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Best Social Media Scheduler (Social Media Management Tool)

Today I want to show you how to use lumely it’s a social media management tool, and I want to show you how easy it is to use. So you can schedule some of your social media posts. There are some posts that you want to keep them upgraded or updated and on schedule, specifically your Facebook fan page. If you’re making sure that you’re getting some posts and every day to show activity, then you want to make sure it’s scheduled.

So you don’t have to go in every day and do it now. If you have a Facebook group, typically in a group, you can schedule them as far in advance as you want. That feature is built into the group, but it is not built in to your fanpage last time. I checked if somebody knows a way they can share below, but I have found myself going in and certain time every day you know making sure I get that post in or I miss it.

So I started using lumely now this one here is a demo account and then I set up for you – and this is what your page looks like when you come in. There is a 15-day free trial, so go in and play around with it, and I’m going to show you a couple of features that I really like about this. It doesn’t only post to Facebook and post to other places as well and, for instance, I like to build my content on YouTube and for me to go into several different places to share my articles.

It takes time I can come in here to lumely and put out the same article on all my platforms at once. Now I don’t go in and make four and five posts a day, I’m strategic. I pay attention to what I want to post and then I put it out on all my platforms at once and it saves me a lot of time. So I don’t want you to think that I’m saying go out and post on all these social media places. Four and five times a day: that’s not what I’m suggesting that you do, that’s being busy, not productive.

I just talked about that a couple days ago. This is being productive. This is saving you time and you’re being intentional, with the content that you’re putting out lumely. Does that for you, this is the first thing that you have to do is go through and set up your account. I did that. I have a article at the end of this article on how to set the account up. So I’ve brought you through those steps, and I made this demo company account now in that account I’m going to go ahead and post on a calendar.

I love this view. I am global. I like to see everything at once, so I can go in and look at my calendar and say: okay on Fridays, let’s go down here on Tuesday. I want to add a post. So let’s do that and I want my post to be posted around three o’clock in the afternoon, so we’re going to build a post from there now it takes time to get this all together but, like I said once it’s there, it goes to all your social Media platforms at once now I’m going to call it.

Let’s say I’m going to do a YouTube article that I made on email, marketing, okay, for instance, and I might label it email if I want. If I want to sort my posts, I can do that. Then I hit next and you just keep going through the steps. Now, here’s where you, when you set it up, you can do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, and I can’t remember what that one was. But anyway, I think I have mine set up right now on Pinterest and Facebook, but I’m just going to do Facebook.

Let’s do both of them Facebook and now it’s saying which board do you want to put it on because of that, I’m not going to put it on there, but well, let’s do that. I have a take that back. I think I have an email marketing board. So let’s go ahead and put that email marketing right there say so I’m going to put an email marketing article out to those two places. So then I hit next and I might say, I’m just going to say email marketing, blah blah blah.

Maybe I’m sharing five steps on how to make your emails better or so more people will open them and right here I can download my article I can go into my article account, get the article link that I want to share and bring it over here. I’r not going to do it right now because it takes time to load it, but just so you see I’ve got emails made about email marketing. I can be intentional about posting something about that.

I’r going to spend a little bit more time. I’r going to talk about. Are you struggling with email? Marketing here are five tips that will help your email, marketing rate open rate go up or something like that. Now, let’s say for the sake of this article. Let’s say I don’t want to share a article. Maybe you want to share a pic with an inspirational quote or something like that, because it’s nice to put those inspirational quotes in there to encourage people, and let’s say you want to put a photo in there.

Well, maybe you don’t have a photo. This is a nice feature, I can go here and it takes me right to unsplash where I can go in and browse and get a photo. So let’s say I want to do a photo with the sunset as an example, and you know just to kind of inspire people and have a quote with it that I type in and here’s some sunset photos, and these are free and you can pick the one That you want, let’s pick that one so then I’m going to insert it like.

I said I started out talking about a article, but I wanted that to come up pretty quick. It takes less time, but you have these right at your fingertips. So maybe you already have a selection of quotes that you’d like to use – or maybe you were talking to somebody about you – know taking some time to relax, don’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself, and maybe you can write a nice post about that and then put a very inspiring photo with it.

So I just want to show you how you can do that so now we’re going to hit next and now it’s going to go to my Facebook, feed or my facebook stories, I’m going to leave it on the feed and here’s what I can do about Facebook As well and again I could put the quote: I could write a big long passage or I could write something about the article in Facebook. You can add more than one picture, so this is where I get to customize each one of my platforms.

Pinterest. I probably need to just put a picture put something quick on it. Not too many words send them to my article here in Facebook. I could put three or four photos to talk about a sequence of something, but I can spend a little bit more time. Have more lengthy text, so I can each one of my social media platforms. I can make the the content fix the platform if that makes sense, but I’m talking about the same thing on all of my different platforms, all right.

So let’s go to the next page, and this is kind of neat on Facebook. You can select a target or audience. Are you trying to select an audience that you’re trying to meet and again? This is something that you want to take a little bit of time. If you’re just trying to hit everybody, then just hit everybody, but if you’re looking at just hitting certain people, you can go ahead and target an age like.

I don’t really want it hit it. You know a 13-year old, so I might up that to 24 or something like that all right and then I’m going to go next and then schedule my post. I can save it as a draft and come back or I can create it right now and or I can schedule it. So it’s that simple and let’s go ahead and schedule it now and then I want to take you back to the calendar to show you what that looks like okay, all right.

So let’s go back to our calendar and there you go. I have to pose. Oh, that’s, not pretty cool. So if you have a certain system that you use for Pinterest, maybe you want to post everyday, maybe Facebook – you have certain days of the week but you’re going to see those little social media logos there and it lets. You know. What’s already scheduled and what isn’t you can also go here and look at the list view which is kind of nice, and you can see exactly what you have posted and you can go in there and edit it if you’d like, and you can duplicate your post.

So earlier, when I talked about setting up lumely, I also talked about I’m going to say this again. Let’s say I have three months worth of posts that I made. I can go in here and duplicate the post and reschedule it for four months later, or maybe I want to do six months of it at a time and recycle everything again. That’s what I love about scheduling that I can sit here. I can take the time I can get it all scheduled out and then once everything is in here you can start recycling everything that you have and it just looks fresh because you know – and I know on Facebook, especially you’re – not getting every single post – that every Single one of your friends is creating.

It just doesn’t happen that way so and if you have a friend, that’s getting a lot of your posts, they’re not going to remember something and post it 90 days ago. Maybe they will and then it must have been a really good post, but in general most people aren’t going to remember – or maybe they didn’t read it fully the last time and they see it again. They want to read it but recycle your content and that’s where the job starts getting easier because you’re getting smarter, you’re working, smarter, not harder lumely.

I love it. It’s very, very, very easy to use, and you have six platforms that you can post to now. A lot of people ask about Instagram they. You cannot schedule a post to automatically post on Instagram, but you can post it and then it’s going to say when it’s time you can schedule it excuse me you can schedule it and then, when it’s time to post it you’re going to get a notification on Your phone or on your laptop, however, you set it up, it’s going to say it’s ready, then you just hit a button and so right now that’s the way.

It is lumely promises that they’re going to make it better, but that’s where it’s at so you still can schedule it, while you’re scheduling everything else. I hope that was helpful. I hope this is a tool that you can use this year to make your life easier and be more intentional, being more focused and give yourself more time for other things. Okay, so again, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, ask them below I’d.

Be happy to answer those for you don’t forget to subscribe to my blog hit that notification tab. I see I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on YouTube, so that I can help you build your business, especially in affiliate marketing. All right guys have a good one and I’ll see you in the next article

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Sprout Social VS Hootsuite (Social Media Management Tools)

Both of them are social media management tools, but there’s a lot of differences and in my email marketing group I had several people. Ask me: what is the difference? These are two of the more popular programs that people use and they just wanted to know.

What’s the difference is one better than the other. Is it just a price thing and it really is they’re both really different, and it really depends on what your needs are and I have started a playlist where I’m reviewing several different social media management tools and you can see the link below so you can go In there and look, but one of the things you need to do before you start, your research is decide.

What am I looking for? What is the platform that I’m using how many times a day and my posting and make sure you even need a platform? And then then, as you start looking, then you can see if it’s meeting your needs and one of the advantages of having a tool is that you can post all in one big chunk of time when you first start out with your new business you’re finding out That, oh, my gosh, there’s all these different tasks that I have to do, and we all do this in the beginning.

We try to do all the tasks ourself and we try to do all of the tasks as daily and what I recommend that you do is start chunking your activities. If you can’t hire somebody to help you if you’re not at that point yet then start chunking. Your activities, and what do I mean by that? What you need to do is decide I’m going to take all day one day and I’m going to post everything into a tool, a management tool where I can put all my posts in there, maybe for the whole month.

If it seems daunting, then only do a month, but you might even say you know what I’m going to do two months. It just depends on how quick you are, but you should be able to get 30 days worth of done in a day, but then they’re done for the whole month. Then you go. Do it again for another month and then in another month. Well then, you don’t have to keep on coming up with new content. At that point, you start recycling in so every 90 days, yep the same posts are going out because people don’t remember what they’re seeing they don’t see, every single post that you put out now.

What you can do to keep it fresh is maybe say: okay, I’m going to recycle everything from three months ago, but here and there I’m going to insert something new and current and that’s okay, but it’s not as time-consuming so that eight-hour job might turn into a Two hour job for you and that’s where you start saving time and that’s where you start building your business, but that’s called chunking your time so think about that for all of your tasks that you need to do for your business.

How much of it can I Chum? I know with articles. I remember when I did my first one. It took me all day long and then I got to the point where I could do two into two in a day and then three and then four and I know people that will sit down and do 20 30 articles in a day. I am not at that point, there’s no way, but they do there they’re so good at it. They know how to focus. They know exactly what they want to talk about, and they just knock them out, and then they might send them to somebody else to post them and everything for them or upload them.

But anyway, that just gives you an idea of what that chunking. Your time is and how that can be a time saver and help you be more organized, more productive, so let’s go ahead and do a quick review of what’s the difference between them. Hootsuite and again, I made a article on each of these to tell you these. You know exactly what they were, so there’s more details, go into the playlist and find them, but basically that ten dollars isn’t true anymore.

I forgot to cross it off, but anyway you. This is the best thing about HootSuite. You have an unlimited number of social profiles. You can put this on as many as you want and and there’s several different ones and you can have access for you and a team member, and this is for their pro account, they’re a bigger account. I think now it’s like twenty nine dollars a month when I just look the other day.

So there is analytic reporting, but with the reporting you do get a free one and then, after that you have to start paying for it. They do have monitoring, publishing tools and unlimited apps that go with it, so you can post on the go. Do it from your phone? It doesn’t have to be from your laptop, so that’s just a quick review of what that does. Alright, so sprout social. I consider it an all-in-one kind of like one-stop shop.

If that makes sense, HootSuite is publishing for you, but they’re not really getting into engage and analyzing things like that and helping you track. People that are following you and things like that. We’re sprout social does do that. They’re. The reporting tools are much more comprehensive and they’re they’re helping you become more engaging as well as just scheduling so that it goes. It goes deeper, but there aren’t as many profiles that it or platforms that it serves.

You can see here that they serve Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, so it depends on what you’re looking for so here I have. What does social sprout social have that HootSuite does not sprout, has a cue button for bookmarking and sharing content kind of like buffer does, or you can literally just keep everything in a queue so that you can recycle it and move it around in things like that, Which I love that feature, because I want to recycle my stuff.

It has a CRM tool, I’m for keeping track of your people. What is that? It’s basically a tool where you have a person’s name, I’m just going to say it in layman’s terms. You have a person’s name and anything that you can keep track of them to help. You get to know that person better so think of all the old fashion days, when people would keep like a an index card and put the customer’s name and all the information to help them be able to serve that customer.

So that’s what CRM is and it keeps track of it kind of like an Excel type sheet. It has a very nice design, who’s sweet does not, and all of the analytical analytics are included. Now, I’m going to say free, but they’re included, you don’t have to pay extra to get extra reports. We’re HootSuite will offer you one report in that pro account and this one you get everything, because this account actually sprout social, the lowest account they have is $ 99, where HootSuite is 29, so it just really depends on what you’re.

Looking for now, the nice thing about HootSuite, if you’re massively producing content – and you really need to get it out there and save time – it’s called bulk scheduling and you can do up to 50 posts at a time just hit that button get them out. So if you’ve got a massive amount to do, this probably would be better. The pro account has an unlimited social profile and ass. It’s the pro account I believe it was $ 29.

99. There is an unlimited social profiles I’ll see. I repeated that because many many many of these social media accounts management tools do not have unlimited profiles a lot of times. They’ll say you can only put 10. Some of them are just 3 and the more you get the more you pay. So they right there at the bottom level, they let you have an unlimited amount, which is amazing visually and they were talking about how sprout social is prettier easier to use.

Here’s an example: now this is a I’m going to compare. It really depends on you, but they have like a single column view of all your posts. Ok, so you’ll see Twitter and then you can see all your Twitter posts, so you can’t really see all of them at once. You can just go into one account at a time where HootSuite. No, I like this feature, you can go in its multi column, but you can go in and see all of them at once.

So you see, there’s two different Twitter accounts, two different Facebook accounts and you can see all your posts. What am I posting today? So you can bring up the day and you can see visually globally everything that you’re posting and being a global person. I like that feature, because I want to make sure: okay, I’m really posting well today. Maybe when you were scheduling you might have missed a day or something so it’s kind of like a double check.

You can go back and pull it up in the morning. Okay, we’re good to go and then you move on and do something else, and that would take you all of maybe three minutes all right. So that’s in a nutshell, the difference. It really depends on what you’re looking for. I do have a link for each of them below and, like I said, if you want more details on each one, a more detailed review go go to my playlist, that’s below as well, and it just says HootSuite review and then there’s the social Pro review.

There’s buffer review, there’s sprout social review, there’s all kinds of different reviews down there, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how these were different. Like I said, people were asking and make sure you hit my subscribe button as well. Every day I put out a article for you that will help you to build your business again. It doesn’t have to be affiliate marketing, any business that you’re doing online, all the tools and tips and tricks, and things that I share are things that you will need for your business as well again, thank you for coming today.

Give me a thumbs up if this was helpful. If you have any comments or any questions, go ahead and put those below, and I will be sure to get back with you and again, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read I’ll, see you on the next article

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Hootsuite Review (Social Media Management Tool)

Now your next question may be what is HootSuite? It’s a social media management system and what that means is you can pre-plan your posts and have them all scheduled out so that they post. So you could take a day and plan out all your posts for Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, whichever platform that you’re using and HootSuite will post them for you each day.

So you don’t have to keep thinking about it. So you kind of like when your own business in line you want to chunk your work. You want to concentrate on one thing at a time: that’s kind of a little bonus tip for you and then once you plan all that posting out, you don’t have to think about it again until the next month, if that makes sense, so let me go over Some of the features – and you can decide if this is right for you now.

Obviously I’ve got a playlist. I would like you to hit that link if you’re, researching and you’re trying to look at different ones. I am building that playlist in my blog. I want to go over various social media platforms so that you management platform so that you can go in and pick the one that’s right for you. Many people use it themselves and sometimes they start a business and managing stuff for other people.

So that’s. What’s really cool about these tools, you can use them for your own business or you can actually create a business. There are so many ways to make money online. It is unbelievable. Nobody out there should be without money. If you have a computer and Wi-Fi because you can make money online in so many ways anyway, let’s stick with HootSuite I’ll, introduce myself. My name is Vanessa du Bellay and my blog is called affiliate marketing mastery.

I want you to take your life back and start your own business and create your own income until you, you know even possibly have a passive income so that you don’t have to be a slave to somebody else. That’s my passion and I would love that for everybody. So that’s why I’m here? Alright, let’s talk about HootSuite these some of the features they do have a free plan, most tools that you see out there will give you an opportunity to test it and check it out, and I think that’s great because gives you the opportunity to check out different Plans it can be time-consuming, but before you start spending money, you want to make sure it’s the right plan for you and I don’t blame you.

I was the same way every every penny that you have. You want to make sure you’re investing in to help grow. Your business and you’re you’re smart about it now HootSuite does have a free version, the free version you can put use to social media profiles. For instance, if you have an Instagram account and you post on Facebook, you can plan out all of your posts for only two different profiles. Okay, then, to get more, you have to start paying money and I’m going to pull that up for you a minute.

But let’s talk about the pro account. A lot of people. Yes, go in check out the free version, but sometimes they’re really limited like if you are only posting on two platforms. They also only let you schedule 30 posts and that’s nice, but you only get to go a month out. If you are a little bit more of a planner and you want to do more, then you might want to pay for the pro version and it’s less than $ 10 a month.

I personally used to start out with all those free accounts, but now I kind of go into that lower one, because I do have more features and it does make your life easier now. What does the pro account do you have? It gives you an unlimited number of social profiles and then you can actually add one team member and has analytic reporting it’ll go in and tell you hey. This is the best time for you to post, or maybe some of these keywords that you’re using are really good, or maybe some of them aren’t.

So it’s giving you some analytics and use some algorithms in there as well. The nice thing the bad thing about the free account as opposed to maybe the pro account or more is you can’t do a lot of advanced scheduling like I said, you’re limited and also you can’t bring in a team member. So why would you want a team member? Well, if your business is building – or maybe you post a lot, you could hire a virtual assistant, or maybe one of your teenage children or a friend or somebody in the family to come in and post for you and the problem with that.

Is they can’t, you can’t add them to your account on the free account or adjust the pro account? So you you have to decide. What do I need from this platform? What do I need with my posting? I would suggest writing all that down before you go out and doing your research. Now you may say you know what I’m just checking them out. I’r going to do the free versions, that’s fine, but definitely if you already know you have a virtual assistant hired and you have them helping you, then you definitely need to look at the account that gives you the option to do that.

Now, let’s go ahead and bring up the pricing on HootSuite, as of today it does change. I have talked about HootSuite before and noticed. Oh my gosh. All the pricing has already changed. They used to give you free, 5 free social profiles and they lowered it down to two. So let’s go ahead and pull that up. I took it today as of today’s date off of their platform. They have what they call a the $ 29 account where you can have 10 social profiles.

Ok and unlimited scheduling, so you might think well. Why would I want unlimited scheduling honestly, if you could schedule out like six months worth of posts and and leave it there? It would be so easy now, you might say. Oh my gosh, that’s a lot well, I know people that will schedule out 2 months worth and then they rotate those same two months worth of posts now think about it. Not every person is going to see every one of your posts on Instagram every single day.

So if you, if you schedule out a rotation of posts of 2 months or 3 months, even if somebody’s reading, you constantly they’re not going to remember what you post at 90 days ago. So that’s what makes it nice for the unlimited scheduling that you can go in and recycle the posts you don’t have to come up with a year’s worth of stuff. So that’s one thing to look for it. For obviously it says everything is included from the free plan which wasn’t a lot, but you do get some metrics and you get to do some ad spending on there as well.

I’r not sitting here and I’m going to promote the hundred and twenty-nine and all that most of my followers are new, and I just want you to see that you can go in for free and check these out. So that’s basically that up if you up it above the pro account, you can pay as much as thirty dollars a month, and I just want you to see the different programs here and if you go down, obviously they get pretty big if you’re looking at starting Your own business – this is something that you would need you could actually post for other people, and I want to point that out because I definitely am an advocate for people making money online and I like to give you different ideas of what you can do.

So if you love to post and you’re good at it, you’re like how can I make money posting? Well, you can you can start your own agency and start posting for other people, and you would use a social media management system to keep track of everything. And here you can have 35 different profiles, five users and up to ten. Alright, let’s go back, and let me just give you a couple features. One of the features I like about HootSuite is I’m very visual and I like how, if I can see all of my different platforms, so here’s a picture here, you can actually pull it all up at once and actually see visually what you’re, what you’re posting? What’s coming up and what it looks like from one platform to the other – and I like that feature because again, I’m a more global visual learner and and I’d like to see everything and not just the parts.

And that actually is a good feature of. If that’s how you are now, what are some of the pros and cons? You do have that multi-column stream, where you can see everything that is a pro. Not every social media management system has that some of them you have to go in and just click buttons, and you can see different. You know only what you’re focusing on and you can’t see what’s happening throughout the whole month.

It does have apps that you can connect to it. So if you’d like to be on your phone, there are apps that you can connect to your pro to your business, to your system and you can even post from your app from phone and not only from your laptop now, some of the cons they do provide. You with one free report a month, so you can go in and see. I was just telling you there are analytics and it’s even on the free account.

You can go in and see what’s the best time for me to post what are some really good keywords that I’ve been using and different things like that? The problem is, if you want another report, let’s say you looked at that one report and then a week later, you’re, like you know what I tweaked my post. I made some changes. I want to see how much better I’m doing with those posts you have to pay 50 dollars for that report.

As of today, as of the day that I posted this, so that’s that’s not really good. If you have a small business because that can get pretty caught, you start costing a lot of money. There are no content grabbing extensions, and so what that means is sometimes there’s some extensions out there. That will help you build your business, make better posts and there aren’t any of those that they allow in HootSuite.

You pretty much are confined to their system because here’s another way. Sometimes, when you post, you will go out and make your own shortened links, and I know on WordPress – and I have a system called pretty links that I’ve added to my WordPress and I make pretty links so on that link. I can name it. My shortened link is a pretty link and I can name it YT YouTube. Let’s say I’m giving a free course – and I can say free course, free email course and when I promote my free email course on YouTube, I use that specific link and pretty links will actually track.

How many people are clicking that link with HootSuite. You have to use their shortener and it’s called Ally, o WL. I think it is here yet o WL y al Li and you have to stay within HootSuite system and you cannot track because it’s in their system. So that’s a negative, but it may not be important to you when you’re new to track, and maybe you just want to play with it in the beginning and see so in a nutshell that was HootSuite.

I’r going to go ahead and compare HootSuite some to some of the other systems that are out there so go to my playlist, go below to my playlist, it’s right below and click that, and you can see some of the other platforms now, like I said, I’m Building that playlist, it’s I’m, always going to be adding to it. So if this is something that you’re seriously doing some research then keep that link handy.

Of course, I offer you I’m going to offer you a free course as well, where you can go in and step-by-step see. How can I build my business go ahead and click that as well, and then I’ve got the link to HootSuite there. It’s not an affiliate link, I’m not an affiliate with HootSuite. I just want to let you know that I’m just trying to give you some information so that you can go out and start comparing the different systems.

So until I see you again, hopefully that was helpful. Give me a thumbs up drop me. A comment. Ask a question: if there’s something else, you want to know again, that was just a review. It was not a tutorial. So if you want more information, you want to see what it looks like hands on just hit. That link to HootSuite and you get your free trial and they’ll have all kinds of training on there. For you,

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Stop Using Paypal | How To Use Facebook Messenger Payments

We just had a conversation about it and it’s something. I’ve wanted to shoot a article for for a little while now so here’s the store. Here’s how all this kind of began this for me to sit down, actually shoot this article. The blog name is geeks life because I’m you know, I’m a geek.

I, like geeky stuff coach Roy company, put out an action figure of John wick and I really wanted it. He picked one up for me and so I had to send him some money, so I told him hey. I can send it through a PayPal, because, that’s typically how everyone does it, it’s probably how you do it if you’re going to buy anything off a Facebook marketplace or anywhere else to ebay anywhere, you want to go. You typically use PayPal.

Stripe is starting to get a little bit more known and people are using that, but if you’re buying stuff on Facebook there’s this way, you can send payments through using Facebook itself. Facebook pay – I don’t know if it has an exact name, I’m calling it Facebook pay from here on out and he didn’t he’s like. I don’t know that I don’t trust it. I’r just going to use PayPal, send it through that way.

Well by sending it through PayPal. That’s one of two things can happen. You can send it as friends and family, no fees, then you can send as goods and services and there is fees to accept that money. But with those fees you get protection, someone tries to scam you, you can file a claim, get your money back and you’re set security, but that’s what you’re paying those fees for, but a lot of times in facebook groups.

People don’t want to pay those fees because they don’t want to educate themselves and accept the fact that they are technically running a business if you’re, buying and selling stuff and you’re making money. That’s a small little business regardless if you’re, making ten thousand dollars or fifty bucks a month. So they ask you, send it as friends and family. A lot of people still do that, and they don’t understand that you have no protection and they get the money and no fees on there and and that’s it.

No questions asked so that means they could scan you. They could take your money and and never ship out the item that they probably never had in the first place. So you don’t want to do that, and people are starting to pick up on that and won’t do it. So so Facebook has a feature where you can send and receive payments and there’s no fees whatsoever. Now you may be wondering well, Chris, you just said: there’s no fees, then you’re not protected.

Well, you are that’s. Why I’m here to teach you and educate you guys. So it’s through messenger, if you don’t know apps to download no new accounts to create no new passwords to remember and I’m going to show you how to do this, you choose the debit card. You want to link to make that account with, and then everything is handled through your bank, whatever bank, that you decided to use it’s that simple.

So, to show you how simple it is to set up and to use I’m going to show you if I haven’t said so already, you can use your phone for the entire process. It’s so easy you can do from desktop to, but I’m going to show you how to do it on mobile. All you got ta do is have messenger, which you probably already have already own VIP messenger. Go that your icon, which is your picture and you scroll down to payments, then you’ll see an option for a new debit card typing your card number expiration, all that sort of thing and you’re done.

That’s it you’re totally done to request money and send money. You can do that all within this app as well, so I’m going to go over to Josh, I’m going to send him a dollar cuz. You know he’s my homie. I don’t know if this is going to look exactly the same. If you use an Android, I’m using an iPhone, but it’s probably very similar tap on the little four dots in the corner opens this up look payments.

I want to tap on payments, I’m going to send him $ 1 nakid. Now I had the option to request them that dollar or pay that dollar and I can add a little note suck on this and I’m going to hit pay and then all I got ta do is tap confirm payment of $ 1 and it’ll. Send it to him, that’s it now. All he has to do to accept his payment is literally accept he’ll, be notified with a little bit of a button. They push to hit accept and then he has to type in his debit card and then that’s it in his counts now setup he can send and receive so he this guy responds back for him saying he went straight to PayPal because that he probably has that Set as to his default, so to make changes to that account, you can go into payments, and I have I have PayPal setup as well, and I have a Visa card, that’s linked to my bank as another option and you can delete it if you want just By tapping on it hit and remove account, or you should be able to set it up as a primary card as well.

So I asked him to check PayPal because I’m curious to see if PayPal still charge a fee to accept that dollar, because it was through your bank, you won’t have to pay any sort of fees whatsoever. If PayPal came second to Facebook pay, then everyone would be using Facebook pay educate yourself guys. Hopefully, this article has helped you in the least saving fees on that, but the simplicity, the ease of use, if you are buying something on Facebook, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t use the Facebook payment option.

It’s the same as PayPal, but slightly better and you are protected. Do I got ta say it again? You are protected, it’s through your bank and whichever card used to decide to put it in. That is the think that protects you. If someone tries to scam you by using that you could log on to your bank file dispute just like eBay or the benefit of physically walking into your bank and talking to a person face-to-face which you don’t get that option with PayPal now the only thing I Could say that’s in benefit of PayPal is, if you do send it as goods and services, you get their all their information.

You get their address included in that which isn’t a big deal to probably you guys, cuz, you probably don’t even know that feature exists either. I don’t send them my address because that’s already included if they go into PayPal to ship the shipping label right there, which again most people do not do I’ve done articles about that as well in the past, that saves you money if you ship it through PayPal, Use PayPal to ship your stuff, you get discount anyway, it’s on our tangent, educate yourself, guys, please, but if you’re using that feature you get their address included.

So you just go into PayPal and hit print sheeple and you’re done. You don’t have to ask for the shipping, but on Facebook you do hats off to ask for their shipping address. If you are shipping it out, that is, if you’re buying something locally, you don’t have to worry about it. So the last perk of doing this is your money, is in your bank account your actual account when you use PayPal or venmo it’s stored on their servers and their accounts.

So if you were to go to try pull that money out, you would be charged fees like PayPal. I think charge is a dollar to use. An ATM you’d be charged the ATM fee as well so you’re, looking at like three to four dollars, sometimes more, depending on what ATM you’re using just to get your money out, and it may already be your bank that you’re pulling from so. If you’re pulling money out of your own bank with our own card, there’s no fees, so it’s kind of a no-brainer and as that, a bonus if you’re spending money using through another website like being a chore or big bad toy store or whatever website you’re using Paypal and pull from you don’t have to have any money in that account, because if this is zero balance, it pulls from your bank account anyway again no-brainer.

So hopefully this article has helped you guys out. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below I’ll. Be more than happy to answer that because I read every single comment and if you want that even deeper into these tips, tricks and everything in between and buy, sell trade business SeaWorld, because they’re becoming geeks plus number there’s a link in description below to check out. I post exclusive articles, so nowhere else you’ll see at all busting it tangible items sent to your door every single month.

It sounds kind of cool cuz here, checking that I would greatly greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading sear liking, commenting and subscribing and I’ll catch. You next article guys see ya.


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Maybe you haven’t hit that first hundred or first thousand or even first ten thousand and in my opinion SoundCloud is still going to be super valuable. So this article is all about how you can gain traction and gain followers on SoundCloud in 2019. Let’s go so it’s 2019 and streaming is becoming more and more popular for music.

There’s SoundCloud, there’s Spotify, there’s Apple music. There’s all these different platforms. However, in my opinion, SoundCloud is still one of the most vital ones, because in a lot of ways it’s still the only kind of social network of music. You have Spotify, you have all these other ones, but SoundCloud is the only one where you can really comment. Communicate interact with your fans, interact with artists, you want to message and be in contact with, and I still think SoundCloud is still very valid.

It’s still very good, and you know who knows two months from now six months from now they could figure their stuff. Oh and they could still become one of the most popular platforms for music, especially underground music. So let’s just get into these ten tips now the first one doesn’t have to do with SoundCloud itself has to do with you and its quality. The quality of your music is going to be absolutely vital for standing out on SoundCloud SoundCloud.

You have to just dig through a constant pile of crap and, in my opinion, the only music that is going to continuously hook. People in is high quality music. Now, I’m not saying you have to be Skrillex or phlume or Diplo, or you know any of these levels of musicians. But what I recommend doing is listen to listening to your favorite artists, artists. You aspire to sound like or you think you sound like and really objectively try and look at it and see if you are 80 % as good as they are.

I would say to succeed on Soundcloud and to stand out. You really have to be at least 80 % as good as the people you aspire to sound like, and if you don’t honestly, I think you’ll just get forgotten and your music will quickly fall into the pile and you’re not going to stand out. And it’s just going to be a lot of effort when I think spending that time on social media could be better spent on trying to grow your skills versus that so step one before you really even think about getting yourself on soundcloud.

I would make sure your music is about 80 % as good as those of you aspire to sound like quality. So you can put your best foot forward now. Tip number two goes into the whole quality versus quantity debate and it comes down to quantity or more so consistency. I think consistency is very important. A song has a specific lifespan and it’s actually starting to get shorter and shorter. But what I mean by that and what I mean by the lifespan of a track is say: you put out a new track well over the course of say a month and even a short is now three weeks even two weeks, even one week in the day And age of music, we live in it kind of has a lifespan where you gain all this traction, maybe get YouTube.

Support blog support, support from your friends. You gain this new attention for it, you gain these followers. You gain these fans, you gain these listens and it reaches a peak and then it quickly steeply starts to cut off and the track quickly becomes forgotten for the most part in this day and age of music. Unless, of course, it’s a masterpiece and it’s a it’s a very standout song, but for the most part musics just going to go up, have a lifespan and it’s going to go down now.

If you’re, putting one song out every two months, you’re not going to stand out and you’re going to quickly be forgotten, just think about you as a listener. How many new artists are always on your radar, new music and how many of them to you really stand out and are ones you keep going back to and very likely it’s only the ones where they’re constantly in your face constantly providing you with a new song And for personally, I’m just speaking personally here, it takes about 4 to 5 songs from artists for that to kind of click in my head and be like.

Oh, I like this artist. This is an artist. I want to follow and pay attention to say. For example, I don’t know an artist I I recently fell in love with would be like bad computer, whose releases a lot on monstercat. I heard one song of his. I really liked it and I gave him a follow in the hopes that maybe he’ll put out more stuff that I’ll really like. And luckily I followed him around the time where he started to consistently release on monstercat, probably once a month, and those songs were just constantly on my radar, like good new song, good new song, good new song and that solidified him to me.

As one of my favorites, while there could be another artist where they put out a single and it’s like one of the best singles I’ve ever heard, but if they don’t put something out, I’m going to quickly forget about them and not consider them. One of my favorites one of those go-to artists, one of those artists that, if they played in my town, I’d, want to go see or one of those artists that I’d follow on Soundcloud form or I would eventually go through my soundcloud followers and be like.

Oh, I got the single from this person, I’m not going to follow them anymore unfollow, so you need a really good balance of quality and consistency, and it might take a while to get to that point where your skills are at the point where you can write At least one quality song and release it per month, but I recommend the quicker you can do that. The quicker that, consistent that that lifespan can build on itself, because once your track hits the peak of its plays and follows, then you drop that next track and every all those new people who just start paying attention to you are going to listen to that new Song and it’s going to keep going up, you’re going to keep going up instead of kind of getting a bunch of new followers and some of them disappearing or not interacting with your work anymore.

So number two was consistency. Now number three is a little less useful in 2019, but I still wouldn’t rule it out and that is download gates. Now, if you don’t know how to download gate, a download gate is a website in a a technique that you can use to set up a download for your song, where, when someone downloads your song, instead of asking for money, you ask for some sort of social Currency and that could be a SoundCloud follow.

That could be a Facebook light, and in this case, because we’re doing SoundCloud follows in SoundCloud growth, you do it for a SoundCloud follow, maybe even a repost, maybe even a comment, because a bunch of comments on your track will make it look really good and give Social proof to the fact that your track is worth listening to and people like it, so those are going to be websites like the artist Union tone.

Den hive fan gate, there’s there’s so many right now, they’re so easy to set up, and it’s it’s really as easy as you set up a download gate for a track go to any of those websites, easy breezy. And then, when someone wants to download your track, they’ll have to like it repost it follow you, and hopefully that repost and that follow will either lead them to listening to more of your music in the future or that repost getting the attention of others and the Reason I say it’s still valuable is even though the average listener is probably just streaming your track, putting it in a playlist putting it in their favorites DJs and people who still like to collect songs on their computer, primarily DJ’s are still going to want to download Your music, I know myself whenever I have a show coming up.

I probably download like a hundred new songs, and I have to go through those download gates pretty much for every single one I buy very little music or maybe a third to a quarter while most of the music I’m still going through a download gate to acquire. So this is going to be super beneficial because you’re going to get reposts you’re going to get likes, you can get favorites, maybe even comments, and it can take a track that has no traction and if it’s good enough people will download it and it will get Traction so I recommend still using to download gates in 2019.

Now the next technique is using download gates for stuff other than music and providing values, and what I mean by that is: yes: you’ll have DJ’s that use download gates, but that’s still very few. However, one way down low gates are still really valuable is to provide some sort of value for your audience or prospective audience, be it through a sound through a sample pack. Maybe you write a blog that can only be accessed through a download gate.

So what you can do is you can create a really desirable item, property of some sort, sample, packs presets inside look article. I could you can get really creative with it and you can actually put it behind a download gate where someone has to use a download gate to access it, and this is actually how I got a lot of my following and how cymatics the company I used To work for gained a ton of their following is where, if you want to download a sample pack, if you want to download preset something like that, you have to use a download gate or stems.

If someone wants to remix your song or something like that, they have to use this download gate and for me that gets way more downloads than a song to a download gate. So tip number four is provide value for your audience and put that behind it download Gate where they have to then follow you repost it or something like that now tip number five for growing. Your soundcloud is going to be repost trading or joining repost circles.

Now there’s two sort of different things here. The first is repost trading, where you can go to websites which I think like repost Network or things like that, where you can essentially put your song up on there and you can kind of get asked for a bid. Essentially that where someone can offer to repost it for you reposting one of their songs and the reason I say bid, because a lot of times has to do with how many followers you have so like.

I have a SoundCloud with 15k, so I can ask an account with 15k to do a trade, for example, and then I just you know, select their song hit, yes, make an offer. If we agree, I don’t even have to do any of the work it’ll actually manually, do it for you for 24 hours, so if you’re, really new to SoundCloud using these websites to just create all these repost trades and get songs to repost is really useful because Reposting on Soundcloud is, in my opinion, one of the best things and worse things about it and my opinion kind of ruins SoundCloud because it kind of ruined your feed and it ruined the cleanliness of just following people.

You like, however, I’m not going to avoid the elephant in the room I’m going to take advantage of it, so I’m going to use websites like that to set up these repost networks. Now, on top of that, you can also set up repost networks with your friends. If you have friends who are all producers create, like a a group, chat a discord, something like that, where every time one of you releases a song, all of you are going to repost it periodically, and that way you can join forces with your friends, and everyone Gets each other’s support every time you put out a song cuz, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere and it can be just a great way to start snowballing and get the attention you want that you yourself may not have with a brand new or very small Soundcloud, the next tip is going to be using your other social media.

Now this may seem very obvious, but using your Twitter, your Facebook, your Instagram, your snapchat, to push a song when it when it’s out is very beneficial. Now my main order word of advice here, though, is to grow those social media or social media separately, and not just making those a self promotional platform. You want to give people a reason to follow your Facebook, a reason to follow your Instagram, a reason to follow your Twitter, so you want to be providing value content on those platforms that isn’t just always here’s my soundcloud link, here’s my soundcloud link because nothing is Going to get you unfollowed or liked quicker, however, that being said, those social medias are going to be a great way to just get that initial traction, especially your personal Facebook account, because your other social media is probably going to be as small as your soundcloud or Within the same range, but your personal Facebook has your friends and they already interact with you and communicate with you not to mention you can private message: people you can private message.

Your best friends give them a song, ask them for support and, if you’re fairly new, to growing a sound fairly new to growing social media over all your friends are very likely to support you now. Someone like me, who’s been at it for five years. If I sent people links they’re so tired of seeing it, so it’s probably not very effective, but this tutorial isn’t for people who have been on South Club for five years.

This is people who are just growing and some people who are pretty much starting 2018-2019 so use your other social media to grow your soundcloud. The next tip is going to be YouTube promotional blogs to grow your soundcloud, so on YouTube. There are tons of blogs that exclusively upload other people’s music and what you can do, every time you put out a song is you can connect with these blogs? They usually have submission emails in their About section, collect dozens of them in a spreadsheet email them all.

Personally, one by one, and even if just one picks it up, and they include your download gate in the description say, your song got a thousand to ten thousand plays on one of these blogs, which is very realistic. You know some of these blogs can do very well and, let’s even just be conservative, let’s say you got a thousand plays, even if one percent of that thousand decided to actually download the song.

So one in a hundred plays that’s still ten more followers than you had the day before, and ten followers is a big deal. You shouldn’t take that for granted. So using YouTube’s promotional networks to actually get your music heard is very beneficial and I recommend using a promo strategy and having a promo plan every time you release a song or maybe you’re, hitting them up two weeks before you’re telling them hey my songs.

Coming out. This date, would you be interested you’re, starting to communicate with these people and find out who they are on a personal level. Building connections with them YouTube is still a very valid way of promoting music in 2019, and I still highly recommend it, especially with YouTube music becoming a thing where now people will actually be listening to and streaming music through YouTube music specifically and then, if they ever Choose to download it or see your name and like it it’ll probably convert.

However many even however little will convert to followers on Soundcloud. The next step is going to be joining the community. So one of the things I was preaching in the beginning that I like about SoundCloud, is it still very much a social network you’re still very much communicating reposting, commenting private messaging, all these things and if you join the community and you start to find artists and Participate in their work, they’re so much more likely to check yours.

Oh now, I’m not recommending to go to you know a huge producer and spam their song with comments to check out your work, but I recommend finding musicians around your level and giving them really constructive. Creative or kind feedback that you truly mean listen to their music, tell them what you liked about it tell them what you think maybe check out a couple of their songs. Don’t ever ask them to check out yours, but just be a part of the community and participate in their work and you’re more likely to build a community and have people to start to connect with yours, one of my best friends in the world, Sam winter him And I actually met on soundcloud and he’s actually from Ottawa, and this was back when you’re both started, and I was doing just that.

Every day I was like grinding, I was just like finding music and I was participating. I was communicating, he was one of them. We started private messaging years later. He moved to live with me in Vancouver and we started a business. I eventually worked for cymatics and lived together for like a year and a half, so you never know you know. Being part of the community is a great way to just start to build your inner circle and just really grassroots connect and build a community from the ground up and lastly, I recommend branding and when I say branding I mean really perfecting how your soundcloud looks.

You want really clean links, a really clean bio, taking advantage of the image and the header on top of it, having a really good name. That’s really easy for people to search and remember memorable song names that are probably related and ideally even a consistent, sound or style. Now, if you’re still really new musician, you may still be finding that so don’t hurt yourself and beat yourself up too much about finding that.

However, I just really recommend the sooner you build a brand. You build a consistent, sound, a style and aesthetic something that really sticks in people’s minds when they see it. It’s going to help people want to follow you and will recognize your song in their feed and are more likely to check it out again later, so there we go guys. That was ten tips on how you can grow a SoundCloud in 2019. I still think SoundCloud is very valid and even if you’re just starting from Ground Zero, now it’s never too late and there’s still a lot of tips and tricks.

You can get to get that first hundred, first thousand, even first ten thousand followers on soundcloud. So I hope you guys got a lot out of this tutorial. I know it’s different than my typical music production tutorial. So if you liked it, let me know, I hope you guys got a lot out of it. My name is Cromartie thanks again and I’ll be back soon with another article peace


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Blogging for Sales Leads: My failure & what I changed to succeed

I believe all of that is a load of bullshit. You see these ideas consistently fail to Generate leads for me, In fact, the more I listen to the so-called Content marketing experts, the less I’ve been able actually produce LEADS with things like Blogs and article The more “ Top 15 Ways to Get Followed” or “ 37 Ways to Get Noticed on Facebook” articles.

You and I are reading the LESS we accomplish. With social media, But it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Yes, social marketing is exploding onto the Scene, Customers are spending all day on Facebook, Immersing themselves on LinkedIn blogs, YouTube, Google and on-and-on. That is why we are following customers:… Trying to re-capture their attention and engage them, It’s natural for us to think being on Facebook.

Is important, It feels “ right” to get the word out on your Blog.. To talk about your businesses, your products and services on LinkedIn, Following advice of “, the experts” is safe. So why should you use social media to increase The success rates of customers Or help them avoid risks.. Or solve problems. Why should you create ebooks, educational Articles and checklists that help guide customers, Or why should you use content to take customers On journeys that nurture them toward buying Well, I admit these “ better ways” are new And unusual They feel unfamiliar, But that’s why you don’t act.

You see that unfamiliar path is the reason Why you don’t act on the advice you get, It’s why you make slow progress on making Your blog sell for you, It’s why your audience isn’t growing and sales Leads aren’t flowing It’s why you keep planning on blogging in A more productive way, but the plans don’t get turned into action. It’s because you’re scared of what’s further Down the path Which is totally normal, you haven’t been There, yet Everyone is scared of the path they haven’t.

Been on yet, But I think this is why people are getting So frustrated they’re throwing hands up and saying “ forget about getting leads and sales With my blog.., it’s not possible!”. I understand that frustration, But here’s what’s really cool. I started to Make REAL progress with generating leads for my business when I got “ thrown in the deep End.”, I stopped working for 18 months to research.

And write my book.. And become a trainer. I stalled procrastinated and made mistakes. I wasn’t doing what I knew I needed to do. I was scattered and unfocused. I was spinning my wheels in the mud, But then I got a hold of the one essential Piece of the puzzle that social media gurus don’t even know about…

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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7 Problems That Small Businesses Face In Modern Online Marketing

M. In Melbourne, I don’t know what time it is where you act, but it’s the lunch and learn with prosper here from leave long digital, I’m assuming that you’ve had a fantastic weekend and you’re ready to toggle on the next week coming ahead. Today’s topic is something that you know, troubles a lot of people and we’re just going to be talking about the seven problems that are actually facing small businesses in modern online marketing.

Now. The reason why I chose this topic is, I have had experience in the last four years, working with small to medium businesses, like yourself and coaches and consultants, to actually help the market scale and grow their business all right. So this is reading from this book marketing strategy by Walker there right it’s one of those off-the-shelf type books and it’s talking about opportunities right now, every single day we are exposed to an online opportunity right, but it says opportunities are as good as the marketing and Their business people who will pursue them, that’s if, even if some combination of marketing and industry factors presents an opportunity and that attractive edifice plant, there remains some critical questions.

One does the opportunity to seek what you want to do that. Your mission, your aspirations, your passion and your objectives, and do you have the right resources right, people right, organizational, confidences and other critical success factors necessary to implement your plan successfully and number three? Do you have the right connections and business networks to actually go in with this and most industries their number of people and critical factors that tend to separate the winners that does tend to separate the winners and the also-ran okay.

So what religion is saying is you are being presented every single day with some sort of new and shiny object, new and shiny opportunity, but is it meant for you? Are you the right of a person to execute on that opportunity, because that the end result is? I end up working with people that are not passionate about something they’re working on. Oh that project, oh that dropship serves been doing, was just a means to an end: okay and they’re, putting so much money.

Now they can’t get out of it because they’re too legit to creat all right now. The goal of every sort of digital marketer and online business owner I know, is to get leads, and I usually generate revenue for your online business, and I assume that will be what your goal is. But are you aligned to the business you’re starting? Is it something that you would wake up and really want to do, or is it something that you were sold on to by somebody who wrote really good copy on a Facebook ad, because some of the people I was talking to a very beautiful couple earlier on In the morning, they’ve got a website that they’ve just recently started, but it is not aligned whatsoever to who they are as a person to what they want to achieve and where their goals are and just look like.

It was going to be an ATM for them and now they’ve spent so much money in it and it’s not working for them. Okay, so you really want to look from the get-go whether the business is really aligned to who you are is really aligned to your goals and really aligned to your vision and your passion as a person. You cannot sell something to anyone that does not read. That. Does not respect you? Okay, so if you have a headache, if you’ve got a headache right now or if you’ve got a toothache, would you go to somebody who is a janitor to help you fix that today? No, you go to a dentist or you go to a doctor.

Okay, so that’s the Rick. That’s the same thing that people online are also doing. If you’ve got a shop that selling things that you’re not passionate about people can tell you, don’t have the lingo, you don’t have the expertise and you cannot talk to those people in that particular manner. Okay, it’s just like myself opening up a shop and I want to sell dresses. I don’t know anything about dresses, I don’t know what women wear in winter or if they wear dresses.

When they go to sleep, I don’t know where dressing the one. So how am I going to connect with the customer and expect them to give me money when I am NOT passionate about the thing that I’m selling all right, so how these things they’re, self-induced all right, and so that’s the reason why I want to talk about Some of the problems that people are facing online, one big problem that people are facing is they’re not aligned to the products they’re selling and it’s not easy to discover or to even see have you ever seen somebody who, when you ask them, what do you do They just send you a page or a link to what they do know.

Enthusiasm, no explanation, nothing! It’s because they’re not connected to what they’re doing. Okay every single day I put up a post on my facebook, and I ask people what are you doing? What what makes you happy Christina? Thank you so much for sitting in ask people. What are you doing? What makes you happy what what’s happening in your life? Some people just post a link, and they expect me to figure it out on my own.

That is not going to work, because, if you’re, not it passionate about whatever it is you’re selling or you’re presenting to anyone who is going to be questioning about it. Okay, because have you ever noticed if you have a baby, because I’ve got a little girl. My little girl is the cutest girl in the world, okay, according to me and she’s the cutest in my world, but somebody else might see her and say what an ugly baby okay! So if you are not going to present your little girl or your business to people, no one is going to see it in the same light that you see it.

Okay, people are now buying on emotion. They never buy it on the basis of how cute or nice your logo is okay, you might as well go and spend $ 20,000 on logo, but if you’re not putting in the passion, if you are not talking to people connecting and relating to everyone, that you Come across they’re never going to know that you exist. I think you would have seen on my post. I put up a picture. You know I like dressing up and saying the problem that a lot of enterpreneurs are facing.

These days is because nobody knows they exist. Nobody even knows their business exists. It’s up to you to bring it out to the muscles. It’s no longer a situation where you build and they come all right. You got to bring the people to you so that they can. You know you can have a business. That’s profitable and enjoyable, okay, so if this is something that you’ve been struggling with a lot figure out, are you really really aligned with your business, because people can also tell that’s the reason why people are not connecting to your business all right if you’re, not in It no one is going to be in it for you, okay and one other thing, one of the problems that is facing a lot of small business people.

You know with this whole modern online marketing is their message is not aligned to the market they’re, sending it to all right. Your message really has to be aligned to a market that will purchase and buy from you all those things that will then help you deliver. That message, like your Facebook, your website and your Instagram, those come in secondary I’ll, give you an example. Coca-Cola has been a business for the past hundred years.

Okay, what has been their message? Their message has been open happiness right. Their message has been: we create happiness and ground your meals, all Christmas, okay and who is their market. Their market is usually everybody else, but basically families and people that just want to be happy right and you get a coca-cola. So that message has been pounded up on us right now for the last hundred years, and as much as when you go to third world countries, every soft drink is called coca-cola.

Every soft drink, no matter brendan is even if it’s of Pepsi people would say. Can I buy a coca-cola alright because they have been pounding their message now? Their market can be anyone else which is the different product, but you need to specify who your market is and the media they have been using has been totally different and keeps evolving. They were on newspapers very on TV, on radio on buses or anything that you can think of that has a coca-cola advert on it on billboards all that stuff, that is the media and it constantly changes.

Now the small business person of the day is concentrating on the media. They want to know how to write ads. They want to know how do you know we have lots of following on Instagram. They want to know how to market their business. But what are you doing? Who are you communicating to and why should they care that’s where a lot of people get it all wrong, they’re going in straight for the media and the media keeps changing I’ll.

Give you a perfect example in this day and age. Right now we’re reading the biggest infinite height we have ever experienced. Facebook is totally ripping off everything. Snapchats built okay, so in the coming year, snapchat might not be working as a business and that we knew it as a social media platform. Look how’s it going. Man tips for tuning in Peter, so if you are concentrating your business and growing it on snapchat, while everybody else is being drawn back to Instagram and Facebook, all right, you see when the media, you see, you see how the media is not important, and since businesses We’re concentrating on advertising on newspapers, people are reading blogs know if people are concentrating on having um, you know commercial slots on TV.

People are reading YouTube now. Okay, and if people in your brand was concentrating on advertising on radio and people are listening to podcasts now. So you really want to make sure that your message is set in stone to who that message is going in the market and if that market can’t understand that message with ever media, you can use that can change so the biggest problem that a lot of small Businesses is facing is they’re, starting off with the media chasing the media chasing Facebook chasing.

You know your Instagram chasing snapchat. Okay, if you manage to gross Facebook for one day, they’re going to come in and change the algorithm and then you’re going to go back and learn it again, but you’re neglecting what your messages you’re neglecting who you marketed? You need to concentrate delivering a message to a market that actually understands you. Market is a person who gives you money market is the person who votes for your product and market is a person who actually raises his wallet and says you know what I want.

More of what you’re, having here, take my money: that’s the market, the person who ought to be value-based, your business, the person who actually says yes, I want to have more of what you have. How are you connecting to that person? What message are you leaving into them? That’s what small businesses do not realize that base should concentrate on. Thank you. So in an agenda you say good content. I’ve learned a lot from your process.

Thank you so much. This is so fantastic Brendon, thanks for sitting and reading answers and all good. So if you’ve got your message delivered to a market once you’ve got this to setup, you will realize that you now have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable. The media can always fluctuate and change the media can be your grandmother if you want it to be. If you ever hurt your grandmother talking so much about you when she goes to play, bingo all crush sitting with the other.

Ladies, there she’s medium, but you got ta, give a message so that she delivers into a market all right. Some people are just going in to tell grandma stop that grandma does not understand. So you need to make sure your message is congruent either on all these little stuff platforms that you have you sighs social media. Everything is uniform because you know what somebody might get a chance to see your stuff today and they go away and do something else right now.

Look at this time is an illusion in Australia, as we speak, it’s 2:15 on the monday, which means we’re already halfway through a business day while where you are right now, it’s you know, you’re going to sleep alright. So if I put out something you are going to sleep right now, you will forget overnight and then tomorrow is your Monday and you’ve got a whole day to start off with now. If my message is not consistent and if my end user and this my message is not consistent and congruent, how what are the chances of you remembering what I’m just saying now, if I don’t come back again and reiterate that message, so you need to figure out What exactly you are bringing out to the market so that the market will then reward you with the walnuts, the credit cards and everything else that validates your business? Okay, because if you’re just going to be a one-click wonder you know you’re here today, you’re little more you’re here today, your head, then Murray’s doing that you’re doing that people people get tired of you and before you know it you sitting there and you you’ve got More months at the end of your money and you doing it all but you’re not realizing that you’re not reaching out to anyone, so you want to figure out if your message is particularly set to a market that understands you that likes you.

That will vote for you amongst all the other players in the market. Then, whatever media you can choose from all, you can play around with that’s up to you. It depends now. You then go into Facebook ads. You know why you don’t just target people that already know like and trust you and your eyes spread is not that much. You see what I’m talking about here when you’ve already crafted your message, and you already have a market that you can now send that message to Facebook ads in the media.

You know I mean you can then just send whatever you you created through your. You may be the blog that you got a picture on hovers at pixel and then just said ads, particularly to those people that are on that pixel. Those people already know like and trust you and it’s a cheaper way to convert okay, but other people are just praying and praying and hoping that something is going to stick. If you’ve noticed on the market right now, you are actually now getting paid to buy people’s books.

I don’t know you’ve seen those ads going around. You know give you twenty dollars I’ll, give you ten dollars, so you can buy this book. You never know. What’s going on in people’s front day, but at the end of the day he’s trying to put his message into the market now, if your message is not set in stone, you also just be a wandering generality or a one-click, wonder and that’s where most of the Problems were then stable from that are facing a lot of small businesses right now, because you know why the message is not in place and their market is not defined all right.

So this is exactly what the online prosperity blueprint is going to teach. You guys will help you capture the right kind of person figure out what pain they have and what they are they going to receive and what pay up you will receive, because if you don’t know how much a client is worth to you, it’s going to be Difficult for you to pay money to get that corner and if you know something guys anything that is offered on the market limited time on the facts.

As long as it’s going to work for a limited time, you don’t want to be a limited time only person. You want to make sure that your message is going to a specific market and that market is defined, whatever media you’re going to use YouTube Facebook Ads or whichever way that will come in secondary, because you know IR you’re going to be speaking to people that exactly Want to hear your message: you’re not only going to be performing to an empty theater, okay, so I know it’s impossible to survive as a small business person in this modern world.

You know without some sort of online and strategy, so your strategy really has to come from who you are what you can provide and who means it and who you can provide it to once you get all those things sit you can you can. You can use this example with anything. You could be an online store that sells camping gear. All right, that’s who you are! You are camping, enthusiast and you’re, going to be looking for those people that are also camping, enthusiast, okay, but also within the camping enthusiast.

You need to differentiate who exactly your target market is because, if you’re looking for that weekend camper, it’s a different message to somebody else who is a gator farmer or who is always out in the woods, hunting or a duck shooter, or something like that. So you need to figure out who exactly your market ISM once you can talk to them, you can influence them with impact and influence comes income all right.

So you want to really make sure that it’s there’s anything you’re going to get out of this talk today. Once your message, who are you sending that message to and how are you sending that message message – market media the media can play around you can turn you know you can do podcasts. You can speak on top of the mountain you can play drums if you’re African, you know, swing by trumpets, that’s the media, but what is the message you’re delivering and who wants to hear it? Okay, so sometimes people are just concerned about bringing traffic to their website.

Of course, people will come, but what are they going to come and get? What are they getting? What are they? What value are you providing into the market because you get paid in accordance to the value that you provide, so you bring in people to your website? Yes, that’s cool they’re coming in they’re coming in, but it shouldn’t they come to that party. Are you playing the right kind of music? Do you have the right kind of food for them, some of them are vegetarian, some of them are gluten-free and some of them don’t even eat anything.

That’s it. I because they are in a diet. So have you got all of those things set up for them as soon as they come to your party? Do you have strategies enough for them that, as soon as they get here, they know where the buffet table is and from that buffet tables you and literally get them too? You can literally get them to you know start. You know benefiting from your content. So half the time guys we’re not doing enough, we might think we’ve got a business, but who are we serving? What are we telling them and how are we reaching out to them? The fact is that all make sense in and as much as, yes, everybody wants to start an online business.

But what are you selling who needs it, and why should they care, so you got to make sure your your-your-your message is going to a specific market and that market connects through media. So those are the three ms that you need to be specific about as soon as you start, your business, okay and you need to have a strategy of how you’re getting those people receiving your message and why should they actually care because you got ta, let people Realize what to want they’re not going to know you existed until you go out there and let them know alright, so you want to type in blueprint so that we can start working together.

I put up a post again a little bit early after that. If you really want to figure out where you’re going, how you doing this, because we can tell when, when nobody’s really doing anything online, that I know it’s painful, I know it hurts I’ve been there. It’s not your fault. This whole thing, this whole internet is, is still too small and that a lot of people don’t realize how to play around with it.

And it’s not your fault. Okay, some people might just have a clue. Some people might just have an idea, but the principle is still the same. You really need to know what your message is, who the market is and what the media you’re going to use to reach out to them. Okay, so just type in blueprint. If you really want to get a close close up of how I’ve started creating you know really good successful people that I actually talk to and really good successful people that actually are working with me.

Somebody tell my students guys ask for this. Some of my students are any more than the Guru’s out there. You know why, because we’re not doing looking for the nice fancy schmancy, we really harvesting the core principles of marketing who or what is your message? Who needs to hear it and what media are you going to use? If you just play around that realm guys are sweaty, you will be, you know reaching the top.

You know people that are out there on the market. Anyone can come in and tell you. This works that works that works, but if you miss it, it’s not reaching on to a target market. You’ve lost a ring. Okay! Imagine somebody if you’re a girl right now, somebody comes in and wants to sell you a necktie. What are you going to do with it if you’re a guy somebody comes in and wants to sell you a bra? What are you going to do with it? You know so that’s that is you know, misguided marketing messages that are going out up there in the you know, space of the internet, then all right so either you’ve got to have a strategy or if you don’t understand it, you invest a lot of time to Learn these things? Okay time, investment is another concern that we see small business owners.

You know has a facing problems with the thing. Is you have a lot of time, but you’re not budgeting it? Well, all right you’re allowing people to send you emails, and then you look at the email, 24/7 they’re putting their agendas in your head and then you fill overwhelmed and then you don’t do nothing for your own business, unsubscribe from all that crap. How for them? You don’t even open anyway right, just unsubscribe focus on who you really want to speak to what you’re going to tell them and how you’re going to reach them.

You know how’s the house of the problem. It stems of not having a focus or not exactly knowing what it is that you’re supposed to be doing. If you were meant to be solving problems for people figure out who exactly needs your service? How can you reach out to them? So what will you tell them as soon as you and in their space, because people are busy? You know, I mean every every time you look at the what’s happening around you right now.

You might be reading this, but you’re, probably reading TV or you know your little. Kid is right in front of you or you just had a sip of water or you’re, just waiting for your middle to be ready or something is happening. No one is just going to be sitting here and waiting for prospers life show every single day and that’s what exactly is happening to your work out there in the market? Who are you sending the message to? Why should they care? How are you sending it to them? The house is completely flexible.

You shouldn’t compromise on what your message is, what you stand for and why people should care? Who are those people that you’re talking to and why should they stop whatever they’re doing and listen to you, how you reach them? That’s a figure of your imagination. Alright, because some people are just going out there with regurgitated statements with rehydrated. You know you need propositions. They’re not unique you’re, not the first person to come up with anything new people are tired, there’s no.

What is called adds fatigue. That’s why your ads are not working right now. You know why? Because people now have trained themselves not to see ads that sponsored things that shows on their Facebook they’re tired of that stuff. Alright, so I urge you, I mean teach somebody that you want to learn from trusts and experts, because people people, people like myself, people that have been there – have spent their time money and effort learning these things and they can shortcut your learning curve.

Okay by a course or just really going udemy, there’s $ 10 courses there or just you don’t look for ask me. I will help you out. If you keep doing you know, you can’t escape the situation by doing the same, but you know things that got you into that in the first place, yes, you can start off by typing in blueprint and I’ll give you a bird’s eye overview of what this blueprint Does we help you find the right kind of people to send them the right time and content, so you can engage them and convert them all right.

I want you to convert them. You e-mount connect with them so that you have perpetual business and you get more and more referrals, okay. So a lot of people are just themselves in the food and worrying about competition because of viscosity mindset figure out where exactly you want to be figure out exactly what you want to do, who you want to help and then just go out there and look for That person find out how much it will cost you.

Oh what a customer is worth to you, because, because, if you don’t talk like that, you’re not going to be aware if you’ve got to be gotten the right goals that you want for your business and that’s. Why people keep you know treading on water and then spinning their wheels in mud? There is no competition. Are they if you’ve got your own message and your own market? They are no two people who have the same thing.

They. Never any competition. Are there right? You know it’s just quite popular to do the same thing, but if you come in with something totally different, because your message is your message, your market is your market. No two people can be like at exactly the same time. You know why, because it’s just human nature, you know, and then, whichever way you’re going to use to reach out to those people, but you got to figure out what are you giving them to? Why should they care? Why should they trust you to work with you? Alright and once you’ve done that just show up for those people guys, because you cannot just be a one click one that people want to know that if they purchased something from you, are you going to be there to help them? Are you going to be there to implement? Are you going to be there to support them? Because if you’re not going to be there, then that’s why people go elsewhere? Oh, you know there’s things that are going on a run, faced with all support, small businesses and stuff, like that people want to support small businesses, but also small businesses, I’m not producing enough for showing up enough for them to to have faith in our being they’re.

Tomorrow so once you start showing your people, your market, that your present and you’re going to be consistent in saying that message, they will bring referrals to you and that then becomes your media all right, I’m more than happy to help out a few people. If you type in blueprint it’s a Monday today and maybe a Sunday for you, but you know what we’re here to help you. We really want to see you win at this and we also have another group of people that are actually getting results and getting somewhere.

So if this is something that really, you know, struck a nerve with you get in touch with me, let’s fix you up, let’s figure out what your message is: let’s figure out who your market is and let’s figure out what good media can you use to actually Reach out to these people, otherwise you just wasting money right now, otherwise, you’re just wasting time. You know why, because you’re creating something that’s not built to last, I’m here to help you create a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable.

It’s your choice! If you really want that figure out what your message is figure out, what your market is and figure out how you’re going to deliver that message that, in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Can Influencers Become Artists? Best Platform For MONEY | Keith Dorsey (@YoungGunsCEO)

I deal with a lot of these real-life youtubers in real life instagramers and sometimes the youtubers looked down on creators like instagram creators like because it’s one of my bros just shake frost and like Robbie that we’re all fresh a shout out to the shade hill.

Why are you doing this like you? Just they don’t they don’t like there’s too much work on Instagram, they believe for a little of nothing because they see it differently but like if you are creator, you were created a lot of the Instagram. I must look at the youtubers, like oh they’re, little douchebags, who do nothing and have no creativity. You know so it’s like night and day like and they battle each other.

Then it’s like clicks like. Oh, this is a youtube click Instagram Cleo. We don’t click together. Right, it’s so we’re. Like you see this blog, I can go to LA you’ll notice it but they’re all still friends, but it’s like there’s a like dial. We had the you exactly so it’s like it’s it’s night day but YouTube. Will I’ve seen it bro instagram has change lives, but I’ve seen a lot of the creators going YouTube and I mean they’re making twenty thirty thousand a month like we’ve died, read the shade like.

I saw all this do this, but I read the shade, like literally go for nothing to jump on buying a new g-wagen moving his family from one part of the LA to it, the best part of LA and we’re all the parties, because we like we’re seeing This and I’m like bro, I’m so proud of you just out of nowhere just start to blow up even Labadee, I’m running a lot of the the two girls famous ocean and kung-fu, the two sisters like they have literally they did nothing.

They went that they had like almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and they didn’t even create, but they just started to create these dope articles in like one hit, and we did a prank it actually hit. This scar last week came from a prank. She did like this prank on her boyfriend. He got really mad. He was like he’s like. I tried to get him down and this happened, but that article is about to hit a million yeah about the hit of million views.

Is that six hundred, maybe several hundred K now in like a few days and that one article has made, is making like thousands of dollars and I’m like y’all, you see if you create creating, don’t keep pumping it. She pumped the next article. It went like a hundred thousand like two hours like if using I keep pumping y’all keep pumping, keep pumping cuz, that’s money in time. Y’All have these goals yeah I want to buy g-wagen see.

I want to move your family here. Y’All want to live in these condos, it’s so easy to do because YouTube and came to become like that residual base of your life, where you know you’re going to get five thousand to ten thousand a month, and then you can go and create yeah. Just all that article in doing those articles, that’s going to make you go viral they’re already going viral just to copy. You know it’s so easy to do.

You sit here and put a ring light up and do whatever it is, and just pranks challenges vlogs like because people wanted their fans can see another perspective of their life. They see the inside. They really want to read that you know and that’s why YouTube is. If it’s hard, though it doesn’t convert, don’t think you don’t go on Instagram and didn’t blow up your YouTube. No, it’s a whole other different algorithm.

It’s a whole nother different way of doing things and once you’ve figured it out, you can master. You could really do some big things with exactly yep, because they just did one for the first time, the famous ocean kung-fu, and they had to do what’s called lash BAE with these lashes and they want it like this 30-second 10-second clip in the front, and it Was like well, it goes in the front. It’s like it was like.

How do I say it? How do I do it, so they got paid couple thousand to do that. Artists have a perspective against doing what your influencers are actually doing. Right. There’s this conversation where a lot of artists feel like you can’t translate over from an influencer to an artist. It’s not true. I don’t understand he still give themselves to believe that the proof is in the pudding blackhat. But what do you I don’t know? What do you say to the statement like? Well, it’s not true, like I know for a fact, because a lot of the because you could take in, like you notice, like a lot of the influencers, there were artists they blow it like look.

Narthex technically was an influencer troll. That’s why he does the things he does this. It is, you know, and you master and you put things out on certain platforms. It’s going to blow up and they’re really take templates. It there’s. No, I mean, even if you are not talented, you can get a writer and you can go into the development phase and get a dope beat and it can go. You know it’s just because anything can be created nowadays, but then a lot of them were really passionate about music.

So if you’re passionate about it, it’s nothing you can. They can do it, you know, and they got some good stuff in the streams in there I mean I have an influencer that I work with Lovato like he was weighing and freaking Philippines doing. He was on a YouTube stage exposed to event in a in Asia. Like from a song like, it’s crazy, got verified and blowing up as an artist and with no label. None of that just management.

Do you think so, obviously he’s moving a lot of people might not know him right, but do you think that maybe they might kill a lot of artists before they even get started by trying to see that type of popularity and for approval that you don’t really Have to have like, oh this art, what the guy you’re talking about! Oh he’s killing it and what he’s doing – and he there’s more growth to happen, but another artist might say: oh well, this is him a little baby, alright and I’m trying to be a little baby – and I here – and I want to have this this traditional type Of record level proper popularity that I’ve seen well, it’s the world is so big, and if you leave that concept alone, you’ll make you’ll do well.

You look at artists like Russ. Like live, people don’t even know who he is, but he has stadiums that are packed out and he’s making money and without being like this mainstream name, he has a main street name was like Main Street in certain niches like I never really was like it’s weird, Because the world is so big a lot of artists who power like when it come from, they have a million followers and they do a show and people show up like your fan base.

As long as you focus on catering to your fan base and everything else will take off – and it’s good to be like that little baby named or like like that uh whatever the big names, are it’s good to be that? But you know sometimes if you set your own goal and you said you get what you want like you may just your goal may just perform in front of 30,000 and make you know enough money to live like a superstar and you happy and then do that.

Somehow I don’t think something want to be like, like super super stars, but if you tell us it, you really we’re at some point it’s going to come to that point. You know it’s talent will really take you to the next level. I think that’s important. This whole idea that people are still in prison by their own, like local geography, we’re in a world where you don’t have to do that. Yeah right and you have the time when you said you got people find your families, and now you can monetize it without.

Even going in overseas, if you don’t really want to, but of course then going overseas get touring checks or yeah, whatever kind of show you can do, give you’re just an influencer, but that’s it’s interesting that people are still confined to those ideas where the door is Opening yeah, but you look in the other direction: yeah yeah, okay,

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Fashion Blogging in the Worst Dressed City in America

So when that came out, obviously we did not know is how they came up with this rating, but we are here, for one final Throwdown to you know give our rebuttal on the worst charity in America, but in reality we all five of us have fashion blogs And a little bit later on in the talk, we’re going to talk about blogging within an Asian nation, down your blog, but as an overarching theme, we all have fashion blogs, so we’re just going to discuss what it’s been like blogging in Pittsburgh and fashion.

We’ve all had blogs for different lengths of time, so we’ve experienced really different environments with that and we’re going to also finish up by giving you some tips on where we take our favorite outfit of the day pictures. So that’s sort of like a fun little thing to end the talk on so Ashley and I are sort of the hosts of this panel because we are two of the founders of a group called style, social Pittsburgh or stylish.

Pittsburgh is our hashtag and we’re. We started an event series for fashion bloggers in Pittsburgh and that’s how we got to know all of these. Ladies really well over the last year. So Ashley is going to tell us a little bit about style, social Pittsburgh, I’m Ashley Fletcher um. We are all here, like Tori, said on behalf of our blogs, but also in addition to our style, social Pittsburgh, so style social Pittsburgh.

So there were four of us on two of the girls actually aren’t here today, but there were four of us and we all have blogs and we kind of knew each other in different ways. Um and I think one of the girls Kim she was a connector to all four of us, and so we were talking and we just really wanted to get together with like-minded individuals. Because we didn’t know many bloggers in the area. And when you have people that are doing something similar, you can really be creative and bounce ideas off each other and be very innovative, and so we were like well, let’s get together.

We weren’t really expecting much because we didn’t know of many bloggers in Pittsburgh or fashion blog excuse me fashion bloggers, so we got together. We we started, you know, searching out the bloggers here locally and we found way more than we were ever expecting. So now this little networking group has created. It was the first one here in Pittsburgh, and so now we work locally with the local boutiques and we’ve got some great plans coming up in the next year and you know we like to emphasize being creative and innovative and working with each other and collaborating together.

So we can all continue to build our brands and show people that Pittsburgh is not the worst-dressed city in America. So tell us Ashley a little bit about your blog, so my blog is afternoon espresso and it’s it’s a life and style blog that I focus on my personal style for the everyday girl. I you know I try to be relatable. I try to put outfits on there that are wearable to work to going out for weekend, wear and also affordable, but don’t get me wrong.

I certainly have some high-end taste that I you know like the occasional expensive bag, but um, but I try to make everything wearable, relatable and affordable. They also do a cupcake of the month recipe and afternoon espresso. I am clearly obsessed with coffee, so you will probably find something coffee related on it as well and travel so well. My name is Tori mystic and my blog is called where wagger Pete, I just celebrated my third blog of ursery earlier this year.

On that blog, I had another blog before that, so I’ve been blogging a lot longer than three years, but where wacker Pete came about because I love fashion and I love dogs. So that is how I came up with the name and it was sort of an idea to post outfits and do outfit photos and things like that. That included my dogs and, as I was researching the concept, I found that there was a lot of people in the fashion industry, fashion, bloggers and fashionistas, who had dogs and didn’t always include them in their social media.

And, as you know, dogs are one of the most popular things on the internet, so I thought it was a really good idea to integrate them into my fashion blog and I found a lot of people who email me and say: oh, my god, fashion and dogs, Or my favorite things I am so happy to find your blog, so I do a lot of that stuff and then recently this year, starting in January, got a lot more interested in doing article.

So I also periscope about five times a week doing my daily dog walk with my dog and just talk about whatever I feel like talking about, and then I also have a new YouTube blog, where I do stylish DIYs that you can do with your dog. So I recently did one where you made, or I made pom pom gladiator sandals and a pom pom collar for my dog. So I tried to do everything work, my dog’s into everything that I do on my blog.

Does this work? Yep? Okay, it’s working hi! I’m Zoe, I have a lifestyle, blog called Zoe with love and the main takeaway from my blog is it’s fresh and feminine, very ladylike style, and I like to feature a lot of home decor as well as fashion. I think they go hand in hand with each other, so my blog is really tailored toward young. Ladies, like us, in this age range as well as young millennial moms, I feel like.

As you know, time is progressing more and more young people are having kids and either staying home or not having that outlet, maybe to feel like they’re fashionable anymore, and my goal is to show moms that you you stand, can still be fashionable and a lot of My clothing, that I feature is very relatable, easy to wear, think lots of dresses, rompers Easy Pieces, some things that don’t wrinkle as much when you’re you know you have a baby.

You have to think of clothes that you can nurse with. So there’s a lot of different things that come into it with mom related clothing, but still being fashionable. So that’s where I feature you know, that’s how I feature the clothes that I do and as far as home decor, I typically feature my house because I am a stay-at-home mom and people have this fascination with seeing inside of other people’s homes, and that seems to Be one of my more popular things that people like to get that inside look of everything.

So I do like to feature that, and hopefully one day it segues into something more, and I also like to feature flowers and gardening and things of that nature and showing DIYs how to make flowers without having necessarily to go to a florist. How you can do it yourself and you know, save some money while you’re doing that? What’s up guys, my name is Jessica Vinny. I am a transplant, don’t hate me from Philadelphia.

I’ve just celebrated my two-year anniversary in Pittsburgh. I currently live here with my husband Ben and we recently got a little puppy, opal she’s, the best ever my blog is called we, the alabaster, I’m kind of the rookie of the group. I definitely look towards these women as far as inspiration for growing my blog and kind of growing my content, my blog, is, I like to describe it as an open journal with style.

I’ve always loved the written word and handwritten words, and letters and notes always have done that all of my life, my fave, my inspiration behind my blog, is literally my mother, my freshman year of college. The day that I went off to it. She gave me a journal in which she kept every day of my senior year of high school, literally just documented every single day. It was two separate journals, and it was most amazing gift that I have to this day and so documenting with the written word is really huge for me and you’ll find a lot of stuff, I’m very written heavy, but I’m also, I know images are very powerful And I like to connect style to a lot of kind of daily inspiration.

For example, my last post was, I recently got this awesome vintage white kimono and I related it to my husband so right. That sounds weird like how are my husband and this vintage white feminine floral kimono have something in common, but I kind of tried to connect the two. I have a very different path into blogging in Philadelphia. I was all wrapped up in sports. I was in the sports industry for a very long time about seven years, probably the peak of my industry, and my time with that was.

I worked with the Philadelphia Eagles for a good amount of time, but coming to Pittsburgh kind of opened up this whole new world of change and there’s always been this side of me that loves not just fashion but individual style. I think individual style is so cool and it really opens up the door into people’s life and their journey, and I love making that connection so yeah, I’m going to pass it off to Tara, hey everyone, I’m Tara, McBride, my current blog is love.

Nothing more. I’ve been blogging, though, for a very long time. I took a bit of a hiatus for a number of years, but I actually did start blogging years ago because of the worst-dressed city ranking. I thought it was ridiculous and it infuriated me, because I had several friends who were boutique owners, friends who were stylish and interesting and really had their own kind of point of view with their personal style.

And I thought it was important for somebody to stand up and say that Pittsburgh is a stylish City and to you know, if you’re going to come to Pittsburgh there. Not only are there places to shop and buy things locally, which is really fantastic, but Pittsburgh is beautiful. It’s a beautiful city. I wanted to show off the fact that you can, you know, hang out on the riverfront. You can go walk from downtown over to the stadiums I wanted to show off, not just the fact that you can shop locally, but that Pittsburgh is a great place to be.

So that’s how I started years and years ago, the most recent iteration of my blogging experience was really you know. I was reading what was going on with fashion blogging in Pittsburgh, and I just missed it. I missed it desperately. I loved the connections that I was making with people through blogging and social media, and I wanted to be a part of what was happening. There was this great movement that that I was seeing happen and I just thought I need to be part of this again.

So I the reason that I stopped blogging was because I had gone to a new job and it’s the the industry that I work in is highly regulated. So when I first started working there, they were a little hesitant to have somebody. You know out there talking about things, even though it was just fashion, it wasn’t about the industry. So after some time with the company, I went up to my superiors, and I said you know I really miss this.

It means a lot to me. Is it something that I could get back into and they were, they were fine with it. So I started love nothing more in January and I’m so glad that I did you know I’m not creative, like all these. Ladies, are I don’t DIY, I’m terrible, I’m absolutely awful I why? But I am a working mom. I work downtown. I I have to dress conservatively for work, but you know if you, if you look at my style, there’s a lot of very conservative work clothes and then I’m like this on the weekend where you know I’ve got ripped jeans and ridiculously high heels.

So I’m kind of all over the place. I guess that’s typical Gemini right like I just cannot pick what I want to be, but really the the reason that I blog is to have memories about what’s been happening throughout my weeks or months. I can look in an outfit and say I remember that day. I remember exactly what happened that day conversations I had and I like to have that kind of a journal to keep track of those things, but I also just I love the community.

I love connecting with other people, and blogging has been you know way back when I started and to this day it has brought me together with people who, I think, are really humble, fantastic, supportive people, and so it’s been delightful to be back back into the community. All right well, thank you. So next up we are actually going to go ahead. We have a couple topics for discussion that we are going to talk about and then we’re going to open it up.

So if you guys have any questions whatsoever about blogging fashion, the industry Pittsburgh, whatever you guys, can feel free to ask. So I know Terra kind of touched on her opinion on this, but we want to ask you, ladies, what you think if you think that Pittsburgh is the worst stressed city in America and how you feel about that? Obviously I disagree. I think if I agreed it would look pretty bad so, but no, I do disagree and you know I remember when that article came out and I think I had you know I had an old blog at the time and I was you know doing a fashion Blog this was before Zoe with love, and you know, is it’s a little offensive when you’re a fashion, blogger and your city gets that that title? But I was looking you know through a lot of the cities that share this title.

Um I notice Boston is on there lining what is Boston in Pittsburgh? Have in common there’s a very strong sport culture in the city, and if you read, you know the the articles that somebody you know would write about it. It’s targeting the you know the person in the Jersey in the high socks with the converse, and you know they just you know the appearance isn’t what’s important to them in that moment, going to a sporting event is what’s important to this person, so um.

I think it’s really easy to typecast Pittsburgh as being a worst-dressed City because of the extremely strong sports culture in you know the city of Pittsburgh, but I think you know looking at it. We live here. We, you know, know what it’s like it’s to our benefit, because that’s just part of what makes Pittsburgh really great. There’s a really strong cultural thing in the city. Where there’s different segments, you have the people that are really into sports.

You have people that are really into fashion. You have people that are really into culture in the art scene. It’s there’s all these different. You know segments of the city that aren’t taken into account when somebody like GQ, you know, wants to sell a magazine. So I think you know it definitely does a disservice to the city saying that, because it’s you know neglecting to take into account a lot of other people in the city that you know they do shine and you see them – and I think now with social media And even just the Renaissance at Pittsburgh’s, you know been experiencing with all the young people staying in the city and young people coming back to the city you’re starting to see you know all these different people with individual style.

I think you know it’s like Jessa said it’s not just fashion, it’s individual styles, people that take pride and express themselves with what they’re wearing and I see it when you walk through Lawrenceville, it’s going to be different than when you go through Shadyside. You know it’s always you see the different individual style and it’s you know it is a disservice to the city to say that, because it’s inaccurate um, I think now, though you are going to start to see a lot more stronger.

You know style through Pittsburgh and you know our. I say you know a lot and I just noticed that, but I think with social media, it’s going to be to our advantage to be able to put Pittsburgh on a platform that completely debunks that title. But I all think that it’s going to be easy to get that title, because their sports are always going to be relevant here and you’re always going to have. You know those people that do just like that, and that is fine, but not everybody dresses like that, and that’s what I think about it.

I think that I’ve never really thought about it in that sense is like sports. Being I mean sports is obviously a huge part of our community, and the great thing about sports is that it does bring people together. I mean that’s the best thing about it in my opinion, and I think that a lot of people think of the fashion industry as being like a really exclusive but fashion blogging. I haven’t really felt that way and I think especially with our style social group like we’ve made just.

I know if speaking for the two of us we’ve made so many friends in the last year by doing the style, social events. So I think that that getting the title of where snow city in America or third worst dress a tea or whatever it was. It really was a reflection on how much community we have around sports, but there’s also people who, just like form, great community. I think people are so friendly here and I think that’s makes the fashion industry and fashion blogging really approachable, because we get people coming to our events, who want to start a fashion blog or want to want to post more fashion on Instagram, whatever level that you’re At I think everyone who’s in our community is really supportive of that.

It’s just like a mirror of the sports community kind of I have. I have something else to say: I love that people underestimate Pittsburgh. They do it with everything they do it with fashion, but they do it with everything. I’ve had friends who are from Chicago Philly Florida wherever and when they’ve never been to Pittsburgh and when they come they’re like oh wow. This is a really great city, so you know what it’s to our advantage: that people think that Pittsburgh’s not fashionable that Pittsburgh is not beautiful, because we we get to set the tone we get to.

We get to tell people no. This is what it’s like, and I think that we’re in a really interesting time right now, because we were changing the the conversation, we’re changing the narrative about Pittsburgh and yeah, it’s it’s just fashion, but fashion and art and music and photography. And you know the creatives are the ones that sort of drive the way that people start to look at the city. So I’m I’m happy that people think that were the worst-dressed City, that’s great fine! We’re going to prove you wrong! It’s great, I think, being a transparent into Pittsburgh.

It was interesting I had. I remember one day specifically, a good friend of mine said: why would you move to Pittsburgh and then start a fashion blog right, you’re in Philly? I was in downtown Philly like why? Wouldn’t you do it then, and I love stereotypes. It’s not so much that they’re, not true, sometimes, but it’s that they’re incomplete right and saying that we’re the worst stress city in America I think, is super incomplete.

There is. This is a small town city right. I can’t even begin to tell you people that I’ve met and then I go to a different neighborhood and I see them walking down the street. It’s incredible to me. I think it’s awesome, but just because folks, wear jerseys or just because I wear very red boots that are probably blinding you and I match the seats and the curtains it doesn’t. I mean everyone’s individual style.

It’s one person’s opinion, saying what they think style is right and Pittsburgh. I think Tara’s right. We are changing that narrative and showing that style encompasses a whole lot of things, regardless of what people say. Sports and fashion have so much in common on what drives it, and it’s kind of like a sports metaphor right. I love what you said like go ahead. Put us down at the bottom will prove you wrong right.

The best narratives and sports are the comeback stories, and I love being a part of that I feel like. I just fell into this perfect time in Pittsburgh and fashion when I first moved here finding other Pittsburgh bloggers. For me, it was really difficult, like I couldn’t find people I found bloggers, but I’m like where are you from like? Where are you from and the style credits of style, socialist credit to Kim Tory Ashley and Nicki for bringing us all together and since then I feel like really since then – and I mean I’ve had a limited time here, but people have been talking about Pittsburgh more.

It’s in their profiles, you know we’re from Pittsburgh and I think that is it’s awesome. I wasn’t born and raised here, but I’m happy to say that this has already become my home and I don’t know that I’m going to leave and that’s really I mean that’s crazy to say I never thought I would end up here. But there is a lot of things happening and to say to say to pinpoint us into this worst-dressed category I mean go ahead, it’s it’s cool, come and meet us and we’ll change your mind, but yeah it’s it’s.

It was something that I actually didn’t know until I became a part of this panel. I was like who’s this person telling us where the worst stress like city. I had no idea, and then I did a lot of research and terror actually was quoted in 2011. Coming back at and she’s still fighting the good fight, and I love that about her but yeah, I think it’s it’s an incomplete and I love being a part of this group of people.

These are, ladies, that I don’t know that I would have met if it weren’t for blogging and that community is it’s. It’s strong and we’re only getting stronger for sure awesome um. Can I ask you guys a follow-up question around the whole concept of big fish in a little pond? How do you feel about fashion blogging in Pittsburgh versus doing it in like New York or London or Paris, or something like that? I love this question so and I think sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint us is not maybe having that mecca for fashion bloggers, because a sheer volume right, we’re a smaller city and in Philadelphia in New York and LA you.

Just have this plethora, and it’s just so vast that yeah eventually someone’s going to break out to the top a lot quicker, maybe then in cities. But I think it’s I think I mean you’re looking at some girls that have some amazing amazing following and have an amazing brand for themselves, and I think all we have to do is keep on keeping on and eventually we will get. There might be slow and steady, but eventually we will get there and we will put Pittsburgh on the map as having some, like amazing content creators, and it’s not just us fashion bloggers as Tara was saying.

There’s amazing photographers here. There are amazing creatives here. One of my favorite keep Pittsburgh dope if you’ve seen that I’m sure you have how inspiring I love that he’s kind of bringing that street style to Pittsburgh movements like that as long as we’re supporting each other, I mean we’re going to be unstoppable and Pittsburgh will Be on the mat bed – some I mean it already is, but for a fashion blogging we’ll be yeah.

I have no problem chiming in what do I think about being a blogger in Pittsburgh versus in New York or Paris or London. The community here is so supportive of each other. I have always felt like if you have an idea in Pittsburgh. People are going to rally around you, they are just like and you don’t get that same sense of community in a city like New York or London or Paris, because they’re so big because they’re these mecca’s, and so it’s really.

What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish and who are you, and I think that I am Pittsburgh – I I don’t want to be in New York. I don’t want to be London. I like what Pittsburgh stands for. I like that, we’re a Midwestern, Rust, Belt kind of a city that people wrote off and – and I think that there’s something about the way that we rally around each other. You know Pitt girl, always talked about how how important the community in Pittsburgh was for itself.

Right, like we just supported each other, and she was always so right on with that stuff. You know the same sentiment that we have about our sports teams. We have that for everything, that’s Pittsburgh based and I think that’s what’s really beautiful about our city versus somebody else. I’ll add some to that um. I definitely love blogging in Pittsburgh versus if I were in a bigger city – and it’s like these girls said when I have an idea or something crazy, I’m thinking of it’s realistic.

I can approach a boutique and pitch them an idea and I’ve had it where it happens, and nobody necessarily maybe knows who I am from that realm, but they’re open to it, because people are very down-to-earth and friendly here and people do want to collaborate with you Here and work together and do cross collaborations to promote each other, especially women in business. I’ve noticed, especially in the fashion industry in Pittsburgh.

Same thing goes with bloggers. I don’t know if I could say that I would have met the people I’ve met if I was in a really big city – and you know, nationwide fashion blogging is very competitive. It’s saturated and I feel like within our community. It feels like we have something special and you see other people, for example, in Austin they’re like is there any Austin bloggers? Can I meet somebody, you know and you realize, and you notice, like not everybody has what we have going on and I do think it’s something really special that it’s native to Pittsburgh and there’s a reason for that all righty great answers, ladies okay.

So next topic of discussion, so what social media platforms do you find most effective for a fashion blog, okay, I’ll go again, I’m a highly visual person fashion blogging is highly visual, so my main focus is on social media or Instagram and Pinterest Instagram. I I treat it as a mini blog. I have you know gotten more followers from there who are interested in you and interested in your brand, and you can keep them engaged.

Even if you necessarily don’t have a blog post going up every day. It’s you have to stay on top of it. You have to be doing it all the time and always thinking about it and serving it as a part of your blog. It’s an extension of that so instrument play is a very big part, the other you know. I said Pinterest and it’s because pins Pinterest is very visual. You know content related you. If you use Pinterest correctly, you can get a ton of traffic more than Google.

Even you know you can get one thing to go viral and you’re set with traffic. Coming to your block, and then it’s your you know it’s your chance to get them to stay there, so Pinterest and Instagram. As far as, if you’re doing something that’s content that has a high visual, I would definitely focus on theirs and that’s not to say anything. You know negative about Twitter, Facebook. I have those as well, but I’ve focused a lot on my visual content and going through those two strategies and then, as far as with the social media, it’s the whole other aspect of it is keeping up with it, because it’s constantly changing Instagram and Pinterest.

Just change their algorithms, so it’s honestly teaching yourself how to use these to your advantage and educating yourself strategies how to get yourself out there. But those are my two favorites and then with Instagram hash tagging is really important. You can use, I think, 29 or 30 hashtags so use them. Do not waste a hashtag use as many as you can and geotag. When you’re in Pittsburgh. People find you like that people are always looking for other Pittsburgh people other Pittsburgh bloggers.

I used the stylish Pittsburgh hashtag Pittsburgh, bloggers, hashtag and I’ve actually met and made relationships with people from that. So it’s crazy, but it just we’re in a different time like that’s the norm now so I’ve gotten used to it. So I am a relative newbie. I wouldn’t say a newbie on Instagram, but in January, when I started my blog, my second vlog I decided to put a higher emphasis on Instagram, and so you know I found some editing.

Apps Snapseed is a really great editing app for your photos. It helps you control levels, it can help you crop or rotate, or it’s a pretty powerful app and it’s it’s nice to be able to take a photo with my iPhone. It’s a pretty good photo, but then to kind of refine it a bit. Give it the tone and the field that I want, and so I have really tried to emphasize Instagram a bit more. I do use Pinterest quite a bit, but I don’t use it as much to promote my own blog.

I repin a lot and I’ve gotten a pretty strong following on Pinterest, because I just I mean I’ll literally take 10 or 15 minutes, while I’m waiting for dinner to cook and I’ll pin like mad anything that I like, and it’s been very helpful to to get A following, and then I still use Twitter, I still use Facebook, I just got onto snapchat and it’s I really got on snapchat because of this one who keeps trying to talk to me while I’m up here, because my friend said that kids really love snapchat, because I just thought: forget: snapchat, it’s right, I’m never going to get it and now I’m obsessed.

So, oh and that’s that’s kind of what happens, and I I agree with Zoe hashtags on Instagram, especially are your friend the one thing that I will say about Instagram that I have found since I’ve really put more of a focus on it. That really frustrates me is the follow to get a follow and immediate unfollow. It drives me bonkers if you want to grow your following on any social media platform. I believe very very strongly in a highly engaged follower who is interested in what you have to say versus quantity, and I never noticed it until I again started focusing on Instagram and I would I would start following somebody who would follow me as like.

Oh, I, like your feed and then two days later they unfollowed me and it it just really rubbed me the wrong way. I have to say I’m a little bit of an OG but uh. I still believe very very strongly in engagement in creating content that people want to consume versus gathering a whole bunch of people. I just think it’s really important to yes pic paying for exposure having a boost post that, I think, that’s all, that’s all great, but I still feel very strongly about the content.

It needs to be there in order to have an engaged. You know good solid following who’s, going to stick with you and really rally for you when, when you’re, when you’re posting so yeah, the big four I mean we all know they’ve done a great job of explaining Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Facebook. I think Instagram for us is like the mecca for me, where my blog has a little bit more writing to it. I’m really loved and I’ve found a lot of great interaction on an app called stellar stellar stories.

You can hashtag it on Instagram. They feature a ton. I’ve actually been featured myself. It is, if kind of Zooey said it’s very much a mini blog. So it’s a very career. Creative community you’ll find a lot of photographers on there and it’s creating a story through various pictures. Various different, like word, options they have like six or so different ways that you can present your story and you literally click on a story and you kind of swipe through like a book and they don’t let you have more than 15 slides or so.

But it’s a great way to introduce folks into my initial blog posts, because sometimes you might read the first paragraph or you might see a word or two and then you’ll see my pictures and you’re like that, doesn’t relate at all. So it’s a great way for me to kind of pull in and I found a great amount of engagement from that and obviously everything is connected and the one thing that I have found with social media and I worked in marketing in Philly for sports.

So the one thing engagement is huge right and you have to realize that every platform is different in the way that you present. Information on each platform needs to be different and I fall victim to this all the time, because time is of the essence, and I just share everything from one platform right, so my Instagram, I share it to everywhere, but I find I have way more engagement. If I’m organically posting to Facebook – and I prime it to my facebook following or I organically post an Instagram – and I prime it to that – I’m definitely I fall victim to it all the time where I just kind of post the same exact wording, the same exact Picture whatever it may be to all blogs, but engaging with folks at different platforms have different views.

Different content translates to people differently on those platforms and so figuring out. It’s more time, but I mean again anything worth doing – is going to be hard but kind of individualizing toward those platforms, I think, for me, has been really a big focus moving forward. Well, I am very visual as well. I am very big on Pinterest and Instagram again, you got you, ladies explained it very well.

The big thing that I can maybe give advice to anybody would be to create a brand for yourself and it’s like they were saying. You know it’s an extension of your blog, so your blog has a brand and you want that to flow through your Instagram. You want people to you want to find people that enjoy what you’re putting on there, because it’s all about your audience and you you want to make your audience happy, and so you know I’m going to stick with my brand and a particular palette, or maybe you Know particular style, like my style, is different than some of your styles.

So if maybe I went on there and I posted something – maybe that Torrey would post my readers might be like whoa. What is she doing because it’s not necessarily part of my brand, so it’s very important to figure out what your brand is and stick with that and carry that through all of your social media blogs. So I do a lot of article which you guys didn’t touch on at all, but I am on periscope all of the time and have found that it’s a really engaged community over there and I’ve found followers or viewers on my periscope who have have told me That they tune in every day, you know on periscope, you can read a rebroadcast, you don’t have to read everything live, so I’ve had viewers, say that they’re in Australia and they when they wake up my broadcasts from the previous day it’s available and, and they always Read my broadcast and they’ll come over and follow me on Instagram and one of my periscope followers followed me on Instagram that you follow me on snapchat and then he’s like.

Please follow back, follow back and I didn’t follow him back originally, because his Instagram account was marked as private, and I don’t really like to follow private accounts, because that’s not why I’m really on moron they’re, like for my blog and for traffic and branding and things Like that, but I followed him and now he sends me like all these, like private messages like asking how my dogs are and stuff, so I found that the periscope people really get to know you at a different level through article than they do through photos and The written word so I have found it to be really really great for engagement, but I’m really focused on article.

So this kind of leads into my next follow-up question for you guys and you all sort of touched on it a little bit. But what do you find to be the most engaging type of content? Obviously Zooey. You talked about photos, everyone, if you’re a fashion, blogger everybody posts, photos but doesn’t make a difference for engagement when you have more thoughtful text, or do you just prefer to post 25 photos what works for you? Well, what works! For me, the text is very important with the photo copy is next to you know.

Photography copy is very important a lot of times when I’m thinking of the photos I’m going to post or you know what I’m taking a picture I’ll have a caption. In my mind already – and it’s all one – you know it’s like a circle, so I do think that makes a huge difference when you’re, for instance, putting something on Instagram and you’re trying to sell something, people can sniff it out when you’re not being authentic.

You have to take the time to think about what you’re writing you have to keep. It simple, keep it straight to the point, but it has to be in your voice and that’s another thing that goes with your brand. You find your brand, you find your voice and you stay consistent with that when you say something like oh look at this shirt you can buy it from here is just on sale. If you have a little bit more flavor to it, people are more likely going to look at it.

If it sounds, organic people are more likely to engage asked about it. They’re not just going to what you swipe through there’s so much clutter that people are just going through going through and just trying to you know, eat as much content as possible. So you have to try to make yourself stick out and writing copy is very important. You can have a great picture, and you know if you don’t have as great as a line under it.

It might not read as well, whereas you can have a really simple picture of a flower and if you write something meaningful it’ll get people’s attention and the same thing goes with the blog post. You know you can post 25 pictures but then not say anything. So there’s no personality behind it and people do want more. I think for myself I like to keep it short and sweet to tell maybe a little story in there talk about.

You know the reason I’m doing what I’m doing through my eyes. Through my perspective and people relate to that a lot more, so it’s about making things relatable, organic, organic and authentic and taking the time to not only think about the photography but the words that go with that yeah. It’s like a team right so text and visuals they’re, they’re, interconnected right. They work together. For me, quality quality over quantity is really huge.

I try to do a variety of different pictures when I write, but I also try to sprinkle them throughout the writing right. We are oversensitive like we are just have so much media going on and we constantly need our attention to be being kept so breaking up. For me, I have a lot more text, but breaking it up with very impactful pictures, whether it’s the scenery, whether it’s the position, whether it’s the outfit for me, is really important.

It’s it’s definitely one. I can’t have one without the other for sure, even though I would love to just write, I would love to just write sometimes, but there are other people where your audience is going to react different. Well, it’s going to what I want to say accept things differently. So there’s some people that they cat – I catch them. First, with the photo and then they’ll read, there’s other people that will read and then kind of play into the photos.

So, like I said, you can’t have one without the other for sure that my content gets different people liking different things. So if I take, you know a shot of guys way up on a skyscraper cleaning, the windows with the blue sky and the background I’ll get a lot of in tag it with all my Pittsburg tags versus outfit of the day and fashion bloggers. All that sort of stuff I get a very different kind of reaction and a different set of followers who engage with that photo versus something from my blog or you know that features me in some way.

So you know it’s really. I I just kind of post what I feel like posting. I you know this, isn’t this isn’t how I make a living? It’s something I do as a creative outlet. So for me it’s all about expressing how I’m feeling in a given moment – and if I don’t have anything to say, then I don’t say anything I used to have a blog that was a daily. It was every single day, an outfit post and I felt confined to hosting every day, and I found myself getting really burnt out on writing and taking the photos and spending time in the evening.

Trying to you know, get everything edited and written and posted and then promoted, and I just it I felt like I was on a gerbil wheel, so the the second iteration with the blog I said to myself a you’re going to have somebody else. Take your photos. No more for me, it was no more tripod remote. You know trying to find a wall that was this high. That could take my photo for me, and that means that there’s coordination involved and it takes more time and it takes more effort, and it takes.

You know making sure my calendar jives with my photographers calendar, and that means I don’t post every day anymore and I don’t write as much anymore because I just don’t necessarily have as much to say and I’m ok with that for the most part. Sometimes I look around and I see what other people are doing and I get I can. I can feel myself getting. You know questioning whether I’m doing the right thing and and shouldn’t I be doing in a different way, and then I have to remind myself no.

This is this is how I want to express myself and stay true to that. For me and – and I think that’s what’s important – you’re going back to something Zoe said about having an authentic voice. That’s your own! You need to figure that out and it can evolve right. It can be something one month and something completely different another month, but you know find out what you want to say and how you want to say it and the people who want to follow you will they’ll, find you and and they’ll be your advocate.

So just kind of stick to who you are alrighty well, we are actually cutting it close to time. So we have two other topics of discussion, but we want to see if you guys have any questions first, since we are so close on time, we want to make sure we answer them for you. So yeah welcome one of the things that you know. We have emphasized the hashtagging when you’re on your social media and you’re talking about maybe, if you’re on Twitter, giving tech tips even as bloggers.

We definitely need some tech tips, so you know that’s one way you can do it. Another way is, if you know somebody that might be in the industry, or that has a podcast in another location, don’t be afraid to reach out to them, even if they have a million followers, or you know, million views or whatever just just reach out to them, Because, honestly, you never know when someone’s just going to respond and at the end of the day they may have a lot of views and followers, but they’re just people too, and they were they had a starting point.

Also – and so you know, I’ve reached out to some really large bloggers and you’d be surprised that and who responds and you know, sometimes they don’t that’s, okay, but there’s plenty of people to reach out to I agree I would get get deep down in the hashtags, Because that’s how we found most of the fashion bloggers that we wanted to tell about style, social Pittsburgh and our events. You know we would just look at the geo tags for Pittsburgh and see if people were posting outfit photos and then look at their account and see if it did have a lot of fashion on it and maybe send them a DM saying.

Hey, do you know about style, social Pittsburgh or the stylish Pittsburgh hashtag? So it is a little bit tedious in that sense, but personally, reaching out with an email or a DM or something like that will get you really far mm-hmm. I’m really quick. I think Facebook groups could be really helpful too. I know for fashion blogging, there’s something I’m not familiar with. You know podcasting, but you can find some really good.

Facebook groups and people are really active and talking about what they’re doing on there any other questions whoo. I’m going to add something: oh yeah um always be ready to have a have a business card ready like good, old-fashioned networking that has led me so far and made relationships when you’re traveling. Sometimes I know it’s vacation or whatever it may be. You’re visiting a friend have they have those business cards ready and if you hear a part of a conversation or if you meet people, let them know about it.

Tara said something that really hit me hard when we were prepping for this, and it was don’t be afraid to promote yourself like don’t be afraid, it’s it’s sometimes it’s. It is difficult, it’s difficult to put yourself out there, but that face-to-face connection. It’s going to be remembered so always always be on the lookout, sometimes the most random interactions when you’re traveling or when you’re just walking down the street or conferences like this they’re, going to lead to something special you’re welcome any other.

That is a great question. So for me you know your terms of success are different. For me, in terms of success, for me is my pageviews and like people, like repeat people, that come back to my blog and people. That comment on my blog one of my favorite posts that I ever did got the most comments on my blog and fell so flat on social media. It was insane, but to me that was the most successful post that I ever had a good thing in.

That is when she, when you have someone that comments, when your blogger gets a thoughtful comment, wherever it may be, make sure to interact with that person and tell them whether it’s don’t just give them a thank you and like a little winky face kissy face like Tell them why you know. Thank you so much for reading this part of my blog. When you’re writing. You know people are going to take a little bit more time with your blog, and so you should give them that respect back and give them a little bit more time, or even I mean if someone writes a really nice comment on my blog and they leave It their blog.

I make sure I take the time and read theirs back. You know what I mean, and in that comment back to them I might say something about theirs or I make sure to go and interact with them. Interaction is huge when it comes to writers like hashtag. I’m writing is a huge community across multiple multiple platforms and that hashtag leads to a lot of like worrier interactions and things of that nature. So it definitely takes a little bit more time, but that’s how you kind of you people get invested then, and that’s to me is more than anything yeah.

I also try to think about my posts, as I’m planning out my content schedule for the month about what is going to be like a long tail post and what is going to be like a briefer engagement. So, for example, something that’s about, like top shoe trends. For fall 2016: it’s only going to be relevant to people for a few months, but if I post about like, if I just want to change the headline slightly to just say my favorite fall shoes or something that could be something that people might come back to.

Every year, and that’s a really specific example, but it’s I do use like headline analyzer that you can find on Co schedules website. It’s a free headline, analyzer that sort of tells you how good your headline is for SEO, and I also use the Yoast SEO plugin and I not every post is going to be a long tail post, but you do want to make sure you have enough of Them in there and that you’re just being thoughtful about how you phrase things so that they are more evergreen content and that gets more organic traffic anyone else they look up to you in general and the last one.

What would you say give you a quick answer? Some of my favorite fashion bloggers would be Atlantic Pacific. She doesn’t write a thing. It’s all photos sincerely Jules Carla’s closet. You know there are tons of Pittsburgh local fashion bloggers who do really incredible things. Obviously you can look at the stylish Pittsburgh hashtag the covert. Oh yeah tour yeah, and what was the last part of your question? What do we see fashion going? Well, I have to say style.

4. 1. 2 is a really fantastic movement right now. We’re there we’re having the community is having a discussion once a month around a particular topic in Pittsburgh fashion and it’s Minh 3. Now right and I participated in one that was the good, the bad and the ugly. So we’re like literally talking about everything in a small forums 10 to 12, maybe 15 women or men talking about what’s happening in Pittsburgh, and I think that at the end of this you’re going, we are going to have a really robust document that outlines what’s going On in Pittsburgh fashion, what are we missing? What do we need to do to fill gaps, to keep those creative minds that want to do fashion in Pittsburgh here and support them in some way, and so I’m really excited about what’s happening with style.

I went to because I think that we’re going to have a really great SWOT analysis at the end of it that we can actually use as an actionable document. So if you’re at all curious, just Google sigh will for one too and you’ll you’ll see, what’s been going to talk to Alicia yeah she’s here and there are within those discussions, we there’s local designers, there’s vloggers. Obviously, people who work for corporate fashion companies that are based in Pittsburgh, like American Eagle or ModCloth or route 21 things like that, and I think something that a lot of you are talking about as a desire to have fashion manufacturing in Pittsburgh.

So there’s there. It’s really all over the place in every different corner of the fashion market. People are interested in growing every direction, I would say, vintage is really taking off. We’ve had some awesome vintage stores. Opening juju is one. There is another one in the gentleman’s store is escaping. My name right now, but Lawrenceville is kind of like a mecca for some upcoming vintage stores and that like kind of repurposing – and I think, vintage also lends itself to like some really daring outfits and it’s just kind of how people merge decades.

So I think that’s kind of cool I’ve really seen an emergence in that in Pittsburgh. Just in the little time that I’ve been here, I think it is 159, so Mike’s going to kill us if we don’t get off the stage here. There’s another session coming in. It’s two o’clock, but thank you guys so much. Thank you to our panel. If you’re interested in this topic, please check out stylish Pittsburgh hallways anymore questions.

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Social Media Marketing 101 – “Branding.” #RealEstateRobotArmy

Now, when I talk about the idea of branding I’m saying that you want to attach your business or your identity to a certain brand, like me, my name is Larry Lee and I’m in the mortgage business, but I call myself Larry the mortgage guy. I also talk about the cells disruptor right because I’m actually bringing myself to you guys these sales community.

Now, why is that important? Well, you want to associate yourself with something that’s easy to remember: okay, that’s what branding really is okay and you got to be consistent about it. So, every single time you read my articles, you notice, I introduced myself. This is Larry the mortgage guy, yourselves, disrupt it. Every single time right so by doing that you’re kind of subliminally speaking to the audience that this is the brand that you represent.

This is who you are right now. How do you take advantage of that? Well, on your personal page, you probably should mention that or put something like that, so maybe on your list of jobs or list of businesses or whatever you should put your brain on it. I also have, if you look at my profile, it says literally in the parentheses. It says it says your mortgage insider right, because I actually have a article blog called your mortgage insider again, another brand right, but anything to associate myself with something easy to remember.

I’m not telling you to pummel your entire, you know profile picture and your cover photo with you know, logos and and your brand. That’s not what I’m saying you can if you want, but what I’m saying is that you need to choose something. That’s easy to remember and make sure you present it every single time you interact with someone right. You know. I don’t even talk about more years when I’m talking to you guys, but I say I’m Larry the border guy.

That way, you know I do more. Yes, even though I’m not talking Amy about mortgages, okay, that’s what I mean by branding you’re, literally just associating yourself with an idea or a thought, or something easy to remember and you’re consistently pushing it out there. So people can remember it. Okay and if you put up pictures and such that are visibly, you should probably get a logo like that. You know at the mortgage guy or whatever right and another thing about branding is your pages.

You should share content from those pages to your personal page, with your brand, so you’ll notice that a certain post I post on my personal page and certain post, I post from my business page, which says literally the mortgage guy, okay and also check in if you Can that will again push your brain out there? Okay and that’s about it. So you guys any questions. Give me a call or text me email me whatever you want.

This is Larry the mortgage guy yourselves disrupter,

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