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Top 3 tips to sell more cars with Social Media (Automotive Marketing Hacks)

The automotive conference for automotive professionals that want to build more be more, do more we’re about to hop over to the roundtable sessions where I’m going to be sitting with 20 or 30 guys and going off for about 20 minutes on social media marketing.

How they can build their brand grow, their business, get more customers, build their social media presence and ultimately make more money. So I’m going to hop over to that now we’re going to have some clips of the different conversations, the lessons the things I was teaching. So, let’s check it out and join today we’re going to cover some fun stuff, so I’m going to keep it basic. I want to have you guys, get the opportunity to discuss stuff, so I’m going to throw things out there we’re going to go over the secret content formula? Okay.

So this is the basic understanding of like ever. Have that moment where you go, what should we be? Posting on social media, like I’m, trying to post up it’s not working, no one responds. Should I post my car, should I post my customers sure what do I actually post? Well, there’s a really simple formula that breaks it down to two categories: we’re going to cover that the other thing we’re going to do is a simple paid advertising strategy.

So I’m going to go through what we do. So I own a social media marketing agency. We work with top brands, including OEM Zak, Honda, Canada, Suzuki, Canada, some of the big guys, hundreds thousands of dealerships. We also work with other brands, not just automotive, but I’m going to teach you what we do with them. That can also be applied to a lot of small businesses that we work with, which is a very simple way to think about Facebook Ads.

It’s not complicated, it’s not crazy algorithms, and if you guys ever want to try advertising, you can use this method. Then I’m going to cover how to use Instagram and Facebook DM the way. I use it again, very, very simple, not just about outreach but there’s simple things that no one’s doing that really up your sales. We’re going to go over that, so we’re going to cover all three of those I’m going to start with the secret content formula.

You guys ready! Okay, what’s the biggest problem when you go to post content on social media, what do you guys post? I want to see some answers. What do you think is the right thing to be posted delivery photos what else yeah? What else yeah? What would you say, everything everything, hopefully not naked pictures, those those are private, what else anything else? Okay, how do you guys decide what to post? Is there any logic there, like anyone, have a theory or like why? Why do you post don’t post business every day like don’t, do delivery? Okay, okay, what I was, what doesn’t be heard rather, myths have.

We heard offers offers offers offers ok, ok, yeah yeah yeah, I’m familiar with GC what else yeah yeah, but when we read do you see what he does? Is he always making offers sort of? But how much do you see about entertainment, how much behind the scenes? How much with his wife, how much him having fun how much him! So here it’s right! So let me ask you this: what shows are most successful on TV? We see these either right the show it’s either massive education or information like shark tank, like it’s fun, you’re alert or it’s drama.

It’s entertainment, it’s the Kardashians. I don’t read the show, but a lot of people read keeping able to Kardashians right. Why? Here’s? What I’m eating here’s, who I’m mad at here’s, what my mom did: here’s, what my sister did and people tune into that shit because naturally we’re wired for two things: entertainment or education. So I want you guys to ask yourself next time, you’re going to post something ask yourself when you go on social media.

What are you there for there’s two reasons all you get to do. Is this ask yourself when you go on social media? What are you going for? Are you looking for promotion? Are you looking for a deal you’re on the toilet, you’re on the car you’re like in a socially awkward situation, you’re opening your phone? It’s like: how can I kill a minute there’s only two reasons you go to social media, everybody does this entertainment or education.

You want a quick laughs. You want a funny meme you want to, or you want to learn something. You see something very valuable. It’ll shit. That’s cool I’m going to try that that’s the only two reasons, but for some reason most people make content. Don’t think about that they’re doing promotion they’re doing what do they want to see? What do they like? What makes them look good, but no one else is going to see that so you’re putting out content that no one cares about, and that’s why the engagements not there does that make sense.

So what are some examples that I mean entertainment is make them laugh, make them cry make them feel something think of a TV show. Think of the Kardashians write Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Why do so many people used to read that show it’s just literally, my sister did this. My uncle did this I’m so mad at this person he was with my brother, it’s bullshit, but it’s entertainment right. So you got to think.

How do you tell stories? How do you get people to laugh? How do you get people to cry? Don’t just, for example, if you’re going to do a delivery, don’t say here’s John! He bought a second car with me. So happen happens a customer thanks. So much John tell the story. Who’s. John, you know see in Vietnam: did he come here? Have a four-hour Roadtrip like what’s with his family, which, with his wife, is his father? The president, like give the story behind John and what got him here and where he came from the more drama.

The better right, like John just left, his sixth wife and he’s got some money in the bank and he’s trying to get a new Corvette. I’r going to get him on the road pick up a seven like make it fun, make it real. That’s how you going to approach it at education. The way you approach education is people only really care about three things. Don’t want to learn three things and it’s called kind of like hard knowledge, which is either how to make more money right, how to look better or feel better or how to have more sex swear to God.

That’s the three easiest things that everyone wants to buy. So when you’re teaching, think of that, do they want to know like if you’re going to teach a certain feature of a car or a benefit or something you want to show them? How to do think about? Is it going to save them money? Is it going to make them look better or does it let them have more sex? It’s only made a joke laughs about a minivan like how many girls going to fit in the back like you’re, I’m saying stupid joke, but don’t do that one, but I’m saying make get creative with it right get creative with it.

So what can they do if it’s, if it’s value, this is a feature that you that we can do here’s how much money it’s going to save you, I’m going to show you something that you’re going to say five grand next year. By doing these three things, here’s what they are right, so hard value, hard knowledge, that’s the truth for men or women, it’s money, health or sex right. And if you look at the three biggest industries, what are they? That’s the three so bring that into your social media, marketing all right.

How many of you are using Facebook or Instagram ads right now, yeah one two, three, four: five Instagram ads K: five, six good: let’s bring a ratio. How are you doing it? Are you boosting your posts? What are you doing so you’re boosting guessing game? Yep? Okay, what were you just boosting she broke daily? Okay, got it? No okay, anybody else! I miss okay, yeah, so here’s my theory, 90 % of people when they run ads they go.

I have an offer I want to put in front of a group of people. Yes, it’s targeted yes, they’re, 40 year old, males that, like cats here, show them this car right. That’s called a cold audience. If they don’t know you yet or like you or trust you they’re a cold audience, I no matter what industry never show offers to cold audiences. I only make offers to warm audiences. They need to know me. First, we use a very particular strategy when you’re in advertising.

I’ve done in multiple industries from national brand car brands to local dealerships to Auto groups, and it works like this. Most people think of running an ad basically getting to offer the ad and targeting the audience they want to see that ad right. We don’t. We run first, what’s called awareness ads, so think of these as article ads. There are three to five minutes long. If it’s Instagram, it’s got to be 60 seconds for Facebook, three to five minutes.

It’s pure value, it’s either the entertainment or the education. We run those and optimize them for article views on Facebook. We get a view usually for one cent. One cent of view of a targeted local customer, then what we do is we get. Let’s say, a hundred thousand views in that content. It only cost us 900 bucks a thousand bucks. In most cases, then we retarget all those people with a low level offer.

So what I did for dealerships a lot was we’d give people gift cards to something like Starbucks to come in and just do a test drive, so they put their names or email their number and then the sales guy will call them say hey when you look At test drive, let’s go right and we bring them in. That would be our lead, offer it’s very low barrier, you’re, not asking for money I’ll give you money come in and do something for me and then the last step once we’ve done.

That is, then, we get hard offers. So this is the actual sale in the car. The deal we have running or the promotion coming up so at any one time you have article ads appear that are building rapport right. People are seeing your brand, your name they’re not being sold anything yet, but Facebook tracks that so on the next level, when I hit them with a lead. Gen ad, like I said, like the gift card, I can say only show this to people that have seen twenty five to fifty percent of the first article only show the people that actually suck through and know who I am and then I’m saying the last year.

Here’s an offer only show this to people who opted in for leads who gave us information already. So what you’re doing is you’re bringing your cost down reaching only a warm audience. You’re getting 100 leaves that don’t respond and you’re spending half the cost. So anytime we run this. The average has been we reach twice as many people twice as many leads twice as many sales half the cost half. So that means, if you spent a thousand dollars, you got a thousand leads I’d, spend five hundred and get two thousand leaves it’s a big difference right and the quality is so much warmer because no one’s seeing your offers until they know you right until they’re, ready Until they decide to stick their whole article and you don’t do one in the other, they all happen at the same time.

So constant customers are discovering you reading the articles they go to the bathroom. Come back. Oh, here’s a lead gen, I offer they come to the dealership next day and go back home, there’s an offer on a deal and it just happens in a circle so easier said than done. We talked about in the cations playing a bit, but that’s a strategy. We use so take away from this, because that was a lot advertised to warm traffic.

I know that was very fast but advertised to warm traffic whenever possible. This is a method of warming up traffic. You could also retarget people who, for example, engage with you on Instagram who have lost your articles on Facebook, who have been to your website who have left comments. Who, like your page, whose friends liked your page anytime, you can try to build custom audiences of people who already know you who’s using social media, direct messages, Facebook Instagram all that you yeah yeah, yeah? Okay, how are you guys using it right now? Tell me real quick: what do you do with it? Okay, automation, Chapa? Is it working well yeah, okay, good? What about you, yep, yep, yep yep? So so, and these guys are both massive bucket producers and that’s exactly going to tell you the easiest strategy.

You can do is every single time. Someone likes your post comments, follows you, every single person don’t just ignore and go. I got 20 likes message, every single person personally and telev a thanks. So much for, like. I really appreciate the love hey where you from where you coming from a guy might whatever. If they follow you. Thank you so much for following me. I really appreciate it. I gave you a follow back what you up to when they respond.

To that, send an audio note. Send the article note get more personal. You don’t wan na scare them away at the first touch, but once they make the decision to engage and start the conversation, it opens the door to say: hey, I’m comfortable I’ll, read your article! All! Isn’t your audio no right, because so many people there’s this creepy. Ask people out there right, like if people get an unsuspected article they’re like I’m, not opening that shit right right, especially the girls man, to get her ass with this stuff, like it’s too early, my girlfriend all the time like unread message, like friend, requests from someone And like Somalia and you open it’s a dick pic like and now Instagram warns you of that.

So don’t start with that start with text it’s safe. It brings the barrier down and then, when they decide they’re comfortable article and audio, because that’s where you going to build the bond right cool any questions on that sorry, one specific person for that article, yeah yeah, wait. What do you mean like when you do your irrigation with ablution? Oh, that that’s where, like the app? Yes, I’m so there’s advertising before I’m talking about one offs, one offs a message right to that person yeah so like if you reach out and go well, so it first returned with text and let’s say you say: hey we’re waiting from a brighten, my page or Like I really appreciate the love and then go hey, no problem, I’m from whatever whatever then send them back a article or an audio hey.

That’s super cool, my mom’s from there I’m not going to say make up report, but sometimes it helps if you have to ethically, but if you can, if you can build a bond or report us on in article, but I holy shit like this guy is my Dude right and start the conversation and then see if you can take it from there to a phone call or an appointment, get it off the platform as quickly as possible and bring them in whatever it is like hey, I see five that car for the last Seven years, how much I sell you know them but come in.

We just got this. I know you’re going to like you just drive it. Man like we’re talking with friends, come and check it out, I’m not selling, nothing just come in. Let’s hang out, let’s show you all right, bring them in so you’re trying to go from like engagement, to open a conversation to build rapport and get them off the platform as quickly as possible. Right


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