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Social Media for Service– Can Businesses Make It Through without Social Network?

It is time for businesses to consider utilizing social media, however their considerations should be based upon 2 independent situations. First, what kind of impact do social networks have on businesses? Second, what sort of effect can businesses expect without social media? The impact that social networks has on service varies, however it’s been kept in mind that nearly 80% of SMBs or medium-sized and small services have actually reported an increase in traffic with the assistance of social media websites. However, this is not a trusted statistic alone to ensure one’s success on using social networks for organizations.

Various surveys have been carried out on the number of individuals that use social media websites and the method they can affect marketing techniques. For beginners, Coleman-Parkes Research revealed that 84% of American business felt the desire to create new methods to communicate with their customers, consisting of social media and mobile marketing. If you take those numbers into consideration alone, you are missing out on out on a lot of prospective leads and traffic by avoiding out on social media

In an old study done by the 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study, the statistics revealed interesting information which should be kept in mind by company owner.
-60% of American residents use social media.
-90% of those noted that businesses should have social media presence
-85% of those noted that businesses ought to communicate with their customers through social networks.

Customers that were surveyed also indicated that companies need to utilize social media for the purpose of:

  • Problem resolving (43%).
  • Obtain feedback and remarks (41%).
  • Customer interaction with business (37%).
  • Market to consumers (25%).

These outcomes ought to be sufficient for company owner to consider the use of social media. If their consumers desire them on social media websites, it’s already an indication that they too want to reach to businesses. It’s an indication that services require social media since their clients are currently there. All they actually need to do is sign up, develop an account, put pictures, upgrade continuously, and they’re all set for life.

At this state, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay for a very long time.

It is time for services to consider using social media, however their considerations need to be based on two independent circumstances. The impact that social media has on organization differs, however it’s been noted that practically 80% of SMBs or medium-sized and small businesses have actually reported a boost in traffic with the aid of social media sites. These results ought to be more than enough for organization owners to think about the usage of social media. If their customers desire them on social media sites, it’s already a sign that they too want to reach to businesses. It’s an indication that organizations require social media because their customers are already there.

Social Media and Customer Service

Even if you have a great social media strategy for your business. Customer service is key! The video below has great tips for your business to exceed your clients expectations.

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ActiveCampaign tutorial: Explaining Email Marketing For 2020!

I want to show you how and why I’m using active campaign for my email marketing software, okay. So what is email marketing? First, okay, email marketing is just sending automated sequences or emails to your customer list. Okay, so email marketing is extremely important because in the day of the age of data right, the customer list is the only thing that you kind of own. Okay, you don’t own your YouTube, blog! Okay, you don’t own your Facebook page, you don’t own your Instagram page! Okay, these things: if the service provider Facebook shuts you down because they don’t like you somehow or like YouTube, there’s only like venue for some reason, you cannot have access to your customers right, so email marketing is extremely important and it’s the entire backbone of your online Business because you can basically email your list and generate money for free, okay, you don’t have to pay Facebook or Google additional money to get in front of your audience right, okay, to be fair, like nowadays, email marketing is like 30 percent.

Open rate is considered good right, so if you have a list of like 10,000 people, only 3000 of them open up your emails. Okay, but like this, that’s the trade-off. You got to do right. You just got to write better emails, okay, so email marketing is extremely important. For that reason, okay, and you definitely need it okay. So why do I personally use activecampaign, okay, uh? Let me show you okay, so like, for example, in this case study article that I have so I ran a marketing agency and obviously help businesses grow at their business.

True face wet right, so I’m using active campaign here – and you can see my opt-in form and this this opt-in form goes into my automation, right here, which I’ll show you later on as well. Okay, so basically I was looking at the prices and like do a lot of Investigation, because I like to investigate things before I buy right so um you can see here right. Active campaign like when the contacts size is small is actually a bit a tad more expensive than other service providers.

So I was looking at get response as well as looking at MailChimp, okay and like MailChimp, like $ 25 per month at 500, right like which, which makes no sense, because milchem is like free for 2000 subscribers, but after a while it gets extremely expensive. So if you, if you thought that you could still on MailChimp right, I would suggest you go and look at their product. Their pricing page first before you buy their premium plan because eventually you’re going to have to buy the premium plan.

If you’re going to do professional email marketing and run a build real business, okay, so compare that to get response right. Your response is quite similar in terms of pricing, but when the society emails list size increases over time, get response is actually more expensive directive campaign. Right, so energy active campaign has more powerful automation, features which I’m going to show you this article as well.

Okay. So if you can see here right, if I scroll all the way back and I want to grow my list size too big right, so you got ta expect your list is going to grow okay. So, for example, at like 75,000, you paid two hundred nine. Two hundred ninety nine dollars per month, but on uh there’s no, seventy-five thousand right. So, let’s just compare fifty thousand okay. This is compare one hundred thousand right at 100 thousand you’re paying 369 for a detective campaign and you’re paying $ 4.

99 per month. For your get response: okay, chop-chop months 24 months – it’s still, it’s still like more expensive right. So like that you can kind of see. Okay, if you pay at 24 months, it’s cheaper right, but you can kind of see right that in terms of pricing wise, they kind of get you at the small amount. But at the big amounts, it’s it’s more expensive and then for for MailChimp as well. It’s like, if I literally just go up to I like 40,000, like it’s already more expensive, so no jobs, actually not that cheap.

I would say right: they actually have Enterprise pricing plan and it’s expensive, okay. So that’s kind of reason. Why use active campaign? And specifically, it’s the website tracking that I use as well. So I want to show you that, okay, so how do I I want to go through a few things about active campaigns such as in any email, marketing software? There are these okay. So let me just explain: there’s like lists lists segmentations, which is basically you have people and emails coming in to your list.

Okay, and you can segment those peoples based on different tags. Tags are things where certain actions that people take and then you can tag a person and they are basically in a separate list right. So, for example, um in my opt-in list right here right, for example, if I’ve email and then I say I ask: do you have how much is your business making right and then um that that tag right says: okay, 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 right so different tags? You can also segment your list into different tags, so people who have 50 thousand dollar businesses or 100 thousand dollar businesses in different lists right.

You can send them according to different tags. Okay forms. Okay, what are forms forms are basically these things right here and you can customize your forms to anything you like so give me one. Second, I’m just going to forms okay, so forms are how you collect your your email, addresses and stuff, and if you can see here right, I can customize my email address and the tower forms I want to put so first name last name for summer.

I just want to drag and drop and I can just drag and drop. My last name right there. If I want a custom field which is basically a custom question or whatever, for example, is a are you? Are you happy? Okay, I just press, add yeah. Okay, don’t know where is it it’s a bit awkward yeah like like that you understand why at midnight you can put in a custom field and custom questions that you want to ask ask questions, sorry that you can ask your customer before they opt into the lead Form, okay, hopefully, did that make sense.

Okay, next one is website tracking, so website tracking is very important, because I can, for example, if a customer goes to this page. So, for example, if a customer goes to this page and I already collected that email, then I can send them a specific email sequence based on that right. So if I know for somebody in commerce right, for example, if there’s a product pitch that sells this highlighter right here, okay, I can send them a specific email sequence to people who have visited that highlight lighter pitch right.

So I want to educate the customer about how to use the highlighter, how much the pricing is or what are the different highlights that we sell rights. Okay, you see how powerful it is right. So how I generally use website tracking is for me right. Is it in my automations, which is why I’m going to go to go through Nexus all right, so people who have already booked into my my calendar? They will go through a next page.

Okay, and the next page is: is this URL right here? Okay, they will go into a pitch that will show my case study okay, so they will read this article and afterwards their Walker called me. Okay, if they do not book a call yeah, if they do not book a call, then I’ll keep sending them emails. Okay, so if you can see here right, if they have never visited this URL right here, which is the Booker call page, I will keep sending them emails to like educate them about my service product and tell them, and I urge their attempt to book a call.

Okay, so it’s I don’t know, this is just wasn’t for me. I guess, but you can see, add up the power of automation and at the features that you can do right. So if they have visited this page but not another page, you can do another if-else condition all right. So if you can see here, I click onto this. How would you like to split this automation right here? People who have has not visited this URL right here.

Then I will continue on to this flow right here. Yes, they don’t send my email right, then I’ll wait one day and then, if they still have not booked a call, then yes I’ll, send them a second email and so on and so forth. Right, hopefully, that make sense to you: okay, other conditions that we have, for example, is like and all right, it’s like a condition if they are in the United States, for example, then I’ll send an email right right, citing event data has not visited this one.

Okay, total normal page visits right so, for example, if they visited the page multiple times, I know they are interested in product right, so I can keep sending and sending them things, and you can see right. You can be very creative in your automations and flows as well. Maybe I show you something else. Actions has not clicked on has forward has replied, did not submit form waiting on goal right.

It’s in custom face in facebook, custom audiences right, so active campaign also connects with Facebook so that if they actually come into a custom audience pocket right, you can retarget those people and send them specific email sequences based on that. Okay, so like it’s very, very powerful and you can try out yourself, but basically because active campaign is designed for oops, I mean yeah, you can basically customize your your email campaigns according to you, what you like right, so you can see here right if I scroll The way down – and I just want to build something out for you so for some – I literally just press plus – send an email, select my email, safe, okay and then like email, just email.

It goes in right. So, okay, you see how in a sense simple, it is okay. Let me just delete this email right, yeah yeah. Can you see how simple this is a literal drag-and-drop builder, but for email? Okay, so hopefully that makes it okay, the next one like to. I guess the last thing I’d like to show you is a mineral broadcast emails, so men are broadcast. Is that the same as they three any other email autoresponder out there, but yeah it’s just sending emails, but I want to show you how the page builder actually looks like so, for example, if I wanted, I just create a campaign right, yeah, okay, the output campaign In and for some output test, I put stand it.

Okay, let’s select my list right here. Press next, okay I’ll choose a template from before. So, for example, I use this template and just put test press Continue, yeah, and so you can see here right. It’s um! Okay avoid my crazy face, but basically it’s is that very drag-and-drop email builder so, like any anybody can figure it out right. So, for example, here right I have my image. I want to put a link to my YouTube article.

If someone clicks this image right here, they will go and read my youtube article: okay yeah. This is just text right. If you wan na insert anything, guess literally drop. So, for example, if I wanted a button, what I want to click right, scroll button click here read article no okay, I’m not going to customize the button, but you can customize button and you can see right. It’s very reasonable. It’s very, very simple, stuff! Okay, you can obviously create very fancy emails as well, putting graphics, graphic designs, social links.

They are Facebook and whatever, but I prefer to keep it simple okay, so this is just me yeah, okay, so you can insert your articles, library, RSS feed, for example. Instead of article right here that put the youtube link: okay, then yeah! Okay, then obviously you can also schedule out your emails. So if, if you are writing your emails beforehand and now you’re sending them at a later date right, you can come in here.

You screen scroll down, you press scheduled press on choose the date specific date, for example, if want to send on the 28th 17:5 558 Singapore time, and I can press finish okay and then it will. It will send out whenever this right, so you can pre, send your emails as well. Okay, seven exit, okay! So like, hopefully, you get what I mean by this, and the reason why you need to really focus on email right is because it’s going to be your most profitable Channel right.

If you don’t believe me, you can go and find out all the internet marketers who do this. Okay, like email marketing, you are able to extend their lifetime value without paying Facebook and Google and additional amount of money. Okay, they own all the traffic. It’s ok, but all you’re trying to do is together. You’ll get your customer list so that you can send out emails. You can advertise to them without paying Facebook and Google in the future.

Okay, the goal of the email list right is because eventually, if you want to sell your business, for example, okay, you can sell the email list together of it and your your new, multiple on your business will be many many times fall and the reason why is That is because the excess to the customer is the most important thing in every business right. If there’s access to the customer, a person will pay for it.

Okay, not only that, for example, if you are so low in time, mocktail or whatever right and then you want to sell info products or you know, sell ecommerce or whatever right or you wan na recommend it cost affiliate marketing sorting right. This is suitable for you, because you can send your list valuable information and, if they buy from you, then that you can use email marketing as well. Okay, so hopefully this gives you an entire sensing of why email marketing is important and how you can use it, and I, like the campaign, it’s just like the software.

I use right so, if you’re, only if you’re going to use something else, but you can go ahead, yeah, but a person I use active campaign and think of it as to rent okay as a rental on the Internet, you don’t pay if it’s girl rent, but You pay virtual rent. Okay, if you have any other questions like ready, a regarding active campaign. Just let me know yeah yeah, just let me know in down in the comment section below and yeah.

Okay hope to see you soon, yeah, let’s pretty much it okay, see you next article


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Web Analytics – Getting Started

What is that? Ok, basically, when you’ve got a website, people go to it and they interact on there. All of that information is trackable. Google analytics allows you to use another free service from google to track how many people are coming to your website. How long they’re gone there, what pages they’re going to what type of browser they’re using where they’re from and so on and so forth? There’s so much information it really could take hours for me to go through it all.

The basic thing I want you use article is that if you’ve got a business and you’ve got a website – and you do not have Google Analytics or some sort of analytics program, you’re, basically running a business without a cash register, both the web sites, even Wars and Analytics because without analytics on there, you really have no idea. What’s going on on your website. Ok, you can anecdotally talk to people and hey.

What do you thinking? I would say? Oh, it looks really pretty, but it doesn’t tell you anything about how much time they’re actually spend on the website, where they’re going to on the website. If they’re accomplishing goals such as filling out, the web form clicking on the phone number if they’re on a mobile phone, what search keywords they typed into Google to get to your website what referring web sites are sending traffic to you? You have no idea about any of this, and Google Analytics is really easy to set up.

Like I said, it’s a free account there’s a little bit of JavaScript code that you need to put into your pages and boom. You start tracking. All this information. You need to get this set up today, if you don’t already have now, if you do have it there’s a lot of things about analytics that can make you think that you’re looking at important information when, in fact, nothing’s really coming out of the scope, the biggest One is that this is visitors.

You might get excited that you’ve got 10,000 people coming to your website each month, but what, if all 10,000 of those people have no interest in anything that your website has to offer, and they leave immediately, is anything well that traffic is worthless to you. So while visitor number is nice and it makes you feel good when it going up – it’s not necessarily important, but you also want to look at our few other factors, one of them being bounce rate.

Now this is a tricky number. What happens is when someone comes to your website and then they hit the back button and they leave your website. That’s counted as a bounce. Well, so, what’s happening here in one way: that’s not good. It means that they come to your website and whatever they were. Looking for wasn’t there, your website did not deliver on something that they need, so they lend. On the other hand, they came to your website.

They saw your phone number, they called you and became a customer. Well, in that case, it’s just fine that they’ve bounced off your website. Maybe they closed the browser right then, and that’s now called a mouse, but you know you can still look at bounce rates and get an idea, especially if you’re doing like a paid Google pay-per-click campaign, your bounce rate is really high. Then that tells you that you need to either tweak what keywords you’re bidding on or you took the content on your website, so a little bit insights there.

But at the end of the day, the most important things that you need to be tracking our conversions on your website, what our conversions, what conversions are? Really anything you want them to be the most obvious one. Is they go to your contact form? They fill out the form and they hit submit. You can set up google analytics to track that as a goal and therefore a conversion, and then you can see hey.

Somebody did a search on Google for this keyword. They came to the site that went to X, amount of pages, and then they filled out that web form, and that gives you insight into going wow. Okay, if that’s converting them, we need to do more content on that. If you’re doing a paid advertising campaign same exact thing, if there’s a referral site, so let’s say it’s basically any site: that’s not a search engine, let’s say Yelp Facebook! You know any any any type of website.

That’s out there, that’s not or Bing or Yahoo. Sending you traffic and that stuff’s converting – and you should reach out to that website and figure out how you can be better positioned on there, so you can get even more business out of it. Maybe you need to find out the five websites that are similar, that site and make sure you’re on them and you’re set up correctly, because something on that site is triggering people to come to your site and then become your customers.

So that’s that’s. Google analytics in a very brief nutshell, as I said there is a limitless amount of things that you can do on analytics, it’s tracking a ton of stuff. I recommend, if you really want to learn this stuff, you know obviously go sign up. Get a google analytics account going, you know, set it up on your website. There’s a ton of books, the big one that I like is from a google or name Avinash.

Is she I’ll even put some information over here? You know what books to get, but he walks you through what are important to look at how to create reports that you can give executives that have actionable data. You really want to be getting on this, like I said if your business owner and you’re not doing Google Analytics you’re flying blind right now, all that money, you’re spending on aunt being online is worthless because you’re not taking any action as far as what’s happening.

It’s a living, breathing organism, traffic changes with the seasons, so you need to be ready for these changes and get content ready and then be able to track what content was actually effective in making you money. So you can spend more time enough it on that. My emails right there comments are down below. Let me know what you think: what did I miss? I’r sure it was a ton, but you know that’s where that’s where we got ta start.

This is Friday. So congratulations until next time, rock on Oh


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Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – Time To Get Social

Your business you’ve probably sat down your building your marketing strategy of all these new ideas. I want to make sure that you understand the top trends of 2020 that you need to look out for as a business in terms of social media. Marketing and a lot of these are things that we’re looking at for our clients that we’re going to be rolling out.

I want to make sure that you understand them and that you are using them, because these things are going to be huge in 2020. Okay, the first one of these is tick. Tock tick. Tock is super powerful. It’s going to keep growing 20 20 hundreds of millions of users. The organic exposure is unreal. It is Instagram five years ago and we all know how that turned out for people who hopped on five six seven years ago, now’s your chance to do that with tick tock.

It’s a younger demographic, but a that’s great. If your business already targets younger demographics, you’re spot on but B, if your business doesn’t that’s okay, because there’s also an aging demographic coming onto the platform, but the younger demographic is sharing this content with their friends, their family they’re, sharing it on their Instagram and their Facebook as tik-tok allows that, and so it doesn’t matter what you’re targeting forget the age of Emma graphic.

If you can get content content on tick tock in 2020, do it it’s going to be worth it you’ll. Thank me later. Okay, number, two long format. Article continues to hold strong long format, article being 8, 9, 10 minutes plus right YouTube, LinkedIn Facebook, so many more platforms now are allowing this even Instagram as Instagram TV right. They are now allowing series you can upload series of articles.

Like basically TV shows, people are just content, consumption monsters and your business can take advantage of that, create more long format, deep-dive stuff, that’s actually meaningful and valuable. 2020 and you’ll see a huge result from it. Okay, the third one is paid advertising. As you know, Facebook and Instagram have been cutting the organic reach of the business accounts, especially to a ridiculous extent.

It’s almost impossible to reach anyone anymore you’re, not going to grow your business if you’re not paying for advertising period. The platforms are insanely powerful, but you have to pay to get the most out of them. We’re talking Facebook Ads, Instagram, ads story, ads messenger ads. You can even run tik-tok ads by the way through Facebook, which is pretty cool. Okay. The fourth thing is multi-platform strategies right in 2020: it’s all about being every where that doesn’t mean you need to create unique content for every single blog, because who has the time for that? But it means you need a smart strategy where you can produce content once that works for every platform.

That’s what we do here. I basically film like four articles a month and that gives us all of our content for YouTube. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, everything right! Everything so come up with a great strategy. We figured out. You guys got ta figure it out I’ll. Do a article on my strategy at some point this year and show you what we do here. Number five text. Marketing text marketing is again becoming massive right.

Very powerful, as email, open rates, kind of decline and emails are becoming less responsive text is where it’s at people are still checking these. This is the TV of 2020. This is where everybody’s attention is so, in addition to being on social media. You also want to be in people’s texts right. You want to start building a text database instead of just collecting your customers, emails collect their numbers, so you can text them.

You can market to them where they actually respond, who doesn’t check their phone when it goes ding, and you go oh, what’s that everyone still checks that right now take advantage of it. Okay text marketing there’s a ton of great platforms to look into from the complicated ones like Twilio, which lets you custom code, all kinds of cool things too easy texting, simple texting. I’ve used a bunch of them slick text.

I’ve definitely tested a few. I think we’re using easy text right now or easy texting whatever it’s called, but basically you integrate that into your marketing. Someone opts in through your funnel make sure you get their number put it in this marketing system, so that you can build a database of numbers that you can market to okay, very important in 2020, that you do that partially also because we want to start moving Towards gaining attention on social media, but then as quickly as possible, pulling that off the platform and owning it, because we don’t know what the future holds for a lot of these blogs.

What they’re going to! Let you do what they’re not going to? Let you do you want to use them to get attention for your brand, get names, emails, numbers and then own that so that no matter what happens you still own your own audience, okay, and that’s why it’s very very important texting is going to be crucial in 2020, the last strategy is the last big trend is alternative. Advertising platforms are growing in popularity, so things like ways like Spotify.

Those are huge ways is great because it’s great for local marketing. If you’re in a tucked away spot people drive by they, don’t see you you’re a restaurant you’re, a golf club you’re, something that people actually become into a retailer Waze make sure that as people drive by you pop up on the map, every single time, that’s crucial Right now that everyone is using Waze on their phone as they drive, you want to make sure you’re coming up and that you’re visible and it’s still relatively cheap and easy to use.

So I recommend it as well as other platforms like Spotify. Definitely look into that. These are all platforms they’re now allowing advertising that can bring some diversity to your digital marketing strategy and it doesn’t hurt to test they’re working well. We have seen and worked with clients using it, but definitely recommend trying it out. For yourself, I’m not saying it’s going to work, it’s just a trend, that’s happening! More people are jumping on board, so that’s my big six things coming up for 2020 will definitely be diving deeper into these, as I come out with more articles every single week, but that’s all you need to know for now.

If you’ve any questions drop. A comment below – let me know you think about this. Do you agree? Are these the trends or we on the right track, and how is your business going to be implementing these in 2020? I want to hear about it. So don’t forget to leave us a like. A comment and subscribe, we do drop a new article every single week and if you want to learn more about my social media marketing agency, you can visit soot, social @, ww, social, calm and I’ll see you in the next article

A 2019 traffic generation tool >> Traffic Trapper 2.0


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Generate $30,000 more PROFIT For Your E-commerce Store – Klaviyo Email Marketing Tutorial

This is email marketing. Okay, so I’m going to teach you everything I know and everything you need to know about Clavel about email marketing, how to use this tool and busy if you’re running, ecommerce, Shopify or basically any e-commerce platform right.

I think every is definitely the best email marketing tool at the moment and I’m not biased just cause. I use it too. It’s like it’s seriously. The segmentation and stuff is very, very deep in advance, so I’m going to show you a few things that you could possibly do as well and show you a few results that you can try. Okay, so I’m just going to go into my screen right now and I’m going to show you okay.

So these are this like e-commerce, a tutorial – and these are the things I’m going to teach you today. So I’m going to teach you everything about campaigns, flows, templates list and segments integrations automations and what flows as well and I’m going to show you exactly on screen as well. So you can see exactly how the dashboard looks like and see whether you want to use it for yourself in e-commerce as well.

Okay. So, let’s start off okay, so campaigns campaigns are basically the non automated manner broadcast sense of your emails. These are basically imagine like people sending emails to you every single day right. Those are like man or broadcast stuff right. The person has to write it out and they send it out to the prospect and the contact one time, and basically it only sends one time. Okay, so after that period right that email is never going to be used again, okay, so this is obviously a schedule in advance as well.

So, for example, for a big ecommerce brands right that you are used to sending three to four emails every single week, so that you can consistently a follow up with the customer, and this is obviously scheduled in advance alright. So let me show you right here. Okay, sorry wrong: okay, Safari! Okay! So you can see here. This is the clever dashboard I’ll give you a brief orientation right now. So this is the clever dash bar, and this is one of the accounts that we handle.

So, for example, on the left hand, side is very, very organized everything: here’s the buttons or campaigns, close templates, listen segments integrations and stuff right. So if you scroll down here, I’m on the dashboard right here, so these objectives and performance, I’m on the dash pot, you can see right and then these are just suggestions that clever has also given out okay. So here all the analytics, as you can see, and then here your flows and I hear your campaigns right.

So at one glance I like this bow a lot because you can see at one glance everything that’s happening, a business. What is generating and more profit and revenue, as well as what is clever, doing on the back end as well all right and then, as you can see, the segmentation of the number of dates last year today. As far as you can see, what type of other revenue blogs is driving as well? Okay, so on the right inside, like very simple stuff support, blog and as well as the account name as well.

Okay, this is it for the dashboard okay. So for campaigns, a sourcing as you can see right, you can click on the left hand side, and this is campaign campaigns here – everything that you have sent in the past and just to create a new campaign. I’r going to show you how to do that. Okay, so, on the right hand, side here, okay, you can see right place order, so how much money this is generated per email.

So imagine just by sending emails right, you could make thousands of dollars right. Fantastic stuff like like nuts, was not so like really sexy right now, right right, but the execution-wise not sexy, but this is really sexy. Okay, you can see right on the right-hand side, this blue button. You can press the create campaign and for self I’ll just put test all right, so the tiger – I won’t put anything at this moment, I’m I’ll just put email so clever, also recently announced likely have a SMS feature, so you actually can send out SMS broadcast to Your contact list, if they opt in obviously so that’s really fantastic.

Alright, so you can press, create your campaign and afterwards a little or fall so your campaign name, who are you sending to so, for example, I’m just going to send to some random I’ll. It’s right here: okay, so you smart, sending okay smart, send it! You can see right if someone else has already received an email in the last 16 hours right, then I do not send them right. So the contactor I won’t have multiple email sent sends them cause.

Do feel like it’s spam from you, so they will not crisscross one another and obviously UTM tracking is just for your Google Analytics and tracking all right so save and continue to the content. And basically this is the editor right here. So this is the editor and basically from who, from who your subject line preview text and save changes as well. Okay, so in here this text-based rich HTML and use template.

So in this case, I’m just going to use our template because it’s easier, so I’m just going to use something that okay, let me just put this put test, Save Changes alright and then use template. Okay and now I can just pick a very very nice template that they have already on use in the past right, so I don’t have to start from scratch. You know I mean so, if you’re actually using it for your own store right, you don’t have to be creative and stuff.

You just use what people are doing and like a successful already and now you just replicate them. Okay, let me show you, this is actual the text editor and stuff and how you’re going to use as you can see, it’s like a and drop builder. I, like you a lot just because you don’t have to think right is very intuitive as well. So all you do is really drag stuff and then you just drop – and you can see – is very, very responsible.

So everything from the text and the size and um I’ve used other email providers before and is a very clunky. I feels like the UI is not very nice. To kind of edit in covers is much better alright, so she can see here right everything from the image you can start, so you can save your templates as well, so you can just reuse your email over over again your logos and stuff, and it is really Like a class or if your site, I’m I’m in a graphic design class – and this is just the software that does this okay, so everything from products, if you can’t direct the products you can see it automatically syncs with my Shopify saw alright, so very, very simple.

Stuff, okay, I press cancel right here. Okay, social links, horizontal, can save drop shadow, a tables buttons right. So if I want a button right here, drop it boom finish that safe, easy, okay, so very, very simple stuff and in terms of designing emails, I think it’s super simple right. For example, if you want to integrate like canva right now, you design something on camera. Bring it on klaviyo and insert it in super super fast, alright, pretty easy stuff.

Alright, I’m just going to press save content alright, so that is basically it for campaigns and stuff, so yeah moving on flows. Okay, if water flows flows are basically fully automated sequence flows and templates that so there’s like 77 a sequence – and there are four emails they’re going to be sent okay, examples of it for e-commerce, especially right, abandon, cut browser Bannerman, post purchase.

Welcome series. Alright, these technical things you do have to know at this moment, I’m I’m just telling you that they a lot flows that you can use and there’s a lot of templates that clever has given you as well. So you do have to think right. Is you literally just execute the thing? Okay? Why do I keep opening okay? Let me see okay, so Safari, okay. So let me right now go to flows and show you a few examples as well.

Okay, so you can see here right. They already will show me what I really have, but I’m just going to create a new flow to show you how easy it is alright, so you can see you can create flow and you can create from scratch or you can just already use something that has Been working in the past okay, so I would definitely recommend you to do this just to save time and get things about running, to make more money.

Okay, so you can see here right, for example, a better cut remind us. I can just take this and I’ll. Just put test okay I’ll just put test, and then the text I put nothing and they’ll, give you a floating media. I press create flow and I’m already in the email template editor. So super simple with like what three clicks of the button. I’ve really gotten like a to email sequence and I just going to build this sequence out.

Okay, so you can see here I just automation, workflow and on that effing site you can press email, SMS update profile. So if I drag you can see right. If I drag an email, is the tree drag and drop super easy, very nice. Okay, SMS same thing, update profile, yeah, okay, time, delay time delay is basically the interval, the time interval between our emails. So you can just see you just if I drag your time.

Delay in between yeah yeah and there we go okay. So in this case I don’t need to time delay. That makes no sense. I’r just going to delete the time delay all right, conditional, splits, also um, you give it an if-else condition. So if you do any programming right, it’s very, very simple right so, for example, a conditional space, for example – I drag in here, okay and I select a condition so, for example, if someone is not in this list right, then okay, I press, save okay, wait! So just choose value: okay! Yes, if someone is in this newsletter right, then is it yes or no, and I can press save right so if it’s in this newsletter, you’ll continue flowing on to this flow.

These emails right here. If it’s not right, then you just press exit right, super simple stuff, and you can see how you can play around with a lot of things. So, for example, abandon cut right. You can say if someone has not purchased this at all, offer them a higher discount. You see, I mean you can be very creative with your flows and stuff, and this is like stuff you can play around with right.

So this is like email, marketing, automation, all right, so trigger split triggers, but it’s like something needs to trigger it and obviously then the display will come by as well right. So you can choose. You can see here, for example, a shipping rate. Let’s see what else you can use total discounts attributed flow discount codes. Okay contains some possible. You know that this person has used discounts in the past right and then you can.

You can target them through using a trigger split and then you can. You can give the send em different messaging and email as well right so very, very simple stuff, but also very very advanced, because you can build all your flow to be very, very complicated okay, so you can see here right once you have finished your email and Stuff, you can press this and your past life and email is life right. Okay, I’m just going to turn it off real, quick, alright and then you can press on right and sight as well show analytics.

So you can see how much money is generated from the open rates and click show rate. So, like I like a lot just because in one view you can see everything you can understand whether the flow is working or not all right on the left-hand side. Here you can also scroll through your your other, your flows, so that you actually know like, and you can jump around. The flows are very fast as well all right.

So let’s base get high analytics and I go back alright. So that is flows, and I hope that kind of gives you a sensing of how powerful Club it is at the moment all right, all right, so templates what a templates! Okay, I can kind of show you temperatures now, but basically our templates are the designs that you can use immediately. All right, let me show you listen segments right, so you can segment your audience as well.

Okay, keep opening up from goddammit, okay anyway, yes, okay, so you can see here on the left inside lists and segments. You can press that okay, so this will be your entire list and you can see all the data from there from here and you can segment to it. It’s so that okay on the right inside a press create create list, slash segment. If I want a dynamic segment of it, I select condition. So if someone is has done or not done, okay, so if someone has clicked an email at least once over all time, I create a segment and give it a name, and I send specific messaging towards that segment as well.

Okay, you see right up the more specific your targeting is the higher the capture rate, the higher open rate, as well as higher higher conversion revenue as well right, so very, very interesting, stuff, okay, okay, so that’s basically listen segments very simple. Okay, integrations integrations is very powerful because if you are operating on any of the supported platforms, it’s very easy to integrate your your email, marketing software, basically to your Shopify, saw or your e-commerce or in any sense okay, so integrations here, there’s like Facebook Ads as well.

So you can actually integrate your VIP list. You know that this specific customer segment has bought from your unit process like high lifetime value right. You can actually put that and put that into an email list, and then you can put it and pump it as custom audience on Facebook as well. Okay, they can run ads to the audience or create look like audience from there, make it up making making it a very qualified audience.

Okay, so yeah, you can see all right when we integrate that what Facebook MailChimp s about Shopify, right here and very, very simple stuff because, like if there’s API connection between these two software’s, it’s like a very seamless integration right. You don’t really really have to think about it and your focus on growing the business okay, so you can see here you can just press update and obviously, once you integrate so one-click install as well, so integrations very nice stuff and you can see all the integrations Yeah they have integrated with other softwares that you can want.

You may want to use WooCommerce shipstation, Salesforce, recharge CRM, Magento, it’s a drip notice, not rip, okay, yeah, so a lot of love, other software’s and you can connect via API, so so very nice. Alright! Alright last thing, I’d like to say is: like people don’t really talk about this, because it’s not um how I say this: it’s something that you don’t see when you buy a software right, it’s something you only see when you experience problems with the software and one Thing about travel is that the documentation is fantastic, so everything that you ever need to know right.

It’s like in help center Help Center is the documentation basically and like if you can see here, I’ve like grew this a ton of times and so like um. All the documentation, there is very simple, so you can see a live click on this this article multiple times just cuz. I do. I need a reference back to it right and then for the contact wise and the support contact us the support us, although they do have live chat right.

I would say that email in terms of responding to me it’s fast. It’s like we didn’t want business day. Ok, so if you are worried about whether their support right, there’s no live chat in that sense, but there is an email in email follow-up, so they have an email support right there. Ok, I hope this gives you kind of a sensing. Ok. Last thing I just want to show you one more thing: ok sign up pops right.

So if you, if you are using like um sumo, is it get sumo or like privy? Those are things you can just forget about that subscription already cake level. Does it’s already built in you can just install the code snippet right there and then you can create your signup form immediately from here right. So you can see here right if I wan na email, pop-up. Okay, I can press, ok, press create form, true sillas, just cause choose one.

This right create a form and I can customize the email pop-up right. Also, I can customize it based on whether you are land on a page or not so incredibly powerful, customisation entities in behavior, and, let me see okay, you can see here right on the levant site by URL, only show on certain URLs right, so very powerful stuff. When you have a product, for example, if I’m selling imagine this Kindle right here, if I land on the Kindle product page right and then I can put up email, opt-in say: hey, are you interested in Kindle? Well, obviously, they are but offer you a 10 %.

This count on this Kindle books when you purchase this Kindle right so very, very um, muscat, specific stuff, they would increase and drive conversion as well, okay, so that makes no sense. Okay, so yeah blocks. You can see it’s literally like the same editor as the email. It’s just that it’s just for the form right, so it makes it incredibly simple to do and it’s like it’s literary art, class. Okay, I keep saying that but yeah, okay and afterwards you can just publish your pop-up right here and your show on your shop right on your Shopify store.

Okay, I think that’s about it and I think there’s one thing that is very underrated: okay, browse the venom and yes blossom. Animal is very powerful because lie safe. Alright, if you learn on a product page, because clavo has website tracking, you actually can install like a JavaScript code on your Shopify store and then basically they were track. Whether you visited that site right. So there is a flow called browser Penniman where, if they actually land on a specific product page, you can send them a specific sequence of emails that walk that is in line with that route.

That products well right. So you can see here right. I press create flow. I search for brows. Okay, you can see you browser Bannerman yeah. So basically, this flow is. It allows you right when someone views a product myself user product on your store, you can basically send them a specific email to that. So you know that they like this, can know so obviously you’re going to send up content about about our Kindles and books right so very, very like stuff, that’s like you don’t see from outside, but where you actually use it right increases conversion, a tunnel etana.

Basically, okay and I’m because email is going to be your most profitable blog. Although, like Facebook Instagram, Google is going to be a paid traffic blogs right, it’s going to be your driving force right, but emo is going to be the back end. It’s going to be the most profitable blog for you in the long run, and that’s where you’re going to exit when you want to sell the company as well. Alright, I hope this gives you insight about it.

Okay, you can see all right. Okay, it sucks. Okay, it’s like 10 %, 10 % of the revenue; okay. This should be a much much higher percentage, but at this point not not so much because I’m not handling this email all the time. Okay, so you can see yeah and uh ya, know droga yeah! Okay, if you’re actually interested right, you can sign up through this link. Yes, oxg mediacom, slash, Clavel, right and so because, like we are official travel partners so like Nick and Kitty is my rep okay.

So if you sign up through the link right, you just saved from Jonathan and then do take care of you, okay cuz. They know me already and like we like work together for quite a while already so they’ll just take care of you when you’re on board. As well, okay, so you can just sign up. Oh, I see Mediacom forward, slash Clavel if you’re interested in checking out this ecommerce, email, marketing, software and yep, hopefully, okay, I talk too much but yeah.

Okay, hopefully you enjoy this article. Please take this information and my go. Do something about it and go make money for yourself or something yep. Okay, there’s about it, see you next article! Okay,


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Social Media Content for Nonprofits 2: Branding your Nonprofit Organization

Okay, so come on a lot and Emily talk to give you a little context. First, it’s my clicker! You don’t get over there clean your lettuce. Interesting I dipped into is called the clip. That’s one more! So the question is: how can you be heard in cyberspace, given the turnout today, it’s clear that all of you know you need to be out there.

You need a social media strategy, so the question is, though, how can you make your voice be heard so about six weeks ago, Twitter pass the 1 billion tweets per week, there’s more than 1.3 million blogs, there’s at least 500 500 million Facebook users we’re not even Talking about Google+ yet and there’s more than 70 million linkedin users, with 10 million companies participating jessica Lee, so there’s lots of fridges.

It’s easy to put up a Twitter and Facebook account and that’s what organizations do it’s free, but many organizations still are doing one too many marketing or one-to-many communication, so they use social media more as a megaphone because they need to figure out how to make it More like a conversation, so what social media offers really is the power to tap into a network and what I’ve written up here is really the characteristics of a network and what they do.

Is they break down silos just like you’re coming here and chatting with one another you’ve no longer within your institutional walls and they create a multiplier effect? So if you wrote a great blog post or you get retweeted, that means one person tells five of their friends and those five friends tell another five friends and that’s called a multiplier effect, and it also means that whatever share can actually pass across the network really Quickly, that’s what gives it its viral power quick question, whether if you defeat slightly focus on what we will? Yes, if you sign up for ours, our handy-dandy stoja cook, you can get all these.

The PowerPoint and handouts online or India and what’s important for nonprofits, is, if you create an online community, it allows you to stay engaged with them and listen to them, and so it’s a way in which the walls of your organization can become permeable. As you start listening to them, you will, it will start shaping your organization and, as the organization listens to them, it will shape how you serve your communities.

The other really important point about a network is that it lets you share resources and knowledge openly and quickly. So in the past, nonprofits would have to even through email, send it out to email, but you can post something online and share your expertise and also, if you’re running an advocacy campaign, get that message out quickly. I’m going to turn it over to Cynthia. We have to start with the whole concept of granting to be successful in social media, and I think this is the place where most people really fall down.

If I look at particularly in the nonprofit arena, I see organizations struggling with the concept of who are they and how do you portray the organization? You know that you represent with a strong human personality that people can really connect with. So I mean, I think you know what happened here – we’re a little ahead. Japan here we just missed one. That’s right, you’re wrong: we did them Arthur’s my neck, all right! That’s not my problem.

I’m looking at my hand out just move it off for my slides, but ok, every organization has a personality and basically you just need to pick whether you are you know snarky and kind of mean-spirited. That’s smart provides I’m house, or are you kind and generous, we’re wearing mr. Rogers hurt whatever you are brand 101 says you say that over you say one thing say it over and over and over you transmit that personality in social media, not just in words, but In every article you post your community in every photograph.

I forget what the numbers are, but in terms of photography, the most looked at asset on social media is photography. I think it’s like seven to one in terms of words, so everyone your photographs, what you should be using a lot of should in some way shape or form relate back to who and what your organization is using stands for, and I keen are just so little Tip look at a bun look at other successful organizations for role models.

I mean that’s how I figure out what I like. What is really working? I’m constantly trolling the social media world for what kinds of sites, what kinds and blogs and communications are really successful, and then I look at them. I take them apart to try to figure out okay. How do we emulate what they’re doing and I’m sure that you, you obviously have the opportunity to do that? Quick question yeah we have.

You said the funds are that’s like 71 over words, article article is very high article and photography. I think photography, I’m not sure the most hair, the most, I think, on facebook, it’s probably photographs because they’re more of them in the most viewed photographs on facebook are women, but I hate it. Okay, um another little of brand pointers wanted to make not to belabor too much of this. You know in order to attract a following, you have to create an identity so that you know organizations have brands.

If you are an individual, you have a personal identity and a persona, and I want to talk a little bit about the use of your personalities and personas within your own community, because another thing that I’m seeing a lot in non-profit in the world nonprofit is that For having there is quite a bit of difficulty in putting a human face on the organization, so I would like to see more of you figure out main interesting.

You could say perky ways of communicating the brand of persona of your organization. This really so good arena to do it in basically, you know your personality of brand persona, whatever you want to call it, it equals who you are just on labor the point, but multiple personalities will will fracture your grand

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Bob Garfield – ‘The future isn’t in hyper-local news’

Bob is a commentator and analyst for advertising age, a co-host of the Peabody award-winning mpr program on the media and the author of the chaos scenario. Bob will be our keynote speaker at the local online advertising conference in New York March 21st and 22nd of 2012 welcome Bob. Thank you very much p a lot of people predicting even yourself, I guess, predicting the death of traditional media operations, but history has shown that throughout time, new media never completely displaces old media.

That’s true, I mean. Has the landscape change so radically is to make history obsolete know it? History is an obsolete. There has been nothing in history in media equivalent to the digital revolution. This is not the difference from from Radio to television. This is not the difference between pre, VCR and VCR, and you know it’s not even it’s not even that difference strictly speaking between pre-computer and post computer.

What it has to do with is a wandering media right now, along the way, the plundering a whole lot of other document enterprises. The digital revolution is akin to the discovery fire it’s akin to antibiotics, to manned flight, to the automobile, changing human activity in a profound way and everything else that happened before in the history of media. Since the printing press has been small potatoes, history does offer some.

It offers some clues. The Industrial Revolution you know being right at the top of the list. When we went from an artisan, bespoke economy and single cobbler, making pair of shoes to factory made shoes, it changed the lives of pretty much everybody in the world and steam engine and the train. Transportation simultaneously did approximately the same thing and radically reordered human experience. And that’s: what’s that’s: what’s going on now, hyperlocal experiments haven’t been able to sustain themselves yet mmm.

How? How can a local media company find a financially sustainable model in such fragmentation? Well, my answer: is they probably can’t the the midst of fragmentation? The combination of incredible fragmentation, which limits your audience size and the the inexorable downward trajectory of advertising prices means that nobody? Nobody is going to have the critical mass to professionally and profitably deliver news.

In my opinion, the the future isn’t in hyperlocal per se as a standalone operation. In my opinion, weirdly, the intern, sir, is going to be in consolidation. I believe that in every market the winner will be the entity, whether it’s a local TV station in the public radio station, a local newspaper, a series of hyperlocal sites, banded together or some parties, as yet unthought-of to form strategic relationships for content and for revenue.

With other players in that market and then the the combination of organizations that get there first and create revenue streams, while simultaneously becoming the central hub for news and information and culture in their communities, they win, they scoop the pot and everybody else just disappears. So there weirdly, paradoxically this this vast vast vast fragmentation is going to lead into consolidation and I believe in market after market aftermarket winner takes all you.


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Local Marketing Resource LMR Authority Impact

I want to give you a shortcut on how to get cited in to ABC CBS, NBC and fox. These are the most recognized networks, and so these are the websites you want to be on once you’re on these websites. You can use these logos in all of your marketing. That’s will do for you when you click the button below to claim your spot in this special program.

The real value you get from Authority is real dollars. This is because we give you guaranteed placement in all four of the major networks and then you’ll have the ability to use those logos on your website, your social media sites, your business cards and all of your marketing. This Authority influences buying decisions both online and offline, because just about every person looking to do business with, you is going to Google you and look you up the beauty of this.

Is it’s easier to make money by getting more out of the exposure here already getting? Then going out and getting more exposure, we do all the work for you. It will be done in one to two weeks and you get guaranteed media placement now, but you’ll benefit forever. That’s the payoff for a one-time investment so who needs this Authority the most any and every business, whether you’re, a restaurant realtor, an author, a speaker, a coach, a small business owner once you’re a cited author, you benefit by becoming a quoted, expert and you’ll, be able To use that quote and authority in all of your marketing you’ll be able to use the media logo stating as seen on, and this is something your competition doesn’t have so you’re.

Now the perceived trusted authority in your niche they’re going to choose you when you have this Authority and that’s what we do for you. We give you guaranteed placement into all for the major network and when you act now as a bonus, will even add the logos to your profile picture for you just like you see here on this photo. So it’s a complete done-for-you program, there’s so many uses for this Media Authority.

You could put it in your LinkedIn profile. Your Facebook profile photos on your website, your brochures, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, storefront anywhere and everywhere, and it’s not just any placement. You’re getting you’ll be included in a press release as a top recommended business or or a professional with a quote. This is exactly what it will look like when we get you into the major media.

This will be on all four of those major media network websites. Now a common question is: are these citations real? The answer is absolutely yes: the citations appear on the major media networks website and are one hundred percent legit we’ll provide you with links and screenshots. So you can have proof. Should anyone ever questioned you about your citation? Now you may be wondering, but wait what about saturation if I can just pay and get into the media? Doesn’t that somehow water, this down or dilute this or what? If everybody, was able to do this? Well, that’s not a problem, because not everybody knows about this.

You do and you’re taking action today by clicking the buy button below and that’s what’s going to give you the edge over your competition. Now, let’s be clear that this media citation is a conversion strategy, it’s about getting more people to choose you we’re getting you quoted on to the major media networks, websites and that’s going to make it more likely to get potential clients to choose you you’re not going To get a ton of traffic and exposure from this, I’m being very upfront and honest with you, this is a conversion strategy, not a backlink strategy or traffic generation strategy.

What this can also lead to, though, is having a major media now, seeing you no longer as a risk, they’re now going to be more likely to choose you for the interviews, articles and quotes, and that’s where you can get even more media exposure. So this is your way of getting into the inner circle and having this lead to more media exposure and traffic down the road noted author and speaker, greg wells has used this exact Media Authority strategy to catapult his business.

Greg says – and I quote this is how I went on – to get featured on CNN Wall Street Journal TV radio magazines become a speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences and get a best-selling book deal with Jack Canfield. All because I paid to play and got these media citations, so I want you to think about what it’s costing you right now to have some of these people that are looking at you choose not to do business with you, if just one or two of these People or customers chose you because of this Media Authority this month.

How much would that put into your bottom line right now, and it’s not just for this month, it’s every month for the rest of your life, that you’ll be getting these benefits, so act now. Click the button below you’ll get guaranteed placements to all four of these major media networks. It’ll take only about five minutes to give us the information we need to get started. We do all the work will add the logos to your picture and we’ll have everything done for you within 10 business days and you’ll now be a cited Authority in your area of expertise able to use all four of these major media logos.

So click the button below now and you’ll be glad you did


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Real Estate Florida Production Company graphy grapher Palm Beach Sales

Let’s take a look around off of the great room. You’ll find the cozy open-concept family room, the perfect place for a game night or a relaxing evening of TV or movies with family or friends. There is an additional conversation area off the kitchen and family room which has access to the covered patio and beautiful lake views featuring a newly constructed hurricane rated covered patio surrounded by an immaculately landscaped tropical backyard, with wide lake views and custom lighting.

The perfect place to enjoy spectacular, sunsets accessible to the family room and great room is the dining room which seamlessly transitions from casual family meals. To special occasion, the spacious eat-in kitchen has been fully remodeled with solid wood, cabinets, granite, countertops, tile, backsplashes, stainless steel appliances and durable ceramic wood-look flooring, and the room is open to the outside, with extraordinary water views and gorgeous sunset.

The large master bedroom boasts high ceilings and water views sure to make you want to oversleep and enjoy your tropical oasis. The spacious master bath is newly remodeled and has granite countertops and beautiful custom cabinetry. The master bath also features an oversized shower with river rock accents. The guest suite is open and spacious, with superior natural light. The jack-and-jill bathroom is newly remodeled with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, with his-and-her sinks, a fabulous designer ceiling and a large shower.

The third bedroom makes the perfect children’s room den office or workout room whatever you need. This home also has a two-car garage with a separate entrance and space for a golf cart. It even has a back room for additional storage, keep your boat within walking distance at the full-service, marina and you’ll, be on the open water. In no time you are also walking distance to all of the world-class amenities at the clubhouse.

The newly renovated clubhouse features world-class dining from casual to formal, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness and spa facility, and, unlike most private club communities, membership is optional, not mandatory. Tennis lovers have found their home with 10 heart, true tennis courts and an active year-round schedule for every skill level. Golfers will fall in love with the three 18-hole championship courses with something to offer every skill level find your new home.

At thirty five sixty two Lantern Bay Drive in Jonathan’s landing at Jupiter Florida, a serene oasis in the heart of the best of the Palm Beach lifestyle.

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Online Marketing Advice – How To Market A Small Business With A Limited Budget

In this article I’m going to be sharing with you how much money I made from YouTube how much money I made from my blog I’m going to be sharing with you. How much I made exactly I’m going to be telling you how I made that money and yeah. So, let’s get into the article before we start. Please give this article a thumbs up.

It really helps me out, and it encourages me to keep making these articles for you guys. Okay, let’s dive straight into the numbers, have you given this article a thumbs up yet and if you’re not subscribed, I hope you’ve subscribed. Let’s get into it, I’m going to be looking down, because I have my phone with me, I’m looking at my numbers as I’m talking to you. So in the month of July 2017, I am earned a total of one thousand five hundred and sixty nine dollars.

This is the most money I have made from a combination of my blog on YouTube since I started working on this by the way the business I’m referring to is ko bokja fitness.Com, it’s just my yeah, it’s my online business. I recently started and I’m seeing a lot of really good growth on that. So let me tell you how I made this money. I made this money primarily in three ways. Number one was advertising.

I have ads running on my site and I also have ads running on my youtube blog. I also made money by selling products. I have three product categories that I offer. I have leggings I have and I have two digital products. I should probably make a different article about my products and how I decided to create them and how I made them and why I made them, because you guys might be surprised to find out about the whole product creation process and the thought process behind it.

If you want to see a article about creating products, leave a comment below, let me know, and I will be happy to share what I know those are the three categories I made money from advertising on my website, advertising on YouTube and from my products. So three sources of revenue – normally, I know I’m not able to show you the chart for my income and how everything breaks down, but this month I can actually show that to you, because I’m getting so much more organized with my accounting and making sure that I’m Tracking everything really well, so I can show you more information because of that.

So let me show you how the money breaks down into these three categories. You can see from this chart over here that the number one income category for me is advertising on my website. Over 70 % of my income comes from advertising on my website. The second highest source of revenue, for me, is advertising. On my YouTube blog and the least, the least profitable blog for me is actually my products, which would be surprising for anyone.

That’s really into online marketing and digital marketing, because all the Guru’s will tell you make product make product and I’m learning a lot about this as I go along so like I said, if you want a article about that, leave me a comment. Let me know what questions you have and I will share whatever I can that I think will help you out, but that is how the percentage is break down. So those are my that’s my income, so my traffic for the month of July was actually down from June in June.

You guys might remember that I crossed in June I crossed. Let’s see, let me show you my traffic for June June. I crossed three hundred and fifty thousand page views in that one month, whereas in July the page views dropped down to one hundred and ninety six thousand page views. So it’s still a lot one hundred. Ninety six thousand is a lot of page views for one month, but it is down from last month.

So I was a little bit disappointed about that, but even though my page views were down, I still made almost a thousand dollars just from advertising on my website. I think I made nine hundred and eighty dollars specifically from advertising on my website. Let me also show you my youtube number, since that’s where that’s my second largest income source, as of today, I’m recording this article on August 4th, so I’m a four days into the month of August, but not too far, not too far away from July.

Let me show you my subscriber count. I have alright, so let’s go in here. You can see that, as of today, I have twenty four thousand subscribers on my second YouTube blog, my cocoa fitness, you blog. So that is that’s a crazy amount of growth, because I think last month I had maybe 10,000 subscribers. So within a month I basically doubled my subscriber count, and I am excited about that anyway. So those aren’t my numbers, that’s my traffic.

That’s my YouTube! I’m not going to bother with Instagram right now, because I’m not really doing too much with Instagram. It’s not really a priority for me right now, but that is those are my numbers, so the one, the only other thing this article is getting kind of long. The only other thing I wanted to mention in this article is a very huge lesson that I learned in July. So as used as I said, my traffic in July really dropped from June and I wasn’t anticipating that drop.

So I had a different goal for what I thought my traffic would reach and when I didn’t reach that traffic number I was crestfallen, I was crestfallen you guys. I couldn’t believe that I worked so hard and the traffic didn’t reach the goal that I wanted it to reach. So when I was setting my goals for August, I was really apprehensive about how to set the right goals. I didn’t want to set another unrealistic goal.

Work really hard not reach my goal and then feel discouraged. I just didn’t want to have that experience again and what I learned is that there are two types of goals you can set in your business. You can set big hairy audacious goals for people that have read good to great by Jim Collins. You know what a big hairy audacious goal is. There also called stretch goals in the book, one thing, and then they are there’s another type of goal called an incremental goal, and what I did last month was, I said, big hairy, audacious goals, because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and what I’ve Learned is that for me and my business because of my size because of my intentions because of my preferences, big hairy, audacious goals are not for me right now.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have ambitious goals. It just means that I’m not going for those crazy goals. I’m not going for like at 24,000 how many 21,000 20-something thousand subscribers right now, I’m not aiming for 50k this month. That would be a very stretch goal for me. I’m not aiming for that. I’m aiming for something a little bit more manageable, a little bit more realistic, a little bit more incremental and for me and the stage of business that I am in right now.

That is the right decision. Even though almost everything you read will tell you go for gold, no, I’m not going for gold, I’m going for the incremental wins. The small wins! That’s what I’m going for this month. So I just wanted to share that if you are building an online business, its digital print business and you feel like you’re failing because you’re not like you’re, not at 1 million or you’re, not at 100k.

Maybe you need to really think about your business and where you are and what you prefer and how you want to grow and really listen to your intuition. If you feel like you’re somebody, that’s strong on intuition. So that’s all I wanted to say in this article. I have so many more amazing articles. Coming so make sure you subscribe make sure you give this article a thumbs up and if you want any articles about product creation or anything like that or you have any questions, leave them down below, and I look forward to my next income report next month.

Bye guys, you

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