla bla, bla click on send and that’s it.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or if there’s any other articles, you would like me to do for you. Just let me know give me a call or send me an email thanks very much.


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